Oct 31, 2009 11:01:01 AM - 1 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE (AND CURRENT FOE/CN)

00:06 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Good morning all from western MA

00:10 - Matt Townsley
windy and breezy here in 40 degree Iowa

00:10 - jackiegerstein
Hi Kim

00:16 - monroeslc

00:25 - Peggy George
how great to see all of you!!! You should be hearing Kim talk now :-)

00:36 - Vera Ventura
Happy Haloween from Cambridge, MA!

00:43 - Kyle in San Diego
good morning from San Diego :-)

00:53 - dreamonda
I hear Kim just fine!

00:57 - Peggy George
Happy Halloween to everyone

01:02 - mjjohnson
sunny, beautiful day in Reno, NV!

01:06 - charo
Greetings Everyone!

01:20 - SueH
HI from Soggy Surrey, BC

02:23 - Peggy George
we try to limit the mics to one or two at a time so you get the best audio possible during the session

02:39 - Lorna Costantini
Rainy in St. Catharines ON @SueH

02:47 - Peggy George
we have some great followup links for you in our gl.am today that you can check out after the show. http://gl.am/a72vd

03:17 - Camilla Elliott
Good morning from Melbourne Australia 3.00 am here

03:18 - Matt Townsley
Thanks, Tammy!

03:28 - SueH
HI Lorna -- is all of Canada under a rain/snow coud this week?

03:32 - Paula Naugle
Tammy is awesome.

03:33 - Jason Epstein
Hello Everyone! From Pennsylvania

03:45 - Peggy George
I love the wide view when there is a lot of chat flowing but you'll probably want the default view once the slides and and application sharing start so you can see as much of the screen as possible.

03:45 - SueH
@ Camilla -- my mum lives in Melbourne!

03:47 - sunita
Hello from Boston too.

03:49 - Dototy Myers
It is a gray day herein San Jose California

03:54 - Paula Naugle
@Camilla 3:00 am Wow.

03:55 - LALindell
Greetings from Iowa via Louisville KY

03:58 - Lesley Edwards
Hi from sunny Vancouver BC

04:00 - simkathy
kathy in seattle

04:14 - Matt Townsley
@LALindeel - UNI prof, right? think we may have met at ITEC...

04:15 - Peggy George
it's so great to see all of you here!! can't wait to see the red dots on the map!!

04:17 - dreamonda
Greetings from sunny Mississippi

04:22 - sunita
Sunita: Hello from Boston.

04:23 - LALindell

04:28 - SueH
@ lesely -- Where in Vancouver are you? Were you at CUEBC?

04:45 - Peggy George
look at that!! :-) what fun to have people from around the world!

04:49 - LALindell
Yes, I'm at AECT

05:03 - Peggy George
is that big smily face the Harvard group?? :-)

05:12 - ColetteC
Thats me on a boat :)

05:15 - dreamonda
It is realy cool to be in international group

05:17 - PennyB
Iowa WOOT!

05:19 - Sarah Rolle
Hello from gloomy northern NJ

05:23 - Lesley Edwards
@Sue H yes, and I'm from N.Van

05:24 - Peggy George
love the people that end up in the ocean :-)

05:25 - PennyB
from Muscatine here, go Iowa!

05:28 - blairteach

05:36 - Russ Goerend
Go Muscatine!

05:58 - LALindell
Hi fellow Iowans!

06:01 - Matt Townsley
@PennyB - i have relatives in and near Muscatine. go Hawks!

06:05 - Peggy George
this really helps us know where to focus and it's great that there are so many people new to Diigo here!!

06:15 - dreamonda
I have only signed on to Diigo but not reealy used it

06:20 - SueH
@ Lesley -- were you in the Classroom 2.0 session on Saturday -- did we meet?

06:25 - PennyB
wow! @ Matt, so glad to see Iowans getting into the tech groove

06:27 - Peggy George
close to 50/50 :-)

06:29 - anne
nearly even

06:31 - ColetteC
Ussed Diigo myself but just signed up my classroom and want ideas how to best do that

06:48 - Russ Goerend
Hopefully I can give you some ideas Colette

07:03 - Peggy George
college students and adult learners/teachers count too here as students

07:05 - Lesley Edwards
@SueH yes, I was in the session, talked about delicious.

07:14 - ColetteC
Thanks Russ

07:16 - Marsha
Just have my classrooms setup and hope to use it soon with my science lessons

07:18 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
I use it with my kids to create student topic/reasearch groups

07:25 - Carolann
@Lesley - Sunny???? really????

07:34 - KGJames
not successfully . . .

07:36 - Stacie
I'm a college instructor and we do use delicious, but not Diigo, for one of our projects.

07:51 - SueH
@ Lesley -- I'm not good at recall of everyone's names from last week so I'm asking everywhere I go -- nice to see you again!

07:51 - jackiegerstein
Hi Peggy

07:59 - PennyB
I would love to know what ages the educators here are using Diigo with

08:03 - Lesley Edwards
@Carolann, Yes! scattered cloud but sunny in Deep Cove

08:04 - ColetteC
Hi Maggie - thanks for being here

08:09 - Russ Goerend
I'm a 6th grade teacher

08:14 - Matt Townsley
thanks for joining us, Maggie!

08:21 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
8th grade -10th

08:25 - Marsha
6th grade

08:26 - Paula Naugle
Hi Maggie. Thanks for sharing with us.

08:29 - LALindell
Thanks for joining us Maggie

08:30 - mjjohnson
K through 6 school administrator

08:34 - Carolann
@Lesley maybe there is hope!

08:35 - Regis Barondeau
@Stacie you can import Delicious in Diigo and still update Delicous from Diigo

08:44 - Kyle in San Diego
HigherEd (under+Grad)

08:45 - jackiegerstein
using Diigo with pre-service undergraduates

08:50 - Paula Naugle
Hi Russ. i teach 4th graders in New Orleans.

08:54 - ColetteC
I met Maggie at NECC Unplugged and got a private tutorial - lucky me!

08:56 - monroeslc
Where does the chalk board background come from

09:07 - Sheri Edwards
@pennyb 5th grade

09:09 - Matt Townsley
I use diigo with fellow educators to share resources.

09:15 - Marsha

09:15 - Russ Goerend
Sounds great!

09:16 - PennyB
that's great! I teach 8th grade and haven't used Diigo much and not with my kids, great to know that young students are using

09:16 - ColetteC
sounds great

09:19 - joycevalenza

09:20 - LALindell

09:21 - BarbaraO
library media specialist 6-12

09:30 - mjjohnson
lots of educators here today .. this is terrific

09:35 - Matt Townsley
whoa, joyce valenza...what an honor to have you with us!

09:38 - Carolann
how long does this session last?

09:38 - Peggy George
we are recording the session and it will be posted in our show archives ASAP after the show. :-)

09:44 - ColetteC
never knew the acronym

10:07 - PennyB
I love the "other stuff" !

10:11 - Lorna Costantini
Our session last an hour

10:13 - Peggy George
Did you know that is what Diigo stands for?? Hard to remember so I'm glad there's an acronym!!

10:26 - Paula Naugle
I never knew Diigo was an acronym.

10:26 - KGJames
no i didnt!

10:29 - Peggy George
"other stuff" is so creative!!

10:30 - Matt Townsley
i never knew.

10:46 - reynoi
i never knew, either

10:50 - jackiegerstein
me either

10:52 - vanhookc
Love the word stuff!!

11:07 - Kyle in San Diego
cool "insider" info for us diigoites

11:15 - Peggy George
Diigo is also used by non-educators but it's so perfect for education!!

11:34 - Jason Epstein
I love diigo in ed and all of the "teacher features"!

11:46 - Matt Townsley
looking forward to hearing your talk, Russ

11:53 - Peggy George
you can download all of the slides in this presentation by clicking on the blue floppy disk in the upper left corner and select PDF

11:54 - Marsha

11:55 - Jason Epstein

11:55 - jackiegerstein

11:57 - PennyB
Good morn, you sound great

11:57 - Jason Epstein

11:58 - ColetteC
Yeah Russ!

12:07 - PennyB
WOOHOO! La and ss

12:13 - PennyB
same here

12:20 - Dave
what about student to teacher?

12:27 - Peggy George
Fantastic Russ!! 6th grade language arts/social studies teacher :-) Love hearing first-hand stories about Diigo!!

12:35 - Matt Townsley
fyi...Russ blogs at www.tagmirror.org

12:37 - Peggy George
that is such a great photo!!

12:47 - Kim Caise
i love 6th graders!

12:55 - Peggy George
we have links for Russ and Maggie in our gl.am links today: http://gl.am/a72vd

12:56 - LALindell
I agree Peggy!

13:18 - PennyB
oh fun!

13:22 - Paula Naugle

13:36 - Jason Epstein
AAARRGH-ya kidding me! Sooo cool!

13:42 - Peggy George
it is so powerful as an interactive tool--contextual sticky notes! :-)

13:59 - LALindell
Love the sticky note tool for research comments!

14:09 - ColetteC
teaching organization is so important

14:31 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I intorduced diigo to my 4th graders to research Halloween. They can bookmark, highlite, but not really annotate yet. But they found it easy to use.

