CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar: Hyperdocs: Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps with special guest presenters: Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis

August 6, 2016

00:00 - radney
Not so much, for those of us who used HyperCard on early Macs.

00:00 - Kg
Lisa's great intro to hyperdocs last summer at our Buffalo EdTech Google Summit was a nice start for me. It will be nice to hear her again...and the book is great!

00:02 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar

00:02 - Peggy George
If any of you have created HyperDocs please share the link so we can add it to our Livebinder

00:46 - Peggy George
Patti is so awesome for always sending out our PD certificates!

01:01 - Kg
@Peggy: Yes to Patti's work!

01:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Here's the one Patti mentioned that I created 2016 Presidential Election Hyperdoc - Google Docs

01:30 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Here is one of them :

01:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for all of Patti's great work on our behalf.

01:49 - Sarah Landis
Happy to join you all!

02:18 - Kg
@Paula: Our new ITS guy is pushing Word...yikes!!!!

02:43 - Kayla Duncan

02:53 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Me too, Peggy.

03:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have quite a collection of hyperdocs that I've been collecting from across the web.

03:45 - Kayla Duncan
My HyperDocs are my initial attempts and not very in depth but happy to share what I have.

04:26 - Kayla Duncan

04:29 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Kg Sorry to hear that. I use Google for almost everything now, but my district won't allow GAFE or Google classroom.

04:58 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone!

05:11 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yay, so excited to hear from Lisa Highfill. :)

05:22 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Susan and welcome.

05:30 - Peggy George
I wish I had all of these tech tools when I was a principal!!!

05:39 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Welco e Heidi.

05:44 - Amanda Bathman 1
Never heard of hyper docs and ready to learn!

05:49 - Peggy George (HyperDoc website)

05:53 - Kg
@Paula: YIKES...sorry for you. We are a GAFE campus...feels like he is trying to return us to another era.

05:57 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Oops, sorry. Welcome, Heidi. :)

06:04 - Denise
Excited to "elevate" my lessons!

06:21 - Heidi
Thank you!

06:32 - Peggy George
always feel so sad that schools are using their computers only for testing!

06:40 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Kg My districts is not thrilled that I got Chromebooks through DonorsChoose grants.

07:04 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Jackie!!! Hello and welcome.

07:09 - Patti Ruffing #2
@Paula They should applaud your initiative!

07:13 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Welcome Tracy.

07:17 - Peggy George
that is a fantastic manifesto! teaching has changed so much in recent years!

07:20 - Kayla Duncan
@plnaugle really? I would think they'd be excited for your willingness to find resources.

07:21 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Nancy.

07:32 - Christine Monge
Using devices just for testing is sad-students will associate them as a negative tool.

07:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hello Patricia and welcome to the session.

07:56 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Cute palte!

08:13 - Peggy George
notice the books! it's not all about technology :-)

08:38 - @plnaugle (Paula)
They don't want anything to do with Google.

08:43 - Tracy Cress
Love the graphic!

08:47 - Peggy George
If you're just joining, welcome! Our Livebinder for today's resources is here:

09:08 - Christine Monge
Love the graphic and definition!

09:14 - Denise
Appreciate the graphic!

09:21 - Peggy George
If any of you have created HyperDocs we'd love to have you share your link here in the chat and we'll add it to our Livebinder after the show

09:22 - Kg
@Paula: CONGRATS to you! So sorry...we have to be continuing advocates, right?

09:28 - Peggy George
perfect graphic!

09:32 - Christine Monge
Why would a district not want anything to do with Google?!

09:45 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Kg I love pushing the boundaries.

10:14 - Kg
@Paula: Woot woot!

10:18 - Peggy George
this makes it so easy for students to learn at their own pace!

10:21 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hello Tracy and welcome.

10:52 - Peggy George
hahaha :-)

11:01 - Peggy George
looks very familiar :-)

11:10 - Patti Ruffing #2
- eyes glaze over -

11:18 - Kim

11:25 - Doug Henry (San Leandro CA)
Zzzz... on that lesson!

11:34 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Many students are very visual.

11:36 - Peggy George
who wouldn't want to open that package???

