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Joined on April 10, 2008 at 3:38 PM

Javed: hi steve

Moderator: Hey!

Moderator: Welcome.

Moderator: Just getting set up. Will start in about 8 minutes.

Javed: I am not sure about sound but I am here

Javed: ok thanks

Glenn Moses: I can hear something, but it's not going through my headphones...

Glenn Moses: I'm going to run the audio wizard

Glenn Moses: metting canceled...

Glenn Moses: happy to be here early

Glenn Moses: Going out, be back in a sec...

Glenn Moses: hmm... anyone know how to force eluminate to my usb headset?

Glenn Moses: ready!

Glenn Moses: got it

tjtech: got it

Javed: yes

Glenn Moses: nope

Glenn Moses: got it

Javed: just to the login page

tjtech: yes

Glenn Moses: flock's looking good

Glenn Moses: What's the cost on white listing?

Glenn Moses: *white label

Glenn Moses: yep

Alan: I love all the extra features on Ning like My Page

Peter Zingg: If Ning can host shared videos and photos, that's a plus

Javed: I am using wetpaint to supplement

Javed: for wiki

PeggyG: I'm also excited about the wiki inside of Ning--saves running in different locations.

SMeech: Sometimes all the functionality can get away from the purpose or objective by doing too much... agree?

Javed: They have improved a lot recently

Glenn Moses: 5or 6

PeggyG: @Smeech--are you referring to all of the functionality of Ning?

Javed: I am arleast in four

Glenn Moses: active in 2 or 3

SMeech: Too many... active in only 3

PeggyG: Active in several--inactive in several

Javed: I have one of my own I am using to teach a course

SMeech: @peggyg yes...

Glenn Moses: rssing the forums helps

David Donica: 5 or 6

Javed: It at

Lorna: typo?

Lorna: bad link

Javed: yes

SMeech: broken link

Glenn Moses: ??

PeggyG: I agree that Ning offers a lot and might not be practical for people who have set up blogs, wikis in other locations already. Thinks it's great for people just getting started from scratch setting up a social network.

Javed: yes

Moderator to Glenn Moses: Can you understand Javed?

Glenn Moses: not really

PeggyG: Is he describing problems with bandwidth on Ning?

Javed: The course is going very well

Glenn Moses: @peggyg - you can pull in a lot of those things with RSS

Javed: you mean with ning

Javed: How to get the student motivated

Javed: not all

Javed: just the bottom third

Lorna: is there a screencast on ning setup

Javed: I have sixteen student

PeggyG: @Glenn Moses-yes, I do that but I have talked with people who are just getting started trying to create a wiki and a Ning community. Having them combined in one services would be great for her.

Jonathan: I worry about NING not having export feature - you get locked into a commercial entity

Javed: only 3-4 are waiting

Javed: to the last minute


Jonathan: doe Ning have an export feature so all your hard work can be taken elsewhere should you decide to try something different?

Harold: hi from main

Glenn Moses: @peggyg agreed, a wiki in ning would rock

Javed: Ning also needs survey assessment tools

Glenn Moses: @javed, that would be nice

PeggyG: The screencast on NIng was excellent and very clear for getting started.

Glenn Moses: you can do something like that with google spreadsheets by creating a form and then bring the link into ning

Jonathan: i wonder if someone has programmed some sort of export feature

PeggyG: just need to add the http to make it clickable I think


Alan: I didn't discover the email at the top of the screen until recently. I found some old email there to respond to.

Glenn Moses: @alan - I did that with the friends feature!

Javed: can we do a widget for survey and assessment?

Alan: I really liked the tip you shared last week about putting html into multiple text boxes.

Glenn Moses: @javed - a survey widget would be great

PeggyG: I learned last week that you can embed docs uploaded to Scribd onto a blog, wiki. Love it!

PeggyG: OK-I'll send a couple of links.

Javed: @Glenn that is what I am thinking to add widgets

Javed: @to add the capability to the ning

PeggyG: one example on my brand new blog telling about Scribd-includes links--


PeggyG: Reason I mentioned Scribd was it might be an easy way to export things from a wiki or blog to a new location--not sure

PeggyG: screen isn't showing your desktop

Lorna: ty

PeggyG: You're back

PeggyG: Wow what an awesome collection!

Javed: I put mine in

Javed: I am new

Javed: I will be looking for one for college teachers

PeggyG: haven't started using groups in Ning--just join communities of interest

Glenn Moses: I'm back, Steve

PeggyG: some of those are REALLY small groups-4 people Do people get students to sign waivers in order to put their pictures online?

