Mar 28, 2009 9:01:49 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!

00:03 - Ed
Hi Jeff!

00:09 - Peggy George 1
Hi Jeff

00:28 - Jill Lambert
Wow! Thanks for staying up late for us Tomaz!

00:28 - Barbara O
Hi from Suffolk, Virginia

00:29 - Peggy George 1
Great sense of humor Tomaz!

00:35 - Ludmilla
Where can the Notes be found?

01:01 - Peggy George 1
Under Window in the menu bar (at least on my Mac)

01:40 - Ludmilla
I use PC

01:49 - Tammy Moore
You can save the chat at the end directly from Elluminate using the file/save/chat as well as get the chat txt file from the same website you got the link to join in from

02:23 - Peggy George 1
Thanks Tammy! We are also recording the entire show with visuals and chat and the chat log will be archived too.

02:48 - Ludmilla
That's the best! :-)

04:05 - Peggy George 1
Don't you just love to use the laser pointer? :-)

04:06 - bobcaro
Corpus Christi, TX - sunny and windy

04:14 - Peggy George 1
Welcome bobcaro!

04:20 - Steve Guditus
Boston, MA - beautiful and 50 degrees

04:26 - Peggy George 1
We sent the wind from AZ on to you.

04:28 - Kay Bisaillon
Gray and warm in Virginia Beach, Virginia

04:30 - wbartlett
Hutchinson, Kansas, 18 inches of snow and still falling

04:36 - Ludmilla
I found the Notes it is under Window! :-)

04:44 - Peggy George 1
Great to see you Steve from Boston!

04:48 - Jill Lambert
Gray and warm here in Nashville, TN

04:54 - Peggy George 1
Great Ludmilla! Good job!

04:57 - mmiller7571
I am going away from chat will be able to hear

05:09 - widi sumaryono
Mass is sunny and getting warm.

05:20 - Peggy George 1
no problem mmiller

05:52 - Peggy George 1
hard to know how to vote since I'm not in a school/district right now

06:31 - Steve Guditus
@widi sumaryono - where in massachusetts are you?

06:31 - Ludmilla
I teach with Elluminate and didn't use it yet. Nice to learn something new! I am a college professor

06:37 - Peggy George 1
very helpful information for us today!! Thanks!

06:55 - Kay Bisaillon
I haven't used Moodle at all yet. Hoping to get it going and see what we can do with it.

07:03 - BevKeefer
Is moodle something that would be used in an elementary classroom (5th grade)

07:08 - Peggy George 1
@Ludmilla--I love to watch Elluminate sessions just to see instructors use all of the features

07:18 - Dale K
I'm with Kay... haven't used moodle yet.

07:21 - Mary Cooch
what age is 5th grade?

07:29 - BevKeefer

07:36 - Peggy George 1
There should be lots of ideas for you if you're new to Moodle

07:37 - Cindy
yes - elementary uses - forum is great, vocabulary list/glossary, also. As well as posting resources/links

07:40 - widi sumaryono
I am new with moodle.

07:44 - Ludmilla
Hot Potatoes

07:55 - Kay Bisaillon
Probably dumb question, but anyone know the fees associated with Moodle?

07:58 - Jonathan Rawle
I hope to use Moodle in 5th. Seems like a great fit!

07:59 - Mary Cooch
yes Moodle is great then for elemtary

08:09 - Mary Cooch
fees depend on how you host it and run it

08:10 - Peggy George 1
Moodle is free :-) open source

08:16 - Peggy George 1
hosting costs money

08:24 - Kay Bisaillon
Fabulous! I was hoping that was the case.

08:38 - Jonathan Rawle
Server maintenance costs money, too.

08:55 - Jeff
I am deaf. Will a transcript be available?

08:59 - Huang
echo in sound.

09:09 - Peggy George 1
We also have provided lots of links in our show resources that will be on our website later today. Lots of examples and tutorials to check out.

09:12 - Steve Guditus
Does one need a host, or is the host?

09:27 - Ludmilla
The support and maintanance are paid for --- at my College

09:38 - jpatten is the main site...they don't host

09:43 - Mary Cooch
you need a company to host it or else your school/district can host it for you

09:48 - Peggy George 1
Sharetabs to check out later:

10:16 -
Moodle Hosts -

10:19 - Tammy Moore
Jeff, Elluminate does have a tool for the deaf - If anyone is a fast enough typer a moderator can turn on the tool so you can keep up.

10:23 - Bryan
It doesn't have to be a closed environment

10:29 - Mzureen
I use crteacher- it's relatively cheap- 5 courses for 1 teacher- 99/yr

10:52 - Suzanne
Thanks Miguel..very helpful

10:58 - Mary Cooch
confused about that shared tabs link - ?

11:31 - Peggy George 1
sharetabs is the way we share all of our links with you that will help you follow up after the show

11:45 - Mary Cooch
so how do I add one?

12:10 - Kim Caise
sharetabs allows you to put a list of links and it compiles everything into one link

12:32 - Donelle
Where would we be able to see this resource of actual examples

12:38 - Huang
I can't hear clearly!

13:32 - Donelle
Miguel-can you post the link for that wiki

13:43 -
Some useful links including Tomaz' response -

14:38 - Donelle

14:56 - Ludmilla

15:01 - Peggy George 1
can hear you fine!!

15:02 - Mary Cooch
yes we can hear you Tomaz :)

15:16 - Peggy George 1
Love hearing his accent too!!

15:36 - Jeff Allen
Tomaz... everyone that's a teacher is more than "just a teacher"

15:45 - plnaugle
Love your accent, Tomaz.

15:56 - Peggy George 1
We have links to his blog and videos in our sharetabs that you will want to explore later!

16:06 - mmiller7571
our district offers PD credit for teachers through moodle

16:22 - Kay Bisaillon
My first 2.0 Class and I am thinking that this is great! Wow!

16:30 - Mary Cooch
we have to say learning and teaching not teaching and learning !!!

16:32 - Peggy George 1 His blog

16:41 - mmiller7571
if you want to sign up to check it out just include in your request that you were in an online workshop with Melinda Janetta will understand immediately:):):)

16:57 - Peggy George 1
tons of 2-minutes tutorials from Tomaz:

17:16 - Donelle
thanks mmiller!

