May 13, 2009 5:00:31 PM - CLASSROOM 2.0 BEGINNERS SERIES

00:04 - Kathie
New Jersey here

00:06 - jansmith
Wow, what a crowd!

00:07 - PeggyG
let's vote again

00:24 - joevans
St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada here.

00:32 - Shane Morin
@WickedDecent Is that Dan or Jeff

00:34 - andyfisher
1am in the Uk - good to be here

00:36 - PeggyG
Hi John!

00:42 - Doug H
I dont think that's a jaguar...

00:42 - joevans
Hey Peggy!

01:00 - Steve Hargadon
Great crowd!

01:15 - PeggyG
I'm so excited that we will have several chances to learn all of this!

01:26 - Steve Hargadon
What time is it in Australia?

01:35 - andyfisher
great blog - edublogger

01:37 - Jane
Good morning!

01:50 - joevans
7:02 in the evening here.

01:59 - mrsdurff
she is totally famous

02:00 - rmanmiller
8pm in NJ

02:07 - elaineb
It is nice to see a picture to match the voice!

02:09 -
7pm in WI

02:10 - mrsdurff

02:12 - Chandell
2 pm in Hawaii

02:16 - BeckyTengs
5:02 -- Oregon

02:19 - PeggyG
There are so many fantastic resources on her blog!!

02:38 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
10.02 am in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia

02:49 - PeggyG
that dot never goes quite where you put it :-)

02:50 - mrsdurff
she swims

02:51 - dorothyjburt
12pm Thursday Auckland. NZ

02:55 - Kathy Matthes
Los Angeles

02:56 - BeckyTengs
Beaverton, Oregon

02:57 - azrtf

02:59 - Karen Lampe
I'm from Creston, Iowa

02:59 - Fran L
Old Lyme CT USA

03:03 - Shane Morin
Lewiston, Maine

03:04 - MacBerry

03:07 - PeggyG
Phoenix, AZ

03:09 - Sue Waters
Edublogs community facilator

03:09 - murielb 1
No Carole - independent school in Mt Eliza. Just really lucky to have this period off so that I can join in.

03:09 - Heidi
Hello all from western NY state in US

03:10 - Doug H
Teach K-12 computers in San Leandro, CA

03:13 - DiannC
Virginia Beach VA, USA

03:14 - plnaugle
Hi everyone. Paula from New Orleans, LA USA.

03:15 - Christina
Hampstead, New Hampshire - USA

03:15 - andyfisher
Norwich, Norfolk, UK - actually on east coast but the magic wand wandered!

03:17 - mrsdurff
head learner according to the other learners

03:17 - aforgrave
Ontario, Canada

03:18 - Judi Roach
judi; nebraska 4th grade teacher

03:19 - gspeer
San Antonio, TX Instructional Technology Specialist

03:19 - clguarino
yreka calif, but i can't find the pointer

03:19 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
I am an elearning coach and mentor

03:19 - jansmith
West coast Canada, teacher of Grade 6, blogging with my students

03:20 - Fran L
Teacher (7,8), teacher educator

03:20 - Jane
Fryeburg, Maine

03:21 - Michele
Canton Michigan HS. USA

03:22 - Kathy Matthes
Adjunct faculty for two online colleges

03:24 - elaineb
Kingston, PA- northeastern PA or, as the tourist bureau now wants to call it: Upstate PA....

03:24 - dorothyjburt
eLearning Literacy Facilitator (District)

03:25 - Pam
Pam-Rochester Minnesota

03:26 - sara crawford
Phoenix, AZ - Teacher

03:26 - Gail 1
Gail: middle school library media specialist - New Haven, CT

03:26 - Steve Hargadon
Sacramento, CA

03:27 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
Hi I'm in Montreal, Quebec Grade ONe teacher and have an classroom blog

03:27 - BeckyTengs
Preservice Elementary School Teacher

03:28 - Heidi
K -12 Technology Mentor

03:28 - Robin Ricketts
richmond, VA, USA, second grade teacher

03:28 - rmanmiller
K-12 tech integration spec nj

03:29 - Christina
Technology Integration Specialist K-8

03:29 - Chandell
Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island)

03:29 - Chris Cooper (e4TN)
Chattanooga, TN

03:29 - PeggyG
retired elementary principal and university teacher education instructor

03:29 - Jean King
Art teacher in Houston Texas

03:30 - joevans
St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada - Professional LEarning Consultant with Man. Edcuation

03:31 - Ackygirl
Brisbane, Education Officer Learning Management for Catholic education

03:31 - Penny
muscatine Iowa

03:32 - bdon
Instructional Technology Specialist K-%

03:32 - Barb from Oz
Melbourne, Australia

03:32 - mireille
toronto, canada

03:33 - Sandra
junior high librarian in central TX

03:33 - Suzanne Baraff
Suzanne from Pacific palisades, California media center director

03:35 - mrsdurff
Hagerstown, MD, USA

03:35 - plnaugle
4th grade math and English teacher.

03:36 - Ordepo
Eastern North Carolina USA

03:36 - Kathy H
Punta Gorda, Fl-teach science & math

03:39 - Elise
Elise: from New York

03:44 - joevans

03:47 - triciabrooks
high school spanish teacher

03:53 - Kathie
Kathie: River Vale, NJ

03:54 - kim caise
San Antonio, TX and semi-retired instructional technologist and current grad student

04:22 - Barb from Oz
Melbourne, Australia

04:37 - PeggyG
what a great variety of experience in our group today!

04:44 - jacq
From Charles Sturt Uni Wagga

05:13 - mrsdurff
Oh I have a position for me = head coffee drinker

05:15 - andyfisher
that's my phone!

05:29 - mrsdurff
she found it

05:40 - murielb 1
Where are you from Barb?

06:06 - mrsdurff
that would be Peggy

06:16 - PeggyG
if the chat is moving too fast for you to follow you can change your view to wide layout

06:29 - mrsdurff

06:31 - Ackygirl
is this when we avoid eye contact?

06:35 - Barb from Oz
Newport - a suburb of Melbourne

06:39 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
no wbd tools yet

06:40 - PeggyG
no text tool

07:14 - Sue Waters

07:26 - Steve Hargadon
What we're doing by putting up our own answers is Web 2.0.

07:33 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
Hi susan

07:34 - mrsdurff
YEAH CAROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07:49 - PeggyG
great Carole!

08:07 - Sue Waters

08:09 - Sue Waters

08:10 - Chandell

08:11 - jansmith
yes you did

08:13 - mrsdurff

08:25 - rmanmiller
so cool to see the thoughts out there

08:28 - PeggyG
@Ackygirl--how did you know we were avoiding eye contact? so true!-hands start sweating when someone says take the mic!

08:45 - Ed Bujak
Web 3.0 is the semantic Web - cannot wait fo rthis!

08:53 - andyfisher
headphone would resove that

09:12 - Kathy Matthes
Hi Steve. Thanks for starting these beginner sessions!

09:24 - kevinmurphy775
I napped when 2.0 came on.. I used it, but did not have the name

09:43 - Steve Hargadon
@Kathy: the credit goes to Sue and the ladies of Classroom 2.0 live! (Peggy, Kim, and Lorna). :)

10:06 - Kathy Matthes
Yes, I sent them (and you) email about this, so I'm glad to see it happened.

10:25 - loonyhiker
i'm hoping to introduce wikis to my grad class so i'm interested in seeing the process of teaching others about wikis

10:39 - mrsdurff
Web 1.0 - needed a language like html

10:40 - PeggyG
@Kathy-it was your email that prompted this next step! Thank you so much!

10:47 - mrsdurff
or CSS

10:49 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
WEb 1.0 - one way information Web 2.0 - two way collaboration

10:54 - kevinmurphy775
I just do not get WIKIS

10:56 - Kathy Matthes
@Peggy - that's so cool! :-)

11:03 - elaineb
Loonyhiker- do I recognize that name from images4education?

11:11 - Steve Hargadon
Sorry! I was tweeting!

11:13 - mrsdurff
increasingly now in Web 2.0 anyone can publish to the world

11:22 - loonyhiker
@elaineb yes, i think i'm the only loonyhiker :)

11:31 - Kathy Matthes
This is perfect for my K-12 teachers!

11:33 - Fran L
Tried to use wikis with other teachers, but they seemed mostly scared to try. Too unfamiliar?

11:36 - elaineb
That was a great course!

11:51 - Heidi
oh boy, trying to make meatball for weekend party and might have mixed up the spices while listening!

11:52 - Ed Bujak
@kevinmutphy775 - wikis are a great collaborative tool - easy for contributions adn interaction - no HTML (OK minimal HTML)

11:53 - loonyhiker
@elaineb i learned so much

11:59 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
way back I had to learn how to use Dreamweaver to get my content on the web, now I can simply create a wiki and publish anything

12:03 - Kathy Matthes
@ Fran - yes, I find teachers and college faculty are scared of using wikis.

