Mar 7, 2009 9:02:17 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE! SHOW

00:00 - tamlinares
mine is tamlinares

00:04 - Mary Ellen -Montreal
follow me -

00:13 - sharon_elin
any plurkers? (or is that sibling rivalry?)

00:15 - Chris L
I don't have a twitter account but I'm guessing I'll make one after this session now that I have people to follow!

00:16 - jeremy

00:18 - fsinfo

00:27 - lindseyb16
Chris L you won't regret it

00:32 - LangLabCindy
Be sure to add your name to:

00:42 - shamblesguru

00:55 - Rob m
twitter name rmcdonald17

00:58 - KS-Nancy
JudyB, you aren't from Robinson are you?

01:02 - lindseyb16

01:10 - Peggy George
@Chris--hope you will WANT to join Twitter after today :-)

02:06 - kapil
i blogged about "How to become twitter teacher in 23 steps or less ?"

02:07 - Nancy Van Leuven
twitter name: NancyVanLeuven

02:13 - Peggy George
I"m so excited to get all of these twitter names!

02:33 - Tom Barrett
Hello all - just thought I would drop by

02:36 - Bob Cotter (bobsd46)
Bob Cotter - bobsd46

02:44 - sharon_elin
I'm the same on plurk and twitter: sharon_elin

02:48 - sfleshner
Hi, I am Sabine. German teacher in Omaha

02:56 - sharon_elin
Hello Tom

03:13 - Peggy George
Thanks for dropping those links! If you have any favorite twitter resources, blog posts, etc. please share them!

03:20 - judyb
my plurk is judyb64

03:27 - sharon_elin
Hi, Bill!

03:27 - Peggy George
I loved your blog post kapil!

03:44 - mrsdurff
do you have a link peggy?

03:54 - Roxanne
Hello all!

03:57 - mrsdurff
and loving that newslettr this week

04:00 - Peggy George
all of our links today are in the sharetabs! A bunch!

04:00 - sharon_elin
90 participants -- awesome!

04:14 - mrsdurff
kapil's post i meant

04:17 - Peggy George

04:29 - kapil

04:32 - kathy Albert
where is the share tab?

04:42 - Peggy George

04:45 - tamlinares
that was fun

04:53 - mrsdurff
tx kapil

05:02 - Peggy George
we'll post the sharetabs again during the show and you can find the link on our classroom 2.0 LIVE site too

05:12 - sharon_elin
Some people are asleep elsewhere in the world!

05:28 - steveoc
Wells, NY in the ADK Mtns

05:46 - mrsdurff
can i vote twice?

05:56 - mrsdurff
or ten times?

06:01 - Peggy George
this is perfect! we all will be learning new things today!

06:04 - RiptideF
do you have two accounts Mrs. Durff?

06:04 - lindseyb16
@durff lol

06:11 - AK Jenny
I do, but I am a total noob.

06:11 - Laura Gekeler
"PLN" is perhaps doubtful.

06:12 - mrsdurff
no riptide

06:12 - Eureka
hello all

06:13 - LangLabCindy
@mrsdurff - Are u from Chicago?

06:14 - veieio
veieio - london ontario canada puddles of need to shovel

06:17 - mrsdurff
just playing

06:17 - RiptideF

06:22 - Eureka
from michigan

06:23 - mrsdurff
do you?

06:27 - Laura Gekeler
Networking for sure; but maybe not so much "Learning"

06:31 - Bill Graziadei
If you don't use Twitter, what do you use?

06:33 - Shawn
Woot! Go Michigan

06:39 - sharon_elin

06:40 - Eureka
: )

06:43 - Bob Cotter (bobsd46)
Bob Cotter, Gibsons BC, Sunny and frosty.

06:46 - jcmdonald
currently unemployed - retooling my teacher toolbox and looking for work

06:50 - mrsdurff
some use Jaiku still i think

06:51 - Rodd Lucier 4
I'm learning... nice functionality

06:53 - deb-nh 1
Go Blue

06:55 - Rosie Williamson
I am checking the red X but nothing happens are we to see that

06:57 - sharon_elin
Lost audio?

07:00 - barbaraphillips
i do not hear anything

07:01 - Shawn
Detroit, thunder and rain. :-)

07:05 - Peggy George
twitter may be a great way to retool your toolbox :-)

07:05 - mrsdurff
and some use plurk

07:12 - Eureka
yes rain here in Flushing Michigan

07:13 - sharon_elin
results again?

07:15 - dougpete 1
Amherstburg, Ontario - bit a rain

07:31 - Shawn
Prohibited by Network IT.

07:33 - sharon_elin
It's blocked in my school district

07:33 - jcmdonald
yeh, I use it to find resources and educational materials.

07:42 - mcluhansghost
Not in the classroom :)

07:43 - Rosie Williamson
got it

07:44 - tamlinares
i use plurk in classroom or did

07:44 - dweightman
our school network blocks twitter

07:46 - Peter H.
Don't you have to clear our votes before we can vote again?

07:47 - lindseyb16
not blocked, don't think they know about it

07:51 - Troy
What about those of us who aren't in a classroom?

07:55 - Rodd Lucier 4
Grey in Komoka ON... warming up though.

08:05 - Shawn
Come back to the classroom ;-)

08:06 - mrsdurff
mine are too young - we use im

08:06 - Jesse T.
Twitter is blocked in our school for now; changing that in a couple weeks!

08:07 - steveoc
TOS blocks my kids from using it--under 13

08:09 - Penny (@plind)
@troy l-- not in a classroom either

08:14 - bryan
our school district limits twitter

08:17 - AntHeald
Our network blocks twitter though I can get tweetdeck up - go figure!

08:21 - sharon_elin
BLOCKED in schools

08:22 - fsinfo
hard to use twitter for elementary students

08:27 - Laura Gekeler
True, Troy, I'm not currently teaching.

08:29 - mrsdurff

08:29 - mcluhansghost
We block Twitter.

08:36 - Peggy George
isn't that interesting that some twitter tools are blocked and some aren't?

08:36 - steveoc
I've tried Open source alternatives

08:36 - mrsdurff
yes to fsinfo

08:36 - Tom Barrett
I use it with Primary / Elem kids

08:40 - fsinfo
oh I do use twitter for myself during the day

08:45 - Shawn
I can access my Twitter via my iPhone though.

08:46 - AntHeald
And I can get Cursebird in school - sigh

08:51 - pstansberry
try downloading tweetdeck and you might be able to get around your district's firewall

08:54 - Penny (@plind)
blocked in our district but can get around it by using betwittered on igoogle homepage

08:54 - steveoc
Kids like our internal "twitter"

08:56 - mrsdurff
tom barrett is a renegade

09:04 - Troy
Most important, how/why do people use it in the classroom?

