CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE - April 10, 2010

00:03 to: hesham
Hello everyone , greetings from Storrs, CT

00:03 to: David McGeary

00:09 to: Peggy George
here we go!!! :-)

00:22 to: ritasimsan
Hoping for sound soon.

00:33 to: Kim Caise
you should be hearing lorna Rita

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if you're not hearing us run audio setup wizard

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if not, goup to tools, select audio and then the audio setup wizard

01:06 to: McTeach
Good morning from Northern California!!

01:17 to: Peggy George
welcome McTeach!!!

01:17 to: David McGeary
Good morning, everyone!

01:28 to: BethStill
Good morning McTeach. How are you today?

01:34 to: McTeach
Thanks Peggy! How are ya?!

01:43 to: David McGeary
Sadly - I have lots of free time today. I can chat for hours. :-P

01:49 to: McTeach
Beth!! Good morning! I'm doing well, how 'bout yourself?

01:50 to: Peggy George
We will post the recording, chat and mp4 after the show along with all of our links!!

01:55 to: Peggy George
Yeah Tammy!!!!!

01:55 to: Kim Caise
yea Tammy!

01:57 to: McTeach
Yay Tammy!!!

02:40 to: Peggy George
you can always type questions in the chat too

02:58 to: McTeach
I love this part!!

03:05 to: Peggy George
this is fantastic!!!

03:10 to: Kim Caise
Shambles is in thailand

03:13 to: Peggy George
look at those dots!!!! :-)

03:16 to: carlos_raul

03:18 to: BethStill
@McTeach So hard to sit here this morning. We finally have sunny, warm weather. I just cannot miss this opportunity to learn here today. Topic near and dear to me.

03:23 to: Fred
This is awesome!

03:27 to: rafael
Costa Rica

03:29 to: stidmama
my teen son says "that is soooo neat!"

03:31 to: Grace
That is really neat to see where everyone is from.

03:32 to: Kim Caise
welcome global participants!

03:32 to: carlos_raul

03:33 to: Peggy George
Peru, Italy, Thailand,... woo hoo

03:45 to: Peggy George
and excellent spread around the US and Canada!

03:55 to: Purti Singh
No voice

04:02 to: McTeach
Beth...I know what you mean. Fortunately, it's not sunny and warm here today. Perfect day for staying indoors!

04:20 to: Peggy George
great spread! you're going to learn some neat things today!

04:21 to: Fred
Mine has dissapeard

04:29 to: Delbusch
my tools disappeared they were there a minute ago

04:33 to: Peggy George
place it again

04:37 to: Fred
got it!

04:39 to: Peggy George
there it is

04:40 to: carlos_raul
Perhaps it's the browser

04:46 to: dotty Myers
I am on Spring Break.

04:47 to: Peggy George
if you click on it twice it removes it

04:51 to: carlos_raul

04:59 to: Fred
Thank you!

05:07 to: Paula Naugle
Hello everyone from New Orleans.

05:08 to: Delbusch
how do you get it back?

05:27 to: Peggy George
I taught a hybrid course--part online and part face to face

05:41 to: Shamblesguru
Hope this includes Second Life

05:48 to: Peggy George
you're doing a great job with the voting! thanks

05:48 to: BethStill
@Paula Good morning....Again! :)

05:52 to: Jeffrey
Yes I have

05:53 to: Kim Caise
it does shambles!

05:53 to: Mary Ellen Lynch -Montreal
Hi Paula

05:55 to: Peggy George
Hi BethStill!!

05:59 to: Peggy George
Hi Paula!!

06:03 to: McTeach
Good morning, Paula!!

06:10 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Beth. Good to see you here.

06:15 to: Purti Singh

06:15 to: Jeffrey

06:21 to: BethStill
Good morning Peggy. Nice to be here again.

06:24 to: carlos_raul

06:30 to: stidmama
mostly just using the internet for research...

06:33 to: Peggy George
if you don't have a classroom but teach teachers you can still vote

06:38 to: Delbusch
I even got out and came in again but I don't have the check and x

06:39 to: Paula Naugle
@McTeach Hi. How are you?

06:45 to: Peggy George
that's great!!

06:49 to: Purti Singh
Voice not heard clearly

06:57 to: Peggy George
now you get a new experience :-)

06:59 to: McTeach
Paula...great! How are things in N'Ahlins?

07:09 to: Peggy George
there was a blank slide :-)

07:15 to: Peggy George

07:23 to: David McGeary

07:28 to: Paula Naugle
It's a beautiful day. New Orleans Fest and Strawberry Fest are going on.

07:32 to: Peggy George

07:41 to: Peggy George
click on the big A

07:45 to: McTeach
Paula, sounds like fun!!!

08:22 to: ritasimsan

08:31 to: Peggy George
awesome job!!! love it!

08:36 to: virginia alberti
very interesting sharing idea!!

08:44 to: David McGeary
I LOVE "Mom's Qualities"!

08:52 to: carlos_raul

08:54 to: Rob
Rather like

08:56 to: Fred
This is great!

09:00 to: rafael
good interaction large audience

09:17 to: Peggy George
that whiteboard slide will be saved in our recording too :-)

09:27 to: su verma
All the characters a good mom has are needed for a good online istructor.

09:35 to: matt montagne
hey all

09:43 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Matt.

09:46 to: Peggy George
welcome everyone!!

09:46 to: matt montagne
great topic

09:46 to: virginia alberti
I had a screenshot! beatiful participation

09:48 to: Peggy George
Hi Matt!

09:53 to: matt montagne
hey paula, peggy, et al

09:53 to: McTeach
Hey Matt!!

10:00 to: David McGeary
Oh, the pressure!!!

10:04 to: Lorna Costantini
God Monring matt

10:10 to: aclemos
Hi, everyone.

10:15 to: Fred
David you are funny!

10:17 to: hesham
Hey David

10:17 to: RoyBrown
su all the characteristics of a good father also.

10:26 to: Peggy George
that's why we love to go to conferences so we can meet great people to invite to share with all of you!!

10:33 to: ritasimsan
Looking for MATC participants-Anybody there?

10:42 to: su verma
true, but mom keeps them in line too

10:44 to: jackiegerstein
That's why we like online learning :)

10:44 to: McTeach
No, no pressure!!

10:45 to: Peggy George
David is up to the pressure :-)

10:59 to: Paula Naugle
No pressure here.

11:07 to: RoyBrown
so do dads

11:10 to: Kim Caise
teaching is appropriate too!

11:16 to: Peggy George
we're all friendly learners :-)

11:20 to: su verma

11:28 to: Fred
We are your friends Dave!

11:43 to: Peggy George All of our links are shared here so you can explore them later

11:45 to: BethStill
Peggy--you are so right about that. We are all very friendly and eager to learn!

11:48 to: kacem
Hi Nour :-)

11:56 to: Peggy George
instant friends!

12:07 to: BethStill
Wow....73 new friends! :)

12:13 to: Nour

12:16 to: Peggy George
we are online learners

12:23 to: Paula Naugle
People who use the internet to learn.

12:24 to: stidmama
people who use the internet to learn things?

12:25 to: Purti Singh
i am facing technical problem, your voice is not heard ,

12:28 to: su verma
Hi 73+ archive watchers!!1

12:28 to: Delbusch
anyone who uses a computer to learn

12:31 to: Kim Caise
all ages

12:32 to: Lorna Costantini
life loing learners

12:32 to: McTeach
Anyone who uses the internet to learn something new...or old.

12:36 to: Fred
Our Children!

12:37 to:
Learners who prefer to learn at their own pace in their own place.

12:38 to: Peggy George
using online resources to learn new things and collaborate with other learners

12:38 to: Jill Althage
Possibly anyone, everyone who is willing

12:39 to: Larry P

12:39 to: Kym
people who leanr from websites or the internet

12:39 to: Jeffrey
Students who have decided that they are gong to take charge of their own learning

12:40 to: LK
people who like to use technology to learn.

12:43 to: mawheba safey eldin
people who need to learn from a distance as we all are

12:43 to: Mary P
All of us

12:45 to: PrimaryEdTech
potentially, anyone who cannot attend a traditional bricks and mortar classroom

12:45 to: Peggy George
no one is talking at the moment

12:46 to: Bob Caro
studnets are not face to face with the instructor inthe same room

12:47 to: Amy H
everyone with access to the internet.

12:48 to: BethStill
Anyone who learns or shares in an online space.

12:48 to: Sheri Edwards
self-directed learners

12:49 to: Kim Caise
collaborating using the internet

12:50 to: dotty Myers
online learners go beyond what they learn in a structrued envrionment and expand their knowledge

12:51 to: hesham
everyone :)

12:52 to: matt montagne
students who have the discipline and drive to do well in a slighly more ambiguous environment

12:53 to: rafael
anyone who wants to learn thorugh intenert

12:54 to: RoyBrown
learners that use any of the web 2.0 tools

12:54 to: JoAnn C
anyone who uses internet to attain new information

12:57 to: Marty Caise
self motivated people who learn online

12:57 to: Doug Henry
Opposite of f2f learners...

12:59 to: Fred
They spend more time on the internet then they ever do in a book.

13:00 to: Peggy George
not just people who take online courses

13:10 to: Paula Naugle
There is so much to learn online.

13:10 to: su verma
online learner or new word ONLINER

13:19 to: Peggy George
love that su verma

13:20 to: rafael
I dont like the idea of seting oppositive to f2f

13:22 to: Peggy George
onliner :-)

13:28 to: rafael
they are so diferent

13:34 to: Paula Naugle
@su vermma I'm an Onliner.

13:37 to: Nour

13:41 to: su verma

13:47 to: Peggy George
we'll help you keep track of questions David

13:47 to: McKenzie Chisum
Yes. It causes my session to freeze.

13:58 to: McKenzie Chisum
Lorna, any way I can fix it?

13:58 to: ritasimsan
I'd say all of us participating are "onliners."

14:15 to: su verma

14:16 to: Peggy George
McKenzie-you might try logging out and logging back in

14:20 to: Kim Caise
mckenzie, have you tried the audio setup wizard under tools and then select audio?

14:30 to: David McGeary

14:32 to: alicia_anderson
i like the notion of "onliners"...I hope that catches on! :)

14:34 to: Lorna Costantini

14:37 to: Sheri Edwards
@JackieGerstein -- thanks for creating Teaching with TED:

14:56 to: Fred
I am a night owl too!

15:03 to: RoyBrown
I was online conferencing and problem solving in the 80s while at GE. it has taken education a long time to recognize the potential.

15:21 to: Peggy George
if new links are shared in the chat today I'll add them to our link after the show

15:35 to: Peggy George
love that story because I have twin daughters :-)

15:35 to: Purti Singh
wow! cute girl

15:37 to: Paula Naugle
Love that Daddy II.

