Apr 28, 2012 - Student Publishing on iPad - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:04 - Peggy George
We'll be starting NOW :-)

00:07 - Tammy Moore
I am glad to see that the new Adobe products will publish out to HTML5 so that they will run on iPads

00:08 - Peggy George
Here we go!!!

00:16 - Kathy Cassidy
Hi Peggy. Great topic. I couldn't miss.

00:29 - Kathy Cassidy
I'm so sorry to hear that.

00:34 - roxanne clement
so sorry

00:44 - Peggy George
I'm so sad about Lorna's loss this week!! Please send your prayers for Lorna and her family!

00:52 - shukufa
good evening everybody

01:01 - Peggy George
audio gone Kim

01:07 - Peggy George
back now

01:14 - Liz
I am so sorry to hear that...will pray for her family

01:34 - Peggy George
This is the Livebinder for today http://www.livebinders.com/edit/index/366749

02:15 - Peggy George
We hope you'll share any of your favorite links or resources for publishing on an ipad in the chat so we can add them to our Livebinder after the show

02:33 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone!! Thanks for joining us today!!

02:44 - stidmama
good morning!

03:00 - Len_Horn
Hello everyone.

03:00 - Peggy George
Hi stidmama!

03:06 - Peggy George
Hi Len! :-)

03:06 - Ian Nairn - UK
Bradford on Avon - UK

03:09 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hello from New Orleans. It is a beautiful here.

03:15 - aunttammie
My school is planning to start using ipads on a limited basis next year, full blown the next, so I hope to learn a lot!

03:17 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)
beijing here, nice to be here

03:23 - shukufa
I am from Azerbaijan , Ismailli

03:25 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Hello from sunny Northern California

03:25 - Peggy George
You are all awesome for spending time on a Sat. with us!

03:29 - Rade
Best regards from Bosnia

03:35 - Peggy George

03:52 - Len_Horn
Hi Paula, thanks for the SkyDrive tip! :)

04:04 - Peggy George
I love all of the Glogs that Lea Anne uses on her sites!

04:19 - roxanne clement
Are all the links we need to attend WOW in that tab Peggy?

04:24 - Kim Caise

04:34 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi @Cindy Wallace.

04:41 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

04:52 - shukufa

04:55 - stidmama

04:57 - Oronoque

04:59 - Peggy George
I sure wish I did!!!

05:04 - EileenK
I really want one...

05:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Len. :)

05:20 - Peggy George
you are all so lucky if you have one!!! lots of you do!!

05:21 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
My school owns it but I use it :-)

05:23 - roxanne clement
going to be starting a 1;1 in my library...now have 18

05:30 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1
I have and Ipod

05:35 - Judi
whoops wasn't quick enough....yes

05:37 - Karina
I don´

05:39 - Peggy George
that's so exciting @roxanne!

05:52 - roxanne clement
really! so excited

06:01 - Peggy George
great job with the voting everyone!

06:02 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
We are going 1:1 in 4th and 5th grade next year so I have lots of work to do to be ready for this big transition!

06:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I have a first gen iPad. Going tp update to new iPad this summer.

06:29 - Peggy George
Fabulous Joan!!!

06:39 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Yes, Peggy..so excited :-)

06:40 - shukufa
i use laptop

06:42 - stidmama
can't answer because I am subbing -- depends on school.

06:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

06:47 - Oronoque
my students do...BYOD

06:51 - roxanne clement
Hi Paula...you will love iPad 3!

06:53 - Karina
just netbooks.....

06:58 - Peggy George
any mobile device can be a yes :-)

06:59 - aunttammie
I'm mad at my ipad right now...generation one, works fine, except that it no longer holds a charge more than an hour or two!

07:09 - Kathy Cassidy
I went 1:1 with iPads in my classroom just yesterday!

07:17 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
That's esciting news, Joan. I'm jealous.

07:20 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Joan and Paula!

07:21 - Audra
mine doesn't seem to be working

07:21 - Peggy George
wow Kathy!!! That's so exciting!!!

07:22 - Judi
@kathy SOOOO exciting. congrats

07:29 - roxanne clement

07:29 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Oh so cool, Kathy! Would love to catch up with you and learn about how it's going

07:31 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning, Sheri.

07:40 - Peggy George
I have heard that the battery life is much better in the latest iPad

07:41 - roxanne clement
Joan, Kathy, me too!

07:48 - Len_Horn
@Kathy, you are the envy of the room!

07:53 - Kathy Cassidy
I have a blog post brewing!

07:57 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Hi Sheri :) SO great to see people I learn with all the time here

07:58 - EileenK
My vote isn't showing up

08:12 - roxanne clement
Teacher Librarian and teach 500 students weekly

08:16 - aunttammie
yes, Peggy, mine just started getting tired when the new one came out LOL!

08:22 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Voting is not working.

08:25 - SusanSi
no votes are showing up for me

08:26 - shukufa
yes i work with my students in the classroom

08:27 - Peggy George
don't click on the slide in the white board-click on the dropdown for voting under your name

08:31 - Oronoque
not showing up

08:37 - roxanne clement
voting not active

08:38 - Oronoque

08:40 - SusanSi
there it is

08:46 - EileenK
Thanks it's working now.

08:49 - Vicki
I provide professional development so the teachers are my "students"

08:49 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Now voting is working.