17:17 - Mzureen
@mmiller7571 I use moodle to offer PD for teachers too.

17:36 - Peggy George 1
very attractive page!

17:41 - mmiller7571
great minds think alike..but i didn't think of this not sure what that says about me:)

18:00 - Aidan
does anyone use the My Moodle facility?

18:00 - Suzanne
I host my own server and use Moodle for my undergraduate and graduate courses:

18:01 -
@mmiller7571 wow, great, thx for sharing!

18:02 - Mary Cooch
it's fascintringto see different moodleschool front pages -here's ours

18:39 - Aidan
Here's mine -

18:41 - Mary Cooch
love your orange Tomaz!

18:43 - RickSwengel
Our district's Moodle home page

18:45 - Huang
Does any know where I can find free server hoster for my college-level online course?

18:56 - Mary Cooch
ninehub do free moodle hosting

19:02 - jpatten
FWIW, ... i have a few documents up on: in particular is a recipe for installing Moodle on an inexpensive MacMini....Also, many ISP services will allow you to install Moodle once you sign up for an account their service. Installation is usually all wizard driven too...not too difficult :-)

19:06 - Mary Cooch
but you have to put up with ads

19:08 - Peggy George 1
thank you for dropping links to your moodle sites! Love it!

19:29 - Suzanne
We also host courses for teachers for staff development at:

19:39 - jpatten
on that site...just log in as guest ;-) ...if you like.

20:05 - Aidan
we use for resources etc for teachers in our area

20:11 - Peggy George 1
Thanks jpatten--great reminder--often you can get into a Moodle site by clicking on guest access

20:32 - Peggy George 1
that organization is so helpful on his site

20:41 - Christina
do most people have a seperate school website or just the moodle site?

20:45 - Jonathan Rawle
For elementary no ads would be allowed. So hosting solution would have to be chosen carefully. But this gives me the idea that I might be able to put the hosting on my own ISP server space?

20:45 - RickSwengel
ninehub seems to be a dead link

21:03 - Mary Cooch
we got rid of our website and use moodle front page as our website one stop shop!

21:06 - Peggy George 1
often Moodle is their school website with lots of sections for classes, activities, etc.

21:15 -
@Mary Cooch share the link

21:15 - jpatten
@Rawle...yup. That would be doable!

21:21 - Suzanne
We link our school district websites to our Moodle.

21:33 - BDilling
we will have both - school site and moodle

21:39 - Aidan
we have both

21:43 - Peggy George 1
How would you answer that question--what is a person? Bet it would get lots of interesting conversation going!

21:48 - Dale K
school website only here.

21:53 - Sarah Sutter
Does anyone have a link for a Moodle course for teachers - intro to using it effectively with students? I'd love to not reinvent the wheel if I could download it from somewhere.

22:03 - elptuxman has good info, including Open Source info ;-)

22:15 - Mary Cooch
that's interesting - ninehub seems dead at moment

22:26 - Peggy George 1
there is a great moodle course in our sharetabs Sarah (by Shawn Wheeler)

22:50 - Sarah Sutter
@Peggy Thanks! I'll look there after the session.

23:09 - mmiller7571
tags for everything in every platform now, like having folders all over the place to find things. I have really been using tags lately

23:11 - roxanneglaser
@elptuxman what theme is that on the Area15 moodle site?

23:13 - Peggy George 1
His course is called Multimedia and Moodle and has lots of videos and tutorials-very thorough

23:36 - mmiller7571
how/why is this different than Blackboard? I have NEVER used blackboard so I don't know what it is

23:44 - ITRT Andy
What version of Moodle are we looking at?

23:48 - Ludmilla
Thanks for sharing the links! Sharing is Caring!

23:53 - Peggy George 1
I don't know what I did before tags!! I can find things so quickly now that I use them

23:53 - Jonathan Rawle
Mr. Lasic: Can a teacher add tags to a post when the teacher reads the post?

23:55 - Kim Caise
blackboard is a paid service

24:14 - Peggy George 1
That is a great question Jonathan

24:25 - Kim Caise
with blackboard you can't customize courses and the content like you can with moodle

24:39 - Huang
I heard that Blackboard charges $15,000 a year.

24:43 - Lois
Blackboard is a purchase. You get support in the background so that is different from Moodle.

25:02 - BethStill
Embedr is GREAT! Thanks Miguel for sharing this! Also takes care of issues with schools that block YouTube!

25:06 - jpatten
that's one thing that is can embed anything into Moodle that has an embed code associated with it, youtube, glogster, voicethread, etc. etc. !!!

25:07 - Peggy George 1
Miguel has so MANY tutorials and helpful resources on his blog about how to create and use Moodle!

25:19 - Mary Cooch
how is embedr different from moodles multimedia filters embedding?

25:20 -
Embed videos tip -

25:29 - jpatten
just bring up the html view in the editor, and paste away!

25:43 - BDilling
is the glossary a different block for each course

25:48 - Peggy George 1
the glossary makes so much sense!!

25:50 - mmiller7571
Let's just call him "Moodle MGuhlin" aka M & M

25:51 -
@Mary Cooch - constrain the size of the videos is one difference...

25:56 - Adam
where are the sharetabs to be found?

26:07 - Peggy George 1
thanks for that link Miguel-I was about to look for it

26:23 -
Glossary explanation is one I needed!

26:24 - mmiller7571
I have absolutley no idea how I am going to go back find all these links I am guessing this will be saved:)

26:25 - Kim Caise
Miguel is our resident moodle guru

26:31 - Mary Cooch
you can alter size of videos with moodle filter too -to a degree - but I am going to investigate this embedr thanks

26:49 - Peggy George 1

26:52 -
While I'm sure links will be shared, here's my list -

26:59 - Jonathan Rawle
Mr. Lasic, Miguel, has anyone tried "posting" or adding content from tablet PC like the OneNote pages web format (one-page web content)?

27:03 -
love that sharetabs

27:04 - Mary Cooch
glossary block picks up entries from a glossary you ahve already made and displays them at times you choose

27:09 - Suzanne
We are using the Glossary for students to add there own words and definitions.

27:17 - Zulma Whiteford
Embedding You Tube works well.

