Apr 2, 2011 CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

01:14 - Peggy George
Welcome Deb White! Love having you join us

01:14 - cstanley
Hi, Peggy. Wouldn't want to miss this one!

01:42 - Peggy George
Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for telling us about Collaborize! You're the reason they are here today!

01:47 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Thanks, Peggy! Love to be here. Always learn so much!

02:15 - Peggy George
always a few technical issues--technology has a way of keeping us humble :-)

02:35 - cstanley
Thanks so much, Peggy! I am soooo happy! great resource to share!

02:49 - Peggy George
I'm so excited to be sharing Collaborize Classroom with you today! You're going to get some great tips about ways to engage your students in online discussions safely!

03:00 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Good morning McTeach, I enjoyed your tweets from ASCD11

03:13 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning everyone.

03:22 - Peggy George
Hi McTeach!! Thank you for always being here!! You are the BEST!

03:32 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Jan Wells. How was Hawaii?

03:34 - Kim Caise 6
i will take down questions throughout the session and ask during the Q and A time

03:36 - Jan Wells (@janwells)
Hi @plnaugle

03:48 - Peggy George
Hi Paula!! So great to see you!

03:53 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning, Peggy! Always happy to be here! Missed you last weekend!!

03:57 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning, McTeach.

03:59 - Jan Wells (@janwells)

04:03 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Peggy..

04:17 - Sheri Edwards
Hello Paula and Karen (McTeach) and Jan and everyone :)

04:17 - Peggy George
ASCD11 was fantastic even though I could only watch the streamed sessions! So glad they did some of them online!

04:24 - McTeach (Karen)
Good morning, Paula and Sheri!

04:25 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning, Sheri.

04:39 - Peggy George
Hi Sheri!

04:54 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Peggy ! You are everywhere !

04:55 - Peggy George
it's much easier to follow the chat with the wide layout :-)

05:04 - Peggy George
I love learning all these new things!!!

05:26 - Peggy George
lots of places you can view/listen to the recordings :-)

05:50 - cstanley
The recordings are a great resource. I always feel more comfortable knowing you guys will have archived things I miss in the live webinar in the recording and the LiveBinder pages.

05:50 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Peggy George I think about retiring just so I can go to conferences.

06:06 - Peggy George
this is our Livebinder link for today http://livebinders.com/play/play/84484

06:16 - Peggy George
good plan Paula! I highly recommend retirement!

06:19 - Sheri Edwards
Paula, you'll be presenting in your retirement !

06:24 - Buchmelter
Danbury, CT USA!

06:31 - may
from china

06:37 - cstanley
West Haven, CT

06:38 - Jan Wells (@janwells)
@Paula Let's split the cost and have twice the fun!!!

06:41 - Peggy George
love seeing all of these sparkling red dots!! so glad to have all of you here!

06:47 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, Sheri that's what I'm planning on.

06:56 - Sheri Edwards
Google Docs

07:07 - Peggy George
if you don't have students but use online tools for discussions with peers that counts too

07:18 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Love that idea, Jan.

07:27 - Peggy George
wonderful mix of responses :-)

07:31 - Sebastian Panakal India
OMG! Am I the only one from India??

07:45 - Peggy George
we can't wait to share Collaborize with you today!

08:00 - Peggy George
looks like it Sebastian!! you're starting a trend

08:12 - Peggy George
get ready to type :-)

08:12 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Welcome to Sebastian from India. Glad you are here.

08:22 - Sebastian Panakal India

08:26 - Peggy George
what worries you when you think about online discussions for students?

08:27 - roxanne clement
none...so empowering for student learning!

08:29 - Jan Wells (@janwells)
good questions

08:29 - McTeach (Karen)
privacy concerns from admin

08:30 - Kim Caise 6
technical issues with platforms

08:30 - john
lack of control

08:32 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I am "fearless".

08:33 - Shannon
Getting Started

08:33 - Jane Z
not sure how to use it with primary students

08:35 - Peggy George
needing email addresses

08:35 - Sandra
technological issues

08:36 - nikki
tech issues

08:37 - cstanley
inappropriate student responses that they think are funny but we find embarrassing

08:38 - Ian Hall
sharing info

08:46 - Geier
not sure how to do it

08:49 - Buchmelter
My students not having the proper equipment...some are low income...

08:50 - Tammy Moore
27 hours a week - lost fear a long time ago . lol

08:50 - AndreaHildreth
Chatt-ers mis-understanding other chatt-ers

08:52 - Peggy George
having enough computers for students to all be involved

08:53 - Beth 1
technical issues - not everyone can access/use

08:54 - Sebastian Panakal India
I make all sorts of mistakes, no fear

08:54 - Larry A
can't tell general reactions - only get info from those who participate

08:54 - CTinney (@tinneyc)
Admin. are worried about inappropriate use...

08:56 - jeffl 1
Security, Cost

08:56 - Nina
not being able to get the students to really engage with one another

09:04 - Doris Dickerson
getting started

09:05 - SandyC
tech issues and French keyboards

09:08 - Deb Kerr
Staying on topic and offering opportunities for all students to participate

09:12 - may
student no responds

09:24 - AndreaHildreth
to cstanley: that is what I meant to say!

09:36 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I was just kidding. I need a safe environment for 4th graders with no email required.

09:36 - Peggy George
@cstanley I so agree with that--I think inappropriate responses from students is always a worry and teachers need to have good monitoring procedures set up

09:53 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Student not having equal access to computers and Internet

10:02 - Peggy George
I agree Deb Kerr! staying on topic! what a challenge!

10:06 - McTeach (Karen)
Cool question!

10:13 - cstanley
Kaitlin has such great guidlines in place for teachers to use with students before any on-line discussions take place.

10:20 - Kim Caise 6

11:00 - Peggy George
Catlin is a fantastic resource and example for using online discussions with students!

11:09 - SandyC
Can Colt's mic be louder, I could hardly hear him

11:11 - Peggy George
http://catlintucker.com/ (Catlin Tucker’ blog)

11:54 - Peggy George
http://www.collaborizeclassroom.com/ (link to launch your own free Collaborize Classroom)

12:12 - Peggy George
I love that term!! Wisdom of We!!! Feels so friendly yet powerful!

12:46 - Peggy George
makes such a difference when you can collaborate with others!

12:47 - roxanne clement
classroom2.0 demonstrates the wisdom of we! what we do here should also be avaialble to our students!

