Feb 28, 2009 9:01:46 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 WEEKLY SHOW

00:01 - mrsdurff

00:03 - Shawn
Hi AK Jenny!

00:08 - Peggy George
Here we go!

00:20 - mrsdurff
everyone tweet now

00:40 - Amor8
@durff Hey!

00:55 - Chris
hello everyone from London

00:57 - AK Jenny
Hey Shawn! good to see you!

01:19 - Peggy George
How's the audio for everyone?

01:25 - Chris
audio fine here

01:25 - Lorraine Leo

01:27 - bellareagan

01:29 - GeneC FJHS

01:30 - Hui-Wen

01:31 - Jane Scharankov

01:33 - Jennifer

01:33 - Donelle

01:35 - Anders_Sweden
Audio good here...

01:37 - Barbara O'Berry

01:41 - jackiegerstein
Hi, Shambles - it was fun watching you on the 2nd Question!

01:53 - Peggy George
so glad to see you Jackie!!

02:12 - Shawn
I love the 2nd Question!

02:14 - jackiegerstein
Hi Peggy - Always good to "see" you!!

02:40 - Peggy George
@jackie--I'm going to talk about you in the sharing time--my highlight of the week!

02:40 - jimw

02:42 - mrsdurff
can i ask what the meaning of life is?

02:46 - Shawn

03:10 - jackiegerstein
I am excited Peggy - been thinking about how powerful it was for the kids to have you in the classroom!

03:26 - kim t
Shawn...from Peoria?

03:41 - Anders_Sweden
@mrsdurff participation... ;)

03:51 - Shawn
No, Shawn from Detroit. But for the right amount of $ I can be Shawn from anywhere ;-)

04:02 - Peggy George
funny Shawn!! Love it!

04:06 - Tom
Tom from South Bend, IN joining--hi, all

04:10 - kim t
You two must be related!

04:15 - Shawn

04:19 - Peggy George
Welcome Tom!

04:28 - AK Jenny
lol kim and shawn

04:44 - jackiegerstein
Wow - all this time and didn't know that I could change the layout LOL

05:00 - Chris
Chris here in London. 5pm and probably around 10 degrees c

05:01 - Steve Hargadon
Lincoln, CA 53 degrees F.

05:01 - Lorraine Leo
Lorraine Sunny and cool in Newton, MA

05:02 - lois cox
We are in West Salem, WI. It is 10.

05:03 - Peggy George
isn't that wonderful! I really like the wide layout for viewing the chat!

05:10 - Tammie
Tammie is in Houston....beautiful weather today!

05:14 - Amor8
Cincinnati, cold

05:15 - mrsdurff
mrsdurff maryland, 36 degrees, 12:06pm

05:19 - casterline
thanks to Mrs. Durff and Kim Caise for posting this webinar in Plurk

05:20 - Steve Hargadon

05:21 - SueH
HI from Sue in Surrey, BC -- cloudy but we had snow last week.

05:24 - Peggy George
Phoenix Az-75 degrees right now

05:29 - Steve Hargadon

05:30 - Cathy
cathy from Honolulu. It's 7am and sunny!

05:33 - Linda Jones
Linda J. Oklahoma, 11:00 a.m. Cold

05:34 - casterline
Farmington, MI

05:37 - steveoc
Steve Adirondack Mtns Upstate NY Sunny and Cold

05:39 - Hui-Wen
Hui-Wen, Moscow, ID

05:40 - Rose
Kansas- snowing!

05:40 - bellareagan

05:42 - Pilar
Fairfield, CT

05:43 - chuck
rochester, ny

05:47 - Jim
NE Phila.

05:47 - Jason
wheres laszer?

05:48 - jimw
henan china

05:48 - Lee Kolbert
Boca Raton, FL

05:52 - Donelle
rocklin, CA

05:53 - rb
hi..i am from India.. i dont show up there...

06:00 - Peggy George
Amazing representation from around the world!

06:01 - Steve Hargadon
Hi, Donelle!

06:03 - GeneC FJHS
Philadelphia PA 12:00

06:12 - Donelle

06:16 - Steve Hargadon
I'm back in Lincoln... missing Hawaii...

06:34 - jackiegerstein
Almost daily - joining a Ning

06:34 - sharon_elin
how do I activate my mouse??

06:49 - Steve Hargadon
@sharon--your mouse isn't working?

07:01 - Peggy George
be sure to share your experiences with Ning in the chat! So many users!!

07:08 - Shamblesguru
or all left ;-)

07:43 - Peggy George
This is really helpful information! Now we know our audience!

08:15 - steveoc
Where are the open source apps?

08:25 - Shamblesguru

08:34 - Lee Kolbert
Will this be recorded?

08:56 - rb
i think so...it shud hav recording capabilities..

08:57 - Donelle
good point

09:05 - Steve Hargadon
Is being recorded.

09:06 - Steve Hargadon

09:06 - rb
ask Moderators..

09:13 - Lee Kolbert
Thanks Steve!

09:25 - Lee Kolbert
Steve is the Master MultiTasker

09:26 - Kim Caise
yes and the full recording, audio and chat log will be listed on the Classroom 2.0 LIVE show archive page

09:31 - AK Jenny

09:39 - Peggy George
stories are great!!

09:42 - Shawn
Story Time! Woot!

09:44 - lois cox
Yes, tell your stories.

09:45 - casterline
would love to hear them

09:48 - jackiegerstein
Latittude is a good thing

09:53 - jackiegerstein

09:53 - Lorraine Leo

09:55 - AK Jenny

09:59 - casterline
congratulaion to Steve!!!!

10:05 - casterline

10:09 - Peggy George
19000 members in Classroom 2.0! Wow!

10:10 - Shawn

10:14 - Lee Kolbert

11:03 - casterline
went to that one

11:08 - Peggy George
those were both amazing shows!!

11:14 - Chris
I joined classroom 2.0 this week and joined that pbs chat too the other day

11:21 - Peggy George
it was impossible to keep up with the chat from 200 people!!

11:27 - Lorraine Leo
Lots of ideas flying by.

11:57 - Peggy George
I'm so glad those sessions were recorded along with the chat so I could go back and watch again!!

12:02 - Troy
Some of us have this chat and others going on at the same time.

12:05 - Lee Kolbert
oh geeez

12:13 - rb
i dont hav talk button activated... how wud i ask questions ?

12:18 - Donelle
that's interesting

12:20 - Troy
Plus twittering

12:20 - GeneC FJHS
still taboo at times

12:24 - casterline
no, I think of it as expanding my PLN

12:25 - lois cox
It does with parents and many educators. We are trying to educate them now.

12:29 - Lee Kolbert
no, I think we need to call it what it is

12:30 - Lorraine Leo
yes, it sounds better to call it 21st century skills

12:35 - Peggy George
if you want to ask questions just raise your hand and we'll give you the mic.

12:36 - Thawley
IT people have different goals than teachers...