15:40 to: Fred

15:41 to: Dorie

16:06 to: Paula Naugle
Hi msrdurff and Nik.

16:12 to: Kim Caise
she was close!

16:13 to: McTeach
You have to keep that picture!!

16:17 to: Peggy George
that is such a great photo!!!

16:26 to: carlos_raul
digital native

16:35 to: Rob
Our 2-year old takes pictures of her dolls

16:36 to: Peggy George
makes me think of playing hide and seek--something we often do online :-)

16:39 to: Grace
saw online that 3-4 yr. olds were given i-pods with no instructions and figured out how to use the applications all by themselves.

16:58 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
My niece- at 3- tried out my flip camera- great videos- unique angle on the world

17:00 to: Peggy George
my grandkids instantly figured out iTouch with no instruction

17:04 to: Kim Caise
how funny!

17:10 to: stidmama

17:13 to: BethStill
Makes me wonder when so many people become fearful of trying things out.

17:13 to: Fred
This is very true!

17:16 to: su verma
You watch, online education is going to be part of every childs education in the matter of only a few years

17:26 to: ritasimsan

17:28 to: Carolyn Billheimer
so funny!

17:40 to: Fred
Children are addicted to technology.

17:42 to: su verma
it develops independence and free learning

17:43 to: Peggy George
incredible apps for young children!!

17:48 to: Adrianne.Stone
I think I wish I was your neice ha ha

17:58 to: Rob
My 2 year old figured out Second Life with me one day. Check it out on my blog:

18:02 to: matt montagne
the dr. seuss books for the iPad look awesome...similar to the suess books on CD ROM from the late 90s

18:02 to: Grace
I can't even figure these things out when i have the instructions

18:15 to: Peggy George
love that Rob!!! I need to talk to your 2 year old!!

18:22 to: ritasimsan

18:23 to: Kim Caise

18:25 to: Rachel
I'm with you, Grace!

18:28 to: dotty Myers
When I was in junior high in the 50's we were told about online learning by someone from the Bell Labs. We all were in awe since most of us had just gotten a TV.

18:31 to: Lorna Costantini
@grace ou are not alone

18:33 to: Paula Naugle
@Grace Get a kid to help you. They will figure it out.

18:46 to: Grace
Whenever I want to do something I ask a kid

18:51 to: su verma
we need to support new onliners and help them get acculturated into new system of learning. This is where the future is

18:57 to: Peggy George
can't wait to read that blog post Rob!!

18:57 to: Lorna Costantini
@grace your commitment to learning is showing :)

18:57 to: ritasimsan
Great idea!

19:05 to: Fred
This is true, texting drives me crazy!

19:08 to: Peggy George
can I add that link to our link today?

19:15 to: Rob
Yes, sure.

19:23 to: Peggy George

19:36 to: stidmama
anything new!

19:40 to: Fred
Anything that needs plugging in..

19:41 to: Grace
I'm using a wikispace for the first time with my class and love it.

19:41 to: Peggy George
instructional technology??

19:46 to: Delbusch
anything cutting edge

19:57 to: Peggy George
does it have to be cutting edge??

19:58 to: leo 2
don't forget people who are offline because they have no internet access

20:11 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Kids don't intuitively everything about tech... but they are generally fearless. I had my 5th graders show me how to use my itouch, and now we are all learning how to do stop motion animation.

20:30 to: stidmama
so little changes

20:37 to: jackiegerstein
Interesting - I have a blog in mind that speaks of the teacher as a gatekeeper of knowledge being detrimental to learners

20:38 to: Fred
Where can I get that history of a chalkboard?

20:44 to: ritasimsan
I love asking the students to teach us. Creates trust in the classroom.

20:49 to: Paula Naugle
@Maureen Can't wait to have you share final products.

20:59 to: matt montagne
didn't socrates have similar problems with the written word?? People would lose their ability to remember if they could just write things down...

21:07 to: Peggy George
I remember being so excited to get a whiteboard that I could use colored markers on!!

21:08 to: jackiegerstein
Yes Matt - he did

21:15 to: Grace
I wanted to use wikispaces, Ning and Glogster so I got one child to join with me and we learned together and now I am using all 3, thanks to her.

21:33 to: Peggy George
such a great example Grace!

21:45 to: Rob
Love this story: Pencils Across the Curriculum

21:47 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Paula... I will - they are just starting- gave them all 2 pckgs of Peeps- they are making up fabulous peep stories- star wars ripoffs, all kinds of idea

21:49 to: Peggy George
teachers aren't used to thinking of themselves as disruptive!

21:56 to: Sandy O'Neil 1
Love using kids to assist and develop lessons too.

22:01 to: su verma
online is OPEN system of ALL learning from ALL and allover the world

22:16 to: Tom Perran
I've had students show me how to get around our filters at school!

22:17 to: Paula Naugle
@Maureen Sounds like so much fun.

22:18 to: matt montagne
thanks for sharing that link, Rob...good stuff there!

22:33 to: Peggy George
@Maureen-how did you keep them from eating the peeps before they wrote their stories :-)

22:48 to: Peggy George
great photo!!!

22:49 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Paula- they are very excited... I've never done it- told them we would all learn together.

22:57 to: su verma

23:00 to: Kim Caise
anyone ever use those mac classics?

23:00 to: jackiegerstein
Thanks @Rob - never saw that before - very good!

23:08 to: Jill Althage
It's very frightening to librarians==people finding resources without our tools

23:12 to: jackiegerstein
I had a MAC SE ;)

23:13 to: matt montagne
that is great

23:15 to: Peggy George
I remember that computer!!! one of my first!

23:17 to: John Goldsmith 1
I think I still have one.

23:19 to: kas
Still have Mac Classics in some schools!

23:20 to: Fred
Yes mac classics were great!

23:26 to: Bob Caro
I had one, too

23:36 to: Peggy George
they had about 50mb of memory!!

23:36 to: Angie K
We had them in my school when I was in high school.

23:37 to: blairteach
Lost my intenet but back now. Will have to listen to recording for missing parts.

23:42 to: Rob
I had the bag for my Mac SE - thought it was so cool to carry around. :-)

23:46 to: Peggy George
welcome back blairteach!!

23:47 to: stidmama
between 12 and 17

23:48 to: Fred

23:48 to: Diane Grimes

23:50 to: BethStill
Male mid-20's-mid 30's

23:51 to: Sandy O'Neil 1
I guess 12 years

23:54 to:

23:54 to: Bob Caro
14 yrs old - 8th grader

23:54 to: Diane Grimes

23:55 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@PeggyG- Packages can't be opened before I see and approve the storyboards... Altho I made a mistake and bought a pack of green ones- since we are using green screen, we had no choice- had to eat thos

23:55 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

23:55 to: Fred

23:56 to: Mary P
16 year old

23:56 to: JoAnn C

23:58 to: Paula Naugle
13-18 year olds.

23:58 to: kas
under 13

24:00 to: Kym

24:03 to: Angela Perry

24:04 to: Amy H
over 25

24:08 to: nikoC
women 25-35

24:09 to: Grace
senior citizens are into it too

24:10 to: Robin

24:11 to: Jill Althage
18 years old

24:15 to: BethStill

24:19 to: Mary P
I know him!

24:26 to: kas
gamer should have given it away

24:27 to: hesham

24:28 to: Adrianne.Stone

24:34 to: Kim Caise
love his shirt!

24:35 to: Peggy George
if any of you newbies are having trouble keeping up with the chat, don't worry!!!! you can view it later in the recording and chat log

24:35 to: Bob Caro
(no girlfreind and no kids, too, I bet)

24:41 to: jackiegerstein
The folks that come to Classroom 2.0 are the power online users :)

24:42 to: Rob
Many online learners are non-trads, first time taking an online course.

24:43 to: matt montagne
I love the sodas and doritos

24:57 to: matt montagne
looks like a code monkey

24:59 to: Delbusch
love the pace

25:02 to: Sandy O'Neil 1
Wow! 29 yr. olds! I read a recent report that the senior citizen use of blogs, etc. has increased over 500% so look out 29 year olds!

25:10 to: Fred
Where can I get that shirt?

25:10 to: kas
love the t-shirt

25:18 to: Peggy George
senior citizens are definitely online!!

25:37 to: dotty Myers
i have been online since I first got a commodore Vic 20 with a 300 Baud rate modenm.

25:39 to: Delbusch
yes we senior citizens are here and teaching tech

25:41 to: Peggy George
I follow an amazing lady from the UK who is 84 years old!!

26:00 to: matt montagne
@sandy...that is cool...I should share that with some of the folks who I hear making ageist remarks

26:01 to: Fred
This is something I am writing a school policy on this very subject!

26:03 to: blairteach
My sister teaches computer classes at the local Senior Center. Lots of interest.

26:05 to: Amy H
@ dotty Myers-I had one of those

26:06 to: Sheri Edwards
@dottyMyers OMG! Me too vic20 :)

26:14 to: Peggy George
we will post our recordings, chat log on our archives after the show:

26:18 to: Paula Naugle
I wonder what the averae age of CR 2.0 live attendees is?

26:18 to: dotty Myers
I agree, I am a senior citizen, but I am much more advanced on technology than my teaching peers

26:18 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Working hard to change the 4th point- making it fun. But parents compain- they want me to teach word, excel and powerpoint..

26:29 to: Larry P
my first was a trs-80 hooked up to a tv and qa cassette recorder for data

26:31 to: Grace
me too

26:44 to: Lorna Costantini
@Maureen still great need to educate parents

26:51 to: matt montagne
apple is working hard to change this slide

26:59 to: jackiegerstein Stats of social media users by age

27:04 to: RoyBrown
Yes I actually taught pre-K students to tell stories using the old apples. they learned how to develop stroies before they could write. They recorded their stories (in their native language) and illu

27:04 to: RoyBrown
strated their stories building a slide show. These students learned how to read on a firstgrade level in kinder. Successful communication proved to be a powerful motivator.

27:10 to: Bob Caro
They are at home...the information or media came into their homes..the information or media is theirs!

27:20 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Lorna- their school experience was drill and kill- they relate to that. Just don't realize that you can have fun and learn

27:24 to: dotty Myers
I teach special ed and it is amazing how my students can figure out how to access blciked websites at school

27:24 to: Fred
I agree totally! Can I come work in Texas?

27:26 to: Sandy O'Neil 1
Thanks Jackie!

27:27 to: Doug Henry
Do we need to hide real learning behind these precepts?

27:27 to: John Goldsmith 1
What different about them?

27:29 to: Sheri Edwards
thanks jackie

27:37 to: jackiegerstein
Sure @Sheri

27:39 to: Peggy George
David Warlick has such great metaphors for learning in the digital age!

