Apr 18, 2009 9:00:49 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

Digital Storytelling - Rush Hurley

00:06 - mrsdurff
not no - this is sancrosanct time

00:26 - Kathy Matthes

00:26 - Peggy George
oh yes--random cool tool thing :-) Wonder if we'll have time??

00:38 - Peggy George
@mrsdurff-you are so fantastic! Thanks!

00:42 - Chris
i love cool tools :-)

00:44 - SueH
sounds cool, I'd like to see it

00:49 - plnaugle
@mrsdurff Glad you made it.

01:41 - Peggy George
You'll find our sharetabs here for today's show-lots of great resources for you on digital storytelling #liveclass20 show, Sat 12:00pmEDT-Rushton Hurley sharing tips & strategies-digital storytelling http://bit.ly/gbidg

02:01 - Peggy George
oops-that wasn't the sharetabs link--don't click on it!!

02:14 - Elena
lol too late

02:16 - Peggy George

02:17 - Elena
im conditioned

02:29 - Peggy George
so sorry! try that one

02:43 - Peggy George

02:56 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone!

03:28 - SueH
Hi frrom cloudy Surrey, BC

03:43 - Doris3m
Hello to everybody! A warm hug from Venezuela

03:43 - Peggy George
Welcome SueH

03:44 - jackiegerstein
Hi Peggy

04:03 - Peggy George
Hi Jackie! Loved the new iPhone app you shared on twitter today!

04:04 - SueH
wow -- South America!

04:13 - jackiegerstein
: ) It is all so much fun!

04:25 - Peggy George
@Doris3m-fantastic you're here-what time is it in Venezuela?

04:28 - Doris3m

04:41 - Doris3m
It's 11:39 am

04:48 - LesleyE
Hi from sunny NVancouver BC

04:49 - mrsdurff
every twitter this show right after you do the map!

04:51 - Peggy George
I always love to see the world map light up :-)

04:56 - Peggy George
Welcome LesleyE

05:12 - Peggy George
yes-send out a tweet to invite people to join us :-)

05:14 - Gail
Gail: New Haven CT Cherry blossoms are out.

05:25 - SueH
@ Leslie -- just south of you in Surrey

05:27 - Peggy George

05:36 - mrsdurff

05:39 - Chris
@chrisbest1980 for anyone that wants to add a new twitterer ;-)

05:43 - Rushton
Very cool map!

05:46 - Barbara O
Hi on a beautiful day in Suffolk, Virginia

05:48 - matt montagne
hi all

05:53 - mrsdurff
hey matt

06:01 - Peggy George
Hi Matt-so glad you could join us!

06:03 - clifmims
Good morning, Matt.

06:24 - matt montagne
thanks, everyone...looking forward to this

06:24 - Peggy George
Hi clifmims. Wonderful to see you!!

06:36 - plnaugle
I sent ot a Tweet.

06:42 - Peggy George
thanks plnaugle!

07:00 - mrsdurff
Hey mims - how's the sonic - sold out yet?

07:10 - Peggy George
we're in for a treat with Rushton today!

07:13 - mrboyer
not letting me choose

07:23 - clifmims
Glad to be here, Peggy. 2nd weekend in a row that kids' soccer games have been rained out...so I've been able to join all the fun here.

07:23 - Doris3m
I know how to do it.. haven't had the chance yet..

07:33 - Kim T.

07:33 - Scott Shelhart
Thanks for the RT.. I almost missed it.

07:35 - Peggy George
remember to click on the check mark in the top menu--not on the slide

07:36 - Rushton
Photo Story

07:37 - Rob Galloway

07:43 - Lois

07:48 - donna drasch
photostory 3

07:50 - Doris3m

07:52 - Mary Ellen Lynch - Montreal

07:52 - Tammy Moore

08:16 - matt montagne
Should we be teaching youth how to convey a message using mixed media just like we've taught them how to convey a message via a textual message??

08:21 - Doris3m
movie maker

08:25 - Rob Galloway
This would be a good opportunity to use Wordle!

08:27 - Alec Couros
are these really forms? or technologies?

08:30 - clifmims
@durff We're still loyal Sonic fans. We did choose not to eat there for our anniversary last night. LOL

08:32 - Doris3m

08:33 - mrsdurff
Photo Story would be great if we were allowed to download it

08:43 - Kathy K.

08:45 - Doris3m

08:48 - Peggy George
fantastic to see those!

08:58 - Bob Caro
bubblr? - that's a new one to me

08:58 - plnaugle
I have used VoiceThread, Animoto,milebox, but mostly Photostory.

09:02 - Linda Spaulding
iMovie, VoiceThread

09:08 - Chris
there's loads there to follow up on later :-)

09:24 - plnaugle
Sorry that should be Smilebox.

09:30 - Sheri
@matt definitely yes

09:32 - Kathy K.
wish animoto was free

09:40 - Peggy George

09:49 - mrsdurff
@gail nope - not on our server

09:49 - roxanne c
have you looked into ed animoto?

09:51 - gail
animoto IS free! isn't it?

09:58 - plnaugle
Animoto is free for educators.

09:59 - LesleyE
@KathyK animoto is free for educators

10:17 - roxanne c
edanimoto is free for the small videos, 29, I think for the full version

10:25 - Kathy K.
I just started looking into that but haven't followed through, thanks

10:39 - BJBerquist
Rushton does a monthly presentation in Tapped In, too!

10:44 - Rushton
Kathy K. - Kanavel?

10:49 - matt montagne
10:51 - roxanne c
It's so cool, and you can directly embed them everywhere

10:52 - LesleyE
If you apply for an educators acct. it is the full version free for a few months

10:58 - plnaugle
Animoto is free and full featured if they set up educator account.

11:07 - Kathy K.

11:13 - Rushton

11:24 - LesleyE
HI Rushton! Nice to meet you.

11:28 - Rushton

11:33 - clifmims
I've found that kids have lots of fun with Story Blender http://www.storyblender.com

12:02 - mrsdurff
all hyperlinks will be in the sharetabs - so fret not

12:17 - Elena
have any of you used tuxpaint to design pictures for storytelling?

