Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: hi everyone

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Let's go!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Marty Caise: hi Thomas

Moderator (Peggy George): Hi Thomas-great to see you here

Moderator (Peggy George): Kim are you logged in as Marty?

Marty Caise: no it is me Sparky

Marty Caise: she is coming

Moderator (Peggy George): ok thanks Marty!!

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: looking forward to meeting everyone

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: i was a little confused, myself about that.

Lorna: Good morning

Kim Caise: good morning everyone

Lorna: Hello Kim

Jenny: good morning : )

Moderator (Peggy George): Hi Kim!

Lorna: I see that we have some early starters

Moderator (Peggy George): Hi Lorna--hail hail the gangs all here

Kim Caise to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George: i didn't have to login so i need to be made a moderator

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: can i test my mic?

Jenny: Thanks for your help yesterday-- I think I am all set. : )

Moderator (Peggy George): Great Jenny! You've done your "homework" and are all ready to go!

Lorna: sure

Lorna: activate it pls

Moderator (Peggy George): Kim the opening slide looks GREAT!

Jenny: I don't have access at the moent

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: go to view

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: click wide view

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: click on the mic at the top

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: youre find

Moderator (Peggy George): yes I'm hearing the echo now with Lorna

Moderator (Peggy George): good solution

Lorna: Welcome @Cjack @clover@Hui-Wen

CJack: Greetings to all from Mississippi State University

Lorna: Thanks Tom

Lorna: That is the answer for me

Jackie Gerstein: I don't want the mic - just making sound louder attempts

Jackie Gerstein: Fear is a good motivator

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: what's the topic for next week?

Moderator (Peggy George): isn't it???

Lorna: tips/tools for using and managing social networks

Mary Kay Morrison: Hi I am new to this and not sure of the process but I am looking forward to the session.

Moderator (Peggy George): We'll be announcing the topic during the show--next week will be Newbie Question of the Week: What is a feedreader and why do I need one? Topic: Google Forms

Moderator (Peggy George): Welcome everyone! Great to see you!

Jackie Gerstein: Hi!

Lorna: Hi JHackie

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Hi everyone

Jeanne: good morning everyone

Moderator (Peggy George): Good morning Jeanne

Lorna: Can everyone let us know where you are from?

Lorna: I am from St. Catharines ON Canada

Moderator (Peggy George): I'm in Phoenix AZ

Hui-Wen: I am from Idaho

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: I'm from Atlanta. I work at the Walker School.

Jeanne: Laguna Niguel, CA

Peter Zingg: Peter Zingg: sunny and warm in Marin County, CA

Jeanne: I'm at JSerra Catholic High School

Lois Cox: Lois Cox from Onalaska, WI.

Jackie Gerstein: Arizona - windy, sunny, warm

Lindseyb16: North east Massachusetts, v. cold

Jenny: I am in Anchorage AK it is 8 am and it is neg 14 degrees. : )

Antwon Lincoln: Antwon Lincoln - San Diego Sunny

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I forgot to post the survey link...

Lorna: very excited to be here!!!

Jackie Gerstein: Love PLNs

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): That's very fun!

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: where's the tool?

Lorna: Ok I am missing the laser pointer

Jackie Gerstein: Cool - is this a tool built into Elluminate?

Lorna: ah thanks

Moderator (Peggy George): Haven't checked the thermometer in Phoenix today but sunny and warm

Jeanne: sunny and warm here

Jeanne: 73 at 9am

CJack: Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS rainy and 65

Kristina H 1: hello from luxembourg (6 pm)

Jenny: whew I was confused for a moment.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Hi, Kristina!

Mary Kay Morrison: I did not post my site which is Rockford, Illinois -could not find my wand

Moderator (Peggy George): I'm so glad we have a variety of responses to the poll!!

Jackie Gerstein: Hint - I am actually connected to mine right now.

Lorna: great tool

Moderator (Peggy George): me too--great to have you in my PLN

Kristina H 1: oops. professional, i thought personal learning network

Jackie Gerstein: Fast response to that one!

Moderator (Peggy George): I love the polling tool on Elluminate!

