May 2, 2009 9:00:39 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

00:09 - Angie K
Good Morning from cloudy Alabama!

00:11 - Mike Horner
newbie question: do most participants in these conferences type/chat or speak out loud?

00:18 - BethStill
Funny comment about the Twitter dance. My husband who does NOT get Twitter came up with what he calls the "Twitter handshake" Maybe I will post a pic later!

00:20 - Steve Hargadon
Mike: chatt

00:21 - Donelle
@Steve- i sent out invites and we're planning monthly meetings

00:27 - mrsdurff
Make sure you told you Social Network about this!!

00:29 - Mike Horner
thanks, steve

01:00 - Steve Hargadon
You can ask to take the mic for questions later.

01:05 - Corina Long
hello from Texas

01:13 - mrsdurff

01:17 - jennifer verschoor
Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina

01:26 - Steve Hargadon
Wahoo BA!

01:29 - CraigJackson at MSU
Greetings from Mississippi State University

01:36 - Lorna Costantini
NIce to see folks from all parts of the world

01:43 - mrsdurff
Hi Buenos Aires!

02:00 - mrsdurff
I am already losing track

02:08 - Carol Arc
hola jen

02:35 - jennifer verschoor
Hola from Tango City!!

02:49 - kyteacher
Happy Derby Day from Louisville, KY!

02:54 - Corina Long
what is the best view layout...I'm on wide layout

02:55 - Donelle
hi from Rocklin, CA

03:04 - Moldeklev
hi from Norway

03:16 - Carol Arc
Norway OMG!

03:25 - Steve Hargadon
Hurray Norway!

03:31 - Moldeklev

03:36 - mrsdurff
we are so international

03:41 - Ana Lemos
Hi from Leiria, Portugal

03:46 - Carol Arc

03:50 - Steve Hargadon
My favorite is "Wide Layout"

03:53 - mrsdurff

04:08 - Steve Hargadon
Bom dia, Portugal!

04:28 - jennifer verschoor
You are a great example of international social networking

04:29 - Lorna Costantini
we sure are spread out today

04:31 - Tammie 1
Houston--warm and muggy

04:34 - Ana Lemos
Good afternoon here

04:39 - sheasmith
Greetings from Folsom, California

04:52 - Donelle
really looking forward to hearing angela today

04:52 - ghostlibrarian
I'm not seeing a map

04:56 - Corina Long
Lumberton, Texas

05:01 - angela maiers
This is great!

05:02 - Gail
Gail: New Haven, CT - cool and rainy

05:03 - Steve Hargadon
Folsom, Lincoln, Rocklin... we've got it going on!

05:14 - ghostlibrarian
Where's the map?

05:15 - msreagan
My pin disappeared.

05:17 - Heidi
Buffalo, NY

05:21 - BethStill
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

05:26 - Lorraine
Boston, MA

05:30 - clinds
Hi from Medford, MA

05:39 - msreagan
Hi from Rocky Mount, NC

05:45 - oswego98
A Promethean Background :)

05:55 - ghostlibrarian
How do I see the slides?

05:55 - BethStill
@msreagan Hello!

05:59 - ghostlibrarian
I'm not seeing anything

06:03 - mrsdurff
hey beth

06:12 - BethStill
@oswego98 Glad you could make it!

06:15 - msreagan
@bethstill Hi!

06:17 - angela maiers
Look at ALL those green checks! :-)

06:28 - Steve Hargadon
@ghost: try chaning your layout under view menu.

06:29 - MB
Yes, hope you can help us here

06:31 - oswego98
Thanks :)

06:33 - mrsdurff
oh is this a qt?

06:42 - angela maiers
Gonna try!

06:44 - mrsdurff
duh, durff

06:49 - Donelle
The ning update in March of the home page showing all networks has made it easier

06:53 - Laurie 1
Sunny in St. Louis

06:54 - Donelle
Love that update

07:17 - oswego98
Hello from upstate NY

07:27 - jean
Houston Texas here cloudy hot and muggy

07:33 - Steve Hargadon
Laurie: I missed the good weather in St. Louis--rain the days i was there this week...

07:51 - MB

08:04 - Laurie 1
Don't have a tool yet. That's why I'm here today :-)

08:05 - sheasmith and

08:15 - jean
I need one!

08:25 - Tammie 1

08:28 - Maryr
labels in Gmail

08:31 - Steve Hargadon
Gmail and Netvibes

08:32 - Ana Lemos

08:33 - mrsdurff
@Laurie 1 - you are gonna learn so much! take notes!!

08:35 - BethStill
TWITTER of course!

08:40 - Neal Cross

08:46 - Steve Hargadon
Labels in Gmail! Me too as part of inbox zero.

08:48 - mrsdurff
twitter who?

08:58 - kyteacher
iGoogle, Diigo, tweetdeck

09:01 - Maryr
How does twitter help

09:05 - jennifer verschoor
I found out about this session thanks to twitter

09:16 - mrsdurff
@Mary - you;ll find out

09:20 - ghostlibrarian
Twitter gives me lots of good sites

09:20 - roxanneglaser
igoogle with old school tabs (set lang to UK) and tweetdeck

09:20 - BethStill
Oops...meant TweetDeck

09:21 - Moldeklev
i also find this session via twitter

09:23 - mrsdurff
angela will say

09:27 - MissMarista
peoplebrowsr is new but promising

09:28 - oswego98

09:31 - sheasmith

09:34 - Lorna Costantini
tweet deck is a desktop aggregator of tweets

09:38 - msreagan
I found this session through Twitter too

09:47 - mrsdurff

09:54 - Mike Horner
i found this session through steve hargadon's tweet

10:06 - Donelle
steve tweeted?

10:08 - gellynn
I also found thie discussion through twitter

10:09 - Dave Blodgett
Me 2

10:13 - Steve Hargadon
Funny, Donelle!

10:18 - Steve Hargadon
It was an "announcement."

10:26 - Mike Horner
i almost fell for that one, steve

10:26 - Donelle

10:49 - ghostlibrarian
I don't think I'll ever catch up with my Google Reader

11:04 - angela maiers
WOW- that sounds so formal!

