Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar "Inspiring Student Creativity with Media" with special guest presenter, Wes Fryer.

August 12, 2017

Peggy George 9:07 AM can't wait to learn about InfoPics from Wes!!!!

@plnaugle (Paula) 9:07 AM What is an InfoPic?

@wfryer Wes Fryer 9:07 AM infopics combine an image with related text

00:04 - Susie @shighley
That was the assessment one tie in our ELA classes

00:08 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
ok so infopics will be new to most of us. great!

00:18 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Oh, then yes, we have created info pics.

00:57 - @bcdtech Maureen
One of these days I am going to get to Vermont when you come east Wes. Always looks so tempting!

01:31 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
That would be great Maureen. Shelly and I both learned a ton this year at Create, Make and Learn. We are working to host a similar event in Oklahoma City next year in June.

01:57 - Peg Volak
Hello from PA!

02:02 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Hello Peg!

02:51 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Hey Jackie, top of the morning to you!

03:15 - Peg Volak
Thrilled I made it just in time! I know I have a lot to learn from you, Wes!

03:22 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Glad you're here, Peg!

03:30 - @bcdtech Maureen
Yay! Jackie's in the house- another person I turn to for inspiration

03:43 - jackiegerstein
Hi Wes - looking forward to it

03:51 - jackiegerstein
Wow - thanks Maureen - appreciate it

04:33 - Peggy George
Hi Eileen, Peg and Jackie! Welcome! We're so glad you could join us!!

05:05 - Peggy George
I agree Maureen! Jackie is always an incredible inspiration to me!!!

05:20 - Eileen
Hello Peggy. So glad to be back!

05:25 - Peggy George
that is such an important point!!! We really need to be telling our own stories!!!

06:02 - jackiegerstein
Hi and thanks, Peggy!

06:12 - Peggy George
All of Wes's resources and his presentation slides are in our Livebinder today.

06:39 - Peggy George
I have the #flipgridfever!!!! Incredible tool with tons of new features just rolled out!!!

07:18 - Peggy George (Wes’ slides for this presentation)

07:35 - Peggy George

07:53 - Peggy George
I love this picture! What an incredible opportunity!!

08:32 - Susie @shighley
Yes, my dad is a Korean vet and he has been on an Honor Flight from Indiana

08:52 - Eileen
What a tribute

08:58 - Peggy George
that is such a wonderful experience for the vets!!

09:24 - Peggy George
I have stopped using my digital camera because my iphone photos are much better!!

10:07 - jackiegerstein

10:13 - Peggy George
My grandson started dressing up as a policeman when he was 4 years old and now he is 23 and is a police officer!!! :-)

10:51 - @DrThomasHo (Indiana)

11:35 - Peggy George
Welcome Cindy! So glad you could join us!

11:54 - Cindy Medeiros
Hi Peggy

12:05 - Peggy George (Wes Fryer’ blog)

12:31 - Peggy George
hahaha!!!! very creative photo!!

12:47 - Peggy George
what a powerful question!!

13:22 - @bcdtech Maureen
The nuns didn't have rulers, but my 1st grade teacher did! Still remember putting my head down on the desk and holding my hand out.

13:38 - Peggy George
ouch Maureen!!!! :-(

14:00 - Peggy George
what a great studio space for makers!!!

14:00 - @bcdtech Maureen
I started being a wise guy early...

14:23 - Peggy George
hahaha!! That doesn't surprise me Maureen! I love your "spunk" :-)

14:36 - Cindy Medeiros
Our principal had one, I've heard, not a Catholic school either

14:44 - Eileen
Great idea with the shower curtain. Any color that works best?

14:50 - Peggy George

14:58 - Peggy George (Green screen videos)

15:25 - Peggy George
Can't wait to learn more about InfoPics!!!

16:00 - Peggy George
be sure to click on each image in that!!

16:43 - jackiegerstein
the screen has to be green or blue

17:14 - Eileen
Thanks Jackie

17:25 - jackiegerstein

18:18 - Peggy George

19:13 - Peg Volak

19:21 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, we post WOW work in Seesaw.

19:28 - Peggy George
Peg did a great presentation for us about Seesaw!!!

19:44 - @bcdtech Maureen
Used to... but not at current school. We used Google Sites back then. Would like to get folks to buy in at current school

20:35 - @DrThomasHo (Indiana)
check out

20:39 - Peggy George (Narrated Art About a String Phone with AudioBoo)

21:01 - Peggy George
thanks for your link @DrThomasHo!!