12:03 - PeggyG
@loonyhiker! so great to see you here!

12:06 - loonyhiker
wikis r so easy to edit

12:09 - loonyhiker
thx peggy

12:10 - elaineb
@loonyhiker: me too and I love it!

12:27 - joevans
Can we share our twitter IDs? I'm @joevans

12:27 - murielb 1
I'm still having nightmares about dreamweaver!

12:36 - Steve Hargadon
I haven't done a very good job organizing!

12:38 - PeggyG
many people are afraid to use wikis because they think they will mess it up--but they won't!

12:40 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@murielb - I hear ya

12:41 - loonyhiker
i'm loonyhiker on twitter and plurk

12:42 - rmanmiller
some teachers may be afraid of not being the "keeper of the knowledge"

12:51 - Susanvg
I'm @susanvg

12:53 - joevans
Dreamweaver? How about Front Page! <shudder> ;-)

13:03 - plnaugle
I'm plnaugle on Twitter and Skype.

13:11 - Kathy Matthes
@ Peggy - that is so true! They are really easy to use. I'm now using them in my online classes!

13:21 - Jean King
I'm jea999 on twitter

13:27 - Shane Morin
hurumble on twitter

13:40 - Barb from Oz
barbvee on twitter

13:45 - Ed Bujak
Forget Dreamweaver adn Font Page .. how about notepad? :) It i salways nice to know a little HTML.

13:50 - Jean King
Ack! That's @jean999 on twitter

13:51 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
Web 2.0 requires a new 'mind set

13:54 - kevinmurphy775
There is just SOOO much to do! so little time (especially with a family)

13:56 - jacq
I'm @jacqsreport

13:59 - andyfisher
andyleefisher on twitter

14:00 - Heidi
I'm chavesh on twitter

14:12 - Steve Hargadon
@durff shameless tweet!

14:19 - Judi Roach
judi @judiroach

14:25 - PeggyG
the great thing about a wiki is one person doesn't have to create all of the content like on a website

14:27 - Steve Hargadon
I was tweeting out this show's link!

14:28 - kevinmurphy775

14:31 - joevans
Hi @susanvg. Think we met in Wpg for MS Innovative Teachers Conf.

14:38 - Steve Hargadon
Me again?!

14:43 - BarbInNebraska
Thanks Steve for the Tweet!

14:45 - mrsdurff
yes you

14:45 - jane Curry
Do you think teachers are scared? I think they are lazy

14:47 - aforgrave

14:58 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
Steve can you let us see the ticks and crosses

15:00 - kevinmurphy775

15:01 - mrsdurff
a pick is a check

15:11 - mrsdurff
a cross is an 'x'

15:14 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
green tick = check mark

15:19 - Susanvg
@joevans - never been to Wpg - but I follow you on twitter

15:21 - Ackygirl
yay! chocolate... I'm sure it's milk chocolate

15:21 - judibea

15:26 - mrsdurff

15:31 - mrsdurff

15:36 - Barb from Oz

15:38 - Susanvg
dark chocolate, I hope

15:40 - Karen Lampe
Where do you go for checks and crosses?

15:41 - bdon
I don't see scared or lazy, just busy

15:43 - Sandra

15:50 - Ackygirl
hehehe... oh no don't say dark chocolate to Sue

15:53 - joevans
Chocolate ! No worry of it melting if you send it here. - 4 C tonight

15:54 - jansmith
@durff, she's not a dark choc girl--she's into milk.

15:56 - clguarino
all i have to do is click on the check mark. am i supposed to be putting a picture on the board?

16:00 - loonyhiker
@karen at the top left of your screen

16:01 - aforgrave
Sue -- I AM wondering about receipt of chocolate over the Internet! (??) Virtual chocolate, I presume?

16:04 - Kathy Matthes
Sorry - what was the question?

16:07 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
howeever we cannot see the ticks as they appear

16:14 - Susanvg
checks and crosses at top

16:18 - PeggyG
I'm confused--don't know how to add my mark

16:20 - Susanvg
above participant list

16:25 - Shane Morin
hahaha, are we all 4th graders?

16:26 - judibea
Blog--yes but not with students

16:41 - judibea
Wiki: yes--and wanting to improve skills

16:45 - PeggyG
didn't know what a tick and cross meant-sorry

16:52 - judibea
Social bookmarkig--diigo

16:54 - Chris Cooper (e4TN)
under Tools and Windows menus

16:56 - mrsdurff
go steve!

17:17 - Kathy Matthes
@ PeggyG - look up at the top left of the menu. You'll see a check and a cross

17:33 - PeggyG
got it-thanks Kathy

17:37 - mrsdurff

17:52 - Michele

17:55 - PeggyG
that's a take-charge person!! :-) Go Sue!

17:56 - jane Curry
Just starting with wiki

17:56 - aforgrave
Steve is eating chocolate ...

18:00 - Sue Waters
go for it

18:03 - jansmith

18:08 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
i like dark chocolate

18:12 - plnaugle
@Durff How are you this evning. Just ate a Dove dark chocolate.

18:13 - mrsdurff
she is peggy - she scares me

18:13 - aforgrave
Dark cholocate letters on a dark chocolate board ...

18:14 - Kathy Matthes

18:22 - PeggyG
that was evil!

18:23 - Shane Morin
white is the best, despite not being chocolate

18:24 - Laura Fullerton
poor steve

18:28 - jansmith
Is it a north american thing

18:30 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
don't know what micorblogging is??

18:30 - mrsdurff
@pnaugle - fine

18:41 - joevans
Now craving chocolate! Any kind is fine by me!

18:43 - mrsdurff
and you?

18:46 - clguarino
can we get rid of the pictures on the board?

18:46 - jansmith
@Mary Ellen--twitter or plurk

18:49 - rmanmiller
@christina do you have a twitter account?

18:57 - Susanvg
@maryellen - microblogging is twitter or plurk

18:58 - mrsdurff
i have dark choc doves

18:59 - andyfisher
microblogging - twitter or other limited character im

19:05 - judibea
click the teek? I'm not hearing well

19:06 - mrsdurff
can I lie?

19:13 - clguarino
twitter or what?

19:30 - PeggyG
see-we're all beginners at something!!

19:32 - mrsdurff

19:34 - Cindy Zautcke
Click the "check."

19:34 - Steve Hargadon

19:35 - Kathy Matthes

19:36 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
Steve, you'll get a pallette of colours at bottom when you choose the A tool

19:36 - BarbInNebraska
ok, now I finally get how to give my answers!

19:38 - joevans
Hey Jeramy Gatza. It hasn't warmed up in Wpg since you left!

19:47 - clguarino
haven't even heard of plurk

19:52 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
it is so cool to hear Sue Water's voice

19:53 - jansmith
Is this virtual chocolate?

19:54 - loonyhiker
i'm in desperate need of chocolate

20:05 - loonyhiker
@clguarino i really like plurk www.

20:06 - mrsdurff
she does scare me

20:10 - jane Curry
so yummy

20:11 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)

20:11 - judibea
Virtual chocolate? calorie free?

20:11 - PeggyG
this is an amazing language experience--mucking up??

20:12 - Steve Hargadon
Oh, really!!??

20:16 - elaineb
I got some great chocolate for mother's day!

20:19 - Judi Roach
sorry, i am not successfull at getting this

20:22 - BarbInNebraska
Plurk is good for longer conversations

20:25 - Jeramy Gatza
@joevans that's what I heard!

20:36 - loonyhiker
@BarbInNebraska hi barb!

20:40 - mrsdurff
@Judi it's alright - she's hilarious

20:45 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
i don't understand plurk yet

20:47 - murielb 1
Hang in there Judy - it gets easier. You can play it all back and digest it later too.

20:48 - plnaugle
@durff will have to leave early because going to dinner.

20:51 - andyfisher
very pretty!

20:52 - BarbInNebraska
@loonyhiker, hello!

21:01 - PeggyG

21:02 - BarbInNebraska
Started our Wiki in February and LOVE IT

21:08 - mrsdurff
@pnaugle enjoy your meal

21:09 - joevans
Sue I share your PLN Yourself wiki with teachers ALL the time!! Love it!

