Feb 7, 2009 9:02:10 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE 07 FEB 09

00:01 - jorech
got it

00:06 - Steve Hargadon
I started the recorder

00:09 - Lori A
so meet again Jon

00:16 - Peggy George
so glad to be back! really missed you!!

00:29 - jorech
Hey, Lori

00:33 - Jen Dorman
Hi everyone!

00:44 - Corina Long
were you at the TCEA conference?

00:46 - Jen Dorman

01:04 - Peggy George
we are thrilled that Jennifer Dorman could join us today!

01:11 - Steve Hargadon
Wahoo! Jen!

01:11 - jorech
Hey Jen Knock us dead!

01:45 - Jen Dorman
Hi @jorech!

02:28 - alicebarr
Hi Jen! Good stuff!

02:48 - Jen Dorman
Hi @alicebarr

02:58 - Peggy George
I like using the wide view so I can see more of the chat at a time

03:10 - Jen Dorman
It's cool to see so many of my Twitter peeps :)

03:23 - Peggy George
yes isn't it Jen?!

03:33 - Peggy George
Hi Alice!

03:34 - charleneblohm
Madison WI, should be 50 here today - yeah!

03:34 - Lori A
I am from IL - need to get outside today is going to be in the 50s

03:36 - SueH 2
Hi, SueH from Surrey, BC. Cloudy.

03:36 - Steve Hargadon
Lincoln, California. Overcast. 45 degrees F. 9:05am

03:39 - Maureen
western Massachusetts- balmy 25° today

03:40 - jorech
Near Chicago, it's 50! woo hoo!

03:44 - Alfonso Hinojosa
Santander (Spain) . Weather quiet misearable!

03:45 - Jen Dorman
I'm Jen Dorman - in Bethlehem, PA - it's a balming 27 today

03:48 - Russ
Russ - Stoughton, MA....cold

03:48 - Peggy George
Jackie-great to see you again! We need to meet in person!

03:50 - Lorraine Leo
I'm in Watertown, MA outside of Boston. partly cloudy

03:50 - alicebarr
Maine; cold today (18)

03:50 - Tammy Stephens
Tammy Stephens Long Beach, CA- raining this morning

03:52 - Tammie - Trinity in Atlanta
Hi, I'm from Georgia and it's gorgeous today!

03:54 - lindseyb
Newburyport MA 35-ish

04:04 - MrsTG
NW Iowa

04:07 - Peggy George
loving the weather in AZ right now!

04:07 - Steve Hargadon
Oooh. Someone's a star!

04:08 - chuckholland
Hello from SC

04:11 - spbivona
Central NJ - getting warmer!!! ready for 50 tomorrow

04:11 - Kas
Any other Coloradans?

04:11 - BookPushinTechie
BookPushinTechie from eastern PA near Valley Forge

04:14 - Danielle
Danielle in Rochester, NY-- a balmy 48

04:16 - Donelle
Rocklin, CA

04:18 - Peggy George
love the star!!!!

04:21 - MtGrizTechy
Hi from Montana

04:21 - Rob Mc
hi Rob from Swan River, Mantoba balmy -10

04:30 - Kas
Kathy Sage, Greeley, Colorado - high 30's

04:38 - Thomas - Atlanta
@alicbarr hi alice nice to see you again from NYC Google Teachers Academy. What have you been up to?

04:42 - Barbara O'Berry
Suffolk, Virginia--getting warmer!

05:19 - alicebarr
@thomas Hi there! Great to see you!

05:39 - Ian Nairn
Hi & welcome from a very snowy UK

05:41 - Bob Caro
corpus christi

05:54 - lindseyb
Hi Ian, wherabouts?

05:55 - Jen Dorman
@Ian This photos of the snow in London are amazing

06:06 - Bob Caro
Corpus Christi, TX - Sunny and windy

06:08 - Peggy George
you're going to be excited about the things Jen will share with you about Diigo today

06:14 - Thomas - Atlanta
@alicebarr I'm giving an Elluminate session on Google Earth on Monday if you want to join. Just email me at tcooper66@gmail.com if you want to participate and I will send you the link.

06:23 - SueH 2
Hi Swan River -- from Sue in Surrey, BC

06:30 - alicebarr
@thomas awesome!

06:32 - Rob Mc
Hi sue

06:43 - Peggy George
please share the link Thomas. would love to join you!!!

06:50 - Steve Hargadon
Does it count if we mirror Diigo to Delicous?

06:59 - Peggy George
yes Steve

07:04 - tansmom
ohhh, that sounds cool steve

07:04 - Jen Dorman
@Steve That is what I do

07:07 - Steve Hargadon
I changed my vote.

07:13 - Thomas - Atlanta
Its for Powerful Learning Practices http://plpnetwork.com

07:19 - Peggy George
that's what I do-bookmark on Diigo and automatically post to delicious too

07:27 - BookPushinTechie
Steve. How do you mirror Diigo to Delicious?

