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Rick Weinberg: Hello Steve

Moderator: Hi.

Moderator: Just setting up.

Rick Weinberg: Just making sure I could get in.

Moderator: Understood.

Moderator: Am hoping our guest arrives!

Moderator: She's coming!

David Donica: yes

Moderator: Sould just be a minute or two.

David Donica: ok

David Donica: thanks

David Donica: multi-tasking

Moderator: Hi, Helen.

helenyan: hi

David Donica: your last minute tweeters help

Moderator: Waiting for our guest. She's logging in, I hope.

helenyan: When will it start?

Moderator: Well, it's early in the day, and this is a non-traditional topic...

Moderator: Any second now, I hope!

Moderator: Waiting for our guest, who's having trouble logging in.

Moderator: On skype with our guest, who's having trouble loggin in.

Liz: I just joined from a computer at a podcasting class at the Fresno County Office of Education. What have i missed?

Moderator: Nothing, since our guest is having trouble logging in.


Moderator: She'll be on in a minute.

Liz: Great! I will stand by

David Donica: not a problem

Moderator: Waiting for our guest, who's logging in now.

Moderator: If you're just joining, waiting for our friend/guest to log in. A little technical difficulty!

Jackson: okay...thanks

Moderator: Hurrah! She's arrived!

Liz: Do I have to press something to talk?

Moderator: Jeanne--can you hear me?

soultravelers3: yes I can

Candace: yes

Moderator: yes, could hear you.

Moderator: But can't now.

Rick Weinberg to BrianC Smith: Hi Brian

BrianC Smith to Rick Weinberg: Hey Rick, thanks for the Tweet.

Rick Weinberg to BrianC Smith: I didnt know anyone looked at those

BrianC Smith to Rick Weinberg: I use Twitter a lot.

Rick Weinberg to BrianC Smith: I use it a bit...Do you Follow Steve?

BrianC Smith to Rick Weinberg: Yep

BrianC Smith to Rick Weinberg: Who is this?


BrianC Smith to Rick Weinberg: K, can't stay... cya

Rick Weinberg to BrianC Smith: see u

Liz: I have to go to my podcasting class. Great to listen to your story and I will look for the recording of the rest of this session later. thank you

Rick Weinberg: it is great you still have trust after that experience

Moderator: Does anyone have any questions?

Moderator: Or want to make any comments?

Rick Weinberg: Im concerned that when they come back to the US that their daughter will have to technologically slow down in an american class

Barbara Lindsey: I met the soultravelers through the Blended Learning Ning and have shared their blog with language teachers and the response has been amazing.

Candace: I just wanted to say that I think that this is the most fantastic choice that could have been made for your daughter... (coming from a former kindergarten teacher who moved to the UK for a bit to teach.

Rick Weinberg: How are you connected to the internet right now...Do you have a mobile broadband card so you can use it in any county?

David Donica: I visited China last year for 19 days and one thing I came away with was how small this planet is. If we connect on a one-to-one basis we see that we are all part of the human race. I feel we have more in common that we think. Our own culture adds to our individuality. Do you find the more you travel how much we all have in common?

Barbara Lindsey: I think one of the most powerful aspects of following the soultravelers and others like them that students in urban settings and rural settings can have this rich, interactive access to the world through the travels of children, for example. Thanks for sharing "Reach the World". This is empowering stuff for students who don't have equal access to educational resources.

Rick Weinberg: I worked with a teacher yesterday that did not have an internet connection in her class

Rick Weinberg: Steve this was great.

Barbara Lindsey: Thanks everyone!

Candace: Thank you so much for sharing your adventure!

Jackson: Thanks very much for sharing this experience.


David Donica: Thanks for opening you life to us