08:50 - Audra
me too

08:53 - Peggy George
yeah!! keep trying :-)

09:09 - Oronoque
@Vicki...I am a life long learner

09:19 - Peggy George
we have such a great range of participants each week.

09:25 - Sheri Edwards
I do both PD for staff and teach all day :)

09:37 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
I feel like I LIVE with students ;-)

09:44 - Peggy George
I don't work with students but I am definitely a life-long learner! :-)

09:53 - Suzanne Sallee
I'm a technolgy coach and work with teachers and students in their classrooms

09:57 - Vicki
I provid etech support in the classroom to, but I'm not the primary teacher in that setting.

09:58 - Kathy Cassidy
You certainly are, Peggy!

10:09 - Rade
It's so great to work with students

10:11 - Peggy George
http://leaanne.wikispaces.com/ (Lea Anne’ wiki)

10:27 - shukufa
yes rade students are my life

10:28 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Peggy..you work with teachers as students :-) I feel like you provide so much to us out here!

10:32 - roxanne clement
Lea Anne did we meet in SanDiego at Discovery Institute?

10:39 - Rade
My too

10:42 - Peggy George
We sure have had some awesome educators presenting for us from TX!!!! What's in the water???? :-)

10:49 - Lea Anne
yes roxanne

10:51 - Rade
I like my students so much

10:52 - Audra
I'm a tech coach too. We are looking into 1:1 devices.

10:57 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning, Roxanne.

11:07 - Rade
and they help me overcome some problems if I have them

11:07 - roxanne clement
yay, thought so. excited for your session!

11:10 - Peggy George
thanks Joan! I actually do think of teachers as my "students" :-)

11:24 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Hi Vicky!

11:40 - Peggy George
Welcome Lea Anne!!!

11:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Peggy, you are definitely one of my teachers. :)

11:50 - Peggy George

11:58 - Judi
I HAVE written a book

12:03 - shukufa

12:04 - Rade
Great Judi

12:13 - Peggy George
This is a special Newbie Question just for Lea Anne :-) We wanted her to tell this story!

12:17 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
I have written a teacher resource book but I have lots more in my head!

12:23 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, I'm working on writing one about my experiences with Web 2.0 in an elem classroom.

12:31 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
That's great Paula

12:34 - Sheri Edwards
Wrote a novel as did my students during Nanowrimo in November :)

12:38 - Rade
I want to publish a book of poetry in English. I wrote the poems during my studies and I still do

12:45 - Peggy George
that's great news Paula!!!

13:02 - Peggy George

13:02 - roxanne clement
two fifth graders published their first book last year and dedicated it to me and their parents. so cool

13:09 - Dotty
I have lots of ideas. Now that I am rtired not concerned with my intellectual property belonging to a distrcit.

13:21 - Kim Caise
that is cool roxanne!

13:23 - Peggy George
don't you LOVE it when your students are publishing???? :-)

13:25 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Well..it's really never about the money cause most of us published with big publishers aren't getting rich from it for sure

13:28 - stidmama
very cool!

13:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Love it. Not a get rich scheme is it?

13:36 - Peggy George
iTunes eBook-(Lea Anne’ eBook: Publishing eBooks in the Classroom)

14:02 - roxanne clement
just downloaded it to my ipad

14:07 - roxanne clement

14:17 - Judi
Nice book!!

14:21 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1
I teach teachers as well

14:21 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Thank you for sharing your book with us

14:24 - Peggy George
oh no!!!

14:27 - Kim Caise
so sorry lea anne

14:49 - Kim Caise
i didnt realize that

15:45 - Elizabeth
Stretching me today!! Awesome

16:07 - stidmama
love the quote

16:13 - _CindyWallace_
Love that!

16:15 - Peggy George

16:29 - Karina

16:46 - Peggy George
you can see her slides on her slideshare.net site :-)

16:55 - Rade
I also like the quote

17:18 - Peggy George
all of the links you'll need to try this out are in the Livebinder today :-)

17:28 - Rade
Thanks Peggy

17:34 - Peggy George

17:54 - Kathy Cassidy
Could you put the livebinder link in again Peggy? I can't get back to it in the chat.

17:57 - Peggy George
Livebinder link for today: http://www.livebinders.com/edit/index/366749

18:05 - Kim Caise

18:09 - Kathy Cassidy

18:10 - stidmama
I am glad you mentioned the other ways of publishing!

18:41 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Kristen. Good to see you here this morning.

18:54 - Peggy George
I think anyone who publishes should feel empowered!!! From writing a blog post to a full book!!

19:16 - Rade
Yes, I completely agree with you Peggy

19:28 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Good Morning Paula and All!! T-Ball isn't until noon today so I get to learn!

19:30 - Kim Caise
great point @peggy g

19:32 - Peggy George
the wider, authentic audience is so fantastic for wanting to do your best writing!

19:39 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1
Form of authentic assessment

19:45 - Peggy George
Hi Kristen!!! so glad you could make it

20:09 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Blogging has helped my students immensely with their writing

20:35 - roxanne clement
Having an audience is so empowering for students!

20:37 - Peggy George
Lea Anne has so many fantastic resources on her site!!! You'll have fun exploring and learning with them. http://ipadsinschool.wikispaces.com/

20:38 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
I can't wait to see the result of even wider forms of publishing through ebooks,etc

20:39 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Hi Peggy!

