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[7:59:05 PM] The recording has started.
[7:59:09 PM] lizbdavis has joined the chat
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[8:00:37 PM] <fletcher3836> i'm shaun btw

[8:00:59 PM] <lizbdavis> Hi Steve
[8:01:25 PM] Guest 6 has joined the chat
[8:02:06 PM] Guest 7 has joined the chat
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[8:03:10 PM] <helenk27> Hi everyone, just listening today
[8:03:13 PM] <Steve Hargadon> Is anyone having trouble getting on the call?
[8:03:24 PM] Guest 6 has left
[8:03:27 PM] <helenk27> I live in Quesnel BC
[8:03:41 PM] Melanieh has joined the chat
[8:04:22 PM] Guest 8 has joined the chat
[8:04:32 PM] <Guest 4> Hi everyone, I'm Amy and I'm in Pennsylvania. I am streaming.
[8:04:35 PM] Guest 9 has joined the chat
[8:04:50 PM] <Steve Hargadon> Hi, Amy!
[8:04:57 PM] <lizbdavis> I taught 6th grade math and science for many years.
[8:05:01 PM] <Guest 5> Amy - where in Pennsylvania? I'm in Philly.
[8:05:14 PM] <Guest 4> Lebanon
[8:05:16 PM] <Guest 8> Hi - Jeff from Chicago. Ex-district CIO.
[8:05:34 PM] <Guest 3> Hi... Benji from Singapore
[8:05:51 PM] <Melanieh> Hi I'm from Sydney, Australia
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[8:06:24 PM] Guest 10 has joined the chat
[8:06:51 PM] <lizbdavis> I think a good way to get started interacting to start a discussion - not just reply to one.
[8:07:58 PM] Guest 11 has joined the chat
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[8:11:15 PM] <Steve Hargadon> Hi, Jeff. I unmuted you.
[8:11:38 PM] <helenk27> membership may result in 1% active membership
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[8:13:42 PM] <lizbdavis> Wow! That sounds very cool.
[8:14:09 PM] <lizbdavis> It is hard to get admin to agree to allow cell phones
[8:14:17 PM] Melanieh has joined the chat
[8:14:46 PM] <lizbdavis> I'm trying to get people to use gcast
[8:15:08 PM] Guest 13 has joined the chat
[8:15:15 PM] <Sarahmcp> seems like a great idea but so many aren't there yet
[8:15:23 PM] <Sarahmcp> twitter
[8:15:28 PM] Guest 14 has joined the chat
[8:15:31 PM] Guest 15 has joined the chat
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[8:15:42 PM] <Sarahmcp> what is gcast
[8:15:49 PM] Durbrow has joined the chat
[8:16:18 PM] <lizbdavis> My father invented an audience response system in the early 90s. That was my first job.
[8:16:22 PM] <Guest 15> http://www.polleverywhere.com - Low Cost Response System I'm working on
[8:16:32 PM] <Guest 15> (This is Jeff)
[8:16:46 PM] Guest 16 has joined the chat
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[8:17:23 PM] <lizbdavis> It is a great idea
[8:17:37 PM] <Durbrow> Isn't better to teach kids to speak up in class than to click?
[8:17:39 PM] <Guest 15> Thanks Liz - what system did your father work on?
[8:17:53 PM] <Guest 15> Dubrow - there are commonly barriers to raising hands
[8:18:07 PM] <Guest 15> For example, sensitive topics (sexual health),
[8:18:09 PM] <Durbrow> Agreed!
