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Moderator: Hi, Rita. I'm just trying to figure out how to switch between video...

RitaZ: Hi, Steve, a plaesure to be here, can I help you...?

Moderator: Do you know anything about Elluminate?

RitaZ: I can see the video in a small window

Moderator: I've got video running on both of two machines, but I can only get the moderator video up.

RitaZ: a bit, yes, have presented here, but not used video

Moderator: I'm trying to get the video from my "test" machine up as well.

RitaZ: I can see it, though, how have you uploaded it?

Moderator: I think you're just seeing my video from the "moderator" account.

RitaZ: can hear sound too

RitaZ: not any more

RitaZ: good sound

Moderator: Do you have a mic there?

Moderator: I want to try both of us able to talk at the same time.

RitaZ: have you tried the "tools" tab?

Moderator: Yes, that's where I'm playing...

RitaZ: so you mean that if I didnt have mod privileges I wouldnt see it?

RitaZ: thats app sharing

RitaZ: will be bacl in 20 min

RitaZ: back

Moderator: Will come back before our start time. Just working on figuring out all of the Elluminate options.

RitaZ: how long from now is the interview, Steve?(Im in Argentina, 8 pm here)

Moderator: Two hours.

Moderator: You should be able to click the link on the wiki and set to your own time...

Moderator: Did you see that?

Moderator: Al, are you there?

Al Upton: just saw and found chat box

Moderator: Great.

Al Upton: u were there 4 a sec

Al Upton: can u hear me ...?

Moderator: No

Al Upton: I can here u .. top left something

Al Upton: hear*

Moderator: Are you clicking on the mic botton to speak?

Moderator: You have to in Elluminate.

Moderator: Bottom left.

Moderator: Or, bottom left in the default view.

Al Upton: yes I'm clicking it .. typing

Al Upton: what happened I'm not sure

Moderator: We'll be starting in about 50 minutes.

Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga: Sorry to interrupt, what time will you start?

Al Upton: 6pm Pacific ... 9pm Eastern .... 11.30 Adelaide

Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga: Thanks Adelaide


Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga: Sorry, I saw Adelaide and, stupidly, answered like that. Sorry Al.

Moderator (Al Upton): thats alright I thought it was fun

dnwallace: Hi Al

Moderator (Al Upton): hi Dave

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): 30 minutes away

dnwallace: cant

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): try now dave

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Dave, I'm going to try and take you off and add me.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Good.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I think it worked.

dnwallace: take me off steve

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Now I need to get me on.

dnwallace: yep

dnwallace: dropped me

dnwallace: cool

Moderator (Al Upton): had to a take hand off to talk - dave

dnwallace: ohhh

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): That was my fault.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Newbie

Moderator (Al Upton): nothing to do with hand - cool

dnwallace: lol

dnwallace: not taken

dnwallace: bye

Moderator (Al Upton): off now later

jume8: hello...

Sue Wyatt: G'day everyone, I don't have amicrophone but want to listen to chat

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Howdy!

helenotway: Has it started yet?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): No

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): 10 minutes

helenotway: Okay

Sue Wyatt: never been in here before so will probably make errors

Sue Wyatt: thanks

Rob: yep

Moderator (Al Upton): yep

rdrunner: yes it does - faster to clap than type yes

rdrunner: have to follow you

Rob: only facilitators can do that

Sue Wyatt: says it is protected

rdrunner: the screen navigation is showing protected

rdrunner: yes, that worked for me

Kay Good: Yes

Gail: yes, found it

rdrunner: sorry - only a user!

Rob: you can go to any screen and double click the eraser

johnlarkin: I am able to jump between screens 2 and 5

helen: you want to stay with follow the moderator

helenotway: Steve, is this being saved for later too? Can only stay a little.

helen: keeps everyone together

Lorna Costantini: hello everyone

Rob: sounds good

RitaZ: not being given permissions yet

PeggyG to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: Hi everyone! Great to be here!

RitaZ: net been

PeggyG: Do we select "this room" if we want our message to go out to everyone and not just moderators?

rdrunner: yes

rdrunner: Hi Lorna. I'm Cindy @

helen: however, moderators can see all messages, even the private ones

Rob: knowing where we are from may be easier in the chat window..

Lorna Costantini: gr8 to see you cindy

RitaZ: please, could I have permissions?

RitaZ: cant write

RitaZ: ok, thanks

helen: you need to click on the A to use text

johnlarkin: sharing the public screen 6 is a little chaotic

helenotway: Do we need to add address though?

helenotway: okay

Tim L: Puyallup, WA

helenotway: I meant on twitter!

PeggyG: Yup!

Lorna Costantini: good to go

jume8: ready...

johnlarkin: when you are ready

Dan Rehman: I am ready.

johnlarkin: Happy Easter Al

johnlarkin: Sydney 12.00 Midday

RitaZ: 10 pm in Argentina

jim w: jim w 10 am Seoul

rdrunner: 7pm Calgary AB

stephen fink to Al Upton: does anyone know what caused the student site to be blocked

steveMadsenOz to Tim L: Hello from Australia, I know Washington State quite well.

Kay Good: kaygood: 8 pm Kansas, USA

Tim L: I am just south of Tacoma, Washington state

JLM: hi all ... a quick question: is my mic automatically muted, or do i need to be quiet here?

JLM: *happy to listen*

PeggyG: @Al-are student blogs in response to specific assignments from you or can they initiate their own topics?

Dan Rehman: I don't believe our mics are on.

RitaZ: Dan, the mic is "off" bec Al is speaking

Dan Rehman: Thank you.

helen: it is set to multiple talkers so you will be able to talk when you click on the talk icon

RitaZ: when the speaker stops talking then he clicks on his mic icon and it allows anybody to speak

steveMadsenOz: be polite, dont use microphone when moderator or guest is talking

RitaZ: its not possible

JLM to Sue Wyatt: hi Sue

JLM to Sue Wyatt: it's Michael Cridland from 6/7C in Brisbane here

Sue Wyatt: Hi Michael, glad this issue is being discussed

JLM to JLM: yes, definitely!

Sue Wyatt to JLM: Hi Michael, glad this is being discussed

MGuhlin: Durff, what did I miss?

JLM to Sue Wyatt: sorry last mesg went to everyone

Durff to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: oh everything til now

Durff to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: out to eat with friends...

Durff to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: you missed all i missed

Durff to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: i'm chatting to the wrong person, sorry steve

rdrunner: @mguhlin - mostly background so far, other than no formal written request for closure, all verbal so far

Durff: @Miguel i missed all up to this point too

mahlness: can we get Al on Video?

MGuhlin: @rdrunner Thanks!

PeggyG: Can you start a second page for questions?


landonet: Hello All, here from Lima Perú

sharonp: the responses have been amazing and very touching at times

Durff: was this initiated by a parental concern?

MGuhlin to landonet: Hola de San Antonio, Texas!

Durff: Has that parent spoken to you, Al, personally?

sharonp: Dean Shareski and Miguel pointed us to that Vermont study on Online Predators -

landonet to Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga: Buenas

sharonp: the research in North America does not point the issue of online predators to be as big a problem as some have tried to make it

landonet to Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga: Buenas, aqui de Lima, Perú

rdrunner: Sue's summary posts:

Durff: does Al know if this closure order was prompted by one particular parent concern?

sharonp: I am wondering if this was an issue that was bound to happen to a blogging educator sooner or later... how it is handled by we blogging educators, the teacher in question, the school, the admin.... will be watched by many.....

Rob: those journalists must not be reading what is going on in the educational blogosphere

sharonp: Al is setting a precedent for all of us.... so glad he is handling this so wisely and with integrity

Christine Sklareski: Konrad - have you dealt with parent concern at all since you use blogs in your curriculum?

MGuhlin: Will all this attention worldwide have negative consequences for Al and MiniLegends?

mmiller7571: "worldwide" people don't understand blogging and our "purpose" anyone can put a negative spin on this but Al is sure handling it well

helenotway: Need to go now, sorry Al and Steve. Will listen to recording.

sharonp: Konrad deserves congrats for defending his PhD dissertation which deals with blogging with this students!

Rob: Cool, Al, nice to see you

Durff: it has been said that the best online safety tool is right between our ears - wise thought!

Sue Wyatt: I'm amazed that the parent didn't go to the paper before the department .....

Durff: so it was one parent?

Konrad: Christine: Yes. I also needed to have everything approved by the Research Ethics Committe at the university. It took three months to get that approval.

mmiller7571: I missed that it was a parent, I thought he didn't know where this was coming from

Durff: i wonder that the parent didn't talk to Al directly

rdrunner: his consent form on this blog post

kstashuk: Tim L, your mic is still active i think

Durff: i could be in error there melissa

Durff: let me know someone

Tim L: Thanks!

mmiller7571: So if the site has been shut down how can "they" access it and investigate?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Stephen Fink--did you want to participate with a question?

jume8: I'm disconected!

stephen fink to Al Upton: yes

Konrad: Christine: In order to get the permission from the Ethics Committe for research with "human subjects" I had to produce appropriate permission forms and have them signed by both the students and the parents. Then, submitted to the uni.

RitaZ: how old were your stds, Konrad?

Konrad: RitaZ: 13-14

Christine Sklareski: Konrad- will you continue to use blogs? At Educon, you seemed very excited by using them.

ColetteC: @Konrad I had to do the same for my Action Research

Dan Rehman: Al really has a great way of handling this situation.

helen: no pinting fingers - look to the positive!

Konrad: Christine: Absolutely! I think the level of engagement that emerges is very powerful. Al I think attested to that at the beginning of this session.

Konrad: Christine: Of course, I might find something else soon to focus on, but I am very interested in the sense of community that develops in a class blogosphere.

RitaZ: my youngest stds are 17, is that age supposed to need permission?

Durff: depends on your country

RitaZ: how to know?

helen: I was very interested in a post from a 17 year old who is very supportive of the minilegends as he is a blooger himself

RitaZ: very few teachers are blogging!

Christine Sklareski: I would think that getting permission would cover yourself but what if some parents wouldn't give permission?

johnlarkin: I can see the site and it is scrollable

mmiller7571: I have to scroll on my own to see it

PeggyG: We can scroll the page ourselves in the web tour

Sue Wyatt: each person can scroll their own view of Al's blog

Durff: we each need to scroll down

Konrad: RitaZ: in Canada, students under 18 need to get parental permission.

mmiller7571: it's not letting me connect

RitaZ: is there a law on blogging in Canada already?

Durff: below this chat melissa

mmiller7571: error so it'snot leeting me go ahead

Durff: type your question here

jume8: can't close the web tour window

Konrad: Christine: parents who declined in my case were told that the student's blog would not be publicly accessible or visible to his/her classmates. They changeed their minds overnight, mostly because of pressure from their own children!

mmiller7571: How is he being investigated or is the blog just closed? Did he have to turn over password and access to someone or is the blog just closed

Durff: steve has to

Sue Wyatt: and from 100 on are the kids comments

stephen fink to RitaZ: ritaZ--are there cultural differences in Argentina that supports blogging or not in school

Christine Sklareski: Konrad- so the students were still able to participate? just not get comments from other students and visitors only you, the instructor?

Rob: i wonder how many of the Mini - Legends have now started their own blogs?

Durff: his kids Sue?

Sue Wyatt: yeah his minilegends comments

ColetteC: The situation has certainly made me review what i do with my students - we are all processing the info w/ you Al

RitaZ: Stephen, blogging is not a common practice here, in my city(2nd in the country, Im the only one

Konrad: Christine: those whose parents declined could not participate in my PhD research. However, they still had blogs in the class blogosphere

Sue Wyatt: a mini mum at 148

stephen fink to RitaZ: is that because it is a new idea, or due to fear?

RitaZ: new idea

Sue Wyatt: mini parent 154

RitaZ: teachers dont care about technology too much

Rob: And 149 quotes the law - interesting

jume8: we are starting to use blogs among efl teachers.....the outcome of this case will probably provide us with critical info...

stephen fink to RitaZ: I am constantly surprised

Sue Wyatt: from Al himself 170

jume8: by we..I meant ..localy

mmiller7571: Thank you

Durff: hopefully they won't tell him, for his own protection

Rob: It's probably all over MySpace or Facebook

Durff: how old are these kids?

Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: RitaZ, do you mean that because you and pehaps many of us are teachers? If we are here we DO care. Don't you think so?

Sue Wyatt: age 8 and 9

glen: Doo you have a teachers union or association and if so have they given you support

Durff: 8 & 9 is a bit young for MySpace - i would think Beebo

Rob: This will be something these kids will never forget. Would be interesting to see how they respond over the years and what they end up doing in the future.

ColetteC: When we block access to our students - they do turn around and use technology in inappropriate ways - which is another reason why we TEACH and EDUCATE our kids - not block

Durff: i've had 13 & 14 year olds start there own blogs - but they told me and I talked with their parents first so it was all good there

Durff: you''re right Colette

ColetteC: This issue is not just about blogging .. it can be extended to VoiceThread, Timelines, Flickr ...

RitaZ: yes, sure

Rob: I wonder who is most afraid of student blogging?

Christine Sklareski: Maybe the issue isn't about only educating the kids about new technologies but parents so they're not so afraid of it. But how?

Durff: exactly why we educate but at the same time, in USA, we must ensure we avoid liability

RitaZ: some teachers

Durff: so what is the solution?

Durff: maybe we should be educating the parents

johnlarkin: and educating the administrators

RitaZ: AND teachers first, in some places!

Konrad: @Christine: by sending letters home, by sending info about success stories, by giving them accounts so they can participate too or log in to see how empowered and engaged their children are

Durff: both of you are right

RitaZ: thats it, Konrad, we need to be convinced ourselves!

Durff: yuck - birdfood

mmiller7571: I am going to try to raise my hand again but if it doesn't work please don't wait for me

PeggyG: Great sense of humor in spite of challenges! Canary and tweets

Konrad: Yes, and share that sense of conviction

Durff: where does he go from here?

jume8 to Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga: Hi carlos...may I ask you where you are?

jume8 to Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga: What country I mean

shaun f to Al Upton: Good luck Al.

Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: Mexico

Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: What about u (jume8)?

stephen fink: cheers Al your work has been an inspiration

PeggyG: How do you write AUPs that ensure all teachers who set up online social networking sites are monitoring appropriately?

steveMadsenOz: Thank you for a most fascinating hour.

jume8: in deed

mmiller7571: Thank you awesome information and sorry it had to happen to such a great guy!

MGuhlin: Al, thanks so much for sharing your story!

Rob: Looking forward to hearing your progress over Twitter

RitaZ: thank you, Al, the best of luck!

rdrunner: Al, thanks very much for sharing and answering our questions.

ColetteC: The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”

PeggyG: Al you are an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for sharing your experience!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

RitaZ: great quote, Collete

johnlarkin: Take care of yourself Al and put yourself and your family first

ColetteC: @Rita - that is the quote Al is referring to on his blog

Sue Wyatt: good luck Al and thanks for being that pioneer

chriswherley: thanks Al. Thanks Steve

Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: Clap, clap, clap, clap

MGuhlin: Thanks Steve and Elluminate!

fang: Help Al and us aussies move forward on May 2nd

Dan Rehman: Thank you Al for sharing. Thank you Steve for moderating and thank you to everyone else for a great discussion.

Christine Sklareski: This has been great. Good luck, Al!

Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga to Steve Hargadon, Al Upton: Same to you

jume8: THANK YOU

helen: I agree with you Al ... Respect, trust and empathy is what will triumph.

fang: thanks al and team

Konrad: Thanks Al and best of luck.

ColetteC: We're behind you all the way

mahlness: thanks al

eli: thanks

glen: Hang in Al Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim

Durff: thank you Al and Steve!

Moderator (Al Upton): are you still there Steve?

Moderator: Yes, closing down the session

Moderator: If I can figure out how!


johnlarkin: al. you are still on audio

jonelle: Thanks and good luck!

johnlarkin: take care

Al Upton: thank you everyone