27:40 to: Robin
These students seem to prefer social active collaboration through increasingly portable tech but not always disciplined to learn through same tools

27:45 to: Lorna Costantini
@Maureen comfort in their own experieinces

28:02 to: Mary P
Jackie, Thanks for those stats

28:03 to: Peggy George
I love David Warlick's analogy with the train track and going off the rails

28:07 to: jackiegerstein

28:22 to: matt montagne
I've heard of some early research that online learners become more independent and self-directed in their learning than those in traditional learning environments.

28:30 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Lorna- but some of the kids have trouble with the concept of self-directed learning too. We have already taught them that educ is regimented- grade driven

28:31 to: BethStill
Ugh...I know a teacher who penalizes students for posting to the class blog outside of class time.

28:31 to: Jeanie Cole, HCDE
I agree, students today do not tolerate being separated online

28:37 to: Doug Henry
Need to stimulate social learning

28:39 to: Peggy George
we have a link to an article about that Matt

28:40 to: Diane Grimes
Most of my elementary school students sincerely enjoy learning with technology.

28:41 to: su verma
Online learning is the best way of socially constructive learing

29:05 to: Doug Henry
I can't read a sundial...

29:05 to: Jeanie Cole, HCDE

29:06 to: Kim Caise
and constructive learning sometimes too @su verma

29:06 to:
I think we should add dictionaries and possibly pens and pencils if we wait long enough

29:09 to: Paula Naugle
@BethStill Then why does she have them blog?

29:12 to: Angela Perry true. these things are going away. Casset tapes should be there too. :)

29:14 to: dotty Myers
don't forget dial phones

29:16 to: Peggy George (NYTimes: Study Finds that Online Learning Beats the Classroom)

29:17 to: Fred
That's funny Doug

29:18 to: Bob Caro
How will they learn the difference between clockwise and counter-clockwise?

29:18 to: dotty Myers
also payphone

29:37 to: Adrianne.Stone
@bob haha good point

29:40 to: Fred
Keep it up Bob.

29:41 to: Peggy George (Kaiser Family Foundation Report: Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds is the third in a series of large-scale, nationally representative surve

29:41 to: Peggy George
ys by the Foundation about young people’s media use)

29:41 to: jackiegerstein
I always hated handwriting - realized as an adult it was because it hurt my hand - How many kids also have this problem?

29:45 to: BethStill
@Paula Because she is fooling herself into believing she is integrating technology into her class. Very frustrating!

29:48 to: matt montagne
this is a cool slide...technologies are fluid and dynamic...every generation sees new technologies and the death of legacy technologies

29:56 to: Peggy George
We have some great research with some of these stats in our links today

29:58 to: Fred
I can't write at all.

30:06 to: Amy H
one of my students asked me how we texted with a rotary phone

30:07 to: Diane Grimes
goodbye handwriting

30:17 to: jackiegerstein
Teacher as gatekeeper - yuck!

30:19 to:
rule of thumb: if it didn't happen within the students' lifetime, don't use it as an example - relates to people, events and things

30:21 to: Lorna Costantini
@Fred we no longer have to write checks

30:21 to: Fred
that is funny Amy

30:21 to: matt montagne
another great slide

30:22 to: stidmama
good slide -- but kids aren't empty vessels, and knowledge isn't the only thing they need

30:25 to: RoyBrown
Have any of you read the Saber tooth Curriculum by Abner Pediwell?

30:34 to: kas
I have clothese that are older than my students

30:38 to: Grace

30:38 to: matt montagne
the "instructivist" method just being replicated with PCs

30:43 to: jackiegerstein
Yes Saber tooth was writter in the 1930s and is great!

30:49 to: Sheri Edwards
RT: so true rule of thumb: if it didn't happen within the students' lifetime, don't use it as an example - relates to people, events and things

30:53 to: Dave
without cursive, how will one "sign" official documents?

30:53 to: Peggy George
the old party lines on the telephone helped with collaboration :-)

30:55 to: Fred
Good stidmama, that is why robots will never take over.

30:58 to: kas
sorry typo not spelling :0

31:05 to: matt montagne
For basic skills presentation, CAI still might be more efficient

31:07 to: Diane Grimes
goodbye punctuation!

31:25 to: Fred
Don't be so gloom Grimes.

31:28 to: Peggy George (Horizon Project wiki and resources: charts the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning and creative inquiry and produces the N

31:28 to: Peggy George
MC’s series of Horizon Reports including Horizon K-12)

31:31 to: John Goldsmith 1
Do you blame them?

31:40 to: McTeach

31:41 to: jackiegerstein

31:46 to: Peggy George (Project Tomorrow/SpeakUp Survey Results for 2009 Press Release "As Schools Lose Relevancy, Students Take Charge of Their Own Learn

31:46 to: Peggy George

31:46 to: RoyBrown
TV wasnot available when I went to elementary.

31:51 to: Grace
Here they use a firma - no visible letters wor words - just squiggles to sign things

31:54 to: jackiegerstein
thx Peggy

31:57 to: Fred
They do not have any quality telvison to watch

32:16 to: Delbusch
Washington state had an incredible avalanche rescue last week by a 14 year old who learned what to do on Discovery

32:19 to: Peggy George (ReadWriteWeb/eLearning 2.0: How Web Technologies are Shaping Education-2-part series)

32:31 to: mormanb
are video games not considered watching the tv? I feel kids are spending more time playing video games...

32:32 to: kas
Punctuation and spelling correctness won't disappear because their purpose is for the reader, not the writer, to be able to clearly understand.

32:33 to: RoyBrown
I am doing this instead of watching my saturday cartoons.

32:53 to: matt montagne
@mcteach...Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), Study Island, computer generated worksheets/activities, etc

32:54 to: Peggy George (Kaiser Family Foundation Report: Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds is the third in a series of large-scale, nationally representative surve

32:54 to: Peggy George
ys by the Foundation about young people’s media use)

32:57 to: Fred
I use writing essays and online assignments ONLY in my geography class.

33:01 to: Grace
One kid couldn't light a fire for his boy scout badge so he post a video on youtube and asked for help on how to do it

33:02 to: Paula Naugle
@RoyBrown This is more fun than Sat. cartoons.

33:16 to: Fred
I agree paula

33:18 to: Peggy George
these are incredible statistics!!!

33:33 to: Peggy George
that's why students need to be creators and not just consumers!

33:36 to: kas
producers not just consumers anymore

33:41 to: BethStill
They are prosumers.

33:49 to: kas
Good one Beth

33:55 to: stidmama
"prosumers" like that!

33:55 to: Doug Henry
Can we weight these figures by "quality of content"?

33:57 to: RoyBrown
i have to agree.

34:02 to: Fred
Exactly, get out the way and allow the chlidren to learn!

34:03 to: Peggy George
this is a great slide!!

34:08 to: Nancy
Thank you Doug!

34:10 to: BethStill
@kas....not my word! Wish I could take credit for it.

34:18 to: Fred
I was bloomed!

34:24 to: blairteach
Now we need to encourage young people to pay attention to "quality" as well as quantity.

34:27 to: Tom Perran
Students used to create work for their teachers eyes only. Now they create content for the world!

34:33 to: stidmama
We were just reviewing Bloom's new taxonomy this week.

34:42 to: Fred
good blairteach!

34:52 to: Anna Mavroudi
produsers = producers + users, the new genaration

35:00 to: RoyBrown
Quality of content has always been lower at the beginning of a innovative cycle.

35:01 to: jackiegerstein
Blooms Flash version

35:01 to: Doug Henry
Old version is learning to remember - new version is learning to think.

35:02 to: Mary P
love that

35:05 to: Sheri Edwards
Creating uses evaluation

35:12 to: Peggy George
nice explanation Anna! thanks!

35:30 to: Diane Grimes
great update - chart is effective

35:30 to: kas
If I can teach it creatively, I know it

35:37 to: su verma
Would you please share the reference for this Bloom's comparative chart etc

35:38 to: Nancy
Speciation event

35:47 to: Paula Naugle
Kids are so much harder on themselves when they are creating something.

35:50 to: matt montagne
this is just an AWESOME presentation...I have a feeling I'm going to revisit this presentation in the future

36:01 to: Peggy George (Will Richardson: Blog post on Connected Teaching-learning is no longer “one size fits all” for students or teachers)

36:02 to: christy.low 1

36:09 to: Kim Caise
i concur matt!

36:14 to: Lorna Costantini
@Matt - you are right !!!

36:15 to: matt montagne
I still hav eaudio christy

36:27 to: Kim Caise
christy, if you aren't hearing try going to tools, audio and then audio setup wizard

36:28 to: Fred
Tools and audio wiz christy

36:39 to: christy.low 1
I have it now--thanks

36:40 to: Delbusch
My audio is fine.

36:42 to: jackiegerstein
Howard Gardner's focuses now more on depth of learning - he believes schools don't ask students to learn content on deep levels

36:49 to: McTeach
Thanks, Matt! I thought it would be something like that

36:52 to: Peggy George (Inside Higher Ed: With Students Flocking Online, Will Faculty Follow?)

36:53 to: Lorna Costantini
@christy you have a bandwidth problem

37:00 to: jackiegerstein
thx Peggy

37:06 to: Peggy George

37:07 to: Doug Henry
One could interpret this as meaning "creative" means different things to different ages

37:13 to: Lorna Costantini
try loggin out and in again

37:23 to: stidmama
this slides fits my experiences; "old school" for me was all fill the head with knowledge, creative and critical thinking were lacking. My kids are much better at innovation

37:24 to: matt montagne
@jackie...he is definitely correct...especially in the area of classical US HS education, which is a mile wide and an inch deep

37:28 to: Brittany

37:49 to: Fred
That is true because the younger you are the less restrictive your mind.

37:50 to: christy.low 1
things are fine--thanks for your suggestions~:)

37:57 to: kas
test-driven instruction continues to force the lack of depth in instruction

38:03 to: Peggy George (Unhub Educational Software Blog: 5 Questions for Planning Successful Web-Based Activities)

38:04 to: Kim Caise
i remember compuserver!

38:06 to: Sheri Edwards
Yes-- Jackie -- and how do we test one's ability to "think" -- to think when you need to solve a problem

38:08 to: jackiegerstein
It is sad Matt - I heard him speak, talked about testing college students who had a course versus those who did not after a time interval and both groups scored the same

38:12 to: Bob Caro
oh, no - Compuserve flashbacks over here!

38:12 to: Doug Henry
Will this creativity in youth continue as they age?

38:14 to: Paula Naugle
Kindergarteners can do anything!

38:29 to: Bob Caro
I even paid Sears for Prodigy Service

38:30 to: BethStill
Going to share this slide with some people I work with who think we need to put a box around students regarding the use of Web 2.0 tools. THANK YOU for this ammunition!

38:36 to: matt montagne
@Fred...I don't necessarily think it is so inherent in youth...I think that over time the creativity is beat out of them by the system...

