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00:00 - Peggy George
I want to hear about those "snowy" places--can't believe the snow has already started in some places!

England - bight

00:03 - Elisabeth Abarbanel
beautiful and sunny maybe 75 - in los angeles

00:05 - Vicki IL
cloudy and 50 degrees in Springfield IL

00:07 - mvws
coldy, cool 44 in ne ks

00:11 - Leslie
A beautiful sunny but chilly (40's) in Maine!

00:14 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone!!!!

00:26 - Jason Epstein
hello everyone

00:40 - joycevalenza
welcome, jason!

great I can hear.

00:44 - chriswherley
from williamsvile IL hi Vicky IL

00:48 - Jason Epstein
Thanks Joyce!

00:49 - Peggy George
hooray ALASTAIR!!!

00:54 - Suzi H
Hi everyone! I didn't realize this was weekly!

thanks peggy

00:57 - CristinaLemos
Hi, from Leiria, Portugal: 25 degrees Celsius, sunny

01:07 - Vicki IL
Hi Chris I know Libby Letterly

01:12 - Peggy George
oh Cristina--Portugal sounds beautiful!!

01:45 - CristinaLemos
We are having summer temperatures but is autumn

01:54 - chriswherley
libby is great. I am going to be sure to share recording with her

01:55 - buffyjhamilton
Hi mb!

02:10 - mcteach
Good morning from northern california!!

02:42 - zmidler
Hey all from sunny Colorado!

02:42 - Peggy George
I love the wide layout when there is lots of fast-moving chat!!

02:46 - nancy anthony
hello from Boston Mass.

03:10 - Tammy Moore
It isn't yet on :)

03:11 - Jason Epstein
Joyce and Buffy, I am so happy you are doing this!

03:11 - Peggy George
Tammy is so awesome to help us with closed captioning every week!!

03:29 - Suzi H
I just switched to wide layout and it is great (thanks for mentioning this workshop Buffy!)

03:40 - clarissa
aloha from Honolulu! It's 6:05 am

03:50 - Jason Epstein
New here... is the recording going to be available after the fact?

03:51 - buffyjhamilton
Jason and Suzi, thank you! We are thrilled you have joined us today!

03:59 - Peggy George
that's really early clarissa! you're a trooper!!

04:12 - mireille
toronto, canada

04:19 - rena
Rena - Brooklyn - cold and damp

04:34 - Peggy George
come on Thailand! get your starburst up there!

04:39 - ConnieC
Connie: Cape Cod cool and overcast

04:40 - virginia alberti
ciao from Brescia italy

Thanks for the invitaion

04:54 - clinds
Saw snow in Boston yesterday! Sunny and cool now.

05:06 - Suzi H
mirelle: I live @ 2 hours south of you! :)

05:16 - chriswherley
tech coordinator at williamsville

05:17 - Valaina
love being able to view the ones I miss

05:30 - chriswherley
where are you at Vicki?

05:39 - virginia alberti
I haven't the check

05:46 - SarahSteiner
My checks and exes are greyed out!

05:47 - mvws
my icons are greyed out

05:49 - mireille
i don't have a check

05:49 - Peggy George
the check marks aren't active

05:49 - mb
Can't vote, Kim

05:51 - clinds
Green check isn't available?

05:51 - lindseyb16
check is grayed out

05:52 - Margaret
The checks are greyed out

05:53 - mcteach
me too

05:53 - LorraineL
can't vote kim

05:55 - zmidler
me too

The checks are not live for me

05:56 - Valaina
mine are grayed out too

05:57 - Elisabeth Abarbanel
my icons are grey too.

05:58 - joycevalenza
it is greyed, peggy

05:59 - mvws
now woring

06:00 - mrsdurff
cannot vote

06:01 - Jason Epstein
YAY!!! will any of the podcasts have the slideshows from these with them?

06:06 - Steve Hargadon
Lock responses was checked.

06:08 - virginia alberti
go now!

06:08 - Elisabeth Abarbanel
there they are now.

06:10 - Steve Hargadon
I unchecked it... :)

06:14 - mrsdurff
ok got it

working now

06:21 - Peggy George
whew!! don't know why they weren't showing up!

06:23 - mb
Thanks, Steve

06:34 - Jason Epstein
We have database access, but my teachers don't ever use them and it is hard to support

06:35 - Ellen Brewin
Sorry, mine is not showing up

06:46 - Peggy George
what an enlightened group!!!

06:49 - Yvonne M.
Looking forward to your session. I enjoyed your visit a couple of years ago to Olathe, KS. Shared your session with other LMS in the district.

07:17 - Peggy George
we learned about transformativeness from Kristin Hokanson :-)

07:28 - Peggy George
that was an awesome session!!

07:29 - mvws

07:30 - Jason Epstein
Yes! Center for Social media ROCKS

07:39 - Ellen Brewin
Still can't get mine to show - but I do know what it means.

07:50 - Peggy George
all of these big words!!!! always something new to learn!

07:56 - mrsdurff

08:15 - mrsdurff
And big names too

08:33 - Yvonne M.

08:58 - Jason Epstein
can someone post the link to the archives. Sad to say I have never used them YET!!!

09:04 - buffyjhamilton
Thank you!

09:10 - Lorna Costantini

09:17 - Peggy George
Hi Buffy!!

09:18 - Jason Epstein
Love the southern accent!

09:44 - Suzi H
Great to hear you Buffy! :)

09:48 - buffyjhamilton

09:58 - Peggy George
overlap will be fine!!!! copyright is always confusing!

10:15 - Peggy George

10:43 - mvws
can not see it

10:52 - Peggy George
it popped up full screen and blocked the window

11:07 - Steve Hargadon
I just unblocked the full-screen mode.

11:07 - mb
Change your layout under tools

11:10 - Peggy George
select app sharing

11:14 - Suzi H
I can see "newbie question"

11:22 - Valaina
newbie question here too

11:22 - mrsdurff
I didn't see it when preso took control

11:27 - mrsdurff
so change view

11:30 - Peggy George
oh I forgot that was the presentation mode!

11:36 - mrsdurff

11:37 - Elisabeth Abarbanel
now we are back with you

11:41 - Jason Epstein
..and we're back!

11:41 - Suzi H
jason, I just added you on Twitter...hope you don't mind!*l*

11:43 - SueLevine
much better!

11:44 - buffyjhamilton
Now we are back. :-)

11:51 - Jason Epstein
Suzi, love it thanks!

11:53 - Steve Hargadon
Screen with green right arrow.

11:57 - Steve Hargadon

12:02 - Peggy George
we'll get this figured out in a sec

12:03 - buffyjhamilton
Don't b/c I don't see it either!

12:04 - SueLevine
It's ok! It's working!

12:13 - mb
Don't worry, Joyce, you'll get there

12:17 - jackiegerstein
There is no stupid in technology

Don't worry.................. we are all learning from this

12:23 - Tammy Moore
I can pop on a pic if I can have whiteboard tools.

12:32 - Peggy George
yes share your browser

12:40 - Maria

12:43 - Steve Hargadon
Coming up!

12:44 - mvws
new window popped up - black so far

12:46 - mrsdurff
we will

12:46 - SueLevine

12:47 - LorraineL
now okay

12:47 - mvws
aw, yes!!!

