Mar 14, 2009 9:02:07 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

00:01 - Victor
I used to use Blackboard when it was free years ago but at the time Moodle seemed clunky. I'm here to update myself. Thanks!

00:26 - sroseman
Hello from Ottawa

00:29 - Chai
How long is this session going to last?

00:34 - deb-nh
an hour

00:36 - Sheri
Hello audio ok

00:38 - sroseman
yes it is

00:40 - Chai
thanks Deb

00:40 - Elena
audio ok

00:42 - Michael Uttendorfer
audi is good

00:46 - Sheila
audio ok

00:46 - Cyndi 1
yes hear just fine

00:46 - Rebecca
audio ok

00:47 - Laura Machado
audio good here

00:48 - Amy Chayefsky
gotcha in maricopa

00:48 - Paula
audio is great

00:50 - Kearnsville
audio ok

00:52 - Kim Caise 30
Sounds good here in Tupelo, MS

00:54 - sroseman
audio is fine

00:56 - Mary J
great audio in MO

01:00 - mccormick62
I can hear you! Sounds like you are just down the street

01:01 - MariaD
Hello from North Carolina

01:17 - Kearnsville
Hello from Ontario Canada

01:18 - Sheila
Hello from Baltimore

01:27 - Elena
hello from Texas

01:30 - Laura Machado
Hello from Oregon!

01:33 - Robin
hello fellow moodler from Baltimore!

01:35 - rand raynor
Hi from Portland, OR

01:40 - VANHOOKC

01:41 - Lisa Francine
Hi from Massachusetts

01:42 - Tammy Rushing
Hi from DFW.

01:44 - chriswherley
hello from Decatur, IL

01:46 - roxanneglaser
audio is good now

01:48 - Barbara O
Hello from Tidewater, VA

01:51 - Cyndi 1
HI from Dearborn, MI

01:55 - Alejandra Guajardo
Hi from Lima Peru

01:57 - msponseller
Hiya from Akron, Ohio

01:58 - annelisewojo
Hi from Taylor, MI

01:58 - Mary
Loud and clear in Ellicott City, Maryland

01:59 - sroseman
where in Ontario, Kearnsville

01:59 - Lorna
hello Paul

02:00 - JBurkeMaine
Greetings from West Paris, Maine

02:00 - waida 1
Hi, from sunny Florida

02:00 - Mike Clem
Hello from Denver, CO

02:01 - roxanneglaser
Hello, from Waco, TX

02:05 - Peggy George
so wonderful to have all of you here!

02:08 - Amy Chayefsky
HI Roxanne from your old ITv Partern

02:19 - Dennis Maloney
Hi from Guayaquil, Ecuador

02:20 - david
Hi from Budapest!

02:21 - roxanneglaser
@Amy C. Hi!

02:24 - Rebecca
Lima! I lived there for several years! Wow - nice to have someone from there.

02:25 - Gigi J
hello from Monrovia, CA near Pasadena

02:26 -
Wow, how awesome to connect with all of you from everywhere!!

02:26 - Chai
Is this session available for later viewing also?

02:26 - jansmith
Vancouver Island Bc Canada

02:42 - Beth Still
Hello from western Nebraska.

02:50 - Peggy George
@Chai-yes everything will be recorded and archived on the Classroom 2.0 LIVE site

02:55 - Tim
Tim from Central Illinois

02:59 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Hi from Colorado Springs!

03:02 - cswaffie
Hello from metro to Detroit

03:06 - Chai
thanks Peggy

03:13 - Cheryl Snyder
Hi from chilly PA

03:19 - chriswherley
@Tim where are you in Central IL

03:21 - hrmason
Hi from FL

03:33 - mrsheatonsclass
Eve here from Beaufort, SC - 4th grade teacher

03:42 - Evelyn Wrobel
I notice several participants from Canada. I'm teaching a Unit on Canada with 4th graders- would anyone be interested in Skyping with our kids?

03:52 - Gina
Hello from Baltimore

03:57 - Peggy George
the mic is in the bottom left corner of the screen :-) (if you want to talk later)

04:14 - Robin
Hello Baltimore!

04:23 - Gina
Hi Robin!

04:23 - Jonathan7007
Good (early) morning from Hawaii. (Big Island) Jonathan7007

04:58 - Peggy George
it's always so exciting to see where all the dots appear on the map!!

04:58 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Oh that is too cool. Cluster/Laser Map!

04:59 - chriswherley

05:09 - Victor

05:10 - Laura Machado

05:14 - Victor

05:18 - kas
anyone from Norfolk, VA?

05:21 - Sheila
Hello from cloudy Baltimore

05:24 - jennine_maner
Jennine, Seattlee was, raining!!!">)

05:25 - Peggy George
no Africa but South America :-)

05:26 - Victor
los angeles overcast

05:29 - Bonnie Dilling
coming from PA, US today

05:33 - roxanneglaser
That is very cool...who is from Alaska?

05:42 - Diane Woodard
Hello From Western Montana

05:55 - Ian Nairn
Hi from a sunny UK

05:58 - Barbara O
@kas I'm from Suffolk, VA

06:57 - Cary
Hello, from Cincinnati, OH!

06:57 - kas
I'm teaching a Web 2.0 seminar in April for an elementary school staff in Norfolk. Have never been in that area

07:28 - Sinclair Mackenzie
Hello from Thurso, Scotland!

07:33 - aforgrave
some folks not voting ... stats off

07:41 - mrsheatonsclass
Moodle newbie here

07:55 - Dan McGuire 2
I haven't taken a course but I taught a few.

07:56 - Gigi J
took me a minute to realize what she meant by the x at the top ;)

07:58 - jansmith
KnowSchools offers terrific pd

08:06 - JLW
I used drupal -- look forward to see simalarities and differences

08:15 - carlapierce
yes, the x took me until the second question

08:19 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
I've got a spanish teacher wants to learn Moodle; that's what brought me. But I want to learn, too.

08:20 - Cyndi 1
thx Jan, good to know

08:25 - mrsheatonsclass
What is drupal?

08:27 - LarryAnderson
Miguel ROCKS! He's the bomb!

08:39 - casterline
just found him on Plurk too

08:44 -
@LarryAnderson Yikes! My soul is quivering!! ;->

08:46 - sroseman
I am doing a Knowschool session in late April/May

08:51 - Donelle
My school is preparing to switch over to Moodle. We're taking a year to get it ready and pilot.

08:53 - jansmith
@cyndi The pd is free to some--depends on where you are from

08:56 - Laura Machado
hs Spanish teacher here :)

09:00 - Tim
drupal is a content management system, similar to moodle, but moodle is more powerful

09:02 - Cary
I have learned so much from Miguel!

09:05 - robfreedman
Drupal is a great Opensource blogging platfrom.

09:11 - steveoc
Hi Mike Russo

09:13 - Gigi J
ooh, cool echo!

09:17 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Lost the toolbar with laser. How to get it back, please?

09:18 - robfreedman
although I use blogger now.

09:40 - sroseman
I lost the laser pointer as well

09:56 - Gigi J
I'm struggling through a SharePoint mandatory system

10:03 - thawley
I'm eating girlscout cookies. They are delicious.

10:05 - JLW
I believe they turned off tools for a while

10:06 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Hi Laura, HS Spanish Teacher :)

10:07 - kas
toolbar is put up and taken off by themoderator

10:08 - Gigi J
mmm, Samoas

10:17 - Kim Caise 15
at this time, the whiteboard won't be used so the tools aren't visible

10:20 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Thx re: tools

10:41 - Peggy George
not at all overrated!!!

10:50 - jcollins
hearing echo

10:51 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Laura, I'm 2020Nexus. I'll follow you.

10:55 - jennine_maner
I used books to learn Moodle and my district supports it. I have both 7th and 8th grade group classes learning through it. Just beginning.

11:00 - jansmith
getting echo here too

11:05 - jackiegerstein
Echo too

11:06 - cswaffie
getting echo

11:15 - mrsheatonsclass
echo gone for me.

11:16 - jansmith
echo gone thax

11:18 - Eileen K
Hello from Pennsylvania,echo here too.

11:19 - chriswherley
we are currently using manhattan virtual classroom

11:21 - LarryAnderson
I agree, Peggy. He not only talks the talk; he WALKS the walk! Verrrrrry important!

11:21 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Jennine, I'm MS too. Tech Teacher

11:21 - Rebecca
echo gone

11:28 - Donelle
@jennine: which book do you recommend?

11:29 - Lisa Francine
echo gone in MA

11:29 - sroseman
What books, jenine

11:30 - Terry Lindenmuth
All speakers should use headphones toprevent echo

11:31 - Sheila
I used Moodle with my sixth graders.