21:15 - Judi Roach
barb in NE, where in NE i am in Sidney

21:16 - jansmith
@Mary Ellen--I have not "got" plurk either

21:31 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
hi jansmith

21:48 - andyfisher
wisdom of crowds makes wiki a stable format

21:54 - Sue Waters
go for it

21:56 - Kathy Matthes
It's Hawaiian

21:56 - leslie

21:56 - Suzanne Baraff
hawaiian for quick

21:58 - Doug H
Hawaiian - fast

21:59 - BarbInNebraska
quick quick from Hawaii

21:59 - teryl72
Adam Curry

21:59 - Shane Morin
let me look it up on wikipedia

21:59 - jacq
Hawaian for fast

21:59 - plnaugle
what I know is

22:00 - fohara
Hawinannin name

22:00 - Debi
fast in hawaiin

22:01 - Jean King
It means quick

22:01 - Ackygirl
or NZ

22:01 - Christina
Hawaiin saying right

22:01 - Robin Ricketts

22:02 - rmanmiller

22:04 - Kathy Matthes
wiki wiki

22:05 - jorech
hawaiian for quick

22:06 - PeggyG
I have no idea where wiki came from

22:07 - Jane
hawaii - means "quick"

22:08 - teryl72
he coined podcast

22:08 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@joevans - I hear ya - saves creating materials - just send em to SueWaters wiki

22:10 - Christina
means quick quick

22:16 - Sue Waters
go for it

22:28 - PeggyG
fascinating! so glad to know that

22:34 - andyfisher
dukes of hazard

22:34 - mrsdurff
she gets an 'A'

22:35 - Denise
I didn'y know that!

22:39 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
its a red car so it MUST go really fast

22:42 - Chandell
Wiki Wiki - Bus

22:50 - clguarino
any connection to wikipedia

22:52 - loonyhiker
i will use this wiki in class!

22:59 - joevans
HEre's a photo of the bus -

23:33 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
gosh - @ jansmith.... it went great! Thanks

23:37 - PeggyG
very cool image John!! love it!

23:41 - jane Curry
I use pbworks

23:53 - BarbInNebraska
I use Wikispaces

23:58 - mrsdurff
many faculty to allow it

23:58 - Jane
Thanks Joe, I love that picture!

24:01 - Doug H
MediaWiki is not the easiest interface

24:01 - leslie
Thanks for the bus!

24:02 - minischaef34
too many peeps can edit wikipedia

24:03 - Ackygirl
helps understand the changing nature of knowledge and info

24:05 - Steve Hargadon
The discussion and history tabs are amazing resources.

24:13 - Suzanne Baraff
good but need to validate info on 2-3 other sources and check for links

24:13 - mrsdurff
adamantly against it

24:23 - Kathy Matthes
It's not credible for college papers, but it's a good place to start. Then we encourage students to find credible sources.

24:27 - Debi
Wikipedia gives good links to other sites

24:27 - Dean
in-accruate, plagarism, surface learning, low quality, lack of peer review, unscholarly - but I like it

24:30 - loonyhiker
i think wikipedia is a great way to teach critical thinking - they check out references

24:34 - PeggyG
I heard Michael Wesch say that wikipedia is the perfect place for teaching students about how to evaluate content

24:44 - sdpankhurst
Good general information - always check facts and opinions from wikipedia

24:45 - Jeramy Gatza
we are charged with the duty, nay responsbility, to teach our students how to use these digital/social media tools.

24:46 - Shane Morin
I had a college professor that had a great line "Wikipedia - it's excitable but not citable"

24:46 - congerjan
would rather them use databases

24:50 - murielb 1
Our Yr 12's take great delight in posting absolute rubbish about our school on Wikipedia

24:52 - mrsdurff

24:53 - Sue Waters
grab the mic

24:54 - Erin in PA
great for current information, great way to demonstrate to students that cross referencing is important

24:58 - Dean
its a news channel

25:02 - andyfisher
I think wiki fear = IT fear - it's far more stable than some suggest - sorry can't do mic because my wife is asleep in same room - type only tonght

25:03 - Pam
it is a good place to find that initial exposure to content--helps kids find other more credible sources

25:05 - plnaugle
Good place to get some general info. but need to know that it is credible.

25:09 - Dean
how do u do that Karen?

25:17 - Fran L
A student just pranked Wikipedia by deliberately posting a fake quote by a famous guy who just died - and a bunch of newspapers promptly published the quote as if it was gospel. See my post at

25:18 - sdpankhurst
our school IP is banned from our school wikipedia page

25:21 - Penny
a librarian told me he saw a report that WIkipedia is as accurate as another major long standing dictionary.

25:22 - Doug H
Somme topics are very dynamic - always changing...

25:23 - minischaef34
i agree

25:25 - meacherteacher
I have heard that errors in wikipedia are corrected within a matter of seconds

25:30 - clguarino
my opinion exactly

25:34 - mrsdurff
difference btw surface web and deep web

25:37 - jacq
My studestn use wikipedia as a starting point for an overview and then go to find citable sources.

25:37 - minischaef34
i keep my 4th graders away from it for research

25:40 - Kathy Matthes
It's an incredible commentary about social publishing, but it's not always credible because anyone can edit anyone else's posts.

25:51 - jane Curry
Students don't have enough english

25:55 - mrsdurff
Wikipedia is the surface web

26:00 - Ordepo
it's a dinamic document

26:03 - triciabrooks
provides general info. but needs additional sources

26:06 - Dean

26:06 - Ackygirl
it's a great starting place for research

26:08 - Karen Lampe
Can you put up the URL for your wikispaces again?

26:08 - sdpankhurst
use wikipedia to get keywords for futher searching

26:11 - mrsdurff
databases are the deep web

26:12 - meacherteacher
I find that it can be an overwhelming amount of information for 4th graders - better to have more age appropriate sources

26:19 - Sue Waters
go for it

26:19 - joevans
Wikipedia is a first stop. Student's need to check other sources. Wikipedia and Brittanica were compared

26:20 - Jane
Can be a great place to find sources.

26:22 - andyfisher
The effort involved in disrupting wiki is counter productive because t's so easy to revert -back - I think the wisdom of crowds wins out

26:23 - fohara
promotes group work

26:26 - leslie
I love it as a first place to start.

26:27 - Dean
its a base point for metacognitive improvement of knowledge

26:33 - Fran L
I encourage students to use Wikipedia to find good links, but don't let them use Wikipedia as a formal research source.

26:45 - Kathy Matthes
@ Fran - yes, exactly.

26:48 - Carol Arc
@leslie - I agree

26:52 - mrsdurff
Sue is modeling collaboration possible in Web 2.0 = fabulous!

27:02 - Dean
books are full of errors

27:02 - Jane
We treat is as the "encyclopedia" that it is.

27:06 - Kathy Matthes
But wikis are GREAT as teaching tools.

27:06 - jacq
For students it is still so much better than the garbage they get from commerical media sources!

27:07 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)

27:08 - Dean
esp text books

27:17 - leslie
I think even Wikipedia knew about Sarah Palin before we did.

27:21 - Ackygirl
@dean text books = yuck!

27:23 - PeggyG
some people tell their students they need to validate the information from at least 3 other sources

27:33 - Doug H
The knowledge is "in the network"

27:35 - joevans
Wikipedia is updated far more often with accurate information than any other online source I know of

27:38 - Kathy Matthes
@Peggy G - that's a good strategy.

27:39 - Karen Lampe
Thanks, Carole!

27:42 - mrsdurff
i teach em how to validate

27:44 - Carol Arc
compare it to today's books. Books are so outdated that their content is not real anymore.

28:02 - Dean
non academic in terms of scholarly work - so excluded from many courses

28:04 - Ackygirl
my page was deleted :( dont' add random cocktails with out posting to other sources first

28:06 - Shane Morin
oh yes

28:13 - plnaugle
@peggyg Love the idea of 3 validations.

28:13 - Dean
Firery Red Leather

28:13 - Steve Hargadon
There's one really easy thing you can do.

28:14 - BarbInNebraska
I have! I used my son's account tho.

28:20 - PeggyG
what Sue is describing about editing wikipedia is the same way many people feel about editing any wiki

28:23 - Jeramy Gatza
try to find twitter, or facebook, or wikis, (or Obama) in a textbook...not that they have had any impact on our world

28:25 - triciabrooks
I guess that is the difficulty-keeping information current and up to date

28:25 - plnaugle
No I have never edited it.

28:26 - Ackygirl
@dean - yes... so sad

28:35 - Dean
get a wiki page - make it better - is a valid use

28:48 - Steve Hargadon
Add a reference--it's easy and non-threatening.

28:56 - Carol Arc

29:00 - congerjan
I have edited my high school wiki page

29:03 - andyfisher
scrutiny for all sources is a key skill - wiki is no different

29:09 - meacherteacher
It is good practice to have kids validate sources - even whether starting from wikipedia or not

29:15 - Ackygirl
is there a page about Sue?