11:07 - Laurie 1
@steve Last week was "duck week" Sorry about that!

11:09 - ghostlibrarian

11:09 - MB

11:09 - msreagan

11:10 - Moldeklev

11:11 - mrsdurff

11:12 - Mike Horner
hear you here

11:13 - derrallg

11:13 - mikesansone
I can hear you great

11:25 - mrsdurff

11:25 - Donelle
hey derrall

11:27 - jackiegerstein
Hi, Angela!

11:32 - derrallg
hey Donelle

11:41 - jennifer verschoor
hello Angela!!

11:54 - Donelle
@derrall-r u the derrall that sat in front of me last week?

12:03 - derrallg
yes :)

12:11 - Lorna Costantini
Hi Derrall

12:18 - derrallg
hi Lorna

12:18 - sheasmith
Inbox 0 patches available at

12:21 - Kim Caise

12:32 - Donelle
@derrall-the back of your head is in all of my pics from that weekend lol

12:38 - mrsdurff
I know Inbox Zero but not the man

12:43 - Mike Horner
merlin's a hoot---useful, too

12:46 - mrsdurff
I do it all the time

13:05 - msreagan

13:06 - ghostlibrarian

13:10 - Kim Caise

13:22 - mrsdurff
all links will be available at the end of the show in sharetabs

13:30 - derrallg
@donelle oh oh

13:54 - Kim Caise
we have the 42 folders site in the sharetabs

14:06 - Carol Arc
They're so time consuming

14:15 - oswego98

14:45 - derrallg
yes, I'm always thinking I'm "hosed"

14:47 - Carol Arc

15:17 - mrsdurff

15:18 - derrallg

15:18 - ghostlibrarian

15:19 - Carol Arc
in and out

15:20 - msreagan
Its very low

15:25 - roxanneglaser
audio in and out

15:30 - MB

15:31 - ghostlibrarian
that's better

15:31 - Laurie 1
sound is very uneven

15:51 - mrsdurff
oi veh - I can't breathe!! (he, he)

16:06 - Tuebor
Audio is good here.

16:25 - Kim Caise

17:37 - oswego98
3 points in a triangle

17:45 - Donelle
interesting points

17:56 - Carol Arc
delicious better than diigo?

18:07 - ghostlibrarian
I like delicious

18:10 - Kim Caise
i think diigo is much better with much more features

18:16 - Steve Hargadon
You mean we should feel like pinballs getting bounced all over the place every day? :)

18:22 - Kim Caise
diigo is a much richer community

18:28 - Maryr
I missed what "friends" means

18:29 - Kim Caise
i love plurk!

18:39 - Corina Long
LOVE Plurk

18:44 - mrsdurff
i personally hate plurk

18:49 - mrpotter
don't like plurk.

18:50 - derrallg
mine is shifting and dynamic

19:04 - ghostlibrarian
I haven't had time to explore plurk and diigo

19:05 - msreagan
I've got the 3 tools, but not sure about the 3 friends. I get so much from all of the people on Twitter.

19:08 - ghostlibrarian
time is a problem

19:15 - Donelle
it's almost calming to define 3

19:16 - Steve Hargadon
Getting organized with social networking can actually be weird, since some of the "rush" goes away... in a good way ultimately.

19:19 - xolepino is a great tool that covers alot of Bases

19:21 - mrsdurff
i think my bases are people, not tools

19:25 - roxanneglaser
@mrsdurff I don't like the interface on Plurk. I tried to like it. :-)

19:27 - Carol Arc
classroom 2.0 is a great tool

19:33 - Robin Martin
I agree that diigo has more options, but I like to tag in delicious and hve it sent to diigo

19:50 - msreagan
So are we supposed to pick 3 people or 3 tools or 3 actions?

19:52 - ghostlibrarian
Robin I know someone else who does that

20:00 - Robin Martin
I like the thread of plurk, better than twitter.

20:01 - kyteacher
Like the triangle analogy...iGoogle forms the base of mine w/Tweetdeck and and Diigo as the sides

20:07 - Kim Caise
great slide

20:13 - clinds
I love the idea of Twitter and having all these colleagues to collaborate with but often find then when I put questions out there, I don't get much of a response. Maybe I need to expand my network but I don't know how many more tweets I can follow!

20:15 - mrsdurff
nice pic!!

20:16 - booklover472
missed the three actions comment

20:30 - Maryr
I got confused about the base part.

20:49 - Kim Caise
if you use tweetdeck it is much easier to manage following a large number of people

21:16 - Steve Hargadon
I think the point of base is actually figuring out what voices and tools really make a difference for you.

21:16 - oswego98
People Browser is very similar to Tweetdeck

21:18 - jackiegerstein
Nice connections of real life and networked friends

21:50 - Tuebor
Nambu also makes it easier to follow folks and follow multiple accounts.

21:58 - sheasmith
schedule your tweets with ?

22:03 - barbara
ooh, I saw that!

22:12 - BethStill
I think this is how I look at my network. I have just never really thought about it.

22:35 - mrpotter
I need a tool that remembers all my passwords and can provide updates from the various networks.

22:39 - Steve Hargadon
So not being drawn in by immediacy, but by value.

22:42 - Carol Arc
makes sense

22:45 - Mike Horner
already some good ideas here

22:47 - mrsdurff
never ignore someone

22:51 - ghostlibrarian
How many use Linkedin?

22:58 - Carol Arc

23:04 - Corina Long
I'm on LInkedin but don't use it

23:06 - Robin Martin
I have a linkedin, but do not manage it often

23:07 - msreagan
Have a LinkedIn account, but don't really use it.

23:08 - BethStill
We have to take the time to develop relationships so there is depth.

23:14 - jennifer verschoor
I like Linkedin a lot

23:24 - jackiegerstein
Value of permanence -

23:30 - ghostlibrarian

23:32 - jean
Have an acct. but don't use it - linkedin

23:43 - Mike Horner
i love your idea of three core friends

24:00 - oswego98
Same here

24:06 - msreagan
Haven't been able to find a lot of teachers on LinkedIn. Seems more like business people from what I've seen when I've explored.

