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Apr 11, 2009 9:01:09 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

00:12 - Jim Vetter
Starting right on time. I'm impressed!

00:12 - Peggy George
Topic is on the screen :-)

00:22 - sharonbetts
Hi Kim - Happy BD

00:33 - Peggy George
we'll definitely miss Lorna today!!

00:35 - stacy
Happy Spring break to all as well

00:48 - Steve Hargadon
and Joe Corbett!

00:51 - Peggy George
Spring break is over in AZ stacy :-)

00:55 - angela maiers
Just booked my flght- I am sooo excited for this!

00:57 - stacy
just starting here, Peggy

01:09 - Peggy George
we're thrilled to have Joe Corbett with us today too!

01:11 - cyndidannerkuhn
Hello from Manhattan, Kansas

01:12 - SueH
Good Morning from rainy Surrey, BC

01:20 - Joe Corbett

01:26 - stacy
Afternoon from rainy south Jersey

01:34 - Wesley Fryer

01:48 - Wesley Fryer
Here are the sharetabs for today: http://www.sharetabs.com/?classroom20live04112009

01:51 - Bob Caro
Corpus Christi, TX, and it's actually raining a little today - usually sunny and windy

01:57 - Jim Vetter
Good rainy afternoon from Boston, too.

02:10 - Peggy George
lots of rain today--even in Phoenix AZ :-)

02:33 - Tim
Raining here in Northern Virginia... sounds like a nationwide trend

02:49 - Alice Mercer
sun's out here in Cali

02:49 - sharonbetts
very nice today in mid-Maine cool in the 40s but sunny

03:18 - stacy
Good explanation, Kim

03:31 - Peggy George
Great Alice--think that sun is heading to Phoenix by tomorrow :-)

04:04 - plnaugle
Good morning everyone. Sunny, beautiful blue sky, and cool in New Orleans today.

04:41 - cyndidannerkuhn
Excellent demo of Elluninate Kim!!

04:58 - sharonbetts
nice explanation - first time I ever heard anyone go through all the options

05:12 - Peggy George
welcome sharonbetts!

05:18 - sharonbetts
Hi Peggy

05:29 - Steve Hargadon
Very cool, Tammy.

05:42 - Peggy George
@sharonbetts-really glad you can join this conversation!

05:51 - Janice
Hi from overcast Austin TX

06:03 - BethStill
Hello from western Nebraska!

06:03 - tkaminski
Hello from sunny Cold Lake, Alberta

06:10 - Caroline
Caroline in Tampa, FL Sunny and Warm

06:17 - Marie Rush
Hi from overcast Florida (but warm!)

06:18 - Steve Hargadon

06:19 - Lorraine Leo
hello from overcast Watertown, mA

06:28 - Joe Corbett
This platform gets two thumbs up from ISTEConnects.org

06:31 - Maria
Hello, I'm the only one in Europe?

06:33 - Peggy George
woohoo!! lots of locations! so glad you're all here!

06:38 - sroseman
hello from sunny Ottawa, ON

06:40 - stacy
who's in Alaska?

06:44 - Deb
Hi from Ohio - overcast & waiting for sun

06:51 - steveoc

06:51 - Peggy George
@Maria-so far! :-)

06:53 - SueH
HI Cold Lake from Surrey, BC

06:54 - kathycassidy
Hi from Moose Jaw, SK, Canada--beautiful weather!

07:08 - patricia
lovely sunny day in Dublin, Ireland

07:10 - Wesley Fryer
There is someone with a big smile in central Canada!

07:18 - stacy
How cool is this

07:20 - Craig Mollerstuen
Hi Stacy, Craig Mollerstuen in Anchorage, AK

07:36 - stacy
Hi, Craig.

07:40 - SueH
We're always smiling in Canada

07:44 - Joe Corbett
I'm sad to say I'm a total noob!

07:44 - sharonbetts
Wow - lots of nots

07:47 - Steve Hargadon
Wow. Much more balanced than I expected.

07:58 - steveoc
Been MANY years though

08:02 - Steve Hargadon

08:04 - sharonbetts
Very very interesting

08:07 - Peggy George
look at that--almost 50-50 have attended NECC!

08:09 - Steve Hargadon
Great that you asked the question.

08:14 - Wesley Fryer
@Steve Yes, I think many in this group will be quite enthused about the NECC Live offerings!

08:19 - Deb

08:21 - Peggy George
really helpful feedback for today's conversation!

08:25 - tkaminski
Who is planning to attend this year?

08:45 - clinds
I'm going for the first time this year - yea!

08:47 - stacy
Can we have a poll of those who are attending this year?

08:53 - steveoc
Wasn't and edublogger then

08:54 - sharonbetts
Never able to extend my trip the extra day due to cost

08:58 - SueH
First timer here too

09:00 - Bob Caro
...still waiting for funding approval - as I am sure many are

09:10 - Rushton
Hey Alice! Wow - what a crowd!

09:13 - Steve Hargadon

09:17 - Leslie
I am going too! Also on the NECC ning, looking for a (female) roomate. Anyone?

09:22 - steveoc
No more money for this for many years in my district

09:30 - Wesley Fryer
@stacy good idea stacy, yes I bet we can do that survey later if Kim doesn't do it now

09:30 - Peggy George
Hi Rushton! so glad you could join us! You'll hear your name at the end of the show :-)

09:36 - Maureen
Couldn't attend last year, but plan to this year, coming in early just to do that

09:40 - sharonbetts
Is the main reason cost?

09:53 - steveoc

10:01 - angela maiers
This is so cool! I LOVE technology!

10:10 - Steve Hargadon
Or to *not structure*! :)

10:13 - Peggy George
Isn't technology grand???? :-)

10:27 - sharonbetts
we will be bussing from NE with internet on the bus - plan on attending as a group from the road

10:31 - Peggy George
to structure or not to structure :-) clever!

10:38 - plnaugle
@Leslie contact me at plnaugle@gmail.com about rooming.

10:43 - Maureen
went to edublogger east before blc last summer and liked the structure/unstructure

10:55 - Leslie
@plnaugle - will do!

10:58 - Peggy George
time for some background on NECC and unconverences :-)

11:08 - lindseyb16
Planning to attend edublogger con east too @maureen

11:08 - angela maiers
@Leslie- DM me on Twitter @angelamaiers I may have options

11:16 - sharonbetts
nice to see you, Steve

11:17 - SueH
NECC Ning? Do you have the link?

11:19 - angela maiers
@Steve- you look great!

11:22 - Peggy George

11:25 - Joe Corbett
Tech show off!

11:32 - Brumbaugh
I have advocated that we create localized meet ups where we can share an connect.

11:33 - Peggy George
all of the links for NECC and much more in the sharetabs today!

11:40 - Wesley Fryer
inconference: not a non-conference, still a conference

11:42 - BethStill
Video adds so much! Really makes it seem like we are talking to real people!

11:44 - jackiegerstein

11:44 - Wesley Fryer
unconference that is

11:49 - Maureen
@lindseyn 16 be nice to meet you

12:02 - Wesley Fryer
at CUE did have a full unconference

12:04 - Kevin Jarrett
Here is an OUTSTANDING post by Sylvia Martinez on this very subject - all should read:

12:05 - Kevin Jarrett

12:08 - Rushton
conference-esque experience

12:17 - Leslie
@angela - I'll try to twitter after. Just got an account. I am at lstryker@fryeburgacademy.org just in case.

12:22 - Kevin Jarrett
Open Space Technology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology

12:35 - sharonbetts
OPen Space is nice

12:36 - Joe Corbett
BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants. The first BarCamps focused on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats. The format has also been used for a variety of other topics, including public transit, health care, and political organizing.

12:42 - steveoc
Unconference= absence of comercially driven

12:42 - angela maiers
@Wes- nice way of describing it!

12:48 - Alice Mercer
Anyone besides Rushton and myself who were at EBC West at CUE?

12:50 - PegSheehy
RT @Kevin Jarrett Four Principles

* Whoever comes is the right people
* Whenever it starts is the right time
* Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
* When it’s over, it’s over

12:56 - Shane
I literally just clicked someone's link on twitter and had no idea what i was clicking, but this is awesome

12:58 - Peggy George
we've included a link explaining bar camp in the share tabs too

13:06 - Peggy George
Welcome Shane!

13:08 - angela maiers
@Beth- I agree- you should send a link about "Send a Newbie"

13:24 - Peggy George
those 4 principles are so simple!

13:27 - Rushton
Compared to the normal conference, there is much more interaction, and I've found the quality of the discussion very high.

13:32 - Brumbaugh
What about a 'FOO camp" type structure.

13:36 - Steve Hargadon
The rule of two feet also.

13:51 - PegSheehy
tech savvy, tech welcoming, tech resistent all welcome

13:56 - steveoc
Bottoms up control

13:59 - Peggy George
Foo camp link is included in our sharetabs too as part of bar camp

14:03 - Janet Bell
hi - i would love to participate this morning but have a prior commitment - will the recording be available on Steve's blog?

14:04 - Alice Mercer
I'd think so @brumbaugh...

14:09 - Wesley Fryer
Yes, I was actually going to Kevin's link

14:15 - jpatten
just curious, is there a way in elluminate to send an audio notification to someone when you want to send them a text message, and they may not be following the chat window???

14:18 - Kevin Jarrett
THis is the post that matters, Steve...

