Jan 17, 2009 8:59:37 AM - CR 2.0 LIVE: 17 JAN 2009 - GOOGLE FORMS

00:13 - Kim Caise
yes we did Deb but feel free to do so again since you may have different followers

00:14 - Lorna
Hello Terry welcome

00:50 - Lorna
Hi Cobann and LBrown and Lorraine

00:53 - Lorna
Hi Peggy

00:57 - Lorraine Leo

01:06 - Lorna
sorry Hi Penny

01:07 - Penny
HI Lorna -- haven't "seen" you in awhile!

01:16 - matt montagne
hey all

01:30 - Penny
Hey Matt!

01:32 - Lorna
Monday nightcoming up

01:35 - matt montagne
just checkin' in...can't stay too long as I'm helping a friend move in a bit

01:42 - Peggy George
when we say tweeted the session out we mean we sent a message to all of our followers on Twitter to let them know about the show :-)

01:45 - Lorna
Hello Troy

01:51 - Shawn
Hi folks.

01:54 - Peggy George
Hi Matt-so glad you're joining us!

01:54 - Lorna
Shawn welcome

02:21 - Lorna
what a gr8 crowd Griffbuddy and Heather Welc9ome

02:22 - Peggy George
@Matt--love to have you as long as you can stay--this is much more fun than moving!

02:22 - Troy
Hi everyone. Google Forms is great!

02:23 - matt montagne
some of our teachers use google forms to collect feedback from students on units, learning activities, etc...

02:29 - Shawn
Hi Griff!

02:35 - Lorna
MAtt!!! nice to see u

02:53 - Peggy George
we hope all of you will jump in and share your google form ideas throughout the session

02:58 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
Curious, any chance these meetings might occur during the week at night? Noon Saturday is hard.

03:14 - Troy
Are these archived?

03:25 - Lorna
@Troy yes

03:29 - Steve Hargadon
These are archived at http::live.classroom20.com

03:42 -
Thanks. That was quick!

03:45 -
hi shawn

03:46 -
Steve Hargadon
@Deb: I know that's an issue...

03:50 -

03:59 -
Steve Hargadon
There are other shows we didn't want to conflict with, but it's a good idea...

03:59 -
just observing

04:00 -
Welcome Cyndi

05:05 -
@deb Don´t forget Europe... today it´s 6 pm here

05:21 -
Steve Hargadon
@Deb: good feedback.

05:34 -
kim thomas
Hi Peggy....the MICE are here to listen and learn! Kim T.

05:54 -
Saturdays are best for me personally, so thank you for having this today.

05:56 -
Jenny M.
There is just so much going on during the week in the evenings. . . that it would be nearly impossible for me to attend. : (

06:21 -
Peggy George
Hi Kim--soooo happy to see the Madison MICE!

06:23 -
@cobannon: same here

06:37 -
Steve Hargadon
Oooh. Alaska. I love it.

06:48 -
Terry Lindenmuth
Kutztown, PA

07:00 -
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
From manhattan, KS

07:05 -
yes, just noticed this

07:07 -
Steve Hargadon
I'm in Lincoln, California, where it's 9am, and a sunny 66 degrees.

07:12 -
Jenny M.
: ) jenny the very new to web2.0 is in Anchorage.

07:15 -
This is pretty cool and useful.

07:25 -
Peggy George
I'm from Phoenix AZ--74 degrees today!

07:26 -
Steve Hargadon
@Jenny: Welcome!

07:29 -
kim thomas
Phoenix, will be over 70 today.

07:30 -
I'm from rural alberta

07:30 -
From Okemos, MI, in Ludington MI at the time

07:41 -
google forms
Joining late from Abu Dhabi!

07:49 -
Jackie G
Green Check

08:04 -
Jackie G
Green Check

08:21 -
I can't seem to click it- but my answer is no

08:23 -
Jackie G
Not a green X - don't want to confuse people

08:24 -
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Yes, but not letting me click on it

08:36 -

08:39 -
oh I found it thanks

08:40 -
Steve Hargadon
Good advice Lorna

08:48 -
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
my screen says protected

08:52 -
Steve Hargadon
Is anyone having trouble or need help?