[8:18:11 PM] <lizbdavis> It was called Quick Tally at first
[8:18:16 PM] <lizbdavis> Then Media Group
[8:18:18 PM] <Guest 15> Also learners don't like to expose ignorance
[8:18:21 PM] <lizbdavis> I am
[8:18:21 PM] Melanieh has left
[8:18:25 PM] <Guest 5> no
[8:18:45 PM] <pgeorge> not blogging in Classroom 2.0
[8:18:48 PM] <lizbdavis> I guess - actually I cross post
[8:19:26 PM] <fletcher3836> i have
[8:19:37 PM] <fletcher3836> used the video and photo
[8:19:41 PM] <Durbrow> Anyone combining Web 2.0 with teaching critical thinking skills? (e.g. deconstructing arguments, finding fallacies)
[8:20:09 PM] Guest 17 has joined the chat
[8:20:14 PM] <lizbdavis> I agree - friending is kind of useless
[8:20:16 PM] <pgeorge> I'm always surprised that so many people don't know about ning
[8:20:16 PM] <Sarahmcp> I'm using video and photos in the SigTE book discussion ning.
[8:20:32 PM] <lizbdavis> Yes - definitely -forums are most useful
[8:21:05 PM] Guest 18 has joined the chat
[8:21:07 PM] <Sarahmcp> the forum discussion is great and the rss feed to know when and where activity has happened
[8:21:10 PM] Guest 13 has left
[8:21:32 PM] Guest 19 has joined the chat
[8:21:48 PM] <pgeorge> yes to photos and videos
[8:22:23 PM] <lizbdavis> I agree
[8:22:33 PM] Guest 16 has left
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[8:22:41 PM] <Durbrow> Yes please
[8:22:43 PM] <pgeorge> Yes, RSS really helps to know when there are new responses on the topic
[8:22:47 PM] <lizbdavis> Twitter
[8:22:52 PM] <lizbdavis> Twitter
[8:22:54 PM] <lizbdavis> Twitter
[8:22:58 PM] <pgeorge> Twitter
[8:23:05 PM] <Durbrow> Mind42 for students to mindmap
[8:23:27 PM] <lizbdavis> The key is to have a large enough number of followers
[8:24:07 PM] <pgeorge> Twitter daily provides me with new sites, tools and live presentations when I can join in-very valuable
[8:24:35 PM] <lizbdavis> Twhirl right now
[8:24:37 PM] <pgeorge> It makes a big difference who you are following
[8:24:45 PM] <pgeorge> I use Twitterific
[8:24:47 PM] <Durbrow> Twitterific but NOW using Flock 1.1
[8:24:52 PM] <lizbdavis> People are talking about Spaz
[8:24:59 PM] <lizbdavis> Can you hear me Steve?
[8:25:04 PM] <Durbrow> Yes it is the beta.
[8:25:08 PM] <lizbdavis> I'm trying
[8:25:22 PM] <pgeorge> Just signed up for Pownce but still prefer Twitterific
[8:25:26 PM] <lizbdavis> I haven't tried Spaz
[8:26:02 PM] <lizbdavis> I haven't really gotten into skype
[8:26:08 PM] <pgeorge> Love Skype but don't use it daily
[8:26:12 PM] <lizbdavis> Are you using audio or chat?
[8:26:14 PM] <Guest 5> skype every couple of weeks, wordpress a lot
[8:26:23 PM] srenatee has left
[8:26:27 PM] <lizbdavis> I don't have enough people on my skype list.
[8:26:32 PM] <Durbrow> Can you use Skype for online teacher-student office hours? Or does this require money?
[8:26:58 PM] Sarahmcp has joined the chat
[8:27:05 PM] bmuench has joined the chat
[8:27:14 PM] <Guest 5> skypeOut is a great way to keep in touch with people at a low cost 2cents a min, I believe.
[8:27:19 PM] mdschumann has joined the chat
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[8:27:58 PM] <Durbrow> Can you record calls to avoid he-said she-said controversies?
[8:28:12 PM] <pgeorge> I use both audio and chat--chat really is nice when communicating with someone in the UK because of time difference
[8:28:14 PM] <Guest 5> skype has built-in recording
[8:28:23 PM] <Durbrow> Mind42.com uses Skype for collaborating on making Mindmaps!
[8:28:48 PM] <pgeorge> Yes you can record calls-I use Call and Conference Recorder on my Mac--from ecamm.com
[8:29:01 PM] <pgeorge> No to Mind42
[8:29:15 PM] <Durbrow> Mind42.com is a still in beta but it allows constructing and COLALABORATING on making mindmaps for improving student retention of knowledge
[8:29:23 PM] <Durbrow> by organizing lecture notes etc.
