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Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Hello everyone If you have not done so already, please run the audio set up wizard under tools> audio set up wizard

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): If you are new to our show, please watch the video to find out how to participate

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): You can also enjoy listening to our preshow music :)

mkefgen: My Tools doesn't give me an audio choice. I can hear the welcome video. Will I be able to hear the morning session?

Tammy Moore: Can you hear Kim right now?

mkefgen: Right now the getting started video is playing and I can hear it.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): you will be fine then

Moderator (Kim Caise): did you hear me speaking a few minutes ago

Tammy Moore: If you think that you did not hear Kim, go to Tools/Audio/Audio Setup Wizard

Tammy Moore: It will walk you through

Tammy Moore: :)

mkefgen: no, I haven't heard you speak. I don't have an audio choice in my tools.

Tammy Moore: Ahhh, we had that with a few students after the Christmas holidays in our Elluminate

Tammy Moore: Log out and back in

Tammy Moore: THat will fix it

Big Dog: are you permitting any participants to speak?

Moderator (Kim Caise): thank you Tammy! haven't experienced that before

Tammy Moore: We had about 20 students that first week back after Christmas break

Tammy Moore: that had the audio missing in the tool bar

Big Dog: thank you

Tammy Moore: One log out and back in fixed that for all but one student

Moderator (Kim Caise): wow, never heard of having that problem. wonder what caused it

Tammy Moore: I think it had something to do with the update that was released over the holidays. Most students were just fine

Tammy Moore: just a few had it happen

Tammy Moore: Easy fix though

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): tweet the show out everyone :)

Moderator (Kim Caise): thanks for the reminder lorna!

mkefgen to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: I still cannot find audio in the tools menu even though I logged out and back in. Is there some setting on my computer that may be causing this. I have been involved with these discussions before and I could hear everything.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to mkefgen: try loggin gout and clearing your cache - this is new to me

mkefgen to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: okay

Alan-elptuxman: Greetings to all from El Paso TX

jai.venaik to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: Hello Everyone ! a big hi from India

CristinaLemos to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: Hi,from Leiria, Portugal

Bruce Neal: Greetings to all from Left Hand WV

Suzie Martin: Excited to attend my first "live" Elluminate session!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): welcome Suzie and everyone

jgates513 to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: and hello from Harrisburg, PA

Kathy S: Hi, from Gurnee, IL

Big Dog: let's rock!

Suzie Martin: Left Hand, WV? Coming at you from Morgantown, WV!

Deb (Minnesota): Good morning from St. Peter, MN!

Jon H.: Hello from sunny buffalo nyu

Bruce Neal: Hi Suzie

Caroline: Hello from Tampa, Florida!

jai.venaik: Hello Everyone !

Artie: Good Day From Groton, MA

Connie Otero: Greetings from Farmington, Maine

Jane R: Good day ya'll from SC

John Thompson: Hello from Amherst, NY (outside Buffalo)

aimeeb: Hello from VT

dramaguy: hi from niagara region/st. catharines,ON

vanhookc: Hi from snowy, icy Iowa

Terry Lindenmuth: Yea Tammy

Dorie: Hello from Billings, Montana

mrsdurff: and then tweet this!

sal: nj

McTeach: Good morning from Northern California where it's actually sunny!!!!

Jon H. to John Thompson: Amherst, I teach at Smallwood

mrsdurff: PA

Moderator (Kim Caise): welcome everyone!

mrsdurff: hi NJ!

michelle brenner: hello from Durham, NC!

Terry Lindenmuth: Kutztown PA HS19530

John Thompson to Jon H.: I teach @ Buffalo State

Annette: Hello from Kinston, NC

mrsdurff: Hi kutztown

mrsdurff: from fayetteville PA

Teresa: Meridian, MS

jai.venaik: yes ; i am the student and my school follows it

jgates513 to mrsdurff: Hi LIsa. Why did I know I'd find you hear today? :)

jai.venaik: in India

Joachim: Pamplona, Spain

jsanderson: Hi from Lafayette, CA

sudhanshi.ci to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: hi

jamie to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: hi! from houston, tx

McTeach: Hi jsanderson from your neighbor in Pleasant Hill!

jimw: Anhui, China

jamie: Hello from Houston, TX!

CristinaLemos: Hi, from Leiria, Portugal

mrsdurff: Please tweet this meeting

sudhanshi.ci: hi from indore, india

Alan-elptuxman: yeah Texas!!!

Esther: Hi from Iowa, USA

mrsdurff: or RT @Durff

jgates513: Is that her college graduation picture? ;-) TWENTY YEARS teaching??

Moderator (Kim Caise): hello fellow texans!

Moderator (Kim Caise): yep, 20 years

jai.venaik: yes sudhanshi HI !

Paula Naugle: Good morning everyone from New Orleans. Go SAINTS.

