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Moderator: Good morning everyone! It's great to have you join us for our show with Dr. Helen Barrett on ePortfolios!

Moderator: you can click on play on the music, choose the song you want to hear and this will help you check to see if your audio is working ok.

Moderator (Peggy George): Hi Dr. Barrett!! We are thrilled to have you join us today!!

Moderator (Helen Barrett): Thanks. I assume you got my slides

Moderator (Peggy George): we're just doing to preparation and startup activities right now so enjoy the music and feel free to type in the chat window with other folks.

Sylvianne: Hi there, my first time in a session, just tried to play the pre-show and it doesn't work???

Moderator (Peggy George): Yes thank you. Received the slides :-) Fantastic!

Moderator (Helen Barrett): I don't hear any music

Moderator (Helen Barrett): do you want to test my audio?

Moderator (Peggy George): if you are having problems hearing the music after you click on play you should use the audio setup wizard. Go to Tools, audio, audiosetup wizard

Moderator (Peggy George): yes helen-let's test your mic. Click on the mic and begin speaking

Sylvianne: I have just checked my audio and it's working fine.

Moderator (Peggy George): I closed the music briefly so Helen can test her mic.

Moderator (Peggy George): where are all of you located? I'm in Phoenix AZ where it's the start of a beautiful day that is actually below 100 degrees :-)

carole Seubert: Maryland

Sylvianne: Bournemouth in the UK, it's later afternoon here.

cha: Ann: Traverse City, MI

Kathie Lewis: Kathie - Grand Rapids, MI

carole Seubert: Got to get to post office before things begin so forgive me if I don't take part in ususal start up tasks

Moderator (Peggy George): wonderful!! yes it is much later in the UK. So glad to have you join us!!

Eileen K: Eileen K. - Langhorne, PA

Lisa Carothers: I live in Sun Prairie, WI and teach at Waunakee HS

Moderator (Peggy George): Good morning everyone! It's great to have you join us for our show with Dr. Helen Barrett on ePortfolios!

Moderator (Peggy George): This is going to be an awesome show with some fantastic information so you might want to tweet this out to your PLNs :-)

aprilbrown: Hi first time on ellumiinate. Way up in northern Alberta, Canada

Sylvianne: is there a quick way of sharing this link via a tweet

Moderator (Peggy George): Welcome aprilbrown! we'll do a brief introduction about how to use elluminate when we get started.

aprilbrown: Thank you

Moderator (Peggy George): :-)

Sylvianne: thankyou

Kathie Lewis: I was intrigued by the playlist site and went to the sign up area and now I can't get your view back. Advice?

durff to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: Quick everyone Twitter & Plurk

Moderator (Peggy George): is the webtour behind your browser Kathie?

durff: Quick everyone twitter and plurk

Moderator (Peggy George): this is the direct link to our elluminate session

Kathie Lewis: yes

Moderator (Peggy George): we are growing our playlist so if you have any favorites you'd like us to include in our preshow music please let us know

Moderator (Peggy George): welcome everyone! so glad you're here!

Moderator (Peggy George): Great to see you Tammy! Are your fingers all warmed up for the closed captioning?

Moderator (Peggy George): we are so lucky to have Tammy doing closed captioning for our sessions!

Tammy Moore: lol. it always takes about 5 minutes of typing before they feel close to fluid. :)

Moderator (Peggy George): I know what you mean!

Tammy Moore: I am not very fast nor as accurate as I would like to be, but at least if we do have anyone wanting to view the sessions that cannot hear they will have something. :0)

Moderator (Peggy George): it is such a valuable service!! thank you!

Tammy Moore: yw :)

Moderator (Peggy George): if any of you are unable to hear the music when you click on play, please use the audio setup wizard so you won't miss out when Helen begins!

Kathie Lewis: Kathie again - still can't view the original playlist web tour for Helen.

Moderator (Peggy George): Kim will be with us shortly. She's uploading slides

Tammy Moore: By the way, cc still needs to be turned on. Do you know how or will Kim be in?

Tammy Moore to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: THanks Peggy :)

Moderator (Peggy George) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: is it turned on now?

Moderator (Peggy George) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: I wasn't sure how to do it. Kim is coming!

Ali in Montreal: hello from Montreal . What a Wonderful world, that what I'm listening to right now!

Moderator (Peggy George): welcome everyone-tell us where you're located if you haven't already done so. We'll also do the map so we can see it there

Moderator (Helen Barrett) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: what is "it"

Moderator (Peggy George) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: "it" was turning on closed captioning :-) we're all set I think.

Andrea Hildreth: Hello from San Francisco

Tammy Moore: Tiny little Blevins, Arkansas. Population 365 if you don't count the deer. If you count the deer, then we probably have a population fo 450. :0)

Moderator (Peggy George) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: Kim needed to wait until we logged into the show to upload the slides so it may be taking awhile.

Kathie Lewis to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: If I don't need the playlist screen, I'm not worried about getting it back. Thanks.

Moderator (Peggy George): that's so funny Tammy!!

Ali in Montreal: Huge community ;-)

Tammy Moore: It is true. We watched 6 deer in the yard about 50 feet from our bedroom window yesterday as they casually nibbled the grass.

Moderator (Peggy George): that sounds wonderful Tammy!! very different pace than my daily experience in urban Phoenix AZ!

Artie: Artie O'Connor in Groton, MA 34 miles from Boston. temps today in the low 50's so I'm staying for a while.

Tammy Moore: It is almost hunting season here. It is amazing that they realize that guns may not be used in city limits. They all move in this time of year.

Andrea Hildreth: Here in SF we call roses "deer food" ha ha

Tammy Moore: lol

Kathie Lewis: I was in Boston for a National Leadership conference this past summer - what a wonderful place!

Moderator (Peggy George): Kim is having some technical difficulties but she'll be with us shortly!

Deb from MN: Good morning from Minnesota!

Kathie Lewis: I was in Boston for a leadership conference this past summer...what a wonderful place!

john: hello from Willow Grove, Pa.

Valaina 1: Hi from VA

LangLabCindy: Hello all from sunny St. Louis!

Artie: I grew up in the city and vist as I can, sounds like you had a great time.

Moderator (Peggy George): thank you all for testing your audio when you enter the room--it really helps!

Deb from MN to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: I'm not getting the audio.

John Thawley: 'lo from Disneyland – the happiest place on earth...

Moderator (Peggy George): right now we aren't talking so you need to click on play for the music to see if you can hear

jchute: Hi from Vermont...frost tonight!!

Moderator (Peggy George): wow! frost???

carole Seubert: Why can't I hear anything

Andy: Andy from balmy Massachusetts

LangLabCindy: Love the pre-show music!

jchute: yes, cold already

chrislittle: perfect Virginia fall afternoon

Moderator (Peggy George): the timer has gone off and Kim will be with us in a minute--some technical difficulties

Paula Naugle to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: Hi Peggy.

Albert: I can't hear either

Jonathan Wylie: i hear you!

MB: Ihear

chrislittle: yup

carole Seubert: I could hear that

Paula Naugle to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: I heard that.

Mark Spieglan: ok

Maureen(bcdtech): @jchute- sad to see summer that never was ending- forecast for western MA hilltowns is 27°

Caroline - Florida: Hi all! We're enjoying a beautiful sunny day here in Tampa!

Ali in Montreal: Is there a limit to the number of attendees?

Lisa Thumann: Perfect weather in NJ

durff: echo!

Paula Naugle: Lots of feedback.

Valaina 1: music won't turn off

Lorraine L: lots of reverb

Jonathan Wylie: me tyoo

Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: yes - but with echo - hard to understand

Deb from MN to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: heard "testing," LOTS of echo here.

Clif Mims to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: Good morning friends

Jonathan Wylie: better

durff: there

jackiegerstein to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: great

MB: Raining in Atlanta - Am watching the mushrooms grow during our session!

Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: better :)

durff: good

Kathie Lewis: That's better

Deb from MN to Peggy George, Helen Barrett: Better

Mark Spieglan: whew! :)

Albert: OK now

Caroline - Florida: I hear both conversation and music at the same time. When I click to turn music off it will not let me do this.

durff: Fayetteville, PA

Paula Naugle: Hi from sunny New Orleans.

Pete Welter: Boulder,CO

John Weidner: Oklahoma City

Jonathan Wylie: Logging in from sunny Iowa

Sabine: Omaha, Ne

dwilson: Donna from OKC,OK

Clif Mims: Memphis, TN

Abby Thaker: hello from northeast Ohio

Silvia Andreoli: Argentina

Anne: MI

Andy 1: UK

Kathleen Thomas: Central Wisconsin

Lorraine L: Hi from Boston, MA

jacob standish: hello from Charlotte, NC

Fred Haas: MA

Mark B: Hi from Alanson, Michigan

Valaina 1: northern VA

Ron King: Olympia, WA

Daryl Bambic: Daryl Bambic from Montreal. What's the twitter address?

Mark Spieglan: Lisle near Chicago

Lisa Thumann: Scotch Plains, NJ

may 1: Hi, from beijing,china

Lorna: From Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: Woodstock, GA

CalArmstrong: outside of Toronto, Canada

Dorie: Montana

LangLabCindy: St. Louis, MO

Albert: Hi form Catalonia, Spain

kyteacher to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini: Hello from Kentucky.

Joe K: Kansas City, MO

Jonathan Wylie: Go Iowa!

Lisa Thumann: Wow - CHINA!!!!

Jason Epstein: newtown, PA

Ali in Montreal: Hello, Helen. Greetings from Montreal

RjWassink: upstate NY

Bob Barboza: Bob from California

kyteacher: Hello from Kentucky

Kim Flack: hello from AZ

Abby Thaker: hi jason - I'm originally from newtown, pa!

MB to Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: Where do you teach Jen?

Paula Naugle: Hi kyteacher.

Moderator (Peggy George): welcome Kim Flack!!

Kim Flack: hi Peggy!!

MB to Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: Better

LangLabCindy: What's the hashtag for Twitter?

Jason Epstein: Hello Abby!

Clif Mims: Good morning everyone.

Carlos38205: Hi from tenerife

Moderator (Peggy George): #liveclass20

concordia1: Marilyn from Phoenix Hi Peggy!

Paula Naugle: Hi rjwassink.

Tammy Moore: Good sized crowd today. Popular topic! :)

RjWassink: :)

LangLabCindy: thx peggy!

jamie: Good morning all!

Moderator (Peggy George): Hi Marilyn! Thrilled to have you join us!

Lisa Thumann: Goodmorning Clif :)

Clif Mims: Hey, Lisa. :)

MB: Hello there Paula

Moderator (Peggy George): very creative!! writing on the white board :-)

Paula Naugle: Hi Mary Beth.

Judy Peebles: Memphis, TN

kyteacher: Hi Paula

Moderator (Peggy George): feel free to have fun while we wait for Kim

Jonathan Wylie: This is laggy?

Sylvianne: Good afternoon everyone :D

chrislittle: I'm from Richmond, where else are you Virginianos from?

MB: It will be great when it comes!

Jason Epstein: Hello Twitter Folks, Epstein27 here

RjWassink: is there supposed to be audio or is my computer having issues?

Paula Naugle: I see lots of people from my PLN is this session.

MB: Happy Rosh Hashanah!

John Thawley: PLN?

Jason Epstein: Thanks!

kyteacher: My audio keeps coming and going...

Mark Spieglan: Who's "Laggy"?

Joe K: What does PLN stand for?

Kim Flack: 86 here today!!

Valaina 1: professional learning network

Jason Epstein: Personal Learning Network

Sabine: Personal Learning network

Jason Epstein: LOL both really

Carlos38205: sounds breaking up

Carlos38205: is it your end or mine

Jonathan Wylie: glad it is just not me then

jackiegerstein: how did you do the dog?

Sylvianne: sounds breaking up here too

Lisa Thumann: Awesome - their Google Search webinar was great!

RjWassink: I have no sound at all. so you win

Kathie Lewis: love the dog

John Thawley: Lorna's mic is cutting in & out – using auto levels maybe?

Paula Naugle: Love the dog.

Lisa Thumann: I suggest Clif

MB: Whoops

durff: suggestion=Have a Happy Birthday!

chrislittle: sounds fine

Jonathan Wylie: a bit better

Fred Haas: sounds fine

Paula Naugle: I suggest Lisa Thumann.

John Thawley: still happening

Tammy Moore: better

MB: Fine, but speak a little louder perhpas

Sabine: Me too- collaboration live

kyteacher: Sounds better

durff: 12 yrs old like me

Artie: a little better

Caroline - Florida: I'm hearing you just fine

jamie: cool dog animation

Moderator (Peggy George): lots of red boxes today--means bandwidth issues-so sorry!

Paula Naugle: Hi Durff.

chrislittle: are most of you all English teachers, or are the FL or Art or others there?

Sabine: We should admit this art to a museum :)

MB: Must be the rain....or perhaps the mushrooms!

Tammy Moore: The puppy is a screen cleaner. Get your monitor screen cleaned while you wait. lol

chrislittle: I teach Spanish

cha: Ann from Michigan: I can hear you.

Artie: science

Kim Flack: i'm a professional developer

CalArmstrong: Math

kyteacher: No sound now.

aprilbrown: primary Gr. 2

Kathie Lewis: Instructional consultant for middle school

Sabine: German

Carlos38205: English

Tammy Moore: science

Deb from MN: Life Science; student teaching.

jamie: librarian

Paula Naugle: I teach 4th graders math and social studies.

RjWassink to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Kim Caise 3, Kim Caise 4: ed tech

kyteacher: Social Studies - Geography and Civics

Albert: EFL

chrislittle: what a combination!

LangLabCindy: I'm a tech integrater facilitator

Jonathan Wylie: 4th grade too

kyteacher: 9th grade

MB: Good

Tammy Moore: Welcome in Kim :)

Jonathan Wylie: echooooo

Ali in Montreal: getting echoes

Carlos38205: lots of echo

Caroline - Florida: I'm getting you find...but moderator is filled with reverb!

Paula Naugle to Jonathan Wylie: Hi Jonathan contact me at plnaugle@gmail.

Jonathan Wylie: why?

Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: when is the google webinar again? I missed that - sorry....

Caroline - Florida: You are good!

Fred Haas: no more echo

Caroline - Florida: That's good!

Maureen(bcdtech): sound is fine

Sylvianne: Different grade system in UK, 16-18 year olds just before they go to uni

Caroline - Florida: Moderator - has echo!

Paula Naugle to Jonathan Wylie: So we cn share resources and maybe Skype with each other's classes.

Sylvianne: sounds better

McTeach: Good morning! Enjoying my breakfast and looking forward to learning about eportfolios!!

Carlos38205: should google docs pop up

Jonathan Wylie to Paula Naugle: Do you know me?

Kim Flack: got it

chrislittle: This is like when you try to do something techy and complicated in class! students love the lag time because they can chat!

Tammy Moore: hehe

Kathie Lewis: google docs poppged up and said sorry, no access.

Mark Spieglan: G-docs needs to restore "show docs not in folders"! ARRRGH!

McTeach: Chris little....LOL!!! So true!

Sabine: always have a back up plan !

Jonathan Wylie: do we sign in to google account?

Sabine: Server issues are fun too

chrislittle: always!

jackiegerstein: Are we still here?

durff: arenyou?

John Thawley: I'm still in my jammies

Jonathan Wylie: lol

durff: TMI

John Weidner: This is my first elluminate live session

McTeach: jackie...I ask myself that question every day!

Paula Naugle to Jonathan Wylie: No, but we could collaborate since we both teach fourth grade. I'm not stalking you just looking for other fourth grade classes to collaborate with. I did a Skype call with a teacher in Kansas this week.

durff: Welcome John

Moderator (Peggy George): so sorry for the technical difficulties!!

Deb from MN: "No access to this google doc"

Carlos38205: welcome john

Sabine: You will love it

jackiegerstein: Depends on my existential mood

elptuxman (El Paso TX) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Kim Caise 3, Lorna Costantini: Greetings from El Paso TX - all I see is the chat area activity. Am I missing something?

Tammy Moore: @ JOhn, it is usually very smooth. :0)

Moderator (Helen Barrett) to Walkup: why don't we start without slides

LangLabCindy: Shall we share Twitter names? I'm LangLabCindy...

Sylvianne: I'm craftyslh

Sabine: coolairedale

Bob Barboza: We are OK with sound in California.

Abby Thaker: I'm akelton

Jason Epstein: Epstein27 here

John Weidner: I usually tweet using "StudyStack"

Lisa Thumann: lthumann

Heidi Chaves: @chavesh

Kim Flack: kmbflack

chrislittle: we have a google doc sign-in slide

Fred Haas: akh003

John Thawley: Very true – they are usually very clean/smooth...


Tammy Moore: yes

Sabine: great site studystack

Tammy Moore: great idea

John Weidner: Thanks

Paula Naugle: @plnaugle

carole Seubert: no

Daryl Bambic: Why is the google docs window open? Why can't I close it?

sdreyer: no can't see web tour. Not shared with me.

Fred Haas: it is the login screen

kyteacher: kyteacher Actually Angela Cunningham

McTeach: my googledocs says I don't have access to the doc

Lisa Thumann: Daryl - you have to be a moderator to close it

Valaina 1: says I don't have access either

Nancy: I had to request access...haven't received the email for approval

Fred Haas: No it is the login screen

Jonathan Wylie: i see no slides either

t mohan: i don't have access to the slide either

Nancy: THERE we go....something

Carlos38205: that's it girls google is gone

Bob Barboza: Bob: No slides in California

Bob Caro: Have dr b move the google docs window over to the side

Jonathan Wylie: me too

Caroline - Florida: I'm seeing Google Docs

Deb from MN: SLide is behind whiteboard

Sabine: yes

chrislittle: and if we sign in, it says we don't have access to the document

Albert: same as before

jackiegerstein: ePortfolio Mash Up with GoogleApps

Heidi Chaves: In other sessions I've been in you can't do a site where you have to login. They have to application share.

Sarah Sutter: Publish your slideshow first - then put it up. We can't access it until it's published

Ali in Montreal: this is meant for moderators

Bob Caro: The elluminate window is behind her web tour window

jackiegerstein: Out finding resources

John Weidner: I right click and picked "Back" to get the slide showing again.

Lorraine L to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Kim Caise 3, Lorna Costantini: Google docs must be on the web tour

Ali in Montreal: they re trying to fix up the slides

sdreyer: Can you look at the sharing options in your G-docs web tour?


Jonathan Wylie: oooh

Jonathan Wylie: slides?

Caroline - Florida: Slides are coming up!

Jason Epstein: I think I can, I think I can...

chrislittle: UNC just fumbled!

Bob Caro: All should move the App Sharing window to the side

Artie: Like this one

Moderator (Helen Barrett) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Kim Caise 3, Lorna Costantini: my slides are in

Bob Caro: The whiteboard is behind the App Sharing window

Jonathan Wylie: i see

Moderator (Helen Barrett): My slides are at

Bob Caro: yow! I heard that!

chrislittle: @helen: which presentation is it? NECC 2009?

Moderator (Helen Barrett): School 2.0

chrislittle: @helen: nevermind, I'm dense

Mark Spieglan: Wish the app share window didn't force itself to top; must resize to see other window.

durff: PLEASE STOP BLOWING AIR INTO MIC - Lorna was trying to speak

Jonathan Wylie: isnt technolgy great?!

durff: not lorns

durff: lotna

durff: oh werll

durff: more coffee.....

dwilson: i lost the application screen with the slides

Mark Spieglan: Click button: mike up - on; mike down = off

Jason Epstein: Thank you Tammy!

Jonathan Wylie: go Flock!

chrislittle: yeah!

MB: That's fine

elptuxman (El Paso TX): who's on first?

RjWassink: having all sorts of issues on my end - upgraded linux may not like this... I'll try again in a few.

Deb from MN: Wow - slides are so big in app sharing.

jackiegerstein: Hi Peggy!

chamada: Hello everybody from Hanoi

Carlos38205: This is going to be outstanding, can feel it

Paula Naugle: Hello charnada.

Carlos38205: Hi charnada

LangLabCindy: howdy chamada!

Moderator (Helen Barrett) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini: am I not able to control my slides?

nancyvonw: Hi everyone from Madrid!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini: helen not at the moment

LangLabCindy: Bienvendia, nancyvonw!

Carlos38205: how nancyvonw

Paula Naugle: Hi Nancy. How's the weather in Madrid?

chamada: Hi @LangLabCindy and @nancyvon2

chrislittle: reverb!

Deb from MN: Should I be seeing a full slide on App Sharing?

Jonathan Wylie: i dont

cpgates to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini: Me either

carole Seubert: what's up with the screen now

Paula Naugle: Hello Dr. Barrett.

Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: Thanks for being with us today! :)

jackiegerstein: We are delighted that you are here

CristinaLemos to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini: Hi, from Leiria (Portugal)

Carlos38205: having problems with slides

dwilson: can't get the slides

Paula Naugle: Yay App Sharing is now working.

Jonathan Wylie: kind of

Jason Epstein: is there a way to zoom out so that we can see everything?

elptuxman (El Paso TX): pls resize

dwilson: how do I get the slides, i had them before we started

Jonathan Wylie: yes, very big

Deb from MN: upper left corner - click magnifying glass

durff: how many of us had to create those?

chamada: @Jason at the top of the app sharing window, a zoom out button appears.

Jason Epstein: thanks

Sylvianne: how many students go and lose them half-way through too :(

Paula Naugle: Thanks for the info on sizing.

kyteacher: Thanks for sizing info!

Jason Epstein: My school is in the infancy of implementing this process

chrislittle: What kind of open source tools are there for e-portfolios?

Deb from MN: Today it's slow Internet access..ha.

kyteacher: Determined to do some of this with my students this year.

Jason Epstein: Adobe Acrobat has a great portfolio tool

Fred Haas: @Sylvianne - that is the advantage of using the electronic, especially webapps.

Deb from MN: Love Acrobat!

chrislittle: the app windo sure is exciting today!

durff: Japan has cheaper broadband that is 8 to 30 times faster than in the USA

LangLabCindy: what's the adobe tool called?

jackiegerstein: My new favorite tool for e-portfolios -

Jason Epstein: It is actually in acrobat

Mark Spieglan: View/Layouts/Narrow Minimal

altruist21: Anyone else using Mahara (the open source package) for E-portfolios? I have it working alongside my Moodle

Valaina 1: Is this presentation available somewhere

Jonathan Wylie: livebinder is good

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini: Adobe acrobat

Paula Naugle: @jackie Just started using livebinders myself.

LangLabCindy: thanx @jackiegerstein for the links!


Sabine: The screen is changing all the time now it is collapsed again

3rd grade teacher: Our system uses sharepoint. We are just beginning to use the student web pages to create portfolios. This is great information.

Jason Epstein: I know one of my teachers is looking at Digication. Anyone have experience?

chrislittle: can the kids manipulate sharepoint?

jackiegerstein: Sure LangLabCindy

chamada: @chrislittle if you give them design privilege

3rd grade teacher: Yes. They can upload pieces to sharepoint.

durff: @3rd grade our sharepoint is faculty only

Moderator (Kim Caise 4) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: i am finally in and can talk/hear

Sabine: anyone using schoolfusion

chrislittle: nice wordcloud!

3rd grade teacher: Each of our students has his/her own sharepoint page.

chamada: @3rdgrade what are you using in sharepoint? Blog, wiki?

chamada: @3rdgrade Public or Private? Would love to see an example.

Mark Spieglan: App share keeps resizing; does each participant affect others?

MB: Wow! Sharepoint! Where are you?

chamada: Follow the slides on your own @

Lisa Carothers 1: Our district (Waunakee, WI) has used SharePoint but is now moving to Moodle, which is free, but requirea a tech person to maintain it

LangLabCindy: @Lisa - why the change from SharePoint?

Barbara: Thanks for providing the slides on Slideshare.

3rd grade teacher: The individual sharepoint sites were created last year. Our students create powerpoints and other programs to create projects. Our tech teacher has them upload pieces. We are Trussville City Schools in Alabama

Deb from MN: @chamada - that works well.

Lisa Carothers 1: Partly cost, but partly because SharePoint is much more business oriented. Moodle is intended for the educational environment.

Jason Epstein: This is a great graphic! May I show it and share it with my staff Dr. B?

Fred Haas: There are so many freely available tools, making it really hard to justify shelling out a whole lot of money to accomplish an eportfolio.

chamada: @LangLabCindy Sharepoint is limited. Difficult to embed into sharepoint wikis or blogs, for example

carole Seubert: interest point...traditional assessment skills cannot capture development of 21st centure skills

chrislittle: Does anyone know the legal aspects of storage on sites like google of graded student work?

Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: I just lost sound - anyone else?

chrislittle: my sound is fine

Jason Epstein: all still good on my end Jen

sroseman: Is there a best free tool for eportfolios that you can recommend?

kyteacher: KY requires student writing portfolios, want to expand those to include digital skills, etc.

Sylvianne: mine's fine

Carlos38205: mine as well

Jen Forsyth - Woodstock,GA: thanks - will re-enter :(

Barbara: LIke stressing "Choice and Voice" - Thanks Helen

Kim Flack: can you share your blog site?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @ Jen lag time stay

Barbara: Great slides - May I embed this slideshow for teachers in My eCoach? This is Barbara Bray

Pilar: is a good "academic MySpace"

Fred Haas: @Barbara the slides are available on SlideShare and embeddable.

LangLabCindy: @kyteacher - required how? what do they have to do?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Helen's blog

chrislittle: I love ining

Kim Flack: i love that!!

Jason Epstein: Dr. Barrett, I would like to ask the same embed question for my blog. With your permission.

kyteacher: Like academic MySpace ... so much negativity attached to word portfolio in my area

chamada: @Fred But copyrighted, not CC

Carlos38205: @Pilar I agree with you

3rd grade teacher: I am relatively new to 3rd grade. During the past few years I have been focusing my lessons on creating digital products for home and school. My new goal is using their individual sharepoint sites.

jackiegerstein: I set up a Ning for a college class so students can have an academic Facebook page - these traditional college students took to it immediately

Fred Haas: Here is teh embed code for this presentation: <div style="width:425px;text-align:left" id="__ss_2016575"><a style="font:14px Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif;display:block;margin:12px 0 3px 0;text-decoration:underline;" href="" title="Classroom2.0">Classroom2.0</a><object style="margin:0px" width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"/><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"/><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="355"></embed></object><div style="font-size:11px;font-family:tahoma,arial;height:26px;padding-top:2px;">View more <a style="text-decoration:underline;" href="">presentations</a> from <a style="text-decoration:underline;" href="">Helen Barrett</a>.</div></div>

jackiegerstein: opps we got the embed code

Carlos38205: I wish my adult students were so much into the web2.0

chrislittle: wow

Fred Haas: Attribution is included

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @ Jason -

Lisa Carothers 1: I am using Ning for the first time with a high school writing class. We focus on blog writing, and they LOVE it.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): You can embed Slide share

Maureen(bcdtech): Love this slide!

chrislittle: ning is great for video too, not just writing

Pilar: @jackiegerstein. I did the same with NING for a college class and over 70 students were able to join, customize and add blogs BEFORE I got a chance to post any instructions.

chrislittle: and ning is a good way for cooperative projects between schools

Maureen(bcdtech): My head of school said we were to start portfolios- and when I asked - what does that mean? I never got an answer.

kyteacher: @LangLabCindy Portfolios have been part of KY's assessment since the early 90s ... students required to submit a variety of writing pieces in elem, mid, and high school.

