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00:01 - Peggy George
I'm so glad you're here virginia! We meet frequently in online sessions!

00:14 - Peggy George
thanks for those links Steve!

00:22 - Dotty Myers
checking out videos on

00:37 - Peggy George
we have a lot of wonderful links for you to check out after the show today in our links

01:03 - Tammy Moore

01:13 - Paula Naugle
Should I be hearing something?

01:27 - Peggy George
Kim are you having audio problems?

01:38 - KarenJan
thank you!

01:39 - clinds
@ Steve Dembo - Thanks for the links - I'll definitely check out the STAR program!

01:39 - Peggy George

01:41 - Steve Ransom
Sounds up!

01:42 - Paula Naugle
Yeah now I can hear.

02:21 - EricSailers

02:38 - Peggy George
I hadn't heard of Prezi before I heard Steve's presentation at NECC--it's an amazing presentation tool!

02:55 - murphyk775
Dotty: Wow! I missed the "y" in youtube ang got something completely different. Not very nice

02:58 - Paula Naugle
Hi Eric.

03:12 - KarenJan
is it just me - getting audio very sporadically

03:15 - EricSailers
I'm curious to see if there's an easy way to learn Prezi. When I tried it, it took a while to learn.

03:17 - EricSailers
Hi Paula

03:25 - Peggy George
@murphyk775--too funny!! that's so easy to do!!

03:45 - Steve Dembo
@Eric we'll do a very quick run through to it. I've heard that before.

03:53 - Peggy George
audio is coming through good for me but you have a red box by your name KarenJan which means a bandwidth problem

04:08 - EricSailers
Great @Steve Dembo

04:23 - KarenJan
@pgeorge - good to know, i have verizon fios - why do I bother paying for it?

04:34 - Peggy George
Tammy does such a great job with the closed captioning and we're so luck to have that as a resource for our shows!!

04:35 - Steve Dembo

04:37 - Barbara O
@murphyk77 that's why we have filters at school!

04:41 - Paula Naugle
Here is a Google site where I have been gathering Prezi info

04:47 - Peggy George
I know what you mean KarenJan!!

04:53 - virginia alberti
great tammy!

04:57 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Paula!!

05:15 - Paula Naugle
You are welcome Peggy.

05:16 - Nancy Porter
Nancy Porter, Orange County, CA, cloudy

05:19 - Samantha
CC is working great. Can use auio now? So cool to read what Steve is saying.

05:27 - Peggy George
we have a lot of examples of Prezi presentations and tutorials in our links today

05:45 - Peggy George
wonderful spread across the world!! fantastic!!

06:15 - Paula Naugle
We have a great mix of people today.

06:16 - Peggy George
lot of little red boxes in and out today!! bandwidth problems--hope they go away!

06:39 - Valaina
love being able to use the archives as I sometime forget on Satl

06:56 - virginia alberti
geat Chris Smith

06:56 - Peggy George
all of our links are included in the archives along with the recordings every week--one stop shopping :-)

07:09 - Paula Naugle
Hi Sheri.

07:14 - virginia alberti
on FB a celebration ppt for teacher

07:23 - Peggy George
Kim made that up!! that's not what stands for!!

07:36 - Peggy George
fun idea though!

08:10 - michellerussell
where do you vote?

08:18 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Paula!

08:26 - Valaina
by Steve in fact

08:27 - Peggy George
click on the green check/red x on the left below participants names

08:33 - michellerussell

08:36 - minhaaj
don't click the door :)

08:38 - Paula Naugle
Hi JenW.

08:42 - JenW
Hey Paula

09:16 - michellerussell
Is there a cost to Prezi?

09:25 - Steve Dembo
Yes and no, freemium.

09:44 - JenW
I make myself dizzy w/ Prezi

09:53 - sarahmcp
but i've tried nnd can't figure it out

09:54 - Peggy George
hooray Steve--your audience is primed for learning :-) we're all eager to learn more about Prezi!!

09:56 - Paula Naugle
@JenW LOL.

10:13 - Peggy George
the video tutorials really helped me with Prezi

10:18 - McTeach
I'm with JenW...makes me dizzy!

10:29 - JenW
clapping for STEVE!!!

10:39 - Paula Naugle
@McTeach Hi.

10:39 - Peggy George
Hooray for Steve!!!

10:45 - McTeach
Hi Paula!

10:46 - tammie
oh, steve, you look so noble!

10:52 - Valaina
clapping wildly

11:06 - Peggy George
did you know Steve started as a Kindergarten teacher??

11:19 - Paula Naugle
No I didn't know that.

11:19 - michellerussell
I bet he was a great teacher...

11:20 - McTeach
Peggy, I did NOT know that!

11:36 - Peggy George
there are so many incredible resources available in the DEN network!! we have links in our links today

12:29 - Peggy George
everyone check when you're sending messages to send them to "This Room" and not just to moderators or privately. We all want to see what you're sharing :-)

12:50 - Paula Naugle
I really like the nonlinear aspect of Prezi.