08:55 -
Jenny M.
Anchorage is very warm at +45 F.

09:21 -
Lots of running water?

09:35 -
Steve Hargadon
@Cyndi: That doesn't really mean anything important at this time.

09:38 -
Peggy George
@Cyndi- the screen is protected which means the moderators are controlling it . but you can still use the tools like the laser pointer on the screen

10:10 -
Marty Caise
pull out the RED Pen folks :)

10:21 -
Peggy George
be kind to us :-) we're learning!

10:49 -
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
not seing any tools like the laser pointer any longer, was on the map but not now

10:50 -
Steve Hargadon
If you are new here, please feel free to ask for any help that you need.

11:10 -
Our 21 year old loves gmail

11:25 -
google forms
Is anyone else getting a huge echo?

11:34 -

11:35 -
matt montagne
no echo here

11:37 -
matt montagne
audio excellent

11:39 -
Peggy George
@Cyndi-the tool bar should be on the whiteboard just to the left of the slides-do you see that?

11:46 -
Headsets help w/echo issues.

11:46 -
Common Craft has a great movie about RSS feed reader

11:58 -
Jackie G
Not the kids - they NEVER use emails - only IMs

12:01 -
Steve Hargadon
@google forms: you can run the audio wizard to make sure you're settings are right.

12:07 -
Peggy George
@Griffbuddy-that's one of our links today-the RSS video from Commoncraft :-)

12:11 -
Steve Hargadon
Go to Tools at the top, then Audio, then run the wizard.

12:33 -
Jenny M.
love gmail -- having students get on so can use igoogle and notes. -- trying to use as disablility support.

12:48 -
Steve Hargadon
Ugh... My blog? :)

13:02 -
Feed is that RSS

13:41 -
Peggy George
a Google account opens up all kinds of opportunities for students! fantastic tools!

13:52 -
kim thomas
Adios from the Mighty MICERs in Phoeni, AZ Kim

13:54 -
Peggy George
Yes Steve--one of your MANY blogs :-)

14:55 -
The first time that I tried to use a feedreader, I really didn't "get it". It wasn't until I tried it a second time that it worked for me. The key for me was marking things as read and then checking it again later. That was my "Aha" moment. That is when I realized how much faster this was than opening many, many web pages which might (or might not) have changed.

14:56 -
Peggy George
It's so wonderful to have my Madison MICE colleagues here today!! Thanks for joining us!

15:12 -
Steve Hargadon
Good advice Troy.

15:22 -
Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
A feed reader is like a book that updates itself from articlel that you choose on the web.

15:39 -
Jackie G

15:48 -
Steve Hargadon
From Chaos to Organized Chaos... :)

15:59 -
Peggy George
@Troy--that's such a great point! I did the same thing and it took awhile to figure it out. Now I'm using several feedreaders--feeling very brave! :-)

16:11 -
I am stuck in chaos!

16:13 -
From unaware to informed

16:26 -
I just read an article about using igoogle with students as a way to collect research

16:35 -
I use Netvibes v. versatile

16:41 -
Peggy George
I love that feedreaders bring the things to you so you don't have to go to your browser to search for them

17:11 -
Jenny M.
Darcie -- do you have the title of the article

17:20 -
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
It does make like reading blogs and such more manaable

17:31 -
I think it was on either THE Journal or Edutopia

18:01 -
Use to use Bloglines but now transferred to Google Reader so I can read from phone, integrate with iGoogle and sharing posts with friends

18:18 -
I use igoogle to organize each of my separate class student and teacher wikis and blogs for easy access in class

18:20 -
great point Troy

18:24 -
Peggy George
I started with NetNewsWire too. :-) Now I use NNW and Google Reader primarily. Like them both!

18:46 -
Does this all flow into your email account?

18:48 -
Peggy George
You can add Google Reader right to your iGoogle home page which is really handy!

18:54 -
@colettec - I like google reader too -- I can open up the article right on my igoogle page

18:56 -
Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
I use them in my classroom. They work well for student research. My APES students use them for their research papers.