Moderator (Peggy George): very interesting!!

Lorna: Isn't a great way to focus the discussion

Lindseyb16: Polls are great on here

Lorna: isn't it

Moderator (Peggy George): we may have to do a special session just on Plurk

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: only once for me, prefer twitter

Antwon Lincoln: Why...

Jackie Gerstein: Found a stat today - 782% growth in Twitter in 2008

Peter Zingg: Just looked at a screenshot of Plurk and was pur-plexed.

Antwon Lincoln: Can't wait for the show on Plurk

Lorna: That is a result of friends following each other

Mary Kay Morrison: I am on LInked In which I really like

Lorna: That is good to know that you may not have a closed network

Sarah S: I tried Plurk but had a tough time getting it set up - and twitter was working really well for me, so I didn't invest too much time in Plurk.

Jeanne Bookgirl425: I read Plurk was more casual and Twitter was more for business networking as is LinkedIn

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Yabber is used by a number of businesses.

Lorna: Mass cue what is that??

Lindseyb16: Massachussets computer using educators. I am a member

Lorna: grr8 ty

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Also now can use in the education tab.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Lois Cox: I follow people on Twitter but not regularly.

Jackie Gerstein: My two major methods are (1) iGoogle with RSS feeds of blogs and news, and (2) Twitter

Eve Heaton: I follow blogs through my blog. So I can see when things are updated.

Shawn: My iPhone has made it easier to follow folks on Twitter.

Jenny: I def. agree that diversity of voices is critical for contituation of thought development and growth.

Jeanne Bookgirl425: I'm a member of Orange County CUE

Jeanne Bookgirl425: I follow blogs and nings thru my blog and twitter and facebook and SL

Moderator (Peggy George): I personally started with reading blogs but then quickly moved to twitter to discover new blog posts in addition to my feedreader subscriptions.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): The CUE community and other social networks are great places.

Jackie Gerstein: Using @twitter name in twitter box, looking at people who someone I respect is following them and then adding them.

Jeanne Bookgirl425: I don't think I have a mic on this

Moderator (Peggy George): sorry Jeanne-keep typing

Jeanne Bookgirl425: I'll go back to my laptop which does

Kristina H 1: i started out with google reader and now use twitter a lot besides lms, delicious, facebook. still need to be more active in the nings

Peter Zingg: I read a few education feeds every day in Google Reader, and then push the posts that I find relevant to the teachers I work with (I'm a tech director, not a teacher myself).

Lindseyb16: I use twitter, delicious and netvibes as a rss reader and its public page feature

Jackie Gerstein: Joining lots of Nings - as per the twitterverse - wish there was a centralized page that lists all of my NIngs

Jenny: oh my exponential growth is seems. I am haven't jumped into blogging yet.

Jeanne to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: I keep adding pages to favorites then perusing them at more depth later

Peter Zingg: I hope during this spring to become more of a poster as well as a reader. My role model for this is: - he's a tech director I've met face to face.

Jeanne to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: oop

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: I have high school students look up the blogs of university professors and organizations that deal with topics they are studying.

Jenny: i have jumped in with both feet due to sl. I ahve discovered in credible resources and individuals and

Jenny: just am trying to figure it all out!

Mary Kay Morrison: my web site has a blog. I am trying to figure out how to get educators on my site to blog about how they use humor in the classroom.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Clever!

Lindseyb16: @Thomas cool idea, what subject?

Moderator (Peggy George): @Mary Kay--have you sent a twitter message about your blog?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @thomas: do you have them look for grad students as well? They might be more likely to engage.

Moderator (Peggy George): add your link here and it will be saved in the chat archive

Peter Zingg: Yes, long term is important!


Antwon Lincoln: That is a good point that you have to commit to your subscribers

Eve Heaton: My students blog is at This is fourth graders blogging.

Jackie Gerstein: @Jenny - SL is my favorite professional development venue - and

Moderator (Peggy George):

Mary Kay Morrison: is the site on Using Humor in the Classroom

Eve Heaton: I also do science notebooking in the classroom and I have a blog with lots of pictures and explainations (elementary/middle school level) at

Moderator (Peggy George): It's so great to bring together all of the different roles-teachers, parents, students, educators!

Peter Zingg: Interestingly enough, I took a poll in a 7th grade classroom yesterday and NO students had ever used twitter. SMS yes, of course...

Moderator (Peggy George): go ahead Jeanne--we can hear you

Jackie Gerstein: Started a PBWIki and asked other classess to join - Ours from Arizona, two others joined - one from Illinois and one from Turkey -

Eve Heaton: Made a mistake the science notebooking site is at


Moderator (Peggy George): thanks Jackie!

Smhearty: This is in and of itself and interesting use of technology. I'm currently working with another user on Skype and working through this. I could see some use for this with Professional Development.

Jenny: Thank you Jackie : )


Jackie Gerstein: It SOOO much fund Jenny!

Jackie Gerstein: Networked student video

Mary Kay Morrison: please explain Ning

Moderator (Peggy George): wow Jeanne! you are very connected!

Moderator (Peggy George): Steve would you like to explain Ning?

Lorna: NIng is a social network application

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Great point Jeanne!

Jackie Gerstein: Ning -

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Peggy: sure

Shawn: One of the things I like about Ning is that I retain the rights to the content.

Smhearty: One of the conversations I've had is about the effectiveness of some of these tools that are in their infancy. Teachers, as a whole, need to see an immediate payoff to take the risk of some of these technologies.

Eve Heaton: I do a classroom teacher blog but I don't get much traffic there. I most likely will not do it next year. I'll keep the student blog (again fourth grade). My website gets a lot of parent traffic but I actively promote it in the classroom ( this a fourth grade class website.

Moderator (Peggy George): The Ning explanation will be a great transition into our topic today of managing/using social networks

Moderator (Peggy George): @Eve--sometimes it takes a long time to get people to respond to your blog posts even when they are regular readers. Don't get discouraged.

Jeanne to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: also networking with our alma mater and current students if that's applicable. SJSU SLIS has a great network.

Lorna: @Eve please don't give up on the classroom website

Peter Zingg: Is there a ning search? I'm looking for "open source classroom 2.0"

Smhearty: Managing social networks is a HUGE topic. How many to belong to? Which ones are most effective? Will there be a "NewReader" model for updates on the social networks?

Lorna: more parents as they come to understand the possibilies will find you

Donelle: Is it possible to have the ads removed on a Ning?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @peter:

Moderator (Peggy George): I even started a Ning community for my alma mater--classmates from MANy years ago!

Shawn: @Eve I agree. I think this is in the vanguard and more will follow. Being in front will be a help to others.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: You can send them an email to get the adds removed.

Jackie Gerstein: That's why I love my Pageflakes and iGoogle aggregates.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Donelle: see

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: I have a ning community for environmental science teachers

Donelle: That's great-thanks

Mary Kay Morrison: what is pageflakes?

Lindseyb16: Netvibes helps me manage my network

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Pageflakes is a social reader

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): See the wiki for educational social networks at

Jeanne: I look at groups that my network friends belong to

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Great list, and if you know of others, add them!

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: I like Netvibes

Jeanne: I use Google reader

Eve Heaton: I like sites that feature student work. It is very powerful to see what children are capable of.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: You can set them up for a class and then have each page relate to a topic. I have one for my APES course.

Peter Zingg: You need a dashboard to keep it all straight. Also, most of these tools can cross-post: diigo to twitter, wordpress, etc.

Jackie Gerstein: I use my Pageflakes to present professional archives, Blogs, twitters, links, etc.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: It can get so large its hard to get through.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): How to manage multiple Ning networks:

Karen: I got here late- darnit-- and have yet to figure out if a Personal Learning Network is something you do consciously-- like friending someone

Jenny: Smhearty -- i agree the time to effectiveness and immediate use. . . is critical -- i have so many duties -- as sped casemanager and teacher..

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Lindseyb16: This is my public netvibes

Lindseyb16: I love sharetabs

Moderator (Peggy George): Sharetabs is a great way to share links visually!

Jackie Gerstein: Nice aggregate!

Jackie Gerstein: Can you put that llink in the chat?

Lordo-THTV: Hello!

Moderator (Peggy George): you can create sharetabs pages for your students to use to go to safe websites

Mary Kay Morrison: wow==that is great with all the share tabs. Will we get a link to this conversation today?

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: SEMOZ Web 2.0 Awards is a great site to keep up on new and the best sites.

Moderator (Kim Caise) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: hi Lordo

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Balance: moving from the mental model of "inbox" to newspaper...

Moderator (Kim Caise): hi Lordo, great of you to jionus

Jackie Gerstein: What's balance? I want to quit my job and spend my days searching the web.

Mary Kay Morrison: I have written a book on Using Humor to Maximize Learning and I do workshops on stress and the impact on learning

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I can tell how I use iGoogle.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: It's like reading a newspaper. Set some time (30 minutes) each day (in the morning while you are having your coffee) to participate in social networks.

Moderator (Peggy George):

Peter Zingg: Newspaper is a good analogy-about twice a day, I read, google reader and check twitterific. Then it's back to work.

Lorna: @Mary Kay that is so important

Jeanne: I add things to favorites and establish a reading time to read each one in depth and either add them to my blogroll or delete them.

Antwon Lincoln: Ning is great!

Shawn: lol, its called standing in the hallway between classes and an iPhone networking w/the teachers in the hall and via Twitter/Facebook.

dlaufenberg: our school uses moodle for internal social networking (walled garden)

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Eve: are you familiar with Custom Google Search Engines?

Smhearty: Steve beat me to the Google Search Engines

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Furl is a good social bookmarking site.

Lorna: I think that somw timew you have to say enough

Jenny: giggle?

Lorna: times

Peter Zingg: delicious was my first 2.0 tool - and still is really useful. I now use diigo (but haven't used most of the social aspects), but my diigo bookmarks all go to delicious as well.

Moderator (Peggy George): I've also really liked using Friendfeed for sharing my links from Diigo/Delicious and reading those of my friends.

Jeanne: I use diigo also

Jackie Gerstein: Going to have my students create their own network about favorite books using Shelfari -

Eve Heaton: I'll definitely have to check out digo

Antwon Lincoln: Peggy - Ning is not blocked from view on school computers

Moderator (Peggy George):

Mary Kay Morrison: i like the concept of newspaper thanks

nhill: I do the same

Moderator (Kim Caise):

Smhearty: Someone I know is using Evernote to focus students on searching. The difference between that and Google Custom Search Engine is that you have control over the content - the content doesn't "go away".

Moderator (Peggy George): sorry-typed that wrong.

Peter Zingg: Click "shared" "starred" on google reader when you want to save 'em.

Antwon Lincoln: Peggy that message me was ffor the last speaker ---sorry

Jeanne: and flickr and youtube - subscribe to particular people who load videos that help

Lorna: @ Mary Kay there is something to be said about the value of print

Jenny: where do they go when the they drop?

Moderator (Peggy George): I love Diigo for searching for tags on a topic.

Moderator (Peggy George): @Jenny--could you say more about your question? when what drops?

nhill: read what peaks your interest

Jenny: re teve and when the blogs drop off of rss in google

Jackie Gerstein: I, too, read my iGoogle like a newpaper.

Peter Zingg: That's right, Steve. But about once a week, I find one that is worth archiving (clipping the newspaper).

Moderator (Peggy George): I use an application on my Mac called Snackr. It keeps a running scroll across the bottom of my screen with everything I've subscribed to in my feedreader.

Peter Zingg: Those are the ones I send to my teachers to get them thinking.

Jackie Gerstein: Love the Handshake problem metaphor

Eve Heaton: How can we get a copy of this slide that is up right now?

Karen: So the idea of responding to blog posts cahnges with the newpaper model

Karen: changes

Lindseyb16: It's your customized paper too, you get to be the editor deciding tags, topics and people who come through

Peter Zingg: Apple has the RSS screen saver too!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Is there a PC/Firefox/other program like snackr?

Kristina H 1: in addition to eve: who did the slide (for proper citation if we want to use it )

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Darn that Apple. So creative!

Kristina H 1: @steve: there was an rss reader screensaver tool for pc. i'll check if i still have it on my old pc. haven't used the pc in a year.

nhill: How do you get them to use it?

Moderator (Peggy George): Just read that it also works on Windows and Linux

nhill: Looking to try it next week with my staff.

Jeanne: admin support is necessary

Smhearty: Need the slide? Use Jing to take a screen shot.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @antwon: there has to be something really practical and compelling that the network "solves."

Moderator (Peggy George): they call Snackr a "ticker"

Lindseyb16: This is such a key issue Anton.

Peter Zingg: I guess "tickr" was taken.

Jeanne: that's cool Peggy, I'll look at Snackr.

Eve Heaton: What is Jing?

nhill: I am stepping into "Professional Development Facilitator" position next week. Try to get teachers to implement technology into the classroom.

Jeanne: I just bought Camtasia and downloaded Jing

Moderator (Peggy George): Great points about Ning in districts Antwon!

Kristina H 1: @eve: jing is a screenrecording / screencasting program

nhill: I love jing

Smhearty: Jing is a free cross-platform screen capture tool. It records stills and videos.

Lorna: I think that there has to be a lot of hand holding and personal contact to get people using the tools

Moderator (Peggy George): Oh Jeanne! You sound just like me! so many great tools!

Antwon Lincoln: ok..

Mary Kay Morrison: in my stress management workshops, one of the issues for both teachers and administrators is the challenge of adding the complexity of technology to already stressed lives.

Karen: I use Jing to show students how to use different tech tools

Jeanne: Just learning, Peggy. New Yrs Resolution to just do it.

Antwon Lincoln: ok..

Kristina H 1: snickr would be too distracting for me during a regular workday. wouldn't be able to get anything done if i saw all those great posts scrolling by all the time

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Would be great to have a Jing group on CR 2.O were we could all share our Jing casts.

Antwon Lincoln: Very helpful

Moderator (Peggy George): I agree Kristina! I only turn it on when I can stand to be interrupted

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: I have a number on Google Earth

Jeanne: It's JIT learning

Lindseyb16: What tool would you ask teachers to start their pln with?

nhill: I just made new screencast with Jing to teach students how to use Audacity

Donelle: Mary Kay: I agree with that too, especially if they are not familiar with the tools already

Peter Zingg: Start a ning about a new project, for example? Like how do we use these new document cameras that our district just bought?

Karen: @nhill I'd love to see that

Smhearty: Good idea Thomas. The sharing of information is what the social networks are about. Steve made the terrific point that it needs to be useful for people to adopt.

Eve Heaton: It helps for teachers in a district/school to see what students are capable of using technology tools. I have had a lot of interest in my classroom blog from teachers in the district now that they see who it can be used to enhance instruction.

Moderator (Peggy George): Great questions Lindsey

Shawn: I've used Snapz Pro to make virtual field trips in Second Life, but it's not free.

Jeanne: my current research says email is for "old people" so we all have to catch up

Jackie Gerstein: Twitter

Kristina H 1: @nhill. did you manage to explain audacity in 5 min. in jing or do you have the pro version?

nhill: I'm starting with plurk

Shawn: I agree, probably Twitter.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Ning

Lorna: @Shawn Sanpz Pro is an excellent tool

Smhearty: Truly depends on their current level.

Karen: RSS

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I think blogging is more understandable than twitter.

Jenny: Overwhelmed like me . . . as a Brand noobie

Eve Heaton: My district blocks twitter

Sarah S: Simple: RSS and a Google Reader is a great way to start them

Peter Zingg: Or, a ning on what would we do if we moved from an all-Mac to an open source platform in a year or two?

Eve Heaton: I agree with blogging

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I would start with blogging and Ning...

Jackie Gerstein: Can add the links to Twitter to refer to other sources.

nhill: edmodo with students =)

Eve Heaton: Having a good website I think would be a good start for teachers.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: I think having a Ning for a school or district is a great start for teachers.

Sarah S: I also mention Classroom2.0 as a great example of a ning

Donelle: We're starting with blogging

Smhearty: The problem with Twitter is usefulness.

Mary Kay Morrison: i find twitter difficult--and I have been using PSN for a while

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): You can use something like Chatterous for a specific purpose.

Karen: Using a blog throught a Ning is a great way to get feet wet is helpful

CJack: Regarding Jing, there is a application called TipCam from that does screencasts in FLV or AVI format, and there is no time limit on the file. It is free

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: They feel comfortable sharing with their peers, then reaching out to larger newtorks.

Jackie Gerstein: Interestingly, I can't directly get into Twiter at school but can get through it via my Pageflakes.

Jeanne: I agree with Steve. Starting with reading blogs and finding a good ning doesn't require them to respond so much

Lorna: Voice thread has gr8 value

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): The problem with Twitter for me is that it's such a leap into "immediacy"

Sarah S: I get twitter through BeTwittered on my iGoogle page even though twitter is blocked at school.

Kristina H 1: i'd look at deliious or diigo because they can build up a resource bank of great stuff that they want to share

Lorna: when you are just starting

nhill: Same her Steve.

Peter Zingg: and it's sooo short - 140 chars

nhill: here

Shawn: Ning is nice for pre-formatted stuff and then the focus is on the content.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: Two hands raised.

Jackie Gerstein: @Peter - that's why "good" tweets have links to other sites.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: If you start with a Ning, then you can move to blogs and RSS and incorporate them into the Ning which acts as a container for Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): CR 2.0 also shows how practially valuable these tools are.

Eve Heaton: I totally agree about classroom 20 being a good place to start.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): It's so *not* MySpace it surprises people.

Peter Zingg: I tend to want to take an hour to write a piece. Then you've got to link to it. But in my case, the tree will fall in the forest and few will hear it.

Eve Heaton: It helped me tremendously.

Jeanne: and join a particular group - get a couple colleagues to add to discussion and help to build activity

Lindseyb16: Yes, classroom 2.0 thanks then twitter might just follow once they start

Mary Kay Morrison: what kind of staff development does everyone have in their schools to address these questions?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: Your both doing a GREAT job.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Currently creating a class on Web 2.0 for a group of teachers in AL and we are starting with CR 2.0, then blogging, then RSS, etc.

Moderator (Peggy George): Excellent plan Thomas!!

Jeanne: I am developing my staff. I am doing a PLN inservice. I speak once a month at faculty mtgs.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: thanks

Lindseyb16: @Thomas, do you have a link yet?

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Would be happy to pass it on when it's done to be posted on CR 2.0

Smhearty: There can be a great hinderance through IT. There aren't a lot of IT people who understand education. It does seem to be getting better.

Peter Zingg: Just started following Wes Fryer on twitter - his (rather infrequent) tweets actually say something in 140 chars, rather than just "I just posted something on open source

Moderator (Peggy George): Marty is a fantastic example of a GOOD IT director!!

Jeanne: IT people tell me to "ask them first" before saying those "bad words" at work, lilke SNSs..

Marty Caise: @Eve It is not intentional

Marty Caise:

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @peter: that's why I like tools like Chatterous because you can separate the personal from the professional discussions.

Karen: Has anyone used Weebly?

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Will be posting the information on I'm moving some of my info from

Smhearty: Marty is. We need more Martys though!!!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I LOVE Weebly.

Jeanne: I don't ask IT first. If I have to I go to my VPrinc for Curr & Instrc who supports me

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I have 10 sites up because it's so dang easy to use.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Including

durff: I don't ask either

Karen: @Steve Can you say more about why?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Moderator (Peggy George): Absolutely! we just have to keep developing that collaboration between teachers and IT and curriculum

Moderator (Peggy George): Welcome Durff!!!!

Jeanne: I'll take the backlash. haha

durff: hi peggy

Donelle: What is Weebly?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): It takes all of 10 minutes to get a site up with Weebly, and that uses your own domain name, AND for free.

Moderator (Kim Caise): hi durff

durff: kim

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Not Web 2.0, but a GREAT tool

Shawn: @Jeanne but sometimes that's the only way it gets considered!

Karen: @Steve Thanks

Jeanne: we have a laptop wireless high school so supposedly tech is IMPortant

Moderator (Peggy George): Weebly is the site we're using for our Classroom 2.0 LIVE site

Jeanne: I agree Shawn

Antwon Lincoln: Great point!

Mary Kay Morrison: I love the idea of using students to share information about technology!

Antwon Lincoln: Would love to hear more from Marty!

Jackie Gerstein: Interestingly the student blogging site was not blocked at my school

Antwon Lincoln: Later date..

Peter Zingg: Start with a core of teachers - absolutely right!

Jeanne: I have gotten 4 colleagues to agree to apply for a PLP cohort

Moderator (Peggy George): Maybe we can have a special show for Marty and other IT directors to help us

Jeanne: that's powerful learning practice

Marty Caise: @Antwon... I am always available you can email me at

Moderator (Peggy George): 4 colleagues is a great start Jeanne!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @peggy Great idea.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: 5 minutes to go.

Donelle: What is the best way being one of those teachers, to grow your skills quickly. The excitement is there, but it can be overwhelming trying to learn on your own.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: I believe it helps to finish on time so that people know they can count on the length.

Moderator (Peggy George) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: go ahead with the final poll and wrapup

Peter Zingg: As an IT person, I want to "follow" the teachers rather than lead them.

Mary Kay Morrison: I agree Donelle

Jeanne: I would do an inservice Donelle with other teachers and all have laptops or computer lab and set up PLN together.. or start

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: People feel reluctant to leave if it's still going on, and I think they appreciate the formal finish.

Moderator (Peggy George) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: such a great point Peter! following and really listening to their interests and needs!

Jackie Gerstein: Can you ost your sharetab pageflakes link?

nhill: do a alot of sessions like this

Jeanne: if it's not blocked at work. ours is not

Smhearty: The best way to grow skills quickly is to "play" with them.

nhill: I did Open PD last year too.

nhill: Plurk and Facebook

Joe: I would say pick something of personal interest and you'll learn quickly.

Moderator (Peggy George): such a great point Peter! following and really listening to their interests and needs!

durff: what is status?

durff: i have no status

Kristina H 1: twitter and some more personal stuff just on facebook

Antwon Lincoln: I would love to be in the audience for that. (Peggy)

Moderator (Peggy George): status is what are you doing right now?

durff: oh ping

durff: that goes to many

Peter Zingg: oops forgot to tweet "i'm in classroom 2.0 live!"

nhill: like ping also.

Eve Heaton: I email my parents updates and personally I use facebook.

durff: i like twitter for myself

Jenny: I just started on facebook. . . iI have found it sort of strange. . .

durff: ping for ett stuff

Jeanne: facebook is good if you find a prof group

Kristina H 1: my twitter updates get pushed to friendfeed

nhill: @Jenny I thought it strange at first too.

Jeanne: there's tons of librarians on facebook

Moderator (Peggy George): would be a good option to include on the list!

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Facebook for pics of trips.

Jeanne: and Second Life too

Shawn: I use both Twitter and Facebook, but have a larger network on Facebook, so that one gets more attention.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: twitter for educational matters.

Karen: Ping?

Sarah S: Ping works great, but somehow I end up in BeTwittered or Tweetdeck and post through Twitter most often.

Moderator (Peggy George): I'm really starting to use Facebook more now

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: what's the address for Ping

durff: but SL isn't real good for updates i think

nhill: I do a lot of more personal posts on Facebook

Jeanne: SL is for live meetings and networking

Jackie Gerstein: Read a quote today, "Now it does not seem ridiculous to have your mom on facebook when others are following 3000 friends on twitter.

Mary Kay Morrison: I really like LinkedIn

Shawn: Twitterific on the iPhone is a nice way to make tweets.

durff: yes Jeanne

Moderator (Peggy George): take a look at friend feed--I'm finding it really helpful to instantly see bookmarks of my friends

Smhearty: Elluminate is interesting but not free as I understand it. Is any familiar with DimDim and the differences between that and Elluminate?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: Can we put up the Elluminate survey?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: @smhearty: Elluminate is free for up to three users.

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: WizIQ is like Elluminate but free

CJack: Smhearty, you might want to look into

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @smhearty: Elluminate is free for up to three users.

Karen: I find it's becoming important to have a personal persona on the web that's different from a professional one

Kristina H 1: or also flickr pics are pushed to friendfeed. it depens what you link to friendfeed

Moderator (Kim Caise) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: i can't get back to the browser

kim thomas: New to Twitter

Joe: I've had success with dimdim -- we've used the phone option -- it gives a conference line.

Lorna: dimdim and wiziq have band with issues

durff: smhearty - good point

nhill: Thank you for doing this...hopefully will be pulling more teachers in!

Jackie Gerstein: Twitter vs Friendfeed -

Smhearty: Thanks to everyone.

Jackie Gerstein: Thanks - this was fun

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Please fill out survey or go to link on your own at

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Would be willing to do a session on Google Earth.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Great work Peggy and Kim!

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: Thanks.

Shawn: Thanks folks.

Lorna: wonderful show

Jackie Gerstein: Still would love to see the Pageflakes sharetabs.

Lindseyb16: Google forms great idea

Kristina H 1: thank you very much for the show

Mary Kay Morrison: thanks so much!

Lorna: lots of gr8 contributions

Eve Heaton: Looking forward to next week.

Lindseyb16: Try and bring a friend next week?

Donelle: Thank you so very much!! This will be a huge help in the learning process.

Moderator (Peggy George): fantastic participation today! so GLAD you joined us!!! Come back next week and invite your friends! We really want to encourage "newbies" to join us!

Lorna: very important Peggy to get the newbies here

Marty Caise to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: Great Show Gang

durff: i thought it was at 1pm - sorry

Kevin Honeycutt: Wow, I think I was late

Smhearty: Interestingly, I think that there are some new social skills needed for this. For instance, when do you raise your hand to talk?

durff: me too

Moderator (Kim Caise) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise:

Jackie Gerstein: @durff - my google calendar hard the wrong time originally.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @smhearty: anytime you want!

Moderator (Peggy George):

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @jackie: I think that was my fault.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Not sure how it happened.

Jackie Gerstein: It was corrected and I am here - hurrah!

Thomas Cooper - Atlanta: bye everyone

durff: i'm late to my own funeral

durff: good thing to be late for

Kevin Honeycutt: Thanks

Moderator (Peggy George): you're so funny Durff!! so glad you got here!

Mary Kay Morrison: thank you signing off!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Kevin: when did you arrive? Did we miss you?

Peter Zingg: Thanks so much...

Jackie Gerstein: what are your twitter names

durff: ciao!!

Kristina H 1: bye everyone. have a nice weekend

Sarah S: Thanks - this was wonderful.

Moderator (Peggy George): I'm pgeorge on Twitter

Antwon Lincoln: Thanks!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Great work everyone!

Moderator (Kim Caise) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: kcaise is my tiwtter and plurk

Jackie Gerstein: Thanks Peggy

Kevin Honeycutt: I'm kevinh on PLurk

Jenny: holy cow -- my mind is about to explode! it was wonderful nad I have lots of work ahead of me. : )

durff: stay warm with the coming storm on the eastcoast

Moderator (Peggy George): so excited to be able to connect with all of you!!

Lindseyb16: bye

Jackie Gerstein: Thanks - great info

Moderator (Peggy George): bye all - See you next week.

Jenny: maybe it would be good to do somethng for newborn noobies

Shawn: See you next week, thanks for hosting the discussion!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): In one minute I'll kick everyone out so the recording will process.

Shawn: O.O

Moderator (Peggy George): As soon as everyone logs out we will save the recording and chat and post it on the website so you can share it with others or view it again to get the links

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): You have the mic if you want, kevin.

Moderator (Peggy George) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: saw Kevin briefly--must be having computer problems

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): OK, let's get out of here so the recording will process!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I'll post the links later today. Good work again!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Yes!

Moderator (Peggy George) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: ok bye

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Meet you on skype.

Moderator (Peggy George) to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Kim Caise: include Lorna