[8:29:25 PM] <pgeorge> Minda42 sounds really interesting--I'll have to check it out
[8:29:43 PM] <Guest 5> googleAnalytics a lot
[8:30:00 PM] <lizbdavis> I have to go kiss my kids goodnight. I'll be back shortly.
[8:30:00 PM] <pgeorge> Love all of the google tools (when they work)
[8:30:17 PM] <Sarahmcp> I use google docs a lot
[8:30:35 PM] <Guest 15> Durbrow - are you involvd in the mind42 project? I used to use FreeMind
[8:30:37 PM] <Durbrow> Google Reader! To post science news to students and then get them to write on new science studies
[8:30:37 PM] <Sarahmcp> i use it with planning joint presentations
[8:30:55 PM] <pgeorge> We used Google docs to create an entire university syllabus with rubrics--10 people collaborated
[8:30:55 PM] <helenk27> if you want an interactive meeting room - elluminate is now providing a free 3 person room for free http://elluminate.com/vroom/
[8:31:25 PM] <Durbrow> Guest15 I am volunteer beta tester on the email list. Mind42 downloads to Freemind.
[8:31:27 PM] <Sarahmcp> google has a product that does that too
[8:31:32 PM] Guest 17 has left
[8:31:44 PM] <Sarahmcp> can't remember exactly what it's called
[8:31:56 PM] jalam1001 has joined the chat
[8:31:58 PM] spbivona has joined the chat
[8:31:58 PM] <Durbrow> Sorry Steve can you spell it again please
[8:32:20 PM] <pgeorge> Love VoiceThread!!!
[8:32:30 PM] <Sarahmcp> Google notebook
[8:32:54 PM] <lizbdavis> Hi I'm back.
[8:32:56 PM] <pgeorge> Can't wait for these calls to move to Elluminate--many more features and especially the screenshots
[8:33:01 PM] <Sarahmcp> Steve will this chat log be posted on CR 2.0 for our reference later?
[8:33:11 PM] <spbivona> Elluminate is awesome!
[8:33:18 PM] <lizbdavis> I've got several teachers set up with Ning sites for their classes.
[8:33:28 PM] <mdschumann> check out http://www.edutagger.com (for K-12 social bookmarking), developed by myself
[8:34:15 PM] <Durbrow> Anyone using Edublog? Is it better than WordPress for teaching??
[8:34:28 PM] <lizbdavis> I
[8:34:30 PM] <bmuench> I use Edublogs
[8:34:36 PM] <lizbdavis> I've had a lot of frustration with edublogs
[8:34:42 PM] <lizbdavis> Very SLOW
[8:34:44 PM] <bmuench> It's slow sometimes
[8:34:49 PM] <lizbdavis> Arggh
[8:34:51 PM] <mdschumann> We're looking at wordpress installed locally as it allows better control over content
[8:34:59 PM] <Guest 15> A friend of mind at Harvard made http://edtags.org
[8:35:07 PM] <fletcher3836> I've used classblogmeister
[8:35:10 PM] <lizbdavis> I like that you can upload documents on edublogs
[8:35:16 PM] <lizbdavis> Can't do that on Blogger
[8:35:26 PM] <Sarahmcp> lol
[8:35:32 PM] <bmuench> Blogs have made a HUGE difference for me
[8:35:41 PM] <bmuench> I feel a lot more connected
[8:35:48 PM] <bmuench> they're great PD for me
[8:35:51 PM] <lizbdavis> I find Twitter is a great way to funnel the good stuff
[8:36:06 PM] <pgeorge> I learn about all of them through Twitter but it's a lot to keep up with--no time to try them all out
[8:36:08 PM] <bmuench> you can upload MP3 too on edublogs
[8:36:13 PM] <bmuench> i use it for my podcasts
[8:36:38 PM] <pgeorge> I listen to lots of podcasts and get wonderful links and tools from edtechtalk and WOW2
[8:36:40 PM] <lizbdavis> I think Edublogs has a lot of potential -but very buggy.
[8:36:42 PM] Guest 19 has left
[8:36:53 PM] <mdschumann> Does anyone have any experience with the differences between wordpress (edublogs) vs. elgg?
[8:36:55 PM] <lizbdavis> Yes Edtechtalk and WOW is great
[8:36:58 PM] <pgeorge> podcast list is tooo long!!
[8:37:01 PM] <Durbrow> Many thanks for useful advice on Edublog
[8:37:09 PM] <Guest 5> podcasts new york times, npr.org
[8:37:20 PM] Guest 20 has joined the chat
[8:37:22 PM] <lizbdavis> Steve it might be good to put a bunch of links from this chat onthe Web 2.0 wiki
[8:37:36 PM] <bmuench> if i had a way to hook my ipod up into my car i'd listen to more podcasts
[8:37:51 PM] <Sarahmcp> this list is getting long. That's what I'll try to do to send to you for the resource wiki.
[8:38:13 PM] <Sarahmcp> i lost connection once so I don't have everything.
[8:38:15 PM] <Durbrow> I wonder if we could set up a live talk for Show and Tell one and only one tool at a time. Must include screen capture...
[8:38:25 PM] <pgeorge> We just did a workshop on social bookmarking and created a wiki with all of the presentations, articles and tools we used
[8:38:35 PM] <lizbdavis> What about Yugma?
[8:38:45 PM] <pgeorge> Yes! one tool at a time on a live talk would be fantastic
[8:38:50 PM] <bmuench> the speed demos sound great
[8:39:00 PM] <Sarahmcp> Can they be captured for further distribution?
[8:39:02 PM] <lizbdavis> I've done a bunch of screencast about several tools
[8:39:16 PM] <pgeorge> 3 minute shoot-out--sounds great!
[8:39:18 PM] <Sarahmcp> 3 minute shot out - speed demos
[8:39:20 PM] <Sarahmcp> great idea
[8:39:24 PM] <Durbrow> Do you have link for this shoot-out? Documentation?
[8:39:38 PM] <Sarahmcp> great!!
[8:39:43 PM] <pgeorge> @lizbdavis--do you have a link for your screencasts?
[8:40:33 PM] <bmuench> It would also be great to show my teachers at school
[8:40:40 PM] <Sarahmcp> could save a lot of time. Excellent idea
[8:41:00 PM] <lizbdavis> I'm looking for the link. Hang on a second
[8:41:10 PM] <pgeorge> Yes the overviews are a great beginning to help us know if we want to really learn how to use them
[8:41:42 PM] <pgeorge> Funding--ah yes!
[8:41:49 PM] <bmuench> it's always about the time
[8:42:01 PM] <lizbdavis> Here is a link that should take you to most of my screencasts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGXElviSRXM
[8:42:06 PM] <Durbrow> Not from state educational budgets! Maybe private! Maybe Spencer Foundation
[8:42:19 PM] <lizbdavis> Doesn't look like the link worked.
[8:42:25 PM] <lizbdavis> How do I get the chat?
[8:42:31 PM] <pgeorge> I came in late
[8:42:42 PM] <lizbdavis> Does it work?
[8:43:24 PM] <helenk27> Liz, your link works, thanks
[8:43:29 PM] <spbivona> @lizdavis, yes - it works, it takes you right there!
[8:43:34 PM] Guest 8 has left
[8:43:34 PM] <Guest 20> Liz, the link worked for me.
[8:43:38 PM] <lizbdavis> cool - I have another one for Twitter
[8:43:51 PM] <pgeorge> @lizbdavis Thanks--can't wait to explore them
[8:43:55 PM] <Sarahmcp> where are the directions for skyping into to Talkshoe
[8:43:57 PM] <Sarahmcp> ?