Moderator (Kim Caise): no, 5 years ago

Luiz Marcelo: Hi from Florianópolis Brazil

mrsdurff: She holds flatclassroomprojects together

sudhanshi.ci: hi jay

jai.venaik: We in our school hold flat classes regularly

mrsdurff: i mean sth else

Paula Naugle: Kim is so awesome.

mrsdurff: by julielindsay and coolcatteacher

Daniel: Lanov? Are you here?

jai.venaik: and vickie davies also

mrsdurff: cool

mrsdurff: i really enjoyed the Eracism this year

jsanderson: McTeach- I am actually off Withers on the Pleasant HIll/Lafayette border!!

Kathy S: I like free :-)

jai.venaik: Eracism was fun ! also the new concept started

mrsdurff: Amen to free

vanhookc: Hope elluminate is free???

McTeach: jsanderson...well, you're practically next door!!

jai.venaik: of Globalization Outsourcing and many things is going to be good ttoo

mrsdurff: @vanhookc not

Daniel: does anyone have some resources like permission forms for minors to participate on cam?

vanhookc: @mrsdurff - Hi!!! i thought she said illuminate could be free

mrsdurff: hi!

jai.venaik: is it ?

McTeach: Free is good!

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: Hy everybody

Daniel: tnx

mrsdurff: i need more coffee

Paula Naugle: Elluminate has a free room for three participants.

Maureen: Anyone using tokbox?

Caroline: Some schools are including photo and video/web conferencing permissions at registration time.

vanhookc: ahhhhh! some free is a good thing

mrsdurff: we call it the hot seat

Paula Naugle: Not using Tokbox yet.

Daniel: that's if they're ahead of the game

mrsdurff: only kid in hot seat can talk/hold mic

Brian NYC: yeah I use toxbox with my students in Math

Daniel: thinking ahead

mrsdurff: i use a desktop

Maureen: I have to figure out how to connect 120 kids btwn 2 chorus grps in Berlin and US...

mrsdurff: wow

Esther: Hi luis Marcelo. Sou de Santa Catarina, vivo en Iowa agora.

jai.venaik: sameproblem faced by us in India also Maureen

Paula Naugle: @Maureen that sounds like a great project.

mrsdurff: do a handshake @maureen on a ning

mrsdurff: or in Edmodo

mrsdurff: oir even Voicethread

vanhookc: tough part is testing all the external mic and speakers, while or as before you start....gets tricky

jai.venaik: but if its good quality it woks well

Maureen: @Paula- chorus teacher wants to connect- kids are learning same song. Lots of ideas, but figuring out best way is hard

jai.venaik: ive tried it in my skool

Paula Naugle: Need to know how to do split screen for Skype.

mrsdurff: @Maureen - dimdim?

Daniel: for skyp just use PiP

mrsdurff: @Maureen OoVoo ?

Paula Naugle: @Daniel What is PIP?

mrsdurff: @Maureen - a live connection?

Daniel: Picturre in Picture

vanhookc: if possible explain those split screens in illuminate - multiple cams....maybe explain on wiki or something. THANKS

Daniel: and max the size of the screen

Maureen: Lisa, just not sure, haven't had the experience. Bandwidth wasn't good enuf in past. Hope to meet w/teacher and have a plan on Tuesday. Looking for ideas still.

Paula Naugle: @Daniel Is that an options on Skype?

mrsdurff: if asynch - I would suggest VT

Daniel: yes

jai.venaik: how do you do multiple conferemcing with skype?

Suzie Martin: I think online Jeopardy competitions is something my teachers would be interested in.

Daniel: view full screen

mrsdurff: record on Audacity first

Paula Naugle: @Daniel Thank you.

Daniel: and your own picture enlarges

mrsdurff: both choruses singing

Daniel: YW

jgates513: good point on HOTS - "show and tell" just doesn't work. Kids lose interest too quickly

mrsdurff: then upload to the VT

Maureen: @mrsdurff asynch and synch- but time dif are hard.

mrsdurff: kids can listen to each other and comment

clinds: I came in a couple minutes late so I apologize if I'm repeating what someone has said. Is anyone using a more robust teleconferencing system at their school? I've been using Skype but due to school bandwith it's always choppy and hard to hear students who are sharing.

Daniel: great idea

mrsdurff: make a blog for both classes to visit

Heather 1 to charles.scott@rasmussen.edu: even though it focuses on K-12 it can be applied to what we do :)

sudhanshi.ci: :)

Daniel: elluminate is great for low bandwidth situations

mrsdurff: @clinds I prefer Skype

monika: dabbleboard on a ning site works great

Daniel: I love back channel chats

Daniel: awesome

jgates513: @cinds - what state r u in?

jai.venaik: ning is great !

monika: skitch is great for mac too

John Thompson: Probably not a Skype problem but something with your school network.

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: I used Flashmeeting in the projects

Maureen: @mrsdurff- I set up a blog, but debating whether to have all kids with own blogs- too much to moderate... or just give them permissions. Did intial videos last week, but still trying to work out direct connections

mrsdurff: @monika - you can request they remove ads if used with K12 students

sudhanshi.ci: @jay-tru

clinds: @Daniel - Are you using the free Elluminate opportunity through Learn Central

Brian NYC: yes I have a Learn central account

Daniel: just Three for Free

clinds: @jgates513- I'm in MA.

virginia alberti to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: hi!

