Hi Phoenix CR20 LIVE Workshop colleagues,
A great opportunity you won't want to miss. :-) Please join the conversation. :-)
"Our first-ever virtual follow-up from a CR 2.0 LIVE Workshop event--this time for the Phoenix, AZ crowd!"
TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2008, 12:00-1:00PM (PDT/PHOENIX TIME)
You are invited to join us for a special "afterglow" follow-up conversation to our incredible workshop!
Steve has scheduled a LIVE Conversation for us to talk about what we learned from our first "unconference LIVE Workshop" (both process and content). This will give us an opportunity to reflect on our shared experience to guide us in planning future unconference events, and to experience using Elluminate. Since this LIVE Conversation is posted on the main CR20 LIVE Conversation site, we may be joined by others who are looking for ideas and support in planning their own LIVE Workshops. Our reflections will provide some valuable feedback. Please join us for an hour of questions/answers and stories. We can highlight some of the features of the experience such as facility, wireless access, technology support, location, agenda, workshop facilitation, pre-planning, sponsors, food, communication, planning wikispace, online evaluation, length of sessions, ways to bring in guest experts and students(Skype/Elluminate/ustream.tv/Twitter, etc.), Chatzy (conference conversations), group photo---just to mention some of the possible conversation topics. Start thinking about the highlights of the event for you and jotting down a few notes and so you'll be ready to share with the world. :-)
Click on the "Event" link on the CR20 LIVE Conversation wiki about 15 minutes before the scheduled time to ensure you are able to log into Elluminate. I've copied/pasted the information on our Phoenix Event Main Page, but you should check the official site the morning of the conversation for any last minute changes. If you aren't able to join us live at the time of the event, it will be recorded and archived for later viewing.

Chat from Elluminate session:

Joined on May 27, 2008 at 11:44 AM

PeggyGeorge: Hi Steve! Great to see you!

Moderator: Hi!

Penny Hudspeth: Hi!

Moderator: Don't have headset on yet.

Penny Hudspeth: ok

PeggyGeorge: Shhh!! He's busy concentrating Just teasing!

CR20 Live: Hello everyone

Moderator: The bus is going to leave on time...

PeggyGeorge: We're on the bus!!

PeggyGeorge: Who else is on? Who is CR20 Live?

CR20 Live: That's me :P

PeggyGeorge: Steve-will you be able to save the chat for later viewing?

Moderator: You may want to exit and log in again. When you do, just use your regular name.

Moderator: Yes, will save chat.

PeggyGeorge: Great!

Moderator: Same advice for the person who logged in as CR 2.0 Phoenix workshop...

Moderator: be back in 5 min.

PeggyGeorge: Can we add any content to the screen that we're viewing now?

Penny Hudspeth: Is there anyone that does not have speakers?

PeggyGeorge: Steve is always great about checking the chat too and drawing questions and comments into the audio.

PeggyGeorge: Hi Noreen It's great to see you!

Noreen Strehlow: Hey Peggy! Great to be hear

Noreen Strehlow: here

Noreen Strehlow: lol

Noreen Strehlow: I can hear you

Noreen Strehlow: bad Rodney

Noreen Strehlow: :P

Rodney Turner: I am not snickering, Im working on another project!

Noreen Strehlow: that's why I'm not using a mic. My office mate would think I'm whacko

Noreen Strehlow: lol

Noreen Strehlow: I use voice when I do Second Life classes

Noreen Strehlow: I thought it was asking for the session name

Moderator: I'm back!

Noreen Strehlow: <--big dork

Noreen Strehlow: Hey Amy!

PeggyGeorge: LOL--your stand-up comedy experience is coming through

Amy Chayefsky: hi brb

PeggyGeorge: We hung up on the cell phone and she's trying

Noreen Strehlow: I teach stand up in Second Life

PeggyGeorge: Yes and she is a stand-up comedian!

Noreen Strehlow: used to be...

Rodney Turner: Hi Amy.

Moderator: Peggy--did you want me to help someone get in?

PeggyGeorge: Ann Lumm is trying-

Noreen Strehlow: yep

Noreen Strehlow: 4 yrs in Milwaukee

Noreen Strehlow: now I work for Tom Lind

Noreen Strehlow:

PeggyGeorge: Check her out on Second Life

Noreen Strehlow: well, I'm not that funny

Noreen Strehlow: I am mildly amusing

Rodney Turner:

Noreen Strehlow: probably

Noreen Strehlow: Norma Underwood

PeggyGeorge: Yes that was her

Noreen Strehlow: I'm also a fashion designer

Moderator: OK, bus is leaving!

PeggyGeorge: Hooray!

Noreen Strehlow: and teacher for GQ start

Noreen Strehlow: hey Steve

Rodney Turner:

Penny Hudspeth: Penny Pletzel is my name in SL

Rodney Turner: Hello!

