Nov 7, 2009 11:01:22 AM - 1 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE (AND CURRENT FOE/CN)

00:55 - Steve Hargadon
So glad to be here!

02:11 - KarenJan
good morning everyone!

02:26 - Dimitris Tzouris

02:33 - Marianne
first time here, so this is a good review

02:42 - Steve Hargadon
Welcome first timers!

02:46 - Meredith
Good Morning from Reno, NV

02:49 - greg lumb
Good morning from KS

02:53 - DevRodgers
Thanks! : )

02:54 - Durff
Hi Marianne!

02:59 - KarenJan
@dimitris - where are you from?

03:02 - Carrie
Hi from Idaho...first time!

03:10 - letucker
Hello from Aurora, MO

03:18 - Christie
Good afternoon from Buffalo. This is my first time too!

03:20 - Marianne
Stony Plain, Alberta,Canada

03:21 - Steve Hargadon
Coming in from Lincoln, CA, where it can't decide if it's going to be sunny or overcast.

03:25 - bkappus
HI from VA ..first time

03:27 - virginia alberti
from Brescia -Italy

03:27 - Margie Senter
Good afternoon from Lewisburg, WV

03:28 - Bob F.
Mason City, IA!

03:32 - MikeT
Hello from Albany, NY

03:42 - Steve Hargadon
@Lesley--you made me laugh out loud!

03:48 - Judy Stephenson
Judy Stephenson: Jacksonville, florida

03:54 - KarenJan
Greetings from Reading, MA

04:08 - Malcolm
Malcolm: Hello from Gorham, NH

04:08 - Durff
51 degrees in Southcentral PA

04:10 - DevRodgers
That's EXCELLENT that you have CC for the hearing impaired. Thanks Tammy!

04:20 - McTeach
Good morning from Northern California!

04:38 - Russ Goerend
Hello from Waukee, IA

04:46 - DevRodgers
Wow, we've got folk all over...

05:01 - greg lumb
Any more Kansans?

05:05 - Gideon Burton
Hi from Springville, Utah

05:06 - Carrie
Impressive gathering!! 35 degrees and clear here in Ketchum.

05:08 - Meredith
Europeans! Terrific

05:08 - Lee
Ciao Virginia from Philadelphia

05:12 - Durff
Who's in China?

05:17 - Dimitris Tzouris
Greetings from Greece

05:18 - marystefankidavis
Hello from San Diego

05:38 - Tiffani
Hello from New York!

06:00 - KarenJan
Kali spera, Dimitris!

06:21 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
Hello from the UK

06:25 - Dimitris Tzouris

07:07 - Steve Hargadon

07:37 - Durff
Rah, rah, Twitter!

07:51 - Durff

08:06 - Meredith
I don't understand Twitter

08:13 - Leigh Zeitz
Hello from Iowa

08:20 - Durff
oh it's fun Meredith

08:29 - Durff
and functional

08:57 - Leigh Zeitz
Hey Rushton

09:06 - Elena
connecting to callaborate and learn from others

09:06 - Kim Caise
not really sure how to definite it

09:06 - Rushton
Almost any kind of online collaboration.

09:06 - Russ Goerend
Educators getting together.

09:07 - Meredith
collaborating with other educators

09:07 - Christie
Sharing information

09:09 - jackiegerstein
a network that is social ; )

09:12 - chrisp
online connecting with educators

09:12 - Lee
A place to share and connect with others in education

09:12 - Tiffani
A way to share ideas and collaborate with teachers around the world.

09:12 - Doug Henry
Online community of educators

09:12 - KarenJan
people who make me look smarter than I am

09:12 - Durff
my PLE which is visible

09:13 - Bob F.
collabortive tool online

09:15 - Cindy Wallace
A way to connect with other educators to learn and grow professionally

09:17 - carolyn hassard
electronic village

09:18 - Greg
a chance to connect with others related to the professional setting

09:18 - clinds
Using internet resources to learn from other educators

09:20 - Lesley E
Using social networking tools for any educational purposes.

09:22 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
communicating with teachers and students in any location

09:23 - Leigh Zeitz
it is a system of connections between educators.

09:23 - Eileen K
A virtual way of networking with other educators

09:24 - patriciaflavin
a network to share and learn from others

09:24 - Deb Boatwright
PD without walls or boundaries

09:24 - Gideon Burton
peers you can rely on for timely professional development

09:24 - brueckj23
a safe environment in which they can share practice, swap ideas, talk about evidence & test hypothesis.

09:27 - DebbieFuco
Educators sharing and collaboring with each other.

09:27 - Caroline - Florida
a place to interact with others using various tools

09:28 - Malcolm
online collaboration

09:29 - Dimitris Tzouris
online collaboration used for education

09:29 - Becky
Educators, getting together to share experience (doesn't have to be online)

09:32 - Fred Hickmon
An oppurtunity to learn without time money time and travel.

09:32 - Sheila T
collaborating, sharing and networking

09:33 - Dimitris Tzouris

09:34 - Carrie
forum for exchanging info/ideas

09:36 - Yvonne
Nings, wikis, Moodles

09:37 - Merit Class @ KCI
Vehicle for collaborative experiences for students

09:54 - Meghan Connelly
Can be students using a social network for interaction and learning

09:56 - Shamblesguru
Meeting with colleagues in the staffroom over coffee ... not necessarily technology related

09:59 - Meredith
the wave of the future

10:03 - Samantha
Something that scares the network admins :)

10:04 - Durff
that was the answer Steve - we just did it

10:09 - Meghan Connelly

10:16 - Kim Caise
collaboration and sharing

10:17 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
agree about the network admins

10:41 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
teachers that are digital immigrants are frightened of it too

10:42 - Rushton
Online Rotary club member, right here.

11:00 - Durff
my dad was in Rotary

11:06 - Durff
he loved it

11:19 - Rushton

11:20 - Merit Class @ KCI
I figured you'd catch that ROTARY comment

11:34 - Leigh Zeitz
go Kiwanis

11:41 - Rushton
Chris! Good to connect with the KCI folks.

11:50 - Russ Goerend
How many active?

12:03 - Merit Class @ KCI
Hi Rushton. The whole Merit group is here. HEllo from us!

12:22 - Leigh Zeitz
Glad to hear that, Rushton. We are the Cedar Falls Rough Risers

12:45 - Russ Goerend
We didn't see a 2.0 coming.

12:48 - Rushton
Leigh, we'll have to work on a project idea between our Kiwanis clubs at some point.

12:58 - Meredith
I am the blonde in the graphic

13:07 - Leigh Zeitz
Sounds good. Where do you live?

13:11 - Kim Caise
lol @meredith

13:22 - Rushton
Santa Clara, California - the club is the West San Jose Kiwanis Club

14:51 - Durff
@Meredith online there are no blondes

15:34 - Sheri Edwards
if access is available

15:52 - Juanita

15:56 - Christie
very true @ Sheri

15:57 - kyteacher
@Sheri Yes!

16:04 - matt montagne
hey all

16:18 - Juanita

16:26 - Deb Boatwright
Back in the early 90's I had someone that had worked at Apple tell me the internet was not going to have any impact!!

16:41 - Kim Caise
how wrong they were @deb

17:03 - matt montagne
I've eliminated TV

17:07 - JBoudrye
Just curious - how many school library media specialists in the room?

17:08 - matt montagne
I don't watch TV anymore

17:19 - Christie
I am a SLMS student now

17:29 - jeacosta
Hello everyone!

17:31 - Marianne
I watch TV While online

17:32 - Becky
No time for TV

17:35 - Deb Boatwright
Yes...I think we are on the verge of another revolution..due to programming break throughs etc.