12:52 - Peggy George
Steve is so on top of the web 2.0 tools!!!

13:42 - Peggy George
I worry if there is a high learning curve for Prezi since we all need technology just to "work" :-)

14:03 - Peggy George
you can stay clicked on all the time Steve!

14:16 - Chris J
Wondering if Prezi can be saved to your local computer in case of connectivity issues where you are presenting

14:22 - clinds
I wonder if it's a high learning curve for middle and high school students - they are so much better than me at figuring things out!

14:34 - Peggy George
good questions Chris J!

15:16 - Peter Halacsy
Chris, you can save it to your computer. You don't need internet connection to show your Prezi

15:29 - Paula Naugle

15:35 - Peggy George
you can stretch the screen or scroll up/down to see it all

16:12 - Peggy George
you may find the default view will work better to see more of the screen with less scrolling

16:23 - Sheri Edwards
Prezi looks hard -- but it isn't.

16:32 - Sheri Edwards

16:33 - Chris J
If you move to the default layou the screen is wider

16:33 - casterline

16:34 - Jon Fisher

16:35 - MB

16:35 - sarahmcp

16:37 - Heidi

16:37 - xolepino

16:38 - Peggy George
yes can see your mouse

16:43 - bruna
yes, after resizing

16:45 - virginia alberti

17:50 - JenW
Steve, I lose clarity when I zoom in -- can you share later how to keep images crisp and not pixelated

17:51 - bruna
is prezi web-based?

17:57 - michellerussell
I hear Steve's dog barking...;-)

17:58 - Peggy George

17:59 - tamaraballard

18:04 - Peter Halacsy
you can't see the smooth animation due to slow screen sharing

18:08 - Sheri Edwards
bruna -- yes web=based

18:17 - Peggy George
the zooming feature is really cool to focus attention

18:18 - bruna

18:30 - Jon Fisher
How fascinating the way that the way we organize and display information is evolving. Can it have videos?

18:39 - Peggy George
that's very true Peter! it's much faster and smoother on your browser

18:48 - Chris Whitside
Effect is really being lost by slow screen refresh.

18:49 - Paula Naugle
Yes Jon.

18:50 - Peggy George
you can view a lot of examples in our followup links!

18:54 - Sheri Edwards
prezi is very smooth live-- it's slow through sharing

19:16 - George Lieux
Any good turoials? online on the set is not very clear'

19:26 - Chris J
it reminds me a lot of a mindmap

19:29 - Jon Fisher
Subvert the paradigm.

19:40 - xolepino

19:42 - Lori A

19:47 - Peggy George

20:26 - Sheri Edwards
click on center to move

20:27 - Peggy George
excellent quick start guide you can download as PDF here:

20:47 - tamaraballard
it's VERY user-friendly!

21:05 - Chris J
This makes it very easy to use in many different languages

21:22 - Deb
how do you create the image or text

21:26 - Kim Caise
great point!

21:32 - Deb
for kids this one

21:35 - Jon Fisher
Yes - very userfriendly for primary students

21:41 - paul jinks
prezi uses vector graphics so everything is very scalable, so you can zoom waaaay in - or out

21:44 - Sheri Edwards
The middle (size) area is trick -- when using, hold the mouse down on the middle and move mouse up or down to resize .

21:49 - Peggy George
it really makes you think because it's not so linear!!

22:22 - Deb
how about images

22:59 - Deb
is it vector graphic?

23:06 - Peggy George

23:09 - baileybunch13
Next to the Place control you'll see the Media control. Allows to you add various types of media.

23:49 - Sheri Edwards
Steve -- show resizing again --if you would -- because that's the tricky one to get used to

23:51 - clinds
So cool!

24:23 - Peggy George
must be Steve's link for a creation that isn't available publicly-sorry

24:48 - tamaraballard
maybe b/c he's signed in?

25:03 - Peggy George

25:04 - Chris J
these lines will allow you to jump from place to place like slides in PP

25:05 - bruna
seems linear with the path set?

25:13 - Deb
Can you embed video clips

25:28 - Peggy George
yes video can be embedded

25:45 - tammie
looks much more complicated than PP

25:49 - Bodie 1

26:07 - Chris J
cool can i use local video files too?

26:50 - Peggy George
you can share the url or embed it--don't know about downloading to desktop

27:00 - Kim Caise
i will add that to the list of questions @chris j

27:03 - kathy
Can it be downloaded in case you do not have internet access for a presentation?

27:46 - Peggy George
did you hear about the new Monopoly game using Google maps? sounds really neat!

28:05 - EricSailers
Gotta go eat waffles for breakfast

28:11 - Peggy George

28:30 - Chris J
I'm wondering of Internet compnaies will be some of the properties in the Google versiom

28:57 - Peggy George
oh that's great to know about being able to download the player and use it without internet access! part of the paid version but can download 3 on free account--need to check that out!

29:07 - kathy

29:23 - clinds
When using this with students, can you have one teacher account that all the students use to make their prezi presentations? I'd love to not have to make accounts for them all.

29:33 - Chris J
how much is the paid version?

