May 27, 2009 5:04:06 PM - 1 LEARNCENTRAL.TV CHANNEL
00:03 - ncote
8 p.m. in NE USA

00:05 - Blanche
I follow you in twitter and it's the 1st time I hear your voice. Nice accent :)

00:06 - tamhawkins
8 pm in Harpers Ferry, WV

00:11 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
Don't foreget to record :-)

00:13 - meacherteacher
8pm in Quebec, Canada

00:20 - Ernie Easter
Hello everyone. It is 8pm in New Sweden, Maine.

00:25 - plnaugle
It is 7:00 p.m. in center of U.S.A.

00:31 - jewlearnit
How do you record?

00:32 - kim caise
i used to live near harpers ferry when i was younger @tamhawkins

00:34 - bettied
8 PM in Florida

00:36 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
Wow, this is great, to see so many people from other parts of the world

00:38 - Leslie
Hi Ernie - I am in Fryeburg!

00:58 - Blanche
8PM in Kingston Canada

01:20 - Edna
I'm in Melbourne, Aus... a classroom teacher, experimenting with a class wiki

01:20 - Ernie Easter
Hi Leslie - know Fryeburg well. From Mexico, ME originally

01:31 - LindaMSC
10 am Melbourne Australia

01:35 - ncote

01:36 - jewlearnit

01:40 - Leslie
Not too far!

02:04 - plnaugle
I want to use a wiki next year with my classes.

02:29 - CarrieGuarino
yreka california here. in the shadow of mt. shasta

02:33 - Tammie
English teacher from Texas

02:33 - Nancy W.
Danbury, CT

02:36 - plnaugle
I live in New Orleans, Louisiana.

02:37 - AndreaB
Los Angeles,CA US

02:37 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
I am on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, Australia

02:43 - Lorraine Leo

02:45 - Fran L
Want to use Wiki for my mock trial teams, including posting documents everybody works with

02:48 - Joe
Los Angeles USA

02:49 - Kim
Virginia Beach Va, USA K5 Computer resource specialist

02:50 - ncote
retired teacher in Vermont

02:52 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: Judaic Studies, Hebrew and Spanish

02:55 - Leslie D.
Mountains of Colorado

02:58 - Ruth
I teach K-6 in the Computer Lab. I just finished my first year in the lab today. Before that I taught 2nd grade for 9 years

03:01 - SusanSi
I have a new daughter-in-law from New Zealand-your voice is great, reminding me of her

03:03 - LindaMSC
We are just beginning with wikis - have a teacher one going, and starting in a couple of primary classes

03:04 - bettied
Tech specialist K-5 Florida

03:05 - Steve Guditus
@Lorraine Leo: Where are you in Boston?

03:14 - Azit
HI, I would like to learn about wiki and use them in my classroom too.

03:37 - Gelisa Parlier
I do have a Math Wiki with the Goals

03:44 - Lorraine Leo
@Steve Guditus Newton

03:46 - Ernie Easter
I teach all subjects in a small rural school in northern Maine.

03:48 - maha-issa
the world

03:52 - Kim
quick way to colloborate with a group online

03:52 - Sue Waters
chocolate guys

03:53 - Blanche
an easily editable website

03:58 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: Where in Florida?

04:01 - Leslie
Ernie- you are waaaay up there!

04:15 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
well done plnaugle - chocs for you

04:29 - kim caise
way to go paula!

04:30 - plnaugle
I love chocolate.

04:46 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
use the hand clap to applaud, use the hand raiser to ask a question on microphone

04:58 - bettied
Port Richye, FL north of Tampa

05:11 - Edna
hard to keep one eye on the chat and concentrate at the same time...

05:18 - Edna

05:19 - Gelisa Parlier

05:37 - Blanche
you'll get used to it edna

06:01 - maha-issa

06:20 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@Edna you can change the view to see more of the chat by selecting View, Layouts, Wide Layout

06:33 - Waida
I am a neibor, Spring Hill, Fl

06:50 - bettied
Hi Spring Hill :)

06:55 - maha-issa

07:02 - Waida
Hi neighbor

07:30 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
META learning: select a tool that is appropriate to produce an outcome

07:55 - Edna
Linda, that's what I said yesterday about Joc!