Daniel: through Elluminate

mrsdurff: @Maureen just teacher blogging enough

monika: @mcdurff yeah - i did - love it - thanks

Brian NYC: you must open it to the public though

jai.venaik: @ sudhanshi visit oovoo.com and see feautures

jai.venaik: looks good

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to virginia alberti: GM Virginia

sudhanshi.ci: k fy9

McTeach: that's helpful for classroom management also!

jai.venaik: ok

virginia alberti: ciao

clinds: @Daniel - So you could use Learn Central if 2 classes are trying to collaborate, right?

mrsdurff: @Maureen I do this with 1st grades - MD<-->China

vanhookc: and skype...can only handle a number of simultaneous logins...looking for ten at one time!

mrsdurff: aw coffee got cold - need more......

Maureen: @mrsdurff- I know it's doable, just haven't done it and working out the hows

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Learn central is set up for educators collaborate

Sheri Edwards: http://www.oovoo.com/

Jane R: mrs duff...run and nuke it

clinds: @mrsdurff - I was late because I had to do my Starbucks run!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): 3 for free means only 3 at one time

Daniel: @clinds: I know nothing about Learn Central... I just downloaded the client for Elluminate and sent e-mail invites to the other 2 parties

jai.venaik: @ sheri wonderful site

Kelly B. Nelson/NC to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: @mrsduff- I've heard good things about ivisit too... never used it though

Daniel: Adobe Connect is also very good

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Kim wll talk about Learn Central in a few min

sudhanshi.ci: itzz gud jay

Daniel: Another good tool is the free website called wiziq

jackiegerstein: LOL

Daniel: allows multiple particpants to control the powerpoints

Shelly Terrell: lol

McTeach: Ahhh...he's a cutie!

jackiegerstein: He looks like he is concentrating

Paula Naugle: He looks like a serious student.

Using Web Conferencing in the Classroom 1: Another resources might be Edmodo.

John Thompson: WiZiQ & Dimdim -- like Skype on steroids

clinds: I'm sorry. What tool is this?

jai.venaik: @ sud - thanx lets plan smthng with it in our school

Daniel: nice

sudhanshi.ci: k

Maureen: did I miss glam links?

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/

clinds: What tool are you using when the students can call in?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Sheri Edwards: http://www.wiziq.com/

jai.venaik: skype currenty @ clinds

mrsdurff: flashmtg? openuniversity

Sheri Edwards: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnectpro/

sudhanshi.ci: @jay- are dere ne flatclasses on ovoo

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://caisefiles.wikispaces.com

Daniel: always good to have a phone specically a speakerphone handy for when the voice on a VC poops out

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://caisefiles.wikispaces.com/

Daniel: wow

Daniel: what an awesome collection'tnx

Bruce Neal: Great!

Kathy S: Thx for such a great resource!

Kelly B. Nelson/NC to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: nice! this wil be very useful

Jon H.: awesome!!!

clinds: Thank you! It is so great to have this list!

Sheri Edwards: Wowser, Kim! Caisefiles :)

jackiegerstein: Thanks for the list Kim

CristinaLemos: I have used DimDim

McTeach: Holy cow! What a list! Thank you!!

Kathy S: I have dabbled with dimdim also - ver userfriendly

Daniel: Here's another good website for online learning tools http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Kim is awesome for sharing

LauraM: what about the need to have updated java

Using Web Conferencing in the Classroom 1: Thanks for sharing.

clinds: Does anyone know if Google Video Chat uses less bandwith than Skype?

aimeeb: What a great Wiki!

LauraM: some schools require admin privileges

LauraM: for java

Brian NYC: Google allows only two users for video chat

Kelly B. Nelson/NC to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: that's a good question @clinds.. anyone know?

Kathy S: Which program has no download?

LauraM: elluminate requires a download everytime I log in

Daniel: Anyone here use Second Life with their students?

clinds: Hilary Swank!

jackiegerstein: Yes Hillary Swank

mrsdurff: Cool page Kim!

Bruce Neal: Thanks Daniel!

Dave Sapp: That is a great list! Our school has a membership with TWICE http://projects.twice.com it does require a login.

mrsdurff: @Daniel not SL but used Lure of the Labyrnth so far

Daniel: who is Hilary Swank?

Daniel: awesome

tperran: I agree with everyone else. This is an AWESOME site! Thanks for putting thsi together!

jai.venaik: thats cool !

mrsdurff: @dave what is TWICE?

Sheri Edwards: @Dave Sapp: What is: TWICE ??

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://caisefiles.wikispaces.com/VC+Classroom+Resources

jamie: wonderful resource!

clinds: Wow! It just keeps getting better!

mrsdurff: Can I use this wiki with our faculty?

vanhookc: bravo caisefiles! Thanks for the share

mrsdurff: thank you

Kathy S: Yes - definitely just keeps getting better!

Dave Sapp: It is a network of teachers and organizations promoting video conferencing--most are based with polycom equipment. There is some kind of a fee but I am not sure of how that works

Sheri Edwards: http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/Ppt-games/

vanhookc: you will probably go into this later, but womdering if a person can upload a video...BIG video tour of a facility.