38:38 to: Peggy George
incredible to think about how things are changing so quickly!!

38:39 to:
love that - creators not consumers -

38:42 to: Diane Grimes
i used to belong to prodigy

38:44 to: Kim Caise
ahhh yes, prodigy

38:49 to: Fred
I agree

39:05 to: Fred
matt I agree!

39:11 to: Grace
On ASCD video - if kids are doing quiet work, they are probably not working on grade level - if they were they would have to collaborate with one another

39:12 to: jackiegerstein
changing schemata becomes more difficult as one becomes older -

39:26 to: RoyBrown
Harvey Silver ties learning styles to personality types. Gret Stuff!!

39:34 to: Nancy
Look up Ken Robinson and lack of creativity in education system

39:52 to: Sheri Edwards
Grace -- thanks for adding that important point about quiet work !

40:03 to: Peggy George
all of these links will be posted in our link today:

40:05 to: matt montagne the end of high school my hope would be that every kid felt creative or artistic in some way (like they do in kindergarten)...but this isn't the case right now

40:10 to: Fred
jolly: "creators not consumers" the Robberbarons are turning over in their graves.

40:19 to: blairteach
Revised Bloom's is also 2 dimensional; resource: A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives by Lorin W. Anderson, David R. Krathwohl (Au

40:19 to: blairteach
thor), Peter W. Airasian, Kathleen A. Cruikshank, Richard E. Mayer, Paul R. Pintrich, James Raths (Author), Merlin C. Wittrock

40:44 to: Doug Henry
Kids must feel that game-based learning is more relevant to their lives

40:46 to: Bob Caro
creators must have customers to increase the quality of the don't worry about the future of capitalism

41:04 to: stidmama

41:04 to: Fred
What do we think about DOK?

41:07 to: kas
At a meeting with the Colorado Department of Education, we proposed that our State test have "levels" like in games with obstacles for each one as they move through the test. This may sound crazy, but

41:07 to: kas
think of the great type of questions on which you could focus - much higher level which show more than just the basics

41:10 to: Nancy
complexity is engaging

41:14 to: RoyBrown
Harvey Silver would indicate that some are quiet. I had a couple of quite Gifted and talented students. They were Asain and felt uncomfortable when the class became loud or agitated.

41:29 to: Fred
They being Asian means What?

41:32 to: Kim Caise
what is DOK, Fred?

41:33 to: BethStill
@kas Are you on Twitter?

41:46 to: kas
Depth of Knowledge - I use it to make sure I'm having a wider depth of questions

41:49 to: Rachel
@kas--how did that go over?

41:50 to: jackiegerstein
Livebinder of games for educaiton articles

41:53 to: Fred
Depth of Knowledge, Web.

41:55 to: Bob Caro
Asian cultural differences are difficult, including no facial cues for understanding -

42:02 to: kas
They loved it - now whether they'll try it???

42:02 to: stidmama
my children are much better at monitoring multiple streams of information!

42:03 to: Doug Henry
They are receivers of large amts of info - are they really consumers of it...?

42:05 to: RoyBrown
@kas That makes

42:14 to: kas
yes on twitter

42:17 to: Fred
Ohh just checking.

42:19 to: jackiegerstein
Opps Games in Education

42:22 to: dotty Myers
My son is 35 and he is an avid video gamer, He thinks they can teach kids a lot.

42:23 to: blairteach
Revised Bloom's not only assesses cognitive complexity, but also address the kind of knowledge to be acquired: factual, procedural, conceptual, or metacognitive. Makes a great tool to evluate alignmen

42:23 to: blairteach
t of standards, assessments, and lessons.

42:25 to: Peggy George
Urgent Evoke is doing some incredible things with gaming that encourages students to solve real social issues!

42:52 to: kas
thanks for the site Peggy

42:55 to: matt montagne
I like to see this...the divide as we've always thought of it is closing...

43:03 to: Adrianne.Stone
We don't have a landline

43:05 to: RoyBrown
@kas that makes sense. Malcolm Gladwell indicated why in Outliers.

43:06 to: Peggy George
many people are moving to cell phones exclusively

43:09 to: Doug Henry
Do kids have an "information addiction"?

43:15 to: Diane Grimes
i am getting rid of my fixed line

43:17 to: Lorna Costantini
we old ones fear power outage

43:17 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Count me in the non cell phone users- no access where I live

43:21 to: Diane Grimes
do many of you have iphones

43:28 to: alicia_anderson
A guest blog post from the instructor's 16yo son about education via gaming:

43:30 to: carlos_raul

43:30 to: stidmama
no cell service in many places in my rural area... how can we help low-SES and rural children access all these wonderful technologies?

43:33 to: Peggy George
I have an iphone :-) love it!

43:34 to: jackiegerstein
Gaming for Education and Social Good

43:34 to: John Goldsmith 1

43:35 to: BethStill
Haven't had a lineline in 6 years.

43:37 to: blairteach
iPhone: I do

43:51 to: jackiegerstein
Me wither Beth

43:52 to: dotty Myers
I still have a landline because in an emergency you need it. Also cell phones go over landlines. Found that out when an ATT cable was cut in my area and cell servcies wer out

43:53 to: jackiegerstein

43:55 to: Grace
I don't want to be connected 24/7

44:06 to: Martin
has anyone used the game "Civilization" to teach world history?

44:06 to: kas
Working toward cutting the cord at my house :-0 Neither my husband nor I even answer it.

44:09 to: Sheri Edwards
I have to use Skype from my iPhone at home -- no coverage in rural area

44:19 to: RoyBrown
@Fred when I meet with their parents they were very quiet compared to some other parents. Different cultures have different customs when it comes to communication.

44:21 to: Amy H
I have an iPhone & an iPad on order

44:25 to: Grace
And down here when we had the earthquake and needed a cell phone - none of them worked

44:27 to: Tom Perran
I have a land line and a pay-as-you-go cell phone for emergencies. The land line has unlimited calls. My cell costs me around $10/month

44:28 to: ritasimsan
I still have a landline. Cell phone service in my house is sporadic.

44:28 to: Peggy George
those are amazing stats!! not necessarily what people would expect!

44:34 to: John Goldsmith 1
The next frontier - moble education

44:36 to: Paula Naugle
Love my iPhone.

44:43 to: Peggy George
I can't imagine writing a novel on a cell phone :-)

44:44 to: carlos_raul
textand audio?

44:53 to: Larry Anderson
If you don't have a landline, how do you fax documents?

45:16 to: John Goldsmith 1
There's an app for that (fax) :-)

45:23 to: Diane Grimes

45:23 to: Paula Naugle
I couldn't get used to reading books on the Kindle on my iPhone. Nove can't imagine not having it.

45:25 to: carlos_raul
They can be made into mp4 videos

45:31 to: Peggy George
I could imagine writing a story by dictating it into audio though and sending it from my cell phone to iPadio :-)

45:32 to: BethStill
I think I have sent 3 faxes in my life.

45:36 to: kas
love my eReader

45:36 to: dotty Myers
there will always be a need for landlines.

45:40 to: Fred
OMG Dear John!

45:42 to: Mary P
I've broken my cell phone

45:42 to: matt montagne
this jibes with the fact that several years ago more email in Japan was sent via cell phone than desktop was the opposite at the time in the US

45:45 to: jackiegerstein

45:47 to: hesham
oh man :)

45:49 to: ritasimsan

45:51 to: matt montagne

45:57 to: Fred
This slide is Golden!

46:00 to: Nancy
What is valuable?

46:03 to: jackiegerstein
Students are producers - really love it!

46:08 to: Grace
We had the discussion about e-books last night. I like to hold the paper book in my havnd. Hate reading on a screen

46:14 to: Lorna Costantini
businesses still need to fax legal docs - not everyone has secure fax software

46:43 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Grace- I don't like to read on screen- much prefer a real book

46:43 to: Martin
high school kids today will not get this reference

46:51 to: kas
I thought I would hate the eReader, too. My hubby got it for me for Christmas. I love it. I can adapt the text size so no more "cheaters" plus I never "run out of book." The liquid paper screen saves

46:51 to: kas
my eyes, too.

47:00 to: carlos_raul
They're not for kids

47:01 to: stidmama
good point: important is NOT the same as popular (but kids often seem to miss the distinction)

47:22 to: Larry Anderson
Exactly, Lorna. I run my consulting business from home and have many documents that have to be sent by fax. So, it's not an either-or thing for me. I need the tools that help me be productive...and

47:22 to: Larry Anderson
landline is one of the arrows in my metaphorical quiver.

47:29 to: Martin
the star wars reference, that is. found that out the hard way

47:33 to: Peggy George
me too kas!! I use both Kindle and iphone for reading and love the way I can enlarge the font and jump to different locations, etc.

47:33 to: jackiegerstein
That is why Mobile learning is so important -

47:35 to: Delbusch
ebooks do not read like computer screens I love mine

47:47 to: Lorna Costantini
It is all about balance

47:47 to: matt montagne
our 8th grade film teacher just did a really powerful persuasive video project with her students...she had them post their video to their facebook accounts as a way to get feedback and measure impact.

47:47 to: matt montagne
...very, very powerful

47:52 to: Angie K
I love my Kindle too! I can't imagine reading now without it!

47:55 to: Peggy George

48:02 to: Fred
Dave you are really smart!

48:21 to: kas
Ouch! This slide makes me so sad; I always think we are further than we really are.

48:22 to: Peggy George
the Kaiser Foundation link is in our links

48:26 to: Anna Mavroudi
kids will learn to critically judge the available information by engaging with technology?

48:42 to: Grace
Some teachers are really resistant to technology

48:46 to: matt montagne
wow, this slide really shows a huge gab

48:47 to: Peggy George (Kaiser Family Foundation Report)

48:50 to: matt montagne

48:51 to: Sheri Edwards
The iPad makes reading on screen sooooo nice

48:57 to: Lorna Costantini
This is a phenomenal presentation

48:58 to: Doug Henry
Social networking reinforces kids' self- and peer-group centered instincts

48:58 to: Fred
Grace those teachers are going to get ran over!

49:02 to: Lorna Costantini
can't wait to share

49:05 to: Peggy George
powerful image!!

49:07 to: stidmama
6 hours a day of digital interaction?

49:07 to: Nancy

49:17 to: jackiegerstein
Sadly we are all the choir in here today :)

49:18 to: Bob Caro
Isn't this slide really about distribution strategies - it's presently not feasible for presenting digital content individually to students (it will soon, though)

49:32 to: Peggy George
good point Bob!

49:33 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I get the argument that since they are spending so much screen time at home- we should not spend that much time at school

49:33 to: kas
If teachers teach either as they were taught or how their student teacher mentor taught, we aren't going to see much change unless we change teacher education

49:35 to: ritasimsan
When I'm online for hours at work, I don't want to be online for hours at home. Will students feel the same?