20:45 - Rade
Blogging is so good for students to develop many skills

20:46 - Kathy Cassidy
Welcome, Karen!

20:53 - Rade
I also use it with my students

21:02 - Rade
and it's worth using

21:10 - Karina
I have a blog but student´ don´ participate enough...maybe because they have to do so at home...since there´ no internet access at school. I´ like them to be more interested in it....I´l keep on trying...

21:17 - @shamblesguru
Cannot find "Publishing eBooks in the Classroom" in Amazon ... would appreciate url

21:25 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
Thanks Kathy for sharing this link. :-)

21:36 - Peggy George
If you didn't get to see the session with Linda Yollis on helping students learn to write effective blog comments it was fabulous!!! Be sure to watch it!

21:44 - Audra
tony 2012?

21:53 - Karina

22:00 - Kim Caise
kony 2012?

22:02 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Oh yes, Peggy...love Linda Yollis' work

22:08 - Audra

22:30 - Kim Caise

22:39 - Oronoque

22:59 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
http://www.kony2012.com/ Kony2012

23:07 - Peggy George
I don't think it's on Amazon @Shamblesguru But it's in iTunes

23:22 - Peggy George

23:28 - Oronoque

23:44 - Oronoque

23:51 - Stacy7NC
Hi all. Just got here. :-)

23:54 - Peggy George
Creative Book Builder is fantastic!! Even on my iPhone :-)

24:01 - Peggy George
Welcome Stacy!

24:02 - Rade
Hi, Stacy

25:04 - Peggy George
Creative Book Builder http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/creative-book-builder-create/id451041428?mt=8

25:09 - bryanhughes
A good resource for more info on iBooks Author: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920025597.do

25:19 - Peggy George
thanks Bryan!!

25:49 - Peggy George
oh I love Infographics!!!!

25:53 - @shamblesguru

26:35 - roxanne clement
not yet

26:36 - Peggy George
not yet

26:37 - Audra

26:37 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)
not yet

26:40 - Audra
got it

26:41 - Peggy George
there it comes

26:42 - Ian Nairn - UK

26:43 - Kim Caise
there we go!

26:45 - Peggy George
seeing it now

26:50 - stidmama

26:52 - Peggy George

27:04 - Suzanne Sallee
SonicsPics and Explain Everything are two of my favorites for student sharing!

27:42 - aunttammie
I tried Vook, but found it too complicated

27:42 - Dotty
Rpid bookmaker is also a great app $2.99

27:43 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)
best one for K-3 level?

27:47 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1
Will this webinar be recorded?

27:56 - Peggy George

28:00 - Stacy7NC
Welcome plind

28:11 - Peggy George
yes this is being recorded and will be posted in our archives after the show

28:56 - Stacy7NC
I hate to ask this, but... What are kids putting in these books? I'm 7th science POV....

29:05 - Peggy George

29:11 - Ian Griffin
What is the name for this particular application shown on screen?

29:33 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
This a fantastic!

29:43 - Peggy George
this is the page she is showing us now http://ipadpublishing.wikispaces.com/apps

30:20 - Stacy7NC
Drawing tools very important for science.

30:22 - Judi
@dotty can't find "rpid bookmaker" on itunes

30:24 - Peggy George
the drawing tools are so important and then they can add their own voices with audio

30:26 - Sheri Edwards
Love Explain Everything!

30:29 - stidmama
@Stacy7NC If I were teaching science I would have my kids do their "report" on the current topic in a book, or create a "how to" prior to actually doing an experiment (or maybe after as a record of their work?)

30:36 - @shamblesguru
nicely grouped

30:55 - Stacy7NC
Thanks stidmama! Great info!!

31:03 - Elizabeth
We do not have ipads in our district. Are these also sites our students can go too in the computer lab and then see it on an ipad?

31:06 - Karina
Very interesting...indeed..

31:20 - Peggy George
great chart!!!

31:27 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Very helpful, thank you

31:28 - Ian Nairn - UK
great infograhic and really useful summary at the end - will share with my teaching colleagues

31:31 - Karina
nice question Elizabeth...

31:46 - Peggy George
very helpful infographic!

31:46 - Judi
@elizabeth Try studentpublishing.com

31:54 - Elizabeth
Thanks Judi!

31:55 - Peggy George

32:11 - Audra
QRReader I think

32:15 - stidmama
it worked! :-D Love haiku...

32:24 - Peggy George
this is so much fun!!!

32:45 - Peggy George
A Haiku is a poem with three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 and the third line has 5 again.

32:57 - Peggy George
get those creative juices flowing :-)

33:10 - stidmama
AND it's poetry month, so this is perfect...

33:30 - Peggy George
yes @stidmama!!! perfect

33:43 - Peggy George
I can't count syllables on my fingers and type at the same time :-)

33:47 - Kathy Cassidy
There is NO chance that I can write a Haiku and listen. Those of you who can, I look forward to reading them!!

33:54 - Peggy George
me either Kathy!!!

33:59 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)
cant do this in china, blocked, :(

34:01 - Peggy George
we can go in and add ours later

34:19 - Elizabeth
Does it matter the topic?

34:24 - Peggy George
if any of you want to type your Haiku here in the chat go right ahead!

34:28 - Peggy George
any topic!

34:32 - Audra
Frogs cool and green, Watch them travel up the tree, Eat that bug hungry

34:38 - Peggy George
Reflection app is fabulous!!!!

34:39 - Audra
don't know where else to put that

34:45 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
I am so slow..took me that long to clear all my open windows and type in the url

34:47 - stidmama
teaching is learning

34:51 - Peggy George

34:55 - @shamblesguru
only on Mac

34:59 - stidmama
oops. hit enter too fast! LOL

35:06 - Peggy George
yes only on Mac

35:30 - Judi
Reflection app is a game changer in the classroom if you have iPads....$15. MAC app, not on iTunes. Download on computer, not on iPad.

35:34 - Rade
The process of learning doesn't require only learning and applying, but forgetting and remebering again

35:34 - Peggy George
it's amazing how clearly you can see your iPad screen projected

35:56 - Elizabeth
aww man!

36:29 - bryanhughes
AirServer (http://www.airserverapp.com) is an alternative to Reflection that works the same way. They offer educator discount too!

36:32 - Judi
You can show multiple devices too

36:32 - @shamblesguru
have to be on the same wifi network

36:40 - Peggy George
that makes it so easy to share your iPad screen with your class

37:01 - Judi
@peggy it's great for app sharing among teachers during pd, too!

37:12 - Peggy George
absolutely Judi!!

37:25 - Judi
which app was this...sorry, i missed it

37:34 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
My Story app

37:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Love that we are getting to create an ebook together. Great fun and learning.

37:40 - Stacy7NC
Welcome Dotty

37:42 - Elizabeth
Don't worry I was about to ask the same question!

37:43 - Judi
thanks @karen

37:57 - Liz
this is wonderful information....great job Lea Anne :)

38:07 - Peggy George
feel free to ask any questions here and Lorie will capture them to ask Lea Anne later

38:12 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
My Gr1s can easily use it.

38:15 - Peggy George
that's my kind of drawing!!!

38:26 - EileenK
I use two great books completely wirtten ih haiku poems for my poetry unit, they are: Dogku and Guyku. They combine story elements in poetic form.

38:34 - Kathy Cassidy
I want this app. Name one more time?

38:51 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
My Story Kathy it's on my list.

39:02 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
It's on your list too!

39:11 - Kim Caise
looks pretty intuitive

39:32 - Kathy Cassidy
HA! Thanks Karen. I have it and hadn't tried it yet!

40:06 - Peggy George
My Story app http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-story-book-maker-for-kids/id449232368?mt=8

40:06 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Would love to see a picture of all of us counting syllables on our fingers as we write Haiku..or am I the only one using my fingers? ;-)

40:06 - Kim Caise
you the little authors must be so proud!

40:10 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
:-) You'll love it. All levels can use it - writers, non writers. Speak, write, and draw.

40:18 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Can't wait to try this. My Story looks easy to use and love that pages can be narrated.

40:30 - Kathy Cassidy
What can you do with those stories afterwards?

40:32 - Kim Caise
no, you aren't the only one joan

40:33 - Peggy George
hahahaha Joan!!! I can't write Haiku without using my fingers to count syllables!

40:37 - Judi
Love this one and Scribble Press too. Also good for little ones

40:37 - Kathy Cassidy
Embed code?

40:41 - Sheri Edwards
Was the first demo My Story?

40:47 - LucianeCurator
Hi everyoane

40:50 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
No :-( Still lookiing for that.

41:10 - Kim Caise
oh that looks easy

41:11 - aunttammie
I will add a haiku later...doesn't do well with a lot of folks editing at once.

41:14 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
Some one will get rich when they create it.

41:22 - Kathy Cassidy
So Karen, you can just make that on an iPad and then you are done? Can't share it?

41:31 - Judi
this one is better for older kids, imo

41:35 - Elizabeth
Peggy...me too!! lol

41:39 - Judi
or for teachers to create texts for students

41:47 - aunttammie
Love the mirroring thing...do you have to have apple tv? We just have PCs at school.

42:05 - Peggy George
ScrapPad app http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scrappad-scrapbook-for-ipad/id353143273?mt=8

42:06 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
Yes,unfortunately. I'm sure there is a way though. Maybe upload to itunes from ibook?

42:26 - Judi
@auntieammie NO!! Reflection just requires a computer and iPad/iPod/iPhone

42:47 - Judi
and reflection downloaded to the computer

42:52 - Kim Caise
it is actually a scrapbooking app

42:57 - aunttammie
where can I find info on how to do it?

43:14 - Kathy Cassidy
Judi, is reflection an app, or ??

43:17 - Peggy George
Strip Designer http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/strip-designer/id314780738?mt=8

43:24 - Judi

43:38 - Kathy Cassidy
Thanks, Judi

43:40 - aunttammie
Thanks judi

43:40 - Heidi @chavesh
Thanks Peggy for links.

43:52 - Judi
Reflection is a MAC app. Nothing to download onto the devices. Download to computer. It can only be purchased from developer site: http://reflectionapp.com/

44:05 - Judi
similar to airserver

44:19 - aunttammie
unfortunately, the reflection app says it only works on a mac.

44:31 - Peggy George
Scroll down this page and you'll find the links at the bottom of the infographic http://ipadpublishing.wikispaces.com/Apps

44:45 - Peggy George
yes the reflection app is only for Macs

44:54 - aunttammie
I need something to show my ipad on the smartboard with a classroom that only has a PC

45:02 - stidmama
THANK YOU for including lesson plans!

45:22 - bryanhughes
Off topic question - my chat is not auto-scrolling as people type new comments... what am I doing wrong?

45:26 - Judi
@auntieammie do you have a document camera? not ideal or a vga cable to connect your iPad 2 or 3 to your computer

45:30 - Peggy George
so great to have this overview of apps and how they work :-)

45:35 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)
you need an adapter tammie

45:39 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
yes, I agree Peggy

45:40 - Kim Caise
mine does that too somtimes bryan

45:52 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
@Kathy I think we're about to learn!! Super excited.

45:59 - clinds
I think it is so important to find apps that let you get the story off the iPad either with embed code or a URL!

46:00 - aunttammie
yes, JUdi, I can do that, but would like to be mobile

46:02 - Peggy George
iTunes Connect https://itunesconnect.apple.com/WebObjects/iTunesConnect.woa/wa/apply

46:02 - Kim Caise
i drag it down and sometimes it catches up

46:32 - aunttammie
@Tim what kind of adapter are you talking about?

46:33 - Judi
@auntieammmie nothing I know allows for that with PDs sorry. might exist, i just don't know of anything

46:33 - Kim Caise
it being the cursor on the right

47:17 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)
believe you can buy it through apple, i can plug it in and then plug it into the pc adapter?? sorry, only did this once, but its possible

47:48 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
it says I can't have access to iTunes Connect with my itunes account. Missing something?

47:49 - aunttammie
OK, tim , thanks, at least gives me a lead! Appreciate it!

48:15 - stidmama
aunttammie, shambles had something in his talk he gave -- @shambles, what was that program that lets the computer and ipad mirror each other's screens?

48:39 - Peggy George
here's a link for a VGA adapter-maybe this will help http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC552ZM/B

48:41 - bryanhughes
@Karen You need to apply foe iTunes Connect. It is not automatic with your store account

48:58 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
Thanks Bryan. :-) Where does one apply?

49:10 - Kim Caise
reflection @stidmama

49:14 - @shamblesguru
Lots of countries do not have iBook stores in the iTunes stores

49:15 - Peggy George
Slashtop is another program that will display/mirror your screens--It goes the opposite direction than reflection

49:22 - Liz
If you want to connect an ipad2 or the new ipad to your projector.... you can purchase VGA adapter at the apple store. If you have the first generation of the ipad, it will not show up on the screen.

49:32 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)
i believe thats it @peggy

49:44 - Peggy George
this is fantastic information!!

49:46 - @shamblesguru
Took me 7 weeks to get "An Educators iPad" into Apple

49:50 - Peggy George

49:53 - Peggy George
sorry for the typo

49:54 - aunttammie
@Peggy and @Liz Thank you!

49:56 - Sheri Edwards
You won't hear anything, and if there is a mistake -- you do have to figure it out; still haven't got mine published. The ticket system had an error.

50:07 - bryanhughes
@Karen iTunes Connect application: https://itunesconnect.apple.com/WebObjects/iTunesConnect.woa/wa/bookSignup

50:09 - Peggy George
Splashtop http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/splashtop-remote-desktop-for/id382509315?mt=8

50:12 - stidmama
thanks Kim

50:13 - Liz
splashtop works great too but some district don't let you install it on the teachers machine.

50:38 - Peggy George
Splashtop will project what's on your computer to your iPad or iPhone

50:52 - Peggy George
you can actually participate in Blackboard Collaborate sessions using Splashtop :-)

50:53 - Liz
another app similar to splashtop is doceri

50:56 - aunttammie
splashtop didn't work for me...only showed half the screen

51:06 - @shamblesguru
A lot more hoops to jump through to get into Apple .... but much much easier in Amazon .... 24 hours to get published

51:08 - Liz

51:16 - Peggy George
you probably have to adjust your screen size @aunttammie

51:23 - Peggy George
it took me awhile to get it right

51:45 - Vicki
You can make an original iPad connect to projecters via the adapter if you know how to break it - but that may void your warranty so consider carefully. I have coworkers who have done so since they're out of warranty anyway and they're good at that end of technology.

51:45 - Peggy George
we can all add to the Haiku after the session too :-)

51:49 - bryanhughes
Also in a similar vein is LogMeIn. Has worked great for me: http://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id479229407

51:54 - Peggy George
this is so exciting! we are publishing together!!

52:04 - Peggy George
thank you all for sharing those links!!

52:06 - aunttammie
I wonder if publishing in Amazon would make it more widely available

52:39 - LucianeCurator
I invite you to add your comments to my last post : ,, Top 10 startup tools to make killer presentations . If you like pls share and rt http://web20education.bo.lt/credinpresentations

52:44 - Kim Caise
we will soon be published authors! ;)

52:45 - Liz
anyone have an itunes under itunes U? Can you publish there?

52:47 - @shamblesguru
Apple only available on iOS devices only in some countries

53:24 - @shamblesguru
Amazon available on all devices ... Kindle, Cloud, iPad, Android .... using free Kindle App

53:25 - Heidi @chavesh
Can someone repost the link to Google doc?

53:27 - Peggy George
we publish all of our Classroom 2.0 LIVE shows on iTunesU

53:28 - stidmama
@shambles -- so if we want close to universal access to our books we should use Amazon? does that cost money --

53:48 - Peggy George

53:53 - Oronoque
iTunes won't let me opn a users account unless I add credit card information :@

53:57 - @shamblesguru
Amazon like text under glass ... not happy with multimedia ... that is where Apple shines

54:02 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
I'm lost! Will this presentation be archived so I can look/learn again?

54:04 - Kim Caise

54:13 - @shamblesguru
Amazon ... free to publish

54:27 - stidmama
@Karen, all webinars are archived

54:29 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
So much to learn about all of this and so many possibilities!

54:29 - Kim Caise
yes it will be posted to http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

54:33 - Kim Caise
laster this weekend

54:37 - Kim Caise

54:42 - aunttammie
But if the school is 1:1 ipads, would it be better to stick to apple, since the interactive part would be better? Or would it be better?

54:43 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
Fantastic! Thanks.

54:53 - Peggy George
@shamblesguru you should do a whole session for us on publishing for Amazon :-)

55:03 - @shamblesguru
I have an eBook pblishing workshop ... you can access the visuals [Prezi] at http://prezi.com/r94alxkl7gxp/ebooks-what-how/

55:17 - stidmama
(voting for another shambles session!)

55:20 - Peggy George
this is a recording I'll definitely be watching again and pausing as I go. This is so helpful!

55:23 - Oronoque
I luv this presentation...it encourages creativity by the students...so many apps emphasize consumption rather than creation

55:34 - @shamblesguru
More focussed on teachers and main stream authors

55:45 - Peggy George
those templates are great :-)

55:46 - stidmama
I am so appreciating the step-by-step demonstration today!

55:50 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Wait is this scrap pad? or

55:59 - Kim Caise
yes joan

56:03 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
thanks Kim

56:32 - Vicky Sedgwick @visionsbyvicky
It's mine. LOL!

56:32 - Karina
Sorry, what´ the name of the site where the book is being created?

56:34 - Liz
So glad that you are recording this presentation....want to show my ELA curriculum director :)

56:48 - clinds
Great to see all these publishing options. It would be great to have a session on iBooks Author to see the process.

56:55 - roxanne clement
so cool

56:58 - @shamblesguru
Am impressed that that "iTunes Producer" is being live demoed here .... kudos!!!!

56:59 - Peggy George
yes ScrapPad http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scrappad/id474262190?mt=12

57:42 - @shamblesguru
"ITunes Producer" only works on a Mac ... so you cannot do this demo on Windoz

57:56 - Peggy George
will we be able to add this ibook we create together on our own ipads?

58:08 - Len_Horn
Very Cool :)

58:17 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Thank you for all of your great resources and your ability to show us so much in an hour!

58:18 - Peggy George
fabulous!!!! Thank you so much Lea Anne!

58:22 - Kathy Cassidy
Shambles, is there such a long delay with Amazon?

58:31 - _CindyWallace_
Thanks! @LeaAnne

58:33 - Karen @lirenmanlearns
Thank you so much Lea Anne.

58:46 - @shamblesguru
Amazon delay .... only 24-48 hours

58:48 - Peggy George

58:49 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I have a lot to learn about online publishing. Thanks for getting me started, Lea Anne.

58:52 - Rade
Thank you so much Lea

59:04 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Me too, Paula..maybe we can learn together :-)

59:06 - Heidi @chavesh
Thank you!

59:12 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Thank you so much Lea Anne

59:13 - aunttammie
Can't wait to read the book! I live in Houston...may have to drive up to Dallas to pick your brain as we move to 1:1 ipads!

59:15 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Me too Paula!!

59:16 - Peggy George

59:24 - Len_Horn
Me three!

59:36 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I am doing a Mystery Skype call into #edcampbos in about 45 minutes. Have to go get camera ready.

59:51 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
Oh have fun Paula~

59:51 - asamper
Thank you Lea for an excellent presentation. Lots to think about and practice.

59:52 - Len_Horn
Have fun @plnaugle

59:54 - @shamblesguru
If you want to see the different reaches of Apple and Amazon have a look at my wording on http://AnEducatorsiPad.com

1:00:07 - Patti R
thank you LeaAnne

1:00:08 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)

1:00:11 - Anita Whitby

1:00:12 - Sheri Edwards
Wow! Thank you! Excellent. My brain is in a fog!

1:00:19 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your ebook Shambles!!

1:00:23 - Joan Young (@flourishingkids)
:) Thank you

1:00:24 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for Lea Anne.

1:00:29 - Vicky Sedgwick @visionsbyvicky

1:00:29 - Doug Henry
Great session, thanks!

1:00:29 - Kathy Cassidy
Thanks so much, LeaAnne!

1:00:34 - Liz
Thank you LeaAnne!!! Great Job

1:00:34 - Vicki
Thank you very much

1:00:35 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1
Thank you LeeAnne

1:00:40 - Suzanne Sallee
Thank you Lea Anne!

1:00:42 - Elizabeth
Thanks LeaAnne!! As always you are awesome!!

1:00:52 - @shamblesguru
@LeaAnne .... admire you doing the live demo of "iTunes Producer"

1:01:03 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1
How can we obtain a recording of this webinar?

1:01:05 - Peggy George
Recording and Livebinder links will be posted here after the show http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

1:01:12 - Rade
Peggy, will there be certificates for this show?

1:01:17 - Ian Nairn - UK
great presentation - many thanks

1:01:24 - Karina

1:01:31 - aunttammie
Thank you !

1:01:50 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Just show that today. Might be at #edcampBham. But will attend if I can.

1:01:53 - Peggy George
I hope all of you will join us at the WOW 2012 virtual conference! I'm coordinating it on Moodle and you just have to sign up to access all of the sessions on May 5!

1:02:10 - Peggy George
Please sign up to share a STEAM resource/tool in the Smackdown!!!! :-)

1:02:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Have a great weekend everyone. Bye.

1:02:18 - Peggy George

1:02:23 - @shamblesguru
Student Publishing area on Shmbles at http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/studpub/

1:02:31 - Peggy George
the Smackdown is from 1:00-2:00pm PDT on May 5

1:02:56 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1
What is a smack down?

1:02:57 - Peggy George
the session on Visual Storytelling is all about creating Infographics

1:03:08 - Ian Nairn - UK
Lea Anne - for students to publish is great but to get feedback is so important - how do you ensure that their ebooks are read by others?

1:03:15 - Peggy George
3 minutes per person

1:03:22 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1

1:03:29 - Peggy George
a speed-blitz of sharing a favorite tool or resource

1:03:34 - stidmama
Good -- I need a refresher on LiveBinders. I keep getting started, and then losing focus.

1:03:35 - Vicki
This sounds great. WOW, great free PD.

1:03:48 - Peggy George
Lorie will ask your questions very soon

1:03:52 - Richard D Solomon, PhD 1
Thank you so much for this service!!!

1:03:53 - LucianeCurator
Today more than 200 #mlearning apps on my #curation scoopit #cred topic https://twitter.com/#!/web20education/status/196283319783137280

1:03:59 - Peggy George
absolutely!!! Everything is free!

1:04:01 - Ian Nairn - UK

1:04:16 - Lorie Moffat
Have Ian's question

1:04:26 - Peggy George
That will be a fantastic Livebinder webinar!! They have some great new features!

1:04:46 - Peggy George

1:05:08 - Peggy George
URL for Knowledge Sharing Place to log into Blackboard Collaborate:

1:05:27 - Liz
when will this recording be available on the website?

1:05:36 - Peggy George
This is the link to the survey that should automatically pop up when you log out today. http://tinyurl.com/cr20livesurvey

1:06:13 - @shamblesguru
LOOK in the Classroom 2.0 archives for an earlier presentation about creating an eBook using Apple's Pages

1:06:15 - Peggy George
You can always get the survey to request a certificate from the Livebinder under the Classroom 2.0 LIVE Resource tab. You can even request certificates for watching a recording :-)

1:06:46 - Kim Caise

1:07:08 - Peggy George

1:08:12 - shukufa
thanks so much for this lovely session lea

1:08:18 - Peggy George
iTunesU link to subscribe to our video or audio recordings http://tinyurl.com/cr20liveitunesu

1:08:29 - Rade
Thanks to you all for sharing so valuable and rewarding things with us

1:08:53 - stidmama
This was really helpful and energizing. Thanks so much for these weekly sessions. ( i <3 classroom 2.0 Live)

1:08:57 - Peggy George
I'll be adding the links you have shared in the chat to the Livebinder later today

1:09:12 - aunttammie
never met Steve Hargadon in person, but I am in love! Thanks so much for all you do!

1:09:16 - Peggy George
Lorie has been compiling questions too

1:09:39 - Elizabeth
Can we make ebooks using our computer?

1:10:02 - Peggy George
feel free to repost your questions now if you want to be sure Lea Anne gets to them

1:10:15 - clinds
If you have Macs and the most recent operating system, you can install the apps on them, right?

1:10:46 - Peggy George
Steve Hargadon is an incredible person who shares so freely with all of us!! He is my first and best mentor with all things web 20!!

1:11:05 - Rade
He is great person

1:11:05 - Elizabeth
Which apps would be the best for students in 5th grade

1:11:18 - Rade
when he shares everything with all of us

1:12:43 - Peggy George
what a wonderful idea!!!

1:13:08 - Peggy George
love that--publish and use it to raise money for new iPads in your classroom :-)

1:13:15 - LucianeCurator
@Kim @Peggy please tell me when we will know if our chapter was accepted in classroom 2.0 book ?

1:13:18 - Rade
Great idea!

1:13:51 - Peggy George
@Luciane--I have no idea about the book. I'm sure you can learn more from Steve Hargadon on the Classroom 2.0 website

1:14:19 - Peggy George

1:14:52 - Peggy George
Submission instructions and more detail are available HERE, and there is a forum area at the bottom of that page where you can ask questions in case we've missed something important or you just need clarification. http://www.classroom20.com/bookprojectinfo

1:14:52 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)

1:14:56 - Tim in China (@T_Gascoigne)

1:15:10 - Peggy George
Pages is an amazing tool!