12:25 - Elena
great and i think better than kidpix

12:28 - gail
I have used tux paint...

12:32 - willykj
any way to get the urls and not the sharetab version?

12:42 - Peggy George

13:12 - shamblesguru

13:16 - Peggy George
I love the Animoto app both on my computer and my iPhone!

13:18 - mrsdurff
hi shambles

13:27 - shamblesguru
OH ... fame .. where is the fortune ;-)

13:28 - Peggy George
Yeah shamblesguru!!

13:42 - mrsdurff
share that fortune shambles

13:51 - Evelyn Cruz
shamblesguru what is your website url?

14:13 - shamblesguru
For digital storytelling http://www.shambles.net/pages/staff/dstorytell/

14:14 - Peggy George
using technology to convey a message-tell a story--so simple :-)

14:17 - Rob Galloway
@willykj: Go to the ShareTabs page & click on "copy all links" Hold your mouse over that link to see what it does.

14:34 - plnaugle
@shamblesguru Love your website.

14:46 - shamblesguru
/me blushing

14:50 - Evelyn Cruz
Thanks shamblesguru

14:54 - mrsdurff
a gaggle!

14:56 - Kim Caise
wow, what an eloquent description

14:58 - Rob Galloway
Is anyone using the new HyperStudio? Just curious.

15:23 - Peggy George
we are recording this session and the chat log so be sure to keep dropping in your favorite links

15:29 - mrsdurff

15:33 - Peggy George
yes-flip video

15:42 - gail
I am getting the new hyperstudio - interested in an "all in one"

15:50 - Roxanne
flip video is terrific

15:51 - plnaugle
Love my Flip camera.

15:54 - Peggy George
hands raised are probably attempts to vote :-)

16:04 - mrsdurff
have our kids used video to tell stories?

16:05 - Corina
We have 10 flips on our campus

16:10 - shamblesguru
Didn't know there was a new hyperstudio .. thanks .. will check out

16:27 - Doris3m
yes... you can see my students videos here... http://efluniversity.ning.com/video

16:29 - gail
new hyperstudio is on mac - windows coming soon

16:30 - Rob Galloway
Thanks @gail Is anyone else using or thinking about using the new HyperStudio? Just wondering if it's out there or not

16:47 - Peggy George
thanks @Doris3m!

17:31 - gail
I think Hyperstudio 5 is so new that no one is using it yet.

17:34 - Peggy George
Maybe he'll teach us some Japanese today :-)

18:06 - Sheri
i wanted to pay and download but they only offer it thru stores HS 5

18:06 - LesleyE

19:01 - Peggy George
little louder Paula :-)

19:03 - Rob Galloway
At one time we used HS with preservice teachers, but we got so frustrated with the older version that I doubt we'll adopt the new one - there are so many other options

19:13 - Caroline
no sound

19:36 - MB
comes in and out

19:47 - gail
@rob I think it is the new version's "all in one" and easy to save to various formats which intrigues me.

19:56 - Sheri
My students loved HS -- very versitile

20:22 - Mary Ellen Lynch - Montreal
what is hyperstudio

20:27 - Peggy George
such a valuable point about using it as a language tool--music is a great idea

20:46 - Chris
very good point sabine

20:54 - Rob Galloway
@gail Yes, I agree. Very tempting!

20:58 - DavidWeightman
Beauty is students can opt for teacher to be the only viewer

21:01 - plnaugle
I use my flip camera to tape my students doing projects and presentations. Then I post them on my eBoard and blog for parents to see.

21:07 - Peggy George
the rules would be very helpful Rushton

21:12 - Roxanne
me too

21:30 - mrboyer
Flips are easy for students to use themselves

21:33 - Kevin Amboe - Surrey BC
This year we have done a lot of work with videos both from video camera and created with iMovie. One of the best uses I have found is for students to see and hear themself. It improves their speaking skills.

21:35 - Sheri
Do flip cameras work with macs?

21:35 - MB
What is the best flipcamera to use?

21:43 - Bill Guinee
What's a flip camera?

21:45 - plnaugle
I also put together Photostories with digital photos to share.

21:47 - Rob Galloway
For those interested, here is URL for the new HyperStudio http://www.mackiev.com/hyperstudio

21:58 - Corina
Yes, Flips are Mac/PC

21:58 - shamblesguru

22:00 - Peggy George
flip cameras run from cheap to expensive--go cheap for the classroom :-)

22:05 - Kim Caise

22:23 - MB
thanks. is the quality as good?

22:24 - Corina
The batteries do not recharge on the cheap Flips though

22:26 - Deb B

22:26 - mrsdurff
thx kim

22:33 - Peggy George
I use a flip vid from Pure Digital and it was about $129.00 when I bought it

22:38 - plnaugle
Starting to use Animoto and Smilebox where you send them digital pics and they make video and send it back via email.

22:45 - jeffbrain
Here is a sample of one of the projects I use with my students. The main feature is the mosaic story on the Characters tab:

22:49 - jeffbrain

22:55 - Kim Caise
sams club has them for about 80 bucks

22:56 - shamblesguru

22:57 - SueH
Also builiding videos tends to be more collaborative but in person presentations are "more divide up the job efforts"

22:59 - Barbara O
@Sheri we use our flip cameras with macs.

23:00 - Peggy George
@Corina-that is a defnite drawback to the cheaper ones-batteries aren't rechargeable

23:04 - mrsdurff
Schooltube is better

23:20 - Peggy George
Thanks jeffbrain! Can't wait to watch it

23:25 - mrboyer
i can never upload anything to TeacherTube. Always fails during download

23:43 - LesleyE
love animoto

23:44 - Chris
mrboner - try reducing file size below 50meg

23:48 - gail
here is the screen shot of how Hyperstudio saves http://twitpic.com/3j1ox

23:53 - jeffbrain
The biggest downfall of Teacher Tube is the upload process. Have to have very compressed films.

23:54 - Chris
mrboyer sorry!!!!

24:06 - Deb B
Video five minutes or less

24:12 - mrsdurff
attention span too

24:13 - Peggy George
thanks for that tip @gail!

24:16 - mrsdurff

24:16 - MB
Rule One: 5' or less

24:25 - Deb B
video's should have no copyrighted content

24:30 - jeffbrain
Hyperstudio is fantastic, had a chance to spend a lot of time with Mr. Wagner at CUE in March.

24:33 - MB
Rule Two: No copyrighted material

24:34 - shamblesguru
UMmmmm ... what even Creative Commons?

24:50 - Peggy George
the copyrighted content is such an important point! That's why our next show with Kristin Hokanson will focus on copyright and creative commons :-)

24:55 - matt montagne
I'm fairly certain that the video from flip camcorders needs to be converted prior to use in iMovie 08 or 09

25:05 - Deb B
copyright friendly content

25:13 - LesleyE
we tell kids we won't publish stories in the wiki if they don't use cc images/music

25:16 - plnaugle
You can see my PhotoStories @ http://pnaugle.blogspot.com

25:23 - Deb B

25:29 - Roxanne
it uploads right into iphot and you import from there into imovie

25:32 - Kim Caise

25:32 - Deb B

25:33 - Peggy George
I downloaded my flip vids directly into iMovie just by clicking and dragging

25:48 - Laurie
where can i find copyright friendly music??

25:55 - matt montagne
I waver quite a bit on the value of remixing...I think there is tremendous value in remixing. Most remixes include copyright protected content

25:55 - gail
and here is the export functions built into HyperStudio 5 http://twitpic.com/3j1va

26:00 - mrsdurff
Freeplay = music

26:02 - MB
Rule Three: Nothing inappropriate for young viewers

26:14 - Peggy George
@Laurie-there are links in our sharetabs about copyright friendly music and images

26:16 - mikisew
www.freeplaymusic.com - comprehensive site for copyright free for educational use music

26:18 - Peggy George

26:21 - SueH
@Laurie -- incompetech

26:21 - gail
@matt I also like remixes! copyright friendly is a tough one.

26:23 - matt montagne
Most viral remixes, I should say, use copyright protected content.

26:26 - jeffbrain
One of the things we do a lot at our school is talk about being creators, not copiers...make our own images, music. All my students have mac iBooks with Photoshop Elements and GarageBand

26:27 - MB
Rule Four: Appropriate?

26:35 - Sheri
@matt convert flip with quicktime? for use in iMovie

26:42 - BJBerquist
www.musicshake.com is pc version of garageband. Kids can create their own music.

26:42 - mrsdurff
i never read fine print

26:55 - SueH
http://incompetech.com/ for music

26:57 - Peggy George
That's really interesting about freeplaymusic

27:00 - Deb B

27:08 - Rob Galloway
@matt montagne Incorrect - I just imported video from my Flip to iPhoto and then edited in iMovie '08 and posted to YouTube. No conversion along the way.

27:11 - shamblesguru
he he .... great point Rushton ...... also diferentiation between "Free" and "Royalty Free"

27:13 - Laurie
that happened to me too!

27:17 - gail
you can BUY soundzaboundz which is safe! might be a good buy if using sounds and music a lot

27:22 - mrsdurff
i start with free play and then move on to podsafe with kids

27:33 - Peggy George
oh yes! http://www.jamendo.com

27:36 - Deb B

27:40 - LesleyE
ferlazzo: Best places to get royalty free music http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2008/12/08/the-best-places-to-get-royalty-free-music-sound-effects/

27:41 - jeffbrain
Thanks for those music sites.

27:44 - matt montagne
@Rob...cool, thanks for the tip!!

28:02 - Kim Caise

28:02 - Peggy George

28:11 - matt montagne
don't know why you have to bring your video to iPhone before using in iMovie though

28:15 - Caroline
sound gone

28:28 - Peggy George
thanks LesleyE-Ferlazzo has such fantastic resources on his site!

28:40 - mrsdurff
no don't stop!

28:50 - Roxanne
discovery streaming has lots of adio you can use

29:02 - shamblesguru
Shambles list of mainly free music for education is at http://www.shambles.net/pages/school/SoundE/

29:13 - gail
@roxanne, doesn't that require they are only posted behind a password?

29:14 - mrsdurff
not everyone has discovery streaming

29:20 - Peggy George
so hard to multitask!! for me anyway!

29:21 - Deb B

29:46 - mrsdurff
peggy you are the master of the multi task!

29:49 - Peggy George
thanks everyone for sharing your links! These are fantastic!

30:11 - MB
We will be able to access this list, no?

30:18 - Deb B

30:24 - MB

30:28 - Kim Caise
yes, the chat log will be posted to our site later this weeked

30:30 - shamblesguru
Peggy ... and you female ..... research shows us guys are REALLY poor at multitasking especially compared to women

30:36 - Kim Caise

30:39 - msmithpds
just signed up for schooltube to showcase student's digital works

30:45 - Peggy George
yes I'm female :-) but old!

31:07 - Deb B
has there been a study regarding males and multitasking

31:08 - mrsdurff

31:19 - Roxanne
kids working together on these projects builds a community of learners

31:22 - Peggy George
you're so funny mrsdurff!!

31:28 - mrsdurff

31:32 - Peggy George
I'm a teen wannabe!

31:33 - Laurie
terrific way for my ESL students to hear how they sound speaking English. They fought it at first now they love it.

31:39 - mrsdurff
I'm 12

31:46 - matt montagne
some of our student digital stories they created in US History 2 years ago have over 14K views on youtube and counting

31:46 - plnaugle
@pgeorge Me too!

31:49 - Rob Galloway
@matt You don't have to go thru iPhoto... as Peggy wrote, you can just drag flip videos into iMovie interface

31:56 - Peggy George
teachers are some of the most shy people in front of a mic or camera :-)

32:05 - Deb B
First graders reading to the camera gave them purpose!

32:08 - matt montagne
the fact that digital stories can be scene outside of the classroom has tremendous value

32:15 - Deb B
purpose to practice

32:16 - SueH
we only have you for an hour, Rushton, so talk on

32:18 - matt montagne

32:30 - plnaugle
@mrsdurff What a sense of humor you have.

32:37 - Peggy George
the videos on Rushton's Next Vista site are fantastic examples!

32:38 - jeffbrain
indeed, a more authentic and thus focused audience, and creator both

32:50 - mrsdurff
i am rather disruptive

32:53 - Siouxze
What is the quality of the movies made from Flip Camera

33:02 - shamblesguru
List of mostly safe video locations online .. like schooltube, youtube, Academic Earth, TimeTube ... http://www.shambles.net/pages/school/videoOL/

33:20 - plnaugle
@mattmontagne Love that they can be shared with so many others.

33:20 - Deb B
Rushton are you big on story boarding?

33:20 - mrsdurff
Rushton you are supposed to talk

33:45 - Deb B
MB too

33:46 - Rob Galloway
@Siouxze Either 640x480 (VGA quality) or HD (720p) depending on the model.

33:53 - Peggy George
all of the text chat will be saved along with the video after the show on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE site

33:53 - MB

33:54 - SueH
does anyone know of a free online storyboarding program?

34:05 - jeffbrain
I think the roleplay options are a great addition to mosaic/online storytelling

34:09 - Deb B
how do you get over the tedious parts of story boarding?

34:17 - jeffbrain
Atomic Learning has free storyboarding app

34:20 - mrsdurff
atomic learning has a storyboard

34:30 - Rob Galloway
@SueH I think AtomicLearning has a free online storyboard program... not sure though

34:31 - Laurie
DS gives my ESL students a reason to write well because I require a good script first.

34:37 - shamblesguru
Did you know that YouTube just set up an education channel..... http://www.youtube.com/edu ... but mainly higher edu .. "Videos and Channels from Colleges and Universities."

34:51 - matt montagne
@Rob and @Peggy...I haven't been able to go directly from flip camcorders to iMovie 08/09...I'm going to re-check now ;-)

34:54 - rafael
I wonder too about this question free video tools for internet

35:00 - Rob Galloway
Well, now I'm pretty sure. :-)

35:02 - msmithpds
watched a tutorial on storyboarding - give kids blank paper - draw out scene - then draw box around the area to video tape

35:20 - shamblesguru
UMmmmm ..... would be interested to know if anyone is using 'closed captioning' to add subtitles to videos?

35:21 - jeffbrain
I make sure my students understand how important storyboarding is: First credit on Spongebob is the storyboard artist.

35:22 - msmithpds
don't limit with premade grids

35:31 - Peggy George
@Matt-I download the flip vids to my desktop and then drag them into iMovie

35:34 - Deb B
How do you motivate the story board process?

35:35 - mrsdurff
stop not

35:42 - SueH
@Rob - thanks

35:45 - Roxanne
wish youtube would create a channel and moderate it so that we could all access without filtering

35:58 - Bob Caro
mike - problems - I'l have to cha it -

35:58 - Roxanne
for education

36:19 - Elena
its the commentnig t hat makes it filtered so much

36:22 - shamblesguru
Rox .... you could creat your own channel

36:23 - msmithpds
roxanne - look at schooltube

36:27 - Bob Caro
what do you use as a rubric for grading projects?

36:35 - Peggy George
there are so many sites you can upload video to but they often have limits that you need to be aware of ahead of time

36:38 - Kathy Matthes
@Roxanne - do you use TeacherTube or School Tube?

36:39 - MB
Good question Bob

36:40 - Roxanne
its filtered at my district too

36:42 - Deb B
Anyone using digital storytelling to improve literacy?

36:48 - Deb B
any studies?

36:49 - BJBerquist
Look at NextVista! Some great stuff there!

36:50 - Bob Caro

36:57 - xolepino
How does it get filter? Software or Human

37:05 - Deb B
i can not hear when you pass the mike..

37:07 - Ken
@Deb B always always always. Especially with today's learner

37:14 - shamblesguru
Stop drinking the ether

37:15 - Caroline
For another link for digital storytelling go to - http://delicious.com/ccerveny/DigitalStoryTelling

37:16 - matt montagne
get your district to create its on youtube channel...I think that is one of the best things that you can do to turn the tide on youtube use in your school

37:18 - Laurie
jasonohler's website has free storyboard templates

37:35 - mrsdurff
shambles needs the ether to breathe

37:44 - Roxanne
Hi Matt....that's a great idea

37:54 - Peggy George
yes jasonohler has fantastic digital storytelling resources! his link is in our sharetabs

37:57 - msmithpds
love that - grade the plan!

38:13 - Scott B
@Matt- Do you then just make the school YouTube Private?

38:16 - gail
group videos or individual videos?

38:17 - jeffbrain
I always have a brainstorm session with my students about the rubric at the beginning of the process. Agree with moderator: both the plan and the project-include collaboration in the video

38:17 - shamblesguru
11:30 pm here .... allowed to drink beer while tie pin

38:26 - Deb B
I think my school needs a studio... for production

38:31 - Scott B
@ Matt You Tube channel, that is..

38:34 - SusanSi
Do you have some ideas for elem. projects?

38:36 - Sabine
Do you use self- and peer assessment too?

38:46 - mrsdurff
I don't give alternatives

38:47 - jeffbrain
Yes, self and peer

38:52 - Peggy George
I'm really enjoying PhotoPeach for uploading photos and adding text to them for digital stories!

38:58 - Deb B
Rushton do you have rubrics to share?

39:03 - mrsdurff
then again - it's in my curriculum

39:03 - Peggy George

39:36 - Ms Maggie
aninmoto.com is pretty good, too. like an online photo story

39:54 - Neil Stephenson
I love using digital storytelling for historical documentaries

39:57 - gail
but are we talking digital storytelling or video making?

40:11 - Neil Stephenson
Here they are: http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/historical-imovies.html

40:11 - jeffbrain
Animoto has made it easy for teachers to get a "bigger" piece

40:15 - jackiegerstein
One of my 50 students doesn't want to do the digital storytelling so I gave her the option to do a major research project using internet projects - she selected the research project- As she said, "I don't like doing the creative writing" Options are important

40:18 - plnaugle
Aquarium field trip next week. Going to try a way to send video back to those who can't attend. Any ideas on how to do this?

40:25 - Sabine
Has someone used it for vocabulary teaching?

40:30 - shamblesguru
Scott ... one of the strategies I use to create a 'walled garden' to put the videos is Blogs .... I have a collection of Blogs just for this purpose which I call a "Forest of Theme Blogs" ... or "Blog Forest" ... see http://www.shambles.net/blogforest/

40:34 - Ken
Animoto is great, although they recently changed their educational TOS and offerings

40:37 - Neil Stephenson
Here's a link to my historical documentaries/storytelling: http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/historical-imovies.html

40:37 - Ken

40:44 - mrsdurff
Did anyone see/try http://www.yodio.com/ ?

40:50 - matt montagne
I'm struggling...can't get flip video into iMovie09 via a drag and drop

40:52 - shamblesguru

40:55 - Bob
See brainyflix.com for the vocab option.

41:00 - Peggy George
I recently learned from CogDogBlog about the ability to upload video, ppt slides and images with voiceover on CoolIris. http://cogdogblog.com/2009/02/07/cooliris-presentation

41:00 - jeffbrain
If that is really Neal Stephenson, his "Diamond Age" is what inspired me to get involved in digital storytelling

41:01 - Ms Maggie
i love doing historical videos with elementary students!

41:03 - Laurie
two rubrics are here: http://www.rockwood.k12.mo.us/rsouth/strand/Pdfs/Microsoft%20Word%20-%20storytelling%20rubrics.pdf

41:16 - Sheri
@neil thanks for history links

41:19 - Neil Stephenson
Sorry.. wrong Neal! I'm Neil he's Neal

41:23 - Peggy George
fun! Rushton just shared my tip :-)

41:24 - jeffbrain

41:45 - Deb B

41:50 - Rob Galloway
@matt Do you have an older Flip camera perhaps? What format are the videos? mp4?

41:52 - Scott B
Thanks @ shambles

41:56 - Peggy George
CoolIris used to be PicLens--it's amazing!

42:28 - mrsdurff
capture and keep their attention

42:30 - Neil Stephenson
I find that showing a great piece of work captures students

42:31 - Sabine

42:47 - Peggy George
I love that you can embed video in VoiceThread because it makes it so easy for kids to add comments

42:48 - Deb B
I find showing first levels the field of prior knowledge

43:00 - jeffbrain
agreed all around, capture and keep attention

43:04 - mrsdurff

43:17 - gail
gee sorry I have to leave, lots of good stuff to think about.

43:18 - paulrwood

43:19 - Chris
Rushton - where would you suggest a beginner begin with digital storytelling?

43:25 - mrsdurff
hey paul!

43:27 - Sabine
I use hand puppets :)

43:34 - Peggy George
@Rushton-can you share some of your favorite free photo sites that allow you to create digital stories?

43:41 - shamblesguru
puppets .... yes

43:44 - jackiegerstein
My students are making chinese based shadows puppets to tell their stories - they are very excited

43:48 - mrsdurff
flickrcc ?

43:48 - Chris
Rushton - where would you suggest a beginner begin with digital storytelling?

43:51 - Ken
Tell them about our custom search engine Rushton

44:03 - Ken

44:10 - willykj
Interesting post about why NOT to include music in video projects http://blog.mrmeyer.com/?p=3571

44:36 - jackiegerstein

44:37 - Kim Caise

44:39 - SueH
re flickr -- but be sure to look at the specific CC licenses -- some are not for remixing

44:40 - Ken

44:42 - Peggy George
great tip about Flickr--getting the attribution info

44:48 - Neil Stephenson
Chris.. I think the most important step is figuring out why you want to make digital stories.. Focus on a good question/task/problem .. plan the assignment first - worry about the digital story later

44:52 - Rob Galloway
Look along the right side of the Flickr page though and confirm that the Creative Commons license gives you permission to use

44:54 - jeffbrain
thanks for the citation info

45:07 - Ken
Another site I like to use http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

45:10 - mrsdurff
and the license too

45:30 - Ken

45:31 - Peggy George
Bernajean Porter did a fantastic free webinar on ISTE recently about how to do digital stories

45:34 - shamblesguru

45:37 - matt montagne
I think the issue is flip ultras vs flip mino with iMovie09...flip mino seems to work via drag and drop, ultras seem to require some wrangling

46:02 - shamblesguru
Not so bad in Asia

46:23 - Ken
Another site that is useful http://www.pdphoto.org/

46:36 - Laurie
digital stories by 15 teen war refugees awesome work to use as an example http://www.itvs.org/beyondthefire/master.html

46:44 - Peggy George
@Ken-thanks! that's a great site!

46:54 - mrsdurff
probably accurate without legaleese

47:15 - Peggy George
you can scroll down the page to see the whole page on the screen

47:20 - xolepino
How about musics. Where can I get free music?

47:26 - Tammie
share alike attribution makes no sense to me

47:35 - mrsdurff

47:36 - Deb B
are they clicking on the talk microphone?

47:41 - shamblesguru
Shambles list of websites with photos/clipart mainly 'legal to use in education" is at http://www.shambles.net/pages/school/clipart/

47:41 - xolepino
Thank you

47:47 - SueH
incompetech great for freely shared music

47:48 - Kathy Matthes
For newbies, can you explain the digital storytelling process?

47:53 - SusanSi
project ideas?

47:58 - Chris

48:01 - matt montagne
I would suggest that they begin by making one

48:03 - Mary Ellen Lynch - Montreal
how about a grade one teacher

48:05 - Kelly Giansante
beginner - need help with the technology

48:06 - Peggy George
I think Voicethread is a great place for beginners to start

48:10 - matt montagne
and posting to YouTube

48:24 - Kevin Amboe - Surrey BC
Share Alike - in my mind means - go ahead and use my work, but you can't copyright it so others can't use it. It means if you use my work, share it back.

48:30 - Ken
http://sn.im/customimagesearch this is the link to a custom search engine that I built that only searches many of the CC and PD photo sites that are appropriate for K-12 students

48:32 - mrsdurff
flip a coin to begin

48:47 - Peggy George
yes you can download voicethreads but you may have to pay

48:49 - Neil Stephenson
Kelly - I've been doing digital stories for a number of years.. don't worry about the technology - the kids will figure that out!

48:51 - SueH
VT not strictly legal for under 13's at least in the US if you read the terms

48:52 - Scott B
yes you can download

48:54 - Mary Ellen Lynch - Montreal
you can embed it into your blog

48:57 - Roxanne
you can embed and download, and order dvd

49:04 - mikisew
you can purchase a download .wmv for a couple of dollars too - Voicethread

49:05 - Deb B
helen barrett shares many ideas about digital story telling

49:16 - jeffbrain
yes, try it through the entire process. One good start point is retelling a story from another culture; African folk tales, Aborigine, etc.

49:26 - Peggy George
You can always embed voicethread on a wiki and that is free :-)

49:58 - xolepino
Yes it is

50:01 - Peggy George
there really are tons of free online tools for creating digital stories!

50:03 - Elena
anyone used sam animation?

50:14 - Kathy Matthes
for newbies, can you explain the process?

50:15 - Rob Galloway
@ken Wow, thanks!

50:24 - jeffbrain
audacity rocks

50:32 - Peggy George
we have a lot of tutorials in our sharetabs today-some are included in comprehensive wikis and blogs

50:32 - shamblesguru
Rushton ..... I agree with that philosophy 100% ..... there is so many brilliant free tools out there

50:32 - Sabine
Atomic learning has tutorials too

50:35 - mrsdurff
audacity - love it

50:46 - LesleyE
ferlazzo: best digital storytelling resources http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2009/04/15/the-best-digital-storytelling-resources/

50:48 - Ken
@Rob Your very welcome. Feel free to pass it along to your colleagues

50:49 - shamblesguru
.. the trick is finding them

50:58 - Kim Caise

51:07 - Chris
thanks for that Ruston and all!

51:08 - Kathy Matthes
What is the process for digital storytelling?

51:16 - Laurie
My students are beginners with technology and they took to using Frames4 by tech4learning - it can do more than photostory and its easier to use than moviemaker I think.

51:26 - Ken

51:31 - Kathy Matthes

51:46 - mrboyer

51:47 - jeffbrain
I will post some of my rubrics...will have to dig them out of my hard drive

51:50 - lesliep
we use audacity and photo story 3 for Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project. Both are amazing!

51:50 - Peggy George
Rushton has this link on his Google site: http://sites.google.com/site/freetoolsoutthewazoo/copyright-friendly-images

51:50 - Elena
comes from 4teachers.org

51:52 - mrsdurff
i know nothing - that's my story, and i'm sticking to it

51:53 - Deb B
someone posted there rubrics

52:05 - Laurie
Rubrics: http://www.rockwood.k12.mo.us/rsouth/strand/Pdfs/Microsoft%20Word%20-%20storytelling%20rubrics.pdf

52:06 - Neil Stephenson
make your rubrics with your students.. watch examplars and have them pull the different pieces apart

52:08 - jackiegerstein
Here's the rubistar for DShttp:rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php?screen=CustomizeTemplate&bank_rubric_id=38&section_id=3&

52:09 -
Rob Galloway
AtomicLearning was mentioned earlier in the chat

52:10 -
Atomic Learning has the free online storyboarding

52:11 -
you can make your own rubric there too

52:12 -

52:23 -
Kathy Matthes
You are talking about digital storytelling as if everyone knows the process. What is involved?

52:27 -
Creating a storyboard using tables on a word processing document is actually not too difficult either

52:29 -
Yes ,,, several listed at http://www.shambles.net/pages/staff/dstorytell/

52:30 -
Neil Stephenson
I always make digital story rubrics with my students.. get them involved

52:33 -
Here is free storyboard info - http://delicious.com/ccerveny/Storyboard

52:36 -
Telling a story using digital tools

52:39 -

52:41 -
Linda Spaulding

52:46 -

52:51 -
shall we clap for victory?

52:55 -
Great advice. Thanks, Rushton!

52:58 -
Peggy George
@Jackie-you do some incredible digital storytelling projects with your students-want to share some examples?

53:02 -

53:10 -
Kathy Matthes
@jeff - what digital tools -- put photos in a program and add text, voiceover, convert to movie?

53:32 -
Yes ... several also listed at graphic novels/comics list http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/EnglishP/comics/

53:36 -
Yes, and more...

53:36 -
matt montagne
GREAT job, Rushton. That was EXCELLENT. Picked up so many great ideas.

53:42 -
Play Loud Led Zeppelin

53:49 -
My new sildeshare that gives a review of DS http://www.slideshare.net/jgerst1111/digital-storytelling-1303268

53:50 -
Peggy George
@Caroline-thanks for the storyboard link! Fantastic!

54:01 -
Spongebob credits storyboard artist first, grabs attn

54:01 -
Bob Caro
big chunks of the story break into smaller chunks of story - I know fimmakers

54:15 -
Storyboard Online (can't save) http://users.altec.org/~scherrer/digi_dif/storyboard.htm

54:15 -
Bill Guinee
What are the most effective types of projects to use this technology for? You have talked a lot about the tech end, but what are the best uses of it to help students learn course content?

54:16 -
Kathy Matthes

54:17 -
Thanks everyone. Need to go.

54:22 -
I use the Tikatok books to make the storyboard -

54:25 -
very nice jackieg

54:28 -
Peggy George
You're definitely going to want to download this chat log once it's posted--so many fantastic links!! Thank you all!

54:32 -
thanks Sheri

54:39 -
loads of links!

54:40 -
Comic Life, very good

54:44 -
Linda Spaulding
gotta run now. Thanks!

54:50 -
love Comic Life & kids do too

54:56 -
Peggy George
ComicLife is also available on the iPhone and is so much fun to use!

55:00 -
Inexpensive, works as a storyboard tool too

55:05 -
Kevin Amboe - Surrey BC
The question is whether the video is about telling a story or about the writing process. If it is about writing, the storyboarding is critical to organize thoughts.

55:10 -
you can trial comic life free for one month

55:10 -
Rob Galloway
Correct... not free, but for both Mac/PC

55:18 -

55:18 -
I use it

55:19 -
Neil Stephenson
oooo I love glogster

55:24 -
Yes I did a Dewey on glogster

55:26 -

55:27 -
Comic life is now licensed in Ontario, Canada for all school districts.

55:29 -
Kathy Matthes
@ Deb - yes, I know what it is. What is the process for creating one?

55:30 -
kent manning did a great screencast (itunes or screencast.ca) on comic life check it out!

55:31 -
Peggy George
Glogster is also fantastic! We use that to create our show images--Kim does them

55:31 -
LOVE glogster BUT use EDU version only

55:31 -
glogster is so cool

55:33 -
Neil Stephenson
Glogster is fantastic

55:36 -
Pixton (online comic creator) http://pixton.com/

55:40 -
Kevin Amboe - Surrey BC
Comic Life can be cheap for districts - in large quantities under $2.00 per license

55:51 -

55:53 -
Neil Stephenson
pixton is free

55:55 -
http://www.toondoo.com/ is free

56:03 -
I love toondoo

56:07 -

56:07 -
toondoo is a little clunky to use, but free

56:09 -
Toondo is fun

56:10 -
Did a Dewey on that as well

56:28 -
Please tell me in simple words what is digital storytelling because my system went down during the beginning.

56:29 -

56:29 -
Kathy Matthes
This discussion is clearly not for people who have never done digital storytelling.

56:35 -
down with the serious

56:37 -
Deb B
Any suggested sites for newbies in Digital Storytelling

56:42 -

56:43 -
Has anyone owned up to using PowerPoint for Storytelling? .....

56:46 -

56:49 -
i own up

56:59 -
That is a great starting point Rushton

56:59 -
ppt is a great tool for digital storytelling

56:59 -

57:00 -
digitales.us does storytelling camps as well

57:09 -
Peggy George
Yes, Bernajean Porter has a lot of great examples of stories on her site

57:16 -
lots to look at and read after this!

57:33 -
This has really been great!

57:34 -
Peggy George
digitales is in our sharetabs link :-)

57:39 -
yes shambles to teach the upload to google preso and slideshare and then embedding

57:42 -
We've started adding digital storytelling intro where I teach at SF State

57:57 -
Bernjean (Digitales) offers Second Life tutorials in Second Life periodically on Monday nites

58:11 -
Peggy George

58:15 -
oops digital storytelling tutorials*

58:15 -
Kevin Amboe - Surrey BC
Great resource for ideas / links and digital stories - http://cogdogroo.wikispaces.com/50+Ways

58:24 -
free comic maker: http://www.readwritethink.org/MATERIALS/COMIC/

58:29 -
Peggy George
Rushton-tell us what we'll find on your Next Vista.org site

58:30 -
Kathy Matthes
@myboyer - I want to know the process. What is involved in creating it?

58:33 -
What Rushton is saying is exactly how this project started, a discussion about nanotechnology:

58:33 -
Thanks @Kim, @Peggy, and @Rushton. Nice work and hope to see you all again soon.

58:34 -
Deb B
Interview an old person about an event that happened prior to your birth.

58:35 -

58:36 -
@Kathy Matthes Contact me and I'll help you with your first one. plnaugle@gmail.com

58:38 -

58:47 -
Neil Stephenson
speaking of Glogsters. Check out this one: http://s018.calgaryscienceschool.glogster.com/NancyPanel3/

58:52 -
Twitter?what's twitter?

58:56 -

59:01 -
Thanks. Got to run. Appreciate all the tips and links.

59:13 -
@mrsdurff you should be on twitter for sure. Make that a goal for this weekend

59:14 -
Peggy George
There are many examples of digital stories in our sharetabs

59:20 -
it is microblogging, but so much more

59:37 -
Evelyn Cruz
Thanks Rushton

59:39 -
it will revolutionize your professional development and access to so much

59:42 -
You folks are doing a phenomenal job, thanks for this day. Great way to start a Saturday.

59:43 -

59:46 -
where is sharetabs link

59:52 -
This was rich! Thanks!

59:53 -
Peggy George
Wow-this time has gone by too fast! so much valuable information!!

59:57 -
Peggy George

1:00:01 -
Can you retype the sharetabs link, please?

1:00:04 -
Thanks that was very informative and cool

1:00:06 -

1:00:08 -
Jim Russell
Thanks, Rushton!

1:00:10 -
Deb B
Quick question do you have participation certificates for these sessions for Professional Development?

1:00:14 -
Thank you Ruston, always a pleasure to hear you.

1:00:14 -
WOW ... where did that hour go ..... and it wasn't just the beer

1:00:15 -
Thanks - love this stuff!

1:00:17 -
Mary Ellen Lynch - Montreal
thanks Rushton

1:00:23 -
THANKS .... this is my first time and it's wonderful !!

1:00:28 -
Nice! Thanks everyone!

1:00:33 -
thanks Rushton

1:00:33 -
Michael Saunders
Great Classroom20Live!

1:00:37 -
love classroom20 live thanks

1:00:41 -
And applaud Rushton!

1:00:42 -
well done everyone :-)

1:00:46 -
Kim Caise

1:00:49 -
very informative. thank you!

1:00:50 -
Great job

1:00:56 -
Applause to you folks, fantastic time

1:01:06 -
Thanks Rushton

1:01:07 -
Peggy George
the chat will be posted on our site

1:01:07 -
Thanks Rushton.. great session ..come back to tappedin.org again

1:01:07 -
Did you put the share link up yet? Did I miss it?

1:01:18 -
MB it was there

1:01:27 -
Peggy George
you can also go to the file/save in the menu above

1:01:43 -

1:01:46 -
Peggy George
can click on save "chat conversation"

1:01:46 -
I did that too...;-)

1:01:48 -
Best Sat. a.m. show so far!! Thanks.

1:02:01 -
Kathy Matthes
If you say this in your advertisement for your webinars -- We love newbies to join us and 'dip their toes in’ the conversations until you feel comfortable enough to "jump in the conversations with both feet!" -- you ought to at least explain briefly what's involved in creating digital storytelling so newbies understand the process. I teach ed tech for K-12 teachers and have invited them to come. They don't know what digital storytelling is or what the process is. It doesn't help them to just have tools discussed.

1:02:06 -
Peggy George
Thanks Laurie!

1:02:20 -
not on twitter yet, later this week...only so many 21st cent. tools i can juggle at a time

1:02:24 -
Thanks Classroom 2.0 Live another great session.

1:02:50 -
@jeffbrain it is well worth your time to get on twitter and get connected with as many educators as possible

1:02:55 -
Kathy Matthes
Please be more specific about what will be covered in these sessions -- i.e., prerequisite knowledge required.

1:02:59 -
is it going to be archived somewhere?

1:03:01 -
Wednesday is April 22.

1:03:01 -
please can you put that in the chat window?

1:03:10 -
I've been tweeting this session.

1:03:13 -
is there a way to find educators, Ken?

1:03:17 -
is april 21 on wednesday?

1:03:22 -
Peggy George
the EarthCast actually startes on April 21

1:03:23 -
Kathy, I teach similar at SFState, good pts

1:03:23 -

1:03:29 -
Peggy George
because of the different time zones

1:03:39 -
feel free to contact me at rh@nextvista.org

1:03:41 -
@ kathy matthes I agree with you

1:03:48 -
@mb yes. Once you connect with one like Rushton or even myself it will be like a tidal wave of others that will want to connect with you and so on

1:03:49 -
what is earthcast??

1:03:50 -
Kim mention earthcast

1:03:51 -

1:03:52 -
great job

1:03:53 -
thanks for a great way to atart a saturday

1:03:54 -
love it - thanks!

1:03:56 -

1:03:56 -
you can always check out their profile as well

1:03:59 -

1:04:07 -
April 22

1:04:08 -
Ken, totally cool to 'see' you, amigo!

1:04:13 -
21st and 22nd

1:04:14 -
@mb I am chocxtc on twitter

1:04:16 -
go to twitter and folllow other teachers or google the info

1:04:18 -
wed is april 22

1:04:20 -
Peggy George

1:04:23 -

1:04:24 -
Thanks Rushton and everyone else = learned lots!

1:04:25 -
Have fun matt on earthcast

1:04:26 -
Thanks Rushton. =)

1:04:29 -
Thank you ... Moderators ...... now is there an applause button in Elluminate?

1:04:31 -

1:04:35 -
Peggy George
It starts on April 21 and goes for 24 hours through the 22nd

1:04:45 -
Kelly Giansante
thanks Kathy. I also was hoping to learn how to create a digital story

1:04:48 -
yes shambles

1:04:49 -
@mb I will retweet to all my followers that you are on twitter and to follow you so it will expand your PLN within days

1:05:00 -
I am Heureuse

1:05:02 -
Peggy George
yes applause icon is the hand with the little red lines coming from it

1:05:07 -
Kathy Matthes
How do you find other teachers on twitter to follow?

1:05:08 -
...on Twitter

1:05:11 -
Ken, I will make sure to tweet you this week

1:05:21 -
Look forward to it.

1:05:23 -
@bonnycastle on twitter

1:05:26 -
Deb B
YOur email address?

1:05:26 -
thanks all

1:05:26 -
Peggy George
that was really fast!! :-)

1:05:31 -
Deb B

1:05:37 -
@jeffbrain look forward to it. Look forward to learning from you

1:05:38 -
Neil Stephenson

1:05:38 -
Deb B

1:05:38 -
@ find a teacher and follow who they follow. That's the best and quickest way!

1:05:39 -
Peggy George
Thank you everyone!

1:05:44 -
Kim Caise

1:05:45 -
Bob Caro
great session - thanks again rushton

1:05:45 -
How fun - what a great group!

1:05:48 -
now back to your regularly scheduled Saturday

1:05:53 -

1:05:54 -

1:05:57 -
Thanks, Bob!

1:05:58 -
great, new friends! Great session

1:05:58 -
Kim Caise
links will be posted later this weekend

1:06:03 -
Peggy George
Take some time to explore the sharetabs and you'll find lots of tutorials and examples for step-by-step instructions

1:06:04 -
Peggy George

1:06:11 -
Tammy Moore
Thanks Rushton.

1:06:19 -
You're welcome, Tammy!

1:06:24 -
Kim Caise
at our live site at http://live.classroom20.com

1:06:29 -
Peggy George

1:06:31 -
Kim Caise

1:06:41 -
Peggy George
the video and chat should be posted very soon

1:06:42 -
Kim Caise

Apr 18, 2009 10:10:48 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

1:10:07 -
good pt...the tech / story interface

1:10:21 -
Peggy George
Yes Laurie--such a great point! it's so easy to focus on the tool rather than the story!

1:10:29 -
always focus on the story, not the tool

1:10:49 -
Peggy George
love that we can continue to record this so the post-show tips will be included!

1:11:01 -
Please, by all means

1:11:15 -
9:11 am AK

1:11:15 -
Jeff .... agree totally ..... the story itself is the key ....

1:11:39 -
My middle school students, always want to have pushing and shoving in everty vid

1:11:40 -
thank you!

1:11:45 -

1:11:48 -
Peggy George
the same thing is true for a 6-year-old. The first thing they do with a puppet is start a fight :-)

1:11:58 -
I used these one to show how not to do it :)

1:12:02 -
rubrics are the key

1:12:14 -
nice sabine

1:12:19 -
plus the rubrics, yes

1:12:25 -
Thanks all! Great insights! Appreciate all today!

1:12:40 -
Peggy George
Rubrics Rushton??? link?

1:12:43 -
thanks for technology vs content comments

1:13:07 -
Peggy George
I think there are some rubrics on some of the sites we shared in the sharetabs today

Apr 18, 2009 10:27:23 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

1:26:48 -
Peggy George
such a great point Kathy K!!

1:27:18 -
kathy: strandlauren@rockwood.k12.mo.us

1:27:22 -
Peggy George
as soon as everyone logs out we'll be able to create the video of today's show :-)

1:27:41 -
Kim Caise
have a great afternoon everyone!

1:27:44 -
oops sorry...til next week then! bye

1:27:45 -
Peggy George
Laurie-I'll send you the handout via email you asked about

1:28:00 -
Kathy K.
Good to meet you. Look forward to sharing. I'll start with our school's delicious account for our kids: delicious.com/parkerroad

1:28:19 -
Peggy George//
Bye all

Apr 18, 2009 10:30:28 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!