00:02 to: Peggy George
couldn't hear you Kim if you were on phone bridge

00:33 to: Peggy George
having a few technical difficulties with the phone bridge for Scott Snyder

01:14 to: Eileen K
Hi Cathy Laguna we are neighbors... I teach in Pennsbury SD

01:15 to: Peggy George
while we're waiting for Scott you can take a quick look at all of the gl.am links :-) http://gl.am/Wca6X

01:34 to: Scott B.
I'm located in Lincoln Nebraska

01:39 to: Cathy Laguna
Hi Eileen! We haven't even starting shoveling yet!

01:44 to: Jonathan
Prince Edward Island, Canada

01:45 to: roxanneC
Alameda, California

01:46 to: Jennifer S
Sherwood, Oregon

01:46 to: Kristen Swanson
Sellersville, Pennsylvania

01:49 to: Rob M
Houston, Texas

01:49 to: monika
loveland co

01:50 to: Jan Wells

01:51 to: Kim T AZ
i love the glam!!!! easy to share

01:51 to: kas
Colorado - probably in the high 40's today

01:51 to: BethStill
@scott I am in Scottsbluff, Nebraska

01:52 to: Maureen
western Mass

01:56 to: johnfaig

01:57 to: Bruce Neal
West Virginia

02:00 to: kyteacher
Hello from Louisville area, Kentucky.

02:02 to: Kristen Swanson
@Cathy Laguna-- Nice to see you!

02:02 to: julianne
North Carolina

02:05 to: Scott Shelhart

02:06 to: Todd Warnick
West Virginia

02:07 to: virginia alberti

02:08 to: Kim T AZ
Hi beth, I lived in scottsbluff, henry and mccrew

02:11 to: BethStill
@kyteacher Long time no see!

02:12 to: Shamblesguru 2

02:13 to: Chris GR
eastern Nebraska

02:14 to: Eileen K
Cathy, same here, there's still a blizzard out there...

02:15 to: arjana
hi from croatia

02:19 to: Kim T AZ

02:21 to: sayyid

02:21 to: monika
hi croatia

02:22 to: Purti Singh

02:23 to: monika

02:26 to: Doug Gadomski
Albuquerque, NM

02:28 to: Peggy George
it's great to see all of you!! Welcome!

02:30 to: Brian Cheek
vancouver, wa

02:31 to: arjana
hi colorado:-)

04:25 to: Rob Galloway
Been using backchannels in large enrollment and distance education courses at university for past couple of years.

04:43 to: Peggy George
it took me quite awhile to figure out what the "backchannel" chat was :-)

04:51 to: MB
Yes, agreed Peggy

05:13 to: Rob Galloway
In some ways, it's whatever you make it to be.

05:23 to: Jan Wells
I'm still not sure

05:24 to: Peggy George
now I know it's more than just following twitter during a conference presentation :-)

05:24 to: roxanneC
after educon and today i will be!

05:38 to: Kim T AZ
are we going to have a backchanneling going today?

05:40 to: Peggy George

05:48 to: MB
Maybe I have done it, just don't know the term

05:51 to: Peggy George
this is a backchannel--the chat room :-)

06:11 to: monika
great session from sharon peters at educon on backchanneling

06:12 to: MB
Oh, then I should have clicked the green check...oops.

06:23 to: Kim T AZ
wahoo! not sure if I was going to "get" this..

06:30 to: Peggy George
Lorna is introducing Scott :-)

06:40 to: bmontana
hello Beth. Long time since we've talked.

06:41 to: Scott Shelhart
I've never attended a conf. live. I only attend virtually via backchannel

06:58 to: BethStill 1
Used Chatzy last year when students were showing the videos they created. They entered their comments and questions into chat.

07:15 to: BethStill 1
Hi @bmontana. How is Google Wave working for you?

07:15 to: Peggy George
you'll be able to see Scott's links and his K12online presentation on back channeling in our gl.am links: http://gl.am/Wca6X

07:24 to: roxanneC
Beth...What grade level?

07:46 to: Peggy George
http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=330 (Scott Snyder: K12 Online Conference 2008 presentation)

07:48 to: BethStill 1
@roxanneC My students are juniors and seniors

08:05 to: Peggy George
http://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Scott+Snyder (Scott Snyder: K12 Online Conference Bio)

08:19 to: bmontana
@BethStill 1 Still experimenting with students. Not embraced by all.

08:27 to: roxanneC
I want to do that in elementary...I'll check out the web tool!

08:30 to: Peggy George
would anyone like to take the mic?

08:42 to: BethStill 1
It was amazing to watch the students as they went off track. Others would remind them that they needed to stay on topic.

08:50 to: Peggy George
we could start Scott's presentation in the web tour :-)

08:57 to: Kim T AZ
this is fine....giving me a chance to look at some of the glam sites

08:58 to: Kristen Swanson
could be the snow

09:07 to: monika
i have

09:13 to: monika
but am at a chess tourn and can't talk

09:15 to: monika

09:19 to: Kim Caise
.can the sess

09:23 to: Peggy George
hooray johnfaig!!!

09:27 to: CristinaLemos
Hi everyone. Sorry, I arrived late.

09:30 to: Kim Caise

09:34 to: johnfaig
one second

09:47 to: Peggy George
no problem Christina! we're having technical difficulties getting Scott online

09:54 to: Kristen Swanson
WOOT educon!

10:06 to: Kim T AZ
is there one site you recommend for backchanneling...tinychat?

10:10 to: debschit
Educom was awesome!

10:16 to: Chris GR
We had a teacher meeting that could not get scheduled due to coaching duties. We used TodaysMeet to meet on Sunday morning...from 4 different towns.

10:17 to: Scott Shelhart
I attended and contributed in that session via backchanneel

10:19 to: Kristen Swanson
Tech was so ubiquitious

10:19 to: roxanneC
yes... I used it at Educon too!

10:28 to: monika
we've used the chat on our ning

10:30 to: Rob Galloway
I'd take the mic, but I'm afraid my daughter playing would make it difficult for you to hear me. :-)

10:30 to: Kristen Swanson
LOVE Today's Meet

10:34 to: Jonathan
I think you'll need to give us mic privlidges first

10:55 to: Jonathan

10:59 to: Peggy George
you're right John :-)

11:00 to: monika
but planning to use cells via a projector and polleverywhere and coverlive - so that stream shows on opposite board

11:00 to: kyteacher
I use Edmodo. Gives us the fewest problems with District filters.

11:07 to: Maureen
I have a question re multitasking- using backchannels... I use them when I am not present in the actual event, but find it impossible if I am there. I really need to attend to what is happening around

11:07 to: Maureen

11:08 to: MB

11:09 to: Peggy George
hearing you now Kim

11:11 to: BethStill 1
I prefer Chatzy because each person is a different color. Makes it easy to see who is participating.

11:13 to: Sheri Edwards
I hear john

11:13 to: debschit
What about Chatsy?