11:31 - deb-nh
those with echo try adjusting your sound in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

11:32 - Kim Caise 15
welcome heidi and helen

11:32 - cswaffie
echo gone

11:37 - Justin Reeve
hi everyone

11:39 - Kim Caise 15
welcome janet

11:45 - Shawn
Hi Griffbuddy

11:46 - sarahsutter
@miguel Your recent series of blog posts o Moodle have been extremely helpful.

12:01 - Angie K
@Sheila How do you use it with your 6th graders? I teach 6th grade Reading.

12:09 - Debbie Harris
Hi everyone. Just listening in.

12:34 - jansmith
Essential to talk value & pedagogy--can keep us in an old model of pouring knowledge in

12:41 - sroseman
Can you recommend any online Moodle tutorials

12:49 - sroseman
or books

13:01 - Kim Caise 15
we have some great tutorial links in our sharetabs link that we will be sharing shortly

13:02 - Peggy George
we have tons of links for you in our sharetabs today for moodle tutorials

13:07 - John Blaser
We have Moodle on our teacher center web site. We began using it for inservice and graduate courses. This year we expanded its use to the teachers in the 3 districts that comprise our consortium. Since January we have had more than 20 middle school and high school teachers get started with Moodle sites.

13:21 - Sheila
I put all of my curriculum, everything I was doing in class on the site. Homework, projects, photos, powerpoints, whatever we were doing I extended into the online space

13:25 - Carla
I can't imagine teaching without Moodle now.

13:25 - Gigi J
GoDaddy hosting has "free" nearly one click installation of both Moodle and Drupal if you have a Linux hosting service. I end up having robust web tools for $7/mo offsite...doesn't help with my formal teaching places

13:58 - Kim Caise 15
the cost for a 20 seat room is $1526 per year

14:01 - Angie K
@ Sheila Thanks! That's what I'm doing with awiki site.

14:01 - Tim
Godaddy is great, use it with drupal

14:10 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
My district sees Moodle in the exact same way: it was a way to provide Web 2.0-esc tools without worries of privacy, FERPA, and the like...


14:11 - kas
is moodle a district subscription type site or can one teacher subscribe

14:14 - jcollins
Lunarpages too-free hosting for schools

14:16 - JLW
SiteGround -- my host -- has moodle built into the fantastico -- but wondering about storage space, with others able to upload info

14:25 - jennine_maner
I presently have closed environment but hope to open it with more experiences.

14:26 - Ronnie
I siteground with drupal

14:27 - jansmith
An open environment can encourage more positive behaviour online--lots of eyes, pride in digital identity

14:30 - JLW
(at least it used to)

14:39 - Kim Caise 15
one teacher can subscribe although there are subscription sites that will host moodle for you

14:39 - steveoc
Almost any cpanel webhost allows easy install of Moodle

14:45 - Sheila
I taught reading to Angie. All of our books, assignments,forum discussions on the books, was included in the online platform.

14:47 - robfreedman
there has to be a way to be more open and still protect kids

14:53 - Donelle
I was looking at blogs for that purpose too. That makes it clear to me how Moodle is a better tool for that purpose. We hope to use both.

14:54 - John Blaser
I have a personal SiteGround site with Moodle on it, but they charge $50 to upgrade it if you can't do it yourself

15:05 - Peggy George
Moodle can be set up as a very simple format that will even be user-friendly for elementary students :-)

15:11 - Robin
I support that notice...provide multi options for teachers and students

15:25 - robfreedman

15:34 - steveoc
Easy to set up--very easy!

15:36 - JLW
John -- are you using Moodle with SiteGround??

15:39 - Peggy George
don't all techie people say "it's easy"?? :-)

15:48 - John Blaser
The major learning curve with Moodle is learning each of the activity modules

15:52 - Sheila
You're right Peggy, elementary students are perfect for this application.

15:54 - JLW
@john -- disregard -- I see that you are

15:57 - Shawn
@Peggy Would we do it if it wasn't? heheh

16:02 - Brad.Schmicker
I don't find it very intuitive

16:05 - steveoc
How hard can entering in a user name and password , site name and a few mouse clicks be?

16:07 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
To problem with using a web hosting solution: shared web hosting is great when you have two or three kids accessing at a time... if you have a whole class, or mutiple classes, shared hosting is hammered... you'll need a better solution...

16:08 - Peggy George
so funny!!

16:10 - Gigi J
We were using Wikispaces and found that we had "leakage" problems with Google -- it could search for our closed files on a past group site by looking as HTML instead of .doc -- students got very upset and I told Wikispaces to erase everything off their servers

16:11 -

16:26 - jansmith
@robfreedman I think being open can protect kids--their learning protects them, manyeyes protects, too.

16:35 - Beth Still
Is anyone using the wiki inside Moodle? What are your impressions?

16:41 - steveoc
Hostgator has handled all our web 2 apps w/o problem

16:54 - steveoc
I don't care for the Moodle wiki

16:56 - jennine_maner
I use Moodle to have students do assignments, view powerpoints and take notes, view movies and submit assignments---POWERFUL!

16:58 - Peggy George
there are some new free options coming very soon on Elluminate for educators--called Learn Central :-)

17:05 - sarahsutter
@beth Not a big fan of the wiki in Moodle.

17:07 - griffbuddy
Can I transfer all that I have done in Blackboard to Moodle? I've heard that I can.

17:19 - deb-nh
web tour isn't displayed

17:22 - steveoc
@griff--I believe so

17:23 - Sheri
Moodle is easy -- but is a process to learn -- as easy as a wiki or blog

17:25 - Gina
IMO the biggest difference between Moodle and all the rest is that it is "activity-based". It also calls for backwards instructional design. Outcomes -> resources -> activities -> interaction -> assessments.

17:26 - Michael Russo
Moodle wiki is a bit clunky (imho) but certainly works

17:27 - Ronin
@beth the moodle wiki is not nearly adequate for my classrooms use

17:28 - jansmith
@Beth Still I relly like wikispaces

17:30 - Donelle
are there blogs within moodle?

17:39 - Cary
Peggy, can you elaborate on Elluminate for educators?

17:40 - deb-nh
yes blogs in moodle

17:44 - steveoc
@donelle yes

17:44 - Robin
Why are you not a fan of the wiki in Moodle?

17:46 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
@Donelle... there are blogs, but they are not great...

17:53 - NancyBW
Moodle gives me instant interaction with my students w/o having them wait to get a grade back. They get to fix the problems and learn by doing. the teacher/student collaboration is great.

17:59 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
The blog and wiki platform is Moodle isn't great....

18:07 - cswaffie
the wiki inside Moodle is tough

18:07 - Braddo
Is Guhlin saying that the essential reason for adopting Moodle is because it makes for easy adminsitrative control, i.e. not necessarily best practices?

18:12 - steveoc

18:14 - Ross
Did anyone catch the website of the Texas clearing house

18:15 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
if we are hard core about blogs or wikis, you are better with a 3rd party solution

18:15 - Dan McGuire 2
Here's a link to an 'current' asynchronous conversation at

18:21 - Sheri
@Robin -- moodle wiki not as easy as using "just a wiki"

18:25 - Peggy George
I'm so happy to see the connection between Angela Maier's Classroom Habitudes and Moodle! :-)

18:27 - deb-nh
Moodle is a course management system like blackboard

18:42 - roxanneglaser
I have had trouble getting the blog to work the way other blogging platforms work. Anyone know the best way to use them?

18:54 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
@Miguel... do you use any specific third party tools in your district officially?

19:00 - steveoc
WPMU for blogs at our school

19:08 - jansmith
@Robin I likr the fact that wiki spaces is ubiquitous--the design is like Wikipedia, and the history is available for all to see learning is transparent

19:11 - roxanneglaser
@jason I see your comment up there about blogs/wikis.

19:18 - Sheila
@deb, Moodle is an activity based LMS, rather than Bb's content focus.

19:32 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Reading Habitudes now. Already shared some with our Media Specialist (she's the only other geek in my school).

19:38 - steveoc
I think Moodle 2.0 will bring a better Wiki

19:53 - Beth Still
I use outside blogs and wikis b/c I was not happy with the ones in Moodle, but this forces my students to have so many accounts!

19:54 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
Has anyone played with Moodle 2.0 yet live?

20:02 - NancyBW
agree; wikis in older versions very confusing

20:14 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
@Beth... amen... the power of Moodle is the single account.. it is a real balancing act.

20:22 - Gina
Moodle 2.0's improved wiki is based on Nwiki

20:24 - Peggy George
when the webtour is open (like it is now) you can control the scroll bar on your own computer to scroll up/down the page

20:25 - Sheila
learning management system

20:25 - roxanneglaser
Just used wikispaces with a project and it was so easy for teachers.

20:29 - sroseman is an alternate platform I recommend

20:36 - Sheri
Moodle helps direct and focus students on the learning -- keeps them on the task

20:47 - Elena
i prefer pbwiki

20:47 - roxanneglaser
@sroseman I used tappedin in my masters' program

20:49 - chriswherley
interesting discussion of difference between moodle forum and blogs

20:59 - steveoc
I like mediawiki

21:01 - jansmith
@Jason, no--what do you like aout it? I am with you on 3rd party blogs/wikis --my "triad" is wikispaces, moodle, edublogs

21:03 - Peggy George
there are lots of people using Moodle in the classroom but many of their sites are not open to the public for us to view

21:05 - roxanneglaser
@elena why pbwiki over others?

21:08 - Sheri
I use pbwiki with my students -- very very easy

21:09 - Gigi J
@miguel -- any issues with IE vs. Firefox? With both Wikispaces and Wetpaint, I have issues in "editing" in Firefox -- it is the only reason I ever go to IE

21:15 - sroseman
in what way roxanne

21:24 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Because PBWiki is the only platform for wikis allowedi n my District

21:30 - Rebecca
Does Moodle allow for external links? I'd like to be able to link out to the easier to use wiki - rather than use the wiki on moodle. Has anyone tried that?

21:31 - Elena
ive used it with students and it has good options and has good teacher controols

21:43 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
@jansmith... i have only played with Moodle 2.0 a little bit... looks interesting, but can't see where it is really radically different, yet....

21:44 - roxanneglaser
@sroseman with Pepperdine OMET program for our synchronous classes

21:46 - VANHOOKC
i have a pbwiki for global book talking. it seems to be taking off.

21:47 - Tammy Moore
Yes, Moodle will let you add links to outside resources

22:00 - Dan McGuire 2
Moodle works best with Firefox, Moodle wikis don't work with Safari

22:10 - Gina
@Rebecca - Moodle allows for external resource links

22:11 - deb-nh
Be great to have a moodle class for this group as a Professional learning environment

22:13 - roxanneglaser
@elena do you pay for the upgrade on pbwiki to lock and hide pages?

22:16 - Tammy Moore
I use outside resource links within the label tool quite a lot

22:20 - Beth Still
Some of the classes my school has created are online. They need to be updated, but they can be found at They are under the heading of NEVA.

22:29 - Amy Chayefsky
teachers - do you see students using the moodle outside of school? Or primarily content delivery during school hours?

22:31 - Elena
no it has a teacher secgtion that you can register making it free for educatiors

22:34 - Sheri
show moodle

22:38 - steveoc
How stable is version 2?

22:46 - Donelle
@deb-nh: that's a great idea

22:51 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
I very much agree with Miguel's concept of Moodle as blank slate for embedding... it is such a great platform for embedding Web 2.0 content and constructing or orchestrating outside content....

22:51 - VANHOOKC has locked pages, has an upgrade paid account

22:52 - Evelyn Wrobel
I like the wetpaint wiki

22:59 - Tammy Moore
My kids use it quite actively right after a session and also throughoutthe week.

23:02 - jansmith
love jing--such a nifty tool

23:05 - Cary
I like Wetpaint also.

23:11 - jeffmason
Can students read each other 's blogs?

23:11 - Gina
@steveoc - Moodle 2.0 is still beta - Not stable yet - maybe Fall 2009

23:12 - Troy
Our district uses Moodle extensively. It is very powerful and useful. It does have a bit of a learning curve (not too bad) though.

23:12 - Gigi J
I really like WetPaint -- much cleaner with group creation -- slicker too

23:17 - LeDaug
I'd be interested in learning about student registration / management with these tools

23:19 - roxanneglaser
@amy c: we use it to connect 4-8th grade students with pre-service teachers in literature circles in our Bluebonnet project in TX

23:19 - deb-nh
lost audio

23:32 - Donelle
lost audio - can u repeat that thought about jing

23:33 - Peggy George
so many tools, so little time!! aren't we so lucky to have all of these tools to choose from??

23:37 - chriswherley
embed the full .swf file?

23:38 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
The media extension content plugings are AWESOME...

23:41 - Rebecca
deb- good idea - maybe you can start a forum on this.

23:41 - steveoc
Yes-- I know it is beta--there are betas and there are betas--I play with them all the time

23:43 - deb-nh
Jing info just stated would make another great saturday

23:43 - Gigi J
@miguel -- can you just walk us through an example of what we might see as a student?

23:49 - thawley

23:54 - Tammy Moore
Student registration can be doen at admin, teacher, or student self-registration levels depending on how you set it up

24:06 - Peggy George
excellent suggestion--Jing would make a great show topic in the future :-)

24:08 - Sinclair Mackenzie
you can't resize the swf files though, can you? I didn't know the paid-for Jing gsve MP4, that's better option imho.

24:11 - Kim Caise 15
Jing videos were difficult to embed due to their format

24:12 - Tammy Moore
We use self-registration in our courses

24:14 - Gina
@jeffmason - Moodle blogs have levels of access (from private, to course, to site, to world)

24:25 - deb-nh
what is better then jing

24:30 - Mary
I'd like to know more about the literature reading circles

24:40 - Kim Caise 15
Jing is great and you can embed their videos now

24:42 - VANHOOKC
IMPORTANT -- Make a disclaimer / conditions of use page for any of these: wiki, blog, moodle! I am working on a guide for this.

24:48 - Sinclair Mackenzie
better than Jing? try Wink on windows (free)

24:49 - chriswherley
utipu tipcam is another alternative to jing

24:54 - Craig Jackson
I use Tipcam from

24:56 - Sheri
jing is great

25:04 - deb-nh
how to find wink?

25:06 - JBlack
Jing .swf files can be very large, often being too large to upload to your blog which might have a limit of 10MB

25:10 - Bonnie Dilling
what is the link

25:22 - Donelle
anyone used skitch

25:25 - sara

25:40 - Gigi J

25:40 - Peggy George
Yes great Miguel

25:45 - Sinclair Mackenzie
skitch is great - very intuitive interface

25:49 - John Blaser
We just bulk enrolled all the students in our middle school and high school. We did the same with all the teachers in all three of our districts.

25:51 - sarahsutter
@donelle I'm a fan of skitch - easy, simple way to take screenshots & add directions, text, arrows, etc.

26:06 - Elena
never used it

26:07 - Donelle
@sinclair-do you prefer skitch to jing

26:21 - Donelle
i just downloaded it last week

26:32 - Elena
lol i use print screen crude sometimes but workable

26:42 - JBlack is another interesting alternative to Jing - they host the files for free and are nicely embedable

26:42 - Sinclair Mackenzie
skitch for images is great. Never used for screen capture other than stills.

26:50 - Diana Dell
Teachers new to Moodle can request a free Moodle classroom at

26:54 - sroseman
free online PD here

26:56 - Peggy George
you will find lots of links from today's show in our ShareTabs:

27:01 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
@JBlack... screentoaster is slick.... and getting better

27:01 - Gigi J
seems part of the challenge in getting buyoff is that it is hard to show other folks' closed environment...nice to put virtual tours together to show administrators

27:13 - LarryAnderson
Deer Park ISD =

27:17 - sroseman
I think they had a moodle session as well

27:31 - Peggy George
@GigiJ-that is so true :-)

27:47 - Donelle
do u have a link for that course

28:02 - Sinclair Mackenzie
wink is good screen capture for windows, try IshowU ($25?) for mac or Screenflick ($20?) for mac

28:03 - deb-nh
is open campus free an open to all

28:04 - Cyndi 1
Yes, I presented on Moodle at MAME and had to practically give my firstborn child to get some guest logins for other media specialists.

28:09 - Peggy George
that's helpful to see the student view

28:10 - Suzanne-2020Nexus
Sorry, gotta go grade projects. I'll watch the rest later. Thx Miguel & moderators.

28:10 - Donelle
is i lodi?

28:14 - thawley
That's what we used to call the kids in the smoking area when I was in high school

28:17 - JBlack
@Jason Neiffer Yes, I agree -- I get some audio lag when bandwidth is tight, but it's very impressive. My students are using it right now to make virtual tours with GMaps.

28:19 - Gigi J

28:27 - Sinclair Mackenzie
sorry, got to go. Hope to watch replay online later

28:29 - Kim Caise 15
you can click and drag to resize the window or use the bottom and right scroll bars to see more of the webpage Miguel is sharing

28:29 - jansmith
@gigi--there seems to be a lot of youtube videos and other open examples for sharing potential w otheres

28:31 - deb-nh
LOTI level of technology instruction

28:39 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
I think this is a great model: I love using Moodle as a resource list to support time in the computer lab... keeps the students very much on task AND it creates opportunities for data recording...

28:48 - deb-nh
Chris Moersch LOTI head guru

28:52 - Diana Dell
Lots of free pd for Moodle at

29:06 - Sinclair Mackenzie
oh don't forget smartboardscreen recorder is free screen capture tool!

29:42 - Dan McGuire 2
MIguel, get to some of the reporting management tools that really make Moodle special. Teachers can tell who has viewed and uploaded and even from address they accessed the Moodle from.

