Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar: 81DASH with Carlos Fernandez and Jerry Swiatek

Aug 23, 2014

00:01 - Peggy George
that is music to our ears Patti!! :-)

00:07 - Carlos Fernandez 1
wooohooo...hands up!

00:12 - Peggy George
Here we go!!!!

00:22 - Peggy George
So excited to be sharing 81DASH with all of you!!

00:34 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to Tammy for our closed captioning!!

00:42 - Peggy George

01:04 - Dejan Kreculj
Hello Duda od Crne Gore :)

01:11 - Peggy George
We do a new Livebinder for each month and within the month we have a tab for each show that month

01:36 - Carlos Fernandez 1
I am so impressed with the organization of this show. Love that you are using LiveBinder!

01:38 - stidmama
Maybe I should log into livebinders and check out the changes... it's been a while since I looked at it!

01:40 - Peggy George
The Livebinders are loaded with great links for every show.

02:04 - Patti R
it is an entire reference library for ed tech

02:07 - Peggy George
I will add any links that are shared in the chat to the Livebinder following the show.

02:13 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Maureen and Patti.

02:19 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

02:32 - Patti R
hi paula and maureen

02:32 - Peggy George
now you get to play!!! add your star to the map :-)

02:40 - Dejan Kreculj
Dejan, Sebia

02:41 - Annette Whitby
Hello from Arkansas!

02:42 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Greetings from New Orleans.

02:51 - David Gonzalez
Hello from Fort Worth, Texas

02:53 - Jim Carlton
Ruidoso, NM USA

02:55 - Carlos Fernandez 1
Florida! Sunshine State

02:57 - SusanSi
Howdy from Texas!

02:58 - Heather Martinson
Yucaipa, CA

02:58 - Peggy George
Phoenix AZ for me :-) actually below 100 degrees today!

02:58 - Patti R
overcast day in Bethlehem, PA

03:01 - Dotty
San Jose(Silicon Valley) Ca

03:01 - Antoinette Green
South Carolina

03:02 - @viralber
IfI from Italy

03:09 - Pat Manuel
Arlington, TX

03:12 - stidmama
sunny at the lower end of the Salish Sea today!

03:15 - Peggy George
we're so glad all of you are here with us today!!

03:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Wow Peggy. It has been hot here too.

03:20 - Jim Carlton
Beautiful day in the tall pines of Ruidoso, NM 75 degrees

03:33 - Peggy George
if you are typing in the chat today you are using a backchannel :-)

03:38 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hello everyone. Got caught up playing with my new toy... Osmo

03:53 - stidmama
thanks for explaining this term! LOL

03:57 - Peggy George
Hi Maureen!!! Love having you with us every week!!

04:08 - Jerry Swiatek
Join the 81Dash Classroom 2.0 backchannel at

04:16 - Patti R
@Maureen, first of many tabs i will be opening today, thanks

04:18 - Peggy George
if you don't know what a backchannel is you will be the end of the webinar :-)

04:22 - Pat Manuel
Todays Meet

04:24 - Jerry Swiatek
I've used 81Dash!

04:32 - Jim Carlton
adobe connect

04:34 - Patti R
today's meet, chats during livestreams

04:35 - Carlos Fernandez 1
81 Dash - but I am partial.

04:42 - Tammy Moore
Collaborate - I teach online. :)

04:45 - Peggy George
if you participate in EdCamps you have probably used backchanneling

04:45 - @bcdtech Maureen

04:53 - Peggy George

04:56 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have used Today's Meet, Edmodo, and will be using 81Dash.

05:03 - Peggy George

05:08 - Peggy George

05:16 - Dejan Kreculj
1/2 no

05:20 - Peggy George

05:30 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Imagine that, Carlos. :)

05:33 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peggy, my grad course will be starting on 9/5, so soon I will be missing out on live recordings a lot

05:44 - Peggy George
I chose phone but it would probably be my ipad

05:51 - Tammy Moore
A and B

06:03 - Carlos Fernandez 1
what a diverse group. Love it!

06:41 - Peggy George
hahaha Maureen! I clicked on your link and couldn't get the music to stop. Amazing site!

07:08 - Peggy George
Hooray for Paula!!