09:15 - Tom Barrett
@mrsdurff :-D

09:20 - mrsdurff

09:24 - Peggy George
we like renegades :-)

09:35 - Peggy George
part of the disruptive experience in education

09:38 - mrsdurff
i am eternally a newbie

09:49 - Tom Barrett
we have to push the boundaries a bit

09:55 - shamblesguru
I am eternally grateful

09:55 - Barbara O'Berry
I don't use it with my students...yet. Our school uses it though.

10:08 - Shawn
It's not a yellow background! :-)

10:17 - mrsdurff
sounds like a coffee flavored drink - where Rodd is

10:19 - johnallan
Even though I live in Doha, Qaatar I have a house and summer in St. cAtharines, ON

10:20 - sharon_elin
"eternally a newbie" -- good one!!!

10:32 - mrsdurff
but true

10:38 - steveoc
WordPRess theme Prologue = private twitter

10:44 - casterline
how do i get rid of my mic and moderator icons?

10:44 - Mary Ellen -Montreal
barbara- are you on twitter?

10:50 - LangLabCindy
Has anyone tried Heard about it at a conference - microblogging tool with safety controls, is what was said.

10:56 - RiptideF
@durff that's just another way of saying lifelong learner

10:59 - Tom Barrett
Using Twitter in a maths lesson next week with my 5th Graders

11:02 - mcluhansghost
@johnallan - do you know Harry Kieswetter?

11:06 - Peggy George
I havne't tried but it sounds very interesting.

11:24 - sharon_elin
official link for

11:28 - Barbara O'Berry
yes. barbaraoberry on Twitter

11:38 - steveoc
Anyone know any other FOSS "twitters?"

11:50 - mcarls
Hello all, thanks for the invite.

11:56 - Maureen/bcdtech
@Tom Barrett- you don't have the TOS problems with use by younger kids?

12:00 - johnallan
is Harry the testing center guy @CNA Q?

12:08 - LangLabCindy not wild about the "roll your own" on front page

12:14 - lindseyb16
hard to describe twitter...

12:15 - steveoc
In US twitter illegal for kds under 13

12:17 - Judith Romero
I created a Twitter acct. at the Web.2.0 workshop in Phx last fall and can't find my login. Can I get it back or do I have to create a new acct?

12:27 - jcmdonald
I am a little skeptical to give students links to my online pages. Maybe this will help build some confidence...

12:40 - sharon_elin
I had to start over, too, @jcmdonald

12:49 - Peggy George
Welcome Judith! So glad you're here! I'll help you with your twitter acct later :-)

12:49 - Tom Barrett
@Maureen - I don't have the kids use it - but it can be a great teaching and learning tool

12:50 - mrsdurff

12:55 - AK Jenny
yep -- hard to do . . . was trying to explain that last night.

13:07 - calmansi
I mainly twitter my Diigo bookmarks ;-)

13:11 - LangLabCindy
@steveoc - what is FOSS?

13:13 - Maureen/bcdtech
@langlabcindy I looked at shoutem for my gr 7-9, decided against it. I have a chat for them on their ning.

13:15 - Penny (@plind)
helps if ppl are familiar with fb updates first

13:16 - Larry Jeffryes
In and out due mtns and canyons on way to Santa Fe, NM

13:16 - sroseman
I think you have to play with it and explore

13:17 - Bill Graziadei
started as 'what r u doing' evolved 2 'what r u thinking, reading, writing, etc'

13:22 - steveoc
Free and Open Source Software

13:23 - Peggy George
there seems to be so much potential for using twitter in the classroom and I can't wait to hear all of your ideas!

13:26 - calmansi
Free Open Source Software = FOSS

13:29 - sharon_elin
Yes, Bill, sharing resources & ideas

13:30 - Texas Gail
I love finding out what other people are doing, but I haven't made it to the point where I think anyone else would care what I do

13:37 - mcarls
I learn every day from people I've never met F2F. Not sure what I did before Twitter.

13:49 - sharon_elin
Texas Gail, yes, I would like to see what you're doing

13:51 - deb-nh 1
how do you create a small twitter group?

13:51 - Jesse T.
Yes, mcarls. My sentiments exactly.

13:54 - Rodd Lucier 4

13:54 - lindseyb16
very professional

13:56 - LangLabCindy
@maureen - what reasons for deciding against it?

13:57 - AntHeald
@TexasGail - that's exactly where I'm at!

14:10 - sroseman
I love to find what other reources teachers and educators are sharing

14:17 - Peggy George
we want to hear from everyone! all ideas welcome! don't feel you need to be an "expert"

14:17 - RiptideF
@Judith is this you?

14:18 - casterline
wow! thanks for sharing this

14:25 - kdyer
Where is the slideshare link

14:29 - sharon_elin
You all would be surprised how many educational & technology professionals follow twitterers who tweet about their professional activities

14:40 - kapil

14:48 - Laurie 1
I missed the directions what link are we opening?

14:50 - Rob m

14:50 - deb-nh 1
please post the link again

14:52 - casterline
love plurk too

14:55 - Maureen/bcdtech
@Langlabcindy- redundant service, since I put a chat on the ning that they use. And didn't really like the roll your own

15:05 - deb-nh 1
? link

15:07 - cookp
the biggest lessons I have learned about using twitter: 1. Fill out your bio based upon the ppl you want to network with. 2. Use to find educators like you. 3. Follow others!

15:52 - LangLabCindy
@maureen - thanks! understand and agree - that's why I haven't even explored

15:55 - inicot

15:56 - lindseyb16

15:56 - Bill Graziadei

15:56 - Jesse T.
When you find someone who has tweets interesting to you...see who else follows them, and who they are following.

15:56 - cookp
If you haven't gone there yet, there is a tremendous list of educators at

15:57 - mcarls

15:59 - RiptideF
fail whale

16:00 - paula naugle
Yes I can

16:00 - Penny Burger
oh wow!

16:01 - Terri

16:01 - Peter H.

16:01 - Peggy George
excellent tip @cookp!

16:06 - Nancy Van Leuven
Lovely..paper mache? :)

16:06 - Rob m
yes its here

16:09 - mrsdurff
and some things work better on different days

16:13 - Judith Romero
Judith R - I put up the question about not having my login info - help

16:17 - sharon_elin
I think it's fun to watch you guys learn how to use elluminate -- it models the reality of using tech in real time. Always a challenge but surmountable.

16:21 - Penny (@plind)
maybe zoom out a bit

16:41 - Peggy George
that is so true Sharon! we learn new things every session!

17:03 - kapil
this presentation is looking beautiful

17:05 - Peggy George
you can stretch your slide window if you want it bigger or smaller

17:14 - lindseyb16
You are great sharers, I learn so muuch about presenting from this format

17:15 - LangLabCindy
Agree it's great modeling - thanks for doing it!

17:32 - steveoc
Looks like a keynote presentation--Love keynote

17:42 - Jesse T.
Yay Keynote! :-)

17:54 - Tom Barrett

18:11 - casterline
no way to see the chat too?

18:41 - Maureen/bcdtech
If the slideshow could be zoomed out a bit, then we could see both.

