Share your takeaway from one of the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! sessions and how you used what you learned.

We are celebrating the participants and guests of Classroom 2.0 LIVE! on Saturday January 2, 2010 at 12:00 Noon EST. It is the occasion of our First anniversary and we want you to help us celebrate. We'd like to compile some stories, in advance of the show, from your experiences on Classroom 2.0 LIVE this year. You are invited to share a story of one take-away from any show, and briefly describe how you were able to use the idea. We'll share some of the stories during the live show and there will be opportunities to come to the mic and tell us your story.

Was there a new idea, an "aha moment" or something new you learned that you would like share?

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Liz Kolb talked about cellphones as classroom learning tools. During the show I heard a comment about a teacher in Saskatchewan using "cellphone bins" at the front of the class and how she managed the use of the phones during the lesson. All cellphones were off and in the bin until students were called upon to use the phone as part of the learning activity. I have used that simple example of classroom management to help stimulate discussions about using cellphones in the classroom.
Lorna Costantini

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Hi to all my CR 2.0 Live buddies. I wish I could remember how I learned about these sessions and which one was the first one I attended. I looked back through the archives the other day. I found one from early February, that gave me a good laugh because I put one comment in the chat at the beginning and one at the end. I definitely didn't have the hang of multitasking back then - I couldn't listen and type at the same time. I remember thinking that I had taken part in a very powerful professional development (PD) opportunity and promising myself to attend every session I could. Since that Saturday I have succeeded in attending most of the PD sessions and they are a highlight of my week. The best take away I have from the sessions beside the tools I've learned to use, is the connections I've made with other attendees. My PLN grew by leaps and bounds after I learned to type comments and add links to the Chat, and when I got to take the mic and offer some of my best practices. Happy Anniversary and a wonderful 2010. Paula Naugle

My take away ... a reinforcement that you're the greatest learner when you jump into the webinar deep end .. and volunteer to be a presenter even with little or no previous experience ... a great learning experience (for me) when I attempted to talk about "Web 2.0 Start Pages"

If only I could climb into a time machine and re-optimise those images (or move to somewhere with better internet connectivity.) .... if only I had a crystal ball so I could see that it really is not possible to squeeze 60mins into 40 mins ... you'd think I'd have known better ;-(

But the Saturday night (for me) Classroom 2.0 Gang are a forgiving gang ... and realise we are all on this journey together ... warts and all (Yuk .. terrible image of that metaphor)

The moral of this sharing is ...
"If you have never presented using a Webinar platform before ... then volunteer .. you may think it is high risk and feel a little nervous .... but the irony is you will probably be the major learner during the session.

After all ... I highly suspect that you already practice this strategy with your students ... no more spoon force feeding ... but "suck it and see".

p.s. and if you feel you missed something then you can always do a screencast is one of my favourite new Apps/Sites from 2009

Have fun .. and best wishes for a healthy 2010
Shamblesguru ....
(from a very sunny and warm Thailand)

Hello All!

Saturday morning is my favorite part of the week, hearing from experts and from people like me who are moving into digital and virtual teaching and learning. I’ve learned so much from all of you, especially to just try things and learn with the students. I’ve learned about VoiceThread, Glogster, blogging, digital storytelling, eportfolios, diigo, EVO, flipcams, Google Forms and Search, Weebly, Twitter, Pageflakes, Netvibes, social networking, and so much more. And all the resulting Twitter tweets from new friends willing to share in 140 characters a new idea! Classroom 2.0 Live has enriched my life and my students’ learning. I so thank Steve, Kim, Lorna, Peggy, Tammy, and Elluminate for providing a powerful portal for promoting improvement in education, by inviting all educators to join in the conversation. My students love our wiki, they are looking forward to more VoiceThread experiences, and Google Apps rocks. I would not have jumped in so quickly without the encouragement and thoughtful presenters and chatters at Classroom 2.0 Live! Thank you all.

Sheri Edwards

There is not a single show that I don't come away with new ideas, resources or "aha moments" so it's very hard to pick just one. But one of the things I am very excited about are the resources shared by Tom Barrett in his "Interesting Ways" Google presentations. When he presented on Classroom 2.0 LIVE he shared his presentation on "42 Interesting Ways to use your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom". The presentation was loaded with excellent suggestions for projects and activities for classroom uses with a flipcam. He has presentations on many topics, and his presentations are a collaborative effort with many teachers adding their tips and ideas to them. Anyone is invited to add to the compilation of ideas. My fantastic take-away was that if you open his presentation in Google Docs, it remains in your personal Google Docs collection, so every time someone adds something to the document it moves the document up your list and continuously updates to the latest version. Tom considers them "great examples of crowdsourcing good quality classroom ideas" and I definitely agree! You can find all of his "Interesting Ways" presentations on his site:
We are planning to use his flip video slides in an upcoming AzTEA workshop, along with the Elluminate recording from our session, to introduce these great ideas and to jump-start a conversation with teachers brainstorming ways they might use them in their classrooms.

Other really valuable "take-aways" for me every week are the wonderful links participants so generously share during our sessions to extend the resources and learning. I always go back to the transcripts of the chat logs just to revisit the links, and I have connected with some fantastic educators through their blogs, wikis, websites and through following them on Twitter--all because they shared their links in the chat during a show.
Peggy George

Hi all...
CR 2.0 Live has been wonderful for me. Even when I can't tune in live, I check the archives for shows, and I always learn something. One of the best of 2009 for me was Angela Maiers teaching us how to manage our social media time/use. Very insightful and practical tips for using social media for professional development. Thanks Steve for getting this thing going. It's one of the best PD tools out there for educators.
Deb Hanson

From sunny Arizona....
While I am not always able to be part of the live broadcast, I am an avid listener and don't miss a show. Since I am relatively new to PLNs I look at this group as my first PLN, wonderful people with great ideas that I can take with me to share with the teachers in our district. So, my walkaway is that you are my PLN! Thanks to everyone!

Kim T.