Jun 20, 2009 9:00:57 AM - 1 LEARNCENTRAL.TV CHANNEL
00:09 - Tammy Moore

I loved the sneak Peek that Elluminate had this last week

00:11 - darren
3 smesters

00:13 - EricSailers
Good morning

00:22 - Peggy George
welcome everyone!!!

00:33 - kyteacher
oops...only sent that message to the moderators

00:36 - Donelle
@ Darren good for you

00:51 - Peggy George
you can check out our links for today here: http://gl.am/S3MNr

00:57 - Donelle
@kyteacher - are you the one I talked to during the future of ed interview?

00:58 - kyteacher
I'm a 9th grade social studies teacher from Kentucky

01:09 - kyteacher
@Donelle Yes.

01:18 - Donelle
@kyteacher good to see you

01:21 - Erin
Erin: I'm a third grade teacher.

01:26 - derrallg
hey Donelle

01:26 - Susan Rardin
Susan:Librarian PreK - 3 NJ

01:28 - kyteacher
@Donelle You too.

01:54 - Donelle
@Erin - 3rd grade was my fav. grade to teach

02:13 - Peggy George
@Donelle--3rd grade was always my favorite too :-)

02:27 - plnaugle
@donelle I'll be at the DEN Extravaganza in Silver Springs and then on to NECC.

02:41 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS
Hi! I am the coordinator of the Math/Foreign Language Tutoring dept with FLVS. We serve over 24,000 students yearly using the Elluminate Platform. Currently having audio difficulties. I am going to log and and reboot. :)

03:30 - Donelle
@plnaugle i'd love to meet you. I wish i knew about that DEN event

03:34 - Karen Jan
hello everyone!

03:46 - Peggy George
Hi Karen Jan-great to see you!

03:47 - Donelle
anyone else going to NECC?

03:47 - Howie DiBlasi
Hello from AUstin TX

03:50 - Karen Jan
who will be at NECC?

03:53 - Peggy George
I'll be at NECC :-)

03:57 - Steve Hargadon
I'm thining of going... :)

04:00 - Donelle

04:01 - Steve Hargadon

04:07 - Peggy George
too funny Steve!

04:09 - MB
is it too late to go?

04:18 - Karen Jan
never knew about the closed captioning - good to know!

04:35 - EricSailers
Hi @Karen Jan

04:38 - plnaugle
Steve you have to go.

04:40 - kyteacher
I'll be at NECC...my first one.

04:41 - Peggy George
yes we really appreciate Tammy doing this for us!!

04:49 - Karen Jan
Hi, Eric - looking forward to meeting you at NECC

04:54 - Steve Hargadon
I am kidding about NECC... Of course I'm going!

04:56 - Peggy George
if you want to follow the closed captioning click on the link

05:02 - plnaugle
@kyteacher You're goig to love it.

05:14 - Steve Hargadon
Portugal and Apain!

05:19 - Donelle
don't want to get off subject, but i think it would be great if after the show or during intros people could share their twitter name.

05:19 - Karen Jan
Who will be at the Edublogger Con on Saturday

05:22 - derrallg
I like ending up in the Pacific ocean

05:22 - Peggy George
wow--lots of east coast people :-)

05:25 - clinds
I'm heading to my first NECC too - yea!

05:32 - kyteacher
@plnaugle I'm very excited.

05:34 - Donelle
@karen jan I will. will u?

05:40 - Peggy George
uk, spain--awesome!

05:53 - Peggy George
love having people from around the world join us!!

06:00 - Steve Hargadon

06:01 - plnaugle
I'll be at Edublogger Con late because of coming in from DEN event.

06:08 - sayyid
just for my info what software enable realtime clos cap. This is great

06:08 - Nathan Guteras
No funds to attend ISTE confence this year

06:15 - Peggy George
can't wait to meet you in person plnaugle!

06:18 - Karen Jan
yes, i'll be there at EBC

06:50 - Peggy George
yeah! the word is starting to get out about LearnCentral :-)

07:02 - Donelle
@plnaugle I won't know people by their first names... you'll have to write your online names/twitter on your nametags too

07:02 - Rich Osborne
I'm clicking but it does not show

07:11 - Nathan Guteras
same here

07:14 - Sandra Carswell
my check doesn't show either

07:16 - kyteacher
Didn't know about EduBloggerCon until after I booked reservations. Won't miss it next year.

07:18 - Peggy George
are you clicking on the check mark above the names?

07:20 - Donelle
@nathan you can attend virtually

07:24 - Steve Hargadon
Are you clicking up top?

07:28 - Lorna Costantini
@Rich top menu bar for the chekc or x

07:29 - Steve Hargadon

07:36 - Rich Osborne
OK, found it

07:40 - Peggy George

07:43 - MB
Be careful not to check on the right; click at the top

07:59 - Nathan Guteras

08:05 - Sandra Carswell
I used the Vroom feature with a student project.

08:11 - Peggy George
you are going to be so excited to hear about group meetings today!!

08:17 - Steve Guditus
I love the idea of hosting Elluminate sessions - it's like worldwide, virtual Professional Learning Communities

08:20 - EricSailers
Ugh! Elluminate crashed on me. @Karen Jan, I'll only be at NECC virtually. Wish I could be there physically.

08:20 - Donelle
@ Kim Munoz when the show is over, i'll bring up the question for the LC moderator training. remind me. :)

08:48 - Kim Munoz
@donelle: okay, will try to remember :)

08:49 - Peggy George
I love using the Vroom feature for getting computer help from friends :-) awesome way to do tutorials!

09:04 - Eric Willard
Like Chicago...vote twice

09:07 - derrallg
at least it's an interactive activity

09:12 - Steve Hargadon
Great for the 12 of you!

09:20 - Kim Munoz
lol Eric

09:29 - Donelle
The chats move quickly. If you don't have it in wide view, you should.

09:38 - Karen Jan
can we learn about learn central first?

09:38 - Donelle
@Eric... hilarious

09:49 - Donelle
@derrallg hey you!

09:54 - Peggy George

09:57 - derrallg
hey Donelle

09:57 - EricSailers
I notice two Eric's here

10:04 - Steve Hargadon
Wahoo! :) I'm here to help.

10:08 - Eric Willard
Great parents selecting names

10:22 - Donelle
@derrallg you still need to tell me which book we are reading first!

10:25 - Peggy George
you may discover reasons to hold group meetings after you hear from Steve today :-)

10:34 - EricSailers
Yes @Eric Willard.

10:46 - Peggy George
Go ahead Steve

10:47 - Donelle

10:47 - derrallg
@donelle yes I was just thinking this morning, just recovering from last week :)

10:48 - plnaugle
@derrallg Bet you're glad your training sessions are over.

11:06 - Donelle
@derrallg no worries

11:19 - derrallg
@plnaugle yes, and thank you so much for participating and RTs

11:25 - Peggy George
Hooray--always LOVE to hear from Gailene!!!!

11:26 - Kim Caise
awesome, welcome Gailene!

11:32 - Donelle
@derrallg no rush. your trainings sounded awesome. wish i could have sneaked in.

11:45 - gailene
Thanks Kim ;_0

11:49 - Donelle
hey gailene

11:54 - Kim Caise
we are so glad you could join us!

11:57 - Steve Hargadon

12:02 - plnaugle
@derrallg Glad to be of help.

12:02 - gailene
Hi Donelle!

12:10 - Peggy George
love Steve's definition of LearnCentral--confluence of social networking and online meetings :-)

12:21 - Eric Willard
i do

12:24 - derrallg
@donelle @plnaugle we had at least 15 out of the 60 signup for twitter so that was great to see

12:28 - Peggy George
sure go ahead!! don't keep us in suspense

12:56 - Donelle
@derrallg you should share their names with me later since they are new & i'd be happy to follow them

13:23 - plnaugle
@derrallg You need to give us their Twitter names so we can help them get established.

13:26 - derrallg
@donelle I asked them to share on our Ning forum, I'll check and hope they all did

13:30 - Donelle
@derrallg always happy when you're new and have followers. i was shocked that i got more than 10 myself

13:38 - gailene
one sec

13:45 - gailene
trying to get my headset to work

13:53 - Donelle
@derrallg which ning?

14:03 - Peggy George
Gailene has been such an inspiration for Edtuit and LearnCentral!!