12:39 - Amor8
No, but our admin loves 21st c

12:42 - alicebarr
21st Century skills is more mainstream and more in the media today

12:42 - jackiegerstein
Vicki Davis suggested calling it Educational Networking

12:44 - Lee Kolbert
we need to take the pain out of it

12:44 - GeneC FJHS
prefer skills

12:45 - Shamblesguru
Same problem with my workshops in Singapore in 2 weeks ..... nervous of the social networks title

12:47 - Rob M
facebook paranoia

12:49 - kim t
We are still doing okay in the Madison School District, but that is only because most don't know about it yet...

12:53 - GeneC FJHS
PLN - web 2.0

12:56 - Linda Jones
Very much taboo in k-12 areana

13:00 - Shawn
Twitter, Skype, chat box in Elluminate, voice in Elluminate, the whiteboard ...

13:03 - Jason
I like "educational networking"

13:04 - Tom
21st C skills, or collaboration literacy, sounds better. SN gets a cross and candles reaction from school administrators

13:10 - steveoc
US Gov't now mandates training students on social networking safety

13:11 - Shawn
Add facebook

13:15 - Donelle

13:29 - Linda Jones
Educational network might help

13:31 - Cathy
sorry Steve but at least you had wheels!

13:32 - Peggy George
what a fun place for an unconference!!

13:35 - AK Jenny
I think it makes sense because the social networking. . . is a huge part of the 21st Cent. Literacy Skills -- for creating and evaluating content. . .

13:43 - lois cox
Is the govt. mandate through erate?

13:45 - Lee Kolbert
hour and a half

13:46 - GeneC FJHS
PLN - Professional Learning Network

13:49 - Peggy George
the Skype interviews at those sessions are so valuable!

13:53 - Lee Kolbert

14:01 - steveoc
I believe so--senate bill 1492

14:01 - Lee Kolbert
it was GREAT

14:22 - MJ Page
I think educational institutions need to accept "social networking" and realize value for education.

14:32 - Lee Kolbert
small group of broadcasters on my end

14:42 - steveoc
Plan to take gov't mandate as justification for using Social Network at school

14:44 - Thawley
12pm – when?

14:46 - Peggy George
I"m so excited that Steve is going to stream EdubloggerCon West on Elluminate!

14:54 - jackiegerstein
I wish I knew about it before I made my plane reservations to CUE

14:57 - Lorraine Leo
it is streamed or through elluminate or only face to face?

15:10 - Lee Kolbert
I only corrected Steve because he feared that he took someone else's time because he went too long and he didn't :)

15:13 - casterline
this is the wiki http://www.edubloggercon.com/

15:17 - Lorraine Leo

15:21 - Kim Caise
thank you @caster

15:22 - steveoc
In house social networking may be a way to break through barriers

15:37 - Peggy George

15:49 - Jane Koval

15:50 - Kristy M
I agree with steveoc!

15:57 - jackiegerstein

16:04 - Peggy George
@Jackie-maybe you can tune into Elluminate :-)

16:09 - Kim Caise
how fuN!

16:12 - Lorraine Leo
that is soo cool

16:13 - jackiegerstein
Will do Peggy!

16:18 - Lee Kolbert
@mjpage I think your point is so important about people accepting the term

16:18 - steveoc
Plan on implementing Elgg or BuddyPress in house

16:19 - Rose
Absolutely Steve, it's starting to take off at our school

16:21 - Peggy George
wow! ustreamed the helicopter ride?? fantastic!

16:37 - Kristy M
Elgg? not familiar with...

16:41 - Jason
is BuddyPress free?

16:53 - steveoc
elgg.org V1.5 should be released today

16:56 - kmulford
Elgg is cool... kind of like Moodle but private.

17:03 - steveoc
its based on WordPRess

17:04 - mrsdurff
like wes on the way to NECC last year in his car grabbing wifi from another car - or was it the other way around?

17:05 - MJ Page
love netbooks!

17:06 - Peggy George
I was able to take one of those helicopter rides in Hawaii but never thought of streaming it!!

17:11 - Kristy M

17:13 - Lee Kolbert
Steve, do you think ustreaming it took away from your real experience a little?

17:15 - GeneC FJHS
not sure Jim

17:15 - angelamaiers
hi all!

17:25 - Peggy George
Great question Lee!

17:27 - mrsdurff
and riptide streaming from car on way to DEN

17:30 - kmulford
Is there a way to make this chat window larger? It's so tiny, and comments just FLY by!

17:41 - mrsdurff
i just want them to drive safely

17:41 - Kristy M
mac or windows?

17:44 - kmulford

17:45 - Rose
Try the wide view

17:45 - casterline
the Acer K-12 Seed program is still available and I got an Acer Aspire one for $199.00 will put the link up in a minute

17:52 - Peggy George
@kmulford-select "wide layout" and then stretch it out if you want

18:02 - Lee Kolbert
I think sometimes we get caught up in sharing it out that we do miss a little in the real world.

18:09 - Lee Kolbert
it's a trade off, huh?

18:13 - mrsdurff
is the acer xp or linux?

18:30 - casterline
http://www.acer.com/us/k12/k12_landing.htm also got a desktop for $249.00 and really like it so far

18:40 - angelamaiers
Just got my own kids the acer- so far impressed

18:47 - Peggy George
I sometimes feel like I am viewing my world through my cameras! It does limit the experience!

18:47 - sharon_elin
thanks for the info about stretching the chat window!

18:51 - kmulford
Found it. Much better. Thanks.

19:07 - Jason
wish Apple would bring out a netbook - I am locked into Mac OSX

19:17 - Lee Kolbert
I streamed a Panthers v. Rangers shootout a few weeks ago via my iPhone to Qik

19:21 - casterline
@mrsduff XP on the laptop and Vista on the desktop

19:33 - mrsdurff
vista? oi vey

19:37 - Donelle
wondered about that new logo :)

19:37 - Lee Kolbert
But I would have enjoyed it more if I just watched it.

19:41 - kmulford
Unique logo, yes...

19:53 - Peggy George
Did you know that you can take notes in Elluminate sessions to save later? Click on Window in the menu bar and select notes.

19:54 - Shawn
Make a Hackintosh.

20:00 - casterline

20:04 - Kim Caise

20:11 - Jason
I like that @Shawn ;-)

20:12 - Donelle
that has been really helpful

20:14 - Peggy George
That is such a helpful search tool!!

20:22 - kmulford
Ooooh. Love the Notes feature. Thanks!

20:30 - sharon_elin
how do I see what he's doing? I see the screen "Newbie Question" and nothing else is showing

20:36 - kmulford

20:49 - Peggy George
@Sharon-is the webtour window behind your screen?

20:54 - steveoc
WordPress Prologue theme can make an in house Twitter

21:01 - SueH
is ELGG in Conversations.net?

21:05 - sharon_elin
The webtour window is empty

21:13 - steveoc
Elgg is self hosted and open source

21:15 - Lee Kolbert
I'm tweeting some of his links too

21:18 - Barbara O'Berry
Thanks for the tip on Notes!

21:34 - Peggy George

22:06 - Ian Nairn
sorry to arrive late

22:17 - Thawley

22:17 - Jason
That looks like gr8 resource

22:20 - Peggy George
You will find all of these links in the Sharetabs for today's session. http://www.sharetabs.com/?classroom20live02282009

22:22 - Lee Kolbert
What's your favorite Ning network?