29:41 - Peter Halacsy
you can always use the so called public account: create online and download as much Prezi as you want

29:55 - lk
does prezi offer templates (board games, esp.) that can be rebuilt (can students make learning games of their own, for example?)

30:07 - Peggy George
you can download from the public account more than 3 times?

30:17 - Peter Halacsy
Yes Peggy, you can.

30:22 - tammie

30:41 - Chris J
I don't understand at all

30:41 - Peggy George
that's great to know!!!

30:46 - tammie
me either

30:51 - Bodie 1

30:51 - xolepino
prezi builds relationship from topic to topic

31:04 - Me
Try it out, and you will get it. It's pretty great!

31:06 - Sonia Haley
can u do that example again

31:09 - xolepino
global to specific relationship

31:33 - Peggy George
you can also edit the embed code from YouTube if you're using this with students to remove the part that allows them to view other videos (not a good thing)

31:43 - Kim Caise
we have links to tutorials and support information in our glam link

31:47 - Jon Fisher
I wonder if you can narrate the links or the images?

31:49 - tammie
part of it is probably that he is talking so fast...maybe going to the site would help, but this looks way too complicated for classroom use. Maybe good for businesses

31:56 - MB
The images on Steve's computer come in to my browser very slowly so I cannot follow...sure wish I could.

32:01 - xolepino
we learn buy seeing the whole and it's parts, this is prezi

32:18 - Kim Caise
app sharing takes a bit to load in elluminate

32:20 - Peggy George
it's very hard to see the actual affect in app sharing--would be faster in webtour

32:23 - Me
It's not that complicated, really.

32:37 - tamaraballard
maybe he can slow down, because this really is easy to use, i promise

32:44 - MB
I think I just need to listen and do my own tour later

32:57 - xolepino
zooming in and out builds the global and local relationship between points

33:04 - Kim Caise
you can't see his mouse in a web tour and is difficult to follow in a web tour. for today's purposes app sharing is a better way to demonstrate

33:10 - Peggy George
yes we can definitely watch this recording later and pause to actually try it on our browsers

33:14 - tammie
me, too, I'm from the South, so Yankee talk is always a little hard to understand! :)

33:27 - Peggy George
too funny tammie!!

33:53 - Peggy George
I'm sure kids would love this!!

34:05 - Kim Caise

34:11 - Heidi
where are the layering tools?

34:25 - lk
output on my screen comes in by lines--very jerky... giving me vertigo!

34:26 - xolepino
Powerpoint/Keynote is one dimensional and prezi is multidemensional

34:29 - Kim Caise
the layering comes from the path you set up

34:33 - baileybunch13
I've got fifth graders doing a Prezi project now. They LOVE it!

34:43 - Chris J
so zooming creates layers

34:58 - clinds
Can you include narration?

35:02 - Christine
bailey what r they doing it on

35:03 - Kim Caise
correct, that coupled with the path your draw

35:08 - Peggy George
@baileybun13-maybe you can take the mic in a bit and tell us about your 5th grade project. I'd love to hear more!

35:26 - xolepino
PP/Keynote can be done the same but require technical creativity

35:30 - tammie

35:42 - Chris J
now the video part earlier sort of makes sense

35:51 - Jon Fisher
And I'd like to hear from any teachers using it in a primary classroom.

36:06 - baileybunch13
Students are doing a presentation to introduce themselves and their goals for the year.

36:06 - Peggy George
could it be shared on webtour? the NECC presentation?

36:26 - clinds
@baileybunch 13 - do all student have their own prezi account or just one teacher account?

36:27 - xolepino
Prezi can be great tuturial, did realize it until now

36:32 - Paula Naugle
But it a good starting Prezi, Steve.

36:57 - Peggy George
we have the link for his NECC presentation in our links:

37:11 - baileybunch13
Students all have their own accounts.

37:22 - Bodie 1
So when the path goes to a hyperlink, it will open?

37:28 - Peggy George
are the student accounts free?

37:29 - Chris J
Wow you could put those images for those web2.0 tool and zooming in could get to a video demo of each. That is way cool

37:42 - Peggy George
yes Chris J!! fantastic!

37:43 - tamaraballard
you still have to click on the hyperlink to open it

37:57 - Me
No, student accountes are not free, but they quoted us a great price!

38:09 - Jon Fisher
Could revolutionize how we do webquests.

38:17 - clinds
Could you just use one teacher account for a student projects?

38:23 - Peggy George
he's in edit mode right now

38:42 - Peggy George
when you view the presentation you don't see those tools from Prezi

38:45 - tamaraballard
the free teacher account has a limited amount you can use

38:58 - xolepino
can insert a video, quicktime or wmv?

39:04 - tamaraballard

39:28 - Peggy George
my brain needs to think differently on Prezi!!

39:51 - Peggy George
love the storytelling idea!! that would be fun to explore!

40:13 - tammie
I'm just not understanding what the advantage to this is...certainly doesn't look like something I would pay for...

40:23 - lk
Peggy, can you elaborate on the different way your brain has to think when using Prezi?

40:33 - durff and nik
hi from durff and nik

40:43 - Chris J
okay people using screen sahring should have to have FIOS

40:47 - Bodie 1
i love that visual with the reel

40:53 - bruna
it's mindmappy

40:55 - Paula Naugle
Hi Durff and nk.

40:56 - Peggy George
I tend to be more left-brain, linear and I need to start thinking more like a mind map I think

41:04 - Peggy George
yes bruna!

41:05 - Sheri Edwards
still don't understand how to embed or insert images or video

41:21 - Chris J
need spell check in elluminiate to take care of my poor typing skills

41:43 - Peter Halacsy
Sheri, open a Prezi and choos place/media. Choose a file from your computer and that's it!

41:47 - Paula Naugle
Too funny Chris. Me too.

42:08 - Chris J
Sheri, I think if you know the pathor embed code for the image or video it should be easy

42:18 - Peggy George
this is a great doc for classroom ideas for Prezi: (Tom Barrett: Google Presentation-5 Interesting Ways to Use Prezi in the Classroom)

42:20 - xolepino
can prezi be exported to youtube?

42:21 - Me
It looks complicated when you see someone else using it, but sign up for a free account and just try it. You will catch on in no time!

43:10 - Chris J
Peggy, interesting that they used a regular presentation to tell you how to use Prezi

43:28 - Peter Halacsy
here you can see the Prezi presented by Steve:

44:06 - Peggy George
there are some very good, short videos on YouTube that are tutorials about different parts of Prezi-you can start here: (YouTube video: Learn About Prezi Framing)

44:07 - xolepino
the brain undertands better when you see the parts and how it relates to the whole.

44:29 - Chris J
okay the person with the Me user id is freaking me out. I keep thinking someone took over my computer and typed messages as me

44:38 - Peggy George

44:45 - Deb
these files must be huge!!

44:56 - clinds
Can you add your own narration?

45:01 - lk
Chris J, I feel that way too. first time it happened, I felt a bit scared!

45:04 - Peter Halacsy
xolepino, you can't upload to youtube directly now. But you embed prezi or show online as you do with youtube.

45:18 - Paula Naugle
Who is Me? I know I'm not typing those comments.

45:32 - xolepino
Powerpoint/Keynote is one dimensional and you don't see the connection between two points, for ex. door is part of the house.

45:36 - sarahmcp
so does a prezi presentation generate a url

45:38 - xolepino
thanks Peter

45:46 - Chris J
Paula, that is their user id

45:53 - Bodie 1
I'm thinking of using the google earth view of my hometown to create a tour! how cool!

46:13 - baileybunch13
That would be cool! Great idea!

46:28 - Chris J
Bodie, you can actually create tours in Google Earth with your own narration

46:31 - lk
mindmapping tool=good idea!

46:43 - Deb
3d mind map

46:46 - Peggy George (George Siemens: outstanding example using Prezi--Ontario Public Supervisory Officials' Association, April 23, 2009-Social Learning, Participation and Emerging Technologies)

46:48 - tammie
maybe that's why I'm not real impressed by Prezi--I have never liked "mind-mapping tools

46:48 - Paula Naugle
Thanks @Chris J. I thought the computer was reading my mind.

46:52 - lk
good way to have a group brainstorm captured for later viewing, as well

46:56 - xolepino
Peter, I can probably do a voice over and record with video screenshots

47:27 - Peggy George
you could do a video with your narration and embed it but it wouldn't run through the whole presentation

47:30 - lk
can multiple builders work simulataneously in prezi?

47:32 - Paula Naugle
If you want narration you could use Vocaroo and then upload it as media.

47:35 - Chris J
On a mac you could do it in Screenflow

47:36 - Jon Fisher
Does this tool lend itself to collaborative projects the way that Voicethread does?

47:48 - Peggy George
yes Screenflow is a fantastic app for Macs!

48:04 - tammie
I adore screenflow!

48:06 - Chris J
well worth the price

48:15 - Deb
how do you get prezi

48:27 - lk
if no templates are available, then can one upload a graphic, then build onto it, as if it's a template?

48:36 - Kim Caise

48:38 - xolepino
I would use screenflow to record voice over and prezi, then upload to youtube

48:39 - sarahmcp
can you embed a prezi presentation into a wiki?

48:50 - Peter Halacsy
sarahmcp, you can

48:56 - dinxdeb
If I save a Prezi presentation to my computer, can I take it to another computer that doesn't have Prezi?

49:05 - Peggy George
@xolepino--that's a great idea!!

49:29 - Chris Whitside
Can you embed Presis inside Presis?

49:30 - sarahmcp
thanks peter

49:31 - Sheri Edwards
@sarahmcp yes and @dinxdeb yes

49:34 - Peter Halacsy
@dinxdeb you can take to any computer

49:36 - Peggy George
so you would be creating a new video that incorporates your voice with the Prezi presentation?

49:36 - Chris J
xolepino, remember YouTube now limits ALL video uploads to 10 minutes

49:57 - Peggy George allows for much longer videos :-)

50:16 - Chris J
I have been using Vimeo and Viddler

50:20 - sarahmcp
does it generate a url that can be linked?

50:21 - xolepino
right, Chris J. 10 mins or 1 gig?

50:33 - Sheri Edwards
sarahmcp yes

50:35 - xolepino
vimeo is great!

50:40 - Chris J
I have account on blip and mogulus

50:40 - Peter Halacsy
I think you will loose the smooth movement and interactivity with youtube.

50:50 - Peggy George
we have several of those examples in our links today

50:52 - Paula Naugle
I'm thinking Tammy Moore's fingers must be very tired trying to keep CC going with Steve's speed talking.

50:56 - sarahmcp
ok then this can work for somethings I'm working on

50:58 - sarahmcp

51:02 - Jon Fisher
This is a good way to creatively ISTE student standard 1: Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. Students:

a. apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.
b. create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
c. use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues.

51:20 - Deb
i thought hyperstudio was sort of like this

51:36 - Sheri Edwards
thanks jon :)

51:41 - lk
@Jon Fisher: ditto!

51:43 - xolepino
zooming in/out gives the brain a better perspective of the idea or story

52:03 - Chris J
xolepino, there is a 3G limit i think for true hi-def but the 10 minute limit is firm. I recently tried to upload a 400MB 37min file and they rejected it for length

52:05 - Peggy George
maybe some of you would like to take the mic and share your experience with Prezi?

52:07 - Howie DiBlasi
Tks Steve...I am going to start changing all my "Keynotes" to Prezi

52:09 - sarahmcp
good ideas for mindmapping and dig storytelling

52:10 - Deb
why is this saying I am me?

52:14 - Deb
not my name

52:20 - Marie Rush
Thanks so much--this was great!

52:21 - lk
how long did it take you to become this proficient with prezi?

52:31 - Lorraine Leo
Can a prezi presentation be saved as a .mov file or exported?

52:32 - Jon Fisher
@Deb, when you chat it comes up under "Deb"

52:36 - xolepino
thanks Chris

52:40 - tmohan
what are the advantages of using the paid for edition?

52:44 - Deb

52:59 - Deb
how do you get prezi

53:08 - baileybunch13

53:09 - Sheri Edwards
Please show how to resize with zebra button

53:16 - sarahmcp
can you put it on a key drive and play on another computer?

53:46 - xolepino
Steve, would you go back to PP/Keynote?

53:58 - sarahmcp
forget that question. if it's a web link no need to store on keydrive

54:20 - Chris Whitside
There is a desktop version too.

54:21 - tammie
How would you upload something that is what someone would see when they zoom in?

54:25 - Peggy George
stop thinking like a PPT--that's the key to Prezi :-)

54:25 - sarahmcp
i'll need to play around with it again

54:27 - Peter Halacsy
sarahmcp, you get a simple exe file which is playable on all computer.

54:31 - Sheri Edwards
could store on keydrive

54:37 - Chris J
After Keynote I have trouble going back to PowerPoint. I can't imagine going to PowerPoint from this

54:46 - Jon Fisher
Well, now I know what I'll be doing all day today.

54:56 - lk

55:02 - sarahmcp
me too

55:04 - Deb
to me it is the difference between mspaint and free hand

55:35 - sarahmcp
writing an article vs. playig with prezi - that is the question

55:42 - Deb
any tutorials or jings on prezi?

55:43 - Peggy George
that really helped to clarify--not as complex as all of those lines and arrows make it appear

55:49 - durff and nik
i'll enjoy the archive cause Nik doesn't share sttention well

55:51 - Paula Naugle
The first one I created was very easy. I want to explore taking advantage of the zooming in and out feature.

55:57 - Bodie 1
playing with prezi . . . doing laundry?

55:57 - Sheri Edwards
prezi has help videos

56:01 - Peggy George
@Deb--many tutorials in our links today

56:05 - durff and nik
loves steve's voice though

56:08 - Chris Whitside
Easy to get lost in what you're doing with Prezi if you don't start with an outline or sketch

56:20 - Kim Caise
we have great resources in the glam link

56:20 - Peggy George
that's good advice Chris!

56:24 - Howie DiBlasi
How do you share it with other people that attend your session at a conference

56:42 - Peggy George
you can always share the url for it Howie

56:45 - Chris J
sarahmcp, try making a prezi displaying the concepts in your article

56:48 - durff and nik
DiBlasi? I am honored

56:55 - sarahmcp
that'll work

56:58 - Paula Naugle
@Chris Whitside that is great advice. Making a storboard would be a great first step.

56:59 - Howie DiBlasi

57:00 - sarahmcp

57:23 - Peggy George
learn Prezi in 4 minutes!! what fun!

57:25 - sarahmcp
but that's exactly what i'll do

57:26 - Jon Fisher
@moderators, harken back to the presentation on digital storytelling with those interactive books (choose your own path). This could be great for that.

57:48 - Howie DiBlasi
Tks durff

57:50 - xolepino
hmm interesting

58:02 - Peggy George
that would be fun to have the butterfly guiding your moves on the Prezi :-)

58:13 - Sheri Edwards
even if you start with a sketch -- it's so easy in this nonlinear approach to add your new idea

58:15 - Bodie 1
interactive books - you're right! What a great idea!

58:16 - Deb
What is the cost for prezi? any education discount?

58:16 - Peggy George
anyone want to take the mic to share?

58:26 - sarahmcp
thanks steve - fascinating

58:45 - Chris J
After reading Presentation Zen I always try to start with a sketch

58:47 - Steve Dembo
Sorry, I tend to ramble :)

58:50 - durff and nik
yw DiBlasi

58:50 - lk
is there a prezi community? for learning and resource sharing?

58:54 - sarahmcp
i'm going to try it out - i've tried before but you've clarified a lot of questons

58:56 - nancy b
the teachers will never take the time to learn this

59:00 - Peggy George
I'd really like to hear from some of you that have used Prezi with your students!

59:06 - Sheri Edwards
wondering about privacy issues or ads

59:18 - Bodie 1
Don't teach it to teachers . . . teach it to students!

1:00:01 - Peggy George
great idea Bodie 1!!

1:00:08 - nancy b
If the teachers aren't onboard, nothing will happen

1:00:14 - Chris J
nancyb, are these the same teachers in the local dsitrict who use the back of the smartboards as chalkboards because nobody showed them how to use them

1:00:48 - Chris J
sorry, when I heard that the first time I thought it was hlilarious

1:00:58 - Chris J
then later I thought it was just sad

1:01:11 - Peggy George
we'll post the recording, chat, mp3 and mp4 as soon as they are available after the show:

1:01:14 - Howie DiBlasi
Did Steve sya he converted his Powerpoint into Prezi--does that mean there is a converter

1:01:16 - Sue Davis
I stumbled on this presentation through Twitter. What is the site to find out more about upcoming Classroom 2.0 shows?

1:01:18 - Sheri Edwards
thanks chris j :)

1:01:27 - xolepino
Steve, would you go back to PP/Keynote or are you a prezi convert?

1:01:30 - Peggy George

1:01:33 - virginia alberti

1:01:40 - nancy b
they don't have/make the time to stay current. I'm the 2.0 librarian; very fustrated

1:01:57 - Peter Halacsy
It was a great presentation! I'm here from If you have a chat room I can help you (havin no mic)

1:02:01 - Howie DiBlasi
Tks Steve

1:02:05 - Peggy George
you can subscribe to our archived recordings via RSS--really helps to keep up with things :-)

1:02:11 - Jill
me too, nancy b!

1:02:14 - Kim Caise

1:02:18 - Tammy Moore
Wow! this was the hardest one to do cc for. I sooo wanted to look at what was on screen. LOL. I love this idea. I am an artsist. THis is right up my alley. :0)

1:02:38 - durff and nik
I like free

1:02:47 - Sue Davis
Thank you - will follow up!

1:02:50 - Peggy George
Go here to subscribe to the RSS feed for the archives:

1:02:52 - Bodie 1
I'm an artist-wannabe. I'm hooked, too.

1:03:08 - Paula Naugle
@Peter Halacsy Are you thinking about offer a edu version of Prezi?

1:03:20 - Peggy George
this is a perfect tool for you Tammy Moore!

1:03:29 - Tammy Moore

1:03:41 - Paula Naugle
Tammy I bet your fingers are very tried.

1:03:47 - Peter Halacsy
Yes we are thinking. In the near future.

1:03:57 - Peggy George
developers are OFTEN willing to listen to educators :-)

1:04:12 - Peggy George
very important to give them feedback!

1:04:17 - Kim Caise

1:04:22 - Paula Naugle
Peter is here from Prezi let's tell him how much we want an educational version.

1:04:43 - dinxdeb
yes, educator's version!!!

1:04:44 - Nancy Porter
We want an educational discount!

1:04:45 - Chris J
many of these startups don't think about education as a market.

1:04:51 - Peter Halacsy
and for how much? :)

1:04:57 - clinds
Please educational version!!

1:05:04 - Peggy George
talk to us Peter!!

1:05:06 - Paula Naugle
@Peter We need free!!!

1:05:10 - Chris J
actually there VC's don't think about it

1:05:12 - Jill
Please set up a separate site for educators only, Peter. Most Web 2.0 general sites are blocked by our district internet filter.

1:05:30 - Sue Davis
Ed version for "poor" educators and "poor" institutions :-)

1:05:31 - Jon Fisher
Good point, Jill.

1:05:37 - Peter Halacsy
Jill, it's a good idea. Thanks

1:05:50 - Sheri Edwards
Oh! Yes, please, an education edition -- wowser!

1:05:58 - Peter Halacsy
Peggy, I can't talk to you. I've no mic.

1:06:21 - Peggy George
so sorry Peter! would love to hear your thoughts!!

1:06:33 - Peter Halacsy
We thought that public account is perfect for educators. It's a free version only one limitation: all you content will be published

1:06:35 - Chris Whitside
Thanks Steve. Great presentation. Bye.

1:06:40 - Tammy Moore
What image formats will it work with? Someone may have asked and it was answered in text, but I would have missed it with CC'ing. :)

1:06:44 - Jill
I have been on my soapbox about this with many in our district, Chris J.

1:06:47 - Paula Naugle
Peter our students would love Prezi and we would need to be able to download more than three for three.

1:07:01 - Paula Naugle
Free not three.

1:07:19 - Peter Halacsy
You can Paula!

1:07:24 - Bodie 1
Also, not sure if a requirement to publish is always good for students. Can theirs be private?

1:07:24 - Sheri Edwards
that's the problem - all public -- need to have a separate and safe area for students

1:07:39 - Paula Naugle
Peter how many can I download?

1:07:39 - Peter Halacsy
There is no limitation on the number of downloads if you use public account.

1:07:42 - Chris J
Jill, librarys have already fought this battle but we often forget that Jill

1:07:54 - Kim Caise
especially if students use their own pictures of themselves

1:08:01 - Paula Naugle
No I mean the ones I or my students create.

1:08:03 - Peggy George
so unlimited downloads with public but they have to be published on the public site?

1:08:06 - Chris J
I feel so stupid. libraries

1:08:26 - Peggy George
baileybun13-can you share your class experience?

1:08:32 - Peter Halacsy
@Peggy yes, they have to be published on the public site.

1:08:33 - clinds
Steve - can you give us other ideas for how to introduce this tool to elementary and middle school students?

1:08:34 - Sue Davis
Gotta go. Thanks so much!

1:08:36 - Jill
I am a librarian Chris.

1:08:39 - Peter Halacsy
thank you for this presentation!

1:08:41 - Howie DiBlasi
Great job Steve...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:08:49 - Paula Naugle
Thank you everyone. I love Prezi and need to work with it more.

1:08:51 - Steve Dembo
Welcome Peter!

1:08:54 - kathy
Thanks, Steve. This has been a great start. Now I need to try it myself.

1:09:09 - Chris J
now i feel double dumb

1:09:16 - Nancy Porter
Thanks, Steve!

1:09:20 - Sheri Edwards
Prezi is so creative and thoughtful -- so many of our kids think this way

1:09:21 - Jill
No problem, Chris J.

1:09:22 - Peggy George
I can't wait to try creating my own! I'm very inspired after seeing this and hearing from Steve!

1:09:23 - nancy b
many librarians are 2.o leaders!!!

1:09:34 - lk
thank you all for this pres on prezi! though I joined a bit late, I learned a ton!

1:09:42 - durff and nik
yes we are

1:09:43 - Jill
Thanks to all. I have lots to explore.

1:10:22 - Chris J
Love to spend the day on Prezi but Physics homework is looming over me

1:10:22 - Sheri Edwards

1:10:28 - Deb
Chris feeling dumb is a door to learning!

1:10:34 - Paula Naugle
Yes, Steve I would love to be able to put Discovery video clips into Prezi.

1:10:41 - Peggy George
so sorry Chris J! Prezi is much more fun than Physics homework!

1:10:57 - Chris J
Deb, never heard it expressed that way

1:11:02 - Paula Naugle
Good luck Chris with your homework.

1:11:11 - xolepino
Steve, are you a Prezi convert? Will you still be using PP/Keynote?

1:11:12 - Peggy George
it would be awesome to be able to use Discovery streaming video clips in Prezi!!

1:11:13 - Tammy Moore
File format of images that can be used?

1:11:34 - Jill
Better you do Physics homework than me, Chris J! Doesn't sound too fun.

1:11:43 - Peter Halacsy
@Tammy, png, jpeg, swf, pdf

1:11:44 - Deb
I say that to my students... all the time because a feeling of dumb is an interest in knowing more..otherwise you have no feeling.

1:12:09 - Deb
Powerpoint is SOOO flat~

1:12:14 - Chris J
Tammy, you can use IrfanView to convert image files if necessary

1:12:15 - Peggy George
do ADHD students have problems viewing Prezi presentations?

1:12:44 - Tammy Moore
@ Chris - Thanks. :)

1:12:48 - Paula Naugle
I think ADHD students' brains would love Prezi.

1:12:59 - Peggy George
what about the voiceover in PPTs?

1:13:04 - Sheri Edwards
@paula -- agree :)

1:13:07 - Chris J
I'm ADHD and Prezi is something I would love

1:13:17 - Paula Naugle
LOL Chris.

1:13:20 - Tammy Moore
Participants love showmanship :)

1:13:24 - Peggy George
@Chris J--it doesn't make you feel scattered?

1:13:35 - Paula Naugle
Love to WOW the audience.

1:13:40 - Peggy George
that's a great point--magic and engaging!!

1:13:43 - Chris J
I always feel scattered. ask my wife

1:13:47 - xolepino
Very good, thanks

1:13:49 - Tammy Moore
THis would be so cool to use for biology dissections

1:13:49 - Peggy George

1:13:54 - Howie DiBlasi
Have to run and start playing with Prezi..Tks again Peggy, Kim and Steve

1:13:55 - Tammy Moore
Take a tour through a frog

1:14:00 - Peggy George
great idea Tammy!

1:14:05 - Paula Naugle
@Tammy that would be wonderul.

1:14:25 - Tammy Moore
Will do!

1:14:28 - durff and nik
asleep falling gtg

1:14:30 - Peggy George
yes share it Tammy!!!!!

1:14:32 - xolepino
parts of frog, etc

1:14:35 - Paula Naugle
Yes Tammy we all want to see that.

1:14:44 - durff and nik
nik asleep, not me

1:14:54 - Tammy Moore
We are on cells right now

1:14:59 - Tammy Moore
May try it on cells

1:15:01 - Peggy George
thanks for coming Durff!! Enjoy Nik!

1:15:02 - Tammy Moore
first up

1:15:32 - Peggy George
the upside down text :-)

1:15:47 - Peggy George
I've seen some of those!

1:15:54 - Tammy Moore

1:16:09 - Peggy George
thanks for that answer Steve! very helpful!

1:16:14 - Paula Naugle
I agree. I've seen some that make me feel seasick.

1:16:17 - Deb
tammy do you have a moodle site?

1:16:22 - Tammy Moore
Hey! When teaching about uniform circular motion it could be fun to spin the kids a bit

1:16:32 - Deb
if so does it allow guest?

1:16:39 - Tammy Moore
@ Deb, yes I have Moodle site - VHSG

1:16:56 - Deb
is it bio?

1:17:00 - Chris J
It's iike unnecessary transitions in PowerPoint

1:17:00 - Deb
Could I see it?

1:17:03 - Peggy George
I'm sure there's a definite skill in creating good Prezi presentations! Remember how annoying the flying in text and animations were in PPT?

1:17:04 - Tammy Moore
We have all sorts of subjects

1:17:11 - Tammy Moore
I teach biology, chemistry, and physics

1:17:24 - Tammy Moore
But we have everything from history to math

1:17:26 - Deb
VHSG? virtual high school georgia?

1:17:40 - Paula Naugle
Thank you all. See you next week.

1:17:47 - Peggy George

1:17:51 - Chris J
gotta run. this was very informative

1:17:57 - Peggy George
Tammy has an awesome Moodle site!!

1:18:02 - clinds
I'm thinking of trying with 5th grade students. Any ideas for introducing this tool to them?

1:18:15 - Tammy Moore
@ Deb, link is

1:18:30 - Deb
thank you! does it allow guests?

1:18:41 - Peggy George
we'll post this recording ASAP after the show

1:19:01 - Peggy George
this has been a fabulous learning experience! Thank you so much Steve!

1:19:04 - Deb
thank you !

1:19:25 - Peggy George
Recording will be posted here:

1:19:25 - Tammy Moore
@ Deb - Drop in to the online classroom link that you will find in the right sidebar on the home page. I will be working on slides in there this afternoon. I can take you on a tour.

1:19:51 - Deb
? tammy

1:19:51 - Tammy Moore
THanks Steve and Peter! THis has sooooo much potential!

1:19:51 - Peggy George
so great to have you join us Peter!!

1:20:00 - tmohan
thank you steve

1:20:05 - Steve Dembo
If you create something cool, definitely email me a link!

1:20:08 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks, Steve

1:20:27 - Peggy George
Prezi would be a great addition to an eportfolio!

1:20:46 - Tammy Moore

1:20:54 - Peter Halacsy
thank you for using Prezi. It's so funny to see people using the tool we created first for ourself.

1:20:56 - Peggy George
yes it could be the actual eportfolio! great point!

1:21:04 - Tammy Moore
Especially a student in an artsitic major/subject area

1:21:21 - Christine
that was important whatyou said-- how do you share it again with other people

1:21:37 - Peggy George
what a great idea Steve--embed your artifacts directly into Prezi for eportfolio! Love it!!

1:21:41 - Tammy Moore
I know several students that would love Prezi for their student reports

1:21:47 - Lorraine Leo
Thanks very much for the presentation!

1:21:48 - Peggy George
we'll be sure to share that idea during next week's show :-)

1:21:49 - Peter Halacsy
and educators are really important for so if you have any idea don't hesitate to contact me (

1:21:56 - Deb
Tammy I am at the site and do not see online classroom link?

1:22:11 - Tammy Moore
@ Deb - see open office hours box

1:22:17 - Tammy Moore
THere is a link there

1:22:23 - Peggy George
the chat will be posted too so you can get the links that were shared today

1:22:52 - Peggy George
thank you everyone! the chat room has been awesome! great sharing!

1:23:00 - Peggy George
bye everyone!

1:23:00 - Sheri Edwards

1:23:06 - Tammy Moore
Bye all

1:23:37 - Steve Dembo
Thanks! Really enjoyed hanging out with you guys!

1:23:39 - Kim Caise
take care all