11:39 - Paula D.
If you have some paid electronic resources, paid databases, they usually have permanent links to articles, etc that can be used in the resources portion.

11:46 - Christine Monge
Packaging is everything. Students are instantly curious.

11:57 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Jen and welcome.

12:07 - Paula D.
Encourge students to use high quality sources of info.

12:07 - Peggy George
I think we're all inspired and motivated by visuals!

12:08 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Welcome Virginia.

12:44 - Peggy George
we have many examples of HyperDocs in the Livebinder that you can explore later

12:44 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Welcome back, Tracy.

12:49 - Peggy George

12:53 - Kg
Nice comparison!

13:06 - @plnaugle (Paula)
The second one please!

13:14 - Peggy George (Earth In action Multimedia Text Set)

13:15 - Christine Monge
Wow-that is a great way to package the boring summer reading requirement!

13:27 - Peggy George (Native American Regions HyperDoc)

13:54 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hello NC Swanson and welcome.

14:18 - Peggy George
this would be so helpful for substitute/guest teachers!

14:36 - Ben
Hyperdoc is Google Docs on steroids?

14:44 - Kg
@Ben: Yes :)

14:47 - Peggy George
love all of those examples! so many engaging tools!

14:48 - Kayla Duncan
Agree Peggy, it would take the anxiety of having a sub if you know you have a quality lesson students can move through.

14:56 - Peggy George
definitely Ben!

15:07 - @jackiegerstein
It also helps students who are global perspectives - too often lessons are presented piecemeal with learners not seeing the full picture

15:12 - Paula D.
These are super assignments to teach collaboratively with your school librarian/media specialist.

15:18 - @jackiegerstein
need global perspectives

15:18 - Peggy George
exactly Kayla!! and it keeps things familiar for the students when the teacher is away

15:31 - Paula D.
Love how easy it is to share in Google Drive/docs.

15:35 - Linda
Great way to share an assignment in Google Classroom with just the one link to a HyperDoc. If you decide to change an assignment, it's much easier to change the Doc.

15:59 - Kg
Structure is helpful, even for those of us who are Google users.

16:16 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Duda. Where are you logging in from?

16:18 - Peggy George
HyperDocs make it easy to teach across all curriculum areas!

16:19 - Paula D.
No matter what you use for your classroom website so simple to share your hyperdoc URL there.

16:20 - Ben
How is a hyperdoc distributed to individual students? Do students copy a view-only doc, then work on their copies?

16:46 - Peggy George
thanks for your question Ben! Lori will gather any questions and ask our presenters during Q/A

17:11 - Peggy George
workflow is probably the answer for you Ben :-)

17:41 - Peggy George
Hi Maureen! So glad you could join us! Thanks for introducing us to Hyperdocs!

17:55 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi, Rafael.

HELLO from Costa Rica

central America

18:40 - Peggy George
I'll add a link to the Livebinder for the 5 E's Model for you

18:57 - Efren 6
Were those links on that previous slides?

19:00 - kwhitlock
Can we get a copy of this presentation to click the model links?

19:07 - Peggy George
it's great that all of those Google alternatives work for HyperDocs!

19:08 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Rafael, are you nearer to the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf?

Pacific Ocean

19:20 - Peggy George
yes kwhitlock!

one hour

19:46 - Lorie Moffat
no links on the slides, directly.

19:49 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Rafael, I'll bet it is beautifl there.

19:53 - Peggy George
Most of the links are already in our Livebinder.

20:02 - Ben
Google Drawings is mostly unexplored, but it's also versatile

20:04 - Peggy George (How to Create HyperDocs- 5 steps)

20:07 - Efren 6

20:17 - kwhitlock
Thank you!

20:38 - @bcdtechMaureen
Hi everyone. At MIT Scratch conference... Muted- just watching, having lunch, and doing the wind it up session. Will have to listen later

20:43 - Lisa Highfill
You can share HyperDocs on Google Classroom or just share a shortened link with kids. I keep my HyperDocs as view only- that way the lesson isnt "altered" by the kids

20:57 - Peggy George
the more familiar the students are with the work flow the better the learning :-)

21:05 - Lisa Highfill
they can then make a copy if I require them to type on the HyperDoc

21:06 - Peggy George
great tip Lisa!