29:16 - kim caise
i added several resources for videoconferencing/web conferencing

29:22 - Dean - this is the BEST school wiki I've seen - run by eskimos

29:27 - Sue Waters

29:49 - loonyhiker
my course syllabus and assignments are all on my wiki

29:54 - Carol Arc
caveat emptor - consumer beware - you have to use your best judgement.

30:02 - Doug H
Like software, information is fast, cheap, reliable - pick any 2

30:05 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@Ackygirl point to Sue's name in the participant area to see details about Sue

30:41 - Dean
62 Deluxe Beetle

30:43 - bdon
@Dean you are right about BSSD

30:44 - Jeramy Gatza
love pbworks!

30:45 - Barb from Oz
I find that a good rule of thumb is to ask for two non-connected corroborating sources...

30:45 - Bee
Wikieducator also gives you this possibility of collaborating with OER and student projects

30:47 - Dean
US Spec

31:07 - Dean
with 356 Porsche Rims - noice work Sue

31:09 - PeggyG
have any of you used the school wikipedia started in the UK I think?

31:16 - kim caise
and curriwiki

31:20 - clguarino
are any of them free downloadables?

31:24 - mrsdurff
i like wikispaces

31:29 - jansmith
When did PB wiki change names, why?

31:30 - BarbInNebraska
I use wikispaces

31:31 - meacherteacher
I like wikispaces too

31:34 - PeggyG
they are all free

31:35 - Bee
they are online

31:43 - kim caise
pbwiki changes names about a month ago

31:44 - jansmith
Wikispaces is my choice too

31:45 - Dean
Deki-Wiki - implimenting this one as University Wiki right now

31:51 - joevans
PBwiki became PBworks about a month ago.

31:53 - Bee
and wikispaces allows you to export all your material should you decide to go elsewhere

31:53 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@clguarino - you use the wiki's online - no need to download anything

31:59 - Dean
Deki - has desktop/Word upload tools

32:05 - clguarino
like edublogs

32:06 - jansmith
I like the history and discussion tabs like wikipedia

32:06 - congerjan
I like wikispaces too.

32:06 - Dean
Save to wiki, not to hard drive - easy as

32:13 - Penny
Can you limit who can edit?

32:17 - Dean
Deki is open source

32:19 - BarbInNebraska
@penny yes

32:22 - Penny

32:22 - jansmith
@penny yes

32:23 - meacherteacher
@Penny yes

32:32 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@Penny - yes you can set different permissions for your wiki users

32:40 - mrsdurff
mmm food

32:41 - jacq
back soon....

32:47 - Ackygirl
peanutbutter and chocolate :)

32:50 - plnaugle
I've used these but tend to use PBWorks the most.

32:53 - jansmith
(I haven't had dinner yet)

32:54 - meacherteacher
You can leave it wide open, or let only invited people edit, or keep it to yourself

33:25 - seani also has great services for teachers

33:28 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
META: some wiki sites are blocked in school networks in Australia e.g. wetpaint

33:32 - Kathy Matthes
Wikispaces only provides free accounts to K-12 educators; they are not willing to give college teachers free accounts.

33:41 - Sue Waters

33:42 - Kathy Matthes
So I use WetPaint.

33:49 - joevans
My intor to wikis always states "If you can type, you can make a wiki!"

33:49 - Dean
are wikis for n00bs ya think Sue?

33:53 - meacherteacher
Will a recording of this session be available (might have been mentioned already, I was late)

34:03 - Bee
WetPaint provides you with forums as well I think

34:08 - PeggyG
so true John!

34:08 - kim caise
yes, recordings will be available

34:12 - Dean
which would you say is the best 'entry' one?

34:15 - Kathy Matthes
@Dean - what are n00bs?

34:16 - Dean

34:20 - Ackygirl
I like wetpaint... but it doesn't embed as much as wikispaces

34:22 - Karen Lampe
Will there be a copy of her powerpoint?

34:24 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@Dean yes I think they work well for new elearning travellers

34:27 - kim caise
noobs, newbies, new people to technology

34:28 - Kathy Matthes
WetPaint seems to be very easy for my students to use.

34:29 - Bee
nOObs are newbies

34:45 - mrsdurff

34:47 - plnaugle
Come on Durff.

34:47 - PeggyG
that chocolate is tempting :-)

34:47 - Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@KarenLampe you can save all these slides by using the File Save Whiteboard - save as PDFs

34:48 - Lorraine Leo
I like PB Works --I think that it's because it is the one that I feel most comfortable with. It's all what you are used to.

34:49 - Steve Hargadon
What's all this mysterious talk about chocolate?

34:50 - Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
@lorraine leo - hi from MOntreal

34:55 - judibea
I am trying

34:59 - loonyhiker
i love pbworks

35:00 - seani
forgot who asked for the link

35:01 - seani

35:05 - kim caise
wetpaint has a more colorful interface

35:09 - Dean
i kicked off with PD wiki a few years ago - made lots of mistakes

35:12 - plnaugle
I don't have my mc left it at school.

35:12 - fohara
I used wet paint...because it was introduced to me...It works...good

35:13 - Dean
but learned

35:13 - Sue Waters
yes guve ne a rest

35:15 - judibea
usernames and paswords no e-mails

35:17 - mrsdurff
i don't prefer them., but initially they were the adfree ones

35:18 - Kathy Matthes
I use WetPaint because it is easier to use that Wikispaces. WetPaint gives college teachers free accounts. Wikispaces refuses to do that.

35:21 - Michele
I have never tried any so can't speak on it

35:25 - Erin in PA <-- the wiki I set up for my middle schoolers

35:28 - Steve Hargadon
Wet Paint does discussion / social networking, but it confuses me.

35:29 - seani
Karen Lampe

35:30 - meacherteacher
@MaryEllen Lynch - I think we have met. I am in Eastern Townships

35:32 - mrsdurff
now wikispaces has adfree for teachers

35:33 - Bee
wikispaces has great support for k12 teachers and students (no ads either)

35:34 - loonyhiker
i think pbworks is easier than wikispaces or wet paint

35:36 - PeggyG
I think we're most comfortable with the wiki we start with and use. I love wikispaces! :-)

35:40 - Dean
I don't like 'wiki-code' - take a degree of skill to make it look great

35:41 - minischaef34
sorry i had a 5 month old talking away here

35:45 - minischaef34
what is the topic right now?

35:47 - minischaef34
wikis still?

35:49 - kim caise
it is very difficult to embed documents in wetpaint wikis

35:51 - Sue Waters
wikis still

35:55 - minischaef34
thank you

35:57 - mrsdurff
a wiki dangerous?

35:57 - Sue Waters

35:57 - Dean
I use Google Sites for PD - thats a great integrator wiki

36:02 - PeggyG
the whole show is about wikis

36:04 - mrsdurff

36:05 - joevans
In 2007 school was a featured wiki on PBwiki

36:06 - triciabrooks
have only tried wiki space. would love to learn about the others.

36:08 - Ackygirl
what about age restrictions?

36:08 - andyfisher
it's al witchcraft - we must be purged!

36:14 - Steve Hargadon
This show and the next two are about wikis!

36:14 -
I agree Google Sites rocks

36:17 - mrsdurff
oi veh

36:21 - Penny
I am considering using a Wiki for a special end of the year "newspaper" for my Language arts students. I am considering using a wiki and I only want them to be able to edit it. I have never done a wiki, but I understand the concept well. I know I can embed all kinds of fun apps, voki and blabberize for them to tell their stories. Do you think a wiki would be a good tool for this?

36:25 - loonyhiker
here is mine

36:28 - Sue Waters
just remember that there is lots of wikis and choose the righ tone for your use

36:30 - Barb from Oz
so far the Vic webmonsters have left wikispaces open...

36:34 - kevinmurphy775
I like the tools pic on your wiki

36:35 - minischaef34
i have a wiki for my 4th graders' science project

36:39 - leslie
@Dean I was wondering about google sites??

36:39 - meacherteacher
I think I ran into age restrictions with one of them. I have no problem with 4th graders on wikispaces

36:45 - joevans
Going green with a wiki is the way to present!

36:47 - andyfisher
it's all witchcraft - we must all be purged!! The administrators know best!!!

36:48 - Pam
what about kids younger than 13?

36:55 - PeggyG
@Penny--that is a fantastic idea for your end of year newsletter--it's so easy to embed things on wikis!

36:56 - kim caise
a wiki would be a great tool @penny. you can set various pemissions for what users can do

36:59 - minischaef34
my fourth graders use it

37:00 - BarbInNebraska
How do I put a link in this room?

37:09 - Dean
Goole sites integrates really well for teachers via Gmail (school based email logins)

37:13 - loonyhiker
i just copied and pasted the link

37:13 - kim caise
type http: in front of the URL

37:14 -
Steve Hargadon
Wikispaces lets you create student accounts without their email addresses.

37:15 -
Judy C
Yes, we're having issues with under 13 as well. How are you handling it?

37:16 -
@pam wikispaces will create accounts for kids under 13

37:17 -
drag Barb

37:18 -
you can just copy/paste a link here @Barb

37:18 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
Here's one that we use for digital storytelling:

37:21 -
@meacherteacher Is that York, PA?

37:22 -
Hey, is Jean King still here?

37:24 -
HOw do I paste?

37:28 -
How do you use the wiki in the curriculum to foster collaboration?

37:30 -

37:31 -
right click

37:32 -
Sue Waters
yes we can Judy

37:33 -
Jean King
yeah, I'm here

37:35 -
@Pam my 4th graders have accounts on wikispaces

37:39 -
it's sue!

37:40 -
Sorry I just arrived so hope I'm not repeating. I use wikispaces and really like it. The only problem is I have the free version and am trying to add student videos. The files can only be 20 MB and when you're using FLV files it gets over 20 MB fast. Any other wiki tools that let you have bigger video files?

37:47 -
is this a meeting for teachers?

37:48 -
@barb right click in the text box

37:49 -
kim caise
control and V to paste the entire URL here in the chat window barb

37:54 -
Jean King
Hey you! in MN?

37:55 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@BarbinNebraska - just use control c to copy then control v to paste

37:56 -
I'm on a Mac

37:58 -
learned a lot Sue @ gotta go - nice crowd!

38:03 -

38:05 -
Sue Waters
see ya Dean

38:07 -
Jean King

38:18 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@BabyCakes - this is for everyone - wiki enthusiasts

38:18 -
Carol Arc

38:21 -
jane Curry
Using wiki for teachers to access about information on excursions they can take their sts on.

38:22 -
@pinaugle I'm in Eastern Townships in Quebec

38:29 -
no email in high school? 5th graders have email

38:35 -
Kim and Peggy, thank you for the response :D

38:44 -
kim caise
you are welcome.

38:45 -

38:46 -
start small - then expand onc you have one platform under your belt?

38:47 -
wake up call

38:57 -
yeah! I did it!

38:59 -
@minischaef34 I teach 4th grade in New Orleans.

39:01 -
so do you use wikis for less interactive material?

39:02 -
Thanks for you helps!

39:15 -
*your* help!

39:16 -

39:17 -
@Barb YEAH!

39:18 -
Shane Morin
lack of macness

39:20 -
Our district will not allow us to link to outside blogs and wikis. Must stay with OSX server tools.

39:21 -

39:23 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@clguarino a wiki will enable the upload of all types of multi media

39:28 -
I've used wikis to post leveled assignments that the entire grade level can access

39:32 -
kim caise
you can use a wiki to create a simple website and eventually expand to allow users to edit

39:33 -
Fran L
Our school admin don't want students to use email at school, so no email accounts. The gmail workaround is very time-consuming. And if kids forget the password they changed to, you've lost that student ID.

39:34 -
Carol Arc
I have trouble with embedding an igoogle calendar. It's larger than the screen. Any suggestions?

39:38 -
windows = lack of macness

39:39 -
you can use a wiki as a website but it's so much more powerful when it's collaborative

39:40 -
hi kparkhill

39:40 -
I don't speak Mac fluently

39:43 -
@bdon do you use Apple's wiki?

39:47 -
kim caise
and you can set which pages are editable and which are not

39:51 -
i love the flexibility of the wiki

39:55 -
would you say a wiki can do most of what a regular web page can do?

39:56 -
@meacherteacher I have 4th graders too.

39:59 -
embed in a calender? woah!

40:00 -
Carol Arc
@peggy and it's free.

40:01 -
fear the fear!!

40:01 -
hi mini!

40:03 -
The storage on Wikispaces is far superior to PbWorks but I really like the built in feature on PBworks to have a link open in a new tab. Text formatting is not a strong point in any wiki I've used.

40:05 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@CarolArc - change the size to fit the page

40:14 -
Yes I use Appple's wiki. Just not as feature-rich

40:15 -
is the wiki text the same as on wikipedia?

40:15 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@Penny - absolutely

40:15 -
it looks similar to the tools on edublogs

40:24 -
kim caise
with pbwiki you don't need email accounts for student logins. i think wikispaces is similar but i know for sure pbwiki is that way

40:28 -
Sue, is there a good source on the Web for using Wikitext?

40:35 -
you don't need to use the programming language to get started-I just use the visual editor

40:43 -
Carole , ty :D

40:44 -
I love how I can just play around with it until I figure it ou!

40:48 -
kim caise
similar editors on wikis and edublogs

40:52 -

40:53 -
Kathy Matthes

40:53 -

40:57 -
@bdon - Is it hard to set up blogs and wikis on OSX server?

41:15 -
I found that pbwiki behaves differently in FireFox and Internet Explorere

41:19 -
No, it is simple.

41:24 -
I've shown many administrators how to use a wiki as their school web page. 8/9 schools in our division use PBworks as their school web page.

41:25 -
wikis are so easy and fast to edit

41:36 -
just make sure the kids know what they can and what they can't edit

41:56 -
kp, i havent even told them that they can edit it can do that next year

42:00 -
@minischaef34 Glad you made it.

42:01 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@clinds - no idea on that one - maybe contact the FAQ for your selected blog provider

42:01 -
very functional - like it

42:02 -
Carol Arc
Sometimes my editing of "headings" is funky and doesnt take the first time.

42:03 -
there is a history @kpark

42:12 -
Steve Hargadon
"A Web page with an edit button." Simple definition of a wiki by Adam Frey.

42:13 -
they cannot mess this up

42:13 -
@kparkhill yes, we have big talks about respect of other's content

42:21 -
but you can get it back if they mess it up!

42:23 -
I just refreshed the wiki in another window and it was instantly added

42:29 -
I found this great site that helps you compare wikis by answering a few questions, it was really cool

42:30 -
I like that definition Steve!

42:31 -
Do any of the Wiki's lock a page so that is can only be edited by one person at a time?

42:33 -
one does have to show them how

42:35 -
true.....its a great lesson for them to learn

42:56 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@ PeggyG - thats a great tool - I recommend it

42:58 -
on wetpaint there is a discussion forum at the bottom of each page

43:06 -
they are upset when someone overwrites their stuff

43:07 -
Steve Ransom
My students used the discussion tab a great deal and loved it for collaboration/negotiation of page content.

43:12 -
All wikis only allow one editor at a time. Wikispaces has an option to lock pages so only the wiki organizer can change it.

43:21 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@Chandell - in Wetpaint I can lock certain pages so that only I can edit them

43:22 -
kim caise
there is also a history log of who makes changes and when in case you need documentation of something what was done to the wiki

43:22 -
yes you can lock any page you like on a wiki (protected)

43:22 -
and then are so happy when you show them it is still there

43:33 -
just revert

43:48 -
eek,,only one editor at a time?

43:48 -
does it get hard to manage the board?

43:50 -
that reversion history has saved me many times!

43:54 -
Steve Ransom
You can leave page editing locked, yet enable discussion for all visitors.

44:06 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)

44:07 -
but to do that discussion, they need to have accounts?

44:07 -
kim caise
sure thing sue

44:10 -
@ciguaron no not hard

44:11 -
I noticed that wikispaces sets up a wiki e-mail account for students which I don't want. Any way to get rid of that?

44:20 -
no worries Sue-people in the chat are answering the questions too

44:22 -
Steve Ransom
@minischaef34 no

44:26 -
Okay, I tried to save a page as Sue said. Then when I tried to open it, it wouldn't open. It said it wanted to know what program that created it. Can someone help???

44:31 -
@mini all my kids have accts

44:32 -
Steve Hargadon
If you email wikispaces, they will add all your students in without email addresses.

44:35 -
so i can just give them usernames?

44:39 -
i give all my kids a fake email address...they use mine with a number added to it

44:41 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@minischael34 yes you need to have a wiki account username to enter and change pages in most wikis

44:43 -
kim caise
with pbwiki you can use a student login that isn't an email account

44:51 -
kim caise
i believe you can do the same with wikispaces too

44:54 -
yes, ive done that...with google...but do they need to access or remember that email?

45:07 -
@mini no

45:17 -
jane Curry
I wonmder about the copy rights when using cut/parte from the web

45:21 -
kim caise
no need for email if you use student login names and passwords

45:21 -
just remember their username + password

45:25 -
thanks @mrsd!

45:28 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@Michele do you mean save the whiteboards - you need to make sure that they are saved as PDFs - hope this helps

45:49 -
kim caise
same copyright and creative commons/fair use guidelines apply to all content as with wikis

45:56 -
Mahalo! We had students come into the lab to edit their projects. The first time we had partners adding their pages at the same time from different computers. Each time one partner saved they overwrote their previous partners work.