18:44 - kapil
@caterline go to view -> layouts -> select wide or anyother layouts

18:47 - Peggy George
yes if you select the default view the chat window moves to the left but it's much smaller and hard to follow

19:13 - jeremy
If you hover your mouse over the top of the application sharing window, you can click on a zoom out window. It fits well for me now.

19:17 - Bill Graziadei
any Red Sox fans out there?

19:36 - sharonbetts
go Sox

19:39 - Craig at MSU
at the top right of the app sharing screen, click the maximize button to go full screen

19:42 - Shawn
Go Tigers.

19:52 - Maureen/bcdtech
@jeremy- thanks

19:56 - LangLabCindy
My 79-yr old mother twitters!

20:05 - shamblesguru

20:20 - LangLabCindy
Twitter warns of death threat in St. Louis:

20:33 - Peggy George
that's scarey LanLabCindy!

20:52 - mrsdurff
funny - morgante is not a teacher, he is a student

21:07 - deb-nh 1
does twitter work for folks that are not big into just talking?

21:13 - sharonbetts
just read that twitter was hacked and an adult video message sent

21:15 - shamblesguru
Is this ppt layout .. big image + message just a screen shot .. or did you do these in photo editor?

21:18 - LangLabCindy
Yes, but good that folks took it seriously and helped. Not a real threat, just kids not getting it!

21:18 - Daniel from CT
where did the pictures come from for this presentation...they are neat?

21:33 - Maureen/bcdtech
I use RSS to monitor links from twitter- can't keep up with all the great links shared 24/7

21:40 - Peggy George
I love how quickly we can get answers to questions from people on twitter!

21:51 - Troy
The pictures are all screen shots.

21:51 - lindseyb16
@deb-nh yes, many just share links, esp if you connect with teachers of the same subject

22:04 - Maureen/bcdtech
I get answers to questions, but also support when things are not going well

22:06 - dougpete 1
Phog Lounge is three blocks from where I work.

22:08 - jeremy
@Maureen what reader do you use?

22:11 - Melissa
are we going to be talkign about cool NEW ways to use twitter?

22:41 - sharonbetts
I feed twitter searches to my NEtvibes pages

22:43 - shamblesguru
I've not seen this layout on twitter before ... large image plus one Tweet

22:43 - Peggy George
@Melissa--many people have never used twitter so we'll be covering new and old ways to use twitter

22:52 - Maureen/bcdtech
@Jeremy I have it as a gadget in igoogle- use google reader. I think the actual rss may be a yahoo pipe

22:59 - Jesse T.
I was there! Marched in the parade...and tweeted the whole thing! @ffband

23:01 - Steve Guditus
I wonder if twitter is blocked by the firewall at my school...

23:02 - Nancy Van Leuven
Also wondering about etiquette: I think I got slapped a bit for posting too many twitter goodies on facebook....

23:12 - Melissa
cool. just wondering how long we will be doing the intro for.

23:18 - shamblesguru
Lots of Twitter Apps on iPhone .... some free

23:28 - Daniel from CT
twitter is blocked at my school

23:40 - Peggy George
yes shamblesguru! I use twitterific on my iphone and love it

23:40 - lindseyb16
twitterfon on ipod touch @shamblesguru free

23:41 - casterline
if blocked try tweetdeck or a gadget in your igoogle page...they both work for me

23:42 - Daniel from CT
twitterfon is a good iphone app

23:49 - Troy
Anyone else use TweetDeck? Much easy to read, much better organized.

23:53 - gailene
twitterfon is great

23:53 - sharonbetts
Live tweet - live blog - it is fabulous way to teach current events

23:54 - tamlinares
does anyone use it in school w/students

23:57 - Jesse T.
Love Tweetdeck.

23:59 - Melissa
Tweetdeck is awesome!

24:08 - Kim Caise
i just read about an article where a medical resident was tweeting during a surgery about what the doctors were doing

24:12 - sharonbetts
tweetdeck takes to much monitor real estate for me

24:13 - Peggy George
It's so great that we can get breaking news on twitter!

24:14 - Maureen/bcdtech
@Troy- tweetdeck is my favorite as well

24:16 - lindseyb16
@sharonbetts livetweet? do you hae url?

24:18 - Daniel from CT
i also use twitterfeed to automatically send updates from my blog to twitter!

24:18 - Nancy Van Leuven
And twhirl as good for the first start...

24:20 - RiptideF
/me uses Tweetie on the iPhone

24:22 - kapil
@daniel you can try or as microblogging

24:30 - Kim Caise
welcome anne

24:34 - Texas Gail
@sharon_elin - thank you!

24:34 - melissa lim
unfortunately, twitter is blocked in my district

24:34 - sharonbetts
I have 2nd grade classes tweeting to each other across the state

24:37 - shamblesguru
Blogger has a Twitter Gadget for the side bar .... just drag/choose in Blogger Layout .... and choose a search term .... you don't even need to subscribe

24:39 - Peggy George
tweetie??? tell me more!

24:41 - Shawn
@RiptideF do you prefer it to Twitterific?

24:52 - Lisa Thumann
If Twitter is blocked at your school, try one of the apps for it. See the list at

25:01 - Steve Guditus
Thanks, Lisa

25:02 - Peggy George
great tip Lisa

25:26 - RiptideF
@Shawn I've only used the free Twitterific so yes prefer Tweetie

25:27 - lindseyb16
I'd love to get paid to twitter

25:33 - lindseyb16

25:36 - Kim Caise
zappos shoes has a large twitter presence

25:36 - Lisa Thumann
Thanks - I'm addicted to Tweetdeck and PowerTwitter myself :)

25:40 - Tom Barrett
Here is a lesson I did using Twitter in January last year

25:42 - sharonbetts
since Twitter, vendor feedback has improved 100% for me

25:43 - Shawn
@RiptideF k, I might try that one then.

25:43 - gailene
has made network news orgs scramble to keep up as well

25:48 - Tom Barrett
have some more if you want

25:53 - Kim Caise
welcome kathleen

25:58 - RiptideF
*waves* hi to Lisa

25:59 - Peggy George
I'm always surprised when someone starts following me after I have posted something about a great tool--developers :-)

25:59 - shamblesguru
Can also Twitter from inside Second Life

26:00 - Lisa Thumann
@TomBarrett - yes, please share

26:05 - Kim Caise
welcome vicki

26:12 - LangLabCindy
@tom barrett - thanks! love your info!

26:14 - Penny (@plind)
guess we don't need market focus groups anymore :-)

26:22 - sharon_elin
Yes, yes, we need to communicate about technology to others who don't tend to use it!!!

26:31 - melissa lim
twitter apps won't work either

26:32 - Peggy George
funny Penny! so true!