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://caisefiles.wikispaces.com/WC+Equipment

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): the chat log will be posted after the show - so you will get all the links people are sharing

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Bruce Neal: Great Site Sheri!

jai.venaik: we in it the flat classroom project

Alan-elptuxman: waht is her wikispaces address?

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://www.flatclassromproject.org

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Sheri Edwards: About TWICE: http://www.twice.cc/projects.html

MB: Careful. Needs another "o"

jai.venaik: we are the india participants !

jai.venaik: this year

Paula Naugle: Yeah @ SheriEdwards.

MB: ClassroOm? No?

sudhanshi.ci: jay r v d only skool in india

jai.venaik: and the MUMBAI ASB UNPLUGGED conferenece !

mrsdurff: LOVE ERACISM!!

jai.venaik: @ sudhanshi with this thing YES

Dave Sapp: Thank you Sherri for the descriptive link--forgot that one

sudhanshi.ci: dats gr8

sudhanshi.ci: !!

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Big Dog: the flatclassroomproject.org link is working, is the url correct?

Sheri Edwards: It was a marvelous experience -- great organization by Kim, Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsey, Bernajean Porter

MB: Corrected link for flat classroom: http://www.flatclassroomproject.org/

pedro: elluminate support power point slides with motion effects?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): the glam links contain all the links Kim is sharing

Sheri Edwards: If you were a judge in eracism -- say hi so people know you -- several amazing people in here right now

MB: @Big Dog - it needed another "o".

clinds: Has anyone contacted an author from the Skype an Author wiki? I'd love to have students meet an author virtually but haven't gotten in touch with anyone yet.

helene.wyskup@ottawacatholicschools.ca: Hi! This is my first time here. Super!

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Jon H.: skype in school is a great place to post want adds

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @helene welcome nice to see a neighbour

Big Dog: thx for the corrected link

jai.venaik: :)

clinds: Yea Jen! Her holiday project is how we found our first class to Skype with...

McTeach: I think it's http://jenwagner.pbworks.com but I'll double-check right now

Paula Naugle: http://www.jenuinetech.com/ Projects by Jen

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://edtehtalk.com/live

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): both work

MB: Oop...missing a "c" no? edteChtalk.com/live, no?

mrsdurff: susanvg is wonderful too

McTeach: No, ignore the link I put in...doesn't work

mrsdurff: all these wonderfully talented people

mrsdurff: i wish some off it would wear off on me

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): sorry http://edtechtalk.com/live at 8 EST

Shelly Terrell to MB: Is this Mary Beth my webinar buddy?

Paula Naugle: @clinds I love all of Jen's projects. I learned how to Skype with others thanks to her.

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

mrsdurff: there is a ETT calendar there too

Bruce Neal: Thanks Lorna

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

mrsdurff: she is a star pupil!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): webcastacademy is a great place to learn

MB: @Shelly. I am the "other" Mary Beth (Twitter: Heureuse). I don't see mbteach here today.

Sheri Edwards: http://skypeinschools.pbworks.com/

mrsdurff: hi marybeth

Paula Naugle: Hi Mary Beth "the other".

mrsdurff: almost daily at this point at ETTR

mrsdurff: ETT

Esther: Hi Luis Eduardo. Do you teach Spanish by the way? Or know a teacher that would like to partner with a Spanish class in the States?

sally: HI, a first timer..what is GL.am?

MB: Hello there all my other Sat. buds. Loving this class!!!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://webcastacademy.net/

mrsdurff: @Esther - @coordinatortwo on Twitter

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Paula Naugle: Kim is so great at sharing.

Daniel: http://www.iste.org/ has good resources

mrsdurff: @Esther he does a Spanish webcast too

McTeach: Here's another link for Jen Wagner: http://jlwagner.pbworks.com/

Daniel: so does http://www.abelearn.ca/

jamie: any problems recently w/ gl.am? I had trouble earlier this year and it made me reluctant to rely on it.

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://www.learncentral.org

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://learncentral.org

jamie: love gl.am though! it's a very cool resource if it's stable now.

Daniel: http://www.ecoo.org/ is another good site

Maureen: Enjoying listening to Steve interview folks. Can never listen live, but have it on itouch to listen in the car.

mrsdurff: I often miss them too

sudhanshi.ci: @jay what abt d video dat v were preparing yesterday...wud it be continued??

mrsdurff: but enjoy podcasts

Paula Naugle: Yeah for Tammy Moore.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): echo tammy's resources are fantastic

jai.venaik: yes

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Tammy helped teach us how to use Moodle as well

Sheri Edwards: Learn Central is a marvelous network for educators; do join

Suzie Martin: Hi, Bodie

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: Every teacher and researcher is welcome here

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Tammy shared how to use Moodle as well

Paula Naugle: Yes, Tammy is a Moodle expert and very patient while teaching you.

Shelly Terrell: @MB well you are Mary Beth my Twitter & GWave buddy! :-)

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: A place for teachers and researchers in web 2.0 , Elearning , Social Media

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Digital parent planning session this Wed at 6:00 PM EST

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: http://www.learncentral.org/group/50198/2010-group-teachers-and-researcers-who-use-tools-and-applications-web-20-mlearning-elear

Paula Naugle: Hi @Shelly Terrell. You need to do a show on #edchat.