21:10 - Ben
can you embed Youtube vids on docs instead of just links?

21:38 - Peggy George
smiling...lose hours of your life but loving every minute of it!

21:40 - Lisa Highfill
No- when I want to use video- I tend to package on a Google Slide deck- that way it can embed right on the lesson

22:04 - Peggy George (HyperDoc Templates)

22:37 - Efren 6
Thanks Peggy!

22:42 - Peggy George
that tip gives us a huge jump start on creating HyperDocs!

22:54 - Kelly Hilton 1
This is how we share our HyperDocs with other! File + Make a copy

23:05 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Here is a collection of templates Eric Curts shared with us that he created used Google Drawing -

23:28 - Peggy George
fantastic Paula! Thanks!

23:35 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Love that we have a HyperDoc template to help us get started.

23:35 - Peggy George
I'll add that link to the Livebinder later

23:39 - kwhitlock
Thanks, Paula!

23:53 - Lisa Highfill
Here is an example of a lesson I packaged on a slide deck-

23:57 - Peggy George (HyperDoc Templates)

24:01 - Ben
I've seen worksheets created using Google Drawings, I wonder how we can utilize it further as hyperdocs

24:15 - Kayla Duncan
Love starting with a template.

24:26 - Peggy George (HyperDoc Samples)

24:41 - Peggy George
love the term remix!! :-)

25:06 - Peggy George (HyperDoc: Teachers Give Teachers--Give One, Take One)

25:08 - Lisa Highfill
The best part of HyperDocs is that we want teachers collaborating and sharing! Work smarter!

25:22 - Ben
hyperdocs layouts look like infographics-style

25:28 - TeacherCatt
LOVE peeking at Teachers Give Teachers

25:36 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Teachers Give Teachers is such an awesome community.

25:51 - Kim
What a great resource!

25:51 - Christine Monge
You can embed videos in Google Slides

25:54 - Peggy George
I think Thinglinks could make an awesome foundation for creating HyperDocs!

26:09 - Denise
Love the encouragement of teachers sharing lessons!

26:15 - Lisa Highfill
Over 5,000 teachers are sharing digital lessons here and on twitter at @TsGiveTs So proud of this group!!

26:20 - Efren 6

26:32 - Paula D. rolls into

26:43 - Debra 1
Peggy- what are Thinglinks?

27:12 - Kayla Duncan
Love Thinglink, you can take a static image and embed info, links, videos, etc on top of the image.

27:12 - kwhitlock
Thanks for the handle. Any other hyperdoc sources we should follow on Twitter?

27:16 - Paula D.

27:42 - Kelly Hilton 1
@TsGiveTs is the Twitter Handle for teachers who share #HyperDocs

27:45 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Reading Pax for the Global Read Aloud? Here is a hyperdoc for students and the one for teacher's guide

27:57 - Lisa Highfill
You can also try checking out the hashtag #HyperDocs to see people talking about digital lesson design!

28:03 - Efren 6

28:48 - Lisa Highfill
Many teachers are posting requests to work with others, then collaboratively creating lessons across the globe and posting them back online- it is so cool to see!

29:05 - Peggy George (HyperDoc creator Progression)

29:11 - kwhitlock
Thank you Lisa and Efren. So much great information. Adding resources to refer back to.

29:57 - Paula D.
What devices do most student use for hyperdoc? Chromebooks, ipads? Will this work in a classroom with limited tech?

30:01 - Kelly
I notice there are links in the presentation. Is there a URL for this presentation?

30:01 - Peggy George
I added their presentation slides to our Livebinder so you can review them later.

30:29 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Have you gotten any feedback from students as to whether they prefer Docs or Slides when working with HyperDocs?

30:44 - Lisa Highfill
Chromebooks are great- really any device that works well with Google Apps, but iPads do work- especially when you package your lessons on Google Slides

30:50 - @jackiegerstein
Great information - nicely conceptualized and presented

31:01 - Peggy George
Hi Jackie! So glad you could join us!