46:03 -
can you do your input in word and then insert it into the wiki

46:11 -

46:12 -
i think they are all 3.0 now

46:18 -

46:20 -
insert document

46:27 -
i do copy and paste from word

46:27 -
yes you can copy and paste from Word into wiki but formatting isn't always the same

46:34 -
@chandell, we had that too! How can you change that?

46:38 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@clguarino you may be best to compose your wiki page content in a web composer or use Notepad

46:40 -
kim caise
you can edit in word but it can be double work and it doesn't copy well due to the html formatting

46:41 -
I ended up making a jpg for an appleworks document

46:44 -
yes, use a notepad or texteditor

46:53 -
I think wikispaces has a function to paste from Word, doesn't it?

46:53 -
what is the mac version of notepad?

46:56 -
Sorry I don't mean registering for wikispaces with student e-mail addresses. I mean that once students have a wikispace account it makes a wikispace e-mail for them which I don't want since I can't monitor that as well as content on the wiki.

46:59 -
Kathy Matthes
So copy Word text into Notepad and then copy that text into the wiki?

46:59 -
Steve Ransom

47:03 -
Karen Lampe
Is there anything you can use directly on a Mac?

47:06 -
mac version is textedit

47:08 -
i never thought of using notepad

47:10 -
textmate can e used as wel

47:11 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@KathyMatthes - yes that will work well

47:12 -
Thanks!! I did need to save as pdf. That worked!

47:14 -

47:16 -
I love that feature of notifications of changes to a site. You can subscribe to all changes

47:17 -
kim caise
yes kathy if you are not creating in the wiki itself

47:20 -
jane Curry
@kim caise: Thanks

47:20 -
how long are these sessions?

47:24 -
is textedit saving in .rtf?

47:27 -
Kathy Matthes

47:27 -
kim caise
each session is an hour

47:27 -
neo office probably works too

47:32 -
kim caise
you are welcome jane

47:39 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@Ackygirl 60 minutes - we have 12 to go

47:46 -
Kathy Matthes
What about saving Word files as plain text?

47:58 -
kim caise
it is very easy to create and edit in the wiki itself. no need to create in another document

48:01 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@tlparket - from Notepad you get a .txt file

48:04 -
@Carole thanks

48:08 -
Sue Waters
no sound :(

48:10 -
oops no mic

48:12 -
TextEdit will save in a variety of formats, and will retain codes, too, unless you use .txt format ...

48:16 -

48:27 -
kim caise
you can do that kathy but if you have links, bold text, etc. you lose that and have to redo it.

48:36 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@KathyMatthes - yes you could do that - but why not just enter your text directly into a wiki page - saves time

48:38 -
Kathy Matthes
@ Kim - thanks.

48:40 -
kim caise
it is easiest to create in the wiki whenever possible

48:41 -
one challenge with wikis is that two people can't edit a document at the same time like you can on Google docs

48:49 -
kids love collaboration

48:54 -
Kathy Matthes
@ Carole - yes, I do that, but my students may not.

48:58 -
that kid doesn't!

48:59 -
I am thinking about using a wiki for school communication with parents instread of the "white envelope"

49:02 -
jane Curry
Has she got a tassie devil in the room?

49:02 -
and she has her hands full

49:04 -
Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
@susanvg--- I didn't use my headset...

49:07 -
Teachers coming into staff room for lunch. Have to go. Thanks Sue

49:08 -
Kathy Matthes
So it helps to tell them to put it in Wordpad first and then paste into wiki.

49:10 -
great wiki site to learn about wikis

49:30 -
only 98

49:34 -
I am unable to add my comments

49:34 -
Carol Arc
great audience

49:41 -
yes Kathy

49:42 -
Have not used Yet, but want to!

50:05 -
@triciabrooks-did you click on the text tool first?

50:08 -
Doug H
Do any wikis have embedded spreadsheets?

50:10 -
kim caise
tricia, are you unable to add comments due to space?

50:15 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
There is so much rich learning happening in here.

50:28 -
would any of you wonderful teachers care to share links to your student or teacher wikis?

50:29 -
same with me - I have a wiki standing by but have not decided hw to use it yet!

50:36 -
7 Things You Should Know About Wikis from Educause

50:41 -
@Doug H -you can embed spreadsheets on a wiki--I've done that with a Google spreadsheet

50:41 -
Have used it but have not mastered it fully. Would love to master it and use it frequently

50:44 -
i think a gremlin ate my mic

50:45 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@DougH - in Wetpaint you can embed a spreadsheet content from excel file

50:54 -
sorry to be a party pooper but my allergies r so bad and i took a benadryl - going to bed now

51:03 -
glad it didn't happen Monday night during It's Ele!

51:03 -
thx for this wonderful session!

51:03 -
get well soon

51:11 -
take care loonyhiker!

51:12 -
how do you deal with kids who don't have internet access outside of school

51:21 -
Feel better...

51:24 -
night loony

51:28 -
after school open labs

51:36 -
thanks Sue and Steve and everyone- good session!

51:38 -
Barb from Oz
Send them to the local library

51:43 -
and library access after school

51:57 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@clguarino - kids could create their content as a .txt at home store on a USB and bring to class

51:59 -
Karen Lampe
When using a Mac, can you type directly onto a wiki? If so, what do you use if you can't do it with Word?

52:00 -
Gail 1
Gail: I would love to see some of the wikis that our participants have created. Links, please.

52:01 -
I like the idea of constructing your own knowledge...

52:02 -
mini:was that anthony in the background?

52:06 -
student will remember content they have organized and written themselves

52:06 -
Carol Arc
@meacherteacher great idea

52:08 -
I help teachers use wikis as a class portfolio for the year. It is a great way to house all the content (videos, podcasts, other projects) that students have created throughout the year.

52:17 -
well stated

52:22 -
if students have computers but no internet access they can create content on a document and then copy/paste it into the wiki when they get to school

52:24 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@KarenLampe - each wiki has its own text editor

52:26 -
Love that about kids using the language they know.

52:30 -
kim caise
yes karen you can type directly onto a wiki with a mac.

52:30 -
most of my kids don't have computers at all outside of school

52:31 -
Carol Arc
ooh - portfolio

52:35 -
Instead of word you can use neo office for mac... free download

52:43 -
more personal and engaged.

52:54 -
Goodnight everyone. Off the dinner. Thanks Sue and all involverd. Another great session.

52:55 -
Steve Ransom
But there is also the danger of copy/paste mentality. Teachers need to structure meaningful projects.

53:01 -
Great idea~portfolio presentation at the end of the year!

53:04 -

53:15 -
agreed...they are engaged completely!

53:18 -
Schools use wikis for: Teacher and school web pages, student portfolios, resource collection, online collaboration tool - administrators and teachers, online school handbook, meeting minutes, planning tools, just about anything you want to do on paper can be done on a wiki

53:18 -
Give that lady an 'A'

53:20 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@CarolArc - yes use of a wiki as an eportfolio is a really popular activity

53:27 -
love the portfolio idea

53:52 -
excellent list @joevans!

54:00 -
We had a visitor from Bangladash yesterday!

54:05 -
Sue Waters
no sound

54:06 -
Judi Roach
judi; purpose for publishing and portfolio, super

54:07 -
Do any of you ask/advise students to create their own wikis?

54:10 -
I heard a great keynote address by Ian Jakes who said something like students retain 75% of what they learn when they apply it to a real world situation and teach it to another learner and wikis are a perfect tool for students to apply and teach what they have learned.

54:13 -
Some wiki examples here:

54:15 -
how does a person "grab the mic"?

54:20 -
did we loose sound

54:21 -
Why then would we have students create wiki content rather than blogs? Is it just the option to have collaborative spaces?

54:32 -
Barb S.
I also use the discussion board for them to critique each other's work...

54:32 -
wikis have searchable content too so you can easily find information on it

54:50 -
Carol Arc
click "talk"

54:51 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@chandell yes I advise those I mentor to create their own - gives them ownership and they then see the potentials

54:58 -
i haven't used the searchable have you used that in the classroom?

55:00 -
easy to track student participation - no 'riders'=they MUST have name in the history for a grade

55:01 -
Karen Lampe
When is the next session?

55:04 -
Next session posted on Twitter?

55:06 -
"Talk" button - bottom left-hand side of the screen

55:17 -
kim caise
be sure to click on the mic button when finished talking to deactivate the mic

55:20 -
how do i sign up for a session reminder?

55:21 -
Carol Arc
can't wait

55:24 -
blog responses are responding to what someone else has written, but wikis are written together

55:25 -
Karen Lampe
Thanks so much!

55:27 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@andyfisher - a wiki has different functionality for collaborative work - Blogs seem to be restricted to just Comments

55:31 -
sue, what's your twitter name?

55:34 -
how do we get newsletter--got info from an indirect contact

55:35 -
Sue Waters

55:38 -

55:40 -
understood - thanks :)

55:40 -
@ciguarina we have 1:1 laptops, so kids can create offline at home and then bring laptops back to connect.

55:51 -
they are more hyper connected and expect collaboration

55:52 -
1:1 that's amazing!

56:00 -
Next session is May 27 in US/May 28 in Aus.

56:01 -
kim caise
if you are member of the classroom ning or the edublogger email list you will receive email reminders

56:01 -
@clguarino- that is completely true!

56:13 -
Carol Arc
How do you control someone adding to a wiki that is inappropriate?

56:22 -
Thank you for the email reminders Steve

56:23 -
Barb S.
Peggy... I came in very late.. did she give tips on how to handle 30 kids at once, or 150 total at a time with that?

56:28 -
kim caise
you can block that user from contributing

56:29 -
Sue Waters

56:30 -
i imagine you set up some type of moderation

56:31 -
do your kids type well enough to use wikis?

56:41 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
@judibea best is to subscribe to Edublogger Live Events at:

56:42 -
@Carol-you can just delete it if it's inappropriate or revert to an earlier version if necessary

56:49 -
kids love to work together-collaboration. Will help them to discover the

56:52 -
just hit history - their disruption can take them hourse of writing - you can remove it in seconds I believe

57:03 -
kim caise
no barb s, she hasn't gotten into specifics this week of the in depth figures of users, permissions and controls this week

57:07 -
Carol Arc
do I see it before anyone else?

57:13 -
Thank you so much for these great ideas and information.

57:16 -
Here's the page I use when sharing info about wikis -

57:39 -
@ciguarino they could always compose and storyboard their content on paper then re-type I guess. You could print a paper copy for them to reflect on

57:45 -
kim caise
you can receive an email when a change has been made and i believe approve the changes

57:55 -
Steve Hargadon
You'll also find a LOT of conversations about wikis at

58:20 -
@joevans - love your wiki and all the exmples

58:23 -
Thanks for all the info!

58:24 -
i often feel overwhelmed trying to get through all the comments

58:27 -
the comments on the post have been really valuable already!!

58:41 -
is that wiki war like when two kids are writing at the same time in a google doc?

58:42 -
Carol Arc
So the change doesnt appear until I approve it?

58:42 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
Anne Mirtschin is a teacher at Hawkesdale P-12 college in Victoria Australia - Murcha

58:43 -
we will post the chat log so you can view it later

58:43 -
can we have the link to this?

58:48 -
Sue Waters

59:04 -
wiki war like two kids writing in a google doc at the same time?

59:07 -
flatclassroom / horizonproject = murcha

59:08 -

59:09 -
Lorna - if theres material there you can use feel free to do so. ;-)

59:29 -
How much of a difference is there from a wiki and a blog?

59:30 -
joevans--i use pb also

59:37 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
Anne is presenting on Friday in Elluminate for the

59:39 -

59:40 -
@mini - can't edit same page at same time

59:46 -

59:47 -
thanks sue

59:51 -
Steve Hargadon

59:52 -
wow! this time just flew by!!

59:53 -
kim caise
a blog is only editable by the author

59:54 -
Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
wow thanks Sue

59:56 -
2 am here in UK - tired but well worth it thanks :)

59:59 -
@mini but can edit different pages

1:00:15 -
My wiki is located at I use it as my professional learning tool!

1:00:18 -
oh you were FABULOUS

1:00:23 -
kim caise
wikis and blogs have different purposes although some features are similar

1:00:41 -
Sue Waters
go for it:)

1:00:52 -
Yay Sue!!! :)

1:00:53 -
Sue Waters

1:00:57 -
Steve Hargadon

1:00:58 -
Sue Waters
sorry about that :)

1:01:13 -
Great Sue

1:01:27 -
Great session - thanks!

1:01:27 -
Thaks all!

1:01:27 -
thanks to you too :)

1:01:27 -
Thanks, Sue!

1:01:29 -
Thank you Sue for a great kick-off!!

1:01:32 -
grt 8 job Sue

1:01:34 -
thank you sue

1:01:37 -
See you Peggy!

1:01:37 -
Where do we get the recording? I missed that bit

1:01:41 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
Good work Sue - you are a great ambassador for Aussie presenters

1:01:47 -
love to stay and chat, but have to feed the kids dinner. thanks, sue

1:02:01 -
ive got to take care of my little one now! thank you again!

1:02:03 -
the recording link and chat log will be posted on the beginner series blog

1:02:05 -
Steve Hargadon
I'm glad to make you feel better!

1:02:10 -
Great event! So impressed to actually particpate in a Sue Water's event. Huge fan!!

1:02:13 -
Hall Davidson

1:02:14 -
Nancy Messinger
Sue, How do you get your blog?

1:02:14 -
Kathy Matthes
Clap clap

1:02:18 -
can't wait for the next session!!

1:02:24 -
where's the chocolate?

1:02:26 -

1:02:27 -
Steve Hargadon
Where is that chocolate anyway?

1:02:30 -
Sue Waters
oops chocolate

1:02:31 -
the power of suggestion--I'm going to look for chocolate!

1:02:38 -
jane Curry
How do we get the whiteboard

1:02:46 -
kim caise
i will email you my address for the chocolate sue

1:02:47 -
Sue Waters
Steve can you add the chocolate image onto classroom 2.0

1:02:47 -
Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
i need chocolate,too!

1:02:50 -
need chocolate

1:02:54 -
kim caise
to subscribe

1:02:54 -
bye all

1:02:57 -
I wonder if Sue's suitcase at NECC will be filled w. chocolate owed.

1:02:59 -

1:03:02 -
that's her blog

1:03:10 -
@Hall didn't see you here - honored to be in the same virtual space

1:03:11 -
kim caise
to subsdribe to receive the email updates

1:03:16 -
Sue Waters

1:03:23 -
Nancy Messinger
How do you subscribe to the blog. Yes just the link

1:03:24 -
is that the link where you'll post the recording Sue?

1:03:40 -
Steve Hargadon
I think that's really Will Richardson pretending to be Hall Davidson... :)

1:03:54 -
thank you Sue for your insight

1:03:57 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)

1:04:00 -
Lorraine Leo
Thanks Sue, great session.

1:04:12 -
How do put a widget or embed something under the different pages to the left rather on the main page in wikispaces?

1:04:22 -
For Sue: Virtual Chocolate!

1:04:26 -
Night all, thanks for a great intro to wikis.

1:04:31 -
kim caise
will richardson doesn't play jokes like that steve :)

1:04:32 -
Thanks Sue for your time and knowledge

1:04:49 -
beautiful John!! That chocolate works on my diet! :-)

1:04:53 -
right - bed for me - thanks so much. Would love to stay on the line but have work in 5 hrs and haven't gone to bed yet! Thanks Sue - gretat session

1:05:04 -
heading out! Thanks everyone!

1:05:07 -
Judi Roach
mine does not have save as, it just says save

1:05:15 -
@leslie Sue will get into the details about embedding things on a wiki in another session

1:05:24 -
Sue Waters
sdhould have warned people on that

1:05:24 -
Karen Lampe
I couldn't get to SaveAs. Mine only said save.

1:05:25 -
jane Curry
Thanks Sue

1:05:26 -
Sue Waters

1:05:43 -
Thanks everyone, see you next time!

1:05:44 -
Doug H
Thanks for excellent webinar!

1:05:44 -
when are you mailing our choc?

1:05:48 -
kim caise
save is fine then go to whiteboard. you would need to save each of the whiteboards individually that you wanted to save

1:05:51 -
great session.

1:05:53 -
Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
yes voice is so special!!!

1:06:00 -
Sue Waters
It is Steve's job to do it

1:06:02 -
Jean King
Checking out. Thank you so much! I'm ready to work with my wiki.

1:06:03 -
YEAH MICHELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:06:09 -
Jean King
Thanks again!

1:06:13 -
kim caise
if you view the recordings all of the whiteboards, slides, and chat is visible in the recordings

1:06:14 -
@PeggyG Thanks, no worries. I'll keep looking.

1:06:15 -
Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
Sue it was so great to hear your voice and "accent".

1:06:21 -
Without a mic....nice resources shared...Thanks..

1:07:03 -
excellent qt!

1:07:10 -
Steve Hargadon
@chandell: just used a web-based survey tool.

1:07:24 -
Steve Hargadon
You can share the web link with the survey as a web tour.

1:07:25 -
through the kids - they bring more pressure than fronteir teachers in my experience

1:07:42 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST) - here's my ideas on getting newbies interested

1:07:43 -
that's what i do andy

1:07:44 -
Barb from Oz
Show them what you have been able to do with it, and offer to help them set up their own...

1:07:51 -
The kids are so responsive that the other staff members becme motivated to get involved I think

1:07:51 -
Karen Lampe
I wanted to capture the sharing for purpose but I couldn't get it into a PDF. Your instructions said to go to Save As. I didn't have that option--Only Save.

1:07:55 -
One of my teachers used them for their supper club.

1:08:13 -
Web 2.0 tools: Start slowly, find a neat and easy application for them to use. I often use a tool set such as Flickr Toys to get them going. So much fun.

1:08:15 -

1:08:31 -
when you save the whiteboard one of your choices is to save as a PDF-do you see that choice?

1:08:35 -
I have a one track mind as you can see

1:08:40 -
Sue Waters
yes it was

1:08:43 -
any preparationg for the next session

1:08:59 -
Steve Hargadon
The save as PDF shows up for me as the final dropdown in the box--"file type."

1:09:08 -
@susan you mean homework?

1:09:36 -
Karen Lampe
Now I can't even get back to that whiteboard. When I went to File I got Save. When I went to the right on that screen, I could only get Save Whiteboard or Save Chat.

1:09:38 -
jane Curry
I'm Parrpakala on twitter

1:09:52 -
not really but any suggestion to make the concepts more real and understandable.

1:10:03 -
Web 2.0 --- pick a couple to get comfy with at start

1:10:09 -
click on save whiteboard-then a menu will pop up with the choice of format-choose pdf

1:10:17 -
showcase 3 tools with great functionality and don't overload colleagues - when they see benefit, the tipping point comes. If not - time will take care of it - the dinosaurs vs the mammals - web 2.0 is Darwinian ultimately!!!

1:10:19 -
Judi Roach
karen, I have the same thing save/ no save as

1:10:33 -
Karen Lampe
OK. Now, how (or when ) can I get back to that whiteboard?

1:10:44 -
Do you think this change will take longer than the technology allows seeing that technology changes so quick?

1:11:01 -
Carole McCulloch (AUST)
must go now sue ciao

1:11:24 -
by carole

1:11:32 -
Karen Lampe
Got it. Thanks so much.

1:11:34 -
jane Curry
thanks Carole

1:11:34 -
you do

1:11:51 -
Kathy Matthes
@Greg - I think once teachers learn one Web 2.0 technology, they tend to be more open to learning about the others.

1:11:52 -
We've all been working too hard!

1:11:56 -
jane Curry
good one Sue

1:12:07 -
@kevin indeed

1:12:11 -
rogers innovation adoption curve

1:12:13 -
can someone post the link toher site?

1:12:22 -
Sue Waters

1:12:55 -
Steve Hargadon
Disrupting Class would say that a real transformation like this will not / cannot come through the front door of school systems, so you just have to use them on the fringes.

1:13:20 -
I can't get away.. I'm listening to Podcasts, keeping up with the network and burning out

1:13:37 -
@KarenLampe I'm on a Mac and had the same problem. Got it by choosing to print, but choosing to make a pdf along the way instead of actually printing. Don't know if that will work for you

1:13:48 -
the fringes are spacious - I like it here - an the kids gather in the riges because it's where they tend to live!

1:14:04 -
@kevin me too - have audio to edit and here i am

1:14:14 -
I didn't come in until the last minute...was there discussion about getting parent permissions? That is what I worry about.

1:14:18 -
fringes - not riges..what's a rige anyway?!

1:14:22 -
I'd LOVE that session!!

1:14:22 -
I used to do video editing.. got burned out there

1:14:45 -
@kevin kids do their own

1:14:50 -
jane Curry
ThAT'S a great link, thanks,

1:14:51 -
Sue Waters
heya Judy

1:15:11 -
...for community TV, my own projects

1:15:23 -
I have used a wiki in a moodle, but I didn't set it up. Just edited the wiki once I was within the moodle

1:15:33 -
Barb S.
have most participants been teachers of middle school, hs, or higher ed?

1:15:45 -
I didn't like the moodle wiki

1:15:47 -
jane Curry
Have to leave, thanks for this, didn't get to finish evaluation, all really good though.Cheers

1:15:48 -
i' have PreK-12

1:15:57 -
bye jane

1:16:01 -
I am a technology Facilitator/computer teacher in a middle school

1:16:10 -
I've used wikis in Drupal

1:16:13 -
no experience - sorry

1:16:17 -
Barb S.
thanks greg.. I am too..

1:16:20 -
Must go now. Thanks, this was terrific. See you next time

1:16:24 -
i full of choc

1:16:27 -
I can recommend installation of module ouwiki to your moodle site. It works better than the default wiki. Sorry I haven't got microphone.

1:16:33 -
Barb S.
just wondered how many are able to do this with all the lockdowns..

1:16:35 -
Limited participation

1:16:36 -
i dont know much about moodle

1:16:48 -
Barb S.
and how to handle it with 150 kids at a time

1:16:51 -
I find the wikis in moodle are so limited that I just link from Moodle to wikispaces.

1:16:53 -
Kathy Matthes
I don't have experience with Moodle. There are wikis in teacher class websites such as Edu2.0 and TeacherWeb.

1:16:54 -
I have used moodle, but didnt use the wiki module

1:16:56 -
Barb you can link up with me on linkedin or my site at

1:17:09 -
@clinds so agree

1:17:20 -
I would love to talk with you Barb about middle school issues

1:17:39 -
Barb S.
ok... link to the ning...

1:17:43 -
Sue Waters
parent permissions

1:18:14 -
i work in private school - if kids are there then they have parental permission

1:18:20 -

1:18:24 -
we all use screen names

1:18:26 -
Are there any safe sites for students where you would not worry about too much outside influences on their site?

1:18:46 -

1:18:47 -
Barb the link is

1:18:48 -
Gotta run! Thanks everyone. Very enjoyable event! ;-)

1:18:58 -
@Greg wiki or ?

1:19:03 -
Do we have a group for this?

1:19:10 -
bye joe

1:19:14 -
I guess there's a wiki add-on through Moodle but they said the next big version of Moodle (2.0) will have a better wiki feature built-in and it might mess up the new version if you have the wiki add-on installed.

1:19:20 -
Night all...

1:19:28 -
Steve Hargadon
Good idea!

1:19:29 -
night conger

1:19:37 -
is there a way for children can draw pictures on wikis

1:19:38 -

1:19:38 -
no - just wanted to say well done - I know the virtual classroom can cause stilted converstaion but you manage it really well :)

1:19:39 -
Thank you!!!

1:19:40 -
Steve Hargadon
I'll set it up right now.

1:19:42 -
bye all...

1:19:45 -
thanks sue

1:19:50 -
thank you

1:19:53 -
jane Curry

1:19:55 -
Judi Roach
judi; thanks sue

1:19:55 -
chocolates 4 U 2

1:19:58 -
Thanks Sue

1:20:00 -
Sue Waters
go for it

1:20:02 -
Thank you so much!

1:20:04 -
And thanks you - i wish we had elluminate at uni

1:20:04 -
@judibea are you on Twitter?

1:20:06 -
Thanks....will be notified by email the next meeting?

1:20:06 -
Jean King
Got to go. Thanks, Sue

1:20:13 -
bye Jean

1:20:17 -
thanks sorry was late will catch up on the saved session

1:20:19 -
Kathy Matthes
Divide the class into groups and assign wiki topics.

1:20:28 -
yes on twitter I am Library_SHelf

1:20:28 -
Kathy H
Thanks- this is great! Lots to play with.

1:20:45 -
I'd be interested in the session on Roger's Innovation Adoption Curve and how we can look at reaching the Early and Late Majority.

1:20:52 -
fohara I usually notify members of my site on free webinars and I will add these for Steve

1:21:40 -
where will this discussion continue?

1:21:56 -
your call sue

1:22:09 -
it's your thing

1:22:25 -
Thank you for you time today, and for continuing this series...

1:22:34 -
Steve Hargadon

1:22:39 -

1:22:42 -
post your address to edubloggere again?

1:22:47 -
Thank you Steve this time frame allows Hawaii users to join the session.

1:22:47 -
thank you Sue

1:22:54 -
Sue Waters

1:23:18 -

1:23:31 -
Sue Waters

1:23:45 -
mmm i love icing

1:24:12 -
Steve, send me dates for any of these and I will add them to my site and notify all my members as well as the Linkedin members now migrating to Ning

1:24:32 -
Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
i love icing too

1:24:43 -
ok bye

1:24:52 -
See you steve and Susan. Thanks

1:24:58 -
thanks bye

1:24:58 -
Kathy Matthes//
Thanks for a great session! Bye