27:02 - shamblesguru
UMmmm.. not thought abut that

27:20 - Kim Caise
welcome tgianno

27:22 - Peggy George
guess the teens prefer to IM on their phones rather than to use twitter

27:30 - Kim Caise
welcome carol

27:30 - LangLabCindy
And we need to communicate HOW to use it effectively and ethically

27:31 - Daniel from CT
none of my middle schoolers had clue as to what twitter was when i introduced it to them this year

27:52 - sharonbetts
hashtags have also improved the usage for me

27:53 - AntHeald
Hmm - where I am in Uk the kids aren't that tech savvy overall, I still have to show them how to send email sometimes

27:57 - Lisa Thumann
@Peggy - But isn't IM on their phones a 1:1 conversation?

28:00 - sharon_elin
People think I'm nuts when I ask them if they twitter or plurk

28:01 - steveoc
Nor the teens that work for me

28:05 - LangLabCindy
I need help understanding the hash tags - any resources?

28:16 - Peggy George
yes Lisa--definitely 1:1 on phones

28:22 - Tom Barrett
hash tags are just a way to keep track of conversations

28:31 - Lisa Thumann
Then I'll stick with Twitter and Facebook

28:32 - Tom Barrett
anyone can create a hash tag

28:33 - barbaraphillips
where are these images from

28:33 - jeremy
They have their own network of websites... many of which they found because they had to get around school blocks...

28:43 - Carol Arc
That's an increasing number.

28:51 - sharon_elin
LabLangCindy: hashtags info:

28:52 - gailene

28:56 - gailene

29:04 - sharon_elin
ha ha ha

29:06 - Kim Caise
it is the real shaquille oneal

29:10 - gailene

29:17 - gailene
he is a prolific twitterer

29:19 - lindseyb16

29:25 - Peggy George
funny I was going to post the same hashtags link! You know it's good when everyone uses it

29:26 - LangLabCindy
@tom and @sharon @gailene - thanks. get the concept; haven't understood the how

29:29 - Penny (@plind)
santa was really great lots of fun!

29:46 - tamlinares
hashtags are geared toward grouping or threads?

29:51 - Troy
Interestingly they "figured" it was really Shaq because the spelling is so bac.

29:52 - kapil
hashtag :

30:01 - Troy

30:06 - lindseyb16
@neil-himself is Neil Gaiman gr8t tweeter

30:26 - Barbara O'Berry
Our coaches twitter scores of the games for those of us who can't attend.

30:26 - Tom Barrett
all you have to do with the hashtags is add something to the end of a tweet, #_ normally an abbreviation

30:36 - Jesse T.
Does the presenter determine the hashtag at a conference?

30:38 - Laurie 1
what does # mean in a tweet?

30:39 - Peggy George
I learn about so many streamed prof devel sessions on twitter!

30:40 - Tom Barrett
then you can track the tagged tweets so you see a conversation

30:41 - gailene
top twitterers:

30:41 - Stacey
did he just say vagania?

30:45 - sharon_elin

30:51 - Peggy George
# in a tweet is a hashtag

31:11 - sharon_elin
Stacey, it did sound a little funny

31:12 - Lisa Thumann
I came in late, has anyone mentioned for the month of March?

31:13 - Laurie 1
and a hashtag means?

31:27 - Kim Caise
a hashtag is a way of using keyword or common phrases, like for conferences

31:27 - Stacey
that would definately be a rewind...for a laugh

31:28 - Peggy George
it helps when a conference uses the same hashtags for all posts on twitter--there have been 4-5 different ones from CUE this week and makes it hard to follow

31:28 - Daniel from CT
if i were to invite people to a conversation using twitter are there any service like this one (elluminate) that i could use for free???

31:46 - Stacey
Freudian slip?>??

31:47 - Jesse T.
Elluminate is free for 3 people or less.

31:50 - shamblesguru
I have a very comprehensive list of weblinks to Twitter/Education sites see ...

31:53 - Tom Barrett

31:57 - lindseyb16
@daniel look at

32:00 - shannonlibrarian
@ Daniel

32:02 - Daniel from CT

32:03 - Kim Caise
yes daniel - you can get a free vroom from

32:06 - dougpete 1
Flashmeeting is great. Also dimdim

32:16 - Kim Caise
welcome casterline

32:20 - Peggy George
thanks for that link shamblesguru! great resource!

32:24 - Kim Caise
welcome larry

32:29 - casterline
glad to be here

32:32 - sharon_elin
thanks shambelsguru

32:37 - Kim Caise
welcome wcarlson

32:40 - sharonbetts
DimDim for presentations also

32:54 - Larry

32:59 - Judith Romero
Judith R: let's twitter at MEC this week

33:10 - shamblesguru
Elluminate guys ..... I cannot find the Twitter box inside Elluminate .... he he .... what .. cannot Twitter from inside here?

33:10 - sharon_elin

33:23 - sharonbetts
I do 3-4 of those a day

33:25 - Peggy George
this is a wonderful site that is growing daily with people looking for classrooms to connect with

33:27 - Roxanne
I used Twitter yesterday to find a partner for a Read Around the Planet connection when our scheduled partner class had to cancel

33:44 - Kim Caise
i have wiki that lists all of the ways to conference online - click on the Online VC tools - @daniel

33:44 - Rob m

34:01 - stacy
glad I made it here

34:03 - Roxanne
Here is a great site for Twitter tips from Darren Rowse in Australia

34:04 - Steve Guditus
so are you all most likely to use twitter for feedback/ideas from fellow educators, or with students?

34:05 - Roxanne

34:13 - Bill Graziadei

34:20 - Lisa Thumann "good twitter" could work

34:23 - Peggy George
welcome stacy!!

34:28 - stacy
Hi Peggy

34:42 - Peggy George
short hashtags are better! takes less space in the 140 characters :-)

34:43 - Kim Caise
welciome stacy

34:44 - sharon_elin
Thanks for all these links!! My head is exploding

34:48 - stacy
Hi, Kim

34:51 - Daniel from CT
thx for link @kim

34:51 - Peggy George
me too sharon!!

34:52 - Kim Caise
welcome kate_k

34:53 - wcarlson
I get confused when I get Twitter updates and there is just a list of people. How do I read the posts?

34:54 - tgianno
I would love to find a french-speaking partner class for my core French students to tweet with.

35:00 - Kim Caise
you are welcome @daniel

35:04 - Rob m
great links thnks

35:05 - Roxanne
You can also used advanced search to get started...

35:10 - Peggy George
@tgianno--post your request here

35:11 - Kim Caise
welcome calmansi

35:14 - kas
For those of us who are new to twittering (is that a word?) and somehow got signed up for a twitter from Kathy Schrock, how can we purposefully sign up?

35:16 - steveoc
Jim Groom edupunk

35:37 - Peggy George
those are such breat images on the slides!!

35:40 - Peggy George

35:42 - shannonlibrarian
Has Mr Tweet been mentioned yet?

35:51 - Peggy George
not yet shannonlibrarian

35:52 - Kim Caise
not yet @shannonlibrarian

35:57 - LangLabCindy
@tgianno - GREAT idea! do you have a twitter name?