24:08 - oswego98
makes sense

24:18 - BethStill
That idea about 3 core friends is so true!

24:21 - Michelle TG
Good point on difference. following is diff from follow-up!

24:24 - ghostlibrarian
msreagan that's what I thought too

24:41 - Steve Hargadon
Also, being led by purpose not just responding.

24:54 - Lorna Costantini
@ewrobel use a blog search to find common interests and ask to be there friend

24:55 - Mike Horner
w/ twitter, i find myself seeking out the tweets i most want/need to follow

24:55 - roxanneglaser
We really started to understand Twitter when 6 of us who have similar jobs in different areas started following each other...

25:05 - roxanneglaser
then we understood it.

25:05 - ghostlibrarian
Who you follow determines the quality of the app

25:07 - BethStill
I have found I have to go "off twitter" to extend those conversations. Skype has worked well for collaboration.

25:17 - Kim Caise
absolutely @ghost

25:19 - BethStill
Twitter is a starting point.

25:50 - kyteacher
@BethStill Yes. 140 characters is the beginning of a conversation.

25:52 - Mike Horner
twitter has opened up a world of opportunity for me! because of the quality of people and ideas i've already found

25:53 - roxanneglaser
@bethstill I agree. We will tweet and then for conversation move to Skype chat or video conference

25:53 - Kim Caise
i use plurk as an extension of twitter and a place for in depth conversations and friendships

25:56 - jackiegerstein
Me too - love the artists, writers, and social media folks I follow

26:05 - aforgrave
@ghostlibrarian .. Nice.

26:07 - oswego98
What can you do to develop your base or get your top 3?

26:08 - Heidi
also follow scientists

26:16 - mrsdurff
i extend to international people

26:24 - Steve Hargadon
We bring the value of following our own interests into our network.

26:29 - Corina Long
I use Facebook for family and friends & Twitter, Plurk, and ning for my PLN

26:44 - ghostlibrarian
Corina that's what I do too

26:45 - jackiegerstein
What criteria do you use - informally - to follow someone?

26:46 - Robin Martin
I agree with BethStill about microblogging as a starting point to making a connection.

26:52 - roxanneglaser
In Plurk, when I tried it there was so much "wooHoo" posts with people trying to increase karma. Was I just seeing the wrong people?

26:52 - Michelle TG
LOVE that I can follow colleagues ACROSS GLOBE!

26:53 - derrallg
I find that the F to F at conferences really cements the relationships, makes them concrete

26:53 - Donelle
at the end, just wanted to find out what the 3 actions referred to

27:19 - mrsdurff
Mr. Tweet helps too

27:26 - Deb Hanson
@Corina - me too!

27:31 - jackiegerstein
I am curious for you personally

27:39 - jennifer verschoor
How many people should you follow? It´s impossible to follow more than 200

27:40 - Maryr
I don't follow anyone who just talks about "I'm having coffee" I look for links

27:41 - ewrobel
Robin: I do same - tag = easy in delicious

27:54 - ghostlibrarian
Everywhere learning

27:59 - mrsdurff
never graduate - that' me!

28:00 - Steve Hargadon
I try to follow my own unique interests, knowing they then add to others in my network.

28:03 - BethStill
@derrallg Meeting people f2f really does help cement these relationships. It is like meeting an ond friend! I cannot wait to meet many of the people who are in here today at NECC!

28:04 - Mike Horner
same here @Maryr

28:09 - roxanneglaser
Agree on Mr. Tweet and then I look at their profile. I want someone funny and knowledgeable

28:11 - jackiegerstein
@Jennifer - I'm not sure I agree - I follow about 700 - but go on Twitter very often

28:11 - mrpotter
great point.

28:33 - Maryr
I don't want to go over 350, will never be able to actually follow

28:35 - Corina Long
so true

28:38 - derrallg
@bethstill yes, that's what NECC at San Antonio was like for me

28:44 - Kim Caise
possibly so roxanne. i have developed some really great friendships and a very close network of friends and professional colleagues there. i couldn't live without my plurk network. i check it daily.

28:51 - msreagan
I follow more than 500 on Twitter. Tried to narrow it down but they all contribute so much to my learning.

28:52 - ewrobel
clinds - same here re twitter - learn a lot!

28:55 - Robin Martin
I look for educators to follow - they don't usualy post silly things like coffee or walking the dog and have great links

28:55 - derrallg
the beginner's mind

28:58 - Steve Hargadon
I won't follow someone who tweets what food they are eating.

28:58 - mrsdurff
Alvin Toffler quote

29:05 - jackiegerstein
@Beth - I got to meet Peggy George in person after initial connecitons through these tools - love it.

29:05 - mrpotter
Is this why teachers seem to be so successful? we are always learning?

29:18 - Donelle
@that's funny steve

29:20 - Maryr
I use lessfriends. Unless they are indispensible, if they don't follow me, I don't follow them

29:20 - Mike Sansone
When I first started driving a car, I swore I'd never drive and eat, or drive and put makeup on, or...

29:28 - mrsdurff
Steve I always talk about Starbucks

29:28 - huang
Goog point!

29:29 - MB
@mrpotter Absolutely!

29:31 - Mike Sansone
I still dont do the makeup...

29:33 - jackiegerstein
@Steve - I only follow those who provide signficant content.

29:34 - BethStill
@Maryr It can get a little overwhelming, cant't it?

29:52 - Carol Arc
great pic

29:52 - mrsdurff
i like that slide

29:55 - Mike Sansone
you'll follow more than 300 when the under 300 muscles build up

29:56 - Maryr

29:57 - Kim Caise
what a great way to represent transparency

29:59 - jennifer verschoor
I still find it difficult to follow so many people. I learn a lot daily by following teachers

30:06 - ghostlibrarian
I don't mind occassional personal tweets but hate to see too many

30:20 - jennifer verschoor
My best professional development tool is twitter

30:35 - mrsdurff
@ghost - all tweets are personal

30:37 - msreagan
I like people who tweet with a sense of humor.

30:39 - Carol Arc
@jen I haven't gottn there yet

30:45 - Lorna Costantini
@jennifer I agree totally about PLN

30:48 - Maryr
Yes, humor is good

30:53 - Heidi
I too like a few personal tweets as it helps me know the person better.