Rodney Turner to Penny Hudspeth: How are both of them talking?

Amy Chayefsky: i am back - hi all

Noreen Strehlow: wb Amy

Penny Hudspeth: Yes, we can see you.

PeggyGeorge: Hi Amy

PeggyGeorge: I can't post my pic on the screen

PeggyGeorge: That's funny--bias for us??

Noreen Strehlow: I thought it was awesome

Noreen Strehlow: by us, for us

Moderator: Now you can update the whiteboard.

Moderator: I had to change a setting.

Noreen Strehlow: why Steve?

PeggyGeorge: Great point Penny! If wireless isn't available or not working well it makes a big difference

Noreen Strehlow: but we are multitaskers

Noreen Strehlow: Yes that was a great feature

Amy Chayefsky: and it is still there today - great point penny

Noreen Strehlow: I did

PeggyGeorge: I've been on the wiki many times

Noreen Strehlow: thanks for doing that!

Amy Chayefsky: tech support - absolutely

Amy Chayefsky: oh yes

Gailene Nelson: I Agree. From what I observed, it didn't take long to break out of the formal conference/workshop model.

PeggyGeorge: Hi Gailene! Great to see you!

Sheri: The concept of using a wiki to modify a plan seems like a real way to model differentiated instruction.

Gailene Nelson: Hi Peggy!

Noreen Strehlow: Good point Amy

Amy Chayefsky: Sheri so true - differentiated instrux for educators PD

Noreen Strehlow: Mine came up very fast

Noreen Strehlow: lol @ Rodney

Penny Hudspeth: I agree, Amy!

Noreen Strehlow: oh that was great

Noreen Strehlow: they were so open to speaking

Sheri: That was the best because it really illustrates what students can do with technology

Gailene Nelson: the students were great, and I'd love to see them participate more in future workshops.

Gailene Nelson: they could do a mini-genyes session

Gailene Nelson: it' would be great for the teachers and the students

Noreen Strehlow: I kept thinking they were mispronouncing genious

PeggyGeorge: I loved all of the Skype experiences! students, experts, spontaneous conversation during lunch!

Noreen Strehlow: I liked how they were real kids, like the girl who kept twirling her hair

Rodney Turner: not in GESD

Noreen Strehlow: not in PESD

PeggyGeorge: Not widely used

Sheri: not to my knowledge

PeggyGeorge: The video skype was really valuable so we could actually see them and they could see us

Noreen Strehlow: two days was good

Penny Hudspeth: Just right.

PeggyGeorge: I think 2 days was really good!

Gailene Nelson: good question - many of you mentioned that your brain was full

Sheri: Just right=pace was excellent

Noreen Strehlow: and get a chance to play with some of the things

Rodney Turner:

Penny Hudspeth: The wiki was great for retrieving things we missed.

Penny Hudspeth: It was also good during those times of overload.

Rodney Turner: Actually she took PD day!

Amy Chayefsky: Also, when free mught be easier to get admins in the door

Noreen Strehlow: You did a fantastic job

Gailene Nelson: I can look into the budgets from the workshops we did last year.

Noreen Strehlow: CCS partly sponsored that

Noreen Strehlow: I think there was another sponsor too

Gailene Nelson: will also depend on the venue; if you are at a conference facility, you typically have to order from the venue, which most times is more expensive

PeggyGeorge: I agree about the facility! It was just perfect for us!

Noreen Strehlow: That's our setup at PESD also

Gailene Nelson: i think the venue is critical

PeggyGeorge: The tech support person also helped us unblock sites right on the spot! That was huge!

Gailene Nelson: what about public libraries?

PeggyGeorge: It's much cheaper to hold it in a school setting rather than a hotel.

Gailene Nelson: you typically don't have the blocking issue

PeggyGeorge: I don't know if our public libraries could accommodate a group that large for 2 days.

Gailene Nelson: good point, Peggy.

Noreen Strehlow: is that done with a webcam?

PeggyGeorge: Yes a webcam and the ustream.tv site

Noreen Strehlow: ok

Noreen Strehlow: well I was hoping there might be a Second Life component

PeggyGeorge: Right!

Noreen Strehlow: it was

PeggyGeorge: It was really fun doing the group picture!

Rodney Turner: LOL

Rodney Turner: I saw one of the pictures.

Noreen Strehlow: I think everyone got something

Penny Hudspeth: That's ok!

Noreen Strehlow: exactly

Brett Hinton: On the Border provided the food

Brett Hinton: It was sponsored by CCS and NEC

Noreen Strehlow: lol

PeggyGeorge: LOL

Noreen Strehlow: you are magical Steve

Rodney Turner: LOL

Noreen Strehlow: It was a great learning environment

Amy Chayefsky: Hi Brett!

