May 9, 2009 9:01:19 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

00:10 - Peggy George
Thanks to everyone for joining us for this conversation. With such a small group many should be able to take the mic :-)

00:24 - Donelle

00:33 - Steve Hargadon
Nor so special.

01:09 - Peggy George
extremely special!!! always a privilege to have you with us on the show!

01:41 - Peggy George
I really loved having the mp4 version of the show posted last week Steve! Listened to it on my ipod and it was fantastic!
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02:10 - Steve Hargadon
I wonder if anyone else is downloading those?

02:17 - Lorna Costantini
I share Peggy's comments - teh mp4 is exceptional!

02:19 - Steve Hargadon
Big files.

02:36 - Sue Waters
I found it took too long to create the mp3 files

02:56 - Peggy George
Big files not a problem for me but you can always delete and replace with the newer one if space is an issue

02:59 - Steve Hargadon
Creating an Elluminate mp3 is usually only a couple of minutes.

03:11 - Sue Waters
well I must be doing something wrong Steve :)

03:19 - Steve Hargadon
Are you using Publish?

03:23 - Sue Waters

03:33 - Sue Waters
maybe cause I had selected video?

03:36 - Steve Hargadon
Making the portable video takes forever. But just .mp3 or .ogg is very fast.

03:37 - Steve Hargadon

03:55 - Sue Waters
the other issue I have is the file size

04:11 - Donelle
yeah for tammie

04:29 - Peggy George
I'll bet you need lots of external drives for storing all of your content Sue! :-)

04:31 - andyfisher
hi guys - it's noisy where I am so will only be contributing via type - I am hoping my mic is turned down - if there is any noise can you please let me know!

04:40 - Steve Hargadon
Sue--make sure you send me an Edublogs logo set to use on the main Classroom 2.0 announcements for the beginner show.

04:50 - Sue Waters
sure will do

04:50 - Donelle
@tammie - very thoughtful of you. i was in that session when someone asked for that option, and appreciate your stepping forward to provide that for people.

04:56 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone!! So glad you're here!

05:05 - Steve Hargadon

05:12 - Steve Hargadon

05:13 - andyfisher
hi uk here

05:23 - Peggy George
Awesome! Love that map view!!!

05:31 - Sue Waters
Please note I may be in the wrong place in Western Australia

05:37 - Peggy George
Yeah andyfisher

05:46 - Heidi Chaves
Hello from western New York state. Cloudy here.

05:57 - Steve Hargadon
Who's in South Africa?

06:09 - SueH
HI from sunny Vancouver, BC, Canada

06:12 - roxanne
Hi from the San Francisco Bay Area in California

06:16 - Gaylin
Hi from South Africa 6pm here

06:20 - mcarls
@Heidi Cloudy and rainy here in Western NY

06:21 - Lorna Costantini
Heavy rain storm in St. Catharines Ontario

06:21 - Steve Hargadon
Hi, Gaylin!

06:23 - Shamblesguru

06:30 - Shamblesguru

06:40 - Peggy George
beautiful hot day in Phoenix AZ-maybe will reach 103 degrees

06:40 - Barbara O
Hi from southeastern VA!

06:47 - SueH
Lorna -- I didn't know you are from Canada

06:52 - plnaugle
Hi everyone from sunny New Orleans. I'm late because I was making my first Stupeflix video

06:56 - Steve Hargadon
I love it that you guys do these uestions each week!

07:02 - Steve Hargadon
Such a good way to get involvement.

07:10 - Don
Hello, I'm in Ridgeland,Ms.

07:12 - Donelle
the questions are fun

07:13 - jeffmason

07:13 - Lorna Costantini
@ SueH where r u located?

07:15 - Peggy George
great spread on NECC attendance

07:16 - Steve Hargadon
Wow. This year everyone will be able to say yes!

07:25 - Steve Hargadon
Can't wait to talk about the virtual stuff!

07:31 - Peggy George
yes virtual options are fantastic!!

07:38 - Donelle
hi derrall

07:38 - JenW
i attended virtually last year

07:50 - derrallg
hi Donelle

08:08 - Donelle
@derrall- will u attend NECC this year and if not, do you want to attend virtually w/ a group?

08:31 - SueH
@Lorna -- Surrey, BC near the beach at White Rock (outside of Vancouver)

08:32 - Peggy George
what a fantastic idea Donelle to attend virtually with a group. Tell us about that

08:33 - JenW
wait -- if BJ is going to be there -- maybe I should go :)

08:55 - derrallg
@Donelle virtually, so trying to figure out if we can do something in the Bay Area with a group

08:59 - BJBerquist

09:03 - Peggy George
So glad you're here to contribute to the tips JenW!!

09:15 - Donelle
@derrall- great. darn... i was going to ask u to lead the group. ;)

09:17 - JenW
I havee known BJ for hmmm 7 years -- never met yet

09:29 - Steve Hargadon

09:33 - roxanne
Donelle where r u located?

09:36 - Donelle
@peggy - i actually got the idea from steve

09:39 - derrallg
@Donelle nothing is set yet, so let's keep in touch

09:47 - Donelle
@peggy - it was his great idea

09:51 - SueH
@Lorna -- will be in Ontario this summer on my way home from NECC

10:00 - Peggy George

10:22 - Donelle
@derrall- so you are in the bay area... thought u were in sac

10:41 - MaryKayG

10:41 - Donelle
@ roxanne - im in rocklin (sacramento area)

10:43 - derrallg
@donelle south bay, teach in Cupertino

10:50 - Donelle
@roxanne- where r u?

10:52 - Peggy George
lots of great sharetab links today for learning more about NECC based on last year and plans for this year.