30:53 - jackiegerstein
I agree - I even keep my identity in Second Life

30:54 - roxanneglaser
@mrsdurff Agreed! I like the humor, too!

30:55 - Steve Hargadon
If I see myself as part of a learning network,then I don't have to follow everything, just the part I can bring to the whole.

30:59 - Maryr
along with content

31:00 - ghostlibrarian
@mrsdurff true but I don't want to read 10 in a row about someone making dinner

31:09 - Deb Hanson
I choose to follow those who can add value to my professional development and open my learning space

31:12 - ewrobel
@mrpotter: I have a personal wiki just for all of my usernames and passwords:-)

31:18 - Mike Horner
i like to go to the better blogs---most of which i've found through twitter

31:23 - MB
Same on Facebook - hate to hear what they are eating

31:25 - ghostlibrarian
@ewrobel true

31:28 - Kim Caise
that is a great idea @ewrobel

31:29 - ghostlibrarian
Good idea

31:31 - msreagan
I've found a lot of blogs through twitter too.

31:32 - kyteacher
@jennifer...I'm still looking for my max folllow # too. I find that it keeps going up. But I stop at a # for a while & make sure that I can still manage.

31:36 - mrsdurff
the kids !

31:49 - Mike Sansone
@kyteacher - great point!!

31:51 - Kim Caise
kids can see past the walls and facades

31:54 - BethStill
@Maryr You won't follow someone unless they follow you? Not sure if I agree with that. Sometimes you may get something from someone that is not interested in you and vice versa.

32:03 - Tuebor
The "daily life" comments will happen, its how frequent the other comments I value occur that determines how long I follow someone in Twitter.

32:03 - ghostlibrarian
Because of transparency we also have to be careful about what we say in blogs or tweets

32:03 - xolepino
Nice point!

32:03 - Jim Gerry
I do wonder why people decide to follow me

32:07 - Mike Horner
after finding the blogs, i subscribe to email updates---i find that more useful than a reader

32:12 - jennifer verschoor
how can we keep abreast of so many tweets.

32:26 - mrsdurff
we don't

32:30 - derrallg
but the teens don't view transparency as a key part of their identity

32:32 - Steve Hargadon
Transparency means being willing to be imperfect online as well. No progress without making mistakes.

32:33 - mrsdurff
that is the pt

32:34 - jackiegerstein
Me 2.0 -

32:35 - Maryr
I'm interested in the conversation, but there are some I follow w/o them following bec/of their content

32:36 - Kim Caise
use tweetdeck - tweetdeck makes it manageable

32:37 - Deb Hanson
Twitter and RSS feeds have become THE keys to my own professional development

32:40 - Donelle
the max follow # question would be an interesting poll question in here. i'm curious what the max would be

32:44 - msreagan
@tuebor I agree completely

32:46 - Mike Sansone
When I'm in Panera, I may wave to many I know...but I don't listen (and don't want to) or hear every word each says

33:00 - Steve Hargadon
Started to build it.

33:04 - mrsdurff
kids do too

33:05 - ghostlibrarian
But there's not much there yet

33:08 - derrallg
just ordered the free business cards too

33:15 - ghostlibrarian
On mine anyway

33:22 - msreagan
Haven't ordered the cards yet.

33:22 - Carol Arc
I thought you met something elso

33:24 - Donelle
oh, didn't see the free cards

33:25 - jackiegerstein

33:31 - Mike Sansone

33:31 - jackiegerstein

33:31 - Corina Long
the Google free business cards link didn't work for me

33:34 - mrsdurff
yes put him to work

33:44 - derrallg
@donelle log in it should be there as a link

33:44 - Kim Caise
thank you jackie and mike!

33:48 - Mike Sansone
Right Corina, just ordered mine and angela's

33:58 - Carol Arc
Can you sum it up again

34:05 - Mike Sansone
I'm always working:-) good thing I'm a bot

34:10 - derrallg
@corina someone said the profile has to be public to work

34:11 - jackiegerstein
Love the fast

34:15 - msreagan
Angela, can you turn the volume up again?

34:16 - Carol Arc
there's just so much to learn

34:16 - Mike Horner
re: transparency: it's a little challenging for us shy types

34:19 - Deb Hanson
kids need to learn and talk about transparency and privacy too

34:20 - roxanneglaser
and with transparency people learn your voice online

34:45 - sheasmith
does transparency eliminate the need for code switching or does it complicate it?

34:46 - Mike Sansone
Just like we should know the task in reading writing or researching, yes?

34:47 - derrallg
I always assume that my students and parents will see what I do

34:50 - McTeach
Would love to see some sample Google profiles. I'm such a visual learner

34:52 - mrsdurff
my tweets are never in a row

34:59 - kyteacher
Funny that 1 of my students Googled me the day after I created my profile.

35:00 - Michelle TG
3 ring binder! LOL! How many educators salivate over those!

35:07 - Donelle
@derrallg- i go by that too

35:08 - clinds
I've used TweetDeck but don't see how it helps manage tweets more easily than just going to the Twitter site. Can someone explain?

35:08 - mrsdurff
my brain is a jungle and so is my network

35:12 - Mike Sansone
@shea - transparency as in "be yourself" I think

35:13 - derrallg
@durff at least for my timeline they are sometimes :)

35:15 - msreagan
You have to work Twitter to get success with it.

35:26 - oswego98
This is awesome stuff - Wish I didn'thave to go

35:31 - ghostlibrarian
Need a wiki for all the plans!

35:36 - Lorna Costantini
@clinds - have you set up groups?

35:39 - Heidi
Be yourself...everyone else is already taken. Love that quote not sure who said it.

35:40 - mrsdurff
my plan is like Nike's = just do it

35:41 - jennifer verschoor
We must become great planners

35:43 - oswego98
will this be recorded and posted some place?

35:45 - roxanneglaser
@clinds use the colums to create groups and filter. Your IRL people from those who tweet a can organize

35:45 - Kim Caise
check back and view the recording

35:50 - derrallg
@durff am I a plant or animal in your jungle

35:55 - Lorna Costantini
yse to recorded

35:55 - Mike Sansone
there's always room for one more good one

35:59 - Kim Caise

36:08 - Steve Hargadon
@Heidi love the quote.