19:05 -
Pageflakes tie into this?

19:07 -
Peggy George
No it doesn't flow into your email--it flows into your feedreader

19:21 -
Lorraine Leo
How does one get a Feedreader?

19:27 -
Good question

19:40 -
Jenny M.
thank you Darcie

19:48 -
@shawn - you should be able to put a piece into Pageflakes -- like igoogle home page right?

19:51 -
@Lorraine, just sign up at the reader website

19:58 -
Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
Search for Bloglines or Netvibes or Pageflakes on Google to get the web page and then sign up.

20:07 -
your welcome

20:08 -
Peggy George
if you have a Google account just go to the Reader and sign up. Then you start subscribing to things you want to follow.

20:13 -
@ Lorraine we will have links to Google Reader and Bloglines at the end of the show

20:13 -
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
But would sure like to use Google forms

20:16 -
Jackie G
Hopefully igoogle won't give up this service too!

20:29 -
Jenny M.
I WANT to use them. . . limited by student access -- trying to figure out how ti implement. . . have more student access.

20:31 -
Peggy George
Sure hope not Jackie!! So valuable!

20:31 -
Jackie G
No - sort of response.

20:34 -
@Jacke G -- that's for sure --

20:38 -
Lorraine Leo

20:42 -
Forms is part of Docs/Spreadsheets - can't believe it would go away

20:44 -
Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
We use SurveyMonkey at our school for tests and surveys.

20:48 -
Peggy George
sort of :-) you're right!

21:05 -
Terry Lindenmuth
Apple' Mail app allows you to put your RSS feed in the same location as your mail (not in your mail)

21:06 -
Peggy George
I use SurveyMonkey too but it costs money--Google forms is free :-)

21:17 -
I found it! It's edutopia and called Building a Digital Locker: Personal Learning Networks Explained

21:20 -
it's good for me since i"ve never really used spreadsheets -- quick cheat for me!

21:45 -
Steve Hargadon
From previous discussion: Common Craft video on Google Reader http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSPZ2Uu_X3Y&eurl=http:laughingsquid.com/google-reader-in-plain-english-by-common-craft/

22:23 - Steve Hargadon
This is a great way to demo Google Forms

22:34 - Lorna
@ Deb do you need help?

22:44 - Troy
A school that I know of uses Google Forms for their parent contact log. Each teacher on a team notes when they contacted parents. That way, all of the team members have access to it.

22:48 - Kristianstill
Hey Steve, long time no talk, wanted to show my support

22:49 - Sue L.
I got overwhelmed by my RSS reader so now I just use google alerts on the key words that I follow - the info comes in my email and it is directly related to topics I have an interest in

23:06 - Peggy George
Troy-what a great idea to use them for parent contact log!!

23:11 - Steve Hargadon
@Kristian! GREAT to "see" you.

23:42 - Kristianstill
Google forms, great. Made our staff CPD so competitive. Even teachers like to see how they are doing!

23:45 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
I have used survey monkey up to 8 or so questions are free.

24:00 - Lindseyb16
Do you need a google account to answer questions?

24:04 - Kristianstill

24:06 - ColetteC
Best Feature: I love the fact that you can email the form directly to folks and they can fill out the form and submit right from their email OR embed into a webpage or wiki

24:08 - Steve Hargadon
@Sue: that's a good solution.

24:08 - Sue L.
I used google forms as a webinar registration worked S M O O T H L Y !! I will use it again

24:13 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
you can also have student collaborate on writing test questions and creating a review sheet with Google Forms

24:16 - Kristianstill
it can be public

24:23 - MJ Page
forms are great for surveys- meaningful data for classroom

24:26 - Peggy George
forms are great for registrations

24:27 - Sarah S
The variety of responses possible in GForms works well for doing a learner survey at the start of a course and for feedback at the end.

24:54 - Kristianstill
Self Marking Gforms are a very useful homework resource

24:54 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
They can be used for students to enter lab data. Then all lab groups can look at the data collectively.