21:10 - Janet
learning to use flipgrid

21:19 - @bcdtech Maureen
Want to do more with flipgrid this year and excited to use the new book creator app on Chromebooks

21:21 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Adobe Spark and the new web based version of Book Creator.

21:38 - Peg Volak
Flipgrid, Seesaw, Plickers, DoInk, BookCreator are some favorites

22:01 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Paula- how are you setting up accounts on Spark- one account or ?

22:01 - jackiegerstein
Storyboard That (subscription) - not that new but students really like it. Going to have them use hyperdocs and Book Creator

22:08 - Janet
learning to use Kahoot

22:26 - Peg Volak
Baamboozle is fun too!

22:33 - Peggy George
15+ ways to use Flipgrid in your classroom:

22:35 - Eileen
Quizzizz, Quizlet, Kahoot

22:38 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have one account on Adobe Spark and share with my students.

23:19 - Peggy George (The Noun Project: Icons for everything)

23:27 - Peggy George (Eclipse Safari Solar Eclipse App with Interactive Map)

23:28 - Susie @shighley
With our luck it will be cloudy...

23:30 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Got my eclipse glasses in the mail yesterday!!!

23:38 - Peg Volak
I wish I was in school for the eclipse! That is our last free day before we teach!

23:39 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peg- hadn't heard of baamboozle - checking it out... thanks

23:40 - Janet
working on it - we have eclipse glasses- they are legit

23:46 - Peggy George
this is such an exciting time with the solar eclipse!!

24:01 - jackiegerstein
Going to start my class with this hyperdocs - with some new tools - Flipgrid, Book Creator, DIY badges

24:09 - Peggy George
Peg can you share a link for Bamboozle? :-)

24:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Excited that I will be connecting my Ss to a friend who is going to Nashville to see the eclipse via GHO.

24:30 - Peggy George
Thanks Jackie!!! I'll add your link to the Livebinder :-)

24:32 - Peg Volak
@Maureen, there are a ton pre-made. We split the class in 1/2 and they compete to review a skill. They love it! Easy to make too.

24:48 - Peggy George (Eclipse Mega Movie 2017)

25:12 - Peggy George
Thanks everyone for sharing links in the chat! I'll add all of them to the Livebinder after the show. :-)

25:13 - Peg Volak

25:21 - Peggy George
Hi Sandy! Welcome!!!

25:30 - Peggy George
thanks Peg!!!

25:31 - jackiegerstein
Nasa is doing a citizen science project on the eclipse - cool - wish school would be started for this

25:47 - @bcdtech Maureen
@jackie- how much time do you figure your hyperdoc will take? I love the ideas- but selling it to teachers is always a "time" issue.

26:38 - Peggy George
Jason Neiffer is amazing and shares tons of interesting ideas on @edtechsr!! He is @techsavvyteach on Twitter.

26:57 - @bcdtech Maureen
How does it work Wes? AI or is there a person on the other end? There was an app that relied on people on the other end for low vision

27:10 - jackiegerstein
I am going to do it for a few weeks a little at a time (I only meet with my gifted kiddos once a week. Maureen - you can adapt it - e.g., having students do a choice of 2 or 3 projects (as it is a choice board).

27:25 - Peggy George (Seeing AI by Microsoft)

27:35 - @bcdtech Maureen
Thanks Jackie

27:47 - Cindy Medeiros
that would be great for Autistic kids, describing facial expressions

28:13 - jackiegerstein

28:18 - Virginia McGregor
What do think of the privacy safety with echo?

28:51 - jackiegerstein
underground transportation too

29:03 - @plnaugle (Paula)
10 Things Siri Can Do for Teachers & Students - The Techie Teacher

29:25 - Peg Volak
I love my Google Home. I'd love to take it to school (not sure they'll ok it, yet)

29:32 - Peggy George (Seeing AI iOS app: Talking Camera for the Blind)

29:40 - Peggy George (Google Home)

29:56 - Peggy George
Can you tell Google Home to take out the garbage??? :-)

30:21 - Peggy George,entertainment,manage,plan,home,fun (Made by Google Home Features)

30:35 - sandy
thank you!

31:06 - Peggy George
this is amazing!!!