14:19 - derrallg
@donelle we set up a private Ning for teachers to explore and learn

14:23 - Karen Jan
looking forward to hearing what the advantages are to Learn Central over other social networking tools

14:27 - Donelle

14:38 - gailene
thanks Peggy (blush)

14:54 - derrallg
I always feel I'm in the right place when Steve is presenting

15:15 - Peggy George
I think that LearnCentral has the unique advantage of being able to use Elluminate for group meetings and conversations

15:51 - Donelle
i love steve's analogy to the buildings/foundations when talking about social networks

15:58 - plnaugle
@tammymoore Good morning. Still learnig about Moodle.

16:11 - derrallg
@peggy I agree different from just having the trial Elluminate membership with no way to apply

16:36 - Peggy George
it's so hard to talk about social networking without using the techie terms!

17:06 - Peggy George
it's so much easier to talk than to write :-)

17:16 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
@plnaugle were working on free training for moodle and 2nd life

17:29 - derrallg
he had me at the word "confluence" I feel like I need to begin tieing these tools and disparate groups together

17:42 - sergio
Just got on can someone help me with audio.

17:42 - Donelle
@Peggy I want to use that quote. Is that his or is he quoting?

17:49 - plnaugle
@randy Thanks for the info.

17:54 - Peggy George
not sure Donelle

18:02 - mtoran
can we use your quote Steve?

18:02 - Eric Willard
Peggy, you are write about talk vs. type because I make typohs

18:16 - Peggy George

18:30 - Peggy George
isn't that an incredible number!!??!!

18:38 - derrallg
that was a transitional point when the key bloggers sort of appologized for not knowing everyone

18:38 - Brooke
that's amazing

18:54 - Peggy George
so true derrallg

19:10 - Peggy George
now there are so many we no longer apologize--impossible to know everyone

19:14 - EricSailers
I agree @Brooke. That's a good number of teachers sharing information!

19:26 - gailene
it has become a valuable productivity tool

19:33 - Donelle

19:33 - Peggy George
a party?? yeah!!

19:39 - EricSailers

19:43 - plnaugle
Love to party!

19:47 - MB
Thanks for the virtual!

19:50 - derrallg
@peggy it helped model for me that we need to focus on others so we all have unique PLNs not the same as Will Richardson etc

19:57 - Peggy George
Steve does a great virtual party!! joined him at CUE for one :-)

19:58 - Scottie
What should I bring?

20:07 - sergio
steve Hargadon, i have no sound...?

20:09 - Eric Willard
bring your own mind

20:12 - Peggy George
wonderful poiint derrallg!!

20:13 - EricSailers
I hope the virtual party location is announced

20:21 - Donelle
do we bring virtual food?

20:24 - MB
Chez soi!

20:32 - kyteacher
Should make it easier to convince school admin of the value of social networking in ed...should...

20:42 - Peggy George
if you're having trouble hearing the audio try running the audio wizard tool

20:43 - Lorna Costantini
sergio = audio setup wizard Tools audio

21:03 - sergio

21:18 - Karen Jan

21:24 - Karen Jan

21:28 - derrallg
I agree

21:31 - Suzanne Neuman
I like the word "inherent". We need to of course provide evidence.

21:33 - Peggy George
LearnCentral is providing a fantastic opportunity for us to actually share resources with others in our network--beyond links and tweets :-)

21:35 - kyteacher

21:55 - sergio
got it!

21:56 - derrallg
It's sort of like the difference with microblogging between Twitter and Plurk

22:29 - kyteacher
KY stresses the importance of student portfolios...trying to convince admin of the need to take them digital

22:30 - Karen Jan
yes, we need to redefine social networking from a learning perspective. has negative connotations to many

23:12 - Lorna Costantini
social networking - sounds like people are just having a party

23:15 - Eric Willard
Just changed all our Board policies to allow, now working on changing admin procedures

23:21 - Donelle
@kyteacher I am really wanting to have students create digital portfolios next year.

23:24 - Angie K
@ Karen Jan You are right about the term "social network". Most of my school board thinks "My Space" and it's so much more.

23:29 - kyteacher
Like the idea of learning team v. network...seems to resonate better with those who are just learning

23:30 - Sheri Edwards
@Karen Jan great point -- i call my social network for kids an educational network

23:41 - derrallg
@peggy I'm picturing LearnCentral as an alternative, such as instead of using Skype for a quick discussion, lets join and Ellumnate room and share

23:42 - Karen Jan
@sheri - nice reframing

23:42 - Nathan Guteras
Will this tool work with WebCT/Blackboard

23:43 - gailene
I still here "MySpace-itis"

23:59 - Lorna Costantini
@derrallg so true

24:05 - Donelle
I've started using Learning Communities or Educational Networking when presenting to staff about "social networking"

24:14 - Peggy George
love the video option!!

24:20 - Karen Jan
@angie - run for school board - I did and won!

24:23 - kyteacher
@donelle We're doing digital portfolios...I'm determined

24:23 - derrallg
@kyteacher what do you use for digital portfolios?

24:32 - Peggy George
you're a fantastic example Karen Jan!!

24:33 - Kim Caise
gailene did you get your mic working?

24:43 - Donelle
@kyteacher can u tell me what platform?

24:45 - Peggy George
LearnCentral will be awesome for digital portfolios!

24:55 - kyteacher
@derallg Haven't yet...Will probably start with wikis

24:58 - Karen Jan
@peggy - thanx - i encourage people to run all the time

25:15 - plind
my child is using ePearl for digital portfolios but would rather see them on something like Ning

25:22 - Peggy George
that is what is so exciting to me--free Elluminate service for group collaboration on LC!!!!!

25:28 - EricSailers
Glad to hear it's free. My school district definitely wouldn't pay.

25:29 - kyteacher
PBWorks is not currently blocked...fighting to keep Ning open

25:32 - derrallg
@kyteacher please share at some point, are you on LearnCentral so I can friend?

26:04 - kyteacher
@derrallg Not yet...kyteacher on Twitter

26:22 - derrallg
@kyteacher great thanks

26:25 - EricSailers
My district is cutting costs like crazy! No more TeacherWeb, no more United Streaming...

26:26 - clinds
Is there a way to make the video quality a little better? I find that it's not that great when I use the vRoom at school or at home.

26:33 - Kim Caise
that is such an awesome feature

26:41 - Donelle
@kyteacher @derrallg I'm thinking of using wikis, blogs, or... have you heard of mahara?

26:43 - Karen Jan
@erics - is teacherweb still necessary?

26:52 - Peggy George
links for LearnCentral are in our gl.am links today--including a link to join and a startup video tutorial http://gl.am/S3MNr

27:02 - kyteacher
I'm really creating from scratch...guessing about what will /will not be blocked next year as no one can tell me

27:07 - Brooke
oh wow much better!

27:10 - MB
Yes, great

27:13 - Peggy George
that is such a clear video picture!

27:15 - EricSailers
@Karen Jan. Well it was a way to create teacher websites that aren't blocked in my district.

27:16 - McTeach
That's much better!

27:20 - Karen Jan
much better picture

27:22 - Dotty
anyne going to the congrssional day at NECC?

27:24 - plind
oh wow -- much better -- amazing

27:25 - Lorna Costantini
@donelle mahara is a good social network but you need to be advanced to install Learncetntral offers more

27:32 - derrallg
@donelle Matt Montagne used the mahara/moodle portfolio this past year

27:43 - Kim Caise
elluminate handles people on dial up and is the only platform that can handle dial up connections

27:51 - derrallg
hey McTeach

27:51 - Donelle
@kyteacher we should share a few ideas about that. i'm trying to brainstorm about this during the summer. You too, derrallg, if you are hoping to do it as well.

27:54 - Karen Jan
@erics - are they offering an alternative - unblocking free sites?

28:01 - gailene
@Kim Caise - I think so - it's my headset, not Elluminate

28:16 - Donelle
@derrallg i'll ask him about it. not familiar with it but going to a NECC session about it

28:17 - kyteacher
Love to brainstorm.

28:26 - Peggy George
this is a great example of bringing in guest speakers--what we do every week on Classroom 2.0 LIVE--the kids can listen to the speakers and ask questions in the chat :-)

28:38 - George M
guest speaker capability is great

28:42 - clinds
The color is great now but a little choppy - is this just my bandwith or can I try a different setting? Thanks! Just thinking of using this with two classrooms.

28:46 - Karen Jan
all in one environment is a wonderful feature, don't have to patch things together

28:48 - Donelle
I'm looking forward to bringin those guest speakers in with LC

28:53 - Kim Caise
we have it set to multiple speakers so jump in gailene

28:53 - EricSailers
@ karen Jan, Since we lost teacherweb, I created a weebly website, but it's blocked. I'm fighting with the IT dept to unblock it. The district hasn't yet offered free alternative for unblocked sites.