13:02 - cstanley
I had heard of Crowdsourcing from a keynote by ? -can't remember his name - at ISTE 2008. I really like the Wisdom of We.

13:04 - Peggy George
excellent point Roxanne!

13:26 - Peggy George
we DO need to model collaborative learning for our students and let them know that we are doing it!

13:53 - Peggy George
the questions are really the key!! not that easy to do!

14:03 - Lorna Costantini 1
with our movement to online learning these are great points to cover

14:19 - cstanley
Some of our teachers use the forum in Moodle, but I think Collaborize Classroom presents a more appealing interface.

14:32 - Peggy George
they have a fantastic resource to share with us about designing quality questions!

14:36 - jeffl 1
That sounds great!!

14:40 - rkilkenny
164 --- yikes!

15:00 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Nice slide!

15:04 - Catlin Tucker
Right!?! It makes grading a essays every 6 weeks and undertaking!

15:29 - cstanley
@Caitlin - that is a huge student load for an English teacher - all that correcting - I hope Collaborize Classroom makes that process easier.

15:31 - roxanne clement
love this slide!

15:34 - Peggy George
students are always connected with each other in some way and we need to capture that natural need in learning opportunities

15:56 - roxanne clement
yes Peggy...we need to take advantage of their connectivity

16:12 - SandyC
This reminds me of "flip classrooms'

16:27 - Peggy George
love this!!!

16:34 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
@Caitlin: does the online discussions lead to more participation when in the traditional classroom?

16:39 - cstanley
That is where education must be heading - community of learners - teachers and students alike.

16:40 - Catlin Tucker
Flipped classroom is such a fun new model for teachers

16:53 - Peggy George
I love these choices :-)

16:59 - Catlin Tucker
Using an online classroom can make this so easy to do regularly.

17:01 - Larry A
You can look at students as resources and other voices who can add well to the subject - use those who 'get it' to help those who are trying to get it - HS and college

17:04 - Sebastian Panakal India
It is a struggle!!

17:12 - Kristie Logan
A Struggle

17:16 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
a struggle!!

17:20 - Beth 1
A Struggle

17:20 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Fair --> struggle

17:27 - Peggy George
we definitely want to hear from you if you're an awesome user of in-class discussions!

17:44 - SandyC
fair-what is a discussion--depends on the day

17:54 - Geier
I have certain stdents always involved and a larger group un involved---like pulling teeth to get them to seak

18:01 - roxanne clement
and in some ways ech discussion defines itself...potential for greatness and possibility of failure

18:03 - cstanley
Our kids love to communicate with each other - but not always on the topic at hand.

18:08 - Larry A
It is a struggle because the teacher or professor is looked upon as the source - students rib each other about being a 'know it all' and teachers don't counter that attitutde enough or show the value of learning from each other

18:13 - roxanne clement
guidance is key

18:28 - Peggy George
yes--guidance and clear purpose

18:30 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
@Larry A: good point

18:31 - jeffl 1
LOL Love that comic!!

18:37 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Ha ha!

18:44 - Peggy George

18:59 - Peggy George
can't stop laughing!

19:02 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
All of the above!

19:04 - Kim Caise 6
catlin, i turned your mic off when while colt is talking as we are getting a huge amout of echo

19:10 - Larry A
Online discussion allows you to say things more 'anonymously' so its easier to say it, even if your name is attached to it and then it may lead easier to say something in class - it's getting the idea out to start with without as much embarassment

19:11 - Shannon

19:23 - Peggy George
that visual image of roaches when the lights come on!! too funny!

19:44 - SandyC
Laughter is good for the soul--thanks:)

19:54 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Eyes go to floor, planner, anywhere but teacher

20:01 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Or the other students feel they don't have to engage because the few dominators will cover for them. They don't have to think and disengage.

20:12 - Peggy George
I had college students who said "aren't you supposed to tell us the answer" :-(

20:16 - Larry A
You need to learn how to use those who are willing to raise their hand or know the idea to help others - it's not about a right or wrong answer anymore - its about the process of finding an answer or considering a view

20:21 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Process time differences - so true

20:26 - SandyC
Oh man, the echo is very distracting:(

20:30 - Sheri Edwards
You're welcome Paula

20:35 - Geier
Better discussions during interactice read alouds - the topic definitely lends itself to certain students feeling more comfortable

20:42 - McTeach (Karen)
Kristen...that's exactly what I have! And too many years of teachers allowing that behavior!

20:47 - Larry A
@moderator - they see you and others in charge as having the

20:52 - Peggy George
how do you structure it without it feeling so controlled by the teacher (the inquisition)??

21:20 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
McTeach: especially since we teach middle school, they have become very successful at refusing to think!!

21:32 - Peggy George
students feel so empowered when they realize they have good answers to questions and something to contribute to the conversation

21:36 - Larry A
@moderator - students see you and others in charge as having the answer and not helping them discover a view or way to get there - they want an answer to have for the test - not the process of discovery and search

22:03 - SandyC
Teaching primary, students are much more engaged, they just get upset when THEY don't get THEIR turn:)

22:05 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
@Larry A: again, totally, sadly true

22:09 - Peggy George
that's such a key point!! discussion dominators are definitely mitigated!

22:10 - KRamirez
Just reading the Slide, I can already agree with all of it

22:13 - cstanley
I have seen to many ineffective discussions come from questions that are not really open-ended but beg a specific answer.

22:22 - jeffl 1
Hopefully we will spend time discussing how taking it online will help them become better at "live" conversations as well

22:23 - Peggy George
so true cstanley!!

22:32 - roxanne clement
love that...equity of voice

22:53 - Peggy George
there is no "back row" when you use online discussions--everyone is in the front row

23:03 - cstanley
And this is how they do connect outside of school!

23:18 - Larry A
Its also good to have students tie what they learn to something on TV, in their lives, in movies they watch, songs they hear - their own lives - get them talking

23:44 - McTeach (Karen)

23:52 - KRamirez
This does work really well with students who have anxiety talking in class. I try to bring back a point one of those students send in class. It helps their confidence

23:53 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
transcript is a good point!

23:54 - Peggy George
I really like that point about students being able to see what a good response looks like :-) they want to be successful!

24:07 - rkilkenny
my ESL students find online discussions a plus because they can revise their text before posting

24:11 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks for the great slides -- informative

24:19 - Peggy George
yes!! transcript is really valuable! we can revisit as many times as we need/want to

24:25 - Deb Kerr
I think that online discussions better meet the needs of the different learning styles of our students.