31:02 - Lisa Highfill
Thanks Jackie!

31:06 - @jackiegerstein

31:09 - Peggy George
I love this quote!

31:26 - Paula D.
LIke the "guide on the side, not the sage on the stage."

31:36 - Peggy George
Their book is fabulous!!! (The HyperDoc Handbook: Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps Paperback by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, Sarah Landis)

31:38 - @bcdtechMaureen
Love that slide

31:47 - Peggy George
I purchased it for my Kindle. :-)

31:49 - @bcdtechMaureen

32:00 - Peggy George
yes!!! UDL!

32:01 - Efren 6
Me too Peggy

32:48 - Lisa Highfill
Yes! UDL, plus really any special personalizing you want for your is up to how you craft the lesson- package it so you can manage instruction for so many learning styles!

33:18 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I won the book at ISTE this summer. So glad to have it to refer to as I begin my HyperDoc journey.

33:21 - Peggy George
Kathy Schrock has some fantastic resources for SAMR on her site.

33:35 - Denise
My book arrived excited to dig in!

33:47 - Patti Ruffing #2
ISTE standards for students brand new for 2016

34:00 - @wfryer
Is Kelly presenting / talking now?

34:07 - Efren 6

34:16 - Peggy George
a good Depth of Knowledge explanation (DOK)

34:22 - Paula D.
Kathy Schrock's guide to SAMR,

34:24 -
Christine Monge
My students all have iPads so my lessons have to work on the iPad.

34:26 -
Lorie Moffat
Yes, Wes. Kelly's mic is on.

34:28 -
Peggy George
yes Kelly

34:37 -
Lisa Highfill
Yes- this is Kelly- Our book is based off of those three factors - SAMR, DOK, ISTE standards

34:54 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
ISTE Standards For Students 2016

34:57 -
Thanks - I'm tweeting & want to get my attribution right :-)

35:09 -
Peggy George (Checklist to “ack Your HyperDoc”

35:12 -
Thanks, Paula

35:25 -
@Lorie We have google apps on our iPads and students can interact with all the hyperdocs. Maps doesn't work

36:29 -
Christine Monge
If my students need a desktop computer we have them in the library so they can go in there.

36:33 -
Peggy George
that checklist is really helpful!

36:41 -
This reminds me of a "Design, Create & Share" lesson cycle that @sfryer & I worked on this summer. Love how this expands the lesson design phase

37:06 -
Peggy George
share that link Wes :-)

37:15 -

37:26 -
Peggy George
thanks!! I'll add it to the Livebinder :-)

37:46 -
I'm going to add HyperDocs to the design phase...

37:56 -
Thanks Peggy :-)

38:52 -
Lisa Highfill
I love how I can create a HyperDoc- give to students and expect them to use their critical thinking to do it themselves. Because Im not lexturing, I have time to pull small groups, work w individuals, and connect with kids.

39:22 -
Peggy George
please type any questions you have for our presenters and Lorie will ask them during Q/A

39:47 -
Peggy George (Math HyperDoc)

39:49 -
Lisa Highfill
I also believe in blending the learning in our classrooms- creating a HyperDoc that has a good flow between being online and offline learning. We love our paper writers notebooks, f2f chats etc

39:58 -
Peggy George (Reading/Writing/Tech Workshop HyperDoc)

40:19 -
Peggy George (Show What You Know HyperDoc)

40:39 -
Peggy George
that is so creative! kids would love that to "show what they know" :-)

40:51 -
Paula D.
How much time do you spnd explaining how to use the different show how you know apps?

41:15 -
Lisa Highfill
Offers choice! I don't explain any of them- there are video tutorials below each tool that they can use if they get stuck

41:18 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
Wow, lots of student choice built in!

41:34 -
I appreciate the links to the video tutorials built in!

41:52 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
Love that, Lisa. Because kids usually figure out quickly how to use online tools.

42:02 -
Awesome idea to include the tutorials

42:08 -
Lisa Highfill
Hilarious to watch kids use this- they never watch the videos! They are so into it, they just click till they figure it out- it is there as a resource though and I remind them to watch when they get really stuck

42:13 -
carla chennault 1
I hope that page is available to copy!!