25:11 - Kristianstill
Completely agree Thomas

25:17 - ColetteC
@Thomas Its great for data collection!!

25:18 - Steve Hargadon
@Thomas: Oh, great use.

25:32 - Steve Hargadon
Web 2.0 in Science.

25:33 - Peggy George
You're already sharing some of the ideas we planned to tell you about. Awesome! :-)

25:36 - Sue L.
ooh that sounds interesting @kristainstill do you have a like for self-marking gforms?

25:41 - ColetteC
I just used Forms for end of the term evaluations

25:43 - Kristianstill
Also students competiting on the same task in difference rooms

25:50 - Terry Lindenmuth

26:00 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
You could then get other class groups in other parts of the country to do the same and get large data sets on standard labs that teachers do in biology or chemistry.

26:01 - Kristianstill

26:06 - Kristianstill

26:12 - MJ Page
templates are availabe for evaluation forms

26:13 - ColetteC
@Thomas great idea

26:19 - Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
what is the difference between choose from a list and multiple choice?

26:33 - Kristianstill
More than one selection

26:34 - Penny
would love in my childs school would use it for hot lunch forms

26:36 - Peggy George
choose from a list is multiple choice

26:39 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
What if you did a boiling point lab and had a form for it. Elementary students in different parts of the country at different altitudes could enter their data and share it.

26:42 - ColetteC
I even used the Christmas forms this year with my own college kids for them to submit ideas for Christmas gifts!!!!!

26:49 - Troy
Choose from a list allows more than 1 answer.

26:55 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
Please post the url for the form you are making so that we can go to it?

26:56 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
Then student's would be able to see that boiling point differs with altitude.

26:58 - Steve Hargadon
@ColetteC: LOL!~

27:03 - Peggy George
oh ColetteC! Christmas wish list! super idea!

27:04 - Kristianstill
Anyone else experimenting with self marking gforms??

27:06 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
They'd have the data from all the participating schools.

27:10 - ColetteC
@Steve - they got what they wanted!

27:24 - Peggy George
we have an example of self-marking gfroms in our links today

27:24 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
Kim, can you post it as a URL?

27:26 - Lorraine Leo
Can you give a link to the form or do you need to email it.

27:30 - Terry Lindenmuth
post it in the chat

27:32 - Penny
daughter used it to find out what the other kids got for halloween candy

27:42 - Heather
Can you link the form to a blog or webpage?

27:46 - ColetteC
@Lorraine, you can send a link or have the form in the email

27:50 - MJ Page
forms can be embered in web or blog

27:51 - Penny
they were working on data collection and expressing it in bar graphs, charts etc

27:54 - cobannon
You can embed them in a web page

28:18 - Steve Hargadon
This is brilliant--we can fill in the form now and see the responses. Way to go!

28:24 - Kim Caise

28:26 - cobannon
I embed my forms in a wiki for course registration and to have participants provide feedback for me at the end of a class. I get MUCH better answers from them that way than if I give them a paper form.

28:28 - Lorraine Leo
a subscription to google or google docs is not necessary to participate in the form?

28:34 - Shawn
My ADD is kicking in with the presentation and the side conversation here in the chat room. lol

28:44 - cobannon
Anyone can fill out the form. No registration needed.

28:57 - MJ Page
you do not have have a google account to fill in survey or form

28:57 - Griffbuddy
mine, too! i feel like my kids!

29:02 - Lorna
@Shawn I know how that feels

29:09 - Heather
Where is the link? Sorry..I Missed it.

29:11 - Kristianstill
Hey, we are tea drinking over here.... traditionallu

29:18 - Heather
got it!

29:25 - Elaine Woloschuk
Sorry: I can't see the link

29:31 - Griffbuddy
where is the link?

29:34 - Kristianstill

29:42 - Griffbuddy
not enough coffee?

29:42 - Steve Hargadon

30:00 - Kristianstill
But you often get some good discussions from these forms as a result

30:19 - christine
Does anyone know if this is available in Arabic? I tried entering from the Emirates google page in Arabic, but docs came up in English.