14:34 - Peggy George
it really saves you time when you need to find your information!!!

14:56 - Matt Townsley
tags work well to help remember broad topics

15:04 - Peggy George
I can find my bookmarks on any topic in just seconds and share them easily with anyone I want! I love that about Diigo!

15:11 - Jason Epstein
Russ, did you need to set the groups or can the students self-select?

15:14 - PennyB
I am confused as to how students can standardize their tags

15:16 - Lesley Edwards
will definitely be taking a closer look at using diigo with students - great ideas

15:20 - Lorna Costantini
It is so easy to get lost on the information highway and this helps creating sign posts

15:34 - Peggy George
tags are so important--impossible to slot things into folders anymore because everything is so integrated!

15:38 - Matt Townsley
diigo gives a list of previously used tags which can help standardize

15:44 - Patti in Ohio
you can create a list of suggested tags for a group

15:51 - Maureen(bcdtech)
When I use it with students I give them the tags, what do you call that on diigo- tag somethng...

16:00 - Peggy George
yes Patti-we'll ask Maggie to talk about that

16:25 - joycevalenza
Wonder if Maggie has had any luck working with the proprietary folks--databases, citation generators, etc

16:32 - LALindell
Group discussion and feedback all on Diigo

17:04 - Matt Townsley
diigo stickies keep things contextual; a big plus, imo.

17:11 - ColetteC
Ooooh comments on a blog - great idea

17:14 - Maureen(bcdtech)
The only trouble I have is that I am not consistent, sometimes I use a plural, sometimes I have used quotes for 2 word tags, sometimes I smooshed them together, or used an underscore. I need to go thru mine and make it more consistent.

17:32 - Kyle in San Diego
Hope we'll get into some of the features/mechanics of the Teacher console.

17:34 - Deb S
This is what I want to do with current event articles.

17:34 - Matt Townsley
...and the comments on the blog can only be seen by the class; they can be 'private', i think..

17:39 - mjjohnson
teaching collaboration in a positive way

17:51 - Matt Townsley
stickes can be private, rather

17:55 - Peggy George
Diigo remembers the last tags you used--great feature when you're doing a search and find many sites on the same topic

18:03 - ColetteC
Can you RSS the student bookmarks, comments, etc?

18:12 - Kyle in San Diego
@Maureen: adding predefined tags to a group could help with consistent use

18:18 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
The teacher account is great...you can talk to kids about their progress in real time.

18:24 - seani
@colette c - yes :)

18:32 - vanhookc
Is the standardized form for tags of multiple words, quotation marks, as in flickr?

18:40 - ColetteC
I love the public accountability

18:45 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
@Kyle good idea predefined tags

18:46 - Kim Caise
understand . diigo has good tag editing feature. but again, group tag dictionary or auto-tag suggestions / previous tag auto-suggest all are very useful

18:47 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@kyle- I do that for the kids- my own bookmarks I am not so organized!

18:54 - Kim Caise
RSS are enabled throughout

18:58 - Matt Townsley
the latest version of diigo seems to make the contextual comments 'flow' better, anyone else felt this, too?

19:17 - Gila
The school have to install the Diigo tool bar in every computer in school. right?

19:20 - Kyle in San Diego
@Maureen, great! I agree my own are the least consistent :-)

19:25 - Kim Caise
agreed @matt

19:28 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
What a great idea! Save the trees!

19:31 - Regis Barondeau
Is there a way to post sticky notes to more than one group?

19:36 - ColetteC
Go Paperless ... use Diigo!

19:47 - Matt Townsley
@Regis - yeah, you can post different stickies to different groups

19:48 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
The kids can install the toolbars fo rheir users

19:50 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Saves time during the meeting if people can mark it up before the meeting

19:55 - jackiegerstein
Agreed Colette - I am all for paperless education

19:56 - Carolann
lol, our teachers are just figuring out email...

20:00 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
Great idea for meetings too.

20:01 - Matt Townsley
whoa..there I am!

20:06 - Kyle in San Diego
@Gila: the diigolet can be used where full toolbar is difficult to manage

20:15 - dreamonda
I've been doing some of the same things on WEB-CT, but this is so much better, easier to manage.

20:24 - Jason Epstein
I really like this, now just need to train all the teachers. I think this might work!

20:36 - Carolann

20:37 - Jason Epstein
Russ great stuff!

20:38 - buffyjhamilton 1
Jason, do it! I'm using it with students. I love it!

20:39 - Matt Townsley
Russ got me started on diigo. we use it a lot to share articles rather than emailing thoughts back and forth

20:41 - mrsjgarcia(jen)

20:43 - Peggy George
it's so exciting to see so many people using Diigo. I think there will be many more after seeing this!!

20:45 - Gila
How the teacher can see other's accounts?

20:45 - M. Trump
looking at using this with teachers for their PLCs

20:46 - Kyle in San Diego
Thanks Russ!

20:48 - ColetteC
My students can't install custom toolbars -- need to talk to IT people about this

20:48 - M. Trump
Hey Jason!

20:52 - dreamonda
Great, Russ

20:58 - Peggy George
Fantastic Russ!! Thank you!!!!

20:59 - Jason Epstein
Hey Buff, I use it with some students, just need to grow it

20:59 - SueH
Thanks, Russ

21:06 - Jason Epstein
MIKE!!! what up man?

21:07 - Jacqueline Beaupre
how are you notified when someone adds to a not conversation?

21:07 - LALindell
thanks Russ - that demo took thing in a new direction for me!

21:15 - Kyle in San Diego
@ColetteC: the diigolet can be used where full toolbar is difficult to manage

21:16 - buffyjhamilton 1
Jason, same here! Hoping to spread its use in our school.

21:16 - Peggy George
can see it great!

21:16 - Russ Goerend
Thanks! I hope it was helpful. I know I was talking quickly.

21:16 - PennyB
I don't have and educator account, how do I get that?

21:19 - Maureen(bcdtech)
My kids installed the toolbars themselves on FF.

21:29 - M. Trump
Surfin' the wave, collaborating with my PLN and blogging with the best!

21:32 - Sherri
great Russ; I'm teaching grade-6 too

21:32 - buffyjhamilton 1
The videos are good!

21:35 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
@Maureen mine too

21:35 - ColetteC
Russ - do you have a site with your ideas listed?

21:36 - kellie80
Our kids can use the diigolet

21:41 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Geat job Russ!

21:43 - Peggy George
change to the default view in the layout if you want to see the slides larger

21:45 - Russ Goerend
I'm on twitter at @russgoerend if you want to get a hold of me outside elluminate

21:46 - buffyjhamilton 1
My IT folks installed the toolbar for our students.

21:46 - Tammie
links aren't live

21:51 - seani
@ pennyb look towards the bottom of Diigo homepage to find the educator link

22:02 - PennyB
ty seani

22:27 - Regis Barondeau
@Matt Townsley I can't select multiple groups when I highlight and sticky note

22:29 - Peggy George
all of the links for this presentation are in our gl.am links so you can explore them later! http://gl.am/a72vd

22:40 - Russ Goerend
This is a link to what I've blogged about Diigo http://tr.im/DIfl

22:42 - PennyB
yes ma'am

22:42 - anne

22:42 - Marsha

22:43 - Sarah Rolle

22:43 - Ed allen

22:46 - LALindell

22:46 - SueH

22:46 - Pilar Munday

22:47 - charo

22:47 - buffyjhamilton 1
Yes :-)

23:04 - Peggy George
these pages are all in the gl.am links and you'll have to log in to Diigo to see everything :-)

23:11 - BarbaraO
I created a school library account and use teachers initials as tags. Easy for them them to find bookmarks I've saved just for them.

23:19 - Matt Townsley
@Regis i think comments have to be duplicated to go to more than one group. sorry, i think I misinterpreted your question...yes, one group at a time

23:21 - Russ Goerend
@maureen, the first post in the link I just shared is about the personal dictionary I created. Has helped me with that problem.

23:24 - Juli
Russ - keep up the good work. Your students are so lucky.

23:28 - Jason Epstein
Barbara! That is a great idea!!!

23:39 - Carolann
@BarbaraO, brilliant! I like it!

23:51 - Regis Barondeau
Thank you Matt

23:56 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Thx Russ I'll check it out

23:56 - Russ Goerend
Thanks Mom! :)

23:57 - Peggy George
if you are using Diigo with your students please share your tips and ideas here in the chat.

24:20 - Russ Goerend
@Jason, I create the groups.

24:21 - Peggy George
The chat will also be posted in our archives after the show along with the full Elluminate recording.

24:32 - lindseyb16
@barbaraO teachers could rss their own tags to a reader, is that right?

24:32 - ColetteC
I use the groups features with other teachers -- like the Classroom 2.0 group!

24:40 - BarbaraO
Easy for me, too, when I'm working with an individual teacher.

24:52 - KGJames
I had a HUGE problem with Diigo toolbar in previous versions. Will Diigo crash my browser??

24:56 - Matt Townsley
@Juli - great to see you online. hope all is well in the Cities...

25:00 - buffyjhamilton 1
I have created a group (Media 21) for students who are researching issues in Africa. We are using it as a collaborative resource building tool. I taught them how to bookmark database articles as well.

25:04 - BarbaraO
@lindseyb16 Yes..many of them do

25:08 - seani
penny b http://skitch.com/sean-williams/nfxut/diigo-web-highlighter-and-sticky-notes-online-bookmarking-and-annotation-personal-learning-network

25:15 - Carolann
it still takes up room though...customized or not. Can you imbed it in the google toolbar?

25:17 - M. Trump
works w/ Delicious? SWEET

25:19 - Peggy George
We have a Diigo group for Classroom 2.0 LIVE and we post all of our gl.am links for every show in it. Please join the group and add links to it any time you like!!

25:26 - PennyB
ty seani, got it!

25:29 - ColetteC
I bookmark to Diigo and Delicious together

25:31 - cr20live
I heard it crashes IE8

25:31 - lindseyb16
@barbaraO nice!

25:32 - BarbaraO
Love the Diigo groups!

25:34 - Kyle in San Diego
Our EDTEC class is pulling RSS of BMs & tagclouds into Blackboard (LMS) for increased visibility

25:48 - Peggy George

25:58 - buffyjhamilton 1
The new toolbar does not seem to like IE8, but it works fine with older IE and FF.

26:00 - Caroline - Florida
I have a 4-bit machine using Windows Vista. As long as I do not add Diigo Toolbar to my Browser Bar, I have no difficulties with my computer. As soon as I add the Diigo Toolbar to my browser, I have problems with my computer. Has anyone figured out how to resolve this type of problem?

26:01 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
@PeggyGeorge:Group research: a group per topic or per group of students annotations are then synthesised as nuggets of info, ideas etc.. and placed into twitter using our class hashtag they search it and use the ideas from the larger group for thier projects.

26:10 - Peggy George
I don't think I could function without RSS!!! What a fantastic tool!!

26:14 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I use diigo first before doing any other searches. I usually find great links from other teachers

26:17 - KGJames
@cr20live yes, it did crash my IE regularly; I use FFox now so don't know.

26:20 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I took IE off my computer completely. I use Firefox.

26:25 - blairteach
You can periodically go into your tags and edit (fix) the inconsistent ones.

26:25 - Regis Barondeau
In MBA classes we use Netvibes as feed agretor to collect info, then Diigo to make sense of the information and finally a wiki to record and co-write

26:43 - KGJames
cool, twitter this feature!

26:49 - Peggy George
@mrsjgarcia(jen) Thanks a lot for sharing your tip for group research!!

26:54 - ColetteC
I love the fact if I highlight text on a website, it automatically puts it in the description

26:56 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@mbteach= I ddn't take it off the lab computers- but make the kids use FF

26:56 - M. Trump
so, why is this better / different from Delicious?

26:59 - buffyjhamilton 1
Oh, I love the new snapshot feature!

27:03 - RjWassink
I have never had Elluminate Audio work on my Ubuntu... was hoping this would be a first. :-( The information looks great so far!

27:13 - Jason Epstein
because I use it TRUMP! :)

27:17 - Russ Goerend
I love how if I put a stick on a site, Diigo bookmarks it for me.

27:17 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Snapshot is like your own wayback machine!

27:21 - Matt Townsley
@M. Trump - contextual stickes separate diigo from delicious

27:22 - M. Trump

27:24 - buffyjhamilton 1
I love delicious, but Diigo has more power and is more robust.

27:30 - Peggy George
there is a link in our gl.am links with a blog post comparing Diigo and Delicious

27:31 - PennyB
REgis, how do you coordinate all that? I have a moodle for my kids, will do Weebly soon and want to add Diigo - I want it to all be integrated

27:51 - cr20live
is snapshot automatic with digolet?

27:52 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
I kept my delicious as a backup and bookmark to it from Diigo.

27:55 - Carolann
@RJ did you install 9.10?

27:56 - Russ Goerend
@buffyhamilton1 You can link your Delicious account to your Diigo account so that if you bookmark on Diigo, it gets synced to Delicious

28:00 - ColetteC
love the snapshot feature b/c I am very visual

28:08 - Peggy George
snapshot is a really nice new feature!!

28:13 - M. Trump
oh, loving the preview

28:30 - seani
love the snapshot--haven't used it yet

28:38 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Very cool.

28:39 - Carolann
not sure I like the brown...

28:45 - BarbaraO

28:48 - Matt Townsley
wow. screenshot of page is a cool looking new feature

28:56 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@maggie do the videos captured insnapshot view still work even if they no longer work on the site you bookmarked?

28:56 - ColetteC
perfect for dynamic pages

29:13 - Peggy George
I also love the Diigo lists and webslides you can create! I created a webslide for lots of Diigo Resources and Tutorials for today. The link is in our gl.am links.

29:28 - Regis Barondeau
@PennyB we are using Moodle too. The links to the Netvibes public pages are on each team wiki pages and regarding Diigo we just started with a group.

29:36 - jackiegerstein
Good use of snapshots - I was wondering if and how I would use it. But as a time line of web development - especially with project wikis - it is a good idea

29:40 - Kyle in San Diego
@PennyB Our EDTEC class is pulling RSS of group BMs & tagcloud into Blackboard as iframe widgets for increased visibility of activity

29:47 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
It's kind of like Google Reader

29:56 - Peggy George

30:04 - kg
how does this compare to your experience with zotero?

30:09 - PennyB
@ Regis, so probably would be good to place permanant links in Moodle

30:09 - buffyjhamilton 1
Hi Russ! Yes, I have synced both accounts---love that ability!

30:12 - lindseyb16
laughing at the t-shirt image

30:24 - KGJames
"I teach therefore I'm poor" - ya got THAT right! :D

30:28 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@lindsey16 sadly, its true!

30:29 - ColetteC
@lindsey Ain't that the truth

30:39 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I think zotero is a great tool, but honestly too complicated for my MS kids.

30:43 - kellie80
If you import from Delicious, do your tags stay intact?

30:48 - buffyjhamilton 1
My students love the highlighting tools and the sticky notes.

30:49 - jackiegerstein
The Diigo slideshow is a nice resource Peggy

30:52 - Peggy George
I always post my bookmarks in Diigo and they automatically post to Delicious too (since many people I share with are using Delicious

31:01 - ColetteC
keep gong - w00t!

31:02 - lindseyb16

31:04 - buffyjhamilton 1
I'm good here!

31:05 - Regis Barondeau
@PennyB yep

31:08 - Sherri
yes hear u not too fast

31:17 - Karen Figgatt
good speed

31:18 - PennyB
ty Peggy for the tuts

31:18 - Peggy George
Keep going Maggie and we'll ask questions after you finish your overview :-)

31:23 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Peggy do you then have to go back to Delicious and add your new items to your tag bundles?

31:25 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I love the lists in diigo- when asked about something- e.g. digital storytelling I can just send the link to my list

31:28 - Camilla Elliott
It's excellent - learning so much

31:35 - Russ Goerend
I do that too, Maureen

31:38 - RjWassink
We have web-based curriculum on our intranet... thinking about having kids add a bookmark every day where they leave off and a quick note - and I will be able to see where they are at and what they think. Still working on configuring it just right.

31:42 - LALindell
Peggy - how do you do that -bookmark and Diigo and share to Delicious?

31:57 - Russ Goerend
My staff will ask about iPods in schools, for example, I just link them to my list

31:59 - PennyB
Rj, your district has an intranet?

32:05 - Peggy George
I don't go back to Delicious to add new items to tag bundles. I do all of my tagging, editing, etc. in Diigo

32:05 - kg
Great...no need to use ilighter as a stand-alone tool any longer.

32:19 - buffyjhamilton 1
I also like that they have the option to share sticky notes with just a group.

32:21 - seani
nice - mutli color high lighter

32:22 - Kyle in San Diego
the "highlighter" icon alone convinced several people in our class.. very visual indicator

32:24 - ColetteC
loving the highlight pen - oooh colors! use different colors for each kid

32:24 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@peggy thanks!

32:40 - Peggy George
@LALindell--when you set up your Diigo account you can choose to have your bookmarks automatically sent to Delicious

32:41 - Russ Goerend
@LALindell https://secure.diigo.com/tools/save_to_others

32:53 - LALindell
thanks Russ

32:55 - Kim Caise
within your diigo account you can set it up to post to your delicious account

33:03 - Peggy George
You can also import all of your bookmarks from your browser into Diigo--very quick and easy!!

33:11 - PennyB
oh, okay, was thinking of something different RJ

33:13 - Russ Goerend
Multi-color highlights are great for students too! Each has own color, etc.

33:23 - LALindell
Peggy - done that part - was seamless

33:26 - Peggy George
great point Russ!!!

33:45 - ColetteC
@Russ - colors also great for accountability - very vidual

33:50 - ColetteC

33:56 - Jason Epstein
Is there a way to "hide" public notes and stickies?

33:57 - Sheri Edwards
Is V4 open now? will my beta account automatically change?