1:15:44 - @shamblesguru
See earlier Classroom 2 presentation ..... in archives ... using Pages to create an eBook

1:16:02 - aunttammie
yes, shambles, I remember that!

1:16:06 - Peggy George
if your question needs more clarification, please ask it again

1:17:15 - Rade
That's great

1:17:46 - Peggy George
we have no excuses about publishing epubs if we don't have an iPad :-) lots of ways...

1:18:04 - Peggy George
we'll keep the recording going if you need to leave

1:18:19 - @shamblesguru
I have an area on Shambles called "eBook" creation at http://www.shambles.net/pages/staff/ebookmake/

1:19:03 - Peggy George

1:19:21 - Peggy George
I was hoping you'd share that link @Shamblesguru!! I was looking for it

1:19:53 - @shamblesguru
AND of course there is now .... "Apple iBooks Author" free multimedia eBook creator from Apple released in Feb .... that;s a whole new presentation

1:20:01 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
LeaAnne do you knw of any way to EMBED a book onto a class blog?

1:20:21 - Kim Caise
if you would to take the mic please click on the hand and we will give you the mic

1:20:42 - stidmama
thanks for that reminder, @shambles! I think I am just going to put a link to that directly on my browser...

1:20:43 - Peggy George
you need an account to publish on iTunesU-ours is provided by Arizona State University-IDEAL platform

1:20:58 - Peggy George
individuals can't publish on iTunesU

1:21:13 - Kim Caise
there is a lot more red tape with itunesu

1:21:33 - stidmama
and I have to head out. kids need rides to activities this morning. Thanks again for this session!

1:21:42 - Peggy George
individuals can't get an account in iTunesU--only institutions, districts, etc

1:22:10 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
Thanks! Too shy to speak.

1:22:12 - @shamblesguru
To publish on Apple ... the initial settup is painful .... I even had to contact the USA Inland Revenue dept to get an Emploers Idntification Number .... but if you are a USA citizen then easier .. just use your social security number

1:22:14 - Lorie Moffat
got dropped again :(

1:22:18 - Peggy George
no problem Karen!!!

1:22:39 - Peggy George
you're back Lorie

1:22:45 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
So upload document. Hmm

1:23:11 - Peggy George
I agree-visuals are so important with books

1:23:18 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
So you are just publishing the link, but not embedding the actual book.

1:23:46 - Peggy George
we can all explore Lea Anne's iBook on our own now :-) And the recording will be posted soon

1:23:50 - Lorie Moffat
dropped again

1:24:01 - Liz
great job by all!! Thank you for a wonderful start of a Saturday morning!!!

1:24:03 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
I need to explore the uploading to itunes option then sharing the link option.

1:24:04 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2

1:24:13 - Peggy George

1:24:14 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
I have yet to find one that embeds.

1:24:22 - @shamblesguru
I don't think an ePub format can be embedded as it needs software to run it

1:24:26 - clinds
So you're uploading an epub file to your wiki?

1:24:56 - Peggy George
iTunes eBook-(Lea Anne’ eBook: Publishing eBooks in the Classroom)

1:25:11 - @shamblesguru
You need software to read and ePub file .... like iBooks

1:25:45 - Peggy George
thanks so much Lea Anne for all of this excellent information and advice!!!

1:25:46 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
Yes, I do understand that.

1:26:11 - @shamblesguru
IMHO iBooks is one of the leading ePub readers ... allowing media to be embedded not ly linked to

1:26:42 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
I need to get an account with iTunes connect to send our classbooks their. Then add the links to our class blog or their individual blogs.

1:26:48 - Peggy George
I agree Shambles!

1:26:57 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2
Thanks tons LeaAnne. I may have a million more questions for you.

1:27:18 - @shamblesguru
Interestingly if you upload an ePub format eBook to Amazon they change it to their own format called mobi

1:27:24 - Peggy George
We need to let Lea Anne go but feel free to contact her if you have additional questions :-)

1:27:34 - Peggy George
@LeaAnne on Twitter

1:27:37 - Lorie Moffat
Those are all of my questions.

1:27:54 - Peggy George

1:28:01 - @shamblesguru
My Question ... what are the winning lottery numbers?

1:28:11 - Peggy George
http://ipadsinschool.wikispaces.com/home (Lea Anne’ wiki for iPads in School resources)

1:28:12 - @shamblesguru
this wek

1:28:29 - Peggy George
too funny Shambles!! I'd love to win a lottery!

1:28:34 - Peggy George
for an iPad!!!

1:28:41 - Lea Anne
Thank you everyone!!

1:28:54 - Peggy George
Please join us for the WOW 2012 Virtual Conference and sign up to share in the Smackdown

1:29:01 - Peggy George

1:29:15 - @shamblesguru
'nite all

1:29:20 - Peggy George
See you again on May 12!!! Thank you all for joining us today!

1:29:31 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks LeaAnne

1:30:13 - Peggy George
Be sure to log out so the recording can process. :-)

1:30:19 - Peggy George
Huge thanks Lea Anne!!!!

1:30:29 - Peggy George
bye everyone

1:30:31 - CristinaLemos
Great session! Thank you.

1:30:37 - clinds
Thanks so much! Another awesome show!!

1:30:38 - Karen @lirenmanlearns #2

1:30:40 - Tammy Moore
bye :)