MB: @Shelly. You bet and I love your tweets and your support and your fun self.

Sheri Edwards: So do you Paula Naugle with your new wired classroom :)

clinds: Is anyone using the Elluminate area of Learn Central for teacher professional development in your school/district. This would be such an amazing free tool to use with them!

Paula Naugle: @Sheri Edwards Still waiting for all my goodies. They have been ordered.

Dave Sapp: Shelly is great she spoke to my buildings staff -- interesting and informative

MB: Yes, Shelly - You really should! Sign Shelly up Peggy, Lorna and Kim.

jai.venaik: @ sudhanshi well complete the video for sure

vanhookc: if you host in this Learn Central is it open to all...or only three participants. Probably more than thee?

mrsdurff: huh?

jgates513: yeah Lisa!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://ustream.tv

mrsdurff: i had coffee

mrsdurff: surely

MB: I see your name mrsdurff

mrsdurff: ty jim

Shelly Terrell: Hello @paula my other Twitter buddy! We will be doing an Edchat webinar soon it will be really exciting we have a special guest

mrsdurff: Kim. struggle? NOT!

Shelly Terrell: @David Nice to see you here!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Peggy is an awesome cheerleader

mrsdurff: Oh you did not neither

jackiegerstein: Peggy and Durff to the rescue

helene.wyskup@ottawacatholicschools.ca: Hélène: I teach French in Ottawa Canada. Would like to pair up with someone who teaches French also.

MB: Yeah, Kim. LOL

jgates513 to mrsdurff: LIsa - will u be coming to PETE&C this year?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): instructions can be found at webcast academy

MB: @helene. P-E moi? J'enseigne le fr.

Paula Naugle: @Shelly I'll be looking forward to it.

jai.venaik: ok

mrsdurff: yes Jim

clinds: @helene-what grades do you teach?

mrsdurff: I hope the school will pay registration

jgates513 to mrsdurff: stop by my booth for a "Tweet me@" ribbon for your badge

mrsdurff: I am paying the hotel

mrsdurff: ok

Jon H.: webcast academy web address?

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Jon H.: thanks

jgates513: how many can use ustream at school?

Kathy S: No ustream for us

Shelly Terrell: I can use Ustream! I'm lucky there's no filtering at my school

DeirdreB: Any resources for teaching techniques for videocasting

mrsdurff: http://webcastacademy.net/

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: New . Do you know about Meebo Room ?

Sheri Edwards: Yes, so far we can use ustream

Maureen: I have tried ustream, it works, but you have to unblock the port on the server for chat

Shelly Terrell: I just have to figure out how to manage 2 huge classes on both ends & just having an LCD projector

DeirdreB: Question: resources for how to teach?

mrsdurff: I'm trying to enjoy my coffee but this person keeps bringing up my name

Kathy S: what did you mention works with out download?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): gret multi tasking SHelly

Maureen: Tokbox has video and you can have 20

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

jackiegerstein: I just had someone recommend Shoutbox as a text chat - does anyone know it.

Shelly Terrell: Thanks @lorna I'm ok at that but I'm sweating it

mrsdurff: don't forget Qik

Dave Sapp: We can use ustream at our school in but many others can't-just had a teacher told they have to talk to principal to have a site open

Dave Sapp: I hate this filtering issue

Shelly Terrell: @maureen does the Tokbok use a lot of bandwidth

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): bandwidth can be a big issue in a large school board

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): especially at lunch time

Annette: What exactly is UStream?

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: http://www.meebo.com/room/elearningtehnologytoolsandapplicationsweb20gatewaythroughknowledge/

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): when the kids hit the library

Maureen: Haven't tried it at school - works fine at home. It's one I will be testing next week before deciding what to use for project

Jane R: At our school we have to get our technology person contact the district to unlock site

mrsdurff: many teachers don't realise they could take their own server - cellphones too

jgates513: @Dave -I feel your pain. And we're ALL following the same laws! ARGH!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://ustream.tv - free streaming with ads

Shelly Terrell: I'm in Germany so using the cell phone is really expensive


mrsdurff: @Shelly Skype?

Shelly Terrell: @Deirdre I like your question

monika: is it easy to set up cell phones?

Maureen: @shelly- the project I am helping put together is with a class in Berlin.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://www.livestream.com/ another streaming service

jackiegerstein: Little league fields have ads too

McTeach: perhaps classroom management?

jackiegerstein: They are all over the place

John Thompson: Best to use landline phones, not cellphones, for VC.

mrsdurff: justin.tv

DeirdreB: Teaching during the conference what are best practices?

clinds: Has anyone heard of or tried BigBlueButton for conferencing? I heard about it on an edtech talk podcast and they were really excited about it. I think it's pretty powerful.

vanhookc: Can you upload a video on this elluminate whiteboard and have your voice narrate

McTeach: I have a huge class (36 students)...concerned about how to keep it under control during a web conference

jgates513: BrightTalk

mrsdurff: JL liked it a while back

Shelly Terrell: @mrsduff Hello! Yes I'm going to try Skype 1st time for my school with 2 large groups. 40 hs & 30 ms at the other end

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): yes to video

Jon H.: lol

aimeeb: lol great suggestion!

mrsdurff: @Shelly Skype works well with either PCs or MACs

McTeach: I like that!