22:23 - steveoc
What is lost here is that anybody can build an Elgg site

22:50 - Peggy George
@Ian Nairn-no problem! so glad you could join us!

22:52 - sharon_elin
Sorry for the questions, but my Web Tour window is blank. I can't see what I'm supposed to see.

22:52 - Jason
@steveoc... do they need technical knowledge to install?

23:09 - Peggy George
We have included a lot of examples of Ning communities in our Sharetabs today.

23:09 - steveoc
Not a lot--pretty simple

23:17 - mrsdurff
so much info!

23:18 - Jason
cool thnx

23:29 - Shamblesguru
These links may also be helpful http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/infolit/socialnet/

23:31 - kim t
thanks steve...

23:32 - lois cox
Great list of resources on the wiki. Thanks.

23:45 - Shawn
White text on Yellow . . .

23:48 - Troy
Need to avoid white text on yellow background

23:48 - kmulford
@sharon_elin Mine was too. Went out, then back in. Issue resolved.

24:00 - casterline
Wow! the sharetabs link is awesome!

24:08 - alicebarr
Could you put sharetabs in chatroom. HArd to read. Thanks

24:23 - alicebarr
Got it

24:33 - Kim Caise
hi jen

24:40 - Kim Caise

24:52 - steveoc
You need to be 13 to use NING and most other commercial social networks

24:55 - alicebarr
Thanks Kin

24:57 - alicebarr

25:03 - Kim Caise
you are welcome!

25:03 - Peggy George
Thanks for that link Shamblesguru!

25:09 - mrsdurff
it's been a very long time - would like a refresher

25:35 - Tom
If I recall, 1/4 of participants had not used a ning, and an additional quarter had not created one

25:36 - Kim Caise
hi Rick

25:45 - casterline
I hate to go, so I'll have to check out the rest in archives. Thanks again for all the sharing....to everyone!

25:47 - Peggy George
We have also included a link in the Sharetabs for a tutorial demo Steve created last year about how to set up a Ning. It is really helpful!

25:52 - Rick Ruden (Elluminate)

25:56 - JenWagner
Hi Kim

25:57 - Ian Nairn
anyone else from the UK?

25:57 - Kim Caise
thank you for coming @caster

26:09 - mrsdurff
mmmm- is rb who i think he is?

26:10 - Peggy George
I think that's correct Tom!

26:18 - Thawley
anyone else here w/ ADD?

26:26 - mrsdurff

26:30 - Kim Caise
hi Cameron

26:37 - Peggy George
I didn't used to be ADD but I think I am now!

26:46 - mrsdurff

26:55 - mrsdurff
induced ADD?

26:56 - Lorraine Leo
interesting analogy

27:11 - mrsdurff
technology induced ADD ?

27:28 - Peggy George
that's a great term mrsdurff!

27:30 - kmulford
ADD only when on a computer (or three at a time...)

27:37 - mrsdurff
oh much sooner than that

27:38 - AK Jenny
i think it is a true phenomena!

27:44 - mrsdurff
it took nine days

27:49 - steveoc
The only way to get blogging is do it!

28:01 - mrsdurff

28:01 - kim t
So, if I only have two computers going that means I don't have ADD, right?

28:14 - mrsdurff
well kim...

28:17 - Peggy George
I love that Wikipedia is instantly accessible on my Kindle! Great feature!

28:20 - Kim Caise
hi jim

28:42 - Peggy George
@kim t--depends on if you're trying to chat in the window on both computers!

28:56 - mrsdurff
we put activity periods on wikis and classes on blogs

29:01 - jackiegerstein
Technology has focused my ADD - now I have an outlet for it

29:02 - Thawley
is there a wiki module for ning?

29:12 - mrsdurff
if it won't go on the blog, then we use a wiki

29:13 - kmulford
LOL. Isn't that like commenting on your own blog -- which my students have been known to attempt?

29:22 - Peggy George
a wiki can be a great scheduling too-good idea mrsdurff!

29:35 - steveoc
WordPRess + wiki plugin = wiki lite

29:54 - mrsdurff
yes - the calendar on pbwiki = daily scribe schedule

29:59 - Tom
complicated, until wikispaces came along...

30:18 - Peggy George
these tools are so empowering!

30:19 - steveoc
My 5th grader can negotiate mediawiki--the wikipedia engine

30:26 - steveoc
5th graders

30:32 - GeneC FJHS
pbwiki fan here

30:36 - mrsdurff
i don't like mediawiki

30:38 - Chris
that doesn't sound surprising really!

30:39 - Jason
I think emal was the first social networking tool - with cc: groups: etc

30:41 - kim t
though I am late to the game, finally utilizing wikis for PD in the district

30:42 - jackiegerstein
and PBWiki - my 3rd-5th grade students have no problem with PBWIki

30:43 - mrsdurff
too difficult

30:46 - MJ Page
networks cross barriors, tech skills and all ages

30:46 - steveoc
I love mediawiki--POWERFUL

30:59 - kmulford
pbwiki fan here too... tho they have had some issues lately...

30:59 - Peggy George
it's very hard to keep up with the changing statistics!!

31:01 - steveoc
And so do my students

31:14 - Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
170 million in facebook

31:18 - jackiegerstein
that's a cool state

31:23 - jackiegerstein

32:09 - steveoc
Social networking is an aggregation of old tools that have been around

32:32 - steveoc
The old discussion forum is under rated these days

32:42 - Jason
everything digital is just a representation of physical world

32:46 - mrsdurff
i am never deep

32:55 - Jennifer
kids really get into discussion forums if the topic is interesting

33:02 - Kristy M
Thank you so much...I need to run...Barbara will you be staying and catch me up Monday?

33:09 - Jason
that's easy way to introduce all this like Steve is doing

33:17 - steveoc
Yes and the software is so well developed and mature

33:26 - Peggy George
@steveoc--what do you consider the old discussion forum? listservs?

33:28 - sharon_elin
speaking of ADD I need a way to focus my attention on one discussion forum at a time; I have "shallow coverage" because I jump from one site to another...

33:31 - Jason
phpbb is my favourite forum solution

33:42 - Tom
This tools analogy is a good one...

33:43 - steveoc
Those old BBSs

33:54 - Jason

33:55 - Shawn
<--- afc

33:56 - Barbara O'Berry
I'm staying. This session will be archived,so you can see what you've missed. See u Monday! Glad you could join today!

33:59 - steveoc
but also phpBB

34:07 - Peggy George
@sharon_elin-that is so true--it's so easy to go astray and forget where you wanted to go in the first place!

34:08 - steveoc
Simple Machine Forum

34:14 - Kristy M
Thanks for bringing me!!

34:15 - Jason
they used to be all text based in 90's

34:33 - steveoc
And usenet--still use it sometimes

34:58 - Jason
it's good not to lose history of all this

34:59 - Peggy George
I think that's a great point--you can add a line or 2 to a wiki without creating an entire blog post.

35:18 - mrsdurff
i'm a wonderful lurker

35:26 - Chris
lurking in classroom 2.0 at the moment ;-)

35:26 - mrsdurff
i excel at that

35:31 - jackiegerstein
Isn't this a social network??