14:19 - Kevin Jarrett

14:24 - Kim Caise
you can change the layouts by going up to view and unlocking the layouts and resizing the windows

14:24 - Kevin Jarrett
oopes sorry no

14:26 - Brumbaugh
Friends of O'Reilly.

14:26 - Kevin Jarrett
1 sec

14:26 - Leslie
@ SueH - http://www.necc2008.org/ View all forums for the roomie forum.

14:29 - jpatten
give them a heads up...

14:32 - Joe Corbett
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar_camp This explains it

14:33 - Wesley Fryer
yes, "open space technology" is a good

14:35 - Kevin Jarrett

14:38 - Kevin Jarrett
thatone sorry

14:44 - Peggy George
love that everyone can feel comfortable participating in edubloggercon whether you're a newbie or a long time tech user!

14:50 - Kevin Jarrett
Sylvia explains it perfectly

15:01 - Brumbaugh

15:02 - Peggy George
Thanks Kevin for link. That's in our share tabs too :-)

15:04 - Peggy George

15:05 - Joe Corbett
Foo Camp = First Generation Bar Camp

15:21 - Alice Mercer
The only thing that *might* have been helpful at CUE, was finding a way to have participants reflect or effeciently share what there goal is for being there.

15:41 - Peggy George
now for some proposals from Steve and Wes :-)

15:59 - Wesley Fryer
sure, I can intro barcamp and then ask Joe for input

16:09 - cyndidannerkuhn
could you put the sharetabs link in the chat again please

16:22 - Peggy George
excited to hear your ideas!

16:23 - Wesley Fryer

16:32 - sharonbetts

16:43 - angela maiers
Will this session and the links be posted?

17:04 - Wesley Fryer
@angela yes, it is being recorded and will be linked from http://live.classroom20.com

17:06 - Peggy George
yes everything will be recorded and posted in the archives as soon as they are available after the show

17:08 - Kim Caise
yes angela, all links will be posted to our live site later this weeked

17:36 - Whitney
Thanks for the sharetabs Wes!!!

17:36 - angela maiers
Excellent- make sure to Tweet that! You guys are doing awesome!

17:41 - sharonbetts
sure hope there is more room in DC and a bit quieter for presentors

17:48 - PegSheehy
Hot'lanta rocked!

17:52 - Wesley Fryer
2007 in Atlanta: 75-100 participants for EduBloggerCon, most were bloggers and many had not met before

17:54 - Kevin Jarrett
Here are a few pics from the 2007 event!

17:54 - Kevin Jarrett

17:56 - kyteacher
Wish I could attend. Booked flight before I looked at the details.

18:00 - Peggy George
I missed the first edubloggercon but couldn't wait for last year's! It was everything I hoped for!

18:09 - Kevin Jarrett
The first few pics are EBC 07

18:13 - Peggy George
Really looking forward to it this year again!

18:14 - Tim
The first edubloggercon in 2007 had a very different feel than the one in 2008.

18:20 - kyteacher
Will not make the same mistake next time.

18:21 - mrsdurff
be right back

18:26 - Kevin Jarrett
@Tim boy THAT's the truth!

18:29 - BethStill
@kyteacher If you can change your flight you can stay w/me on Friday night. We'll have some extra room.

18:35 - Kevin Jarrett
@Tim whole different event...

18:49 - Alice Mercer
You did good Steve

18:50 - Peggy George
this show will run an hour officially

19:05 - Tim
Part of the difference was going from 75 people to more than 200

19:08 - Peggy George
the voting was a real challenge!

19:12 - Kevin Jarrett
You did the best you could Steve...

19:12 - kyteacher
@BethStill Nice offer. I'll look into it...especially since the airline keeps changing flight details anyway.

19:23 - Peggy George
slow bandwidth during voting caused some delays

19:28 - PegSheehy
diplomacy at its finest Steve

19:38 - Tim
The presence of Pearson TV created some interesting conflicts.

19:39 - Rushton
(Perhaps a question for later, but:) I recently tried using Elluminate software to get the video from a session I'd streamed at CUE, and couldn't do it, even with the help of Elluminate folks. They suggested that I use Camtasia. Any chance there will be a better way to share any video from this summer's event?

19:41 - sharonbetts
wasn't that bad, Steve

19:44 - Peggy George
awesome job explaining that background Steve!

19:46 - Wesley Fryer
I'm not sure the fallout of Pearson's involvement could have been anticipated, we definitely learned from this

20:13 - Rushton
Scaling up is always hard, no matter the setting.

20:24 - Peggy George
300 people in the room :-) and lots of interest from people not at NECC to be able to join in somehow!

20:33 - Wesley Fryer
@Rushton we're talking about encouraging people who can use Ustream of Mogulus to share their links, so as many people as can/want get those stream links

20:41 - Kim Caise
wes, what was the fallout of Pearson's involvement?

20:51 - mrsdurff
oh! we can talk about him!

20:59 - angela maiers
Hey Durff!

21:02 - Peggy George
I loved the Mogulus stream that was created last year for tuning into things throughout the conference

21:05 - mrsdurff
what shall we say?

21:05 - Tim
There probably needs to be some way to involve the back channel this year.

21:12 - mrsdurff
hey angela

21:18 - Rushton
@Wes Will that allow having the video files to edit for sharing as we wish?

21:25 - angela maiers
@Alice- will you guys be doing coveritlive like at ASCD?

21:25 - Wesley Fryer
@Kim fallout was people feeling they couldn't comfortably share, it wasn't as conversational and collegial an atmosphere as it could have been

21:30 - clifmims
good morning, friends!

21:33 - Rushton
The focus on making it accessible for the beginner worked well at EBC West at CUE.

21:36 - angela maiers
Morning CLif!

21:36 - Brumbaugh
So, how can groups from other locations from around the country can join in.

21:38 - derrallg
@mrsdurff everything we can say would be positive, no fun in that

21:43 - Bob Caro
I'm just here to educate myself, so that when admins and directors have questions "Well, what about this...?", then I can have some good answers lined up.

21:49 - Wesley Fryer
@Tim yes I agree, I think it would be great to have a backchannel for the entire event that is ongoing

21:52 - mrsdurff
true derrall

21:58 - mrsdurff

21:58 - Tim
Whatever happened to the video Pearson did last year?

21:59 - BethStill
So important to make it not overwhelming to beginners. Can be intimidating.

21:59 - Stephanie Sandifer
he's making a great point about beginners -- that's an issue with bloggers' cafe too

22:00 - Alice Mercer
@angela: maybe? Trying to figure out what NECC is allowing for, encouraging.

22:04 - Wesley Fryer
@Bob welcome! Glad to have you here

22:09 - Peggy George
this is still very early in the brainstorming/planning process for all of these things

22:12 - Rushton
Good suggestion on the name, Steve.

22:21 - sharonbetts
The name has become an institution - just have a "by-line"

22:22 - lindseyb16
Sounds good

22:24 - Deb
thanks for being open to newbies

22:29 - Peggy George
I think it's great that you don't have to be a blogger to attend

22:34 - angela maiers
@Wes- I totally agree!

22:36 - PegSheehy
WHo's speaking ?

22:36 - jpatten
already have good name recognition

22:43 - Rushton
Wes is speaking.

22:43 - Maureen
I don't write blogs, just read them :-)

22:46 - Bob Caro
I feel like our community needs a "Web 2.0 Armory" site, to arm ourselves with the right ammo to answer skeptics and doubters

22:47 - Whitney
Speaking: Wesley Fryer

22:49 - Joe Corbett
I Propose we use the word "camp" somewhere

22:49 - mrsdurff
sound coming through wrong place - so going with it

22:51 - Peggy George
many of us read lots of blogs and feel very connected even if we may not have an active personal blog!

22:54 - angela maiers
Hey Stephanie!

22:55 - Steve Hargadon
I don't think people will recognize "camp"

23:03 - Art Wolinsky
How about, Not Just Edublogercon :-)

23:06 - Stephanie Sandifer
hi angela!

23:09 - Alice Mercer
At CUE it was intrusive having newbie breakout brought up in middle of discussion, and the guy from Marin NEVER got his answer about advocacy because things got off track. Make sure we address what folks are looking for at start..

23:11 - PegSheehy
TY Serph

23:13 - Steve Hargadon

23:13 - tkaminski
I like the inviting atmosphere for new people. I am attending NECC this year for the first time and want to attend Edubloggercon to hopefully meet up with many people I know from the blogosphere

23:15 - Peggy George
@Bob--that's funny! Web 2.0 Armory!

23:19 - SueH
Name recognition, yes -- but I really thought you had to be a blogger to attend. It's what the name says

23:36 - Janice
I like the name

23:38 - Tim
Does there need to be some kind of general theme? Not sure Edubloggercon will be understood by newbies.

23:40 - BethStill
@tkamiski Meeting people from your PLN for the first time is an AMAZING experience.

23:41 - mrsdurff
i think we should go out for tea time at 4:00pm with a group

23:42 - stacy
I like inviting new people, but I also like to break into groups of people...

23:45 - Steve Hargadon

23:46 - Bob Caro
@Peggy - I feel totally unarmed and outgunned by admins and directors inmy district

23:47 - Peggy George
there are always lots of discussions going on before the conference on the NECC Ning.

23:49 - Dessa
how about putting the term "unblogger" in there

23:50 - Joe Corbett
Edubloggercon, an EdTechCamp

23:51 - jpatten
change the definition of blogging to include all forms of participatory expression (web 2.0) LOL

23:53 - stacy
it was described like dirt road, paved road, super highway

23:55 - mrsdurff
coffee + cake + friends

24:02 - SueH
@Art -- I really like that!

