Ideas for Integration

Science-- water cycle, rock formation,
Body Systems-- how food goes through digestive track

Castle Projects (social studies) shared through galleries

4th graders and climate-- create their own animal perfectly adapted to a particular climate
Painted the animal, made backgrounds-- animals changed color depending on temperature
animated thermometer which chnaged based on time of year

International Folk Tales or proverbs--illustrated -- ask the Scratch Kids

Use pen tool to create Fahrenhieit/Centigrade translation tool

Use Pico tool to control lego robot-- see Gheeta's puppoet show with Scratch in the bacjkgournd

Grades-4-6: Graphic Novels-- Collaboration between Art and Computer, stories written in class,drawn in art, "Scratched" in computer

Other tools to consider: Photostory, HexPaint,

Collaboration among kids changing roles each week to complete a project.

3 students creating an activity and introduce to the class

Can children create a project and collaborate with children from other countries
Great potential for remixing-- each project is added on (also see

Shouldn't be used for everything-- but is a wonderful communication too using photos and interactivity

Ease of use to upload to great advantage
Kids can work from home-- don't need "Inspiration!"

Use Scratch Community as data points-- ie, gather data from comment sections and report results in Scratch

Ways of children to gather and report on data within the community