Feb 21, 2009 6:59:56 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 WEEKLY SHOW

00:02 - Colette Cassinelli
I'll be at Edubloggercon at NECC

00:05 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
Hi From Madison WI

00:06 - Steve Hargadon
Wahoo! Recording!

00:11 - Norma
Tucson AZ

00:12 - Donelle
Rebecca - in Solana Beach

00:19 - Ron H
Steve - thanks... i wish I could do that one - but my budget didnt include another hotel day

00:37 - Steve Hargadon
@Ron--we'll miss you!

00:37 - Peggy George
Every day's a good day when the recording link is red :-)

01:02 - Jeanne
I changed hotels & got 3 nights less than 2 nights

01:05 - Rebecca
Donelle, I am working on my doctorate with Asssist sup in Solona BEach. What are you doing now?

01:36 - elptuxman
greetings folks from El Paso TX

02:11 - Peggy George
it's easy to mix up the hand symbol with clapping hands! I've done that many times!

03:14 - Donelle
Rebecca, that's great. I loved working in the SB district. I'm now working with an independent study/homeschool charter at a district in Sacramento.

03:53 - Peggy George
I love using the wide layout so I can see more of the chat window because it moves so fast sometimes.

04:01 - Rebecca
Donelle, That sounds really interesting. Do you have a virtual school up there?

04:03 - Barbara
Hello everyone. This is Barbara from New York. I am currently teaching at the high school level and I use VoiceThread in my upper level classes. I love it!

04:30 - Peggy George
Hi Barbara! Welcome! Great to have a Voicethread user with us!

04:31 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
Louis Loeffler - Madison, WI - getting snow (4-6")

04:43 - Steve Hargadon
Some Hawaii folks!

04:48 - Lorraine Leo
12:04 PM Sunny and cool

04:51 - Paulette Attie
Sault Ste. Marie Michigan on Lake Superior

04:51 - Nicole Z.
Snow in Chicago!

04:52 - corina
hi from Lumberton, TX

04:54 - Tom
Tom L from snowy South Bend, IN

04:54 - Sandy
Here in Arlington VA it is 31 degrees and sunny

04:54 - Ellen Martin
Winchester, Va. 36 and beautiful!

04:57 - Colette Cassinelli
9am beautiful sunny day in Portland - rare in February

04:58 - Bob F
Snowed in Iowa overnight it's 12 degrees F right now

04:59 - Peggy George
sorry about the snow! Going to be 79 in AZ today

05:00 - sharonbetts
Industry, ME - sunny 30 degrees - snow expected

05:02 - Russ
Russ - Stoughton, MA Sunny and cool

05:06 - lparren
Sunny in Vermont. Nice day for the end of vacation.

05:08 - SueH
HI from SueH in Surrey, BC

05:10 - Christina Evola
70 in south Florida

05:11 - Leslie Y
32 degrees in Columbus

05:12 - Guia
Perfect weather

05:13 - Steve Hargadon
73 people here right now!

05:17 - Donelle
Rebecca, trying to get things going in that direction. What are you focusing on with your doctorate?

05:18 - Maureen
From western MA, sunny, 28°

05:20 - Judith Romero
Judith Romero is visiting in Phoenix from Flagstaff where it is very cold compared to here.

05:21 - dreambition/brad
snowstorm here in SE michigan!

05:22 - Gail
Grand Island (Buffalo suburb) NY 35 and bright!

05:26 - Cathy
I had an awesome session with Steve last night!

05:41 - Cerese
Eastman, Georgia

05:45 - rick boyce
Unsure about "blocked" status...

06:06 - sharonbetts
A great use for the elluminate tools - and nice intro also

06:16 - Barbara O'Berry
Sunny in Tidewater, Virginia

06:18 - Peggy George
just answer one question at a time :-)

06:31 - Tom
I set up an account and created my first voicethread last night--pretty slick.

07:07 - Steve Hargadon
People just LOVE Voicethread.

07:13 - Maureen
Do you mean a K12 account or the ed.voice thread acct

07:32 - Peggy George
Hi Sharon! So glad to have you join us!

07:47 - lparren
Go VT!

08:06 - Barbara O'Berry
Hokies rule!

08:07 - sharonbetts
Hi Peggy - we love Voicethread - trying to decide if I should expand to a school / district subscription

08:08 - Peggy George
Excellent Tom-we'd love to have you share how your first experience went with VT

08:22 - Tom
Not sure--you might discuss how people have successfully unblocked voicethread...

08:42 - Peggy George
That will be a great question for Colette :-)

08:46 - sharonbetts
by using the ed.voicethread - you can push to have it opened

09:43 - Cal
LOL... CH!

10:29 - Peggy George
VoiceThread is such a powerful tool for education!

10:33 - lorenchuk
Hello, I have taught voicethread as a student interest group teaching them to open their own accounts at first.

10:56 - Beth
We are going to use it for digital portfolios

10:57 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
I use it in a digital storytelling course

11:16 - Peggy George
@lorenchuk-that is a great way to start! Do you also teach them about creating avatars for their identity?

11:22 - corina
great blog post on voicethread at http://langwitches.org/blog/2008/06/19/digital-storytelling-part-vi-voicethread/

11:22 - sharonbetts
just taught it in my inservice programs last month - teachers were so excited

11:25 - Tom
I want to use it for digital ethnography in Northern Uganda:)

11:26 - elptuxman
Experienced folks - please use URLs for samples and sharing info

11:40 - Peggy George
@Tom-what a fantastuc tool for digital ethnography!