17:49 - Deb Boatwright
I agree my computer has replaced TV

17:53 - matt montagne
TV watching is latent energy

18:02 - Lesley E
I'm a SLMS or Teacher Librarian as we're called here.

18:05 - Deb Boatwright
Love that book

18:11 - matt montagne
TV watching as latent energy is a great way to think about it Steve

18:16 - Deb Boatwright
Plus it had a boatwright as a character

18:55 - Rebecca Smith
Just watched a video on Google Wave

19:18 - Leigh Zeitz
What is an SLMS student?

19:28 - Deb Boatwright
I have not yet conquered using written word communication.

19:33 - Meredith
after watching the Google Wave video my mind was spinning with ideas

19:39 - Rebecca Smith
anyone have ideas about using in the classroom?

19:39 - Christie
School library media specialist (teacher librarian) @ leigh

19:49 - DevRodgers
YES! This happens so much with (new) tech...

20:16 - Deb Boatwright
Wave is amazing

20:21 - Leigh Zeitz
Ohh. School Library Media Specialist - SLMS

20:29 - Gideon Burton
Who uses wikis in their teaching?

20:34 - Russ Goerend
My building needs to move beyond the "web page with a button" stage

20:47 - Rebecca Smith
I'm using wikis in my 4th grade science class.

20:47 - MikeT
Many teachers in our district

20:49 - Russ Goerend
Not much collaboration going on.

20:50 - kyteacher
Wikis were my inroduction to Web 2.0

20:54 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
I've had a little play with Ning and Wetpaint

20:54 - Marianne
using a wiki this year is my goal - one of the reasons I'm here

20:54 - DebbieFuco
I use wikis in the classroom

21:01 - Dotty
use wikis as teacher tools as well as for student creations

21:05 - Gideon Burton
I've used wikispaces

21:10 - Dimitris Tzouris

21:10 - Deb Boatwright
can walk on stilts can not juggle :)

21:11 - kyteacher
Use Ning more often

21:17 - Rebecca Smith
I like wikispaces too

21:26 - kyteacher
PBWorks for wikis

21:32 - Sheri Edwards
all our writing is on pbworks for writing class

21:35 - Christie
kyteacher - I'm just learning about you like it?

21:50 - Gideon Burton
Somebody send out a link to their educational wiki

21:55 - DebbieFuco
so many good nings out there, so little time

22:00 - Deb Boatwright
I do not feel fluid enough with my own skills re social networking to pass it forward to children and teachers in school.

22:07 - Braddo
Christie--nings are incredible, pweful community building tools

22:12 - kyteacher
Love using it with students...intuitive. http://i-classroom.ning.vom

22:16 - Braddo

22:24 - Rushton
The wikispaces team (Adam Frey and folks) are VERY edu-friendly. Let them know you want the ads to go away, and if you're doing something educational, they'll have it handled in a few days.

22:32 - Christie
thanks for the link @kyteacher

22:35 - Rebecca Smith

22:39 - Dotty
here is an educational wiki:

22:41 - Cindy Wallace
most amazing wiki I have seen in the last week: http://bitly/1aAdqm

22:48 - Russ Goerend

22:51 - Leigh Zeitz
Google Wave is AWESOME!!!!!

22:53 - Gideon Burton
Rushton - seriously? I'll definitely ask them at wikispaces

23:08 - DebbieFuco

23:09 - Rebecca Smith
leigh, have you tried it yet?

23:12 - bkappus
There are so many nings - sometimes overwhelming

23:14 - Russ Goerend
what have you been using Wave for, Leigh?

23:18 - kyteacher
Examples of class Ning Networks:

23:19 - matt montagne
nings are OK, but they tend to create a fractured feeling with the proliferation of more and more ning networks...but they can be a nice instructional tool

23:36 - Rushton
@Gideon Burton - definitely. They're really helpful.

23:46 - Deb Boatwright
matt..I agree with your comment about nings

23:50 - Leigh Zeitz
so Wolfram-Alpha is a good place to get these stats?

23:51 - Kim Caise
wow, very significant statistic

24:10 - matt montagne
skype is social networking

24:24 - Durff
and Twitter?

24:53 - Lesley E
@rushton no problem :)

25:01 - Dimitris Tzouris
twitter, myspace, facebook, diigo, delicious...........

25:01 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
my students don't see the point of twitter, I find professional use of it more useful

25:06 - Durff
are networks the tools or the people the tools connect?

25:21 - matt montagne
Nice example of teaching perspective through social networking...a civil rights facebook project done in ning:

25:21 - Marianne
twitter too slow for students who text on cell phones

25:22 - Doug Henry
Is the network just the tools?

25:26 - Dimitris Tzouris
the people are the network

25:33 - Dimitris Tzouris
social neetworking

25:35 - kyteacher
My students are afraid that someone in my Twitter network is going to kidnap me at a conference

25:41 - Marianne
@Doug no way the netwrok is the people using the tools

25:55 - Rushton
@kyteacher LOL

26:08 - matt montagne
also, my hang-up with ning is that people thing they are "safer" in comparison to facebook...they aren' all...there are many ning networks with "adult" content

26:13 - Meredith
last week what I learned about Diigo I can use this morning to save the links to check out later .. so much easier

26:50 - Lee
Diigo is awesomely powerful. Not yet tapped in my case.

26:54 - Russ Goerend
Interested to see what's different between Classroom 2.0 and Learn Central.

26:58 - Tammie
I find I just can't keep up with all of my educational social networks

27:00 - Rushton
Learn Central - give it a try with one or two folks using the free vRoom. Good stuff.

27:04 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
I started my students using delicious as they can share their research

27:05 - Tammie
a good problem, I guess

27:14 - matt montagne
my point about ning is that, like facebook and any other social networking tool, it is just a nuetral platform--it can be used for both good and bad.

27:22 - Tiffani
what are good social networking sites for students to use?

27:25 - Fred Hickmon
I love social networking, but who can you trust?

27:39 - Dimitris Tzouris
anyone using edmodo?

27:41 - Russ Goerend

27:46 - Kim Caise
kyteacher: My students are afraid that someone in my Twitter network is going to kidnap me at a conference too funny @kyteacher

27:47 - Russ Goerend
jinx, dimitris

27:47 - clinds
I signed up for a Diigo account on Tuesday and haven't heard back about my educator account. Does it take a little while? I'm hoping it didn't get blocked before it hit my school email.

27:49 - Sue Rea
students using ning for asynchronous discussion on novels & topics in English Classes. But now ning is blocked - can we have a Education verison of ning ?

27:50 - Rushton
@Fred trust isn't a function of the site, but of careful interaction over time

27:51 - matt montagne
@tiffani...for high school students, facebook is a fantastic platform, depending on the end game and instructional purpose

27:52 - Fred Hickmon
Sorry I don't have a mike!

28:01 - Tammie
I adore Edmodo!

28:05 - Durff
@Dimitris I use Edmodo in the Spring with 7th

28:06 - Meghan Connelly
I use Free and closed, safe - no student emails required. Teachers control student accounts, moderated, FREE

28:08 - Sue Rea
edmodo - love it !!

28:13 - Lesley E
edmodo - yes!

28:17 - JBoudrye
My challenge is getting teachers and students to recognize that all of the tech tools in the world won't help if they don't THINK

28:21 - Becky
anyone using Epals? (moderated)

28:22 - kyteacher
Loving edmodo...just started using last week.

28:27 - Dimitris Tzouris
diigo is one of the most powerful tools ever

28:29 - Kim Caise
i havent gotten into the using edmodo to its capabilities

28:31 - Meghan Connelly
Really - FREE and free from advertising too at

28:35 - Rushton
ePals (free) and iEARN (small cost) are great tools

28:37 - Meredith
I want to learn more about epals today

28:44 - Tiffani
@ matt thanks, anything for elementary?

28:45 - Dimitris Tzouris
annotating the web while sharing and having comments on webpages

28:47 - Kim Caise
i agree @dimitris

28:50 - jeacosta
switching computer... return in a moment...

28:50 - Sue Rea
some school need to track who posted what for security ... how do we conivince admins. use of social networks are valuable ?

28:50 - Sheri Edwards
thanks for info meghan

29:03 - Meghan Connelly

29:03 - Becky
Jsut begingin to use it for a new project. Wondering about others experience

29:05 - Durff
@JBoudrye exactly! learners must think before they leap!

29:09 - Meredith
< ==admin

29:11 - Dimitris Tzouris
when i am logged in, i sometimes stumble upon comments on various websites

29:11 - Deb Boatwright
Someone told me how important the profile page is..

29:14 - Tammie
edmodo means I don't have to drag piles of papers home to grade

29:15 - Dimitris Tzouris
it's like a surprise

29:16 - Shamblesguru
Over 50 Social Network Sites listed at .... not including virtual worlds

29:25 - Durff
hey Shambles!

29:29 - Rebecca Smith
Is edmodo free?

29:32 - Kim Caise
great link @shambles

29:34 - Russ Goerend
@rebecca yes

29:36 - matt montagne
@Tiffani...for elementary students I think moodle, wikis, and/or blogs would be great social network tools

29:37 - Tammie
edmodo is free

29:37 - kyteacher
@Rebecca Yes

29:38 - Kim Caise
yes @rebecca it is free

29:45 - Deb Boatwright
Profile keywords create connections

29:54 - Leigh Zeitz
Here is a resource page I use when I do Professional Development

29:55 - Rebecca Smith
will check it out. Like not having to haul papers home.

29:55 - Kim Caise
definitely @deb

30:13 - Durff
and for teaching online safety

30:16 - clinds
I'm struggling because my school doesn't want any student info/work on outside servers so there are so many amazing tools I want to use but can't right now.

30:21 - Rebecca Smith
I am going to use my wiki for 4th grade science as an assessment.

30:27 - Durff
by what they put online and what they do not

30:42 - Deb Boatwright
Please explain how some of these are connected....

30:49 - Durff
@clinds can you use pseudos?

30:51 - Becky
ePals is supposed to be safe, moderated by instructor

31:05 - Sue Rea
@clinds - same issue here. How do we convince administrators - soc. netwk. is good thing ??

31:06 - Christie
@Durff - has a online internet safety course - it is not free

31:06 - Deb Boatwright
I think learn central log on is connected to Classroom 2.0

31:07 - mickiz
but I've understood it can't be an external site ...

31:19 - matt montagne
@clinds...that is too bad that your school doesn't allow data to be stored outside of the school network. So many missed opportunities there.

31:25 - lars
any opinion on google apps, or google wave, in relation to social netoworking4learning?

31:34 - Leigh Zeitz
Cindy Wallace, your link didn't work.

31:37 - Kim Caise
the audio, video recording and chat log will be recorded later this weekend on our website at

31:50 - Durff
@Christie online safety instruction is all our responsibility

31:51 - Sue Rea
that is why schools need ITS personel !! or Instructional coaches

31:52 - Dimitris Tzouris
children nowadays know more than teachers

31:53 - Cindy Wallace
@Leigh let me try again

32:04 - Dimitris Tzouris
and are more active and connected to technology

32:07 - Deb Boatwright
Need a dummies guide

32:10 - Deb Boatwright

32:13 - Sheri Edwards
I'm starting to use google apps in class

32:14 - Leigh Zeitz
Rebecca, I have a Google Wave account but haven't used it much.

32:27 - annepatrick
just get in and try

32:32 - Dimitris Tzouris
i would like a google wave invite, thank you :)

32:34 - Lee
teachers need to try things out for their own interest first, then figure out if it might work in a classroom.

32:36 - Durff
@Dimitris Amen! They all know more than I do and I tell them that all the time

32:37 - loonyhiker
hi y'all - sorry i'm late

32:38 - clinds
@ Durff - I'm trying to convince that we can use outside servers and not reveal student's names and locations. Still working on it.

32:44 - Durff
hi looney

32:45 - Kim Caise
great point @rushton

32:47 - mickiz
I don't think it's an issue that students KNOW more - but that they do more at home - things we can't do in the schools....

33:02 - Lesley E
Teachers need to show students how to act and participate online. How to introduce themselves, respond to questions and comments in an appropriate way.

33:16 - Dimitris Tzouris
and teach them the rules

33:19 - Gideon Burton
Anyone here focused on higher ed uses of social networking?

33:19 - Carrie
I agree

33:20 - Rebecca Smith

33:23 - Dimitris Tzouris
e.g. chat rules

33:25 - kyteacher
@clinds Don't give up. While I often get frustrated with what I can't do at school, we are making slow progress. I keep pushing for more and more...

33:25 - Rushton
I agree with Will R's comment - it has to happen at a personal level first.

33:27 - Durff
@clinds I have learners use pseudos and avatars they make at portrait illustrator

33:28 - Deb Boatwright
some of it is communication overload.

33:33 - Caroline - Florida
I'm working on a project that is involving HS students in Australia and Florida. We've used MS Live to launch these four classrooms meeting one another, using NING to allow these students and faculty to stay connected with one another, and of course we are encouraging use of SKYPE and any other tools that will help them to connect across the ocean.

33:40 - Rushton

33:42 - Shamblesguru .... is an alternative to Ning for setting up you own online Social Network ... is anyone here using it?

33:42 - Dimitris Tzouris

34:03 - Durff
not I shambles

34:13 - Cindy Wallace
@ Leigh Here is the longer version: Amazing wiki!!!

34:25 - Marianne
looking at linking students anywhere on discussing energy (fuel) use around the world and what is sustainable

34:25 - Sue Rea
never heard of will check it out. thanks

34:25 - Durff
thanks Cindy

34:31 - JBoudrye
Teachers need to be information and technology literate to ensure students use technology critically and effectively

34:45 - Lesley E
teachers as learners along with their students make great role models

34:48 - Durff
i disagrsee

35:02 - Rebecca Smith
Can't be afraid to try.

35:10 - mickiz
Cindy - nice site!!

35:12 - carolyn hassard
kids teach us to use computer; we teach them to be critical

35:16 - Marianne
i diagree as well. Teachers can learn by doing with the students

35:22 - Durff
we don't need to know how to use specific tools in order to teach learners to think

35:24 - kyteacher
Love going to students for ideas...encourages them to take responsibility for own learning

35:24 - bkappus
learning curve is steeper for an immigrant and available time is always a problem.

35:32 - Dimitris Tzouris
is anyone collecting all chat messages in order to get some juice out of them ?

35:38 - carolyn hassard
i am

35:39 - Rebecca Smith
Access is a problem sometimes. Not enough laptops.

35:44 - matt montagne
Important findings from a recent Pew study on the Internet, social networking, and social isolation:

35:46 - Dimitris Tzouris

35:48 - Steve Hargadon
All the chat gets recorded.

35:49 - Lesley E
the chat will be available in the archive

35:49 - carolyn hassard
you don't need access at school

35:51 - Durff
can save at end Dimitri

36:02 - Rushton
Definitely - college teachers are very nervous about this stuff.

36:05 - carolyn hassard
its a great way to connect kids as learners - collarobartively - beyond school

36:07 - Rebecca Smith
I need to experiment with them with laptops in the classroom.

36:09 - carolyn hassard
it feeds into school

36:09 - Dimitris Tzouris
i know, i am asking if anyone is willing to do some processing

36:12 - Russ Goerend
Mine aren't

36:17 - Braddo
Disagree here. Students use the tools, but see them as learning tools

36:19 - Deb Boatwright
For me education is experiencing a GREAT DIVIDE I see some home schoolers doing amazing things... My school is going backward with technology because of money, testing etc.

36:29 - Russ Goerend
My kids have never heard of any of the tools I use with them: blogs, twitter, wikis, skype

36:30 - annepatrick
agree deb!!

36:30 - Gideon Burton
@Braddo I agree with you

36:31 - Rick (VA)
@Gideon I teach web2.0 concepts and social networking apps and strategies in higher ed. What's your approach?

36:33 - Rushton
Well said, Leigh.

36:34 - Braddo
but don't see them as learning tools

36:34 - Dimitris Tzouris
and create summaries

36:37 - cinciKaren
Skype--now has screen--the possibilities are endless

36:37 - Dimitris Tzouris
links etc

36:45 - MikeT
when teachers see themselves controlling instruction like this, it is 19th century teaching

36:51 - cinciKaren
Sorry screen share--

36:51 - matt montagne
NSBA's report on social networking from two years ago shows that 60% of students talk about school in their social networks

36:58 - Russ Goerend
We're possibly making generalizations that need age-qualifiers.

37:00 - Dimitris Tzouris
skype has a whiteboard now?

37:10 - Meredith
I thought the comment on 2.0 that I read last night was worth repeating about the legal ramifications of opening the k 16 world to all of these resources

37:10 - Gideon Burton
@Rick (VA) Do you use web2.0 incidentally to traditional courses or in a dedicated course?

37:11 - Lesley E
skype has screen sharing

37:14 - Russ Goerend
My 6th graders are NOT-digitally literate whatsoever.

37:14 - annepatrick
we have to hand over the reins to the students - be willing to do that

37:16 - kyteacher
Also important to model your own learning for students.

37:16 - cinciKaren
Screen share--skype

37:18 - Leigh Zeitz
Do you friend with your students? Is it a professional thing to do?

37:22 - Deb Boatwright
I benefit from Social Networking at night.. sort of secret society not connected to school..

37:30 - matt montagne
YES, I do friend with students Leigh

37:40 - Dimitris Tzouris
almost 100 ppl in here wow

37:44 - matt montagne
I am facebook friends with many current and past students

37:45 - Russ Goerend
what age are your students, matt?

37:48 - Russ Goerend
does that matter?

37:50 - mickiz

37:51 - matt montagne
high school Russ

38:33 - Rushton
@Russ @matt montagne - Friending is fine; just like in-person, we do have the responsibility to have appropriate communication

38:33 - Durff
a previous student of mine just joined twitter - yes they are following me

38:38 - matt montagne
I don't initiate the friend request, but if a student initiates then I accept it...

38:40 - Meredith
really .. did you help guide them toward the education addition?

38:53 - Deb Boatwright
I think it will be outside of the school house that these tools will catch on...

38:55 - Shamblesguru
How about Linked In?

39:01 - Cindy Wallace
Agree with Matt

39:02 - Sue Rea
but on ning are some groups are inappropriate for school. Teachers can't use b/c admins. block ning. :(

39:03 - Dimitris Tzouris
linked in is more professional

39:05 - kyteacher
This si the first year I have current students folowing me on Twitter.

39:08 - carolyn hassard
i friend with students but DO NOT initiate contact - I leave the intiation of events completely to them

39:12 - carolyn hassard
I respon

39:15 - Durff
gtg get tires put on - see ya all online - take care!

39:17 - Lee
I don't like linked in

39:25 - Chris GR
Any schools have policies against student & teacher friending?

39:26 - Deb Boatwright
by durff

39:32 - carolyn hassard
Can we have more about why college teachers are very anxious about this?

39:45 - Rushton
@Lee - what puts you off about LinkedIn, if I may ask?

39:55 - matt montagne
@Chris...lots of schools have policies against student-teacher connections on non-school owned social networks...

40:00 - Meredith
that is good humor

40:10 - Russ Goerend
@Rushton are you saying I have a responsibility to say yes to friend requests from students?

40:10 - Deb Boatwright
I am waiting for students to start joining the sessions.

40:11 - MikeT
carolyn for the same reasons some veteran K-12 teachers are anxous and resistant

40:19 - Chris GR
Ours wants to add one and I'm worried it is too broad

40:22 - Lee
strikes me as intrusive

40:26 - cinciKaren
Blogging is a great way to get students to write short responses in preparation for state testing

40:26 - matt montagne
How are we going to solve BIG problems if we don't use a mashup of networks with our youth in creative and innovative ways??

40:28 - Deb Boatwright
Virtual schools etc

40:30 - Gideon Burton
I've used facebook group pages teaching college classes successfully for a year

40:33 - Terry Anderson
I notcie however that many of the forum tools- especially those based on blogs, are not as full featured as those forums we are used to in Moodle and other LMS - thus some students feel like we are pushign a backwards discussion step.

40:38 - Judy Stephenson
Higher ed. faculty are reluctant because they feel they are so far behind and they think they will look stupid to students

40:47 - Dimitris Tzouris
anyone uses moodle ?

40:51 - Caroline - Florida
What is the advantage to groups over Ning?

40:51 - Leigh Zeitz
I think that University professors often are thought of as "experts" so if they don't know about what they are teaching, it does not fill that role.

40:56 - Deb Boatwright

41:04 - Sue Rea
@meredith - what was that comment? from where?

41:06 - Rick (VA)
It's a course on web2 but of course I try to model online social networking and collaboration strategies (its a work in prgress)

41:07 - cinciKaren
Yes--moodle for professional development

41:11 - MikeT
Interesting point Leigh

41:16 - dmurphy
what IS moodle?

41:23 - Dimitris Tzouris

41:30 - annepatrick
elementary through HS teachers are typically more willing to appear as non-experts to our students

41:30 - Deb Boatwright
Moodle is a course management tool that is free

41:33 - Leigh Zeitz
Is there a way that we can make this 7-line chat window in Elluminate larger?

41:35 - annepatrick
than college profs

41:38 - Joel
Its an online course management system

41:39 - carolyn hassard
Terry, I agree there are flow problems with many LMSs

41:40 - Stergios
hello everybody

41:43 - Russ Goerend
Leigh, in this context -- digital technology -- professors need to realize they are likely not experts *of the tools* but better be experts of educational uses

41:43 - Rushton
Moodle is an open-source content/course management system. Like Blackboard, but free.

41:47 - Gideon Burton
I've even found grad student instructors scared to use web2.0 tools in frosh writing b/c they don't want to appear as though they aren't experts in it

41:50 - Meredith
2.0 = free ... is there some background funding?

42:40 - Kim Caise
click on view and then on layout

42:42 - Russ Goerend
I use the "wide layout"

42:56 - Rebecca Smith
thanks! Like the wide layout.

42:58 - cinciKaren

43:00 - Leigh Zeitz
THANK YOU!!!! I can now see the chat!!!!!

43:04 - Sheri Edwards
I put my chat window over my participant window and enarge it too

43:05 - Dimitris Tzouris

43:08 - matt montagne
Teachers who have a social, constructivist philosophy regarding learning will tend to believe in social networks as legitimate learning spaces...those who believe in an instrutivist approach to learning will tend to discount social, online learning opportunities.

43:09 - kyteacher
Very nice.

43:09 - MikeT
Thank you

43:11 - Leigh Zeitz

43:21 - jeacosta
Thanx for the View tip!

43:29 - Gideon Burton
@matt true that

43:30 - loonyhiker
like the wide layout!

43:49 - carolyn hassard

43:53 - Meredith
events .. the reminders are terrific emails to receive on Fridays

44:01 - Rick (VA)
@Gideon - so the FB group pages are pretty much like other discussion forums sites? Or what's the advantage of FB groups?

44:04 - cinciKaren
Is their alternative for Ning yet?

44:09 - carolyn hassard
can someone give me an example of a facebook to join that is PD?

44:17 - Shamblesguru
A new Ning JUST set up for Schools in Hong Kong using Moodle ... I'm sure they would appreciate your support if a Moodle user ....

44:18 - mickiz
and if you unclick "layouts locked" you can resize each window !!

44:24 - Meredith
good question Carolyn

45:05 - Gideon Burton
@Rick (VA) - The great advantage of using FB group pages for discussion (esp. over something like Blackboard) is that they are already on FB all the time. They have thanked me for it being so much easier to respond and discuss

45:07 - mickiz
economy, testing, privacy issues....

45:09 - Chris GR
I'm as curious as Carolyn about professional Facebook gruop

45:09 - Sue Rea
Yes - sliding backwards due to testing !!!!!!!

45:12 - carolyn hassard
I hear whats being said here - its difficult to formulate significant online expereinces for students

45:31 - Rushton
Deb, I think the issue with the economy is whether folks are willing to try out free resources.

45:37 - Meghan Connelly
That's what I want SEEdebate to be someday - a worldwide discussion for students

45:43 - carolyn hassard
gideon can we see how this is working somewhere?

45:46 - Fred Hickmon
You can not legistlate learning.

45:58 - Meredith
data informs instruction .. don't test just for testing sake without drilling down and USING the data

46:00 - loonyhiker
I know I'm a fan of a special ed prof org on FB but other than that i don't know of any others

46:15 - Meghan Connelly
anyone want to collaborate with a 7th grade SS class?

46:32 - Fred Hickmon
yes where is your 7th grade class

46:40 - Meghan Connelly
CT, you?

46:48 - kyteacher
@Meghan I have 9th grade social studies classes. What are you looking for?

46:49 - Sue Rea
but also need email for ning and our middle schoolers re not allowed emails in school :(

46:50 - Fred Hickmon

46:53 - Leigh Zeitz
It that a COP legislation?

47:03 - Rushton

47:05 - Meghan Connelly
Nice! That would be some differences!

47:13 - Leigh Zeitz
Thanks, Rushton

47:16 - Gerry

47:22 - Joel
Does anyone want to skype with a 7th grade mathematics class?

47:33 - Fred Hickmon
yes my 2.0 name is coach hickmon

47:34 - kyteacher
@Sue can set up Ning accounts using a gmail account that students don't have access to.

47:35 - mickiz

47:38 - Lee
drupal is used here in Philly at, a newly created high school.

47:40 - Meghan Connelly
Sue - SEEdebate doesn't require email from students - only their teachers

47:42 - Rick (VA)
@Gideon - I'll have to look into FB groups. We have heard that students dont like to have their instructors in their FB space - doesnt sound like that's your experience?

47:42 - Meredith
what conference?

47:55 - Joel
By anyone in I mean other 7th grade math classes

48:03 - clinds
It was weird - when I was at a public school I wanted a class of students to do fundraising so they could each get a $300 netbook. The Principal said we couldn't do that, yet they do all this fundraising for class trips at the end of the year. Seems like priorities are sometimes whacky.

48:15 - matt montagne
social networking creates so many authentic learning opportunities...

48:18 - Deb Boatwright
IAEP is interesting group

48:44 - Gideon Burton
Here's a podcast I did on using FB in teaching college. Since then, have done a lot more and it's working great

48:44 - Deb Boatwright
So are we at the fringe

48:47 - Dimitris Tzouris
7th graders get a free net book in Greece

48:52 - Shamblesguru
Networking and Mentoring has always been key to cpd even before the internet ... sharing .... now it's possibly just a case of scaling up and greater accessibility

49:00 - Meghan Connelly
Hi Yvonne - that sounds great. How can I get in touch with you

49:00 - Rushton
Well said about the fringe and the center.

49:08 - annepatrick
how much time before our public school kids are even further and further behind in technology

49:08 - Deb Boatwright
I like thought

49:10 - Joel
Rushton--- was that response for me?

49:33 - matt montagne
how many users can be in the room with that Steve??

49:42 - Meghan Connelly
Dimitris - do you think your 7th graders would want to discuss current events with a school in CT on SEEdebate?

49:46 - Rebecca Smith
At least two districts in WA have adopted a laptop program for all 5-12th graders.

49:49 - Leigh Zeitz
The key is to get the administration to state that it is OK for teachers to try new things and fail - as long as they try.

49:51 - Russ Goerend
Wondering same thing, matt

50:00 - Gideon Burton
I love the concept of the long tail in education. So much possibility there

50:01 - Fred Hickmon
SEE Debate what is that?

50:01 - Sheri Edwards
RT matt montagne: how many users can be in the room with that Steve??

50:04 - clinds
@Joel - I have a 7th grade math teacher that might be interested. We're in Massachusetts. Where are you?

50:08 - matt montagne
it says it is limited to three people steve

50:12 - Russ Goerend
@Leigh, not just "state" but model

50:14 - Dimitris Tzouris
sure, i can ask the school master

50:15 - Deb Boatwright
Sue Waters..

50:17 - Stergios
@Dimitris: There is no network culture, neither ITC culture in Greece

50:17 - Meghan Connelly
Thanks Yvonne - I'll send mine to you too

50:21 - annepatrick
how can we try without technology in our hands and in more importantly in our kids' hands

50:22 - Shamblesguru
Did anyone see the screencasts I did about Webinars last week .... I embedded them in Learn Central (Shamblesguru)

50:27 - Leigh Zeitz
Yes, the model is important.

50:31 - Terry Anderson
One of the big advanatges of elgg, druple,moodle is that they can be hosted locally, thus having capacity to insure persistence and privacy controls - at the cost of doing one's own IT support.

50:33 - matt montagne
ahh, thanks Steve

50:38 - Leigh Zeitz
Mode and more importantly Support!!!

50:41 - Dimitris Tzouris
@Stergios we are getting there

50:42 - Greg
but only one group at a time?

50:44 - Kim Caise
i have resources i can send you to help host a webinar

50:49 - Joel
Thanks, I didn't know that.

51:00 - Fred Hickmon
please send me the resources

51:03 - matt montagne
good point, Rushton

51:18 - Deb Boatwright
someone said four in total

51:24 - Rick (VA)
@Gideon -- thanks for resource - will check it out and comment back to you.

51:27 - annepatrick
we did it with 5 which shocked me

51:29 - Meredith
we will have mini courses in "How to be an Excellent Moderator"!

51:29 - Joel
I'm in Uppper Michigan

51:31 - annepatrick
cause it said only 4

51:32 - annepatrick

51:32 - Kim Caise
we tried and it 3 total

51:35 - Kim Caise

51:35 - Rushton

51:38 - annepatrick
we did :-)

51:41 - Stergios
I have tremendous difficulities to get there, my students don't know anything about ITC in education

51:47 - Leigh Zeitz

51:51 - Rushton
Maybe it has to do with how righteously you're living.

51:54 - matt montagne
speaking of social networking, here is a plug for the PeaceDot project:

51:54 - Rushton

52:17 - matt montagne
The PeaceDot project would be a great one to introduce to your demonstrates the power of global social networking

52:23 - mickiz
I love the concept of using facebook - the kids are already there (even if they aren't 13)

52:31 - Fred Hickmon
Oh yes I am new to all of this Meghan

52:36 - matt montagne
also connect with the peacedot project here:

52:36 - carolyn hassard
what is the long tail in education?

52:41 - annepatrick
rheingold's is amazing

52:43 - Meredith
library 2.0?

52:51 - Leigh Zeitz
How can you help us advertise the webinars?

52:52 - Deb Boatwright
When is rheingold again?

52:52 - Gideon Burton
@matt montagne - peaceDot looks interesting

53:00 - Russ Goerend
a great way to start your classroom seeing how kids are using web tools is with the #comments4kids project:

53:01 - Stergios
how can introduce social networking to a class, not ITC oriented?

53:09 - Gerry
For now, Elluminate is available to all schools in British Columbia

53:20 - Meghan Connelly
Fred - its an online discussion forum for students - free, safe, moderated, teacher controlled.

53:25 - Meredith
wow .. all schools

53:38 - matt montagne
@Gideon...PeaceDot is an interesting movement and would be a great thing to share with your is evidence of meaningful, powerful social networking for social change

53:45 - cinciKaren
Anyone used It is awesome!

53:53 - Leigh Zeitz
How can you help us advertise the webinars?

53:56 - Gideon Burton
@carolyn hassard - the long tail in education is enabling niche interests/subjects to line up with specialists and niche communities, unbounded by the traditional constraints of curriculum, location, etc.

54:05 - Kim Caise
we had a classroom 2.0 live session on glogster edu

54:11 - Chris GR
Has anyone use

54:12 - Rushton
What cool things have others seen happen with 2.0 tools?

54:17 - clinds
@cinciKaren - I love Glogster but had problems with freezing/very slow. Have you had this problem?

54:18 - Leigh Zeitz
Cincikaren - How do you use Glogster?

54:19 - matt montagne
@Gideon -- my students will be doing a series of webinars that share the peaceDot movement with others who are interested...

54:21 - mickiz
I wish facebook would fix up their "groups" - what a mess!

54:27 - Fred Hickmon
May I have a site calle webinars for dummies?

54:43 - matt montagne
@mickis... groups in facebook seem to be pages in facebook ROCKS!!!

54:52 - cinciKaren
The new web 2.0 is being released this month--not slow--network issues/

55:15 - Leigh Zeitz
we are working with Vicki Davis and her students in Flat Classroom...They do a good job of integrating Ning, Wiki, Skype and ???

55:43 - Leigh Zeitz
how are you using FaceBook in schools?

55:44 - Chris GR
todaysmeet lets you do "twitter-like" things with only those you invite

55:45 - matt montagne
Here is evidence that facebook is making a difference with social change:

55:53 - Dimitris Tzouris
so anyone willing to send me a google wave invite already ? ;p

55:54 - cinciKaren
For glogster--niew being releasedthis month teaming with museums--should take care ofthe audio issues--network slow--perhaps

56:12 - matt montagne
@leigh...see that to see how facebook can be used in schools...

56:24 - Leigh Zeitz
Thanks, Matt

56:36 - Lesley E

56:38 - kyteacher
I'm gathering social studies examples of Web 2.0 "projects" here:

56:39 - carolyn hassard
thanks gideon

56:57 - Meredith
be sure to get administrators involved in learncentral so they can support teachers using it and advertise it

56:59 - matt montagne
also, be sure to check out PBWorks' PeaceDot page at

57:10 - kyteacher
Use the site to share ideas with my students as they work on their own projects.

57:19 - Fred Hickmon
ky teacher I am on my way.

57:22 - Rushton
Now that I think about it, I have a major 1.0 barrier to using social networks - I'm trying to keep up with e-mail. Thought of that as Deb was speaking.

57:30 - Leigh Zeitz
kyteacher; You probably already have

57:50 - Lesley E
@kyteacher great page, thanks!

57:56 - Russ Goerend
Gotta go. Have a great weekend everybody!

57:57 - Gideon Burton
@Leigh Zeitz - Here's my podcast on using FB in teaching college ( and here's one of my course FB pages (check out discussions - a Shakespeare course -

58:01 - Kim Caise

58:11 - annepatrick
dimitris - private me your email - i'll give you a googlewave invite

58:11 - Leigh Zeitz
Peace Facebook project looks awesome!

58:18 - Deb Boatwright
home schooling?

58:22 - Steve Hargadon
New white paper from me:

58:25 - clinds
I have a teacher who wants to record audio and video of her class and post on Moodle for students who are absent or who need to see lesson again. Any ideas for what tool I should recommend?

58:48 - Gideon Burton
@clinds - best lecture recording system is Camtasia

58:51 - Braddo
I've used IM to do this

58:52 - Deb Boatwright
More specific question

59:01 - Ben
screen share tutorials

59:06 - Ben
like JING

59:10 - carolyn hassard
maybe use more digital images / games??

59:11 - Tammy Moore
We have a really busy Ning network that is running beside out Elluminate and Moodle.

59:11 - Dimitris Tzouris
camtasia is not free right?

59:14 - Sue Rea
use video tutorials ( ie. via Jing ) to demo. some of these

59:19 - Braddo
and have had to develop a whole curric to teach how to use sn tools as educ tools

59:19 - Kim Caise
no camtasia is not free

59:20 - Ben

59:32 - Sue Rea
love screencast too

59:32 - Kim Caise
jing is made by the same people and that is free

59:39 - matt montagne
@Leigh -- Facebook's PeaceDot page is unbelievable... Can innovation through social networking lead to peace??

59:52 - annepatrick
jing limits to 5 minutes though

59:59 - Gideon Burton
Camtasia for Mac is $99 and fantastic for recording lectures / screencasts

1:00:13 - Rushton
Tara, it may be the issue of what's required - if there's a grade, they'll do it.

1:00:19 - Becky
Tara: Can't you provide a link to outside resources within your LMS?

1:00:21 - Kim Caise
check our archives as we had a great show with lorna about screencasting

1:00:23 - Steve Hargadon
We're going over time. If you have to leave, don't feel any hesitation to exit out of the program. Sure glad to have you here today!

1:00:28 - Kim Caise
screentoast is free

1:00:31 - Leigh Zeitz
Can't you just make direct links to the other sites like Steve does?

1:00:35 - Steve Hargadon
But if you want to stay, we'll stay active for some more time to answer questions.

1:01:02 - matt montagne
that is a great idea Karen!

1:01:04 - Sue Rea
Steve - do you do virtual Keynotes for conferences?

1:01:12 - Eric Siegel
By middle school, kids often have unlearned thinking independently, so it can take time to help them take the initiative.

1:01:17 - carolyn hassard
IT sound like you want to be able to open the new interface inside the LMS window for the kids

1:01:19 - Kim Caise
there are tons of free screencast tools

1:01:20 - matt montagne
Students should be encouraged to make their own custom, personalized information dashboards

1:01:32 - Steve Hargadon
@Sue: surprisingly often!

1:01:37 - kyteacher
@Meghan To which site? I'll happily add... :-)

1:01:44 - matt montagne
We shouldn't be making the information dashboards for our kids...we should be working with them to create their own

1:01:45 - Gideon Burton
@matt - what's a personalized info dashboard? You mean a PLN?

1:01:58 - Lesley E
Thanks for the great session! Have to go now.

1:02:04 - Sue Rea
I would like to contact you about an event we are sponsoring in 2010. How can I contact you ?

1:02:06 - Shamblesguru
For screencasting ... up to 5 mins ... free ... no software .... looks exactly the same on PC and Mac ..... see my examples at

1:02:15 - clinds
Has anyone used Ecamm on a mac to record skype sessions? Much more reasonable than Camtasia and might work for recording teacher lessons?

1:02:16 - Steve Hargadon

1:02:24 - Braddo
Just as we've tught kids the value of pencil & paper as a learning tool, we have to teach that sm tools have value as educ tools

1:02:25 - Steve Hargadon
List of social networks in education.

1:02:27 - Gerry
@terry is the elgg "open"

1:02:28 - matt montagne
@Gideon...a personalized dashboard is a custom built filter page...maybe something like pageflakes or iGoogle or a mahup thereof...

1:02:33 - Christie
thanks for the information - got a lot to over... :)

1:02:41 - Deb Boatwright
Great to see five folks waiting to speak :)

1:02:57 - Gideon Burton
@matt - is that something you've developed? link?

1:02:58 - Tara Bladow
Thanks for the helpful tips everyone :-)

1:02:58 - Dimitris Tzouris
Thank you so much

1:03:03 - matt montagne
@Gideon...I'd like to see us coaching students to build their own dashboards...

1:03:12 - Dimitris Tzouris
this has been very interesting

1:03:14 - Rebecca Smith
Thank you1

1:03:14 - Doug Henry
Weeble looks promising for Middle Schoolers

1:03:22 - Dimitris Tzouris
my regards to everyone

1:03:29 - Sheri Edwards
thanks all, must go...

1:03:33 - Kim Caise
weebly educational is great for using with students

1:03:35 - Fred Hickmon
please contact me anyone on classroom 2.0 this sounds great coach hickmon

1:03:38 - Kim Caise
take care sheri

1:03:43 - Sue Rea is awesome for middle schoolers!!

1:03:44 - Sheri Edwards
you too :0

1:03:55 - kyteacher
@Meghan Yes...I see now. Will add to the History Lab site.

1:03:57 - Gerry
Twitter is my best pro-d at the moment

1:04:00 - Kim Caise
see you on plurk and eracismproject!

1:04:00 - Sue Rea
With Skype can you have more than 1 to 1 contact ?

1:04:08 - Kim Caise
yes @sue

1:04:13 - Kim Caise
up to 20 people in a chat

1:04:19 - matt montagne, I'm far away from that with the school I work at...but it is something I aim toward...we spend an incredible amt of time teaching kids how to magage papers in binders, books in their lockers, backpacks, etc...but we spend very little time helping kids manage information in the digital world

1:04:25 - Meredith
mini social neyworking group

1:04:33 - Shamblesguru
Some answers to that question at

1:04:35 - Deb Boatwright
get idea for a saturday session

1:04:36 - cinciKaren
Sue--Ithink up to 20

1:04:53 - Kim Caise

1:04:57 - Kim Caise
wrong link

1:05:05 - Kim Caise

1:05:06 - Gideon Burton
@matt - I see. A good goal. Have you followed the PNL (personal learning network) thread?

1:05:06 - Sue Rea
@cincikaren - will have to check it out. never done 20 .. have you ?

1:05:12 - Terry Anderson
@Gerry yes elgg is 'open' see

1:05:39 - Meghan Connelly
Yes Kim -

1:05:46 - Kim Caise
thanks meghan

1:05:55 - Meghan Connelly
thank you!

1:06:23 - matt montagne
@Gideon...I have indeed been following PLN threads/conversations...

1:06:29 - Deb Boatwright
Tammy your model for home schooling is awesome!

1:06:36 - Steve Hargadon

1:06:38 - Tara Bladow
Good point Tammy - I guess I do see that. The students who join me in elluminate are the ones who got the wiki and blog right away!

1:07:08 - cinciKaren
Thanks Steve!

1:07:12 - Steve Hargadon
I'll stay!

1:07:31 - Deb Boatwright
It's a great conversatoin.

1:07:37 - Marianne
farewell till next week

1:07:42 - carolyn hassard
this has been fabulous! thanks!

1:07:47 - Meghan Connelly
Sounds good!

1:07:56 - Steve Hargadon
Should be great!

1:07:56 - Leigh Zeitz
By thw way, Steve and Kim. We are giving our Undergraduate students extra credit if they experience and process your Classroom 2.0 Live webinars.

1:07:57 - matt montagne
Steve...thanks for sharing the whitepaper link...quite useful!

1:08:02 - Sue Rea
Awesome session - thanks everyone!!

1:08:09 - Steve Hargadon
Cool, Leigh!

1:08:28 - Kim Caise

1:08:28 - matt montagne
Thanks to the entire CR20 team for their work in sustaining this phenomenal free professional development opportunity!!!!

1:08:28 - Gideon Burton
@Leigh - great idea to involve u-grads

1:08:31 - clinds
It would be great if you can post archives of Sue Waters' sessions. I'd love to see the recent ones that I missed.

1:08:44 - Greg
@terry - I am interested in the same PD questions

1:08:57 - Deb Boatwright

1:09:00 - Steve Hargadon
Sue's sessions are all recorded and posted as well at

1:09:04 - Dimitris Tzouris

1:09:08 - Meghan Connelly
that's a nice feature - the certificate

1:09:23 - Tara Bladow
Love the certificate idea!

1:09:29 - Greg
Thanks, Steve!

1:09:30 - Leigh Zeitz
thank you for providing this webinar. THANKS STEVE!!!!

1:09:34 - McTeach
Thanks Steve! For all you do!!!

1:09:35 - Deb Thonus
Thank you Steve!

1:09:41 - Leigh Zeitz

1:09:44 - Tiffani
Thank you, this was a great session!

1:09:47 - Steve Hargadon
So glad to be a part of this network!

1:09:55 - jeacosta
Thanks for a great session!

1:09:56 - mickiz
Thank you!

1:10:07 - kyteacher
Thank you. Another great session!

1:10:17 - Leigh Zeitz
What is the correct link to the Survey?

1:10:20 - Dimitris Tzouris

1:10:32 - Meghan Connelly
Going over is a sign of a good session

1:10:33 - Margie Senter
Thank you!

1:10:35 - Stergios
thanks too!

1:10:40 - loonyhiker
thank you! this was really interesting!

1:10:44 - Leigh Zeitz
Going over means that you have an active audience.

1:10:46 - Elena
time well spent

1:11:01 - clinds
Thanks Steve! It was great to hear from so many people!

1:11:09 - dmurphy
link to survey please thanks!

1:11:10 - Elena
Would you send the survey link again

1:11:25 - Steve Hargadon

1:11:36 - Deb Boatwright
No survey at the end when you close out it will pop up.

1:11:50 - Dimitris Tzouris

1:11:59 - matt montagne
Steve, can I use the eluminate room with a group of students??

1:12:03 - Kim Caise
@leigh the survey will automatically open

1:12:04 - Meghan Connelly
I'd like to do a webinar to get international classes working together online

1:12:06 - Kim Caise
absolutely matt

1:12:24 - Kim Caise
just let me know when you would like do to host your session and i can be there to help you

1:12:32 - Deb Boatwright

1:12:42 - matt montagne
@kim...great to know...I'm thinking our student PeaceDot team will use eluminiate to host webinars to inform others about the PeaceDot room

1:12:45 - Meghan Connelly
Steve - partners with PBS newshour

1:12:52 - matt montagne
*not room, but movement

1:13:01 - matt montagne
great idea steve

1:13:02 - Becky
YES! Great way to practice

1:13:03 - Gideon Burton
I'd like to do a webinar on self-directed learning using learning outcomes + web2.0 tools

1:13:07 - Greg
i think that would relieve a lot of stress

1:13:18 - matt montagne
@gideon...great sounding topic

1:13:18 - cinciKaren
Unconference seems less frightening

1:13:20 - Deb Boatwright
Steve so little chats

1:13:22 - Steve Hargadon

1:13:29 - Gideon Burton
Great, thanks, Steve

1:13:29 - Meghan Connelly
Students discuss some of their educational videos

1:13:36 - annepatrick
unconference is a good concept

1:13:38 - Eileen K
Thanks for all the information Steve.

1:13:40 - annepatrick
not intimidating

1:13:59 - dmurphy
logging off thanks so much!

1:14:02 - Deb Boatwright
Steve do you mean moderator with training wheels?

1:14:36 - Tammy Moore
I like that "Moderating with thraining wheels' :)

1:14:49 - Meghan Connelly
me too!

1:14:54 - Gideon Burton
A book-centered approach to a webinar would be great. Disrupting Class - excellent

1:14:58 - Greg
A link to a list from the LearnCentral home page?

1:15:16 - Kim Caise
the white paper is also in our links

1:15:17 - Kim Caise

1:15:31 - Kim Caise
along with other articles and website resources

1:15:43 - kyteacher
I like the idea.

1:15:44 - Dimitris Tzouris
signing off, take care everyone

1:15:51 - McTeach
Kim...the glam link sends me to the main glam website

1:15:52 - Kim Caise
bye dimitris

1:15:57 - Dimitris Tzouris
bye bye

1:16:01 - Dimitris Tzouris

1:16:03 - annepatrick
well and wondering "if you build it, will they come"

1:16:21 - Becky
Can we use a wiki to suggest discussions and schedule the talks?

1:16:26 - Kim Caise

1:16:32 - annepatrick
yeah or tech in primary grades :-)

1:16:32 - Kim Caise
you have to put the underscore at the end

1:16:38 - Kim Caise
thank you for pointing that out

1:16:58 - Tammy Moore

1:16:58 - annepatrick
but when you have so many - you can't keep track

1:16:58 - McTeach
That works! Thank you!!

1:16:59 - annepatrick

1:17:03 - matt montagne
I don't think we do need to encourage people to speak orally

1:17:08 - cinciKaren
In my ITEC classes--read articles and then discussion board--I do like the audio component that is missing

1:17:11 - annepatrick
if there was a way to access profiles from the room

1:17:14 - Gerry
Sometimes we participate from places that audio is not practical.

1:17:16 - annepatrick
from the participants list

1:17:17 - matt montagne
some peopel can contribute in other ways beside oral contributions

1:17:49 - annepatrick
yeah agreed, but the moderators have all be VERY welcoming

1:17:53 - annepatrick
and encouraging

1:18:12 - Becky
@matt: I agree, social networks don't have to be oral

1:18:14 - annepatrick
we did this years ago in a community called Moms Online

1:18:23 - annepatrick
we had an open room and topic rooms

1:18:30 - annepatrick
and people would just drop in and chat

1:18:42 - Elena
sounds great

1:18:44 - Becky
If conversation is completely oral, it stops others from conversing

1:18:44 - Tammy Moore
Having a few extroverts comfortable with the topic adds the greese to get the machinery of conversation going.;)

1:18:44 - Gerry
@davecormier did a session the other day on libraries and open ed - we all built the slides together.

1:18:50 - cinciKaren
Drop In Center--for the name?

1:18:50 - Tammy Moore

1:18:59 - annepatrick
and other times when you want to just listen

1:19:33 - Elena
too busy testing

1:19:37 - annepatrick
yeah an online teachers' "lounge"

1:19:43 - annepatrick
water cooler

1:19:44 - cinciKaren
Topic Drop In Center

1:20:07 - Gideon Burton
@Becky - you are right about oral conversation being limited. That's why I love supplementing my classroom time with asynchronous FB discussions

1:20:08 - matt montagne
I'd love to have an unconference on re-thinking staff meetings in our schools...

1:20:15 - Shamblesguru
How about an open mic session following a formal presentation .... you are actually modelling it now

1:20:31 - matt montagne
staff meeting formats haven't changed very much

1:20:34 - Tammy Moore
That is a good idea Shambles

1:20:43 - matt montagne
I can do that steve

1:20:50 - clinds
I really like the idea of having a place to hear about specific successful projects that educators are doing with students and also having the opportunity to ask questions when we are trying to figure something out. Sometimes when I put ?s on Twitter I don't get any responses and it would help to have a live group to ask.

1:20:59 - annepatrick
love it

1:21:02 - Deb Boatwright
me too

1:21:12 - cinciKaren
Or after an inservice--open mic session

1:21:13 - matt montagne
K...thanks Steve and Kim

1:21:19 - kyteacher
@clinds I would like that too,

1:21:24 - Kim Caise
sure thing matt

1:21:27 - Becky
how are we going to find out about the presentation mat sets up?

1:21:30 - Deb Boatwright
losing you steve

1:21:32 - Mozert
I think that's a great idea as well... open mic after formal sessions

1:21:39 - Deb Boatwright
turn on everyones mic

1:21:48 - annepatrick
yeah after real-life in-service and meetings we are all too tired - online is easier for this sort of thing

1:21:52 - Deb Boatwright
I stay because I do not want to leave

1:21:54 - matt montagne
Kim does a great job of keeping the conversation going after 10

1:21:58 - Tammy Moore
Everyone is all warmed up after the Live show. :)

1:22:15 - cinciKaren
Opah does something after her show online

1:22:19 - annepatrick
less intimidating after the formal presentation

1:22:21 - Stergios
bye and thnx!

1:22:24 - cinciKaren

1:22:29 - Becky
OMG! Turn on everyones mic? Chaos!

1:22:32 - Deb Boatwright

1:22:34 - Tammy Moore

1:22:39 - matt montagne
what platofrm is learn central built on??

1:22:41 - Deb Boatwright

1:22:43 - Ben
how do i use elgg?

1:22:51 - Ben
i need to have a host server, right?

1:23:02 - Tammy Moore
*Matt - I think they are building it from the ground up.

1:23:04 - Mozert
I've always tried to hang around after conferences in person... and learn so much more

1:23:04 - Meghan Connelly
Thanks everyone?

1:23:18 - Gideon Burton
Thanks all

1:23:20 - matt montagne
wow, great drupal site

1:23:21 - Ben
so is it hard to do?

1:23:24 - Ben
i've used ning tons

1:23:33 - Ben
so easy to use

1:23:47 - Ben
but elgg sounds like it will be better, just more complicated to set up

1:24:12 - Ben
would be awesome to have a tutorial on how to start an elgg group

1:24:47 - Deb Boatwright
Always get something.

1:25:18 - Joel
Thanks to all.

1:25:24 - Greg
bye now

1:25:54 - matt montagne

1:25:56 - Deb Boatwright
great thank you

1:25:58 - Gerry
how do we find your bookmarks - looks interesting

1:26:02 - Sheila T
Bye. Great info today.

1:26:04 - matt montagne
are times eastern in the event scheduler??

1:26:12 - Tammy Moore
Thanks Kim and Steve. :)

1:26:20 - Deb Boatwright
can we start with that one to have a conversation after?

1:26:22 - cinciKaren

1:26:27 - Deb Boatwright
Thanks for PD certificate

1:26:29 - kyteacher

1:26:37 - Deb Boatwright
Bye and thanks Kim

1:26:46 - Deb Boatwright
see you wednesday

1:26:49 - Kim Caise
bye everyone