42:16 -
Christine Monge
Paula D. depending on age I think the kids will figure out the apps by themselves. Think about it-do students ask for instruction or a webinar to learn how to play a video game?

42:16 -
Video tutorial links! Why didn' I think of that? You just changed my life! Thank you!

42:20 -
Paula D.
Love that students can see each other's products, but will take discussion about plagiarism and digital citizenship. How to cite and share work ethically.

42:25 -
Peggy George
that's really interesting Lisa!

42:46 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
Becuase my district blocks YouTube it would make including tutorials harder for me.

42:50 -
Lisa Highfill
Plus I don't need to learn every tool! I have one that has Powtoons- I still don't know how to make those- but all my students do- it is very freeing!

43:20 -
Paula D.
Do you have students teach each other and work together on projects/

43:20 -
@paula. Download and upload to g drive

43:22 -
Paula, download the video using and they can view it.

43:30 -
Kayla Duncan
Paula have you used EdPuzzle? You can access Youtube videos but share them through an EdPuzzle link instead of Youtube.

43:33 -
Peggy George
You're definitely going to want to get this book! Loaded with practical information!!

43:35 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
Hi, Dorie. Nice to see you here.

43:36 -
@plnaugle Just upload videos into Google Drive and link out.

43:41 -
Peggy George
Link to book if you missed it: (The HyperDoc Handbook: Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps Paperback by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, Sarah Landis)

44:04 -
Hey, Paula!

44:11 -
Lisa Highfill
Depends on the assignment and how many devices I have in the room. I do like collaboration but often change it up for diff lessons and purposes.

44:15 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
I put a YouTube video in EdPuzzle to try at school. It was blocked.

44:31 -
Is there a way to add tick boxes on Google Docs?

44:34 -
The book is not just a read it once and put it on the shelf- handbook that you will go back to

44:55 -
Good point about youtube and edpuzzle.

45:05 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
I've tried uploading to Google Drive and linking in a Doc or Slide, that's blocked also. Very frustrating for me.

45:05 -
Kayla Duncan
:-/ Sorry to hear that Paula.

45:10 -
Lisa Highfill
I dont assign HyperDocs for homework- not all my students have access at home. They do know how to find their docs through Drive though and I hear them say they are showing their parents on their phones!

45:10 -
Peggy George
Lots of great video resources on their playlist :-)

45:18 -
The HyperDoc gals have really expanded from the original approach...woot woot.

45:20 -
Tick box is a list choice... Then switch to the check list when done

45:21 -
Kayla Duncan
Tath's definitely frustrating.

45:40 -
Peggy George (Teachers Give Teachers Pinterest: Including Favorite Webtools) (Twitter @TsGiveTs Teachers Give Teachers) (Facebook Group: HyperDocs)

45:44 -
lots of amazing resources! Thanks for sharing it all!

46:06 -
Peggy George
lots of great resources on the Pinterest page! MANY boards!

46:17 -
Thanks so much for all of this!!! Great resources, excited to share this with my faculty at school :-)

46:19 -
Lisa Highfill
Lots of ways to get support and learn more. The best is working with others- we are constantly evolving our thinking because of all of you!

46:31 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
@kwhitlock I've tried too, and that doesn't work either.

46:44 -
Peggy George
brilliant way to keep the book alive :-)

46:49 -
All of this information is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing and building a virtual collaborative community!

46:50 -
How about dropdown list? Can it also be done on Google Docs?

46:58 -
Peggy George (HyperDoc Hangouts ON AIR)

47:01 -
Kayla Duncan
Very excited to take this back to my teachers and share with them. I hope they'll be as excited as I am.

47:01 -
Efren 6
I use aTube Catcher to download videos and then put them on my Google Drive

47:09 -
Paula, sorry to hear that. You can download movies to mp4 files using Keepvid. Maybe that will work?

47:10 -
Really interesting! A lot to dig into and explore.

47:12 -
Paula D.
Yes, can embed YouTube videos but only those. Others must have link

47:12 -
Peggy George
Those Hangouts were what hooked me on HyperDocs!