49:45 to: Doug Henry
Training in business

49:47 to: RoyBrown
@Lora - land line faxes are not really more secure than computer faxes. even land lines use satellite broadcast over wide distances. AT&T just cannot make that a dstinctive competence in marketing.

49:49 to: Delbusch
Online are already my favorite classes for learning

49:55 to: John Goldsmith 1
Business loves online learning.

50:03 to: Fred
rita: that is why there must be a blend!

50:05 to: stidmama
when do the kids actually run outside and create things with their hands? how do we balance the interest in technology with the needs for physicality?

50:05 to: BethStill
@jackiegerstein Working with some great people on a project that will hopefully increase the size of the choir!

50:11 to: ritasimsan
Agreed, Fred!

50:16 to: kas
Not familiar with iPhone much - Blackberry for myself - is there an app for backchanneling?

50:17 to: jackiegerstein
Blended learning is the absolute best!

50:17 to: Grace
You can distribiute info to kids by podcasts or screencasts on their cell phones can't you?

50:18 to: dotty Myers
YOur DSL is a landline

50:34 to: Bob Caro
What's the alternative to flat assessments? Broject Based Learning assessments?

50:35 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@jackie- I agree- blended works best for me

50:35 to: Peggy George
great question stidmama!! we need to use the technology to support those hands-on experiences!!

50:36 to: Lorna Costantini
@Roy - many businesses don't know that and don't buy the software

50:39 to: Fred
stop it dotty, you are hilarious!

50:47 to: dotty Myers
Cell phones are a no no at school, too disruptive

50:56 to: tchaskel
we have a forum about the use of the net in latin america at the little brother of classrrom 2.0

51:13 to: Peggy George
@dotty--need to use some of these stats to change that situation re cell phones in school!

51:15 to: Amy H
sorry all, I have to leave now.

51:19 to: Martin
Technology: John Dewey's best friend.

51:20 to: jackiegerstein
Yes Peggy - I really believe in the power of hands-on and experiential learning WITH support and auxillary technology-enhanced learning

51:29 to: matt montagne
that slide basically says you gotta give up control as we traditionally think of it when teaching in an online space

51:29 to: Fred
dotty you have got to rethink your position. Kids have been multitasking for years. Haven

51:38 to: Fred
Havent you ever doodled?

51:42 to: Grace
Didn't you have a webinar about that a while back? Show it to the superintendent

51:46 to: Peggy George
that is really helpful advice!

51:54 to: BethStill
Really wish my co-workers were here listening to this. I have been preaching projects over MC/TF tests since we started our online school to no avail.

52:14 to: Fred
Beth: we all need to move to Texas!

52:14 to: Peggy George
so true Matt!! have to rethink "control" big time!!!

52:18 to: su verma
show them archived session

52:38 to: Fred
Good Dave!

52:53 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Fred- Texas? the same texas that is promoting revised history?

52:54 to: matt montagne
@beth...the tendency certainly seems to be to replicate the f2f envvironment in the online course

52:59 to: BethStill
@Fred If I had my choice I would move to Texas and teach in White Oak. LOVE those guys out there!

53:09 to: Peggy George
you can always share these recordings with teachers back at your schools and have a conversation!! :-)

53:16 to: kas
Texas - no way - they are the "choosers" of our textbooks and the textbooks are pretty awful these days

53:18 to: Fred
Maureen we are just talking innovation in the classroom.

53:30 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Fred.. :-)

53:36 to: Grace
This has nothing to do with anything but do you know the site www.meetmeatthe Kids present videos on different places.

53:37 to: rafael
this is a great sesison but is it the traditional format of a f2f conference?

53:38 to: su verma
"teacher's time" is killer for agood online instructor

53:40 to: Kim Caise
scott floyd is fantastic @bethstill!

53:40 to: Fred
Kas: you use textbooks?

53:43 to: Nancy
Textbooks - obsolete? Minimum meaning carriers

53:49 to: dotty Myers
Maybe if I were not in a low performing school would cell phones be considered.

53:51 to: Bob Caro
Doesn't matter...Texas is going to open-source materials instead of textbooks, anyway

54:02 to: Peggy George
I included a couple of fantastic sites for online learning activities that you can use either f2f or online from Thiagi!!

54:15 to: BethStill
@KimCasie Mike Gras is one of their techs and he is so incredibly helpful as well.

54:15 to: matt montagne
@rafael...good question...

54:16 to: Fred
Doesnt matter dotty. Whatever they are doing isn't working anyw.a

54:19 to: Peggy George (Thiagi: more than 200 ready-to-use training games and activities that can be used or adapted for online learning)

54:20 to: Bob Caro
Individual districts will be able to change materials at will, because the material is owned, not licensed.

54:21 to: su verma
the amount of sugar/energy you put in something, sweeter it will be

54:31 to: blairteach
There are some great slides here. Will they also be on the links?

54:34 to: Peggy George (Textra Games can be used in online learning environments and you can use the idea or template with lots of different kind of content)

54:40 to: Kim Caise
oh yes, i met him at edubloggercon

54:41 to: BethStill

54:44 to: stidmama
:-D this is the way we are being taught to design lessons! So glad to have it reinforced.

54:44 to: Paula Naugle

54:45 to: kas
I live in a really sad world where we are "on watch" and have a pacing guide that tells us when to breath. Since I don't care if they fire me, I tell my principal not to come to my room or she'd have

54:45 to: kas
to fire me, but for most teachers, it is a specific book, a specific page, on a set date! Ugh

54:51 to: McTeach
Funny guy!

54:52 to: Peggy George
the slides will be in the recording link we post and also in the mp4 version :-)

54:53 to: rafael
I said that becuase i have been setting down for an hour no participation as Paulo Freire said Banking education

55:09 to: Lorna Costantini
@rafael - the back channel conversation adds the interactivity for the presentation

55:21 to: stidmama
text, text, text.... *sigh*

55:23 to: wyskuph
Can we have access to his presentation. It is going too fast on the screen.

55:23 to: rafael
as i said before the conference is very rich great

55:24 to: Fred
You right brother!

55:25 to: jackiegerstein
and way too many discussion boards

55:35 to: su verma
The key is to keep the information focussed and simple

55:36 to: Peggy George
you can also download all of the slides right here in Elluminate--go to File>Save>Whiteboard and save as PDF

55:37 to: Kim Caise
i had that for ms math @kas and taught the content on that page but taught it my own way

55:42 to: carlos_raul
Say no to tons of online text

55:47 to: blairteach
Too many places have forgotten the meaning of the word "guide." Pacing "guides" have become law in tooooo many places.

55:50 to: Fred
wysk: Yes it will be put in the archives.

55:51 to: rafael
but Having interaction on the chat multitask learninig

55:59 to: Kim Caise
fascinating slide

55:59 to: kas
Kim - that's what I do if it is what my students need ...

56:01 to: matt montagne might be kinda cool for CR20 to run a mini online course using 3-4 consecutive saturdays...we could all get to participate in the course as a learner, which would give us some needed exp

56:01 to: matt montagne

56:06 to: wyskuph
Thanks! wyskuph

56:09 to: Peggy George
what a great point!

56:23 to: su verma
"teacher tell less, and student use their brain more" is the way to do

56:28 to: Delbusch
yes more of the same

56:41 to: Fred
su: you got it that is exactly right!

56:47 to: David McGeary

56:50 to: Fred
Less is truly more!

56:59 to: stidmama
love this slide

57:01 to: BethStill
Is there any place on the web where there are examples of good quality online classes?

57:12 to: Peggy George
need to allow thinking time for sure!! not all DOING

58:00 to: kas
I try to focus on the content concepts and keep the tech. learning small each time, so we are still focusing on learning about concepts and not get off on a tangent about tech. skills.

58:17 to: su verma
Good online classes at website, especially culture course

58:22 to: Fred
beth if you have a gmail account I will invite you to my online class as an observer.

58:24 to: Adrianne.Stone
hahah still funny

58:25 to: McTeach
That's an awesome photo!!!

58:35 to: BethStill

58:35 to: Fred
I lvoe the photo.

58:38 to: kas
Fred, may I "watch," too?

58:46 to: BethStill
@su verna Thank you!

58:58 to: jackiegerstein
I use comics and games in my online courses BUT they are directly related to the content

59:06 to: Kim Caise
that's like that picture of a couple where the squirrel ran into the shot and it went viral in a short amount of time

59:10 to: Peggy George
thanks for that link su verma!

59:10 to: su verma
You are welcome Beth

59:28 to: su verma
Thanks Peggy

59:33 to: Fred

59:35 to: Martin
im planning a summer online course at my school-id love to see some good examples of how these are being formatted as well.

59:37 to: christy.low 1
Does anyone know the Howard Gardner resource that was referenced?

59:42 to: Lorna Costantini

59:42 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Of course!

59:42 to: Peggy George
that is so true about Google Earth!!

59:44 to: Fred
I did!!!!!!!!!!!!

59:46 to: wyskuph
That is so true!

59:48 to: kas
Me, too

59:49 to: Peggy George
we start with our comfort zone!

1:00:06 to: wyskuph
My 96 yr old cousin thought that I could see her inside her house.

1:00:07 to: Kim Caise @christy.low

1:00:09 to: jackiegerstein

1:00:12 to: Diane Grimes

1:00:19 to: BethStill
One of my students said the same thing!!!

1:00:20 to: Peggy George
great story!!

1:00:22 to: Nancy

1:00:23 to: kas
wyskuph - love it

1:00:26 to: christy.low 1

1:00:37 to: carlos_raul

1:00:44 to: stidmama

1:00:47 to: John Goldsmith 1
They don't have life experience.

1:00:49 to: Lorna Costantini
I love this PICture!!

1:00:51 to: Peggy George
that's a great way to teach kids about believing everything they see on the internet :-)

1:00:51 to: Paula Naugle
Love it!

1:00:51 to: Bob Caro
apply new tools to an old task - if it's a new task, use old tools

1:01:02 to: wyskuph
I love the success one LOL

1:01:09 to: ritasimsan
I got creeped out by Google Earth when I noticed my family standing in the driveway. Felt invaded.

1:01:10 to: Peggy George
fabulous presentation David!!! Wow!!!

1:01:11 to: leo 2

1:01:11 to: leo 2

1:01:11 to: leo 2

1:01:11 to: leo 2

1:01:11 to: leo 2

1:01:11 to:
leo 2

1:01:11 to:
leo 2

1:01:14 to:
matt montagne

1:01:15 to:
Tom Perran
Awesome presentation! Thanks David!

1:01:22 to:
Simply great. Congrats!

