Welcome to the Classroom 2.0 wiki! This site is devoted to building resources for the classroom and professional-development use of Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies. Hopefully, it provides you with a good overview of the technologies, some ideas for lesson plans, and then points you in the direction of more detailed resources.

Free Workshops

Open to educators and anyone interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in the education, we have a series of free workshops around the country (and hopefully around the world soon!). You can learn more

Live Conversations

Using the great technologies of the web, we're starting for members of Classroom 2.0. You can attend one of our scheduled events, or even schedule your own! See more information and archives at. (The original LIVE conversations page can be found

Diigo Group

The is a great place to share resources. http://groups.diigo.com/groups/classroom20


This site is a wiki, which is a collaborative website where users can edit at a common place. That means that you can edit and help to build the site. The Classroom 2.0 wiki is intended for teachers and educators to help each other integrate and use technology in the classroom in practical ways. (For theoretical discussions related to education involving these technologies, see the website.)

Each technology page on the left has a starting template that includes links to blogs, podcasts, other wikis, specific discussion pages, specific programs/websites, lesson plans, and other resources. Please help to fill them in! If you've never used a wiki before, don't fret--it's not that hard, and it's a great skill to learn right now. Click on the link at the top of this site to learn how to edit pages, or get on the email list and ask for help.

Please feel free to add additional technologies as well. When you create the new page, be sure to select the starting template to save yourself a lot of work!

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Community Resources

Click on the link to the left to access Classroom 2.0 communities in Google Groups, Facebook, MyBlogLog, and Ning.