[8:44:00 PM] <bmuench> me
[8:44:08 PM] <Sarahmcp> slidecast, slideshare
[8:44:12 PM] <Durbrow> Is that SlideShare or Slide Share
[8:44:14 PM] <bmuench> we post our power points for the elem kids in music
[8:44:16 PM] <helenk27> slideshare is great
[8:44:17 PM] <pgeorge> yes-slideshare and slidecast-really like them
[8:44:19 PM] Guest 20 has left
[8:44:42 PM] <lizbdavis> Here is a very long screencast about Twitter: http://blip.tv/file/614017#share
[8:44:55 PM] <pgeorge> gcast is good for podcasting--can call in from your phone
[8:45:05 PM] <lizbdavis> Also Tumblr
[8:45:16 PM] <lizbdavis> Yes
[8:45:24 PM] <lizbdavis> We started a tumbling teacher
[8:45:25 PM] <Guest 5> slapcast is a great podcasting tool to podcast from your telephone.
[8:45:29 PM] <lizbdavis> group
[8:45:34 PM] labelcd6 has joined the chat
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[8:45:37 PM] Durbrow has left
[8:45:40 PM] <lizbdavis> Yes - you add links - sort of like delicious
[8:45:43 PM] spbivona has left
[8:45:43 PM] Sarahmcp has left
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[8:45:43 PM] bmuench has left
[8:45:43 PM] mdschumann has left
[8:45:51 PM] labelcd6 has joined the chat
[8:45:59 PM] <pgeorge> yes, let's do it--list of tools people are using!
[8:46:03 PM] <lizbdavis> Here is the link: http://teachers.tumblr.com/
[8:46:08 PM] Guest 4 has left
[8:46:08 PM] <Guest 5> we used slapcast to record middle school students skits for a website they built.
[8:46:26 PM] <pgeorge> Let's put them on the wiki
[8:46:33 PM] <lizbdavis> delicious networking
[8:46:41 PM] <lizbdavis> I just learned more about that
[8:46:55 PM] Guest 21 has joined the chat
[8:46:58 PM] <lizbdavis> create a classroom 2.0 network
[8:47:02 PM] <lizbdavis> on delicious
[8:47:13 PM] <lizbdavis> then tag for:classroom2.o
[8:47:33 PM] <lizbdavis> Edtech talk does that
[8:47:39 PM] <pgeorge> Voicethread would be really interesting because we could hear various reactions to the tools and various uses
[8:47:50 PM] <helenk27> or use diigo and link to delicious
[8:47:59 PM] <pgeorge> We could follow the voicethread additions on RSS
[8:48:14 PM] <lizbdavis> We could also go deeper into some of the old favorites
[8:48:20 PM] Durbrow has joined the chat
[8:48:52 PM] Guest 22 has joined the chat
[8:48:56 PM] <pgeorge> That's a great idea-organize VT by tools and let the favorites emerge
[8:49:29 PM] <pgeorge> Yes you can manage the order of the slides
[8:49:51 PM] bmuench has joined the chat
[8:49:55 PM] <pgeorge> Someone would probably have to compile the info from VT
[8:50:01 PM] jalam1001 has joined the chat
[8:50:18 PM] <pgeorge> The polling tool could be added as a link on the VT
[8:50:24 PM] <lizbdavis> I think we need to remember that the classroom 2.0 audience is a lot of beginners
[8:50:34 PM] Sarahmcp has joined the chat
[8:50:50 PM] <Guest 22> I'm a beginner!
[8:50:53 PM] <lizbdavis> Maybe not here - but on Classroom 2.0
[8:51:03 PM] <pgeorge> VT is very easy to learn how to use--even Kindergarten kids are using it
[8:51:11 PM] <Durbrow> Pedalogical Question: How do you assess/grade student comments on blogs or media? Any rubrics for grading/assessing threads available online?
[8:51:13 PM] <lizbdavis> There are a lot of places that are going fast - Edtechtalk etc
[8:51:15 PM] <Guest 22> I have only been using Classroom 2.0 for two weeks
[8:51:20 PM] <pgeorge> I'd love to work on it
[8:51:28 PM] <lizbdavis> I think there needs to be a place that is slowing down a bit.
[8:51:30 PM] <labelcd6> I'm game.
[8:51:30 PM] mdschumann has joined the chat
[8:51:37 PM] <helenk27> you may also want to look at the top 100 list and submit your own at this site http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/top100.html
[8:51:40 PM] <Guest 22> What is the main purpose of VT?
[8:51:42 PM] <lizbdavis> So many links
[8:51:43 PM] <Guest 5> I'd be happy to be involved. Perhaps I can capture some of the info from the shootout we did.
[8:51:46 PM] <lizbdavis> So much focus on what is new
[8:51:48 PM] <Sarahmcp> I'm game
[8:51:52 PM] <fletcher3836> the threads can be embedded in the classroom2.0 wiki too
[8:52:16 PM] <lizbdavis> We can't forget about the basics
[8:52:23 PM] <bmuench> perhaps we need a list of what is tried and true - at least a year or two old?
[8:52:41 PM] <lizbdavis> That is the niche for Classroom 2.0
[8:53:52 PM] <pgeorge> There was a great VT done on the anniversary of the blog that has lots of responses
[8:54:01 PM] <bmuench> I'd love to know how teachers are coming at blogging or podcasting....
[8:54:14 PM] <Durbrow> We should do this again!
[8:54:16 PM] <Guest 22> pgeorge - what is the website?
[8:54:22 PM] <bmuench> are they looking for perfection or just putting student level work out there?
[8:54:26 PM] <labelcd6> If we only do one thing to further what we have been speaking of, what should it be?
[8:54:28 PM] <lizbdavis> You could have people add comments to each category using Voice Thread with their favorite tool for that category.
[8:54:39 PM] <pgeorge> I have to look for the link--where can I post it?
[8:55:00 PM] <Guest 22> go to scienceisland.edublogs.org
[8:55:04 PM] <lizbdavis> Maybe we should invite new people individually
[8:55:08 PM] <bmuench> YES!
[8:55:16 PM] <bmuench> beginner show
[8:55:20 PM] <lizbdavis> Comment on their page as they join to invite them?
[8:55:23 PM] <pgeorge> I think we really need a beginners show
[8:55:35 PM] <bmuench> otherwise i wouldn't have come in at all
[8:55:47 PM] <Guest 22> I agree!
[8:56:00 PM] <lizbdavis> With desktop sharing
[8:56:22 PM] <lizbdavis> I know I've slacked
[8:56:24 PM] <pgeorge> screenshots along with audio will be very helpful
[8:56:29 PM] <lizbdavis> Sure
[8:56:32 PM] <helenk27> part of collaboration like this is the flexibility to change focus according to the group that joins in
[8:56:34 PM] <Sarahmcp> I think we are all beginners since there is so much new stuff
[8:57:10 PM] <Durbrow> How can we help you?
[8:57:13 PM] <lizbdavis> About pedagogy too
[8:57:17 PM] <lizbdavis> Not just tools
[8:57:37 PM] <lizbdavis> Cool
[8:57:46 PM] <labelcd6> How can we help?
[8:57:54 PM] <pgeorge> I agree--pedagogy as well as tools!!
[8:58:05 PM] <helenk27> talkshoe is also a nice format - have enjoyed the experience
[8:58:08 PM] <lizbdavis> Thank you Steve.
[8:58:11 PM] <pgeorge> Thank you Steve for setting this up
[8:58:13 PM] <Guest 22> Thanks, this has been really interesting!
[8:58:13 PM] <Durbrow> Thanks Steve
[8:58:16 PM] <Sarahmcp> it was very helpful
[8:58:19 PM] <Sarahmcp> thanka
[8:58:29 PM] <Sarahmcp> good night
[8:58:31 PM] <fletcher3836> Thanks Steve
[8:58:33 PM] <lizbdavis> Good night
[8:58:34 PM] <labelcd6> Night!
[8:58:38 PM] <fletcher3836> cheers everyone
[8:58:43 PM] Sarahmcp has left
[8:58:46 PM] The recording has ended.