24:35 - Peggy George
I agree Deb Kerer!

24:43 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
That is such any important 21st century skill - online discussions.

24:44 - Buchmelter
Re: the fear factor...how to handle bully students online?

24:51 - roxanne clement
refelction of discussions is really important too to develop deeper conversations

24:55 - Peggy George
great point Buchmelter!

24:59 - cstanley
I really like what Caitlin just said about this being a very necessary 21st Century skill set -

25:02 - Deb Kerr
Love this quote!

25:08 - KRamirez
Me too!

25:09 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
missed quote

25:15 - Peggy George
I love this image!

25:23 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
It's like me and starting to blog and use twitter, I can see examples from the people I follow, learn from their blogs and discussions and now I am slowly starting to particpate and contribute more. And I am a confident person. What a safe way for students to join the discussion.

25:27 - roxanne clement

25:40 - Beth 1
psychological safety is important

25:42 - Shannon
Safe space online is important! YES!!

25:53 - Peggy George
many teachers actually start teaching these behaviors off line first--like the paper blogs that McTeach uses!! Fantastic!

25:59 - roxanne clement
but without an understructure

26:34 - Eileen K
McTeach: Can you share the paper blogs?

26:39 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Respectful disagreement is an important skill to learn.

26:53 - Geier
can this work with younger students? 3rd grade?

27:05 - Peggy George
Yes McTeach! please share your link for paper blogs

27:20 - McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Peggy! Did you see Kelly Tenkely's paper twitter activity? Awesome!

27:26 - Larry A
Students need to learn these skills to be able to use them online and in the class - no one is teaching them or teaching them well

27:27 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Geler Yes I use Edmodo with my 4th graders.

27:30 - Peggy George
McTeach had a great webinar for us that you can view later http://live.classroom20.com/1/category/mcteach/1.html

27:34 - KRamirez
This wbsite is amazing! What a great online page for the students

27:35 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
No, California :)

27:38 - Beth 1
Like the idea of ground rules for discussion

27:54 - Peggy George
drop those links here in the chat that you're mentioning and we'll add them to the Livebinder

28:10 - Peggy George
these sentence starters are fantastic!

28:18 - mrsd5107
Do you have examples of primary teachers using CC?

28:43 - Kristie Logan
Love this will definitely use the sentence starters!

28:44 - Eileen K
How true, they need the modeling to dialogue.

28:45 - Peggy George
The Do's and Don'ts of Online Student Communication - http://collaborizeclassroom.com/Resources/dosanddonts.html

28:45 - Buchmelter
Agreed! these skills certainly don't come from home in some cases!

29:11 - Larry A
If we would teach skills we want students to use for class at the beginning of each class, it will be easier for them to participate for that class - students need to be reminded and relearn often enough - even HS and college students since their bodies and brains are getting rewired

29:19 - Eileen K
WOW! I wish I learned Shakespeare that way:)

29:20 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Love the way the interface of collaborize looks!! Can't wait to start playing with it!!!

29:25 - Peggy George
http://collaborizeclassroom.com/resources2.html (access free teacher resources for blended learning)

29:33 - jeffl 1
What do you do for students who do not have a computer with the internet at home??

29:52 - Peggy George
these Do's and Don'ts are very helpful! for any age including adults :-)

29:55 - McTeach (Karen)
Here's the post on paper blogs: http://www.notesfrommcteach.com/2010/09/learning-to-blog-using-paper.html

30:00 - cstanley
@Caitlin - how do you balance your teacher time and personal time? Do you make sure you fit time for you into your schedule?

30:03 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Second Jeffl 1's question, plus don't have regular access at school

30:11 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@jeff 1 Do your students have smart phone?

30:27 - Buchmelter
Good Q Jeff!!

30:36 - Larry A
Most students have a computer, even in Middle and High School -

30:46 - Peggy George
loss of teacher control--huge consideration when you decide to go this route and essential!

30:54 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Rural students don't always have Internet

30:57 - Buchmelter
Amen, Peggy!

31:12 - Sandra
How can we get a copy of those Do's and Dont's?

31:12 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
ELL's don't always have Internet or computer

31:21 - Peggy George
very true Deb and we need to keep looking for alternatives

31:27 - Eileen K
McTeach- Thanks, I look forward to checking your paper blogs out later on :)

31:37 - Peggy George
The Do's and Don'ts of Online Student Communication - http://collaborizeclassroom.com/Resources/dosanddonts.html

31:39 - Larry A
Exactly - students are resourceful - they can borrow a friend's computer - we need to quit thinking of 'what if it won't work for some students'

31:42 - cstanley
@Sandra - they are under the resources tab at the Collaborize Classroom site.

31:50 - Deb Kerr
Does Collaborize work on iPads?

31:51 - Halima
some teachers have no PCs

31:58 - Sheri Edwards
So true Deb White. Rural communities are part of the digital gap

31:58 - Peggy George
many libraries offer internet access

31:59 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I'm in a school with 82% free and reduced lunch, but all but a few have access. Can be done before or after school at school or by going to the library.

32:00 - Colt Briner
Dos and donts will be available in the Live binder

32:07 - mrsd5107
I didn't have an encyclopedia set at home when I was a kid. That is what the local library is for.

32:08 - rkilkenny
I have found it important to work with the Tech Lab staff to make sure that there is support for the tech that I am using

32:08 - McTeach (Karen)
Eileen...be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

32:16 - jeffl 1
Larry: in my school we can not send any assignment home that would not allow some students to participate, we are working in a district with 70% Free and Reduced Lunch

32:18 - Colt Briner
Smart Phones help with access

32:30 - Larry A
Exactly - they need to learn to use these skills - we do them a diservice when we don't teach them or integrate this with how we teach

32:53 - Peggy George

32:53 - Buchmelter
Sadly, with the cuts coming in NYC/NJ/CT, this will be harder to accomplish...

33:11 - Larry A
@jeffl - that's too bad because all students are regulated to the least equiped student in the name of 'equality'

33:22 - jeffl 1
Larry I couldn't agree more!

33:24 - Patti R
Big cuts in Pennsylvanica too for educ. funding

33:31 - Peggy George
The Art of Asking Questions - http://collaborizeclassroom.com/Resources/askingquestions.html

34:04 - Peggy George
I've seen some really bad TV interviews because they don't know how to ask open-ended questions

34:12 - Shannon
Lots of resources http://collaborizeclassroom.com/resources

34:18 - cstanley
Right now, I believe, CollaborizeClassroom is a free resource which actually helps to deal with those budget cuts.

