All Grades

Concept: Reading/Event Comments.
Grade Level: All
Detail: Post questions in a teacher/classroom blog related to a classroom reading selection or event and have students respond in the comments section.
Submitted by: Lucy Gray

Concept: Paper Blog Practice
Grade Level: 3-8
Detail: I adapted Mobile Learning's workshop activity for adults to an activity for students. They get the ideas that they should have an online persona that is positive, that blogs are not diaries, and the mechanics of blogging and commenting while having a colorful paper display in the school.
Link(s): Here's a draft lesson plan.
Submitted by: Sue Rockwood
School/Organization: Greenwood Friends (K-8)

Concept: Creative writing.
Grade Level: Elementary school (k-6)
Detail: Students write stories in their personal blog (part of the class blog) and comment to each other's stories.
Link(s): Community of storytelling children (in hebrew)
Submitted by: Ariella Levenberg
School/Organization: Nir ezion - Israel

Grades K-3

Concept: Class Blog
Grade Levels: K-3
Detail: Kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers can share their lesson plans, instructional strategies, class news, and projects on their blogs. Make sure parents give permission before posting student pictures or work online! Take time during part of your morning routine with Grades K and 1 students to blog about something they have learned that week as a group. Students in Grades 2 and 3 could submit articles for the class blog and vote on which one gets posted that week.
Links: Mrs. Wills Kindergarten ; The Daily Cupcake ; Mrs. Nessman's Grade Ones ; Miss LeBlanc's Grade 2 Class Blog
Submitted by: Cheryl Tice, Instructional Support Specialist
Organization: GST BOCES

Grades 4-6

Grades 7-8

Concept: Blogging is about more than just journaling, it's about CONVERSATION!
Grade Level: 8
Detail: Students are beginning to develop their own Personal Learning Networks by creating their own blogs, and using Netvibes to subscribe to their teammates' blogs, as well as other blogs nation/worldwide that are of interest to them. This unit focuses on explicitly teaching some of the skills needed to be an effective 'blogger' (something a lot of adults could use some help with!)
Link(s): Model blog discussion created during this unit, Class blog, My professional blog about technology in schools, Public Netvibes page with all my students' blogs (under Saltine Rockstars tab)
Unit Plan:
Submitted by: Janice Smith
School/Organization: KIPP: Gaston College Preparatory
Contact Information:

Grades 9-12

Concept: Discussion on Literature
Grade Level: 9-12
Detail: Students prepare for small group discussions by writing questions on a variety of themes at the highest levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. They reflect on what they’ve learned. Posting this preparation and reflection in blogs allows students to easily archive, share and comment on these discussions, improving their learning.
Link(s): Resources - Sample student blogs - To Kill a Mockingbird
Submitted by: Celeste Scholz
School/Organization: Cairo American College (K-12)

Concept: Literature Circles
Grade Level: ages 7-15
Detail: A group of students read the same book. Students meet in literature circles where they take on different roles to discuss and debate events and ideas from the book (see blog below for details of the roles).
Link(s): The Diary of Anne Frank blog - by students aged 10-11
Submitted by: Lenva Shearing
School/Organization: Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, New Zealand

Grade Level:
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