11:17 - roxanne
I'm in Alameda...did we meet at CUE?

11:31 - Donelle
@roxanne ... i was at CUE! did we meet

11:47 - Donelle
@roxanne... did u sit next to me at steve's panel?

12:05 - roxanne
no we met up in the hotel?

12:17 - Heidi Chaves
I went to Philly and I got overwhelmed. I need a plan this year.

12:29 - SueH
@Lorna -- I'm a first timer, sounds huge for me, but would like to be involved

12:30 - Donelle
@roxanne: hmmm... u mean at the capcue meeting?

12:33 - Peggy George
sounds good Steve

12:40 - JenW
Heidi -- PA was my first one too -- I was OVERWHELMED

12:54 - lindseyb16
Really looking forward to edubloggercon, hope to pick up tips there

12:55 - Peggy George
Yeah Sue!!

13:21 - roxanne
i was at the meeting, the wire up in th e main room, and at late

13:24 - Peggy George
What an exciting option to have NECC fully available as unconference

13:44 - Kim Caise

13:46 - Donelle
@roxanne - at the pizza cap cue thing?

13:53 - Peggy George
link to Edubloggercon is also in the sharetabs :-)

14:01 - andyfisher
great movie - loved it!

14:01 - Donelle
omg.. can't wait to see that movie

14:02 - roxanne

14:02 - Sheri
Live long and prosper.

14:07 - Kim Caise

14:10 - aforgrave
Tomorrow afternoon

14:43 - mrsdurff 1
this schedule will make it just to easy for justin reeves

14:44 - Sue Waters
they can prepare a bit but don't over prepare

14:49 - Peggy George
I attended EdubloggerCon last year and it was a fantastic experience connecting with so many other people in person :-)

14:59 - Kim Caise
be sure to use the sliders or resize the window if you cannot view the full window

15:21 - Donelle
@ kim... so nice of u to share the sharetabs link early, incase people have to leave early

15:37 - plnaugle
NECC '04 in New Orleans was my first. Went with a buddy who knew her way around. It really helped to have a newbie with a vet.

15:38 - Peggy George
we would love to have you contribute a session for EBC!

15:39 - Kim Caise
thank you, good idea for sharing it.

16:04 - Kim Caise
we always post on our website too at

16:16 - Sue Waters
are you going to use Elluminate beaming out of the live sessions

16:26 - JenW
will Pearson be there again?

16:28 - Peggy George
There were lots of photos on the NECC Ning last year and you can see how poster sessions may have been set up :-) Also tips on the NECC Ning with photos

16:29 - mrsdurff 1
who's bringing the virtual coffee?

16:38 - Donelle
@kim- made my husband watch the show for me when i had to leave once during the early shows, so i wouldn't miss the sharetabs. lol

16:49 - Peggy George
Hi Durff! thought you were bringing the virtual coffee :-)

16:55 - karenjan
what are the most important points to know for first timers?

16:58 - andyfisher
I have no experience of NECC yet - hoping to get involved this year if UK timings work out

17:12 - Donelle
@durff- love how u always mention the coffee.

17:18 - mrsdurff 1
i arguing with an image right now

17:22 - clinds
I thiink some of us might be newbies at Edublogger and going solo - I know we talked about it before but any thoughts about helping the newbies meet people?

17:32 - plnaugle
@mrsdurff Do you have a tardy pass?

17:33 - Donelle
i was so disappointed to have missed the cue edubloggercon

17:38 - Kim Caise
too funny @donnelle

17:52 - derrallg

17:53 - mrsdurff 1
no, i'm just unexcused

18:10 - Peggy George
@clinds-great thought--we should talk about that--could definitely have that conversation on the NECC Ning

18:18 - lindseyb16
@clinds I'm new too, went to decubloggercon east solo last year, best decision, very elcomed by @karenjan and @alicebarr & others

18:24 - plnaugle
@mrsdurff You said it. LOL

18:42 - derrallg
that's a good idea

18:43 - Peggy George
love the addition of the "mix and mingle"

18:53 - JenW
actually edublogger is really the best place to start the NECC --

18:56 - JenW
gets your toes wet

19:05 - karenjan
@lindsey16 - yes this was a first time and the small size worked well. are you going this year?

19:06 - Louise Maine
There are so many people who are open and welcoming

19:09 - kyteacher
Wish I was going to EduBlogger. Arrive in DC on the 28th. :-(

19:12 - derrallg
@jenw agree meet and then see people through out the week

19:25 - plnaugle
@JenW Are you going to NECC?

19:28 - SueH
and a bloger

19:31 - karenjan
@Louise - what time is your presentation? looking forward to it if I can make it

19:33 - lindseyb16
@karenjan yes, wouldn't miss it

19:37 - kyteacher
Didn't know about it until I booked my flight, etc.

19:37 - lindseyb16

19:38 - Sue Waters
very important

19:39 - clinds
Great to have a meeting first!

19:39 - andyfisher
sounds great

19:40 - JenW
@plnaugle looks like I will be attending virtually this year

19:41 - Peggy George
would love to have the badge! Thanks to Scott M

19:44 - aforgrave
yes --

19:47 - Peggy George
Yes definitely Steve

19:47 - Donelle
when i heard the name, i also thought i couldn't attend since i wasn't blogging yet at the time

19:48 - Angie K
Love the mix and mingle time

19:54 - Louise Maine
@karenjan Tuesday 1-3. It is a poster

20:00 - evelyn wrobel

20:01 - JenW

20:07 - JenW
our group has not been known to fill out wikis

20:16 - JenW
so what will you do if people don't fil,l this out

20:17 - mrsdurff 1

20:37 - mrsdurff 1
newbies don't edit wikis

20:40 - Peggy George
once it starts getting filled in people begin to understand how to do it

20:43 - karenjan
@louise - good to know, will I remember it is the question

20:47 - Shelly_at_TP
Flexible structure. Randomness. Makes sense to Twitterers.