34:24 - Kim Caise 6

34:51 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Wow, I would have loved language arts if I learned it this way!! I cannot wait to use this with my math and science classes.

34:56 - Larry A
When we go to focusing on the least equiped or prepared student, we do a great disservice to those who are well prepared and equpied and those moderatly so and we don't challenge even the least equiped and prepared to reach higher on many levels

34:57 - roxanne clement
I love that they question and have to justify!

35:05 - Peggy George
these are great examples to show how engaged the students will be--they will all want to comment!

35:06 - McTeach (Karen)
How do you make sure that every student responds? So time consuming to check off each student's work!

35:07 - Sheri Edwards
This is amazing...

35:14 - Beth 1
Like the closed-ended then move on to open-ended approach to get the discussion going.

35:19 - Peggy George
excellent point Larry!!!!

35:23 - Buchmelter
Yes, ctstanley...however, it still falls apart at times without some families access to computers or smart-phones (my experience)...

35:36 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Beth: Me TOO!!

35:44 - Peggy George
wow! 10 minutes generated all of that!! quality work!!!

35:50 - cstanley
That is what I've been waiting to hear - that these on-line discussions facilitate and provide scaffolding for in-class discussions.

36:03 - Sheri Edwards
Maybe those who "have" could share with those who "don't"

36:04 - Larry A
Give students a way to give their view and validate their view as having some merit and they want to do it more

36:32 - Peggy George
this example makes you WANT to comment!!!!

36:59 - Sheri Edwards
I remember 50 years ago needing to meet after school for "committee work" with kids I wouldn't usually meet with

37:06 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
If we build it they will come. Students who want to be a part of this will figure out how it get access.

37:12 - Peggy George
http://www.collaborizeclassroom.com/ (link to launch your own free Collaborize Classroom)

37:13 - Larry A
There are so many resources from others and video and audio on the net that we don't use and they can review at home since its tagged by teachers or they can find more of on their own

37:31 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
@plnaugle: good point

37:45 - Larry A
@Paula - I agree

37:47 - Peggy George
hadn't thought about layered questions but that makes so much sense! something for everyone to relate to

37:51 - KRamirez
What website does she use with her classroom?

37:52 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Classroom 2.0: One of the best things about what I learn each week is that you can integrate technology without having a 1:1 program or even computers in your classroom!! Such rich technology tools that EVERY teacher can integrate no matter what their classroom situation!

38:11 - Peggy George
what a great point! these are not add-on things but replace old assignments

38:18 - roxanne clement
so true Catlin!!!!!

38:23 - SandyC
This is great! Now HOW do you assess and GRADE??

38:30 - Peggy George
go green and save money!!! :-)

38:33 - cstanley
I asked a question earlier - how do you balance your work time with time for you?

38:39 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Great question SandyC

38:43 - Colt Briner
We will show how to assess soon

38:49 - KRamirez
What is the website for the blog she used with her classroom?

39:00 - Peggy George
"meaty questions" :-) great visual!

39:00 - SandyC
Thanks Colt:)

39:03 - Colt Briner

39:10 - Larry A
We need to think that this is the way to do it instead of being innovative - we can reach students even after they go home and they get a chance to think things through

39:35 - KRamirez

39:36 - Peggy George
yes! learning doesn't stop when they leave school!

39:37 - Kim Caise 6
http://www.collaborizeclassroom.com/ (link to launch your own free Collaborize Classroom)

39:39 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Teachers need to turn old lessons into new 21st century lessons every day.

39:48 - jeffl 1
Do you allow them to use "text" language since it is an online forum, or are they required to write in the way they are being taught in school??

39:59 - Peggy George
8 Great Online Icebreakers - http://collaborizeclassroom.com/Resources/icebreakers.html

40:05 - Irene Kistler 1
I have them write correctly.

40:09 - Larry A
@Paula - exactly!

40:19 - Peggy George
icebreakers are such a great way to get started

40:48 - Peggy George
don't you want to participate in this time machine??? :-)

41:00 - Larry A
@Irene - so many employers want people who know how to read, write and speak well and correctly at work

41:01 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Irene. I tell them txt speak is not allowed in our discussions. Must use correct English.

41:08 - Peggy George
those are really substantive responses!! love it!

41:13 - roxanne clement
will we have access to these pages in livebinders?

41:14 - SandyC
Yup I wanna be in Catlin's class!!

41:21 - Peggy George
not just "like it" or "I agree"!!!

41:38 - Kim Caise 6

41:47 - cstanley
I believer that Catlin's classes are protected.

41:48 - Irene Kistler 1
Hey Paula! I love this topic today.

42:11 - Peggy George
Getting Students to Say Something Substantial - http://collaborizeclassroom.com/Resources/saysomethingsubstantial.html

42:27 - cstanley
@Peggy - I knew this would be a hit

42:32 - KRamirez
This is my first time using Classroom 2.0 Live... I think I'm addicted. This is an amazing presentation!

42:33 - Peggy George

42:34 - Kim Caise 6
catlin is showing her online classes in app sharing and that is behind her login so you wont be able to view her class discussions online

42:49 - Irene Kistler 1
@Larry A - I agree...I tell them spelling and grammar are a habit which turns into a skill. We have to practice to our best.

42:49 - Kim Caise 6
glad you could join us @kramirez!

43:02 - Eileen K
Great quote!

43:02 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Irene Kistler CR 2.0 Live is my favorite Saturday activity. I get to "see" so many of my online friends here and learn great new things each week.

43:08 - Peggy George
Getting Students to Say Something Substantial - http://collaborizeclassroom.com/Resources/saysomethingsubstantial.html

43:34 - Peggy George
I agree Paula!! Such a fantastic personal learning network to connect with every Saturday!!! :-)

43:47 - Larry A
@Irene - tell them they're not just competing for jobs and careers with others in their city but with others across the country and around the world - many of whom are better prepared for what employers want more of!

44:03 - Peggy George
students need to learn to ask good questions too--not just the teachers

44:12 - Sheri Edwards
Ditto Paula !

44:15 - Irene Kistler 1
Yes...good to see you.

44:34 - Peggy George
what a great tip! end your post in a way that invites a response

44:47 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
I can definitely see the potential for my science students to practice thinking/communicating "Claim-Evidence-Reasoning."