11:14 to: MB
We can h;ear you now

11:14 to: Peggy George
can hear Scott too

11:16 to: Rob Galloway
A key issue/question for us is whether the backchannel is too distracting -- or if there's actually a value to that.

11:21 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
We can hear you both ...

11:22 to: Grace 2
I can too

11:24 to: MB

11:24 to: blairteach
I can hear him, too!

11:26 to: Kim T AZ
got through all the snow, great!

11:26 to: Kristen Swanson
i can hear

11:26 to: Sheri Edwards
we hear scott

11:27 to: Craig Jackson RCU
I can hear him fine

11:28 to: Heidi

11:36 to: Kim T AZ
hi scott

11:36 to: Peggy George
HOORAY!!!!!!!!! Scott is with us!!

11:44 to: debschit
We just got school fusion-not sure if there's bkchannel function?

11:47 to: Kim T AZ
sending you some AZ sunshine

11:50 to: BethStill 1
Good morning @oswego 98!

11:54 to: Peggy George
johnfaig--we'll come back to you!!

12:02 to: roxanneC
YAY! Scott

12:05 to: Peggy George

12:24 to: oswego98
Morning/Afternoon all!

12:26 to: kas
Hi Scott - we got just a dusting from the storm that is now crushing you guys - sorry we didn't unload our share - of course our Rockies love the snow

12:30 to: monika
@rob - i don't have a link but sharon peters educon session gave real practical ways to make sure it isn't distracting

12:35 to: Jan Wells
@roxanne I want to experiment w/ elementary too

12:55 to: roxanneC
cool Jan@jan wells

12:58 to: MB
DArn, lost him

13:00 to: Scott Shelhart
uh oh

13:01 to: roxanneC
ooooh lost audio

13:01 to: Kim T AZ
lost audio

13:01 to: Carol Rainbow
sound gone?

13:02 to: Peggy George
oh no!!

13:04 to: Kristen Swanson
sound gone

13:07 to: roxanneC

13:10 to: Heidi
no sound

13:16 to: Jan Wells
@roxanne I just started with Edmodo

13:22 to: roxanneC
just keep trying!

13:25 to: johnfaig
maybe 18 inches of snow was all his telephone could handle

13:29 to: MB
WE love what you do for us.

13:30 to: Kim Caise
are you able to hear us?

13:31 to: monika
we can back channel ideas till he comes back

13:33 to: monika

13:37 to: kas
Scott - how about typing until you are on again

13:46 to: MB
Yes, back on

13:48 to: MB

13:49 to: Peggy George
hearing now

13:49 to: roxanneC

13:53 to: Kristen Swanson

13:53 to: Jan Wells
@roxanne what grade do you teach

13:54 to: blairteach
Can hear again.

13:57 to: monika

13:58 to: Maureen

13:59 to: Kristen Swanson

13:59 to: Sheri Edwards

13:59 to: Bruce Neal

14:00 to: Peggy George
yes Scott too

14:00 to: Carol Rainbow

14:00 to: Grace 2

14:00 to: roxanneC

14:01 to: kyteacher

14:02 to: aforgrave (Andrew)

14:05 to: Cathy Laguna
I can hear again!

14:07 to: mattguthrie

14:09 to: Peggy George
start over

14:12 to: roxanneC

14:13 to: blairteach
Right after definition

14:20 to: Scott Shelhart
wikipedia says....

14:22 to: BethStill 1
@mattguthrie Good morning!

14:24 to: Todd Warnick
after Wikipedia definition

14:33 to: Peggy George
we've all had these experiences with online learing!! worth the wait!!

14:38 to: kas
we've all experienced this same thing in front of groups or students - we'll be patient

15:04 to: Cathy Laguna
Hi Lori!

15:26 to: monika

15:28 to: blairteach
Lots of familiar Tweeple here. Hello!

15:45 to: Peggy George
it makes so much sense to think that every single student can respond in a class using a back channel

15:46 to: Rob Galloway
That's our issue-- large enrollment class, want to engage students (more students more often)

15:54 to: kas
I have a student with Absence Seizures. I'm hoping that using a backchannel would enable her to go back and see what she "missed" so she can be more of a part of our class

16:00 to: BethStill 1
@blairteach I was thinking the same thing. LOTS of familiar names here today.

16:13 to: kas
slide is showing

16:18 to: monika
my kids don't miss a beat when they're absent

16:29 to: kas
great idea for kiddos who are absent, too!

16:35 to: Rob Galloway
The archive advantage is big too - it's a resource to return to after class for review, resources, etc.

16:38 to: kjarrett
Hey folks - check out this article I wrote with another teacher about backchenneling for the NJEA Reporter: “Use backchanneling in your classroom” http://www.ncs-tech.org/?p=4974

17:02 to: matt montagne
hey all

17:04 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks Kevin

17:26 to: Scott Shelhart
kina like polyphonic vs mophonic instruments

17:27 to: Peggy George
our gl.am links are here with lots of info re back channeling: http://gl.am/Wca6X

17:38 to: monika
@kjarrett - thank you

17:44 to: Scott Shelhart
Hi Matt

17:46 to: Peggy George
thanks for that link kjarrett!!

17:49 to: MB

18:21 to: matt montagne
hey scott

18:53 to: Peggy George
if you'd like to have Scott's slides for today, click on the blue floppy disk icon in the upper left corner and save whiteboard as PDF

18:54 to: solivo11
I used a backchannel this week to allow students to comment on and critique student presentations. At the end the presenters had immediate feedback to his or her presentation.

19:03 to: kyteacher
Love that using a back channel in class has benefitted my face to face relationships with some students.

19:06 to: mattguthrie
BethStill 1: Thx - def better - no Mtn Dew!

19:11 to: Sheri Edwards
Sometimes it's impossible for six kids to want to talk. :)

19:43 to: BethStill 1
I have very small classes so I use the backchannel to help my students connect with their peers in my other classes.

19:54 to: Peggy George
that's a great idea Beth!

19:58 to: matt montagne
I tried a back channel in a faculty meeting last year...most were not quite ready for it :-)

20:01 to: kas
love the idea of a silent discussion - that would be great if I had laryngitis :-)

20:03 to: matt montagne
It created quite a stir

20:25 to: Peggy George
it's such a great way to get a broader perspective in a conversation beyond your 4 walls :-)

20:37 to: Kristen Swanson
That's how I used it-- with movies

20:45 to: Lori Ceremuga
Hi Cathy, how are you?

20:48 to: Maureen
@matt montagne I don't think my faculty are ready for back channel- not a community of trust

21:00 to: kyteacher
Allows us to keep a record of the discussion in order to make reference later.

21:21 to: Peggy George
@kyteacher-excellent point about documenting participation!

21:21 to: matt montagne
I think it is a great tool for faculty meetings...typically faculty meetings have a really, really small "inner circle" as Scott says...they rest is latent/dead energy

21:47 to: shellterrell
Hello everyone! Thanks @carolrainbow for announcing this

21:50 to: roxanneC
It would be a great tool to teach elementary how to listen for facts

21:52 to: kjarrett
Any of my peeps from Northfield Community School out there? (I promoted this session at my school...)

21:57 to: Peggy George
I wish I had this when I was a principal--would have be so much better to keep everyone involved!

22:01 to: solivo11
love the idea to use bc during movie clips.

22:10 to: matt montagne
@maureen...when I tried it last year, there were a handful of folks who thought it was instructionally dangerous...

22:13 to: Kristen Swanson
kjarret do you have power yet?

22:18 to: Maureen
@matt montagne- I think that the latent/dead energy comes from people not being valued/not trusting that their voices matter/not feeling safe in the room

22:22 to: bmontana
@Peggy do we click the floppy icon at the end or now?

22:23 to: kjarrett
Yes Kristen! Just came back on!

22:31 to: BethStill 1
This was an amazing use of the backchannel. I ran my first PD session on Twitter back in October. I had a backchannel open for the participants as a place for them to post questions. I invited people

22:31 to: BethStill 1
from my PLN to the backchannel so they could help them as needed if I could not get to them right away. As it turns out the PLN actually saved the day by creating the Twitter accounts for the particip

22:31 to: BethStill 1
ants because we hit the # of accounts that could be created from a single IP address. ALL of this was facilitated in the backchannel.

22:37 to: Peggy George
you can save the slides any time during the session

22:37 to: Scott Shelhart
How do you use it in a staff meeting? Hold the meeting in the computer lab?

22:38 to: debschit
Love bkchanneling. Why should only those who get called on get a chance to share?

22:43 to: matt montagne
@maureen...Big time...it comes from years of being un-engaged and unempowered

22:47 to: bmontana
@shellterrell Hi Shelly!

23:02 to: Peggy George

23:12 to: matt montagne
@scott...all of our faculty have laptops...but again, I only used it one time last year

23:19 to: Cathy Laguna
my district blocked cover it live or at least it didn't show on the student laptops.

23:22 to: Scott Shelhart
I know teachers that still don't know how to send a text message.

23:50 to: Peggy George
I like those questions for extending the conversation !!

23:54 to: shellterrell
Hello @bmontana! It's great to see you here

23:55 to: Maureen
@matt montagne I think that we (faculty) have been well trained in not voicing our opinions- or face the consequences

24:18 to: Kim Caise
so true @maureen

24:26 to: matt montagne
@scott...there are three basic things that ALL teacher need to know how to do: #1-send a text message, #2-post a video to YouTube #3 Join Facebook and add 50 friends

24:27 to: Rob Galloway
Good reason to take your laptop cart into a faculty meeting

24:32 to: kyteacher
CoverItLive gets tripped up in our filters...only some messages post. That's why I switched to using Edmodo. No problems, so far.

24:34 to: Peggy George
I found a lot of teachers didn't want people to ask questions so they could get out of the meeting faster...

24:53 to: Scott Shelhart
Serve food and they will stay longer

24:54 to: Kim T AZ
too true peggy

25:03 to: kjarrett
Backchanneling in Middle School Social Studies: http://projects.minot.k12.nd.us/groups/chris/weblog/29e37/Backchanneling_in_Social_Studies.html

25:04 to: Peggy George
yes food definitely helps!!

25:13 to: debschit
Def need answers for teachers who are scared of students abusing bk channel.

25:14 to: Rob Galloway
@Maureen And then we're surprised that our students are reluctant to share their opinions in class

25:30 to: solivo11
I've been using Edmodo for backchannelling

25:30 to: monika
educon session on back channel.. will this get you the archive?.. http://educon22.org/conversations?q=Cheri%20Toledo%2C%20Sharon%20Peters

25:35 to: kjarrett
I actually have a question, yes - what grade is the youngest that BC can be used? I have a third grade teacher interested!

25:35 to: Maureen
I get what Scott is saying re in the classroom, but I honestly get distracted when trying to attend to live presentation/and back channel

25:41 to: kyteacher
@kjarrett That was the article that inspired me to try back channeling.

26:04 to: kjarrett
@kyteacher - us also!!!

26:07 to: Peggy George
@kjarrett--that's a great link! it's in our gl.am links too

26:10 to: matt montagne
gotta get going folks...great session this morning...I wish I could stick around

26:13 to: drpresident
Maureen, I have the same problem

26:14 to: kjarrett
bye matt

26:21 to: solivo11
@Maureen -- that's my question too. I can't monitor the backchannel when I'm doing something else.

26:51 to: Peggy George
I think 3rd graders could use BC--helps if they have a few keyboarding skills :-)

26:55 to: Rob Galloway
@Monika Yes, thanks for that link!

26:56 to: Grace 2
Is this backchanneling that we are doing on this side blog?

26:59 to: BethStill 1
Here is the post I wrote on how a backchannel and PLN saved my first PD session: http://bethstill.edublogs.org/2009/10/18/how-my-pln-saved-the-day/

27:03 to: Maureen
@drpresident- I can attend to this type of presentation and backchannel- but not when I am in a room and it is a live presentation

27:20 to: Peggy George
http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2010/01/five-platforms-for-classroom-back.html (FreeTech4Teachers/Mr. Byrne: Five Platforms for a Classroom Back Channel Chat)

27:20 to: Lorna Costantini
@grace 2 yes

27:26 to: kjarrett
How do I get to the gl.am links ?

27:36 to: kas
I don't think I'll have problem with filters as most in my area don't know about backchanneling :-)

27:42 to: Peggy George

28:33 to: Grace 2

28:35 to: Peggy George
http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2009/12/back-channeling-during-class-viewing-of.html (FreeTech4Teachers/Mr. Byrne: Back Channeling During Class Viewing of "Glory")

29:07 to: Peggy George
http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2007/09/installing-backchannel-in-my-classroom.html (Vicki Davis/CoolCatTeacher: Installing Backchannel in my Classroom)

29:10 to: kyteacher
I always make sure that I have other methods for students to participate as well...for those students who struggle with using back channel.

29:35 to: kjarrett
Thanks Peggy!

29:37 to: kim flack
do you use this with other handheld devices? not just laptops/computers?

29:40 to: Peggy George
http://langwitches.org/blog/2009/11/19/backchanneling-with-elementary-school-students/ (Silvia Tolisano/Langwitches: Backchanneling with Elementary School Students)

29:45 to: Lorna Costantini
Make sure you are selecting "this room" when you send a message

30:00 to: Peggy George
http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/blog/1340000334/post/370042037.html (Joyce Valenza: On BackChanneling with Learners [and TinyChat and todaysMeet])

30:23 to: Peggy George
this comparison of tools is sooooo helpful!

30:32 to: kas
Peggy - I'm hoping all the links you are putting out are on the gl.am...

30:41 to: Peggy George
they are all in the gl.am :-)

30:57 to: Peggy George
and they will all be posted in the archives along with the recording of today's session

31:00 to: kyteacher
Class discussions guidelines I use with my students: http://angela-cunningham.blogspot.com/2009/05/teaching-students-to-dialgoue.html

31:18 to: Rob Galloway
Is this a skill that we should help students develop? The ability to live blog (synthesize info) and function in this sort of environment (multitasking)?

31:18 to: Peggy George
many people are very enthusiastic about TodaysMeet!

31:30 to: Kristen Swanson
Today's Meet- easy free, lots of teacher control

31:31 to: kyteacher
We practice these f2f before we do any online discussions.

31:49 to: BethStill 1
I believe on Todaysmeet you can save the session for up to a year.

31:53 to: kas
Rob - brain research on this generation shows they can attentionally deploy quickly and easily between different inputs

31:57 to: Rob Galloway
Or should we just allow those who find it distracting not to participate (make it optional)?

32:02 to: Maureen
@Rob I think that we don't know enough about multi tasking and what the research is currently telling us- it is not something we want to do

32:17 to: Peggy George
it's great to go back to a CoverItLive conversation after a webinar is over so you can see what you missed :-)

32:22 to: mrsdurff
I just put Nik down but loving this

32:28 to: solivo11
I've had a lot of connection issues with CoverItLive -- Anyone else?

32:36 to: mrsdurff
infant care is a limitation

32:53 to: Peggy George
the way Scott is using backchanneling doesn't necessarily require multitasking--it

33:03 to: debschit
@kyteacher Love the interaction/discussion guidelines! Thanks!

33:08 to: Peggy George
it's like taking notes while you watch a movie or listen to a presentation

33:15 to: Rob Galloway
@kas Then why do some students find it too distracting to participate?

33:15 to: kim flack
@kyteacher - best ever tips!

33:19 to: Maureen
Yes Peggy I see that

33:36 to: mrsdurff
what about Twitter /Edmodo as backchannels?

33:45 to: Peggy George
Welcome Paula!!

33:50 to: Paula Naugle
Hi everyone. Sorry I'm late but had to go to post office to mail Civil War Sallie on to her next school.

33:56 to: kjarrett
Pics of our kids using Today's Meet in 6th grade social studies: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kjarrett/sets/72157622880060293/

33:58 to: kim flack
@peggy *waves*

34:00 to: Peggy George
our show next week is with the developer of Edmodo :-)

34:04 to: mrsdurff
oh mine are in 7th grade

34:14 to: Peggy George
Hi Kim Flack!! great to see you!

34:16 to: mrsdurff
hey kevin

34:17 to: Rob Galloway
Brain research might provide contradictory information about multitasking but does that matter? Isn't this just increasingly being the type of environment that we experience?

34:27 to: kjarrett
@mrsdurff hey!

34:38 to: Peggy George
registration is such a key point!

34:41 to: Sheri Edwards
Yes @Rob -- agree

34:53 to: Jan Wells
Hi Paula!

35:05 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Jan.

35:06 to: Danny Maas
Is anyone using TodaysMeet for instant backchanneling?

35:17 to: kjarrett
Yes Danny! We are!

35:18 to: Peggy George
I'll bet wallwisher could be a great "back channel" tool :-)

35:30 to: Jan Wells
love it w/ 4th grade

35:30 to: kim flack
@peggy good idea!!

35:38 to: Kim Caise
definitely @peggy!

35:42 to: roxanneC
I'm using Wallwisher this week with my third graders as a back channel

35:45 to: johnfaig
@solivo11, @Maureen - you could provide a small assignment such as collaborate in a wiki or Google Docs

35:46 to: kim flack
<3 wallwisher

35:50 to: kas
Watching my son "study" shows me the attentional deployment in action. I agree that we need to incorporate the new learning and teach the etiquette to make it appropriate and worthwhile.

35:51 to: bmontana
Interesting piece on multitasking and use of technology in education from PBS: FRONTLINE - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/digitalnation/view/?utm_campaign=homepage&utm_medium=proglist&utm_sou

35:51 to: bmontana

35:52 to: Maureen
@Rob Guess I am just pushing back on this because I know how it feels to feel uncomfortable trying to do this in a live presentation- not slides, movies, but real people talking. I miss too much if I

35:52 to: Maureen
am trying to attend to back channel

35:52 to: Sheri Edwards
Kids want the to multi task when they're bored -- to keep their attention on everything when needed-- the boring and their needs

35:56 to: Kim Caise
that is awesome @roxanne! hope you will share later about this

36:01 to: kjarrett

36:02 to: Kim T AZ
wall wisher is so easy to use....this is one tool teachers have quickly embraced

36:02 to: debschit
@Peggy Yes! Plus you can organize ideas by moving stickies

36:07 to: BethStill 1
@Paula Good morning. I am working on an email to send to you about "preISTE" activities. ;-)

36:15 to: kim flack
@bmontana Yea! Frontline dig_nat!

36:22 to: Peggy George
I really like the potential of wallwisher!!

36:31 to: kjarrett
A teacher conacted me concerned that her kids were setting up their own Todays Meet rooms...

36:37 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Beth. Great. It is getting closer. Can't wait.

36:39 to: johnfaig
@solivo11 - how have you used Edmodo?

36:41 to: kas
Beth - I'll be volunteering at ISTE - can't wait

36:41 to: kjarrett
and inviting whomever they wanted into it...

36:59 to: kjarrett
which is good, in that the discussion was SCHOOL RELATED, and the teacher was thrilled by that, but...

37:11 to: kjarrett
The potential for cyberbullying or worse via these tools is very real.

37:18 to: Danny Maas
Good point Kevin

37:20 to: Peggy George
be sure to come back next week to hear all about Edmodo--it will be the entire show conversation

37:23 to: kjarrett
That said, free chatroom services are as old as the web...

37:34 to: Kim Caise
absolutely kevin

37:48 to: johnfaig
@Maureen - works best if you can share control of the classroom with your students

37:49 to: kjarrett
It's just the danger of us introducing a "tool" that is then "brought home" and misued....

38:00 to: kim flack
good info on cyberbullying http://www.incredibleinternet.com/

38:03 to: Danny Maas
And it's hard to have meaningful conversations with students about cyberbullying and appropriate web publishing unless you use tools like this

38:04 to: kjarrett
They could do the same thing ... WITH PENCILS, though... :)

38:06 to: kas
hope this slide and info. can help me get a persuasive lobby going to be able to use it once they find out what I'm doing.

38:13 to: Peggy George
some examples of other teachers using backchanneling safely with students are very helpful when talking to administrators

38:16 to: debschit
But cyberbullying just as relevant as F2F bullying. We have to deal with in a similar way-Ethics education!

38:18 to: Paula Naugle
Too true, Kevin.

38:26 to: kim flack
@debschit definitely!