24:06 - Peggy George
@Bob Caro-definitely understand!

24:07 - Art Wolinsky

24:10 - derrallg
I think blogs = content creators

24:11 - Alice Mercer

24:24 - Tim
@jpatten: agree as long as we avoid the "web 2.0" label :-)

24:26 - Craig Mollerstuen
Give it your own "tag line" in your marketing and promotion

24:27 - Kevin Jarrett
I think we should stay with Edubloggercon and just EXPLAIN it better!

24:30 - Kevin Jarrett

24:31 - Rushton
Having a set of people ready to moderate how the groups split up - someone ready to take 100 or so folks into the next space, for example.

24:36 - Steve Hargadon
I don't think "camp" means anything to our group.

24:37 - Peggy George
we need to create a new badge for this year!

24:40 - stacy

24:42 - Janice
Or Edublogger con-for EVERYONE

24:43 - Alice Mercer
Okay, that's a compromise

24:45 - jackiegerstein
I Educon Classroom 2.0 - many still may believe it is just for bloggers - that's why I didn't come last year at NECC - I only now it is it not for bloggers because of my involvement in Classroom 2.0

24:52 - BethStill
"Camp" sounds less formal-----more welcoming perhaps.

24:52 - Peggy George
I agree Steve--camp is a very new term to me!

25:00 - Sheryl
Adding more words might be too much; like the idea of a subtitle...

25:07 - steveoc
get out the thesaurus

25:08 - angela maiers
@Durff- What about chocolate??

25:14 - Maureen
It's often difficult for new people to feel comfortable with the "rock stars" of blogging.

25:17 - jonelle
yes- subtitle to explain more

25:21 - Peggy George
Kevin Honeycutt is using the fireside concept on his PodStock Ning :-)

25:23 - mrsdurff
BYOC = bring your own choc

25:26 - Brumbaugh
I can host a group in CA when the EduBloggerCon is going on.

25:37 - Sheryl
Chocolate @angela maiers YeS!

25:52 - Stephanie Sandifer
@maureen yes -- that seemed to be a concern last year as well -- how do we eliminate that discomfort/barrier?

25:58 - Tim
@maureen Yea, some of those blogging "rock stars" can be rather surley. :-)

25:58 - angela maiers
@Rushton- I think that is a great idea

25:59 - Joe Corbett
That is significant

25:59 - Kevin Jarrett
I say no we dont....

26:01 - Wesley Fryer
I wouldn't put "Classroom 2.0" in the title

26:04 - Rushton
@KyleBrumbaugh - maybe a group like that can have a really strong space, such as Foothill's Krause Center.

26:08 - mrsdurff
i vote for coffee

26:09 - jackiegerstein
Classroon 2.0 has larger connotations than just the ning.

26:14 - Maureen
I would like to have the comfort of the echo chamber, but also would like to have some new ideas

26:20 - Peggy George
edubloggercon is a concept everyone is familiar with

26:21 - Kevin Jarrett
come on everyone, please vote

26:28 - Leslie
Coffee AND chocolate!

26:35 - mrsdurff
amen @leslie

26:36 - Peggy George
love the instant feedback on Elluminate!

26:36 - jackiegerstein
I am not sure sure about that @Peggy

26:36 - Brumbaugh
@rushton I can host in WHS's Performing Arts Center 450 seats

26:45 - Kevin Jarrett
as a subtitle, yes!

26:59 - Alice Mercer
What's vote on?

26:59 - mrsdurff
why not more than one subtitle?

27:04 - Peggy George
subtitle of classroom 20 helps people to feel they don't HAVE to be a blogger to come

27:09 - jackiegerstein
I didn't know about Edublogger until my involvement in these sessions

27:20 - jackiegerstein
Agreed Peggy

27:20 - mrsdurff
camp is more european

27:23 - Rushton
@Brumbaugh Is that space good for groups separating off and being connected via wireless?

27:27 - Wesley Fryer
I say just keep the event named EduBloggerCon, but as Kevin said do a better job explaining what it is and focus on a workable format

27:30 - mrsdurff

27:31 - Shane
alright everyone. i'd love to stay for all of this and learn about this but i literally just clicked on this out of nowhere - i'm just getting into this whole web 2.0 stuff. i'm a student teacher right now. add me on twitter if we aren't already friends! i'm "hurumble". bye everyone

27:33 - angela maiers
@jackie- I totally agree- there are so many who would love the conversations but do not enter the dialouge because they do not "blog"

27:35 - PegSheehy
ALl are welcome

27:36 - tkaminski
We need to make sure tht people know this is an open session

27:37 - SueH
Art's suggestion? again please!

27:42 - stacy
"It's not just for bloggers, anymore"

27:43 - Art Wolinsky
How about MASHUP instead of meet up

27:43 - jpatten
dang that's going to be a long hash tag :-(

27:47 - Bob Caro
Something that says "Everyone - blogger or not - is invited"

27:51 - Whitney

27:51 - Peggy George
Thanks for coming Shane!

27:52 - Kevin Jarrett
@stacy YES!

27:52 - Tim
I would like the term conversation to be in there somewhere but not sure where.

27:52 - Leslie
I liked Edublogcon for everyone

27:52 - Brumbaugh
@Rushton - I have access to the classrooms if necessary

27:53 - Sheryl
I like the idea of having off site groups.

27:56 - plnaugle
Could there be a special newbie meetup?

27:57 - Janice
I like mash up

27:58 - SueH
yes to mashup

28:03 - Art Wolinsky

28:03 - Sheryl
I have seen others mention that.

28:06 - Stephanie Sandifer
we need to publicize that far and wide -- like "not just for bloggers anymore..."

28:07 - Joe Corbett
I think the name you proposed is fine, we can always explain how it is a camp in blog posts and face 2 face conversation

28:09 - mrsdurff
why not Twitup?

28:10 - tkaminski
Newbie meet up is good idea

28:10 - Brumbaugh
The benefit of being the administrator

28:11 - Wesley Fryer
I think everyone should be a blogger to some degree!

28:11 - cyndidannerkuhn
I also like mashup

28:12 - Bob Caro
I like "not just for bloggers"

28:18 - Rushton
@Brumbaugh Just occurred to me I know exactly where you're talking about (I teach at Wilcox); we don't have squat for wireless where we are.

28:20 - jonelle
..not just for bloggers:)

28:22 - jackiegerstein
The Classroom 2.0 Meet-up/Mash-up

28:25 - Wesley Fryer
but yes, "not just for bloggers" might be a good subtitle

28:30 - mrsdurff
I'll attend

28:33 - BethStill
Is there any reason why each person who blogs or uses Twitter could not help inform their PLN about what the event is about?

28:33 - Leslie
also liked the mashup

28:39 - Craig Mollerstuen
Why use a Wiki rather than a NING?

28:40 - Brumbaugh
I can set up anything we want...

28:42 - tkaminski
"Not just for bloggers" really important to emphasize

28:44 - Wesley Fryer
I really push back on the idea that this event is owned/controlled just by "Classroom 2.0"

28:54 - Kevin Jarrett
Please not another Ning.......... :)

28:55 - Joe Corbett
I agree with Wes

28:58 - Darcie
didn't realize there was that group

28:58 - Alice Mercer
@craig: it started before Ning

29:01 - Rushton
@Brumbaugh - let's keep talking; something good could happen locally, for sure.

29:04 - tkaminski
I agree with Wes

29:07 - Craig Mollerstuen
I'm with Wes, keep it Edubloggercon

29:08 - Sheryl
Yes, I agree w/@Wes Fryer.

29:10 - clinds
I love the idea of a newbie meetup too!

29:12 - k1looper
attended NECC last year, but was a total Newbie, knew nothing about what was going on other than NECC sessions...

29:14 - Bob Caro
@Craig - nings were brand new at that time - plus , the wiki was supposed to be a list of people

29:24 - k1looper
hoping to be much more involved this year!

29:25 - Wesley Fryer
this event needs to be inclusive and open, if this gets aligned/affiliated with just one group it will hurt accessibility

29:26 - tkaminski
Can we use Google forms to track who is coming??

29:26 - Janice
@kevin :-)

29:28 - Bob Caro
I like the wiki list

29:28 - Tim
Instead of saying "not just for bloggers", how about something like "for current and potential bloggers".

29:30 - Wesley Fryer
and participation

29:31 - Brumbaugh
@rushton - we will.... with your connections

29:32 - Joe Corbett
eventbrite is a system we use for bar camps

29:39 - kirish43
How do you do the green check?

29:41 - Craig Mollerstuen

29:47 - Peggy George
there are so many places to connect re plans for participation in NECC--that can be confusing

29:49 - Darcie
I don't ever think we will get everyone who's coming

29:59 - Alice Mercer
Wes, you having issues with naming???

30:00 - sharonbetts
@krish43 - the check and x are at the top of the screen

30:03 - derrallg
@rushton make sure to share if there is a Bay Area connection/decision

30:08 - Peggy George
@kirish43-use the green check or red X in the menu bar at the top of the screen

30:09 - jeffmason
attendance is redefined

30:16 - kirish43
got it

30:18 - Rushton
@derrallg Will do - what's the best way to do so?

30:21 - Kevin Jarrett
Eventbrite FTW

30:23 - jackiegerstein
Ning overload (connected with cognitve overload??)

30:29 - Steve Hargadon
That actually seems more complicated than the Ning system we already have.

30:29 - BelindaDonaldson
I like the Ning site idea because you can belong to it.

30:31 - kyteacher
Agree that there are MANY places to go for info...can be a bit overwhelming

30:31 - angela maiers
I think Twitter will help tons- lots of educators involved in conversation there- great way to be inviting to ALL

30:34 - Kevin Jarrett
@jackiegerstien YES!!!!

30:36 - Janice
I think pictures are nice thought

30:38 - tkaminski
Let's make signing up simple!!!

30:39 - Stephanie Sandifer
a google form would also be simple solution -- that could be imbedded in wiki and maybe ning?

30:39 - cyndidannerkuhn
I agree with Joe

30:43 - sharonbetts
I agree - way too much to join and do

30:43 - Alice Mercer
I don't think they will be on those sites at all?

30:43 - Brumbaugh
@derrallg - We can definitely do something in the bay area.

30:45 - jpatten
i don't see the difference?

30:48 - kirish43
Why go to eventright if we already have classroom 2.0

30:55 - Kevin Jarrett
Eventbrite is a SERVICE...

30:57 - Sheryl
Yes, @jackiegerstein. Interesting idea of ning overload.

30:58 - Roberto Borda
I agree with Steve

30:59 - Janice
Another password??????

31:02 - derrallg
@rushton that's tough don't feel like a CUE CTAP communication would be effective, not sure

31:06 - steveoc
It is a separate entity from CR2.0

31:07 - Alice Mercer
How about a group within Ning

31:09 - kirish43
It is sometimes hard to remember everything we belong to

31:09 - Janice
Another free account????

31:18 - Brumbaugh
CTAP died yesterday... :-(

31:22 - Alice Mercer
You can be in a group on the NECC ning

31:23 - Rushton
Eventbrite and Ning both - is that possible? We want to have as many avenues as possible for people to join in.

31:24 - Kevin Jarrett
A group within CR20 makes the most sense IMHO

31:27 - Maureen
I don't think that blogging or being a blogger is the only way to participate.... look at all the other ways we can communicate with one another. Being as inclusive as possible is the most important thing to remember.

31:33 - derrallg
@alice that would work

31:34 - Kristin Hokanson
I agree

31:35 - Craig Mollerstuen
Can you do both? Dual organizing for the same time and place?

31:37 - Lisa Thumann
I think ReTweeting and everyone blogging the same information should be enough, no?

31:47 - Peggy George
definitely keep the focus on "inclusive"!!

31:47 - Stephanie Sandifer
@Lisa I think so

31:49 - jpatten
@ Brumbaugh CTAP died yesterday??

31:51 - steveoc
I agree!

31:52 - Alice Mercer
The problem is Wes, there are a lot of folks who aren't even reading blogs or doing RSS that you could get.

31:54 - cyndidannerkuhn
Good point LisaT

31:56 - Rushton
@derrallg Stay in touch with me via e-mail (rh@nextvista.org) and we'll figure it out as we go.

31:58 - kirish43
I think sending out a twitter should be enough

31:58 - Sheryl
@Lisa T good idea. informal

32:08 - John
lots of districts still blog ning

32:10 - Lisa Thumann
Kind of like a Meme

32:14 - PegSheehy
What is our primary purpose? This should be the focal point...

32:14 - Darcie
I agree w Kirish43, I have to keep a list in excel of the websites I belong to, I can't keep track of them all

32:15 - Lisa Thumann
but all the same info

32:15 - Brumbaugh
@jpatten cut from the budget... I talked to two reg 4 people

32:15 - derrallg
@rushton sounds good

32:16 - John
block ning

32:22 - BelindaDonaldson
I am new to web2.0 apps. For me, the simpler the better.

32:24 - Craig Mollerstuen
If they're not reading blogs nor using NING (Web 2.0) then are they really the audience for this?

32:26 - Shamblesguru
What was the reason for collecting names prior to the meeting

32:37 - kirish43
Or send the people back to classroom 20 just to keep all the info in one place

32:39 - SueH
simpler the better -- yes

32:41 - Steve Hargadon
The value is just to be able to see others and remember who you meet.

32:41 - Rushton
@CraigM. Agreed.

32:45 - steveoc
I agree Joe

32:45 - jpatten
@Brumbaugh CA State budget?

32:45 - Peggy George
@PegSheehy-excellent question! need to restate the purpose of edubloggercon

33:00 - Wesley Fryer
@Alice right, and F2F events like this give people lots of opportunities to join into the virutal conversations. RSS and blog reading is not a pre-requisite for attending.

33:00 - Brumbaugh
@jpatten - Yes CA state budget

33:05 - Steve Hargadon
Why would someone not in education attend EBC?

33:15 - Peggy George
networking with other web 2.0 educators is such a valuable part of NECC and edubloggercon

33:16 - PegSheehy
@Peggy George - right - redefine our purpose and gear towrd it

33:18 - Bob Caro
Some are just librarians

33:19 - Wesley Fryer
well everyone who comes to this event are going to be interested in EdTech

33:24 - Sheryl
Some: tech is a tool

33:27 - jpatten
@brumbaugh ...whoa! that's is news to me!??

33:29 - jackiegerstein
I don't know what a bar camp is - and I am not sure I would be drawn to something that is that unfamiliar to me.

33:29 - sharonbetts
JUST librarains?

33:35 - Alice Mercer
And Joe is at the other end...

33:38 - Rushton
@PeggyGeorge EBC Purpose - to give people the chance to network and understand that there is a network of those who understand the power of collaborative technologies for education.

33:40 - Maureen
beat me to it @sharonbetts

33:48 - Bob Caro
All the "EdTech" people in my district are just librarians (media managers)

33:50 - Peggy George
since there is so much conversation in the chat, be sure to use the wide layout view to try to keep up :-)

33:54 - kirish43
Are you trying to do too much?

33:55 - Kevin Jarrett
@jackiegerstien it's just anohter way to explain a gathering...

33:56 - mrsdurff
can education and technology be seperated?

33:59 - Stephanie Sandifer
@steve I've had vendors showing up in my presentations lately -- showing up to learn more about what's going on

34:00 - jackiegerstein
Agreed with Steve

34:01 - BelindaDonaldson
networking is important for me...i am in training to teach online

34:04 - kirish43
I thought is was an EDUCATION event

34:04 - Joe Corbett

34:06 - mrsdurff

34:07 - cyndidannerkuhn
Is Barcamp just a wiki?

34:11 - Marie Rush
me too @sharonbetts

34:14 - PegSheehy
start conversations before---and follow up conversations later

34:16 - Alice Mercer
I would propse we have an option of holding off until next week?

34:20 - Peggy George
no barcamp is a concept

34:26 - Joe Corbett

34:32 - mrsdurff
can i vote more than once?

34:33 - Wesley Fryer
I definitely vote to NOT tie exlusively to Classroom 2.0

34:34 - Craig Mollerstuen

34:38 - angela maiers
@alice- that is why I think Twitter is a way to get the word out to many! Lots of educators tune into the conversation there first before they go to the blogs

34:45 - Peggy George
tough question!

34:53 - Alice Mercer
@joe: our issue is getting non-techie teachers involved.

34:54 - Sheryl
What about edubloggercon.ning?

34:55 - sharonbetts
I would leave it, but expand the "advertising" through tweets and blogs

34:55 - Joe Corbett
Steve I think you are right about the short term

34:55 - Tim
I don't think it matters WHERE EBC calls home as long as it stays consistent.

34:59 - BethStill
wasn't there a specific Ning for NECC last year?

34:59 - Kevin Jarrett
Sorry Wes, lol

35:02 - kirish43
agree with Angela

35:12 - Wesley Fryer
oh well, the format issues are really the key

35:15 - tkaminski
If left in classroom 20 we need to get the word out to the blogoshpere so anyone coming to NECC thinks about attending

35:17 - Stephanie Sandifer
@angel @alice I have many more Twitter follwers than blog readers

35:25 - Bob Caro
Can we take data after using CRm 20 this year, then make a decision about NECC 2010 a year from now?

35:27 - kyteacher
@mrsduff I think that separation is getting harder and harder to justify

35:28 - BelindaDonaldson
what is bar camp?

35:32 - jackiegerstein
I don't understand the resistance to Classroom 2.0 - it is not an organization - it is participatory

35:35 - Alice Mercer
CAN we do it within the NECC ning, so we don't have to join a new one? As a group?

35:41 - Alice Mercer
or CR20

35:43 - mrsdurff
exactly Belinda

35:54 - jackiegerstein
I like the idea of including it in the NECC ning

35:57 - jpatten
what's on tap at the bar camp? hehehe...

35:59 - BelindaDonaldson
ty mrsdurff

36:00 - clifmims
I'm wondering the same thing, @AliceMercer.

36:03 - Maureen
@alicemercer good idea, I have too many nings already

36:07 - kirish43
doesn't make sense to change just for change sake

36:10 - Brumbaugh
I did a blog post awhile back about doing a barcamp....

36:12 - steveoc

36:12 - Wesley Fryer

36:18 - Alice Mercer
There are enough nings to do it already..

36:22 - jonelle
agree w/@Alice

36:32 - Kevin Jarrett
Yes Alice!

36:32 - clinds
Does anyone else see a time that's counting down? Hope I don't get booted out!

36:40 - Darcie

36:45 - BelindaDonaldson
i see it too.