44:56 - cstanley
@Larry - that is the exact argument we used with our students for a collaborative ss assignment we were conducting last week.

45:03 - Peggy George
this would be perfect for science!!

45:03 - Rich@rcantrell
IK love your web page may I share with staff at Longs Creek

45:05 - Sheri Edwards
That's what we want Peggy, students asking their own great questions in and out of conversations

45:32 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Guest speaker coming in Wed. to speak about Constitution and Bill of Rights. Had students write questions for him Gave them to him last night. He loves their thinking.

45:32 - Larry A
@cstanley - keep reminding them to help them refocus

45:52 - Eileen K
Very intereting book!

45:58 - cstanley
Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison work hard with this through their Youth Voices forum.

45:59 - Peggy George
I love hearing these stories about teachers who connect with students while they are away at conferences!! Vicki Davis always does that and it is such a great example for her students.

46:05 - Patti R
is there an age limit for participation or did I miss that info

46:19 - jeffl 1
Patti they haven't discussed the "forum" yet

46:27 - Sebastian Panakal India
We are ageless

46:32 - Irene Kistler 1
Yes! I would be tickled.

46:56 - cstanley
While Richard Byrne was presenting at CECA - one of his students came in to the blog live while he was demonstrating.

46:57 - Eileen K
Do you bring up the discussions from online in your classes each day? Like using a projector?

47:00 - Peggy George
that point really hits home for me! if the questions/discussions are really engaging that students WANT to be part of it and create quality responses

47:08 - Rich@rcantrell
Ik thanks I thought the last post was super!

47:08 - Irene Kistler 1
@Rich - I want more people to blog with us. And it's free.

47:21 - Shirley
very useful resource.

47:31 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
@Peggy - good argument for allowing teachers to leave the "classroom" to participate in conferences - learning continues

47:39 - Patti R
these skills could be applied to commenting on other student's blog posts

47:44 - Larry A
Good idea to use those in a class who have a better sense of those ideas to the benefit of all

47:54 - Peggy George
tons of their resources are here: http://collaborizeclassroom.com/resources2.html (access free teacher resources for blended learning)

47:55 - Rich@rcantrell
I am not having much success so far do have two or three.

48:19 - Deb Kerr
Great technique to get everyone involved and appreciate each other's work.

48:22 - Peggy George
Khan Academy! awesome resources!

48:26 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Irene Kislter Love your blogging idea. Am interested in participating.

48:31 - Irene Kistler 1
@Rich It brings everything to life in a powerful way.

48:38 - Peggy George

48:49 - Larry A
Khan ACADEMY - a great model for learning and teaching/ demonstrating - the future is here

48:55 - Irene Kistler 1
@Paula I love it. The kids are so engaged.

48:57 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
YAY - sci topic!

48:58 - cstanley
I just became aware of that Khan Academy - amazing resource - no excuse any more for not individualizing

48:59 - Rich@rcantrell
Irene see you skyped with a neighbor last week. Keep us in mind for a skype

49:08 - Lorraine Leo
Do you have access to an LCD projector to share the discussions that students are working on online? Have you considered the option of inviting another classroom covering similar content to join your discussion?

49:14 - Peggy George
here's a Khan video example for younger kids on subtraction http://www.khanacademy.org/video/subtraction-2?playlist=Arithmetic

49:16 - Shannon
Love that it allows students to go at their own pace

49:23 - Larry A

49:40 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Khan Academy videos are great for the teachers who are trying to flip their classroom.

49:43 - Peggy George
it's so great that they provide so many alternatives for learning!!

49:44 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Kahn Academy really makes it easy to flip your classroonm!!

50:03 - Irene Kistler 1
@Rich We'd love to. It was the first Skype we used a back channel chat to track the conversation. The kids were fascinated by using Edmodo in that way.

50:05 - SandyC
Oh wow, my brain is exploding, as usual on Sat. mornings:) Now, does anyone know of resources for French as Second Language for those of us in Canada???

50:07 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
DITTO Paula!!

50:17 - Peggy George
that also makes it possible for parents to understand what they are learning in school and better able to support them at home

50:18 - Buchmelter
Awesome! I have done this several times...they can watch it again for homework

50:30 - Larry A
Teacher/instructors/professors can record 5 minute summaries at the end of class or end of the week and post them for students to have to review at any time - if we make and take the time to do this

50:32 - Sheri Edwards
Irene, did you share your link here? I missed it...

50:40 - Rich@rcantrell
Our teachers have skyped but no back channel to this date

50:45 - Peggy George
Rethinking Your Role With Online Discussions - http://collaborizeclassroom.com/Resources/rethinkingyourrole.html

50:55 - Irene Kistler 1
No...but I can. http://blogs.neisd.net/ikistl

51:02 - Colt Briner
I used to choose a student each day to give the recorded summary

51:09 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
LOL @Sheri. I always have a headache on Saturday mornings, but in a good way. Brain cells exploding.

51:17 - Peggy George
great point!! when teachers dominate the discussion it won't be as rich or engaging and seems more like an assignment!

51:32 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Irene

51:34 - roxanne clement
that's me Paula....brain exploding in a good way

51:38 - Irene Kistler 1
Our last post is a record of our back channel chat during a Skype session.

51:47 - cstanley
@Paula - Wasn't it David Warlick who is famous for, "My brain hurts?"

51:50 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your links and examples here in the chat!!

52:05 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Irene!!!

52:23 - Sheri Edwards
@Paula plnaugle now I spend hours working with this -- such a fun Saturday...

52:41 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@cstanley Yes, I believe it was. I sat next to him last year at an ISTE session and he whishered it to me.

52:51 - Irene Kistler 1
No problem...I'm amazed by all of the things I learn here. I'm glad I can contribute in some way.

53:08 - Peggy George
absolutely! the more the teacher participates the less the students do! Harry Wong always said the teacher shouldn't be the tired one at the end of the day! Teachers drag out of the school and the kids bound out!!

53:28 - jeffl 1
I love the idea of a follow up debate. This is the link that gets them prepared for actual discussion in a "live" envirnomnet!!

53:49 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
How true, Peggy. I want them to be worn out.

53:53 - Peggy George
how reinforcing for the students to have the teacher highlight their responses in class discussions

53:53 - Irene Kistler 1
@Peggy I always remember that part of his book! I always tell my kids I can't be working harder than them!

54:07 - cstanley
I know that some administrators find the fact that students are online at 3:00am to be problematic - especially if they are in a school-sponsored activity - they get really nervous.