12:48 - mrsdurff

12:48 - Suzi H
Yeah...wtg Joyce! :)

12:48 - Ashlie 2

12:48 - buffyjhamilton
Looks good now.

12:48 - mb
here it is

12:49 - Peggy George
yeah! here it is

12:49 - Maureen(bcdtech)

12:50 - Jane Lofton

12:51 - Valaina

12:52 - Lorna Costantini
seeing it now

12:52 - Terri Adamson

12:57 - djm
got it

13:01 - curiousGenie
good to go

13:02 - Peggy George
right Joyce

13:41 - Steve Hargadon
We won't be able to hear sound in desktop share.

13:53 - Steve Hargadon
Might be better as a web tour...

13:59 - Jason Epstein
can anyone hear it?

14:00 - LorraineL
Maybe the link to the video?

14:00 - mvws
no sound

14:03 - Maria
no sound

14:03 - Yvonne M.
Not hearing anything

14:05 - Mrs. B
I can't hear anything

14:07 - djm
no sound

14:07 - SueLevine
can't really hear it no

14:12 - Maureen(bcdtech)
send link so we can hear please

14:14 - allie912
no sound

14:19 - jackiegerstein
amazing how good things work unitl you get to the live presentation

14:21 - mrsdurff
steve she won't see your note

14:24 - buffyjhamilton
Sometimes if you put the microphone to the speakers we can then hear it.

14:31 - Liz
can't hear video

14:45 - roblyons
why don't you share the link in the chat and we can watch on our own?

14:52 - mrsdurff
every moment is a learning opportunity

15:03 - Steve Hargadon
Everyone will have to click on the video to start.

15:08 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I have so much to learn about using elluminate too!

15:10 - buffyjhamilton
You are doing great!

15:14 - mrsdurff

15:15 - Jason Epstein
This IS the process Joyce, what we ask our teachers to do every day!

15:22 - Elisabeth Abarbanel
got it!

15:38 - Steve Hargadon
Everyone will have to scroll down on their own and start.

15:40 - roblyons
got it

15:42 - mb
Yes, we need to scroll down

15:43 - mrsdurff
scroll -1-2-3-GO

15:45 - sayyid
yes i get it

15:51 - buffyjhamilton
Got it!

15:51 - Suzi H
got it

15:53 - Valaina
got it

15:57 - Peggy George
you'll find the link to this site and video in our gl.am links today http://gl.am/dtUo7

15:59 - CristinaLemos
I am listening

15:59 - mvws
got it

16:06 - lydia Black
got it

16:06 - Shamblesguru
This looks an interesting page ... what is the url please

16:08 - Jason Epstein
working for me

16:10 - mireille
is that SouthPark Transformers Darfur Satire

16:16 - joycevalenza

16:20 - Alice T
Click play?

16:23 - Lorna Costantini

16:24 - Suzi H
a student did this? WOW..

16:34 - Suzi H

16:48 - LorraineL
shall we stop it now?

16:56 - Steve Hargadon
You can pause your videos.

16:56 - Kim Caise

17:01 - Peggy George
this video will give you an idea about transformativeness :-)

17:07 - mvws
a hs student created it?!

17:10 - mrsdurff
it will be in the sharetabs

17:12 - Maureen(bcdtech)
This is a great video!

17:16 - mvws

17:33 - mvws

17:46 - Peggy George
I love this story because it gives us hope and courage!!

17:49 - Maureen(bcdtech)
why did you think it was a violation? Who made the video?

18:03 - Shamblesguru
Today big raids by the police on the pirate CD shops in Hong Kong

18:06 - mvws
like to be the one who says yes though, tough sometimes

18:18 - Peggy George
yes we can see it

18:18 - Maureen(bcdtech)

18:18 - SueLevine

18:23 - Kim Caise

18:26 - Ellen Brewin
I love this - I am also an attorney and am the only one in my building who seems to care about this and I have been thinking a lot about the transformative issue since I took an ISTE webinar about this last year. This is fantastic.

18:28 - Peggy George

19:16 - Peggy George
these links are all in our gl.am links and will be posted with the recording after the show today http://gl.am/dtUo7

20:02 - Kim Caise

20:03 - Peggy George
this was such an eye-opening idea for me about the purpose of copyright!

20:17 - Jason Epstein

20:26 - Peggy George
close eyes, close doors and over comply!!! so true!!!

20:38 - matt montagne
I struggle with the whole remix thing...the remix culture on YouTube is HUGE and an art form, but I've been quite restrictive of the use of various online media.

20:59 - mrsdurff
just dive in matt

21:04 - Shamblesguru
Just checking ... this is all USA-centric ..... copyright laws differ aound the world

21:07 - mrsdurff
you will swim

21:16 - mrsdurff
yup shambles

21:16 - Peggy George
that video on remix on that page is very helpful!

21:34 - Suzi H
copyright laws diff in Canada

21:36 - Peggy George

21:44 - Lorna Costantini
canadian guidelines and legistlation http://aaslsmackdown.wikispaces.com/Digital+Citizenship

21:47 - Jason Epstein
I love this book!!!!!

21:54 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I have a specific question that maybe Joyce or Buffy could answer later- I have a video that I grabbed off a site that no longer exists. Can I put it on my school website for my kids to see? I can't find it anywhere now.

21:54 - Jason Epstein
It was a great workshop!

21:57 - Lorna Costantini
sorry wrong link

22:04 - matt montagne
@durff...I typically ask students to start with their own media first, then use CC licensed material, and only to use copyrighted material with the permission of the owner

22:08 - Peggy George
that document has become our new "bible"

22:30 - Lorna Costantini

22:44 - Shamblesguru
Interesting ... if the digital media comes off a server in Hong Kong .... the copyright creator lives n India and the user is in USA .... which law I wonder ....

23:01 - Peggy George
great question Shamblesguru!!!

23:22 - Peggy George
isn't it the law of the creator whether it's new or remixed?

23:44 - SueLevine
i want to be sure i have the link to this

23:45 - Peggy George
incredible resources on that wikispace!!!

23:48 - Peggy George

23:51 - Jason Epstein
Is there a single document that clearly explains Creative Commons

23:58 - Shamblesguru
so in the above case it would be the law of India?

24:14 - LarryAnderson
What she just showed seems like a great use for VoiceThread...letting many voices be heard as these principles are explored and explained.

24:32 - Charline
Great idea

24:33 - Peggy George
we'll post this chat log along with our recording of the show in the archives today as soon as they are available http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

25:18 - Suzi H
thx for the Cdn link - it says that the fair use concept in the US (transformative & others) not necessarily legal in Canada...*sigh*

25:26 - Melissa Lampinen
first time using elluminate. having some technical difficulties. Going to stop my session and view it in the archives. This looks great and I want to watch it from the beginning. I had everything set up and ready last night and then today, had to do it all over again:( Missed the first several minutes.

25:40 - Peggy George
let's ask the experts Shamblesguru--my guess is it's the law for the person publishing it whether it is remixed or original

25:53 - matt montagne
what it the piece is then posted on YouTube?? Is that OK?

26:07 - virginia alberti
can you post wikispaces url?

26:11 - Peggy George
the link to the NECC 2009 workshop is in our gl.am links today too--incredible presentation!