27:26 - Suzanne
Also use the glossary for course links.

27:30 - Mary Cooch
not if your school bans it :(

27:30 - deb-nh
Any elementary school moodle users

27:37 - Suzanne

27:40 - Peggy George 1
We will post all of the links from the sharetab and the recordings from today on our site ASAP after the show

27:44 - bdon

27:47 - Blackbird 1
I'm using it w/ 4th & 5th graders.

27:52 - Paula
I would like to be

28:04 - Jonathan Rawle
We will have to start an elementary sub group... I might try to host that.

28:15 - Suzanne
Good idea.

28:18 - Paula
like that idea

28:20 - Zulma Whiteford
School administrators need to understand the value of You Tube!

28:28 - Kim Caise
that would be awesome @jonathon

28:34 - Mary Cooch
my book covers elementary

28:35 - jpatten
you can create entire web sites...if OneNote exports a file in an HTML format, save the folder, compress it load it up into your Moodle, uncompress it, and create a new link to the "index.html" file... great way for students to publish sites in a controlled environment...we have teachers do that with the pwd protected gradebook programs too :-)

28:40 - RickSwengel
If your Moodle server has file-size limitations and you create your own instructional videos, you can upload your own videos to and then embed your videos in your Moodle courses.

28:52 - Jonathan Rawle
You tube will never be available within our (and most) elem Internet feeds.

28:54 - Peggy George 1
Thanks for telling us about your book Mary! Sounds great!

29:10 - deb-nh
anyone found a way to use the moodle gradebook with other SIS ?

29:14 - Peggy George 1
his Moodle is teaching great study skills!

29:17 - Mary Cooch
teachertube is good and not banned :) but I find it is really slow :(

29:22 - Sarah Sutter
@Jonathan What about using something like Vimeo for hosting your videos?

29:22 - eureka
we are able to access teachertube in our district

29:23 - Zulma Whiteford
Can you use Teacher Tube or School Tube as an alternative?

29:40 - roxanneglaser
@mary cooch we just used school tube and it worked well for us

29:50 - Aidan
teacher tube seems to be getting slower each day

29:59 - Michelle H
I've used .. also works fine.

30:01 - Jonathan Rawle
Yes, I know that OneNote has that format. I just want to know if it renders well on a Moodel page. Elementary kids cannot type fast enough to contribute much content through typing.

30:03 - Christina
does the embedr bbypass the problems with youtube being banned?

30:03 - Kay Bisaillon
Teachertube is really glitchy and hard to watch but you can download a teachertube downloader and then download the videos and watch them without having to get it through the internet

30:09 - Cindy
Speaker mentioned "student uploading files" - is this done only through the Assignment activity/recourse? Or is there another way?

30:12 - jpatten
have your IT department create your own Youtube...

30:20 - jpatten
there are others too

30:36 -
@jpatten not all IT depts can handle phpmotion. We tried and failed. sigh

30:40 - Kim Caise
audio feedback feature is awesome

30:40 - Peggy George 1
if your connection speed is slow it may make sense to download it and play it from your computer (teachertube and youtube)

30:49 - Zulma Whiteford
Do you have a subscription to United Streaming (Discovery Education)? It is a great option as well.

30:59 - kyle
I am a student at college and my teachers use something called D2L and this reminds me a little bit of that

31:01 - Peggy George 1
I'll bet the kids love the audio feedback!

31:06 - Jonathan Rawle
IT department... what a hoot. One overworked person putting out fires all day.

31:08 - jpatten
:-( it can be a bit tricky...however it can be done!

31:11 - Maria
WoW audio feedback feature, never thought about that before. :-)

31:13 - Aidan
I am promoting the audio marking by teachers but some are worried about having their voice permanently recorded an available to students

31:21 - Christina
An IT department sounds like a lovely idea - here we have just me!

31:41 - Mary Cooch
some teachertube moodle videos showing how we use it in different subjects -

31:43 - Michelle H
Mogulus is very easy to use.

31:45 - Sarah Sutter
@Aidan Yes, I could see the remix issues if the kids get malicious.

32:07 - Mary Cooch
I[d like to try audio feedback too -interested in that

32:18 - Peggy George 1
@Aidan--what's the difference between having the teacher record in audio or in writing with their feedback? both are permanent :-)

32:43 - RickSwengel
The difference is what the kids can do with your audio

32:43 - Peggy George 1
I've been exploring Mogulus and it is really easy to use and doesn't require a lot of bandwidth

33:00 - roxanneglaser
@peggy they can remix the audio with video and repost

33:23 - Angie K
@kyle-I have taught classes using D2L. Trust me Moodle is SO much better and easier to use.

33:23 - Aidan
@peggy its also another major step for some teachers to record themselves as most don't like the sound of their voice

33:23 - Peggy George 1
Thanks--I can see that might be something students would think of doing :-)

33:46 - Peggy George 1
That is definitely true about teachers and mics :-)

33:49 - Kay Bisaillon
Wow. Being able to have a documented list of the work the students did.....

33:57 - gretz
what about moodle on a mac

34:03 - roxanneglaser
@peggy I just watched a remix of a Star Trek that made me think that they might do something like that :-)

34:10 -
@gretz Moodle works fine on a Mac

34:13 - jpatten

34:13 - Peggy George 1
Moodle works great on a Mac--I installed it on mine

34:16 - Mary Cooch
moodle on a mac works fine if you use firefox not safairi

34:25 - Mary Cooch
html editor doesn't work with safari or chrome

34:40 - jpatten
Mac ... choose Firefox

34:41 - Peggy George 1
there are so many different ways to organize a moodle site--love it!

34:42 -
Firefox is the browser to use

34:54 - Suzanne

35:02 - Peggy George 1
We have some good examples of moodle sites for elementary in our sharetabs.

35:06 - jpatten
however not sure about new Safari...if that has changed???

35:17 - kyle
i like safari

35:19 - Paula
will check out the sharetabs. thanks

35:32 - Peggy George 1
I don't really use Safari--Firefox or Flock for me.

35:38 - Kay Bisaillon
Someone said that they use this with 4th or 5th graders. Do you have a particular lesson with them or is it more of just your classroom website? Or, both?

35:49 - Jill Lambert
does moodle take up a lot of space if you install it on a single computer rather than a server--just to try it out?

35:52 - Aidan
firefox for me without question on both Mac an PC

36:02 -
@Jill Lambert: No, it's pretty easy

36:12 - Jeff
Does anyone use Mahara with their Moodle?

36:16 - elptuxman
Is it important to clarify that moodle itself is a server-based app that requires access to an Ip - once installed users just log in, right?

36:18 - roxanneglaser
@kay I use it with 4th-8th graders as a place for online literature circles and they LOVE it!

36:21 - Mary Cooch
we are trialling it at the moment

36:40 - deb-nh
any ideas for motivating teachers to use moodle

36:41 - Mary Cooch
part of a district mahoodle trial mahara + moodle

36:42 - jpatten
Log in as guest...Moodle site can be created for a piece of literature or special event...doesn't have to be a whole course...

36:45 - Paula
@roxanneglaser: tell me more about lit circles on moodle

36:48 - jpatten

36:54 - Kay Bisaillon
I could see it as an online book club for sure. Would be great for summer reading, too.

36:55 - roxanneglaser
@kay here is a blog post about the project

36:59 - Paula

36:59 -
@Jill Lambert You can even download their all in one

37:01 - Zulma Whiteford
I post lessons for my fifth graders and provide them with research links etc. for them to follow.

37:19 - Jill Lambert

37:31 - Mary Cooch
debnh -

37:35 - Kay Bisaillon
I am sure it helps with absent students,too.

37:37 - Peggy George 1
I like that you can add features to your moodle site and have it grow with you so it's not overwhelming at the beginning

37:44 - roxanneglaser
@paula and we partner with pre-service teachers and they interact with the students in moodle. We do meet via videoconference BEFORE the Moodle part to get the students excited about working online...

38:01 - roxanneglaser
@paula and each year they get better and better...we have done this project for 5 years

38:07 - Huang
Many echos in sound!

38:24 - Paula
@roxanneglaser: I will check it out and i'm sure learn lots

38:24 - Peggy George 1
wonderful suggestion for having preservice teachers interact with students!

38:25 - Mary Cooch
I am involved in setting up moodle for travelling children/gypsies who are absent from school and it helps improve their education and motivatye them

38:30 - roxanneglaser
@paula here is a write up of the Bluebonnet project in Moodle

38:31 - RickSwengel
Huang, it must be your connection or setup. Sound is fine here.

38:46 - kyle
ya my sound is great

38:47 - Aidan
missed how the students have the ability to post their videos up on the course. Anyone?

38:48 -
love to hear how Tomaz facilitates and intros this to his teaching staff

38:52 - Mary Cooch
choice is great Tomaz :)

39:22 -
@Jill Lambert - all in one downloads

39:29 - roxanneglaser
@paula not sure where you are located, but the teachers tell me that participation in this project really increases student motivation to do well in all aspects of their reading and writing!

39:29 - Cindy
I don't understand "choice" - part of moodle? or a project?

39:32 - Mary Cooch
didn't see aidan -butmine use forum

39:41 - Peggy George 1
Tomaz has a wonderful way of motivating teachers and you can see some of their responses on his blog :-)

39:43 - Mary Cooch
choice is mooodles online voting feature cindy

40:00 - Paula
@roxanneglaser: Utah. I can see how it would increase motivation.

40:12 -
ever feel like there just isn't enough time? This is great!

40:14 - Peggy George 1
that is an awesome tool!!!!

40:20 - roxanneglaser
@paula and my moodle site for this project is really ugly, but highly functional :-D I didn't have time to "pretty it" this year!

40:25 - Mary Cooch
MGUhlin there is never enought time :)

40:33 - jpatten
@Aidan you could create an Assingnment activity and have them upload their video, however, you have to be good with the file upload size limits. Always could load it up to a site that includes a embed code option and students can paste embed code into a forum post, or any other site that has and editor with html view

40:48 - Kay Bisaillon
Not enough time? Who needs to sleep at night? : o )

40:48 - Kim Caise
yeah, less nagging! :)

40:48 - Paula
@roxanneglaser: Understand the time issue

40:54 - Peggy George 1
how brilliant--reduces nagging!! perfect!

40:55 - Mary Cooch
they can attach video to forum

41:18 - Aidan
@jpatten I have used the upload but was interested in how the students videos appeared in the course

41:36 - jpatten
@mary they have to load it up to another site first, and then get embed code. Paste embed code into the post on forum

41:36 - roxanneglaser
@paula, but you know one said anything about the "theme" they were so excited that it was a clean interface and all of my teachers and students could navigate it and be successfull. It is about the LEARNING! :-D

41:36 - Peggy George 1
that sounds like a real teacher time saver when you can see so much at a glance about your students

41:36 - Suzanne
Our students are having fun embedding their Voicethreads.

41:49 - Mary Cooch
oh I love voicethreads :)

41:50 - Jill Lambert
thanks again! I'm going to try it out today!

41:57 - roxanneglaser
@suzanne what is the project with voicethreads?

42:20 - Peggy George 1
interesting point about the student working at home :-)

42:22 - Aidan
I have jut started using Prezi(.com)

42:25 - bobcaro
anyone test out Moodle on a account?

42:45 - Mary Cooch
Tomaz it;s fascinating seeing logs on moodle and seeing late times students access moodle :) very very late¬

42:49 - Peggy George 1
I'm using Moodle on DreamHost and it was a simple one click install :-)

42:54 - Aidan
Is Tomas using the default wiki in Moodle

43:15 -
@Aidan Nwiki seemed kinda difficult to install. were you successful?

43:16 - Mary Cooch
I would have thought so - I have not used any other wikis myself

43:16 - jpatten
@bobcaro I would be surprised if it didn't work...i have tested WP Wikimedia and those all work fine...

43:20 - Aidan
I know there are a number of other ones - OUwiki for eg

43:53 - jpatten
Moodle Version 2.0 is supposed to have the new Wiki...from waht i remember

44:02 - Aidan
I have installed Nwiki - don't remember any real problms

44:02 - Mary Cooch
I find database hard to set up too but useufl once you get used to it; I agree

44:10 -
@Tomaz how do you get layouts to work right? Is there a trick?

44:23 - Jeff Allen
Nwiki will be core in 2.0

45:04 - Andrew Forgrave
timeline for 2.0 release?

45:10 - deb-nh
can you load users through an spreadsheet

45:10 - Suzanne
@lambert Use guest access to see an example of enbedded voicethread;

45:19 - jpatten
@ i think i heard Fall on 2.0

45:22 - Mary Cooch
debnh yes

45:37 - Mary Cooch
debh easy to upload new users

45:42 - Andrew Forgrave
any previews available on 2.0?

45:58 - Aidan
@deb-nh I always prefer the self registration leading to more independence - I hope

46:25 - Mary Cooch
debnh you include password but they can change it when they log in

46:27 - Jill Lambert
Very cool, Suzanne...thanks!

46:37 - Peggy George 1
that's a great tip about the passwords!

47:05 - jpatten
@andrew you can download 2.0 beta right now...bottom of page ...

47:11 - Suzanne
Our teachers use the database to upload their activboard flipcharts for sharing. They enjoy having 27/7/365 access.

47:20 - jpatten
though it is not recommended on production site

47:34 - Peggy George 1
love that point--Moodle is not all work :-)

47:44 - deb-nh
Any resource for obtaining generic courses in Moodle for example the one being shown right now?

47:46 - Mary Cooch
I don;t consider moodle work at all :)

48:00 - Andrew Forgrave
Thanks jpatten, I'm on it now!

48:05 - Peggy George 1
learning to use web 2.0 tools but in very fun ways--very motivating even for teachers as they explore the tools

48:13 - Mary Cooch
debnh if you go to there is a course exchange there and also

48:18 - deb-nh
packaged learning objects? :?

48:28 - RickSwengel
What are package objects?

48:39 - Jill Lambert
I am amazed...I had no idea it had all these tools.

48:40 - Kim Caise
we have some listed in our sharetabs links @deb-nh

49:00 - Suzanne
There are aslo glossary files that can be downloaded at

49:00 - Kim Caise

49:09 - Mzureen
sorry, got called away, but have you talked about scorm yet?

49:11 - Peggy George 1 many examples and tutorials here

49:27 - Peggy George 1
no we haven't talked about scorm

49:28 - jpatten
courses can be backuped/creates and compressed file, and installed on another Moodle...we've done that for a while now each year we update we have teacher back-up their course, save the resulting file off the server and restore it into the new version of Moodle

49:55 - Mary Cooch
really good Tomaz

49:59 - Suzanne
Excellent idea!

50:01 - jpatten
careful that teachers do not have too large a course...lots of files/attachements...restore may time out with adjustments

50:14 - Aidan
anyone running moodle from a local server and then syn'ing at night with web ser ver?

50:17 - Peggy George 1
it's the people that make Moodle! excellent! it's not the tool itself

50:28 - Mzureen
I made my first moodle course in a class a few yrs ago, then imported it into what I am doing now- easy cheesy

51:00 - deb-nh
How are people using Moodle gradebook with school required gradebooks?

51:01 - Jill Lambert
You're right Peggy...everyone has been so innovative.

51:07 - Peggy George 1
Tomaz has a quote on his blog: "Classroom solutions (with software) vs Software solutions (in classroom)

51:25 - Mary Cooch
most of my marking is done in moodle gradebook and if needed I can download as excel spreadsheet

51:28 - Suzanne
Teachers already have a full plater. I agree with Tom about having ONE site.

51:36 - Kay Bisaillon
I love the explanation that Moodle is a wiki, blog, etc...all in one place.

51:37 - Mary Cooch
thanks Tomaz:)

51:40 - Jill Lambert
Thanks so much Tomaz

51:40 - Peggy George 1
What an awesome overview of some great teaching strategies!

51:45 - kyle
thank you!

51:53 - Kay Bisaillon
Great job, Tomaz!

51:56 - jpatten
@deb-nh ...teahers not too keen on Moodle gradebook...they are using EasyGrade pro or Making the grade...both grade book apps allow the creation of a password protected web site which they then upload into their moodle site

51:59 - roxanne
thank you everyone

52:01 - Aidan
Tks Tomas

52:02 - Angie K
Thank you!

52:02 - Suzanne
Thanks Tom. Very helpful and informative.

52:04 - Edie Gardener

52:09 - Ian Nairn - UK
great session - thanks for sharing your experiences

52:13 - Peggy George 1
Can you believe he can be so coherent AND inspiring at 2:00am??!! Wow!

52:13 - jpatten
Thanks Tomas!

52:14 - Aidan
Tomas do you use My Moodle?

52:22 - Dale K
thx Tomas

52:27 - Ludmilla
Thank you Tomaz!

52:39 - Jeff
Thank you Tammy

52:41 - jpatten
@aidan we use MyMoodle

52:47 - Ed

53:04 - Peggy George 1
Lorna is an awesome screencast creator!! She's my hero and model!

53:07 - Kim Caise

53:08 - Courtney
Thank you Tomaz!! :)

53:08 - Lonna
Thank you, Tomas!

53:15 -
@jpatten explain MyMoodle

53:17 - jpatten
Like the fact that we can customize the entry into the site and just list courses student are enrolled in

53:24 - Kim Caise

53:25 - plnaugle
Thanks Tomaz for sharing with us.

53:25 - Aidan
@jpatten - do you find it helps?

53:32 - Peggy George 1

53:50 - jpatten
my moodle create a entry page after student/user logs in

53:58 - jpatten
it lists just the course that they are enrolled in

54:03 - Peggy George 1
We will post the video, audio and chat log as soon as they are available after the show today. Look in the archives on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE site

54:11 - Jeff
It was great. I really appreciate the help.

54:16 - jpatten
and it allows you to create blocks and info that everyone see once they log in before hitting their course

54:22 - Mary Cooch
debnh we only use either moodle or paper! so for our teachers spreadsheet just used as version you can hold in your hand :)

54:24 - Aidan
@peggy excellent!

54:46 - Peggy George 1
That was a fantastic presentation-New England conference. Steve brought in many folks virtually from around the world!

55:01 - RickSwengel
Thanks, Tomaz!