07:35 - Conny Melvin
Curious what site is amazing Peggy?

08:27 - Peggy George
it's a music site so don't open it right now :-) Osmo

08:41 - Peggy George
You are going to love 81DASH!!!

09:11 - Peggy George
Welcome to everyone just joining us! Our Livebinder link for today is:

09:43 - Peggy George
Welcome Carlos and Jerry!!!!

09:51 - David Gonzalez
Helloooo Carlos and Jerry!!! Welcome and thank you!

09:59 - @bcdtech Maureen
@ Peggy- I have never heard music on the site... there's a video, but it doesn't autoplay for me..Sorry about that. Osmo is just a cool new tool to interact with ipads-

10:12 - Patti R
@paula nice intro

10:32 - Peggy George
We love being able to share terrific tools with all of you that you can use in your classrooms!

10:37 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I'm so excited that both Carlos and Jerry are here with us today. :)

10:48 - Conny Melvin
thanks looking forward to these great Saturday interactions

10:50 - Jerry Swiatek
Awe, thanks Paula :)

11:15 - Peggy George
It's great when there are tools like 81DASH that are created by teachers for teachers :-)

11:37 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Jerry. It is nice to hear your voice again and get to connect with you here today. :)

12:15 - Peggy George (What is a back channel?)

12:30 - Peggy George (Resources for backchanneling by Cybraryman)

13:18 - Peggy George (81DASH on Facebook)

13:28 - Peggy George (81DASH on Twitter)

13:32 - Jerry Swiatek
Play with us today. Join th Classroom20 81Dash room.

13:44 - @bcdtech Maureen
I love all the amazing new tools that are coming up every single day. Adam Bellow just put out a new learning platform We Learned It.

13:46 - Peggy George
I wondered where the name came from :-) Cool!! Infinite power :-)

13:49 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Infinite power of 1 - 81Dash!

14:15 - aunttammie
don't get the turned around 8 is an infinite symbol?

14:17 - Peggy George
thanks for mentioning that Maureen!! I'll add it to our Livebinder :-)

14:42 - Lorie Moffat
8 on its side = infinity

14:43 - aunttammie
how do you turn around an eight? This will bother me all day...LOL

15:09 - aunttammie
oh, thanks, Lori...never heard of an infinity sign.

15:26 - Lorie Moffat
yw :)

15:49 - Patti R

15:52 - Peggy George
hahaha Tammie!!! We'll ask him to explain later :-)

16:17 - aunttammie
An 8 on its side looks more like a pair of eyeglasses

17:21 - Peggy George
there is nothing like learning together with other teachers and educators!!

17:29 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Infinity symbol ∞

18:01 - Peggy George
what a teaser!!! exciting things coming in a couple more months!!

18:12 - aunttammie
I already learned something, see? Sideways 8s! Just don't know how I would turn an 8sideways...(ok, I'll quit now)

18:39 - Peggy George (Carlos Fernandez on Twitter) (Jerry Swiatek on Twitter)

18:58 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Got it.

19:38 - Peggy George
Join the 81Dash Classroom 2.0 backchannel at That is what we're seeing on the screen and you can add a comment to the backchannel :-)

20:12 - Carlos Fernandez 1
Here is the link -

20:22 - Peggy George
there is a video tutorial about how to join 81DASH in the Livebinder

20:34 - Carlos Fernandez 1
go in there and chime in ....

20:38 - Peggy George
you can view it later if you need a refresher :-)

20:44 - Patti R
you have to create an account first

21:06 - Peggy George

21:38 - Peggy George
love the dashboard so you can see which rooms you have joined and created

23:27 - Peggy George
so exciting to see so many of you successfully logging in and commenting in the backchannel they created for us!! Great job!

23:51 - Peggy George
so many safety features for teachers and students!

24:25 - Patti R
wondering if strangers can see a list of active rooms somewhere and perhaps log into the room before you lock it

25:08 - Peggy George
we'll ask him Patti

25:27 - Carlos Fernandez 1
great question: THere is no place online that these rooms are publicized by us.

25:31 - SusanSi
no email for my 3rd graders...

26:16 - stidmama
There are work-arounds usually for younger students who don't have school email accounts.

26:46 - stidmama
Patti, I just looked at the site and couldn't join the room; you have to be invited by the room creator.