Barbara: Great cartoon!

Moderator (Kim Caise 4) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: slides are uploaded

3rd grade teacher: Sharepoint can be modified to meet the needs of schools.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: think it is better to keep gong

Maureen(bcdtech): Love it!

Moderator (Kim Caise 4) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: i agree

kyteacher: Love using Ning with students.

Moderator (Kim Caise 4) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: i can do the closing with the uploaded slides

carole Seubert: Got to use this at our next professional development gathering!

Jason Epstein: at least they are speaking about the elephant in the room! Most schools wont do that!

Moderator (Kim Caise 4) to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: i need to get with elluminate after the show

Fred Haas: @chamada - SHe uploaded them on the site for a reason and allowed them to be shared and embedded, that seems pretty much like a endorsement to me. If it wasn't why would she have made those choices.

jackiegerstein: The student's own story of learning over time - one of the best definitions I ever heard

Jason Epstein: I don't know about others, but my school has the most trepidation about the publishing part

chrislittle: does anyone do eportfolios in multiyears? Do students carry their portfolios with them? That would be a good reflective piece of their own development

Barbara: She put the presentation up in SlideShare to share. I just like to ask permission so the author is aware who is using it.

chamada: @Fred If she has copyrighted her slides, she has copyrighted her slides. That means you do not have the right to re-disbtribute them w/o her permission.

Jason Epstein: We are starting a grade 6-8 model, but my PK-5 teachers are starting to want into the action.

3rd grade teacher: This would be great for K-5

Maureen(bcdtech): @chrislittle I am working on giving each student their own blog for a portfolio, which could go with them

jackiegerstein: But you can show her slideshare as that is what slideshare is

Valaina 1: can school fusiion be used for eportfolios?\

chamada: @chrislittle We'd like to have it as a longitudinal portfolio. Very good for MYP development, IMO.

LangLabCindy: So the process isn't really changed - still need to collect, select, etc. but tech allows you to archive, etc? Am I getting this?

chrislittle: @maureen: do they have their own site on the lan?

chamada: @LangLabCindy I think the sticky point is finding a way to use tech to leverage the portfolio effectively.

Mark Spieglan: I obsess about commiting to a data format; especially if proprietary.

Maureen(bcdtech): @chrislittle- we just started with edublogs campus this year- first the faculty, next the kids

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): there are links to other resources and Helen's blogs in the glam posted in the resoures of classroom20 live

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): here is the link

chrislittle: I find we (the school) controls our students' on-line space more than necessary--they don't get to build their own real pages

3rd grade teacher: The opportunity to collect, select, and archive from K to graduation is great.

Jason Epstein: AMEN! Reflection is so important

chamada: Great point. As we always hear/say, it should *never* be about the tech.

chrislittle: I like the idea of reflection, but I like students to reflect on each other's portfolios too

Pilar: @chrislittle. Can you link-out to a place like ning?

Jen Forsyth: @ 3rd grade - we are working towards this idea in our county - an eLocker that allows students to archive/store work - and this will be through SharePoint :)

Andy: School control: same problem in my school, but I'm excited about Cloud Computing.

Barbara: I so agree about Relection being so important

LangLabCindy: @chamada - yes, guess i was looking for a simple "this is the best tool" answer and it's not so simple...

chrislittle: @ pilar: just It's simple to build your own. I must have about a dozen now for different projects

durff: now Flickr groups

Jason Epstein: "Digital Footprint" = "Digital Life Portfolio"?

chamada: @LangLabCindy Oh how I wish it were!

LangLabCindy: @MarkS Good point!

Barbara: So your ePortfolio is collected from your Personal Learning Network and Digital Footprint. Do like the idea of a Digital Life Portfolio

jackiegerstein: isn't 50 the new 30?

chrislittle: vid-folios work great, too, because students love looking back at their early videos from 9th grade when they're seniors

sroseman: must bow out

sroseman: thanks

Mark Spieglan: So I'm just getting started in middle age! :)

jackiegerstein: nice Jason!

3rd grade teacher: middle age is good

LangLabCindy: Does anyone have their guidance/counseling folks involved in this?

Jason Epstein: I am beginning to use at my school for a visual scrapbook addition to my students work

chrislittle: flipcams!!!

Jason Epstein: Thanks Jackie

jackiegerstein: ; )

3rd grade teacher: flips are great

Jason Epstein: LOVE FLIPS!!!

Mark Spieglan: What was book title again?

Barbara: You post to Facebook - everyone sees what you are doing

3rd grade teacher: has anyone used the new nano with video

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): flip cams and glogster are fabulous tools to use to create eportfolios

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): @mark portfolio life

Mark Spieglan: thx

MB: Portfolio Life

Jason Epstein: waiting for the itouch to get a camera

carole Seubert: At best most of my students will only have access to mom's or dad's cellphone. Low income families, second language classroom is a tech wonderland and their primary or only access point

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): me too @jason!

3rd grade teacher: is itouch going to camera option

Lisa Carothers 1: Can you create multiple pages in Glogster for one file?

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): yes, but not sure when it will become available

Kim Flack: facebook or linked in could be a wonderful tool to help students develop their career-ready mindset

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

Jason Epstein: rumor has it @3rd grade

chrislittle: I find that students still treat educational social networks much less thoroughly than they Facebook--they still count them as classtime

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): you link the glogster image to the page you want to show @ lisa

Jason Epstein: my guess would be some time late 2009 early 2010

LangLabCindy: portfolio sounds more academic than footprint - maybe parents would be happier to think in these terms.

Barbara: Working with world language and second language teachers - podcasts, videos are so important to collect their growth

chrislittle: @barbara: yes!

3rd grade teacher: Podcasts would be great for mathematical thinking.

Kim Flack: fantastic diagram

Barbara: reflecting on the process is so important

chrislittle: great slide!

McTeach: Here's Portfolio Life on amazon:

kyteacher: Our students have an eLocker on District servers, but can only store Office-type applications. Limits the types of products students produce. Using PBWorks to allow more opportunities.

carole Seubert: great point barbara...having to push against traditional pen/paper decision makers who think they're "playing"

Barbara: need to step out for 5 minutes

3rd grade teacher: At one point teachers thought ball point pens were evil too1

chamada: <is there any way to resize the chat area?>

Teresa: I remember that time 3rd grade teacher

3rd grade teacher: Place your arrow on the line to the left for resizing.

chrislittle: How can we make e-portfolios different/better than just pen and paper portfolios?

3rd grade teacher: Oops right for resizing.

chamada: @3rdgrade Thx

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): resize - maxmimize the window just like a browser window

Maureen(bcdtech): We don't yet have good integration across the curriculum, but my gr 7-9 are tech mentors and one of their jobs is to digitize and teach others how to digitize their work.

elptuxman (El Paso TX): right click?

chrislittle: @maureen: great!

jackiegerstein: Have started using Voicethread for reflection too -

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): you can drag out the window to resize it

3rd grade teacher: Just place your arrow on the right line to resize.

chamada: @Lorna but then I can't follow along with the slides on slideshare...

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): or view layout wide

artykel 1: Using Wki to keep records/dscussions for our PLC vs. old paper folders, resources will be used more and shairng in real time vs. once weekly.

jackiegerstein: wow the recording just started?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @ jackie - not a good day

jackiegerstein: Wanted my grad students to watch this - sadness

chamada: @lorna will try that. thx.

Jason Epstein: @ jackie, I have started talking with my 6-8 spanish teacher about using voicethread!

3rd grade teacher: This would be great for grad students.

LangLabCindy: @barbara - good point - will make that a goal for me this year!

elptuxman (El Paso TX): please re-post all links for recording

jackiegerstein: @Jason - it is a good tool

Teresa: Hi Dr. Gerstein!

jackiegerstein: Teresa!

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): has all the links to the resources shared and addtional resources for follow up

jackiegerstein: well - you are getting to see it in person -

Jason Epstein: When I was in Gradschool (7 years ago) I made my teacher portfolio digital and my professor thought I had invented the wheel! This should be standard for all teacher candidates now.

jackiegerstein: This is the theme for the next Module of our online course - assessment

3rd grade teacher: Wow! That was great!

Sylvianne: How can you assess work in an e-portfolio

chamada: Can't embed in SharePoint... biggest drawback.

Deb from MN: My teacher prep program can't seem to collectively verbalize what they want in the required ePortfolios - It's a sad mess.

Jason Epstein: Does anyone use netvibes? Might be a good tool for this as well

Barbara: Love being able to embed Glogster, Voicethreads, and so much more for ePortfolios. We use Web 2.0 in My eCoach

Teresa: glad I made it then

kyteacher: No blogs allowed in my District :(

LangLabCindy: @chamad - thx, that limitation rules out that exploration for me!

jackiegerstein: Smiles at Teresa

Mark Spieglan: Paranoid about portability if platform folds.

Maureen(bcdtech): I no longer trust embed codes... use them constantly, but if I really want to save it- I download it and save it. Too many web 2.0 tools have disappeared along with the embedded articles.

Barbara: @kyteacher - what if blogs were private and the ePortfolio was public

Teresa: smiles back

Lisa Carothers 1: kyteacher: That's a shame!

3rd grade teacher: How sad! Blogs are great for students.

Deb from MN: Can't wait to pour over these detailed slides later!

kyteacher: No blogs.

carole Seubert: How might we scaffold students' ability to reflect via journals effectively?

chrislittle: @Ky teacher: give us your administrator's e-mail and we'll tell them why they should allow them!

chamada: @Mark or if the kids leave the school (if it is in-house)

3rd grade teacher: Me too!

jackiegerstein: @Teresa - already embedded here slideshare into our course/

Teresa: ok

Jason Epstein: wikispaces has a student feature. no-emails necessary


chrislittle: we're writing a communal novel in googledocs

kyteacher: My admin supports everything I want to do ... it's District IT that doesn't.

Jason Epstein: WOW @ chrislittle! That sounds so cool!

Mark Spieglan: teachers get together to work on open source portability stds?

chrislittle: @Jason: In Spanish!

Paula Naugle: I use Google sites all the time.

Jason Epstein: @ chris little. Would you be willing to share link so that I could see?

3rd grade teacher: This is such motivation!

Sabine: grapjic organizer from inspiration have a hyperlink option too

chrislittle: and the novel will be critiqued by students in URuguay and Buenos Aires--they'll help us write it next year

Lisa Carothers 1: If each student had his/her own Google Site, how would the teacher be able to track them all?

LangLabCindy: @chrislittle Open to others or just your estudiantes?

Jason Epstein: @chrislittle. You are killin me! So cool!

Mike: I wish gmail wasn't blocked in my county

kyteacher: Can't have students create email accounts.

chamada: Isn't there a problem w/ google TOS?

chrislittle: @jason: they write one chapter every three weeks

Barbara: I like that the student owns the account for life - is there a way of monitoring what they do with their gmail account?

McTeach: We're getting Google Apps! I'm so excited!!

jackiegerstein: applause

Jason Epstein: @chrislittle: trying not to drewl on my computer! :)

LangLabCindy: @chamada - have the same Q and still seeking definitive answer.

Paula Naugle: @McTeach That is great.

Mike: @mike_mccormick

McTeach: Paula...can't wait!!!!

Jason Epstein: Adobe Acrobat can accomodate video/voice and other file types

chamada: "Invidivual Identity" is key.

Barbara: Are there templates for ePortfolios on Google Sites? or should they be open-ended. Personal identity is great but should there be some guidance

Lisa Carothers 1: I agree @ chamada!

kyteacher: I'm being negative. In spite of limited access, there are still ways to make this happen even in my District. Wish I could just spend more time doing and less time trying to figure out how.

chamada: FYI, Dr. Barret will be at ASB Unplugged in Mumbai in Feb.

chrislittle: that's probably the hardest part of FL portfolios--they're more worried about correct grammar than creating their own voice

3rd grade teacher: Our tech teacher uses Gaggle for students.

Jason Epstein: Keep plugging away KYteacher, it will happen. You can make it happen.

montagne to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: hey all

chamada: If you give the students clear directions as to what it is for and what needs to be included, then they can personalize it and meet those requirements.

montagne to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: disappointed I missed this!

rgriley: put another way, students are making an argument?

Pilar: Could you paste it in the chat window?

Pilar: The site

Barbara: We are working with class teams that use gaggle accounts and are making ePortfolios that include voice, video, etc. Reflection is the most important

Paula Naugle: @Angela C You do a great job of using what you can with your students, but I know it can be so frustrating.

jackiegerstein: The Pixar guy (forgot his name) says he hires people not from the promise of a resume but a proof in the portfolio

kyteacher: It's happening. Just get frustrated sometimes.

Moderator (Kim Caise 4):

Moderator (Kim Caise 4):

Pilar: Thanks!

maryfarrag to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: Hello all. Sorry for being so late. Mary from Cairo, Egypt who forgot the time change :(

carole Seubert: hurray...attention for k12

carole Seubert: I'm rolling out all of these things in my classroom

Lisa Carothers 1: Just curious--one advantage of these tools is access from anywhere. Is availability for ALL students still an issue, or are you finding that most students have access to computers and internet?

durff: did she refer to ?

Moderator (Kim Caise 4):

maryfarrag to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: Peggy or Kim, Can U plz copy & paste all of the chat & have it sent to me at my e-mail address?

Bob Caro: @Lisa - my concerns involve the fact that MS Office is installed on all student computers, but few parents can afford to install it at home

carole Seubert: access is a huge issue...that's why I noted earlier that my classroom is their main access point

Sylvianne: can't get access to the assessment4learning google site

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): chat will be posted in the archives later today


chrislittle: Mosep would be a great way for our students to connect with foreign students to share portfolios

durff: and after you consider, have a coffee

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): the slides are posted online with other resources in our link

Mark Spieglan: nice slogan!

Jason Epstein: This is such a great nugget of wisdom!

maryfarrag to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: Thanks 2 th Moderators

Teresa: that's a good rule

Jason Epstein: AMEN! Dr. B!

chrislittle: great, thanks barbara

3rd grade teacher: This is great information!

Barbara: Thank you Helen! I agree with ePortfolios becoming dynamic.

jackiegerstein: Kim!!!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): apologiesa about the recording - what we have weill be posted in the archives


durff: applause for Barrett

Sylvianne: What methods are there for assessing work

Paula Naugle: What ;is wrong with Blogger at elem level?

McTeach: Fantastic information! Thank you!!!

Sabine: what rubric do you use?

carole Seubert: teacher reflection and cross-action researching would be critical as well...teachers' learning curves can be very steep particularly with pressures of high-stakes testing

chrislittle: Are there legal issues to holding student work on-line?

Jen Forsyth: Thanks so much! And thanks to all for posting more links - I'm going to have a busy weekend!!!!!

Dorie: awesome presentation

chrislittle: who owns it?

Mark Spieglan: thanks; my brain is buzzing!


cpgates: Thanks for the information!

3rd grade teacher: Thank you for this motivational presentation!

Anne: how can you best blend multiple open source apps in one place?

jackiegerstein: Feedback - I really appreciate how Dr. Barrett keeps evolving her e-portfolios to reflect the tools available

Carlos38205: Thank you for the presentation, it's been fantastic

John Thawley: good info

Tammy Moore: We have been using Cmaps and e-notebooking for our portfolios. It has been fun!

Moderator (Peggy George): this was fabulous information Helen!! I'm so sorry we had so many technical difficulties at the beginning!

Lijun: anyone has experience in using portfolio to for teacher education?

LangLabCindy: What was the email offer she made?

McTeach: Would love to know more about assessment

Heidi Chaves: Thank you so much for sharing.

Dorie: I'll send you an e-mail soon about using e-portfolios with my third graders on PBWorks

Sabine: Danke

John Thawley: why

Debora (Oakland Adult & Career Education) 1: I'm an dult school teacher and distance learnng coordinator for ESL; I'm using a class wiki and also using "Voxopop" (a sort of asynchronous voice chat) with very good success so far.

durff: there is code to erase the next blog thing at the top

montagne: How do we prevent ePortfolios in a school community from being seen as an add on to what we already do? ePortfolio learning is a cultural shift, and I'm afraid it will be seen as yet another thing...

durff: making it safer

Moderator (Peggy George): All of Helen's links are in our bookmarks today

chrislittle: @jason: what's your e-mail address?

Debora (Oakland Adult & Career Education) 1: (I'm using PB wiki for the wiki).

kathycassidy: I use classblogmeister for my grade ones.

Sabine: We have a blog in gaggle

Paula Naugle: Mine doesn't block Blogger and they suggested we use it instead of EduBlogs.

jackiegerstein: Kid blogging site -

durff: why?

Jason Epstein: @chrislittle work: gmail:

Moderator (Peggy George): All of Helen's slides from today are here:

durff: @Paula why?

Bob Caro: @LCindy - goto slide #53 at

Caroline - Florida: Working online sometimes can be very time consuming. What have you learned about assessing these types of projects so that time is used effectively and efficiently by a teacher?

Mike to Bodie: hey bodie

Bodie: hey mike!

3rd grade teacher: Gaggle seems to have the option of monitoring students wonderfully according to our tech teacher.

Kim Flack: thank you so much -- I can't wait to pour over your website!

chamada: Is there any evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) that suggests private or public portfolios are more effective?

Maureen(bcdtech): @montagne- that's how it is seen at my school- not a culture shift or a living thing- but yet one more thing to do, and the worry that it will end up on a dusty shelf( vrtual shelf) somewhere


Paula Naugle: When we learned about blogs a couple of years ago there was some kind of problem with EduBlogs so they taught us Blogger.

chrislittle: I'm

artykel 1: Are you interested in preparing a template for teachers to create their own professional portfolios to share online?

Sylvianne: I'm used to writing over an assignment, showing where improvements can be made, what are the options assessing online?

3rd grade teacher: Student portfolios are a great place for motivation for students and parent communication1

montagne: I think ePortfolios provide such a compelling alternative to letter grades, report cards, and other reductive measurements of student learning

chrislittle: @montagne: great point!

Moderator (Peggy George): our problem with eportfolios at the university was the template approach (commercial) with no use of web 2.0 tools

chrislittle: meaningful evaluation!

3rd grade teacher: @montagne Great Thought!

montagne: @Maureen...I share that concern in my school community

Jen Forsyth: example - I am being "required" to use LiveText for my Ed.S. portfolio - it's gotten better - but is limited in terms of file uploads (size limitations...)

jackiegerstein: Shouldn't use any tools that students can't take them with them after they leave the school

Jason Epstein: we have turned to e-portfolios in lieu of end of grade exams in 8th grade! YAY! out with BS testing1

Deb from MN: Dr. B - So true about commercial apps for ePortfolios in teacher ed program. Totally inflexible!

Jonathan Wylie: Good point Barbara

Dorie: Amen, Montagne! I totally agree!

LangLabCindy: @BobCaro - thanks!

Moderator (Peggy George): it was all about documentation for accreditation of learning at the university

Pilar: At our college, we are still allowed to link out of the CMS.

Barbara: We are working with National Board Certified teachers who are videoing their classrooms so they need to collect data in a private space. They can grab pieces for reflection and their ePortfolio that is public

Sheri Edwards: which eportfolio tools can students take with them after school?

Jason Epstein: tHANK YOU!

Dorie: Lot to think about!

Maureen(bcdtech): Most examples I have seen are little more than a rubric being checked off with artifacts... not a lot of reflection

John Weidner: Do you recommend giving students an ePortfolio tool that they can continue to develop from year to year or if they move to another school?

Artie: Thanks for your time and sharing information

Dorie: thank you!

carole Seubert: As a teacher I was EXTREMELY frustrated by the eportfolio tools they gave us! Just PowerPoint templates!


aprilbrown: Thank you very much. Lots to think about and learn.

carole Seubert: Sounds like Pilar is upset!

Pilar: No, not at all.

Moderator (Peggy George): be sure to spend some time exporing all of her fantastic resources on her website!! tongs of great things!!

Jason Epstein: Have a good Day everyone!

Moderator (Peggy George): Helen has examples of rubrics for eportfolios

jackiegerstein: you too Jason

montagne: Should ePortfolios be graded/evaluated like other school tasks?? I would say no...use a social platform and allow commenting to serve as the main feedback

Pilar: Thanks

Sheri Edwards: thank you all

chrislittle: gracias y adios.

Lorraine L to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: Thanks very much everyone.

LangLabCindy: @Jason Epstein Cool! Can you share more details with me?

Deb from MN: Excellent seminar - wish we had had better luck with the tech in the beginning so we wouldn't have had to move so quickly thru the great info! Thanks.

artykel 1: How great to hear you speak again-Thanks Helen!

chamada: @montagne is the portfolio for the student or the school? If for the student, why assess?

Teresa: thank you!

Lijun: Thanks Helen!

Moderator (Peggy George): Thank you sooooo much Helen!!

mjoao: Dr. Helen, thanks. :-)

Jason Epstein: do you twitter Langlabcindy? I am Epstein27 or you can e-mail me at

artykel 1 to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: Dr. Barrett and Steve-Thanks so much -will share!

Ali in Montreal 1: Thank you, Dr Barret and all

jackiegerstein: This was great

kyteacher: Excellent info. Thank you so much!

Moderator (Peggy George): click on your mic to speak Debora

kyteacher: Great conversation too.

durff: It's Coffee Time ! (Like Howdie Doodie Time)

montagne: @chamada...good point, I think it is for the student...I think it should really be student owned, not owned by the institution

LangLabCindy: @Jason - will be in touch - thanks!

Moderator (Peggy George): the student voice in eportfolios is so important!

Jen Forsyth: is the google at the same time next week?

Debora (Oakland Adult & Career Education) 1: My question is about using e-portfolios in adult ed?

Moderator (Peggy George): yes same time next week :-)

Sylvianne: we need to assess against criteria, how could that be done using an e-portfolio

LangLabCindy: Great session! Thanks, all!

Jen Forsyth: ty

artykel 1 to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: what is Dr. Barrett's Twitter user name?

Artie: Good Day All!

chamada: G'night all.... it's past midnight here. Thank you Dr. Barrett and thank you all for the conversation.

Ali in Montreal 1: Thank you, Peggy, Kim ND lARNA

Ali in Montreal 1: lORNA

Kathie Lewis: What is cloud computing?

Moderator (Peggy George): thank you so for joining us!!!

artykel 1 to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: Where do recommend for teacher to study master's degree for e portfolio research?

Debora (Oakland Adult & Career Education) 1: As an addult educator, I'm wondering if I can participate in any of the projecs you mentioned?

Moderator (Peggy George): great question Debora!

Barbara: Can you share the website about LaGuardia? I am working with teachers of ELL

Moderator (Peggy George): you all can become part of this very important research for k12!!

Bob Barboza: Do you know of any e-Portfolio use in Charter Schools? Bob

Lijun: Dr. Barrett, do you know any evidence for portfolio supporting reflection and identity building for new teachers? It sounds for me ituitive, but I don't know any related work about that

Kathie Lewis: What is cloud computing?

Mark Spieglan to bruna ori: Hi, Bruna! (Chicago Pam Slim vet here)

Mark Spieglan: @Kathie Lewis: use of web apps rather than desktop apps

Sabine: cloud computing= all your researchers are on the internet

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): we have a link in our that links to a site where you can volunteer for some of Dr. barret's projects


Moderator (Peggy George): thanks Jackie!

jackiegerstein: Of course Peggy

Moderator (Peggy George): how about charter school use??

Lijun: Thanks, Dr. Barrett

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): thanks for that link @jackie

jackiegerstein: Good luck explanining that one ; )

Moderator (Peggy George): :-)

Moderator (Peggy George): very good explanation Helen!!

montagne: moodle is cloud computing...basically apps delivered thru the internet

Moderator (Peggy George): Diigo and Delicious :-)

Kathie Lewis: Thanks!

Sabine: oops I meant research

montagne: What is your thought on the Mahara platform Helen??

Moderator (Peggy George): you will want to spend hours exploring her website! fabulous resources and examples!

Sabine: resources - I need to wake up :)

Moderator (Peggy George): we also have a number of links for Mahara examples

montagne: I like the Mahara platform, but it doesn't seem to have critical mass in development and lacks many features you would expect...

Moderator (Peggy George):

jackiegerstein: and Slideshare automatically gives credit to the creator!

bruna ori: thank you

Moderator (Peggy George): love it!!!!!!!

McTeach: We do what we can! :)

Ali in Montreal 1: Great!

Paula Naugle: The power of sharing great work is wonderful.

carole Seubert: yes....

sdreyer: Thank you, I'll be reading, thinking, and reflecting all day!

Moderator (Peggy George): thank you all for hanging in there with our startup glitches!! definitely worth it!! Dr. Barrett is awesome!

John Weidner to kyteacher: Thanks for tweeting about studystack

carole Seubert: Can't find the student examples on your site....hints?

mjoao: How can we follow Helen at Twitter?

montagne: What is your thought on the Mahara platform Helen??

Ali in Montreal 1: A good incentive to do more!

montagne: I don't think sites allows templates

Rose: Informatiove presentation! Thank you!

jackiegerstein: Hands-on E-Portfolio Workshop using Google® Tools
GoogleDocs® Document & Presentation by Dr. Barrett -

jackiegerstein: Templates promote conformity

montagne: @jackie...agreed...templates certainly can box you in

Moderator (Peggy George): some great resources here too: (Eduscapes: Electronic Portfolios: Students, Teachers and Life-Long Learners)

Sabine: Have you ever used graphic organizer to link the artifacts?

Moderator (Peggy George): you could definitely use a Glogster poster to create clickable links to artifacts!

Deb from MN: @Sabine Good question!

carole Seubert: what a great idea!

Moderator (Peggy George): I love what you can do with Glogster!

Paula Naugle: That's a great idea Peggy.

Deb from MN: CMaps for graphic organizer?

carole Seubert: Am about to teach my kids Kidspiration and they could create that as a page in their portfolios

Moderator (Peggy George): you can also use Prezi for creating eportfolios that include images, docs, videos, etc.

carole Seubert: where will I find Cmaps?

Sabine: Kidsspiration and inspiration let you use hyperlinks

Tammy Moore: Cmaps link coming up ...

Paula Naugle: Kids would like makimg Glogs and Prezi.

Barbara: I like the idea of providing a framework instead of a prescriptive template for ePortfolios

carole Seubert: thanks Tammy!

Tammy Moore:

Tammy Moore: We have used Cmaps for years

Moderator (Peggy George): thanks Tammy-I was looking for that link

Moderator (Peggy George): Tammy is an expert with cmaps!!

carole Seubert: hadn't heard of cmaps finding out about new tech stuff

carole Seubert: or are u really talking about concept maps

Teresa: I found Cmaps to be more intuitive than Prezi or Creately or Mindomo

Moderator (Peggy George): if you use Moodle students can create fantastic eportfolios

LangLabCindy: Will anyone be collecting all of the links shared in ShareTabs?

Tammy Moore: Here is our family Cmap root concept map ...

Deb from MN: @Tammy - I might have questions for you about Cmaps. Would you share contact info?

Jen Forsyth: Dr. Barrett - have you seen Prezi used to create ePortfolios? If not - do you think it's feasible?

maryfarrag: Is anyone using an online lesson planner? or just using printed ones?

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): our link has the resources and you can save this chat

sdreyer: How are students creating eportfolios in Moodle?

Moderator (Peggy George): we will publish the chat log with all of the links shared here and the links include all of Helen's resources

montagne: Will the LEAP2 format address some of those portability issues Helen??

Tammy Moore: My contact info is

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): matt, did you want to take the mic to ask your question?

carole Seubert: which my school would get on the Moodle wagon! can't seem to work with it as an individual teacher on my own

Deb from MN: Thanx, Tammy!

Moderator (Peggy George): Tammy-want to take the mic to share how your students use Moodle for eportfolios?

Sabine: instead of moodle try gloster

montagne: there are moodle eportfolio blocks

jackiegerstein: Tammy will disagree - I have a hunch

Tammy Moore: Moodle doesn't give the student quite enough direct access to their own space

Moderator (Peggy George): yes :-)

Daryl Bambic: What do you think about PBworks as an eportfolio tool?

Ali in Montreal 1: Can we have the links to the google groups you mentioned?

Moderator (Peggy George): you can include cmaps in Moodle eportfolios :-)

jackiegerstein: I like the idea of using PBWorks as a portfolio tool

Tammy Moore: But you can link out from Moodle to a tool that does better for e-portfiolios

jackiegerstein: Prezi doesn't allow enough - no embedding

Jen Forsyth: thanks :) I'm exploring this now -

Jen Forsyth: prezi

montagne: I wonder about the permanence of prezi tho

Jen Forsyth: I HATE powerpoint - it's dull, lifeless and it never works for me!

Anne: Google group name or site

Moderator (Peggy George): that's always a worry Matt with web 2.0 tools!

Paula Naugle: You can embed in Prezi I thought.

Moderator (Peggy George): yes you can embed in Prezi


Barbara: Conversations and interactivity is very important. Need a way for teachers to provide discrete feedback

Ali in Montreal 1: How about hosting them on the web?

John Weidner to kyteacher: Do you think "Google Wave" integration will be important in providing this conversation to an ePortfolio?

carole Seubert: I'm using wikispaces for interactive student experiences....just getting that going so wish me luck

Jen Forsyth: @ Paula - yes - you can - I was just wondering if Dr. B had seen any in Prezi just yet

kyteacher: @jackiegerstein I like using PBWorks too. Gives a ton of options.

jackiegerstein: How Peggy? Their website says they do not have embeds as of yet - just links to files

Moderator (Peggy George): PPT is too linear for portfolios IMHO

montagne: in a way I worry about the permanence of google sites as can't really zip them and export them

Tammy Moore: So far, a good portfiolio is a mix of tools.

Moderator (Peggy George): you download the video (like YouTube) as flv and upload to Prezi

montagne: @tammy...excellent point...

t mohan: Have any colleges used e-portfolios in terms of the application process?

Deb from MN: Google Wave...can't wait. Anyone have any insight into when it's coming?

carole Seubert: Could Dr. Barrett repeat what a reasonable starting point for 3rd graders might be on eportfolios..what would be the most important first step...did I hear collection?

Tammy Moore: Home schoolers are using e-portfolios

jackiegerstein: Agree Peggy - but I want to embed slideshares, VOkis etc into Prezi - It still has a way to go.

Moderator (Peggy George): our college used eportfolios as the "graduation" process but not an application process :-)

Tammy Moore: because colleges want verification of parent transcripts

Moderator (Peggy George): I agree Jackie but it has great potential

jackiegerstein: agree

montagne: but, some colleges are asking students to submit YouTube samples (for things like theater, etc)

Sabine: this site is a plattform which offers portfolios tools too

Moderator (Peggy George): great to know more about the power and potential of Google!!

John Weidner: I had heard that google wave would be made available for educational purposes this year. And available to all in 2010.

Jen Forsyth: I have recommended to my students to START an ePortfolio and include it with their application - it's just getting so competative - it might give them an "edge" at more selective universities - I liken it to "Legally Blonde" where she does the video to "advertise" herself - corny, but some have started - now I have more tools to share with them!

jackiegerstein: During these last few months I have become a bit of a google fantatic - can't believe all the functions and tools they have and keep having'

Tammy Moore: I recommend using tools that you can backup to your own computer just in case a site dies


Sabine: You can apply to try it

LangLabCindy: Were the links to Dr. Barrett's Google Groups posted here? Would love to see them!

sdreyer: In a K12 setting, when (if ever) should GAPPS me made public?

Paula Naugle: And Google Voice.

Moderator (Peggy George): @Jen-great idea to have your students create an eportfolio to include with their application!

Paula Naugle: I got invited to Google Voice.

Moderator (Peggy George): yes

Moderator (Kim Caise 4):


Deb from MN: I'm waiting on my Google Voice invite...and waiting...

sdreyer: Love Google Voice.

montagne: Queen!

Paula Naugle: I remember signing up to be one of the first to get Google Wave, waiting to see if I get the invitation.

jackiegerstein: Guru and Grandmother!

Moderator (Peggy George): please contact Dr. Barrett and get your students involved in her research and next book!! :-)

Jen Forsyth: I would LOVE to have info on that!!!!!!

Jen Forsyth: is there a site set up yet for registration??

jackiegerstein: SIG

mjoao: I have to go. Thanks so much. It was so great. :-)

Jen Forsyth: the ePortfolio conference?? info??

Moderator (Peggy George): we'll definitely be looking forward to that Helen at the next NECC (ISTE Conference) :-)

Tammy Moore: lol

Paula Naugle: London?

Sylvianne: oooh, sounds good

Jen Forsyth: Um...don't think my school will spring for that! LOL altho I love London!

jackiegerstein: Want to and can are two different things

Moderator (Peggy George): I would love to go to London!! Wish I could!

Sylvianne: Only 2hrs for me to get there ;)

Paula Naugle: Would love to go to London. Do you need someone to carry your bags?

Teresa: so true

Barbara: Let;s look for good deals for London - I can carry your bags

Moderator (Peggy George): you can be our representative Sylvianne!!

jackiegerstein: Please do Tammy

Tammy Moore: OK

Moderator (Peggy George): yeah!!

carole Seubert: first step question please....did u say collection is the most important thing to do first?

Sylvianne: I'll have to talk to our ILT manager and see ;)

Carlos38205: A tip to introduce adult students to eportfolio

mjoao: Europe/London, would be a great opportunity to get to know each other. :-)

montagne: I'm about to introduce ePortfolios to our 9th grade students in a multi-discplinary art/design course...

montagne: I think I'm going to have half the students use Mahara and the other half use sites...

Moderator (Peggy George): that's such an important point that keeps coming up! not a single tool!!

montagne: and run a little experiment

jackiegerstein: My next "push" is using Wordpress for e-portfolios - anyone using it?

Sheri Edwards: ePortfolio links reflections to students' own stories

sdreyer: Do you have any thoughts about making GAPPS education Sites public, or should the setting be private?

Moderator (Peggy George): Helen has a great professional development handbook for eportfolios in our links today

montagne: @sdreyer...I think it depends upon alot of factors regarding making sites public...age, maturity, etc

Moderator (Kim Caise 4):

Moderator (Peggy George): purpose is definitely the key!!

Sabine: What are you thinking of a class portfolio as a modeling idea?

LangLabCindy: @montagne - Cool! Will you be sharing your experience somewhere - Ning, blog...?

Moderator (Peggy George): @Matt-that will be an interesting experiment! We'll have to have you come back to do a show on that once you do it

montagne: I actually just transferred ownership of a google site from our school's domain to my personal was a little tricky

Moderator (Peggy George) to Tammy Moore: Tammy can you take the mic?

Moderator (Peggy George) to Tammy Moore: would love to have you share your experience!

Bodie: Mike - are you getting this?

montagne: @peggy @langlab...the experiement is just a thought and right now I'm toggling back and forth between moodle and google sites for the portfolios...I will share out if we have half use sites and half use mahara

Tammy Moore: I can, but Helen is gowing great and I don't feel I should step in. If things slow down, I will jump in then. :0)

LangLabCindy: Got to run, but have thoroughly enjoyed this! Thanks!

Tammy Moore: *going

Moderator (Peggy George) to Tammy Moore: ok

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): is tammy doing the CC?

montagne: that is the nice thing about it provides year to year views for organization

jackiegerstein: I like having my head in the clouds

Moderator (Peggy George): we're all starting to understand more about the "cloud" now!

Moderator (Peggy George): that is such an important point about the student being able to take their portfolio with them after it's been created!!

Carlos38205: Have to leave now, thak you so much for this wonderful session. See you all next week

montagne: Sites is cool for student ownership after they leave...upon graduation the organization could even buy a domain for the student and transfer the site to her personal gmail

Moderator (Peggy George): I've been really impressed with the Mahara examples I have seen. Sharon Betts is doing some great things with them. Link in our links

Moderator (Kim Caise 4):

Moderator (Kim Caise 4):

Moderator (Peggy George): we also included a video tutorial from Matt re Mahara in our links :-)


montagne: it looks like you can "Copy" google sites as well

Moderator (Peggy George): Tammy's concept maps are awesome!! You should take a look!

montagne: OK, I think Helen has converted me from Mahara to Google Sites...I love the portability

Moderator (Peggy George): Tammy's site

jackiegerstein: Tammy where can we see your maps as examples/

Kathie Lewis: Wonderful info - good luck to all!

Moderator (Peggy George): portability is essential!!

montagne: @peggy, cool how google sites from a school's domain can be transferred and copied to a user's personal gmail

Moderator (Peggy George): thank you all for joining us!!!

Moderator (Peggy George): that is awesome Matt and something I didn't know before today!

Moderator (Kim Caise 4):

Moderator (Peggy George): selecting the appropriate tool is such a critical 21st century skill!!

Moderator (Peggy George): opportunity cost--what you give up when you adopt a certain tool/approach--very helpful explanation!

Moderator (Peggy George): templates just don't work for that!!

montagne: but do we want to "Grade" portfolios??

jackiegerstein: Semi-structured -

Moderator (Peggy George): free form eportfolios--so creative and valuable and yet don't fit with a rubric :-)

montagne: perhaps we want to give feedback, and not "Grade" them

Moderator (Peggy George): I agree Matt!

Sabine: Portfolios could be enter for a contest too

Sheri Edwards: map good for initial and final thoughts

jackiegerstein: I provide the competencies but the students can use whatever tools they want to achieve those competenices - I suggest tools through a list

Moderator (Peggy George): our university required us to grade the eportfolios and it was very limiting--students just made sure they included all of the "required" pieces and there was very little reflection and deep learning

montagne: I think if we "Grade" them as we've typically done with student assignments we'll kill student interest/motivation in creating a showcase of learning

Moderator (Peggy George): Amen Matt!!

Moderator (Peggy George): university students really didn't understand how to write reflections!! need to be taught!

Sylvianne: we want to create online assignments using e-portfolios, but need to show where each criteria has been met, how could we do that electronically

Sabine: Evidence of learning

Teresa: there is so much that needs to be taught to students in K-12 to better prepare them for college

Moderator (Peggy George): yes Teresa!!

Tammy Moore: Lots of examples of many different styles of reflection are good. Students begin to relax when they realize that they can use their own personal style because they see lots of personal styles in examples.

Moderator (Peggy George): that's really helpful perspective Tammy!

virginia alberti: thanks ! hello!

Moderator (Peggy George): incompletes :-) I know about that!

Sheri Edwards: @sylvianne -- would Diigo highlighting of criteria work?

Moderator (Peggy George): great suggestion Sheri!

montagne: I agree shouldn't be just best work...

Teresa: good point Helen

Sylvianne: haven't ever used Diigo, was just signing up at the start of this session :), must continue

Sabine: Perhaps they could highligt their progress on their work

Moderator (Peggy George): timelines can help for showing progress with work

montagne: that came up just the other day with our photography class' shared flickr account...the teacher only wanted best works to be posted there...I asked her to consider allowing half-baked works to be posted so flickr community members could comment and offer feedback

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): @sylvianne we have a classroom 2.0 live group at diigo

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): to share resources

Sheri Edwards: Diigo allows highlighting and commenting; can extract both for a reflection

Sylvianne: we need to identify when they've met a criteria and also give comments to help them improve their work so they achieve

Jen Forsyth: thanks Dr. Barrett & all moderators - I have to get going :( LOVE all the fantastic resources!!!

Moderator (Peggy George): I love the timelines online that allow you to upload images to demonstrate the examples at any point in time

Tammy Moore: That is why you want a portfolio that let students keep past work and connect or build on them.

carole Seubert: Wow...Dr B's resource offerings on her sites are awesome....many thanks!

Teresa: such a good idea, it is so important for students to actually see what they have learned

montagne: Wow, thanks SOOO much for staying longer Helen

montagne: this was just an AWESOME talk

Sylvianne: Will try and find you on classroom 2.0

Bodie: I've learned so much!

Tammy Moore: Thanks Dr. Barrett. :0)

Sylvianne: thank you

Paula Naugle: Thank you so much, Helen.

montagne: we've talked about portfolios in schools for they seem attainable

Moderator (Peggy George): this has been fantastic Dr. Barrett!! We really appreciate your staying with us so long afterwards!

Sabine: that really was very helpfull to get an idea what a portfolio is

Teresa: thank you!

montagne: My students would LOVE that

Kathleen Thomas: Excellent useful

montagne: a showcase!!!!

Teresa: great idea!

Moderator (Peggy George): that's a great suggestion!! showcase for student eportfolios!

Sheri Edwards: thanks so very much; so many resources. how about a resource group for eportfolio users -- wiki?

Paula Naugle: A showcase would be awesome.

McTeach: Love that idea!!

montagne: AWESOME Helen!

Moderator (Peggy George): it's so hard to get them outside of walled gardens!!

Moderator (Peggy George): we'll start exploring this!!

Sheri Edwards: ning?

carole Seubert: be great for students to share phenomenology of creating their portfolios

montagne: That suggestion has my mind spinning about possibilities right now!

Bodie: tea. can take out identifying information

carole Seubert: am looking at Dr. B's google group now

montagne: but live sharing would be great too

Moderator (Peggy George): wouldn't you love to see students reflecting and giving feedback on each others eportfolios? :-)

Tammy Moore: A portfolio of portfolios. :)

Teresa: examples are so helpful when students are "blocked" in the creative process of creating the portfolio

montagne: have students share live via elluminate, edtechtalk, whatever

Moderator (Peggy George): maybe we should start a LearnCentral group for student eportfolios?? great way to share resources and connect with others using them

Tammy Moore: LearnCentral would be great!

Paula Naugle: Good idea, Peggy.

montagne: presenting is a major component of the ePortfolio process and sharing live in elluminate would be a great option for kids

Sheri Edwards: thanks kim

Moderator (Peggy George): and we can hold followup elluminate group sessions on LearnCentral too :-)

jackiegerstein: Love when these sessions lead into action steps

Sheri Edwards: thanks Helen and Peggy and Tammy

montagne: @Jackie...agreed

Sabine: Vielen Dank!

artykel 1 to Peggy George, Helen Barrett, Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise 4: PEggy -Already submitted for contributing via email!

Moderator (Peggy George): this has been so exciting!! our minds are definitely spinning!!

CristinaLemos: Thanks

jackiegerstein: Bye!

Paula Naugle: Got to go but have thoroughly enjoyed this session. Thank you everyone.

carole Seubert: Wonderful, inspiring and informative!

montagne: Kudos to Kim, Peggy, Lorna for their work with CR 2.0 live

Sheri Edwards: thanks

Moderator (Peggy George): thank you all!!

jackiegerstein: thanks everyone!

Tammy Moore: Thanks.

sdreyer: thanks

Manasseh 2: Thank you!

montagne: Thank you to Dr. Barrett for sticking around!

Sylvianne: bye

Moderator (Peggy George): I'm so grateful to Dr. Barrett for all of the extra (bonus) conversation!!!!

Ali in Montreal 1: Thank you all

Moderator (Peggy George): bye everyone-see you next week!

Sabine: Bye :)

artykel 1 to montagne: montagne- i am chs high school @artykel on twitter connect?

Moderator (Kim Caise 4): take care everyone and see you next week!