07:36 - Lori A
I diigo and it goes into my delicious too

07:36 - Steve Hargadon
I'm pretty sure you'll find out today!

07:37 - Thomas - Atlanta
I don't have the exact Elluminate link yet, but if you email me I can find it and give it to you.

07:50 - Peggy George
when you tag in Diigo you can choose to post to delicious

08:00 - Peggy George
thanks Thomas--will do!

08:51 - Peggy George
we're overwhelming??? :-) just teasing! I learn new things every single day!!

09:28 - dlaufenberg
big fan of meticulously having students tag work out on the internet

09:49 - Peggy George
excellent dlaufenberg! hope you'll take the mic later to share what you do

09:52 - Kim Caise
hello selena and louis

10:00 - Steve Hargadon
Hey, Louis L! Welcome!

10:03 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
hi sorry I'm late

10:06 - alicebarr
@dlaufenburg Do you have students tag for research?

10:18 - Peggy George
@Louis-we're so glad you're here!

10:33 - jorech
We need to teach kids how TAGS are different from KEYWORDS, they think they are interchangable.

10:43 - Steve Hargadon
Hurrah for folksonomy!

10:45 - Kim Caise
hi Faith

10:51 - Kim Caise
hi d lowry

10:53 - Penny
really need to be more consistent in my tagging

10:53 - jorech
Scuse me, NOT interchangable

10:57 - durff
everyone twitter this mtg right now!

10:58 - Kas
okay - how are TAGS different than keywords?

10:59 - Peggy George
yes jorech--and then there are categories too :-)

11:16 - Thomas - Atlanta
https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2007122&password=M.D2086E1D33FF7482373A53B37781B8 This link should work for the Google Earth session for PLP that I'm giving on Monday at 8 pm on Monday. It will be my first time being the moderator.

11:16 - jorech
Hey, Durff.

11:25 - durff
58 is low for Dorman - c'mon

11:32 - durff
hey jorech

11:33 - Jen Dorman
LOL @Durff

11:39 - durff
hi dorman

11:44 - Kim Caise
hi Mark

11:56 - Jen Dorman
Going to PETE&C @Durff?

12:00 - durff
PETE-C tomorrow!

12:02 - Ian Nairn
5pm in the UK

12:06 - Corina Long

12:10 - durff
hi Ded

12:11 - d lowry
12 pm here in toronto

12:42 - mmiller7571
how do I make chat window bigger? tried different window layouts but chat is going too fast

12:46 - BookPushinTechie
@jdorman Good weather this year for PETE&C. See you Monday

12:55 - Lorna
@d lowry nice to see a neighbour

13:04 - Steve Hargadon
We've struggled to know what to call this "show." Is it a "show," a "webinar," an "event," or an "online workshop?"

13:09 - Kim Caise
hi Paul

13:11 - durff
it always snows during PETE-C

13:15 - Kim Caise
hi Troy

13:20 - Jen Dorman
Seriously . . . when was the last time it DIDN'T snow at PETE&C?

13:21 - d lowry
@lorna Tor teacher?

13:23 - lindseyb
@mmiller7571 wide layout is good

13:29 - Barbara O'Berry
Wide view seems to work best for following chat

13:35 - Lorna
st. catharines

13:43 - Steve Hargadon
I also use Wide Layout

13:45 - Bob Caro
online wkshop is closer - implies interactivity, not a presentation

13:47 - jackiegerstein
Call for all educators to read http://edu.blogs.com/edublogs/2009/02/ken-robinsons-the-element-reincarnating-creativity.html

13:48 - mmiller7571
@lindseyb THANK YOU

13:48 - Troy
Hi. Shawn & I just finished our Podcast. Shawn should be here soon.

14:16 - Steve Hargadon
I think Delicous actually invented "tags"

14:20 - lindseyb
reading that book now @jackieg

14:21 - dlaufenberg
am leaving for Hershey within the hour... looking forward to the DEN day tomorrow

14:28 - Maureen
@Jackiegerstein Thx for that link- saw it in twitter earlier- great post.

14:42 - Lori A
Wish I could attend PETE&C

14:46 - Kas
dlaufenberg - in Denver tomorrow? for what?

14:48 - durff

14:48 - Peggy George
yes Jen

14:51 - d lowry
why diigo and not delicious

14:52 - Rob Mc

14:53 - MtGrizTechy

14:53 - mmiller7571
troy who are you and what's your podcast

15:03 - Alfonso Hinojosa

15:31 - Peggy George
@d lowry--think you'll be hearing an answer to that from Jen

15:34 - jackiegerstein
@Maureen thanks

15:38 - dlaufenberg
in denver in two weeks for a CO conversation.. in hershey for pete&c pre-event with Discovery Ed tomorrow

15:41 - Maureen
Jen's diigo tutorials are the best- I've shared it with faculty and students

15:51 - durff
nice scrolling banner - learned that last yr at PETE-C

16:07 - Shawn
@mmiller7571 Troy is a principal/podcaster and his podcast is Middle School Matters (www.middleschoolmatters.com).