1:01:25 to:
su verma
This was an excellent session with tons of great info, Thanks Team

1:01:29 to:
You are amazing, David.Thanks for leading

1:01:33 to:
Thanks, David!

1:01:35 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
I wish they would post new photos of my area- my son had 3 cars that he was working on- in my field. He's been gone for years now- but the cars are there on google earth

1:01:38 to:
dotty Myers
wo lots of sites. thank you for updating information on Bloom's

1:01:40 to:
Twitter names, folks?

1:01:46 to:
There was a LOT of information. Thank you so much and thanks to the group for all the chat. Bye.

1:01:48 to:
I am @bethstill on Twitter.

1:01:52 to:
Peggy George
remember to expore our links :-)

1:01:57 to:
we had to block facebook at our house... too distracting

1:01:59 to:
@McTeach here

1:02:01 to:
Paula Naugle

1:02:02 to:
Peggy George
explore :-)

1:02:04 to:
Come and see us at

1:02:04 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)

1:02:05 to:
Bob Caro
Facebook - watch South Park Season 14, Episode 4 not kidding

1:02:07 to:

1:02:07 to:
Diane Grimes

1:02:12 to:
Lorna Costantini

1:02:12 to:
Peggy George
this is a recording we'll definitely want to watch again!!

1:02:15 to:
by David

1:02:17 to:
thank you!

1:02:18 to:
Mary P
David, Excellent,,,,,You deserve a coffee break

1:02:19 to:
Paula Naugle
Thank you so much, David.

1:02:21 to:
mawheba safey eldin
very interesting presentation

1:02:24 to:
David McGeary
Great episode, Bob!

1:02:24 to:
Looking for you on Facebook now...

1:02:24 to:
It was interestiong Thank you David

1:02:30 to:
Are you really in Tehran like your Twitter page says?

1:02:34 to:
thank you David

1:02:36 to:
Tom Perran
I am @tperran on Twitter

1:02:37 to:
Peggy George
Mike Herrity has some fantastic things to share about parent engagement!!

1:02:39 to:
David You are my new friend

1:02:41 to:
Today was well worth staying inside for an extra hour. Lots of great info shared!

1:02:44 to:
How can I download all those websites. I tried to copy but unable to

1:02:47 to:
christy.low 1
this was recorded and will be available...right?

1:02:48 to:
Rats...I'll be at a seminar next Saturday

1:02:50 to:
Lorna Costantini
MIke Herrity has but all the pieces together and makes parent involvement work

1:02:53 to:
David did you just do this presentation to get more facebook friends?

1:02:58 to:
David McGeary
No. lol - I did it as a show of support for the election protests in Iran.

1:03:06 to:
Peggy George
Michael Horne is doing some great things with Innosight Institute!

1:03:11 to:
matt montagne
can't find you on facebook, URL to your profile??

1:03:16 to:
David McGeary
I only ever do anything to get more facebook friends!

1:03:18 to:

1:03:20 to:
Jill Althage
Thanks David, I enjoyed this as a new learner

1:03:27 to:
too many david mcgearys on Facebook

1:03:30 to:
David McGeary
use my email address

1:03:34 to:
twitter name jolly3rogers

1:03:36 to:
Peggy George
I hope all of you will participate in Earthcast 2010

1:03:37 to:
matt montagne
ahh, thanks for earthcast plug!

1:03:39 to:
David McGeary
Thanks, Jill!

1:03:42 to:
Is this session going to be posted somewhere?

1:03:51 to:
matt montagne

1:03:54 to:
su verma
Sorry if I offended anybody, I did not mean it. :))

1:03:57 to:
Sandy O'Neil 1
Thanks so much!

1:03:59 to:
David McGeary
The recording of this session will be archived. :-)

1:04:00 to:
Peggy George
we want students and teachers to participate in Earthcast!!

1:04:02 to:
Isn't the Earthcast in April

1:04:02 to:
matt montagne - more on earthcast

1:04:15 to:
This was great, David. Thank you!

1:04:17 to:
Peggy George
thanks for those links Matt!!

1:04:19 to:
matt montagne even more on earthcast

1:04:21 to:
mawheba safey eldin
Mawheba. Cairo: thanks David, very intersting. I will send my questions by email

1:04:28 to:

1:04:30 to:
David, as someone who is tremendously excited but also overwhelmed by online learning/teaching, where would you suggest a teacher start?

1:04:36 to:
matt montagne even, even more on Earthcast!!!!

1:04:41 to:
How can I get a copy of the website listed earlier in the chat

1:04:45 to:
David McGeary
Outstanding, Mawheba! I'll look forward to it!

1:04:52 to:
matt montagne
AWESOME iTunes U and CR 20

1:05:00 to:
Lorna Costantini

1:05:01 to:
Peggy George
I'm so excited about our ITunesU channel!!! now you can view our recordings on your ipod or iphone :-)

1:05:10 to:
David McGeary
Very cool!

1:05:11 to:
Peggy George
just subscribe :-)

1:05:15 to:
David McGeary
I'll watch on my iPad!

1:05:18 to:
Thank you for this information

1:05:22 to:
David...which one are you on Facebook?

1:05:23 to:
Love the ITunes connection for listening in the car!

1:05:24 to:
Paula Naugle
Thanks Peggy, Lorna, Kim and Tammy. We need a group name for you gals. You do such a great job each week hosting these wonderful sessions.

1:05:24 to:
Peggy George
woo hoo David!!!!

1:05:31 to:
Peggy George
thanks Paula!!!

1:05:40 to:
su verma
Thanks Dave and the Team!!!!!!!!

1:05:42 to:
David McGeary
You are all too kind! Thank you guys so much for the opportunity!

1:05:42 to:
David - put the link to your facebook page - You too McTeach :)

1:05:44 to:
Where do we go once we get to iTunesU

1:06:01 to:
Peggy George
if you need to leave you can catch the rest in the recording :-) Thank you all for joining us!!

1:06:04 to:
Sheri Edwards
Wowser -- this has been fantastic -- thank you

1:06:13 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@Peggy- what's the link for your show on itunesu?

1:06:14 to:
Balance, yes!

1:06:25 to:
Peggy George
we have a 40 sec screencast on our homepage to tell you how to find us on iTunesU

1:06:30 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)

1:06:35 to:
My elementary gifted kids almost always selected hands on over technology and they loved technology

1:06:37 to:
Peggy George
and you can do a search in itunesu for classroom 2.0 LIVE

1:06:49 to:

1:06:51 to:
Jackie...this is me:

1:06:52 to:
Lorna Costantini
short video on how to connect using itunes u

1:06:54 to:
Peggy George (home page)

1:06:59 to:
@ peggy - email?

1:07:06 to:
Peggy George

1:07:09 to:
matt montagne
I don't see the kinds of things that David is talking about as being mutually exclusive from the the world of atoms

1:07:14 to:
Piaget would agree

1:07:27 to:
Wow, that was fast, Jackie!

1:07:28 to:
Thanks Peggy for the information

1:07:33 to:
Yes @Matt

1:07:48 to:
Tammy Moore
I teach a fully online science instructor and we use Ning so that they can post all their pictures and videos of their at home discoveries about what they learn. Letting them share their hands on is a

1:07:48 to:
Tammy Moore
great motivator

1:07:52 to:
:) McTeach - love the speed I can work with internet and online

1:07:58 to:
Peggy George
thank you all for posting so much in the chat!! fantastic information!!

1:07:59 to:
thank you for that

1:08:04 to:
David McGeary
That's awesome, Tammy!!!

1:08:09 to:
matt montagne
I see schools in the future as providing students with tools of production...woods labs, metal fabrication studios, etc... places where they can authentically apply their knowledge learned in online e

1:08:09 to:
matt montagne

1:08:18 to:
Is schooling going to be from home someday?

1:08:29 to:
Alright David & Everyone - great presentation but It is time to eat!

1:08:39 to:

1:08:40 to:
Tammy Moore
Many students are already learning fully from home :)

1:08:43 to:
matt montagne
funny how we ripped the metal/woods/kitchens out of schools...and now we're starting to see their value

1:08:44 to:
Angela Perry
@tchaskel: it is now

1:08:58 to:
The word "assessment" has begun to make me cringe - due to the associatoin with testing. I prefer feedback and learning loops

1:09:18 to:
LOL Matt

1:09:22 to:
Angela ?????

1:09:24 to:
Peggy George
it's so sad to see how many of these things are disappearing from our curriculum like arts, shop, music, etc!!

1:09:24 to:
Jackie: agreed

1:09:28 to:
matt montagne
@jackie...that is a great way to think about 'assessment'

1:09:35 to:
thanks matt

1:09:41 to:
Larry Anderson
I agree Matt. My first teaching job --> Industrial Arts in Jr. High

1:09:52 to:
what do you think using visual communication between instructor and learners to add more human intercation. such as massenger or other mthods ?

1:10:03 to:
Peggy George
I love the Studycasts for helping students study at home!

1:10:07 to:
su verma
Need to go, but will be looking forward to next session. GoodBye!

1:10:08 to:
matt montagne
@peggy, the arts, shop, music, etc...that is all applied is sad that those opportunities are minimal.

1:10:19 to:
Peggy George

1:10:21 to:
Tammy Moore
I have actually found that my kids enjoy having one quick and easy quiz style assessment as a minimum and then a huge array of ways they can go beyond it for extra credit (letting them chose what they

1:10:21 to:
Tammy Moore
want to do) is a great motivator

1:10:23 to:
Rumor is the new IPhone will have a front-facing camera for IChat

1:10:24 to:
John Goldsmith 1
Sharing of advertising

1:10:42 to:
Why are synchronous activites so important in an online class?

1:10:55 to:
matt montagne
@Larry...very, very cool. I hope schools briing back the design/fabrication studios...and even kitchens (but minus the cake baking and cookie making that I remember :)

1:11:04 to:
Peggy George
me too Matt!

1:11:06 to:
iphone new features -

1:11:26 to:
Peggy George
I can't wait for iphone 4.0!!!!

1:11:33 to:
matt montagne
Mike Anderson, editor of Wired, says that the next ten years are going to be about "atoms" and not "bits"

1:11:35 to:
Need the social aspect

1:11:44 to:
emotional development

1:12:03 to:
matt montagne
they do need the social aspect...but we have to acknowledge that not all social development in schools right now is healthy

1:12:04 to:
Physical Education ... Performing Arts

1:12:07 to:
Peggy George
choice is important too!! everyone doesn't learn the same way!

1:12:09 to:
I think "schooling" should be from home - and play-socialization in groups

1:12:10 to:
John Goldsmith 1
Students can socialize outside of school?

1:12:30 to:
matt montagne
I see the lunch time seat saving, birthday invitation exclusion, etc...not sure how this is "healthy"

1:12:36 to:
Maybe school will become a social palce and less a learning palce.