47:19 -
@bcdtechMaureen later via email when I get home... We can make it work

47:25 -
Christine Monge
I don't assign homework period. My students are going to love this method for working in class.

47:32 -
Peggy George (HyperDoc Bootcamp Online Course-Aug. 15-Sept. 5, 2016)

47:38 -
@plnaugle - Wow...bummer. I would think with your expertise and reputation the district would give you that as an option. :(

48:08 -
you all rocked it

48:08 -
I'm not on Pinterest. Can I still access the resources?

48:13 -
This is wonderful... Thank you so much!

48:22 -
Paula D.
You can create a google form with list and embed in doc

48:23 -
Lisa Highfill
You have to join Pinterest sorry Joyce

48:24 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
I know I can download YouTube videos and they upload them to get access, but I shouldn't have to spend so much time doing this. I need access to YouTube and so do my students.

48:24 -
Wow...super duper.

48:26 -
Look forward to revisiting this presentation and unpacking it :)

48:27 -
Kayla Duncan
Thank you for the information and so many resources!

48:28 -
Is the online course self-paced?

48:34 -
Peggy George

48:36 -
Any discounts for the Classroom 20 crowd? LOL

48:48 -
jen laptop
Do you usually have one hyperdoc for one unit or one lesson?

48:51 -

48:57 -
Just started reading my HyperDoc book yesterday. Thanks for supporting our learning!

49:11 -
Virginia McGregor 1
How many GB do the hyperdocs use?

49:14 -
use the forced copy URL approach

49:15 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
Loving #HyperDocs even more now than I already did. Thanks to Kelly, Lisa, and Sarah. They are very inspiring. :)

49:28 -
Peggy George
Lisa is there a promo code for your online course? :-)

49:31 -
change the edit to copy at the end of your URL

49:48 -
Or share a Google Drive folder with students

50:02 -
with your hyperdocs

50:10 -
i do that, ben :)

50:10 -
Efren 6
Virginia if you are using Google Apps then it doesn't take up any space

50:17 -
Patti Ruffing #2
@Paula I don't remember if EdPuzzle lets you upload your own videos. I have already done a screencast of a video I couldn't download and captured it that way.

50:28 -
Lisa Highfill
Good question Jen- I don't use HyperDocs all day every day- just as needed to get kids creating- maybe one per unit, a way to liven up a lesson that has been too heavy on the lecture....etc

50:45 -
Peggy George
be sure to share your links here in the chat if you have examples of HyperDocs :-) Would love to add them to the Livebinder!

51:02 -
Peggy George
that is a great question!

51:14 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
@Patti, I know how to get around the YouTube thing, but am totally frustrated that I have to do so in today's world.

51:16 -
Paula D.
You can upload your own videos to YouTube, create your own channel and those use in Docs.

51:44 -
Patti Ruffing #2
@Paula absolutely :-(

51:47 -
Sarah Landis
@jenlaptop ... start slow! One per week maybe?!

51:48 -
Paula D.
Another reason to talk to admin about restrictions of filtering. Give ed reasons.

51:49 -
If you use them often they will soon be like the typical class handouts

52:05 -
Peggy George
thanks for sharing your tips here in the chat! really helpful! The chat log will be posted in our Archives later today when I upload the recording.

52:25 -
Thank you Kelly, Lisa, and Sarah for sharing your idea and writing the book. I can't wait to use hyperdocs this year!

52:29 -
Peggy George
Do students ever create their own HyperDocs?

52:40 -
Ha...word vs. work. Smart design is important, as you have pointed out.

52:49 -
Tiziana Angiolini ( Italy)
Thanks a lot! Great webinar!

53:00 -
Patti Ruffing #2
although depending on your bandwidth how many kids can be streaming a video at the same time

53:02 -
I am starting having my future teachers do Hyperdocs...they are using the book, too :)

53:12 -
Or, use clickable hyperlinked images that lead to videos or other media

53:13 -
Peggy George
super idea Kg!!!

53:17 -
Thank you to the moderators, the links are helpful.

53:34 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
My collection of HyperDocs I've been gathering for my 4th grade students.