27:18 - Patti R
good to know

27:39 - stidmama
Love the transcript button!

28:14 - aunttammie
Looks a lot like Edmodo

28:56 - Peggy George
Use this link--Play with us today. Join the Classroom20 81Dash room.

29:29 - Peggy George
so easy for teachers to control and monitor!!

29:44 - Annette Whitby
Great for documentation.

29:57 - Peggy George
absolutely Annette!

30:44 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Great way to teach digital citizenship to our students.

31:04 - Peggy George
this would be a great way to introduce students to backchanneling before they start using social media online like Twitter/Facebook.

31:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Wow didn't know about the search feature. Love it.

31:35 - Peggy George
amazing!! so helpful!

33:04 - Peggy George
date/time stamp is great! I often had university students turning in assignments and discussion forum responses after midnight!!

33:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Carlos, my picture went up as a separate entry from the message I typed. Is that because of the search feature?

34:29 - Carlos Fernandez 1
Paula - yes... images and text are seperated because of size. This is a feature that we will add in version 2.

35:01 - Peggy George
they thought of everything!!!

35:25 - aunttammie
If some students are working on task 1, and others are working on task 2 at the same time, can the responses to each task be viewed separately by teacher and students?

35:37 - Peggy George
Hi Jerry! So glad you could join us!! Your backchannel resources are in our Livebinder today!

35:46 - @plnaugle (Paula)
WooHoo my firend, Jerry B. has joined us. Hi Jerry. :)

36:16 - @plnaugle (Paula)

37:13 - Carlos Fernandez 1
I cant wait to answer q and a's

37:13 - Patti R
would the account creation accept first name and last initial, i try to avoid having students' full names visible on sites

37:34 - Carlos Fernandez 1
Patti - that is a great idea.

37:36 - Peggy George
Cybraryman (JerryBlumengarten) is the most incredible source for everything!

37:46 - Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 1

38:09 - Peggy George
thanks for adding your questions in the chat. Lorie will ask Carlos and Jerry during Q/A

38:35 - Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 1
My Backchannel page Thrilled to add 81Dash Great job Carlos

38:43 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Jerry Blumengarten were your ears burning? Your resources were mentioned at the beginning of our show. :)

39:21 - Peggy George
really love this tool!!!!

39:45 - @plnaugle (Paula)
81Dash definitely trumps TodaysMeet.

40:04 - Peggy George
free!!!!! :-) he's speaking our language!

40:15 - stidmama
There are some amazingly helpful features. I think this might be something I can use from the beginning of the year. Will have to check my new school's protocols on Monday!

40:17 - Peggy George
I agree Paula! So many more features that teachers need!

40:44 - Peggy George
can't wait to see version 2!!

40:52 - Heather Martinson
Any plans for voice chat?

41:01 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Version 1 is so great, can't imagine what will come with version 2.

41:23 - @plnaugle (Paula)
All teachers love FREE!

41:32 - Dejan Kreculj

42:10 - Duda Mne
Yesss (y)

42:13 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Jerry will you use 81Dash during #edcampCitrus?

42:38 - SusanSi
is there a way to scroll back up to see previous posts, or do you just look at the transcript?

42:45 - Pat Manuel 1
I really love what you've created. Really answered concerns I had about back channels. I noticed yesterday that students can create a back channel. Is there a way to turn that off? I don't want them "chatting" with students in other classes while they are using it in my class.

42:45 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I plan to use it for #edcampNOLA on October 11.

42:58 - Peggy George
We'll definitely use it for our EdCamp Phoenix!! In the past we used TodaysMeet.

43:18 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Carlos and Jerry and the amazing tool - 81Dash.

43:32 - stidmama
I have to duck out early today. SO glad I remembered to check in! Thank you everyone. It's a great way to start the new year with a tool like this.

43:44 - Peggy George
thanks stidmama!!!

44:30 - Peggy George
can you set these up to communicate with parents on a specific topic?

45:38 - Peggy George
very helpful option related to email addresses!

46:38 - Peggy George
how are you marketing and spreading the word about 81DASH??

46:52 - Carlos Fernandez 1
no marketing...

47:28 - Peggy George
really intrigued by question re voice chat! That would be an amazing addition!