1:13:01 to:
Peggy George
have you seen the concept about providing the content from the teacher online and using class time to discuss and process the information?

1:13:06 to:
matt montagne
@tchaskel...yes, a social place...and a place of "doing" versus "talking about doing"

1:13:12 to:
Role of 3D virtual worlds for online learning in the future? This is synchronous

1:13:16 to:
LIke that idea Peggy!

1:13:20 to:
@rob it allows students to explore and deeply explore topics. Also if the student can discuss and explain the topic chances are better that they will be able to use the information latter

1:13:21 to:
matt montagne
@peggy...yep, the "upside down" classroom

1:13:40 to:
I guess the concept of developing teamwork, ability to work with diverse population, etc. can be taught online, but dealing face to face in those situations is also very important.

1:13:43 to:
Thanks for taking that question

1:13:45 to:
teachers, possibly less overwhlemed by ridiculous standardized curriculums, might have more time to help young people develop healthy social interactions.

1:13:47 to:
John Goldsmith 1
How to do support the concept of learning at your own rate?

1:13:55 to:
Paula Naugle
@Peggy I like the students listening to the "lecture" at home and do the "homework" at school.

1:13:56 to:
Good point Peggy

1:14:03 to:
F2F can occur now with tools such as Skype

1:14:14 to:
Peggy George Never Lecture in Class Again explains the concept

1:14:20 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
Just subscribed to your itunesU channel- what a great way to be able to share this! Thank you

1:14:23 to:
YakPak for doing homework with support at home

1:14:24 to:
Tammy Moore
I find webcam distracting if it is just to see a taliing head

1:14:26 to:
Lorna Costantini
@Paula I agree with homework at school helps parents

1:14:29 to:
Tammy Moore

1:14:32 to:
Peggy George
woo hoo Maureen!!! :-) thanks

1:14:52 to:

1:14:53 to:
matt montagne
@david...are new learning differences emerging in an online learning environment??

1:14:56 to:
I am intrigued also by the idea that students can use the technology to communicate with the teacher -- it would help inform practice, I think, and make the teacher more "accessible" to some students.

1:15:13 to:
Lorna Costantini
I love this new model

1:15:31 to:
matt montagne
@david, eg, does online learning benefit some learning styles over others in much the same way that f2f benefits some learning styles over others

1:15:38 to:
Peggy George
it makes a lot of sense to me!! better use of in class time!!

1:15:38 to:
Paula Naugle
Two teachers in Colorado are doing this.

1:15:41 to:
Lorna Costantini
parents get so frustrated by thinking they need to teach the homeowrk

1:15:47 to:
Peggy George
exactly Lorna!!

1:16:02 to:
@Paula You beat me to the punch. Two science teachers I believe. Correct?

1:16:04 to:
What's the best way to avoid the pitfall of making an online course simply a less F2F version of a F2F class?

1:16:07 to:
Tammy Moore
THe kids love to jump in and share their own experinces related to the topic - not in a 'paper' but in a discussion

1:16:10 to:
nice job

1:16:16 to:
Peggy George
yes Tammy!

1:16:39 to:
Peggy George
learning definitely has to go beyond teacher to student and back to students teaching students

1:16:49 to:
matt montagne
@david...for administrators who know very little about online a hybrid environment, what criteria should admins be looking for in the virtual extension of the f2f classroom when giving f

1:16:49 to:
matt montagne
eedback and evaluation??

1:16:53 to:
having trouble finding you on iTune u = Maureen can you point me the right way

1:17:07 to:
Paula Naugle
I agree Lorna. Parents shouldn't have to explain homework, but they could make sure student listen to a course online. Then they would go to school the next day with questions to be answered.

1:17:16 to:
Peggy George
this is such practical advice David is giving us!

1:17:23 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
If we are moving toward online learning for the younger kids- how do they learn time management skills. I teach gr 4-9... and they get distracted so easily

1:17:38 to:
Peggy George
great question Maureen!

1:17:51 to:
John Goldsmith 1
How much of the F2F baggage should be used in online.

1:17:53 to:
Some of the "research" regarding the efficacy of online learning is that the media can be controlled by the learning - review, speed, etc. Can't remember the "study"

1:17:56 to:
matt montagne
@david...basiically, what are the elements that we would hope to see in the digital version of a classroom (weather this be a teacher who uses a wiki, blog, google site, email, or a mashup thereof)

1:17:57 to:
Lorna Costantini

1:18:06 to:
We are teaching our 6, 7, and 8th grade students to produce assigned lesson videos. These kid lessons are used to then teach content.

1:18:14 to:
Lorna Costantini
subscribe to iTunes U

1:18:41 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@kas worked for me

1:18:42 to:
I like that idea, RoyBrown!

1:19:10 to:
Peggy George
1:1 schools are doing some incredible things with their online learning that makes it really easy for substitute teachers to step in without missing a beat!

1:19:12 to:
David McGeary
Outstanding! Good information to have, Tammy!

1:19:13 to:
If I was permitted to work at my own pace when I was a K-12 student, I would have felt that I went to heaven

1:19:33 to:
@TammyMoore I want to visit with you more about this. Please send me an email....

1:19:37 to:
Our high school students are creating video lessons that the teacher uses to teach content.

1:19:38 to:
tchaskel welocme to join us

1:19:43 to:
Peggy George
I love that idea RoyBrown!! kids learn so much more when they create content!!

1:19:56 to:
Peggy George
thanks tchaskel! I'll plan to join!

1:19:59 to:
Peggy George

1:20:06 to:
David McGeary
Thanks, Matt!

1:20:34 to:
I agree with you Peggy - kids learn when they have minningful work

1:20:55 to:
Peggy George
yes-- I love this quote: "To teach is to learn twice."

1:20:59 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
I worry about younger kids online- since they may not have the social experience or web experience to be able to interpret online learning- no facial cues, etc... How do you think this would affect th

1:20:59 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
eir interactions

1:21:05 to:
Good question Matt - how can administrators assess the effectiveness of online teachers

1:22:03 to:
plus the teacher uses the video as an assessment, and gives feedback to the students about how to improve the learning = teacher/student collaboration on learning

1:22:11 to:
Peggy George
Tammy you should do a session for us on how you deliver your instruction in your home schooling program! Excellent model!!

1:22:13 to:
Maybe we do not monitor kids if they end up doing meaningful work. Higher order

1:22:16 to:
Data eThroughs take the place of walk-through

1:22:32 to:
Need to look at online course differently than F2F - The International Association for K-12 Online Learning

1:22:44 to:
Kim Caise
interesting term 'ethroughs' instead of walk throughs

1:23:00 to:
Peggy George
yes Jackie! that link is in our links today :-) it's a great place to learn!

1:23:00 to:
Mary P
Yay Moodle

1:23:20 to:
Yes Peggy - good additional the the links!

1:23:30 to:
matt montagne
I would think that admins would want to look at the quality of student work posted in the online learning environment...

1:23:31 to:
Sheri Edwards
RT: Nancy Data eThroughs take the place of walk-through :)

1:23:45 to:
Peggy George
good teaching is good teaching whether online or f2f and interaction is critical to engagement in both

1:23:54 to:
Kim Caise
good point peggy

1:24:10 to:
eThroughs are a great idea. We are training our principals about the administration of online learning.

1:24:10 to:
Success for iTunesU - finally :-)

1:24:17 to:
Peggy George
excellent advice David!

1:24:18 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
I have found that my kids need a lot of modeling. If their only experience is facebook, they simply don't know what the expectations are

1:24:19 to:
True - our definition of an educated 18 year old - our portrait of a graduate remains valid

1:24:22 to:
Peggy George
hooray kas!!

1:24:23 to:
matt montagne
thanks, David!

1:26:03 to:
Experience changes the brain - as it should be - it is called evolution

1:26:12 to:
Peggy George
haven't heard of eThroughs RoyBrown but that makes sense!!! like classroom walkthroughs or learning walks in f2f :-)

1:26:16 to:
matt montagne
@good point, Jackie!

1:26:22 to:
What an exciting time to learn and teach--now that our model of presentation has updated from chalkboards!

1:26:22 to:
:) Matt

1:26:59 to:
This discussion is fun today - 46 still here!

1:27:02 to:
Good point david. are digital natives really maximizing their learning in

1:27:03 to:

1:27:04 to:
eThroughs - online site to learn more about it?

1:27:06 to:
Peggy George
thanks for taking the mic Matt and John!!

1:27:19 to:
TAking the computer outside to get some sun

1:27:25 to:
Peggy George
this is a fantastic conversation!!

1:27:26 to:
David McGeary
Nice, kas!

1:27:35 to:
there are differnt levels of interaqction in

1:27:35 to:
David McGeary
Great analogy, John!

1:27:36 to:

1:27:58 to:
David McGeary's tough to move out opf that comfort zone!

1:28:02 to:
Peggy George
that is so true John!!! paradigms need to change

1:28:04 to:
Mary P
Well said

1:28:06 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@kas- jealous- 45°F and very windy here- not a day to enjoy the sunshine

1:28:09 to:
sorry im breaking up.

1:28:18 to:
matt montagne
@peggy...definitely, great discussion...the "choir" is still singing :)

1:28:21 to:
Peggy George
technology is no better if you do things the same way you always did them!

1:28:21 to:
good point.

1:28:32 to:
Snowed twice last week and now sunny for three days - I love Colorado weather

1:29:03 to:
Peggy - I think that is why students don't like tech. in school as much - teachers just put worksheets on the computer

1:29:03 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
It was in 80s here the other day- New England weather!

1:29:16 to:
digital natives do not optimize their learning in stand and deliver. = they tune out.

1:29:17 to:
Peggy George
@kas-looking forward to the Colorado weather at ISTE 2010!!!

1:29:41 to:
See you all at ISTE - we should arrange a F2F meeting

1:30:02 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@kas are you going to edubloggercon?

1:30:03 to:
Peggy George
This is a great site for resources for elearning: (Jane's Pick of the Day: Daily online elearning tips/tools from Jane Hart)

1:30:22 to:
Peggy George
yes we should have a meet-up at ISTE 2010!!

1:30:32 to:
Peggy George
I'll be at edubloggercon!

1:30:35 to:
Sheri Edwards
Who's going to create the "chart" that shows others:

1:30:48 to:
Tammy Moore
I think if educators had an easier time seeing how others were doing their online classes it could do a lot to break out of traditional paradigms that get brought over that don't fit the online enviro

1:30:48 to:
Tammy Moore

1:30:51 to:
susan Meyer 1
worksheets ae not tech learning! Taking action through digital projects to demonstrate their learning and undersatnding should be the goal

1:30:53 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
Oh good Peggy! You should make classroom 2.0 a sig

1:31:05 to:
Mary P
David, Will you be at ISTE

1:31:12 to:
Sheri Edwards
Who's going to create the "chart" that shows others: good f2f ---> good online learning

1:31:13 to:
Don't know about edubloggercon - just when I thought I was catching up with stuff

1:31:17 to:
plus even the best strategy does not reach every student in a diferentiated classroom

1:31:39 to:
Jim K
Will the recording of today's session also be available at Elluminate?