54:09 - Shannon
Haha. I want my students to be worn out! LOVE it

54:16 - Sheri Edwards
I love it when kids say, "Was that the bell already?"

54:27 - Peggy George
me too Sheri!

54:28 - Larry A
There are times during the year, semester, quarter where teachers, instructors, professors are more involved but then they now need to let the students get involved with much less input to let the collaborative process work

54:33 - Buchmelter
Or when the moan that class is over

55:14 - Kim Caise 6
i loved it when i would hear, "it is time to go already? or can we come in at lunch to finish?"

55:17 - jeffl 1
Tht is such a GREAT assignment!!

55:20 - cstanley
@Kaitlin - I would love to be in your class- and I'm a former English teacher.

55:29 - Peggy George
the students won't be saying "did I miss anything" when they are out sick because there is always something engaging going on and they can participate from home!

55:49 - Buchmelter
Great point, Peggy!!

56:06 - SandyC
English and Socials were the subjects I DID NOT like in highschool. Now I'd love to go back and sit in Catlin's class:)

56:06 - Peggy George
graphs tell a great story visually and instantly! makes you think more about responses

56:33 - Shannon
Never thought Outcomes of converstations. Brings converstations back into class

56:39 - Larry A
Graphs, color are visual and can be made interesting - we need to include more senses to hook them and trigger other parts of their brain

56:40 - Peggy George
what fantastic assessment examples!!

56:47 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Math teachers will love you for this!1

56:49 - SandyC
What about students with lower reading capabilities?

56:54 - Peggy George
we all want to be in her class!

57:08 - Sebastian Panakal India
Count me in her class too

57:31 - Peggy George
so glad to hear these comments about grading posts!! really helpful!

57:49 - Larry A
Postings are part of developmental process of learning - leave the grading to some other measure in the class

57:56 - Irene Kistler 1
One idea for assessment, and I have not really worked this out yet, is to evaluate their comments based on the level of Bloom's their comments target.

58:06 - Rich@rcantrell
Great point the learning important not the grading

58:12 - Deb Kerr
I agree with you , Larry

58:15 - cstanley
I think it's important for kids to get invested in posting -knowing it's not for a grade

58:15 - Peggy George
grading the postings is overwhelming for teachers with too much time spent on unproductive things

58:33 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Catlin Tucker Do you use Fake Pages with your students. I bet they would love to use them.

58:35 - rkilkenny
I use a rubric to grade discussions

58:39 - jeffl 1
Yes, discussion is how we learn, the discussion is what gave them informaiton to be prepared to participate in the classroom effectively

58:54 - Beth 1
Do you give feedback on some postings? For example of really thoughtful posts or poor posts?

58:56 - Kim Caise 6
great suggestion paula!

59:13 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)

59:15 - roxanne clement
so cool

59:23 - Irene Kistler 1
Does anyone else use Edmodo for elementary kids to discuss?

59:23 - jeffl 1
Can you invite only certain students to a particular discussion, for example for leveled book clubs??

59:24 - cstanley
Wow! That is an amazing resource.

59:25 - roxanne clement

59:41 - roxanne clement
love it

59:52 - Irene Kistler 1
@Beth1: I do. I'll share great posts with the class.

1:00:07 - Irene Kistler 1
But conference discreetly with kids about improving posts.

1:00:08 - Peggy George
this tool is fantastic for teachers!! they've thought of everything!

1:00:09 - Larry A
Think of postings as brainstorming or discussion - it helps us see things differently and learn that way - grades come with another type of measurement

1:00:45 - Jan Wells (@janwells)
@Irene yes, I used Edmodo with 4th graders

1:00:46 - Peggy George
they also have regular weekly online conversations with teachers who have questions and want support--they are 15 minute sessions with time for Q/A.

1:00:58 - SandyC
This is great!!! All there for you to see, no guessing:)

1:01:08 - Irene Kistler 1
Is this tool free? The collaborize site?

1:01:15 - Kim Caise 6
yes absolutely free

1:01:16 - Peggy George

1:01:42 - Shannon
Free!?!?! Great

1:01:45 - Peggy George
so much better than Blackboard!! really supports collaborating and not just assignments!

1:01:46 - SandyC
What is Edmodo?

1:01:51 - Steve Hayes
enrolling students? do they do it or do you imput names

1:01:53 - Larry A
@Irene - good idea to show them who seems to get what you were tying to convey or a post that have a great insight to the subject for others to learn from - show also some good points of posts that have some merit even if they are not as gret

1:01:54 - Patti R
Do students need their own accounts and is there an age limit?

1:01:55 - Irene Kistler 1
Are elementary students on collaborize too?

1:01:56 - jeffl 1
Within Callaborize Classrooms can you assign only a particular group of students to a discussion?

1:02:11 - Sandra
Is Collaborize Classroom a CMS, LMS or what exactlyy

1:02:11 - Peggy George

1:02:11 - AndreaHildreth
absolutely fabulous!

1:02:13 - Geier
Is this program a good tool for elemenatry aged students?

1:02:31 - Colt Briner
The groups feature will be available starting on the 7th of this month

1:02:33 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Good questions from participants - I second

1:02:43 - Larry A
GREAT DISCUSSION and presentation

1:02:45 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@SandyC Edmodo is a free website where students can join a group teacher creates and they don't need to have an email address.

1:02:47 - Shannon
Can this be used for College Students?

1:02:48 - Peggy George
it can be a valuable tool for any age where you want students to write and collaborate on their writing/thinking

1:02:55 - Catlin Tucker
Yes, I just met with a group of elementary teachers in my district about how to use it with upper elementary.

1:03:01 - Colt Briner
We have about 300 elem teachers using Collaborize at this time

1:03:09 - Peggy George
it can even be used to set up a group for teachers to collaborate online :-)

1:03:20 - jeffl 1
Really great show today, leaving with many of ideas as always!! Just spent the last month starting my "Kiva Club" from another liveshow!

1:03:23 - may
great, thanks!

1:03:28 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
# of students allowed?

1:03:29 - Peggy George
be sure to complete the survey if you'd like a PD certificate :-)

1:03:29 - Catlin Tucker
Thank you for coming!

1:03:40 - cstanley
@Caitlin - I asked you earlier -How do you manage to have time for yourself with all this engagement with your students and your professional life. I am in awe of you.

1:03:40 - Patti R
do teacher and student posts show up in a google search?

1:03:47 - Irene Kistler 1
This was awesome. I'm checking it out today.

1:03:48 - Shannon
Will be playing with Collaborize Classroom this afternoon. Excited to get started

1:03:49 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!! the recording will be posted shortly after everyone logs out of the room

1:03:52 - Geier
thank you - looking forward to investigating futher

1:03:55 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
@Caitlin, where in CA are you?

1:04:06 - Colt Briner
Collaborize allows youto set students up in groups by class period or subject

1:04:09 - Catlin Tucker
I don't get a lot of sleep! Thank godness for good coffee ; )

1:04:11 - Deb Kerr
Fantastic Session Today! The time went by so quickly!

1:04:17 - Peggy George

1:04:17 - Jan Wells (@janwells)
@Shannon Yes, college students too. @dmantz7 uses it with pre-service teachers.

1:04:26 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Virtual applause for Colt and Catlin. Thanks for sharing and the great resources.

1:04:27 - KRamirez
what was the link for the survay?

1:04:27 - Peggy George

1:04:28 - Catlin Tucker
I am in Nor Cal- Santa Rosa, CA

1:04:37 - SandyC
Fantastic again today. I just love Sat. mornings:):):)

1:04:48 - McTeach (Karen)
Catlin...not too far from me!

1:04:50 - Catlin Tucker
I also post lesson ideas and online questions on my blog!

1:04:52 - Shannon
Love Santa Rosa and Wine

1:04:53 - Peggy George
this has been a fantastic presentation Colt and Catlin!!! thank you!

1:05:01 - Catlin Tucker
Really, Karen? where are you?

1:05:01 - Peggy George

1:05:08 - silvana 4
Thank you for the fantastic session

1:05:11 - Catlin Tucker
I am a big fan of the wine country!

1:05:16 - Steve Hayes
thank you - see you next week!

1:05:17 - rkilkenny
great session and tool

1:05:18 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Yeah Nor Cal! I may ask you to come visit my school to teach them about collaborize... I'm in Sacto area.

1:05:26 - McTeach (Karen)
Catlin...I'm in Pleasant Hill, east of Berkeley

1:05:31 - Peggy George

1:05:39 - Catlin Tucker
I would LOVE to do that Karen! Just get me in front of an audience and I will be there.

1:05:40 - Irene Kistler 1
What is next week's topic?

1:05:42 - Jennifer Brokofsky @saskateach
This was great. One question is the site password protected.

1:05:48 - roxanne clement
McTeach..I'm in Alameda...so funny

1:05:52 - Catlin Tucker
Yes, it is password protected.

1:05:52 - cstanley
@Peggy - still not getting my certificates

1:06:01 - Peggy George
complete the survey anytime after you watch a recording and I'll send you a PD certificate

1:06:19 - Jennifer Brokofsky @saskateach
So only students in the class can see and participate with the discussions?

1:06:22 - McTeach (Karen)
Roxanne...small world, getting smaller

1:06:23 - Irene Kistler 1
Did not know that--thanks Peggy.

1:06:29 - Peggy George
if you're not getting your certificates please email me! they are going out the same day as the show every week

1:06:34 - roxanne clement

1:06:41 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
@Caitlin, I will be in touch... I'm at a middle school and our teachers really need to see how you use collaborize!!

1:06:49 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yeah, Jan and I are presenting for Az WOW virtual conference on April 30.

1:06:50 - Patti R
Peggy is doing an awesome job with certificates, thanks Peggy!

1:07:03 - cstanley
Oh, my goodness!

1:07:05 - Peggy George
wow! 2 and 4 year old and all of this fabulous stuff!!! :-)

1:07:14 - jeffl 1
Is the plan for collaborize classroom to always stay free??

1:07:19 - Sebastian Panakal India
:-):-):-):-):-) Cheers to this wonderful Mom

1:07:29 - cstanley
@Catlin-you are an inspiration to all of us.

1:07:49 - Catlin Tucker
Thanks Sebastian and cstanley!

1:07:51 - Kim Caise 6

1:08:04 - Catlin Tucker
Yes, it will ALWAYS be free!

1:08:04 - Jan Wells (@janwells)
You all are invited to attend 'virtually' -come join Paula and I :)

1:08:05 - Colt Briner
collaborize Clasroom will ALWAYS be free

1:08:10 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
@Colt, perhaps you could come to Rocklin and share also??

1:08:22 - Jan Wells (@janwells)
SandyC where are you and what level?

1:08:22 - jeffl 1
Colt that is GREAT, thanks so much

1:08:23 - Catlin Tucker
They know teachers would drop it like a hot cake if they had to pay since we have no $$$ for these things ; )

1:08:24 - Peggy George
you are going love hearing from our Featured Teacher next week! Robert Pronovost is currently teaching 2nd grade but has taught older grades too. He is using tons of web 2.0 tools in his classroom!

1:08:44 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
This has been an awesome Saturday presentation! I'll never get to my end of the quarter grading this weekend. When is Part II so we can learn more nuts and bolts of CC?

1:08:57 - cstanley
@Catlin - if, with your students' permission, you could post some of their conversation - it would be very helpful to see the authentic dialogue posted on a topic.

1:09:00 - Irene Kistler 1
Thank you Colt!

1:09:08 - AndreaHildreth
My thanks to you all!

1:09:11 - Kim Caise 6
please add that you would like a part 2 in the survey

1:09:22 - Peggy George
that's always a "fear factor"...will the tool remain free after we start creating and collaborating on it. So many tools disappear or become paid services

1:09:26 - Jan Wells (@janwells)
AWESOME Saturday, again :)

1:10:00 - Larry A
Assume more student inventiveness and resourcefulness - they can find a way if they want to participate

1:10:07 - Sheri Edwards
My students finish their other assignments in other classes so they can work on their writing projects.

1:10:09 - Patti R
too bad your administration does not see that you are engaging your students with technology and reallocate some resources in the building

1:10:09 - Peggy George
you can go to their regular weekly webinars to learn more of the nuts/bolts about Collaborize Classroom! they are very personalized and helpful

1:10:17 - Colt Briner
I love spreading the word about Collaborize. If any of you have an audience that would be interested please shoot me an email. cbriner@wecollaborize.com

1:10:54 - Larry A
We should ask more good english for more than just english classes - they need training for the professional career world - practice helps them learn

1:11:01 - Sheri Edwards
So in your classroom, it's face to face discussions and work?