11:52 - Cameron McKinley
We use it for mathcasts to help parents the math strategies kids are using

11:53 - Tom
I think it will be...

11:57 - sharonbetts
@lorenchuk - welcome glad you got the tweet

12:00 - rick boyce
Are there age limits? Ok for elementary school?

12:09 - lorenchuk
Not avatars, just photos. They worked in groups. I have also assigned students to create book review threads as extension activities for my advanced students.

12:12 - Peggy George
yes fine for elementary

12:25 - shannonlibrarian
We use VT for elementary school collaborations- but keep them private.

12:26 - sharonbetts
@rick excellent for elementary school - students pick their own avatars - we use favorite animals etc

12:30 - Hans Feldmeier
Greetings from Germany!

12:30 - podpirate
Is there a link for the presentation slides?

12:35 - lorenchuk
Also used this with team members to present at a back to school nite for parents.

12:37 - Peggy George
I have watched some of Wes Fryer's little daughter on VT since she was 3 years old

12:39 - sharonbetts
Tag - Hans

12:44 - podpirate
Hello Colette

12:50 - Colette Cassinelli
VT is perfect for K-16 and all subject areas

12:53 - Colette Cassinelli
Hi Brian

12:58 - Mary Ann
Hi from Chicago

13:06 - Dana
Hi from Iowa

13:07 - sharonbetts
they used VT for feedback on K12Online this year

13:12 - pdryden
Hi there ..

13:21 - sharonbetts
Nice job Colette

13:29 - Mary Ann
we have an ed.voicethread account at school

13:41 - Rob G.
Great to see a few people from Iowa here!

13:47 - sharonbetts
are these slides anywhere

13:53 - Bob F
Thanks Rob G

14:19 - rick boyce
Issues with IT depts? Can you do this independently?

14:22 - Patti
I created a VT of old family pics and my 80 year old mother in law sharing her memories about the pic

14:42 - Danielle
can someone put up sharetabs link? i can't see it on my screen

14:47 - Jacqueline
Here is a link to our voicethreadhttp:www.broward.k12.fl.us/griffinelem/third/thirdgrpic.htm

14:48 - Jon Fisher
That's very interesting Patti. Sounds like fun -plus intergenerational learning!

14:55 - Mr Conguito
Boa tarde a todos!

14:56 - Hans Feldmeier
VoiceThreads are good as a product of webquests

14:56 - kim caise
sure thing Danielle, we will put it in the chat here

15:02 - Troy
Wow. 100 participants. Is this a record.

15:03 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
Some final projects in voicethread and other online solutions - http://cedu531-g-2007.pbwiki.com/Week+6+-+Final+Projects

15:05 - Tom
I'm also recording this presentation for my own use using Camtasia Relay--a backup recording, if that turns out to be useful

15:07 - SueH
we did one for my mum for Chritsmas in Australia -- 3 families on 3 locations all contributed.

15:12 - tedrum
I used it with my 4th and 5th graders to explain their science experiements.

15:16 - Jacqueline

15:35 - Steve Hargadon
@Mr. Conguito--are you from Brazil?

15:54 - Griffbuddy
Hi Middle School Matters! I'm late.

15:57 - Steve Hargadon
100 people!

16:05 - jenny

16:06 - sharonbetts
used them last year for virtual tours through collaborating students towns - 3 countries and 5 states

16:10 - Peggy George
Wahoo!! So glad you're all here!!

16:14 - Shawn
Hi Griff! Good to see you!

16:25 - Peggy George
powerpoint on steroids! great description!

16:35 - elptuxman
sharetab url -white on yellow is almost invisible!

16:35 - sharonbetts
Is there an award for hitting 100, Steve - VT is a powerful tool

16:37 - lorenchuk
Hypermedia, interactive and exciting

16:44 - Steve Hargadon
I thought Diigo had that "steroids" line trademarked!

17:09 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
and ease of use!

17:09 - Peggy George
too funny Steve! lots of tools on steroids these days I guess

17:19 - lorenchuk
great student book review, not sure if you will see it from link, give it a try: http://voicethread.com/#u5696.b117631.i605901

17:27 - Colette Cassinelli

17:28 - Judith Romero
Judith R: can you use Keynote instead of Powerpoint app?

17:32 - rick boyce
For classroom applications, should you use large "snowball style" microphone or individual headsets?

17:32 - Kerry
Here in Myerstown, PA - teach Spanish in Lebanon. I've seen it and have an account but have yet to implement in the classroom.

17:46 - Lorna Costantini
NO to keynote

17:48 - lorenchuk
individuals work fine so far

17:53 - Lorna Costantini
you must export to ppt

18:21 - dreambition/brad
a personal use-for the last family reunion at my aunt and uncles house (due to his failing health) that had become a decades long tradition, all familiy members left their thoughts on a VT and we burned it to DVD. It is now a family heirloom http://voicethread.com/share/156670/
It provides a free trial to have a try, you can get it from: http://www.divxtodvdconvertermac.com

18:25 - Peggy George
it is so exciting to hear how she has gotten the word out so lots of people can add to it!

18:45 - lorenchuk
What a wonderful way to create community

18:48 - kim caise

18:52 - Peggy George
you can easily upload pdf files

19:09 - Hans Feldmeier
Hi, is your wiki about voiceThreads only in English?

19:29 - Peggy George
@Judith-if you upload your Keynote to Google presentations you can download it as PDF and import into VT

19:30 - podpirate
Sure you can use Keynote, I've used it several times.