28:57 - derrallg
@donelle I want to do a better portfolio than just having a year's worth of blogging posts need the reflective component

29:04 - Peggy George
hard not to get on the soapbox when you think about the incredible features available on LearnCentral!!

29:16 - Elena
whoohoo have my account :D

29:17 - George M
WOW !!!

29:17 - Lorna Costantini
@clinds - bandwidth

29:31 - Peggy George
great Elena!!! awesome multitasking!!!

29:33 - kyteacher
@derrallg I agree.

29:46 - EricSailers
I liked the librarians show

29:49 - Karen Jan
@erics - challenging when you have to fight with your IT dept. Who made them the keepers of knowledge? Can you write things into IEPs so it has to be done?

29:55 - Susan Rardin
Susan:I'm one of the excited librarians1

29:55 - derrallg
@Steve how do you see Classroom 2.0 and LearnCentral working together?

29:58 - Peggy George
the librarians show was incredible!!!!

30:00 - Angie K
@EricSailer have you thought about creating a wiki instead of a website. These are usually not blocked.

30:01 - Donelle
@derrallg Me too. I did one in a google doc for myself this year, with artifacts and reflective pieces. I shared it with my students. Need a platform though where they can comment and share.

30:10 - Lorraine Leo
scheduling is on a wiki?

30:11 - gailene
@Nathan Guteras we don't have direct integration today, but we want to build out LC to be a platform to support the tools Educators need and use most often

30:22 - Peggy George
there are some great Elluminate video tutorials on how to run sessions--links on LearnCentral

30:30 - Elena
pbworks is a good wiki

30:34 - Elena
was pbwiki

30:36 - Donelle
I want to do a back to school night with LC for my distance ed. students in the fall

30:43 - Karen Jan
'Great content shared by passionate educators" love it

30:59 - derrallg
@donelle @kyteacher it would be great to discuss and maybe have a learning/discussing session while NECC is happening

31:04 - Lorna Costantini
@donelle what a grt8 idea

31:09 - MB
Can we watch it, Steve?

31:12 - gailene
@ Nathan Guteras - so we'd love to hear what you think would be a good user experience if we can provide the integration

31:20 - EricSailers
You're right @Karen Jan - not sure who made them the keepers of knowledge. Not sure how I would put my teacher website or other blocked websites in an IEP. Curious to know what you mean.

31:32 - Donelle
@derrallg @kyteacher Maybe we should meet on skype and brainstorm.

31:35 - kyteacher
@derrallg Yes...

31:43 - Sheri Edwards
love pbworks -- kids do too

31:45 - kyteacher
@Donelle Yes...

31:58 - kyteacher

32:01 - Elena
yes joined their camp to get better at it to bad closed

32:09 - derrallg
@kyteacher I'm derrallg on Skype

32:13 - Sheri Edwards
pbworks usually not blocked

32:16 - clinds
Anyone using the wikis/blogs built into Mac OS X Leopard Server?

32:22 - Karen Jan
@eric - all material will be available in digital format, upload review material (recording) for students to review at home as often as they need it - memory, organizational issues, etc.

32:26 - Lorna Costantini
wonderful to be able to enable cross over connections

32:26 - Howie DiBlasi
Anyone going to "The Color Purple" at the Kennedy Center-Tues Night at NECC

32:26 - Sheri Edwards
same with wikispaces -- usually not blocked

32:27 - Donelle
@kyteacher dobrien917 on skype

32:46 - Lorraine Leo
Is there more than one room in Learn Central or one room to be shared by multiple groups/meetings?

32:46 - Donelle
I like how LearnCentral will suggest others that have something in common with you.

32:57 - kyteacher
@Elena You can still follow along, just not as a formal member of summer camp...send me a link to your wiki & I'll provide menotr feedback

33:02 - Karen Jan
@erics - when material is digital, it is now accessible, flexible and manipulable which is what our students need

33:02 - Donelle
It's cool how LC does that.

33:10 - EricSailers
Gotcha @Karen Jan. That makes sense.

33:14 - Peggy George
@Howie-no not going to Color Purple--too many events that night!

33:16 - Sheri Edwards
@Karen Jan: I am also interested in student portfolios

33:24 - Dotty
didn't know it was playing. i saw Color purple in SF. I am going to the Congressional library of Congress reception.

33:43 - Peggy George
there are so many incredible resources being shared on LC that you can add to your own portfolio :-)

33:45 - Karen Jan
@sheri so many possibilities that reach ALL learner - Universal Design for Learning

33:59 - mtoran
Will LearnCentral replace Classroom 2.0 or are they used for different things?

34:03 - Donelle
I didn't even think about the portfolio option for sharing resources there... cool!

34:04 - Howie DiBlasi
Peggy--Needed to score a few points with the wife!!!LOL

34:07 - Peggy George
so true Karen Jan!! UDL!!

34:08 - clinds
It seems like a wiki would be a great tool for student portfolios. What tools are people using?

34:18 - Peggy George
very wise decision Howie :-)

34:28 - Donelle
Like host the CR2.0 party!

34:34 - Lorna Costantini
@plind - thanks for the RT

34:36 - Donelle

34:46 - gailene
@Lorraine Leo - the unlimited Elluminate rooms on LC will be shared and scheduled among all members

34:47 - Kim Caise
i see learncentral as an extension of cr2.0

34:54 - Peggy George
yes Elluminate worked well for the virtual party at CUE :-)

35:09 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
were developing a lot of free training can we post it on learncentral?

35:18 - Donelle
I would add to that list: look for events to attend. There are some neat ones available.

35:22 - Karen Jan
sounds like LearnCentral is a teacher resource - are there applications for students?

35:22 - gailene
@Randy - yes, please!

35:25 - Peggy George
yes Randy!! please share your resources on LC!!

35:31 - Sheri Edwards
Wikis work well for portfolios

35:37 - gailene
LC is all about sharing

35:47 - derrallg
yes that is a great idea to have classrooms connect

35:50 - Peggy George
we can add events we want to participate in to our personal calendars in LC

36:00 - MB

36:00 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
The content will be rather large in the 200mb range its all follow along video instruction

36:10 - Donelle
@sheri thanks... you've used it for that purpose

36:14 - Peggy George
love scavenger hunts--maybe we'll have time :-)

36:18 - Peggy George
Yeah Gailene!!!!

37:03 - Peggy George
Gailene is so open and encouraging to everyone if you have questions and suggestions! Be sure to post them on LC!!

37:10 - Donelle
you could link out to LC from Bb

37:18 - Donelle
and moodle

37:18 - Sheri Edwards
@Donelle -- used for writing work this year, and collaboration with another class in Tennessee; moving to portfolios

37:30 - Donelle
@sheri cool

37:37 - Kim Caise
elluminate connects with blackboard

37:48 - Peggy George
I want to add LearnCentral to my Moodle site. Need to figure out how to do that :-)

37:50 - Donelle
@kim caise and moodle too?

37:59 - Nathan Guteras

38:05 - gailene
you are doing awesome!

38:07 - Kim Caise

38:10 - bairdwhelan
Yeah, blackboard just loves too share

38:14 - clinds
I know moodle has an elluminate plug-in but we haven't purchased it.

38:18 - gailene

38:19 - Peggy George
seeing the application sharing now

38:33 - Kim Caise
i dont believe there is a cost to use elluminate with moodle

38:58 - gailene
@Peggy we have badges on the roadmap

39:03 - Peggy George
I know that we can capture an Elluminate recording on Blip.tv and post the embedded video on LC

39:10 - clinds
Our moodle is hosted by moodlerooms and I think they should there would be a charge but I'll have to check with them.

39:11 - Peggy George
in Moodle I meant to say

39:22 - Peggy George
can embed the video on Moodle

39:28 - gailene

39:32 - Donelle
great, thanks

39:32 - derrallg
wow Steve looks so professorial

39:40 - gailene
badges are on the roadmap

39:42 - gailene

39:50 - Peggy George
isn't that an awesome photo--glasses, suit and tie :-)

39:51 - Donelle

40:00 - Peggy George
I definitely want a badge Gailene :-)

40:14 - gailene
you are pre-registered as an alpha tester, Peggy ;-)

40:23 - EricSailers
Tom of Myspace - ha!

40:24 - Donelle
@Gailene Any plans to link your current blog into LC?

40:27 - Peggy George
hooray!! can't wait!

40:28 - Lorna Costantini
@gailene is there a file upload size restriction?