55:09 - jpatten
there are a lot of people cusomizing this page to provide a more social network like entry into the moodle site

55:12 - Jeff
Great! Thanks again.

55:24 - eureka
thank you so much

55:36 - Aidan
@jpatten Do you allow your students to customise the theme?

55:51 - jpatten
We leave that up to the teacher...

56:03 - Barbara O
Great session! Thanks, Tomaz!

56:10 - Kim Caise
we will post links to the chat, audio only recording and the full video recording on our website later this weekend

56:16 - Kim Caise

56:17 - Christina
thanks very much

56:23 - deb-nh
please post the google doc link here

56:33 - Kim Caise

56:41 - Tomaz_Lasic
Oh chat... just noticed (I can only multitask with Year 9 class on a hot day not here :-) Thank you guys and happy moodling. Let us know if you need a hand.

56:53 - jpatten
i think most do not allow students to customize because we have created custom templates for many of our school sties

57:08 - Peggy George 1
Thank you so much Tomaz!!

57:28 - Peggy George 1

57:39 - Peggy George 1
that's the link to Miguel's google doc

57:44 - deb-nh
thank you

57:58 - Aidan
tks @peggy

58:10 - roxanne
thanks for putting those links into the window

58:11 - Ludmilla
chat does not work well for me

58:23 - deb-nh
What about the moodle blog?

58:43 - Cindy
Is this the correct google docs link -

59:01 - Mary Cooch
moodle blog is a bit limiting - attached to user profile not to subject - there are others you can plug in though but i don;t know much about them

59:05 - Peggy George 1

59:16 - Mary Cooch
yes Tomaz that will be good in Moodle 2.0 :)

59:22 -
@MaryCooch have you played around with OUBlog yet as an alternative to Moodle's resident blog tool?

59:23 - jpatten
With Moodle 2.0 you will have reply in the blog activity

59:26 - Peggy George 1 This is his blog.

59:41 - jpatten
right now you can not reply to posts in a blog on moodle

59:48 - Peggy George 1
blocks can display activities

1:00:03 - roxanne
thanks Cindy

1:00:09 - deb-nh
what is the name of the portfolio feature coming out

1:00:14 - jpatten
however, you can use tags to associate other posts in the blog ...kind of act as replies then if you just bring up a specific tag

1:00:16 -
OUBlog overview here -

1:00:31 - Maria
I have to go. Thanks so much Tomaz and all the Moderator Team. :-)

1:00:35 - Mary Cooch
I haven't used OU blog as our school only allowed standard features

1:00:42 - Peggy George 1
Thanks Miguel. Please drop other links from your site that will help people.

1:01:02 - Aidan
I notice that use mediawiki

1:01:51 - Peggy George 1
don't you wish you could follow Tomaz and Miguel around for a day??!!

1:02:02 -
in databases, Kim

1:02:30 -
Tomaz is more interesting to follow. he's in a classroom!!!

1:02:36 -

1:02:37 - Jeff
@Tammy Awesome! Thanks.

1:02:58 -
nice save, Kim

1:02:59 -

1:03:14 - jpatten
there are two types of layouts in the database, list view and record view

1:03:16 - Kim Caise

1:03:19 - Jonathan Rawle
So every night you look through all student contributions for inappropriate uploads, entries, etc? How much time does that take for your (?) (please fill in the number) of students?

1:03:37 - roxanneglaser
thank you so much Tomaz for sharing your insights with us...I have to go, but really enjoyed this session.

1:03:55 - roxanneglaser
to the Classroom 2.0 Crew: Keep up the GREAT work! See you next week!

1:03:56 - Mary Cooch
I have been using moodle for 4 years and inappropriate stuff is just not an issue -they know big brotehr is watching so they don't bother messing about

1:04:10 - Jill Lambert
I have to go also, but thank you everyone for a great learning experience today.

1:04:29 - Mary Cooch
I can copy and paste other people's html :)

1:04:37 - Mary Cooch
that;s about it

1:04:40 - Eileen Koch
Peggy....I'd like to follow any of you who use technolpogy so well!

1:04:56 - Mary Cooch
are any of you on twitter?

1:04:58 - jpatten
thanks everyone...have a great rest of your weekend!

1:05:07 - Jonathan Rawle
OK, but 5th graders will push it, and if even one things gets by my district might kill it forever. Trust but verify. How much time would I have to put in each night?

1:05:08 - Mary Cooch
I know MGuhlin is and Tomaz is

1:05:10 - Aidan
eXe is a great SCORM creator

1:05:12 - Tammy Moore
I am on Twitter - armoorefam is my Twitter name

1:05:17 - Peggy George 1
@Eileen--that's how I do all of my learning--visiting and following people both in real life and virtually!

1:05:19 - Steve Guditus
@Mary Cooch:

1:05:30 - Aidan
@Mary I am already following you on twitter!

1:05:35 - Ludmilla
Yes, I am milasunshine and on plurk to

1:05:57 - Mary Cooch
thanks for the twitter links

1:05:57 - Peggy George 1
Please feel free to drop your Twitter names so we can all follow each other :-)

1:06:09 - Aidan
Ballyvally is mine

1:06:14 - Kim Caise

1:06:17 - Peggy George 1
I'm pgeorge

1:06:24 - Mary Cooch
Ah!! Ballyvally! now I know:)

1:06:29 - Mary Cooch
I am @moodlefairy

1:06:47 - deb-nh
gradebook to standard district required gradebooks

1:06:47 - Mary Cooch
Tomaz is so right about inappropriate content

1:06:47 - Lorna Costantini
i"m lornacost

1:06:48 - Aidan
@mary - I'm eagerly awaiting your book!

1:06:51 - Peggy George 1
I love it! I can see every keystroke you make :-) Kids get it!

1:07:08 - Mary Cooch
Aidan - so am I -I ordered myself a couuple of copies!

1:07:18 - Mary Cooch
there is one turnitin Tomaz

1:07:24 - Sean Connors
Does anyone know how to check message logs that students sent to each other or to filter or block those? Or even turn it off during the classtime?

1:07:27 - Eileen Koch
I'm EAKwriteon

1:07:27 - Aidan
Does Tomas use My Moodle?