35:32 - Adam
I haven'nt joined one yet

35:34 - sharon_elin
I'm thinking I'll use sharenet.com to compile all the nings I'm a member of and all the socialnetworking sites I'm in so I can remember what they are and have them in one place!

35:34 - Peggy George
Just a reminder to everyone that all of the private chats are visible to the moderators.

35:40 - steveoc
Lurking lets you learn the culture most importantly

35:41 - mrsdurff
some are lurking here

35:43 - Ian Nairn
how does social networks such as Ning fit into schools learning platforms or existing websites?

35:58 - Jason
@sharon_elin gr8 idea

36:14 - Chris
i'm worried ning will also be restricted on my school network :-(

36:15 - sharon_elin
I mean sharetabs.com

36:18 - Peggy George
It's easiest to start in a Ning when you just follow the conversations and then jump in and start sharing when you're ready.

36:21 - Shawn
I've got one set up for a Washington D.C. trip.

36:31 - steveoc
@Ian I think self hosted open source will be better

36:48 - steveoc
If you host your own--no filtering problems

36:49 - jackiegerstein
Interestingly Ning is not blocked at my school and everything is blocked!

36:50 - Cameron McKinley
the basic ning site is blocked in our school but they don't block specific ning sites

36:53 - Ian Nairn
such as moodle?

36:54 - AK Jenny
sharon_elin -does friendfeed to the same as sharenet?

36:57 - Jennifer
You can also limit outside access to your ning pages.

36:58 - mrsdurff
always amazed of the # of participants in Elluminate that do not put info in their profiles

37:05 - steveoc
Elgg, Moodle, WPMU

37:08 - rb
is social network ok to be b introduced to 8 year old kid ?

37:12 - sharon_elin
Jenny, I'm not sure. It might

37:22 - Jennifer
they have to be 13 to sign up for a ning

37:22 - steveoc
NING can't be used by 8 yo

37:22 - Peggy George
Yes jackie-this is a social network too :-)

37:23 - sharon_elin
pageflakes might also give an overview of all the sites

37:23 - Ian Nairn
thanks steveoc

37:38 - rb
do we hav specific ning network for kids ? 8 to 10 years?

37:45 - steveoc
Which is why I advocate self served open source

37:46 - Donelle
is there a ning plugin for moodle

37:49 - Jason
can u export content of Ning if u want to move it?

37:52 - Peggy George
I have created a Pageflakes site to keep track of all of my Ning communities. Makes it really easy to follow!

37:58 - rb

38:04 - AK Jenny
A Spanish teacher at my school set up a Ning -- to work with his class as well as collaborate with a class in Mexico. : )

38:07 - Ian Nairn
which are the most used features of Class 2.0?

38:16 - Jason
worry about lock-in

38:17 - jackiegerstein
@Peggy - that is a great idea - a Pageflakes for all of your Nings!

38:19 - Peggy George
Ning is designed for users 13 years and older

38:23 - Jason
esp. in this climate of shutdowns

38:35 - AK Jenny
great ? aobut Ning plugin tool for Moodle.

38:36 - steveoc

38:36 - Lorraine Leo
I check the forum, videos

38:37 - rb
thnks ..my kid will hav to wait for 5 years more befroe she uses ning

38:47 - mrsdurff
features - i like being able to create content

38:51 - lois cox
Love these webinars.

38:51 - Peggy George
if anyone wants to take the mic to respond just raise your hand and we'll give you the mic.

38:52 - Jennifer
I like using the forums iwht my students and they really get into the discussion..

38:52 - steveoc
Make sure you can control, backup and restore your data

38:52 - GeneC FJHS
I like the forum feature

38:58 - Kim Caise

39:00 - MJ Page
I like forum and Groups

39:02 - rb
she is all excited to use net though...

39:05 - GeneC FJHS
forums and groups are great

39:06 - Jennifer
the kids also love customising their pages and uploading

39:10 - Jason
@steveoc sounds like u can't control with Ning

39:13 - rb
true jennifer

39:14 - mrsdurff
like discussions, videos, blogs, podcasts, etc

39:15 - tamlinares
Ak Jenny, I want to hear more

39:20 - sharon_elin
how does Ning compare to Google Groups?

39:26 - steveoc
Exactly--what if they go out of business?

39:27 - Linda Jones
Since I lurk, the forums are were I tend to go.

39:29 - Jennifer
you can set it so you have to approve pics, vids, members etc,..

39:36 - Lee Kolbert
what's the gmail trick?

39:40 - Donelle
i need a tool to keep track of multiple nings-gets hard to stay on top of things

39:42 - tamlinares
AK Jenny I want to hear more

39:42 - Peggy George
I love the forums and I sign up to follow specific forums/conversations that I want to know if new things have been added.

39:45 - Jane Scharankov
uh, what's the gmail trick?

39:46 - steveoc
@Jennifer--You can?

39:52 - GeneC FJHS
what is the gmail trick

39:59 - Lee Kolbert
steve is one year older than I am

40:01 - Jennifer

40:04 - Ian Nairn
can you link twitter or RSS feeds into Ning?

40:05 - Peggy George
@Donelle-try Pageflakes or Netvibes to follow all of your Nings.

40:08 - steveoc
gmail to make dummy email accounts

40:08 - rb
webkinz ???/

40:17 - Kim Caise
take part of your gmail address and put + sign and it forwards to your gmail account

40:23 - Jennifer
webkinz is a great virtual world

40:27 - Peggy George
Welcome to Classroom 2.0 Steve!

40:34 - Donelle
thanks, peggy.

40:35 - jackiegerstein
All the online tools want kids to be over 13 years old - for legal reasons, My students say they lie.

40:37 - sharon_elin
I have noticed that you can get into a ning twice as the same person. That's a little disconcerting

40:39 - Jennifer
you can also try whyville...good for kids very interent safety oriented

40:43 - Lee Kolbert
thanks @KimCaise

40:45 - AK Jenny
The teacher shared just a bit with me. . . but he has his kids submit work through the ning. . . post language activiites ( he had the students do an animal report report after went to our local zoo. . . it was in video . . . all in Spanish.)

40:48 - Kim Caise
you can create student email accounts that way that go through your gmail account so you can filter the emails

40:51 - rb
oh ok..

41:01 - Jason
will we be seeiing non-ning solutions in this session?

41:08 - jackiegerstein
Secret Builders and Elf Island are also educational based virtual worlds for kids

41:21 - rb
Thnks Mrsdurff

41:23 - Ian Nairn
can you have a part public / part private Ning?

41:24 - sharon_elin
Any advantages of nings over google groups?

41:26 - mrsdurff

41:28 - rb
it helps..

41:33 - steveoc
Open source solutions: http://openedweb.com

41:34 - Jennifer
yes mine is private except for the first page

41:47 - MJ Page
discription required?

41:49 - Tom
Steve: richer, how?

41:50 - steveoc
Google groups are ugly and not very functional--primitive

41:51 - Shamblesguru
RT uh, what's the gmail trick?

42:00 - mrsdurff
can you get a ning with no ads?

42:05 - Peggy George
There are so many groups that it's impossible to include them all in a single session. We're primarily focusing on Ning today.

42:06 - steveoc
Yes for K12

42:20 - Jennifer
The front page is public people have to be members to see anything more.

