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Here is the link for the audio from our call. If you weren't able to join us or need to refresh your memory about anything you volunteered to do, feel free to download it.

Questions for conference call April 17, 2008 (2:30-3:30pm):
Please add any questions you want to be sure to ask in this call

For Steve:

Do we have any confirmation of Skype conversations that we need to be sure to accommodate in our agenda?

Jennifer Dorman (Diigo)
Later is better for me. I can't access Skype from work, so I would have to be sure that I was home in time.
"OK, I think we can move things around to accommodate. How would 3pm Thursday the 8th be, Arizona time? "

Anyone else we need to contact for Skype expert calls? Steve will take care of these Skype connections and arrangements.

Sylvia Martinez and some Paradise Valley GenYES students? Cherie agreed to check with GenYES teachers about availability and interested and will post the information on the wikispace. We may be able to bring them in via video conference and Skype which would be very exciting for everyone and possibly easier to manage than getting the students to the conference. Steve will Skype with Cherie to confirm arrangements for the schedule.
I have a high school GenYes class available from 9:05 - 10:20 on Friday. We can video chat with them. Cherie

I added a few more ideas for possible Skype experts on the proposed topics page. Reactions? Other suggestions?

Steve agreed to begin announcing the Phoenix event on Cr2.0 and Twitter. He also agreed to send a follow-up email to all attendees who have signed up to express excitement, encouragement and confirmation. Cherie said it's important to cap the enrollment at 100 hoping we might not go over 80 (primarily due to bandwidth concerns for so many people on the internet at one time). If our attendance is getting close to 100 we'll post a message on the "I'm Attending" wikispace to let them know registration is closed and they can sign up for the waiting list.

For the group:
Who will take care of picking up snacks/drinks for the workshop? Jennifer and Julia agreed to take full responsibility for getting the snacks for the workshop. Steve has about $200.00 available from sponsors for snacks/water. Other vendors might want to help and we agreed it would be great if we could get a vendor to sponsor lunch on the first day. Jennifer is exploring this.
There are large ice chests available in our conference rooms. I will request that they be out for us to use. - Cherie

Which topics on the agenda can you put your name next to as a facilitator? Please start adding your names now. :-) Steve suggested that we consider being co-facilitators for moral support, especially for the 45-minute facilitated sessions.

Which topics are you willing to do a 5-minute lightning session on?

Do we want to schedule another conference call? WOW Conference is May 3rd so we'll be doing lots of last minute work on May 1,2,3. Julia suggested that we try to get together during WOW, possibly over lunch to touch base on any last-minute concerns/questions. Great idea! Even though everyone won't be attending WOW, those of us who are will meet and post our information on the wiki.

We agreed that we will provide professional development certificates for participants. How should we determine the number of hours for the certificates and how should they be distributed? Would someone like to take responsibility for creating the certificates? Rosy agreed to take care of preparing the certificates. We'll have one per day to be distributed at the end of each day. If people leave early or need special arrangements for their hours, they can contact one of the organizers to get a customized certificate.

Don't forget to add a hyperlink to your name on the "I'm Attending" page that links to the template for providing some personal information about you--as much as you care to share. Call or write Peggy if you need any help with this. 602-265-8033/

Does anyone know if any of the attenders are from the AZ K-12 Center? It would be great to have a couple of their trainers/presenters join us as facilitators. I know Kathryn Scott is one of them. Could we get Tony Vincent to join in? There are at least 4 people signed up for the workshop who are K12 Center presenters. :-)