Name: Beth Still

School / affiliation: Educational Service Unit #13

City, state, & country: Scottsbluff, Nebraska (USA)



Favorite book(s): The Darwin Awards, The Client, Lies My Teacher Told Me

Favorite movie(s): National Treasure 1&2, Gone With the Wind

Favorite TV show(s): Dancing with the Stars

Favorite Songs:

Your heroes: My husband, our two girls, and my students

Your hobbies: cross-stitch, biking, mastering Moodle

Your favorite Web 2.0 technologies: podcasting, photo storage, and MovieMaker

How has Web 2.0 and social networking made a difference to you personally and/or professionally? Web 2.0 has allowed me to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away from me. Web 2.0 has also allowed the service unit I work for to open up some tremendous opportunities for the students that we serve. Starting in the fall I will be one of just four teachers at the first virtual high school in western Nebraska. Web 2.0 tools will allow our students, who are spread out over 15,000 square miles, to work "together" on assignments.