36:02 - kate
I was frustrated for the first month or so --> using it purposefully can be a journey. try:

36:05 - kapil
this is one of the most beautiful presentation i have seen for days

36:09 - calmansi
lol Mr Tweet is so nice

36:15 - PaulB
I see the value in social networking, but it seems something of a stretch to incorporate this into a science classroom, for example.

36:22 - Peggy George
I just started following #followfriday. Very interesting--invites you to find new people to follow

36:30 - casterline
does anyone know about the firefox add-on that lets you see the entire thread of an @post...heard about it but can't find it

36:39 - Jesse T.
Basically a keyword, right?

36:47 - Kim Caise

36:48 - casterline
makes twitter more like plurk

36:50 - thawley
Is there a more efficient way to twit with iPhone than using the standard iPhone keybaord?

36:55 - pstansberry
you could use it in a class to give a popquiz. ask a question and students reply by posting on twitter

36:55 - Steve Guditus
@PaulB - I am on your wavelength...seems challenging, but with work, do-able.

36:56 - Lisa Thumann
Is that why Fridays are so busy? I had no idea!!!!

36:59 - Penny (@plind)
@casterline sometimes I use tweetree or tweetgrid

37:00 - tgianno
Thanks @peggy!

37:01 - Kim Caise
yes @jesse t

37:06 - Peggy George

37:09 - Kim Caise
welcome mstock1

37:24 - Kim Caise
welcome melissa and mmcmillan

37:25 - lindseyb16
#followfriday is getting crazy many many tweets

37:33 - RiptideF
@casterline I've heard about that thread thing for firefox but I think it is a Greasemonkey script

37:34 - shamblesguru

37:42 - Tom Barrett
@PaulB Using Google Earth, Google Docs and Twitter in this Afternoon’s Science Lesson

37:46 - Maureen/bcdtech
I didn't get twitter at all the first time I tried it, it can take a while to "get it". But after you build up a critical mass of people you follow, the amount of info shared is amazing

38:03 - Peggy George
I love using TweetDeck for following posts on special topics! I've followed the CUE conference posts that way

38:08 - sharon_elin
Love Mr.Tweet!

38:14 - casterline
does anyone have the updated homepage yet?

38:14 - Roxanne
@thawley What app are you using on iPhone? I use TwitterFon and like it very well.

38:16 - Lisa Thumann
@Maureen/bcdtech I think it takes at least a month to "get it"

38:23 - Peggy George
@Maureen--the people you choose to follow is the real key!

38:31 - Peggy George
There's MrTweet :-)

38:36 - PaulB
@Tom Barrett thanks, worth a loook!

38:40 - sharon_elin
someone's vacuuming at Rodd's house

38:42 - sroseman
Yes, I tried to explain it to my hubby..still trying to get it

38:49 - Peggy George
a collaborative book! such a wonderful idea!

38:54 - lindseyb16
great idea, such a cleversheep

38:56 - deb-nh 1
facebook does some of these things

39:01 - gailene
great idea!

39:02 - Peggy George
his links are in our sharetabs

39:02 - shannonlibrarian
@sroseman same conversation at my house

39:05 - Maureen/bcdtech
@LIsa Thumann- I dropped it after my 1st try, then decided about a year ago to really give it a chance- last March... been addicted since then

39:10 - stacy
there are some really good links here...are they all going to be listed?

39:11 - kapil
@sharon : i have collected some of useful links related to twitter for educators in my post "how to become twitter teacher in 23 steps or less ?"

39:20 - tgianno
What are the safety implications for students?

39:21 - Roxanne
@sroseman My husband just knows the word Twitter and that I use it and then he points out the cartoons referencing it to me.

39:23 - Kim Caise

39:30 - Peggy George
your advice was excellent kapil!

39:46 - sharon_elin
thanks, @kapil

39:48 - shamblesguru
Nice intro ... well done

40:01 - Maureen/bcdtech
@tgianno- I really don't think it is a controlled enough environment to allow MS kids to use

40:05 - stacy
great photos

40:12 - sharonbetts
great way to spend a little time today - thank you!

40:15 - Peggy George
Thank you Rodd for sharing the info about your photos!!

40:30 - Kim Caise
welcome mmiller 751

40:44 - mmiller7571
hey Kim totally missed everything didn't I?

40:49 - Kim Caise
welcome pauline

40:51 - Penny (@plind)
great stuff Rodd!!!

40:51 - Terri
Great presentation

40:54 - Bob Cotter (bobsd46)
Excellent presentation!

40:55 - mrsdurff
multiple talkers

40:56 - Stacey
Really good and informative!

41:00 - Peter H.
Still, very helpful.

41:00 - Mary Ellen -Montreal
wow thanks

41:01 - Lisa Thumann
I follow @thecleversheep - highly suggest following him

41:05 - sfleshner
Great slides

41:06 - Kim Caise
you can watch the recording for what you missed - it has been so awesome

41:06 - sharon_elin
Your slideshow was fantastic!

41:07 - Peggy George
this has been incredible learning!! can't wait to watch it again in the recording to get what I missed!!

41:07 - Rob m
great stuff Rodd

41:08 - mrsdurff

41:11 - inicot
Very informative, thanks!

41:11 - Nancy Van Leuven
Thank you, Rodd and all! Great graphics

41:11 - deb-nh 1
can someone show what a screen looks like that is twittering.

41:12 - kapil
this is a great presentation

41:19 - LangLabCindy
Great presentation!!

41:20 - Steve Guditus
This is great information; what are the best practices everyone uses in their classrooms?

41:25 - AK Jenny
it was fabulous! helped me so much!

41:26 - itchkids2read
Thanks for your time!

41:27 - sharon_elin
deb-nh, good question....

41:28 - thawley
@Roxanne – safari for now. long subject, but I have texting turned off at AT&T so I don't think the normal Twittr clients will work...

41:28 - mcluhansghost
That was pure rock 'n roll Rodd!

41:29 - mmiller7571
never watched the recording how do I do that

41:43 - twells
Thanks Rodd that was great

41:44 - nycrican2
That was an amazing presentation.

41:44 - Karen
I didn't know about the search twitter site! great

41:45 - Jenny Z
excellent presentation

42:20 - jcmdonald
yea - how to watch the recording?

42:25 - deb-nh 1
can you show a screen of twits

42:26 - Carol Arc

42:26 - katek
but you can only DM someone who's following you

42:27 - Peggy George
it's wonderful to have Rodd's presentation on Slideshare! I'm sure we'll all find some ways to use it with teachers!

42:28 - Roxanne
@thawley that is a challenge. We have unlimited data b/c we manage distance ed projects and I am twittering and blogging and sending pics, etc

42:38 - Carol Arc
how would someone know about the "d"?

42:38 - LangLabCindy
@Steve Great idea for best practices. Wonder if that is a part of the wiki book that is being written.