19:30 - Tom
A keynote presentation could be captured using Jing or any other screencasting software, saved as a video file, and uploaded--is that possible?

19:42 - Lorna Costantini
yes Tom

19:47 - podpirate
Yes Tom it is

19:58 - Lorna Costantini
you can upload video

20:00 - podpirate
I use Keynote for all my VTs

20:03 - lorenchuk
@dreambition/brad, great idea

20:06 - Peggy George
What a great idea to provide a practice site for people!!

20:22 - lorenchuk
@Tom, Jing is still quirky for me,

20:30 - Jeanne
are PRO accts monthly, annual or one fee?

20:33 - sharonbetts
like the Jing idea - may give it a try on my next preso

20:42 - sharonbetts
I think PRO are annual

20:47 - Peggy George
love that you can embed videos on VT

20:48 - Mr Conguito
No @Steve Hargadon. From Portugal!

21:16 - Tom
Jing: quirky in itself, or interfacting with VT?

21:18 - lorenchuk
There is a cost for the calls

21:35 - Rob G.
How many free minutes? Per comment or per VT project?

21:47 - lorenchuk
@Tom, Jing is quirky in itself and when using in VT, I tried for grad school and it was problematic

21:53 - dreambition/brad
here are my 4th graders reflecting on their year last spring..it was burned to DVD and given to everyone as they "graduated" to 4th grade http://voicethread.com/share/146341/

21:57 - sharonbetts
I use Jing almost daily - now to combine it with VT - why didn't I thikn of that

22:05 - shannonlibrarian
Cost is pretty cheap: $10 for 60 minutes I believe

22:06 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
@Rob G I think 3 min total phone for project

22:09 - dreambition/brad
*i mean to 5th grade

22:11 - lorenchuk
What is the link for the VT she is showing now, very interesting

22:27 - Lorraine Leo
Rerecord is a very kid-friendly feature. we use it a lot!

22:30 - sharonbetts
It is the first link on the sharetabs page

22:31 - Rob G.
@Louis Thanks.

22:50 - lorenchuk
@sharonbetts, are you still using the free Jing or did you upgrade?

23:00 - Hans Feldmeier
Thanks a lot for your input guys - see you next time!

23:06 - Peggy George
I also love that you can embed your Voicethreads into a blog or wiki--I'm so glad some of you are sharing your wikis!

23:09 - sharonbetts
@lorenchuk - still using free - I pay way too many sites already

23:12 - dreambition/brad
@lorraine yes you are right-they can delete and do over as many times as needed!

23:25 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
@Rob G - hope I'm right - I have not had problems using a microphone on a computer - more than 3

23:27 - lorenchuk
@sharonbetts: do you use a mac or pc?

23:36 - Peggy George
I use the free Jing too and it works fine--keeps your video short :-)

23:45 - sharonbetts
Also use audacity a lot - have told teachers that is a good way to get stuff into VT

23:49 - joedale
Is that for the education version only?

23:57 - sharonbetts
@lorenchuk - use pc

24:03 - corina
Jing works great on my Mac but not on my PC

24:13 - lindseyb16
What type of account do you recmnd to start out with?

24:16 - sharonbetts
Jing works on both my Mac and my PC

24:16 - Neil Stephenson
I have used Voicethread lots this year for peer feedback. Students use voicethread to comment on each others work - then they upload final versions - and use voicethread to record their self-assessments. http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/voicehread-for-peer-assessment.html

24:24 - Ed Bujak
I use Jing on my PC - it's great!

24:28 - Peggy George
Remember to select "Send" - "All Rooms" so your chat messages show up for all of us.

24:29 - Rob G.
Use Jing all the time, mac, PC, even PC with VMware Fusion. No probs

24:49 - sharonbetts
wonder if screentoaster could be used with vt

24:49 - dreambition/brad
@neil awesome!

24:49 - lorenchuk
Colette are you on Twitter?

24:53 - podpirate
Yes the Jing to VT is better on mac. I have seen problems with PC

24:55 - Tom
When a VT is created and embedded, can anyone add comments (once properly configured) without creating a VT account?

25:10 - Neil Stephenson
@dreambition.. thanks!

25:29 - lorenchuk
@Tom, yes, if the VT is open to all, you can set limits and make it private, etc.

25:29 - Peggy George
that's really helpful to know how to change your account to an educator account

25:32 - BarbaraR
barbaraR: is there a best way to upload pictures from the internet - legal pictures?

25:42 - casterline
is anyone having trouble with Plurk right now...wanted to post the link to this webinar

25:43 - Penny 1
@tom you can moderate comments or choose who can comments through privacy settings

25:53 - Peggy George
yes educator accounts have a fee

27:20 - Lorna Costantini
@sue h Louis and lorenchuk change your settings for the caht

27:27 - Lorna Costantini

27:38 - Lorna Costantini
to the right of the send button

27:45 - Lorna Costantini
select "this room"

28:12 - Lorna Costantini
@ jacquelines change your chat session preferences

28:43 - Jacqueline
now it is working

28:49 - MrColey 1
I have my own student e-mail accounts, will my students participate with the educator account?

28:50 - Gail
it's on... it was off

28:56 - sharonbetts
Now it opened again - it wasn't working before -

28:59 - dreambition/brad
yes it was off

29:01 - SueH
ok thanks

29:03 - shannonlibrarian
Can multiple students access the same VT simulataneously? Comment on different slides?