40:34 - gailene
@donelle - yes

40:35 - Donelle
time zone = very helpful

40:36 - kyteacher
Hey...That's me!

40:38 - derrallg
would it be good to be able to import blog postings into Learn Central like Facebook does?

40:46 - Donelle
Oh!!! So great, Gailene!!

40:46 - Kim Caise
that is a cool feature when we coordinate show guests

40:51 - gailene
@Donelle - we are currently testing importing your blog into LC

40:54 - Peggy George
right now you can embed your blog into LC using the widgetbox widget. I did that.

41:04 - Brooke
I'm loving this!

41:11 - Donelle
@Gailene Who's blog? My blog?

41:38 - gailene
@Donelle - your blog or any blog you have an RSS feed for

41:39 - Peggy George
please friend me on LearnCentral-Peggy George! Would love to connect with all of you!!

41:42 - Sheri Edwards
Doesn't the design look great? Lots of whitespace to highlight sections; very nice;

41:43 - kyteacher
This is very cool.

41:51 - gailene
@Donelle - and there will be more support soon for RSS ;-)

42:00 - Gail
Is there a way to post a blog you may already have in Blogger, etc.

42:00 - Donelle
@Gailene That would be such a nice feature for folks

42:02 - Maria
I am very impressed. Wow.

42:03 - Lorna Costantini
I love being Peggy's friend

42:03 - Peggy George
very clean appearance!!

42:10 - Peggy George
thanks Lorna :-)

42:13 - Lorna Costantini
she has such grt8 support

42:30 - gailene
@Gail - it's coming soon. We're currently testing it

42:48 - Peggy George
be sure to fill in the "About Me" information so we can find things we have in common when we friend people

43:07 - Gail
yeah. What about calendar with Google Cal, your iCal etc.

43:16 - Donelle
This search is a valuable tool!

43:16 - plind
can you add parent to the list of roles... was just looking and didn't see it

43:35 - Karen Jan
can you add additional categories like "Assistive Technology?"

43:37 - Donelle
Love being able to customize the categories to find connections for collaboration.

43:38 - Lorna Costantini
Love the idea that parents could be a part of the discussion - they are teachers of their children

43:43 - Peggy George
notice how many times you see Gailene's name in the network activity!! she's a really hands-on leader!!

43:48 - Lorraine Leo
I like the search engine here.

43:53 - Kim Caise
yeah math teachers!

43:57 - gailene

43:59 - Lorraine Leo
In English only?

44:00 - gailene
thanks Steve

44:05 - derrallg
@lorna I love being friends with you because I always have a resource for parent information/outreach

44:11 - EricSailers
@Karen Jan. Would be nice to have AT category

44:15 - Peggy George
really helpful to see how this works--great tour Steve!

44:23 - plnaugle
@kim caise Go MATH!

44:24 - Lorna Costantini
@derallg thanks

44:27 - Donelle
@Karen Jan There's a forum where you can post suggestions. You could add that category request... great idea

44:31 - Peggy George
@EricSailers-start a group :-)

44:39 - Karen Jan
@EricS - yes, wouldn't this be a great way to connect with other AT specialists?

44:57 - EricSailers
Yes, I agree @Karen Jan

44:59 - Donelle
@lorna - i work with parents alot. i need to connect with you and hear what you do sometime.

45:07 - derrallg
realizing watching this chat is not good when the beginnings of a migraine are happening

45:11 - Nathan Guteras
Please add pre K and Adult education filters

45:11 - Karen Jan
maybe add special education as well

45:21 - Peggy George
I would love to see more groups formed for collaborating with parents!

45:33 - EricSailers
Ok @PeggyG

45:45 - Peggy George
yes derrallg!! may need to watch again once the recording is posted :-)

45:56 - Donelle
@Gailene maybe you could add a category for category suggestions

45:59 - Karen Jan
how long has this been available? you have a lot of early adopters!

46:05 - bairdwhelan
Is learn central built on Drupal?

46:07 - Donelle
in the forum

46:12 - derrallg
@peggy yeah, thanks everyone for the conversation need to bail

46:22 - Lorna Costantini
@donelle check out my blog - parents as paretners

46:26 - Peggy George
bye derrallg!

46:30 - Donelle

46:32 - plnaugle
Bye Derral.

46:34 - Kim Caise
thanks for coming @derralg

46:36 - Sheri Edwards
bye derrallg

46:39 - EricSailers
@KarenJan I wonder if we'd get more AT paricipation on Learn Central as compared with the AssistiveTech Ning or other social networking sites

46:44 - kyteacher

46:51 - Donelle
@kim munoz we need to go there

46:55 - Peggy George
that's a key group to join!! Host Your Own Webinars

47:06 - Sheri Edwards
radio show?

47:20 - Sheri Edwards
radio show -- oh boy--

47:27 - Lorna Costantini
so easy to take your experiences and knowledge to the world in one easy step

47:27 - Brooke
when did this site launch?

47:27 - Kim Munoz
@donelle: trying to keep up and listen at the same time. LOL what blog was she talking about?

47:29 - Karen Jan
@erics - we'd need to repeatedly blast the info but it looks like a GREAT resource that covers all areas

47:45 - EricSailers
Yes @KarenJan

47:49 - Kim W
Just joined "Host your own" group

47:50 - George M
Is job search a proper use of LearnCentral

47:57 - Peggy George
the big kickoff announcement will be at NECC right? Gailene? Steve?

48:16 - Donelle
@ kim munoz If we join the "host your own webinar" group then we will have resources for learning to moderate, etc.

48:42 - Sheri Edwards
how is it free?

48:51 - Karen Jan
it's currently in Beta - will it ever include a cost?

48:56 - Kim Munoz
@donelle I'm going to check it out now

49:06 - Brooke
i'm wondering the same thing about cost

49:16 - EricSailers
Hope it continues to be free

49:21 - EricSailers

49:28 - Peggy George
@GeorgeM-wouldn't be a job search like LinkedIn but you could definitely find people with common interests to explore possibilities with them through your connections on LC

49:33 - Brooke

49:43 - roxanne c

49:58 - Peggy George
free group meetings on Elluminate is INCREDIBLE!! Thanks LearnCentral and Elluminate!!!

50:07 - gailene
it's been open since early March

50:07 - bairdwhelan
Is Learn Central built on a Drupal platform?

50:07 - Karen Jan
how are you getting the word out about this service? that answers my question

50:14 - motta
Is that possible to start a Portuguese teachers network?

50:29 - Kim Caise
sure @motta, you can start a group

50:43 - Peggy George
but you don't have to know anything about Drupal to use it--thankfully!!

50:51 - Donelle
I love that we'll be able to feed in our current blogs - that's a time saver

50:52 - EricSailers
@SteveHargadon I love all the great things you do for PD. How do you keep up with it all?

50:56 - Brooke
how would you describe this to a group of educators who aren't familiar with technology - like a facebook for teachers?

51:04 - mslinda8393
Is it available for universities?

51:05 - motta
Nice Portuguese!

51:15 - kyteacher
Hmmm...Drupal sites are blocked in my District. Will have to try this out Monday & see if I can get to it.

51:16 - Jo Ann Estevez
This is terrific!

51:16 - Sheri Edwards
RT EricSailers: @SteveHargadon I love all the great things you do for PD. How do you keep up with it all?

51:47 - EricSailers
Yes, I do

51:49 - Sheri Edwards
More than facebook -- much easier to personalize and connect

51:49 - EricSailers

51:55 - sayda
hi motta do you teach portuguese?

52:11 - Peggy George
you can follow LearnCentral on Twitter :-)

52:13 - gailene
@kyteacher - I'd like to hear from you if you cannot access, if you don't mind. I'm 'Gailene' on LearnCentral

52:14 - Karen Jan
if you build it, they will come

52:19 - MB
I feel honored to have learned of ths early on.

52:24 - Judy
Maybe spread in Twitter

52:46 - sergio
Is there a video sharing component to learn cerntral?

52:52 - Sheri Edwards
I've been spreading the word in Twitter

52:55 - kyteacher
@gailene I'll let you know.

53:02 - gailene
@kyteacher - thank you!

53:07 - Karen Jan
would love to see this replace BlackBoard which is not intuitive and presents other issues

53:07 - EricSailers
Me too @Sherri

53:14 - gailene
@Sheri Edwards - thank you Sheri!

53:24 - Nathan Guteras
How do you handle junk mail and unwanted guests?

53:40 - sergio
YouTube seems to have the bulk but school districts have blocks on them.