29:58 - Cheryl Snyder
Has anyone used a moodle with a primary classroom?

30:01 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
@Sinclaire... that is also a great best practice... if you do a lot with the smartboard, you can record and then regularly post those videos to a Moodle... I know a couple of math teachers that do that...

30:06 - Cyndi 1
yes, Moodle management tools are really great!

30:21 - WOScholar
@Cheryl We do in White Oak ISD.

30:28 - jennine_maner
very cool example of Moodle useage ---I am on track with mine I guess---

30:35 - Beth Still
Hellow @WOScholar!

30:44 - LarryAnderson
Sorry -- gotta run take care of grandson -- stomach virus all around here!

30:48 - WOScholar
Hey @Beth! Welcome to TX, virtually.

31:07 - Peggy George
That's a great feature of Moodle--you don't have to have everything showing all the time

31:15 - jennine_maner
I am anxious to look at Miguel's links further they look very interesting.

31:16 - Gigi J
Do students have group work spaces here? And how well do embeds work (e.g. adding a Delicious cloud or adding video players)?

31:17 - Diana Dell
Open courses at

31:30 - Peggy George
we have some examples in the Sharetabs for classrooms

31:31 - John Blaser
This is the Moodle main page for our teacher center:

31:53 - Cheryl Snyder
WOScholar - Can you give me some examples?

32:06 - Gina's website IS a moodle installation if you would like to look and there is a site to play around

32:09 - Tammy Moore
Knowplace has weekend sessions were you can log in as a student -

32:15 - jackiegerstein
Here is one of my examples for training preservice teachers - login as guest -

32:17 - Peggy George

32:19 - deb-nh
post the URL's please

32:25 - cswaffie
Any URL examples of where to get those courses for free?

32:29 - Donelle
is there a particular place you recommend to get those free courses from

32:43 - Kim Caise 15 has some free course resources to learn moodle

32:50 - Tammy Rushing
This is the page MISD uses for teachers who need help with set up; it's a work in progress, but it's open to guests:

33:01 - sroseman
Yes, I started by logging into the free moodle weekend courses

33:07 - cossondra
yes it is me

33:08 - John Blaser
The BEPT Teacher Center runs online Moodle courses that are open to anyone: One will start in mid-April, another in the summer

33:11 - sroseman
at Knowschools

33:15 - Dan McGuire 2
Here's one that I have that is open to the world I have some observations of my experiences recorded here under the link, Classroom Benefits in the 'course' Moodle for Elementary Math, Science and Writing which was the bones of a presentation that I made at the TIES 2008 Educational Conference in Dec. '08.
Moodle for Elementary Math, Science and Writing

33:31 - Peggy George
thanks for adding your links! this will be great for us to explore later. The chat log will be posted on our website so you can get the links later

33:38 - cossondra
my connection is so slow I can almost read stuff :(

33:49 - danserrato
hey man

34:05 - Kim Caise 15
the recorded session and chat log will be made availabe later this weekend at

34:11 - Donelle
we're taking a year to get it ready and learn it well

34:22 - Chris Bell
teaching online is an art

34:24 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
For teachers: There are ways to host this on your own, but you are SO much better off if you get buyin and support from your district technology staff and get them to host it makes all the difference...

34:27 - sroseman
I found the learning curve hard

34:28 - the0d0re
I am getting the impression that Moodle is just a way for students to "take a course" online. Is that correct? So, it can just be another boring course; just online. Can you show some content that displays what Moodle can do that makes it worthwhile?

34:28 - cossondra
multitasking at Shawns command

34:29 - Peggy George
Don't worry if you can't keep up with the chat! You'll be able to see it all later (at your own page) :-)

34:40 - Kim Caise 15
sure thing @bonnie

34:47 - griffbuddy

34:49 - Braddo
I'm more interested in "Why?" questions then "How?" questions: It seems to me that Moodle is "old school", that is it's built and run by teachers. Is this just another iteration of pedagogy as knowledge transfer vs. socially constructed knowledge. Not that old school is necessarily wrong, and socially-constructed learning inherently superior, but does Moodle really change the game?

34:52 - Gina
It takes about 1-1.5 years for a district wide incremental implementation (pilot - to full run)

34:52 - Amy Chayefsky
Roxanne - I refer wikispaces for teachers and admins and myself, but pbwiki seems to have a simpler interface for younger stdudents. i let teachers choose between the wiki options for their own classes - seems elem like pbwiki and secondary like choice..

34:53 - Peggy George
at your own pace, not page!!!

35:01 - Shawn

35:08 - cossondra
and now he is making fun of me

35:19 - Shawn
Turnabout being fair play . . .

35:27 - WOScholar
@cossondra That is hilarious!

35:37 - Tammy Moore
I am the trainer with our non-profit using Moodle. We have training for new volunteers throughout the summer. Moodle takes about 10 hours of primary instruction time then support while they set up their course and again in the first few months of them using it with their students.

35:44 - cossondra
:( shhh... you are distracting the others who are tryng to learn

35:44 - Beth Still
@the0dore No, Moodle is not just another way to take a course online. It allows teachers to create amazing classes that engage students.....provided they can access those resources at their school!

35:46 - John Blaser
Our teacher center Moodle courses are 15 or 30 hours. I also provide our teachers with training and support on Moodle. We start with introductory sessions that total 8 hours. This, together with ongoing supports, gets them up and going

36:05 - jansmith
the0d0re: this is the essential q. The thoughtful design is essential--one cool feature that makes it interactive is forums. Interactivity

36:06 - cossondra
who is woscholar

36:11 - Sheri
i have a moodle course i created i could show if u help

36:14 - Diana Dell
Moodle is great for traditional (direct) instruction but also works for constructivist teaching. Very adaptable in term of pedagogy.

36:15 - Gina
Initial per teacher pd time is about 30 - 45 hours

36:22 - Kim Caise 15
sure @sheri

36:38 - Bonnie Dilling
can we bring dim dim inti moodle

36:41 - Terry Lindenmuth
elluminate with Moodle is what our school is looking to implement

36:47 - Gina
and it most effective when delivered using Moodle itself online

36:52 - NancyBW
what was that? dimdim?

36:52 - roxanneglaser
@braddo Martin Dougiamas is highly constructivist in his pedagogy. He really believes in students constructing knowledge. But you can really adapt tools to whatever use you need/want

36:53 - Bonnie Dilling
sorry into moodle (dim dim)

36:56 - deb-nh
We have a physic teacher using Moodle, she started teaching advance Physics for Virtual High school.

36:57 - Gigi J
i've been putting in a easy space for very newbie teachers on what resources are available -- -- we're expanding it further to really make it more basic and tied to teaching objectives and how to think about tech in curriculum planning. We're driving toward some local teacher-led decisonmaking on PD...lots of these are good resources but for your first stint this of course is all overwhelming. All additional ideas welcome: @maremel on Twitter

36:58 - Tammy Moore
Terry - twe are using Elluminate and Moodle - works great

37:05 - Diana Dell
Many school use Moodle first for teacher pd and then start using with students

37:07 - WOScholar
@Braddo - It can. If the instructor allows it via the social tools built into it. But what is nice is that it allows the participants to create content and share knowledge with a broader base than those they see every day.

37:17 - jansmith
@the0d0re: I think it is ESSENTIAL that we not slip into "course delivery" style of teaching--smae danger w Smartboard

37:20 - Peggy George
@Tammy Moore-how are you using Elluminate and Moodle?

37:22 - jeffmason
Our district started by using it to establish teacher technology learning groups. Now the teachers are using it for their own classes.

37:22 - the0d0re
Braddo and I have the same concerns. What makes Moodle are valuable learning tool for kids?

37:34 - Gigi J
oops -- wrong URL --

37:36 - Bonnie Dilling
dim dim is another meeting place like eluminate that we are using now; just for smaller numbers like 20

37:54 - Kearnsville
Lost audio

37:55 - Donelle
@John-your training model sounds great

37:56 - Gina
audio lost

37:57 - Gigi J
the sounds of silence

38:02 - sara
lost audio

38:02 - casterline

38:03 - Elena

38:05 - Tammy Rushing
Our moodle is just moving beyond the "pilot" stage, but the teachers who are using it have quickly moved beyond the loading of simple content to using the interactive tools with their students. When I check the user logs, I see students logging in around the clock to check messages, chat, collaborate, etc.

38:05 - roxanneglaser
@woscholar and @braddo agree! and it can be used to facilitate a HIGH level of conversation and interactions among teachers and students

38:07 - Diana Dell
audio lost

38:07 - Bonnie Dilling
no audio

38:08 - Kim Caise 15
a few minor difficulties

38:11 - Kim Caise 15

38:11 - Sheila
@theodore-the interactivity of Moodle- doing things makes it a valuable tool for kids.

38:13 - the0d0re
no audio

38:13 - Peggy George
quick--read the chat log until the audio comes back for Miguel

38:15 - Robin
the0d0re: it engages students in their own learning

38:17 - Chai
dialup internet

38:22 - kojo
No audio here as well.

38:22 - Sheila
no audio

38:25 - Jonathan7007
Please talk before ending about Moodle for elementary! Thanks.

38:25 - Tammy Moore
Moodle houses our course structure, resource links, quizzes, and assignemnts. We also have links to lecture recordings there. Elluminate is our live time together

38:28 - Ridvan
no aud'o

38:31 - Rebecca
audio keeps cutting out - hopefully the recorded version will have all of this recorded?

38:33 - griffbuddy
we're educators. we define patient

38:37 - Elena

38:37 - griffbuddy

38:38 - Steve
Looks like Miguel lost his connectin.

38:39 - Tammy Moore
About half of the kids take advanatage of the live sessions

38:41 - Sheila
back with audio

38:46 - Shawn
np, twitter up, facebook up, postproduction podcasting in one ear, Skype and the chat room here is enough for my ADD . . .

39:05 - cossondra
You ADD?? haha...

39:08 - cossondra
you are the poster child

39:14 - Bonnie Dilling
I agree with you Shawn

39:16 - deb-nh
When I taught middle school technology classes, I taught off websites and the server.

39:17 - Gigi J
very cool -- I adore SlideShare!

39:20 - Tammy Moore
but the kids are free to go at their own pace by using the Moodle alone with the recorded lectures links)

39:24 - Peggy George
This slideshare Kim is showing for Elementary is in our Sharetabs so you can see it later

39:28 - WOScholar
@cossondra I'm Scott S. Floyd from White Oak, TX - ot WOScholar on Twitter . Oh, and proud to call Miguel a friend ;)

39:28 - griffbuddy
i should sit in front of more than one computer screen!

39:32 - Bonnie Dilling
I wish slideshare had audio

39:43 - roxanneglaser
@amy thanks! I like to be able to lock some pages and in wikispaces you can select whether you want no comments, comments on each page, or site-wide comments. Very helpful!

39:44 - Donelle
i had heard there is a moodle conference in the summer. Has anyone heard of this or recommend it?

39:44 - Terry Lindenmuth
We just rolled out Moddle to the entire k-12 staff. The Hs staff (5th year one2one laptops has really taken off.

39:45 - cossondra
griff, yes, i need more than 1 screeen too

39:59 - jackiegerstein
Example - Upper Elementary on Underground Railround - (Login as guest)

40:01 - sarahsutter
@WOScholar You forgot king of the lego tsunami :)

40:03 - Dan McGuire 2
It's not difficult at all to get the concept across to kids it's the adults who are slow.

40:11 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
In my district, we have elementary teachers doing book groups across grade levels and schools throughout my district...

40:13 - Peggy George

40:17 - jansmith
@bonnie dilling I have heard audio with it--don't know hoew done

40:18 - Bonnie Dilling
I'm admin to our moodle; hoping to roll it out in the fall; some teachers trying it out now

40:37 - Terry Lindenmuth
We are experiemting with blended courses and feel eluminate is what we need before we offer a complete online course.

40:38 - Diana Dell
Lots of elementary examples at

40:38 - JBurkeMaine
Moodle, beyond the forum ability, still seems primarily instructivist in nature.

40:39 - Bonnie Dilling
thanks @jansmith; I didn't know it was available

40:43 - John Blaser
BEPT Teacher Center Moodle Main Page:

40:46 - Steve

41:02 - Sheri middle school writing just starting

41:06 - VANHOOKC
I am in a statewide teacher-librarian course for three months on Moodle. At the grad level, we are currently working in monthly forums. Great practice there. We see resources, monthly, and this is a wonderful file cabinet. We will be uploading content as final project. All of this happens within Moodle. I am liking it!

41:14 - Donelle
it would be great to get a moodle-part 2 of this session on another sat.

41:16 - Chris Bell
we are using Elluminate in combo w/wikispaces for blended middle school classes

41:17 - Kim Caise 15

41:20 - Steve
San Francisco in June.

41:23 - Robin
Moodle conference are "moodle moots"

41:30 - Gigi J
When don't you use Moodle?

41:33 - sarahsutter
@JBurke I think it's not inherently that way. Like so many tools, it's more how you use it. I think it could be used in a more constructivist and connectivist style.

41:34 - deb-nh
Moodle is free

41:35 - jackiegerstein
Unit for High School/Gifted Middle - Envisioing a More Perfect Future - (Login as Guest)

41:48 - Peggy George
Raise your hand if you'd like to take the mic

41:48 - Beth Still
Is anyone else using GoogleDocs inside Moodle? I create my lessons in Google then link them into my Moodle classes.

41:49 - Dan McGuire 2
It's free and it works really well.

41:51 - griffbuddy
it is free

41:51 - VANHOOKC
Moodle would be a great central source for all to link out to other resources

41:52 - Donelle
@steve- SF in June - is that the moodle conference?

41:53 - Jonathan7007
Examples of elementary might help but what are the nuances that make Moodle better for elementary? My guess is wqell-developed security and tracking for info to unravel problems after the fact: data breach, misunderstandings, inappropriate use.

42:03 - jackiegerstein
Really like being able to offer a "blackboard" type course independent of an institution.

42:06 - Chris Bell
we are using Angel due to a low entry costs initially via the Orange County Dept of Ed. if i had to start over i would go with Moodle

42:07 - Bonnie Dilling
we have chosen it because it is free and allows so much possibilitiy for teachers to provide resources from their classrooms

42:17 - JBurkeMaine
Hey sarah! :)

42:20 - jennine_maner
Moodle is great for course delivery but also huge interactivity for students and teacher.

42:22 - Fred
As a teacher, I use both Moodle and Blackboard, but I don't necessarily get the choice. Usually that decision is made for teachers by an administrative level person.

42:25 - sarahsutter
I'm interested in the Google/Moodle connection with one login for Moodle and Google Apps next year.

42:31 - John Blaser
We wanted an easy to use Web 2.0 tool and Moodle is meeting the need for our middle and high school teachers and it is starting to move to elementary

42:33 - Kim Caise 15
welcome back miguel

42:34 - jansmith
@Bonnie Dilling: here is an example of slideshare w audio

42:37 - Gina
Moodle is an ACTIVITY BASED e-learning system, rather than CONTENT-BASED delivery system. It aligns better with how people learn.

42:39 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
Our district simply couldn't afford WebCT or Blackboard...

42:39 - Debbie Harris
could you put up the website URL for elementary

42:42 - Kim Caise 15
tammy is sharing how she uses moodle

42:44 - WOScholar
@roxanneglaser We work hard to have our teachers design coursework in that method. Several of our courses were among the first accepted in TX when the state decided to do a virtual high school. Now our teachers are evaluators for them as well. It is hard work to do right, but design is so important.

42:52 - Peggy George
Yeah! Miguel is back!! :-)

42:55 - Braddo
the0d0re: I think there are some unaswered, fundamental questions.

43:09 -
please share!

43:12 - Todd Norton 2
is moodle worth it if you have very limited student access to computers?

43:12 - cswaffie
@Jason Neiffer - ditto here

43:15 - Sheri
if you use tech tools now, Moodle will be easy once you learn the structure

43:18 - jansmith
I want to know more about parent involvement

43:21 - Diane Woodard
Even if we could afford Blackboard, I prefer Moodle!

43:23 - deb-nh
How about an army of retired folks running moodle class from their home

43:24 - Tim 1
Thanks for sharing!

43:26 - WOScholar
@Jonathan7007 email me at for elementary examples. We use it.

43:35 - sarahsutter
@Todd if the students have access at home, it can be worth it.

43:45 - casterline
are the parents certified teachers

43:48 - deb-nh
I want to hear more about Tammy's program

43:49 - Fred
The advantages to Moodle are that it is free, significantly more elegant to use, from both the student and teacher perspectives, than either Blackboard or WebCT.

43:50 - Gina
Excellent moodle case study on Moodle-izing a school:

43:51 - Jonathan7007
Thanks, I will go back to the log to do so later.

43:51 - Todd Norton 2
we have maybe 80% of our kids who have computers, if that

43:52 - Robin
@Todd Norton 2 Moodle extends the classroom learning

43:52 - Sheri
deb-hn great idea

43:54 - Cyndi 1
I have used both BB and Moodle and strongly prefer Moodle

43:55 - Gigi J
Of course, no one is "selling" this to the districts vs. for-profit options...

43:59 - Diane Woodard
I have about 450 users on my Moodle server and growing.

44:00 - VANHOOKC
remember conditions of use is vital

44:13 - John Blaser
In our training for teachers, we cover how to teach their students to use it.

44:27 - Diana Dell
Students need only a quick introduction.

44:33 - griffbuddy
We currently share the cost of Blackboard through a consortium and will be changing to Moodle. Blackboard is wonderful for classroom management....

44:35 - Dan McGuire 2
A data projector is an important tool for teaching in a face to face blended classroom

44:38 - Sheri
diane w amazing -- where is your moodle?

44:43 - Bonnie Dilling
@paul, not real sure I didn't install it on the server our tech coordinator did that for me; but all of our computers are windows based, novell network, and I think the server is windows server

44:44 - WOScholar
@sarahsutter I try to hide that fact. It can be too much for some to know about. ;) Shuold I say I call Gary Stager a friend as well?

44:45 - Fred
It is a deep tool with far more features than any teacher is likely to use.

44:54 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
@Diane... what hardware/platform are you hosting on?

44:55 - Tammy Rushing
Students pick it up faster than their teachers!

45:10 - msponseller
How do we MOTIVATE students to use Moodle?

45:10 - sroseman
could you create or have available a sandbox whereby we can play with Moodle

45:17 - Diane Woodard
I have it hosted on my local server and it provides college courses and courses for schools accross western mt

45:18 - VANHOOKC
great piece is the forum, with quick point of reply (comment) -- thats the value of adding ideas

45:19 - Diana Dell
Students are naturals

45:23 - Beth Still
I wish there were plans to a national bank of online courses! It is a shame to keep the courses we have created all to ourselves. Texas has the right idea to start sharing!

45:26 - Gina
some schools are using Moodle successfully as a credit recovery vehicle

45:29 - WOScholar
Yep. We are more than happy to share what we have in White Oak.

45:30 - Diane Woodard

45:31 - Bonnie Dilling
my drivers ed teacher is my first teacher to use it; as we are just learning how to use moodle; hoping to get many teachers using it next year

45:35 - Kim Caise 15
i believe has a sandbox

45:36 - Cyndi 1
I think it is because kids are not afraid to try and fail. Evidence, video games

45:38 - Kearnsville
Can this be done on a home computer or do I need access to a server?

45:39 - John H.
The have a classroom you can practice in at

45:42 - Jonathan7007
In my rural Hawaii area about 50% have access to computers. The parents are afraid to let the kids use them in some cases where there is a computer. My feeling is that we haven't offered a compelling enough reason to families to move more haouseholds to open this up. The parents are not expert users themselves.

45:44 - Gigi J
@sroseman -- agree -- it would be great to have playspaces as well as examples to showcase to non-believers

45:49 - Leslie
Would Moodle be a good platform for student portfolios?

45:50 - NancyBW
I've had great luck using Moodle for Information/library literacy skills while collaborating with teachers.

45:52 - Sheri
thaks for link Diane

46:06 - Diane Woodard
I use google forms to create a sandbox block for training and classroom use

46:20 - sroseman
teachers need to play and explore to see the possibilities

46:20 - jackiegerstein
If it is the right use - students use outside of the classroom - My students create projects on their PBWiki outside of school - just because they like it- nonassignment related.

46:25 - WOScholar
Thanks, @jckiegerstein. That would be great for our MS GT program. We do a lot of Model UN work. Might be a good fit.

46:29 - Cyndi 1
yes, I have a Moodle forum for each grade 4-8 in my school for library/media

46:39 - Sheri
For those with moodle experience -- how about helping improve the workshop component?

47:02 - Bonnie Dilling
I need to find out where that is!

47:04 - Tammy Moore
What I like for us - 24/7 access for the kids - recorded lectures if they miss a session, quizzes that they can use to test themselves to see if yjet are 'getting it', assignment uploader from home, 24/7 access to grade book

47:09 - sarahsutter
Is there a good Moodle course out there for a district to introduce Moodle to a staff? I dont' want to reinvent the wheel.

47:13 - Leslie
@Jim Burke - is there a grant like that for Maine?

47:13 - Sheri
The workshop component needed for writing and projects -- has not been updated

47:18 - John Allan
I use Moodle with English for Specific Purposes at a College in Qatar in a second language environment and it provides structure and consistency for the students as well as all of the staff at this level.

47:25 - Gina
Moodle's creator is looking for some developers to re-do Workshop module.

47:29 - WOScholar
U of Florida said in a podcast the other day they are probably moving to Moodle, but are moving away from Blackboard for sure due to high costs.

47:33 - Cyndi 1
Moodle site itself has some training pieces

47:38 - JBurkeMaine

47:44 - Leslie

47:44 - Lorraine Leo
Is there an online Moodle workshop that a teacher can attend?

47:44 - Diana Dell
sarah, lots of resources at

47:49 - JBurkeMaine
Ooops. . I must have missed some of the chat. . .

47:55 - VANHOOKC
Login is easy from home. My question is how easy is it to make some content private and some open access.

47:55 - JBurkeMaine
Which grant?

47:58 - WOScholar
@sarahsutter Email me and I will give you links to someone who worked through that process:

48:03 - Troy
Moodle really needs students have access to computers to be effective. This is one of our hurdles.

48:04 - jackiegerstein
@WOSchloar - you are welcome to use it - Envisioninga More Perfect future was very successful for gifted middle school - (Login as guest).

48:06 - Kim Caise 15

48:07 - Peggy George
@Lorraine--yes there are some Moodle online training sessions

48:11 -

48:11 - deb-nh
I am using it for Professional Development and make teachers become a student in my class to create interest.

48:12 - Leslie
A grant for training on Moodle for teachers.

48:16 - Evelyn Wrobel
Why might admin. be reluctant to allow Moodle?

48:18 - sarahsutter
@woscholar Deal! Thanks.

48:22 - Tammy Moore
We have workshops throughout the summer months - contact Tammy Moore at

48:23 - Braddo
Why not let teachers work by themselves--don't we trust them?!!!

48:27 - deb-nh
stimulus money might be available

48:29 - Sheri
Did we mention for resources yet?

48:35 - John H.
For privacy we have some course open to guest, some open to guests with a password and some closed (I.E. only account holders can access).

48:46 - Cyndi 1
admin is afraid of communication that is not "cnotrllable " enough

48:47 - Kim Caise 15
yes we did @sheri and it is in our sharetabs list

48:48 - Bonnie Dilling
@deb-nh, I think that is funny!

48:54 - Troy
Great topic for next week!!!!

48:54 - Cyndi 1

48:56 - Lorraine Leo
@Peggy thanks

49:01 - JBlack
I think I will contact and see if they will produce a instructional set on this topic -- I think there is a high demand, and I'd pay $25 for a month subscription to learn it

49:02 - Kim Caise 33
There are many great videos out there for Moodle help, the best training is usage though

49:08 - Peggy George
Miguel's wiki he prepared for today is a great place to start if Moodle is new to you

49:16 - WOScholar Cranford's Class is loaded with Moodle lessons for elementary and Spec Ed.

49:28 - Dan McGuire 2
Here's my site that has some space left for those who need it to practices

49:29 - Sheri
cyndi 1 moodle is "controllable"

49:32 - Terry Lindenmuth
Teachers at KASD use Moodle and a few have over used it.

49:36 - Diana Dell
youtube has many great moodle videos

49:48 - Braddo
I don't mena to sound naive, I'm an admin, but why do we need that control of we have trust?

49:51 - Sheila
overused it@Terri

50:01 - Peggy George
@Dan-thank you!! that is great for people to have a place to practice :-)

50:03 - WOScholar
@deb-nh We expect it to be taken over by retired educators so they can earn extra money at their own pace.

50:03 - Tammy Moore
When session is done - you can save the chat to a txt file to collect all these great resources here in the chat box - go to File/Save/Chat

50:04 - Ross
I'd love to hear more about approaching administration for approval of using moodle (and other such technologies).

50:07 - Donelle
@Miguel-could you share your favorite place for getting that free curriculum you mentioned?

50:08 - griffbuddy
MACUL has a Moodle Group which meets from time to time...I was checking it out

50:09 - JBurkeMaine
Leslie. . .the State had a series of trainings, but are no more. . .

50:10 - Cyndi 1
not enough for my admins, sometimes. they set it up, but I have to justify it at least monthly. They hate the chat feature.

50:15 - Terry Lindenmuth
You need the control.

50:18 - Robin
@Sheri: you can set different level of access

50:21 - JBurkeMaine
We could to check to see what might be available. .

50:22 - Bonnie Dilling
do I need to have class ID numbers for each of my moodle classes that are set up; I'm the moodle admin

50:34 - Terry Lindenmuth
As an admin. you need to CYA

50:37 - Peggy George
@Tammy-thanks for the tip. We will also share the entire chat with a link on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE website after the show

50:39 - Shawn
MACUL meets next week. I think one of the preconference sessions is on Moodle. There's a Moodle session for the Mac users during the conference.

50:43 - JBurkeMaine
There are free trainers in Maine available. .

50:59 - Kim Caise 15
depends @bonnie on how you set up the courses within moodle

50:59 - Hui-Wen is for K-12 teachers to create course on Moodle, how about college instructors? Where can I find the free site to begin the online classes?

51:01 - Cyndi 1
yes, there is a good Moodel presentation coming to MACUl

51:01 - Peggy George

51:07 - griffbuddy
MACUL has a Moodle ning

51:07 - JBurkeMaine

51:08 - Sheri
@Braddo you must be the best admin -- "trust" is what we need to do

51:11 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
The control point is a good one... Moodle helps take way the paranoia...

51:16 - Kim Caise 33
(lorenchuk here, not sure why the moerator tag was applied to me)Our district still wants to control who gets in.

51:17 - Leslie
Okay. I'll do some research! (and watch your blog:) )

51:24 - Shawn
Ah, didn't know about the MACUL Moodle Ning.

51:37 - loonyhiker
sorry i'm late but we had storms here. is this recorded so i can watch from the beginning?

51:40 - Leslie
thx for the link, Jim!

51:43 - Bonnie Dilling
I'm setting up all the categories but allowing the teachers to create the courses - is this the wrong direction to go?

51:44 - Gina
School dsitricts must maintain compliance with FERPA regs -

51:45 - Kim Caise 15

51:49 - the0d0re
Thank you Diane. I guess Braddo and I need to do some searching about to find out how Moodle can be used. If those of you who are advocates for Moodle, could continue to share sites etc. I know I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.

51:52 - deb-nh
Moodle helps moving green!

51:54 - Kim Caise 15

51:54 - griffbuddy
I also remember seeing a Moodle meeting (say that 10 times) in Holland or somewhere Jan/Feb?

52:00 - Braddo
But MG, doesn't "Moodle as scaffold" that only defer the decision?

52:01 - Peggy George
There is a fantastic Moodle Ning community created by Laurie Korte which is a great place to post questions and see what others are doing with Moodle in their classrooms. Link in the sharetabs

52:08 - Dan McGuire 2
Moodle will save school districts lots of money.

52:13 - sarahsutter
@Bonnie - That's what I'm doing. Sandbox for teachers to do trial runs, then they make their own course.

52:14 - deb-nh
Folks are using moodle for electronic portfolio

52:20 - Kim Caise 15

52:27 - cswaffie
MACUL Moodle Ning :

52:31 - jansmith
love that we operate out of fear...

52:31 - Leslie
Thanks Deb, you answered my question too.

52:32 - Diana Dell
Moodle creates a walled-garden.

52:36 - Gigi J
Have you guys found Zotero for older students in their research? Very cool.

52:40 - Peggy George
I think Moodle provides an excellent way to create eportfolios

52:40 - Shawn
I'll look in the info. Got my MACUL conference stuff in the mail while I was at MAMSE.

52:43 - John Allan
Donelle, I use the standard tools in Moodle but use a lot of Web 2.0 technologies with non standard blocks at the sides of out Moodle courses

52:43 - Beth Still
@the0d0re I'd be happy to share what we have done at my school My email is

52:51 - Kim Caise 33
@deb-nh, that is exactly why I am using it with Senior graduation projects, the kids will all have a digital port when they finish

52:53 - Braddo
So, the reason for taking on Moddle is "to keep the district out of the news"??

52:56 - WOScholar
@Leslie Google Moofolio for portfolio use

53:01 - griffbuddy

53:03 - VANHOOKC
But address the importance of global sharing of thoughts. Will Moodle let us have a global connection?????

53:07 - helen -bc, canada
there are many mentions that Moodle is free - a distinction: it is OPEN SOURCE, that means that you can download and use the program but there are costs involved in keeping the program running, support and servers to host it

53:10 - Leslie
Thanks WOScholar!

53:12 - deb-nh
Darn this hour goes way to fast!

53:15 - Braddo
Have to disagree MG. Aprreciate issues of protection, but I don't beleive that innovation in web 2.0 world can come from top down. The web moves too fast. The whole point of web 2.0 is to access the long tail etc.

53:18 - Bonnie Dilling
@sarah are you creating course numbers for the courses

53:22 - jllarsen
Is anyone using moodle for peer review?

53:26 -
@Braddo Keep out of the news for BAD stuff, and keep the focus on good stuff -

53:31 - Peggy George
@deb-nh--you are so right!! the time just flies by!

53:33 - Sheri
there is an opensource site that allows you to try the different software out online -- any one remember what that is?

53:42 - Kim Caise 15

53:43 - Sheila
Hello to all colleagues who attended MEC 2009!

53:44 - Maureen
Have to download the chat and whiteboard- daughter called and couldn

53:46 - WOScholar
@sarahsutter - There is a course for introing Moodle. Email me and I will find the link -

53:51 - Tammy Moore
We have used peer review in our writing and lit analysis courses

53:52 - Maureen
sorry coundln't pay attention

54:01 - deb-nh
We had parent complain too..

54:05 - sarahsutter
@Bonnie I will when more people start using it. We're a tiny district, so courses by course title is ok.

54:06 - jansmith
@VANHOOKC: I don't see how other than teacher-teacher other ways to connect--blogs, skype, collab ops

54:14 - Shawn
@griffbuddy & @cswaffle thanks for the link.

54:16 - Kim Caise 15
the recording links will be posted later this weekend at

54:17 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
I agree: balance is key... over-Moodleing is just as bad as no Moofle at all

54:20 - JBurkeMaine
arghhhh . . this is one fast chat board

54:31 -
Elluminate is so expensive for districts, as are Wimba and other similar tools

54:32 - WOScholar
Thanks, Jackie

54:32 - Tammy Moore
We have used the wiki for peer review. Workshop has those tools and the forum also has peer scoring tools as well but I have not tried those

54:34 - JBurkeMaine

54:39 - Bonnie Dilling
@sarahsutter that is what I was thinking; we only have 3-4 teachers per dept. in our district so I thought course name was enough

54:43 - jackiegerstein
Can't just recreate traditional pedagogies in online forums

54:47 - Gigi J
How much is Elluminate?

54:54 - griffbuddy
whenever i can be of help....

54:56 - Bonnie Dilling
how do we get dimdim into the moodle

55:01 - sharon_elin
@jackiegerstein -- good point

55:01 - Tammy Moore
Elluminte - 3 seater is free

55:06 - Shawn
@griffbuddy Going to quote you on that ...

55:06 -
DimDim and other neat modules -

55:07 - griffbuddy
tech people type fast

55:07 - Lorraine Leo
that would be great...

55:08 - helen -bc, canada
April 1 - 4, 2009 MoodleMoot Canada 'Open Spaces, Open Minds' - you can regisiter and attend in person or virtually

55:10 - VANHOOKC
@jansmith Please discuss more so I understand!

55:15 - Diane Woodard
We paid $1500 for 20 seats for elluminate

55:24 - Braddo
MG, I understand the problem. But I don't like the curtrent solutions. They restrict innovation, creativity etc. But I push back in the best spirit.

55:30 - jackiegerstein
thanks - big attendance - congrats!

55:31 - VANHOOKC
@jansmith my email:

55:31 -
Spruce up Moodle with themes -

55:31 - Sheri i think has sandbox for all open source

55:35 - jansmith
@jackiegerstein: but some how , some do go to trad teaching w moodle: go here , do this, send me this,

55:44 - JBurkeMaine
Braddo . . I'm in agreement with you.

56:00 - Robin
any one in higher ed out there using Moodle?

56:02 - Kim Caise 15

56:04 - deb-nh
Next wee?

56:04 - jansmith

56:09 - Gina
MoodleMoot San Francisco

56:12 - jackiegerstein
@jansmith - and hence the problem - using the practices without understanding the "practice"

56:15 - chriswherley
can you put sharetabs in chat again?

56:25 - Kim Caise 15

56:30 - the0d0re
How do I save the chat?

56:36 - Bonnie Dilling
can't wait for the next moodle session this was very informative

56:45 -
Share Moodle Tips online as a podcast -

56:51 - Braddo
ditto, the0d0re

56:53 - VANHOOKC
I agree @Braddo. I like a closed environment but I also like the global connection...there are benchmarks for global sharing!

57:09 - Jonathan7007
Follow up I need is the ways Moodle keeps FERPA, overall security problems taken care of.

57:12 - Peggy George
click on the disk in the upper left hand corner of tool bar if you want to save the text chat to your computer--it will be posted after the show too

57:15 -
Why does choosing Moodle preclude global connections? Online Lit circles are GLOBAL

57:17 - WOScholar
@braddo I guess I am missing a post you made to understand the control issue. Our teachers can create what they want however they want. We just encourage them to make them very interactive and they must follow state standards for content. What they use to build or utilize the course is up to them in our district.

57:20 - rob m
Thanks for another great session...

57:25 - Sheri sandbox

57:27 -
FERPA is one of the ways we use Moodle, BTW

57:36 - Tammy Moore
Want to keep talking Moodle for a few more hours? I will open my Elluminate room up for drop ins - link is

57:36 - Gina
anyone interested in continuing dialogue is invited to Moodle Mentor Forum at

57:37 - chriswherley
kevinh is awesome

57:40 - JBurkeMaine
Thank you for the great discussion . . .