16:14 - Kim Caise

16:16 - Troy
I'm a middle school principal. Shawn and I do a weekly podcast Middle School Matters ( http://middleschoolmatters.com )

16:21 - Maureen
Diigo help is the best on the web- imho

16:29 - Peggy George
if you'd like to see more of the screen Jen is sharing you may want to use the default layout

16:39 - mmiller7571
thank you gentleman I think i have that on my iPhone right now

16:51 - Kim Caise

16:55 - jorech
Jen, I just "Diigoed" your wiki.

17:00 - Steve Hargadon
You can also drag and expand the shared window.

17:01 - Peggy George
@Troy-so great to have another principal here-thanks for your link!

17:56 - Peggy George
notice how many tags Jen is using

18:30 - Troy
How is Diigo different from del.icio.us?

18:47 - mmiller7571
I just make stuff up for tagging I am never sure what tags to include so I include a ton

18:52 - mmiller7571
good? or bad?

18:53 - Tammie - Trinity in Atlanta
@Troy I think it's more robust. Let's see.

19:04 - Kas
Wouldn't so many tags pull it up for a lot of topics and make it harder to find the ones that tightly link?

19:07 - Peggy George
me too mmiller!!

19:15 - jorech
Troy, you can hilight passages, and add sticky notes. It's pretty cool

19:24 - mmiller7571
@kas good point

19:24 - JLW
@mmiller I use tags like I do file folders

19:34 - Kim Caise
hi Scott

20:08 - Peggy George
@Kas-that's one of my challenges with tagging--when I choose a tag it may not be the same reason someone else may choose it

20:15 - Kim Caise
hi Mary

20:23 - jorech
Kas, The idea is with multiple tags, whichever one of the tags you call, it will bring up the right page.

20:29 - Mary Lewis
Hello Kim

20:33 - Peggy George
focused search results with tags--such a great point!

20:42 - Kas
Hmmm... I was thinking just for myself but now that I realize others may use my tags, I'll need to think more globally.

20:45 - Maureen
I use diigo before I go to google. It's my own private filter

20:46 - Steve Ransom
If diigo is in beta, what's going to happen with first non-beta rollout? $$$?

21:00 - Kim Caise
hi Ron

21:02 - Sheri
Google Apps has lessons on how to do better searches on google

21:11 - Peggy George
yes tags are not only for ourselves but everyone else who uses the service on either Diigo or Delicious

21:19 - lindseyb
That vetting is a big plus

21:43 - Steve Ransom
Can you import delicious bookmarks to diigo?

21:57 - Barbara O'Berry
As I work with a teacher on a project, one of the tags I use is the teachers last name. When they go to my bookmarks, they can find the ones I saved for them specifically.

21:58 - Corina Long
both diigo and delicious are blocked in my school district

22:00 - Lorna
yews Steve

22:04 - Lorna

22:13 - Steve Ransom

22:20 - Kim Caise
be sure to drag out Jen's window if you are unable to see the column on the far right of related tags

22:21 - Peggy George
if you don't see the far right of Jen's screen use the scroll bar on the bottom

22:27 - mmiller7571
love the teacher last name idea

22:34 - Maureen
@corina- why would they block bookmarking? because of the social aspect? Isn't learning social?

22:50 - Peggy George
I always associate a name with a tag on every bookmark

22:51 - Thomas - Atlanta
@corina what about furl or magnolia?

23:01 - Corina Long
I agree but the entire social networking category is blocked in our district

23:16 - Kim Caise
@thomas magnolia is down right now - their database got corrupted and they are trying to recover their data

23:17 - Corina Long
haven't heard of either

23:24 - jackiegerstein
Schools often block "online communities"

23:24 - Kim Caise
hi Scott

23:34 - Kim Caise
hi Karen Jan

23:49 - Peggy George
diigolet toolbar is a valuable option for schools

23:52 - Kas
Shhhh... don't tell my OIT Dept.; they haven't thought to lock it up yet.

23:53 - Thomas - Atlanta
@kim didn't know that...thanks.

24:24 - Kim Caise
@thomas - you are very welcome

24:37 - Maureen
Does this tagroll automatically refresh?

24:39 - Kim Caise
hi Paula

24:40 - lindseyb
@Corina try to start a persuasive lobby to make exceptions

24:50 - Tammie - Trinity in Atlanta
@Thomas Are you the Clean Watersheds Thomas? If so hello from Trinity!

24:52 - Peggy George
every time I think about tags I am reminded that I need to go back and refine mine

25:12 - d lowry
the more you tag the easier it is to refine

25:16 - scottmerrick
woowoo hi ya'll, more about tagging, sheesh, it's like 'networkin' in its complexity

25:32 - Peggy George
Hi Scott-welcome!!