53:48 - Sheri Edwards
I haven't seen unwanted guests here yet

53:49 - Peggy George
@sergio-yes you can embed videos on LC

53:50 - Pamela G
is ala or aasl one of those organizations

53:50 - Howie DiBlasi
Besides the yearly costs that really dent the budget

53:54 - kyteacher
@galiene Blocking is very haphazard...along with the idea that I'm supposed to kniow what they intended to block...no functioning AUP as of now.

53:55 - Judy
Did you say there was a group to join to learn more?

53:56 - sergio

53:59 - Dotty
schooltube and teacher tube are not blocked.

54:06 - sergio

54:10 - MB
Will you invite us to the Scavenger Hunt virtually from NECC?

54:21 - Peggy George
what a fun question!!

54:22 - Donelle
you are too nice

54:22 - Karen Jan
have you created a "Get Started" video?

54:31 - gailene
@Nathan - we're proactively monitoring the content created and user IDs - comparing the email addresses to the various spam prevention repositories

54:32 - Sheri Edwards
@kyteacher IT blocking is so frustrating; Is there a teacher on your tech team?

54:40 - Kim Munoz
great shout out donelle :)

54:47 - Donelle
I love scavenger hunts. You should post this on the LC main page for people to try later!!

54:56 - gailene
@Nathan - if you discover a user you think is a spammer, please send that info to us via the Contact link in the footer

55:00 - plnaugle
Yeah for Donelle.

55:07 - kyteacher
@Sheri No tech team right now. I'm pushing for one...and to be a member.

55:09 - Peggy George
great idea Donelle!! Post the scavenger hunt on LearnCentral :-)

55:21 - gailene
Great idea

55:29 - Donelle
yes. that would be a fun thing to post on there.

55:32 - Suzanne Neuman
Fabulous, thanks!

55:35 - Sue I
This resource looks great ! thank you very much. Can I download the slides from this webinar ?

55:44 - bairdwhelan
she has 20 colleagues

55:45 - Sheri Edwards
@kyteacher -- we had a great team -- and am trying to resurrect it with new admin

55:46 - Donelle
thank u

55:46 - plnaugle
Thank you Steve. Get tour.

55:50 - MB
You guys - time and time again - are GREAT! I hate to miss!

56:00 - Maria
I will come with a full class of teachers. :-) I am very excited about everything. :-)

56:03 - gailene
There were a lot of questions about adding different types of categories

56:03 - Kim W
Thanks for today!

56:04 - Sheri Edwards
grammasheri on twitter

56:07 - Elena
Thank you Steve! Great Program.

56:08 - plnaugle
I'm a menber of LC but learned how to use it better today.

56:09 - Ellsbeth
How soon are the archives usually posted?

56:14 - Peggy George
Gailene and Steve really "get" what educators need for social networks for educators! Free is such an important feature along with the connections to other classes, countries, educators, etc.

56:17 - kyteacher
@Sherry Our IT group is playing catch up...hopefully they will get there soon.

56:17 - Tammy Moore
Is there a way to filter by the wbd or jar file types in the resources at LearnCentral?

56:19 - Sheri Edwards
hi ellsbeth

56:32 - Ellsbeth
Hi Sheri!

56:37 - Donelle
dobrien917 on twitter anyone else?

56:37 - gailene
We would really like to hear from you on how to best manage that

56:49 - plnaugle
plnaugle on Twitter.

56:54 - Kim Munoz
techmunoz on twitter :)

57:03 - sergio
8 am? or PM

57:04 - sergio

57:06 - carbru
carbru on twitter - please keep me informed thanks!

57:13 - kyteacher
kyteacher on Twitter

57:13 - Karen Jan
thanks - joining LC now

57:14 - Peggy George

57:19 - EricSailers
Got my homework - browse Learn Central and promote it on Twitter

57:19 - Brooke
brooker1015 on twitter

57:24 - Kim W
@donelle: Do we "connect" with you?

57:26 - Sheri Edwards
@kyteacher good luch with your tech team

57:33 - Sheri Edwards
that's luck

57:38 - kyteacher
@Sheri Thanks

57:40 - Donelle
@kim W ... do you mean on Learn Central?

57:47 - Kim W

57:51 - gailene
@Tammy - we'll have the filters for Elluminate file types soon

57:53 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks all -- great intro

57:55 - Peggy George
you can also share the link to today's recording with colleagues to tell them about LearnCentral

57:55 - Lorna Costantini
PLease connect with me on LearnCentral Lorna Costantini - especially and Moodlers

58:00 - Judy
callajud at twitter

58:03 - Lorna Costantini

58:19 - Donelle
@Kim do a search for my name and ask to connect with me. there's a button. happy to connect with all here.

58:28 - Kim Caise

58:29 - Ellsbeth
@ellsbeth on Twitter

58:33 - Sheri Edwards
will there be a "for tech" page; PBworks has one and my tech department used it to keep pbworks running well through our server

58:35 - Kim W
@donelle - THANKS!

58:37 - Kim Caise

58:38 - Donelle
@Kim W ... r u in LC yet?

58:43 - MB
Very coo

58:54 - Lorraine Leo
Thanks everyone!

58:58 - Donelle
@Kim W r u on twitter?

59:03 - Steve Hargadon
But there will be a virtual party! Saturday night!

59:15 - Steve Hargadon
See links on http://www.EduBloggerCon.com

59:17 - Susan Rardin
Susan: Thank you, bye

59:19 - Kim W
@donelle: Yes. "watchorn"

59:20 - sergio
can we get a copy of this powerpoint?

59:21 - Karen Jan
is there free wireless at NECC?

59:24 - Peggy George
I think I found the answer--Donelle has 20 colleagues on LC--do I get a prize?

59:27 - Howie DiBlasi
Thanks Steve and Peggy

59:48 - Steve Hargadon
Yes, Peggy, I'll make sure you get a prize!

59:57 - Peggy George
Glogster is such an amazing tool for educators--can't wait to hear that!

1:00:08 - kyteacher
Glogster is blocked.

1:00:09 - MB
I made a glogster on musicians

1:00:12 - kyteacher

1:00:13 - Kim W
@donelle: just clicked "connect" in LC

1:00:14 - Angie K
Thanks! Enjoyed it!

1:00:15 - plnaugle
When is the Math 2.0 session? Need to add to my calendar.

1:00:23 - Brooke
ooh i need to learn about glogster!

1:00:26 - Donelle
@Kim W i did a search for u in twitter and a ton came up... can u add me instead and then i'll follow u

1:00:32 - Angie K
Love glogster!

1:00:44 - Steve Hargadon
@plnaugle: see http://www.futureofeducation.com for Math 2.0 session in July.

1:00:51 - Sheri Edwards
OMG @kyteacher you need to be on your tech team and bring your school into the real world!

1:00:52 - sergio
is glogster teacher centered?

1:00:53 - MB
The educational glogsters are superb!

1:00:54 - Kim W
@donelle...will do.

1:00:59 - Sue I
July 8 is MAth 2.0

1:01:03 - plnaugle
@steve Thanks.

1:01:03 - Peggy George
Math session is July 8-8pm Eastern

1:01:05 - Donelle
i'm just now hearing about glogster

1:01:12 - Kim Caise

1:01:41 - kyteacher
My students loved glogster when it was open...many went home & played with it on their own.

1:01:45 - Peggy George
Glogster enables you to create very interactive home pages for your wiki with clickable links to other parts of your site or external sites

1:01:48 - plnaugle
Thanks for info @Peggy.

1:01:49 - Donelle
@peggy there was a lot of discussion about digital portfolios at the beginning. we should add that topic to the wiki

1:01:55 - Donelle
yeah, steve

1:01:56 - Ellsbeth
Would they consider unblocked the education Glogster?

1:01:56 - Maria
Thanks so much. You are just great. :-)

1:01:58 - Karen Jan
Thank you everyone!

1:02:01 - Donelle
yeah, gailene

1:02:02 - Steve Hargadon
Yeah, Gailene!

1:02:04 - Peggy George
good idea Donelle--I think the topic is already on the list :-)

1:02:08 - Lorna Costantini
@donelle grt8 idea

1:02:08 - EricSailers
Thank you!

1:02:16 - Kim Munoz
good info...you guys are awesome!

1:02:17 - kyteacher
@Ellsbeth Not right now...They don't unblock sites.

1:02:17 - gailene
Steve is a rock star :-)

1:02:25 - Sheri Edwards
what is wiki address?

1:02:32 - Peggy George
thank you Steve and Gailene--your incredible vision is finally happening!!! such a fantastic resource!

1:02:41 - Steve Hargadon
I can stick around!

1:02:45 - gailene
thanks to all of you!

1:02:50 - Peggy George
all of our links including the wiki link are in the gl.am for today. http://gl.am/S3MNr

1:02:52 - gailene
I can as well

1:02:53 - Lorna Costantini
Congratulations to Steve and Gailene and all

1:02:58 - Sheri Edwards
thank you peggy

1:03:01 - Donelle

1:03:05 - Ellsbeth
@Kyteacher That's a bummer. Seems like there should be some sort of process.

1:03:12 - sergio
can i get copy of this powerpoint?

1:03:12 - plnaugle
Thank you Steve, Gailene, Peggy, Kim, Lorna You all are so wonderful for all that you share with the education field.

1:03:16 - Peggy George
Congratulations on this fabulous new resource for educators, parents and students!!

1:03:18 - carbru
arrived late Kim - please could you Twitter me the link to your chat - I am @carbru Thanks!

1:03:27 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS
Can we get a copy of the recording? I would like to share this new social network beta program with my cohorts at Florida Virtual School

1:03:30 - gailene
Much thanks goes out to Peggy, Kim, Lorna and Donelle for your support from the early days!

1:03:38 - Donelle
@sheri that's the wiki address ;)

1:03:43 - Peggy George
the entire recording plus audio and chat will be posted on our website soon

1:03:49 - Kim Caise
sure thing @carbru. when we post the link later this weekend

1:03:53 - kyteacher
@Ellsbeth I agree. I had to threaten to quit to get Ning unblocked for the last couple of weeks of school...all of our class resources were already on there.

1:03:54 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS

1:03:57 - Sheri Edwards
thanks donnelle

1:04:03 - Steve Hargadon

1:04:05 - Kim Caise
all recording links are posted at http://live.classroom20.com

1:04:07 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS
We couldn't do it without Elluminate!

1:04:08 - gailene

1:04:11 - Donelle
@cynthia i would LOVE to connect with you. been looking for a contact from FLVS

1:04:20 - Ellsbeth
@kyteacher Keep working on it and showing them student results. That usually helps.

1:04:21 - Tyler Gill
Thank you Steve & Team! I met you at my first-ever NECC last year in San Antonio. I camped out in the OpenSource Pavilion for three days. My district can't afford to send me to NECC this year- but I'll be virtually there!

1:04:25 - gailene
I'm gailene on LearnCentral

1:04:27 - Edekin
Thank You All!

1:04:28 - Kim Caise
i would love to be involved with FLVS

1:04:28 - Peggy George
you can download the slides by clicking on the blue disk icon above--be sure to select PDF for download

1:04:34 - Donelle
@cynthia dobrien917 on skype and twitter if you are open to chatting

1:04:37 - Kim Caise
such a great effort you are doing with kids

1:04:38 - kyteacher
@Ellsbeth We're getting there.

1:04:44 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS
Sure! csnell@flvs.net

1:04:45 - Steve Hargadon
I"m not the one for that question!

1:04:48 - MB
What is it?

1:04:49 - Donelle

1:04:52 - Ellsbeth
@kyteacher good!

1:05:30 - Donelle
Thanks @ Cynthia dobrien@gmail.com

1:05:43 - kyteacher
@Donelle Following you now.

1:05:45 - Steve Hargadon
Cynthia: I'm hoping to interview Andy or Phyllis for my Future of Education series.

1:05:50 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS
Instant Message address: csnell@flvs.net also....

1:05:53 - gailene

1:05:55 - gailene

1:06:00 - gailene

1:06:00 - Donelle
@kyteacher yeah. i'll follow back

1:06:07 - gailene
I only heard the last part - apologies!

1:06:14 - gailene

1:06:26 - cary
is it quirk?

1:06:32 - Peggy George

1:06:32 - Steve Hargadon

1:06:32 - carbru
what did you say the learncentral twitter account was - missed that!

1:06:40 - cary

1:07:01 - gailene
@carbru twitter account is LearnCentral

1:07:06 - Steve Hargadon

1:07:08 - Peggy George

1:07:13 - Peggy George
you're fast Steve!

1:07:19 - Steve Hargadon
@ Peggy: fastest gun in the West...

1:07:23 - Steve Hargadon

1:07:23 - carbru
Thanks gailene!

1:07:26 - Peggy George
:-) I believe it!!

1:07:29 - Donelle
kevin honeycutt uses plurk a ton

1:07:39 - Donelle
follow him and see how he uses it

1:07:45 - Peggy George
Kevin H is the Plurk king :-)

1:07:51 - Donelle
is that his last name?

1:07:59 - gailene
@Kim is the visual aspect of Plurk also a draw?

1:07:59 - EricSailers
Got it re Plurk. That makes sense. Thanks Kim.

1:08:00 - Steve Hargadon

1:08:04 - Peggy George
yes Kevin Honeycutt

1:08:13 - Steve Hargadon
:) @Peggy

1:08:25 - Peggy George
Kevin even has a Plurk radio show :-)

1:08:36 - Donelle
we need a sat. show on plurk

1:08:37 - EricSailers
Good in depth answer @Kim Caise

1:08:48 - Sheri Edwards
a plurk radio show?

1:08:53 - gailene
Kim is amazing. She uses so many tools - and she's active on all of them as well.

1:08:55 - Peggy George
yes :-)

1:08:59 - Steve Hargadon
@Donelle: good idea... was it done already?

1:09:11 - Donelle
@Steve I

1:09:14 - EricSailers

1:09:15 - Peggy George
great explanation Kim!

1:09:21 - Sheri Edwards
thanks kim

1:09:22 - carbru
Kim, what is your twitter and plurk user name (sorry late arrival ;-(

1:09:31 - Kim Caise
kcaise on both

1:09:31 - Donelle
@steve I only missed 3 of these i think. i don't remember plurk being one of them

1:09:31 - Peggy George
everyone needs to go directly to LC and JOIN :-)

1:09:38 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS

1:09:42 - Donelle
yes, peggy

1:09:47 - Donelle

1:09:50 - Peggy George
that was a great overview Steve!

1:09:55 - Tammy Moore
Yes! Thanks Steve and Gailene :)

1:09:56 - Brooke
great flavor :)

1:09:56 - Elena

1:09:57 - Donelle
Super tour

1:10:00 - gailene
Very good Steve

1:10:02 - Donelle
I learned stuff

1:10:03 - EricSailers
Yes, it did Steve

1:10:11 - Jo Ann Estevez

1:10:21 - MB
Yes absolutely. I am a new user - need more time to do everything

1:10:24 - Peggy George
you could tell more about how to find people to add to your network :-)

1:10:24 - gailene

1:10:26 - Jo Ann Estevez
Yes. Great tool, Steve

1:10:29 - Donelle
Steve, a tour should be on the home page

1:10:30 - Ellsbeth
I was only able to catch the last few minutes and those few minutes were helpful.

1:10:38 - Donelle
wait, there might be one already?

1:10:41 - Brooke
I have a comment

1:10:57 - kyteacher
Agree with tour on home page

1:11:01 - Donelle
What's your comment, Brooke?

1:11:10 - Steve Hargadon
Brooke: want the mic?

1:11:12 - CristinaLemos
yes, great tour

1:11:13 - Brooke
yes please

1:11:18 - esther
I am leaving. Interesting and helpful. Thanks Steve

1:11:34 - Steve Hargadon
@esther most welcome.

1:11:35 - Donelle
@Gailene The tour would be great on the main page as well as the scavenger hunt.

1:11:44 - Peggy George
if you want the mic to ask a question or make a comment just click on the hand with the green arrow and we can give you the mic

1:12:19 - plnaugle
Everyone have a great weekend. Thanks for another great session. Got to run.

1:12:27 - roxanne c
having a place to be able to come real time is essential to educators. this looks like the next best step after classroom2.0

1:12:29 - Steve Hargadon
Yes, let's add to Gailene's list of things to add to LearnCentral!

1:12:43 - Peggy George
there are forums on LC to ask for new features or give feedback on your experience in LC--they always respond even if it takes awhile to actually incorporate the changes

1:12:43 - Donelle
bye plnaugle

1:13:02 - Donelle
added u to twitter plnaugle... look for me on learncentral

1:13:04 - cary
is it learncentral.com?

1:13:18 - gailene

1:13:21 - Kim Caise

1:13:26 - Peggy George
you can have it all in LearnCentral Brooke :-)

1:13:27 - cary
ok, thanks

1:13:45 - Donelle
echo, steve

1:13:48 - carbru
Kim, please could you find me on twitter carolynn Bruton as I cant find you- thanks

1:13:52 - CristinaLemos

1:14:04 - Judy
Thanks, I came in late and will reveiew the archive.

1:14:09 - MB
With multiple users, is an echo

1:14:19 - gailene

1:14:21 - Kim Caise
i am kcaise on both twitter and plurk @carbru

1:14:24 - Donelle
hi judy. the recording should be up there soon

1:14:34 - Brooke
oops sorry!

1:14:41 - Tammy Moore
What document type would an Elluminate clip art gallery file be? Elements?

1:14:43 - Donelle
u had the echo, steve.

1:14:45 - Donelle

1:14:57 - MB
We got double of Steve!

1:15:00 - Peggy George
there's an application form and process if you want to hold a group meeting or host your own webinar http://www.learncentral.org/node/3432

1:15:00 - Brooke

1:15:06 - Tammy Moore
I am uploading the jar file to LearnCentral - just wasn't sure how to categorize it

1:15:09 - Donelle
he needs a double

1:15:10 - Ellsbeth
@Brooke I'm interested in the same thing

1:15:12 - Tyler Gill
Thanks for the tour- fabuloso.

1:15:25 - Donelle
what's a jar file, tammy?

1:15:29 - Peggy George
let us know how that works for you Tammy

1:15:29 - Brooke
sorry - had trouble figuring out when my mic was on and off :-P

1:15:31 - EricSailers
Gotta go. See you guys again sometime soon.

1:15:33 - Ellsbeth
Thanks Steve

1:15:33 - Kim Munoz
Have a wonderful day everyone!

1:15:34 - Donelle

1:15:39 - Donelle
bye kim

1:15:42 - gailene
isn't that a .vcr file?

1:15:51 - Peggy George
think you would have to convert it to get it in LearnCentral

1:15:52 - Tammy Moore
Clip art file format

1:15:55 - Donelle
@kim munoz will skype ya next week

1:15:55 - gailene

1:16:01 - gailene
.jar is clip art

1:16:03 - Tammy Moore
jar is clip art file format

1:16:09 - gailene

1:16:14 - Peggy George
you can't embed elluminate recordings I don't think--just the link

1:16:15 - Tammy Moore
to run in Elluminate clip art gallery

1:16:18 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
I missed quite a bit of this due to interruptions on saturday. is this being recorded?

1:16:19 - sergio
this was great. Thanks to you all.

1:16:26 - Peggy George
yes Randy

1:16:34 - Peggy George
recording will be posted soon after the show

1:16:42 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS
Thank you for the very informative session. I look forward to speaking with you soon. :)

1:16:43 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com

1:16:43 - gailene

1:16:48 - Tammy Moore
I am sharing my collection of geometry whiteboard tools such as a protractor ..

1:16:52 - Tammy Moore
3D shapes

1:16:53 - Tammy Moore

1:16:56 - roxanne c
where do we get the recrding?

1:16:57 - gailene
Tammy - how big is the .jar file?

1:17:02 - roxanne c

1:17:03 - Donelle
@steve. kim munoz wanted me to ask about the moderator LC training. i forgot to ask. let's plan that after NECC.

1:17:09 - Peggy George
I think both jar and vcr are elluminate online recordings--but could be wrong

1:17:09 - Tammy Moore
Probably less than 2 mb

1:17:11 - Cynthia Snell, FLVS
:) I will contact you!!

1:17:12 - gailene

1:17:18 - Donelle

1:17:24 - Donelle
that's what i want to try

1:17:28 - gailene
who do an AWESOME job!

1:17:29 - Donelle
for fall

1:17:35 - cary
That would be wonderful

1:17:35 - Peggy George
there are some great tutorials on Elluminate for moderator training and also great live sessions with 1:1 help

1:17:38 - Scottie
Sign me up.

1:17:45 - Peggy George

1:17:47 - roxanne c
we are presenting books online through my masters but I'd like to keep that going

1:17:47 - Donelle
i'm looking more for that side of it too.

1:17:53 - roxanne c
this would be so cool

1:17:55 - Steve Guditus
I'm sorry, I lost internet access for a good portion of the show - are directions to sign up for moderating Elluminate shows @ LearnCentral included in the broadcast? If I just watch the recording, will I know how to signup/lead a discussion?

1:17:57 - Peggy George
it's more like "how to keep up with Steve!"

1:18:00 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
do you guys have avi file demos of the site we can use to make a free softutor training for the site. Kind of what you did today!

1:18:02 - Brooke
Steve - found out about this via your tweet

1:18:03 - Sheri Edwards
r the links to moderator training on the lc site?

1:18:08 - Brooke
thanks for that!

1:18:16 - carbru
Thanks guys - I look forward to the connection via Plurk. twitter and GrandCentral!

1:18:19 - MB
That is why we need doubles of him - to keep up with him! ;)

1:18:25 - Steve Guditus
Great - thanks, Steve

1:18:35 - Peggy George
yes links to moderator training on LC and on the elluminate home page

1:18:46 - Donelle
hmmm. will there be a RSS from that group so we'll know when the answer is posted in the webinar host group?

1:18:47 - Sheri Edwards

1:18:53 - carbru
thanks so muc Steve!

1:19:14 - Sheri Edwards
host room webinar group -- thanks

1:19:22 - Tammy Moore

1:19:23 - Donelle

1:19:27 - gailene
got it

1:19:34 - Nathan Guteras
or a tech help page

1:19:38 - Peggy George
http://www.learncentral.org/node/3432 Host your Own Webinar link in LC

1:19:40 - Tammy Moore
And for wbd

1:19:41 - Tammy Moore

1:19:45 - gailene

1:19:49 - gailene

1:19:51 - Tammy Moore
I have tons of wbd files and clip art files

1:19:54 - Tammy Moore
I can share

1:19:58 - Tammy Moore
wbd games

1:20:19 - Tammy Moore
:) yay!

1:20:34 - Tammy Moore
That is the file format of the clip art

1:20:43 - gailene

1:20:53 - Peggy George
I learned a lot about .jar files last night because I lost all of my java installation when I installed Safari 4.

1:20:58 - Tammy Moore
so you can make your own tab in the clip art in Ellumate

1:21:15 - gailene
wow - i can learn a lot more about Elluminate :-)

1:21:17 - Nathan Guteras
Your supoort page has info

1:21:19 - Donelle
@steve guditus r u in LC yet?

1:21:19 - Peggy George
good for you Tammy!!

1:21:38 - cary
what would you recommend if we are just now registering in LC? What to do?

1:21:39 - Peggy George
what a great tip about custom clipart tab!

1:21:47 - gailene
very cool

1:21:49 - Steve Hargadon
I didn't know that!

1:21:52 - gailene
me either

1:21:54 - Steve Hargadon

1:21:56 - Peggy George
start in LC by finding people to connect with and complete your profile

1:22:08 - gailene

1:22:13 - Steve Hargadon
Great suggestion!

1:22:14 - gailene
that's where the protractor comes from

1:22:19 - Suzanne Neuman
is there a place to find those?

1:22:23 - gailene
thank you for sharing them!

1:22:24 - Peggy George
then start finding groups you'd like to join and uploading resources for your portfolio

1:22:25 - CristinaLemos
thanks Tammy for sharing

1:22:29 - Donelle
@steve guditus enjoying your tweets. look for me in LC

1:22:38 - Donelle
tammy, you rock in moodle

1:22:48 - Peggy George
We need to have Tammy as a featured guest on our show to talk about Elluminate uses!! She's awesome!

1:22:59 - gailene
Maybe Tammy should host an Elluminate images group!

1:23:01 - MB
Yes, she could do a Saturday session

1:23:06 - Steve Guditus
@Donelle will do - thanks! No longer an island of an educator w/twitter/LC!

1:23:08 - Peggy George

1:23:12 - gailene
@Peggy - definitely

1:23:26 - kyteacher
I really need to spend more time with this.

1:23:32 - Donelle
@Tammy Moore I'm bummed that i missed your summer training. i really did want to teach with you this summer, but it is a crazy busy summer. Keep me on your list.

1:23:40 - Peggy George
that's a great idea Gailene--Elluminate images group!

1:23:43 - Sheri Edwards
can the jar file be placed on the elluminate site/server?

1:23:56 - Sheri Edwards
so you can access it from any computer?

1:23:58 - MB

1:23:59 - Peggy George
wow! look at that!!

1:24:05 - gailene

1:24:13 - Donelle

1:24:27 - MB
chemistry abbreviations

1:24:34 - Pamela G
it's on my computer

1:24:37 - gailene
@Sheri Tammy said the file is less than 2MB, so she can upload to LC

1:24:44 - Peggy George
this is so exciting to know about!!

1:24:52 - Donelle
@Tammy would love these!!

1:24:53 - gailene
Very cool, Tammy!

1:25:04 - Pamela G
great Tammy

1:25:04 - cary
sorry, what do you pop it onto?

1:25:20 - Steve Guditus
@Tammy, does each student have access to a laptop while you are teaching in front of the room?

1:25:39 - Peggy George
upload a .jar file, download to desktop and add to clipart collections on custom whiteboard--do I have that right?

1:25:57 - Donelle
@steve guditus she teaches virtually

1:26:14 - cary

1:26:16 - Kim Caise
click on whiteboard to clip art collections

1:27:05 - Peggy George
yes share the tutorial!!

1:27:07 - Suzanne Neuman

1:27:10 - Peggy George
I'm very interested!!!!

1:27:11 - gailene
@Tammy - can you share the tutorial?

1:27:11 - CristinaLemos
I am interested

1:27:11 - MB

1:27:14 - Sheri Edwards
yes please go on

1:27:44 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
if you guys make video tutorials we can make them follow along and share them with others. see k-12kids.com for more info.

1:27:50 - Peggy George
name plaque! awesome!!

1:27:59 - Sheri Edwards
after creating the collection, how do you retrieve them to the whiteboard when needed

1:28:06 - Donelle
So interested, but have to run. Keep me on your list, Tammy. Hope to teach a class with u still... after my busy summer

1:28:08 - Peggy George
you're doing great Tammy!!

1:28:08 - Donelle
bye all

1:28:14 - Kim Caise
bye donelle

1:28:15 - Donelle
see u at NECC and EBC

1:28:27 - Peggy George
bye donelle-see you at NECC

1:28:28 - gailene
Bye Donelle - thank you!

1:28:43 - Donelle
Thank you. Very well done!!

1:28:54 - Peggy George

1:28:58 - Donelle
I'll post the recording on my blog and district ning.

1:29:12 - Peggy George
do you rent out your son??? he's amazing!

1:29:16 - gailene

1:29:27 - gailene

1:29:39 - gailene
this would keep the students so engaged!

1:29:41 - MB
Maybe he could do the Elluminate class ;)

1:29:52 - Sheri Edwards
what program do the students make these in?

1:29:57 - Peggy George
what great uses for interactive resources for students on elluminate!!

1:30:36 - clinds
I love their underwear!

1:31:07 - gailene
My five year-old would love this!

1:31:10 - Peggy George
4-5 year olds? incredible! what an inspiration!

1:31:21 - Steve Guditus
@Sheri Edwards - I'm with you...is this all done completely in Elluminate, while all kids have a laptop/computer?

1:31:22 - kyteacher
Very cool.

1:31:32 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
too bad you cannot drag and drop

1:31:35 - Sheri Edwards
does tammy have a home page

1:32:33 - Peggy George
those are fantastic things to share on LearnCentral!!

1:32:43 - gailene
@Tammy - this is so great!

1:32:51 - Pamela G
i love this

1:32:52 - clinds
Many of the capabilities of SMART Notebook software without having to have that software.

1:33:06 - Sheri Edwards
need more info on application used

1:33:20 - Tammy Moore
Gimp will do them and is free

1:33:22 - Peggy George
Tammy can you share a link to your blog?

1:34:13 - Peggy George
I need a tutorial on Gimp too. Just downloaded and installed this week

1:34:27 - gailene
I'd love one on Gimp too

1:34:43 - Steve Hargadon
I use GIMP a lot less now that I use Picnik.com!

1:34:44 - Peggy George
Tammy makes this sound so easy!!

1:34:55 - Sheri Edwards
link to gimp?

1:34:57 - cary
wait, what was free?

1:35:04 - cary

1:35:07 - gailene

1:35:08 - Steve Hargadon
And now I keep all my graphics in my dropbox and so I have all my art no matter where I am!

1:35:12 - Peggy George
gimp and picnik are both free

1:35:43 - Sheri Edwards
good idea steve -- graphics in dropbox

1:35:44 - Peggy George

1:36:00 - Sheri Edwards
thanks for link to gimp

1:36:17 - Peggy George

1:36:44 - Kim Caise
@dsant go up to audio and the audio setup wizard to see if you can fix the audio

1:37:08 - Peggy George
Sign up for dropbox here: https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/NTEwNDQ5MDg5

1:37:23 - gailene

1:37:35 - Steve Hargadon
Tammy--we definitely need you to do a show!

1:37:39 - Peggy George
can't wait to watch this part again!!! so helpful Tammy!

1:37:40 - gailene

1:38:00 - Sheri Edwards
Yes, sign me up for Tammy's show!

1:38:00 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
looking forward to seeing your next version. This is great stuff

1:38:04 - Tammy Moore

1:38:11 - Sheri Edwards
Does she have ideas on a blog or wiki?

1:38:20 - gailene

1:38:20 - Peggy George

1:38:45 - Peggy George
woohoo!!!! can't wait for you to share these on LearnCentral!!!

1:38:52 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks so much for being a sharing person!

1:39:32 - gailene
or a first name of Gailene

1:39:49 - gailene
Tammy - this is wonderful. Very generous!

1:39:50 - Peggy George
we're going to schedule you Tammy!!!!!

1:40:05 - gailene

1:40:06 - Sheri Edwards
yes cr 20 also

1:40:06 - Peggy George
yes classroom 2.0 LIVE :-)

1:40:08 - cary

1:40:09 - Pamela G
I hate to go but I must. Thank you so much for this,

1:40:10 - Sheri Edwards

1:40:13 - Pamela G

1:40:14 - Jo Ann Estevez

1:40:17 - Peggy George
aren't you glad you asked??

1:40:20 - kyteacher
This is great...I need to go now, but I definitely want to learn more.

1:40:22 - Tammy Moore

1:40:22 - Peggy George
both for sure!!

1:40:25 - Sheri Edwards
this is what i've been looking for on my whiteboard

1:40:31 - gailene
thanks kyteacher

1:40:31 - Sheri Edwards

1:40:33 - Peggy George
yes everyone needs to complete the profile info!

1:41:02 - gailene
there is a lot to learn

1:41:04 - gailene

1:41:05 - CristinaLemos
Thanks. Bye everyone

1:41:46 - Kim Caise
great, welcome @dsant

1:42:01 - Peggy George
armoorefam on LearnCentral

1:42:04 - gailene
i'll take a look steve

1:42:10 - gailene
thanks for pointing out

1:42:33 - Tammy Moore

1:42:55 - Peggy George
yes share your desktop

1:43:18 - Tammy Moore

1:43:31 - Peggy George
How about July 18 for CR20LIVE Tammy?

1:43:49 - gailene
don't let her get away!

1:43:54 - Peggy George
Tammy IS GOLD!!!!!!

1:44:15 - Peggy George
I could try to do the closed captioning :-)

Jun 20, 2009 10:47:03 AM - 1 LEARNCENTRAL.TV CHANNEL

1:46:10 - Peggy George
bye everyone

1:46:14 - Rose
Always a learning experience...

1:46:15 - Peggy George
thank you Steve!

1:46:16 - gailene
Have fun at NECC!

1:46:41 - gailene
no worries dsant - you can always watch the recording

1:46:45 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
how to i get the video of this meeting?

1:46:48 - Steve Guditus

1:46:54 - Kim Caise
no problem @dsant. the links to the recording will be psoted later at http://live.classroom20.com

1:47:06 - Peggy George
go to the archives for the recording :-)

1:47:15 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com

1:47:17 - Kim Caise
they will be posted later this afternoon

1:47:17 - Tyler Gill

1:47:17 - gailene
Peggy and Kim are the Rock Stars here!

1:47:27 - Kim Caise
awww thanks @gailene

1:47:31 - Randy @ K-12Kids.com
bye bye

1:47:34 - gailene

1:47:39 - Kim Caise
so glad you could join us today Gailene

1:47:51 - gailene
Thanks for letting me jump in

1:47:52 - Peggy George

1:47:55 - gailene

1:48:02 - Kim Caise
anytime gailene. just come on by

1:48:08 - Kim Caise
you are always welcome

Jun 20, 2009 11:02:02 AM - 1 LEARNCENTRAL.TV CHANNEL