CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar: "Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips and Free Resources" presented by Kyle Schutt, Director of Education Outreach & Curriculum Integration for Discovery Education.

April 11, 2015

00:15 - Peggy George
Welcome Glenn!

00:26 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
Hello, Peggy :)

00:39 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Fellow DEN Star here in CA.

00:44 - Carolyn Stanley
Well, even those who don't have a subscription at their schools will be amazed at all the free resources available. That's why I love DE. They are a very giving organization.

01:29 - Carolyn Stanley
Yeah, Paula! Hope you feel better soon.

01:30 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Yea Paula!! Get well soon!!

01:41 - roxanne clement
hugs and get well wishes to Paula!

02:34 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
The DEN (Discovery Educators Network) is the best group of people. The support is amazing and the resources are top notch!!

02:42 - Carolyn Stanley
If you missed the live feed from Tower of London on Remembrance Day in November, make sure to catch the archive. It was wonderful, and the glass poppies are amazing.

03:44 - Carolyn Stanley
The field trip to Google for Doodle for Google a couple of years ago was fabulous!

03:52 - Patti Ruffing
Yay Kyle!

04:04 - Peggy George
We are thrilled to have Kyle sharing with us today!

04:24 - roxanne clement
such a terrific group of educators!

05:40 - Peggy George
I loved the virtual field trip to the poppy field outside the Tower of London!

06:04 - Peggy George
are any of you in that picture?? :-)

06:09 - Carolyn Stanley
Me, too, Peggy. Thanks for the link.

06:15 - Peggy George
Hi Tammy! so great to see you!!

06:27 - Peggy George
what cute boys!!!!

06:34 - roxanne clement
was lucky to attend Leadership Institutes in San Francisco, and San Diego!

06:42 - roxanne clement

07:05 - Peggy George
you were lucky Roxanne!!! I've heard so many amazing stories about the Leadership Institutes for DEN!

07:25 - Peggy George
Welcome to all of you joining us!!

07:38 - roxanne clement
Nonstop networking with wonderful teachers from all over the nation!

07:46 - Kyle Schutt

08:12 - Peggy George
if it doesn't load for you please click on the link to view it in your browser

08:31 - Peggy George
it is also in our Livebinder for today.

09:04 - Peggy George
DEN educators always have so much energy and passion!!!!

09:24 - Peggy George
Dallas Dance is an awesome superintendent!!

09:46 - Peggy George
no more reason to be isolated as a teacher in your classroom!!!

09:47 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
not seeing anything. says blocked plug in

10:04 - Peggy George
if you're not seeing it click on the link to view in your browser.

10:10 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
Not being an island in the classroom is an important step to staying on the road to personal/professional growth for sure.

10:14 - Peggy George
finished for me :-)

10:20 - Patti Ruffing

10:22 - Lorie Moffat
It was a Safeshare vid.

10:41 - Peggy George
you can also view it in the Livebinder or directly on youtube

10:56 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
Yes, we are connected learners.

10:57 - Peggy George
Safeshare may have been blocked for you Sonja. Soffy

11:02 - Peggy George

11:23 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
i've seen it before so not that big of a deal.

11:24 - Peggy George
fun!!! I can't guess because I had a sneak preview :-)

12:10 - Peggy George
hahaha! did anyone try to google them?

12:28 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
No idea...

12:35 - Carolyn Stanley
How about a clue?

12:44 - Patti Ruffing

12:46 - @bcdtech Maureen

12:49 - Carolyn Stanley

12:49 - Peggy George
look at their inventions :-)

12:55 - roxanne clement

12:57 - Eileen

13:00 - Sonja Fehlmann 1

13:01 - Patti Ruffing

13:03 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman

13:03 - @bcdtech Maureen

13:04 - Janet P #2
Walt Disney

13:04 - Carolyn Stanley
Walt Disney

13:04 - Lorie Moffat
Walt Disney

13:05 - roxanne clement
Walt of course

13:06 - Bobby Song
walt disney

13:06 - Peggy George

13:06 - Suzanne Sallee

13:08 - tam
disney :D

An American writer? A scientist? AN engineer? an actor?

13:15 - Bobby Song
albert einstein

13:19 - Peggy George
your guesses are great!

13:35 - Peggy George
woo hoo!!!

13:41 - roxanne clement

13:49 - Peggy George
that phonograph was amazing!!!

13:49 - Carolyn Stanley
He was such a nice looking young man.

13:59 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
I teach at Walt Disney School in Anaheim

14:09 - Peggy George
yes the context clues definitely helped!

14:33 - Peggy George
Frank Lloyd Wright designed our fabulous Grady Gammage Auditorium at Arizona State University :-)

14:36 - @bcdtech Maureen
I've never heard of him

14:51 - Dotty
Frank Lloyd Wright designed the buildings at Florida Southern .college in Lakeland Fl.

14:52 - roxanne clement
hmmmmm we can always learn something new

14:53 - Patti Ruffing
reverse image search

15:00 - Carolyn Stanley
I had not heard of Fessender before, but I have heard of the sonic depth finder.

15:12 - roxanne clement
me too Carolyn

To get students engaged.... and do some task

15:21 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Learned something new!!

15:28 - Carolyn Stanley
I knew he was

15:33 - Peggy George
There are 11 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in AZ!!

15:42 - Carolyn Stanley
wasn't Ernest Hemingway, but that was a guess.

16:12 - Peggy George (Follow Kyle Schutt on Twitter)

16:24 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
SOS Strategies are the BEST!!!Use them all the time!

16:34 - Peggy George

16:56 - Peggy George
that's a great tip for finding the "spotlight on strategies"

17:02 - Carolyn Stanley
@Kyle - I didn't realize that the blog was available to folks without a subscription. That is great.

17:21 - @bcdtech Maureen
Just fyi- if you take a screenshot of the Fressenden photo and dump it into google image search.. it comes right up.

17:31 - Peggy George
that's exactly why we're sharing this today!! many people don't realize they have so many FREE resources for teachers!

17:42 - Peggy George
awesome tip Maureen!!!

17:47 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Thanks Maureen. Didn't know that.

18:43 - Carolyn Stanley
@Maureen - I'm not sure I know how to dump a photo into a google image search. Maybe we can chat later.

18:54 - Peggy George
all of the images in our Livebinder for Discovery Education are screenshots because the DEN sites won't embed in Livebinders. But there is a clickable link for every page.

19:28 - Peggy George

19:40 - Peggy George
so many fabulous partners!!!

20:28 - roxanne clement
So many great tools also work with Discovery.

20:30 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Carolyn- it's a literal drag and drop..into the google image search bar

20:45 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
I used Puzzlemaker for years with 4-6th grade.

20:59 - Peggy George
Puzzlemaker is so much fun!

21:19 - Carolyn Stanley
@Maureen -I'll try again sometime. It would be helpful for identifying plants that I don't know.

21:22 - Peggy George

21:43 - Carolyn Stanley
I love the concept of STEAM!

22:18 - Eileen
Sounds great#

22:33 - Peggy George
the guided tour is really helpful!

22:39 - Peggy George
seeing your screen great!

22:46 - Lorie Moffat
Remember to uncheck scale to fit.

24:31 - Peggy George

24:54 - Peggy George
so many great support resources for teachers to use with their students!

25:18 - Peggy George
love the idea of STEM Club!!!

25:48 - Peggy George
http://www.discoveryeducation.comteachers/ (DEN Free Teacher Resources: Explore our programs and contests, interactive games, puzzles, lesson plans, videos and more)

25:54 - roxanne clement

26:14 - Peggy George
beware! you'll spend HOURS just exploring all of those resources!!!

26:49 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - that's what I was thinking - so many resources, so little time. :)

It is interesting and useful: it seems to be so rich..... and they are free

27:13 - Peggy George

27:19 - @bcdtech Maureen
I used to be a DEN star, but my school would not buy a subscription... lost my star. Glad to see these resources

27:40 - Peggy George

28:01 - Peggy George
great quote! "Think Before You Link" :-)

28:21 - Sharon Gullett
I'm so sorry I have to leave early, but I'll be sure to watch the archives ASAP. And then I know I'll spend hours exploring all the resources.

28:22 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Sorry to hear that Maureen. Don't know what I would do without my DE friends.

28:31 - Peggy George
you can still be a STAR without having a subscription Maureen! I am.

28:38 - Cindea Taiwan
I'll introduce to more schools from different countries. It will help more kids, thx for sharing

28:59 - Carolyn Stanley
Hi, Paula. Hope you are feeling better.

29:00 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peggy Really- they told me I couldn't- this was years ago... I should check back with them.

29:21 - Peggy George
Wow Paula!!! Can't believe you're here! I told everyone how much you were wishing you could be here but you were very sick!!!

29:34 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Carolyn. Feeling rather weak and tired.

29:40 - roxanne clement
Hope you're feeling better Paula!

29:44 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Didn't know that Peggy. I have a friend at a school that doesn't have DE and she will be glad to hear that.

29:47 - Peggy George
yes Maureen! Definitely check back with them!!!

30:14 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Hi Paula. CA is sending get well wished your way (packed in nice sunshine).

30:18 - Peggy George
I didn't know about the digital safety resources on DEN! These are amazing!

30:36 - Carolyn Stanley
I sent the link to this cyber safety program to my assistant principal, but he hadn't had a chance to explore it. I guess I'll have to do it for him and report back. That is one of the advantages of being retired.

30:44 - Peggy George
those scenarios are so helpful for students!

31:08 - Peggy George
:-) you're good Kyle!

31:26 - Carolyn Stanley
How new if that program, Kyle?

31:36 - Peggy George
definitely type your questions here in the chat for Kyle and Lorie will ask them for you after his presentation

31:37 - Carolyn Stanley
is that Intel program?

32:05 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thanks everyone. Stomach has stopped cramming and I got a couple hours of sleep. Sad I missed most of this presentation, but so glad it will be archived. :)

32:05 - Dotty
Gave up my STAR staus after district drooped discovery streaming. Not aware you could still keep STAR status.

32:31 - Peggy George

32:44 - Carolyn Stanley
Greek yogurt is such a healthy nutritional choice. If this gets more kids to try yogurt, all the better - not to mention the other features.

32:49 - Peggy George (Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips)

33:52 - Carolyn Stanley
@Dotty - I am still a STAR, but I have to share individually alot instead of to a minimum group of 3 -so it's harder to report events.

34:03 - Peggy George
I loved the virtual field trip for Chobani! I started buying their yogurt after I saw it :-)

34:33 - Carolyn Stanley
We buy Chobani all the time. It's such a good source of protein for not too many calories.

34:41 - Peggy George

35:04 - Carolyn Stanley
I haven't watched the archive of that trip yet. I will have to.

35:05 - roxanne clement
great for health studies!

35:21 - Peggy George
Chobani resources from virtual field trip:

36:15 - Carolyn Stanley
For years I ran a Build a Business elective for 9th graders to give them an opportunity to gain computer skills - this would have been great.

36:30 - Peggy George
I was so impressed with what Chobani did and all of the great advice they gave kids about the importance of STEM in preparing for careers like this

37:03 - Eileen
Yes, we love the archives so we can go back with our students and review different parts.

37:13 - Peggy George
that's authentic Kyle!!!

37:16 - Kyle Schutt

37:17 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Kids always take some new learning away from every field trip regardless of grade level. Just a great experience for them to broaden their knowledge and world view. If nothing, it becomes a map activity to see where the field trip is and where they are.

37:21 - Dotty
@Carolyn. I am now retired but still keep up with technology and share with lots of people especially seniors.

37:51 - Peggy George
the archives are great because if the time of the live event doesn't work out for your class you can view it later and pause and discuss too :-)

37:52 - Carolyn Stanley
@Dotty - great!

38:03 - Peggy George
you are amazing Dotty!!

38:49 - Peggy George

38:53 - Kyle Schutt
If you've made it to about 1:00 minute in, please show a green check.

39:12 - Eileen
Dotty is a lifetime learner!

39:40 - Peggy George
love that the recipe came from his mother :-)

39:51 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Kyle is so cute, espeically in a hair net! :)

39:53 - @bcdtech Maureen
nice hair net

40:04 - roxanne clement
such a cool fieldtrip!

40:12 - Peggy George
notice how they break the videos down into segments :-)

40:30 - Dotty
You would be surprised what retirees and senior citizens want to learn. Especially those who now own smartphones and tablets.

40:42 - Peggy George
I agree Dotty!!

40:44 - roxanne clement
Discovery is famous for their video clips...the best way to go!

41:06 - Peggy George

41:30 - roxanne clement
My students grades 3+ have their own logins to Discovery and their own learning space where they develop their own learning folders using Discovery video clips!

42:10 - Peggy George

42:20 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Roxanne, have your kids used BoardBuilders yet??

42:47 - Peggy George (Young Scientist Challenge Sizzle Reel Video 2015)

42:49 - roxanne clement
Going to this Spring...3rd graders will with their endangered animal digital report

43:05 - Peggy George
this video is in our Livebinder too

43:12 - roxanne clement
you Sonja?

43:12 - Kyle Schutt

43:12 - Peggy George
click on play

43:35 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Yes, use it alot as a teaching tool as well as with students. They love it.

43:36 - Peggy George
these inventions are incredible! such bright kids!!

44:25 - Peggy George
they are sooooo inspiring!!!

44:34 - roxanne clement
These kids are amazing....personalized learning at its best!

44:39 - tam
could you tell us something about Math Techbook?

44:56 - Peggy George
if you have any questions for Kyle please type them in the chat

45:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Wondering how many DEN Stars we have in the room. STARS get some great resources from Discovery and it is easy to become one. Love the DEN.

45:29 - Peggy George
have any of your students participated in the Young Scientist Challenge?

45:44 - Peggy George

45:45 - Patti Ruffing
I have served as a judge for the scientist challenge

45:53 - roxanne clement
right the DEN!

46:10 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
DEN Star here from CA

46:12 - Dotty
I have been a judge for the YSC challenge.

46:13 - Eileen
Can anyone attend the summer DEN teacher workshops?

46:20 - Peggy George
that's exciting Dotty!

46:35 - Peggy George
Patti, that's great to know!

46:46 - Peggy George

46:53 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
I judged last year as well, and will again this year. The projects are amazing. I learned a lot from the kids.

46:53 - @plnaugle (Paula)
DEN Star and Leadership Council member from Louisiana.

47:12 - Kyle Schutt

47:14 - Patti Ruffing
same here, STAR and LC

47:27 - Peggy George
awesome Sonja!!!

47:37 - Peggy George
we can all vote :-)

47:45 - Peggy George

47:53 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Eileen, only DEN Stars can apply. It is a competitive process and you have to be selected to attend.

47:53 - Dotty
They need a retired teacher Den Star group.

48:24 - Eileen
Love the Siemens feature!

48:24 - Patti Ruffing
@Dotty - agreed!

48:25 - Kyle Schutt

48:32 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I agree @Dotty.

48:45 - Peggy George (Discovery Education webinars and events)

48:58 - Peggy George (Posts by Kyle Schutt on Discovery Educator Network)

49:00 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
PAula, I feel a passion project coming on for you guys.....

49:07 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Love the 5 Ways webinar.

49:20 - Peggy George
They have a great newsletter too! (5 Ways to Use Discovery Education-March Edition)

49:40 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Sonja, I was just thinking that too. Passion Project for sure.

49:40 - Peggy George
Yes!!! Can't wait for the Spring VirtCon! :-)

49:43 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Check out DENAPALOOZAs as well!!

49:58 - Peggy George
great reminder Sonja! Do you have a link you could share?

50:00 - roxanne clement
Is it too late to host a location for the Spring VirtCon?

50:16 - Dotty
I attended DEN summer institute when they had it at Berkeley. It was fantastic

50:53 - Sonja Fehlmann 1

51:09 - Kyle Schutt

51:13 - Peggy George
Be sure to listen to this recording if you want to persuade your administrators about the value of virtual field trips! (SXSWedu SoundCloud recording-awesome informations! Representatives from Google, Discovery Channel’ MythBusters, and Discovery Education .

51:23 - Eileen
All great offerings!

51:39 - Peggy George
that recording is fantastic!! an hour-long panel presentation (audio only)

51:43 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Dotty I attended that DENSI too. Remember all the steps. LOL

52:13 - Peggy George (DEN Free Teacher Resources 9-12)

52:24 - Peggy George
yes Kori Street was fantastic!

52:55 - Peggy George (Welcome to Discovery Education Community)

53:00 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
I was in Burlington... miss the Ben aAnd Jerry's ice cream runs.

53:03 - Dotty
@plnaugle, yes lots of steps, great day in SF. Everyone should attend at least 1 Densi.

53:05 - Peggy George
we'll keep the recording going if you need to leave!

53:13 - Peggy George
This has been fabulous Kyle!!!!

53:18 - Kyle Schutt
Paula! So great to see you join us today.

53:19 - Sonja Fehlmann 1
Thanks Kyle!!!

53:24 - Cindea Taiwan
Thank you very much, Kyle

53:26 - roxanne clement
Dotty did you attend San Francisco?

53:26 - Peggy George
anyone have questions for Kyle?

53:31 - Sava Kovacevic 1
Thank You for presentation! :-)

53:34 - Cindea Taiwan
aand your team

53:50 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Kyle. Sorry I missed the beginning. You were awesome. Thanks for sharing with us today.

53:55 - Duda Vujichic
Thank!!! (y)

54:07 - Peggy George
I'll add links to the Livebinder that Kyle shared with us today :-)

54:08 - Cindea Taiwan
I think my students and teacher teams will be interested in it

54:11 - Eileen
Thanks Kyle - such great information!

54:44 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Sonja, Bulrington was great. Yes, loved Ben and Jerry's. :)

54:45 - Peggy George
The Math Tech Book resources are fabulous but they aren't free.

54:59 - tam
yes, i've seen that :(

55:00 - Kyle Schutt

55:14 - Peggy George
great link to learn about those! Thanks Kyle!

55:27 - tam

55:57 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Kyle Schutt. :)

55:58 - Peggy George
such a great overview of so many exciting resources! Thank you so much Kyle!

Thanks a lot! Engaging and interesting webminar!

56:11 - roxanne clement
Great presentation Kyle!

56:14 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
Thank you, Kyle. :)

56:17 - Suzanne Sallee
Lots of great information and ideas. Can't wait to share with teachers.

56:18 - Peggy George
you are all awesome educators to be with us on your Saturday!!!

56:20 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thanks, Kyle.

56:23 - Dušnka Galečć
Thank You! :)

56:26 - Patti Ruffing
thanks, Kyle

56:28 - Cindea Taiwan
It's already midnight from my place, 1:00am. i learned a lot today. Need to leave now, thx, everyone, and glad to know you all, bye

56:33 - Suzanne Sallee
Thanks to you all.

56:46 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar

56:59 - Sava Kovacevic 1
Thanks!!! :-)

57:08 - Kyle Schutt
Thanks so much for joining me today!

57:22 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yay, for the DEN VirtCon.

57:23 - tam
thanks kyle

58:30 - Peggy George (Discovery Education Spring Virtual Conference, April 25, 2015)

58:41 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon.)

58:50 - Peggy George (Host Your Own Webinar details)

58:58 - Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

59:16 - Peggy George
please nominate teachers! we love these presentations!!

59:23 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

1:00:10 - Peggy George
the recordings and Livebinder links will be posted later today. This would be a great recording to share with teachers at your school!!!

1:00:21 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:00:33 - Peggy George

1:00:42 - Carolyn Stanley
This was great -I'll have to catch the last of it on the recording - family matter came up. Have a great week everyone.

1:00:49 - Carolyn Stanley
the DEN rules!

1:00:51 - Peggy George
Subscribe to our recordings on iTunesU! You can get either audio or video (or both) :-)