Apr 25, 2009 9:00:24 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

00:02 - Clive
Thank you Sham..

I want to create a DVD that can record my daughter's life, I looked it for along time, then a friend recommended a DVD Burner for Mac
to me, it is powerful and super, now share it with you, you can download a free trial to have a try.

00:02 - roxanneglaser
am not getting audio

00:17 - Peggy George
you should be getting audio now :-)

00:19 - roxanneglaser
should I be? I see the bars as someone is talking

00:33 - Clive
I hear OK

00:47 - roxanneglaser
Hmmm...end user error, but what is it?

00:49 - Peggy George
@roxanneglaser yes you should be hearing something now

01:22 - Kristin Hokanson
or thoughout...

01:26 - roxanneglaser
something just popped up about master mute and I clicked the wrong thing

01:30 - Kristin Hokanson
I am good at multitasking questions :)

01:34 - roxanneglaser
shall I exit and rejoin?

01:35 - Peggy George
if you're having problems hearing the audio, try doing the audio setup again

01:36 - Kathy Matthes

01:49 - Clive
Hi Kathy

01:54 - Peggy George
Hi Kathy-great to see you!!

02:23 - Peggy George
That's great Kristin--we could use some multitasking help!

02:35 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
The workshop gang from Sacramento is now seeing and hearing!

02:45 - roxanneglaser
excellent audio setup wizard! fixed it

02:56 - Peggy George
if you are joining us with more people in one room, please let us know how many of you there are :-)

03:02 - Peggy George
great roxanneglaser!!!

03:17 - KenF
two in my room

03:29 - Donelle
@Tammy-deer in the front yard? How neat!

03:31 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
10 in Sacramento, more coming.

03:32 - Kathy Matthes
@Clive - hi.

03:37 - Peggy George
great KenF! Thanks

03:42 - Kathy Matthes
@ Peggy - thanks. Good to be here.

03:56 - Peggy George
Welcome Sacramento!!! What a treat for us to have your group join us!

04:22 - Clive
Oh I clicked Ireland... I'm to the left of that

04:26 - Peggy George
It's always so much fun to see where everyone is from!

04:50 - Clive
This is great!

04:51 - Peggy George
It's hard to get our pointers to go right where we want them

05:04 - Kathy Matthes
Clive, are you in England?

05:28 - KenF
hola from Mexico

05:43 - Clive
Kathy - no Wales - it is very different!

05:56 - Peggy George
Welcome Mexico!! and Wales!

06:00 - Clive
We are neighbors with England

06:05 - Kathy Matthes
@ Clive - yes, it's beautiful in Wales!

06:17 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Hello from Sacramento

06:20 - Clive
You know Wales?

06:30 - Kathy Matthes
Yes. I was there in 1982.

06:44 - Clive
Wow.. where?

06:47 - Kristin Hokanson
curious why this material is or isn't used? If you can type in the box...some of your reasons for using

06:51 - Peggy George
this is excellent information from the poll!! Thanks!

06:56 - sharon_elin
Maybe I did that on slideshare.com, but I can't remember!!

07:22 - Laura Sheehy
haven't had an opportunity yet

07:24 - CraigJackson_MSU
I use it because my budget can not handle needle drop fees for music

07:25 - Clive
I love CC - I can use it freely with my students

07:29 - Deb from MN
Don't know enough about it.

07:34 - Peggy George
I think many of us are not used to thinking about licensing our own work.

07:35 - KenF
just found out about it

07:39 - Melanie Morris
don't know too much about it.

07:43 - CraigJackson_MSU
plus I can find new and fresher msuic thru CC music

07:45 - Maureen
I use and have kids use CC to avoid having to deal with copyright issues and to teach them to value intellectual property

07:48 - pirategirl
so that people can not steal it but so it can be publicized

07:53 - Cheryl Tice
i probably should, but usually move on to another project after finishing a project... i do demo creative commons in our model schools class though

08:40 - Clive
Good morning!

08:51 - Kathy Matthes
@ Clive - I hate to admit that I can't remember; it was a long time ago. I stayed with my Pastor's parents before spending the summer working with YWAM in England and Scotland. Wales was breathtakingly beautiful.

08:55 - zack dowell
Hey folks down at Sac City - I'm with you in spirit!

09:12 - roxanneglaser
@Cheryl Tice Good to see you this morning!

09:20 - Donelle
hey Zack

09:21 - Jory H
Good morning

09:28 - Clive
It is Kathy but I have visited the US three times... and there are truely beautiful place there too

09:31 - Lizette Nale
Good morning

09:37 - Kristin Hokanson
@maureen great...LOVE that you are talking about that idea of intellectual property

10:01 - Kathy Matthes
@Clive - yes, the US is beautiful, too. But I am an anglophile at heart!

10:20 - Clive

10:47 - Maureen
@Kristin- the whole "end of copyright confusion" honestly made it harder - much more critical thinking involved... not that that's a bad thing, but much harder to do in class.

11:12 - Peggy George
not good to lose our key moderator!! :-) Welcome back Kristin!

11:18 - Kim Caise
welcome sacramento conference attendees!

11:26 - Clive
How do mashups fit in?

12:04 - Shamblesguru
Missed the URL .... could someone type it in here

12:17 - Peggy George
Kristin's URL?

12:25 - Laura Sheehy

12:27 - Shamblesguru
shown on the slide just now

12:32 - Shamblesguru

12:38 - Maureen
@Kristin- I think we have to start early, but how early can kids really go thru the critical thinking process that is really necessary?

12:55 - Clive
Photo story 3

12:55 - zack dowell
Audio tracks to accompany video

12:58 - Lois
YouTube is a big one. Lots of Google images.

12:59 - BevKeefer
illustrate vocabulary words

12:59 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Images from internet/google to add to reports

13:02 - CraigJackson_MSU
doing daily student video webcasts

13:04 - sharon_elin
digital storytelling

13:06 - sal

13:06 - Melanie Morris
I have a YouTube assignment in Business Law

13:07 - Lizette Nale

13:07 - Maureen
SLideshows, digital books, ebooks, photos, videos

13:09 - Tracy
creating videos to share knowledge

13:09 - Deb H
podcasts, digital book talks, PwerPoint presentations

13:14 - Tracy

13:15 - sal

13:16 - KenF

13:16 - Witman

13:18 - tjohnstone
creating myspace for classroom assignments

13:22 - sharon_elin
I lost audio

13:29 - tracydubay
videos of procedures for various tasks (procedural learning/ directions) grade 3

13:30 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Sixth grade does report on musician, so they want images of latest stars

13:33 - Marzenna
second life

13:36 - Peggy George

13:40 - Clive
Anyone read Read a layperson’s guide by Brian Lamb: ‘Dr. Mashup; or, Why Educators Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Remix’.

14:04 - Peggy George
All of Kristin's links are in our Sharetabs for today. http://www.sharetabs.com/?classroom20live04252009

15:16 - Kim Caise
great image with the padlocks

15:31 - Clive
Why do you say 'forcefully'?