36:49 - Steve Hargadon
necc "took over" the necc ning from me... I don't feel it's in community control.

36:50 - Rushton
@clinds I just 'x'ed it. We'll see what the future holds.

36:58 - Kim Caise
just a countdown to talking about the next segment

37:00 - Alice Mercer
Well CR 20 then

37:02 - Sheryl
I saw it. It is gone now.

37:03 - Alice Mercer
just not a new one

37:06 - clinds
Thanks! I'm still in!

37:06 - clifmims
I would not be upset if EBC, NECC and Unplugged were all housed together.

37:06 - Peggy George
don't worry about the timer--won't get booted out

37:07 - kyteacher
NECC Ning seems like a goog idea

37:07 - Brumbaugh
here is a blog post I did on it... http://edtechvalley.blogspot.com/2008/12/edtech-camp.html

37:09 - PegSheehy
Timer is for conversationsegments

37:16 - angela maiers
@Stephanie- yes!

37:19 - Alice Mercer
@kyteacher: NECC is controlling it oo much

37:26 - mrsdurff
so an unconference

37:29 - sharonbetts
never used bar-camp, but it sounds good

37:31 - Joe Corbett
Sorry I got booted!

37:34 - Alice Mercer
Usually done on paper

37:36 - Peggy George
I like having the NECC Ning as the starting place with links to everything else :-)

37:38 - mrsdurff
hi joe

37:44 - Peggy George
welcome back Joe!

37:46 - steveoc
It gives a better chance for non commercial interests to be heard

37:49 - Joe Corbett

37:54 - Alice Mercer
the organizing, not wiki as we've been doing at EBC

37:57 - tkaminski
Need to make sure we use NECC Ning to publicize event

38:01 - Peggy George
the social break is essential!

38:03 - Kevin Jarrett
People need to stand up and introduce themselves? Eh?

38:05 - kyteacher
@Alice Mercer I see that now...I'm behind in the conversation

38:09 - clifmims
Yes, plz build in social. :)

38:09 - Wesley Fryer
Right, you can build in the social time intentionally

38:12 - steveoc
I know in NYSCATE open source is marginalized

38:13 - Kevin Jarrett
No no no wiki for sessions...

38:13 - PegSheehy
@kevin jarrett

38:17 - Kevin Jarrett
1 sec...

38:20 - tkaminski
We need virtual intros via backchannell chat

38:30 - Bob Caro
We missed you at the NECC dinner at the San Antonio brewery, Steve

38:35 - Alice Mercer
YES< BUT you need a secretary if you are going wiki to organize

38:36 - Kevin Jarrett
I don't think everyone understands it yet....

38:43 - BelindaDonaldson
I can't vote...i have no idea what a bar camp is...

38:44 - Joe Corbett
I think you are right kevin

38:46 - jpatten
only if bar camp happens at the pub <jk> :-)

38:48 - mrsdurff
more time - sessions ahead of time

38:51 - Alice Mercer
OR posters set up.

38:52 - Sheryl
if you are going to use CR2.0, you might consider making the Edubloggercon a member to list events, instead of creating another wiki, etc.

38:52 - Kristin Hokanson
The one thing I think is that if someone is willing to facilitate and people are interested, that all sessions should run

38:57 - clinds
Don't think I understand it enough yet to vote.

39:04 - sharonbetts
I voted green, but need more information to really understand

39:06 - BelindaDonaldson
me either

39:08 - Rushton
Tangent warning (story of my life): One of the most exciting things I've seen for a while regarding technology for teens is happening at FreshBrain.org, which is doing a free online technology summer camp. Might be interesting to find a way to report on such things on C2.0 and/or EBC in DC. The link is http://freshbrain.org/summercamp2009

39:08 - Wesley Fryer
Yes Kevin, I don't know that my 90 second stab was sufficient for the vote! That's pressure!

39:11 - Alice Mercer
Some don't understand it enough yet.

39:15 - PegSheehy
@Steve Clarify plz for folks

39:15 - Marie Rush
@BelindaDonaldson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar_camp

39:17 - Peggy George
if there is no structure it is very hard for newbies to figure out how to participate

39:25 - Kristin Hokanson
Last year many of the conversations were not held because folks weren't there to vote on the ones that were there

39:32 - BelindaDonaldson
Moderators...is anyone seeing what we are writing here?

39:42 - jonelle
reading more about barcamp

39:42 - Joe Corbett
Bar Camp embraces Noobs

39:42 - lindseyb16
thx @rushton looks interesting

39:43 - cyndidannerkuhn
will educon be on Ustream as well?

39:52 - Shamblesguru
For me .. one key item for BarCamps is the layout of venues for individual sessions .... are they set up to encourage collaboration .... or lecture-style (furniture) which does not encourage collaboration

39:53 - steveoc
And network according to their interests

39:57 - Dorit
for newbie - can they follow a "mentor"

39:57 - mrsdurff
gr8 ? angela

39:58 - SueH
yes please from a first timer

40:00 - sharonbetts
wll read up on barcamp in the next week - sounds good

40:03 - Kevin Jarrett
@shambles YES!!!

40:07 - PegSheehy

40:09 - clifmims
This model is VERY newbie-friendly.

40:12 - mrsdurff
oh cyndid

40:14 - Kristin Hokanson
Yes that was one of the biggest problems

40:14 - Sheryl
@cyndidannerkuhn has a good question.

40:14 - Kevin Jarrett
@peggy YES!!!

40:15 - Stephanie Sandifer
@dorit like the mentor idea -- not sure how that would work, but I like it

40:18 - Peggy George
it isn't just feeling comfortable with other people but knowing how to take advantage of the learning opportunities beyond connecting

40:23 - Tim
The newbies session: is that for people new to EBC, new to blogging, new to...?

40:23 - BethStill
Must have a way to ID mentors and newbies. Badges maybe???

40:23 - mrsdurff
i know too maqny people

40:23 - Alice Mercer
@Joe: if you are not a techie, it embraces noobs, BUT if you are non-technie, it's hard.

40:26 - Roberto Borda
@Peggy yes

40:38 - Lisa Thumann
Badges with Twitter IDs??

40:40 - sharonbetts
@mrsdurff - never too many people!

40:41 - Brumbaugh
Have access to 450 seat Performing arts center and then to classrooms near by with SMART boards

40:42 - angela maiers
@Durff- trying to catch up to conversation- what do you mean Gr8?

40:43 - SueH
That would be me

40:45 - BelindaDonaldson
That's me. I know noone.

40:46 - derrallg
good point Steve

40:48 - Rushton
Some structure is always available, with repeated message that one can join any group at any time.

40:48 - mrsdurff
that's me

40:49 - k1looper
that will be me!!

40:51 - Alice Mercer
Do we want to have one set of set sessions for newbies, and the rest is open?

40:52 - Peggy George
I think newbies need to be connected with "oldies" - mentoring??

40:55 - Leslie
That's me too

40:55 - Bob Caro
That was me at NECC las summer

40:59 - PegSheehy
Spnsors grandparensLOL

41:00 - Stephanie Sandifer
@Peggy I agree

41:03 - steveoc
Less of a problem as we meet more people via social networking tools

41:03 - Wesley Fryer
Again, if people want to present it, it happens! WE don't tell them no!

41:03 - mrsdurff
i need the first timer thing

41:06 - Rushton
Having mentors ready to go is cool.

41:07 - tkaminski
Bravo Steve!!! I will be the nebiew who probably does not know anyone. I want to be embraced!!!

41:07 - sharonbetts
nice thought

41:08 - BethStill
@Lisa Thurman YES!!!

41:08 - plnaugle
What about one experienced attendee mentoring a newbie?

41:10 - jonelle
new to BArCamp?

41:12 - Sheryl
surely, if they are coming there...they have heard somewhre...but a first attendee process would be great.

41:14 - Kevin Jarrett
Mentors is a GREAT idea!

41:14 - Alice Mercer
A newbie session or track

41:14 - PegSheehy
volunteer mentors

41:16 - sharonbetts
embrace me.....

41:18 - cyndidannerkuhn
what are the EXCACT dates of educon?

41:20 - Kristin Hokanson
but as long as there is a grid that shows what the conversations are....people will end up with like minded people~!!!!!!!

41:23 - clinds
I'm not coming with anyone and would love to have a newbite intro to meet people!

41:26 - mrsdurff
go for it !!

41:29 - Steve Hargadon
Saturday 27th.

41:32 - Janice
Could we have a table set up where we make nametags (computer) with twitter, and anything else?

41:38 - Stephanie Sandifer
I would love to mentor someone -- maybe even a couple of people

41:43 - k1looper
will be there by myself as well

41:43 - steveoc
Now when I go to a conference alone--I still feel like I know people

41:49 - Steve Hargadon
Mentor t-shirts!

41:49 - PegSheehy
Me too - Ill mentor

41:54 - Rushton
I'm up for mentoring, as well.

41:54 - Wesley Fryer
@cyndidannerkuhn are you asking about EduCon next year in Jan 2010 or Edubloggercon at NECC this year?

41:55 - Deb
mentors are a great idea

41:57 - Peggy George
talk about the various streaming options and ways for people not at NECC to get involved

42:01 - plnaugle
I would be willing to mentor newbies.

42:06 - Dorit
mentors take the initiative to introduce themselves to newbies...

42:07 - Alice Mercer
Can I ask about the BYOL sessions and liveblogging now? or is that later.