25:32 - d lowry
grouping should start to happen naturally

25:39 - scottmerrick

25:43 - Maureen
I haven't used tagrolls and now I know I can put it on my teacher page for school for my kids and my colleagues- nice!

25:52 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
I like that

25:54 - Corina Long
our dist. has hired 4 new tech integration specialists (I'm one of them) and we are currently working on getting a new AUP in place so that some of these sites can be opened for teachers & students

25:57 - Thomas - Atlanta
@corina there is also stumbleupon....a great site to keep up on the best of web 2.0 is Semoz Web 2.0 Awards at - http://www.seomoz.org/web2.0/short

26:02 - alicebarr
Anyone have a good resource for explaining tags to students?

26:03 - Peggy George
those tagrolls are fantastic for creating Wordles!

26:22 - Kim Caise
hi mcgeeef

26:36 - Peggy George
@alice-we have a lot of links in our sharetabs today that may be helpful for student tutorials

26:36 - alicebarr
Great point Peggy!

26:42 - Corina Long
thanks for sharing....I'll tag it!

26:45 - d lowry
what do people here use diigo or delicous

26:47 - alicebarr
@Peggy Thank you

26:49 - Thomas - Atlanta
@alicebarr have you tried searching YouTube for a video on tags?

26:57 - scottmerrick
saw the wordle-like Grammy art Judy O blogged about, very fun mashups ;) (Hey Jude)

27:09 - Corina Long

27:23 - Peggy George
I have a lot of Diigo resources on my own Google site-videos, tutorials, blog posts, examples

27:24 - Troy
I just got used to using Delicious religiously. It now works well for me. Thus, I have lots of tags there. Moving from service to service is uncomfortable. I'll listen through the session to see if it's worthwile to switch.

27:36 - Peggy George
my link is in the sharetabs you will see later

27:53 - scottmerrick
"cost of adoption" in time and energy, not necess. in $

28:10 - dlaufenberg

28:12 - Peggy George
@Thomas-it's almost just one click to transfer all of your delicious bookmarks with tags to diigo and you can continue to use both

28:17 - jackiegerstein
@d lowry - I like using the diigo groups - one of the hightlights in the morning is looking at what has been posted - member of Discovery Ed, Educators (Vicki Davis) groups

28:44 - scottmerrick
thx peggy can't remember if i did that and opening another browser to look!

28:48 - Deb 3
how can you read so much

28:52 - Peggy George
yes jackiegerstein--I find the groups really valuable and you can be in lots of groups and create your own

28:56 - Troy
@scottmerrick - I definitely agree. The thing is time is especially valuable right now. The question becomes, with this and other things, is it worth it?

29:00 - durff
is Diigo save for middle schoolers?

29:07 - dlaufenberg
used a specific tag for any student work created at my old school. students liked being able to google search for our stuff and watch it populate the page

29:22 - Lorna
dictionary takes the stress of inventing the best tag

29:25 - Kim Caise
I love the email lists of bookmarks for each group that you can subscribe to

29:28 - Maureen
@durff I think it's fine for MS- esp if you set up a teacher acct

29:40 - durff
thx maureen

29:57 - durff
we are starting biome collaborations

29:57 - Troy
Google allows you to create site specific search engines now. Very powerful. Kids can use "Google" but only search sites you specify.

30:08 - lindseyb
I rss tags from diigo and delicious

30:09 - Kim Caise
hi Jeanne

30:11 - durff
this yr i want to go a step further

30:15 - durff
this would be it

30:19 - Peggy George
it is always extremely helpful to have conferences tagged with a common tag so you can find all of the blog posts, tweets, etc. about that conference!

30:21 - Jeanne
sorry i'm late Hi Kim

30:39 - jbrinling
The dictionary function is something I will be using with my classes this week. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm still learning how to use diigo fully.

30:47 - Kim Caise
no problem Jeanne - glad you could join us?

30:59 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
no questions so far

31:11 - durff
this will be recorded?

31:12 - Lorraine Leo
Jennifer, at what grade level have you introduced Diigo to students?

31:14 - Peggy George
keep going Jen--you can take more time and we're eager to hear about students using tags

31:16 - durff
I LOVE this

31:24 - SueH 2
Can you post to more than one group at a time?

31:33 - Jen Dorman
I used this with 9th grade students

31:41 - Ian Nairn
are you able to say which is better for school use - diigo or delicious?

31:41 - Lorraine Leo
@Jen thanks

31:46 - Peggy George
only one group at a time SueH but you can post to many groups

31:47 - Steve Ransom
Good question

31:48 - durff
you do? love you jen

31:55 - durff
i have 7th

31:56 - jackiegerstein
Go for it!

32:00 - scottmerrick
great question!, me listens

32:10 - Kim Caise
hi Stephanie and Skip

32:32 - penny
I love the hiliting feature and stickinote feature in diigo

32:34 - Kim Caise
hi Ron

32:52 - Peggy George
I love that you can highlight key points on a site and add a comment and then share that with a specific group--very helpful with students!

33:02 - matt montagne
anyone have any idea of what Diigo's Biz model is?? I'm amazed at the number of web2.0 spaces/companies that are going away

33:07 - Deb 3
can you show this?

33:09 - Kim Caise
hi Annabel Djurosky

33:16 - durff
so a class would have one group

33:25 - penny
@peggy and it reminds me why I thought it was valuable when I come back months later

33:26 - durff
and smaller groups therein?

33:27 - Steve Ransom
But you can annotate delicious booksmarks as well, can't you?

33:31 - Kas
please demo annotation abilities

33:32 - SueH 2
Can I preload the students' names a tags and when they make a contribution, I'll see what they entered?

33:35 - Peggy George
a class could have one group but also subgroups if you want

33:39 - jorech
Hi 5 on the hilighting.

33:45 - Jo Ann Estevez
Some articles that I want to bookmark to diigo do not allow me to because they do not contain the diigo icon.

33:51 - durff
great pegy!

33:57 - durff

33:59 - Kim Caise
we will be demonstration the highlighting those features in our weekly read in a bit

34:06 - matt montagne
the diigo website annotation is quite nice...

34:08 - jackiegerstein
Is the post it note part of the Diigo tools - where is it?

34:08 - durff
i love learning with you all

34:14 - penny
always interesting to "stumble upon" public stickinotes

34:16 - jackiegerstein
me too durff

34:20 - jorech
Kids can do their annotated bib, paperlessly.

34:32 - Kim Caise
@jackie you can find those options in the toolbar or diigolet

34:34 - Ian Nairn
can you show examples of what you have just said?

34:45 - durff
will Diigolet highlight?

34:47 - matt montagne
diigo is also a great way to provide students feedback on their weblogs/web writing...via annotating/sticky notes

34:52 - Kim Caise
yes @durff

34:54 - jackiegerstein
thx kim - I am going to look for it

35:01 - durff
thx kim

35:03 - Kim Caise
yw @jackie

35:13 - Jeanne
our juniors are doing huck finn & an annotated bib this could be great

35:16 - scottmerrick
got it, just imported my delicious bookmarks to diigo

35:17 - jorech
Allows for "Assessment FOR Learning"

35:20 - penny
@matt - great idea -- good collaboration if you are building a site together!

35:23 - Peggy George
I hope some of you will take the mic and elaborate on your points--great ideas!!!!

35:54 - jackiegerstein
I like how you can tailor embeds to tags

36:02 - scottmerrick
and those would be sort of random coded like usnspace847 or something

36:06 - Troy
@scottmerrick- I guess you decided the time and effort was worth it.

36:12 - scottmerrick

36:13 - Tammie - Trinity in Atlanta
@Jackie It's on the Diigo toolbar, you have to be logged in.

36:15 - jorech
If you have sources, marked on file, you can compare to final copy to curb plagiarism

36:26 - Kim Caise
absolutely @jorech

36:30 - durff
so students - do they sign up for their own accts?

36:31 - Peggy George
I really like that distinction jorech! assess for learning which guides your instructions vs assessment of learning (summative)

36:42 - scottmerrick
i've been using diigo for a good while but haven't used it anywhere near to its potential

36:46 - Jeanne
we just had 60 jrs caught plagiarizing. rewrote this entire assignment because of it

36:52 - Alfonso Hinojosa
Furl kept a cache copy of the bookmarked page. Do Diigo do that or it just keeps URL addresses?

36:55 - Maureen
@durff you can send in a csv file to sign up all your kids at once

36:59 - scottmerrick
lol @fear not

37:04 - Kim Caise
@sue, did you still have a question?

37:09 - Skip Offenhauser
i would like to use diigo BUT it is blocked in my district - anyone else have that problem?

37:11 - Kim Caise
he Leslie

37:15 - Kim Caise

37:15 -
i want them to sign them up

37:18 -
Steve Ransom
Yes, just imported my delicious bookmarks as we speak... took seconds.

37:19 -
I did the importing yesterday: EZ.

37:21 -
any chance of a merger?

37:27 -
they need to know how

37:28 -
can you explain how to do this?

37:29 -
I think I need a lesson how to use Diigo on my toolbar

37:30 -
SueH 2
No It was answered.

37:48 -
we are wireless laptop school. faculty side is open. student side is filtered

37:58 -
Peggy George
feel free to keep going Jen--we have already pretty much covered the blog post of the week

38:03 -
@durff there is an option to have them get their own accts- but I think the teacher panel is worthwhile

38:04 -
go over students sign ups

38:09 -
need to go into delicious 'settings' and export an html bookmark file

38:24 -
I am using diigo in my classes, are there any rubrics availaible for me to use to assess diigo skills?

38:27 -
@durff if you create a group and then invite the kids in the class- that works too

38:28 -
then upload to diigo, simple

38:46 -
Peggy George
You can also import all of the favorites you may have saved in your browser (IE, Firefox, Flock, etc.)