36:16 - mrsdurff
derrall you may be a weed

36:19 - derrallg

36:24 - mrsdurff

36:31 - oswego98
Thanks all - Have a good day!

36:37 - msreagan

36:40 - ghostlibrarian

36:41 - mrsdurff

36:41 - Mike Horner
bye oswego!

36:42 - Lorraine
Did you plan after joining Twitter etc. or before beginning.

36:42 - jennifer verschoor
Plan to open your classroom to the world...

36:42 - Mike Sansone

36:50 - Mike Sansone

37:00 - oswego98
yes - taking my kids to a birthday party

37:08 - mrsdurff

37:16 - mrsdurff
not I

37:17 - ghostlibrarian

37:18 - oswego98

37:26 - Kim Caise
bye oswego

37:32 - mrsdurff
she is stuck with me

37:36 - Angie K
@jennifer-I just wrote for a $25,000 grant to do just what you said-open up my classroom

37:43 - jennifer verschoor
network to share and learn

37:45 - Deb Hanson
love the plan %-ages - similar to what I do - nice confirmation

37:46 - Mike Sansone
they shouldn't. 70-20-10 always should be the guideline 70 (be the resource) 20 (chit chat) 10 (pimp yourself)

37:48 - Carol Arc
try to

37:53 - Mike Sansone
also see

38:02 - mrsdurff
when i get home = 30 min on SL

38:04 - mjpage

38:04 - roxanneglaser
@mike sansone Great recap!

38:05 - Steve Hargadon

38:06 - ghostlibrarian
I do plan my blog posts but not other things

38:06 - matt montagne
for me, my plan is totally random...

38:07 - mrsdurff
set timer

38:09 - Donelle
this is so good angela!

38:12 - derrallg
I'm pushed and pulled based on tweets, blog posts, shared links

38:12 - Tammie 1
this seems very left-brained

38:17 - Steve Hargadon
My plan is to make sure I have blocks of time for specific work.

38:27 - ghostlibrarian
@Tammie yes

38:29 - matt montagne
but I believe in the theory of randomness

38:34 - mrsdurff
i plan ahead to join events

38:37 - Mike Sansone
When I go on vacation, I book a flight to a certain place...I dont just get on any plane

38:38 - derrallg
I always have the best intentions and then get off task

38:41 - msreagan
i spend too much time reading posts that i missed while at work.

38:46 - mrsdurff
put them on Google Calendar

38:47 - Jim Gerry
I think part of this is to share what you are doing that others might have an interest in

38:49 - jennifer verschoor
I plan to open my classroom walls to the world to show different cultures and bring them to the classroom

38:55 - Donelle
i set goals in google docs and refer back when i seem to get off track

38:55 - mrsdurff
with reminders

38:58 - Mike Sansone
@Angela - too true on that going crazy on Twitter:-)

39:06 - ghostlibrarian
I didn't get my work done this morning because I was on things linked in twitter

39:13 - sheasmith
I schedule time networking and schedule twitter viewing through

39:27 - mrsdurff
yes blocks

39:29 - derrallg
I keep think I need to break down my involvement in different networks, 20 min for Flickr groups, 20 minutes for diigo groups but never seem to do it

39:33 - Mike Sansone

39:38 - Michelle TG
Saturday mornings are great!

40:01 - mrsdurff
i try to block 1 hour every day during the school day to just read RSS

40:08 - Corina Long
I need to clean out my Google Reader badly

40:20 - mrsdurff
RSS= ReallySeriousStressrelief

40:22 - Kim Caise
skim, scan, save or share

40:29 - ghostlibrarian

40:30 - derrallg
@durff I try that too but then getting entertained by boing boing or some feed candy

40:36 - Carol Arc
Exactly -- That's what I need to do

40:45 - Carol Arc
It's a skill

40:48 - mrsdurff
i don't - I send them to you

40:59 - msreagan
I try to skim/scan my Google Reader many times during the day so it doesn't become overwhelming.

41:16 - msreagan
LOVE the Next button at the bottom of Reader.

41:18 - Carol Arc
It takes 4ever to go over favorites because I save so much

41:18 - mrpotter
I had a kitchen timer to time myself, but I kept ignoring it when it went off. :)

41:29 - ghostlibrarian
That's what I would do

41:49 - Kim Caise

41:49 - Lorna Costantini
I constantly use teh timer

41:58 - jennifer verschoor
Lunch time here in Argentina . Thanks a bunch for this great talk

42:03 - jennifer verschoor
will it be recorded?

42:05 - Mike Sansone
also skim scan & save using Twitter Favorites or Friend Feed "Like"

42:06 - gpotratz
I feel I'll miss something great if I don't catch all my tweets - backlog if If I miss a day.....plan is to get through them all by the end of the day- use diigo to save lots of the good stuff to read carefuly later.

42:07 - mrsdurff
i use esp timer on my cellphone

42:21 - derrallg
I now have all these saved articles in diigo and my RSS reader and that gets backed up

42:21 - Steve Hargadon
@jennifer: yes, recorded.

42:32 - mrsdurff
and listen to npr on cellphone on way home

42:35 - msreagan
@gpotratz That's how i feel too.

42:37 - matt montagne
In addition to the theory of randomness, I also subscribe to chaos theory

42:41 - jennifer verschoor
ok thanks a bunch I am jenverschoor in Twitter bye bye

42:42 - Michelle TG
Hate that I have to go. Learned something new today. THANKS, Angela and Classroom2.0!

42:47 - BethStill
@gpotratz If it is something really great it will show up again. Shouldn't stress about "reading it all"

42:51 - mrsdurff
either Dial2Do or Rocketron

43:12 - mrsdurff
no face for me!

43:13 - msreagan
I save all my links to Diigo, but then never have time to go back through those links. Feel like they're useless that way.

43:20 - jackiegerstein
I too like the transparency - I also assess their willingness to share

43:31 - Steve Hargadon
It makes a huge difference to me to read all the posts from a specific network once a day instead of all intermixed.