42:23 - rb
pls share some more useful educational sites links for kids

42:24 - Kim Caise
take part of your email address and add the plus sign to filter emails through the original gmail account

42:24 - Amor8
@mrsdurff yes. request no ads

42:28 - Ian Nairn
how does this relate to Edu 2.0?

42:31 - Peggy George
I'm very excited to hear about Learn Central for educators!!

42:35 - Jason
thnx Peggy

42:40 - steveoc
Google groups are just text

42:52 - Lee Kolbert
There's something to be said for working with developers from a small company (Ning) as opposed to Google. If you are pitching to get something unblocked, and there's an issue, you can more likely get your IT people to talk to the Ning IT people faster than with the Google IT people. Just guessing....

42:59 - sharon_elin
thanks for the info about google groups vs. nings. I'll choose nings!

43:07 - rb
m curious to learn whats the revenue model for ning ?

43:10 - Donelle
would love to had one of these sat. workshops on the topic of elluminate

43:16 - rb
does ny one know ?

43:16 - Jim
How can we use the + with google email trick?

43:17 - steveoc
There are many options--not just ning and Google

43:25 - Ian Nairn
been using Elluminate in the UK for 3 years with schools

43:28 - Jason
@rb I think it is ad driven

43:31 - AK Jenny
I will get more info about the Spanish teacher and his Ning . . and post it in cr2.0. Does that work tamlinares. . .

43:48 - steveoc
Ad driven and use marketing data

43:50 - Lorraine Leo
Learn Central is similar to Learnngtimes?

43:52 - Peggy George
I really appreciate it when the developers listen to the feedback from educators! Makes the tools so valuable and relevant for us!

43:55 - Jason
Elluminate is subscription driven from my understanding

44:02 - Kim Caise
gmail tip link http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/1-awesome-gmail-tip-you-dont-know-about-seriously/

44:08 - Amor8
I also have a Ning for my Spn students. Just started. like so far

44:10 - Lee Kolbert
I do a lot of work with companies with my school district. We make the most web 2.0 progress, when their developers are interested and willing to work with us and spend time talking to our IT dept. if necessary.

44:18 - Peggy George
To be able to create groups without an Elluminate subscription! Wow!

44:33 - SueH

44:34 - Donelle

44:39 - Lorraine Leo
Participant number not limited to 3?

44:42 - Thawley
thanks Kim

44:47 - Kim Caise

45:06 - rb
Thnks Jason for ur reply

45:37 - Jason
np rb

45:40 - mrsdurff

45:48 - mrsdurff
i want in now

45:53 - Peggy George
having the real time virtual meeting option with such great quality video/audio is fantastic!

45:57 - mrsdurff
i'm sold

46:05 - alicebarr
This is VERY cool. THANK YOU steve!

46:05 - Steve Hargadon
I am so excited about this.

46:08 - Kim Caise
learn central is still in private beta for a few more weeks

46:10 - Steve Hargadon
No room size limits.

46:22 - Kim Caise
vrooms have size limits though

46:23 - Steve Hargadon
Group meetings have to be 1) public, and 2) recorded for others.

46:33 - Steve Hargadon
This builds up a repository of public meetings.

46:35 - Tom
This is an extraordinary development for education

46:36 - rb
Steve ,,..thnks for tweeting abt this classroom...

46:37 - Peggy George
a matchmaking tool!!

46:42 - rb
dats how i joined..

46:43 - Lorraine Leo
Same features as this elluminate room? video etc. ?

46:45 - Donelle
great idea

46:47 - mrsdurff
well them to get out of beta in a hurry

46:54 - Steve Hargadon
Can bring in educators to talk to your class. Can have classes talk to each other.

46:54 - Kim Caise
yes @lorraine

46:55 - Peggy George
yes Lorraine!

47:11 - steveoc
You never want to hurry software out of beta!

47:14 - Pilar
@AK Jenny, I think I read about that Spanish teacher in the Language educator

47:17 - Jason
that's if the port is not blocked, is at a lot of schools, bummer

47:20 - Lorraine Leo
@Peggy Kim thanks

47:29 - Tom
Are there plans for a Learn Central widget to add this functionality to a ning, a wiki, etc?

47:33 - Steve Hargadon
Will have calendar feature to be able to find events.

47:35 - Peggy George
agree steveoc! beta process is so important!

47:53 - Lee Kolbert
@jason you can ask for ports to be opened up. IT folks don't know you need it unless you ask

48:04 - Lorraine Leo
recorded sessions are uploaded onto learncentral/ privacy options?

48:05 - steveoc
Let them work out their bugs

48:18 - Jason
@Lee not systemic wide unfort.

48:35 - Kim Caise
hi mike

48:46 - Jason
skpe is blocked as well

48:51 - Jason

49:05 - Steve Hargadon
You can find another eductor and in one click meetin in Elluminate.

49:24 - mrsdurff
will learn central send calendar notifications/reminders to email outside ning?

49:27 - Lee Kolbert
@jason must not suffer in silence. we have a responsiblity to advocate for our students. Skype might be different, maybe not. Can't hurt to research appropriately

49:27 - MJ Page
looks good

49:33 - Peggy George
what a great overview Rick! Thanks so much! I'm so excited about this!!!!

49:33 - Jason
is there cost for using with larger grps?

49:44 - Lee Kolbert
How is this different than Adobe Connect?

49:45 - Peggy George
no fee!!!

49:46 - alicebarr
This will really help with PD opportunities! Thank you!

49:48 - Kim Caise
you can events sent to your email durff

49:58 - mrsdurff

49:58 - Donelle
thanks for giving us a sneak peak- very exciting!

50:01 - steveoc
What are the intellectual property TOS?

50:03 - Ian Nairn
i have a question - if I wanted a group of schools to join Learn central - could they be part of the wider community but at the same time also have a private area if they wanted?

50:04 - Chris
Looks good!

50:17 - Cameron McKinley
If we just sent our e-mail on the site will we be able to get in on the beta or do we need to send an e-mail to someone?

50:19 - Lorraine Leo
Excellent model. Thanks!

50:23 - alicebarr
Thank you Rick!

50:24 - mrsdurff

50:26 - Donelle
would love to use this with the homeschool students i work with

50:27 - Ian Nairn
weill done

50:31 - rb
just wanted to check learncentral beta version is free ..right ?

50:41 - Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
it is free

50:42 - Steve Hargadon
Yes, free.

50:56 - Jason
cool.. we like free ;-)

50:57 - mrsdurff
Rick Ruden - sold!

51:04 - steveoc
How do they make their money?

51:06 - Jennifer
losy you

51:09 - Jennifer

51:15 - alicebarr
Rick: Thank you for supporting education this way!

51:35 - Cameron McKinley
Who do we e-mail to get in on the beta?

51:37 - Kim Caise
later today

51:44 - rb
great stuff ...clap

51:52 - Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
the beta will be opened up in a few weeks - at that time anyone can join

51:54 - Tom
will learn central remain free for educators after it come out of beta?

51:56 - Lorraine Leo
copyright of events is Elluminates

51:58 - Lorraine Leo

51:59 - Peggy George
sorry-don't know what happened to my audio! wanted to ask advice about what it takes to make a Ning community successful? How do you spread the word and keep the conversation flowing?

52:04 - Kim Caise
the recording links are post on the archive page at http://live.classroom20.com

52:05 - Jason
can we join beta now?

52:10 - steveoc
Yes--states should suppport and pay for this stuff

52:10 - Jason
like a select grp

52:38 - Peggy George
yes Jason

52:41 - rb
do we hav to send a mail to join beta or can we join straightaway ?

52:41 - Thawley
Do Elluminate, Ning et al have a Ninja team to deal with institutional IT-types?

52:54 - Jason
how do we join beta?

53:00 - jackiegerstein
Put faces behind the chats

53:04 - Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
jason - email me at rickr@elluminate.com or steve about participating in the beta

53:17 - Jason
cool - email sent ;-)

53:20 - Lorraine Leo
Is there a way to control participants in events?

53:22 - mrsdurff
a couple weeks - by April?

53:24 - MJ Page

53:24 - Barbara O'Berry
If they do, Thawley, I want to know how to get one!

53:25 - rb
thnks Rick...cool stuff

53:34 - Ian Nairn
Steve - if Learncentral was available a few years ago would you have used Ning to support Class 2.0?

53:48 - Peggy George
http://www.learncentral.org/ You can request to join beta here

53:53 - Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
mrsduff - yes early april

54:04 - Ian Nairn
at what stage in the development of Class 2.0 did you feel the need to add Hosts?

54:21 - Peggy George
great question Ian!!

54:26 - steveoc
Success of a NING network no different than from any other

54:48 - Ian Nairn
of the 19,000 members how many are active and how are passive - just join and then never visit / contribute?

54:52 - MJ Page
I tried a Ning for my class, kids, hooked in real easy, only obsticle- computer access at school

54:54 - steveoc
Managing the community is vital to success

55:08 - mrsdurff
this will be fantastic to collaborate with other faculty in both our school and another

55:11 - Peggy George
I think you have to make a commitment to a Ning you create to take an active role in facilitating/encouraging conversation.

55:13 - Shamblesguru
How to deal with Ning Overload ..... I use a web2.0 start age to help manage the more than 20 Nings I belong to ... http://www.netvibes.com/shamblesguru#Social_Networks .... how do others deal wit this?

55:18 - mrsdurff
i am so into this!!!

55:23 - steveoc
I think it is regarded as too much of a panacea

55:36 - mrsdurff
can we make a group on learning central?

55:41 - Pilar
I have ning for my spanish class. we collaborate with a class in Spain

55:45 - Peggy George
so glad you shared that link Shamblesguru. I bookmarked it last week after your SL session.

55:51 - steveoc
To comply with COPPA you need to make your own

55:54 - Shawn
Hi Karon!

55:55 - Donelle
how do you manage the ning best - especially if you have several going at the same time

56:03 - Jennifer
We use ning in our ICT lessons 7th to 8th grade

56:06 - MJ Page
way to go Pilar!

56:07 - alicebarr
@shambles Same for me and have them in my Google reader but better on start page

56:16 - steveoc

56:27 - Amor8
@Pilar trying to work with a school in Colombia with our Ning. Very excited about it

56:28 - Lee Kolbert
Perhaps kids under 13 can focus on real world social situations first?

56:29 - Chris
the reality is my year 3's have my space accounts!

56:35 - Jason
we've had two mentioned that i am researching: BuddyPress and Elgg

56:44 - Shamblesguru
Other social networks http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/infolit/socialnet/

56:45 - Steve Hargadon

56:54 - Jason
no age limit if you roll your own like open source I suppose

56:55 - Peggy George
The Images4Education Ning is an awesome example of facilitating an online course via Ning!

56:58 - Lee Kolbert
Real world social skills for young kids goes largely ignored.

57:15 - steveoc
I have pretty much locked up privacy requirements for Elgg

57:17 - Steve Hargadon

57:18 - Peggy George

57:25 - steveoc

57:26 - rb
yes.. future of education is changing...

57:53 - Tom
Using email notifications with a filter marking all input as "Read" is helpful--it eliminates a key stroke--particularly in gmail when you can read the first line or so of the email without a click...

57:55 - Peggy George
I love that PageFlakes allows you to save other peoples' pageflakes to your own site. I have saved Steve's Pageflake site there.

57:57 - rb
we need to teach kids abt online social networking ...

57:59 - alicebarr

58:10 - Jason
http://tinyurl.com/23s28f Top Ten open source social platforms

58:15 - MJ Page
facilitate vs controll

58:15 - Shamblesguru
Am VERY happy with the Netvibes solution ..... http://www.netvibes.com/shamblesguru#Social_Networks

58:18 - steveoc
http://elgg.org and http://buddypress.org

58:28 - Jason
netvibes and pageflakes are gr8

58:36 - mrsdurff
notes? i'm supposed to take notes? who knew?

58:37 - Peggy George
Rick has mentioned this about the private beta. Please tell the group though that the early beta between now and March 16 is for Elluminate employees only. Our turn will come soon.

58:43 - Shamblesguru
My comparison is the "Swimming Pool" ... just dip in when hot and have the time

58:49 - Troy
Using something for a while says volumes. This is a big issue that we all deal with. What really works? How long does it really work? Which things do we teach to our teachers and students?

59:08 - GeneC FJHS
will the links that are popping up also be sharetabs.com

59:15 - Kim Caise

59:18 - Jane Koval
Can you co-moderate a NING?

59:24 - Ian Nairn
steve - would you use LearnCentral over Ning if you were starting now?

59:32 - Shamblesguru
What is your preferred Wiki plaform

59:33 - jackiegerstein
Good question Ian

59:35 - Peggy George
@Troy-great questions! we all really do have to decide what works for US.

59:48 - steveoc
@ Jason--new fork of Pligg --Social Web CMS

59:54 - Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
love the enthusiasm. Thank you all!

59:55 - mrsdurff
This solves so many problems for me!! WOW!!!

59:58 - MJ Page
great thank you !

1:00:03 - Lee Kolbert
I'd like to hear what Nings people in here are members of

1:00:04 - Jason
@steveoc thnx

1:00:04 - kim t
thanks for all the great info....

1:00:06 - steveoc
Also has moderation capabilities needed for k12

1:00:09 - jackiegerstein
This is a choice not captivity

1:00:10 - Jane Scharankov
Thank you for the introduction

1:00:22 - mrsdurff
yes applause

1:00:30 - Shamblesguru
stilts pic ... nice

1:00:33 - Barbara O'Berry
Great session...thanks!

1:00:41 - Jim
Thanks everyone for a great session

1:00:46 - AK Jenny
very generous with your time. . . : ) thank you.

1:00:46 - rb
i am a twitter fan

1:00:53 - mrsdurff
great topics!!

1:00:53 - rb
topic is great for next week

1:00:54 - MJ Page
see you next week!

1:00:54 - Steve Hargadon
Great--Twitter session!

1:01:09 - Shawn
White on Yellow!

1:01:12 - Jason
any other online preso's on today?

1:01:12 - Troy
How many people will Twitter the Twitter session?

1:01:12 - Lee Kolbert
Steve, is your presentation online somewhere

1:01:17 - AK Jenny
Woot -- looking forward to the Twitter session.

1:01:23 - Ian Nairn
steve - i run three school based learning networks in the UK working on personalised learning

1:01:30 - rb
vat time is the session ?

1:01:34 - Peggy George
those links are always impossible to read on the slides-sorry! The link is also in the sharetabs

1:01:34 - rb
next week ?

1:01:35 - steveoc
My kids love the in house Twitter using WordPRess and Prologue template

1:02:09 - jackiegerstein
Good speakers, Steve for the Future of Education

1:02:21 - Peggy George

1:02:21 - Ian Nairn
i have used Ning for one but would like to explore LearnCentral as an alternative - these networks cover 1,300 schools

1:02:26 - tamlinares

1:02:30 - Peggy George
That's the link to the survey.

1:02:51 - AK Jenny
thank you all! : )

1:02:52 - mrsdurff

1:02:57 - mrsdurff

1:02:58 - alicebarr
Great show! Thanks!

1:03:02 - jackiegerstein
I wish Elluminate had an auditory applause like SL

1:03:05 - tamlinares
thanks to you all!!!

1:03:05 - Lorraine Leo
Thank you all. Greatly appreciated the opportunity to participate.

1:03:09 - Lee Kolbert
Thanks for doing this for us!!

1:03:16 - Peggy George
I'm so sorry I lost my audio-I wanted to share my highlight of the week-a school visit to Jackie Gerstein's class in Sahuarita AZ. Her kids were amazing!

1:03:19 - Cathy
Thanks Steve and aloha from Honolulu!

1:03:22 - MJ Page
missed survey link?

1:03:32 - rb
Thnks everyone... gr8 session !

1:03:32 - jackiegerstein
Thanks, Peggy - some other time ; )

1:03:36 - mrsdurff

1:03:40 - rb
amazing learning experience

1:03:54 - Peggy George

1:03:58 - Kim Caise

1:04:07 - Kim Caise
the clicktools is the survey link

1:04:24 - Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
it is the product roadmap - blog feeds

1:04:42 - Peggy George
The ability to share content with other classes and educators on Learn Central is going to be so great!

1:04:51 - Lorraine Leo
excellent to see the development of these ideas..starting to take off..

1:05:35 -
Ian Nairn
can learncantral be a filter to enable teachers to give a education view of the best web resources?

1:05:43 -
learning central may sell using a ning to faculty that don't know what a ning is and the elluminate room for connecting/meeting the other school we are collaborating with is invaluable

1:05:54 -
Cameron McKinley
Who was the man who does the "using tech to teach the civil war"

1:05:58 -
I'm wondering about whether there will be video capabilities of this for classes who are connecting in a meeting to also be able to see each other.

1:06:04 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
@ian - absolutely

1:06:17 -
Lorraine Leo
Best way to continue to keep up with development of LearnCentral is through Classroom 2.0? A wiki page...?

1:06:31 -
Peggy George
there is video available in Elluminate

1:06:31 -
They got to pay their bills

1:06:32 -
are there ads on learning central?

1:06:56 -
Rob M
Thanks everyone..... Have a great weekkk

1:07:04 -
bye rob

1:07:14 -
Would be great to be able to toggle creative common

1:07:26 -
Ian Nairn
can I ask my question again - can you have private groups in Learn Central if for example I want to include both teachers and students in LearnCentral?

1:07:27 -
Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us!! What an exciting new development with Learn Central and you heard it first HERE :-)

1:07:56 -
are there ads?

1:07:59 -
Peggy George
We are still recording so even the post show content will be archived. :-) Great questions from all of you!

1:08:03 -
So you can delete it?

1:08:31 -
i worried about questionable ads

1:08:34 -
Ian Nairn
can you pay to have an ad free area?

1:08:41 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
that is a concern... mrsduff

1:08:48 -

1:08:48 -
Ian Nairn
if you are a school using Learn Central?

1:08:54 -
Carefull--I've seen paper mills appear in targeted edu

1:09:01 -
esp for newbies

1:09:36 -
will there be a video tool option when using elluminate rooms

1:09:51 -
Peggy George
These are such great questions! I'm so glad to have Rick here to answer them!

1:09:54 -
Steve Hargadon
Yes. Elluminate does have video.

1:09:59 -
Steve Hargadon
We just don't use it much here.

1:10:12 -
Kim Caise
yes @donelle you can have up to up 6 webcams

1:10:18 -

1:10:40 -
Lorraine Leo
If we are interested in following the progress of LearnCentral, info will be posted in Classroom 2.0, on a webpage that was listed that I missed, a wikipage?

1:11:00 -
Lee Kolbert
Goodbye everyone. Thank you very much. Have a great day.

1:11:07 -
Peggy George
Yes Thawley! So glad you took the mic.

1:11:47 -
States have been virtually no help!

1:12:05 -
Peggy George
We all need to start addressing whether our AUPs support the use of these kinds of tools for learning!

1:12:08 -
They should take a leadership role

1:12:31 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
no audio steve

1:12:33 -
I am working on our school's web publishing policy now in fact

1:12:38 -
thanks everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

1:12:47 -

1:12:52 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)

1:12:57 -
It seems that many try to adopt this technology w/o addressing policies

1:13:00 -
will sessions download as Elluminate so I don't have to get the IMS people to give special approval for use in our district?

1:13:17 -
That would be fine. Thanks.

1:13:18 -
Peggy George
There was an excellent tweet this week about AUPs and the importance of having them focus on the concepts of web 2.0 and not just specific tools because they come and go.

1:13:18 -
The dog has a question

1:13:21 -
widi sumaryono
I can monitor a discussion using text thread. My question is could I monitor a discussion in video archive?

1:13:32 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
@lorraine - the best way to follow the progress of LC will be to joing the beta

1:13:46 -
Steve .... if you are looking at AUP then see http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/ictaup/

1:13:47 -
Steve Hargadon
And follow my blog at http://www.stevehargadon.com

1:14:09 -
Peggy George
Ian-thanks so much for taking the mic and for asking so many thought-provoking questions!

1:14:11 -
oh great qt

1:14:19 -
Lorraine Leo
@Rick thanks

1:14:39 -
Peggy George
What a helpful AUP resource Shamblesguru!

1:14:51 -

1:15:01 -
Ian Nairn
ok and will you move the 19,000 Class 2.0 to LearnCentral?

1:15:18 -
i'm writing an email to my admins right now to say hold the ning and wait for learn central

1:15:47 -
Ian Nairn

1:15:58 -
Cameron McKinley
yes, can you hear me

1:16:04 -

1:16:07 -

1:16:08 -
Cameron McKinley

1:16:12 -
Peggy George
no can't hear you-sorry!

1:16:12 -
Cameron McKinley
I did the audio set up

1:16:19 -
Cameron McKinley
I can't see it today

1:16:25 -
Cameron McKinley
The button is missing today

1:16:32 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
In our product roadmap we are also looking at deeper integrations with elluminate tools and establishing content partnerships

1:16:50 -
Cameron McKinley
More ideas for getting my K-5 teachers to start using our ning

1:16:50 -
Peggy George
Content partnerships will be really valuable!

1:17:12 -
K5 cant use NING

1:17:14 -
already have found value!

1:17:22 -
Cameron McKinley
Found my microphone now! :)

1:17:24 -
and it's not open yet

1:17:24 -
Peggy George
excellent point steveoc

1:17:37 -
Well--the teachers can--but not the kids

1:17:41 -
Ian Nairn
good answer

1:17:47 -
Cameron McKinley

1:18:03 -
Peggy George
hooray Cameron!

1:18:05 -
AK Jenny
Thanks again all : )

1:18:18 -

1:18:27 -
Peggy George
she seems to be having the same problem I am today!

1:18:29 -
These services really need to do a btter job making TOS clear!

1:19:26 -
Peggy George
It's often difficult to really understand TOS! Most people don't even read them unfortunately!

1:19:48 -
There should be a bulleted summary of terms

1:20:10 -
Peggy George
that would be really helpful but probably doesn't meet the "legal" requirements.

1:20:39 -
Bulletted summary in addition (perhaps top of page summary)

1:20:52 -
Peggy George
that would be very helpful!!

1:21:35 -
So .. a marriage between Elluminate & Social Network = Learn Central ... is the next sep a Virtual World I wonder?

1:21:40 -
Peggy George
That was a very helpful tip Steve! Sometimes we're too impatient!

1:21:41 -
TOS Highlights

1:21:51 -
i appreciated hearing your review of blogs, wikis, nings and learn central. what's your advice for deciding on the best tool for new projects

1:21:56 -
Ian Nairn
yes please

1:21:59 -
Shambes - SL is that

1:22:05 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
Mmmm interesting thought, Shamblesguru

1:22:15 -
are you in SL Shambes?

1:22:17 -
Start with your school's policies

1:22:29 -

1:22:32 -
Second LIfe .... yes

1:22:38 -
and find tools that can be configured to adhere to the policies

1:22:43 -
cafe 101

1:22:46 -
in SL

1:22:51 -
Peggy George
A virtual world connection would be an awesome next step!

1:23:10 -
International Schools Island (3 SIMS) in SL http://internationalschoolsisland.info

1:23:10 -

1:23:16 -

1:23:23 -
in SL for 2 years

1:23:24 -
oh so you're mr expert

1:23:31 -
great advice

1:23:34 -
Peggy George
mic isn't working for me

1:23:35 -
i bite my tongue

1:23:54 -
Don't get obsessed with a particular tool--pick the tool that best suits purpose

1:23:55 -
widi sumaryono
my microphone is on

1:24:00 -
Peggy George
I can't stand not being able to talk!!

1:24:15 -
poor peggy

1:24:26 -
we love you peggy

1:24:46 -
Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us today! We'll wrap up for now and hope to see you next week when we talk about Twitter for Teachers. :-)

1:25:00 -
percentage lurkers

1:25:01 -
Peggy George
Thank you so much mrsdurff! I feel the love!

1:25:03 -

1:25:31 -
indeed you will see me, i mean

1:25:50 -
Peggy George
aren't those google analytics amazing?

1:26:21 -
Peggy George
There are always lots of lurkers along with the smaller percentage of contributors.

1:26:27 -
Shirky--a few make huge contributions

1:26:29 -
Ian Nairn
just be readers rather than writers...

1:26:35 -
please pot click tool survey link again?

1:26:37 -
shhh! i'm lurking

1:26:47 -
BJ Berquist
I think those stats are still pretty consistent re: active members and core members

1:26:53 -
Kim Caise

1:27:07 -
Peggy George
it sometimes takes awhile to get the courage to actual post and contribute to a social network.

1:27:07 -
BJ Berquist
www.tappedin.org keeps its own stats

1:27:09 -

1:27:25 -
Ian Nairn
i understand

1:27:36 -
Peggy George
I think you see the same % of lurkers/contributors on listservs also.

1:27:42 -
You need a host when you cannot adequately monitor network yourself

1:27:54 -
Kim Caise
@evelyn if you have a camera in each that focuses on the students you could have a session with 2 webcams

1:28:12 -
And borderline spam

1:28:27 -
Kim Caise
Elluminate doesn't host the H.323 videoconferencing protocol

1:28:32 -
how will you keep up with that stive?

1:28:36 -

1:28:39 -
Ian Nairn
can you add powerpoints easily to Class 2.0

1:28:45 -
Ian Nairn
thanks for the answer styeve

1:28:59 -
Kim Caise
you are welcome - feel free to email at kcaise@gmail.com

1:29:08 -
Ian Nairn

1:29:12 -
Kim Caise
i have a number of webconfereincing resources

1:29:12 -
Could always export as Video

1:29:22 -
Peggy George
Slideshare and AuthorStream are both great apps for sharing/embedding ppts.

1:29:34 -
Ian Nairn
got to go - great session again - well done - see you again

1:29:43 -
Peggy George
Thank you so much Ian!

1:29:55 -
bye Ian

1:29:58 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
It downloads a jnlp file

1:30:07 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
same functionality as today's session

1:30:25 -
You can always make a reasoned request to tech folks

1:30:40 -
I'm assuming a worldwide service ..... not USA-centric ??

1:30:51 -

1:30:57 -
Peggy George
yes worldwide

1:31:07 -
hasta la vista

1:31:09 -
because this is so worth it

1:31:13 -
learned alot - thank u!

1:31:24 -
Thanks for the time and tips

1:31:25 -
Ann Marie
Thanks, this was wonderful!

1:31:29 -
Peggy George
Bye everyone! I learn something new every week from all of you!

1:31:35 -
widi sumaryono

1:31:37 -
Kim Caise

1:31:37 -
Cameron McKinley

1:31:47 -
thank you all!!

1:31:49 -
Rick Ruden (Elluminate)
thank you

1:32:04 -
Peggy George
Bye all! Thanks again Rick! Fantastic new tool!

1:34:31 -
Peggy George
www.futureofeducation.com great place to continue that conversation about state level support Thawley!

1:35:04 -
Cameron McKinley
I am reading the book "Disrupting Cllass" How Disruptive Innovation will change the way the world learns-Clayton Christensen. Great read!

1:35:12 -
Cameron McKinley
Just what you are saying.

1:35:25 -
Peggy George
Yes Cameron! That is an excellent book!

1:35:27 -
Kim Caise
excellent book cameron - right in tune with these discussions

1:35:54 -
Peggy George
I love that term-passion-based!

1:37:27 -
Peggy George
with all of the budget/finance issues for education these days, this is going to be increasingly important!!

1:37:59 -
Peggy George
Even our public libraries are cutting the hours they will be open due to budget cuts! Very sad!

1:39:00 -
Peggy George
Soooo glad you found Ning and Steve Thawley!

1:40:00 -
Peggy George
Yes Keith Krueger's presentation was fantastic!

1:41:12 -
Peggy George
You can listen to Keith's presentation here: http://www.futureofeducation.com/

1:41:20 -
Steve Hargadon
Photography is perfect for Ning networks.

1:41:43 -
Kim Caise

1:41:49 -
Kim Caise
recording for Keith Kruger

1:42:28 -
Cameron McKinley

1:42:41 -
Cameron McKinley
Enjoyed it.

1:43:03 -
Cameron McKinley//