20:53 - Sue Waters
they might surprise you

21:03 - Donelle
the wiki is well laid out... very organized!

21:07 - Peggy George
newbies don't need to add presentations on the wiki but it helps them to know what to expect

21:10 - Bronst
there's newbie to toools and newbie to NECC

21:10 - JenW
Yes, it is --

21:10 - sroseman
I am going, mrsdurff

21:16 - Louise Maine
@karenjan I am lucky I can remember. Do you have pics of any posters. Never been to NECC and not sure what they look like

21:18 - JenW
meaning the wiki looks good :)

21:47 - karenjan
@louise - this is my frist time at NECC, daughter lives in Arlington so I can afford to go

21:48 - Sue Waters
they can always email their session

21:54 - plnaugle
How about colored Tshirts. One color for vets and another color for newbies who are attending.

21:58 - JenW
I am just wondering if you have a backup plan IF people don't use the wiki

22:16 - SueH
Wiki is good -- but when I tried to edit one for the first time, I had no idea of how to do it and was afraid to mess it up.

22:16 - JenW
sometimes we show up just wanting to chat

22:20 - mrsdurff 1
such as?

22:23 - JenW
about something maybe that happened last year

22:26 - andyfisher
'L' plates for newbies?!

22:27 - karenjan
@louise - do you have any help from your media department at your school? can it be part of a student's project?

22:28 - JenW
I mean yesterday

22:29 - JenW

22:44 - jeffmason
learn by doing

22:56 - Shamblesguru
Tags / #Tags / for instantaneous comunication (Twitter) rather than always having to fire up wiki in phone

22:58 - JenW
maybe leave one blank for "LETS JUST CHAT" :)

23:01 - Donelle
so, if we are organizing a group meeting, when do you recommend would be the best time to "attend" as a group?

23:10 - andyfisher

23:10 - Sue Waters

23:11 - derrallg

23:13 - Peggy George
yes looks good STeve

23:14 - mrsdurff 1
very small

23:15 - Louise Maine
@karenjan No help but students have created voicethread and imovie thoughts, student is going too, will have more than one computer with media, etc.

23:25 - Donelle

23:34 - Donelle
with the past cr20 live group

23:34 - JenW
I will host one in SoCal too

23:46 - Peggy George
you can each stretch your screen if you want to see more of the view Steve is sharing

23:47 - mrsdurff 1
there - i resized

24:04 - karenjan
@louise, so you will make "poster" interactive? VERY COOL! that is a poster session, 2.0!

24:06 - Donelle
sounds good

24:09 - derrallg
don't know if I want to start at 5:00 AM ;)

24:14 - Donelle

24:18 - JenW
LOL -- me too derrall

24:23 - Peggy George
@louise-love that idea-interactive poster :-)

24:44 - Peggy George
NECC Unplugged is my favorite part of the conference!!

25:05 - Donelle
@derrall- if you organize one in SF, let me know. i'll either attend that or would love to get your advice on how best to organize such an event. ... i'm new at this.

25:05 - Peggy George
Will mentors get NECC Unplugged tshirts again this year, Steve?

25:06 - SueH
I had the same idea for my poster -- several laptops available for people to try out tools

25:09 - Sheri
where will interactive poster be located?

25:15 - lindseyb16
What is the bloggers cafe? newbie ?

25:33 - derrallg
@donelle will do it may just be you and I in Nor. Cal. :)

25:50 - Kim Caise
the bloggers cafe is an informal lounge area to listen to presentations or talk with other attendees

25:50 - Peggy George
bloggers cafe is a location where anyone can sit and chat and talk about sessions--anything

25:52 - JenW
Lindsey -- it is a common meeting ground --

25:55 - Louise Maine
@SueH posters are stop by type sessions right?

25:56 - Donelle
@ then u had better bring coffee if you are thinking of starting at 5am!

25:59 - JenW
just an area we claim :)

26:11 - Peggy George
that's great to have a single location for all of the streaming!!

26:31 - lindseyb16
ok thx sounds like the spot to hang out

26:38 - Peggy George

26:49 - Kim Caise
probably one of the more popular places to hang out

26:51 - karenjan
so how do we sign up to present at unplugged? I'm rejected and would still love to share

27:03 - Ray
I heard it's always worthwhile to park yourself at the bloggers cafe and spend some downtime there. Good conversations/connections.

27:05 - SueH
@Loiuse -- That's what I had understood. I wanted people not familiar with web 2.0 tools to have a chance to stop by and try out new tools they could intergrate into lessons

27:05 - Peggy George
that blended view of all of the streaming will be so great even for those of us attending in person

27:27 - karenjan
thanks, steve

27:30 - plnaugle
That will help those of us who attend in person see things we miss? Will be archived?

27:32 - Kim Caise

27:37 - Donelle
my school sent me to 3 conferences already, which they rarely do, so i couldn't get to NECC. so i really appreciate this opportunity to be able to attend virtually.

27:53 - Peggy George
I often sat in the NECC unplugged area and followed the chat or stream from another session just to save all that walking!!! :-)

27:54 - Lorna Costantini
what a wonderful opportunity!!

27:56 - jeffmason
This sure will make it easier to attend virtually.

27:59 - Shelly_at_TP

28:22 - Louise Maine
@SueH Mine is on wikis and altering traditional activities for it. Will have samples on the board and wikis, vids on computers. Samples of traditional vs. altered activities on board as well as assessments.

28:25 - karenjan
great to hear that it's in a separate area. heard it was confusing last year

28:28 - lindseyb16
@peggy good plan :-)

28:34 - plnaugle
@peggyg Have not gotten into some sessions I really wanted to see.

28:37 - derrallg
and making them into synchronous events unlike K12 Online

28:40 - Sheri

28:41 - Heidi Chaves

28:48 - plnaugle
Sounds great.

28:51 - roxanne

28:53 - Peggy George
it will definitely help to have a separate area for this!

29:03 - JenW
What if I only want to attend NECC UNPLUGGED -- do I have to pay for NECC??? (grins)

29:11 - karenjan
@louise - will you mention that when things are digital (wiki format) they are now accessible for kids with disabilities?

29:21 - derrallg
you may want to lock the page until it's ready

29:24 - Sue Waters
Good question JenW :)

29:29 - SueH
I'd really like to present somethinf for e-learning people in NECC unplugged

29:30 - Louise Maine
Is it difficult to get into some sessions at NECC? Concerned I will miss something when I am trying to get into sessions that end up full

29:30 - Donelle
did u say you were streaming edubloggercon too? missed that

29:36 - karenjan
and then send it out via twitter1

30:09 - Sue Waters
why not?

30:14 - Donelle

30:25 - Peggy George
edubloggercon is much more about conversations than presentations so would be hard to stream

30:25 - Donelle

30:26 - Sue Waters

30:30 - Louise Maine
@karenjan Yes I will and actually would like to pick your brain on that. Have many special needs kids nad not much experience/help with that.

30:31 - Sue Waters
it is doable

30:39 - derrallg
hard to mike and hear

30:43 - Sue Waters
I like good challenges

30:51 - aforgrave
RT Louise Maine: Is it difficult to get into some sessions at NECC? Concerned I will miss something when I am trying to get into sessions that end up full

30:54 - karenjan
@louise - i would love to help you flesh that out, you know it's my passion to reach all learners

31:05 - Peggy George
if there are "presentations" with only one person speaking at a time it might be possible to stream those

31:22 - Donelle
isn't there a lightning round thing at the edubloggercon? maybe u could stream that part.

31:24 - JenW
@aforgrave -- @louise Maine - there are some sessions you need to sit through the one BEFORE to be sure to get a seat. Leslie Fisher is one example

31:24 - Donelle
no pressure.

31:35 - plnaugle
Yes it is haard to get into some sessions. Have to be there early.

31:41 - Peggy George
@aforgrave-that is always an issue and many people go an hour early to make sure they get into certain sessions

31:43 - JenW
would be nice to get Leslie to come do a session at unplugged (or what are we calling it??)

31:46 - Louise Maine
@JenW That is a good idea

32:07 - karenjan
love google docs!

32:08 - JenW
Louise -- smiles, I have listened to some bad presentations just to have a seat for the one I really wanted to hear. :)

32:22 - mrsdurff 1
working on newsletter spacing - put me down

32:23 - Louise Maine
@karenjan Will connect with you sometime this next month if okay. Would really like that.

32:28 - SueH
What makes a bad presentation?

32:31 - Bronst
If you poresent you should volunteer to support in another session

32:32 - derrallg
I can help just need too remotely

32:38 - Peggy George
I always check to see which sessions will be podcasts later so I go to one in person that won't be streamed and watch the other later

32:39 - aforgrave
WRT packed sessions at NECC -- are any sessions recorded?

32:39 - Sue Waters
I can help physically for NECC unplugged

32:40 - mrsdurff 1
remotely = durff

32:41 - JenW
SueH -- the person knew NOTHING of what they were speaking of

32:46 - karenjan
@louise - call anytime!

32:56 - plnaugle
@JenW Me too. But I have also learned some things I didn't think about before sitting in.

32:57 - Peggy George
I'll definitely help-live and in person

32:57 - Sue Waters

32:59 - Bronst
I would be happy to vounteer on site

33:04 - SueH
@JenW -- thanks

33:09 - plnaugle
I would like to help.

33:09 - karenjan
I would like to volunteer, steve

33:11 - Peggy George
I love Steve's enthusiasm!!!!

33:16 - Louise Maine
@JenW That is why twitter is especially great to have! Will have my sone with me so will limit what I can do all the time but great to spend time with him at the conference.

33:30 - JenW
bar camp??

33:34 - karenjan
what is bar camp model? heard of it but not sure

33:42 - JenW
what is bar camp??

33:52 - Sue Waters
is it an unconference

33:54 - JenW
@louise -- YES, twitter became very powerful at NECC

34:06 - Sue Waters

34:08 - Louise Maine
If I can help in any way, would love to to so as well.

34:15 - Peggy George

34:19 - aforgrave
Will Twitter be able to handle NECC?

34:23 - Peggy George
that post talks about barcamps

34:24 - JenW
and SKYPE reallyhelps too -- when they don't ustream

34:35 - JenW
I attended 3 sessions just listeining with skype

34:36 - karenjan
has it jumped the shark?

34:38 - jackiegerstein
Twitter handles Oprah

34:39 - Peggy George
using hashtags will definitely help to follow NECC

34:47 - lindseyb16
liveblogging could help too

35:00 - Donelle
@karenjan- thats funny

35:00 - Peggy George
the live blogging during sessions last year was a great help!

35:10 - Sue Waters
what about tagging posts?

35:14 - JenW
Might be nice to have a wiki of sesions at necc as well that people can say whether they are attending or not -- and then people can piggy back with them

35:15 - jackiegerstein
Second life blogging

35:20 - karenjan
still can't live without twitter

35:20 - Peggy George
tshirts for mentors at NECC Unplugged? :-)

35:40 - JenW
When someone twittered they were in a session -- I DMed them to ask if I could listen in

35:45 - Donelle
good delegating steve

35:48 - Shelly_at_TP
Virtual tshirts?

35:53 - derrallg
and SL t-shirts for those virtual attendees

35:55 - Louise Maine
How do you follow the hashtags. In reader or can you create a group in tweetdeck?

36:05 - Peggy George
I would love to help with the tshirts-I think they help people know who to ask questions when they're new

36:06 - JenW
Louise -- you use the search option in twitter

36:07 - lindseyb16
can create rss fro hastags in netvibes

36:11 - Sue Waters
search twitter in RSS

36:12 - SueH
@shelly -- the emperor's new clothes?

36:17 - Sue Waters
or Twitterfall is really good

36:21 - Peggy George
I wear my mentor tshirt proudly even now!! :-)

36:28 - Sue Waters even bettrer

36:30 - Kae 2
maybe tweetdeck would arrange it better?

36:32 - Sue Waters
as it looks cool

36:35 - Kim Caise
i use twitterfall and searches in tweetdeck

36:37 - Peggy George
Tweetdeck is my life saver for tracking hashtags

36:39 - karenjan
what does twitterfall do?

36:44 - Sue Waters

36:57 - Carol Arc
what's twitter fall?

37:06 - Shelly_at_TP
@Sue I was actually thinking a EdBlog virtual tshirt icon for websites of attendees would be fun. And would help publicize.

37:07 - Peggy George
Steve-can people present virtually too?

37:07 - Sue Waters
it live loads search twitter terms

37:09 - lindseyb16
good so far

37:10 - Sue Waters
really cool

37:12 - Donelle
looks great! good work

37:12 - Louise Maine
I like things coming to me instead of going to find them.

37:14 - Heidi Chaves
Like it.

37:16 - karenjan
I know twitter FAIL but not Twitter Fall

37:18 - mrsdurff 1
I agree with whatever you all decide

37:33 - SueH
@Shelly -- great idea

37:34 - Peggy George
@karenjan! You're on a roll!! so funny!

37:51 - lindseyb16
@shelly_at_TP yes blog badges would be good

37:51 - karenjan
thanx @peggy! rare for me!!!

38:01 - Peggy George
if you're attending virtually PLEASE sign up to present!!

38:03 - Sue Waters
for those that are wondering about hashtags they are an easy way of adding a common term to a tweet so they can be moniotred

38:05 - Peggy George
Yes thanks Steve!

38:12 - Carol Arc
multi tasking

38:14 - Kim Caise

38:28 - Shamblesguru
For following Twitter #tags in real time and

38:30 - karenjan
Steve, thank you for doing this work

38:43 - Donelle
silly question- can u add a little "helpful hints" paragraph to the wiki for those wanting to organize this in a group?

38:47 - Steve Hargadon

38:48 - Sue Waters
oh cool Sue should be asleep

38:53 - Peggy George

38:54 - Scott B
@Sue thanks!

38:59 - jeffmason
have it on my igoogle page

39:00 - Steve Hargadon

39:10 - Peggy George
love those map views of date/time! new for me!

39:13 - Louise Maine
Nice! Sue is burning the midnight oil.

39:15 - Steve Hargadon

39:26 - plnaugle
@sue waters Do you ever sleep?

39:29 - Sue Waters
I think BronSt is up later

39:30 - JenW
yep -- learned about it at CUE edubloggeron

39:40 - Sue Waters
is that correct Bronst?

39:41 - JenW
dropbox -- was shared there :)

40:01 - Carol Arc

40:02 - Carol Arc

40:03 - roxanne

40:04 - JenW
you were zoning :)

40:05 - Shelly_at_TP
So Dropbox is like a mini VR Server?

40:10 - lindseyb16
love picnik

40:11 - Peggy George
yes picnik!! :-)

40:14 - JenW
picnik now works with flickr

40:21 - derrallg
played with it yes with flickr

40:50 - derrallg
can search on Flickr CC sites and then crop and edit

40:54 - Peggy George
thanks for these great tips Steve! Special bonus for everyone here! Unadvertised special!

40:58 - plnaugle
I have played wiith picnik. Gimp was complicated.

41:02 - Carol Arc

41:02 - karenjan
nice break

41:05 - derrallg
brought to you by a crying baby

41:12 - plnaugle
Nice shares.

41:13 - lindseyb16
brain breaks are always good

41:32 - Louise Maine
Still trying to narrow down my agenda on the necc site

41:33 - Sheri
are the brain breaks in the share tabs?

41:34 - JenW

41:37 - karenjan
havent' been yet, that's why i'm here

41:51 - JenW
bring lots of water

41:57 - karenjan
looking forward to meeting some from my PLN

42:00 - plnaugle
Since they are having I sign up for sessions does that mean we'll definitely get in?

42:08 - Louise Maine
@JenW good suggestion

42:08 - mrsdurff 1
don't forget your toothbrush

42:14 - derrallg
extension cord and power strip to keep the lap tops going

42:17 - Kae 2

42:24 - Sue Waters
I forget everything Durff as well as getting lost all the time

42:27 - Donelle
camera for pics for your blog

42:39 - plnaugle
@mrsdurff Or your coffee cup!

42:41 - Carol Arc
good idea

42:41 - mrsdurff 1
oh sue!

42:51 - Sue Waters
well it is true and well known

42:54 - andyfisher
for me today is as much about participating on this webinar than it is about prepping for NECC - I suspect time differences may well hamper my participation in virtual attendance - but will the events be recorded for later access?

42:56 - mrsdurff 1
i'll be virtual

42:57 - Donelle
great suggestion!

43:06 - karenjan
will there be free wireless access in conference rooms, vendor halls?

43:10 - JenW
here was my blog post on making the most of NECC

43:15 - Carol Arc
21st cent identity card

43:18 - lindseyb16
Great idea Peggy

43:27 - Kim Caise
thanks @jenw

43:53 - JenW
people will LOVE you if you have power :)

43:56 - Louise Maine
@JenW That was a good post. Thanks for the link!

43:57 - derrallg

44:00 - mrsdurff 1
yes - MariaK had one at educon

44:06 - mrsdurff 1
great idea

44:12 - Donelle
is the wireless connection at NECC as poor as it was at CUE? if so.. take an air card!!

44:13 - Sue Waters
mmm wonder if an Australian one will work :)

44:27 - Tammie 1
good ideas!

44:27 - Carol Arc
different AC

44:29 - karenjan
thanks for that link @JenW

44:31 - JenW
Donelle -- it is hard to say since it is at a differnet location each year

44:38 - Donelle
that was very frustrating at CUE

44:39 - derrallg
Knew I was going to be ok at any session because Alice Mercer had one

44:53 - plnaugle
A collapsable rolling cart is a great tool to have.

44:54 - Sue Waters
I believe everyone else will just organise me

45:04 - Donelle
i was in alice's sessions.... she's great

45:07 - karenjan
thank you all, it's been fun, but i've got to run

45:08 - mrsdurff 1
these ladies are hyper-organised

45:14 - Donelle
bye karenjan

45:22 - clinds
Am I right that there isn't a lot going on at NECC on Sunday. I'm thinking of skipping that day since I'm staying really far away but wondering if I'll miss something important.

45:22 - Louise Maine
@karenjan Happy Mother's Day and have a great weekend

45:23 - karenjan
see you in the twitterverse

45:36 - karenjan
@louise thank you and same to you!

45:44 - mrsdurff 1
bye KarenJan

45:46 - Donelle
i chose my sessions ahead of time in a google doc and accessed it from my iphone during cue

45:47 - lindseyb16
see you @karenjan

45:59 - Louise Maine
There is a constructivist consortium nearby on sunday for $35 and offers free meal. Is supposed to be great

46:00 - sroseman
How should we dress ..will it be hot .. comfortable shoes ???

46:02 - Elena
don't forget comfortable shoes and a light jacket

46:05 - Peggy George
I use a rolling cart for sure! too much to carry otherwise!

46:11 - andyfisher
yes - if I miss the live events - will there be recordings of best sessions available later please?

46:13 - derrallg
that's a good idea

46:15 - Donelle
that was my idea.

46:15 - Sue Waters
yes what sort of clothes?

46:17 - Donelle

46:18 - Sue Waters
how warm?

46:26 - Kim Caise
it will be hot and humid and definitely comfortable shoes

46:26 - Louise Maine
Are the rooms cold?

46:32 - Donelle
love the google docs

46:33 - Peggy George
NECC provides lots of recordings after the conference but not all sessions are recorded

46:37 - Elena

46:48 - Sue Waters
technically speaking I meant how warn is Washington at that time of the year

46:55 - Elena
it varies in temp

47:00 - Sue Waters
in Celius

47:03 - Sue Waters

47:06 - lindseyb16
Anyone going to sconstructivist session on Sunday?

47:07 - mrsdurff 1
define warm

47:10 - Peggy George
The Constructivist Celebration is a fantastic experience. I went last year and am going again this year. Sign up right away because it filled up in 2 days last year.

47:19 - Sue Waters
realy cool than

47:22 - Louise Maine
I was thinking of going even though I teach high school bio

47:23 - mrsdurff 1
that good sue?

47:32 - Sue Waters
summer here is above 100 F

47:35 - Sue Waters
but not humid

47:37 - lindseyb16
@peggy will it be finished in time for keynote?

47:37 - derrallg
If you really want to go to a session also make sure to go early if it's like San Antonio I missed several sessions that had no room left

47:38 - mrsdurff 1

47:44 - Peggy George
great question about unstructured time

47:54 - Donelle
good point

48:01 - Louise Maine
Peggy, will someone in an academic high school course find the constructivist course as useful?

48:11 - Peggy George
you can have lots on your calendar but you don't need to go to everything--definitely important to take time out just for connecting with people

48:26 - Sue Waters
@MrsDurff 109 F plus common

48:30 - Heidi Chaves
My roommates got worried about me when I didn't come back til 11pm one night. I was making the most of ALL my time.

48:32 - mrsdurff 1

48:35 - derrallg
I focussed on the face to face in the Blogger's cafe between sessions

48:43 - Donelle
its great to meet other people in those down times. made great connections that way

48:48 - Peggy George
@Louise Maine-yes the content and software we use during the Constructivist Celebration is appropriate for all ages

48:54 - Sue Waters
currently 82 F

48:58 - sroseman
Can one survive without a laptop? I plan to use my ipod touch and paper and pencil

49:01 - sroseman
or pen

49:04 - Tammie 1
I went last year...I am an English teacher who loves tech but doesn't know a lot..there by myself...would be nice to have some sort of meet-up for folks there alone

49:15 - ihor
Where's the link to the social media links to give out?

49:17 - mrsdurff 1
77 Fahrenheit here now

49:19 - JenW
@Sue - yes you can --

49:19 - SueH
I might get a SMART pen

49:30 - Sue Waters
well meant to be colder now

49:32 - JenW
I used a microphone on my ipod

49:34 - sroseman
thanks Jen

49:37 - Donelle
i wondered about that

49:46 - Donelle
thats a good tip

50:00 - Peggy George
people used the Moo site last year-I just created my own with Word

50:05 - sroseman
I have a first generation ipod touch, Jen

50:15 - Donelle
what's moo

50:17 - derrallg
and your registration gives you a set of cards too if I remember correctly

50:18 - sroseman
I will check about the mic

50:20 - JenW
@sue -- I have not yet found a mic for my ipodtouch

50:26 - jackiegerstein
Or if you have lots of money, give out thumb frives with your info

50:43 - Steve Hargadon

50:47 - Peggy George
It's also a great idea to create a Pageflake for all things related to NECC. Durff got me started on that last year and it was a lifesaver for tracking things!

50:53 - Kyle Simon
If you're looking to exchange contact info with someone and you have an iphone, you might want to try iPhone beamME (relatively new app).

51:06 - clinds
Do they actually not let you into sessions or are there just no seats?

51:09 - mrsdurff 1
and the year before she shocked durff with a Skype call

51:09 - derrallg
I tried to Ustream as many sessions as I could

51:14 - Donelle
@kyle- not familiar with that

51:17 - Peggy George
I have a Micromat mic I use with my ipod and it works great!

51:29 - JenW
@clinds -- they will not let you in if it is full

51:29 - Donelle
@kyle- sounds so star treky

51:52 - Peggy George
Yes Steve-Netvibes is another great tool for monitoring everything at NECC

51:59 - Kyle Simon
@Donelle It's written by a coder named Scott too

52:04 - Kyle Simon

52:05 - Louise Maine
@ kyle Hi Kyle!

52:06 - lindseyb16
@peggy yes i going to do netvibes with rss tags from delicious and twitter

52:08 - plnaugle
How does beamMe work?

52:09 - Donelle

52:31 - bethstill
Be sure to take advantage of the electronic planner. Don't be afraid to over book sessions in case something is full or cancelled.

52:32 - Donelle
tell us about beamMe.

52:42 - lindseyb16
Cool netvibes steve :-)

53:04 - Peggy George
@Donelle-there was a lot of conversation on the NECC Ning last year about the Moo cards-link in sharetabs to the conversation about what to pack in tech bag

53:07 - Shamblesguru
I use Netvibes mainly as an RSS aggregator ... VERY easy to add feeds

53:18 - lindseyb16
top add content

53:18 - Shamblesguru
top left corner

53:24 - Louise Maine
Great idea! thanks for sharing netvibes

53:27 - Donelle
add content green button?

53:29 - roxanneglaser
anyone using

53:33 - Peggy George
Yeah! Add content :-)

53:39 - mrsdurff 1
we love you steve

53:40 - JenW
SOOO - was the movie good, Steve??

53:40 - bethstill
Now i don't feel so bad!

53:41 - roxanneglaser
We used it on the TxDLA conference site and it was pretty cool

53:41 - Louise Maine
They need to make that button bigger!

54:00 - Peggy George
can you share your Netvibes page with others so they can add it to their own page like on Pageflakes?

54:00 - Donelle
or greener

54:01 - lindseyb16
Doing a netvibes preso at state ta conference

54:21 - lindseyb16
Yes @peggy, put it on your public netvibes page

54:23 - Donelle
someone should do a virtual netvibes presentation for us.

54:31 - Louise Maine
How about a bright flashing neon green with a fashing sign: click here! I would even miss that!

54:40 - derrallg
I always feel like I have to relearn so much because these tools have their own way to do things

54:47 - Peggy George
funny Louise!!

54:50 - Sheri
difference between pageflakes and netvibes?

54:51 - Kyle Simon
beamMe allows you to send vCard info to other phones

54:52 - Shamblesguru
You do't need to findfeed URL .... jst putsite URL auto finds the feed addresses

55:01 - bethstill
Can that same thing be done on an IGoogle page?

55:02 - Kyle Simon
so it doesn't need to be an iphone you're sending it to... any Smartphone

55:12 - lindseyb16
@bethstill yes, I think so

55:30 - Louise Maine
@Kyle can you send to a blackberry?

55:41 - Sue Waters
well they can prepare but not over prepare

55:42 - Donelle
@kyle - thanks. so has it worked well?

55:50 - Peggy George
This is the link to my Pageflakes page for NECC last year

55:51 - lindseyb16
its a regular rss feed

56:06 - Donelle
@kyle- want to know more about that

56:07 - Peggy George
scary to share but it really helped me :-)

56:28 - Peggy George
Hooray-time for Sue's big announcement!!

56:36 - Donelle
yeah sue!

56:41 - Kyle Simon

56:58 - mrsdurff 1
YAY SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

57:07 - plnaugle
Hi Sue.

57:08 - Peggy George
Tell your husband to call me :-) I'll tell him how really important it is for us to hear your voice :-)

57:13 - JenW
good job SUE!!!

57:26 - Donelle
would love to have sue interviewed for one of these sat. mornings

57:29 - Louise Maine
@Kyle Thanks!

57:35 - Louise Maine
Yeah Sue!

57:39 - plnaugle
Your hubby can't stop you from sharing with us.

57:39 - Kyle Simon
no problemo... gotta go.

57:43 - Peggy George

57:44 - Shamblesguru

57:47 - andyfisher
I'd love to be live on those events but I go to work 4 hours after wards - will have to sleep I am afraid!!

57:54 - Donelle

57:59 - derrallg
sounds like a great idea

58:00 - Sue Waters
thanks Kim

58:05 - mrsdurff 1
you make perfect sense

58:09 - andyfisher
But I will look out for the recordings :)

58:11 - Peggy George
very excited to be able to offer some in-depth info for beginners!!