43:33 - BethStill
@msreagan That is what I do too!

43:37 - Mike Horner
@matt montagne: i find myself agreeing w/ your "randomish" approach---keeps social networking from becoming a job

44:14 - msreagan
I also look at how many tweets they've done and what they've said.

44:20 - sheasmith
Anyone using (for iPhone) to write & save tweets?

44:20 - mrsdurff
I only approve Twitter followers on Sat mornings - unless I know them immediately - like Angela

44:31 - Mike Sansone
Ask the three H's: What are they Hiding, What are they Hoarding, What are they Hawking

44:36 - ghostlibrarian
On blogs I look at the blogroll to see who they follow

44:41 - Mike Sansone
No H's? A great follow prospect

44:42 - derrallg
boy this session is making me feel hopelessly disorganized, have to stop reveling in the concept and justifying with the concept of serendipity

44:44 - Mike Horner
good one @Mike Sansone

44:47 - msreagan
Me too @ghostlibrarian

44:53 - Steve Hargadon
Having a plan takes away some of the "buzz" but is SO much more productive.

44:58 - jackiegerstein
I also follow back new teachers - I remember what it was like to get started.

44:59 - Mike Horner

45:07 - booklover472
@derrallg Me, too! disorganized

45:10 - msreagan
I always follow teachers.

45:14 - mrsdurff
the kids have embraced

45:15 - BethStill
Exactly. We must follow people who truly interest us....not follow just to be polite!

45:18 - mrsdurff
time for us

45:29 - ghostlibrarian
@BethStill agreed

45:35 - mrsdurff
@Beth I agree

45:48 - Mike Sansone
give it a hug before it tackles you, hmm?

45:48 - sheasmith
@ Mike Sansone - like the 3 H method!

45:48 - msreagan
At first, I was being polite, but now I look for my interests.

46:00 - matt montagne
@mike horner...good point on keeping it from becoming a job...I really value serendipity...and that is what I like about Inter-networking. It allows for serendipity, spontaneity, etc

46:00 - Mike Sansone
@shea thanks ;)

46:06 - Steve Hargadon

46:08 - Corina Long
@msreagan Me too!

46:10 - jackiegerstein
I embrace too much!

46:10 - Carol Arc
I would'nt miss it

46:16 - Deb Hanson

46:18 - derrallg
@matt stop that I'm trying to change :)

46:20 - mrsdurff
and I left a highly engaging space for angela too!

46:21 - jean

46:29 - Mike Sansone
disorganiztion precedes organization. I know this because I'm cleaning my garage this weekend

46:30 - Mike Horner
@matt montagne---serendipity---well put

46:31 - Donelle
it's only when I started taking risks that I began to really grow

46:42 - ghostlibrarian

46:43 - BethStill
@msreagan I used to feel bad for not following back, but I have to be able to manage my network.

46:43 - jackiegerstein
Love this!

46:53 - msreagan
I've talked about twitter to all of my coworkers and they all say: I don't have time.

47:00 - msreagan
Me too @BethStill

47:02 - clinds
On top of all this I don't think we've even mentioned podcasts - I think there is where I get some of my best pd! Hard to keep up with these (listen in my car or when working out) every week along with twitter, blogs, etc. but worth it!

47:04 - mrsdurff
mine too

47:13 - Deb Hanson
i wish my administrators and Disrtict folks would listen to this!!!

47:13 - sheasmith
@Donelle "pain is growth"

47:16 - derrallg
great speeding up change, don't know how much more coffee I can drink to compensate

47:18 - Maria
So truth. Risk of Ignoring, that is a great Titel. :-)

47:20 - plnaugle
@bethstill Just got over not following everyone back.

47:24 - Corina Long
I'm sharing Facebook, Twitter, and Skype with teachers on Wed.

47:28 - Donelle
change is often a complaint at my school from teachers, but i see it as an opportunity

47:35 - BethStill
@Deb Hansen Give them the link to the Elluminate session!

47:37 - mrsdurff
coffee? did someone say coffee?

47:41 - Donelle
if we weren't in constant change, i would be worried

47:41 - derrallg

47:42 - Corina Long
all social networking is blocked in my district during school hours

47:42 - ghostlibrarian
I've gotten some teachers on delicious

47:43 - msreagan
What i've learned from all of this is too valuable to not do it and allows me to see the value of trying new things, even if scary.

47:44 - Carol Arc
you snooze you lose

47:46 - Mike Sansone
and those who practice constant ignoring are....hmm...what's that term again?

47:48 - msreagan
Hey plnaugle.

47:52 - mrsdurff
and I stand behind kids, not in front of them

47:53 - Mike Horner
i feel no pressure either to follow more or be followed---i seek w/ interest but don't let myself get overly pressured--most of the time

47:58 - Carol Arc

48:05 - BethStill
Good morning plnaugle.

48:20 - plnaugle
@msreagan Hi Michelle

48:27 - mrsdurff

48:32 - Donelle
Angela, this is awesome stuff!!

48:46 - Mike Sansone
here's a few benchmarks - Is it Free? Does it promote my Learning? Can I relate to the current user base?

48:48 - Donelle
can u talk about what the 3 actions were, angela??

48:51 - plnaugle
@Hi Beth I've shared so many of your Tweets with others.

48:53 - mrsdurff
the tech should never have been the forefront

49:00 - Mike Horner
"BREATHE" is an excellent concept--six deep meditative breaths help, too

49:02 - Carol Arc
@angela It shows your passion

49:03 - Donelle
thank you

49:05 - ghostlibrarian
I really like the idea that it is relationships not technology

49:10 - roxanneglaser
I like the ideas that you share...more important to understand concepts

49:14 - gpotratz
not following back is part of organizing the PLN on's being efficient, not rude. Follow any teacher, at least for a while.

49:17 - plnaugle
@mrsdurff How are you?

49:17 - MB
I keep finding myself taking deep breaths

49:19 - mrsdurff

49:21 - BethStill
Teachers are very nice by their nature....but they need to realize they must customize the people they follow to meet their needs.

49:23 - mrsdurff

49:30 - matt montagne
"The Internet is People" quote from someone in twittersphere

49:45 - msreagan
Relationships--I feel like I "know" a lot of the people I tweet with once we start having conversations.

49:48 - mrsdurff

49:56 - derrallg
@matt can't hear that without thinking about Soylent Green

49:58 - plnaugle
I set a ten minute timer on school days to check out Twitter.

50:13 - Mike Sansone
My three actions are (SSSS my feed reader; Comment/Write on Blogs; Say Hey to Twitterverse) Timer is set for an hour for each shift of that exercise - 3-4 times per day)

50:17 - mrsdurff
I have it running all day

50:19 - Maryr
Just picked up an old VHS of Soylent Green...hmm

50:25 - Lorraine
About how long does this take each day?

50:34 - Mike Sansone
in and out tho, otherwise I wouldn't get anything done offline

50:37 - mrsdurff
i don't necessarly read it, but you are all there

50:40 - ghostlibrarian
@Lorraine good question

50:43 - Carol Arc
what is the recomended time for each

50:48 - Maryr
Timer is a great idea.

51:06 - Donelle
love that

51:09 - derrallg
focussed GTD

51:10 - Mike Sansone
If I could twitter and eat ice cream all day, I'd be both blind and fat. I don't do either but a bit at a time:-)

51:13 - Maryr
I get too perfectionist about my blog posts. Not used to the informality

51:14 - Corina Long
I'm sure my hubby would appreciate me setting a timer

51:15 - Donelle
3 is manageable

51:17 - mrsdurff
our brains like threes

51:21 - Carol Arc
looks like 3=4 hours/dy

51:22 - msreagan
Angela, how did you narrow down to 3 friends?

51:23 - plnaugle
Check on my iPhone during my 30 minute lunch.

51:27 - kyteacher

51:39 - matt montagne
I guess alot of this deals with your tolerance for ambiguity...I have an incredibly high tolerance for ambiguity...I know others don't, however

51:48 - Steve Hargadon
I don't think it was 3 friends, but three "networks"

51:53 - msreagan
LOL @mikesansone

51:53 - mrsdurff
i have 3 main groups of people, not 3 friends

51:54 - Mike Sansone
One of my base is Angela Maiers - I hear she's pretty smart

52:01 - gpotratz
In trouble when husband asks if he can follow me on Twitter? ; )

52:03 - BethStill
@oswego98 I know you are gone....but they are answering your question!

52:04 - aforgrave
First juggling mastery must start with 3

52:19 - jean
I use my iPhone to check my email, twitter and facebook at begin, lunch, end of school day

52:23 - msreagan
I like 3 groups better than 3 friends

52:24 - Carol Arc
angela - what's your twitter name?

52:35 - Mike Horner
@aforgrave: a student taught me to juggle--starting w/ just two in one hand...then three!

52:38 - Mike Sansone
@Carol - find Angela @AngelaMaiers

52:49 - Kim Caise

53:01 - Mike Sansone or better yet

53:03 - msreagan
I check Twitter through my blackberry and through gmail periodically during the school day.

53:18 - matt montagne

53:19 - derrallg
@matt are you going to be diving deeper and seeing what depth you can survive at?

53:20 - aforgrave
@MIke Horner -- Yeah -- you can extend that to juggling several more than 3 simultaneouly!

53:27 - Mike Sansone
FriendFeed is great (but follow many LESS people) for thought streams of your core

53:45 - Mike Sansone
I can get everything Angela or Steve (or others do) by their FriendFeed

53:55 - derrallg
@matt it's a famous line in the movie "people are. . . '

53:59 - Mike Horner
@aforgrave--yes...i'm trying to do this w/ social steps

54:00 - aforgrave
@Mike Horner -- another good one -- saying the alphabet backwards in less than 10 seconds ...

54:04 - Kim Caise

54:07 - kyteacher
Twitter was just unblocked at I have to make a new plan.

54:12 - BethStill
It is so important to find people that you have "chemistry" with. Makes working together so much easier to work with people that you can really relate to.

54:20 - Mike Sansone
is Ben&Jerry's on twitter (sorry, still thinking about ice cream)

54:29 - mrsdurff
@kyteacher I use Edmodo with kids

54:32 - Mike Sansone

54:43 - BethStill
@kyteacher Uh oh! Are you ever going to get to get any work done now?

54:48 - derrallg
What does Angela think about some of the twitter groups that many people have been signing up for?

54:49 - matt montagne

54:49 - Angie K
Twitter is blocked at my school but Tweetdeck is not.

55:09 - Carol Arc
@angie why is that?

55:34 - jean
I've just started to use Twibes

55:34 - msreagan
Twitter is blocked at school, but I can get my feed through gmail widgets.

55:44 - Angie K
I really don't know but I'm keeping my mouth shut because I have set up a Twitter account for my school so parents can keep track of important announcements.

55:52 - Carol Arc
ha ha

56:02 - Corina Long
@msreagan - same in my district

56:10 - Lorna Costantini
that is so important to be true to yourself

56:11 - kyteacher
@mrsduff Edmodo is one of my summer projects. Twitter at school has changed the way I spend my day. Want to check it all of the time. Of course, it's only been a week...

56:12 - BethStill
You can't engage with everyone!

56:20 - matt montagne
@angie K...that is AWESOME!!!! I love the work arounds. One of my former students is at a school that is heavily filtered and he was telling me it has become a game for the students to find all the proxies!!!

56:20 - plnaugle
We all meet many people in our lives, but don't keep up with them. Some with Social Networking online.

56:21 - derrallg
@jean do you see a use for it?

56:35 - Angie K
@matt. It's a rush isn't it!

56:38 - msreagan
Just hoping the IT team doesn't realize that I'm still getting it. =)

56:53 - Carol Arc
what is your blog address again?

57:06 - Carol Arc
what is your blog address again?

57:08 - booklover472
Crazy things blocked. Gmail blocked - but can get to it from my igoogle page

57:14 - Mike Sansone
Twitter Search (FriendFeed too) means you can still search (and subscribe) to key phrases and terms w/o having to follow everyone

57:21 - plnaugle
It is so nice to have opened up our classrooms instead of teaching in insolation.

57:32 - mrsdurff
i think using professional language is key too - I quickly unfollow those who swear for example

57:35 - msreagan
Google Docs was blocked until recently. Diigo and Delicious are blocked.

57:36 - Angie K
@plnaugle-I couldn't agree with you more!

57:39 - Mike Horner
brava angela!!

57:40 - jean
my twibe is all art teachers and it allows us to stay in touch.

57:43 - Steve Hargadon
Great, great stuff.

57:45 - msreagan
I agree @durff

57:45 - Donelle
wow. that was a fast hour

57:45 - Lorna Costantini
Thanks so mcuh Angela

57:45 - jackiegerstein
Nicely done!

57:48 - Corina Long
Great session!!!

57:52 - Angie K
Thanks Angela!

57:52 - kyteacher
@plnaugle what I learn from dropping by everyone's classroom.

57:53 - Heidi
Magnificent! Thanks,

57:56 - msreagan
Thank you Angela. I learned a lot.

57:57 - BethStill
Maybe off topic, but how do I go about integrating Twitter and Facebook?

57:57 - MB

57:58 - Mike Horner
i'm breathing easier about social networking

57:59 - Maria
It was great. ._9

57:59 - booklover472
thanks for all the info and tips

58:00 - Neal Cross
thank you, nice session

58:01 - matt montagne
58:02 - derrallg
great thanks Angela

58:03 - Maryr
Thanks, Angela

58:05 - Lorna Costantini
What a difference you made to my day

58:08 - Mike Sansone
great group, fantastic preso, terrific network! Thanks CHIEF

58:09 - Tuebor
Thanks for the great info Angela!

58:10 - mjpage

58:14 - ghostlibrarian
Thanks for a great session

58:15 - matt montagne
w00t! for Angela and a great presentation!!!!!

58:17 - sheasmith
Thanks for sharing, Angela!

58:20 - plnaugle
Thank you, Angela.

58:25 - kyteacher
Great session.

58:29 - msreagan
@matt montagne Exactly.

58:29 - angela maiers
BIG HUGS back to you all for being here! Will blog about BREATHE soon- all slides on slideshare to do with what you may! WE ARE smarter together!

58:30 - Donelle
this was calming and purposeful!

58:31 - LJeffryes
Got in late. Is this session archived? If yes, where?

58:33 - mrsdurff
and Horn!

58:42 - aforgrave
Great metaphor/acronym -- nice on several levels :-)

58:43 - Carol Arc

58:55 - msreagan
Anglea, How can we get your book?

59:04 - mrsdurff
there are 3 ?

59:12 - msreagan
Will there be tweets reminding us of these?

59:14 - jean
Thanks Angela. I'm gonna take a deep breath right now!

59:15 - angela maiers
Thanks for having me Steve, Lorna, Kim...what a pleasure!

59:16 - mrsdurff
oh yes there it is

59:28 - Deb Hanson
excellent session - thank you

59:42 - angela maiers
Book on AMazon and on my site- :-))

59:42 - matt montagne

59:46 - Cathy
thanks Angela!

59:55 - Chris Daley
thanks Angela

59:57 - Maryr
What is elluminate twitter name?

1:00:05 - msreagan
@matt montagne Can you tell my IT team that?

1:00:20 - Ariellah
thanks all for your input from south africa

1:00:23 - Kathy Matthes
Great session! Thanks!

1:00:34 - Lorna Costantini
Thanks everyone for coming

1:00:36 - roxanneglaser
what tags do we use for these sessions?

1:00:40 - msreagan
Angela Maiers, how can we get your book?

1:00:42 - Steve Hargadon
NECC plans next week!

1:00:46 - Mike Horner
thanks to classroom 2.0 and all concerned--this has been informative and highly practical

1:00:53 - matt montagne
@msreagan...I think they're going to have to learn it the hard way!!!

1:00:56 - roxanneglaser
I know twitter is #liveclass20, but what for blog posts etc?

1:00:57 - Kim Caise

1:00:59 - Steve Hargadon
Both for those who can be in DC and those who will be watching remotely.

1:01:11 - Ed Bujak
@msreagan is it not IT blocking at the schools, they are told to block by the administraton and their policies and the schooldistrict rules

1:01:17 - Kim Caise

1:01:22 - angela maiers
I can not wait to meet you all at NECC- live or virtually! :-)

1:01:27 - msreagan
Ed Bujak--true

1:01:52 - kyteacher
So excited to be going to NECC!

1:02:10 - Kim Caise

1:02:27 - angela maiers
Feel free to find me on Twitter if you have any questions! @angelamaiers or I have an ASK ANGELA button on the blog at I look forward to "extending" the conversation- Have a GREAT Saturday!

1:02:34 - mrsdurff

1:02:35 - matt montagne
Cheers for "Classroom 2.0" Live!!!

1:02:45 - Mike Horner

1:02:46 - angela maiers
Thanks All!

1:02:47 - Steve Hargadon
Great show!

1:02:49 - msreagan
Thank you.

1:02:50 - derrallg
thank you

1:02:50 - BethStill
@kyteacher Less than 50 days!

1:02:50 - clinds
Thanks so much!!!

1:02:51 - Steve Hargadon

1:02:51 - xolepino
Thank you

1:02:53 - Ed Bujak
Rah rah thanks!

1:03:04 - Donelle

1:03:13 - mrsdurff

1:03:16 - Mike Horner
can the chat session be saved by clicking the save icon--or is copy and paste better?

1:03:17 - Donelle
really great today!

1:03:23 - derrallg

1:03:28 - murphykev

1:03:54 - Donelle
see ya, shea

1:04:10 - msreagan
Mike Horner, Go to File, Save, Chat Session.

1:04:14 - Ana Lemos

1:04:17 - Mike Horner
thanks ms reagan!

1:04:21 - msreagan
your welcome.

1:04:33 - Kim Caise
be sure to visit our site later this afternoon to view the recordings of the show at

1:04:52 - Kim Caise

1:05:05 - Kim Caise

1:05:20 - Kim Caise

May 2, 2009 10:09:37 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!