PeggyG: @jpaloladino46012-in our area they tend to use avatars and not photos-but definitely would need permission for photos

PeggyG: That's a great idea to provide the link to the online permission slip right on the site! So students would need access at home

Jonathan: does ning have a privacy policy that deals with child protection issues in most states? great idea I agree

PeggyG: How much time does it take to monitor Ning-Glenn?

Durff: How long does it take to get ads off the Ning?

Harold: @durff - I just response from Ning 1 day

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Jonathan: Ning's Terms of Service require that you have to be 13 to sign up, because of COPPA.

Peter Zingg: wish list for ning: restrict email domain for members!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Explain...

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Ah...

Durff: yes 13 yrs

Peter Zingg: Moving to Google Apps: everybody's going to be on our domain...

Peter Zingg: s-ning-le sign on...

PeggyG: @Peter

Durff: so there is no way no prevent ning members from going outside the class ning?

Harold: I got permission from IT and Princ to start a Ning, what suggestions/lessons learned would you give?

Peter Zingg: We're a middle school - one 7th grade teacher is using Google Apps for collaborative documents on history...

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): We lost you Peter.


Durff: they are resourceful learners

Durff: our principal created a ning for his seniors in his English class - they love it!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I wonder if you could even have students become "greeters," who would also warn oncontent issues.

Maureen/bcdtech: @Glenn- Is your school all online or is this ning just for a part of it- online learning?

Harold: would it be better at first to start slowly and not have the video/music?

Durff: COOL!

Harold: Is your school a alternative school, mine is?

Maureen/bcdtech: what other tools do you use besides ning?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I can see a network like this serving two functions. 1) drawing students in, and 2) creating links to existing academic pursuits.

Harold: cool We are thinking abot using to keep in touch with alumni we will not invite current students, yet

PeggyG: love the idea of a Ning to keep in touch with alumni-easier than maintaining a website and you can have more people help with management

Durff: where is your school located?

Maureen/bcdtech: Can your kids bounce back and forth between LMS and ning?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Have you had any direct feedback from parents lately?

Durff: you are proving them wrong

Maureen/bcdtech: I wonder if it would be as attractive to kids if it was inside the LMS? what is a LMS, sorry for the ignorance

Maureen/bcdtech: learning management system- like moodle

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Learning Management System gotcha thanks

Maureen/bcdtech: I use moodle for faculty- not taking off. I'm wondering if ning would be more attractive for my teachers

Maureen/bcdtech: no buy-in from admin or faculty

durbrow: do you invite guest "teachers" to classes using Ning? Experts outside the school in science or the arts...

Harold: The reason we are looking at Ning is the ability for students to "own" their own page?

Harold: more than the Moodle lms

Harold: Previous comment the

durbrow: Low priority query: Can you tell use what Firefox extensions you find to handy to use with Ning and online teaching? I notice intriguing icons on your browser...

Harold: CooooooooL!!!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I wonder if you could build some firefox extensions to add functionality to Ning...

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Wish I were a programmer..

Harold: Can you firefox ext in Ning

Lorna: is that part of ning or just on the desktop

Durff: just checked - our principal's ads on ning still not removed

Durff: he followed Steve's directions

Durff: yes

Durff: this week

Durff: ok thanks

Harold: I got an email today from him thanks glenn

Peter Zingg: very nice, glenn

Moderator (Glenn Moses):

PeggyG: off topic question for Glenn-did you have any problem naming your Ning Oddyssey of the Mind--gifted program name

PeggyG: It would be great to hear some students

PeggyG: copyright question

Harold: is a site that embeds quizzes into blogs

PeggyG: Won't hear it from me

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Glenn Moses: If you'd like to get a group of students together, we can use Elluminate like this and do a session on what they like, what other Web stuff they're using, etc. That would be really fun!

Alan: Thanks

PeggyG: Some kind of assessment/action research would really be valuable to others who want to do the same

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Glenn Moses: Let me know if you could invite me to the network...

Moderator (Glenn Moses):

Harold: how to convince assistant principles

Moderator (Glenn Moses): harold - email me standing ovation

PeggyG: I am learning so much from these Ning conversations! Keep em coming

Moderator (Glenn Moses): thanks

Moderator (Glenn Moses): It was my pleasure being here

Javed: Please have a look at any feedback is appreciated

PeggyG: my hand was up by mistake I wanted to clap!!!

Harold: thanks STeve & Glenn

Moderator (Glenn Moses): @peggy - I do that all the time

Durff: nite!

PeggyG: Thanks STeve and Glenn!

Harold: nite thanks

Javed: thanks

Javed: bye