47:37 - Jerry Swiatek
Peggy...nothing but word of mouth

47:48 - Heather Martinson
Thank you for your answer!

47:59 - Peggy George
woo hoo!!! added to the list... :-)

48:49 - Peggy George
we need to spread the word!! if any of you participate in Smackdowns or have opportunities to share in EdCamps be sure to tell people about 81DASH!!

50:02 - Carlos Fernandez 1
we are just educators... no money for marketing... Just twitter and facebook because we love what we do. This is our passion project.

50:30 - Peggy George
thanks for asking that question Paula

50:49 - Pat Manuel 1
I noticed yesterday that students can create a back channel. Is there a way to turn that off? I don't want them "chatting" with students in other classes while they are using it in my class.

50:59 - Peggy George
how do teachers get parental consent? is it part of their AUP?

51:15 - Peggy George
great question Pat Manuel!!

51:29 - Jerry Swiatek

52:24 - Peggy George
I'll add that link to the Livebinder :-) very helpful!

52:38 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thank you for the sample permission slip.

53:56 - Peggy George
sounds like teachers just need to use their classroom management techniques to manage students creating their own chat rooms

55:42 - Pat Manuel 1
Is there a way for the teacher to see what is being said in the rooms the students set up?

55:48 - Annette Whitby
Very informative. Thanks for teaching me something new.

55:50 - @bcdtech Maureen
the admins at my formere school turned off google chat, edmodo, etc... because of a chat incident, vs using it as a learning experience. Wonder if my new school will allow this

56:19 - Peggy George
If you want to watch this again or share it with other teachers/parents the recording and links will be posted later today. Archives for all recordings:

57:11 - Peggy George
students always find a way....

57:37 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Teaching our students responsible use is so very important.

57:45 - Peggy George
totally agree Paula!

58:13 - Patti R
whenever i make an account for a student I assign the password not only so I can help if they forget it but also if I need to log in and check on things; our AUP says their classwork is subject to observation

58:18 - @bcdtech Maureen

58:29 - Carlos Fernandez 1
jerry - some one is at the

58:32 - Peggy George
great idea Patti!

58:36 - David Gonzalez
Thanks very much mods of Classroom 2.0 and Carlos & Jerry. This was very informative.

58:39 - Patti R
thank you!

58:40 - @plnaugle (Paula)
If we don't teach students how to use these tools responsibily who will?

58:44 - Dejan Kreculj
Thank you all !

58:49 - Duda Mne
Excellent webinar, thanks :)

59:02 - Carlos Fernandez 1
@Fernandezc4 and @jswiatek and @81dash is our contact info.

59:06 - Peggy George
we have some great shows coming up!!!

59:13 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thanks again Carlos and Jerry. You guys ROCK!

59:26 - Jerry Swiatek
Thanks everyone! This was so much fun!

59:32 - Peggy George

59:33 - David Gonzalez
I'm excited to attend the future shows

59:43 - Carlos Fernandez 1
just happy to be here Paula.

59:55 - Laura Antichi 1
Great Webinar!

59:58 - Peggy George
Amazing opportunities for free virtual webinars and conferences on the Learning Revolution site! Be sure to sign up for their weekly newsletter.

1:00:15 - Peggy George

1:00:21 - Jerry Swiatek
Thanks Laura

1:00:29 - Jerry Swiatek

1:00:32 - Peggy George
we love our featured teachers! please nominate your favorites for us!

1:00:32 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@David Gonzales we are excited that you are. I've been attending these webinars since 2009. Great learning each Saturday.

1:00:35 - @bcdtech Maureen
anyone going to do the google online institute on 9/6 9/7? CUE Interesting, but I have class that weekend... not sure if I want to spend 40 for access to recordings...

1:00:44 - Peggy George

1:00:55 - @bcdtech Maureen

1:00:59 - Peggy George
the survey should pop up when you log out but you can also click on that link

1:01:29 - Peggy George
love our new certificates!!! your name is preprinted on it along with name of show and guest presenter!

1:01:49 - Peggy George
if you have a typo in your name it will appear in the certificate so be careful typing your name and email address

1:01:52 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, Peggy. The new certificates are great.

1:02:06 - Peggy George