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00:00 - pedro
nice music , and good noise, from CHile. IT´S VERY COLD

00:25 - plnaugle
@mrsdurff Hi.

00:26 - mrsdurff
Morning Kim!

00:38 - plnaugle
Hi Kim.

00:43 - mrsdurff
actually 12:01 here

00:43 - Chris Bigenho
hi Dad

01:05 - plnaugle
@pedro Chile? Nice to see you here.

01:27 - Donna
Hi Bigenho's it is Donna Foley in tyler, TX

02:29 - Caroline - Florida
I've lost all sound! Hmmm!

05:53 - mrsdurff
go up top to tools

05:55 - Tammie
Houston, TX...it is HOT

06:03 - Sabine
Omaha, sunny and warm

06:05 - mrsdurff
then audio

06:12 - Caroline - Florida
Hi all, Caroline in Tampa, Florida - sunny and hot!

06:27 - mrsdurff
then adjust audio there

06:36 - Caroline - Florida
I'm on the phone...but all I hear is music!

06:58 - Sabine
I wished I had a whiteboard

07:05 - Paul-DeLong
Paul, Wilmington DE, getting hot, sunny, not too humid

07:27 - mrlane
i have a whiteboard; it can be overrated

07:36 - Caroline - Florida
I called the phone number, entered pin however - all there is music. Howcome I'm unable to hear the presentation.

07:41 - aforgrave
@Sabine -- do you have a digital projector / computer?

07:43 - Dotty
Dotty Myers -jose Ca nice and cool.

08:13 - Sabine
Yes and I just won a DC

08:41 - mrsdurff
caroline - have speakers?

08:49 - Tammie
we're getting smartboards this year...I look forward to learning how to do this stuff!

08:57 - aforgrave
@Sabine -- digital projector + computer goes a long way

09:04 - Tammy Moore

09:21 - Andrew Youngs
Morning/Afternoon everyone.

09:23 - Sabine
Yes:) and there are oneline whiteboards too

09:30 - Gerald Aungst
@caroline When I logged in there was another browser window with the music. I had to close that to hear the presentation.

09:40 - Sheri Edwards
Looking forward to digital threads

09:47 - plnaugle
@Tammy Moore Good morning. What time is your group meeting today?

09:53 - Caroline - Florida
I'm trying again...on the teleconference...I'm told that all participants will be on hold until the moderator joins the conference...so all I'm hearing is music and seeing the slides...

10:19 - Caroline - Florida
I'm unable to get my audo via headset to work...it worked briefly, then it stopped

10:21 - mrsdurff
try joining using your computer

10:27 - Caroline - Florida
I just want the phone to get going...

10:47 - Caroline - Florida
The phone connection should work and alll it is doing is playing music

10:58 - Caroline - Florida
What's at your end...where is the modeerator?

11:14 - Caroline - Florida
I tried computer...and same thing!

11:17 - mrsdurff
message kim

11:27 - Dotty
Should we bew seeing something on the white board

11:27 - Caroline - Florida
I'm going to log out completely and try to reenter!

11:40 - mrsdurff
your audio is turned off i think

11:46 - mrsdurff
hear now?

11:47 - Sabine
Perhaps if you log on again and check tool audio setting

11:50 - Sheri Edwards
Check browser for java enabled in preferences

12:09 - Kim Caise 1
are you able to hear now caroline?

12:28 - Caroline - Florida
No sound

12:30 - Sabine
Did he present at NECC too?

12:44 - Kim Caise 1
yes he did sabine. neccunplugged for sure

12:56 - Kim Caise 1
caroline did you try the audio setup wizard under tools?

13:18 - Caroline - Florida
Yes! I've done all that!

13:23 - Sabine
It is a wonderfull presentation- look forward to hear it again :)

14:18 - davidcosand
what is the name of the mind-mapping tool he mentioned?

14:23 - Kim Caise 1

14:49 - Kim Caise 1
all of his resources mentioned and similar free programs are included in the gl.am link

14:50 - Kim Caise 1

14:51 - aforgrave

14:58 - Caroline - Florida
I'm back on!

15:05 - Kim Caise 1
great caroline!

15:13 - mrsdurff

15:15 - plnaugle
Great Caroline.

15:20 - Kim Caise 1
what did you need to do to get things working?

15:57 - Caroline - Florida
I closed out of Elluminate and started again...then checked Audio via Tools set-up

16:12 - Erin Taylor
what do the "trending" tools do?

17:15 - Erin Taylor
nice... helps students link concepts

17:30 - Scott Shelhart
(Thanks for the tweet, Durff)

17:32 - Kim Caise 1
very innovative use of tools with students

18:11 - Shamblesguru
How could you distinguish which was which?

18:24 - Kim Caise 1
what do you mean @shambles?

19:11 - mrsdurff
Glad you came Scott

19:15 - Shamblesguru
misleading and valuable tweets

19:47 - Kim Caise 1
what is a tor?

20:14 - Caroline - Florida
How do you know that "anononymous" is credible, reliable, and unbiased information?

24:40 - Gerald Aungst
It's a good exercise for students to discuss that exact question I think: how do you know that any source is credible, reliable, and unbiased?

25:08 - plnaugle
Read about global protests to support Iran today http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/meast/07/25/iran.world.protests/index.html

25:14 - aforgrave
This story draws in a number of very present issues (cell phone tech and Twitter use, potential shift in power via network tech, external influences, validity of information sources ...)

25:18 - Erin Taylor
Kim- will this confrence be available somewhere for review. I'd like to send this info to a World Studies colleauge

25:50 - Kim Caise 1
yes, the links to the .mp3, mp4, chat log and video will be posted on our site later this weekend

25:54 - mrlane
whenever teaching the issue of bias should be addressed - especially when using textbooks

25:57 - Kim Caise 1

27:44 - Kim Caise 1

28:31 - Sheri Edwards
Muslims have a different calendar -- that could be it.

30:26 - davidcosand
It's 1388 on the Persian calendar...

31:26 - mrlane
had not even thought about the fact that they might be on a different calendar...

31:28 - Sheri Edwards
@davidcosand thanks for clarifyinng calendar

38:10 - Tammie
Will there be something in this presentation later about using digital storytelling in the classroom?

38:44 - Donna
This is terrific. I will need to catch the rest by recording.

39:12 - Sheri Edwards
Persian calendar info: http://www.alavi.us/jcal/



39:28 - aforgrave
Or maybe the photoshopped photo was intentional mis-information -- you could doctor the photo to make it appear as if it had been doctored to make the crowd larger, while in fact, it could have been doctored to make it appear as if the crowd was smaller, while in fact it might have been larger ...

39:39 - SweetXOGrannie
Tammie: there will be a question session if you need more ineo

40:01 - SweetXOGrannie

40:25 - Tammie
That's OK, I was just wondering ....I think I had the wrong idea of what this was going to be.

40:28 - Kim Caise 1
the idea of digital threads can be used with all grades and most content areas although history/social studies lends itself naturally to this technique

41:08 - Kim Caise 1
the iranian election may not be appropriate for all students

41:38 - SweetXOGrannie
news is always happening. There will be topics for many subject areas

42:04 - Yvonne
This is fascinating and I can see how Digital Threads can be used in most all content.

42:09 - Sheri Edwards
fascinating concept -- able to analyze data and write about possiblilities, bias, connections, etc.

42:10 - plnaugle
This could be used for current events issues appropriate for your grade level.

42:17 - mrlane
unfortunately, so many of these sites are blocked within my district...

42:37 - Kim Caise 1
the recordings will be posted to our site laster this weekend at http://live.classroom20.com

42:53 - McTeach
@mbteach This is fascinating stuff!!!

43:01 - plnaugle
Students could follow a trending issue outsied of the classroom for extra credit.

43:07 - Kim Caise 1
the trending tools can be used with any hashtag topic

43:29 - Yvonne
This presentation is the perfect thing to send to district IT departments who block these important and usedful tools.

43:34 - aforgrave
The Iran Election story is a wonderful example, in part, because it draws together many current issues related to technology in education and illustrates them with a very timely and imperative issue. It will be interesting to transfer this to a more common classroom context.

43:35 - Sheri Edwards
trend links are in gl.am correct?

43:35 - Kim Caise 1
if the tools are blocked you can take screenshots and lead discussions using digital images

43:57 - Carolyn
Did Chris say where to find the graphs he is showing? Are they on Twitter?

44:18 - mrlane
@ Yvonne... the only problem with using this presentation is that they will argue that this is not appropriate for middle school students...

44:35 - aforgrave
Nice for use in BC presentations

44:37 - Shamblesguru

45:04 - Kim Caise 1
he took a screenshot of the live tweets using different trending tools that showed the amounts of tweets using the hashtags

45:20 - Kim Caise 1

45:33 - aforgrave
Previous was http://visibletweets.com/

45:41 - Shamblesguru

46:12 - Kim Caise 1
http://www.twitterfall.com also have info on tweets about feeds on hashtag tweets

46:15 - Carolyn

46:17 - mrlane
@ Kim, I agree that I can take screenshots & go from there... just sad that I have to do this from home and not from school

46:17 - Shamblesguru
above urls from me are the two YouTube videos just shown

46:47 - Sheri Edwards
thanks for links everyone

46:58 - Kim Caise 1
i know, it is frustrating the higher ups don't see the value and see beyond the fear of using these tools with students

47:29 - Erin Taylor
The more we use this technology, the more leverage we will have to get access (in educator accounts) to more content

47:31 - Caroline - Florida
For all - There is wonderful potential here to teach students how to be communicators of important stories in their schools and communities by using these tools. Has anyone thought about this?

47:41 - Kim Caise 1
the few teachers that misuse tools with students cause problems for the rest of us

47:49 - Erin Taylor
Chris- is there a list of resources you use on your blog

47:58 - aforgrave
SMART Ideas comes with SMART boards

48:16 - Sabine
Inspiration has a free beto version - you can collaborate with it

48:26 - Sheri Edwards
important ascd 2 min video on tech and work skills in schools for 21st century: http://video.ascd.org/services/player/bcpid11490813001?bctid=14109475001

48:48 - mbteach
@Sabine you mean Inspiration the graphic organizer software?

49:10 - Sabine
they have a website too that is free to use

49:18 - mbteach
will def check out, thanks!

49:29 - Kim Caise 1
http://gl.am/5Ya3k lists the resources he mentioned today

49:34 - SweetXOGrannie
Idea: students could be "journalists" and "cover" breaking news stories in any subject area.

49:40 - Sheri Edwards
@Caroline -- yes!

50:00 - Sheri Edwards
@SweetXOGrannie Yes!

50:40 - plnaugle
@SweetXOGrannie That is a geat idea.

51:00 - mbteach
you would have to be careful about opinion vs. fact

51:25 - SweetXOGrannie
good for the student "journalists" to discuss

51:32 - plnaugle
Good way to teach how to filter what you see and hear.

51:32 - mbteach

51:44 - Carolyn
sounds like ripe discussion for being a critical consumer of media information

51:46 - Caroline - Florida
That's true...but our students need to learn how to become good community journalists - to be able to tell a story

52:16 - Sheri Edwards
to tell the story today -- students need access to the tools

52:35 - plnaugle
Could be good to use trending tools to support your side of a debate.

52:36 - aforgrave
Chris' story about Iran unfolded, in part, through all the various technologies involved. It will be a valuable challenge for students to develop the skill of researching (via these various threads), then organizing (via various tools), and then writing and publishing the story. Lots of bits feed the writing process ...

52:54 - Sabine

53:17 - plnaugle
@aforgave Great!

53:19 - Sheri Edwards
@aforgrave nicely put

53:37 - mbteach
@Sabine - thanks for the link!

53:42 - KenF
thanks for the inspiration site

53:45 - Erin Taylor
digital threads keep my kids awake in science class... bill nye snippets, animations, podcasts... connecting to the concepts

54:42 - Sheri Edwards
@Erin Taylor thanks for sharing how you include this

55:00 - Erin Taylor
(in powerpoint)

55:10 - aforgrave
The Brain has incredible potential to allow you to visualize (and even organize) your ideas in a dynamic manner. Have followed it for years -- it would make for a very different way of organizing your files/info on your computer rather than the standard OS hierarchy.

55:16 - aforgrave
Check it out .. http://www.thebrain.com/

55:38 - SweetXOGrannie
Chris...do you have your links on your blog?

55:51 - SweetXOGrannie
the ones for this presentation?

55:58 - Chris Bigenho
I will post them after the show

55:58 - Erin Taylor
there is research showing the current generation organizes info in a very different manner than prior generations because of high tech use

55:58 - Dotty
If anything is streamed, it slows down the network in my district. make sure you district/school has the bandwith or else your entire network will go down.

56:10 - plnaugle
Teachers could write the wrong message on chalkboards too. Blocking says I'm not valued to make good decisions.

56:11 - mbteach
@aforgrave cool site

56:11 - Shamblesguru
So are we all now Citizen Journalists? http://tr.im/u0al .. or maybe Citizen Editors?

56:12 - Sheri Edwards
@aforgrave thanks for link/info

56:14 - Chris Bigenho
and the presention will also be posted

56:30 - Carolyn
Thanks, Chris

56:40 - Kim Caise 1

56:54 - mbteach
@Dotty bandwidth can def be an issue. Esp if lots of people are using these tools at once

57:44 - Sheri Edwards
@Shamblesguru thanks for links -- and we are both writer and editor -- the ideas are revised as the connections are discussed online

58:06 - aforgrave
@mbteach -- The Brain is quite enlightening. I wonder about "rewiring" my lived organization skills by shifting to something like The Brain.

58:36 - Sheri Edwards
how do we solve the bandwidth problem?

59:00 - BJBerquist
Use Tapped In (www.tappedin.org)

59:03 - Sheri Edwards
in the classroom

59:13 - aforgrave
Bandwidth issues may decrease, in part, once students with cell phones become more of the norm...

59:14 - BJBerquist

59:36 - mbteach
@aforgrave seems like we will need to start moving in that direction to catch up with the way our students are thinking/organizing

59:54 - Sheri Edwards
yes @mbteach !

1:00:10 - aforgrave
cell phone -- communicate, record information (text, sound, video), collaborate, organize ...

1:01:09 - aforgrave
Another option -- capture video in advance (important to preview!) and then store either inhouse or on district server (yeah -- copyright ..)

1:01:12 - plnaugle
@mbteach How true.

1:02:08 - aforgrave
@mbteach -- the fact that we're talking about this and using these technologies is the first step. But working the message up the decision/power tree remains an issue.

1:02:33 - Dotty
not all cell phones work inside buildings. Fortunately I teahc in a building with windows. If you are in a newer building, it may not hve windows. I would also suggest teachers giving a class on the proper use of cellphones in the classroom. We have incidents where students orde pizz and other food calling from cell phones inside the school.

1:02:38 - Sabine
Was great hearing you again :)

1:02:49 - Dotty
that is pizza

1:02:54 - Chris Bigenho

1:03:04 - mrlane
thanks to all

1:03:09 - Chris Bigenho
The slides are posted online

1:03:09 - mrlane
have a great weekend

1:03:17 - Chris Bigenho
I will put the link on my blog

1:03:17 - aforgrave
Hmmm. Cell phone reception as a criteria for 21st Century school design. Good to add to the list. Of course, WiFi helps, too.

1:03:22 - pedro
Thanks to you!

1:03:32 - Chris Bigenho
as well as links to many resources

1:03:36 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks all

1:03:38 - plnaugle
Thank you, Chris. Great presentation.

1:03:42 - McTeach
Thanks Chris for such fascinating info!

1:03:48 - Caroline - Florida
Chris and Kim - Thank you! This was beyond my wildest imagination. Not what I thought it was going to be!

1:03:52 - mbteach

1:03:56 - Dotty
and make that a secure wi fi network. My scholol wifi is not secure.

1:03:57 - Chris Bigenho
The blog is at http://bigenhoc.wordpress.com

1:03:58 - aforgrave
@Dotty -- I guess if you're hungry, calling for pizza might be a solution. (LOL)

1:04:02 - Sabine
Sue Waters great!

1:04:21 - SweetXOGrannie
Fascinating presentation. My mind is whirring with ideas!

1:04:29 - mrsdurff

1:04:49 - Chris Bigenho
thanks again

1:04:52 - Kim Caise 1

1:04:57 - aforgrave
Thanks, Chris -- this has been an excellent "story" -- great context, great illustration of how various technologies can/mustbe used to tell a story ..

1:05:08 - aforgrave
Thanks, Kim!

1:05:33 - Traci S
Thanks for presenting. Lots to think about. :)

1:05:38 - Kim Caise 1

1:05:40 - Yvonne
Thanks Kim!

1:05:48 - Dotty
Beware of Bluetooth on cellphones and your computer. Students can send tet messages that can be embarassing if you are using a projector.

1:05:50 - Kim Caise 1

1:06:24 - Traci S
Really Dotty?

1:06:36 - aforgrave
Hmmmm. Devices for jamming cell phones are illegal in Canada. Maybe better to teach appropriate/responsible use!!

1:06:43 - Chris Bigenho
Thanks Rhonda D.

1:07:00 - Paul-DeLong
thank you

1:07:35 - Sabine
Thanks for a wonderfull presentation bye

1:07:41 - Tammy Moore
Great job Chris. Thanks for the presentation :)

1:08:06 - Kim Caise 1
thank you everyone - see you next week

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