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This is where you list yourself as coming to attend the Chicago 2008 Classroom 2.0 LIVE workshop. If you've not used a wiki before, now is your chance to learn! Just hit the "Edit This Page" button and see if you can figure it out. Or ask for help... :) To add a photo to your listing, please upload one that is about 100 px wide. To add an "about" link to your listing, create a new page (top link on the left side), use the "About Me" template, and then link to that page from here. If you already have an "About Me" page created on a blog or wikispace you can link to that page rather than using the template. We would like to know more about YOU on this page. Use the section under "Name" to link to your school/district website or your personal blog/wikispace.
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Alphabetic by last name:

This is a wiki sign-up page. To add yourself:
  • click on the edit button above in the wikispace menu bar
  • click on the row of the person whose name comes right before yours alphabetically
  • look for the down-arrow button to the far left of the row, and click it to add a new row
  • then type in your information and click save
  • Now, if you're really brave, we'd like you to upload a photo of yourself under your name. This will make it much easier to connect during and after the workshop. If you don't feel comfortable doing this now, you can wait and get help at the workshop. To add your photo, adapt a photo to 100 px wide, then in visual editing mode (use the "insert image" icon on the wiki toolbar) add the photo below your name.
  • If you're not feeling so brave, RSVP HERE ! (Click on this link!). Also, add your name to this form if you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring something.

Email Address
Web Site
Lori Abrahams
Frederick School, Grayslake, IL

Mary Ann Apple
New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL,
Software Support Specialist

Michelle Baldwin (virtual)
michellek107 at
Millard Public Schools

Wendy Bergman
wendybergman at
Currey Ingram Academy - Nashville, TN

Susan Chaplik
Independent Consultant

Charlene Chausis
ccchausis at
Stevenson High School - Lincolnshire, IL

Jan Chernin
Greenhills School-Ann Arbor, MI

Judith Epcke
jepcke at
Northbrook District 28

Chris Fahnoe
cfahnoe at
School District 25

Olga Granat
Valparaiso Community Schools

Lucy Gray
elemenous at
University of Chicago Charter Schools
The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute
Tene Gray
tgray at
University of Chicago Urban Education Institute

Ann Hamel
ahamel at
Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Meagan Harlow
The Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School at The University of Chicago

Steve Hargadon
Classroom 2.0
Alice Hartel
Our Lady of Peace School
Technical Support Specialist

Brendan Hendrick
P.A.C.T.T. Learning Center
Akesha Horton
hortonak at
Michigan State University

Toni Hudson
rileytoni at
ACE Technical Charter High School

Nancy Jones
Sacred Heart Schools

Jeff Johnson
jrj1120 at
Glendale-River Hills School District - WI

Amy Kenyon
akenyon at
North Shore Country Day School - Winnetka, IL

Christalyn LaGarde
clagarde at
North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School

Latman, Gary
Chicago Public Schools - DTS

Akili Lee
alee at
University of Chicago Urban Education Institute

Louis Loeffler
Cardinal Stritch University
Kathy McDonough
mcdonouk at
Skokie School - Winnetka IL

Garry McNeilly
Aldridge SHS, Queensland, Oz

Scott Meech
scott at
Joseph Sears School - Kenilworth IL

Maureen Miks
mmiks at

Brendan Murphy

Judy Okazaki
SETConnections, Barrington, IL

Jeremy Peters
jpeters at
University of Chicago Charter Schools - Woodlawn Campus

Jacqui Pritchard
New Trier HIgh School, Winnetka, IL,
Instructional Technology Manager

Dale Ray
dray at
North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School

John Reichel
California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch

Lisa Serek
serek207 at
John Mills School - Elmwood Park

Alice Schmitz
SETConnections, Barrington, IL

Debbie Thomson
All Saints Catholic Academy

Cheri Toledo
catoled at
Illinois State University

Greg Thompson

Madison WI

Bonnie Thurber
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
iCollaboratory Organization

Vinnie Vrotny
vvrotny at
North Shore Country Day School

Jen Wagner
jenuinetech @ dot com
CMCA, CA (virtual attendee Sat for sure!)

Linda Wallin
lwallin(u no)

Wes Warner (virtual)
wicked_wes at

Elizabeth Whittaker
blessedandthankful at
DuSable Leadership Academy

Robert Blomeyer
Online Teaching Associatehttp://www.carolbroos.coms
external image f1.jpg
Phillip Cook
The Culver Academies
Carol Broos
Sunset Ridge School #29, Northfield, Illinois

Beth Blaetz
Quest Academy, Palatine IL

Megan Harlow
The Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School

Jeff O'Hara
Community Unit School District 200 &

Kelly Jean Morgan
Blythe Park/Ames Elementary

Ellen Fox
St. Joseph School

Cynthia Svilar
Valparaiso Community Schools

Karen Burnson
University of Denver

Tim Pappageorge

Rachel Jones

Carolyn Zachary
Dunne Technology Academy

Jennifer McCaleb
St. Joseph School
Wilmette, Il

Rich Katz
Avoca , Wilmette IL

Denis Roarty
University of Illinois at Chicago

Nancy Stewart
Marie Murphy, Wilmette IL

Toni Hudson
ACE Technical HS

Glen Thomson
Consultant, Naperville

Allison Weiss
World Language Lab Coordinator
Yanzhen Liu
Liuzhou City Vocational College,China

external image 921548129.jpg
Dean Shavit
MOST Training & Consulting
external image shavit.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot.jpg