08:04 - Dion
also military strategy

08:05 - billgx
A major problem in education. Getting the cart before the horse by focusing on the tool instead of on the desired outcome.

08:33 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
I like that metaphor @billgx

09:02 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: I am in Jacksonville, FL

09:11 - Steve Guditus
@Lorraine - West Newton here - teach in Medfield

09:12 - LindaMSC
starting with students - have experience with teachers

09:26 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
good point Linda

09:31 - bettied
Hi in Jacksonville

09:36 - CarrieGuarino
it is like in business. start with a mission/goal and then choose strategies/tools

09:54 - judiroach
i tried to click on it but it is not showing

10:10 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: Hi there Floridians

10:17 - CarrieGuarino
it will show by your name in the lsit. it doesn't show on the white board

10:28 - Waida

10:38 - meacherteacher
judiroach - be sure you use the large check and x buttons about, not the ones at the top of the column

11:19 - Sue Waters
grab the mic please :)

11:31 - CarrieGuarino
yikes. we had this problem last time with the messy white board

12:37 - plnaugle
I set up a Wet Pint account but did not get to use it yet.

12:47 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
you are welcome to put in your Why Collaborate? comments in here too

13:13 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@plnaugle I really like the Wetpaint wiki mainly because of its look and feel

13:59 - LindaMSC
we're using wikispaces. are there any advantages/disadvantages with the different wikis in terms of using them with kids?

14:00 - Edna
is it better than wikispaces?

14:17 - Gelisa Parlier
we use pbwiki

14:30 - Steve Guditus
@LindaMSC: Negative - if students edit simultaneously, their work can be deleted/overwritten

14:32 - Ernie Easter
I've been using pbwiki also

14:38 - plnaugle
I attended a session with Tony Vincent on using a wiki to write Choose Your Own Adventure stories.

15:17 - Edna
steve, does that not happen with other wikis?

15:28 - LindaMSC
Steve - you're right this is a disadvantage with wikispaces. Does this happen in all other wikis?

15:41 - Edna
Linda, we are one voice!

15:53 - maha-issa
I thaink it's a good way to shear our idea

15:59 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
a wiki is an asynchronous environment mostly

16:32 - Ernie Easter
I'm on my iBook & my mic has not worked well. I didn't bring my external one to use. Sorry. I'll listen and tap here.

16:34 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
Doyo have a q Ruth?

16:47 - Leslie D.
We put all our final PYP projects together for the School Board to see.

17:07 - LindaMSC
we are a pyp school too!

17:18 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: Those are great ideas!

17:21 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
HI Nancy do you have a q

17:30 - Leslie D.
@LindaMSC Great. It was our 5th Grade Exhibition

17:39 - ncote
great idea as a way to present to school board

17:43 - Sue Waters

17:52 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: Is it public?

18:11 - jeffmason
process as well as product

18:37 - Ernie Easter
I like the creating the content.

18:54 - tasteach Sue Wyatt
I know a group of students have created a wiki about stopping whaling - students from Australia and Argentina, began after they were blogging

18:55 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
hey this sounds like Nancy White

19:28 - Leslie D.
@jenlearnit Yes, public--if you were asking me??

19:28 - Dion
Oh Thank you Sources and citations so important!

19:34 - Ernie Easter
My students have posted their projects and give each other feed back. Ours is closed, but we invited parents in.

19:56 - Sue Waters
bit louder

19:57 - Sue Waters

19:58 - Karen Locke

19:58 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
yes we hear you

19:59 - kim caise
we can hear you

20:17 - plnaugle
@jewlearnit It can be public or private. You get to invite people to join your wiki.

20:22 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@jewlearnit keep the mike button on

20:46 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: O.K

20:53 - Edna

21:26 - Edna
great formative assessmnet

22:12 - meacherteacher
YES - Collaboration is a learned skill!

22:14 - jewlearnit
jewlearnit: That was my question!