30:20 - ColetteC
Forms are also good for quick checks for understanding

30:20 - Marty Caise
Kim you need a good technician

30:45 - Jackie G
Thanks for making this hands-on - really demonstrating interactivity using Elluminate

30:57 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
I would think you have to have a google log in to make a form

30:58 - Kristianstill
Steve, new friends will try and pop back. We have a new/young family hence the lack of sleep

31:15 - Steve Hargadon
@Kristian: stay in touch!

31:32 - MJ Page
students can use forms to self evaluate performance

31:32 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
i would be interested in seeing the presenter side of elluminate.

31:43 - Kristianstill
Will do - happy to share gforms, I set them to share and pop in the link

31:59 - Lorraine Leo
very nice demo of this app

32:03 - Steve Hargadon
Hi, Charlene. Didn't see you here until looking at the survey results!

32:14 - Kristianstill

32:15 - Darcie
okay, I see the results are in a goole spreadsheet, does it do that automatically?

32:18 - Penny
there is a way to do bar graphs and pie charts with data right?

32:29 - cobannon
I love the new summary view!

32:30 - ColetteC
@darcie yep!

32:50 - Steve Hargadon
I have a hard time keeping up with all that Google does.

32:53 - Heather
This is great! I didn't know google forms had so much to it.

33:00 - Sue L.
I'm assuming if, on another sheet, you have a linked graph, it will update automatically too?

33:02 - Anders_Sweden
Most of us are teadrinkers...:)

33:03 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
Cool app

33:07 - Kristianstill
PS - see Tom Barretts blog, lots on Goggle Form goodness for primary schools ICT in my classroom

33:16 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
Our students do not have email addresses

33:18 - Peggy George
I'm waiting for them to make the responses immediately available after people complete the survey. Don't think we can do that yet

33:21 - Steve Hargadon
If you keep the spreadsheet up can you see updating real time?

33:33 - Darcie

33:34 - ColetteC
@Deb - embed the form in Wikispaces

33:34 - Peggy George
We're featuring Tom Barrett's blog post today! :-)

33:51 - Peggy George
no can see updating real time yet :-(

34:05 - Peggy George
can't see-- (also can't type) :-)

34:13 - Sue L.
link to Tom's blog, please?

34:35 - Steve Hargadon
Great job Kim.

34:38 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
In order to have access to Google forms, you must have a log in correct?

34:48 - Terry Lindenmuth

34:51 - Darcie
does elluminate let us save this chat as a file?

34:53 - MJ Page
after from is complete - can you customize the final page- direct to url?

35:00 - Lindseyb16
@Deb, just make a google account and you will have access

35:04 - cobannon
@Deb, yes that's right. You need a Google account to make the form.

35:06 - Steve Hargadon
Yes, the chat and audio and video all saved from Elluminate.

35:07 - Sheri
Can you have branched questions -- if yes, go to another questions; if no, go to different question ??

35:10 - Terry Lindenmuth
See this link: http://web.mac.com/tlindywizdumb/Site/MathEd/MathEd.html

35:11 - cobannon
But you don't need an account to fill it out.

35:20 - Lorraine Leo
Is there an option in google forms to have a text response? Or do you always have to have specific options for responses.

35:27 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
I was thinking students would have to have accounts if you wanted to share this with them in a class setting.

35:27 - ColetteC
@deb you need Google access to MAKE the forms but NOT to submit

35:31 - Darcie
could you paste the results onto your wiki?

35:34 - Steve Hargadon
You can have a text response.

35:37 - Lorraine Leo

35:42 - Sue L.
Go to file, save, in this interface to save chat convo

35:45 - cobannon
@Lorraine you can have paragraph or short text fields.

35:53 - ColetteC
I have edited the Thank You screen to link to the responses

36:02 - Steve Hargadon
We also save the full chat and post a few hours after the show.

36:10 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
Is anyone teaching these things to students at the middle school age?

36:23 - Darcie
great thanks for the directions to save the chat

36:25 - Terry Lindenmuth
Here is a way to come close to real time: http://web.mac.com/tlindywizdumb/Site/MathEd/MathEd.html

36:30 - ColetteC
I use forms with MS

36:31 - Darcie

36:40 - Lorna
Hello Charlene

36:45 - ColetteC
They create surveys and embed in blogs

36:47 - LBrown
What contacts list does the form access when choosing people to take survey?

37:00 - MJ Page
I did a school wide survey on technology needs and uses for teachers

37:07 - Peggy George
you can choose who you want to take the survey

37:15 - Griffbuddy
very good idea for teacher survery

37:18 - Steve Hargadon
I think they got answered as we went along/

37:32 - Terry Lindenmuth

37:33 - Peggy George
if you post it on your wiki anyone who accesses your wiki can complete the survey

37:40 - MJ Page
I didn't know about the auto charts - thanks for that

37:49 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
This is better then survey monkey because you are not limited to the number of questions for free.

37:49 - Terry Lindenmuth
We could try this link now: http://homepage.mac.com/tlindywizdumb/DocQ.html

38:03 - Lindseyb16
Can you show us some templates?

38:04 - Sue L.
the chat was going by so fast, I decided to change to VIEW, LAYOUTS, "WIDE".. it is much better now

38:04 - Steve Hargadon
Google is pretty amazing.

38:33 - Jenny M.
The weekly read -- rocked!

38:36 - Sue L.
can we get the link in the chat?

38:37 - Griffbuddy
the teacher who didn't have email addresses for students...you can have a google address for a teacher and add each student by number an idead will richardson shared at NMSA

38:39 - Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
could you put that link in the chat again

38:45 - MJ Page
can you post tom's link here?

39:18 - Sue L.
sharetabs... that's something new!

40:08 - cobannon
Cool! I didn't know you could grab a form!

40:21 - MJ Page
I like collecting the data and then use it during the semester

40:26 - ColetteC
Sample of a form that a MS made and embedded in her blog http://vcs.21classes.com/jnchau

41:23 - Lorraine Leo
This is such an efficient way of doing things!

41:49 - Troy

42:08 - Sue L.
google forms the new "classroom clicker"

42:26 - ColetteC
@sue - yes - and its FREE

42:32 - Lorna
Students are often more motivated when they use the computer to participate

42:49 - Griffbuddy
have to have the computers, though.

42:59 - Lindseyb16
Guidance wanted to buy clickers, maybe I'll show them this

43:51 - ColetteC
@Griff - yes but you can use Forms for other uses instead of 1:1 - give them a week to fill out a form or just use with staff

44:00 - Steve Hargadon
I've never used sharetabs. Wow. http://www.sharetabs.com/?classroom20live01172009

44:02 - Sue L.
I'm using google forms to keep a centralized contact list for a project team I'm working with - we're capturing all the stakeholder info. we get as we're having our many meetings

44:35 - Troy
I've just subscribed to Tom Barrett's Site in my newsreader.

44:46 - Steve Hargadon
@Sue: that sounds great.

44:46 - MJ Page
If you wanted to collect parent or student email -is security an issue?

44:54 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
I am thinking maybe an after school club @ Web2.0.

45:15 - Peggy George
you can keep google docs private if you want

45:24 - Jackie G
That's a great resource - thanks

45:30 - Lorna
@MJPage - only teh creator of the form gets the data

45:36 - Sue L.
don't make the form or spreadsheet "viewable" if not registered... that will keep it secure

46:03 - Sue L.
how does sharetabs compare with Diigo?

46:06 - Steve Hargadon
Can you update the links in a sharetab URL after you've created it?

46:16 - Steve Hargadon
Diigo would seem to allow more post-use flexibility.

46:24 - Lorna
a great collection of ideas to review

47:09 - Lorraine Leo
I'm trying to figure out how I would set up a google doc in a one computer classroom. Each time a new student went to the computer to input, they would refresh the page?

47:17 - Steve Hargadon
@Terry: do you have a question or a comment?

47:35 - Steve Hargadon
@Lorraine: we're trying to figure that out.

47:40 - Terry Lindenmuth

47:46 - Lindseyb16
Sharetabs works well in this setting

47:59 - Steve Hargadon
@Lorraine: when you use Google sheets normally with more than one user, it does update realtime--but we think forms doesn't do it the same way.

48:35 - Griffbuddy
common craft is in teacher tube, too, so you can access it at school if YouTube is not allowed at your school. commoncraft is access denied at my school, too.

49:08 - Penny
@griffbuddy can always convert it and put it on a flash drive and bring it in this way

49:24 - Steve Hargadon
Great point, Terry.

49:25 - Peggy George
@Griffbuddy-excellent point about TeacherTube!

49:44 - Terry Lindenmuth

49:51 - Griffbuddy
common craft has many other videos that explain/teach. yes, you can convert...but it takes more time!

50:01 - Peggy George
and computer memory :-)

50:18 - Penny
true but sometimes no other way if you have SUPERfilters

50:19 - Anders_Sweden
sorry, I have to go. Thank you for the nice tips. See you probably another saturday. Bye

50:41 - Jenny M.
That Rocks!

50:55 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
Try Zamzar for file conversion if your school block YouTube or other video sites - http://www.zamzar.com/

51:00 - Steve Hargadon
@Anders: thanks for coming!

52:06 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
Do you need someone for next week for blogs?

52:47 - Steve Hargadon
Anyone who is interested in holding an event like or a part of Classroom 2.0 LIVE can email me directly at steve@hargadon.com

52:48 - Terry Lindenmuth
sweet idea

52:57 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
http://live.classroom20.com/calendar.html/ give me page not found

53:09 - Steve Hargadon
@Deb: get rid of the last "/"

53:19 - Jenny M.
On the forms -text or paragraph -- are grammar and spelling errors indicated?

53:24 - Steve Hargadon

53:28 - Troy
Where on the Classroom 2.0 web site is the linked to archived shows?

53:32 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
I'd like to do an event for my class if that's possible.

53:52 - Peggy George
Definitely-let's talk Thomas

54:08 - Peggy George
there's a tab at the top of the page for show archives

54:35 - Steve Hargadon
5 minutes to go!

54:44 - Steve Hargadon
What a good show this week!

54:56 - Thomas Cooper - Atlanta
I learned a lot.

55:06 - Terry Lindenmuth
This is my aha

55:18 - Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Great show will use this presentation as the required podcast for my pre-service teachers next week

55:20 - Griffbuddy
this was my first 2.0 live! aha this!

55:23 - Sheri
thanks for the info. wowser.

55:23 - MJ Page
I like google reader and forms Google rocks!

55:25 - Jenny M.
Thank You , great show.

55:26 - Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
thanks for the great information

55:26 - Jackie G
You are so pleasant and enthusiastic!

55:27 - Elaine Woloschuk
first time listener today....this has been totally awesome...

55:28 - Troy
I still can't find the archived shows. Which tab?

55:29 - Darcie
thank you so much-I learned about a new google resource!

55:39 - Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
This was awesome

55:39 - Sue L.
Thanks for this show... I don't remember who twittered it but I'm glad I saw it

55:43 - CharleneBlohm
My aha - need to "book" this class every week!!!

55:48 - ColetteC
If the Senate and the House have started YouTube accounts - maybe schools should consider opening them up

55:50 - Lorraine Leo
Thank you for the show. Excellent info!

55:50 - Lindseyb16
I am going to be using this, this week for sure

56:09 - Lindseyb16
I want to go to educon so badly....I will have to go virtually

56:13 - Lindseyb16

56:15 - Darcie
it's the same time as FETC-I'll be in Florida!

56:17 - Griffbuddy
Steve twittered this!

56:37 - Steve Hargadon
I'll be at EduCon and will try and report in!

56:37 - Lorna

56:42 - Penny
watched this recorded session last night -- history of tech in education http://eci831.wikispaces.com/01-13-09 great perspective and very entertaining

56:50 - Sue L.
I must be following Steve :-)

56:52 - Lorna
sorry missed thr #1

57:07 - Lorna

57:11 - Steve Hargadon
I'll be part of a special Future of Education session that will help to kick off http://www.futureofeducation.com

57:25 - Lindseyb16
When is that steve?