26:20 - Kim Caise

26:29 - mrsdurff
I'm not seeing the pdf

26:33 - virginia alberti

26:38 - zmidler
No seeing .pdf

26:42 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@matt good question... unless you have access to a server to store your info, then it has to go somewhere to be embedded on your own site.

26:44 - Sheila H.
Not seeing the pdf

26:45 - Yvonne M.
not seeing pdf

26:45 - mrsdurff
ok, not just me

26:47 - zmidler
can we find a way to keep chat in tact?

26:47 - Elisabeth Abarbanel
i'm not seeing it either..

26:51 - virginia alberti
my application sharing windows is bad

26:53 - mvws
see about 1/4 of a black screen, mac desktop, etc.

27:03 - Maria
can't see

27:03 - Leslie
me too

27:04 - Sheila H.
me too

27:05 - kim mattis
not seeing pdf either

27:06 - Lorna Costantini
caht will be posted at the end of the show

27:07 - Shamblesguru
... and then what is the situation if the creator moves to another country .... fortunately for USA lawyers this will keep them in work for years.

27:07 - SueLevine
would love to see the pdf

27:07 - virginia alberti
me too

27:07 - patricia sorentino
can't see the ppt document!!

27:12 - virginia alberti

27:15 - zmidler
From Free Tech4 teachers http://copyrightfriendly.wikispaces.com/

27:15 - Peggy George
the pdf needs to be open on the desktop for us to see it--you'll be able to see it in the links

27:18 - Kim Caise
the pdf is on the wiki http://aaslsmackdown.wikispaces.com/Digital+Citizenship

27:24 - Peggy George

27:25 - dj345
App sharing went wonky for me on this.

27:26 - Shamblesguru
p.s. LOVE creative commons ... ironically comes out of the USA

27:53 - Mrs. B
no sound?

27:56 - virginia alberti
thanks !for these urls

27:57 - Shamblesguru
Interesting that similar creative commons schemes from Australia dn even the BBC have not caught on so much

28:08 - Peggy George
we can't hear the video in app sharing

28:18 - Sheila H.
no sound

28:20 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@shamblesguru- wish all media shared online had to have a CC license!

28:23 - Terri Adamson
no audio

28:28 - mb
have to do like before; do it ourselves, I think

28:35 - Lorna Costantini
http://creativecommons.ca/ canadian version

28:40 - Suzi H
I wish copyright laws could exist worldwide...so much easier that way!

28:50 - Mrs. B
Where do we find these?

29:00 - virginia alberti
the connection is jumping...

29:03 - mvws
youtube.com - copyright, what's copyright?

29:06 - Peggy George
we also included a link to the copyright laws for Canada today

29:10 - Jason Epstein
Suzi, I would not be surprised to see that direction soon enough. Enforcement will be the issue.

29:15 - Maria

29:18 - Suzi H
definitely been using creativecommons (Cdn)...thx

29:38 - Peggy George

29:39 - mb

29:39 - Maureen(bcdtech)

29:40 - SueLevine

29:41 - patricia sorentino

29:41 - daveb

29:43 - Sarah

29:44 - Melissa Lampinen
our district blocks anything from youtube. any way around it?

29:48 - Elisabeth Abarbanel
yes I can see where you are

29:52 - diane
Worldwide copyright? There will always be nations of different financial resources who do not agree.

30:06 - Suzi H
Peggy: yes & thx...but on the site transformativeness listed as a US exception that does not apply in Canada unfortunately!

30:08 - Shamblesguru
I list some other similar schemes to Creative Commons at http://www.shambles.net/plagiarism/ ... but THE Creative Cmmons is the one that is spreading arund education communities worldwide

30:17 - Jason Epstein
Melissa: grab the video at home using keepvid and then bring it to school with a zip drive

30:26 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Melissa- you can grab the video and then show it from your coputer

30:28 - lindseyb16
can see list, will be revisiting wiki later for more exploration thx Joyce for pointing it all out

30:29 - Melissa Lampinen
thank you

30:38 - diane
My sons tell me about the huge markets overseas for "illegal works" that enabled some to change from opium market to video market.

30:50 - diane
Not saying it's right. Just that it's happening.

31:00 - Peggy George
if you insert the words kickyoutube in front of the youtube url it will download the video to your desktop

31:14 - Shamblesguru
Some great pages coming up here :-) ... url heaven for a url junkie

31:14 - Peggy George
can see it Joyce

31:16 - Kim Caise

31:21 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I liked the teaching copyright lesssons- there isn't a "correct" answer

31:58 - Jason Epstein
Is there a "widely accepted" definition of transoformative?

32:02 - Peggy George
what kind of "proof" do you need to keep if your use is transformative (if you were ever challenged?)

32:18 - SueLevine
I do not think I understand creative commons because there is a photography site that has different "levels" ...I found it tremendously confusing.

32:33 - matt montagne
that is good to hear that it is OK to put the work back up on the web if it is transformative...this is something I wasn't aware of.

32:35 - mrsdurff

32:35 - Peggy George
pathfinders are such a valuable resource!!

32:35 - matt montagne

32:35 - SueLevine

32:35 - mb

32:37 - LorraineL
fast scrolling

32:37 - buffyjhamilton

32:37 - daveb

32:37 - Cathy Nelson

32:38 - Kim Flack

32:39 - Terri Adamson

32:39 - Shamblesguru
Weird world .... I'm following this on one machine and building and auto tour on a witches broom stick in Second Life on another machine .... who said males cannot multitask

32:42 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Thank you for makeing that pathfinder Joyce- use it all the time

32:44 - Jason Epstein
I agree SueLevine!

32:51 - Cathy Nelson
Flickercc rocks

33:05 - Kim W
If ppl download YouTube, are they violating YouTube terms? (Regardless of what it's used for...)

33:06 - Peggy George
Flickr creative commons is always my first stop!!

33:09 - buffyjhamilton
Sue, there are different levels of Creative Commons licensing. Check out this resource Joyce is showing us now to help us understand the various licenses.

33:10 - dlaufenberg
not sure if this was already mentioned but the issue of the Obama Hope poster/The AP/Shepard Fairey is one of the best, modern conversation about transformativeness (imho)

33:11 - Cathy Nelson
being able to show this is a lesson in itself

33:18 - Shamblesguru
Yep .... can see your screen and I,m 6000+ miles away ... so the elctrons are a little tired by the time they get here

33:34 - Peggy George
great example dlaufenberg!! can you drop the link for that here?

33:36 - Melissa Lampinen
i'm still here....going to get what I can "live" and then go back and revisit it later today:)

33:48 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@kim- yes downloading anything from youtube is violation of TOS as far as I know...but it is a work-around for blocking filters

34:05 - Jason Epstein
are there "questionable" images to worry about in Attribution only?

34:07 - matt montagne
It was interesting, I did some work with students a few weeks ago...I started asking them if they've ever illegally downloaded music...everyones hand went up. After teaching them about the creative commons, I asked if anyone would choose to use a CC license...1 hand went up.

34:22 - lindseyb16
@dlaufenberg do you have a goo resource explaining that story?

34:27 - LorraineL
is there a 'safe search' on flickr?

34:39 - Shamblesguru
What age kids do you start with ..... raising awareness of intellectual property?

34:44 - Maureen(bcdtech)
yes to safe search

34:49 - Peggy George
I just did a search for lonely this week :-) helping a granddaughter discover creative commons images

35:14 - Lorna Costantini
another tool to search cc images on flickr http://www.compfight.com/

35:33 - Cathy Nelson
flickr storm is the solution for those worried and want to preselect photos to offer class a choice--a safe choice--or limit class to the topic LOL

35:45 - Cathy Nelson
Now THIS is my favorite

36:03 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I like the attribution on blue mountain- makes it easier for kids

36:05 - Peggy George
that is so easy to use and really helps to get the citations!

36:14 - Cathy Nelson
Flickrcc is placed on my tool bar permanently

36:32 - Shamblesguru
88 participants here ... "8" is a really lucky number in China .... nobody should log off !

36:47 - mrsdurff
amen-preach it brother

36:50 - Jason Epstein
Joyce, are these wikis all connected so that we can look at them all?

37:04 - Peggy George
the worksheet to help you decide if something is transformative is in our links today http://gl.am/dtUo7

37:11 - mrsdurff
The Right Reverend Shamblesguru

37:36 - Peggy George
can hear great Buffy!

37:38 - SarahSteiner
hiya Buffy

37:56 - matt montagne
great topic re: databases

37:56 - Shamblesguru
... now I know I'm out of touch with USA culture .... but s this The Vampre Slayer?

38:10 - joycevalenza
no, that's another buffy, chris

38:27 - Kim Caise
it used to be a tv show and the main character was buffy ...

38:28 - Jason Epstein
This one is way cooler!

38:29 - Peggy George
databases are so powerful if students (and teachers) are taught to use them :-)

38:30 - Elisabeth Abarbanel
my teachers require databases in their works cited. then the kids realize how great they are.

38:39 - daveb
Great info Joyce!

38:46 - joycevalenza
thanks, dave

38:49 - cfoote
hi all

38:53 - mb
OUR Buffy has such a lovely accent!

38:56 - joycevalenza
hi carolyn!

38:59 - Jason Epstein
true dat

39:01 - Suzi H
The Thomson Gale we use has a citation generator that the kids LOVE!

39:09 - Shamblesguru
AHhhh :"Buffy he database Slayer"

39:12 - LorraineL
Should we be seeing a web page at this point?

39:13 - zmidler
I am launching FoF, Culturegrams, and Cengage UXL titles this week--I need people to use them!

39:19 - joycevalenza
she'd like that, chris

39:24 - Cathy Nelson
and lets not foget the neverending battle with Google

39:30 - Kim Caise

39:30 - Peggy George
Buffy's links are in the gl.am links today so you'll be able to find these pathfinders!

40:03 - cfoote
Cathy, I just wrote a big blog post to database vendors, still struggling with getting them used and vendors need to listen!

40:10 - joycevalenza
mine are here: http://springfieldpathfinders.wikispaces.com/

40:16 - buffyjhamilton

40:17 - Cathy Nelson
THANKS Carolyne

40:19 - Peggy George
I love the concept of a roadmap (pathfinder) rather than just "hot links"

40:19 - cfoote
I used Joyce's database song in my post!

40:20 - Deborah Boatwright
clicking along?

40:22 - Shamblesguru
Zmidler .. tell me about culturegrams please if not too distractive

40:24 - LorraineL
It seems that the web tour is not working

40:26 - Deborah Boatwright
I have a grey screen

40:30 - mrsdurff
on Twitter @joycevalenza and @buffyjhamilton

40:36 - matt montagne
I struggle with databases...students just don't seem to use them very often...even when we spend a significant amt of time teaching them how to use them

40:41 - kim mattis
love that quote

40:42 - mrsdurff
just in case you wondered

40:45 - Peggy George
thanks for dropping those links Joyce!

41:03 - Peggy George
all of these links will appear in the chat log when we post it later in the archives

41:16 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I will have to spend more time on pathfinders. Just beginning to use google custom search with my younger kids. Got a long way to go!

41:32 - buffyjhamilton

41:33 - dlaufenberg
Shepard Fairey link http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/10/arts/design/10fair.html?fta=y

41:36 - mvws
these are awesome ideas buffy!!! exciting ideas to incorporate!!!


41:48 - zmidler
Independent Info pros have use the fire hydrant analogy for years--love to see it in this context

I have lost the slides

41:54 - Suzi H
I'm going to be honest...I've never heard the term "pathfinders" but I LOVE IT! I think it is a great way to present it to teachers as well as students!

42:27 - Shamblesguru
Want to know about databases .... "Ask a Librarian" .... how well used are library staff in USA schools .... the librarians I meet are magicians

42:31 - Kim Caise
@deborah boatwright she is using webtour right now

42:31 - Valaina
What databases are good for elementary students?

42:31 - buffyjhamilton

42:32 - Peggy George
if you are not seeing the application sharing (gray box) it is usually related to bandwidth

42:54 - Deborah Boatwright
just came back

42:54 - LarryAnderson
Anybody using Diigo, as opposed to delicious?

42:55 - Peggy George
thank you Buffy! great idea!

42:58 - cfoote
What about the idea of embedding the tag cloud from delicious instead of a more list oriented pathfinder?

43:10 - Peggy George
I'm using Diigo and cross-posting to Delicious--works great for me!

43:11 - Valaina
I use Diigo instead of delicious

43:15 - matt montagne
I like that idea Carolyn

43:24 - diane
Carolyn, great idea!

43:24 - joycevalenza
embedding database widgets: http://newtoolsworkshop.wikispaces.com/Assorted+Widgets scroll down

43:25 - Valaina
never thought of crossposting

Cheers Peggy.... that may be the problem- it has resolved adn gone again

43:48 - Maureen(bcdtech)
or maybe if you are using diigo use the weblinks widget

43:59 - joycevalenza
they have to be where they live

44:06 - Cathy Nelson
Absolutely --we have to be marketers as well as guides

44:08 - Peggy George
that's often the reason for problems viewing app sharing--it will all appear in the recording though so you can see it later :-)

44:10 - joycevalenza
gvrl=gale virtual reference library ebooks

44:16 - cfoote
Thanks Joyce. Am liking using widgets, that does help http://www.thewhslibrary.edublogs.org trying to drop widgets into our library blog/front page one at a time.

44:17 - Cathy Nelson

44:20 - lindseyb16
@dlaufenberg got it thx, great.

cheers peggy

44:35 - Mrs. B
I'm over my head today... but anxious to learn!!

44:41 - Melissa Lampinen
this is awesome but i'm behind due to tech difficulties i mentions. i will view this in the archives.

44:46 - joycevalenza
mrs. b. please ask questions!

44:49 - buffyjhamilton

44:49 - Peggy George
there are some fantastic new features in the new version of Diigo-v. 4 We're having Maggie Tsai join us on Oct. 31 to tell us all about it!!

44:49 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@joyce $ is an isssue for us- any free resources

44:53 - Shamblesguru
so many resources ... so little time

45:02 - Peggy George
so true Shamblesguru!!

45:14 - joycevalenza
peggy, is maggie working on this?

45:21 - Cathy Nelson
pathfinders can push use

45:22 - Peggy George

45:26 - Kim Caise

45:26 - matt montagne
UI's across the databases are so different and they can be confusing to navigate...authentication outside of the LAN still is an issue as well.

45:29 - Lorna Costantini
page url is http://theunquietlibrary.wikispaces.com/bennett_romantic_poets

45:33 - Kim Caise
is the webpage she is referring to

45:45 - Peggy George
I think she talked about it on the EdTechTalk show she did with Teachers Teaching Teachers

45:47 - mb
Stick with it Mrs. B. There is so much to learn

45:49 - buffyjhamilton

46:01 - Melissa Lampinen
when i view this in archive, will i have access to the chat comments, videos, etc? sorry, i'm new to this.

46:05 - cfoote
Matt..that's exactly what I was posting about on my blog. Too many bells/whistles...User interfaces too different. frustrating

46:13 - joycevalenza
pageflakes too!

46:15 - Mrs. B
So are you referring to databases as a list of resources hosted in a single location?

46:17 - Peggy George
sometimes we have to pay for quality resources like these databases!!

46:18 - Suzi H
Those in Ontario have access to massively amts of dbases through Knowledge Ontario http://www.knowledgeontario.ca/

46:19 - Julie
Does Diigo work in the same way as Delicious for this?

46:22 - Lorna Costantini
@ Melissa yes

46:42 - Kim Caise
yes melissa, the video and chat log will be posted at http://live.classroom20.com later this weeekend

46:43 - Peggy George
yes Julie but Diigo provides even more options that Delicious

46:43 - cfoote
Julie, yes, more or less...Diigo allows annotations

46:49 - joycevalenza
http://www.pageflakes.com/joyce_valenza/18742726 global pathfinder

46:55 - Kim Caise
we have a classroom 2.0 live group at diggio

46:56 - Melissa Lampinen
great. logging off now and starting over. want to get the most of this...it is awesome.

47:04 - Mrs. B
I'm a science teacher... so thinking about databases in a different way

47:16 - buffyjhamilton

47:18 - Lorna Costantini
@ Sue thanks for the link

47:39 - matt montagne
@Carolyn...we have 20+ databases with differing UIs/purposes. Is federated search something to consider?? I know that probably has its issues as well.

47:52 - Shamblesguru
Buffy .... how do you encourage students (and staff) to take advantage of all the work you have done .... rather than just go to Google ...?

47:52 - LarryAnderson
No need for anybody to apologize for problems today. I'm just sitting here amazed at how things have changed since the days of the Apple and TRS-80!!

48:07 -
Matt, I understand--we are in same boat.

48:09 -
Peggy George
when the show is over I'll go through the chat log and add these specific links to the gl.am so they'll all be there. They will also be in our archives along with the recording

48:12 -
Mrs. B here:http://www.pageflakes.com/joyce_valenza/27736883

48:13 -
Matt, hee

48:33 -
SIRs! Gee whiz

48:33 -

48:39 -
Matt, here's the post of my "complaints" to databases http://www.futura.edublogs.org

48:45 -
we all learn from the problems, the benefits are still so huge

48:53 -
Wait ... isn't that photo THE Vampire Slayer .... I recognise here from Cable

48:54 -
It's great her teachers are clearly collaborating.

48:56 -

49:12 -
our science folks love those!

49:14 -
Peggy George
so true lindseyb16!! I learn new things in every session--both about the technology and the content!!

49:20 -
Mrs. B
wow... what was that?

49:35 -
pageflakes, they are free!

49:42 -
we may need a session on those

49:47 -
love the idea of embedding the widgets IN the library guide or pageflakes

49:50 -
that's clever

49:59 -
We had SIRs and school wouldn't renew it = so sad

50:01 -
Peggy George
I love that we can copy pageflakes created by others and add them to our own!!! Joyce is definitely in my pageflakes :-)

50:02 -
matt montagne
I can't wait till the day when all reference information is available to everyone worldwide...for free

50:08 -
Kim Caise
shambles did a great session on pageflakes and other start pages

50:08 -
Mrs. B
I don't even know what a widget is

50:27 -
Jason Epstein
anyone want to convince me...Pageflakes or Netvibes? Pros/Cons?

50:28 -
Peggy George
we'll have them explain what a widget is Mrs. B :-)

50:33 -
Suzi H
I know what a widget is but I don't know how to use them...yet... :)

50:33 -
Mrs. B it is a little computer app you can place somewhere else

50:36 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
i love libguides

50:38 -
Kim Caise
a widget is a tool on a webpage to activate an internet tool

50:39 -
MRs. B...those little search boxes like the Google Book one. Where you can put the search box on your page

50:40 -
Thank you for the responses on Diigo. I have just started using it so I'm not very familiar with it yet

50:41 -
I have the same question, Jason

50:42 -
Mrs. B
Thanks :)

50:43 -
Lorna Costantini
session about start pages including pageflakes http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2009/08/web-20-start-pages-as-rss-readers-special-guest-shamblesguruchris-smith.html

51:06 -
almost there, buffy

51:11 -
LibGuides isn't free, is it? Pageflakes and Netvibes are...

51:14 -
personal preference @jason, I use netvibes just because I am so familiar

51:17 -
Love the LibGuide look.

51:18 -
Hong Kong Librarian/Teacher shared a Netvibes page with me this week .... http://www.netvibes.com/discoverycollegelibrary

51:18 -
Kim Caise
it is, taking a bit to load but it is active

51:20 -
coming in now

51:21 -
I love this classroom today! Thanks for posting the reminder on LM_NET

51:21 -

51:23 -
it's coming

51:23 -
just opened

51:23 -
Peggy George
it's still loading--now yes!!

51:24 -
Sheila H.

51:24 -
Terri Adamson

51:24 -
Cathy Nelson

51:25 -

51:27 -

51:27 -

51:43 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
libguides isn't free, but it is easy to use,has great support, etc

51:48 -
what grade level is this for?

51:51 -
Cost for G in C?

51:58 -
Peggy George
thanks Shamblesguru! you have some great Netvibes examples!!!

52:09 -
Our district has it but I am in a charter school

52:16 -
kim mattis
how much time is devoted to each app.

52:32 -
kim, you mean the db or the aggregator?

52:44 -
love these new features!

52:58 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
i think sirs has these sharing sources now too, right?

53:01 -
Mrs. B
My district blocks everything... we could not access any of the video content... very frustrating

53:02 -
Peggy George
@Joyce-can you explain what a widget is when you take the mic again?

53:05 -
these features will match our world of research with their world of social media an dmake the connections for them

53:05 -
kim mattis
how much time for creation and putting it on the web

53:13 -
sure, peggy

53:14 -
Cathy Nelson
grrr--can i move chat in elluminate? it needs to be left.i dont need to see participants list

53:21 -
Peggy George
that organization is so helpful!!!

53:51 -
GAle is paying attention

53:53 -
kim mattis
I am in absolute awe!

54:00 -
yes, carolyn, they listen

54:00 -
Sorry, Moderators, didn't go to the very top

54:10 -
It would be good to have a class on embedding these things in our Wikis--there are logistics here we need to be walked through

54:21 -
Mrs. B

54:25 -
not enough time in this session

54:27 -
I LOVE that they included the twitter/fcebook links

54:32 -
nancy anthony
with databases like these, no wonder Cushing Academy has removed the books! at least when it comes to research. Agree?

54:45 -
nancy, hmmmmmmm

54:50 -
Peggy George
when you view this recorded presentation you can change the layout to default and see the window even bigger--it's hard to follow the chat and watch the screen at the same time!

54:52 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
no i think cushing made a mistake.

54:56 -
Not sure I agree about removing books

55:01 -
thank you so much Joyce/Buffy very informative. I'm glad I got up at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning. bye

55:06 -
Jason Epstein
I hate the idea of removing books.

55:11 -
thanks for coming clarissa

55:13 -
yes we do

55:15 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
our teahers require books too.

55:31 -
Jason Epstein
Multi Media...print is a media!

55:32 -
Buffy, nice being able to build this program at a new school.

55:35 -
At same time balance books/puter sources is good

55:36 -
And set those expectations

55:39 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
need to expalin difference between databases and internet to teachers

55:45 -
4th year? So how did you get them, principal, to agree to requiring an online database?

55:46 -
yes, elizabeth

55:48 -
eliz, that is so true

55:49 -
Jason Epstein
YES Elisabeth

55:51 -
How do librarians choose databases?

55:54 -
we are talking about this.

55:59 -
ebsco has similar features!

56:00 -
matt montagne
It would be cool if we also started to require one human being as a reference as well for appropriate research projects

56:03 -
in TX some db's supplied so everyone has those

56:04 -
Peggy George
good point Elisabeth--can be confusing about databases and google searches :-)

56:05 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
we choose dbs according to curriculum needs

56:05 -
Nancy, I think books are alive. Frankfurt Book Fair this week

56:09 -
Jason Epstein
Joyce...do you use accessPA?

56:10 -
Deborah Boatwright
What is the price for subscriptions?

56:10 -
mb, hes

56:12 -
yes. nice rss feeds for ebsco

56:22 -
pricing usually dependent upon # of students

56:28 -
Kim Flack
wonderful session!

56:39 -
just got in on end, thanx

56:45 -
Thank you!

56:50 -
Thanks Buffy and Joyce!

56:52 -
awesome session - both presentations were very thought provoking - thank you!!!

56:52 -
Kim Flack
this archive is invaluable

56:56 -
Thanks everyone!

56:58 -
I'll be sticking around! great stuff!

56:59 -
stick around if you can

57:00 -
Ashlie 2
oustanding information, ladies! Inspirational even to those in academic libraries!

57:02 -
nancy anthony
thank you -- great show

57:04 -
Jason Epstein
What a great presentation!

57:05 -
thank you all

57:05 -
Peggy George
we'll post the recording as soon as possible--usually within an hour

57:06 -
How do I choose databases? I set up free trials and pilot them with specific projects with students.

57:06 -
i do have to go - home calls - and nik says hi!

57:09 -
virginia alberti

57:10 -
going to CA for Internet Librarian/Internet School next weekend

57:15 -
Deborah Boatwright
thanks Peggy

57:18 -
anyone else?

57:20 -
Drmaryannbell VERY envious!

57:20 -
Terri Adamson
Awesome info! Thanks Buffy and Joyce!

57:24 -
Yvonne M.
Great session ladies

57:26 -
Wow Buffy, your tips are what I need to get my database usage up but I would love more specifics, e.g., examples of how to embed, and teaching the teachers

57:28 -
not boinb cfoote???

57:31 -
Jason Epstein
I am totally sticking around!

57:33 -
never miss this conf

57:33 -
nancy anthony
Has there ever been a court case over abuse of fair use in schools?

57:34 -
I *love* diigo

57:35 -
Thanks, Buffy!

57:41 -
Mrs. B
This is amazing!!

57:42 -
Jason Epstein
Diigo ROCKS!

57:46 -
@drmaryannbell doesn't look like it :( Buffy i presenting

57:48 -
Dr. Bell, I will see you there!

57:50 -
Peggy George
I can't wait to go to Tammy's brainstorming session today!!

58:02 -
Could I ask if you all would tell your careers staff and counsellors about the Careers Fair in Second Life next weekend http://bit.ly/SLCF09 ... thank you

58:09 -
If you have questions, please feel free to email me at buffy.hamilton@gmail.com

58:09 -
yes, buffy saw you are coming, I am stoked to meet you ftf!!!

58:15 -
All...diigo or delicious? Or both?

58:17 -
Steve Hargadon
Tammy--I don't think I saw this last week when I did the mailing--I'll send something out right now.

58:22 -
i use delicious more

58:31 -
I am glad to help anyone who wants some step by step instructions on embedding the widgets and collaborating with your teachers to sell your databases.

58:31 -
just cause have history there

58:39 -
Angela soooo ROCKS!

58:45 -
Can you give the link to Discovery Conference. Do we have to be Discovery Educators?

58:48 -
all these sessions make my head spin

58:49 -
Steve Hargadon
Critical meeting with the Carnegie folks Monday.

58:55 -
I use Delicious more as well. Just never got into Diigo, but would like to see it more.

58:55 -
Peggy George
Sue Waters got people off to a great start last week for people wanting to begin blogging! Those are great beginner sessions!

59:03 -
Carolyn, I wish you were going to be there.

59:07 -
Steve Hargadon

59:16 -
Peggy George
the link to the Discovery Virtual Conference is in our gl.am links :-) http://gl.am/dtUo7

59:20 -
Steve Hargadon
Teacher in Palo Alto who is chair of Creative Commons right now.

59:23 -
Buffy me too!

59:28 -
yeah cfoote whats with missing???

59:35 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
what tool do you like to teach for giving cc credit on the picture used? picnik? picasa?

59:38 -
Steve Hargadon

59:40 -
maybe cya in austin some time cfoote

59:43 -
Jason Epstein
I went to Highschool with Esther's daughter! LOL

59:44 -
was just there

59:45 -
Jane Lofton
You probably already gave it, but could you repost the link to the previous session recordings?

59:55 -
Are Sue Waters' sessions in the Archives? I keep checking - they're great!

59:55 -
Dr Bell sounds good!

59:57 -
matt montagne
Great show CR 20 team, Joyce, and Buffy!!!!

59:57 -
bye all!

59:59 -
Peggy George
http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/virtcon09 (DEN Fall Virtual Conference 2009 - Saturday, Oct 24@9am-4pm EDT)

1:00:01 -
Buffy, by looking carefully at your Wiki will I be able to figure out the embeds?

1:00:02 -
Time to clap!!

1:00:06 -
thanks ladies!

1:00:08 -
thanx ladies!

1:00:09 -
yeah m there alla time, Dad in San Marcos age 97

1:00:11 -
yeah, steve!!!!

1:00:19 -
and peggy and kim and lorna

1:00:21 -
Steve Hargadon
Great job, Joyce and Buffy!

1:00:22 -
Fantastic! Wonderful. Thanks Joyce, Buffy & Steve & Elluiminate

1:00:24 -
ttfn gotta go work on classes

1:00:29 -
u guys are stars!

1:00:34 -
Deborah Boatwright
Please put URL for tammy in the chat window

1:00:39 -
Sheila H.
Buffy can anyone access your school site. We use AVL (Alabama Virtual Library) - students find difficult to navigate. Loved your presentation and would love to help students find it more user friendly. BTW - I grew up in Canton!

1:00:57 -
Steve Hargadon
A use other than the creator intended?

1:00:58 -
Peggy George
http://tinyurl.com/TammyMoore will take you directly to the elluminate session

1:01:13 -
a use that makes you do things differently from then on?

1:01:17 -
Tammy Moore
It isn't at the vRoom - See events at LearnCentral to get the link to the VHSG Elluminate classroom.

1:01:34 -
Peggy George
that tinyurl is the link to the VHSG elluminate room

1:01:45 -
Tammy Moore
Oh, OK, thanks. lol

1:01:48 -
Peggy George
I created it just for today so it would be easy to remember :-)

1:01:54 -
Tammy Moore

1:02:29 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
databases are perfect for elementary school students.

1:02:48 -
Life intervenes, doesn't it? :-)

1:02:49 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
sirs has one..

1:02:51 -
Peggy George
this fair use analysis tool is excellent! http://www.lib.umn.edu/copyright/checklist.phtml

1:03:09 -
i love discoverer

1:03:10 -
I just checked and it doesn't look like Sue Waters' recent sessions are in the Archives. Would it be possible to post these when you get a minute? Thanks!

1:03:15 -

1:03:26 -
Suzi H
Okay...can tell I'm new...was sending thoughts only to mods as accidentally switched it...duh to me!

1:03:40 -
gotta go you guys have great weekend, it is sunny and mild in TX

1:03:54 -
Jason Epstein
Is there a document that clearly explains creative commons? For students and teachers

1:03:57 -
was that pebbleasaurus?

1:04:06 -
Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!!! What an awesome session!!

1:04:09 -

1:04:13 -

1:04:16 -

1:04:20 -
It's hard to get admin to see value when they think information is free- just google it.

1:04:25 -
Vicki IL
Sometimes you can get free trial subscriptions

1:05:06 -
Sally Boone
Where can I find that list of search engines for elementary students?

1:05:06 -
Peggy George
explain widgets :-)

1:05:07 -
For elementary - I love PebbleGo. Expect more to come from that company

1:05:15 -
God question Jason - I would love an 'idiots guide to cc' for me!

1:05:15 -
Mrs. B

1:05:25 -
matt montagne
I think we need to do more work with students on sophisticated open web search as well...at my school I think we spend too much time on database instruction

1:05:28 -
I'm having troulble getting the microphone.

1:05:31 -
Vicki IL
Is PebbleGo from Capstone?

1:05:34 -
Lorna Costantini
@jason http://creativecommons.org/about/what-is-cc

1:05:39 -
Elisabeth Abarbanel
thanks - family calls - see you all at aasl..

1:05:45 -
Peggy George
the copyright confusion materials that Kristin Hokanson has posted (in our links today) explains CC well

1:05:52 -
Jason Epstein
Thanks Lorna!

1:06:13 -
Mrs. B

1:06:18 -
No librarian in the building! :(

1:06:21 -
Yes, that's it! "Safe Seaches"

1:06:28 -
Peggy George
thanks for sharing your link Deborah!!

1:06:31 -
Mrs. B
Librarian is not tech saavy

1:06:40 -
The kids at our school only get to the library once a week- and only thru 5th grade. Using a webpage to get the info out there would be a great help

1:06:41 -
Mrs. B

1:06:42 -
Peggy George
if any of the rest of you have links to share please add them to the chat

1:06:42 -

1:06:43 -

1:06:43 -

1:06:54 -
Sally Boone
Thanks Deborah!

1:07:01 -
I introduced a new database to teachers this week with the email subject "Just say no to endless Google searching" but Safe Search was a lot better

1:07:22 -
Peggy George
the roles of librarians are beginning to change thanks to the leadership of "teacher-librarians" like Joyce and Buffy!!

1:07:34 -
Mrs. B
GREAT!!! We need it

1:07:41 -
Jason Epstein
Well Said Peggy!

1:07:42 -
Vicki IL
Yes, I have learned so much from Joyce and Buffy. Thank you!

1:07:52 -
My web page is providing more and more resources students can access only at home and at school - due to filters.

1:07:56 -
I am creating Pathfinders in Google Docs that I share with a grade level

1:08:00 -
Deborah Boatwright
What do you see the relationship between Teacher-librarians and technology integrator?

1:08:01 -
Peggy George
thanks for joining us ALASTAIR!! hope you come back!

1:08:04 -
I meant not at school due to filters

1:08:24 -
And I think it is a bit more important to reach out at the high school level, no?

1:08:26 -
Peggy George
great idea zmidler!!

1:08:31 -
yes, and we are putting these widgets in their moodles too

1:08:42 -
Peggy George
share your links here with all of us if they are public :-)

1:08:48 -
I've done pathfinders for others in the past, but have no time right now. I don't think they were used. ;-(

1:08:53 -
I include websites, lesson plans, interactives, and SMART lessons

1:08:55 -
bye alastair

1:08:57 -
Jason Epstein
@Deborah, I have a teacher who is both librarian and tech integrator

1:09:01 -
Mrs. B

1:09:03 -
lydia Black
how can i learn about widgets and how they work?

1:09:06 -
Peggy George
that's discouraging, Maureen!! but don't give up!!

1:09:20 -
Mrs. B

1:09:20 -
I then take the creme de la creme of these sites and add them to my Pathfinder page on my Wiki

1:09:28 -
Thanks! Bye all

1:09:32 -
How did our guests learn all this stuff?

1:09:32 -
Peggy George
yes please explain more about widgets!

1:09:41 -
Ciopyright issue- readers theater of books?

1:09:42 -
can this be viewed again?

1:09:54 -
Sheila, if you are still there, email me at buffy.hamilton at gmail.com and we can talk more!

1:09:58 -
@peggy- it's the time isssue. Got to find a way to get around it. Yes, it's a problem, but complaining about it isn't going to solve it.

1:10:03 -
twitter is a wonderful teacher's lounge

1:10:05 -
Peggy George
woohoo!! twitter networks and PLNs!! such valuable resource!!

1:10:12 -
Kim Caise
yes @sherri, the links to the recordings will be posted this weekend on http://live.classroom20.com

1:10:15 -
This is so great...so, how do we get this energy (from today's guests) into higher ed teacher education?

1:10:25 -
Or how about teachers playing music in the classroom to create a mood or ambiance? Fair Use ?

1:10:26 -

1:10:40 -
Peggy George
great question LarryAnderson!! share the video of this presentation with them as a starter :-)

1:10:51 -
Jason Epstein
Shannon, I don't know how I could have taught without music!

1:11:10 -
ty kim

1:11:25 -
What is that again, Joyce?

1:11:26 -
Deborah Boatwright
Yes google custom search revisit that.. we ran out of time on that saturday sessions

1:11:27 -
Asked this earlier- but can you "legally" use a video grabbed from a site that no longer exists. I can find the site using wayback, but the video isn't available.

1:11:30 -
Vicki IL
Larry, school librarians need to show new teachers what they can do for them and with them.

1:11:32 -
Lorna Costantini
recorded shows http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

1:11:42 -
what is this google restricted search you are talking about with primary sources?

1:11:43 -
Google Conference???

1:11:44 -
Deborah Boatwright

1:11:44 -
Peggy George

1:11:45 -
@Jason- but if restaurants and stores have to pay ascap fees, do schools?

1:11:53 -
google custom search

1:11:58 -
Peggy George
this has been fantastic Joyce and Buffy!! Thank you so much!!!

1:12:00 -
thank you

1:12:10 -

1:12:17 -
Kim Caise
what is an ascap fee?

1:12:18 -
Jason Epstein
Not sure Shannon, I think it is transforming learning! :)

1:12:32 -
I just started using google custom search- used google marker for the 1st time today- it is very cool

1:12:43 -
ASCAP = American Society of Composers and Publishers

1:12:47 -
Peggy George
you can create a column in Tweetdeck just to follow Joyce and Buffy and you'll see all of the exciting things they are posting :-)

1:12:58 -
@Jason- but doesn't seem to meet the threshhold of "transformativeness".

1:13:03 -
what's buffy's twitter?

1:13:12 -
My Twitter is buffyjhamilton

1:13:13 -
Lorna Costantini

1:13:15 -
W/o an aide, servicing 600 students, collaborating with teachers, and cataloging...I SO need and aide so I can do this stuff

1:13:17 -

1:13:18 -
Mrs. B
I'm not on twitter... do I search on Joyce Valenza

1:13:20 -
I will have to go soon, too, all.

1:13:28 -
Mrs. B

1:13:31 -
mrs b; joycevalenza

1:13:35 -
Please Tweet me; my blog is http://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com

1:13:42 -

1:13:52 -
Heidi Chaves
Thanks all for being MY teacher today!

1:13:58 -
Lorna Costantini
twitter show http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2009/03/twitter-for-teachers-special-guest-rodd-lucier1.html

1:14:03 -
fair use I think; no money is gained

1:14:17 -
I believe it is covered under fair use.

1:14:24 -
Playing music in a classroom is not a violation of copyright .... direct from a copyright attorney

1:14:27 -
Peggy George
playing music shouldn't be a copyright violation

1:14:29 -
I always look to Carol Simpson's copyright book if I forget.

1:14:40 -
Peggy George
yes a demo would be great

1:14:42 -
lots of copyright-friendly music on the web

1:14:59 -
Our district subscribes to Soundzabound (sorry if I am mangling the spelling).

1:15:02 -
Music in classroom to create a mood for writing seems like fair use (teaching purpose), but music to create mood seems like entertainment

1:15:21 -
Peggy George
widgets usually provide you with an embed code to paste directly on your blog, website, wiki--very easy to use

1:15:31 -
Peggy George
also very easy to embed widgets on Ning sites

1:15:56 -
Music in a classroom is no different than music on a bus .... it's not robbing the author of income -- no pecuniary theft involved

1:15:56 -
virginia alberti
can you put the url?

1:15:57 -
Widgets are a dynamic way to embed content or lead users to content.

1:16:12 -
Kim Caise
great definiation buffy!

1:16:22 -
Peggy George

1:16:38 -

1:16:40 -
We have a current events club- these widgets would be great for them to use.

1:16:43 -
Peggy George
never heard of the Times Widget--great!!

1:16:54 -
Mrs. B

1:16:55 -
Here is one example of how I use widgets: http://www.pageflakes.com/theunquietlibrary/25913046

1:16:56 -
@LarryAnderson Can you explain why? Analagous to video- we need license to show ovies for entertainment.

1:16:59 -
Peggy George
there it is--the embed code! just copy and paste it

1:17:07 -
Movies, I mena!

1:17:27 -
virginia alberti

1:17:55 -
Peggy George
the demo really helps! thanks Joyce!

1:18:04 -
Mrs. B
GREAT!!! Thanks

1:18:46 -
Peggy George
widgets and RSS feeds have definitely changed my life!!! so valuable!

1:18:58 -
Vicki IL
Push technology, new term for me today.

1:19:04 -
Peggy George

1:19:11 -
Mrs. B

1:19:13 -
Peggy George
yeah!!!! thanks!

1:19:18 -
Once again- a great way to spend time on a Saturday learning more from wonderful people. Thanks!

1:19:19 -
yes thank you!

1:19:20 -
yes; thank you

1:19:28 -
lydia Black
yeah!! thank you for that explanation that was perfect

1:19:29 -
Lois Smits
DId I hear that we can view this session again off a webpage?

1:19:32 -
Jason Epstein
This was great! Thank you both. Have a great weekend. Joyce, stay dry!

1:19:40 -
Peggy George
now we need to let Joyce and Buffy go!! Thank you everyone for coming!!!

1:19:42 -
Thanks for the webinar

1:19:48 -
Ning introduced LOTS of new widgets just a few weeks ago

1:19:56 -
Lorna Costantini

1:19:57 - Sherri
excellent presentation thanks!

1:19:59 - Sarah
Great info, thanx!

1:20:04 - Vicki IL
Have a great weekend

1:20:06 - chrisssve

1:20:06 - Leslie

1:20:07 - lydia Black

1:20:08 - Shamblesguru
National Widget Day

1:20:08 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Not all the ning widgets are great for kids!

1:20:10 - Sherri
bye, u2 u2

1:20:13 - Lorna Costantini

1:20:14 - Shannon
Thanks for another great session!

1:20:19 - buffyjhamilton
I will have to go, too---I have to head out. Thank you everyone for attending!

1:20:21 - joycevalenza
yeah! let's celebrate, chris

1:20:22 - Peggy George
clap clap clap!!! Bye Joyce and Buffy!

1:20:25 - SueLevine
thank you so much!

1:20:31 - Peggy George
Oct. 31 is Diigo and Maggie Tsai

1:20:32 - Sally Boone
Great Session!

1:20:33 - joycevalenza
he made that up, i think!!

1:20:33 - SueLevine
yes clap clap

1:20:38 - mb
@shamblesguru What was that netvibes thing?

1:20:42 - joycevalenza
thanks everyone!!!

1:20:48 - buffyjhamilton
Thanks all!

1:20:50 - Peggy George
Tammy's session is at noon EDT today

1:20:58 - joycevalenza
bye all!

1:21:01 - Donna DesRoches
Thank you.

1:21:01 - roblyons
thanks!! great resources

1:21:02 - Alice T
Thanks for all the good info

1:21:02 - mb
Thanks everyone

1:21:06 - virginia alberti
what time tammy section?

1:21:09 - Kim Caise
all of the links to the recordings will be posted later on our site at http://live.classroom20.com

1:21:14 - Shamblesguru
Thanks guys ... appreciate all the time and effort you volunteer !

1:21:16 - buffyjhamilton
Thank you to our hosts!

1:21:16 - Peggy George
everybody go to the DEN Virtual Conference next Saturday--FREE

1:21:22 - Tammy Moore
2pm Central. See Learn Centrals Events cal fo rlink

1:21:31 - Tammy Moore

1:21:31 - virginia alberti

1:21:41 - Lorna Costantini
3 pm edt

1:21:45 - Peggy George

1:21:45 - Shamblesguru
DEN V,C, ... url?

1:21:46 - virginia alberti

1:22:00 - Peggy George
that's the elluminate link for Tammy's show

1:22:14 - Kim Caise
thanks for making the tinyurl for her session peggy

1:22:24 - Deborah Boatwright
thanks bye