34:00 - Connie
I like the safety features of making this all group specific.

34:04 - Peggy George
this way of sharing bookmarks sure beats sending them out to groups via email!!! Hooray for Diigo and social bookmarking!!

34:18 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
Yes you can hide public stickies

34:26 - Stacie
@Peggy George. Our class enjoyed the webinar! We are sorry that we have to move on to our next activity.

34:26 - Russ Goerend
Social Bookmarking is such a headache-saver.

34:33 - Jason Epstein

34:36 - Stacie
@Peggy George thank you!

34:55 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
The option is on the sticky at the top

34:58 - Peggy George
I'm so glad they added that feature about hiding public sticky notes!! They can be annoying if you go to a page that has a lot of them

34:59 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I kind of hate most of the public sticky notes- they were all over my igoogle page at one point.

35:01 - Jason Epstein

35:04 - buffyjhamilton 1

35:12 - joycevalenza
that's good!

35:14 - cr20live
can old annotations be edited? Ex, want to fix spelling mistake. etc.?

35:14 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I like that !

35:18 - Peggy George
So glad you were able to join us Stacie!!!

35:19 - joycevalenza
i sometimes hate those

35:23 - buffyjhamilton 1
Me too

35:23 - Jason Epstein

35:24 - jackiegerstein
I am happy not to see the public notes any longer - smart move

35:29 - Kyle in San Diego
works great for specific pages that get lotsa "junk" notes

35:30 - Matt Townsley
that's a nice features...to be able to hide public stickies

35:33 - LALindell
Good - looking forward to the release of these updates

35:35 - McTeach
I still can't get a full diigo toolbar in firefox on my PC. All options are checked but nothing shows.

35:36 - BarbaraO
Those public sticky notes can be SO annoying

35:38 - RjWassink
can we force students in a classroom group to use only private stickies? So that they couldn't see what others were saying (but I could?)

35:41 - joycevalenza
can't wait to share these

35:46 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Perfect solution!

35:53 - Russ Goerend
@mcteach I'd be happy to screenshare over Skype with you to see if we can get it figured out

35:56 - Matt Townsley
anyone else dislike the public 'spam' stickies on the facebook login page?

36:06 - RjWassink
I do like that idea. Yes, Matt - that's exactly what I was thinking

36:07 - Peggy George
love that you can turn it on and off and specialize it!!

36:10 - joycevalenza
i am in love with diigo, just want to make sure we can move our databases in!

36:11 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Matt HATE the FB stickies!

36:23 - McTeach
Thanks Russ!

36:26 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Why would ppl annotate FB I don't know!

36:26 - Regis Barondeau
@McTeach I also have a bug on my Mac on the Firefox Toolbar don't see "bookmark"

36:36 - Kim Caise
i agree @mbteach

36:41 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@joycevalenza- move databases in??

37:01 - joycevalenza
yes, with diigo and delicious my kids and teachers avoid databases

37:13 - M. Trump
me either MB

37:15 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Very cool.

37:19 - Matt Townsley
wow....a diigo URL shortener/archive feature for our diigo-virgin friends!

37:22 - kellie80
@joycevalenza: yes, we had to use sharedcopy for our databases.

37:23 - RjWassink
why annotate Fb? I guess it depends on how you're using this tool. Maybe someone is trying a new method out? :-)

37:29 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I've used that feature to send to my admins. Perhaps they will get diigo someday... or maybe I'm enabling them.

37:33 - joycevalenza
kellie, tell me more!

37:38 - Alicia Anderson
Wow, that is great

37:40 - vanhookc
I am agreeing with JoyceV

37:42 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Just seeing grey screen

37:45 - LALindell
like those using groups in facebook -- higher education ?

37:46 - Peggy George
It will be so great to go back and watch this recording again!! So much to learn and explore!! The recording will be posted in our archives as soon as it's available this afternoon. http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

37:53 - ColetteC
@maureen yes - keep sending them annotations!

38:04 - RjWassink
Diigo for president!

38:09 - kellie80
@joycevalenca: sharedcopy.com -- another highlighting and annotating tool. captures database conttent.

38:16 - jackiegerstein
This has been my favorite share today http://slides.diigo.com/list/pgeorge/diigo-resources-and-tutorials

38:19 - Peggy George
#RJWassink :-)

38:40 - Paula Naugle
@Ryan Too funny.

38:41 - Peggy George
great tip @kellie80!!

38:45 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
WOw! Virtual note cards!

39:02 - Kim Caise
peggy is a fantastic diigo resource and guru!

39:02 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Hope maggie will talk about my easy blog feature.... not really sure what to do with that

39:09 - lindseyb16
love web slides feature for diigo lists

39:12 - Peggy George
you should follow Maggie on Diigo so you can see all of her bookmarks :-)

39:18 - LALindell
research is much more simplier than with paper and pen!

39:31 - jackiegerstein
what's her Twitter name?

39:36 - Paula Naugle
@Kim I agree. Peggy is a guru about so many things.

39:38 - Connie
We are really looking forward to using this tool instead of the 50 notecards the kids are trying to keep up with and it will make their research so much more fun.

39:38 - Peggy George
doesn't this make research so much more powerful??

39:40 - RjWassink
if we can get students using these in all classes (not just mine) the time required to teach all of the coolness will not be so bad.

39:41 - PennyB
do you haved a link for Maggie's bookmarkss?

39:43 - KGJames
@Peggy how to follow her on Diigo?

39:44 - Sheri Edwards
Blog feature will push your article and annotations into your blog

39:45 - Matt Townsley
@LALindell - ??! diigo is like putting the paper on top of websites..

40:15 - Kim Caise
you add colleagues as friends and then you can see one another's library

40:17 - Sheri Edwards
Diigo is so powerful...wowser!

40:18 - Patti in Ohio
Wow! I did not realize there were all these new features and I use Diigo a lot!

40:20 - Russ Goerend
Sounds good Susan!

40:22 - LALindell
@Matt - yes and show much more...and all digital and stored in one place

40:34 - Matt Townsley
@Connie good point, diigo becomes students' notecards, but with the power to tag them and share w/peers and teacher

40:36 - PennyB
Diigo is almost too powerful for this beginner!

40:37 - buffyjhamilton 1
Is the ability to create a citation for a web resource in the works for Diigo?

40:39 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I hadn't looked at these features yet! Very powerful.

40:40 - ColetteC
love the way tht Maggie and Diigo listen to educators and respond to our deeds - one of the best edtech companies I know

40:42 - PennyB
I am overwhelmed

40:53 - Russ Goerend
Agreed Colette

40:55 - Jason Epstein
did not know that there could be information overload about information overload! :s

40:56 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I like the feature to be able to mark things 'unread' so I can go back to them later

40:59 - RjWassink
I wish this was available back in '96 when I began college... think of the pages that we've seen in the last decade that weren't saved

41:00 - Kim Caise
@penny, you just use the features that you feel comfortable

41:02 - Paula Naugle
I need to use all the features of Diigo. So powerful.

41:07 - Kim Caise
and expand over time

41:16 - vanhookc
This is fascinating...as huge as Google Docs! Great to be here in pjs and with coffee!

41:19 - Russ Goerend
@mbteach Do you use the "read it later" button on your Diigo toolbar?

41:20 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@collettec- I agree- they are the best as far as listening to and responding to educators. Their support team is amazing.

41:23 - Russ Goerend
my favorite feature

41:23 - blairteach
If feeling overwhelmed, just start bookmarking and tagging and grown into the other features as you get comfortable.

41:32 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Russ yup, all the time. I'm a busy girl!

41:36 - Kim Caise
i use diigo frequently but i don't come close to using diigo to its full potential

41:38 - dreamonda
I can really learn a few features at a time until I master them, and keep adding

41:38 - mjjohnson
When I find an ASCD article and I want to share it with the teachers in the ESL department how will this work because of the needed user name and password to access the article

41:43 - Peggy George
when you are in Diigo go to Maggie's page and select to Connect with her: http://www.diigo.com/profile/maggie_diigo

41:45 - LALindell
small steps at at time -- come back to tutorials to learn more....

41:47 - Russ Goerend
I'm going to dedicate 30 mins today to getting after my unread items.

41:54 - Matt Townsley
@Russ - 'read it later' is one of the reasons you got me hooked on diigo

42:12 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Russ I just got through my Google Reader stuff....now on to Diigo!

42:19 - Chris Bigenho 1
very nice

42:19 - Russ Goerend
For those of you feeling overwhelmed, get in touch on Twitter and I'm happy to help any time :)

42:25 - Peggy George
read it later is really helpful!! also private bookmarking for things you want to keep private

42:27 - Connie
Love the searchability tool for looking in my library and narrowing down the search. Keep narrowing the topic I am searching. Wow!

42:29 - Russ Goerend
Google Reader + Diigo is a spare time killer :)

42:30 - ColetteC
search within your tags - very cool

42:34 - Jason Epstein
russ what is your twitter name?

42:40 - Matt Townsley
yeah...GReader + diigo 'read it later' is a great combination

42:42 - LALindell
Can I iimport my "read it later" bookmarks into Diigo (Read it later is a separate utility I installed in my browser)?