1:31:42 to:
Peggy George
that's a great chart Sheri!! I'll be using it!

1:31:55 to:
Kim Caise
most definitely jim at

1:31:57 to:
Peggy George
the full elluminate recording will be posted in our archives today

1:31:58 to:
Kim Caise
on the archives page

1:32:07 to:
Who is going to make the chart and where can we get access?

1:32:21 to:
Peggy George

1:32:28 to:
It is what is produced by a given time - not a 8 to 3 school day of seat time

1:32:41 to:
Adios Thanks David for this session

1:32:46 to:
Kim Caise
good question @kas. i will work on it this weekend.

1:32:51 to:
in f2f time is the constant and learning is the variable. on line time is the variable and learning is the constant. In blended f2f and ol there is a fluid mix fo time and learning

1:32:59 to:
Peggy George
50 minute periods and 8-3 school days aren't necessarily the best learning environments!

1:33:11 to:
Kim Caise
very true peggy!

1:33:12 to:
even my 5th graders can work well with a timeline and checkpoints. For more needy students who need more guidelines, I put in more checkpoints. Easily differentiated

1:33:19 to:
It might be worth remembering it is not one approach or the other .... it's probably 'blended' ... not 100% online or F2F ... hasn't teaching and learning been an organic forever changing animal?

1:33:30 to:
Tammy Moore
Kids typically have a lot of motivation to be done before summer. Doing school in swimming weather is a great motivator to finish a course my the begining of July. lol

1:33:32 to:
Peggy George
check points are very different than "deadlines" :-)

1:33:32 to:
Which are the best learning environments?

1:34:08 to:
the checkpoints are to help them know they are moving the right direction and will be able to meet the final deadline. The more skilled they get, the fewer checkpoints they need

1:34:10 to:
Excuse me - I just threw up a little in my mouth - Hate this terminology

1:34:25 to:
Revolution or Evolution?

1:34:27 to:
Peggy George
at the time Prensky introduced the concept of digital natives/digital immigrants it was helpful to understand that learners are different today

1:34:34 to:
Provides excuses for teachers NOT to learn the technology

1:34:35 to:
Kim Caise
i think depends on the student and individual teachers @tchaskel

1:34:43 to:
I try to give students both time based and longer term projects

1:34:56 to:
yes! Roy

1:35:10 to:
Sheri Edwards
yes Roy

1:35:13 to:

1:35:25 to:
matt montagne
that one slide that david showed regarding print/digital information consumption in school versus home is quite memorable for me..

1:35:29 to:
Peggy George
if learners are only doing the assigned work and meeting the assigned deadlines they aren't learning to be self-directed learners!

1:35:39 to:
Time to sleep ..... have fun ..... many thx

1:35:48 to:
matt montagne
chow shambles

1:35:49 to:
Peggy George
I highly recommend retirement!! I have learned so much since I retired!!!!!

1:35:52 to:
David McGeary
Have a great night, Shamblesguru!

1:35:59 to:
Peggy George
bye Shamblesguru!! thanks for coming!

1:36:14 to:
Sheri Edwards
Peggy: So part of the project is for students to design their own steps in part of the project

1:36:15 to:
Mary P
Thanks again, David ,,,off to play

1:36:16 to:
The checkpoints maybe for something as open as - idenfied three possible ways to correct the problem of medicines being disposed of into our watershed.

1:36:20 to:
matt montagne aren't "retiring" just "rewiring" as Helen Barret would say

1:36:20 to:
David McGeary
Take care, Mary!

1:36:22 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@peggy- but my kids have so many deadlines to meet- it makes it hard for them to find the time to be "self-directed" They are so scheduled- at school and at home

1:36:25 to:
mawheba safey eldin
Mawheba: thanks for an enlighting session. bye

1:36:30 to:
Bye, thanks David, have to go "to school" ;)

1:36:36 to:
Peggy George
that's true Matt! love that description!

1:36:39 to:
David McGeary
Cya Nancy!

1:36:39 to:
Ipads, Virtual Worlds, Augmented reality in online learning??

1:36:41 to:
thank you very much

1:36:43 to:
David - which facebook account is you

1:36:48 to:
Thanks a bunch! Enjoyed the show today.

1:36:49 to:
Sandy O'Neil 1
Thank you again!

1:36:52 to:
David McGeary

1:36:55 to:
Thanks, David! Great session

1:36:56 to:
Thanks David!

1:36:59 to:
Peggy George
thank you everyone for joining us!!!

1:37:08 to:
sometimes you need to let them fail. I have learned a lot from failure

1:37:11 to:
Peggy George
augmented reality provides incredible learning experiences!

1:37:14 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
Thanks- great show- as usual

1:37:35 to:
Kim Caise
excellent point RoyBrown, failures are opportunities to learn to be successful

1:37:35 to:
I loved this! Thank you for being here, and for sharing the wisdom of experience!

1:37:44 to:
yes - feeds my information addiction

1:37:45 to:
Peggy George
we had a great show with Chris Bigenho about augmented reality--it's in the archives

1:37:57 to:
i think it was Fraklin that said experience holds a dear school.

1:37:58 to:
K Peggy - didn't see it

1:38:01 to:
Do you have any ideas about how we can use QRcodes in middle schools?

1:38:04 to:
John Goldsmith 1
24 columns on my Twitter feed

1:38:23 to:
Peggy George
me too John!!! :-) but helps me manage them!

1:38:54 to:
Gladwell identified reasons for having less information in Blink.

1:38:55 to:
Peggy George
were you in that session yesterday that talked about QR codes PrimaryEdTech???

1:38:56 to:
matt montagne
we all lose with the haggling over flash though...

1:39:10 to:
Sheri Edwards
It'll be hard to create "pages" without "touching" my pictures to place/adapt them :)

1:39:22 to:
Kim Caise
miguel guhlin just posted a blog about using QR codes on android phones

1:39:36 to:
Peggy George
those flash concerns will be addressed soon I'm sure!

1:39:40 to:
Yes, but I'm trying to think of more practical uses for it in middle school

1:39:59 to:
matt montagne
flash is a legacy technology and won't be around forever, but it is the current standard and will be for the next 3-5 years...again, its the consumer that loses out

1:40:09 to:
Peggy George

1:40:33 to:
Thanks Peggy!

1:40:40 to:
John Goldsmith 1
I miss the stylus :-(

1:40:47 to:
David McGeary
I agree, Matt!

1:41:14 to:
Peggy George
you can use this QR code generator to create your own codes!

1:41:20 to:
jas2 1
Sorry I just arrived - had technical difficulties:(

1:41:26 to:
We're having trouble finding you in Facebook. Maybe that's why you don't have more friends??? :)

1:41:27 to:
John Goldsmith 1

1:41:40 to:
I can't locate David on Facebook either

1:41:54 to:
mrsdurff + Nik
Nik &v I have 2 go =>bye

1:41:56 to:
Peggy George
@McTeach-I had a hard time finding him in Facebook too :-) many David McGeary's

1:41:56 to:
Tammy Moore
Aww. Sorry jas2. It will definitely be worth watching the recording. It has been a great session

1:41:56 to:
jas2 1
Hay back - I'm listening intently now to get up to speed!:)

1:42:04 to:
I was there SXSW - it was way fun - folks had iphone in one hand and a mac laptop in the other :)

1:42:07 to:
i did a study for Sun in the late 80s that indicated a change in hardware carries a 2 year breakevenon productivity

1:42:09 to:
John Goldsmith 1
Better the a label with, "Hello My Name is ...

1:42:16 to:
Will do!

1:42:51 to:
Peggy George
follow David on Twitter and he can tweet his FB link :-)

1:43:15 to:
Peggy George
thank you so much David!! what a powerful learning session!!

1:43:25 to:
Thanks David

1:43:35 to:
David McGeary

1:43:39 to:
Peggy George
he can tweet his facebook link :-)

1:43:42 to:
Sheri Edwards
so appreciate all the info and links

1:43:51 to:
Another great Saturday morning session - have to go - have to rotate :-)

1:44:05 to:
David McGeary
No problem! I love them both!

1:44:05 to:
Page not fou d, @David

1:44:14 to:
David McGeary
grrrrr....I'll figure it out.

1:44:18 to:
jas2 1
Thanks for the info re: recording! Hope to catch you all again! Have a great day!:)

1:44:20 to:
Peggy George
I found it with his link and sent friend request

1:44:23 to:
David McGeary
I'll tweet it when I get it figured out.

1:44:24 to:
Thanks again!

1:44:27 to:
Peggy George
you need to be logged into Facebook

1:44:30 to:
Got it! Just sent friend request on facebook

1:44:35 to:
ok guys, thank you very much and I hope you have a nice day or night :)

1:44:35 to:
matt montagne
gonna be difficult to send friend request with that longhorn facebook fanpage on David's profile :)

1:44:41 to:
thanks for a great session!

1:44:44 to:
David McGeary
Hook 'em!

1:44:46 to:
Peggy George
have a great weekend everyone!!!

1:44:58 to:
David McGeary
I's intimidating!

1:44:58 to:
Peggy George
too funny Matt!!!

1:45:00 to:
i am so pleased to have been introduced to this resource

1:45:07 to:
Thanks - lots of fun!

1:45:15 to:
John Goldsmith 1
Thanks David. Great session.

1:45:17 to:
I'll probably spend my day visiting all of the sites that were referenced.

1:45:18 to:
jas2 1
Thank you - hope to catch sessions again!:)

1:45:19 to:
Muchos Gracias

1:45:19 to:
Peggy George
we'll post the recording link ASAP!!!

1:45:21 to:
Thanks David!

1:45:23 to:
Thanks for an interesting discussion

1:45:27 to:
Peggy George
thank you everyone for joining us!!

1:45:37 to:
John Goldsmith 1
Online learning !!!

1:45:42 to:
matt montagne
webcast academy open house tonight... 10 pm eastern at

1:45:44 to:
David, excellent once again thanks

1:45:47 to:
Tammy Moore
It was a pleasure :)

1:45:48 to:
Peggy George
brain is spinning!!! so excited!

1:45:55 to:
Sheri Edwards
Thanks all -- good to learn again with Paula, jackie, mcteach karen :)

1:46:10 to:
Sheri Edwards
oh and Matt -- have a great earthcast!

1:46:12 to:
Peggy George
it was hard to capture the essence of David's content in 140 characters!!!! so much more!!

1:46:12 to:
You too, Sheri!

1:46:16 to:

1:46:18 to: