December 30, 2010 Classroom 2.0 LIVE – 2010 Year in Review – Countdown Smackdown

00:04 to: mrg_3
is there a Twitter hashtag?

00:06 to: Linda J
Hello from Oklahoma!

00:06 to: ColetteC
@Peggy Anything with Kevin is going to be fun & exciting!

00:11 to: Peggy George
We're so glad to have all of you here to celebrate another year with us!!!

00:17 to: Susie H
Good morning from Indy, home of this morning's earthquake!

00:38 to: ColetteC
ooohhh prizes!!!!

00:40 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Hello Everyone!

00:45 to: Peggy George
Pray that the techology works for us today!!!! :-)

00:47 to: Nadia
hi Zoe

00:54 to: mrsdurff
Kevin should plan singing at the end of the show

00:57 to: mrsdurff
I'm new

01:02 to: Jan Wells @janwells
@plnaugle Hi Paula!

01:07 to: Peggy George
we can do a very brief elluminate tour--almost everyone has used it :-)

01:13 to: Kristen B
can anyone suggest a great web based gradeboook?

01:15 to: McTeach (Karen)
Peggy...I say that prayer every day!! :)

01:23 to: mrsdurff
she didn't believe me did she?

01:29 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Good Morning Kevin

01:29 to: Peggy George
Hi McTeach!!! isn't that the truth!!!??

01:36 to: 2010 Year End Review
2010 Year End Review is I must have made a mistake logging in. First time user

01:37 to: Bill Hansell
how do we do the chat emoticons?

01:39 to: Russell-Miss.H

01:42 to: Peggy George
perfect time to practice these things :-)

01:43 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi @JanWells.

01:56 to: mrsdurff
@Bill you just use the txt

01:57 to: Kim Caise
no problem at all meurmano - welcome

02:05 to: mrsdurff
like : + ) = smile

02:08 to: mrsdurff

02:14 to: Peggy George
@Bill--just click on the emoticon and it appears by your name--smiley, hand clapping, etc.

02:17 to: naomif

02:18 to: mrsdurff
it forms it

02:24 to: mrsdurff
hi nao

02:32 to: naomif

02:35 to: naomif

02:42 to: Bill Hansell

02:43 to: Susie H
Of all webinar platforms, I like Elluminate the best.

02:55 to: Bill Hansell
+ )

03:10 to: mrsdurff
i don't think it does all the emoticons

03:21 to: Bill Hansell

03:28 to: Peggy George
if you want to watch the full recording later watch it in Elluminate because the mp4 won't capture the web tour sharing. The elluminate recording captures everything.

03:31 to: McTeach (Karen)
Love this part!

03:39 to: Jenny
Me too Susie...not that I've had much experience with anything else. But this is my 7th year working and learning with Elluminate and it just keeps getting better and better.

03:40 to: Steve Guditus
Hello everyone from snowy Boston, MA

03:40 to: Peggy George
This is fantastic!!!

03:42 to: Vince Cyboran

03:47 to: Valaina
hard to hit FL

03:49 to: Jan Wells @janwells

03:51 to: mrsdurff
Hagerstown, MD, USA

03:52 to: Nadia
Russia, 100 km to the south west from Moscow

03:57 to: Bob F

03:58 to: ColetteC
Portland, Oregon checking in!

03:59 to: Elizabeth Cutter
Hello everyone from dry, mild Colorado (at least until tonight)!

04:02 to: naomif

04:03 to: Peggy George
and you can click and drag your dot if it doesn't go where you want it

04:06 to: Laura Candler
Fayetteville NC

04:08 to: Jenny
Oh, I am a student/educator and not a sales rep. That endorsement is genuine.

04:13 to: Kim Caise
take it away kevin!

04:13 to: Peggy George
yeah!!! more music!!! Go Kevin!!!!

04:14 to: naomif
Hello Elizabeth

04:25 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yay Kevin!!!!

04:31 to: naomif

04:31 to: ColetteC
Kevin, kevin, kevin, kevin

04:39 to: Peggy George
hearing you now :-)

04:40 to: mrsdurff
@Nadia do you teach? grade or age?

04:43 to: Peggy George
transmit the video

04:43 to: Kim Caise

04:47 to: mrsdurff

04:48 to: sharonbetts
Here we go - tralalala

04:50 to: mrsdurff

04:51 to: Peggy George
yes!!!! I need my teachers to learn!!!!

04:57 to: mrsdurff

04:57 to: Peggy George
there you are!!!

04:59 to: ColetteC
i'm warming up right now - la la la

04:59 to: Nadia
i teach english - 13-17 year-old students

05:00 to: sharonbetts
see ya and hear ya

05:02 to: Mike DeFoe

05:03 to: Peggy George
hearing great!

05:04 to: Lorna Costantini
yes we can

05:06 to: Russell-Miss.H

05:14 to: mrsdurff
fa la do a re mi do

05:16 to: naomif

05:19 to: Lorna Costantini
Hi Zoe thanks for joining us

05:21 to: Peggy George
we can sing along with this one

05:23 to: Kim Caise
working on it

05:26 to: McTeach (Karen)
Hey, who's there with ya, Kev?

05:29 to: ColetteC
classroom 2.0 karaoke

05:30 to: Bill Hansell

05:32 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Hi Lorna!

05:58 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning, Zoe.

06:05 to: mrsdurff
somneone record the video

06:16 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
love the catchuping up mickey mouse voice on my audio

06:18 to: Kristen B
Donelle: you asked me a couple of weeks ago if I were from Rocklin, are you in the Sacto area??

06:20 to: Lorna Costantini
recording is on mrsdurff

06:20 to: Doug Henry
Elluminate audio does wonders with the song!

06:21 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Angela(kyteacher).

06:23 to: Peggy George
lots of bandwidth boxes so the sound may drop out for you and then speed up to catch up--don't worry

06:41 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi @aorgrave (Andrew).

06:45 to: ColetteC
<--- humming backup right now mmm mmmm

06:45 to: Peggy George
these words are so fantastic!!

06:53 to: Doug Henry
Grammy material for sure!

06:59 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning, Donelle.

06:59 to: sharonbetts
ha - reminds me of the local bar late late at night - a bit "scratchy"

07:00 to: Peggy George

07:02 to: nikki
Is today National Teachers Day in US?

07:03 to: Bill Hansell

07:06 to: sharonbetts
great lyrics though

07:06 to: atruger
More AWESOME work!

07:06 to: Mike DeFoe
Welcome to Steve D (teach42)

07:08 to: Terry Friedlander (PicLits)
Help ... I lost the audio reception while plugging in my headset ?

07:18 to: sharonbetts
Is this on YouTube somewhere?

07:18 to: Jan Wells @janwells youtube video

07:25 to: Jan Wells @janwells
of this song

07:26 to: Lorna Costantini
run the audio wizARD TERRY

07:38 to: Lorna Costantini
tools audio

07:40 to: Peggy George
you can view his video with this song on his website--home page:

07:45 to: Kim Caise

07:53 to: mrsdurff
sounds like my school

08:08 to: Peggy George
Kim that won't work in webtour--people have to be logged in to Google

08:17 to: mauilibrarian2

08:19 to: naomif

08:23 to: Kim Caise

08:23 to: teach42

08:28 to: naomif
that was great!!!

08:28 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hello @Laura Candler

08:29 to: Jan Wells @janwells

08:29 to: Peggy George
love it Kevin!!! always inspirational!!!

08:32 to: Kim Caise
it wasn't! fantastic

08:32 to: Sheba Funches

08:33 to: Ian Nairn - UK

08:33 to: ColetteC
Thanks Kevin - w00t w00t

08:36 to: sharonbetts
Great - about to embed this in my school blog for our teachers!

08:38 to: McTeach (Karen)
Kevin Rocks!!!!

08:39 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)

08:39 to: mrsdurff

08:42 to: Peggy George
thank you so much Kevin!!!!

08:42 to: Laura Candler

08:44 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
kevin is definitely rocking us out.

08:47 to: naomif

08:59 to: KevinHoneycutt
: )

09:14 to: Peggy George
click on the correct letters

09:23 to: Scott Merrick
clapclapclap :)

09:23 to: Nadia
i can see on google docs - 'Sorry, we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing'

09:32 to: Peggy George
what fun!!!!

09:36 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Good Morning Paula, nice to see you here!

09:37 to: mauilibrarian2

09:39 to: jackiegerstein 2
Weclome Es!

09:39 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Smeech.

09:47 to: Peggy George
Hi Jackie!!!

09:48 to: Kim Caise
welcome everyone!

09:50 to: Nadia
this is my first liva class here

09:51 to: McTeach (Karen)
If you did a show, does that count as two shows?? :)

09:55 to: jackiegerstein 2
Hiya Peggy! Happy to be here

09:56 to: Kim Caise

10:03 to: Nancy Foote
It's my first conference and I can't figure out how to vote

10:03 to: atruger
Soooo excited to actually be here today!

10:11 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Nadia Welcome to the group.

10:27 to: Ian Nairn - UK
great set of resources - the recordings

10:29 to: jackiegerstein 2
Have a personal preference for live because I get to talk to all of you!

10:37 to: Peggy George
me too Jackie!!!

10:40 to: jackiegerstein 2

10:46 to: Nadia
thanks you Paula for welcoming, it is so nice of you

10:47 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi @jackie.

10:50 to: naomif
:) Hello Jackie

10:54 to: jackiegerstein 2
Hi Paula - Happy New Year

10:55 to: mrsdurff
I just clicked something

10:55 to: Susie H
Did you suggest that people use view>layout>wide. I find that really helps me keep track of things

11:05 to: mrsdurff

11:07 to: Peggy George
remember the recordings are also available as an itunesu subscription and you can listen on your mobile device

11:11 to: mrsdurff

11:24 to: Valaina
Couldn't retrieve the Google doc to contribute :(

11:26 to: Jan Wells @janwells
@Nancy do you still need help voting

11:26 to: Peggy George
this is a little different kind of smackdown because it's all virtual

11:32 to: Donelle
Love your idea to do a Smackdown today.

11:32 to: jackiegerstein 2
Smackdowns are the best

11:45 to: Peggy George
we're learning as we go with the smackdown and technology today

11:46 to: Nancy Foote
I can't tell if I am voting or not. I'm clicking, but nothing is happening

11:57 to: Peggy George
I'm ready to drop in links to the chat as people share during the smackdown

11:59 to: Valaina
Look by your name

12:09 to: Scott Merrick
Happy New Year everyone!

12:11 to: ColetteC
Time for a smackdown --- Bring it on!!!

12:13 to: Peggy George
Time for the first drawing!!!!!

12:16 to: Nancy Foote
Now I see it -- thanks!

12:20 to: atruger
Happy New Year Scott!

12:24 to: jackiegerstein 2
drum roll

12:26 to: mrsdurff
peggy is a wonderful google jockey

12:31 to: Peggy George
we're using a randomizer to draw the first winner!!!

12:38 to: Peggy George
get ready to click on the hand

12:46 to: jackiegerstein 2
how fun

12:49 to: Peggy George
everyone needs to click on it to be in the drawing

12:56 to: Steve Hargadon
Wow, prizes!

13:03 to: Peggy George
if you don't need a usb microscope don't raise your hand :-)

13:09 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
We love prizes.

13:15 to: mrsdurff
who doesn't?

13:19 to: Peggy George
isn't this fun???

13:21 to: Donelle
@Kristen B: yes... I got cut off last time

13:22 to: Len H
how do you ring in?

13:28 to: Cindy Nankee 1
How were we suppose to put in for the drawing

13:36 to: Peggy George
we may not see the number change in web tour Kim

13:39 to: jackiegerstein 2
Raise the hand Cindy

13:46 to: Peggy George
hooray!!!! 36

13:47 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
Congrats Doug!

13:47 to: Donelle
Woot, Doug

13:48 to: Kristen B
Donelle, which school?

13:50 to: mrsdurff

13:52 to: Doug Henry
Super!!! Thanks

13:53 to: KevinHoneycutt

13:54 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hooray for Doug.

13:58 to: Peggy George
we have to use app sharing to show the results on the randomizer

13:59 to: Scott Merrick
Yay for Doug!@

14:00 to: Russell-Miss.H

14:11 to: Peggy George
Congrats Doug!!!!

14:11 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Congrats to Doug!

14:12 to: Dave - San Diego
nice Doug!

14:18 to: Scott Merrick
When's the drawing for the Macbook Pro :)

14:21 to: naomif
Good Job Doug

14:28 to: sharonbetts
Waiting for the iPad

14:29 to: Peggy George
sorry Scott!!!

14:32 to: ColetteC
@scott or iPad???

14:34 to: Mrs. Wagner
hello everyone!

14:36 to: Peggy George

14:45 to: sharonbetts
please post the link also!

14:56 to: mrsdurff
Nikolai grew from 6 months to 18 months in the last year

15:03 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Hi Jen

15:07 to: Peggy George
see you in 2 minutes :-)

15:11 to: jackiegerstein 2
Nice music, Peggy

15:13 to: Donelle
@Kristen B: I'm in Rocklin/Roseville. DM me on twitter dobrien917

15:14 to: Peggy George
nice relaxing music

15:23 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Jen Wagner.

15:28 to: Nancy Foote
love the music -- hwat is it

15:29 to: Peggy George
great trip down memory lane this year!!!!

15:33 to: sharonbetts
pretty impressive already!

15:35 to: atruger
Hi Jen!

15:36 to: Len H
Hi Paula <waves>

15:37 to: mrsdurff
our 5th grade signed up for Civil War Sallie

15:41 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
This music is so soothing

15:42 to: Peggy George
the music is from Soundzabound :-)

15:43 to: KevinHoneycutt

15:47 to: Ian Nairn - UK
can you share the link later to the animoto file?

15:49 to: KevinHoneycutt
Pretty music

15:54 to: Bill Hansell
great job!

15:59 to: ColetteC
Yolink <--- awesome tool

16:03 to: McTeach (Karen)
This is awesome, Peggy!

16:08 to: Kristen B
@Donelle: my twitter is teachteKBeck

16:09 to: Francie
I just saw Wordle. That is a great site!

16:12 to: Peggy George

16:16 to: Ian Nairn - UK

16:17 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
@KevinHoneycutt Have you tried for online music collaboration?

16:20 to: jackiegerstein 2
thx for the link Peggy

16:25 to: Russell-Miss.H
thank you

16:30 to: Bill Hansell
I still can't figure out how to show the chat emoticons

16:33 to: jackiegerstein 2

16:38 to: Peggy George
I get goosebumps when I remember all of these fantastic presentations!!! What a year!!

16:38 to: KevinHoneycutt
Adrew: I haven't but will explore!

16:41 to: Scott Merrick

16:44 to: ColetteC

16:44 to: Scott Merrick

16:47 to: Laura Candler
Wow! This is amazing!

16:48 to: Kim Caise
you type is : ) together here in the chat

16:50 to: McTeach (Karen)

16:52 to: Kim Caise

16:53 to: Rawya Shatila
beautiful animation

16:56 to: Scott Merrick
Nicely done, moviemakers

17:00 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
Hi Zoe!

17:01 to: Rawya Shatila
and great music

17:02 to: ColetteC
WCYDWT by Dan Meyer - w00t w00t

17:03 to: Peggy George
seeing so many awesome educators in these pics!!!

17:07 to: Kim Caise
peggy did an amazing job with the animoto

17:07 to: sharonbetts
Oh man, some I need to go back and re-listen

17:08 to: Lorraine Leo
Very nice!

17:08 to: mrsdurff

17:11 to: Patti R
awesome review

17:14 to: iShar
very nice. :)

17:17 to: Francie
looks great!

17:18 to: sharonbetts
Nicely Done -

17:19 to: Peggy George
still watching

17:20 to: Scott Merrick
Ah, 'snother slap on the back for Peggy

17:20 to: atruger

17:20 to: Kim Caise
we are blessed to have such fantastic guests

17:21 to: Donelle
Hi back @plnaugle

17:22 to: jackiegerstein 2
Excellent, Peggy

17:23 to: KevinHoneycutt
It was wonderful

17:24 to: McTeach (Karen)
That was awesome!

17:26 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Wow! beautiful. We are better together....

17:26 to: Laura Candler
Great job Peggy!

17:27 to: mrsdurff
Global Education Conference too

17:31 to: Dave - San Diego
excellent Peggy

17:31 to: chuckholland
nicely done

17:33 to: Mrs. Wagner
very nice

17:34 to: Donelle
That Passion Driven session was inspiring

17:37 to: jackiegerstein 2
woot, Peggy

17:38 to: mrsdurff

17:39 to: 2010 Year End Review
Very nice!

17:41 to: Valaina
Lots of memories

17:41 to: Susie H
How long did it take you??

17:43 to: Donelle
Nice job with the animoto, guys!

17:44 to: ColetteC
What an amazing line up of great presenters - good job Classroom 2.0

17:46 to: mrsdurff
forget not

17:52 to: Bill Hansell

18:01 to: Bill Hansell

18:09 to: mrsdurff
the ETT main elf moved to Korea too

18:12 to: atruger
My new goal for this year....don't miss a show! :)

18:13 to: Kim Caise

18:27 to: Peggy George

18:43 to: Scott Merrick

18:55 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
I switched over to linoit from wallwisher this year- was more reliable for kids- easy to use

18:55 to: Donna B

18:55 to: McTeach (Karen)
That's so cool!

18:55 to: Marjorie
Hi, did the show stop?

19:24 to: Kim Caise
no marjorie, we are still speaking

19:33 to: Valaina
Good resource to go back and check out the archives

19:39 to: sharonbetts
does linoit take links and videos etc?

19:40 to: Kim Caise
the smackdown will follow the sharing time

19:51 to: mrsdurff
I shared the Classroom2.0LIVE Saturday Shows for PD with staff at my school

19:58 to: Len H
There are so many!

20:05 to: mrsdurff
they won't admit it, but some did show up

20:11 to: Lorna Costantini
don't be shy!!

20:13 to: sharonbetts
Angela's description of how passion drives learning

20:13 to: mrsdurff
I conveniently have no mic

20:22 to: Donelle
yeah, Laura

20:26 to: Peggy George
thank you Laura!!!!

20:28 to: ColetteC
The Passion-Driven Classroom session with Angela & Amy was awesome - really made me think about how I need to give students more opportunities to choose their own learning

20:36 to: Peggy George
:-) we all agree!!!!

20:40 to: Valaina
That was a GREAT one!

20:48 to: Scott Merrick
I can't believe how much good stuff I've missed! It's GREAT that it's archived.

21:00 to: Peggy George
the book is amazing and the things we can do with the concepts even more amazing!!

21:03 to: Kim Caise
thanks laura!

21:04 to: Susie H
It's great to hear Laura's voice. I've "known" you for years!

21:16 to: Valaina
Should be in every school faculty library

21:25 to: Kim Caise
i agree @valaina

21:27 to: Dave - San Diego
thanks Laura - thesea re all archived using that link you posted here?

21:33 to: Mike DeFoe
Yes, Aangela Maiers is great :)

21:35 to: Laura Candler
Thanks, Susie! You'll be hearing a lot more from me!

21:38 to: mauilibrarian2
Purchasing ... thank, Laura.

21:39 to: mrsdurff

21:54 to: Peggy George
Thanks Susie!!! Fantastic!

21:55 to: Kim Caise
another fantastic session!

22:00 to: McTeach (Karen)
That's awesome!

22:10 to: Valaina
Have that one on my list of archived ones to check out

22:14 to: ColetteC
Just ordered in from Amazon

22:14 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
TY working now.

22:27 to: mauilibrarian2
Purchasing that as well.

22:54 to: Bill Hansell

22:56 to: Peggy George
get those hands up if you have students who could use!!!

23:14 to: jackiegerstein 2
what's if ofr ;)

23:17 to: jackiegerstein 2

23:24 to: Peggy George
we can't see the randomizer working but trust Kim!!

23:26 to: Valaina
Hi Dembo :)

23:31 to: jackiegerstein 2

23:34 to: atruger
Hi Val!

23:38 to: Francie
the randomizer would be fun to use in the classroom to get students excited about seeing their number drawn!

23:41 to: Valaina

23:45 to: Lorna Costantini
raise your hand to participate

23:47 to: Peggy George
the randomizer is a great tool!!

23:54 to: 2010 Year End Review

23:56 to: Donelle
How great that you brought prizes to the Smackdown :)

24:00 to: sharonbetts
Not the chck mark - but the hand

24:01 to: Peggy George

24:01 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
Looking at your board gave me more ideas for fac PD choices- compiling a list for our next meeting to teachers to choose from.... never ending list of great webinars that are archived

24:09 to: Scott Merrick
Yay Mark.

24:14 to: atruger
Woot Mark

24:15 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Thanks Mark!!!

24:17 to: jackiegerstein 2
is this it?

24:21 to: sharonbetts
Nice to have the donations

24:23 to: Peggy George
love it Maureen!!!

24:32 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
congrats Lisa!

24:32 to: sharonbetts

24:34 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Yah Lisa

24:35 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Congrats to Lisa!

24:36 to: Peggy George
yeah!!! Lisa Curry!!! congrats!!!!

24:36 to: KevinHoneycutt

24:38 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hooray #33 Lisa Congrats.

24:40 to: Scott Merrick
Can ya'll put up the slide with the presentations again so I can steal it with a screengrab?

24:42 to: Scott Merrick

24:44 to: Mrs. Wagner
yea lisa!

24:50 to: Kristen B
Yeah Lisa!!!

24:54 to: Valaina

24:55 to: Peggy George
sure Scott

25:14 to: jackiegerstein 2
elluminate needs a drum roll

25:20 to: Donelle
where's the download slides again... under tools?

25:23 to: jackiegerstein 2

25:24 to: Peggy George
actually you can save all of the slides in a PDF by clicking on File>Save>Whiteboard>save as PDF

25:33 to: Donelle

25:34 to: Scott Merrick

25:52 to: Robin Cochran-Dirksen
I need to show a website, does that work well?

25:56 to: mrsdurff
someone share iPadio

25:58 to: Peggy George
we had about 16 people sign up to share-go ahead and raise your hand

26:07 to: Peggy George
you can durff :-)

26:13 to: Robin Cochran-Dirksen

26:13 to: mrsdurff

26:16 to: Peggy George
Robin will be first

26:22 to: Scott Merrick :)

26:24 to: mrsdurff
no peggy -> no mic

26:33 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
I use to publish student work as embeddable books- easy to use, can add audio, video

26:38 to: Peggy George
if you posted your links to share on the form I'll post them here

26:45 to: Peggy George

26:55 to: Peggy George
hearing you great

27:05 to: mrsdurff
@maureen - thanks!

27:12 to: Kim Caise

27:12 to: Lorna Costantini
timer is on

27:19 to: Bob Pocklington

27:23 to: Scott Merrick
Wow that's kewl

27:24 to: Bob Pocklington
we can see it

27:29 to: Peggy George
click on tour guide

27:32 to: Peggy George
we'll follow you

27:43 to: sharonbetts
Superb - passing to my Bio teachers

27:43 to: Valaina
We can see the link

27:57 to: mrsdurff
have you seen this similar thing in SL scott?

28:03 to: Steve Hargadon
Doesn't she have to be a moderator for that to work?

28:03 to: mrsdurff
it's mindblowing

28:03 to: Peggy George
time is running out-hurry

28:08 to: wackjacq
Biomolecular tour is visible

28:15 to: Peggy George

28:15 to: Kim Caise
yes thank you steve

28:18 to: Doug Henry
Nice that the text is different colors...

28:19 to: KevinHoneycutt
I see the site

28:30 to: Peggy George
go ahead and share it--tell us about it Robin

28:30 to: Nicole The Buck Institue for Education website. It is a resource site for PBL lesson planning. Very dynamic & helps make PBL planning a little easier.

28:37 to: jackiegerstein 2
Robin - did you lock down you talk button?

28:49 to: Peggy George
this is a bit challenging when it is all virtual

28:54 to: Kim Caise

28:59 to: Peggy George
talk Robin

29:00 to: mrsdurff
@Nicole - thanks!

29:08 to: Francie
there are some nice interactive periodic tables online.

29:17 to: Melissa 2
are you one of the authors of this website?

29:28 to: Joseph Martinez
How do I save this great web site?

29:30 to: Peggy George
we're seeing it

29:31 to: jackiegerstein 2
I am

29:38 to: mrsdurff
we see it - tell her

29:41 to: Doug Henry
Very nice - uses Jmol - Users can click on it too

29:42 to: Peggy George
we see it

29:45 to: wackjacq
I see Hemoglobin

29:47 to: Valaina
I clicked on the website and bookmarked it in Diigo

29:47 to: Peggy George
just tell us about it

29:50 to: Bob Pocklington

29:55 to: wackjacq
We see it

29:55 to: Peggy George
times up

30:01 to: Kim Caise

30:01 to: Scott Merrick
I clicked on it locally and I see it

30:07 to: Peggy George
so sorry but we'll all be able to explore it later

30:18 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
Something I'm excited about trying is collaborative livebinders- just heard about it today

30:31 to: Peggy George
someone is sharing livebinders today :-)

31:03 to: Scott Merrick
Yay. It's loading for me

31:06 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
@peggy- oh good- great way to share and pull resources together- and now with collaboration- wow!

31:17 to: Peggy George

31:26 to: mrsdurff

31:48 to: mrsdurff
what till our science tchrs see this!

32:12 to: sharonbetts
already emailed the link to the Science chair - thank you.

32:20 to: Peggy George
times up-ready for Paula

32:43 to: jackiegerstein 2
I think she needs a verbal cue ;)

32:48 to: Peggy George
tell her Kim

32:59 to: jackiegerstein 2
thanks Robin

32:59 to: mrsdurff

32:59 to: KevinHoneycutt
Nice stuff Robin

33:00 to: Peggy George
thank you so much Robin!!! Fabulous resource!

33:03 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Thanks Robin

33:13 to: Peggy George

33:22 to: mrsdurff

33:23 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yay Paula!

33:27 to: McTeach (Karen)
Love Edmodo!

33:29 to: ColetteC
Hi Paula - can't wait to use edmodo this year

33:37 to: Peggy George
Edmodo is fantastic!!

33:39 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Yay Edmodo!

33:39 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Double yay Paula!

33:39 to: mrsdurff
I use it in the spring

33:40 to: teach42
Yay Streaming ;)

33:43 to: Jan Wells @janwells
very user friendly

33:45 to: Kristen B
Love edmodo!!

33:58 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
I've been using Schoology with my 6th graders. SImilar to Edmodo, looks like Facebook

33:58 to: jackiegerstein 2
Nice, Paula

34:08 to: mrsdurff
I'm a learner

34:08 to: Valaina
I want to use edmodo with my students and staff this year. Have it on my list of things to do.

34:09 to: Peggy George
be sure to join the group on Edmodo for Classroom 2.0 friends!!!

34:12 to: Kim Caise

34:15 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Code jp8hww.

34:17 to: Susie H
My district is paying $$$ for Blackboard and could be doing more iwth edmodo for much less

34:20 to: Mike DeFoe
Yeah edmodo! We have a district domain and it works great :)

34:26 to: Kim Caise

34:26 to: Peggy George
fantastic Paula!!!

34:32 to: Donelle
Yeah, Paula

34:34 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
@ Peggy- is anyone talking about QR codes today? I just started trying them out. I'm using them in the hall- audio embedded in qr codes to go with th

34:34 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
e work displayed

34:37 to: Bob Pocklington
The best tool I have found and implemented this year has been microsoft onenote. it has allowd me to become much more organized and access all my information, saved notes, documents, videos, etc in o

34:37 to: Bob Pocklington
n place for each class i teach.

34:41 to: jodi
We have the district domain also and love it.

34:53 to: Len H
Thanks Paula! :)

34:54 to: mrsdurff
my kids are chatting on gmail chat this holiday

35:02 to: Doug Henry
How does Edmodo compare with Gaggle?

35:19 to: Jan Wells @janwells
add poll questions, video clips, assignments, more

35:19 to: Peggy George
lots of sharing starting there already! Great idea Paula!

35:19 to: jodi
@Doug much better.

35:20 to: jackiegerstein 2
educational networking too

35:22 to: Francie
I like the site portal I can save all of my links and access anywhere.

35:25 to: Len H
Good question Doug

35:26 to: Mike DeFoe
Yes, learning and sharing network!

35:33 to: mrsdurff
Gaggle free has too many ads

35:38 to: Doug Henry
@jodi: thanks...

35:39 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Love using Edmodo as a backchannel during training b/c participants can go back & continue to share.

35:43 to: Francie
feedback problem Laura

35:45 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Nice Job Paula!!!!

35:48 to: jodi
Gaggle runs slow at times and I haven't experienced this with Edmodo

35:53 to: Peggy George
"Interactive Fraction Bars”
To find it online, go to ->File Cabinet ->Math->Fractions and click on link
or go d

35:53 to: Peggy George
irectly to URL:

36:06 to: Susie H
reallly like that-- "learning network" instead of "social network"

36:07 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yeah, I'm wearing my I Love Math t-shirt.

36:16 to: Peggy George
Laura has practiced a lot to share this in 2 minutes. The tool is incredible!!!

36:41 to: Peggy George
the UK comes up with some of the most fantastic online tools for students!!!

36:59 to: Len H

37:00 to: TheHomeworkdog
Fun tool!

37:03 to: Kim Caise
you dont need to sign up to share this morning, just raise your hand

37:07 to: Francie
Looks great Laura!

37:14 to: Mike DeFoe
Cool :)

37:17 to: KevinHoneycutt
This is great!

37:26 to: Peggy George
we'll take everyone who raises their hand until we run out of time

37:29 to: Francie
Fraction Stax is a great manipulative to buy.

37:37 to: Valaina
How do you find Classroom 2.0 on edmodo

37:38 to: Peggy George
Fantastic share Laura!!!!

37:41 to: Kristen B
Great resource!!! My seventh grade students still struggle with fraction sense

37:45 to: Wendy
I really liked that fraction bar

37:49 to: Melissa 2

38:05 to: Peggy George
@Valaina-use the code when you are logged into Edmodo

38:08 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
showing how fractions and ratios are different is tricky--this tool is great!

38:16 to: Steve Hargadon
What is going to happen to Delicious?

38:17 to: Peggy George
video is starting!!! brilliant!!!

38:27 to: Lorna Costantini
it is playing thanks for making the video

38:27 to: sharonbetts
Nice - does anyone know if Delicious has been saved / sold?

38:29 to: Robin Cochran-Dirksen
I love OneNote, I use it, my students use it, I use it for vodcasting in Camtasia

38:33 to: Peggy George
it started playing automatically!!! :-)

38:37 to: Sue Ann Miller 1
oh no - you tube - I am blocked at school - can you send the link so I can convert it with Zamzar?

38:38 to: jodi
I heard at the first of the year delicious would be no longer???? anyone else heard that

38:40 to: Kim Caise

38:41 to: Len H
I heard that yahoo is deserting it

38:43 to: Scott Merrick
I gather is in some kind of transition this week, anyone else hear that?

38:49 to: Lorna Costantini
lost it

38:53 to: Sheba Funches

38:55 to: Peggy George
oh I didn't get to finish watching it

38:56 to: atruger
lost it

38:57 to: Peggy George
bring it back

39:00 to: Melissa 2
uh oh, it went poof

39:03 to: jackiegerstein 2
what is the current status of delicious?

39:04 to: sharonbetts
Personally like Evernote and Dropbox for personal productivity and ease of use

39:04 to: Sheba Funches

39:04 to: Kim Caise
we dont have time to show all of it

39:09 to: mrg_3
the recommendation has been to archive your deli- acct

39:11 to: atruger

39:13 to: Robin Cochran-Dirksen
Oh no, what do we do with our Delicious bookmarks?

39:14 to: Melissa 2
it is only a 2 minute video

39:19 to: Mike DeFoe
Yahoo is trying to sell delicious.

39:29 to: jodi
@ Robin move them to your Diigo account

39:30 to: mrg_3
you can move to Diigo

39:30 to: jackiegerstein 2
@Robin - export them to diigo ;)

39:33 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
@robin- transfer them to Diigo

39:33 to: mrsdurff
unfortunately delicious is going away

39:39 to: KevinHoneycutt
You're doing great

39:42 to: Nicole
there are rumors that yahoo is not going to host it, but that it may be picked up by another host

39:44 to: Kim Caise
diigo is a great alternative

39:47 to: mrsdurff
Diigo does a lot

39:49 to: Scott Merrick
You sound great!

39:50 to: sharonbetts
delicious is really transitioning - or even could be lost - have gone totally to diigo with my studetns

39:51 to: KevinHoneycutt
appreciate you making the video!

39:52 to: Peggy George
click on the link to the video and you can view it in your browser after the session.

39:54 to: Valaina
What is the code for Classroom 2.0 on edmodo

39:59 to: Scott Merrick
We have the vid link thank you M

40:00 to: Mike DeFoe
Yes, transfer from delicous to diigo is great.

40:00 to: Peggy George
Thank you so much for that Melissa!!!!

40:01 to: jodi

40:02 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Thanks Melissa

40:03 to: ColetteC
Cool - I didn't know you could do that with delicious

40:04 to: jackiegerstein 2
Melissa - it will be part of the Gliam

40:06 to: Francie
Moderator (Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)): Code jp8hww

40:09 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
Thanks for sharing! So glad that you were prepared! ;-)

40:11 to: Dave - San Diego
Diigo for a replacement?

40:12 to: Susie H
Thanks for taking the time to make the video

40:15 to: Peggy George

40:17 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I exported all of my Delicious bookmarks to Diigo just in case Yahoo decides to shut down Delicious.

40:22 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Wow - thanks for sharing!

40:27 to: Mike DeFoe

40:36 to: sharonbetts
Really like livebinders

40:38 to: mrg_3
Love livebinders!

40:46 to: Melissa 2
if Yahoo shuts down Delicious I'm stuck in profanity-land

40:47 to: KevinHoneycutt
Love Livebinders Mike!

40:53 to: ColetteC
When I post to Diigo it automatically goes to Delicious too - have you used the Digolet floating toolbar - very cool!!!

40:54 to: Peggy George
lots of great examples of livebinders on the site. Share your link if you have one!

41:02 to: Susie H
There are many postings abouto migrating your delicious links

41:16 to: Kim Caise
melissa, you can use diigo bookmarking instead

41:17 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
And you can save your Twitter favorites directly to Diigo

41:18 to: mrsdurff
why is this better than preparing a wiki page for a presentation?

41:21 to: mrg_3
LiveBinder on Twitter and the have a great blog

41:23 to: McTeach (Karen)
@Colette...floating toolbar???

41:23 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Livebinders is a great resource, Mike.

41:25 to: Susie H
livebinders has been the best thing I've come across to organize all the information I'm collecting

41:29 to: Kim Caise
and they have a teacher's version that is safe to use with students

41:31 to: jackiegerstein 2
Is anyone using LiveBinder with students - having students create their own?

41:41 to: Kim Caise

41:44 to: atruger
Teachers version???

41:44 to: Melissa 2
I hope if you have time you'll watch the video I made for today. If nothing else, I'll see the viewing numbers increase and it will make me smile :-)

41:51 to: Susie H
I like the organization on livebinders better than on wikispaces

41:51 to: Peggy George
this is a livebinder I created to compile all of the links shared during our last mini-geekfest session:

41:56 to: mrg_3
Teacher in my school has students creating binders as learning portfolios

41:59 to: Kim Caise
an educator version with a teacher console in diigo

42:03 to: Lorna Costantini
@Melissa will do :)

42:09 to: sharonbetts
ADmin TEam use livebinders to share book reviews

42:16 to: Peggy George
we're going to start using Livebinders to share our links every week for our show--switching over from to Livebinders

42:16 to: mrsdurff
oh pegggy bless you

42:24 to: ColetteC
Diigo has a tool a little similiar to livebinders called WebSlides -takes your links and displays as webpages but you cannot add extra pds, images, etc Check out my example of STEM resources: http:/

42:24 to: ColetteC

42:25 to: Lucy Gray
I'm going to show a new product from yolink

42:29 to: Peggy George
thank you so much!!!!

42:32 to: Lucy Gray

42:37 to: mrg_3
invite you to check out my 12 Ways to eLearning binder-a work in progress

42:39 to: 2010 Year End Review
We did a 3rd grade team math resources for our new math standards on Livebinder

42:39 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks, Mike.

42:43 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Lucy.

42:45 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yay Lucy!!!

42:55 to: Peggy George
you're all set Lucy

43:06 to: KevinHoneycutt
Thanks Mike

43:07 to: sharonbetts
has Yolink now been enabled on Linux?

43:12 to: Doug Henry
See it

43:32 to: Peggy George
I'm loving PostPost!!!!

43:34 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, I checked out PostPost when you tweeted about it.

43:41 to: Donelle
not familiar with PostPost

43:47 to: Peggy George
fabulous way to capture all of your social media posts in one place

43:53 to: Peggy George
very easy to read too!!

43:54 to: jackiegerstein 2
cool - I didn't know about this

44:02 to: Peggy George

44:03 to: mrg_3
this is awesome, thank you!

44:04 to: sharonbetts
OH - for facebook.

44:14 to: Kim Caise
that's what i was thinking sharon

44:16 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
Thanks Sharon--just thinking that.

44:19 to: McTeach (Karen)
This looks awesome! Thanks Lucy!

44:31 to: Peggy George
and the page is enhanced by yolink so you can search for key words right on the page!!!!

44:32 to: mrsdurff
so like pageflakes but only in FB

44:34 to: Peggy George
love it!

44:44 to: Jan Wells @janwells
neat....hadn't heard of this....thanks

44:49 to: sharonbetts
really like yolink already.

44:52 to: ColetteC
Yolink is doing some great work - very cool resource

44:57 to: Peggy George
you can find everyone posting on a specific topic on your postpost page and zoom in to view them

44:57 to: Donna B
New to me. THANKS!

45:06 to: mauilibrarian2 works for Twitter too.

45:06 to: Donelle

45:08 to: Valaina
need to use yolink more with my students

45:13 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks, Lucy.

45:18 to: KevinHoneycutt
Love it, already playing

45:24 to: mauilibrarian2
Thanks, Lucy.

45:28 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
yolink has been mentioned quite a bit today - great tool.

45:31 to: Dave - San Diego
what a wealth of great ideas! thanks to all of you

45:36 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Ann.

45:42 to: Valaina
Yea Ann

45:45 to: atruger

45:50 to: mrsdurff
is she at my school? sounds like it

46:11 to: Melissa 2
you're doing great!

46:13 to: jackiegerstein 2
LOL @durff

46:15 to: Joseph Martinez
I like little prep time

46:23 to: Peggy George
that works fine--if you have a site to share and want to take the mic we'll bring it up in webtour for you

47:11 to: Donelle
Thanks for sharing... I have teachers that would love this

47:12 to: Peggy George
this is great!!! you can pack a lot in 2 minutes :-)

47:20 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Excellent. Thanks.

47:31 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Very cool!

47:33 to: Barbara Bray
Thank you for sharing this - I am working with Science teachers next week

47:39 to: Patti R
thank you, JM!!!

47:42 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks for sharing this site, Ann. Science teachers are going to love it.

47:43 to: Dave - San Diego
thanks! I'll use it!

47:45 to: atruger
Thanks for letting me share! :)

47:49 to: Kristen B
As a math/science teacher, I love this and so will the teachers in my dept. Thanks!!!

47:51 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
Another web publishing tool I've tried out this year is Like mybook, an easy to use, embeddable book to display student work

47:51 to: Francie
That's a great idea about passing around a wireless mouse! I just got one for free from Office Depot on Black Friday!

47:56 to: Valaina
Good Job JM

47:59 to: Peggy George
there you go!!

48:00 to: ColetteC rollercoaster database: facts about every coaster in US

48:02 to: Peggy George
hearing fine

48:03 to: Bob Pocklington

48:34 to: Peggy George

48:39 to: KevinHoneycutt

48:40 to: Peggy George
seeing it fine

48:41 to: Kim Caise

48:46 to: Robin Cochran-Dirksen
I Love Gapminder!!

48:47 to: Lorna Costantini
yes and the video is playing now

48:53 to: KevinHoneycutt

48:54 to: Scott Merrick

49:00 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
I just watched Hans Rosling's TEd talks the other day- he makes stats come alive!

49:02 to: Robin Cochran-Dirksen
It's great for science classes too!

49:07 to: Peggy George
assume we can hear you--we'll let you know if we can't :-)

49:09 to: KevinHoneycutt
Looks great!

49:13 to: Dave - San Diego

49:14 to: Angela (kyteacher)
I <3 Gapminder! Awesome!

49:26 to: sharonbetts
very interesting - critical thinking tool! really like it

49:28 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
What age students are using this?

49:40 to: Francie
What are these visuals?

49:47 to: Scott Merrick
Who's hat great TED Speaker who works with stats graphs like this?

49:50 to: Kim Caise

49:50 to: Joseph Martinez
Wow Great site

49:52 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
Looks great!

49:56 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
@kyteacher- have you seen Hans Rosling demo it on TED...amazing!

49:59 to: Scott Merrick

50:08 to: mrg_3
Excellent, thanks!

50:13 to: Francie

50:14 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
Had a great conversation with my 6th graders over the Hans Rosling video.

50:21 to: Donelle
thanks for sharing

50:23 to: Peggy George
Lorna go first

50:34 to: Kim Caise

50:35 to: Scott Merrick
Malevolent dictatorship

50:37 to: Peggy George
moderator privilege :-)

50:38 to: Len H
lol Lorna

50:40 to: atruger

50:43 to: Dave - San Diego

50:51 to: Terry Friedlander (PicLits)
I can't get my mic to work or voice but I am always willing to share my enthusiasm for our site ( for more. Edutainment !!!! pure & simple.

51:09 to: Peggy George

51:11 to: Donelle
You get to start the timer over :)

51:13 to: 2010 Year End Review

51:19 to: mrsdurff
Everyone sing among yourselves

51:43 to: Peggy George
this is an incredible screencasting tool!!

51:44 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
I haven't seen this one. I use screenr online, but have camtasia

51:59 to: Peggy George
not seeing it Lorna

52:10 to: wackjacq
I use camtasia, Jing and sreencaster

52:18 to: Kim Caise
you can create manuals or web pages with screensteps

52:19 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Wow! Is this free?

52:21 to: sharonbetts
very very nice - I use JIng, screenr, etc.

52:21 to: KevinHoneycutt
Screen steps looks great

52:23 to: Peggy George

52:25 to: sharonbetts
wish it was free.

52:26 to: Kim Caise
no, there is a cost

52:34 to: Peggy George

52:35 to: Patti R
could you put it on your pc and laptop as long as you have the code?

52:39 to: 2010 Year End Review
Very cool

52:46 to: Angela (kyteacher)
@Maureen Yes! Love it!

52:46 to: Francie
thanks for sharing

53:04 to: sharonbetts
just did a postpost page - Love what it did!

53:05 to: Peggy George
hearing fine

53:12 to: wackjacq
we hear you

53:17 to: Donelle
I have way too many tabs open. Yikes

53:24 to: KevinHoneycutt
I don't mind paying for a good app. I get free fatigue from having to move to new platforms.

53:29 to: Donelle
Lots of cool stuff to check out later

53:35 to: Kim Caise
i am with you kevin

53:43 to: Joseph Martinez
Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

53:47 to: Peggy George
it is fabulous--so versatile and so clear!

53:50 to: KevinHoneycutt
Looks great!

53:51 to: Kim Caise
screensteps is worth every penny

53:54 to: Patti R
it's ok for developers of good ideas to make a living

53:58 to: ColetteC
"free fatigue" love that term

54:04 to: mrsdurff
why is this better than Moodle?

54:09 to: jackiegerstein 2
I want to know about Goodreader - is anyone going to share it?

54:23 to: KevinHoneycutt
Nice job

54:26 to: mrsdurff
you do Jackie

54:26 to: Robin Cochran-Dirksen

54:29 to: Francie
looks good

54:33 to: Nadia
what's the name of the tool again?

54:40 to: Joseph Martinez
I want more info onthat site

54:41 to: Kim Caise
onenote was the tool

54:42 to: Dave - San Diego
and we already have it! thanks!

54:50 to: jackiegerstein 2
Should have been a longer show - please do, Peggy

54:51 to: jodi
we use moodle but not a fan... don't like the interface of moodle very well.

54:52 to: Len H
Great Bob! May I have contact info to ge back to you on this?

54:57 to: mrsdurff
I want to hear Kevin sing again

54:58 to: Susie H
we went way over with the bookwhisperer

55:03 to: ColetteC
Cool site - check out:

55:05 to: KevinHoneycutt
: )

55:05 to: Dave - San Diego
where are the archived links to this show found/

55:05 to: sharonbetts
can you post ths link or name quickly - I have to go.l

55:06 to: Peggy George
Kevin is going to sing again :-)

55:06 to: 2010 Year End Review
Fun Sharing - Got a few good sites bookmarked

55:14 to: mrsdurff

55:32 to: Kim Caise

55:36 to: Peggy George
alll of the links and recordings will be posted here later today

55:36 to: Ian Nairn - UK
steve deserves all our thanks - he is a great guy

55:41 to: jackiegerstein 2

55:42 to: mrsdurff
these girls keep a secret?

55:49 to: Peggy George
Hooray to Steve!!! our fabulous mentor!!!!

55:50 to: KevinHoneycutt
Steve is my Yoda

55:55 to: mrsdurff

55:56 to: Peggy George
my Yoda too!!!!

55:59 to: Steve Hargadon

56:00 to: Kim Caise

56:05 to: Peggy George

56:05 to: Donelle
that's hilarious, kevin

56:07 to: Steve Hargadon
I'll get my kids to comment.

56:12 to: KevinHoneycutt
Strong he is with the force

56:13 to: Lorna Costantini
Steve has been such a gr8 mentor

56:13 to: jackiegerstein 2
yoda modeled himself after Steve

56:15 to: mrsdurff
I'll find a mic for that

56:19 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hooray for the great one. We love you, Steve.

56:22 to: Steve Hargadon
Most appreciated.

56:23 to: Peggy George
we would love to have all of you add your comments!!!!

56:30 to: ColetteC
Yeah STEVE!!!!

56:33 to: Dave - San Diego
thanks for the link

56:38 to: McTeach (Karen)
Thank you, Steve, for all you do!!!

56:45 to: Valaina
Gotta make that one

56:46 to: Francie
I like the word free. That sounds like a good blog to subscribe to.

56:47 to: Steve Hargadon
Here's to a fun 2011!

56:52 to: mrsdurff

56:57 to: mauilibrarian2
Thanks, Steve!

57:04 to: teach42

57:08 to: Peggy George
so many great professional development webinars and conferences coming up!!

57:15 to: McTeach (Karen)
Whoa! Dembo is here!!!

57:19 to: Valaina
Busy month

57:19 to: teach42
SciCon will be fantastic, glad to collaborate.

57:22 to: mrsdurff
Virtually attending of course

57:23 to: sharonbetts
Terrific job - as always - what a privelege to be on vacation and able to attend live!

57:23 to: teach42
Oh, I've been lurking :)

57:28 to: atruger

57:30 to: Peggy George
the room is full of awesome educators!!!!

57:31 to: Lorna Costantini
Richard has a lot of gr8 things to share

57:31 to: mrsdurff
hi lurker

57:35 to: Valaina
Love being a DEN Star

57:39 to: ColetteC
Steve's edtechtalk was the first webinar series that I ever listened to - thanks for sharing STEVE

57:43 to: McTeach (Karen)
Well, good morning, Mr. Dembo, sir!

57:47 to: Steve Hargadon
And Karen Cator in January as well.

57:53 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Already registered for DEN SciCon. DEN Stars are awesome. Become one today.

57:53 to: Sarah
Thank you, Steve! I had no idea we could do somethiing like this!

57:59 to: mrsdurff
everyone quick call him!

58:02 to: Kristen B
Steve, you have changed my teaching, Thank you for Classroom 2.0!!!!

58:07 to: Peggy George
you are eligible for a certificate for today too--even though we're celebrating we're learning too!!!

58:15 to: Francie
thanks for making a certificate of participation!

58:18 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi, Steve Dembo.

58:22 to: Peggy George
you're very welcome!

58:24 to: Jan Wells @janwells
My tech tool to share: using Skype in the Classroom

58:39 to: Peggy George
I love watching our recordings on itunesu on my iphone!!!

58:42 to: McTeach (Karen)
Thanks to Peggy for getting those certificates out to us! And being on iTunes just rocks!!!

58:42 to: Donelle
Great show, everyone. The time always goes so quickly!

58:45 to: Lorna Costantini
all our recordings are posted for your ipods

58:52 to: Terry Friedlander (PicLits)
Steve ..... write a PicLit and e-mail it to me !!!!!!

58:53 to: teach42
Hey Paula :)

58:54 to: Valaina
I subscribed on iTunes too

58:55 to: Sheba Funches
wow its !00 already

59:01 to: Sheba Funches

59:01 to: Peggy George

59:21 to: Lorna Costantini
hands up!!

59:21 to: mrsdurff
I would recommend listening to this podcast while driving - how would you write down all the great links?

59:45 to: Peggy George
you go back later and look at the chat log :-) it's posted in itunesu too

59:54 to: Francie
This has been fun and informative. Thanks!

1:00:00 to: Peggy George
Amazon gift card-$25.00 :-)

1:00:09 to: Lorna Costantini
congratulations Ian!!

1:00:11 to: Peggy George
fabulous Ian!!! Congrats!!!

1:00:12 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
congrats ian!

1:00:12 to: Kim Caise

1:00:15 to: mrsdurff
I never win anything

1:00:18 to: 2010 Year End Review

1:00:19 to: Dave - San Diego

1:00:22 to: atruger

1:00:23 to: Valaina

1:00:28 to: Peggy George
yes you do durff!!! we are all winners just for being here!

1:00:29 to: Sheba Funches

1:00:29 to: teach42
Thanks for hosting!

1:00:29 to: Catina Haugen (@chaugen) 1
great session! Happy New Year!

1:00:32 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Congrats to Ian!

1:00:32 to: Ian Nairn - UK
thanks to you all - an amazing session as always

1:00:32 to: mrsdurff
in fact I don't even get Christmas present

1:00:33 to: Dave - San Diego
yay - thanks! what a great resource! thanks to all

1:00:33 to: Bill Hansell

1:00:34 to: ColetteC
@mrsduff Classroom 2.0 is your gift

1:00:34 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)

1:00:40 to: Valaina
Thanks for offering this great smackdown

1:00:40 to: mauilibrarian2
Thank you!

1:00:44 to: mrsdurff
okay, got me there peggy

1:00:44 to: Nadia
thanks for sharing and for the meeting!

1:00:45 to: Mike DeFoe
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

1:00:48 to: Melissa 2
this is fantastic! Thank you!

1:00:50 to: 2010 Year End Review
Thank you! I look forward to participating again!

1:00:51 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
Thanks, everyone! Have a great holiday and all the best for 2011 !!!

1:00:59 to: yizh
yi Happy New Year!

1:01:02 to: Peggy George
we still have lots of tools we can share if you want to stay--we'll keep the recording going if you have to leave

1:01:14 to: Donelle
You are wonderful.

1:01:17 to: ColetteC
Thanks Steve, Kim, Peggy, Lorna and all the presenters for all of your efforts

1:01:17 to: Robin Cochran-Dirksen
Thanks for being so helpful to the newbies

1:01:18 to: Peggy George
would love to hear from you Steve :-)

1:01:19 to: Donelle
Happy New Year

1:01:20 to: mrsdurff
wise words

1:01:25 to: Peggy George
thank you Steve!

1:01:33 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yup, the Glam Girls rock!!!

1:01:36 to: Susie H
they always do such a great job

1:01:36 to: Ken Steeg
Thanks! Happy New Year to all!

1:01:37 to: Lorraine Leo
Thanks to all of you for your dedication to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE show.

1:01:37 to: Lorna Costantini
we could not do it without you Steve

1:01:38 to: Ian Nairn - UK
great team

1:01:40 to: Peggy George
thank you all!!!

1:01:46 to: atruger
Happy New Year to ALL!!

1:01:47 to: mrg_3
jan wells" Seeds to Success was part of the 6th day of Christmas in

1:01:48 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Steve is our mentor.

1:01:51 to: KevinHoneycutt
Thanks for everything Steve and Everyone else

1:01:53 to: Steve Hargadon
Mutual admiration society.

1:02:02 to: Susie H
they are so understanding, whether you are very experienced or more of a novice

1:02:02 to: Peggy George
another song!!! yeah!!!

1:02:05 to: mrsdurff
fa la time

1:02:08 to: Lorna Costantini
more great music with Kevine

1:02:13 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
What a great show! Inrdible PD you folks provide. Thank You so much.

1:02:15 to: Peggy George
get out your iphone/ipad/itouch and play an instrument with us

1:02:20 to: mrsdurff

1:02:29 to: Peggy George
survey will pop up when you log out in your browser

1:03:06 to: Peggy George
if you don't get a survey and want a certificate, please email me and I'll send you one

1:03:22 to: jackiegerstein 2
Love to see a show on music apps - ending with us all creating music together

1:03:35 to: Peggy George
video camera is up and ready for you Kevin :-)

1:03:35 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
@zbpipe- thanks to you and Aviva and a few others, I got a livescribe pen to try out in the classroom... thank you!

1:03:36 to: Jan Wells @janwells
g_3 wow.....thanks for sharing @plnaugle and I love to Skype

1:03:50 to: Peggy George
I have 2 things to share too :-)

1:03:50 to: McTeach (Karen)
What tool?

1:04:08 to: Donelle
Go Karen :)

1:04:09 to: McTeach (Karen)
I could share portaportal

1:04:21 to: Lorna Costantini
@ZOe you can still share now if you want just got your DM

1:04:22 to: mrsdurff
Peggy saves the day

1:04:23 to: Peggy George

1:04:34 to: Steve Hargadon
Now has "stacking"

1:04:39 to: Donelle
Love Evernote

1:04:40 to: Steve Hargadon
Basically, another level of nesting.

1:04:44 to: Mike DeFoe
YES! Evernote!!

1:04:46 to: Steve Hargadon
Makes a huge difference for me.

1:04:47 to: David C Roberts
I agree - Evernote is a super tool

1:04:47 to: mrsdurff

1:05:00 to: mrsdurff
Add-On with FF

1:05:02 to: McTeach (Karen)
That's a great idea!!

1:05:03 to: Angela (kyteacher)
I have to learn to use Evernote...

1:05:08 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Lol, I was going to share my love for evernote, although I think Peggy has it covered. My favourite WEb 2.0 tool, along with google sites, docs, and dropbox.

1:05:08 to: Donelle
Super idea, Peggy

1:05:08 to: Steve Hargadon
It's functionality on handhelds is the key for me.

1:05:24 to: Kim Caise
when i went to ISTE this summer i added all kinds of things to evernote

1:05:33 to: mrsdurff
I can add txts from my noniPhone

1:05:36 to: Kim Caise
to use with computer, itouch and blackberry

1:05:36 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
It also allows you to share your Livescribe Pencasts,

1:05:41 to: Dave - San Diego
great idea! thanks for another one we'll try.

1:05:45 to: Peggy George
ready Kevin?

1:05:48 to: Melissa 2
I think I could not upload my Palm notes so I went with Notespark instead of Evernote, but I'll have to check it out again.

1:05:48 to: Peggy George

1:05:50 to: mrsdurff

1:05:58 to: wackjacq
love the evernote Google Chrome edition

1:06:01 to: Lorna Costantini
transmit your video Kevin

1:06:03 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
and if you are traveling, you can "print" to your evernote...and use your ipad or iphone

1:06:12 to: Kim Caise

1:06:12 to: David C Roberts
Peggy - yo link? do you have a link

1:06:27 to: Lorna Costantini
Wow what a gr8 idea

1:06:34 to: Peggy George
this is such a cool site!!

1:06:37 to: Melissa 2
someone signed up to show jing, if that person is unable to go over the beauty of jing, I'll be happy to

1:06:45 to: Peggy George
transmit on the video cam Kevin!!!

1:06:53 to: mrsdurff
you don't want me to sing - really

1:07:09 to: Peggy George
we want you to sing--we won't be able to hear you :-)

1:07:14 to: Peggy George
transmit Kevin

1:07:31 to: mrsdurff
I will just listen

1:07:32 to: Peggy George
can't see the video but the sound is great :-)

1:07:35 to: Lorna Costantini
Kevin is an inspiration

1:07:42 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
I LOVE this site

1:08:28 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
My 10 year old (who is watching) just ran downstairs to download this on our imac...ha ha!

1:08:33 to: Kim Caise

1:08:38 to: Peggy George
my iphone lighter is up right now!!!!

1:08:41 to: jackiegerstein 2

1:08:44 to: Nadia
waving my 'lighter'=)

1:08:52 to: mrsdurff
just an elluminate note - take a moment to fill out your profile so others know who you are

1:08:53 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Very funny Peggy!

1:08:54 to: Peggy George
swaying and waving :-)

1:09:02 to: Mrs. Wagner
kevin you are awsome!

1:09:05 to: aforgrave (Andrew)

1:09:06 to: Mike DeFoe
^ ^ ^

1:09:53 to: Peggy George
we are all turning the page into a great new year!!!

1:09:56 to: mrsdurff
raise those cellphones in the air

1:10:01 to: Mike DeFoe
Yes, video!

1:10:04 to: Peggy George
yeah! seeing the video now

1:10:06 to: Kim Caise
and itouch/iphones

1:10:08 to: Peggy George
keep it on!

1:10:10 to: jodi
I didn't sign up to share but Kevin reminded me of a tool I have my teachers use in the classroom. One for newcasting and for remedial reading. It is It allows you to typ

1:10:10 to: jodi
e in your words/script or copy and paste them. Then students can read this for practice in fluency or more difficult words....

1:10:21 to: wackjacq
sing snap for foreign languages?

1:10:26 to: jackiegerstein 2
I have a new iPad - so I am raising that (mostly in gratitue)

1:10:38 to: Peggy George
love it Jackie!

1:10:41 to: jackiegerstein 2

1:10:49 to: TheHomeworkdog
Kevin-I need guitar lessons now. :)

1:10:51 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
This is a promo from tales2go good thru 1/15.... free subscription for schools/teachers

1:10:54 to: mrsdurff
some of us are dirt poor jackie

1:11:10 to: jackiegerstein 2
got mine from ebay - just have to be patient ; )

1:11:13 to: Nadia

1:11:16 to: Peggy George
fantastic Kevin!!!!

1:11:18 to: mrsdurff
the new iTouch went to the 19yr old

1:11:21 to: TheHomeworkdog

1:11:24 to: McTeach (Karen)

1:11:28 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
Wow! That was fantastic!

1:11:35 to: Dave - San Diego
wow - took me back to the 70's! great job - nice tool

1:11:55 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
A few of us have been experimenting with online musical collaboration over the holidays at

1:12:05 to: Lorna Costantini
peggy has bandwidth

1:12:22 to: Peggy George
let's keep sharing!!!

1:12:27 to: Peggy George
yeah McTeach

1:12:30 to: Peggy George
hearing fine

1:12:39 to: McTeach (Karen)

1:12:43 to: Peggy George
assume we can hear you so you don't lose any time in the 2 minutes

1:12:54 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Yay McTeach!

1:13:25 to: Lorna Costantini
no server error

1:13:27 to: Dave - San Diego
lol - no worries - got the address - thanks!!

1:13:41 to: Peggy George
may just be a problem with elluminate

1:13:49 to: Peggy George
view the link on the browser

1:13:54 to: mauilibrarian2
I'll check it out afterwards... sounds fascinating.

1:13:57 to: McTeach (Karen)

1:14:08 to: Susie H
reminds me of sharetabs

1:14:17 to: Peggy George
I have a portaportal site too :-)

1:14:17 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
I've used it!

1:14:19 to: mrsdurff
I have heard of that

1:14:29 to: Susie H
I used portaportal several years ago with a media class

1:14:31 to: Angela (kyteacher)
I know how that is!

1:14:34 to: Peggy George
I add other teacher's portaportal sites to mine too.

1:14:35 to: Kim Caise

1:14:38 to: Peggy George
fabulous resources!

1:14:38 to: Lorna Costantini
don't forget all the links will be published on the archives and resources page

1:14:43 to: TheHomeworkdog
Thanks for the reminder...

1:14:44 to: mauilibrarian2
Thanks, Karen.

1:14:52 to: wackjacq
thanks, Karen

1:14:54 to: Dotty Myers
i used portaportal before delicious. Never lose bookmarks.

1:14:58 to: mrsdurff
peggy you put all these links where?

1:15:10 to: Peggy George

1:15:14 to: Susie H
great ideas, Karen. I follow you on twitter, and notice you always have a lot to share

1:15:20 to: Lorna Costantini

1:15:40 to: McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Susie! Am I following you? What's your twitter?

1:15:43 to: KevinHoneycutt

1:15:49 to: Susie H

1:15:50 to: McTeach (Karen)
Oh, this looks cool!!

1:15:54 to: wackjacq
too cool

1:15:55 to: wcdaley
Thanks all for sharing. This was great.

1:16:02 to: jackiegerstein 2

1:16:36 to: McTeach (Karen)
Even if you have an ActivBoard this would be great for saving links!

1:16:37 to: Kim Caise

1:16:59 to: KevinHoneycutt
Cya Steve

1:17:00 to: wcdaley
I regretfully need to leave but will look up the resource page.

1:17:01 to: Kim Caise

1:17:23 to: Vicky S @visionsbyvicky
That's a great site. I used the Gingerbread Sequencing & Retelling with Kindergarten & 1st Grade as part of our Gingerbread activities last month.

1:17:28 to: Dotty Myers
Wow the UK rocks

1:17:29 to: Mike DeFoe
Way cool!!

1:17:31 to: Peggy George
already shared it

1:17:33 to: Peggy George

1:17:54 to: Peggy George
jan wells!!!!

1:18:12 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yay Jackie!!!

1:18:14 to: Kim Caise

1:18:15 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
@zoe.. did you have any other great links for the livescribe pen?

1:18:17 to: jackiegerstein 2

1:18:43 to: Susie H
believe it or not. my district blocks pbworks

1:18:43 to: Peggy George
wonderful!! STuden Picasso's :-)

1:18:47 to: jodi
I'm not connected to a mic but someone can talk about It works for newscasting classes as well as for reading fluency. Free and very easy to use.

1:18:47 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Love Picassohead!

1:18:53 to: KevinHoneycutt
I have one

1:18:53 to: Dave - San Diego
avatars!! anybody using second life?

1:19:00 to: TheHomeworkdog is a fun site for kids to share their writing. :)

1:19:00 to: mauilibrarian2
THANKS, Jackie!

1:19:04 to: jackiegerstein 2

1:19:05 to: Peggy George
Scott Merrick was going to share something

1:19:09 to: Ian Nairn - UK
ok 6.20pm in the evening UK time - been a great session and look forward to taking part in more Class 2.0 events in 2011 - Happy New Year to you all

1:19:14 to: KevinHoneycutt
Please do Scott

1:19:21 to: Angela (kyteacher)
Have to go. I have a date with my 8 year old niece. :)

1:19:29 to: jackiegerstein 2
Bye Angela

1:19:37 to: Zoe (@zbpipe)
sure I'll go

1:19:38 to: Ian Nairn - UK
bye for now

1:19:52 to: Patti R
scott mentioned

1:19:54 to: mrsdurff
he's rich!

1:20:00 to: Peggy George
I love hearing Kevin share about ipad apps!!

1:20:06 to: jackiegerstein 2
Love the visual sharing

1:20:09 to: Jan Wells @janwells

1:20:24 to: AK Jenny
there is an iphone/itouch app for sign for me as well

1:20:25 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
@peggy- saving my pennies to get the new ipad whenever it comes out

1:20:36 to: Dave - San Diego
wow - cool!!

1:20:38 to: McTeach (Karen)
What was it called again?

1:20:45 to: mauilibrarian2

1:20:46 to: Lorna Costantini
that is wonderful

1:20:46 to: Vicky S @visionsbyvicky
That's very cool.

1:20:48 to: Dave - San Diego
sign for me?

1:20:49 to: Peggy George
if you have an iphone or ipad get the appolicious app so you can share your app library with others--they will see what you are using if you share it (they don't actually get the app)

1:20:56 to: Mrs. Wagner
I love that I get to work with you each day Kevin!

1:21:05 to: Lorna Costantini
gr8 idea for a show :)

1:21:12 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Check out Great list of videos group by topic. The videos are all hosted on YouTube though so my students have to access this site from home.

1:21:18 to: jackiegerstein 2
anyone try Word Lens app yet?

1:21:35 to: Peggy George
yes I love Word Lens Jackie!

1:21:52 to: jackiegerstein 2
Cool - planning to go to Mexico - want it to work. Peggy

1:21:56 to: Peggy George
anyone here on appolicious so I can follow you and share app libraries :-)

1:22:09 to: jackiegerstein 2
how, Peggy?

1:22:10 to: Maureen(@bcdtech)
@Peggy- how does that work? and does it work for the new itouch?

1:22:14 to: Peggy George
not yet Kevin

1:22:19 to: Dave - San Diego
not yet

1:22:29 to: Dave - San Diego
yes - there it is

1:22:29 to: Wendy
got it

1:22:40 to: Peggy George
get the appoliciious app and register online (free) to upload your app library

1:22:44 to: mrsdurff
He's a MacMan