42:40 - RiptideF
might want to look at

42:42 - Kim Caise
the link will be posted later today or tomorrow at

42:53 - Roxanne
@kate_k just learned the DM lesson last week. :-)

43:03 - LizB
My blog on ideas for the classroom:

43:11 - kapil
or, similar to edmodo but used for organization

43:12 - shannonlibrarian
How about knitter- David Warlick uses it in his presos?

43:15 - steveoc
You can set up your own microblogs in any number of ways

43:17 - shamblesguru
I missed that ..... what was the spelling

43:27 - Tom Barrett

43:27 - Peggy George
Thanks LizB!

43:29 - Carol Arc
I was followed by someone who was taken off for misuse of tweeter.

43:38 - Maureen/bcdtech
I agree- use edmodo with kids- no teacher control with twitter. Great for teachers, but not young kids

43:40 - Kim Caise
welcome teacher melissa

43:42 - Penny (@plind)
are these types of communication skills essential for students to learn?

43:48 - LizB
You're welcome. It's a work in progress!

44:02 - deb-nh 1
please show a screen of twitts

44:04 - Peggy George
I'm always relieved when I find Twitter has removed someone before I even check them out

44:16 - lindseyb16
ted talk from founder of twitter

44:20 - teachermelissa
does anyone have problems with twitter being blocked at your school?

44:35 - deb-nh 1
please address rss feeds

44:37 - Lisa Thumann
@Peggy - that has been happening a lot lately. Twitter seems on top of the spammers lately.

44:49 - Tom Barrett
wow fancy colours

44:57 - Sandra
what hardware do you use? computer? cell phone?

44:58 - shannonlibrarian
@teachermelissa not yet- not used enough by kids

44:59 - Peggy George
Tweetdeck works so well for me. You can change the font size, background color etc.

45:02 - steveoc
I'd imagine most school would block it

45:04 - Roxanne
Cali Lewis shares her Tweetdeck tips

45:25 - Peggy George
Cali Lewis always has such great tips!

45:40 - lindseyb16
rss twitter searches into readers and aggregators useful

45:42 - shamblesguru
Conference in UK this last week used the tag #naace2009

45:49 - Judith Romero
Judith R: I'm definitely going to spend time on Twitter4... very soon so I am more "literate" about Twitter.

45:49 - Maureen/bcdtech
@Tom Barrett- :-) I stick with the default- feeling like I should fancy mine up now.

45:53 - tgianno
@teachermelissa It's not blocked yet at my school.

45:56 - chowsir
hello. just got in

46:01 - Roxanne
@Peggy is there a way to make the chat window larger? I am having a time keeping up in this tiny window!

46:07 - Peter H.
Is it possible to create groups - can you tweet just SOME of your followers, or does everyone following you get it?

46:10 - Peggy George
everyone can use the scroll bar on the screen

46:15 - RiptideF
what's nice about the hashtags are they becomme clickable links too

46:21 - thawley
@Penny – Essential, no. Just inevitable...

46:30 - Laurie 1
What is a retweet? What is RT?

46:32 - lindseyb16
or watching the red sox

46:33 - kapil
@roxane : go to view ->layouts -> wide layouts

46:36 - Lisa Thumann
@Roxanne - thanks for the Tweetdeck post - I tweeted it and bookmarked it to the Twitter Freaks Diigo group

46:37 - steveoc
St Bernard's iprism blocks it

46:42 - kate
RT is when you repeat what someone else posted :)

46:48 - shannonlibrarian
RT= forwarding a tweet you've received

46:53 - Peggy George
RT-retweet means they are sending the same tweet out again that someone else posted

46:56 - shamblesguru
UMMmmmm .. is there a 'must be over 13" age restriction on Twitter

46:58 - Roxanne
@kapil sweet! Thank you...

47:09 - LizB
RT (retweet) also credits the source

47:11 - shannonlibrarian
RT AND giving credit to the orig poster

47:13 - mrsdurff
to search terms one doesn't necessarily need a hashtag

47:13 - Peggy George
RT is helpful because different people follow different groups

47:18 - steveoc
Yes--TOS prohits those under 13

47:22 - Tom Barrett

47:26 - sharon_elin

47:33 - Roxanne
@Lisa Twitter Freaks ..LOVE that name!

47:36 - sharon_elin
Tom, great minds think alike!

47:43 - kdyer
What was the link to the Twitter for Teachers?

47:50 - Kim Caise
welcome chowsir

47:53 - shamblesguru
So what equivalent platforms for <13 to Twitter?

47:53 - Peggy George
You are all fantastic!! The sharing of resources has been so wonderful!!

48:05 - Tom Barrett
@sharon :-D

48:10 - tgianno
How can we learn more about Tweet language - like RT or other short forms?

48:11 - Jesse T.
Wow. that is amazing.

48:12 - steveoc
You could host your own variant

48:19 - Carol Arc
thinking of using twitter to send msg. to students cell = SAT word of the day, or a reminder, "did you do your hw yet?

48:25 - Troy
Time always flies by on these presentations.

48:33 - mrsdurff

48:33 - Larry Jeffryes
Arrived in Santa Fe. Not use to being driven by wife -- but being online makes a diff.

48:53 - steveoc
Practically no hosted services allow users under 13

49:02 - Penny (@plind)
twitter is a great broadcast tool

49:02 - Troy
Thanks for fixing the background. Much easier to read this week.

49:08 - thawley
OT – why does Elluminate not remember my profile info from session to session?

49:08 - Tom Barrett
I wrote this post a year ago "Twitter - A Teaching and Learning Tool"

49:10 - steveoc
COPPA prohits collecting persoanl info of those under 13

49:16 - Lisa Thumann

49:29 - Peggy George
@Tom-that was one of the first blog posts I read about twitter :-)

49:30 - shamblesguru

49:32 - Roxanne
If anyone is interested in the Iditarod @rhumgordon is twittering it.

49:34 - shannonlibrarian
Does COPPA make our kids safer- really?

49:36 - Troy
Federal law really limits services dealing with kids 13 or under.

49:42 - steveoc
It's the law

49:50 - steveoc

49:52 - Kim Caise
welcome ancientcviteach

50:03 - kapil
you can see the power of twitter here , see how people are twittering about this session

50:07 - Peggy George
hearing you very well Steve!

50:29 - Peggy George
what a fun link--very interesting kapil!

50:35 - shannonlibrarian
@steveoc: don't kids who are under 13 just circumvent? law only blocks law-abiding folk

50:37 - deb-nh 1

50:49 - Steve Guditus
there you go - sorry!

50:51 - chowsir
much better =)

50:54 - Peggy George
echos happen! :-)

51:04 - steveoc
It's the law and we as teachers should comply and encourage students to do so

51:08 - Kim Caise
no problem steve- just part of the technology

51:20 - Tom Barrett

51:24 - sharon_elin
21st Century skills include collaborative information and global perspective

51:24 - Tom Barrett
about my class and Twitter

51:28 - steveoc
But yes--I personally know students in my 5th grade w/ Myspace

51:40 - Steve Guditus
@ sharon_elin - agreed, good thought

51:45 - Carol Arc
That's true of all tools

51:50 - Troy
Kids don't use cell phones for educational reasons.