Amy Chayefsky: Pursue!!!

Gailene Nelson: maybe expert isn't the right term. people who use technology daily don't necessarily consider themselves experts, but they impart a lot of knowlege.

PeggyGeorge: I agree completely, Noreen! Steve is magical and I would be anxious about doing future unconferences without a strong facilitator.

Amy Chayefsky: not experts - practiced

Gailene Nelson: much better Amy!

Amy Chayefsky: lol

Gailene Nelson: definitely

Gailene Nelson: jennifer's description of how she uses Diigo in the classroom was great

Noreen Strehlow: I am so hooked on Diigo now

Noreen Strehlow: Sounds good Peggy

Amy Chayefsky: sustained and coommunity - yes

PeggyGeorge: What do you think about the importance of having a "big name" leader for the workshops?

Gailene Nelson: agree - what about the idea of nominating mentors to communicate with between the events?

Noreen Strehlow: Good idea Gailene

Gailene Nelson: that way, the conversations keep moving forward

Rodney Turner: I don't think you have to have a "big name" but someone who is in touch with the issues and classroom.

PeggyGeorge: I'm sure we would all feel more confident about sharing in a 2nd or 3rd session.

PeggyGeorge: Yes, Steve was it!

Gailene Nelson: of course you were!

Noreen Strehlow: yes yes Steve

Noreen Strehlow: Steve is provocative...

PeggyGeorge: I think it's the old story of people not viewing their local people as "experts." I'm sure people were drawn to CR20 because of Steve.

Amy Chayefsky: great point peggy

Noreen Strehlow: well the place was packed

Gailene Nelson: right Noreen - without one of those big names

Penny Hudspeth: We did have have a nice size crowd for the Clsrm 2.0 workshop.

Noreen Strehlow: I think people were drawn to the content

PeggyGeorge: I suppose we could do something like the k12onlineconference and have a "keynote" common presentation for everyone that is done online.

Penny Hudspeth: No.

Rodney Turner: I don't think so.

Gailene Nelson: Rodney has a good point

Sheri: I don't thinks so either

Noreen Strehlow: I agree, classroom teachers do not know who David Warlick is

Gailene Nelson: I think there is a gap between these edtech leaders like Warlick and classroom teachers. Am I wrong?

PeggyGeorge: But almost all of the people who participated this time were tech leaders and were very familiar with Steve.

Amy Chayefsky: I agree the content was the draw BUT I htink this group knew Steve (or cmae to know CR20 on this promotion)

Rodney Turner: Gailene - i agree

PeggyGeorge: I don't think that's true for Warlick. He talks to teachers all the time whenever he presents.

Noreen Strehlow: Yes Peggy, the tech leaders were familiar with Steve

Gailene Nelson: but what about the average classroom teacher?

PeggyGeorge: We focused this particular workshop on tech leaders (trainers of trainers) and not the average classroom teacher. If we expanded the concept to a series and could draw in classroom teachers that would be awesome.

Amy Chayefsky: I tink a name is important to lend credibility BUT the average audience may not know the full value or weight of that individual

Gailene Nelson: maybe the big name can be used as a follow up?

Penny Hudspeth: Amy, I completely agree with your comment. The name is important!

Amy Chayefsky: brb

Gailene Nelson: good point, Peggy - depends on the audience

Brett Hinton: Absolutely - great job both Steve and Peggy!

Gailene Nelson: I agree

Noreen Strehlow: I would like for PESD to host something like this

Sheri: Thank you all

Noreen Strehlow: and you are all welcome to my Second Life sandbox

Penny Hudspeth: Noreen, in SL wasn't you hair green?

Amy Chayefsky: Noreen do you have a slurl?

Noreen Strehlow: no, I have red hair

Penny Hudspeth: Ops, that was you Amy, right?

Amy Chayefsky: lol

Amy Chayefsky: yes

Amy Chayefsky: sl amy teebrook

Amy Chayefsky: thanks steve and company "

Gailene Nelson: thank you steve

Rodney Turner: Thank you!

Noreen Strehlow: I have Amy, Peggy, and Penny on my list

Noreen Strehlow: thanks Steve

PeggyGeorge: Thank you so much Steve! It was great all of you could join us today!

Brett Hinton: Thanks, bye everyone!

Amy Chayefsky: bleeding edge of conference?

Noreen Strehlow: great seeing you all again

PeggyGeorge: LOL!!!

Noreen Strehlow: bye

Penny Hudspeth: Thank you, Steve and Peggy and everyone else!

Gailene Nelson: thanks to the rest of the team!

PeggyGeorge: Bye! Hope to see you all again soon.

PeggyGeorge: Summer is here and now we will have more time to explore!

PeggyGeorge: Bye all

Noreen Strehlow: take care

Gailene Nelson: bye