57:54 - Sheri
Do go to Future of Education -- thanks for creating it Steve

58:03 - Peggy George
The conference is Jan. 24,25,26 all day-Fri-Sun.

58:25 - Steve Hargadon
Not sure yet, but I'll blog it at http://www.stevehargadon.com and at www.futureofeducation.com

58:27 - Darcie
oh great-FETC ends on the 24th

58:47 - Steve Hargadon
Great job everyone!

59:02 - Steve Hargadon
I love being the support guy!

59:17 - Lindseyb16
What is your twitter id?

59:17 - Steve Hargadon
Don't have to talk and can just be the "helper!"

59:20 - Peggy George
Steve is an awesome mentor!!!

59:35 - Lorna
for the new folks try not to fell overwhelmed by all this freat info

59:37 - Terry Lindenmuth
share your twitter info

59:45 - Steve Hargadon
Thanks everyone!

59:51 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
feed back for elluminate when I select a person to chat at it does not go back to this room without my clicking back on this room

59:56 - Sheri
where is the survey for this?

59:56 - Lorraine Leo
Thanks everyone --very useful info! I appreciated this!

59:59 - angela maiers
Hi Everyone!

59:59 - Sue L.
twitter: slister

1:00:00 - Lorna
come back often - it will get easier

1:00:02 - ColetteC
Twitter: ccassinelli <-- Google Certified Teacher - feel free to ask questions

1:00:03 - Peggy George
Thank you ALL for participating!! See you on Jan. 31 :-)

1:00:05 - Steve Hargadon

1:00:06 - Lorraine Leo
The survey disappeared.

1:00:11 - Penny
Thanks everyone

1:00:17 - Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
could you put your twitter on the colassroom2.0 live site please

1:00:34 - Kim Caise
sure thing cyndi

1:01:14 - Kim Caise

1:01:15 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
how about tweeter for dummies?

1:01:27 - Steve Hargadon
@Deb: great idea!

1:01:49 - Terry Lindenmuth

1:01:57 - Lorraine Leo
thanks again!

1:01:58 - Sheri
Thanks to you so much.

1:01:58 - Lorna
Wonderful to meet you all

1:01:58 - Peggy George
tweeter for dummies :-) very funny!!

1:01:59 - Jenny M.
Thank you!

1:02:07 - Sue L.
thank you... and elluminate worked fantatically on wireless from Sri Lanka!

1:02:11 - angela maiers
thanks for the links!

1:02:11 - Jackie G
Thanks so much!

1:02:18 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
that is me I do not understand the tweeter up etc

1:02:23 - Steve Hargadon
@Sue: that's GREAT to know.

1:02:28 - Kim Caise
that's great to hear Sue!

1:02:34 - Steve Hargadon
Elluminate is really good at that: no user left behind.

1:02:35 - Troy
still can't find the archived show tab.

1:02:45 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
for example twitter out ??

1:02:55 - Peggy George
do you see a tab for show archives?

1:03:00 - Shawn
So this is a hijacking opportunity? I can make demands just by being present? How much should I ask for ... ;-)

1:03:02 - Steve Hargadon
Troy: go to http://live.classroom20.com

1:03:09 - Peggy George
today's show will be posted there soon but it has previous shows

1:03:21 - Troy
No. Forum, Media, Members, More

1:03:25 - Kim Caise

1:03:25 - Deb_Portsmouth_NH
Peg how do I exit?

1:03:34 - Steve Hargadon
Wrong site, Troy.

1:03:41 - Steve Hargadon

1:03:56 - Steve Hargadon
Click on the link here. It's now www but live

1:03:59 - Peggy George
click on Elluminate LIVE in your menu bar at the top and select quit elluminate live

1:04:02 - Troy
Sorry. Thanks.

1:04:07 - Steve Hargadon
No problem!

1:04:08 - Steve Hargadon

1:04:24 - Peggy George
Bye everyone!

1:04:59 - Steve Hargadon
You guys have to leave also!

1:05:00 - Steve Hargadon

1:05:01 - Steve Hargadon