Jon H.: those make for the best video :)

Shelly Terrell: Thank you! That sounds like a great strategy

clinds: We just skyped with a class for the first time and the students were asking eachother questions that they had come up with. It was great but the biggest problem was the kids were so excited they kept all yelling out answers and it was really hard to hear!

Sheri Edwards: for colleges and universities: http://bigbluebutton.org/

Maureen: @shelly I will be trying it with 2 huge grps as well- 60-75 on each end.

Suzie Martin: Contracts for participation might help temper behavior.

Shelly Terrell: What kind of activities can students do in the background while others asking questions?

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: http://skypeinschools.pbworks.com/

Shelly Terrell: What specific activities do you recommend?

Daniel: how about doing it in a lab and have thm do a back channel chat like we're doing now

mrsdurff: it's best is everyone has the same version of Skype

Daniel: have them each prepare a question and have it asked orally and then record the answer in a forum

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): SKype is pretty awesome

Maureen: Kim, can you talk about how to record webconferences?

mrsdurff: and there is a whiteboard too

Bodie: and file sharing

DeirdreB: I've been in webconferences where prof had back turned to camera talking to live class and ignoring me

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): different apps can record

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): soem can't

jgates513: GREAT! Looking forward to the url for the video

clinds: Wow! I can't wait to watch the video!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): can record using ascreen casting program

McTeach: Yes, thanks Shambles!!

Shamblesguru: I'm amazed at the improvements in Skype since the last upgrade .... the Skype software auto prevents audio feedback so no need for headset. I did a workshop last month in Singapore ... had an educator (Tim) join us from USA using Skype and I just left my laptop at the front of the room .... and I could talk normally from anywhere in the room. (laptop plugged into external speakers). So impressed I Flipped a few minutes to show it happening ... see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f09veWVpB0w also used Etherpad ...... Skype and Etherpad a great combination. New(ish) part of Skype is now sharing of your desktop.

mrsdurff: applauses to shambles

Paula Naugle: My class of 27 students was interviewed by two 5th grade classes from New York. They had 60 students. I put 3of my students in front of the camera at one time to support each other. They were being interviewed about their Hurricane Katrina experiences. Skype session lasted over an hour. It was incredible.

Shelly Terrell: @Daniel great idea but how would the kids have a backchannel chat if only one computer, one LCD?

Artie: Thanks Shambles

Shamblesguru: Good question Shelly ...

DeirdreB: Love interactive whiteboards!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): next week!!

clinds: @Shelly-can you bring students to a lab?

Shelly Terrell: @Paula thank you for sharing! That's what I plan to do & hope the kids will be so interested they'll behave

Annette: Could you spell the interactive whiteboards mentioned?

MB: @Paula - Wow, way to go.

Shelly Terrell: Thank you when is that session?

monika: @Shamblesguru thank you..

Eileen K: Do I need to have permission for my students to skype or to have a video conference in school?

Paula Naugle: @MB Thanks.

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://www.dabbleboard.com

Annette: Thanks.

SueH: Ehterpad is no longer accepting new accounts. They have been acquired by Google and are working on Google Wave.

monika: http://www.dabbleboard.com/draw

Shelly Terrell: @clinds no we don't have a lab unfortunately, but I don't have to worry about the filtering! :-)

Shamblesguru: I have a list of the back channel tools I use in workshops the bottom left corner of www.shambles.net

jackiegerstein: This Monday Connect@NMC: A Conversation with danah boyd About the Backchannel http://www.nmc.org/connect/2010/january/25

jgates513: have to run. Nice session again today. Thanks, Kim and Lorna - and EVERYONE who shared today

MB: Danah Boyd is EXCEPTIONAL.

DeirdreB: Tammy Moore uses interactive whiteboard labs

Kathy S: Thanks, Kim!

Artie: Thanks

jackiegerstein: Kim- nice work!!!

Shelly Terrell: Thank you Kim for the great information!

Sheri Edwards to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: Thanks Kim - just got logged out and quick login

Bruce Neal: Thank YOu!

Shamblesguru: SueH ... althernatives to Etherpad in my list bottom left of http://www.shambles.net

McTeach: Thank you, Kim!!! Awesome info!!!

Dave Sapp: Nice Work!! Thnk you!

Moderator (Kim Caise): i am so glad you found it valuable

Big Dog: ty

Joel: thank you so much for all the information kim and lorna

DeirdreB: Thanks Kim

mrsdurff: EDUCIN virtually!!

jackiegerstein: YEAH I will be at Educon live - any of you??

clinds: Yea! My first Educon experience!

Connie Otero: Thanks so much Kim, will share with other teachers.

jamie: Thanks Kim and Lorna! This is such a great resource!

Paula Naugle: See you all virtually for EduCon next week.