1:12:03 - Jennifer Brokofsky @saskateach
I am so excited to take this back to share with teachers in our division. Have to find a way to highlight this in upcoming PD :)

1:12:07 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
@Peggy - Thanks - will check out CC weekly webinars.

1:12:07 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I agree correct English is an important skill even in today's world @Larry A.

1:12:28 - Peggy George
Our "Getting Started" Webinar, which we host every Thursday at 3:45PM PST and every Saturday at 10AM PST.

1:12:30 - Peggy George

1:13:26 - Colt Briner
Canada sounds great. If we can pull in a large group, we'd be happy to present in person. For smaller groups we can use GoTo Webinar.

1:14:24 - Larry A
Great use of students with skills to help those developing those skills

1:14:34 - Peggy George
these suggestions are so helpful!! Thank you Catlin!!

1:14:46 - Marnee
Thanks for a great session.

1:15:01 - Julio Aviles (Mexico) 1
Great tool for read and write skills!!

1:15:20 - Peggy George
this really does support differentiated learning for all levels/needs!!!

1:15:26 - Julio Aviles (Mexico) 1
Spanish version of this tool???

1:15:35 - Peggy George
great question Julio!!

1:15:42 - Larry A
These collaboratie tools and discussion tools can get those with skills to be assigned to a student with lower skills and help them improve before, during or after class

1:15:54 - Julio Aviles (Mexico) 1

1:16:02 - Peggy George

1:16:08 - Colt Briner
Sandy: We typically present at EdTech conferences for rooms of about 50 people

1:16:10 - Lorraine Leo
Thanks everyone!

1:16:13 - Peggy George
follow them on twitter and facebook!

1:16:29 - @lemoinemb Mary Beth
IPad app?

1:16:45 - Colt Briner
Not an iPad app - yet...

1:16:53 - @lemoinemb Mary Beth
Look forward to it.

1:16:56 - Colt Briner
You can view in iPad browser

1:16:56 - Peggy George
I was able to watch Colt present at CUE Unplugged a couple of weeks ago and knew we HAD to have them come and share with all of you!!

1:16:59 - cstanley
iPhone, as well?

1:17:00 - Irene Kistler 1
Love the ideas...I can see the applications for elementary easily. Thank you for presenting today.

1:17:26 - Eileen K
This was a fabulous sessions! Thanks for all the information. I can't wait to check out all the resources!

1:17:27 - Peggy George
unbelievable!!! only launched about 5 months ago!! you can be pioneers :-)

1:17:50 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
My new loves: LiveBinders and Collaborize Classroom

1:18:06 - Peggy George
@Irene-create a Livebinder of examples once you start using Collaborize with elementary kids :-)

1:18:11 - Larry A
@Deb - great choices

1:18:28 - cstanley
Fabulous! indeed!

1:18:29 - Colt Briner
Sandy: Looking forward to hearing from you

1:18:45 - Sheri Edwards
How is this free??

1:18:49 - Peggy George
it is so valuable to have educators as the creators of this resource! they are so responsive to teacher suggestions!

1:18:57 - cstanley
Thanks for helping us all to learn and be infected by your enthusiasm and modeling.

1:18:59 - CTinney (@tinneyc)
Great session...Great ideas! Thanks so much!!

1:19:01 - Jennifer Brokofsky @saskateach
Love the idea of a Livebinder for elem. If someone creates I would love to see it.

1:19:05 - Sebastian Panakal India
What a WOW session. Thanks everyone :-)

1:19:05 - Sheri Edwards
This is fantastic

1:19:07 - Shannon
How is this free?

1:19:12 - @lemoinemb Mary Beth
Thank you all.

1:19:19 - Irene Kistler 1
Great idea!

1:19:25 - Irene Kistler 1
Will do!

1:19:33 - cstanley
So happy to hear you say this, Colt!

1:19:41 - Peggy George

1:19:46 - rkilkenny
sorry, for how long will it be free?

1:19:54 - Kim Caise 6

1:19:56 - sarah (@soltauheller)
ohhh so much, so little time..

1:20:05 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Meetings suck your soul

1:20:05 - rkilkenny
I hope t live that long lol

1:20:06 - Halima
Colt, I'd spread a word ,if even in Uzbekistan could you

1:20:10 - Patti R
thank you so much, wonderful session

1:20:11 - roxanne clement
YAY Colt!

1:20:12 - Peggy George
wouldn't you love to have your faculty meetings online in Collaborize???

1:20:17 - Sheri Edwards
Thank you so much

1:20:17 - Larry A
@rkikenny - i think he said forever

1:20:20 - Catlin Tucker
For educators planning to use CC, I would LOVE to continue to connect about your work with this learning platfrom so feel free to tweet me at @CTuckerEnglish or at my blog

1:20:23 - Beth 1
Great resource! Thanks!

1:20:39 - Peggy George
thank you Catlin and Colt!!!

1:20:41 - Catlin Tucker
I love learning from my peers innovative applications of this learning platfrom.

1:20:45 - Shannon
Thank you!

1:20:53 - SandyC
Thanks again for another mind-blowing session. Sad to say I have to go out soon, so can't spend hours checking out these resources, but....I have saved all the links in my LiveBinder:)

1:21:01 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Thank you so much to presenters and moderators!

1:21:02 - Catlin Tucker
Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

1:21:02 - Peggy George

1:21:30 - Peggy George
the latest blog post will be at the top-I'll make it "live" as soon as I get the recording link :-)

1:21:35 - cstanley
Thanks so much, again!

1:21:39 - Colt Briner
Much appreciation to Classroom 2.0. Thank you.

1:21:48 - Peggy George
thanks everyone for joining us!!

1:21:57 - Kim Caise 6

1:22:10 - Jennifer Brokofsky @saskateach
Amazing Saturday morning. Thanks for sharing everyone. So much to think about. Exciting!!!

1:22:10 - Peggy George
hope to see you all next week!!

1:22:15 - Sebastian Panakal India

1:22:19 - Sheri Edwards
This is an education changer....

1:22:22 - Julio Aviles (Mexico) 1
thanks peggy, see you later.....

1:22:25 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you to everyone involved with CR2,0 Live and CC. Great learning.

1:22:29 - McTeach (Karen)
Woo-hoo for Featured Teachers! :)

1:22:36 - Peggy George
I always leave these sessions so charged up!!

1:22:37 - Catlin Tucker
I agree, Sheri! It has transformed my teaching.