42:09 - Peggy George
I loved my NECC Unplugged tshirt!!!

42:10 - Tim
I still have my t-shirt. :-)

42:16 - clifmims
Would it help if we had a TweetUp Dinner Friday or Saturday Breakfast right before EBC?

42:18 - Rushton
It's all about the t-shirt.

42:21 - Kristin Hokanson
Janice at Gary Stagers event they had a table where folks designed nametags it was a GREAT way for people to connect talk, share, show their personalities

42:29 - Lisa Thumann
@Clif - Great idea!!

42:33 - Peggy George
I wear my NECC Unplugged mentor tshirt all the time!! Makes me feel valued!

42:34 - jonelle
new to exactly what..NECC or camp?

42:38 - mrsdurff
ok - going barcamp - i'll stay online

42:41 - Janice
Thanks Kristin

42:48 - Sue Gubing
when and where will this bar camp take place?

42:48 - Bob Caro
Plan lots of TweetUp Dinners/Breakfasts for the whole week

42:50 - BelindaDonaldson
so, i am not a techie...so are you saying this is not for me?

42:53 - Stephanie Sandifer
Yes -- I love my NECC Unplugged Mentor t-shirt too!

42:59 - Kristin Hokanson
@steph me too :)

43:02 - Alice Mercer
@belinda, No

43:10 - angela maiers
@Cliff- Tweetup for sure!!

43:11 - Roberto Borda
I am looking forward to learn more about Bar Camp

43:22 - Peggy George
I would be happy to talk/mentor any newbies for NECC!!

43:24 - steveoc

43:29 - Maureen
It was way too crowded to even sit there last year

43:34 - tkaminski
unplugged sounds awesome!!!!

43:36 - sharonbetts
I really enjoyed the NECC unplugged area more than the presentations - but it was kinda noisy

43:38 - Wesley Fryer
@Sue we are talking about using the BarCamp model for EduBloggercon on 28 June 2009

43:46 - Kevin Jarrett
Space is critical...

43:48 - Peggy George
June 27?

43:53 - BethStill
A separate space would be GREAT!!!

43:54 - clifmims
A TweetUp dinner or breakfast right before EBC would be strictly social and would allow newbies to get plugged in before EBC began

43:54 - Tim
Also often too noisy in blogger's cafe.

43:55 - tkaminski
How are we going to know about unplugged sessions?

43:59 - Sheryl
That is a wonderful NECC gesture.

44:02 - Peggy George
It's the Saturday before NECC officially starts

44:03 - mrsdurff
stream! yeah!!

44:03 - steveoc
commercial interests can overwhelm these confferences

44:12 - Stephanie Sandifer
on that topic of the NECC Unplugged mentor shirts - would it be helpful to add buttons that say something like "I can help you with..." and specify certain tools/topics(i

44:28 - sharonbetts
Wonderful - does that mean presenters need to be elluminate moderators?

44:43 - Sheryl
how about! I wanna help!

44:48 - angela maiers
Streaming for sure!

44:51 - tkaminski
I like the wiki that publicizes presentations

44:53 - Wesley Fryer
What does everyone thing about the role live streaming should play during EduBloggerCon? Should that be encouraged or should EduBloggerCon be more a just F2F event?

44:53 - Lisa Thumann
Wish I could say - I have to log off - happy to mentor and happy to help in any way :)

44:54 - Peggy George
reducing the number of sites would be VERY helpful!!

45:07 - Lorraine Leo
Streaming NECC would be great. However there would need to be a volunteer 'live' in each room to stream across...

45:08 - Kevin Jarrett
Bye Lisa!

45:11 - Alice Mercer
Yes, because it was confusing last year having so many sites.

45:11 - tkaminski
I would like Edubolgger con to be F2F

45:14 - derrallg
is anybody determining which hashtags will be used to notify virtual participants?

45:19 - sharonbetts

45:20 - Peggy George
it's very hard to stream conversations (vs presentations) and edubloggercon is all about conversations!!

45:21 - Sheryl
Later, Lisa!

45:23 - steveoc
Makes sense

45:23 - mrsdurff
all in one place?

45:29 - kirish43
one stop shopping

45:29 - Joe Corbett
haha lots to take in but I follow

45:30 - sharonbetts
back channels in all

45:36 - Jim Vetter
That sounds like an amazing idea. Great!

45:38 - clifmims
Steve, That sounds great assuming that Unplugged?Live sessions are in a MUCH quiter place this year.

45:39 - Bob Caro
If your gonna ba a bear - be a grizzly bear - bold is always good

45:41 - Wesley Fryer
@Tim right, that is why the events for NECC Live are going to take place in a room near the Blogger's cafe this year (that is proposed)

45:42 - Shamblesguru
Would illiminate record and archive the sessions for future access?

45:50 - Peggy George
back channels were great last year

45:54 - kyteacher
OK...now I need a mentor

46:00 - Kevin Jarrett
Steve, I know you said you did NOT want to talk about VENUE issues but IMHO venue is the critical piece here...

46:02 - mrsdurff
you creat it steve and people will come

46:07 - Jim Vetter
And it's great that you have unlimited access to Elluminate.

46:09 - Wesley Fryer
@Shamblesguru I think that answer yes is yes, ellumiante sessions would be archived

46:10 - Kevin Jarrett
Venue is what hurt most last year.

46:15 - sharonbetts
It sounds like we need several rooms

46:16 - Peggy George
I even participated in streams/backchannel sitting in the bloggers cafe last year--saved lots of walking :-)

46:18 - tkaminski
If you stream NECC unplugged I could be sitting in a sesions as well as be in Eluminate and attend unplugged sesssion

46:21 - Roberto Borda
Great ideas

46:21 - Joe Corbett
haha you have not I get it

46:24 - kirish43
I am all about the remote partcipation

46:24 - John
all those session types are great

46:28 - cyndidannerkuhn
Is ISTE gonna have a fit about this?

46:30 - Sheryl
So all this info will be accessible from elluminate?

46:37 - Joe Corbett
Steve I thnk peopel have questions about the actual physical spaces

46:41 - John
i think having video recorded sessions as well similar to K12Online would be good as well

46:42 - Wesley Fryer
We need to mention and clarify NECC Remote

46:56 - Dorit
can info be up prior to conference so you can see what's available - it could be overwhelming during

47:01 - angela maiers
I hate to have to run- if I can do anything, support anything, Twitter anything- let me know! I am so excited about the possibilites!

47:03 - mrsdurff
i think scratch that steve

47:14 - Kevin Jarrett
Bye Angela!

47:14 - mrsdurff
too much

47:18 - Peggy George
Thanks a lot Angela! Stay tuned :-)

47:19 - sharonbetts
THe remote is a bit extended - is that something we want?

47:21 - clifmims
See you @AngelaMaiers

47:28 - kyteacher
@BethStill Thanks! :-)

47:31 - Jim Vetter
Would the free and the paid be in conflict in any way?

47:34 - cyndidannerkuhn
It is overwhelming the number of opportunites

47:34 - Sheryl
NECC remote is not connected to Edubloggercon CR2.0

47:42 - clinds
A little off track but I'm confused about session at NECC-do I have to sign up or just go to sessions? Can't pay for any that are additional cost.

47:43 - steveoc
necclive= tops down

47:53 - Kevin Jarrett
@Jim sometimes there are paid sessions on the day of EBC that people can't attend...

47:54 - Janice
@wesley are you involved in NECC remote planning?

47:57 - Kristin Hokanson
I had to step away...did someone talk about ensuring that there is a separate place for unplugged sessions....so that they didn't interfere with the social nature of blogger cafe & the other lounges

48:01 - Peggy George
one page is good!!!!

48:03 - Alice Mercer

48:07 - Bob Caro
I think that presenters for the "remote" Ellum sessions should be signed up fo a particular time slot ahead of time

48:08 - Roberto Borda
That would be incredible

48:10 - mrsdurff
yes but not remote streaming in

48:12 - Craig Mollerstuen
@Janice I am part of the Remote NECC team

48:20 - steveoc
these conferences need more bottoms up possiblities

48:21 - Wesley Fryer
@Sheryl right. NECC Remote is an officially ISTE/NECC offering that is commercial, not tied to what we are doing but is a distance opp

48:21 - Kristin Hokanson
last year when I presented unplugged....I felt like I was kicking people out who just wanted to sit and relax

48:24 - cyndidannerkuhn
So technically, I do do all this and not register for NECC/ Just be devils advocate!!

48:30 - Sheryl

48:30 - kirish43
Where is the one page going to be in Elluminate? On a wiki on classroom 2.0

48:37 - sharonbetts
copyright issues etc.

48:40 - Sheryl

48:48 - Craig Mollerstuen
@Wes Remote NECC is more SIG involved than commercial

48:55 - Steve Hargadon
Everything we are talking about would be free.

49:00 - Peggy George
depending on where the sessions were held it was often very hard to hear because of all of the passerby noise!

49:01 - Dorit
any summary of presentations prior to the session?

49:10 - Steve Hargadon
This will be at the http://www.neccunplugged.com wiki.

49:17 - Shamblesguru
Having Elluminate record and archive sessions would help with worldwide access and help with the time zones problem

49:22 - Kevin Jarrett
@Peggy EXACTLY...

49:24 - Craig Mollerstuen
@Wes will do

49:28 - Peggy George
Kristin's session was going on during a passing time and it was really a challenge for her to talk over all the noise

49:32 - Sheryl
Can the wifi network ever be large enough?

49:35 - Tim
I'm wondering if the network at the Washington Convention Center will hold up under all the bandwidth demands.

49:36 - Brumbaugh
Yes..... Free sessions.... I think we could get some corporate sponsors to cover any of the small costs....

49:37 - Maureen
That was a very frustrating part of NECC last year, don't know if sign up is better or worse

49:41 - mrsdurff
@Kristin no i won'

49:42 - Joe Corbett

49:51 - Kevin Jarrett
@PeggyG Yes that is why venue issues are so important...

49:58 - Peggy George
definitely Kevin!

50:10 - Bob Caro
Maybe in 2010 NECC should be held simultaneously across the nation at several venues...each site would be ustreamed to the others

50:20 - Steve Hargadon
We have our own area for NECC unplugged presentations. It will not be in bloggers cafe.

50:22 - mrsdurff
exactly why i won't pay to go

50:51 - Steve Hargadon
@bob - my next idea. :)

51:07 - Kristin Hokanson
coveritlive is FANTASTIC....

51:13 - Sheryl
like the permissions insisted upon. previous permissions.

51:28 - Stephanie Sandifer
@bob @steve that's a fun idea -- and would help with folks who can't get funds to travel very far

51:35 - Craig Mollerstuen
"Remote NECC 2009" ;-)

51:38 - Alice Mercer
see, it's need to be synchronous

51:45 - Joe Corbett
My job basicaly to be the best help desk for NECC possible so you can use me to connect with NECC if you have questions comments or concerns

51:50 - Sheryl
Yes, @Kristin Hokanson CoverItLive is easy to use and access.

51:55 - sharonbetts
so there could be conflict with live streaming / blogging and their later presentations?

51:59 - Bob Caro
I'm being selfish -Corpus christi to DC might not happen this summer

52:03 - Kevin Jarrett
@Joe Corbett are you on Twitter? What's your ID?

52:03 - Alice Mercer
I can get people participating from outside, who are pissed they can go

52:07 - Stephanie Sandifer
@bob lol

52:12 - Brumbaugh
@rushton @ derrallg - Any other Northern CA people... can we get the people?

52:24 - Kim Caise
peggy, did you click on the cc option in the toolbar?

52:26 - Joe Corbett

52:38 - derrallg
I always asked if it was ok to stream, except the keynote I just went ahead and streamed it

52:41 - Kevin Jarrett
@Joe Ah! Already follow you.

52:41 - Steve Hargadon
NECC Unplugged: 1. physical presentations that you sign up to give in our own space. 2. Listing of other community-generated streaming / liveblogging / twittering 3. Remote participants able to present to each other.

52:41 - jpatten
@Brumbaugh ...I'm Nor Cal

53:04 - Steve Hargadon
Possible 4. Local people can gather physically together.

53:10 - Wesley Fryer
Kevin: Joe Corbett is @isteconnects on twitter

53:13 - Brumbaugh
could we get a stream from NECC?

53:27 - Rushton
@Brumbaugh With jpatten there are four, and I'm thinking through GCT, SVCUE, and individual blogs/newsletters, there's likely to be a good crowd.

53:28 - derrallg
@brumbaugh there are several on twitter I know of I can contact

53:30 - Sheryl
Live blog is different, IMHO (ie better) than live streaming w/o permissions. and IMHO acceptable.

53:34 - sharonbetts
Steve - I am a bit hesitant to schedule remote presentations live - lots of planning needed

53:39 - Brumbaugh
@jpatten - would you attend a local camp... could you bring others.

53:45 - Joe Corbett
Beth I'd lvoe it if you could write a post on http://www.isteconnects.org/

53:51 - clifmims
Plurk's threaded structure works well for Live Blogging, too.

53:59 - Shamblesguru
UMmmmm ... no one yet mentioned (live) Twittering (is there dead Twittering?) ..... #tags & tags

54:08 - Peggy George
I agree sharonbetts re scheduling remote presentations--can be overwhelming!

54:08 - Wesley Fryer
@sharonbetts right sharon, I agree, I am not talking about scheduling webcasting, but trying to facilitate sharing of those webcasts

54:17 - Alice Mercer
Lots of folks turned down

54:19 - sharonbetts
These were great last year

54:22 - Alice Mercer
So I'm thinking yes

54:23 - Sheryl
Yes, @clifmims...Plurk is useful too.

54:24 - Maureen
I don't understand why it's a problem to share information. Its not realistic to expect that everyone who is interested can actually attend

54:26 - derrallg
@clifmims that's true I've seen it used well

54:38 - jpatten
@Brumbaugh ...yup. And I can think of about half dozen folk that would participate too :-)

54:48 - jpatten
off the top of myhead

54:52 - John
in addition to Twitter live feeds, tracking, we should consider Flickr images with tags

54:59 - Peggy George
yes merge NECC Unplugged and NECC LIVE

55:00 - Wesley Fryer
@Shamblesguru good question - I think it is probably best to post links to a CoverItLive event on Twitter rather than totally live twittering everything from a session

55:04 - Joe Corbett
@maureen I agree

55:21 - Brumbaugh
good... because I know I can get a ton of people... and the group that I present with if they are not at NECC

55:30 - Peggy George
CoverItLve would be much easier to follow that twitter!

55:44 - BethStill
Sounds very complicated!

55:44 - mrsdurff
can i vote no more than once?

55:56 - Alice Mercer
I'm abstaining, if someone wants to take responsibility I would say yes

56:02 - mrsdurff

56:03 - Alice Mercer
It needs a keeper

56:03 - Peggy George
yes remote participants can present

56:07 - derrallg
@brumbaugh @rushton @jpatten should we try for a place like Krause Ctr?

56:14 - Rushton
Things happening locally beyond just the Saturday would be very tricky.

56:15 - Shamblesguru
Would love to present remotely ... but time zones are a hassle

56:17 - Joe Corbett
Very complicated

56:22 - Bob Caro
I think that remore participation would have to be managed by a non-attendee anyway

56:23 - Joe Corbett
scheudling wise

56:30 - Wesley Fryer
yes, I think NECC Live should do all these leading edge things that traditional NECC may not be doing yet

56:30 - Peggy George
couldn't remote participants upload to a mogulus channel like last year?

56:33 - kirish43
Is it possible to take it on is the real question

56:38 - Alice Mercer
I say we bring this back at a later session and have a keeper for it otherwise no

56:49 - sharonbetts
I can really see this being confusing and difficult - good luck

56:55 - Wesley Fryer
Do we have a link to sign up to help organize EduBloggerCon?

57:03 - Peggy George
good question Wes!

57:06 - Alice Mercer
Good point Wes

57:11 - Deb
great idea

57:12 - Bob Caro
...umm with a bar?

57:12 - BethStill
YES!!! Excellent idea!!!

57:13 - mrsdurff
list where?

57:13 - Peggy George

57:13 - Rushton
Yes, on the Saturday - sounds like a great thing to try.

57:15 - Joe Corbett
There will be an ISTEConnects Tweetup

57:19 - Tim
If we are just able to have non-attendees participate reliably, that will be great.

57:22 - Craig Mollerstuen
That is what "Remote NECC" is all about...

57:31 - plnaugle
Like that idea for people who can't afford to go.

57:31 - mrsdurff
Tweetup where?

57:39 - Alice Mercer
Except ours will be less commercial

57:41 - Joe Corbett
@Mrsdurff TBD

57:51 - PegSheehy
SecondLife (it's all about Second Life right Steve?)

57:53 - sharonbetts
what fun - especially with the tight funds

57:56 - Alice Mercer
Even from folks going to NECC and EBC-CR2.0

57:59 - kirish43
If a location could be found

57:59 - Wesley Fryer
@Joe do we know a day for the tweetup?

57:59 - mrsdurff
SL !

58:07 - plnaugle
What about someone who is attending sending things back to local event?

58:12 - cyndidannerkuhn
for example, I could do that at Kansas State University and provide a room to stream it on the "big Screen"

58:24 - John
record and archive will be key for post necc

58:24 - Craig Mollerstuen
But NECC Remote is much more structured and organized, rather than the unconference of NECC Live and NECC Unplugged

58:28 - Peggy George
you definitely got us starting thinking!! still so many things to consider!

58:32 - Alice Mercer
Some folks still wondering about what a bar camp is and what's going on?

58:37 - tkaminski
When are we signing up for Edubloggercon

58:37 - sharonbetts
if everyone involved tweeted and blogged the word would spread around the world

58:39 - Marie Rush
Thanks for letting me think with you all today @marierush on Twitter!

58:40 - Shamblesguru
OH YES .... @mrsdurff ..... what about Second Life?

59:02 - Peggy George
you can sign up now on the Ning to indicate you're planning to attend EBC

59:02 - mrsdurff
I love the idea of an SL NECC gathering

59:06 - Joe Corbett
There is a hand raised

59:11 - BethStill
@sharonbetts That is true! Word spreads quickly when using Twitter!

59:11 - cyndidannerkuhn
Second Life is interesting, but very complicated for newbies

59:14 - Alice Mercer
Follow up

59:17 - Whitney
Thanks for letting me think with you all today @whitneykilgore on Twitter!

59:17 - Sheryl
If you Plurk to Twitter, everyone could know and refer to Plurk.

59:22 - Tim
As someone involved with local arrangements, looking forward to seeing everyone in our backyard this year.

59:29 - steveoc
WOuld love an upstate NY gathering

59:35 - Sheryl
What about @brumbaugh?

59:36 - jackiegerstein
Would love to help with setting up a group for Edublogger in second life - as a bridge between live and remote partcipation

59:40 - kirish43
what about on the open sim the SL clone for educators

59:52 - mrsdurff
raised hand steve

59:53 - Marie Rush
I'll help with SL as well

59:55 - clinds
I hope there's an intro session about SL at NECC - I agree that it's really complicated and overwhelming for newbies

59:57 - Janice
ISTE must be doing something at SL....

59:58 - PegSheehy
can use the Educator's Coffe House in SL

59:59 - Shamblesguru
ISTE Docents ..... is ISTE organising S.L. NECC sessions?

59:59 - Peggy George
be sure to explore the sharetabs later and you'll find links for many NECC sites and terms

1:00:01 - Peggy George

1:00:02 - sharonbetts
Is ISTE doing NECC on their SL island?

1:00:03 - Janice
Don't they have an island?

1:00:10 - PegSheehy
@Shambles - they usually do

1:00:13 - Joe Corbett
@Janice Yes ISTE island

1:00:14 - sharonbetts
@Janice - like minds

1:00:20 - Wesley Fryer
can we use the word "facilitate" instead of "drive"

1:00:20 - kyteacher
Would love to organize a local meet-up in the Louisville, KY area.

1:00:24 - kirish43
possible to use iste island

1:00:27 - Peggy George
facilitated instead of "drive" :-)

1:00:30 - jackiegerstein
But also SL for the edublloggercon too

1:00:32 - Marie Rush
Should Edubloggercon buy some land?

1:00:33 - mrsdurff
raised hand steve

1:00:35 - Whitney
I'm happy to help with SL

1:00:44 - Janice
@sharonbetts :'-)

1:00:48 - BethStill
If anyone is interested in a project to help send a Newbie to NECC please check out this link: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2009/04/i-could-be-necc-newbie.html

1:00:49 - Alice Mercer
Let's not anticipate upset already...

1:00:50 - PegSheehy
@MArie - no no land needed - we have plenty of spaces now -

1:01:01 - Roberto Borda
I could help with SL as well

1:01:06 - jackiegerstein
ISTE has four islands in sl

1:01:08 - Kevin Jarrett
@jackie YES!

1:01:21 - Joe Corbett
I think she might be typing

1:01:21 - kirish43
Steve and up a link on classroom 20 ning?

1:01:22 - Kevin Jarrett
@Jakcie there will be plenty of SL content at NECC this year.

1:01:40 - Kristin Hokanson
I seemed to have dropped off

1:01:45 - Kristin Hokanson
was waiting for audio to catch up

1:01:48 - Wesley Fryer
@Kristin sorry, do you want to type your question?

1:01:50 - jackiegerstein
There seems to be some momentum for also participating in Edubloggercon in SL too.

1:01:56 - Peggy George
still seeing you Kristin

1:01:57 - Brumbaugh
Northern CA people looking at connecting in NCa during NECC to create an EdTech Camp, contact me.

1:02:11 - Steve Hargadon
@kirish: yes.

1:02:31 - kirish43
thanks I use 20 as my portal to everything

1:02:37 - Peggy George
there's so much to process today! I'll definitely be relistening to this whole conversation and viewing the chat!!

1:02:40 - Craig Mollerstuen
How much organization is necessary and how much is too much? ;-)

1:02:42 - Steve Hargadon
That's a great use for NECCUnplugged.com

1:02:49 - Marie Rush
@BethStill you are awesome--how generous of you and your friends!

1:02:50 - mrsdurff
and shge volunteers to do it

1:02:51 - Kevin Jarrett

1:02:51 - sharonbetts
really like that

1:02:59 - Peggy George
great idea Kristin!!

1:03:05 - Wesley Fryer
that sound GREAT Kristin, I'll look for that - did you send as an email?

1:03:07 - Kristin Hokanson
I'd be happy to help organize it too

1:03:14 - clifmims
YOu could also embed the Ustream, etc. feeds in the same place.

1:03:17 - Kristin Hokanson
I had sent it via message here in the chat

1:03:19 - Steve Hargadon
Yeah, Rushton!

1:03:28 - Kristin Hokanson
but I'd be happy to draft it out and send it to you guys

1:03:35 - kirish43
lost steve video

1:03:39 - sharonbetts
thanks for the conversation - see you in DC if not B4

1:03:41 - Rushton
Video, digital presentations, and why they're really cool.

1:03:46 - Peggy George
Can't wait to hear Rushton next week!

1:03:56 - Kim Caise

1:03:57 - Peggy George
followed by Kristin!! awesome!!

1:04:01 - Rushton
Humble bow.

1:04:05 - Stephanie Sandifer
I'm off to feed kiddos - enjoyed the discussion today and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend!

1:04:05 - Rushton
Hey Deb!

1:04:09 - derrallg
great sessions to look forward to

1:04:18 - Kristin Hokanson
this is getting me SO excited for NECC :)

1:04:31 - jackiegerstein
Joe's http://twitter.com/isteconnects

1:04:49 - mrsdurff
@Joe last year the ending session (i think) was in SL and it was gr8 - could more NECC sessions be streamed to SL this year?

1:04:59 - Peggy George
I can't wait for NECC!!

1:05:00 - BethStill
@Kristin Hokanson I am excited too! I did not know about EBC last year until I had already made travel arrangements.

1:05:07 - kyteacher
A bit overwhelmed, but very excited about NECC

1:05:17 - PegSheehy
TY Guys

1:05:29 - jackiegerstein
Kevin - ISTE Eduverse session at NECC??

1:05:31 - Craig Mollerstuen
@steve will do.

1:05:33 - mrsdurff

1:05:43 - Peggy George
thank you everyone for participating so actively in the chat!! really valuable ideas!!!

1:05:55 - Joe Corbett
@mrsdurff I'm not sure of what the SL plans are this year but I can find out more for you soon.

1:05:57 - jackiegerstein
Good discussion

1:06:10 - mrsdurff
@Joe ty

1:06:37 - jackiegerstein
I would love to live blog through SL from NECC -

1:06:39 - plnaugle
Lots to think about. Thanks to all the moderators. See you at NECC and EDB.

1:06:46 - Wesley Fryer
thanks everyone

1:06:55 - Kim Caise

1:07:00 - kirish43
Steve will you post the links mentioned in the class 20 forum

1:07:12 - Peggy George

1:07:29 - mrsdurff
oh my, what will my avatar wear - decisions, decisions

1:07:31 - SueH
thanks Tammy

1:07:40 - Peggy George
really learned a lot of interesting things today!!

1:07:51 - mrsdurff
oh we all do Joe

1:07:58 - Peggy George
thanks so much Joe!!!

1:08:00 - Dorit
if we have mentors for newbies - maybe the mentors can create a quick bio so newbies can relate to people with similar interests / ideas

1:08:02 - Steve Hargadon

1:08:09 - kirish43
what is Joes twitter name

1:08:17 - jackiegerstein

1:08:26 - Peggy George
what about creating a new badge this year? contest???

1:08:34 - jackiegerstein
he's gone - it is isteconnects

1:08:44 - Lorraine Leo
Thanks everyone. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

1:08:45 - Steve Hargadon

1:08:50 - mrsdurff
yes Peggy volunteers

1:08:51 - Joe Corbett

1:09:14 - mrsdurff
i think wes had that one?

1:09:14 - BethStill
OH---the learning revolution badge. I remember that.

1:09:20 - Rushton
Bye guys - see you next week.

1:09:24 - Peggy George
yes that was the one

1:09:29 - Joe Corbett
Bye rushton

1:09:30 - mrsdurff
streams of learning

1:09:34 - mrsdurff
a surfer

1:09:37 - Wesley Fryer
the learning revoultion badge was Scott McLeod

1:09:38 - Rushton
See you!

1:09:40 - Peggy George
remember the Keep Blogging badge?

1:09:53 - mrsdurff
ah that's right wes

1:10:02 - derrallg
@wesley that was a great badge

1:10:03 - mrsdurff

1:10:13 - Peggy George
badges are so much fun!

1:10:15 - mrsdurff
surfing streams of learning

1:10:21 - kirish43
thanks for the updates I will be one of thoses making use of the rmote options available.

1:10:22 - Steve Hargadon
WeAreTeaches made the t-shirts and buttons.

1:10:23 - Wesley Fryer

1:10:39 - mrsdurff

1:10:46 - BethStill
BOTH! :-)

1:10:48 - mrsdurff

1:10:54 - mrsdurff
i LOVE food

1:10:57 - Steve Hargadon
Great idea.

1:11:10 - kirish43
thanks all I am out

1:11:15 - Peggy George
I loved using the NECC Ning last year to find out what people were bringing in their tech bag for NECC. Got some great ideas and we all shared photos of our stuff :-)

1:11:16 - mrsdurff
i might even attend that

1:11:44 - Peggy George
I think we need mentor shirts again to help people know who to ask :-)

1:11:47 - mrsdurff
for a badge still think a surfer surfing streams of leaning

1:11:54 - SueH
yes to that -- not on twitter

1:11:58 - mrsdurff

1:12:03 - BethStill
ANy way to pair newbies up ahead of time w/a mentor?

1:12:05 - Peggy George
love the idea of a newbie gathering before it starts

1:12:08 - Peggy George

Apr 11, 2009 10:39:29 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

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