42:50 - RjWassink
@mary beth I still have probably 500 unread in gReader. Unreal how much my PLN produces

42:51 - buffyjhamilton 1
If Diigo had the ability to generate MLA and APA citations, I think we would be very tempted to abandon NoodleTools.

42:52 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Russ You hve "spare time"??

43:02 - Peggy George
@Russ--it would take me more than 30 minutes to catch up on all of my "unread" items!! :-)

43:03 - ColetteC
Yes, going quick - but that's OK - motivated me to learn more

43:04 - buffyjhamilton 1
My students said they prefer doing notes via Diigo.

43:06 - Jason Epstein
Buffy! that is genius!!!

43:10 - M. Trump
I will definately be looking into this deeper

43:13 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Ryan no kidding!

43:14 - Peggy George
I think I have at least 80 tabs open right now!!

43:20 - joycevalenza
buffy, that's one of the things I would love! but should we abandon those standards, i wonder

43:21 - dreamonda
All technology requires that students become proficient readers

43:23 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
@ buffyhamilton-right, noodlebit would be a thing of the past

43:23 - Bill Guinee
Is there a downloadable diigo manual somewhere?

43:27 - McTeach
@Regis...that's my main concern. Can't see "bookmark". Kinda need that! :)

43:27 - Jason Epstein
TRUMP, you should have been listening to me when I was in NC!

43:28 - Paula Naugle
My Google reader is overflowing. Plan to clean it up this weekend.

43:29 - Russ Goerend
@mbteach Yup, it's when I read books/articles/blog posts/create projects/update our class blog....... :D

43:33 - Matt Townsley
Maggie is advocating anti-social behavior! :)

43:36 - M. Trump
I need more coffee to keep up this morning!

43:39 - Patti in Ohio
Such a timely topic. i'll be presenting Diigo to a group of teachers in a couple weeks. Thanks!

43:53 - joycevalenza
but if it played nice with other third party apps . . .

43:55 - Kim Caise
the tutorials and help features in diigo are very helpful

43:57 - buffyjhamilton 1
I'm still working on access to Zotero---i work in an IE world at work.

43:57 - Regis Barondeau
Using Netvibes + Diigo I would love to see a Diigo widget inside Netvibes to even save more time being able to highligh and tag inside my feed agregator

43:59 - Russ Goerend
@Peggy Same here. Mine are months old, so I'm just going to take a small bite off my unread

44:01 - Peggy George
lots of Diigo Help and Tutorials available--we've included many of them in our gl.am resources today--some great video/vimeo tutorials

44:06 - joycevalenza
like noodlebib and those databases . . .

44:08 - Sherri
Thanks Maggie; g2g excellent service

44:16 - PennyB
okay a bottom line questoin, is all of this free? no premium accounts?

44:17 - Marsha
So would you think the best to start is to find an article and share it witht he kids....teaching them some of these features because I ask them to launch out in finding their own articles

44:23 - LALindell
@Regis - agreem- one for igoogle too

44:26 - BarbaraO
@M.Trump I thought it was just me!

44:27 - Maureen(bcdtech)
As I am introducing it to the kids- I do bookmark and highlight and talk about tags. We will move on from there when they are comfortable with that. Last year my 7th graders got a "little" caried away with the social aspects.

44:29 - Russ Goerend
@penny all free

44:34 - PennyB
ty Russ

44:35 - Peggy George
http://gl.am/a72vd for tutorials and resources from today :-)

44:38 - buffyjhamilton 1
Joyce, you can bookmark the database articles in Diigo. I just had to teach the kids how to change the URL and capture the infomark or persistentn URL in the database.

45:07 - Patti in Ohio
I get so many great links from the Classroom 2.0 group

45:12 - PennyB
is my educator account private?

45:14 - M. Trump
Barb, Nope :)

45:14 - Sherri
thanks Russ! bye

45:20 - Russ Goerend
Have a great day Sherri

45:24 - Matt Townsley
re: noodletools and citationmachine; an alternative is KnightCite: http://www.calvin.edu/library/knightcite/

45:29 - buffyjhamilton 1
The only piece of the pie missing for me from Diigo is a citation generator, but for now, we can use it in conjunction with NoodleTools.

45:33 - Russ Goerend
@PennyB it's not. I would create a personal account and a teacher account

45:36 - Connie
I think I will just give Diigo to my students and let them teach me and each other. I am sure they will figure it all out and use it without me knowing everything.

45:37 - Peggy George
@PennyB-you choose the settings for your educator account

45:42 - Chris Bigenho 1
I will be developeing a community for the NAIS annual Conference and Diigo will be a key part of that blended environment

45:52 - joycevalenza
Great buffy, will you show me in Charlotte? (at the smackdown?)

45:59 - Kim Caise
fantastic idea @chris

46:06 - buffyjhamilton 1
Joyce, you know I will! :-)

46:07 - Russ Goerend
My personal account is "tagmirror"

46:10 - PennyB
ty Peggy

46:12 - Peggy George
@buffyjhamilton--great suggestion!! It would be great to have a citation generator in Diigo!!

46:13 - joycevalenza

46:25 - buffyjhamilton 1
Other than that, it is perfect! :-)

46:46 - joycevalenza
love it!

46:47 - PennyB
this is one of those days I wish I wasnt a lone wolf in my district

46:49 - Peggy George
Diigo has so much power it's hard to take advantage of all of it!!

46:53 - jackiegerstein
When I wake up in the morning, instead of reading the paper, I read the bookmarks posted by the Diigo groups I follow

47:00 - Marsha
Do most of you have 2 accounts...one for you as a teacher with classes and one for your personal stuff

47:02 - joycevalenza
me too, jackie!

47:03 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@PennyB I feel ya!

47:04 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@jackie- me too!

47:07 - Peggy George
me too jackiegerstein!!! :-)

47:16 - jackiegerstein
; ) Fun isn't it??

47:21 - BarbaraO
me, too jackie. Paper is still in the driveway!

47:24 - Sheri Edwards
Can you show the student accounts features

47:25 - jackiegerstein

47:28 - Paula Naugle
I also start my day with my Diigo groups and Twitter.

47:29 - buffyjhamilton 1
Diigo very much lends itself to participatory librarianship. Love it!

47:34 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
@Marsha I just use one account

47:38 - joycevalenza
some mornings I pray I only have two or three with new stuff

48:06 - Paula Naugle
@Joyce LOL. It cn be overwhelming.

48:15 - Paula Naugle
Can not cn

48:18 - dreamonda
Good question about whether to have different accounts in Diigo, whether private; or an you keep part of your account private, and form groups for students, administrators, etc

48:19 - Peggy George
fortunately sometimes new links are posted in several groups so it reduces the time it takes to check them out :-)

48:29 - Gila
Can students under the age of 13 can use it?

48:40 - jackiegerstein
Good question Gila

48:51 - Peggy George
I follow about 20 different groups that I get links from every night in my email! Makes it to easy to follow them!

48:58 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@gila- I use it with 4th graders- since I control their accounts, it is OK as far as I know

49:04 - Rick (VA)
Any examples of teaching an online class that makes a very strong use of Diigo? It has a lot of interactive/communication features.

49:14 - dreamonda

49:18 - PennyB
do students have to have an email address for each student for them to sign up?

49:23 - vanhookc
Loved that phrase "participatory librarianship" ... way to go!

49:24 - Maureen(bcdtech)

49:25 - RjWassink
Penny: no

49:26 - Russ Goerend
students o not need email

49:29 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Maureen Would love to know how you use it with 4th graders

49:31 - PennyB
ty RJ

49:56 - Sarah Rolle
how young students are using this?

49:59 - ColetteC
how easy is it to update and change your student account from year to year?

50:03 - M. Trump
can u password protect groups if you're sharing w/ students / staff?

50:12 - Sheri Edwards
I have fifth grades using Diigo

50:15 - Paula Naugle
@Maureen me too. Love to learn from you since I teach 4th graders also.

50:30 - Kim Caise

50:38 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Sheri @Maureen do you have 1:1, a lab to use when you want?

50:47 - PennyB
I am so impressed with those teachers doing this with 4th and 5th graders, good for you!

50:47 - RjWassink
gtg, Thanks Maggie & everyone! Will catch the recorded session this afternoon.

50:50 - Connie
Can set for younger students as she just mentioned if they are under 13. Diigo gives the choice of age group you are using with your students so that more restrictions are set with the yhounger kids.

51:00 - anne
my school changed from our old .edu to .net

51:05 - Paula Naugle
Bye Ryan.

51:13 - ColetteC
A lot of schools use Google Apps email too

51:14 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Have a good day, Ryan!

51:15 - Sheri Edwards
mbteach (Mary Beth) I have 9 very old computers in my classroom

51:28 - M. Trump
would like to link staff group on public website but not have open to parents / public...

51:30 - McTeach
I have a ".org" account and had no trouble signing up. Love diigo education!

51:41 - M. Trump

51:46 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Wow. 9! Most of our classes have 2-3. I want to try using it with classes as they come through the lab.

51:47 - Kim Caise
is everyone seeing the teacher account?

51:49 - Carolann
I'm not seeing anything?

51:50 - PennyB
I have not noticed any advertising on diigo, how are they making their money?

51:55 - kellie80
Not seeing anything.

51:58 - Gila
we don't see anything......

52:00 - Mary Ann Davidson
can't see what you are doing

52:04 - jackiegerstein

52:04 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Can't see

52:05 - Jason Epstein

52:06 - Carolann

52:08 - Sarah Rolle

52:08 - M. Trump

52:09 - dreamonda

52:10 - Camilla Elliott
I'm still seeing 'You follow 65 people'

52:11 - Mkefgen
I'm seeing an older page

52:14 - Sheri Edwards
restart appsharing

52:24 - Marsha

52:26 - M. Trump

52:27 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Mary Beth Intorduced it to learn more about where Halloween came from. I made a custom google search engine and the kid used etherpad to generate the questions they needed to answer. I assigned pairs of kids to find the answers onine and they were to highlight them. They used toondoospaces to make cartoons of their answers. Overall- I went too quickly, but it was Ok for an intro. I wil use it again as we look at other topics. I teach in a lab, but work closely with their humanities teachers

52:34 - Sarah Rolle
go back

52:36 - LALindell
much better!

52:47 - Peggy George
Michael Wesh uses Diigo in amazing ways with his university students! http://www.netvibes.com/wesch

52:57 - Peggy George
Wesch sorry for typo!

53:16 - PennyB
Love Wesch! ty for that link

53:21 - Sarah Rolle
@Maureen - what age?

53:37 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I teach grades 4-9

53:43 - Peggy George
he is incredible!! be sure to check out his group bookmarks tagged by his students in Diigo!

53:56 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Maureen Thanks!

54:07 - Sarah Rolle
@Maureen - that Halloween activity was done with all of them?

54:14 - Sheri Edwards
my students have pseudonymns created by mixing up the letters in their names

54:20 - Peggy George
really helpful to see this demonstrated!! visuals help so much!!

54:21 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I did it with 4th grade

54:23 - ColetteC
thank you for disable profiles

54:24 - kellie80
If we use student IDs as passwords, does that comply with the password protocol on Diigo?

54:29 - Sarah Rolle
@Maureen ty

54:29 - PennyB
my kids LOVE to do the profile thing

54:43 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I used Diigo last year with 7th grade to research the places they would be visiting on a DC trip

54:46 - Jason Epstein
Gotta Run! Happy Halloween everyone!

54:52 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
You too, Jason

54:53 - Russ Goerend
Thanks for coming jason!

54:57 - M. Trump
see ya around Jason

55:07 - Sarah Rolle
See ya Jason

55:07 - jackiegerstein
Dia de la Muertos Jason

55:08 - PennyB
so I have to load all their names and passwords?

55:14 - Paula Naugle
Bye Jason.

55:15 - Chris Bigenho 1
can they add themselves

55:17 - Kyle in San Diego
Anyone have any good tips on mechanics/motivators, etc for succesfully getting students to join a diigo group and then not only troll/mooch, but actually participate & contribute... diigo as a metric for participation grade, specific reading assignments, other suggestions?

55:21 - ColetteC
can you remove old students from groups?

55:22 - Peggy George
you are asking so many great questions!!

55:25 - Russ Goerend
@Penny It generates passwords for you if you load the names

55:26 - Lorna Costantini
really looking forward to the recording - so much to grasp these links will help http://gl.am/a72vd

55:27 - Marsha
I went back and changed their passwords to their lunch ccount #s so they didn't forget

55:28 - Chris Bigenho 1
self select

55:32 - PennyB
ty Russ

55:35 - greglumb
Wish I could stay. amazing stuff.

55:40 - M. Trump
this is great...I have a LOT of work to do now

55:43 - kellie80
@marsha what if you have 150 kids?

55:44 - M. Trump

55:48 - Sheri Edwards
pennyb you can upload a csv file following the sample file shown

55:50 - Peter Steed
thanks very much. I can't wait to explore diigo after I've finished carving the jack-o-lanterns with my kids

55:58 - Regis Barondeau
Can student accounts be transformed into normal accounts after the class if some students want to keep them?

56:06 - blairteach
Thank you very much. I already love diigo; now I know more features to share.

56:09 - jackiegerstein
good question Regis

56:09 - M. Trump
in NC...think I'll use NCWIse numbers as passwords!

56:13 - Russ Goerend
Maggie, where does an email sent to those student email address go?

56:23 - ColetteC
Upgrade student acct to personal acct - great idea!!

56:30 - PennyB
ty Sheri, now I just need to figure out how to generate a csv file, I cant keep up!

56:31 - paul shircliff
create subgroups? as in 5 groups for 5 different classes, then research groups ineach class?

56:39 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I use the kids gaggle mail passwords for all the accts that I can. It makes it easier for them

56:50 - PennyB
gaggle mail?

56:57 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@penny just create an excel spreadsheet and save as CSV

56:59 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@penny- they give you a sample file- just add your kids

57:00 - Gila
can we give the students the password?

57:01 - Sheri Edwards
pennyb in excel you can save as to csv file

57:01 - M. Trump
import CSV from NCWise = mega easy

57:05 - McTeach
Yeah, never heard of gaggle mail

57:05 - PennyB
ty MB

57:21 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@MCteach I use Gaggle. IT's great

57:24 - Sarah Rolle
thank you russ and Maggie!

57:24 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@mcteach- free moderated email for kids

57:27 - Peggy George
Diigo has some fantastic help forums to get help if you're having issues with anything!! They are great about responding to your questions!

57:31 - Russ Goerend
Sure. I can hang out

57:32 - Carmen Gatti
Great session! Thanks

57:35 - Chris Bigenho 1
thanks for the great show and informaiton

57:36 - Regis Barondeau
With the MBA students that need less support we just ask them to create a normal account and use a normal group

57:38 - Lorna Costantini
we keep a copy of the chat log in the archives

57:39 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Fastest hour of the day!!

57:41 - Matt Townsley
thanks Maggie & Russ!

57:45 - McTeach
Cool. Gaggle sounds perfect!

57:47 - Peggy George
Incredible information!!! Thank you so much Maggie and Russ!!

57:56 - McTeach
Thanks Maggie and Russ! Can't wait to use this with my kids!

57:57 - dreamonda
An hour was just about right,

57:58 - Connie
Is that the same as gmail?

58:04 - ColetteC
thank you Maggie and Russ

58:11 - LALindell
thanks Maggie and Russ

58:13 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Connie Gaggle mail: http://www.gaggle.net

58:18 - Marsha
Can you make subgroups that collaborate between class hours?

58:19 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
Is there a way to edit the student user names?

58:25 - Russ Goerend
Yes, jen.

58:27 - joycevalenza
yes, a library account would be nice too!

58:30 - Maggie

58:32 - Peggy George
we can continue to ask questions after the official ending of the show and we'll keep the recording going if you have to leave

58:35 - Chris Bigenho 1
need to run but thanks for the great presentation

58:51 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
How @russ can I do that please?

58:56 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us and sharing your excellent suggestions and links!!

59:14 - Russ Goerend
Give me a sec, jen and I'll take a screenshot

59:25 - mrsjgarcia(jen)

59:28 - Kyle in San Diego
link in chat?

59:39 - Sheri Edwards
can you drop that link in here?

59:39 - Maggie
Thanks all. I have more resources to share. Wiil share with Kim and Peggy to share with you all

59:40 - kellie80
What if our student usernames don't have 6 characters (we use first letter + last name).

59:41 - ColetteC
excellent session today - i'm inspired to use the classroom versions

59:50 - Peggy George
Please add your ideas to Karl Fish's Google Doc!! Link is in the gl.am links :-) http://gl.am/a72vd

59:51 - mjjohnson
terrific topic next week

59:52 - virginia alberti
can you put the survey url in the chat box

59:55 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@kellie you could add a number to the username

1:00:04 - Maggie
unfortunately, we prefer not to mess with username length

1:00:09 - mjjohnson
white paper link?

1:00:13 - kellie80
Just trying to avoid having students with multiple logins to remember.

1:00:20 - Carmen Gatti
lost sound

1:00:20 - dreamonda
lost the sound

1:00:23 - Maggie
sure , understand

1:00:24 - PennyB

1:00:25 - Camilla Elliott
We're looking forward to him coming to Australia next year

1:00:25 - Peggy George

1:00:27 - kellie80
So mady would not work (for michael ady).

1:00:29 - dreamonda
o.k., back

1:00:29 - Connie
For student names I use their first name and the number of their address as a choice so they can remember.

1:00:36 - virginia alberti

1:00:51 - ColetteC
Yeah Sue - love edublogs!

1:00:52 - virginia alberti
and can you put the diiigo group url?

1:00:56 - Russ Goerend
Here you go Jen http://img.skitch.com/20091031-1aaj345r6qbgq1sn54teh27rm.jpg

1:00:58 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I wouldn't use their address...they often use their class room number

1:01:00 - Peggy George
Sue's beginner series is great and you get to interact all the way through!!

1:01:05 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
thanks Russ

1:01:16 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I <3 Sue Waters!

1:01:19 - kellie80
A bit tough to pull off for high school classes or students though.

1:01:29 - Peggy George
@Russ-Isn't Skitch wonderful??!! :-)

1:01:37 - virginia alberti
great program!

1:01:45 - Russ Goerend
Skitch is AMAZING!

1:01:52 - jackiegerstein
Thanks as alwasy

1:01:59 - lindseyb16
thanks everyone for a great session, learned so much

1:02:01 - Maggie
Take a look of the Diigo slides enclosed here for summary of new features I mentioned

1:02:03 - M. Trump
thanks much - a lot to think about - off to Twitter and coffee!

1:02:10 - Peggy George
we have a great new option on the survey now--you can request Professional Development certificates now for these sessions :-)

1:02:11 - Russ Goerend
It's saved me so much time when teachers ask "how do you do that?"

1:02:21 - Paula Naugle
Another great learning session. Thanks to all the moderators.

1:02:31 - Russ Goerend
Thanks for coming, Paula!

1:02:32 - kellie80
This was great. Thanks.

1:02:33 - PennyB
thanks for the help everyone. I am always simoultaneously thrilled and depressed when I try to learn all of this , it is so hard to be the only one trying to get any of this.

1:02:33 - dreamonda
GREAT Thanks

1:02:37 - joycevalenza
thanks everyone!

1:02:37 - mjjohnson
outstanding idea! teachers who participate could add this to their professional development file

1:02:38 - Russ Goerend
Thanks for coming everyone!

1:02:41 - mrsjgarcia(jen)
Thanks everyone

1:02:44 - McTeach
That's awesome!!!

1:02:54 - M. Trump
oh really?

1:02:57 - Beverly Stout
I've been showing up as "away" and don't know why?

1:02:58 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@kellie80 some people set up a user name with the grad year... I use first name last intial and the intitials of our school- works on almost everything. If I have 2 kids with same I use a number after it eg samk1, etc...

1:02:59 - Peggy George
if you need PD hours for your district/school these certificates may help :-) You can also get them for watching the recordings when you can't participate live with us

1:02:59 - joycevalenza

1:03:00 - Louis - Madison, WI

1:03:01 - Paula Naugle
@Peggy George You are awesome. Love that we can now get a certificate.

1:03:11 - Regis Barondeau
Do you guys plan something regarding GoogleWave like using Diigo inside a Wave document? Didn't try may be it already works.

1:03:35 - Peggy George
thank you!! I hope it will be helpful to you!!

1:03:51 - Kim Caise

1:03:52 - Peggy George
putting Maggie on the spot :-)

1:04:00 - virginia alberti
great Peggy

1:04:35 - chad
Thank you.......Great Session

1:04:43 - Kim Caise

1:05:04 - Regis Barondeau
The link with Delicious is a killer, we don't have to think to switch to use a more powerful tool

1:05:05 - Maureen(bcdtech)
The groups are amazing1

1:05:06 - Peggy George
we are bringing up the survey in this session in the webtour so it will make the certificates available in the recording :-) You can complete the survey in your browser after the session is over today.

1:05:25 - Marsha
Annotation is key for me wanting to use Diigo although I've been a delicious user for years.

1:05:41 - LALindell
@marsha -- me too !!

1:06:06 - Peggy George
If I need information/links on any topic I always start my search in Diigo and go straight to my educator friends!! I can always depend on the quality of the resources that way!!

1:06:11 - Alastair
Hi, Logged on for the first time from the UK, but got the time wrong, so missed most of it, but what I have seen I'm impressed with. AL

1:06:35 - Peggy George
so sorry Alastair!! But you can view the recording very soon! This has been an incredible session!

1:06:43 - Marsha
I think the collaborative nature of this tool is something I haven't touched enough with my students....need to help them learn to critique and rate the quality of sources so they can become more discerning in their use of information

1:07:02 - Alastair
I looked at diigo this morning GMT and thought it had merit for UK users

1:07:14 - Peggy George
the recording will be posted here as soon as it's available: http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

1:07:23 - Maureen(bcdtech)
MY staff is still working on checking email... but we are moving forward. I send links on a daily basis to teachers across all disciplines and grade levels. Eventually they will want to do it themselves. My PLN on twitter is wonderful and I always have links to share. It is such a valuable resource- both PLN and diigo.

1:07:39 - ColetteC
great point Maggie - its the pedagogy not the tool features

1:07:43 - Alastair

1:07:51 - Marsha
Right on!!! Maggie you get it

1:07:55 - Kyle in San Diego
diigo=changing the way we research & learn

1:08:07 - Peggy George
if you want to save the slides that Russ and Maggie used today you can click on the blue floppy disc in the menu and select save whiteboard-save as PDF

1:08:09 - Maureen(bcdtech)
The project piece and collaboration made easy... really valuable tools

1:08:20 - Marsha
Same skills...but amped up with the collaborative tool

1:08:22 - PennyB
better tools!

1:08:24 - Regis Barondeau
Is there a suggestion tool in Diigo to find users with the same type of interests based on our tags?

1:08:30 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Maureen so glad to hear that someone else has a staff that still doesn't all check its email!

1:08:39 - M. Trump
If only I had more than 1 hour to train staff at one time.....

1:08:40 - Kyle in San Diego
@Moderators: Any workaround for annotating within PDFs ?

1:08:53 - Marsha
better than trading notecards!!! ha ha ha takes me back to the old debate days of carrying around thousands of cards

1:08:53 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Maggie what do you see the my easy blog feature being used for in education?

1:08:55 - Maggie
coming... :-)

1:08:55 - Peggy George
great story Kim!!

1:08:56 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I send links out all the time to my staff. Don't even know who reads them.

1:09:40 - Camilla Elliott
@Alistair The link for checking time helps. To find Pacific time I select California.

1:09:58 - paul shircliff
now we just need a blog/wiki/diigo combined site so kids only need to log in once

1:09:58 - Peggy George
I love sharing the bookmarks via Diigo because they are always there if the teachers want to find them later--they often delete their email messages and ask to have it sent again. Diigo is much more efficient!

1:10:11 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Mary Beth I do hear back sometimes if something is used. Not usually. Altho I had to show a friend how to create a filter- so all my links would go into a folder, instead of clogging her inbox.

1:10:21 - Peggy George
interesting thought @paul shircliff!!

1:10:24 - PennyB
yes Paul!

1:10:26 - kellie80
I think this could be a great tool for comprehension -- esp. color coding web-based resources.

1:10:31 - PennyB
INtegration is my main concern

1:10:37 - M. Trump
I was going to use Delicious but now thinking Diigo to share resources with staff / students

1:10:41 - Kim Caise

1:11:00 - Peggy George
use the features you need and that work for you!! don't have to be overwhelmed if you do that. You could just use the bookmarking/tagging feature if that is what you need.

1:11:03 - mjjohnson
the professional development certificate is HUGE. Moving toward Districts accepting this or even States is something to work toward

1:11:09 - Marsha
start small and build towards sophisticated

1:11:21 - Peggy George

1:11:30 - Marsha
thanks for all the great ideas

1:11:47 - Russ Goerend
Contact me if you have questions! :)

1:11:51 - Peggy George
Jen Dorman did an earlier session on tagging and bookmarking in Diigo. The link to the recording is in our gl.am links today.

1:11:55 - Russ Goerend
twitter.com/russgoerend or www.tagmirror.org

1:12:04 - Kyle in San Diego
Love how the highlight image feature can be used to pull diagrams right into the annotated library views

1:12:14 - Peggy George
Jen Dorman and Miguel Guhlin are fantastic resources for Diigo!

1:12:18 - PennyB
ty Maggiem that earlier session will be really beneficial to me

1:12:30 - Marsha
Something like EBSCO Host database article

1:12:30 - buffyjhamilton 1
Yes---you can with databases.

1:12:31 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I put jen's and miguel's resources on a diigo info page for my faculty. They also like to have something that they can print out... we like paper. If I could laminate all the pdfs they would even like them better :-)

1:12:35 - mjjohnson
thanks for addressing my question :)

1:12:46 - buffyjhamilton 1
You have to teach the kids how to change the URL and capture the infomark (GALE) or persistent URL in EBSCohost databases.

1:12:49 - Marsha
I thought I saw the diigo option embedded with eBSCO

1:12:51 - PennyB
Mareen - lol!

1:13:01 - buffyjhamilton 1
EBSCOhost has delicious and I think Diigo, too.

1:13:03 - Peggy George
http://jdorman.wikispaces.com/SocialBookmarking (Jennifer Dorman: Social Bookmarking and Diigo tutorials/resources)

1:14:02 - Peggy George
This is a fantastic resource in our gl.am links today: http://digitallyspeaking.pbworks.com/Social-Bookmarking-and-Annotating (Bill Bigelow: Social Bookmarking and Annotating-great resources for both Diigo and Delicious with downloadable handouts)

1:14:25 - Peggy George
the followup links will really help you understand even more about Diigo :-)

1:14:33 - Maureen(bcdtech)
That ws my reasoning for starting my 4th graders off with diigo- why not start with something that will grow with them instead of just showing how to bookmark locally

1:14:35 - Marsha
It's Bill Ferritier again....digitally speaking is the best

1:14:58 - buffyjhamilton 1
Yes, you can do that.

1:14:58 - Russ Goerend
Yes, Bill Ferriter is a huge resource for Diigo (and all things digital)

1:15:08 - Peggy George
http://help.diigo.com/teacher-account/getting-started (Diigo for Education-Getting Started instructions)

1:15:14 - buffyjhamilton 1
I have embedded the feeds in Netvibes and LibGuides.

1:15:20 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Thanks, Peggy for that link!

1:15:23 - Peggy George
absolutely!! Bill Ferriter!! :-)

1:15:38 - Kyle in San Diego
RSS of tags and links works For sure! we're pulling them into widgets embedded within our LMS (blackboard) for increased visibility

1:15:52 - Peggy George
http://message.diigo.com/message/29443?page_num=0 (Diigo Forum: Many suggestions in answer to the question "Why Would Teachers Use Diigo?")

1:15:52 - Maggie

1:16:04 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Peggy my head of school sent me a link to one of Bill's articles this week. I just smiled and said thank you.

1:16:08 - PennyB
blimey! maybe I need to have my students create an iGoogle page to coordinate all the tools, >lightbulb moment!< this kind of forum helps me think!

1:16:11 - Peggy George
Maggie your audio keeps cutting out--missed some of that

1:16:21 - Peggy George
awesome Maureen!!

1:16:27 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Gotta run everyone. Thanks for a great session! Trick or treat!

1:16:30 - mjjohnson
I am thinking about how to connect Elluminate, diigo and the topic of SIOP together to provide oustanding professional development opportunities for educators to learn about this timely topic

1:16:35 - Kyle in San Diego
re ebsco integrated bm'ing: http://www.diigo.com/07wd6

1:17:07 - Bill Guinee
please get rid of the big elluminate addvert covering up page

1:18:30 - Sarah Rolle
What's the url for the digiteen project?

1:18:48 - PennyB

1:18:54 - Kim Caise

1:19:00 - Sarah Rolle

1:19:22 - Regis Barondeau
Can we embed a tag cloud widget with all the widgets of a group?

1:19:35 - Peggy George
you can even get a widget for Diigo for your blog :-) http://groups.diigo.com/group/Diigo_HQ/tools

1:19:58 - Russ Goerend
Unfortunately, I need to check out. Thanks for being such an interactive audience! Thank you for allowing me to share.

1:20:01 - kellie80
Can you highlight a .pdf that's in your browser?

1:20:11 - SueH
Thanks, Russ.

1:20:12 - Sarah Rolle
Thank you Russ!

1:20:13 - Peggy George
thank you so much Russ!!

1:20:15 - McTeach
Thanks Russ!

1:20:16 - Marsha
Thanks so much for everything...gotta go...the KU game is on soon.

1:20:19 - Marsha
Bye everyone

1:20:20 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Russ -- put your twitter name in so others can follow you

1:20:27 - Russ Goerend
@russgoerend on Twitter

1:20:29 - Maggie
for example http://groups.diigo.com/group/Diigo_HQ/tools

1:20:30 - mjjohnson
GO VIKINGS! Watching Brett do the Lambo Leap should be interesting

1:20:31 - Sheri Edwards

1:20:32 - Russ Goerend
have a great day!

1:20:56 - Peggy George
use the group widget link to create your widget

1:21:23 - Regis Barondeau
Did you guys create a Twitter list of Diigo power users?

1:21:26 - BarbaraO
Awesome session! Thanks Maggie and Russ!

1:21:57 - Peggy George
Thank you all for your great questions and tips!!! We'll let Maggie go soon but we'll have her back later for more follow up :-) Watch for other new features like the iPhone app for Diigo--coming soon!!

1:22:20 - Connie
Is there a way to copy these questions that people on the wibinar are asking? I have tried the copy functions that I usually need and they are not showing a copy choice?

1:22:28 - Alastair
Thanks for what I have heard today, I'll go log in to Diigo and set up to see for myself

1:22:45 - Peggy George
you can save the entire chat by clicking on the blue floppy disk icon in the menu :-)

1:22:50 - Regis Barondeau
Diigo iPhone app...waiting for that one :)

1:23:05 - Peggy George
me too Regis!!! we'll have to wait for the release!!

1:23:15 - Peggy George
so excited about that!!!!

1:23:24 - kellie80
Thanks everyone. Happy Halloween!

1:23:45 - Peggy George
we'll post the entire chat along with the full recording in our archives later--as soon as they are available

1:24:07 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Thank you Maggie, Peggy and Kim- great session. Love Diigo and now have more reasons! Going to explore some of the new features.

1:24:25 - Peggy George

1:24:47 - Connie

1:24:48 - Sarah Rolle
not really

1:24:49 - Camilla Elliott

1:24:51 - ColetteC
not yet

1:24:52 - KathyLawrence
Not allowed in my district

1:24:56 - buffyjhamilton 1
Very slowly---

1:24:59 - SueH
not permitted where we are

1:25:02 - Sheri Edwards
We want to, but school admin is behind

1:25:11 - Peggy George
there is definitely a growing use of mobiles in education but lots of room to improve because so many school policies prohibit them!

1:25:53 - Sarah Rolle
they want immediate responses!

1:26:07 - Peggy George
be sure to check out Liz Kolb's blog regularly for some great classroom uses of cell phones

1:26:24 - Sheila T
Student use is still prohibited in most schools. I do see teachers using web browsers during the day.

1:26:30 - Peggy George
Liz has started a great wiki for people to share what they are doing with cell phones: http://k12cellphoneprojects.wikispaces.com/

1:26:55 - Peggy George
This is Liz's blog http://www.cellphonesinlearning.com/

1:26:58 - Sarah Rolle
thanks everyone g2g

1:27:00 - ColetteC
any chance Diigo could be integrated with Google Wave?

1:27:19 - Peggy George
Liz also does a regular radio show about cell phones in learning on blogtalkradio that is great!

1:27:40 - ColetteC
citation maker within Diigo?

1:27:46 - Peggy George
Maggie is giving us teasers about Diigo!! :-) Always great new features being developed!

1:28:05 - SueH
That would be fabulous

1:28:26 - Camilla Elliott
Have to leave. Thanks so much for this session.

1:28:30 - Peggy George
we tend to think of Diigo for education but that is a great point she is making about the broad user base--lots of businesses use Diigo

1:28:41 - Peggy George
Bye Camilla! Thanks for coming!

1:28:44 - Sheri Edwards

1:29:10 - Peggy George
Warlick's Son of Citation Machine is very helpful!!

1:29:32 - SueH
and for all kids in schools - we want them to work ethciallly right from the beginning

1:29:36 - virginia alberti
i always very impressed for the resources in these webseminar and i 'm very gratefull

1:29:38 - Sheri Edwards
Does Flickr now have citation links? I think I saw that

1:29:42 - buffyjhamilton 1
I would probably leave NoodleTools if the citation feature was available in Diigo.

1:29:50 - Peggy George

1:30:05 - Peggy George
send them to me Maggie and I'll add them to the gl.am

1:30:08 - Sheri Edwards
show now?

1:30:11 - Sheri Edwards
Thank you Maggie and Russ, Peggy and Kim

1:30:35 - Peggy George
that's one of the reasons I love gl.am because you can continue to add links to it

1:30:43 - Kim Caise

1:31:08 - ColetteC
Thanks for staying and answering questions - great session today!

1:31:15 - Regis Barondeau
To share experiences, use cases etc..

1:31:26 - Regis Barondeau
And reduce questions for you guys ;)

1:31:31 - virginia alberti
thanks very much

1:31:40 - Peggy George
@buffyjhamilton--that's a powerful statement re citation feature :-) Maggie is listening!!

1:31:48 - Regis Barondeau
A Google Wave would be great too

1:32:00 - ColetteC
Consider forming a power group of teacher users - like the Google Certified Teacher group

1:32:05 - KathyLawrence
Thanks everyone. Love Diigo. It overwhelms my teachers who mostly still are bookmarking on a singlemachine, but we are working on it.

1:32:17 - Peggy George
Thank you Maggie!! This was such a valuable learning experience!!

1:32:25 - Regis Barondeau
Thanks a lot guys, great talk

1:32:31 - virginia alberti
thanks !!!!

1:32:31 - Maggie
thanks for joining us to learn about diigo V4

1:32:33 - paul shircliff

1:32:35 - SueH
Thanks all. Have a great weekend

1:32:40 - virginia alberti
great session!

1:32:48 - The_Librain
Can you plse post times so that us here in UK don't miss !

1:32:50 - Maggie
email us info@diigo.com / maggie@diigo.com

1:32:55 - McTeach
Thank you!

1:32:58 - candice moss

1:33:02 - Peggy George
enjoy the rest of your day--what's left of it for those international participants!! :-)