51:50 - thawley
so he's suggesting it be allowed in class?

51:51 - Penny (@plind)
and to be able to model good practices

51:52 - Maureen/bcdtech
Kids can/will circumvent the laws re TOS, but as teachers we really cannot/should not. Advocate for changing them if that is what is necessary, but ignoring them is not really an option

52:06 - Bodie
well said

52:09 - Roxanne
yes! Learn, Teach, Lead! (So many times we skip the learning part with our teachers!)

52:10 - tgianno
@steveoc One of my students said she was kicked off when they found out she was too youn.

52:22 - shannonlibrarian
@steveoc I agree and do model compliance- but feel frustrated bc it doesn't really protect kids. Just limits access to good tools.

52:23 - Peggy George
so glad for the mention of 21st century parents :-)

52:24 - steveoc
Especially if you are interested in keeping your job

52:26 - Penny (@plind)
aaah I wish Rodd!

52:36 - LangLabCindy
Cool idea for homework!

52:39 - melissa
yeah I use twitter in my class and kids really enjoy it. and its an effective way for me to get my ESL students to comunicate with other people in ENglish

52:41 - steveoc
Politicians can say they did something

52:44 - lindseyb16
use twitter to communicate with authors on twitter

52:47 - Carol Arc
I mentioned that and why not as long as it's after hours

52:48 - sharon_elin
I personally see twitter as a PLN (professional learning network). Ca students create a SLN (student learning network)?

52:50 - Peggy George
it's a great homework tool!

52:54 - Troy
Homework sent at what grade level? Shouldn't the kids be responsible to bring homework home?

53:01 - Steve Guditus
Does twitter allow us, as educators, to create "subscription" pages - the HW subscription idea - does anyone know?

53:02 - sroseman
Can you have a number of twitter accounts?

53:14 - LangLabCindy
Just shared with our school marketing department that we could use Twitter to share sports updates

53:18 - Peggy George
instead of an IM to a single friend you can reach out to a whole group of people who might be able to help you

53:20 - RiptideF
@sroseman yes

53:20 - Penny (@plind)
and also teach parents how to use it to organize all the other things we have to deal with about our kids!

53:21 - steveoc
As long as you have many email addresses

53:22 - katek
SLN - I love it! There's a great video called "The Connected Student" - worth a watch on youtube

53:25 - Lisa Thumann
@sroseman - You can have as many as you want

53:30 - gailene
good question: what is the best way to manage multiple twitter accounts?

53:30 - kapil
broward school is using twitter as district communication tool

53:33 - Peggy George
I'm sure Kim will be back! :-)

53:36 - lindseyb16
see @askgeorge he had dinner with president this week and you could tweet questions to him

53:41 - Maureen/bcdtech
I can put HW etc online and have the kids use RSS feed and still stay "legal"

53:44 - Carol Arc
@troy but they don't do it.

53:46 - Nancy Van Leuven
And don't forget "how students learn, that Kansas ethnogrphy project is awesome

53:49 - nycrican2
@sroseman Yes, I know people who have more than 1 account.

53:56 - mrsdurff
and your twitter name?

53:57 - sharon_elin
blocked, always blocked!

54:07 - sharon_elin
They worry about unsupervised content

54:07 - Peggy George
there is nothing like practice and using a tool yourself to learn the power of the tool and if it meets your needs

54:08 - melissa
show them how it can be useful.

54:19 - LangLabCindy
And addiction to tech is a HUGE issue - always cringe when adults say it

54:21 - sharon_elin
also age limits legally

54:24 - Barbara O'Berry
Thanks for the info about multiple accounts.

54:33 - Peggy George
such an important point--introduce the tools to the decisionmakers!

54:35 - sharon_elin
The power is what scares them

54:37 - Lisa Thumann
That's just it - the people that make the deciisons to block the tools - don't use the tools!! Well said.

54:43 - kim caise

54:44 - Roxanne
yes, you can have more than one account and lets you select which acct you want to tweet from

54:45 - Rosie Williamson
When there is a school board meeting ... ask for permission to present.

54:47 - Tom Barrett
I think general media will build and it will pressure school boards - in a simple way it is a powerful way to communicate

54:51 - chowsir
it would be good to teach students to show admin too

54:52 - Judith Romero
JRomero: Get schoolboard or lead administrators to try it and then they'll understand the value better

55:02 - Donna
does anyone have a problem with mixing their personal and professional life on Twitter. How do you manage it?

55:04 - nycrican2
Some college professor create a different account for each one of their classes.

55:04 - Peggy George
Thank you ALL so much! What valuable conversation!!

55:08 - twells
Thank you all this was fun

55:09 - lindseyb16
hm blog post needed @Tom Barrett on evidence to give weight to unblocking argument??

55:11 - shannonlibrarian
Need to convince federal decision makers as well.

55:13 - steveoc
We have board members who don't even use computers

55:13 - Tom Barrett
we need to guide our young learners to use the these tools

55:15 - John Thompson
Yes. Those w/o the experience in Web 2.0 tools know them only through the media. Educators need to educate boards of education, etc.

55:21 - Nancy Van Leuven
THank you! Now, can we be twittered about future presentations? :)

55:25 - Steve Guditus
Thanks to everyone - shall we add each other on twitter?

55:26 - Peggy George
Thank you Rodd!! Fantastic!

55:27 - Mary Ellen -Montreal
bye @barbara phillips great to see you here.

55:30 - Rob m
Great job Rodd !!!!

55:30 - dweightman
how do we access the recording of these sessions?

55:33 - steveoc
Wow--open source--

55:35 - lindseyb16
Thanks Rodd

55:36 - Peter H.
Thank you Rodd

55:36 - chowsir
thank you

55:38 - Maureen/bcdtech
Since the U.S. elections in Nov I hear more and more about twitter on mainstream news - so perhaps it will become more acceptable

55:43 - Lisa Thumann
Rodd - awesome preso

55:43 - deb-nh 1
thank you

55:44 - kim caise

55:44 - BevKeefer
This was great

55:45 - chowsir
ohh moodlelicious

55:49 - steveoc
FOSS is underrepresented in this venue

55:51 - Rodd Lucier 4
Thank you everyone for joining in ; )

55:51 - Mary Ellen -Montreal
thank you so much great info today

55:51 - Peggy George
Moodle is a great thing to know about!

55:52 - nycrican2
Each Twitter account needs a different email address.

55:53 - Tom Barrett
I am @tombarrett on Twitter give me a shout if you want any help

55:54 - sfleshner
Thanks, Now I got an Idea what twitter is

55:58 - Rosie Williamson

56:01 - Chris L
I'm not on Twitter yet and just wondering how you deal with getting all your tweets? Are they sent to your e-mail?