22:24 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: You read my mind

22:25 - maha-issa
we makes a wiki site for teachers to put their works and discusion about their work ,

22:36 - Waida
Bettied, what school?

22:43 - meacherteacher
We have worked hard in this between the 2 grade 4 classes at our school this year and are seeing the pay-off this week

22:43 - Ernie Easter
Collaboration must also be modeled by teachers.

22:48 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@maha-issa - this is a great reflective tool

22:56 - bettied
Longleaf Elem in New Port Richey

23:04 - ncote
like teaching cooperative learning skills

23:19 - Nancy W.
We use Moodle wiki

23:31 - Katelinm432
We use wikispaces

23:33 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@Ernie Easter - absolutely - collaboration betweenteachers is a learned behaviour requiring a change in attitude

23:42 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: That happened with students that do not know how to work with other people.?

24:00 - bettied
Nancy W: not impressed with moodle's wki feature

24:13 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: Do you still include them?

24:17 - Sue Waters
can you share your colloboartion ideas

25:01 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: There is always students like that

25:17 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
so many different wikis available - once again need to choose the one that fits the purpose. a good place to test that out is

25:26 - Ernie Easter
In a closed environment I like to use NoteShare Server, a program for Macs. Students can work in their Notebook in school or from home. Has aspects of a Wiki.

26:54 - Steve Guditus
Anyone on twitter?

27:23 - Sue Waters
@suewaters is my twitter name

27:25 - plnaugle
I'm plnaugle on Twitter.

27:36 - Dion
thank you

27:52 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@Azit in the meantime you could check out some of Sue

28:01 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
Waters descriptions in her blog

28:04 - meacherteacher
I'm meacherteacher on Twitter

28:25 - Lorraine Leo
Twitter - raine22

28:26 - Ernie Easter
ErnieEaster is my twitter name

28:27 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)

28:32 - Blanche
@BlancheMaynard on twitter

28:46 - bettied
bettied on twitter

28:51 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: I am Jewlearnit @ twitter

29:02 - Leslie D.
great question

29:06 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)

29:10 - Ruth
What are some of the ground rules that you set for collaboration?

29:11 - Leslie D.
I'm wondering the same.

29:58 - JeffTrudell
Starting a wiki for Michigan Teachers: Work in progress..

30:00 - LindaMSC
Setting up the wiki is very easy on wikispaces. The current discussion as to how you use it is the thing.

30:09 - bettied
we have moodle and I love it. Just wish the wiki had more features

30:15 - Ernie Easter
In my experience at this point the number of excellent tools availalbe to us is leaving us with almost too many choices.

30:26 - maha-issa
you must lesen to all to make them lesten to you

30:46 - Ruth
I agree - it is overwhelming

30:52 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
META: choosing a web 2.0 tool to fit the purpose is the key to smart selection

30:55 - judiroach
bettied; i need your twitter or email. I asked about moodle wikis and know one could answer my question last tiem

31:11 - bettied
bettied on twitter

31:12 - kim caise
you can use a your google email account and add the + sign and the student name so that all the email goes through your email account

31:14 - Leslie D.
can add their name to yours with a +

31:37 - meacherteacher
I see Accountability there too

32:13 - judiroach
great help with the google email account thanks

32:23 - Edna
Just as you would in the classroom for any other collaboration

32:37 - Karen Locke
wsdmnature on twitter

32:38 - plnaugle
@kim caise Does the + sign and student name get added at the front end or the back end of my account name?

32:40 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
META: collaboration is about establishig expectations and modelling appropriate behaviour in the wiki environment

32:51 - meacherteacher
Yes, online does not mean an absence of structure

33:03 - kim caise
not sure, let me check

33:07 - jewlearnit
Jewlearnit: I have to run. Thank you so much!

33:42 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
thanks for joining us @jewlearnit

34:02 - Leslie D.
the end of your email

34:02 - Ruth
bye Jewlearnit

34:12 - Lorraine Leo

34:15 - Leslie

34:17 - plnaugle

34:30 - kim caise

35:04 - meacherteacher
I have never used the discussion tab, but I think that is where I need to be moving some of the work

35:06 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
Thanks @Kim caise - great little tip on gmail.

35:46 - kim caise

35:49 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@meacherteacher - the discussion tabs in wikispaces are great to get some collaboration happening in conversation style

36:05 - maha-issa
you can try our , but we just start

36:21 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
go ahead Carrie

36:28 - maha-issa

36:29 - plnaugle
Thanks Kim Caise.

36:39 - kim caise

36:48 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
oh yes I use Voxopop to add to a wiki page or embed a podomatic podcast

36:52 - Ernie Easter
You also have to be willing to let the students be the teacher and you the learner. Scarry sometimes, but powerful when students realize you are willing to listen and learn.

37:19 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
most wiki pages will allow audio visual embedding

37:27 - Ernie Easter
Letting students start using the wiki. We don't have to be the expert in everyting.

37:53 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@Ernie Easter - great point - this is part of the required change in mindset of the teacher

38:06 - meacherteacher
The media is not important, it is the thinking and learning that counts

38:31 - Ernie Easter
I acted as one of their expert advisors

38:38 - Ernie Easter
sorry my audio doesn't work

38:46 - Ernie Easter
I'll type

39:26 - plnaugle
Has anyone set up a wiki and had a student lead how to use it instead of the teacher?

39:59 - maha-issa
wiki very usefull in our training for teachers ,and be in tuch all the time after the training

40:17 - tasteach Sue Wyatt
@plnaugle created by students - not part of school work

40:22 - Leslie D.
@plnagule I had a GT teacher do just that. She said the kid was amazing.

40:29 - SusanSi
what age are these students?

40:47 - tasteach Sue Wyatt
grade 9 onwards I think

40:51 - meacherteacher
High School

40:56 - Ernie Easter
The ones I've worked with were HS

40:58 - alex
can i go back to the previous slide i want the web site address I misssedit

41:09 - Gelisa Parlier

41:16 - Gelisa Parlier
by Thomas Friedman

41:21 - Karen Locke was one

41:23 - RandyH
has anyone used softutor for video collaboration

41:31 - maha-issa
all the students can see the works that teachers shear in the site

41:39 - alex

41:52 - Ruth
Will we be able to view this after the session?

41:53 - plnaugle
@alex Go to File at top Save and then choose Witeboard.

42:24 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@Ruth yes this is being recorded. You can also save any of the slides by using the File, Save, Whiteboards - save them as pdf files to read offline.

42:44 - Ernie Easter
The conversations between students were as interesting as the class work they were doing.

42:46 - Ruth
Thank you

43:11 - Gelisa Parlier
breaks down the classroom walls so a classroom is not working in isolation but working as 1 large classroom using wikis and ning

43:24 - maha-issa
it's great for us to start with teacher to can do the same with their students

43:39 - Doug Henry
"meta-collaboration" - collaborating to collaborate...

43:41 - tasteach Sue Wyatt

43:49 - Ernie Easter
Many of our schools block these tools unfortunately.

43:57 - alex

44:03 - meacherteacher
Better connecting around the world with those who have access, than in the bubble of your own small community

44:05 - Ann Marie
I assisted a teacher in our school who was involved in the Flat Classroom project this year - the NetGen Ed Challenge - They collaborated with the author - Don Tapscott, author of Grown Up Digital.

44:14 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@Carrie - things will change rapidly now as we gain momentum with web 2.0 tools - students will 'demand' the use of them soon

44:26 - tasteach Sue Wyatt

44:53 - tasteach Sue Wyatt

45:10 - maha-issa

45:30 - tasteach Sue Wyatt

45:43 - tasteach Sue Wyatt
those are wikis created by Vicki Davis

46:05 - khesbol
Do you have any suggestions for using Wikis with graduate students, aspiring to become school leaders?

46:34 - Ann Marie
Here's a link to check out the collaborative wiki for the NetEd Gen project we just finished in April,

46:42 - Ernie Easter
My Flat Classroom group I was the expert advisor for was using Web 2.0 tools.

46:50 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
META: smart collaboration requires the 'blending' of several tools

47:15 - CarrieGuarino
I've never heard of a ning

47:23 - RandyH

47:47 - Ernie Easter
Sometimes working with these students from all over the world from every timezone (it seemed) it was like herding cats at times.

48:03 - maha-issa
mustof teachers didn't know about wiki ,

48:10 - kim caise is a great ning to join

48:15 - Karen Locke
lol Ernie- sounds fun! :)

48:36 - Gelisa Parlier
@Ernie Easter great analogy

48:41 - Ernie Easter
And parts of these videos are outsourced to other students to produce segments.

49:23 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
META: still a need for further awareness programs for teachers across the world in the use of web 2.0 (we need to create criticial mass)

49:54 - meacherteacher
that's a powerful message

50:00 - Mary
Hi Carole. Yes I agree: Critical mass

50:22 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
To anyone just joining - we are discussing the importance of collaboration in the use of web 2.0 tools - focussing on wikis today

50:49 - plnaugle
Teachers are feeling time is the biggest reason they don't get onboard. They feel learning these tools takes too much time.

50:51 - Gelisa Parlier
@ Ernie: trivia a group of cats is a clowder a group of kittens is a kindle

50:56 - Ann Marie
It was very interesting to see the high school students collaborate in these different environments.

51:01 - tasteach Sue Wyatt
and they can do all this out of school hours if they were really interested

51:28 - dougjetton
How do you get past the issues of privacy and access with Network administrators to get the ball moving? Our students cannot even access their email.

51:30 - judiroach
i agree,any learning that i have done on this is outside of clas time

51:58 - judiroach
same problem for our school district dougjetton

52:05 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)

52:26 - meacherteacher
I'm lucky. Our board policy is not to filter or block sites

52:28 - Sue Waters

52:48 - meacherteacher
Teachers need to be attentive to what kids are doing online, but we have access to the tools we need

52:49 - maha-issa
yes , I think we do that at home not at school or at work

52:56 - Ernie Easter
And I've got my big black double pawed one sitting watching the screen

53:00 - RandyH
can we get email notices earlier I got this notice 5 hours ago. it was tough to make but its worth it.

53:01 - Sue Waters
Please read the comments here on using wikis

53:34 -
i am just trying to figure out what wikis are. . . i have no idea

53:39 - JeffTrudell built to help teachers with state standards and teach them about wikis at the same time.

54:04 - kim caise
a practice wiki is a great idea

54:14 - JeffTrudell
Love also.

54:17 - khesbol
How can we train aspiring principals to use such technology with their faculty/staff?

54:29 - RandyH
anyone use for collaboration?

54:58 - plnaugle
I found Ning the easiest to start teachers on.

54:59 - Nathan Guteras
I use rubrics to belp focus the studnts using technology tools and intergration.

55:08 - Sue Waters
No sound

55:13 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
go aheda susan

55:17 - Sue Waters

55:19 - CarrieGuarino
i can hear music

55:21 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
yes we can hear you

55:31 - Ernie Easter
My first pages this fall when I was teaching my students was called a sandbox. They loved the concept

55:32 - LindaMSC
We've started with a small group of interested teachers who then hopefully feed back to their teams. Things start when timid teachers see what others are doing.

56:04 - CarrieGuarino
it empowers them

56:11 - dougjetton
What grade level?

56:15 - kim caise
great way to encourage interaction

56:28 - LindaMSC
great idea - having questions for principal. Brave principal!

56:35 - RandyH
we had a forum that got out of control as well, how do you keep the riff raff out of the wiki?

56:41 - Edna
We'll try that, Linda

56:47 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
META: caution in the use of privacy and security tools within a web 2.0 tool - saves disasters

57:25 - CarrieGuarino

57:30 - Ernie Easter
Inappropriate use on the wiki - shut down the student (remove access), not the tool. It wasn't the tool being inappropriate, but the student. My opinion.

57:32 - Sheri Edwards first starts at using wiki with students -- collaborated with class across country-- just start small like sue is talking about now

57:38 - Leslie D.
Personal use--really good. It's really helping me organize.

57:49 - tasteach Sue Wyatt
@randyH - the wikis I have used have been where you have to ask to join - then I check out that person before I say yes you can join

57:53 - meacherteacher
Randy H. Wikispaces lets you set your space as private, semi private (only those you invite - like jsut your students) and public (anyone can add)

58:10 - Ruth
I made it clear at the beginning that I will check all e-mails and all posts and if I find anything inappropriate, they were out of the lab for at least a week.

58:11 - kim caise
good point ernie, don't ruin the effort for everyone because of a few or one student's inappropriate use

58:17 - Lorraine Leo
Good takes practice and time to understand how wikipages work.

58:22 - CarrieGuarino

58:25 - kim caise

58:28 - SusanSi

58:28 - Nathan Guteras
We use wikkispspaces too. We are moving to Microsoft's

58:30 - plnaugle
Love it!

58:35 - Sheri Edwards
Are there sharetabs for this session?

58:37 - Mary
Carole, if I want all the slides from here, go to tools, whiteboard, and then?

58:40 - kim caise
well done @carole!

59:03 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
that one is in my Clip Art Collections in Elluminate - if you're interested in learning more about moderating in Elluminate Live please contact me

59:08 - SusanSi
first time I have dared to speak!

59:21 - plnaugle
@mary Go to File Save and then Whiteboard

59:33 - tasteach Sue Wyatt
I'd be interested Carole

59:33 - kim caise
the chocoloate was yummy carole

59:39 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
well done to those who were in Elluminate for the first time -you are now part of 'critical mass' in virtual classrooms

59:45 - CarrieGuarino
people may feel more comfortable raising a hand. they aren't worried about interrupting someone else who is trying to talk

59:46 - Sue Waters
Well done everyone

59:48 - Ernie Easter
I like the use of Nings. It would be great to see sessions on that also.

59:57 - RandyH
thanks carole

59:59 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@tasteach Sue - please join my Ning network at:

1:00:03 - Nathan Guteras
Use the various web 2.o sites to blog.

1:00:04 - CarrieGuarino
thanks, sue

1:00:09 - Ruth
This has been great - thank you so much!

1:00:11 - CarrieGuarino
thanks, carol

1:00:21 - dougjetton
It is hard to know if the technology that we start to use will be relevant the next year. Time again, becomes an issue.

1:00:23 - plnaugle
@susansi You did a great job. I know how nervous I was the first time I took the mic. Clap! Clap!

1:00:25 - Carole McCulloch (VIC) where I advertise some Elluminate sessions

1:00:33 - maha-issa
thanks for all , really I spent great time ,

1:00:41 - LindaMSC
great discussion!

1:00:44 - Ernie Easter
thanks Sue, Carole, & Kim - great session.

1:01:01 - kim caise
you're welcome ernie!

1:01:06 - Fran L
Thanks! very helpful

1:01:07 - plnaugle
Thanks Sue Waters and everyone else. Another wonderful session.

1:01:12 - bettied
Great session. Thanks.

1:01:21 - Edna
Great session thinaks

1:01:31 - teachwatts
Thank you

1:02:35 - tamhawkins
Great session. I learned a lot!! Thanks.

1:02:50 - maha-issa
thanks I learn today a good way to use the teachers in our session

1:02:54 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
great audience participation today - you guys really rock!

1:03:01 - Ruth
I need to run, thank you all so much. I'm looking forward to another session.

1:03:11 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
Sue do you want to stop the recorder now?

1:03:32 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
round of applause for our sponsors

1:03:32 - Mary
How much is it to get a session like this

1:03:52 - Mary
How much for more than 3 ppl?

1:04:01 - Carole McCulloch (VIC)
@Mary these sessions are free and you can get more information about Elluminate at

1:04:03 - RandyH
how much is this elluminate session?

1:04:04 - Sue Waters

1:04:07 - Sheri Edwards
thanks to sponsors

1:04:12 - Sheri Edwards
thanks to all

1:04:25 - judiroach
thanks to sponsors

1:04:38 - maha-issa
thanks a lot

1:04:38 - RandyH

1:04:49 - Ruth
thank you sponsors