29:04 - Neil Stephenson
it keeps getting grayed out -and coming back

29:04 - Jacqueline
I had it on "this room"

29:06 - Neil Stephenson
I have used Voicethread lots this year for peer feedback. Students use voicethread to comment on each others work - then they upload final versions - and use voicethread to record their self-assessments. http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/voicehread-for-peer-assessment.html

29:08 - Maureen
I've used VT K12 account for a couple of years. I need to get the class acct because I have so many avatars on my acct it is very hard to keep straight. I have my older kids sign up for own accts, but they are limited and not worthwhile.

29:11 - Rob G.
I'd never changed that option... my last comment went to moderators even though my interface says "this Room"

29:18 - lorenchuk
I thought I had it there too, must have switched it

29:18 - Colette Cassinelli
Colette's twitter: ccassinelli

29:22 - casterline
is anyone having trouble with Plurk right now? wanted to send the link to this webinar

29:22 - Beth
What are the limitations of the free account?

29:24 - Jeanne
I agree - it was off

29:28 - Jacqueline
thank you Rob, me too, thought I was crazy

29:29 - lorenchuk
thank you!

29:30 - Neil Stephenson
I signed up for a class account in Voicethread. best $50 I've spend this year!

29:33 - dreambition/brad

29:42 - Beth
not teacher - for the kids

29:43 - sharonbetts
It was an Elluminate blurp - we are good to go now

29:49 - Beth
High school

30:06 - sharonbetts
We use multiple identities for K-3

30:08 - Tammie
I have the teacher acccount, and use it for writing portfolios...my only problem is that I can't find each kid's papers easily.

30:10 - Tom
VT "took off": how many educator-users, apx?

30:14 - Peggy George
Whew! Sharon! happy to hear that!

30:37 - dreambition/brad
good question, Tom. I have never heard those numbers from the VT people

30:41 - Judith Romero
Why would you get a Class acct. vs. School acct. if you can do all students and educators under School?

30:56 - Jon Fisher
Thanks for the "send" options info moderators, @ BarbaraB -you were looking for free photos to use and I would suggest searching in Flickr.com under the advanced tab for Creative Commons Pictures. Just be sure to credit the artist where applicable.

30:59 - sharonbetts
right - for our K-3 we do it in "stations" with moderators

31:04 - Maureen
@tammie, that is my problem too, teach 7 different classes and it's very hard to find what I am looking for. Time for me to switch to paid acct.

31:24 - Neil Stephenson
@judith - cost.. it only cost me $50 for my two grade 7 classes.. A whole school is alot more money

31:37 - Lorraine Leo
The Educator Account eliminates the risk of one account?

31:54 - sharonbetts
combining other web 2.0 tools (Wordle is good example) with VT is so powerful.

32:07 - Shawn
The teacher can monitor the content in each acct. and act on inappropriate content?

32:22 - Norma
behold.cc is also a place to find free images from flickr

32:22 - Beth
Is there a disadvantage for my High School students to have a free account

32:24 - Rebecca
Tammie, Isn't there a way to tag or label each student piece?

32:34 - Tammie
so you can't take a class to the computer lab and have them all work on VT?

32:41 - corina
just changed my free account over to an educator account

32:42 - lorenchuk
@Beth, the only disadvantage is there is a limit of 3 for free

32:58 - sharonbetts
@TAmmie with a classroom account - yes each student has a login

32:59 - shannonlibrarian
@Shawn The posts appear to the poster and the Moderator, but are not public until promoted by moderator.

33:00 - Beth
3 voicethreads? or comments?

33:02 - Gail
where did you go to change the acct to an educator acct?

33:04 - lorenchuk
If you assign multiple projects, they have to delete

33:06 - Tammie
I wanted something like a folder...if the kid forgets to tag it, it is hard to find

33:22 - lorenchuk

33:41 - brettharvey
u can upload ppts?

33:55 - lorenchuk
I would love to use the VT for digital portfolios for my seniors

34:02 - corina
I went to pricing at the bottom of the home page to change to an educator account

34:04 - dreambition/brad
@bret yes

34:09 - Shawn
Thanks wondered how that worked

34:13 - CharleneBlohm
Sounds like VT used for math, science, lang arts. What budget is paying for your non-free accounts?

34:23 - sharonbetts
UGH - it just jumped back to moderator - then back again? can you subscribe to a vt thru rss? if so, you could setup a wiki or something to keep track

34:24 - Sheri
Oops. Can you continue editing the VT without losing the comments so far?

34:28 - Lorna Costantini
yes you can uoload ppt

34:36 - julie
I've seen many vt's where the comments are worthless..used for "fun" instead of educational

34:43 - Peggy George
excellent tip--start by thinking about the purpose of the lesson and pick the right tool--may not be VT

34:46 - rick boyce
What's the difference between the CLASS account and SCHOOL acct??

34:49 - Shawn
My posts are going to moderators w/out my changing the tab . . .

35:03 - sharonbetts
@Shawn - mine do also - random

35:06 - Neil Stephenson
@rick.. I think its the number of accounts and cost

35:07 - Mary Ann
@Tammie do you have an ed.voicethred acct? You can make class groups.

35:17 - Peggy George
You can always edit your VT after it is created. Click on the menu icon and edit

35:19 - Maureen
@sharonbetts- there is a little comment bubble that appears on VT when there are new comments, but I've never tried to set up an RSS.

35:20 - brettharvey
still not sure what you get for $10 ed.voicethread

35:29 - Neil Stephenson
@julie.. please check out how I'm using it: I have used Voicethread lots this year for peer feedback. Students use voicethread to comment on each others work - then they upload final versions - and use voicethread to record their self-assessments. http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/voicehread-for-peer-assessment.html

35:36 - sharonbetts
Class account is for a teacher and his classes - school is just what it says - $1 / student with min of 200

35:40 - dreambition/brad
if you are interested in hearing from the creators of VT, here are 3 podcasts from EdTechTalk: http://edtechtalk.com/node/3186, http://edtechtalk.com/node/2463, http://edtechtalk.com/node/2822

35:44 - mike gretzinger
so would voice thread be interesting to use with a smart board

35:51 - Tammie
yes, i have a class account, educator account, but the problem is trying to find little Johnny's latest paper...searching among all the VTs on my page

35:59 - Rebecca
On my wiki space I have the students reply to each other by first posting a positive observation about another students work, Then I have them write what they think about it - suggestions and the like. That way they know they have those two things as a guide to what they post/ write.

36:11 - dreambition/brad
they look really cool on a smartboard! the zoom feature is very intuitive

36:26 - lorenchuk
I created one for online etiquette for a grad course on Hypermedia, trying to find the link for you now

36:28 - shannonlibrarian
Did I understand this right? With class account or school account- individual students accounts can log into and edit the same VT simultaneously?

36:30 - Peggy George
You will find tons of differen examples for VT on Colette's wikispace to get ideas how people are using them by grade level, subject, purpose. It's a great place to start.

36:31 - Maureen
I had kids upload to VT and comment on 2 others. It was a good way for peers to critique.

36:33 - rick boyce
thanks sharon; was confused by screen price

37:00 - Diana Oh
is there any public classes i can attend?

37:05 - Neil Stephenson
I love the fact that students can not only comment, but draw on each others work - this is amazing if students are doing visual work. inmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/voicehread-for-peer-assessment.html

37:05 - Peggy George
no the creator is the one who can edit the VT. Each person who comments can edit their own comments but not the whole voicethread.

37:21 - Diana Oh
im a newbie and im sorta confused nd lost

37:25 - dreambition/brad
unless they give them permission to edit, which in that case they can

37:39 - lorenchuk
Intro to class 2007: http://voicethread.com/#u5696.b4357.i34359

37:41 - Tom
@rebecca: I've done something similar in a wiki: requiring 3 positive comments on any classmates postings...another nice way to get good comments is to post a rubric and have students use it to assess their own comments

37:44 - Peggy George
The MathCasts are excellent for this. One slide displays the problem and then the students can comment by solving the problem right on the slide.

37:49 - Lorna Costantini
@ diana don't worry about learning how to use VT

37:56 - sharonbetts
I don't believe you can do rss on vt - that would be a great addition

38:04 - Lorna Costantini
better to understand the vision of using VT

38:07 - Peggy George
The 100 day project is fantastic and we have a link for it on our Sharetabs today.

38:22 - lindseyb16
@sharon so when you embed it doesn't update?

38:31 - Neil Stephenson
The best way to learn voicethread is to get in there are practice!!

38:41 - Peggy George
yes it updates when it's embedded. You will see the latest version.

38:47 - Rebecca
Tom, havent you noticed that students learn to do this well - and in no time the responses and commetns are intuively positive and productive and insightful - I have!

38:48 - lindseyb16
ah ok

38:51 - Maureen
Embedded VTs update automatically

39:04 - sharonbetts
@lindseyb16 - yes it updates, but I was looking for a way to easily check for updates without embedding

39:07 - lparren
I see lots of student photos. Are there privacy issues with that?

39:27 - Neil Stephenson
I always avoid including student pictures

39:29 - Sandy
Question: if we want to save for student portfolios how big do the files get? I see it costs to download.

39:31 - sharonbetts
we do no st photos without explicit permissions - actually do no pics K-6

39:37 - Peggy George
you can subscribe to a wiki for updates via RSS feeds. Then you'll get an email with any updates.

39:40 - lorenchuk
Here it is, social networking VT using flip movies, googledocs, and VT: http://voicethread.com/#u219006.b268449.i1407098 Would love your comments there!

39:51 - Tom
@Rebecca: having comments on line quickly turns the dynamic in a positive direction--there is peer example, and a measure of peer "pressure"

39:51 - Rebecca
Iparren - get a release from parents to post/ use the space and have it limited access - just students/ class/ parents.

40:18 - sharonbetts
wikis can be subscribed to - but VT site cannot - right

40:21 - elptuxman
Memory refresh: what URL is archiving this session?

40:26 - Tammie
I don't allow photos, and tell them to put only first names on their papers....it's high school, but I play it as safe as I can.

40:28 - Rebecca
Iparren - wiki spaces has a permission slip for parents to sign

40:39 - shannonlibrarian
Can share particpants turn around and share access with others as well?

40:51 - Maureen
If you moderate comments you will get notified

41:17 - Peggy George
@shannonlibrarian--if there is a url that is public you can share it with others.

41:22 - sharonbetts
Oh - that is what I wanted - I need to look at that as that would be the way to setup ease of sorting.

41:31 - Neil Stephenson
you can share and embed links to voicethreads with others

41:45 - brettharvey
my only complaint about vt is that navigation is a little lacking

41:53 - shannonlibrarian
How about private VTs that are "shared" with others?

42:00 - Judith Romero
@Diane Me too!

42:01 - dreambition/brad

42:04 - Neil Stephenson
@brett.. it takes a little while to get used to it~!

42:27 - Sheri
Did the sharetabs link appear in the chat yet

42:42 - julie
my icon is grayed out..won't allow access

42:42 - lorenchuk
@shannonlibrarian, that is how I get around the AU policy issue

42:43 - SueH
can also set up links from VT pages in your VT

42:58 - Rebecca
sharron - good question. THis all gets into privacy laws - which are only now being brought up in court.

43:04 - julie
have you maxed out your multiple talkers?

43:16 - Tom
Re "embedding": I created my first voice mail last night, and had to try embedding it, which I found fairly easy to do: http://erc.nd.edu/blogs/tloughran/2009/02/21/voicethread/

43:23 - sharonbetts
There are great tutorials on the VT site

43:30 - Rebecca
sharron - there is a fine line between content that is created on site and content that was created off site.

43:31 - Neil Stephenson
There are some great videos on voicethread about how to use it..

43:32 - lorenchuk
I love how you are using the application sharing window, I haven't learned this yet.

43:35 - Peggy George

43:51 - Peggy George
You will be able to find lots of examples and tutorials in our sharetabs after the show. :-)

43:51 - anna
Any ideas using VT in teacher education

44:00 - rick boyce
Could you share some more visual examples? Same screen for a while...

44:03 - Maureen
Lots of great tutorials out there- check Miguel's- can't find the link... Peggy?

44:12 - sharonbetts
I saw your BYOL session - bet it will be realllly fullll

44:27 - Neil Stephenson
@rick .. please check out how I've been using it: http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/voicehread-for-peer-assessment.html

44:28 - Peggy George
Thanks Maureen-I'll check the link.

44:37 - Danielle
any chance that session will be streamed or archived online?

44:48 - BarbaraR
BarbaraR: Will this DC event be online?

45:29 - sharonbetts
@Barabar - I am sure lots will be online

45:46 - lindseyb16
Oh nice feature add to myvoice page!

45:48 - Peggy George
that is so helpful to be able to add other favorite VTs to your page!

46:03 - lorenchuk
I didn't know this feature existed, great tip!

46:18 - lindseyb16
Good for pd providers

46:42 - Peggy George
Miguel Guhlin's site: http://www.edsupport.cc/mguhlin/share/index.php?n=Anthology.Dstorywebbasedtools

47:05 - sharonbetts
very low, but can hear

47:06 - Peggy George
Yeah Brad! Go ahead

47:22 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
So close....

47:31 - lorenchuk
Where will the session be archived?

47:36 - Shawn
very faint

47:47 - Colette Cassinelli
Other folks doing great projects with VT: Wes Fryer, Miguel Guhlin, Bill Ferriter and more ...

47:52 - Maureen
Thx Peggy. I've used Miguel's and Liz B Davis' tutorials in my PD sesssions- great resource, esp for folk who like pdfs or paper based

47:54 - Rebecca
What is teh DC conference - NECC?

47:56 - dreambition/brad
sorry everyone.. i will just type my comment!

48:00 - lindseyb16
@lorenchuck they put it on the live.classroom20.com site

48:00 - BarbaraR
BarbaraR: not sure why but the mic is grey for me and I can't select it.

48:16 - Peggy George
You'll find the links to the recorded session on this site in a few hours. http://live.classroom20.com/archive.html

48:19 - sharonbetts
lots of NECC links and info on the NECC Ning also

48:27 - Rob G.
@anna As a way to introduce digital storytelling. I've been considering as alternative to regular video project or something like the old Hyperstudio projects we once did.

48:30 - lparren
Can colette show some student work now?

48:34 - Peggy George
So great to have you here CharleneBlohm

48:38 - BarbaraR
BarbaraR: Why does the draw tool fade not sure how to keep drawings.

48:41 - Rebecca
Sharron - thanks. All linked through Classroom 2.0?

48:44 - kim caise
there is a limit on speakers so if would like to speak you can raise your hand and we will give you the mic

48:53 - Peggy George
it is such a wonderful tool for digital storytelling!!!

48:54 - Sheri
do we have his link?

48:57 - dreambition/brad
I have done 2 presentations on VT at local conferences, here are my presentation links http://tech-camp.pbwiki.com/VoiceThread+Links

49:12 - Christina Evola
I didn't know someone besides the author could draw on an image.

49:12 - Colette Cassinelli
My Fellow Americans VT - students leave message to President Obama http://voicethread.com/share/300897/

49:12 - Lorraine Leo
@Barbara Having the drawings stay on the slide would be a great feature.

49:14 - Neil Stephenson

49:20 - SueH
Can you use the draw tool on a Smartboard?

49:21 - Peggy George
Yes keep posting your links everyone!!

49:30 - sharonbetts
got you

49:30 - Colette Cassinelli
Neil - add your samples to the VoiceThread 4 Education wiki please

49:39 - sharonbetts
but now she is gone

49:40 - Peggy George
@SueH-you can use the draw tool right in VT

49:43 - Neil Stephenson
colette - whats the link?

49:48 - Sheri
Thanks Brad

49:53 - rick boyce
At the end, pls remind us how to download/review the chat room log for links, etc.

49:54 - Neil Stephenson
colette.. wait - I see it.. silly me!

50:02 - Jo Ann Estevez
Sorry, but I can not read the link after sharetabs. It is in white print against a yellow background

50:02 - Neil Stephenson
Here's mine again: http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/voicehread-for-peer-assessment.html

50:05 - sharonbetts
got an echo

50:05 - anna
Thanks...I am ready to take the step with my preservice teachers.

50:12 - sharonbetts
good luck anna

50:25 - Rob G.
@anna What university?

50:37 - sharonbetts
Great idea

50:40 - Peggy George
@anna--it's a wonderful tool for pre-service teachers. You can use it with them and then they will know how to use it in their classrooms :-)

50:44 - dreambition/brad
I am a 4th grade teacher and we use VT on a weekly basis for math-our students teach each other how to solve problems using the Mathcasts idea spawned by Tim Falhburg -http://math247.pbwiki.com/K-7+Mathcasts+500+Project

50:49 - dreambition/brad

50:59 - sharonbetts
thanks brad

51:03 - Lorraine Leo
She may be recording comments on the VT

51:13 - Neil Stephenson
@brad - very cool - I think the math potentials are fantastic

51:14 - Michelle Hapich
Tammy, are you using the free version or a paid one?

51:16 - Colette Cassinelli
Love the Mathcasts project - great use of the writing tool

51:19 - Maureen
Does anyone have problems uploading docs or pdfs- with legibility? I find I have to zoom in and it's hard to read.

51:20 - Neil Stephenson

51:24 - Colette Cassinelli
drawing tool -- oops

51:30 - Tom
Very nice, Tammy. I've used Jing screencasts of papers posted to a wiki, with the screencast then posted next to the document, in the same way. I'll try using VT in that manner.

51:33 - corina
how to use VT video by elem. students at http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=f61611712f456f5bdd25

52:05 - Peggy George
I haven't had any problems uploading PDFs-very fast!

52:08 - BarbaraR
Brogers: how do you activate the mic?

52:08 - Sheri
another add to about student service as requested by Pres. Obama: http://voicethread.com/#u61374.b72003.i369035

52:27 - Maureen
@Peggy- But are they hard to read- pdfs?

52:30 - mike gretzinger
are there any culinary teachers here

52:45 - Neil Stephenson
We have also used Voicethreads between two schools - students providing comments on each others work in another city!

53:01 - Jon Fisher
Has anybody used it with young students -like first graders?

53:11 - Peggy George
such a great way to have two schools collaborate!

53:20 - Maureen
@Jon- check out Maria Knee's work with Kinders

53:20 - dreambition/brad
these are our Mathcasts embedded on our 4th grade Wiki, but I dont think you will be able to hear the student comments because we are on the Ed.VT network http://stewart4.wetpaint.com/page/Unit+Study+Guides

53:21 - Rebecca
Neil - are you able to do this at the same time - or is it asynch.?

53:22 - Colette Cassinelli
When sharing VT links - DO NOT copy the URL from your browser - use the "copy link" on the last slide of the VoiceThread - VERY IMPORTANT

53:22 - Lorraine Leo
I've used it with K and first.

53:31 - Peggy George
and of course you can open it up to people worldwide if you want to and it meets your needs

53:32 - Michelle Hapich
Tammie, I see you're back ... do you use the free version or a paid one?

53:35 - Sheri
So many great ideas and links; thanks

53:36 - casterline
thanks to Colette

53:39 - Neil Stephenson
Rebecca - it is async... more info here: http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/voicehread-for-peer-assessment.html

53:43 - shannonlibrarian
1st graders at my city school are communicating with rural VT pals in cow country.

53:47 - Tammie
paid one

53:55 - Sheri

54:02 - Tom
Drawing parents in that way also works to erode the isolation from adults which students typically experience in their online activity

54:02 - lorenchuk
OOPs, didn't know that!

54:03 - Michelle Hapich
which, school or class, or $1 per student?

54:07 - Rebecca
Neil - thanks

54:10 - kim caise

54:33 - shamblesguru
I didn't know about the voicethread4education wiki ... thanks for sharing that

54:37 - Tammie
I think it is just the class one...$10? I forget!

54:37 - shannonlibrarian
@Tom: How about student privacy/FERPA with parents viewing other students' work?

54:43 - Michelle Hapich

54:51 - Peggy George
it's much easier to share your VTs if you put them on a wiki :-)

54:53 - dreambition/brad
Big question/comment:we need a resource like the "Skype in Schools" we talked about last week so that educators can connect with other educators who want to collaborate as digital pen pals through ed.voicethread!

54:56 - Neil Stephenson
The key is designing good learning for our students - find meatly ways to use the tools!

54:59 - Sheri
add to service and obama; I sent the wrong link oops thanks all: http://voicethread.com/share/72003/

55:05 - Cameron McKinley
sharetab link didn't work for me-is there a trick to it

55:11 - Danielle
i am unable to subscribe to feed on voicethread wiki...anyone know why?

55:14 - lorenchuk
Colette, the url on the browser or the one that is offered to share?

55:17 - Ellen Martin
Thanks so much! Now at least I have a place to start!

55:17 - Donelle
thank you

55:22 - Peggy George
Oklahoma Voices is an excellent project using VT!!

55:22 - Ellen Martin

55:31 - Neil Stephenson
i love using it for peer feedback - as well as using it for student to support and explain their own learning

55:31 - Judith Romero
Why is called voice thread when it often doesn't have an audio aspect but only ppt or pdf files?

55:33 - Rebecca
Neil - you link voice thread or voicehread?

55:38 - jenny

55:42 - Neil Stephenson

55:45 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
Thanks for this

55:46 - jenny
overwhelmed. . . that is me.

55:48 - Jacqueline
thank you all, this was great

55:54 - Sheri
thanks for clearing up the share link part

56:04 - Neil Stephenson

56:04 - mike gretzinger
are there many tech teachers here

56:09 - jenny
thank you everyone.

56:13 - Jacqueline
Great blog Neil

56:20 - dreambition/brad
colette, thank you so much for the voicethread4education wiki. it is a key resource for me as i present to others on VT

56:31 - Neil Stephenson
rebecca - i think i spelled it wrong when posting!.. sorry.. the link I gave you should work: http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com/2009/02/voicehread-for-peer-assessment.html

56:32 - SueH
THANKS from Surrey, bc

56:35 - Peggy George
@Judith--I think sometimes when people first start using VT they are afraid to record their voice so they just type. It's much better if you can have audio along with text comments.

56:37 - kim caise

56:45 - Joanna
thanks, great class

56:48 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
<----- Instructional Technology In Schools teacher

56:48 - Diana Oh
omg i totally cant get whats going on here... can i hear some public, open classes with this program also??

57:06 - Lorraine Leo
Thank you everyone.

57:17 - Peggy George
@Diana- there are many tutorials and resources in the links for today that will help you.

57:21 - anna
http://clifmims.com uses VT to support new teachers! Wow!

57:25 - Mary Ann
thank you

57:36 - shannonlibrarian
Thank you!

57:37 - kim caise

57:40 - Lois Cox
Where can we find the recorded webinar?

57:47 - Peggy George
This is a good getting started presentation. https://admin.na3.acrobat.com/_a769301336/p24698510/

57:47 - Sheri
Love this format to welcome newbies; this is a great service

57:53 - Neil Stephenson
the key is to get a free account - watch some of the intro voicethreads and then just play around!

57:56 - Maureen
Thank you for another good show. Been using VT since it came out, but learned a few new things today.

58:09 - Christina Evola
How do we get copies of all the weblinks?

58:15 - kim caise

58:23 - Rob G.
@Lois http://live.classroom20.com Click on Archive in nav bar

58:26 - Neil Stephenson
collete: can you repost the wikispaces/voicethread link?

58:38 - Donelle
is there a link for monday night

58:44 - kim caise

58:46 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Colette!! WE have all learned something new! That's why it's always better to have lots of heads thinking and sharing together!!

58:47 - Mary Ann
voicethread ning?

59:03 - Colette Cassinelli

59:17 - jenny
Will your Monday night session be archived as part of classroom2.0?

59:21 - Peggy George
Cheri has shared: WOW2 guest this next Tuesday is Dr. MaryFriend Shepard talking about advanced degrees in Ed Tech

59:21 - Maureen
Would it be more worthwhile to evaluate the sessions instead of eval Elluminate every week? Seems silly to me.

59:29 - anna
Union University...Jackson, TN

59:34 - Neil Stephenson
Maureen - I agree!

59:36 - Rebecca
Sorry - was that off classroom 2.0 - for parents?

59:44 - Colette Cassinelli
Thank you for having me --- feel free to email me with any VT questions

59:46 - shamblesguru
Thanks guys ....

59:50 - Peggy George
We're so glad you all joined us. Feel free to contact any of us if you have questions.

59:53 - Neil Stephenson
@colette: wikispaces link?

59:55 - mike gretzinger

59:57 - Lois Cox
Thanks Rob G.

1:00:02 - Griffbuddy
where can i find logs from former shows?

1:00:02 - Colette Cassinelli

1:00:19 - Neil Stephenson
Thanks Colette! I'd post my projects there!

1:00:27 - Sheri
So much thank you!

1:00:46 - lorenchuk
Keith Krueger? How do you get on this?

1:00:49 - Neil Stephenson
Thanks Everyone!

1:00:50 - Tom
@ Maureen: right: have a "first time using elluminate" Q in the survey; a "yes" answer should trigger adding the elluminate questions. Perhaps a single ongoing ellumnate question (or 2) would make sense...

1:00:56 - Peggy George
If you're not seeing the slides close the survey window. They're behind it.

1:01:01 - Tom
Thank you, Elluminate:)

1:01:05 - Neil Stephenson
There are so many great uses of Voicethread - go try it out!

1:01:20 - Gail
Thanks, can't wait to play!!!!

1:01:23 - Neil Stephenson

1:01:24 - Peggy George
Great suggestions Tom

1:01:27 - Colette Cassinelli
Love learning together with you :)

1:01:29 - jenny

1:01:30 - Cathy
Thank you all for a very informative session

1:01:31 - lorenchuk
thank you, I enjoyed this

1:01:32 - Sheri
lost the survey window

1:01:35 - Dave
Thank you

1:01:37 - Louis Loeffler - Madison WI
Bye everyone

1:01:37 - Peggy George
Thank you all!!

1:01:38 - lorenchuk
I lost the survey too

1:01:40 - Jose Paulo Santos (PT)
Hi, Steve! I've enjoyed a lot this meeting! Thank you all the moderators

1:01:40 - Shawn
Thanks for the session!

1:01:46 - Sheri

1:01:48 - Griffbuddy

1:01:50 - Jon Fisher
Fiel Danke, Gracias, Merci, Thanks!

1:01:51 - Tom
Thanks, all.

1:02:09 - Peggy George

1:02:25 - Peggy George
That's the survey link you can go to after you log out of Elluminate

1:02:33 - brettharvey
good start to conversation, thanks for links - will see you on blogs, wikis, ning!

1:02:50 - Peggy George
Have a great day!!

1:03:07 - kim caise

Feb 21, 2009 8:04:59 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 WEEKLY SHOW