58:11 - jeffmason
love wikispaces

58:14 - Sue Waters
LOL Durff

58:26 - plnaugle
Sounds like it will be a good seesion. Plan to attend.

58:29 - Steve Hargadon
Did we work out the calendar issue?

58:33 - Sheri
sounds great; love Sue's blogs

59:03 - Peggy George
I'm definitely planning to join Sue regularly! There is always so much to learn even when you're already using a tool!

59:07 - Helena
How different are wikispaces and pbworks as far as learning how to use it?

59:10 - Louise Maine
I use wikispaces for a wikicentric classroom. Love it.

59:15 - Peggy George
yes drop the address here Sue

59:28 - andyfisher
well done for staying awake Sue! I saw your tweet

59:33 - Sue Waters

59:38 - Sue Waters
thanks Andy

59:43 - lindseyb16
Yeah, more "off the grid" pd

59:48 - mrsdurff 1
that show sue will be where?

59:56 - Sue Waters
Please share your advice and tips on the post here

1:00:02 - Heidi Chaves
Oh, it was wonderful! I was there.

1:00:11 - mrsdurff 1

1:00:12 - Peggy George
Sue's series will be on elluminate-links on her site and Classroom 2.0 LIVE

1:00:13 - Steve Hargadon
Do we need a new Google calendar for the beginning show or will they just go on the CR 2.0 Live calendar?

1:00:13 - Sue Waters
it will be in Classroom 2.0 ellumiate room not Edublogs live room

1:00:14 - Donelle
the don tapscott one was interesting too

1:00:16 - plnaugle
Hi Beth. I was a little late too. Was making a video

1:00:18 - derrallg
wish I could have been there

1:00:26 - mrsdurff 1
ty sue

1:00:27 - Peggy George
There were several great interviews last week!!

1:00:41 - Sue Waters
it will go onto the Edublogs Live calendar that goes through to the Classroom 2.0 calendar

1:00:42 - Shamblesguru
Wiki Learning Resources see ..... | Wiki General Info | Wiki Hosting | Wiki Directories | Wikis and Education | Student Wikis |

1:00:44 - Sheri
Thanks all

1:00:53 - Steve Hargadon
That was fun. I think we're on to something.

1:00:56 - Sue Waters
thanks for having me

1:01:00 - mrsdurff 1

1:01:03 - lindseyb16
thx all!

1:01:04 - Kim Caise

1:01:08 - roxanne
can you put the link here? cousteau

1:01:10 - Peggy George
everyone start using the NECC Ning to ask questions and share answers. That was such a valuable tool last year for me!!

1:01:11 - derrallg
thank you

1:01:15 - clinds
Thanks Steve! This has been great - learned a lot and excited to go to NECC for 1st time!

1:01:17 - andyfisher
thanks for the event :)

1:01:18 - Steve Hargadon
I'll get it.

1:01:18 - plnaugle
Thank you to everyone.

1:01:19 - Kim Caise

1:01:28 - Peggy George
you can find people to share transportation with to and from the conference

1:01:29 - Louise Maine
Thank you for this great session!

1:01:31 - mrsdurff 1
gotta run!

1:01:34 - Kim Caise

1:01:51 - Angie K
Enjoyed it! Got to get ready for ballet recital.

1:01:55 - clinds
Do we sign up for Educon? On the wiki I'm guessing?

1:01:59 - Peggy George
thank you everyone for joining us today--let's keep this conversation going on the NECC Ning!

1:02:09 - Steve Hargadon
EduBloggerCon signups on Classroom 2.0 event page.

1:02:12 - Peggy George
@clinds-yes on the wiki for Educon

1:02:22 - Sue Waters

1:02:23 - Peggy George
and on Classroom 2.0 event page :-)

1:02:26 - Sue Waters
that is correct

1:02:29 - derrallg
great as always, need to get outside

1:02:34 - aforgrave
Thanks so much!

1:02:36 - Steve Hargadon

1:02:45 - Peggy George
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! So glad you took time out to join us!!

1:02:47 - andyfisher

1:02:50 - Barbara O
Thanks for another great Saturday!

1:02:53 - Sue Waters

1:02:54 - Donelle
steve- if someone can add a tiny paragraph, to your wiki, with helpful hints for newbies who may be wanting to organize a group meeting for the NECC unplugged, they would really appreciate it.

1:02:56 - SueH

1:03:13 - Steve Hargadon
@Donelle--could you do that?

1:03:26 - Kim Caise
that's a great idea @donelle

1:03:30 - Elena
Thanks for the information

1:03:38 - Donelle
@steve... um, i'm the newbie who needs the helpful hints!

1:03:39 - Peggy George
@Donelle-could you start a forum conversation on the NECC Ning about that? It will reach lots more people

1:03:51 - Steve Hargadon
So you will know best what should be said, right? :)

1:03:59 - Steve Hargadon
New territory anyway...

1:04:28 - Peggy George
newbie questions are so valuable and even for people who have attended before

1:04:30 - Donelle
i'll just join the necc ning andpost a question there... thanks for the tip, peggy

1:04:45 - Peggy George
Great Donelle and I'll add to the conversation there

1:04:52 - Donelle
thank you!

1:05:00 - Chris D
Thanks to all. bye

1:05:08 - Donelle
have a great day, all!

1:05:24 - Peggy George
Thank you Steve for a great conversation starter on all of this. You have me even more excited about NECC!! Can't wait!!

1:05:38 - Steve Hargadon
Me, too!

May 9, 2009 10:09:34 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!