1:07:34 - Suzanne
turnitin can be added

1:07:51 - Mary Cooch
you can turn of messaging Sean

1:08:21 - Aidan
@mary - the laes fiures will be grand - you don't need to buy any your self!!

1:08:25 - Mary Cooch
Tomaz you must be tired

1:08:35 - deb-nh

1:08:40 - Tomaz_Lasic
Oh is it already :-)

1:08:48 - Jonathan Rawle
Package Learning Objects?

1:09:34 -
How much time would you recommend teachers spend learning how to use Moodle first? And, what do you introduce FIRST?

1:09:37 - Mzureen
is hot potatoes still free? I used it ~6 yrs ago- but haven't since then.

1:10:03 - deb-nh
So you transfer the scores to the other program.

1:10:30 - Aidan
@Mzureen - I use yacapaca - fantastic assessment and eportfolio tool

1:11:05 - Peggy George 1
love that question Miguel! So many people want to know!

1:11:20 - Mary Cooch
hot potatoes is free if you make your exercises freely available on web but i think you need to buy a license if it is on a password protected moodle

1:11:21 - Mzureen
I was exposed to moodle as an adult learner first, then decided to try it on my own. I think this is one of those tools that you realy get to see the possiblities when you do it this way

1:12:01 - deb-nh
thanks for today

1:12:14 - Mzureen
@Aidan thx I;ve looked at yacapaca but never made anything with it

1:12:50 - Aidan
@Mzureen - really worth a look - th quiz analysis is brilliant

1:13:10 - Suzanne
Can't wait to try it!

1:13:20 - Mzureen
My former IT person told me that I had to figure it out - the install myself- went ot a hosting solution- don't have time for that

1:13:21 - Peggy George 1
Tomaz has a great blog post about teachers who ask him "Can you teach me Moodle?"

1:13:47 - Peggy George 1
Tomaz-can you talk about some of your 5 myths about Moodle?

1:14:11 - Suzanne
I learned how to use Moodle by first watching the atomic leaning and yourtube videos.

1:14:17 - Tammy Moore
I run training sessions in Elluminate throughout the summer for Moodle if anyone is interested in joining in.

1:14:25 - Tammy Moore
No cost

1:14:32 - Peggy George 1
I especially like the myth: students will love moodle because it is online and in "their world"

1:14:40 - Michelle H
Thanks Tammy! I'll do that.

1:15:03 -
are the 5 myths in a blog entry?

1:15:05 - Tammy Moore
Contact me at for the summer training session info

1:15:07 - Suzanne
Our students loved it for about a week! Then they reaized they are accountable for the assignments.

1:15:13 - Kim Caise
yes @miguel

1:15:27 - Peggy George 1
he makes things sound so simple! if you know how to use email you can use moodle :-)

1:15:37 - Peggy George 1
Yes Miguel

1:15:46 - Peggy George 1
just a sec

1:15:59 -
5 myths -

1:16:15 - Peggy George 1

1:16:20 - Peggy George 1
You're fast!

1:16:44 - Peggy George 1
moodle doesn't automatically make teaching and learning engaging!! The teacher is the key!

1:16:52 - plnaugle

1:17:12 - Peggy George 1
such a great point! if you only use moodle to do what you used to do on paper why use moodle?

1:17:13 - deb-nh
We had some parents complain that the teacher was over using moodle.

1:17:37 - deb-nh
Also Moodle helps save trees!

1:17:43 - Peggy George 1
@deb-nh--interesting comment--how was the teacher using it?

1:17:50 - Mzureen
@deb- what does over using mean?

1:18:07 - Suzanne
I suscribe to this blog on my iGoogle page to keep up with want is happening in the UK with Moodle.

1:18:17 - Suzanne

1:18:18 - Aidan
Moodle works best when it changes from a repository to an interactive environment

1:18:20 - deb-nh
For almost everything for a physic class and they felt she should be doing more lecture etc.

1:18:33 - Peggy George 1
I have done my best learning about moodle on Miguel's and Tomaz's blogs!!

1:18:35 - Mary Cooch
one of my bugbears - teachers just using moodle to upload their word docs and powerpoints and not actually using it interaci

1:18:37 - Tomaz_Lasic
@aidan YES !!!

1:18:41 -
gasp, i've contributed to Kim's misperceptions!!

1:18:45 -

1:18:46 - Mary Cooch

1:18:48 - Peggy George 1
moodle needs to be more than a filing cabinet

1:19:16 - Aidan
@mary - paper behind glass!!

1:19:18 - Peggy George 1
but you always clarify them with lots of visuals Miguel!!!

1:19:28 - Suzanne
Moodle is built upon activities vs. Blackboard upon content.

1:19:34 - Peggy George 1
I love the way you use Skitch to emphasize points on your visuals!

1:19:42 - Manuel
What does Tomaz think on Worshop activities ?

1:19:57 - Manuel

1:19:57 - Peggy George 1
Great question Manuel

1:20:10 - BDilling
that was a great analogy!

1:20:15 - Suzanne
Me too!

1:20:28 - Jeff Allen
workshop is the most complex module to use

1:20:29 - Sean Connors
I love workshops!

1:20:35 - Mary Cooch
i used it for peer assessment if I can find my blog entry

1:20:37 - Peggy George 1
@Suzanne-I agree having been both a Blackboard user and now a Moodle user

1:20:50 - Ludmilla
Workshop didn't work well in our experience

1:20:50 - Di

1:20:51 - Peggy George 1
Time for another tutorial Miguel :-)

1:20:55 - Tammy Moore
Sean may be a great workshop tool teachers :)

1:21:00 - Mary Cooch
here you go

1:21:20 - Peggy George 1
Sean--please create a tutorial for us on workshops :-)

1:21:35 - Sean Connors
haha! i use the very basic features, always run it with a few sample students first, and always post the rubric for grading... I'm actually just still learning myself!

1:21:48 - Mary Cooch
It is difficult to get your head round though but worth it :)

1:21:50 - Peggy George 1
Thanks Mary!! You have given us some great new links to explore!!

1:22:07 - Tammy Moore
Thanks Mary

1:22:35 - elptuxman
How many hours of sleep do you get Tom?

1:22:35 - Peggy George 1
I just bought a Moodle book and I wish I had waited for your book Mary!!