31:09 - Peggy George (LA Times: Robots Could Replace 1.7 Million American Truckers in Next Decate)

31:40 - Peggy George
that map is on this site: (Self driving trucks are going to hit us like a human driven truck)

31:44 - Virginia McGregor
Privacy of Google Home?

32:09 - Peggy George (Self driving Truck has no room for a human-literally)

32:50 - Peggy George (Vimeo: Autopilot Full Self-Driving Hardware-Neighborhood short)

33:08 - Peggy George

33:36 - Peggy George (EdTech Situation Room podcast: where technology news meets educational analysis)

33:52 - Peggy George
I love their weekly podcasts!! They always have such interesting conversations!!

34:39 - Peggy George
is this why students need to learn about programming?

35:00 - Cindy Medeiros

35:09 - Virginia McGregor
Privacy issues with google home, echo, etc. be aware

35:27 - Peggy George

35:32 - jackiegerstein

35:34 - @bcdtech Maureen

35:35 - Peg Volak
Do Ink app

35:55 - Janet
still shots - not video

35:59 - Peggy George
I haven't but if I were in a classroom I definitely would be using a green screen!

36:05 - Peggy George (Green screen videos)

36:16 - jackiegerstein
kids love it

36:25 - Peg Volak
iMovie, but I had to do it at home, so I was creating, not the kids! Love DoInk, so easy! Need to use it more this year.

36:25 - Peggy George (#Room108 Students Respond: "I Have a Dream..." (short version)

36:38 - @bcdtech Maureen
I mostly use camtasia- but now with more tools this year- doink app and wevideo... and have kids do it- not me

36:43 - Peggy George
That video is in the Livebinder :-)

37:17 - @DrThomasHo (Indiana)
WeVideo is part of the Google Creative Apps bundle: and can be used on a Chromebook

37:42 - Peggy George
that's a great example!! definitely makes the student voice more powerful in that setting :-)

37:45 - Peggy George (Badgelist: iPadMedia Camp Green Screen Video)

38:03 - jackiegerstein
I did the same with my students - here is their I Have a Dream speeches - and

38:08 - Peggy George
I'm really impressed with Badgelist!!! Going to explore it further!

38:22 - Peggy George
thanks Jackie!!! Can't wait to watch them!

38:32 - jackiegerstein
I was so proud of them!

38:52 - Peggy George
love the name!!! WOW Work!!!

39:42 - Peggy George
that is also something that would be powerful in a Flipgrid!!!

39:48 - Peggy George (Show with Media-InfoPic)

40:08 - jackiegerstein

40:37 - Peggy George
beat me to it Jackie!! :-) awesome resources!

40:44 - Peg Volak
Are info pics and sketchnoting synonyms then?

40:52 - jackiegerstein

40:58 - Peggy George (Wes Fryer: InfoPics handouts and recorded tutorials)

42:28 - Peggy George
so many fantastic resources on Wes's wiki for infopics!

43:05 - Peggy George (short link for the wiki posted above)

43:30 - @bcdtech Maureen
Wes- when you do these infopics how do you redirect the students who will play with fonts for waay to long or combine so many fonts that it is illegible?

43:41 - Peggy George
that question causes students to focus outside themselves!

44:24 - Peggy George
love that!!! it's never "done" it's just "due"

44:38 - @bcdtech Maureen
I always tell them to get the content on before they "make it pretty"- but feel like a grinch

45:20 - Peggy George
a time limit would definitely help and they can always go back after they get the content in to continue making it pretty :-)

45:51 - Peggy George
this is a really great skill for students to learn!!

46:10 - Peggy George
that's why sketchnoting is so powerful as a visual tool

46:33 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peggy- it is always a challenge- and I am always looking for magical ways to do it

46:35 - Peggy George
hahaha Wes!

46:45 - jackiegerstein
someone needs to teach the whole country that

46:52 - Virginia McGregor
Yes, give student specifications for slide design and they can experiment on their own time. They will the value of learning from a presentation and not just a bunch of colors, font mix, and animation confusion.

47:07 - Peggy George
yes! information is plentiful but attention is not! Wow!

47:37 - Peggy George
even tweets get more attention when you include images!

47:53 - Peggy George (21 minute step-by-step video tutorial: iPad How To: Create InfoPIcs with Adobe Spark Post)

48:00 - Susie @shighley
Time has gone fast

48:20 - @bcdtech Maureen
Wow! thanks Wes! Wealth of info

48:20 - Susie @shighley
gone fast

48:25 - Peggy George
Homework :-) (The Noun Project: Pencil)

48:34 - Peggy George
This will be a fun challenge!!

48:36 - @plnaugle (Paula)
We have homework. Love it!

48:40 - Susie @shighley
great idea

48:45 - Peggy George
@wfryer #liveclass20 :-)

49:11 - Peggy George
I think I need to watch the tutorial video before I take on the challenge :-)

49:25 - Chayito - Autlan Mexico
homework, nice ;)

49:41 - Sharon Gullett 1
I'm up for the infopic challenge! Such a great strategy to synthesize learning and/or info

49:59 - Peggy George
If you create an infopic and share it on our hashtag #liveclass20 I'll add it to our Livebinder :-)

50:01 - jackiegerstein
love the 21st century = just wish it started a little earlier

50:15 - Peggy George
I love that slide!!!

50:40 - Peg Volak
Thank you, Wes!

50:48 - Virginia McGregor
Thank you for great incentive

50:52 - Peggy George
Fantastic Wes!!!! Lorie will ask some questions she has captured.

51:02 - Peggy George
some of them you already answered :-)

51:35 - Chayito - Autlan Mexico
This has been a fantastic presentation¡

51:40 - Eileen
Fantastic information, Wes!I can't wait to try them out

51:55 - Peggy George
if you have any questions for Wes please type them in the chat now and Lorie will ask him on the mic.

52:06 - Laura Antichi 1
I love your presentation, Wes!

52:26 - Eileen
Can we post the info pics on the Google Classroom?

52:41 - Peggy George
Wes and Jason discuss safety and privacy issues regularly on @edtechsr!

52:49 - Susie @shighley
I first met Wes when he was in a poster session at ISTE. I had heard of him and couldn't believe that I could just walk right up and talk to him and ask specific questions. Totally changed my view of the poster sessions, because I had overlooked them before

52:54 - Peggy George (EdTech Situation Room podcast: where technology news meets educational analysis)

53:28 - Peggy George
Susie I think I may have been at that poster session!! :-)

53:45 - Virginia McGregor
Don't leave them on all the time, right?

54:29 - Peggy George
so important to be having those conversations!

55:30 - Peggy George
hahaha! I've heard some of those Alexa stories

55:45 - Virginia McGregor
trust Amazon and Google HA

55:55 - Peggy George

56:05 - Peggy George
trust then verify :-)

57:27 - Virginia McGregor
do you have a webinar just on Infopic creations

57:53 - Peggy George
yes, share the image on Twitter with our hashtag so we can all access it :-)

58:02 - Susie @shighley
Peggy, I think it might have been the previous one in San Antonio

58:08 - Eileen
Thank you!

58:12 - Peggy George (Wes Fryer: InfoPics handouts and recorded tutorials)

58:19 - Peggy George
lots of tutorials :-)

58:39 - Peggy George (21 minute step-by-step video tutorial: iPad How To: Create InfoPIcs with Adobe Spark Post)

59:14 - jackiegerstein
thanks, Wes

59:15 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Thank you all for the opportunity to share :-)

59:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thank you, Wes. Great info shared and love the challenge.

59:34 - Patti Ruffing
appreciate your sharing of ideas, Wes

59:46 - sandy
thank you!

1:00:02 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
You are all most welcome! Please reach out and let me know what you create and your students create! Twitter is the easiest way: @wfryer

1:00:23 - Virginia McGregor
How do I live long enough to access so many resources from Classroom 2.0? Where is the longevity app?

1:00:25 - Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
Thanks a lot! Great webinar and so many resources in the LIVEBINDER!!!(y):) Have a nice weekend ! Looking forward to the next webinars!

1:00:39 - Laura Antichi 1

1:00:42 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon.

1:00:50 - Peggy George (Host Your Own Webinar

1:00:51 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Haha, Virginia! (I do think some Silicon Valley companies are working on that question too...)

1:01:02 - Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

1:01:10 - Peggy George (This link will open iTunes so you can subscribe to our video podcasts.)

1:01:11 - Virginia McGregor
Put me on the Beta list

1:01:20 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

1:01:32 - Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

1:01:49 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Wes!!!