53:42 -
Peggy George (Earth In action Multimedia Text Set)

53:57 -
Awesome webinar. Excited to give this a try with my colleagues this year!

54:06 -
Peggy George
Wow! This hour has just flown by!!!

54:12 -
Peggy George
any final questions?

54:14 -
Tracy Cress 2
Thanks so much, ladies. I'm excited to create my first HyperDoc!

54:15 -
Thanks, Efren for posting on G+, I hadn't checked Twitter stream, so your notification led me to this great webinar!

54:24 -
Patti Ruffing #2
@Paula the doc is not public

54:26 -
Paula D.
How about classrooms with minimal tech? Will Hyperdocs work?

54:42 -
Paula D.
Anyone using Hyperdocs for flipped learning?

54:46 -
Efren 6
Happy to share!

55:02 -
Peggy George
HyperDocs are perfect for flipped learning AND flipped PD :-)

55:05 -
So glad Lisa, Kelly and Sarah got to share their work here. Great way to start the year

55:18 -
Efren 6
@plnaugle (Paula) is collection available, getting permission question

55:20 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Kelly, Lisa, and Sarah for sharing their expertise with us today.

55:39 -
I agree - need to get learners interacting with one another rather than just with a device!

55:40 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
Patti, I just changed the share setting so it should work now.

55:45 -
Peggy George
I was able to access Paula's HyperDoc collection

55:47 -
Efren 6

55:53 -
Peggy George
great Paula :-) Thanks

56:28 -
Well done - solid pedagogy, well-organized presentation - Thank You

56:29 -
Peggy George
and they can review it as many times as they need to :-)

56:36 -
Christine Monge
So was I and my friend Ellen is going to love it!

56:56 -
Are there printable hyperdocs? Or does that defeat the purpose of hyperdocs?

57:14 -
Doug Henry (San Leandro CA)
@Paula: your hyperdocs look hyper-awesome - thx

57:25 -
Patti Ruffing #2
@Paula - amazing collection - thank you

57:30 -
Paula D.
Any doc can be printed or downloaded as a Word Doc.

57:47 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
This is another folder where I've collected HyperDocs for other grades and subjects I don't teach.

57:57 -
Peggy George
printing could be an alternative if you lack technology

58:12 -
Efren 6
Thanks for sharing Paula

58:20 -
Peggy George
those are fabulous resources Paula! Thank you so much!

58:42 -
Michele G
Loved this! Thank you!

58:54 -
Christine Monge
Thanks this has been great!

59:03 -
Ladies THANK YOU!!!!

59:03 -
are there webinars always free?

59:07 -
Well done.

59:10 -

59:18 -
Thank you LIsa, Kelly, and Sarah! Fantastic information.

59:19 -
Doriedance #2

59:22 -
Virginia McGregor 1
Great presentation, hard work evident, dedicated teachers, thank you.

59:23 -
Thank you for sharing...excellent presentation

59:25 -
Kelly Hilton 1
Thanks for joining us all! Hope to continue the conversations through Twitter and Facebook!

59:27 -
Paula D.
Loved the session. Thanks to presenters and all. Enjoyed the comments and sharing, too.

59:28 -
Sarah Landis
Thanks for having us!

59:30 -
Efren 6
Agreed! Great stuff!!

1:00:06 -
where do we find the upcoming list so we can send it t others?

1:00:28 -
Lisa Highfill
Hope to connect with you on Twitter! @TsGiveTs

1:01:03 -
Kayla Duncan
Wonderful session! Thank you all so much. :)

1:01:11 -
Check out

1:01:14 -
Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Thank you!

1:01:21 -
Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon.)

1:01:30 -
Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

1:01:42 -
Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us!!!

1:01:44 -
@plnaugle (Paula)
Wow, we've got a great lineup for our new year. Thanks, Peggy! :)

1:01:56 -
Peggy George
Have an awesome weekend! Enjoy the Summer Olympics :-)

1:02:10 -
Peggy George
Huge thanks to Lisa, Kelly and Sarah!!

1:02:12 -
TY to all of the Classroom 2.0 folks for getting us in gear.