1:22:35 - Aidan
still love to hear about Tomas' My Moodle experience

1:22:45 - Kim Caise

1:22:49 - Kim Caise

1:22:50 - Mary Cooch
thanks Tomaz! out now:) we must meed in real world one day!

1:22:58 - Kim Caise

1:23:01 - Jeff Allen wide spread is the use of moodle in your school? What have you done to get other teachers in your school on?

1:23:05 - Peggy George 1
Packt seems to be the prime source for moodle books :-)

1:23:06 - Mary Cooch
I am meeting Julian next week at moodlemoot

1:23:15 - Peggy George 1
how exciting Mary!!

1:23:24 - Kim Caise
that is so exciting Mary!

1:23:26 - Peggy George 1
Be sure to blog and tweet about moodlemoot!!

1:24:01 - Sean Connors
Great question! I'm having such trouble getting my teachers to try it out! They start a course... then they never come back to it!

1:24:03 -
how do you organize a MoodleMoot? Be nice to have one in Texas!! (San Antonio)

1:24:04 - Peggy George 1
a couple of people have asked about how do you get teachers on board and motivated to use moodle

1:24:11 - Aidan
I'm referring to the 'My Moodle' option that allows students to personalise their moodle site

1:24:25 - Peggy George 1
Yes!! a MoodleMoot in TX! I would come to that!

1:24:48 - Kim Caise
count me in Miguel and Suzanne!

1:24:54 - deb-nh
Do you have them using it as a student

1:25:14 - deb-nh
Tomaz do you use it for Professional Development?

1:25:17 - Tammy Moore
What I find to be the best motivation is showing them how much they can save time not reinventing the wheel over and over from year to year. Moodle lets you make it once and reuse the course the next year.

1:25:23 - Peggy George 1
what a great response! teachers are very practical and if they find value in something that helps them do what they want/need to do they will be on board!

1:25:32 - Mary Cooch
debnh good also to make students teachers on their own moodle pages

1:25:54 - BDilling
@deb-nh that is how I plan to get moodle started in the Fall; all of my tech. pd will be through moodle; also our tech binder's that each teacher has - I"m revising and only putting it online in moodle

1:25:56 -
They'll go for it. But TCEA Area 20's Jennifer Faulkner will also go for it!

1:26:12 - Aidan
We try to get teachers to do a 'Disseminating Good Practice' session where teachers talk to the rest of the staff about their positive experience in the use of ICT

1:26:15 -

1:26:38 - Peggy George 1
tell about your teacher sharing session at the beginning of your staff meeting Tomaz

1:27:03 -
Tomaz, i love this example you shared about engaging teachers in Moodle use -

1:27:28 - Peggy George 1
That is the post Miguel!! Excellent idea!

1:27:46 - Peggy George 1
so simple and so effective!

1:28:00 - Peggy George 1
when they think they only have to share a sentence it doesn't feel so threatening

1:28:35 - Suzanne
Tomaz, I love your lego analogy:

1:28:57 - Peggy George 1
the lego screencast is excellent-that is in the sharetabs too :-)

1:29:04 - Mary Cooch
Suzanne are you in UK? did you say you were on twitter?

1:29:26 -
it's awesome that there is such a rich community around Moodle doing things for the last few years!!!

1:29:26 - Mary Cooch
I've used your lego screencast in training sessions too Tomaz :)

1:29:28 - Suzanne
I'm in San Antonio, in the district next to Miguel

1:29:35 - Michelle H
Thank you Tomaz - this was excellent! Hope you get some rest!

1:29:38 - Mary Cooch
Ah right :)

1:29:43 - deb-nh
Is it my imagination that the UK and other countries are passing the US up!

1:29:47 - Peggy George 1
What an exciting session today!! I have learned so much and am so excited to listen to this again and explore all of the resources!

1:29:50 - Jeff Allen
Thanks Tomaz!

1:29:52 - Tammy Moore
Thank you Tomaz

1:29:53 - Peggy George 1
You were fantastic Tomaz!!!!

1:30:04 - Dale K
get some zzzzzz's

1:30:04 - roxanne
thank you so much!

1:30:06 - Jeff Allen
Enjoy your Sunday morning

1:30:15 - Mary Cooch
thanks Tomaz - my family are waiting for me to make their evening meal here in UK

1:30:22 - Aidan
Excellent stuff Tomaz - tks

1:30:23 - Peggy George 1
Thank you everyone for sharing your resources and ideas with us!!!! The chat room rocks!

1:30:34 - Sean Connors
Thanks Tomaz! Does anyone have strategies or suggestions for how you can give dual access to parents and students ? I find that other than giving parents guest access or making students "share" their user acconts with parents, parents are always on the outside looking in!

1:30:35 - deb-nh
Thanks to everyone that contributed!

1:30:44 - Suzanne
dreyerit on twitter

1:30:49 - Mzureen
thx great conversation

1:30:53 - Sean Connors
Thanks TOMAZ!

1:31:03 - Peggy George 1
Bye everyone! Have a great day/night!!! So glad you were here with us!

1:31:14 - Mary Cooch

1:31:14 - Suzanne
This was FUN!

1:31:15 - Jeff Allen
Well done Kim, Peggy and Tomaz... Thanks

1:31:18 - eureka
have a good night

1:31:22 - Kim Caise

1:31:26 -
thanks to moderators!!

1:31:39 - Peggy George 1
so glad you were here Miguel!

1:32:21 - Suzanne
Hope to be there!

1:32:28 - Peggy George 1
hope to see you next week!

1:32:29 - eureka
plan t o be here

1:32:33 - Sean Connors
Thank you Moderators! I'm soo glad I found this! You guys and your guests are GOLD MINES!

1:32:40 - Lenygd
thanks bye

1:32:40 - Tomaz_Lasic
Thank you all - that was fun! :-)

1:32:45 - Tammy Moore
Thanks Peggy and Kim too

1:32:45 - Peggy George 1
I agree Sean!!!

1:32:48 - roxanne
kudos to the moderatores

1:33:03 - Peggy George 1
Thanks roxanne! appreciate it!

1:33:05 - Kim Caise
thanks Roxanne

Mar 28, 2009 10:36:27 AM - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE!