Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar, "Not Your Grandmother's Video" with special guest presenter, Desiree Alexander.

April 29, 2017

00:01 - Peggy George
lots of great video users/creators with us!!

00:52 - Patti Ruffing
but what if we are grandmothers? ;)

00:56 - Peggy George
We are thrilled to have Desiree back to present for us again!! She did an earlier presentation about Educational Branding for us!

01:08 - Peggy George
:-) Patti!!

01:16 - Desiree Alexander
hahaha...well then it is not YOUR grandmother's videos! haha

01:22 - Eileen
Paula, maybe we can have our classes Skype each other. I teach all grades 1st to 5th.

02:24 - Patti Ruffing
so nice that Desiree has been recognized for her amazing work

02:27 - Eileen
Wow, amazing, Desiree!

02:36 - Desiree Alexander
Thank you so much!!!

02:56 - Peggy George
So happy you were selected as PBS Innovator of the Year Desiree!!

03:02 - Desiree Alexander
Thank you!

03:12 - Peggy George
Welcome Sawa and Violetajerinkic

03:15 - Sawa

03:24 - Sawa
How are you?

03:46 - Lorie Moffat

03:54 - Peggy George
Desiree will be doing a lot of screen sharing today so I hope your bandwidth will cooperate!! :-)

04:02 - Sawa

04:24 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Peggy, I was born in New York and lived there till the middle of 9th grade. We then moved to York. I have been to Camp Hillseveral times.

04:35 - Peggy George
this is our Livebinder link for today with all of Desiree's links

04:46 - Peggy George
love it Paula!!

05:04 - Peggy George
kids do an amazing job creating videos to explain things to their peers!

05:40 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Learn more about Desiree at

05:42 - Eileen

05:42 - Peggy George
hahaha :-) they are definitely not the videos I grew up on :-) Didn't have any then!

05:47 - stidmama
LOL -- "film strips" when I was young!

06:08 - Peggy George
yes!! film strips! be we couldn't create them--just view them :-)

06:09 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I remember the fun of threading a movie projector.

06:37 - Eileen
LOL Paula... I remember watching that, too.

06:40 - Sawa
Yes. Film and strip.

06:50 - stidmama
We made "TV" videos with stills that we put on a roll of paper instead. used a cardboard box for the TV. ;-) Guess that shows my age a bit

06:50 - Fern
Yes, movie projectors and film strips and the audiovisual room at school! I can see that some other people here grew up around when I did!!

06:50 - Peggy George
what a great memory Paula! I remember having to take a test in my college class on how to run a movie projector :-)

07:12 - Peggy George
hooray!! seeing her screen now!

07:36 - Peggy George

08:03 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Peggy, that is what we had to do in my college tech class too. Enos ago!

08:08 - Peggy George
Welcome Danny! So glad you could join us.

08:28 - Peggy George
Hi Kg! Great to see you!

08:35 - @plnaugle (Paula)
YouTube is blocked for me.

08:37 - Eileen
Finally we can !!!

08:45 - Patti Ruffing
we have never blocked youtube

08:53 - Peggy George
you can always watch youtube videos at home if they are blocked at school

09:12 - Peggy George

09:12 - "Kg"
@Peggy: Back at ya!

10:05 - Eileen
Great option!

10:05 - Rawya Shatila

10:07 - Peggy George
I usually use but viewpure is excellent too!

10:29 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Love when you can share a YouTube without all on the unwanted "stuff'.

10:31 - Patti Ruffing
i am a safeshare user too

10:34 - Eileen
Sometimes it takes too long to skip the ad!

10:38 - "Kg"
@Peggy: ditto

10:56 - Peggy George
I agree Eileen!!

11:06 - Peggy George

11:52 - Peggy George
that is so easy to do! click on the first thing you see on the site and you're not downloading the video but another app which is sometimes malware

12:37 - Patti Ruffing
atube catcher is another option

12:43 - Rawya Shatila
it's not free

12:59 - Peggy George
There are a lot of options for downloading videos. This article is really helpful if you try one option and it doesn't work.,2817,2476563,00.asp

13:03 - @bcdtech Maureen
I use videograbby.

13:30 - Judy DOnovan
are these tools ok with copyright?

13:41 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I love the play and pause feature on Flocabulary.

13:41 - @bcdtech Maureen
These are shortcuts that I learned at an edcamp- May have shared them before: To get a "clean" version of any youtube video, simply eliminate everything in front of the Y ( in youtube) and insert the word quiet.
To download any youtube video, simply eliminate everything in front of the Y (in youtube) and insert pwn.
To make an animated gif from any youtube video, simply eliminate everything in front of the Y ( in youtube) and insert gif.

13:50 - Peggy George

14:15 - Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
I have used to download videos from Youtube - you don't need an account

14:38 - Patti Ruffing
be aware that it is not exactly permitted in Google TOS re youtube download

14:53 - Peggy George
you can also add the letters dl in front of the word youtube in the url :-)

15:16 - Peggy George
thanks for your tips Maureen!!

15:26 - Peggy George

16:16 - Peggy George
the copyright and terms of use come from the video site (not the video download site). important to check them out!

16:46 - Peggy George
I didn't realize there were so many great resources on flocabulary

16:55 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Patti I do think it's important that everyone realizes that downloading the youtube videos is a violation of TOS. I download and save things that I need- just in case internet fails.

17:08 - Peggy George
Lorie will ask your questions on the mic with Desiree during Q/A

17:22 - Eileen
Love fast talking Crash Course.

17:33 - Peggy George

17:41 - Patti Ruffing
@maureen yes that is my reason plus occasional bandwidth issues

17:55 - Peggy George
Please type any questions you have for Desiree here in the chat

18:31 - Peggy George
I hadn't hear of crash course before Desiree told me about it! Amazing!

18:50 - Peggy George

19:00 - Rawya Shatila
My kids love gonoodle

19:29 - Eileen
I like moving to Go Noodle along with the kids

19:41 - Judy DOnovan
gotta watch that liberal content! LOL

20:04 - @plnaugle (Paula)
My work around for YouTube being blocked at school - download the YT video I need and then I upload to Vimeo which is not blocked. That way I'm not storing the video on my computer. This is not something I like to do because it goes against TOS but I need the videos.

20:31 - Peggy George
love those suggestions for movement! really important to do that throughout the day!

20:46 - Rawya Shatila
pop see ko is their favorite

20:47 - Patti Ruffing
@paula you could upload the videos to your Google Drive too

20:56 - Peggy George
you could even use them in faculty meetings :-)

21:06 - Rawya Shatila

21:20 - Peggy George

21:29 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@patti, I don't have unlimited storage in my GDrive.

22:07 - Patti Ruffing
@paula, i forgot you didn't have GAFE, we have unlimited storage:/

22:20 - Peggy George
Paula could you include the cost of unlimited storage in Gdrive with one of your DonorsChoose proposals?

22:24 - @bcdtech Maureen
Free is not a business model that can work. I wish all of them would require small payments to make it affordable for all.

22:31 - Rawya Shatila
PowToon looks interesting

23:04 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@patti, I have used 50% of my GDrive storage. One day maybe I'll have G Suite.

23:11 - Peggy George
thanks for the tip about the "s" on the end of Powtoon. There is no "s" :-)

23:27 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Peggy, that's a great idea. I'll have it check into that.

23:34 - Patti Ruffing
create a separate gmail just for video upload

23:51 - Peggy George
I'll bet that would work Paula and you could subscribe for 2 years at a time :-)

24:01 - Peggy George
Hi Kim T! So glad you could join us!

24:18 - Judy DOnovan
so it is legal to download any youtube video in its entirety?

24:22 - Kim T. AZ 1
It is always a thrill to join a live class.

24:28 - Peggy George

24:41 - Joan Kane
Love Powtoon and so do my students. I use Powtoon for Edu to get many of the ppaid resources for free for my students.

24:57 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Joan! I'll add it to the Livebinder.

25:00 - Judy DOnovan
it is not legal

25:32 - "Kg"
@Patti: Great suggestion. Also, buying more space is not real expensive. I have done that on my main non-school account, for convenience.

25:50 - Peggy George
it is legal if you create the videos

25:57 - Peggy George
dvolver moviemaker

26:12 - Judy DOnovan
yes if you create the video of course - you hold the copyright

26:19 - Fern
I think the logic is that downloading YouTube videos interferes with the advertising system that is present on YouTube.

26:22 - Judy DOnovan
but why would you need to download it?

26:33 - Judy DOnovan
it interferes with copyright law

26:53 - Peggy George
so glad she is cautioning us not to have our students using dvolver :-)

27:05 - Fern
For example, someone who teaches without an Internet connection in the classroom might want to download videos.

27:14 - Fern
But I think it is legally tricky.

27:15 - @bcdtech Maureen
Just a clarification: You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content

27:25 - Peggy George
thanks Maureen!

27:49 - Judy DOnovan
downloading is one issue - using for educational use an additional issue have to be careful

27:50 - Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
Dvolver is only for making online videos or can you download the videos? Can you embed them in your blogs/websites?

28:05 - Peggy George
great question Tiziana!

28:15 - Peggy George

28:29 - Kim T. AZ 1
Able to use on Chromebooks?

28:32 - "Kg"
@Maureen: TY. As uploaders/authors/makers, we need to be conscious of what rights we want to give people, and use the correct license when posting to YouTube. (Correct meaning the license that we want to use, to restrict or open usage.)

28:45 - Patti Ruffing
I have used tellagami as a welcome video with an image of the computer lab behind me

29:04 - Peggy George
can you combine green screen with a Tellagami video?

29:07 - "Kg"
@Patti: cool idea

29:27 - Peggy George
love that idea Patti! Can you share a link?

29:38 - Peggy George

29:53 - Judy DOnovan
maureen good points - and even open source copyrights spell out if you can edit the work or not - and how it can be used

29:58 - Peggy George
is anything free on Animoto now?

30:06 - Eileen
I like Animoto but it has a charge.

30:06 - @bcdtech Maureen
With the advent of more Chromebooks that can access apps via chrome/google play, I think we will see more that we can use in the next couple years.

30:14 - Patti Ruffing
I still have an educator animoto acct

30:16 - Kim T. AZ 1
There used to be a free teacher license.

30:17 - "Kg"
I believe there is an educator account still.

30:23 - Patti Ruffing
you have to ask to renew every 6 months or so

30:23 - Peggy George

30:36 - "Kg"
Ha...look at all of us...showing the power of PLNs :)

30:36 - Joan Kane
You can sign up for an educator account for free from Animto

30:44 - @bcdtech Maureen
I think I still have the free edu acct with up to 50 student accts from Animoto...

30:47 - Judy DOnovan
joan and peggy can you get student accounts too

30:50 - Peggy George
I pay for an Animoto subscription because I want to be able to create longer videos

30:59 - Kim T. AZ 1
@bcdtech I agree, they are going to have to go with the tech that is being used...Chromebooks.

31:02 - Patti Ruffing
i think they got tired of renewing mine, they gave me 18 months last time...either that or someone had a typo

31:05 - Judy DOnovan
it is 30 seconds Peggy?

31:07 - Peggy George
great to know Judy!

31:08 - "Kg"

31:29 - Peggy George

31:36 - Joan Kane
Here's the Animoto Educaor link:

31:39 - Peggy George

31:47 - "Kg"
@Patti: I think mine was for 2 or 3 years with Animoto educator.

31:50 - Judy DOnovan
thanks Joan!

31:55 - Patti Ruffing
Wevideo has a watermark on the video throughout if you are using the free version; paid version is expensive

32:02 - Patti Ruffing
Animoto watermark only appears at the end

32:08 - Peggy George
good to know Patti!

32:40 - Joan Kane
And Powtoon's watermark is at the end of the video too.

33:10 - Kim T. AZ 1
can use for Chromebooks :)

33:23 - Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
I liked EDPUZZLE but I have learnt how to use also

33:45 - @plnaugle (Paula)
My Edpuzzle for The Dot by Peter Reynolds -

33:59 - Peggy George
Desiree has a terrific Symbaloo for 50+ Tech Tools. :-)

34:15 - Peggy George
thanks for that suggestion Tiziana! I'll add it to the Livebinder :-)

34:21 - Judy DOnovan
great resources - thanks!

34:31 - Peggy George
Thanks for sharing your EDpuzzle example Paula!!

34:59 - Patti Ruffing
One thing I have done with videos that can't be embedded is create a screenshot of the opening frame and embed that, then make the image clickable to the video

35:50 - "Kg"
@Patti: :)

35:59 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I know many of my teacher friends love doing greenscreen with the DoInk app which is $2.99 -

36:07 - Kim T. AZ 1
Watch Know Learn is used by a 2nd grade teacher during her Genius Hour to get conversations going.

36:16 - Peggy George
Paula I'm having a problem opening your EDpuzzle example. Does it require a login or password?

36:27 - Peggy George
love that idea Patti!!

36:41 - Peggy George

36:57 - Kim T. AZ 1
Doink is so wonderfully easy to use. I show 2 kids, who then they show 2 kids and so on...I just stand back and enjoy!

37:01 - Peggy George

37:21 - Peggy George
that's a great idea Kim!! kids teaching kids!! :-)

37:45 - Peggy George

37:53 - Peggy George

38:05 - Peggy George
lots of times you can access those if youtube is blocked

38:06 - Joan Kane
Any thoughts on the differences between Playposit (formerly Educanon) and EDpuzzle?

38:25 - Peggy George
great question Joan! I'm interested in that too!

38:49 - Judy DOnovan
that is why it is free though

38:54 - Peggy George
that's so frustrating when there are so many ads!!

39:01 - Patti Ruffing
it has to be paid for somehow

39:01 - Peggy George
yes that is why it's free :-)

39:09 - "Kg"
@Joan: I started with Playposit when we first heard about it here on a Saturday AM, so generally have stuck with it...though edPuzzle is a parallel tool.

39:14 - @bcdtech Maureen
Anyone using teacher tube now? I stopped years ago because videos took forever to load- lots of broken links

39:24 - Peggy George
can you use the Schooltube and Teachertube videos in ViewPure?

39:37 - Peggy George
Screencasting and creating a youtube channel

40:01 - Kim T. AZ 1
Working on getting teachers to use this as evidence of learning from students.

40:03 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Peggy See if this link works for my EdPuzzle -

40:21 - Peggy George
that link is also in our Livebinder today:

40:43 - Peggy George
YES Paula!!! Thanks a lot!!!

41:03 - @bcdtech Maureen
I bought snagit... love it.

41:23 - Peggy George
me too Maureen! I love Snagit and it's worth the monty!

41:49 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peggy- been a Camtasia/Snagit fan for years. Easy to use.

41:53 - Patti Ruffing
I bought snagit also

42:03 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I'll have to contact AT&T again. We had a new router put in last week but I'm having problems staying connected to BB today. I've been bumped off three times. :(

42:07 - "Kg"
@Paula: Super use of EDpuzzle...TY for sharing.

42:07 - Fern
I like FastStone Capture, for screenshots and screen recording; you have to buy it, but it's a pretty low, one-time fee. (I think just under $20.)

42:08 - Judy DOnovan
will snag it record videos?

42:12 - Kim T. AZ 1
Done this with the inset screen and love it.

42:13 - Peggy George
there is a Screencastify Google Chrome extension too

42:20 - Joan Kane
Love My Simple Show ( for creating explainer videos and it's easy for students to use. Great for PSAs!

42:36 - Peggy George
Fern do you have a link for FastStone Capture?

42:48 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Judy- yes I can do image, scrolling window, gif, video....

42:49 - Peggy George
thanks Joan! I'll add that to the Livebinder!

42:53 - Fern

43:04 - Patti Ruffing
our art teacher sometimes needs video to show snips in class, I have already done a screencast of a video that was not on youtube just to capture the part she needed

43:21 - Peggy George
hahaha! screencasting is like drugs :-)

43:29 - Kim T. AZ 1
@Joan Kane Is there a cost for mysimpleshow? Looked at the site and didn't see anything about cost.

43:33 - Fern
They have some other products too, which I don't know; just used FastStone Capture and love it.

43:38 - @plnaugle (Paula)
For those of you who are using Seesaw with your students, they love using the video app within Seesaw to make videos to put in their portfolios.

43:49 - Peggy George

43:56 - Patti Ruffing
I sign up for everything and then forget what accounts I have sometimes

43:57 - Peggy George
Camtasia Studio

44:04 - @bcdtech Maureen
Camtasia is worth the money IMHO

44:05 - Kim T. AZ 1
@plnaugle SeeSaw is incredible!

44:12 - Fern
Oh, yay, Camtasia Studio! Quite a learning curve (at least for me), but you can do so much with it.

44:21 - Joan Kane
My Simple Show is free. There is no EDU version yet. I have my students create a video to submit for grading.

44:32 - Judy DOnovan
thanks Maureen!

44:45 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Fern- the new version is a total redo and I still don't where they put stuff!

44:46 - Judy DOnovan
are there good free video editing tools?

44:52 - Desiree Alexander

44:59 - Sawa

45:00 - Fern
What a lot of fun resources--lots of things to check out and play with.

45:01 - Joan Kane
Ditto on Camtasia. Great product!

45:17 - Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
Thank you. I use this free tool online for converting videos

45:25 - Peggy George
there are some good tutorials for Camtasia here by Russell Stannard

45:38 - Eileen
What would you think us the best way to transfer videos you take on your

45:43 - Kim T. AZ 1
@Tiziana - thanks, going to check it out.

45:59 - Eileen
Phone to make a video on your computer?

46:06 - Peggy George
so glad you showed us that Desiree!! now we know :-)

46:26 - Fern

46:35 - Fern
More details about FastStone Capture

47:11 - Peggy George
that's an interesting idea! play a video with Snagit and then you could do your own voiceover (I think) :-)

47:15 - Kim T. AZ 1
FastStone is $19.95 for a lifetime license

47:26 - Eileen
Transfer from phone to make a video?

48:06 - Eileen
Video I made on my phone

48:08 - Peggy George
Thanks Fern

48:20 - Patti Ruffing
maybe she means what could you transfer it to in order to edit it

48:22 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Desiree, have you used the Recap app? I love that you can post a question, share with students and all of their responses are in the video.

48:33 - Eileen
How do I transfer it to my phone

48:38 - Kim T. AZ 1
I just hook up my phone to my computer and transfer then work with the video.

48:41 - Desiree Alexander

49:03 - Peggy George

49:04 - Eileen
Sorry yes from the phone thanks I will email you .

49:04 - Judy DOnovan
great tools - thanks very much!

49:11 - Rawya Shatila
photodex is great also for creating videos... love it

49:20 - Peggy George
to computer

49:30 - Peggy George
so they can continue to edit it

49:31 - Judy DOnovan
download to computer - transfer to computer

49:50 - Rawya Shatila

50:06 - "Kg"
Another drawback of Jing is the exportable file format...not editable.

50:20 - Rawya Shatila
Big thank you for sharing

50:20 - @plnaugle (Paula)
What is the easiest screencasting tool for elem students?

50:53 - "Kg"
D: Have you used Loom in Chrome?

50:56 - Anthippi Harou
Thank you for the great presentation!

51:06 - Peggy George
I'm taking an online course right now that is all about editing photos on iphone. Learning a lot!!

51:19 - Fern
Thanks to everyone; lots of fun and good ideas.

51:21 - Eileen
Wonderful presentation Desiree

51:21 - Patti Ruffing
has Desiree used adobe spark?

51:25 - "Kg" is that course?

51:28 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Desiree. :)

51:29 - Anthippi Harou
It sounds interesting, Peggy!

51:35 - "Kg"
@Patti: LOVE Spark :_)

51:42 - @bcdtech Maureen
@KG I have the extension for Loom, but haven't played with it yet- your experience?

51:52 - Judy DOnovan
what is that called?

51:59 - @bcdtech Maureen
Can Tammy put a link to that?

52:13 - Peggy George
the course is here but it's not free.

52:21 - "Kg"
@Maureen: Eezie to's about building a user community, so "points" for sharing, etc. Solid and built-in.

52:21 - Tammy Moore
character Animator

52:43 - Peggy George
thanks a lot for sharing that Temmy!!

53:10 - @bcdtech Maureen
Thanks @KG

53:20 - Peggy George

53:23 - Desiree Alexander

53:40 - Peggy George
that sounds like a lot of fun!!!

54:05 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!

54:06 - Patti Ruffing
thank you so much, Desiree.

54:08 - Joan Kane
Awesome presentation! Learned so much!

54:10 - Desiree Alexander
Of course!! It was fun!

54:11 - @bcdtech Maureen
Thank you!

54:12 - kym
Thank you very, very much Desiree, Peggy, and Lorie

54:24 - Desiree Alexander

54:27 - Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
Thanks a lot!

55:15 - Desiree Alexander
Webinar with this content:

55:38 - Laura Antichi

55:48 - Kim T. AZ 1
Thanks for another amazing show!

55:54 - "Kg"
@Peggy: TY.

56:00 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Desiree!! Awesome presentation!!

56:15 - "Kg"
Desiree et al...another super Saturday!

56:16 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon.)

56:25 - Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

56:37 - Peggy George
We love our Featured Teachers!!! Please nominate someone!!

56:45 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

56:51 - Patti Ruffing

57:01 - Peggy George
Thank you Patti for doing this for us every week!!!

57:14 - Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
Thanks a lot! Have a nice weekend!

57:17 - Tammy Moore
Link for Character Animator videos -