38:48 -
Ian Nairn
apart from the student research & link to blogs what other aspects of student learning and/or lesson plans do you use Diigo for?

38:53 -
thanks scottmerrick

39:39 -
Peggy George
the educator account is such a valuable service for schools!

39:41 -
Wow - using Diigo in the classroom could be a whole day workshop!

39:48 -
Corina Long
what a great feature

39:59 -
Peggy George
email addresses for students are often a big problem

40:02 -
@ durff - one thing I kind of liked was their printout of the kids acct info all set to print and cut to give out to indiv kids.

40:08 -
Corina Long
that feature may help me get diigo unblocked in our district...yea!

40:18 -
Peggy George
Yes jackie! we plan to have more conversations about Diigo in the future!!

40:20 -
@Corina yay go for it

40:23 -
Kim Caise
I included the link to apply for the Diigo Educator account in our sharetabs link that i will be sharing in a bit

40:40 -
All good online apps for education should have the ability to sign up student accounts without emails.

40:43 -
Registered for a diigo account.

41:40 -
shoot, I have to go...allmy twitter peeps, take good notes!

41:56 -
Peggy George
you can choose to follow groups on Diigo that share your interests and get tons of relevant resources!

42:03 -
Kim Caise
I don't believe so @charlene

42:12 -
Kim Caise

42:15 -
@PeggyG - this workshop has actually increased my interest in having students use it (just use it for myself). I don't have my upper elementary students using it now -plan to!

42:23 -
Peggy George
there are groups for many many purposes! several special education groups!

42:27 -
Sorry, Jen, this is awesome! Thanks! gotsta go.

42:44 -
Kim Caise
take care @jorech

42:45 -
is there help or training modules in the educator section so we can learn how to use the features?

42:46 -
Peggy George
the recording of this session will be posted on our website following the show

43:13 -
Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
@Peggy George - excellent

43:17 -
Kim Caise
Jen's wiki and I included several links in our sharetab that I will be sharing has several help links

43:33 -
Can one put the archived session on one's iPod?

43:46 -
Peggy George
You can also subscribe to our show archive blog and receive all of the links from the show in your feedreader

43:57 -
Kim Caise
we save the audio only as an mp3 file

44:13 -
Kim Caise
and the full archived version on the live website archive page

44:16 -
Peggy George
there is an mp3 version of the show that can be downloaded to mp3 player but you'll miss all of the visuals

44:19 -
Found a slidehare of it - http://www.slideshare.net/cliotech/digging-deeper-with-diigo-education-presentation

44:19 -

44:29 -
/me searches for Twitter Freaks group lol

44:48 -
Kim Caise

44:52 -
@scottmerrick, would you like another follower on Twitter?

44:53 -
Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
*wonders how he joins that group

44:56 -
Peggy George
@Jackie-we have those links in our slideshare I think :-)

45:06 -
Peggy George
sharetabs that is!

45:15 -
if you want to convince teachers about social networking, this is a gr8 hook

45:16 -
@Peggy - can you post the sharetabs in the chat?

45:22 -
I'm always looking for other hs people on twitter

45:25 -
Peggy George
yes it's coming soon!!

45:35 -
Thomas - Atlanta
this is all such great information, Jen, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

45:37 -
ah, Luuuucy, of course, owns Twitter Freaks

45:45 -
Peggy George
the time is just flying by!!! we will definitely have to continue this conversation!!

45:47 -
Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
of course

45:48 -
@Jeanne what is your twitter id?

46:02 -
Thomas - Atlanta
@jeanne I teach high school...my twitter account is tcooper66

46:02 -
Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
mine is ljloeffler

46:04 -
bookgirl425 on twitter Lindsey

46:10 -
thx for sticky note how-to!

46:22 -
I'm lindseyb16 on twitter hs instr tech

46:33 -
great - I am the Lib Med Spec

46:39 -
I just Diggo'ed Jen's Diggo Wikispace

46:46 -
Diigo must have programmers chained in a basement heheee

46:48 -
Corina Long
just register on diigo

47:08 -
Peggy George
so funny Scott!!!

47:29 -
what a great session! I have Diigo but have underutilized it - have learned a lot today

47:33 -
Thomas - Atlanta
@lindseyb16 i do instructional technology and am now following you on twitter.

47:41 -
Peggy George
Diigo is such an awesome research tool!

47:52 -
second that @karenjan

48:03 -
@Thomas found you too, lets share ideas

48:13 -
Jen Dorman

48:20 -
Jo Ann Estevez
What if there are articles that do not allow for bookmarking to Diigo

48:26 -
Is Diigo good for graduate students to organize academic papers?

48:32 -
How do you send diigo links to your delicious account

48:35 -
say that 3 times really fast

48:37 -
Jen Dorman
Yes @Hui-Wen

48:40 -
Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
How would diigo be combined with Evernote?

48:40 -
@lindseyb16 I do instructional technology and I am now following you o twitter also

48:48 -
Thomas - Atlanta
@lindseyb great idea. my skype account is tcooper1966 in Atlanta. I also have a website http://www.thenetworkedlearner.com

48:48 -
Had someone say -- you mean people can graffitti my blog and I won't 'know unless I'm on Diigo?

48:53 -
Kim Caise

49:01 -
Jen Dorman
@Jeanne Yes - I have them posted on my wiki page as well

49:07 -
I hear a dog barking.

49:10 -
thanks Jen

49:17 -
Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
thanks Jen

49:25 -
Alfonso Hinojosa
Can keep diigo the content or just the url?

49:35 -
Jen Dorman
Sure - thanks!

49:41 -
Thanks Jen -

49:50 -
Any way to block Diigo notes/hiliting from being on your site?

49:54 -
Is there a rubric availaible for assessing diigo skills?

50:01 -
Thomas - Atlanta
@louis i'm following you on twitter now too

50:09 -
Peggy George
yes you can make highlights/notes private

50:23 -
Texas Gail
I am the K- 12 Science Coordinator in Anchorage, Alaska @texasgail

50:32 -
that link go into chat or somewhere to make it live?

51:11 -
Jen Dorman
@Jo Ann Yes - Sometimes there are issues with sites that have a Jave or Flash banner - You can go to your My Bookmarks page and paste the URL address to the Add a Bookmark section

51:22 -

51:25 -
woopwoop da dembo

51:30 -
thx Lorna!

51:38 -
is anyone going to CUE in March?

51:53 -
k. off to hershey. attending Chris Champion's 40th B-day party this evening!

52:00 -
have a lovely day all!

52:15 -
matt montagne
Jen, that was a wonderful presentation...kudos and thank you for taking the time to share with all of us

52:20 -
so we need to clear the room? lol

52:22 -
Jen Dorman
@Louis - Diigo is looking to something like that - you can now export your Google Notebooks to Diigo

52:44 -
but as the blog "owner" you can't control what people write on your own page

53:14 -
Kim Caise

53:34 -
Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
@Jen - thanks - just brought them into Evernote too

53:43 -
yes i would like to see student ex's

53:43 -
Peggy George
Diana-jump in :-)

53:54 -
Jen thanks

53:59 -
we share lot of tags among staff members

54:11 -
Peggy George
yes anyone have a great discovery this week?

54:21 -
thx! ya'll. i have to run, called by family to be with 'em! You all rock! Love the sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!

54:24 -
can anyone give examples of student use

54:26 -
you are all Web 2.9 - feel like i'm at web 2.2! so much I have yet to discover

54:28 -
Cheryl Morin
My fellow classmates and I in our master's class share tags to help each other in our Action Research projects.

54:29 -
Jen Dorman is my discovery@

54:30 -

54:32 -
Peggy George
mine is that I learned to use PhotoPeach to create a video of photos with music :-)

54:37 -
how about briefly show how to "sharetabs"

54:49 -
matt montagne
peggy, kim, lorna and steve...great webcast...and thank you for leading this weekly session...

54:57 -
I'm teaching a current events class, and wer are using tagging to identify headlines of newsworthy events. The students then highlight and annotate for others to view and learn.

54:58 -
Kim Caise
sure thing Sheri www.sharetabs.com

55:06 -
@matt ty

55:07 -
Jen Dorman
@Penny - no you can't block others from bookmarking or annotating your site, but if you see something inappropriate you can contact Diigo to remove it

55:21 -
Jen Dorman
@jbrinling Not that I know of . . .

55:27 -

55:29 -
Peggy George
http://photopeach.com/ very easy free online tool that you can embed or share on Facebook or other places

55:40 -
I wonder if English teachers who are using online texts of books could have the kids use diigo to annotate as they read.

55:43 -
@jen thnx -- just voicing a concern that someone had asked me about

55:45 -
Peggy George
great idea as a review tool for students!

55:51 -
Cheryl Morin
My fellow classmates in our Master's Class share tags to help each locate resources for our Action Research projects and papers

56:24 -
Jen Dorman
@charleneblohm :)

56:28 -
I am late for today's webinar, would you record today's webinar and put it online?

56:37 -
Peggy George
@Cheryl--I love that idea for locating resources for action research!! do they decide on common tags to use?

56:37 -
@jen - I've left a forum post about this any rubrics you or the teachers you work with soulod be appreciated...

56:41 -
Thanks so much for the Sharetabs resource - it is fantastic

57:08 -
Kim Caise
hi Steve

57:09 -
great great show -- thought I knew Diigo -- but learned so much more today!

57:13 -
Deb 3
please post the link

57:16 -
Thanks for the sharetabs resource

57:16 -
Jen Dorman
Thanks for inviting me today

57:17 -
Do you archive chat too?

57:19 -
Cheryl Morin
Not really but I am going to share this session's info with them and perhaps we can refine our searches

57:21 -
I think Clay Burell had some good links to uses of diigo in his classroom

57:25 -
Peggy George
we would love to see some comments about the shows and also to hear your suggestions for future topics!!

57:25 -
How does Photopeach conpare to Photostory

57:35 -
This was my first webinar and I found it extremely helpful! Thanks!

57:40 -
Kim Caise

58:09 -

58:10 -
Peggy George
very similar Dessa but I found Photopeach very automatic and easy to use on my Mac

58:31 -

58:37 -
Thank you Maureen

58:42 -
Photo Peach is simple - only two versions of sharing - with a few songs , but I like its simlicity and embedded a few shows into my students' PB wiki project

58:51 -

58:56 -
Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
thanks - time to go (date with my daughter) thanks!

58:58 -
Ian Nairn
first time on a Classroom 2.0 Live event - really excellent & thanks for your efforts in putting it together

59:00 -
Peggy George
Steve is much faster than I am! Thanks!

59:02 -
I have been asked to present an in-service on diigo to our faculty next week. I'll be referencing this webinar and will revisit this cast.

59:19 -
What a great PD!!

59:28 -
Thanks so much always worthwhile to be here!

59:34 -
Peggy George
we're going to share the love on Valentine's Day about Skype! :-)

59:34 -
yeah skype

59:34 -
Steve Hargadon
Yeah, Skype!

59:35 -
Cheryl Morin
Thank you from Cheryl in Pelican Narrows, Sk. Canada

59:36 -
Jen Dorman
@jbrinling Feel free to use anything I posted on my wiki

59:49 -
Thanks Jen

59:55 -
thank you thank you

1:00:01 -
Many thanks Jen!

1:00:03 -
Lorraine Leo
Thank you Jen for the presentation.

1:00:05 -
Barbara O'Berry
Thanks Jen...awesome!

1:00:06 -
SueH 2
Thanks from Sue In Surrey, BC

1:00:07 -
Lorraine Leo
Thanks moderators.

1:00:09 -
Thanks all!

1:00:10 -
Deb 3
do we need a Skype! account

1:00:11 -
Lorraine Leo
Thanks Steve.

1:00:12 -
Peggy George
Thank you so much to all of you who shared your ideas!! I can't wait to go back and review the chat log!

1:00:13 -
matt montagne
great webcast y'all!!!

1:00:19 -
I wish I could make an auditory applause - like SL

1:00:29 -
Lorraine Leo
We will meet in Skype or in Elluminate?

1:00:29 -
Deb 3
should we get the account in advance

1:00:30 -
Rob Mc
Once again a very informative session, see you next week..

1:00:36 -
Jen Dorman
Thanks, everyone!

1:00:40 -
Peggy George
thanks for all of the positive feedback!

1:00:41 -
thank YOU!

1:00:48 -
this was great - look forward to the info about video conf.

1:00:49 -
Steve Hargadon
Great work, as ALWAYS, Jen!

1:00:50 -
SueH 2
HI Cheryl -- you might want to join Canadians Mashup in Classroom 2.0.

1:00:51 -
Great resources today- thank you!

1:00:52 -
Will you put today's webinar online?

1:00:54 -
Ian Nairn

1:00:56 -
Peggy George
Huge thank you to Jennifer Dorman!! Such a great presentation!!!!!

1:01:02 -
Kim Caise
thank you everyone!

1:01:04 -
Thanks for a great presentation!

1:01:07 -
Thanks so much Bye

1:01:10 -
Steve Hargadon
Recording should be up in two hours.

1:01:16 -
Steve Hargadon
Audio, video, and chat... :)

1:01:17 -
thx bye!

1:01:31 -
Peggy George
This is definitely a recording we will want to share with others! So valuable!

1:01:35 -
Everyone clap!!

1:01:35 -
Deb 3
thx not sure why the program put a 3 next to my name

1:02:00 -
Kim Caise
no problem Deb, sometimes it loads additional windows

1:02:10 -
Peggy George
@Deb not sure why either-that is usually something you type when you log in????

1:02:12 -
Steve Hargadon
Were there other "Debs" already in the show when you logged in?

1:02:14 -
afternoon - gotta get ready for PETE-C!!

1:02:26 -
Deb 3
no I looked for that other debs

1:02:27 -
Peggy George
bye all-thanks for coming durff!

1:02:38 -
Steve Hargadon
We can take them off.

1:02:39 -
Deb 3
Also got an error trying to enter the room in IE

1:02:46 -
Steve Hargadon
No problem. I'll show you in the post show how to do.

1:02:53 -
Peggy George
if you don't sign off we will clear all of you in a minute or two

1:02:55 -
how do you leave?

1:03:34 -
Steve Hargadon
ihor: just go to file, exit or close the window

1:03:38 -
Peggy George
you can just close your browser window or tab to leave the session too

1:04:02 -
Steve Hargadon**
OK, I'm clearing the room now!