Deb (Minnesota): Thank you, Kim! My mind is reeling... :-)

mrsdurff: @clinds you will love it

Shamblesguru: Hope you don't mind this (unrelated) notice from me ... just too good to miss .... if you are looking for a way to backup your gmail/google docs/facebook + other info in the cloud ... then see the site http://www.backupify.com ... if you sign up before the end of January then it is completely free ... backup cloud to cloud .... sign up now even if you don't use immediately.

Paula Naugle: Thank you so much, Kim. Your wiki is an awesome resource.

Marragem: Thanks Kim. Lots for me to process

Shelly Terrell: Thank you Kim & Lorna & everyone for the information! I saved the chat & now have lots of homework ahead of me

mrsdurff: yes Kim thank you for your wiki

clinds: @Shamblesguru - thanks so much! I didn't know about this site.

MB: Wow Steve. Congrats. Thanks for doing the certs for us, Peggy.

Luiz Marcelo: Thank you very much...it was my first experience with Classroom 2.0 and I am very happy about the knowledge shared...congratulations from Brazil

Bruce Neal: Thanks Peggy!

Shelly Terrell: Thank you Peggy!

mrsdurff: the 3 Muskateers?

MB: Thanks you three.

Joel: Thanks for all you do Peggy

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Steve has done an awesome job sharing

McTeach: YAY CUE!!!

helene.wyskup@ottawacatholicschools.ca: Hélène: Thank you very much! This is exceptional information!

Paula Naugle: Our girls are great.

clinds: @Luiz - Great that you found this resource. I learn SO much at every single session!

Shamblesguru: well deserved

MB: Yes they are!!!!

Deb (Minnesota): :-)

mrsdurff: Indeed he has

Jane R: My first time too. Great to be able to connect with and see ideas from all over the place. Thanks all.

Paula Naugle: You picked a great person to receive this award- he is a great mentor to many.

Annette: I don't know Steve, but he is wonderful in the work he is doing. I thank him a lot.

Maria: Gratulations to Steve and for the team. :-)

Bodie: any WVTIS watching - be sure to get the certificate for you eportfolio

mrsdurff: He is a mentor to all of us

Bruce Neal: Thanks Bodie

sally: Thanks for all the great info. a bit overwhelming but so exctiing thanks all

Maureen: Did you ever make a wordle of Steve words collected last week or whenever it was?

mrsdurff: and he is usu at Educon

Sheri Edwards to Lorna Costantini, Kim Caise: Congratulations, to Steve and all of you...

KenF: So thankfull to Steve and all of you.

dramaguy: congrats to this great award to Steve!

Paula Naugle: @sally It does overwhelm at first, but gets beter all the time.

sal: sound not clear

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

MB: Now it is fine

Alan-elptuxman: great session - thanks!

Deb (Minnesota): When does that man sleep???

mrsdurff: @kimcaise on Twitter

KenF: Great session thanks so much for your time.

mrsdurff: @pgeorge on Twitter

Eileen K: Always a wonderful learning experience! Thank you:)

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @lornacost

mrsdurff: ty

Using Web Conferencing in the Classroom 1: Thank you for a wonderful session.

Maureen: Kim, can you recommend a program to record skype or other programs- PC?

sal: sound??

Paula Naugle: Hi Jon.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): hurrah Moosejaw

Moderator (Kim Caise): i am going to restart the recorder

mrsdurff: oh that Moose Jaw water

Tammy Moore: His speaer is open - causes an echo

mrsdurff: handshake

mrsdurff: I use a webconference to start

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: I thisnk that Ning is the best social network across the globe and also I like very much to use Netvibes free http://teacherluciandumaweb20.blogspot.com/

Annette: I need to get my faculty trained to teach online. Do you have any suggestions on where to begin?

mrsdurff: then use social networking in Edmodo

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: Ning and Netvibes

mrsdurff: then move onto blogs

vanhookc: Just curious, when you take the mic how do you quickly adjust the speaker not to get feedback..hmmm

Brian NYC: @Annette are you lokijg at a particular program

Tammy Moore: I have found that all you have to do is ask to get an interesting guest to come in via webconferencing. We have had a comic artist and a nematode reseracher come in to our classes.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): the slider besdie the mic

Brian NYC: @ Annette Compass, Apex, VHS

monika: that chance to get an elluminate room for free - was there a link?

Paula Naugle: I connect with other teachers using the instant messaging feature on Skype. We plan when we can call each other over the weekend to set up a conference for the coming week.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): www.learncentrala.org

mrsdurff: @Tammy authors will often do it gratis too

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): sorry www.learncentral.org

Paula Naugle: Kim, I teach 4th grade and would like to get involved in the 4th Grade Open Mic.

monika: thank you

Annette: No special program. We don't get professional training but are asked to teach online and we teach math.

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Tammy Moore: http://www.learncentral.org

clinds: I wish someone would do a bandwith study with all the free web communication tools to see what takes the least. I would definitely test Skype first since one school's bandwith might make it not go smoothly.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Annette: contact me directly and I can help

monika: thank you tammy

mrsdurff: Jon do you use Twitter?

Brian NYC: I teach math also. what grades

Tammy Moore: We have dial up students in our Elluminate

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): adobe will do break out

mrsdurff: @Jon - follow @shareski inMoose Jaw

Paula Naugle: @Brian NYC I teach 4th grade math in NOLA

Annette: Community College

monika: @tammymoore - dial up students in elluminate?

Tammy Moore: As a teacher, I watch them during high badnwidth activities such as webcam and application sharing but they geberally do fine

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): adobe is expensive

Jon H.: I'll chek it out mrsdurff

Brian NYC: I am 6th-8th grade math

M: Does anyone know if Moodle has a plugin for Elluminate

Tammy Moore: Yes, dial up in Elluminate

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): yes to plugin

dramaguy: anyone else using drama conferencing?

mrsdurff: @M no

Tammy Moore: Yes, there is an Elluminate module for Moodle

mrsdurff: it didn't work for me

Joel: @ brian, I teach 7th,8th grade math and would be interested

M: Thanks Tammy

mrsdurff: the moodle thing with elluminate

Brian NYC: check out my website to get in touch with me http://www.mrlicata.ning.com

mrsdurff: it's called critical digital literacy

Joel: Thanks

Annette to Brian NYC: Ok.

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: How we can copy the chat ? Please tell me

Brian NYC: otherwise I am on google wave BVlicata@googlwave.com

Tammy Moore: We are small enough we just use links for our Elluminate from Moodle, but I know there is a module

clinds: Great! I'm going to try Elluminate next time.

mrsdurff: @Lucian -File

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: Thanks

mrsdurff: @Lucian file-->save

MB: Must sign off. Thanks everyone!

Joel: I'm from Marquette Mi

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: What you said about google wave

Tammy Moore: I agree. Elluminate rocks!

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: ?

M: I was just in a session with WIZIQ...big audio problems

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Elluminate has been the most stable web conferencing for me

mrsdurff: @Lucien ? what

Dave Sapp: Glad to see that there is another Michigander!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): but always expect the unexpected

Joel: @ Dave, where you from?

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

Paula Naugle: Check out Read Aloud Day for a way to connect with other classrooms that what to Skype http://projectsbyjen.ning.com/group/readaloudday

Maureen: best recording software?

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://caisefiles.wikispaces.com

Dave Sapp: How do you locate others to conference with?

mrsdurff: Audacity

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): mac = screenflow

Maureen: PC

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): camtasia

M: Gotta love Garageband

Craig Jackson RCU: Tipcam from www.utipu.com is very good, and has no time limit on the recording

Brian NYC: screenr.com

Maureen: I'll check the links

Tammy Moore: @Dave - LearnCentral has a group specifically for finding connections. Highly recommended

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

monika: tabur is free for skype

Joel: I missed that

clinds: Using Jing to have 8th grade math students record orginial word problems and how to solve them - love this free resource and so do the kids!

monika: tapur

mrsdurff to Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: Did you have a question about gmail?

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

mrsdurff: YAY flatclassroom!

mrsdurff: and YAY ETT!!

vanhookc: was once upon a time, a judge, in Flatclassroom...miss that

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): parents as partners - connects parents and teachers :)

Tammy Moore: Don't forget to consider your students as presenters for other classes

mrsdurff: I follow Kim all around the web

Tammy Moore: Let them share their talents and passions

Brian NYC: @clinds can you share your link for 8th grade problems

Dave Sapp: ok, great thanks! I am specifically looking for someone from Alaska--I'll go check those out

Moderator (Kim Caise): kcaise@gmail.com

Paula Naugle: Yeah, can hear again.

dramaguy: have connected with broadway artists to share student scripts. amazing for us

mrsdurff: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/iditarod/

Dave Sapp: That Alaska connection would be great--I have a teacher that is what she wants to work with

Annette: Thanks.

dramaguy: we met kids from oregon and florida

dramaguy: also watched each others productins live!

mrsdurff: ok 1:16 here - must tear myself away to publish our class book on Lulu - cheerio!

Joel: Thanks again - great session

monika: thank you ....

Sheri Edwards: Yes!

Sheri Edwards: Thank you again

aimeeb: thank you

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://gl.am/kbNVH

M: Missed some of this session,,recorded? correct

Marragem: Thanks again, Kim

dramaguy: great session,thank you from St. Catharines,Ontario

Daniel: is there a way of searching in the chat og?

Caroline: Excellent - Thank You!

Tammy Moore: Yes, recorded

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Thanks again Kim for a grt8 presentation!!

Dave Sapp: Thanks so much from Mt Pleasant MI

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: http://grou.ps/etwinning_gateway_for_knowledge_and/home

CristinaLemos: Thank you

Daniel: Thank you from canada

Marragem: Morning!

Tammy Moore: The recording will turn up at the CR 2.0 Live site later this afternoon

Moderator (Kim Caise): http://live.classroom20.com

sal: Thanks

Daniel: tnx

Lucian Cornel Duma , Romania: Thank you

Daniel: bye

Tammy Moore: bye

Moderator (Kim Caise): bye tammy, thanks again!