Chat Log:

Joined on April 15, 2008 at 1:48 PM

David Donica: yes

George Lieux: yes

megormi: yes

John Wilborn: Yes

megormi: first time for me

George Lieux: First time

Martos Hoffman: first time for me

Pat: my first time

David Donica: I do enjoy - thanks Steve!

John Wilborn: This is my 2nd time. But for only a short few minutes.

megormi: How many member now?

David Donica: wow

PeggyG: What an incredible network of educators!

Martos Hoffman: can you create sub-networks within classroom 2.0

megormi: I like groups for people that don't feel connected without "specifics"

PeggyG: @megormi I agree! It provides a manageable way for a beginner to get started.

megormi: forum

PeggyG: I like Vid Picks

PeggyG: Volunteer hosts-great idea!

Martos Hoffman: Are there key word categories that also organize forums?

ccapozzoli: hi steve, how are you?

megormi: The forum has a new post about looking for classrooms in each state, great collaboration idea to replace teh traditional state report.

PeggyG: Can you show us how you add tags to a reply?

Martos Hoffman: Then please show how to tag the starting conversation

PeggyG: That makes sense--you would only tag a new discussion topic. Is there a tag library or directory to let you know other common tags being use?

PeggyG: You just answered my question about where to find the tags.

PeggyG: The dictionary of tags is a BIG help!

PeggyG: Does it search by tag or key word?

PeggyG: Fantastic!

megormi: the second video is awesome!!

PeggyG: Can you show us an example where someone has attached a file or document to their reply?

megormi: A play off teh higher ed "a vision of students today"

megormi: Steve, any problems with "inappropriate images"? Can YOU delete them as manager?

PeggyG: The charts and graphic organizers people have provided are tremendous resources!

John Wilborn: As with flicker, are these photos usable by others?

megormi: A vision, the 2nd one

PeggyG: How do you mark a photo or video as a favorite?

megormi: buffering

Jean in Buenos Aires: share sends the hyperlink to an email address

PeggyG: Yes but bandwidth hog

Martos Hoffman: No video here

megormi: I used the features for a portfolio in class

PeggyG: If we add items to our home page do we have the privilege of deleting or adding tags?

megormi: So easy to upload, no problems, the quaility is great.

PeggyG: Yes I was wondering about videos I choose as a favorite.

PeggyG: Where's the place you can choose to follow CR 2.0 on Twitter?

John Wilborn: As a music tech teacher, I use it with students instructionally but not yet on my own blog.

John Wilborn: Yes.

John Wilborn: I have begun a Ning but have done little with it due to time constraints.

PeggyG: I haven't used the music but this is a great time of year to talk about it because many teachers are creating end-of-year multimedia presentations about their year and are looking for appropriate music.

PeggyG: Has the wiki feature been added to Ning yet?

Jean in Buenos Aires: as a new user, this has been very helpful. thank you!

David Donica: Did we cover RSS?

susan: Thank you!

digitalreporter: how about a calendar?

megormi: I like the invite idea before a workshop, I should use this more.

David Donica: I had to step out for a few - sorry


John Wilborn: Steve, thanks for taking the time and working with each of us at our varying levels of understanding.

digitalreporter: how about using the google calendar?


PeggyG: It's so great that you can use RSS feeds with CR 2.0 pages without knowing anything about codes.

Stephanie Anderson: the twit out is what got me here

PeggyG: Learningevents on Google calendar is awesome because I can set it to send me reminders by email or popup.

Jean in Buenos Aires: and thank you to all for such great questions!! I am still at the point where I don't know what to ask!

Martos Hoffman: Great introduction

megormi: Thanks Steve!

PeggyG: Excellent overview of CR 2.0! Thanks a lot, Steve. I'll be sharing it with others.

Martos Hoffman: How do you take this conversation and post it?

digitalreporter: does the video get stored with the audio recording?

David Donica: Thanks again Steve

megormi: very cool!

Jean in Buenos Aires: just a quick question...what time is it in California??

Moderator: 2:51pm

Stephanie Anderson: 2:50pm

Jean in Buenos Aires: thanks 6:50pm here in buenos aires argentina!