57:41 - jackiegerstein
@Braddo and @VANHOOKC - some problems with virtual wrolds with kids - want the isolated safet and want the global connections -

57:43 - jansmith
@jackie, the key is to keep reading, learning, getting push back on what we do by really watching and being inspired by the great work of others---clarence fisher for one

57:48 -
We have teachers view FERPA video for Special Ed teachers and the course is done online.

57:49 - Peggy George
The Podstock conference will be fantastic--coming on May 1-2

57:54 - JBurkeMaine
Got me thinkin' again. .

57:56 - Braddo
comments moving to fast to keep up....!!

58:07 - VANHOOKC
yeah! I am writing a lesson plan on this at my grad Moodle class -- podcasting

58:08 - Robin
Moodles are great for non-teaching staff development...

58:08 -
Thanks for having us, I hope it was helpful!!

58:14 - Lorraine Leo
thanks everyone

58:15 - chriswherley
met Kevin Honeycutt at ICE couple of weeks ago

58:17 - Sheri direct link think you need to sign in

58:20 - Tammy Moore

58:20 - Gina
Thank you to the moderators and participants

58:24 - Gigi J

58:25 - Peggy George
It has been fantastic Miguel--as always!

58:27 - jackiegerstein
Nice work - everybody!!

58:30 - WOScholar
@the0d0re Email me at and I will share whatever I can.

58:31 - Lucretia
@Robin The Univesity of Texas at San Antonio is using

58:32 - chriswherley
thanks everyone.

58:33 - Elena

58:34 - jansmith
Thaks all!

58:37 - Braddo
Can we carry things on in Twitter #ivecast20 ?

58:38 - roxanneglaser
THank you so much to @mguhlin and moderators!

58:39 - Bonnie Dilling
will the chat be required as well

58:40 - Leslie
Thanks all!

58:41 - Sheila
Thanks moderators and Miguel!

58:41 - Angie K

58:52 - Robin
@Kycretia: thanks!!

58:57 -

58:58 - Kim Caise 15

59:01 - Jonathan7007
This hour generated good follow-up questions for me, but the elementary issues are clearly not at the fore here. We elementary folks will have to start our own sub-group somewhere. e-mail me:

59:01 - Braddo
Thanks all.

59:03 - Kim Caise 15

59:05 - Jason Neiffer in Montana :)
Thanks everyone! Great session today!. :D

59:09 - Diane Woodard
Thanks Everyone!

59:17 - Peggy George
I'm so glad all of you could join us today and very appreciative of those of you who have shared your links and offered your help!!

59:21 - Tim 1
Thank you!

59:21 - Ridvan
thanks for everything

59:21 - jansmith
@VANJHOOK are you on twitter

59:23 - Robin
Keep moodling folks!

59:25 - Mary
Thank you so much...great first experience for me...felt like a racecar driver

59:26 - Sheri
thank you all

59:26 - Shawn
Thanks for the session!

59:27 - Rose A
Thanks from Cincinnati!

59:29 - sara

59:30 - jeffmason

59:31 - Steven

59:31 - Peggy George
Have a great day!! Become a Moodler :-)

59:32 - Donelle
Thank you!

59:32 - Gigi J
@maremel Bye!

59:32 - VANHOOKC
vanhookc on twitter

59:32 - griffbuddy
Thanks all!

59:33 - Paula

59:37 -
Thanks Kim, Peggy, Steve and Lorna!!

59:37 - kojo
Where is the survey please?

59:39 - Barbara O
Thanks to everyone!

59:40 - jansmith
jansmithon twitter

59:41 - VANHOOKC

59:44 - robfreedman
great, thanks for this

59:46 - jackiegerstein
Bye Peggy and Kim - thanks!

59:48 - Richard Holden

59:50 - sarahsutter
Thanks - great topic - excellent guest!

59:51 - jansmith
or jansmith :)

59:56 - MariaD
thank you

59:56 - deb-nh
Here is the email contact for that moodle class

59:59 - david
thanks from Budapest

1:00:02 - Gina
Bye Robin and Peggy!

1:00:12 -
Edufire was offering an intro Moodle class

1:00:14 - Kim Caise 15

1:00:16 - Bill
I came in late, is this session available online somewhere?

1:00:16 - JBurkeMaine
Thanks again. . .

1:00:22 - Robin

1:00:35 - Robin

1:00:36 - Jonathan7007
Hawaii DOE folks e-mail me at

1:01:14 - Peggy George
Bye everyone! Enjoy your weekend and your spring break if you are one of the lucky ones just starting your break!

1:02:41 - deb-nh
Thank you

1:03:14 - Hui-Wen
May I ask a quesiton?

1:03:25 - Kim Caise 15
sure hui -wen, we are just about to close out

1:03:48 - Kim Caise 15

1:03:57 - Hui-Wen
If a college instructior wants to create a course on Moodle, do we need to have own server?

1:04:50 - Kim Caise 15

1:05:15 - WOScholar
@Hui-Wen you can Google Moodle Rooms and get one for free. Or email me at and we will set you one up to play in and use if you wish. We have the server space to share, and we do that for many folks.

1:05:30 - Peggy George
@Hui-Wen-you can pay for server space on Moodle-take a look at as one alternative

1:05:39 - Hui-Wen
Thanks so very! I will email you.

1:05:47 - Kim Caise 15
you can host it yourself or pay for a service to host it for you

1:05:48 - Peggy George

1:05:56 - Jonathan7007
Peggy, other moderators: please consider a Saturday session here about Creative Commons. Legal issues, background, resources for convincing administrators of legal benefits, etc.

1:06:06 - Kim Caise 15
moodle is flexible and can be constructed according to your budget and needs

1:06:10 - WOScholar
@hui-Wen I look forward to it. We share for free, of course. We just like to see what others are doing and hopefully they will share back.

1:06:41 - Peggy George
@Jonathon7007-that is a great suggestion. CC comes up in almost every show and it would be good to provide some information

1:07:19 - Kim Caise 15
@jonathon feel free to post that topic suggestion

1:07:26 - Kim Caise 15
on our wiki page for future reference

1:07:35 - WOScholar
Thanks Kim, Peggy, Miguel, et al. I'll be looking for the recording to see what I missed in the earlier part. Or, I'll just call Miguel. ;)

1:07:43 - Peggy George
once everyone is logged out of this session we will be able to start capturing the recording to post for all of you. Thanks so much for joining us!

1:07:57 - Kim Caise 15
it was great to have you join us today @woscholar from another south texan

1:07:59 - Peggy George
Miguel is ALWAYS willing to share!!

Mar 14, 2009 10:11:20 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

1:09:49 - Peggy George
I have seen some very good video tutorials on creative commons recently

1:10:44 - Jonathan7007
I am switching hosts so not up, but I was able to grab "" which I thoiught would be fun to maintain, but my Principal tells me aI am assigned to Kindergarten next year. Hard to use Moodle there... <grin> Seriously though, that diid upset me-the reassignment. Made no sense. No performance issue.

1:11:05 - Peggy George
use lots of pictures Jonathan :-)

1:11:32 - Rebecca
Pictures and add text.

1:11:34 - Kim Caise 15
great suggestion peggy. the trend is to move stronger teachers to the lower foundational grades so perhaps that is the reason

1:11:50 - Peggy George
Kindergartners can be very good with clicking on the links from pictures to go to online activities :-)

1:12:04 - Rebecca
Is that really the trend? Where?

1:12:29 - Peggy George
I wouldn't say it is a trend but it happens.

1:12:57 - Kim Caise 15
at least in texas it is. the mindset is trying to create a strong foundation to ease the burden for the testing grades starting at third grade

1:13:00 - Peggy George
I remember having a 6th grade teacher when I was principal who said if I ever moved him to Kdg he'd know I wanted to get rid of him :-)

1:13:30 - Kim Caise 15
thank you again everyone for joining us and we will now close out and end the session. please join us at for archive information and future show details.

1:13:37 - Kim Caise 15

1:13:40 - Rebecca
I have noticed over the past two years that there is a bell curve of participation with students. Some LOVE using the technology and do - wikis particularly. There there is a small share of students who are lurkers.

1:13:40 - Peggy George
but we definitely need very strong teachers in the early years (and all of the years)!!

1:13:45 - Jonathan7007
That is the impression I have about my move to K, and I said as much to my Principal.

1:13:54 - Kim Caise 15

1:14:17 - Kim Caise 15

1:14:18 - Peggy George
we laughed about it but I would never have moved him to Kdg because he was too strong in 6th grade! We needed him there!

1:14:53 - kojo
Bye! Bye!

1:15:01 - Kim Caise 15
have a fantastic saturday everyone! see you next week!

Mar 14, 2009 10:18:56 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!