15:48 - Peggy George
that's why we tend to be afraid to use anything because of confusion about copyright!

15:51 - Lizette Nale

15:58 - rmac

16:01 - Mary Ellen -Montreal

16:03 - Melanie Morris
I said "D" and I'm a lawyer

16:05 - sue
where do i click

16:14 - Clive
Top tool bar

16:14 - Cheryl Tice
up at the top

16:16 - Steve Hargadon
Use the icons in the top row.

16:30 - Deb H
@Melanie LOL

16:31 - Clive
Lost sound?

16:32 - Peggy George
funny Melanie!! How can we have confidence?? :-)

16:40 - Melanie Morris

16:47 - Janis b
I like the color grey!

16:50 - sharon_elin
I said confident but I'm probably not as informed as I think I am!!

16:51 - Clive

17:07 - Kathy Matthes
My college students have to write a short paper on Copyright & Fair Use (K-12 teachers)

17:09 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
I'm confident after learning about media lab and Kristen's work

17:09 - Peggy George
Can you all find the A,B,C,D,E in the menu bar?

17:12 - Melanie Morris

17:16 - Tammy Moore
we hear you

17:16 - Peggy George
can hear you fine Kristin

17:16 - sharon_elin
It seems to depend on whom you talk to when asking experts about the law

17:20 - Maureen

17:32 - Clive
Kathy - that is fascinating.. like to learn more!

17:49 - Kim Caise

17:59 - Peggy George
hearing you fine Kristin

18:06 - Cindy
I took a class on media copyright and they said that the law for it was written 12 yrs. .ago.

18:08 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Usually when I talk to atty's (and IP ones at that), they don't tell me I'm full of gas.

18:08 - Shamblesguru
This this talk USA-centric? ..... or Global when asking about copyright law?

18:19 - roxanneglaser
looking in the sharetabs...where is link to Temple University's Media Education Lab?

18:24 - Kathy Matthes
I also sometimes adapt the Copyright & Fair Use paper into a group wiki assignment.

18:25 - sharon_elin
This audience is probably not representative of all educators, who would probably fall in the confused range

18:29 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Yes, it is...

18:36 - Shamblesguru

18:36 - Clive
Much the same in the UK

18:43 - rmac
varies from canada

18:46 - Peggy George
we do have a great link in the sharetabs about the Canadian copyright laws

18:52 - Peggy George

18:57 - rmac
thanks peggy

18:59 - xolepino
Some countries don't have copyright laws

19:04 - Rob Galloway
I've heard that the U.S. is the only country that recognizes fair use for education. Is that correct?

19:11 - sal
what is sharetabs

19:15 - Kathy Matthes
When will the link to this session be available? I want to make sure my students can see it.

19:18 - Laura Sheehy
protect owner's rights to profit from work?

19:19 - Barbara O
Good point about USA or global. Our exchange students always have problems with US copyright.

19:23 - sharon_elin
copyright protects profits

19:24 - Maureen
protect the value of intellectual property

19:26 - rmac
Canada does also

19:29 - Shamblesguru
Employment for copyright lawyers

19:29 - Coxl
Protect the owner.

19:32 - Clive
I have IP rights

19:32 - Lorraine
help to determine source of info

19:33 - Melanie Morris
To protect the intellectual property of those who prepared it

19:33 - Peggy George
Sharetabs is one link that includes links to lots of other resources that you can explore later

19:35 - Janis b
encourage new development of ip

19:35 - smcpherson
protect intellectual property

19:37 - gnelson
Great question about copyright in other countries. effects how users can reuse and remix content from outside the U.S.

19:38 - Rob Galloway
To encourage creation by ensuring compensation

19:38 - Tammy Moore
To protect the producers of works so they can afford to continue producing

19:40 - Kellen
To promote the progress of science and useful arts

19:42 - sharon_elin
gives credit to originator

19:48 - Clive
I have had my work ripped off!

19:58 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Rules of the road

20:00 - rmac
you make it you own it

20:23 - Elena
unless you use hardware owned by the district or their software

20:31 - Cheryl Tice

20:31 - Deb from MN
I like what Lorraine said - to determine the source of the info (+ be able to track changes in knowledge over time).

20:38 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
But wouldn't you say that case law and subsequent law has shifted it more to property rights?

20:46 - Clive
I do not ming people using my work - I just want them to recognise where it comes from

20:51 - Clive

21:05 - Rob Galloway
@Clive Then creative commons is for you!

21:05 - Melanie Morris
That is really interesting! I've just flagged that page in my pocket Constitution.

21:08 - rmac
i agree clive

21:24 - xolepino
They didn't have digital content back then

21:27 - sharon_elin
I like getting credit, too -- or, actually, I dislike OTHERS getting credit for something I did. Seems petty when I say that, though

21:29 - Peggy George
this is a very different perspective on understanding the purpose of copyright--so glad to hear this!

21:32 - Kathy Matthes
Also 20th century ownership and rights.

21:37 - Cheryl Tice
@melanie morris - love that you have a pocket constitution!

21:54 - Kathy Matthes
@ Peggy - how long are these sessions archived?

22:03 - Clive
Spread of knowledge is a good thing

22:04 - Deb from MN
Not petty, sharon_elin! I agree!

22:08 - Shamblesguru

22:19 - Peggy George
@Kathy-archived forever technology permitting!! :-)

22:31 - Kathy Matthes
YAY! I want to link to this session for my classes!

22:34 - Amy Chayefsky
Forever, LOL

22:46 - Maureen
@sharon_elin Not petty... I have had a lot of work I did taken by others- see it on web sites. I like sharing, but I do want the credit for it.

22:50 - Rob Galloway
More precisely to use "portions" of works without permission

22:51 - Clive
BUT - not pass off others work as your own

22:52 - Peggy George
Yes Kathy! This will be a fantastic resource to share with other teachers and administrators!!

23:14 - KenF
I like what clive said

23:19 - sharon_elin
yes, so confusing!!

23:28 - Clive
Thanks Ken

23:31 - sharon_elin
And we often interpret it the way we WANT to hear it

23:45 - sharon_elin
great slide

23:46 - gnelson
so, to qualify for Fair Use, must your intent include all four criteria or just one?

23:50 - Rob Galloway
And #4 is vague these days... how does publication impact the market value of the work? Is distribution on the web prohibited in all cases?

23:58 - Maureen
I like to hyper comply

24:05 - Peggy George
we tend not to use anything because we're not sure if it's ok

24:06 - Clive
VLEs hide copyright infingement

24:07 - Laura Sheehy
teachers tell me that they know there is copyright but it's too much trouble

24:26 - Cheryl Tice
that's why students think the same way

24:26 - Peggy George
Hi Laura Sheehy! so glad you're here!

24:47 - Laura Sheehy
Hi Peggy! I'm taking a break from the Discovery virtual

25:00 - Rob Galloway
@Laura Yes, and so they either don't allow students to use anything, or they encourage them to use everything without consideration of fair use guidelines

25:09 - Peggy George
wish the Discovery Ed virtual wasn't the same time!! Missing it too!

25:16 - Jory H
10% rule

25:19 - BevKeefer
no more than 30 seconds

25:21 - Laura Sheehy
ditto Peggy

25:25 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
10% or 30 sec of music

25:29 - Clive
Oh hum... they copy nothing! Unless they declare it.

25:30 - smcpherson
cite sources

25:33 - Tracy
print: use for "one term"

25:33 - Peggy George
ask permission

25:33 - Rob Galloway
No more than 5 images from one artist, 15 from one collection, etc.

25:34 - sharon_elin
Ask permission before using an image from a website

25:37 - Maureen
I did the 30 sec rule, the % rule-

25:37 - Melanie Morris
use once

25:42 - Rob Galloway
Do not distribute on an open network such as the WWW

25:52 - Laura Sheehy
@Rob or they just don't say anything one way or the other like it doesn't exist

25:54 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Can do it on a pw protected site

26:14 - Janis b
Guidelines are a guide-fair use another option

26:15 - Peggy George
wow! didn't know that wasn't the law about 30 secs

26:17 - Melanie Morris
What an important distinction!

26:25 - Tracy
Kenny Crews was my orofessor at IUPUI!

26:25 - sharon_elin
I often limit students to creating their OWN images and music, just to help them appreciate their own sense of ownership

26:43 - Cheryl Tice
then they can copyright them in creative commons

26:46 - Cheryl Tice
good idea

27:18 - Clive
I heard today (I have the link if you want it) someone say - I like mashup because I am not creative'

27:30 - Peggy George
interesting point Clive

27:55 - Rob Galloway

28:01 - KenF
Does anyone know a free tool for creating original music?

28:16 - gnelson
Sharon_elin: do your students license their content then as well?

28:29 - Peggy George
Make sure you're sending your chat messages to all rooms so everyone sees them

28:39 - Clive
gnelson - great point! They own it I guess

28:42 - sharon_elin
I haven't taken that next step, but it's a great idea -- it would help them understand creative commons!

28:50 - Peggy George
go ahead and use web tour Kristin

28:50 - Shannon 1
@KenF Not free but cheap; Garageband

29:10 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
App sharing will not work

29:11 - KenF
does g

29:17 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
Sound will not come through with app share.

29:17 - Tammy Moore
Application sharing will not have audio

29:25 - Tammy Moore
Use mic near speakers

29:25 - KenF
Does Garage band work on PC's?

29:36 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
Would be best if we can use web tour and everyone will have to click to start video themselves.

29:56 - xolepino
No it doesn't work on PC, MAC only

29:59 - Peggy George
Yes web tour

30:25 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
Which video?

30:37 - Peggy George
it hasn't started yet

31:05 - Peggy George
see the play button and you can click on it to play --scroll down the bottom of the page

31:34 - zack dowell
the reality is that claims of fair use are ultimately decided by courts (though they rarely make it there) - I claim fair use, copyright holder claims violation, I back down because I don't have a team of lawyers, the copyright holders win.

31:36 - Peggy George
Code of Best Practices movie-click on play

31:54 - sharon_elin
playing it now

32:06 - Amy Chayefsky
I have find and save so pulling it down locally to view

32:12 - Kim Caise 1

32:21 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
If one of the moderators clicked on the tour, it changed for everyone...

32:22 - Maureen
was playing- now white screen

32:23 - Tracy
I'm getting runtime errors

32:26 - Rob Galloway
@zack Yes, that's why I asked about classroom teachers assuming this type of liability for testing the boundaries of fair use guidelines

32:33 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
Need to go back to the previous page.

32:34 - tracydubay
me too

32:35 - sharon_elin
it's playing in a web tour window for me

32:40 - Peggy George
the chat log will be archived so you can access it later from our website to view these videos later too

32:41 - Deb from MN
started, then stopped

32:43 - Deb H
white screen for me

32:47 - rmac
not mine

32:48 - Amy Chayefsky
still downloading =)

32:52 - Tammy Moore
Won't play for me

32:54 - BevKeefer
I'm watching it

32:55 - Kim Caise 1

32:56 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
Won't work for those without Quicktime loaded this way.

32:59 - Cheryl Tice
works for me

33:03 - Mary Ellen -Montreal
i'm listening to it

33:04 - Peggy George
I'm still playing it too

33:08 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
Need to go back to the presentation page for most users. Can you do that for us.

33:21 - Sacramento CR2.0 Workshop
It was playing fine from the previous page.

33:23 - Deb H
ok now

33:24 - Laura Sheehy
playing for me

33:27 - pirategirl
Quicktime rocks. Load it.

33:29 - Deb from MN
link worked

33:30 - Peggy George
you'll be able to watch it later if you're having a problem

33:33 - sal
half way through then stopped

33:38 - Carol Arc
My screen shows copyright confusion.wikispaces with a white screen

33:40 - Witman
I'm having problems as well

33:41 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
It's coming through for me

33:47 - Kim Caise 1

33:54 - BErnsberger
http://acidplanet.com-Acid XPress 7 is a free download for music creation and mixing.

34:02 - Kathy Matthes
It keeps asking me to debug it.

34:04 - sharon_elin
It's working well for me

34:06 - Amy Chayefsky
will catch it later - not opening over here

34:07 - Carol Arc
I cn't remove it. It says I don't have adm rights.

34:07 - sal
working now

34:19 - KenF
I am asuming all these links will be on the sharetabs?

34:27 - Peggy George

34:28 - Kristin Hokanson
if you can get to youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIU0JNCc3tM&feature=channel

34:32 - zack dowell
@Rob Galloway Agreed. Unfortunately, solution seems to be changes to law, political accountability, and not so many RIAA cronies in positions of power.

34:33 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
That showing movies thing is thorny locally: Many hate the idea of show movies (it's just baby sitting);

34:35 - KenF

34:46 - sharon_elin
There is some deep rumbling background noise from someone with an open mic -- a woofer, maybe?

35:04 - Clive
I got kick out

35:08 - Peggy George
We'll post all of these links including the link to the sharetabs in the Resources for today's show-- http://live.classroom20.com

35:43 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
I was in a elementary text adoption training where teachers from one district had been FORBIDDEN from showing Disney films because of a settlement between their district and Disney, even though THERE WAS a valid instructional reason for showing certain films that tied into the text content/unit

35:47 - Clive
Ah better

36:04 - Clive
Anyone there?

36:05 - sharon_elin
ahhhhh, yes

36:13 - zack dowell
I'm not the owner of the rumbling noise, but I'd like to use it in a transformative work. Can I get the copyright owner's permission to use the recording? :)

36:14 - sharon_elin
Clive, a video is playing

36:14 - Peggy George
yes we're listening to the video :-)

36:16 - Rob Galloway
And people interpret that as "teachers can do whatever they want for the good of children"

36:18 - KenF
nothing happening

36:35 - Kristin Hokanson
or here

36:35 - Peggy George
very helpful information about fair use!!!

36:36 - Kristin Hokanson

36:40 - Kristin Hokanson

36:40 - Kim Caise 1
disney will go after teachers. you have to purchase their media rights - i forget the name to view their videos for any purpose in the classroom. that was my understanding

36:42 - gnelson
transformative use - great term but it's subjective

36:45 - Kristin Hokanson
I have the oher videos loaded

36:49 - Amy Chayefsky
reinstalling qt, maybe can catch up to you

36:54 - laurie
movie suddenly went away

36:56 - Peggy George
Disney is very strict about copyright violations!

36:57 - sharon_elin
If you can't see the video, I think you can watch it later

37:05 - Carol Arc
what are we suppose to be doing?

37:06 - Elena
at the cost of $25 for each showing in a classroom

37:10 - Deb from MN
still playing here

37:16 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Kim: That to my mind is NOT a violation

37:18 - laurie
now there is nothing on the screen at all

37:21 - Cheryl Tice
almost done with video here

37:29 - sharon_elin
Video is almost over.... if you have a blank screen hang on

37:35 - Peggy George
the video really encourages teachers to take advantage of their rights through fair use

37:37 - Laura Sheehy
same here

37:43 - Maureen
What about schools who have "movie night"... using commercial dvds?

37:54 - Deb from MN
3/4 done with video

37:58 - Amy Chayefsky
I think the challenge with Disney and similar 'popular' films is that they ARE subject to misuse and abuse. Certainly at Holidays and end of garding semesters, rainy days...

37:58 - zack dowell
movie night is public display

38:07 - Tracy
"Movie" night constitutes a public performance - you must purchase a license to show!

38:11 - Tammy Moore
Love the Fair use song. LOL

38:20 - Janis b
tie movies into lesson plans

38:21 - Carol Arc
What if the movie is used as a fund raiser?

38:27 - Peggy George
you might have better luck viewing the video directly from your browser rather than through Elluminate

38:35 - Amy Chayefsky
Licenses for public performance are relatively inexpensive, just earn money from the snacks not the film..

38:39 - Cheryl Tice
done w/ the video

38:39 - Peggy George
video finished for me

38:39 - Carol Arc
what is the link for the movie?

38:45 - sharon_elin
finished the video

38:46 - gnelson
public domain is also another mis-used term

38:50 - Mary Ellen -Montreal
i'm finished

39:01 - Peggy George

39:01 - Shannon 1
@Carol Buy licensing- can't charge for admission, but you can charge for snacks

39:02 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
If it ties into what I'm teaching, anyone fighting this?

39:03 - Deb from MN
nope - not done

39:15 - Kim Caise 1
even worse = you can't sell tickets to people to view the Disney movie

39:16 - les
Good question about Movie night. Thanks.

39:23 - Tracy
Fair use says that movies must be used in face-to-face, teaching situations - NOT as rainyday recess or a treat!

39:30 - Kim Caise 1

39:45 - Janis b
Movies that you have the performance rights for could be used

39:54 - Shamblesguru
Is the video also in Youtube for embedding?

39:55 - Peggy George
you can type questions in the chat if you don't want to take the mic

39:56 - Carol Arc
what is the link to the video?

40:01 - Peggy George

40:07 - Carol Arc

40:17 - KenF
I understand that if you watch the whole movie even in a classroom it constitutes a public performance

40:28 - Maureen
What age do you start?

40:36 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Yeah, Kim I think I should be albe to show Old Yeller, when they are readin gthe story, and Harry Potter when they do a unit on cooperation and competition.

40:41 - Janis b
tie to lesson plan ie Romeo and Juliet!

40:52 - roxanneglaser
re: movie nights, why not showcase student created videos or have students create presentations instead of showing movies?

40:57 - Deb H
movielicensing.com gives license for fundraiers and rewards

41:00 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Without paying $25

41:02 - Tracy
You can view as long as it's part of the lesson plan - face-to-face teaching situations

41:02 - Peggy George
it's different when you use movies for instruction than for entertainment

41:04 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
each time.

41:10 - Melanie Morris
My MIS group believes that downloading videos from YouTube is a copyright violation. I've told them I believed it was fair use in education. What do you think about this?

41:12 - Kathy Matthes
Sorry - couldn't watch the video. It kept crashing my IE.

41:20 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Not babysitting on rainy days.

41:22 - Peggy George
great question Melanie!!

41:30 - Janis b
Youtube fair use in a classroom

41:43 - Deb H
what about using top 40 songs in student PowerPoints?

41:44 - Janis b
broadcasting it might be another issue

41:47 - roxanneglaser
@alice agreed on babysittting! I think students watch enough movies at home!

41:50 - Tracy
My problem is convincing teacher to use only video portions and not show the whole video just to show the whole video

42:01 - Deb H
me too Tracy

42:05 - Shannon 1
Downloading youtube = violation of Terms of Use

42:12 - Janis b
think snips and clips1

42:34 - sharon_elin
but linking to a youtube video is not

42:41 - SusanSi

42:41 - Kristin Hokanson
go ahead audio is open

42:44 - xolepino
Must you always credit or cite the movies or music in your videos you produce?

42:45 - Cheryl Tice

42:47 - roxanneglaser
It is MUCH harder to select a portion than using the whole thing.

42:49 - Janis b
linking would be ok actually

42:51 - Shannon 1
Makes them think about why they want to use it.

42:53 - Kathy Matthes
What was the question?

42:56 - Maureen
@shannon 1 What about teachers who download youtube because it is blocked at their school?

42:59 - Melanie Morris
Can only link with an internet connection

43:06 - BevKeefer
Can you use the whole movie to compare it with the book?

43:09 - Peggy George
Can you repeat the question Kristin?

43:12 - gnelson
good question: Viewing online v. downloading from YouTube

43:15 - Janis b
Sure-tie to lesson plan

43:18 - Barbara O
We're not allowed to link to youtube. We're told to download and use them. Absolutely no streaming at our school right now.

43:23 - Tracy
why would you want to give up to 2 hours of instructional time?

43:24 - sal
If it's appropriate for a project that they are doing I think they should be able to use it - it is for learning in a creative way - it is not for profit

43:24 - Shannon 1

43:54 - Kathy Matthes
They learn about respecting ownership.

44:04 - Shannon 1
@Maureen- good question... we do it anyway to avoid bandwidth issues. But I wonder every time I show a teacher how to do it!

44:08 - Kim Caise 1
students have to analyze the clips to see if it is relevant to their topic

44:13 - Jory H
doesn't it depend on whether or not it will be shown outside the classroom?

44:15 - Tammy Moore
THey are trying to communicate something of their own

44:17 - Tracy
Why not use clips and compare concepts as they appear in the book. Connect!

44:23 - Carol Arc
Gives them a chance to be part of the planning process for the lesson

44:28 - Kathy Matthes
It also gives them tools for thinking critically about using other people's work -- even not at school.

44:31 - Tammy Moore
using the material made by another to help with that communication

44:41 - sharon_elin
I keep losing audio. Is it my PC/internet connection?

44:47 - Carol Arc
Makes them view many to decide which are the better choices.

44:48 - Cheryl Tice
i don't have audio

44:50 - Tammy Moore
A phone call came in

44:52 - Cheryl Tice
is anyone talking??

44:54 - Janis b
no audio

44:54 - Witman
I don't either

44:59 - Tammy Moore
She i catching it or turning phone off

45:01 - Peggy George
no sharon elin--Kristin is waiting for people to respond to questions

45:02 - Kathy Matthes
Giving a guidelines sheet is not the same as discussing how to apply them.

45:03 - sharon_elin

45:12 - BevKeefer
what is the transformativeness standard?

45:13 - sal
If we had all day for all of this ok but we are under time constraints

45:19 - Tracy
What about the Kastenmeier guidelines re: TV shows?

45:49 - gnelson
got it

45:52 - Tracy
Got it!

45:53 - Kathy Matthes

45:53 - BevKeefer

45:53 - Melanie Morris

45:56 - Elena
got it

45:57 - Shannon 1
got it!

45:58 - Donelle

45:58 - Laura Sheehy
got it thanks

45:59 - Peggy George
that's a new term for me--transformativeness standard

46:00 - j c
got it. thanks.

46:00 - Jesse

46:03 - rmac
yes thanks

46:29 - Carol Arc
thanks for thata

46:37 - Janis b
Those are the off air broadcast guidelines and they are useful but have strange restrictions

46:39 - tracydubay
Kristin: that's fantastic. r u willing to share the ppt as well that way?

46:47 - Kim Caise 1
me too, not familiar with that term

46:50 - Kim Caise 1

47:17 - gnelson
thanks Kristin!

47:21 - tjohnstone
this is excellent information

47:26 - Peggy George
we can provide the link to the ppt in the resource archives later today

47:41 - tjohnstone
are there instances of prosecuting teachers though for misuse?

47:50 - Witman
good question

48:00 - Janis b
usually settled out of court but there are a few examples

48:01 - Deb H
can I change my B to D

48:01 - Shannon 1
Where can we find records of settlements or copyright infringement cases?

48:04 - Peggy George
yes there have been instances of prosecuting teachers for copyright violations

48:36 - zack dowell
We use this analysis tool with college students to help guide their thinking when thinking about whether their use is "fair" - http://www.lib.umn.edu/copyright/checklist.phtml

48:53 - Laura Sheehy
Disney went after a daycare center for painting Mickey Mouse on their wall. They had to take it down.

48:55 - Peggy George
new use for old material-great way to remember it

49:05 - Rob Galloway
Transformative use is so subjective and open to court interpretation, not the interpretation of a teacher. So, again, why should classroom teachers risk this sort of liability when plenty of other solutions exist such as creative commons?

49:20 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
I got a pdf

49:23 - Donelle
@zack-thanks for sharing

49:52 - Kristin Hokanson

50:00 - sharon_elin
It is very slippery to try to objectively decide whether use is transformative/fair use

50:01 - sal
they would probably do better if they had people use their images

50:11 - Peggy George

50:21 - sharon_elin
got it

50:25 - sal
everyone knows mickey mouse belongs to disney

50:28 - Peggy George
click on play now

50:36 - Carol Arc
no sound

50:36 - roxanneglaser
What about teachers using document cameras to show books to students? or scanning in books to make ppt to show on the classroom projector to show all the pictures for the students...allowed or not?

50:38 - Tracy

50:40 - Kristin Hokanson
is that working?

50:46 - Mary Ellen -Montreal

50:46 - Janis b

50:47 - Laura Sheehy
see it

50:49 - Kristin Hokanson

50:50 - sharon_elin

51:07 - sharon_elin
Can we sing along?

51:12 - Carol Arc
got it

51:14 - Kristin Hokanson
yes please do :)

51:36 - Cheryl Tice
i like roxanne glaser's question - any answers??

51:37 - Peggy George

51:40 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Okay, that's pretty sharp woking context and situational into a rock song

51:53 - Rob Galloway
Great example, @roxanneglaser. Scan a childrens book to display all the images on a computer in the classroom. Allowed? Fair use itself would not seem to allow this under portion limitations. Is it a transformative work?

51:57 - Tammy Moore
For some reason my Quicktime won't kick in in webtour. I can see it if I am at the webpage though - strange

51:58 - pirategirl
That's cool. And pretty funny.

52:16 - Tammy Moore
Must be a browser plug it kink

52:20 - Tracy
only 2 pages of a children's book as long as the text accompantying teh pix is 10% or less of the total

52:22 - roxanneglaser
@rob galloway only transforming the images so I don't have to pass the book around

52:30 - Tammy Moore
Plug -in. LOL

52:30 - Kristin Hokanson
RE ROXANNES QUESTION: That would fall under principle ONE of the code...page 10 :)

52:37 - Janis b
Roxanne cna use an item in that way and it's a good way to use materials

52:38 - Peggy George
Song link is here: http://copyrightconfusion.wikispaces.com/presenting

52:59 - Kristin Hokanson
Educators can make copies of newspaper articles tv etc & keep for educational use

53:04 - Peggy George
did I repurpose and add value :-)

53:05 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
I remember Wes Fryer talking about librarians chastising for doing book cover image on a VoiceThread, lol

53:16 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
As one among MANY images

53:22 - Janis b
I'm curious about putting stuff on ipods etc.

53:33 - Peggy George
I saw that blog post about book covers in Voicethread. It seemed to be misunderstandings by librarians.

53:40 - Janis b
ie reading books aloud and putting on ipods to be used by others

53:42 - Rob Galloway
@Peggy How long can they keep those copies and use them in the classroom?

53:42 - Shannon 1
Kristin - I'm still confused about keeping the materials.

54:08 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
@peggy: overly compliant

54:09 - gnelson
is it difficult to prove the greater benefits to society?

54:15 - Melanie Morris
So, when I download a YouTube for instructional purpose (as an example) it is transformative use.

54:16 - Rob Galloway
They are not law, but they are established guidelines--much more established than newer guidelines being shown here today

54:16 - Laura Sheehy
book publishers usually love for you to use their covers, just ask

54:24 - Jory H
What about changing the format-- eg., transferring VHS to DVD

54:34 - Carol Arc
I lost all sound!!!???

54:35 - les
what does "add value" mean?

54:41 - Shannon 1
For instance- svaing examples of ads for media literacy evaluation?

54:42 - sue
so if i put a link to this video in my online tutorial, do i have to worry about copyright?

54:43 - sharon_elin
Are we supposed to clear the Web Tour window or do you do that?

54:46 - Peggy George
yes Alice--too literally following guidelines rather than fair use rights

55:07 - Shannon 1

55:13 - roxanneglaser
This is great...we need more information about this...Keep it coming!

55:28 - Janis b
guidelines can be helpful (restrictive tho) and fair use can give a better deal

55:39 - Peggy George
you'll be able to review all of Kristin's resources on her links

56:20 - Peggy George
we need to share this information with administrators so they will support teachers with fair use

56:29 - rmac
thanks for the wonderful session..will pick up the last part on the recording...

56:43 - Peggy George
Joyce Valenza's wikispace is fantastic for copyright info!

56:57 - Shannon 1
Is the 4 factor checklist diffeerent from the guidelines? I like how it leads teachers to consider how their use is considered. And then ask them if their use isn't fair- how they can change their plans to make it fair.

57:05 - Laura Sheehy
@peggy - what's the link?

57:05 - Deb H
everything i thought i knew is now transformed...

57:07 - Kristin Hokanson

57:12 - Maureen
Ugh! My computer totally froze up over the pdf share..Had to reboot. Have to listen to everything I missed later.

57:12 - Peggy George

57:17 - Peggy George
it's in the sharetabs too

57:19 - Laura Sheehy
for Joyce?

57:25 - Melanie Morris
This is good info. My students create YouTubes and I will make sure they know of this.

57:29 - Peggy George

57:31 - Rob Galloway
Sorry to be skeptical, but I just think most teachers will take this to mean they can encourage their students to take anything from "Google Images" (which are not from Google, of course) and use them for educational purposes without any further consideration of ethical issues involving fair use and copyright

57:32 - Cheryl Tice
it works

57:43 - Janis b
what's happening with American Library Assoc on the code?

58:03 - Shannon 1
What about ALA's new materials? Same old?

58:07 - Deb from MN
I agree, Rob G.

58:09 - sharon_elin
Rob, yes, I agree that it's too vague in some ways

58:27 - zack dowell
Thought - Infuse the idea that teachers/students are producers of original content. Encourage them to publish work under cc licenses!

58:33 - Peggy George
thanks Zack!!

58:40 - roxanneglaser
@rob galloway There is so much MORE to teach about this. I did a project this spring and was amazed by the lack of understanding about 1.) technology and 2.) copyright issues

58:51 - sharon_elin
Zack, yes, that's what seems to make more sense.

59:17 - Peggy George
Media Education Lab links are in the sharetabs

59:19 - Deb from MN
I had hoped to learn about creative commons licensing here.

59:22 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
Rob: don't we need our students to think more analytically?

59:23 - Rob Galloway
@zack Yes, get students creating their own works and using creative commons licenses!

59:30 - Alice Mercer: CS20SAC09
@Rob: Shouldn't we?

59:37 - Lorna Costantini
canadian resources http://www.michaelgeist.ca/index.php

59:39 - tracydubay
@Zack: that's what I try to do!

59:44 - gnelson
Peggy - perhaps a session exclusively on Creative Comments next?

59:45 - Peggy George
very helpful information!!! the time just flew by!!

59:47 - Laura Sheehy
very useful information!!!!!

59:51 - Shannon 1
Thanks for this!

59:55 - sharon_elin
too much in too little time!

59:55 - Kristin Hokanson

59:56 - KenF
great info

59:57 - Melanie Morris
Thank you Kristin!

1:00:00 - Witman
Thank you!

1:00:01 - Tracy

1:00:02 - Jason Schmidt
Thank you for the information

1:00:02 - Maureen
This question may have been answered- had tech issues for a bit- but when and how do you start this with kids- what age?

1:00:03 - Kristin Hokanson

1:00:05 - Peggy George
we have a lot of info on Creative Commons in our sharetabs too :-)

1:00:11 - roxanneglaser
@Krisin this was so wonderful!

1:00:18 - KenF

1:00:19 - Carolynn B
Thanks Christin sorry I arrived late - please could you send the link to the transcript via e-mail to me:

1:00:21 - Kristin Hokanson
Please join the wikispace

1:00:25 - Kristin Hokanson
we add informationall the time

1:00:28 - Steve Hargadon
Really looking forward to this show.

1:00:30 - Cheryl Tice
thanks for this presentation - good info!

1:00:34 - Kim Caise 1

1:00:35 - Steve Hargadon
I'm doing inbox zero... or trying to!

1:00:36 - Barbara O
Great session! Much food for thought!

1:00:42 - roxanneglaser
Hmmm...Inbox Zero? I have inbox 300!

1:00:55 - Peggy George
That is going to be a great topic!! We all struggle with trying to manage the information flow!!

1:00:55 - Kristin Hokanson
especially when i have issues with my sessions ;-) 4 new pages added during this session itself :)

1:00:58 - Rob Galloway
@Alice Yes! That's why I don't want to encourage teachers to think that they can do whatever they want because it will likely fall under fair use or "transformative works". I want the students to wrestle with these decisions and consider fair use, creative commons and even the idea of transformative works... be thinking about these concepts and making informed decisions.

1:01:03 - Steve Hargadon
Sacramento is logging off! Thank you!

1:01:05 - roxanneglaser
THanks to the Classroom 2.0 Live crew...keep up the great work

1:01:06 - Peggy George
I'm not saying what my inbox is!!

1:01:17 - zack dowell
CS20SAC09 Have a great rest of the day. Wish I could be there with y'all.

1:01:23 - gnelson
thx Kristin!

1:01:26 - Carolynn B
Thanks Christin - will you be e-mailing link to participants? I arrived late!

1:01:27 - Deb from MN
This was really great info - but way too many topics for the time constraints!!! Thanks to all.

1:01:32 - roxanneglaser
@rob where are you? Do you have a blog or are you on Twitter

1:01:33 - Peggy George
That is a new survey with some specific questions about Classroom 20-please give us your feedback :-)

1:01:38 - Kathy Matthes
@ Peggy - where will the archive link be available?

1:01:54 - Kathy Matthes
Thanks, Kristin! Great information!

1:02:02 - Kathy Matthes
Thanks, Laurie.

1:02:03 - sharon_elin
Thanks, Kim, and thanks to Kristin!

1:02:04 - Peggy George
It will be available on http://live.classroom20.com later today

1:02:05 - les
Thanks, really great!

1:02:19 - KenF
thanks Kristin

1:02:23 - Maureen
@rob @Alice the "wrestling with the concepts" piece is very hard for younger kids- what age and how do you start- when is it a teacher job and when does it go to the kids for them to think critically?

1:02:24 - Peggy George
Be sure to explore the links in the sharetabs! :-)

1:02:24 - sharon_elin
This is a hot topic and more teachers need to face it more squarely

1:02:27 - Lorraine
Kim, thanks very much for the presentation!

1:02:32 - Kristin Hokanson
Rob...it is not about teaching teachers to think they can do wht they want...they need to think about the process http://copyrightconfusion.wikispaces.com/Reasoning

1:02:34 - Rob Galloway
@roxanneglaser Twitter: rgalloway

1:02:36 - Peggy George

1:02:41 - Carol Arc
This is great

1:02:47 - Lorraine
Thanks Kristin!

1:02:50 - Lorna Costantini
Thanks Kristan for a grt8 presentation

1:03:00 - gnelson
Great point, Kristin. Need to re-emphasize the process

1:03:00 - copyright
Thank you from CA

1:03:03 - BevKeefer
I would like to hear more about Creative Commons itself

1:03:06 - Peggy George
http://live.classroom20.com/resources.html link for today's resources

1:03:07 - laurie
@Kathy Matthes we'll talk soon!

1:03:18 - roxanneglaser
@rob thx Great comments re: teachers and grappling with understanding

1:03:26 - Peggy George
The full recording will be here: http://live.classroom20.com/archive.html

1:03:34 - Melanie Morris
Kristin - Temple is my alma mater (law school). I called myself "confused - choice D" because I think I have more protection under fair use than most of my colleagues believe they have. Looks like it is they that are confused. :-) Do you do workshops at the Media Lab at Temple?

1:03:36 - roxanneglaser
bye to all! thanks again for this session. Excellent session

1:03:37 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Kristin!! So much to think about!!!!

1:03:37 - Kristin Hokanson
Sharon---YES---it is about teaching teachers to face the issues... c

1:03:49 - KenF
Thanks to everyone for these sessions

1:03:56 - gnelson
thx peggy, lorna, kim and kristin - great session!

1:03:59 - Shannon 1
How about music in a classroom- mod music while writing?

1:04:07 - Shannon 1
mood music, that is

1:04:08 - Rob Galloway
Still here

1:04:10 - Peggy George
there's so much to learn but it is so important!

1:04:29 - Rob Galloway

1:04:31 - Rob Galloway
my hand

1:04:35 - Peggy George
reasoning process rather than "here are the guidelines"--very helpful

1:04:40 - gnelson
learning about this is a work in progress

1:04:44 - Kim Caise 1
you have the mic rob

1:05:06 - Peggy George
soapboxes are good :-)

1:05:07 - Kristin Hokanson

1:05:07 - Elena

1:05:08 - Janis b
sometimes the school administrator is the problem-makes restrictive policies through the board

1:05:10 - Cheryl Tice
i didn't want to bother you during the presentation, but i never received the pdf you shared earlier (sorry!)

1:05:31 - Peggy George
this is all very confusing to pre-service teachers!

1:05:41 - Kristin Hokanson
Cheryl click on the folder with the green arrow...

1:05:48 - Carol Arc
how did you send the pdf to multiple people?

1:05:52 - Kristin Hokanson
it is in that folder you should be able to grab it from there

1:06:06 - Cheryl Tice
some teachers i've worked with get downright angry when you tell them what they're doing is against copyright

1:06:11 - Shannon 1
Have teachers think about how to change their plans to make use fair.

1:06:11 - xolepino
The children today grew up in the "free" world.

1:06:12 - Tammy Moore

1:06:15 - zack dowell

1:06:46 - gnelson
what's the default, Kristin? If you don't indicate some kind of license, is it assumed it's Copyrighted?

1:06:51 - zack dowell
Limitations on store and forward, limited to particular students for a particular time, etc.

1:06:52 - Peggy George
one of the challenges for pre-service teachers is that their mentor teachers don't understand fair use either

1:06:54 - gnelson
sorry for the dumb question

1:07:02 - Peggy George
no question is a dumb question!!!

1:07:15 - Kim Caise 1
not a dumb question, i have the same one

1:07:18 - Kristin Hokanson

1:07:35 - gnelson
I just feel like I should know this better than I do. ;-)

1:07:39 - Peggy George
what an excellent resource!!

1:07:41 - Rob Galloway
@Peggy yes--that's a big problem

1:07:42 - Kim Caise 1
i am writing down the questions from the chat hereto ask kristin

1:07:50 - gnelson
thanks Kim

1:08:17 - Deb from MN
It distrurbs me when teachers (from K-College) don't model the level of attribution in course materials that they expect from students in submitted work. I have experienced this as a student, as a TA (the prof lifts images and text for slide shows and the lab manual), and as an informal science instructor. What to do??!!

1:08:26 - Peggy George
drilling down to the actual image for citations

1:08:35 - Peggy George
great point Deb!!!

1:08:36 - Maureen
I had an 8th grader hand in image credits "I used CC search on FLickr" instead of really crediting sources- reteach, redo.

1:08:50 - Janis b
I've taught some copyright info to middle schoolers and had them create something first before launching into an IP spiel and this helps them "get it" if someone wants to take the work without attribution!

1:08:55 - Kristin Hokanson

1:09:02 - Rob Galloway
Yes, @Deb Modeling is so important, because we all tent to teach as we were taught

1:09:16 - Deb from MN
Good strategy, Janis_b.

1:09:25 - Janis b
it was fun too!

1:09:29 - Peggy George
don't have to ask permission for transformative uses but have to give attribution

1:09:45 - Tammy Moore
When you cite images used, do you have to add the citation on the same page or can you add it on a citation page at the end like you do for music?

1:09:45 - Peggy George
would love to have the fair use/reasoning form

1:10:01 - Janis b
Crews has a fair use checksheet to which could be adapted

1:10:02 - Peggy George
another great question Tammy!!

1:10:12 - zack dowell

1:10:19 - Maureen
@tammy I do it at the end for somethings- it would wreck the book with all the sources on the indiv pages

1:10:45 - Peggy George
there have been some excellent links shared in the chat today so be sure to download the chat when it's posted later

1:11:30 - KenF
Where is the form?

1:11:40 - Kathy Matthes

1:11:40 - McTeach
I know you've said it already, but where will the chat be posted?

1:11:45 - Tammy Moore
I think it is the dowload we got earlier

1:11:47 - zack dowell
transformative goes to the first factor

1:11:51 - Peggy George
http://live.classroom20.com/archive.html LInk for chat and recording later

1:11:56 - Carol Arc
many grey areas

1:12:01 - McTeach
Awesome! Thank you!

1:12:06 - Rob Galloway
think i released the mic

1:12:14 - Janis b
Grey is good-better than black and white in copyright!

1:12:30 - Peggy George
yes many gray areas!! that's why I love Kristin's term of Copyright Confusion :-)

1:12:33 - gnelson
I think the more this gets discussed, the more grey areas come up

1:12:35 - Rob Galloway
Got it

1:12:55 - Kristin Hokanson

1:13:04 - Peggy George
the scenario videos are great for having these discussions! Raise lots of questions to consider

1:13:10 - tracydubay
@Zack: I'm trying to connect with you, what's the best way?

1:13:14 - gnelson
great wiki

1:13:43 - j c
thanks kristin

1:13:55 - Cheryl Tice
thank you

1:14:15 - Carol Arc
@kristin - how do you send a pdf file to many like you did today?

1:14:35 - Deb from MN
I wish that my teacher education program would have addressed these issues directly. But I don't feel confident that those instructors have the answers anyway. I need a "copyright angel" to guide me through this with my students and my own work!!

1:14:42 - Peggy George
@Carol-you click on the link for file sharing in the menu-file with green arrow

1:14:47 - Kristin Hokanson
Carol... on hte moderator panel there is a folder witha a green arrow you cn load a file in there and it will share

1:15:08 - Carol Arc
I know the icon, but how do you get the file there?

1:15:09 - gnelson

1:15:14 - tracydubay
that works.I just sent it to your CR20 account :)

1:15:20 - zack dowell
I'm trying to schedule a local screening (at Folsom Lake College) of RIP: A Remix Manifesto

1:15:29 - zack dowell
in case anyone is interested.

1:15:33 - xolepino
Using song in the background in your videos is not really transformative?

1:15:57 - Peggy George
this is a completely new perspective on fair use that wasn't available when I used to teach copyright to preservice teachers-we used the guidelines and this is so much better

1:16:09 - Kristin Hokanson

1:16:17 - Shannon 1
Kristin- how about teachers who want to play music while students are working, writing, etc?

1:16:42 - Peggy George
playing music while students work isn't publishing it

1:16:45 - zack dowell
The problem I find when training college teachers is that they don't generalize, but want to know "Is this very specific use fair?" I agree with the presenter that the goal is to help people think through the process. It becomes easier, the more you think about it.

1:17:29 - Peggy George
exactly zack!! you can't possibly answer every specific situation for others

1:17:34 - Shannon 1
But... is it a public performance? Should a school have a license like a restaurant or bar to play music?

1:17:39 - Tammy Moore
When you create something, if you go to Creative Commons you can get a code that will embed the CC into the work where it is embedded in a webpage. It will make it easier to find material that is open for use using search engines. - still a baby project, but a great idea

1:17:47 - Carol Arc
What is the minimum amt of transformation you can do to make it fair use?

1:18:49 - zack dowell
Film use in a film class would likely be considered fair.

1:19:33 - copyright
Showing film noir movies to teach the genre

1:20:04 - Elena
how about material out of publication?

1:20:08 - Peggy George
very helpful to hear you walk us through those questions

1:20:28 - zack dowell
Orphan works is another fascinating topic...

1:20:35 - Cheryl Tice
showing scenes and analyzing for a specific purpose that supports the kinds of skills you are trying to teach is more powerful than showing the entire movie, imo

1:20:38 - Peggy George
the Discovery Streaming questions come up frequently

1:21:04 - Carol Arc
what if you include the link in your website?

1:21:05 - Kristin Hokanson

1:21:05 - Peggy George
great clarification on Discovery Streaming

1:21:45 - zack dowell
For TV shows, once again, the guidelines muddy the issue.

1:21:52 - copyright
Moodle site is protected/secure - so it's okay to publish segments to go along with homework assignment

1:22:31 - zack dowell
TEACH Act suggests that technical measures against storage/forwarding (e.g., streaming) should be employed.

1:22:36 - Shannon 1
Has the Code been tested in courts yet?

1:22:39 - Tammy Moore
Dsitribution gets tricky on service sites because they often change things - For instance, I have used VoiceThreads for my lectures. Before, I could control wehether they could download the material. Now I cannot. Now that VoiceTHread has added a $2 fee to download the material by the student, now I have a problem with distribution that is out of my hands.

1:23:57 - Peggy George
that explanation is very helpful about posting a link to Discovery Streaming on your website--goes out to people who don't have the license--not ok

1:23:57 - zack dowell
Fair Use almost never makes it to the courts.

1:24:08 - Carol Arc
It's hard to prove them

1:24:46 - Shannon 1
Carol Simpson has a few cases listed- but syas in one of her books that there is a trade org that reports on what's been happening. Do you have more info on this?

1:25:01 - laurie
Can you give an example of #3?

1:25:04 - Carol Arc
What is the minimum amt of transformation you can do to make it fair use?

1:25:04 - Rob Galloway
@zack But there are plenty of cases settled out of course, I suspect

1:25:10 - Rob Galloway
court, that is

1:25:17 - Peggy George
good point Shannon--I have heard of substitute teachers and parents reporting teacher copyright violation

1:25:17 - xolepino
We also cut print media and mash them up

1:25:33 - zack dowell
@Rob Users either flinch, or copyright holders don't want to take the PR hit and make arrangements, I suspect.

1:25:40 - Kathy Matthes
I've noticed recently that authors are writing books about the characters in Jane Austen's _Pride and Prejudice_. That is, they are writing book using those characters beyond what happened in the original book. Is this transformative? Or are Austen's works in public domain now?

1:26:00 - zack dowell
If you love this topic, Free Culture is a good read - http://www.free-culture.cc/

1:26:01 - Elena
thanks for all the info

1:26:04 - Rob Galloway
Thank you for today's discussion!

1:26:06 - Shannon 1
I'd love more on this another time!

1:26:10 - gnelson
again, thanks for putting some much time into this topic. so important and your perspectives are incredibly helpful!

1:26:14 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Kristin for staying so long! This has been so valuable!!

1:26:42 - Kathy Matthes
I've noticed recently that authors are writing books about the characters in Jane Austen's _Pride and Prejudice_. That is, they are writing book using those characters beyond what happened in the original book. Is this transformative? Or are Austen's works in public domain now?

1:26:43 - Peggy George
There's lots to think about and analyze!!

1:26:47 - Shannon 1
Thanks for this session- and the extra time!

1:27:06 - zack dowell
Thanks for all of the good conversation.

1:27:08 - Peggy George
We'll post the recording, chat and links ASAP

1:27:11 - Peggy George

1:27:19 - Chris
thanks guys. lots to think about.

1:27:22 - Tammy Moore
Thanks Kristin

1:27:24 - Carol Arc
Length of Copyright Protection

Once copyright is established, the length of copyright protection falls into 3 categories. Works created today are included in a category which includes everything copyrighted on or after January 1, 1978. Copyright protection for these lasts for 70 years past the death of the author or last surviving author. If a work is created “for hire”, which means created when working for someone else, e.g., a writer who creates a script for a television show or an artist who paints a painting on a commission, then protection lasts for “95 years from date of publication or 120 years from date of creation, whichever is shorter” (http://www.copyright.gov/). The other two categories deal with works which were created before January 1, 1978, the difference between the two being whether the works were published and/or registered before that date. The lengths of protection vary depending on which category the work is in

1:27:32 - Kristin Hokanson
thanks to all

1:27:36 - Peggy George

1:27:47 - Kathy Matthes

1:27:48 - Peggy George
check out the links in the sharetabs about Creative Commons

1:27:53 - Kim Caise 1

1:27:56 - Kristin Hokanson
thanks all

1:27:59 - Peggy George
Bye everyone-thank you so much for joining us

1:28:04 - Kim Caise 1

1:28:28 - Kim Caise 1

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