56:03 - kapil
if you still dont have twitter account, try it by signing up at

56:12 - LangLabCindy
Great session - thanks to all!

56:13 - johnallan
Twitter can be embedded in Moodle

56:14 - Texas Gail
I am @texasgail on twitter

56:19 - kim caise

56:24 - shamblesguru
Is there a Twitter account for these webinars ?

56:25 - techcoachbcsd
My first session! I will be back!

56:26 - steveoc

56:27 - Maureen/bcdtech
@Chris L- use a client like tweetdeck- download it

56:27 - Barbara O'Berry
Thanks...awesome session!

56:27 - chowsir

56:28 - AntHeald
My first ever online meeting / class of this type - loved it!! Thanks a lot.

56:28 - Penny (@plind)
cld you touch on ePEARL sometime -- electronic portfolios in general

56:31 - Peggy George
tweets can come via your browser--tools such as TweetDeck make it easy to manage them

56:32 - Shawn
I'm MSMatters on Twitter.

56:32 - mrsdurff
the guy who spoke?

56:35 - kate
I'm @katek

56:42 - LizB
@Ellsbeth Thanks for this session!

56:48 - Judith Romero
Judith R: Where are the share tabs? I don't see them

56:59 - Peggy George
the Classroom 2.0 Ning is approaching 20,000 members!

57:02 - sroseman
Thanks. I now realize the true power of Twitter

57:05 - tgianno
Thanks for all the great info and links.

57:05 - nycrican2
I am nycrican2 on Twitter.

57:09 - Tom Barrett
cheers folks - see you on Twitter :-)

57:13 - Penny (@plind)

57:14 - Rodd Lucier 4
If you want to keep in touch with me, use @thecleversheep on Twitter, and I'll be glad to join you in conversation....

57:14 - Lisa Thumann
lthumann on Twitter

57:17 - Craig at MSU
forward one hour

57:18 - kate
thanks for the reminder! yikes!

57:19 - deb-nh 1
spring forward

57:20 - chowsir
i should be using PD time to sign in on this

57:20 - Penny (@plind)
spring ahead

57:20 - laura
spring forward

57:21 - mcluhansghost
Spring ahead.

57:22 - gailene

57:23 - twells
Turn clocks AHEAD!

57:25 - Roxanne
roxanneglaser on Twitter

57:27 - kdyer
Spring Forward

57:27 - deb-nh 1
fall back

57:28 - steveoc
Unfortunately too many on classroom 20 are salesmen

57:29 - mrsdurff
i thought wr spring forward

57:30 - deb-nh 1

57:36 - shamblesguru
Follow me if interested in educ/tech/Asia

57:42 - deb-nh 1

57:56 - mrsdurff

57:58 - AK Jenny
Thank you?

57:59 - Peggy George
if you missed the sharetabs link it is also on our website-Classroom 2.0 Live

58:00 - RiptideF
Thanks everyone

58:07 - Terri
Thank you so much!

58:14 - Jenny Z

58:17 - laura
thank you!!

58:18 - nycrican2
@rodd Thanks so much for the great presentation, very informative.

58:18 - mrsdurff
and at your schools too

58:19 - Roxanne
thank you to all! this was my first connection and it was outstanding! Keep up the good work

58:19 - paula naugle
Really enjoyed Rodd's presentation. Will be doing more readinga nd research about Twitter.

58:20 - chowsir

58:21 - gailene
thank you

58:24 - Rosie Williamson
Thank you see you Mach 14

58:25 - Laurie 1
Yes. Do one on e portfolios!

58:26 - Lesley E.
Thanks for a great, informative session!

58:29 - sfleshner
Danke! I guess I will check twitter out now

58:30 - itchkids2read

58:35 - Rodd Lucier 4
Thanks Peggy, Kim and Lorna ; )

58:40 - Ian

58:41 - shamblesguru
Enjoyed the session .. and learnt some new stuff ..... appreciated .... time to sleep now 1:00 a.m.

58:42 - sherri

58:44 - Laura Nugent
How can I do twitter with my class?

58:47 - Peggy George
Thank you Rodd!!!!!!

59:04 - Lesley E.
Lesley E. is bookminder on twitter

59:05 - RiptideF

59:05 - Shawn
Twitter name: MSMatters

59:06 - Peggy George
the chat will be posted on our website too so you can get all of our twitter names

59:07 - Penny (@plind)

59:10 - AK Jenny

59:10 - kim caise
twitter: kcaise

59:12 - kathleen
Thanks you:)

59:17 - chowsir

59:18 - mrsdurff

59:21 - Shawn

59:22 - kapil
thanks for the great session

59:23 - twells

59:23 - Peggy George
Bye everyone-have a fantastic day/night!

59:29 - Terri
bye great job

59:31 - nycrican2
Thanks again, great job everyone!!

59:31 - Shawn
Thanks for the session!

59:33 - Elaine
Thanks to all!

59:36 - meaganh
aack! I thought this discussion started at noon,!

59:42 - Peter H.

59:46 - Peggy George
yes noon EST :-)

59:49 - Peter H.
(did I do that right?)

59:52 - sroseman

59:57 - kim caise
it did, it is 1pm EST currently

59:57 - Carol Arc
/Rod what is your twitter name

1:00:06 - Peggy George
that works Peter H :-)

1:00:08 - kim caise
you sure did peter h

1:00:29 - Peter H.
thanks, all. See you next time.

1:00:31 - Laura Nugent
could you please tellme how i can connect the mike? (headstet )

1:00:34 - meaganh
Bleh! I've been switiching timezones too much recently and forgot that I'm now on central time!

1:00:39 - Peggy George
it will be fun trying to figure out the correct times for next week with the time change :-)

1:00:45 - kapil

1:00:56 - kapil
@peggy google calenday helps

1:01:04 - Peggy George
so sorry meaganh! but you can view the entire presentation as soon as we get it posted on our website

1:01:17 - meaganh
Fabulous! What's the website?!

1:01:22 - Peggy George

1:01:28 - meaganh
Fantastic! Thanks Peggy! : )

1:01:36 - Peggy George
recording, chat and links will be posted there

1:01:55 - Peggy George
Thanks everybody!! What a fun, informative session!

1:02:39 - sroseman

1:02:42 - Buck Jones
Very informative...this was my first session!

1:02:43 - Peggy George
I"m looking forward to following all of our new "peeps" :-)

1:02:51 - Peggy George
so glad you joined us Buck!

1:02:57 - kim caise
have a great day everyone!

1:03:05 - Buck Jones
Will "moodle" with you next week!

1:03:14 - Peggy George
yes kapil-I rely on my google calendar!!

1:03:31 - Buck Jones

1:03:55 - kapil
thanks for the great session.

1:04:05 - Peggy George
Miguel will be a fantastic presenter next week. He can integrate so much of what he does with podcasting, digital storytelling, etc into Moodle!

1:04:15 - kim caise
thank you for joining us today