Beginning Photo & Video

  1. Everyone knows that it can do photo storage,
  2. Can create sets with your photos, those photos can be viewed as a slideshow
  3. How to embed your Flicker slide shows on your webpage
    • Copy the link from the Paul Stamatiou web site to a word/text document, replace the source with your own web address. Copy back to the wiki page using the embed media icon (TV)
    • wikispaces does not like the line center code
  4. Take the tour to find out how to get started….
  5. Other ways to get photos into Flickr:
    • Upload from iPhoto
    • iPhone/Touch App

How I use Flickr….. (Means to an end --> add content to your website --> Use 'Get Code' to see and copy html code to paste into your web page
  1. (People using iphones). View as slideshow to use arrow keys. Easily find photos for presentations.
    • Join a group with similar interests/needs to see what others have contributed
    • Create your own group, establish rules, guidelines
    • Check out creative commons for use permission, can email owner to ask permission as well
  2. Big Huge Labs - Can link to your flicker account
    1. Framer
      • Add frame styles to highlight a photo on a web site
    2. Motivator
      • Create life skills type of motivational posters with your own pictures and captions
    3. Hockneyizer
      • Breaks up photo into collage type layout
    4. Create words with Flickr letters:
      • Letters are created fr om photo images
  3. Misc.
      • Changes photos to different art media like charcoal drawings, cartoons etc.
      • Change lettering fonts ie. change page banner according to the season/holiday
    3. (Reilly example)—paste code onto website.
      • create slide shows from albums
  4. Other storage sites….


  1. Animoto -
    • creates a 'video' from photos; may be more engaging than Picturetrail
  2. Animasher -
  3. GoAnimate -
  4. AniBoom - Examples can be found at this page:
  5. Voicethread -
    • Can add comments to slide shows
    1. iTunes U Voice Thread Presentation - UCET Conference
    2. About -
    3. Ideas for using Voice Thread -

Hints and Ideas

  1. Choose magnifying glass for full sized pictures, otherwise may end up with thumbnail
  2. Use Voicethread for history project or teacher evaluations