38:38 to: kas
debschit - exactly - let's educate

38:41 to: Kim Caise
good point @danny. cyber safety can be hard to conceptualize sometimes for students

38:41 to: kjarrett
@Paula - yes exactly - we just need to make sure our ADMINISTRATORS know this and agree!

38:53 to: Rob Galloway
Absolutely @Danny

38:54 to: Maureen
@johnfaig I teach in a computer lab- I rarely "lecture". It is mostly showing how todo something, then the kids use the tools in their project work. Not sure if this is something useful for me or not

38:55 to: Purti Singh
I will try iplementing

39:00 to: monika
if potential for bad is higher - -and it's something kids will experience - i think more reason to do it in school - so they learn good ethics

39:01 to: roxanneC
Introduced Wallwisher with my third graders, they shared their animal for their research reports and we sorted them in numersous ways live. They then saw what other classes were also doing. I'm in a m

39:01 to: roxanneC
edia Center

39:06 to: Kim T AZ
admin knowing about tech...what a novel idea!

39:17 to: Peggy George
@kjarrett--but who can see their conversation if they only write it on paper? and who can continue the conversation?

39:17 to: kjarrett
lol @kimT

39:18 to: kim flack
@kimT.... LOL other kim :)

39:19 to: Paula Naugle
@Kevin, it is hard when you are the trailblazer. But I feel it is worth it.

39:32 to: kjarrett
@paula amen, sister!

39:44 to: Grace 2
@roxanneC: Can you tell me how you are using it with 3rd grade? Do you have a webpage or blog where I could read about it?

39:45 to: Kim T AZ

39:46 to: kim flack
wiki URL?

39:47 to: johnfaig
@kjarrett - backchanneling could be used to create shared content, so you can see HOW the content was produced

39:53 to: kyteacher
@Paula @Kevin :-)

40:01 to: BethStill 1
@Paula...trailblazer....what is that? ;-)

40:02 to: kjarrett
We actually had a SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER sit in on one of the 6th grade teacher's BC session...SCORE!!!!

40:07 to: kjarrett
He loved it!!!

40:10 to: kim flack
@kimt hugs trailblazers tightly

40:10 to: Peggy George
we can add any links from Scott to the archives after the show--the research links would be great!

40:16 to: kas
great idea to get a SB member of your side

40:20 to: Peggy George
we have a couple of research links in our gl.am links

40:26 to: Paula Naugle
@Kevin that is great.

40:32 to: Kim T AZ
board members getting tech...what a novel idea!

40:45 to: Danny Maas
From an attention/multitasking standpoint, does it make sense to have scheduled breaks in full-class lectures for students to backchannel?

40:52 to: johnfaig
Maureen - you could introduce a problem for two or more students to discuss before actually coding or using a tool

40:55 to: Chris GR
Our principal thought it was pretty cool that she could see the conversation her staff had even tho she wasn't there.

40:59 to: roxanneC
Grade...here's the page we just did this week.http://my-ecoach.com/project.php?id=16052

41:07 to: Danny Maas
Full class, then 5 min backchanneling, then more full class, etc.

41:11 to: Peggy George
thanks for that link roxanneC!!

41:12 to: kas
danny - I think that chance to reflect is a great idea and let's everyone catch up mentally

41:17 to: mrsdurff
I would fall over in surprise if a board member came to my room

41:18 to: Paula Naugle
Our 5th grade math techer presented his wiki at the school board meeting last month.

41:21 to: Peggy George

41:29 to: kjarrett
Yes, this SB member is the person on the BOE who is most passionate about tech. Great guy, too.

41:38 to: mrsdurff
yay hokie!

41:44 to: Sharon Nagy-Johnson
I'd like to see a board meeting on Elluminate...

41:46 to: Kim T AZ
i presented to the schoolboard, using a wiki, even had a voki in it....got a chance to explain and demo

41:50 to: roxanneC
@ gracehere's my media center page

41:51 to: kim flack
@roxanneC fantastic example!

41:54 to: roxanneC

41:54 to: Danny Maas
Joining late - did the presenter say 'Chatsy'? url?

41:55 to: Peggy George
love your wallwisher example @roxanneC!!

41:58 to: kas
Our SB cut all tech support for instruction in our elementary schools two years ago!

41:58 to: Rob Galloway
@Danny We take breaks during lectures to have students discuss (some in person, others in backchannel), and we often use the backchannel as a way to report out of small group discussions

42:03 to: Maureen
@johnfaig- I have 6-14 kids in the room... they talk, discuss... etc.

42:06 to: Peggy George

42:08 to: Danny Maas
Thanks Rob!

42:11 to: kyteacher
For some reason, my cat is really going crazy with my talking computer today. Keeps circling me. Funny.

42:27 to: blairteach
RoxanneC: Thanks for sharing link.

42:28 to: BethStill 1
@kyteacher She missed you last week!

42:35 to: Peggy George
many chat services are blocked by filters

42:47 to: BethStill 1
Seems like TodaysMeet is not blocked as often as other services.

42:56 to: debschit
@Roxanne Hi! I'm a teacher-librarian student! would love to continue the conversation and see what you're doing!

42:58 to: roxanneC
just atarting after going to Educaon last weekend

43:02 to: Danny Maas
@kyteacher - watch your headphones - my cat has chewed through about 5 sets of iphone headphones and another 5 chargers - argghhh!

43:09 to: Grace 2
Roxanne, great, thanks!

43:14 to: Paula Naugle
Bet all you Educon attendees are glad it was last weekend and not this weekend.

43:17 to: johnfaig
@Danny Maas - chatzy, coveritlive, backnoise, chatterous, todaysmeet, and edmodo

43:21 to: Kim Caise
my cat and dogs chewed through several too

43:28 to: Danny Maas
Thanks @johnfaig

43:32 to: kyteacher
@Danny Mine has too. They are safely stored in a drawer.

43:52 to: Peggy George
Sharon Peters and Cheri Toledo gave a fantastic presentation at Educon2.2 on backchanneling! The recording should be posted soon.

44:00 to: Maureen
@paula Naugle I ws thnking the same thing today. It was cold in Philly, but at least no blizzards to deal with

44:06 to: BethStill 1
@DannyMaas Will you be in Littleton in a couple of weeks for CO Learning?

44:12 to: Paula Naugle
I attended that seesion virtuallly, Peggy.

44:13 to: debschit
@roxanne I was there also!

44:25 to: kas
CO Learning?

44:33 to: roxanneC
@Peggy...I was at that one, that's where I got the idea to use Wallwisher for little ones

44:34 to: Peggy George
this kind of "controlled" back channel is a great way for students to learn netiquette in social networking

44:35 to: monika
CO learning is in loveland this year

44:38 to: Danny Maas
It's not just students who need expectations for behavior set

44:42 to: kjarrett
Hey Danny ... are you the Dan Maas from Littleton Public Schools in Colorado? Bud Hunt's colleague?

44:49 to: kas
how do i find out about CO learning in loveland

44:54 to: kim flack
do you have any sort of text lingo guidelines for what you do allow?

44:58 to: BethStill 1
Kas: http://colearning.wikispaces.com/Home+2010

44:58 to: Maureen
Even on shared google docs- first thing I hear is wassup... it takes training

45:07 to: roxanneC
I thought wallwsiher was so simple and had so much potential for 2-5th grade

45:17 to: Cathy Laguna
Digitial Citizenship discussion we have: Safety, Responsibility, Respect - what is that like online? Kids respond well.

45:21 to: Danny Maas
@kjarrett - no - Different Danny Maas (lol) I'm http://twitter.com/dannymaas

45:29 to: kyteacher
We take a few minutes to look around the room and say Hi as they log on to computers.

45:29 to: Kim T AZ
wallwisher for staff meetings...trainings..

45:32 to: mrsdurff
coolcatteacher allows for play first too

45:38 to: mrsdurff
and I

45:41 to: BethStill 1
@monika Thanks.....was thinking Littleton for some reason. Glad I am not the one driving!

45:43 to: drpresident
My grade 5 teachers introduced students to epals chat last week as a possibility for backchannaling

46:14 to: debschit
How about assigning students as moderators?

46:22 to: Kim T AZ
great idea

46:29 to: mrsdurff
I don't have a desk in the room where i teach, so i couldn't hide behind it

46:37 to: roxanneC
So important to model use and manners online in real time

46:43 to: Kim T AZ

46:45 to: Paula Naugle
Like the @mrsdurff.

46:50 to: drpresident
@debschit ... great idea in MS/HS but not in younger grades i don't think

46:50 to: Folmerica
epals chat could be a great way to do it.

46:51 to: Maureen
I hope to be able to use this in a collab with music teacher and her colleague in Berlin. Time zones are a challenge- trying voicethread first.

46:55 to: Peggy George
student moderators --great idea and they are learning about appropriate things to talk about in a back channel :-)

47:04 to: monika
educon session suggested giving a roll for each kid from the channel

47:07 to: Sharon Nagy-Johnson
I use student digital educators to manage backchannel when presenting...

47:18 to: mrsdurff
also have a student technician

47:21 to: debschit
@mrsdurff Was that on purpose?

47:23 to: Maureen
@durff I think there may be a desk over in the corner- I pile stuff on it

47:26 to: monika
use students as interns a ton

47:27 to: Rob Galloway
I follow the backchannel on my iphone sometimes--easier than having to stand in front of a computer

47:37 to: monika

47:39 to: mrsdurff
to solve those technical difficulties

47:43 to: monika
how do you do that rob

47:44 to: Peggy George
I'm sure people will answer yes if it's not blocked :-)

47:44 to: kyteacher
I also make sure that the 1st time I try something new, I don't expect students to learn both a tool and content.

47:48 to: Kim T AZ
not in a classroom, will start using in tech meetings and such

47:49 to: kas
Question - can backchanneling be done with only computer or cell phone

47:57 to: kim flack
with teacher trainings - definitely!

47:59 to: debschit
Having trouble finding Educon archives. Anyone can help?

47:59 to: Peggy George
@kas-great question

48:09 to: Rob M
Have you used back channel chats on mobile devices like iPod Touches?

48:24 to: mrsdurff
I plan to continue using it

48:24 to: kas
right now, will have to take kiddos to lab as cell phones are big "no-no" in our district and we don't have laptops.

48:27 to: Rob Galloway
Quite a few of our students use their smart phones or iPod Touch in class rather than a laptop or netbook

48:28 to: Sheri Edwards
@Rob what app do you use on iPhone?

48:33 to: roxanneC
Wallwisher lets you moderate so it is controlled

48:35 to: kyteacher
@Rob Wish I could.

48:37 to: monika
@kas - yes w/both

48:41 to: kas

48:47 to: Peggy George
I don't think the Educon recordings are posted yet but they should be here: http://educon22.org/conversations

48:48 to: Rob M
We have looked at Yammer on the Touch.

48:50 to: Scott Shelhart
I don't see it practical for k-3 except for high-ability students

48:56 to: kjarrett
We come up with a list of approved terms!

48:56 to: Rob Galloway
We use CoverItLive which works great in mobile browsers - no special app required

49:03 to: monika
@debshit - don't know if they're up yet -

49:09 to: drpresident
could you use voicethread for backchannel with younger kids?

49:13 to: debschit
@ Pegg. Thanks.

49:16 to: Scott Shelhart
Async better for younger kids

49:16 to: drpresident
Not sure how that would work though

49:40 to: roxanneC
As professionals we use different speech, I think we need to teach that within school....

49:42 to: mrsdurff
spoken like an english teacher

49:46 to: monika
we are using polleverywhere to and texts to project on an opposite wall

49:55 to: Danny Maas
@RobGalloway - CoveritLive in mobile browsers? Really? Do you mean iPhone/iTouch Safari or other?

50:04 to: kim flack
good reason for student monitors too -- the students can decypher the lingo we don't know yet as teachers

50:04 to: roxanneC
I always tell my kids everybody is watching

50:21 to: Rob Galloway
@Danny Yes-- works great!

50:21 to: kjarrett
First names, last initial.

50:25 to: Danny Maas
Adult participants new to backchannelling also need expectations set for backchanneling. Sad but true

50:25 to: Kristen Swanson
Have to go. It was GREAT!

50:29 to: mrsdurff
no names!

50:29 to: Peggy George
voicethread isn't really a back channel but if you had slides pre-loaded for a presentation students could add their comments to the slides in VT

50:31 to: kjarrett
Bye Kristen!

50:32 to: roxanneC
me too

50:36 to: Cathy Laguna
bye kristen!

50:38 to: Danny Maas
@RobGalloway - thanks Rob - going to try it

50:39 to: mrsdurff
we only use screennames

50:41 to: debschit
So..Coveritlive seems to be a good place to start all around?

50:50 to: kyteacher
We use screen names.

50:54 to: kas
we use a classroom "#" for each student in the class. Everyone knows everyone's numbers

50:57 to: Peggy George
yes debschit!! start with Coveritlive

51:00 to: drpresident
@Peggy ... that's the idea that I'm playing with mentally

51:05 to: mrsdurff
even some (cough) presenters reveal identity in SL !

51:07 to: Rob Galloway
CoverItLive is great, but it's also more complicated than simpler solutions like tinychat, etc.

51:13 to: kjarrett
@msdurff lol

51:15 to: Kim T AZ
it has to take time to adapt to this type of communication...probably easier for kids that teachers/admin

51:19 to: Peggy George
mrsdurff :-)

51:22 to: Sheri Edwards
my students use pseudonyms they have created for online identity

51:24 to: kas
yes Kim

51:25 to: mrsdurff
not you jarrett

51:36 to: kim flack
true Kim

51:40 to: Rob Galloway
I live CoverItLive (CIL) becuase it has more media options, twitter integration and polling - we use polling a lot as a student response system (instead of "clickers")

51:40 to: debschit
@Rob always a catch!

51:40 to: kjarrett
@msdurff ok saweeee

51:43 to: Eileen K
Would you suggest we get parent permission to use bc with elementary school students?

51:48 to: Danny Maas
@debschift - I'd recommend TodaysMeet for a first time backchannel

52:01 to: debschit
@ Danny-Thanks!

52:07 to: kyteacher
I would stick with CoverItLive if I could. Great features.

52:08 to: monika
polleverywhere makes comments anonymous

52:11 to: Peggy George
http://blog.misterhamada.com/2009/09/backchannel-in-the-middle-school/ (Clint Hamada: Back Channel in the Middle School Blog Post)

52:17 to: Kim T AZ
permission - yes for two reasons, safety issue and informing parents about this type of tech

52:27 to: Peggy George
http://www.utechtips.com/10-reasons-to-try-backchannel-chat/ (Jeff Utech: 10 Reasons to Try Backchannel Chat)

52:29 to: Danny Maas
@EileenK - more than parent permission, I suggest always communicating with parents when anything out of the normal is happening with students. Always good to keep them informed

52:30 to: kas
i would want my students involved in the bc to know who is saying what

52:43 to: mrsdurff
Opinion of his of Edmodo / Twitter ?

52:51 to: monika
rob's - what your twitter name

52:59 to: Eileen K
Thank you everyone!

53:09 to: kjarrett
This was great!

53:12 to: Rob Galloway

53:14 to: MB
This is great...thanks for the link to the letter

53:17 to: Peggy George
parent permission is important because it also makes them aware of things you'll be doing in your class

53:24 to: Danny Maas
@Mrsdurff Edmodo is fantastic! They are also going to be including an EtherPad knockoff in Edmodo soon

53:27 to: Peggy George
besides giving their permission...

53:31 to: Rob Galloway
galloway@uni.edu if you want more info or to follow-up

53:31 to: kjarrett
hey everyone post your twitter links like this: http://www.twitter.com/kjarrett so we can follow each other!

53:42 to: roxanneC
what happens for those who opt out then?

53:47 to: Danny Maas

53:51 to: Sharon Nagy-Johnson

53:59 to: monika

54:00 to: Peggy George
if they opt out they can probably use paper/pencil :-(

54:05 to: Paula Naugle

54:11 to: Scott Shelhart

54:17 to: Sheri Edwards

54:17 to: Rob Galloway

54:18 to: mrsdurff
who wants to use paper?

54:20 to: Lorna Costantini

54:21 to: Cathy Laguna

54:21 to: BethStill 1

54:23 to: MB
Hi Paula - GO SAINTS!

54:23 to: mrsdurff
no one

54:24 to: Kim T AZ
wouldn't it be great if you could get these parents to participate and see what it is?

54:25 to: Folmerica

54:29 to: blairteach

54:32 to: Sharon Nagy-Johnson
wow... already following so many of you...

54:43 to: Maureen

54:43 to: Peggy George
parents are usually supportive when they understand the value and know it is safely monitored

54:46 to: mrsdurff
I hav had parents participate

54:48 to: drpresident

54:49 to: mrsdurff
from home

54:54 to: jackiegerstein
Yes let the students be the moderators!

54:55 to: Paula Naugle
Hi MB. Can't wait for the Super Bowl tomorrow. Geaux SAINTS.

55:00 to: Cathy Laguna
where is the link to the parent letter?

55:01 to: debschit

55:04 to:
i think we should train 30 kids per building to be tech interns

55:07 to:

55:08 to:
How to link?

55:10 to:
Teacher is still present

55:13 to:
gotta check on Nik

55:22 to:
Peggy George
yes monika!!! great idea to train the kids to be tech interns!

55:26 to:
kim flack

55:35 to:
that's what i've heard

55:38 to:

55:52 to:
Rob Galloway
YES - CIL works fine on iphones and other mobile devices

55:54 to:
@kjarret Thanks!

55:54 to:
Jan Wells

55:57 to:
Danny Maas
TodaysMeet works with mobile Safari

55:57 to:
Peggy George
Generation YES/TechYES is a fantastic model for preparing students to be tech helpers in school--for both teachers and students

55:59 to:
@deb np

56:04 to:
Rob Galloway
They are releasing an iphone app for moderators, but currently works fine for particpating

56:18 to:
I got here late - did he mention using Etherpad as a backchannel?

56:27 to:
@Peggy Generation Yes?

56:30 to:
@Rob Name of app?

56:32 to:
@jackie yes

56:37 to:

56:39 to:
I recently read about m2 generation

56:40 to:
KJ - out of the cold??

56:42 to:
Rob Galloway
Not approved yet by Apple, coming soon

56:43 to:
ty. need to go now

56:51 to:
Sharon Nagy-Johnson
Students are awesome at managing backchannels...enough can't be said for empowering students to help teachers!!!

56:53 to:
Kim Caise
no he hasn't mentioned it but it is being discontinued as of march 2010 i thought

56:53 to:

56:55 to:
@jackie Yes! Power is back on!

56:56 to:
Peggy George
concept mapping tools might also be a great way for kids to share their brainstorming--especially the online collaborative tools like MindMeister

57:01 to:
Purti Singh

57:13 to:
Alternatives to Etherpad are being developed

57:21 to:
Primary Pad?

57:23 to:
Sheri Edwards

57:25 to:
Danny Maas
@jackiegerstein - Edmodo is soon to be including an Etherpad knockoff called 'Chalk'

57:26 to:
kim flack
i'm going to use Today's Meet on Monday!

57:33 to:
Danny Maas
PrimaryPad only for UK @jackie

57:37 to:
Pirate Pad

57:42 to:
Danny Maas
@jackie iEtherpad

57:45 to:
The Chatzy link at http://gl.am/Wca6X is directing to an incorrect page FYI

57:45 to:
Peggy George
TechYES Student Technology Literacy Certification -

58:06 to:
Peggy George
thanks Jonathan--will check it out

58:10 to:
GW doesn't run on IE... :(

58:27 to:
Peggy George

58:29 to:
Etherpad is owned by google now but since it was open sourced someone else has started http://iEtherpad.com - works GREAT, exactly the same software!

58:30 to:
struggled with Google Wave as well

58:45 to:
thx Danny

58:46 to:
tks, found it that way

58:46 to:
@Peggy & @Sheri Thanks.

58:47 to:
Google Wave makes my brain hurt!

58:49 to:
@kyteacher- I won't let kids use IE in my class- FF or chrome. IE is a pain

58:50 to:
Danny Maas
@kjarrett - iEtherpad doesn't have the 8-user limit either does it?

58:52 to:
kim flack
googlewave is the same software as etherpad?

59:08 to:
Still trying to figure out google wave ... on to do list for the week

59:09 to:

59:11 to:
@Danny it should have the same limits as Etherpad does. Same software.

59:26 to:
@Maureen Not allowed to use anything except IE at school.

59:28 to:
ty Kim

59:35 to:
@Kim no Etherpad is WAY different and SO much easier!

59:36 to:

59:37 to:
Danny Maas
@kjarrett I haven't yet seen the pay-for service for 8+ users that Etherpad has on iEtherpad

59:40 to:
@kyteacher- why?

59:48 to:
etherpad has limit of 16

1:00:04 to:
@Maureen Fewer plug-ins.

1:00:13 to:
kim flack
@kjarrett - i've used etherpad - i love it -- just haven't figured out googlewave LOL

1:00:13 to:
Jan Wells

1:00:16 to:
This is always so interensting - thank you

1:00:19 to:
Love idea of using mindmapping tool as kind of bkchannel (I think was Peggy)

1:00:26 to:
Paula Naugle
Thank you Scoo and everyone.

1:00:30 to:
ah! Feb 13=edmodo!

1:00:32 to:
Awesome sauce! Thanks everyone!

1:00:35 to:
Danny Maas
Where will the next show link be posted on Twitter? Whom should I follow for this?

1:00:35 to:
Edmodo is developing a tool like Etherpad. Played with it the other day. Students loved it.

1:00:36 to:
Paula Naugle
Thank you Scott and everyone.

1:00:52 to:
kim flack
@debschit is mindmapping online?

1:00:53 to:
You always think you know about it until the questions come up that you never thought about!

1:00:55 to:
Danny Maas
@kyteacher - me too - Great that Edmodo is putting that Etherpad knockoff in!

1:00:59 to:
Kim T AZ
Thanks for an incredible insightful session!

1:01:11 to:
Peggy George
that's strange about the Chatzy link in gl.am!! it is the correct link but it definitely directs to another site!

1:01:13 to:
interesting session

1:01:18 to:
Hurrah Clay Shirkey!

1:01:19 to:
kim flack
this was a FANTASTIC session!!

1:01:23 to:
Rob M
Thanks everyone!

1:01:23 to:
@Danny I agree.

1:01:23 to:
@Kim Like an Inspiration tool that allows for collaborative work

1:01:24 to:
@kyteacher- sorry, that doesn't make sense to me. I let the kids use FF and show them the good extensions. If they want to try out others, they can. They should know about dif browsers, dif word proce

1:01:24 to:
ssors, etc... IMHO

1:01:24 to:
Danny Maas
WOW! Clay Shirky! You need to see his TED talk!

1:01:26 to:
Goodness. I don't want to miss any of them. May not be able to...

1:01:27 to:
Thanks everyone, bye

1:01:37 to:
I did Danny - great!

1:01:37 to:
Peggy George
Steve's interviews are always interesting!!!

1:01:43 to:
Here COmes Everybody

1:01:46 to:
Lynn W
what time is the 2/9 w/Lisa Gillis?

1:01:50 to:
Steve is a good guy!

1:01:52 to:
So cool seeing "our people" getting "the bigwigs" into these channels for us to interact with!

1:01:52 to:
kim flack
is there any way to easily export the calendar from Classroom 2.0 to my own?

1:01:55 to:
Grace 2
This was great, thanks!

1:01:57 to:
she does too

1:02:01 to:
Bruce Neal
Thanks everyone!

1:02:01 to:
Lynn W
thank you!

1:02:07 to:
Danny Maas
url for Classroom 2.0 Live?

1:02:11 to:
Thanks all! Gotta blast! PEACE!

1:02:15 to:
@jackiegerstein Did you get all your car probs solved?

1:02:23 to:
Will this session be available via archive?

1:02:24 to:
Danny Maas
Thank you Scott! Great time everyone! Thanks for your input everyone!

1:02:27 to:
Peggy George
yes Lisa Gillis is 8:00pm EST

1:02:27 to:
Cathy Laguna
Thanks everyone!

1:02:27 to:
@Maureen I agree with you.

1:02:30 to:
click clap icon for scott

1:02:33 to:
Shamblesguru 2
tinychat = chat+whiteboard+etherpad+youtube(with moderation) and embeddable in own website .... have embedded in shambles at http://www,shambleds.net/tinychat

1:02:37 to:
Twitter ID: @bmontana

1:02:38 to:
Lorna Costantini

1:02:41 to:
Lynn W
Thank you that sounds like a good one!

1:02:42 to:
Purti Singh
Could you amil us-purtisingh.choithram@gmail.com

1:02:43 to:
Peggy George
This has been such a great conversation with Scott!!!

1:02:44 to:
Danny Maas
Hey Chris! @Shamblesguru

1:02:46 to:
aforgrave (Andrew)
Thanks Scott, Kim, Lorna, Peggy ...

1:02:48 to:
Peggy George
Thank you so much Scott!!

1:02:51 to:
Shamblesguru 2

1:02:57 to:
@jackiegerstein - had an incredible session on student-centric learning at educon

1:02:59 to:
Lynn W
Thank you moderators and thank you Scott! So long...

1:03:00 to:
Twitter ID again: http://www.twitter.com/bmontana

1:03:17 to:
why is scott doing student teaching if he already is a teacher?

1:03:23 to:
Purti Singh
Thankyou very much

1:03:28 to:
Peggy George
would love to hear some people share how they're using back channel chat!!

1:03:35 to:
Kim Caise
scott shelhart just finished student teaching

1:03:36 to:
Peggy George
different Scott mrsdurff

1:03:43 to:

1:03:49 to:
there are3 too many

1:03:52 to:
Peggy George
good point Tammy!!

1:03:58 to:
Sheri Edwards
Thanks Shambles

1:04:06 to:
Jennifer S
@kim I am interested in an invte for wave - your email address?

1:04:11 to:
Thank you for this student moderator advice!

1:04:15 to:
Kim Caise

1:04:19 to:
Jennifer S

1:04:20 to:
Peggy George
never thought about the problem with having too many moderators--makes sense

1:04:42 to:
Why not "cycle" among moderators...not all at the same time?

1:04:49 to:
Are guest moderators part of the chat?

1:04:50 to:
kim flack
mentorship for moderators maybe

1:05:01 to:
Shamblesguru 2
I also use back channel whiteboards and mixed services .... my current preferred backchannel tools can be seen in the lower left corner of http://www.shambles.net

1:05:04 to:
@monika - thanks!

1:05:04 to:
Danny Maas
I wish this chat window were larger..

1:05:21 to:
Paula Naugle
I have Wave invites if anyone needs one email me plnaugle@gmail.com.

1:05:21 to:
@danny you can make it larger

1:05:22 to:
Kim Caise
thanks @shambles

1:05:26 to:
Peggy George
sure LarryAnderson!!--just like we cycle classroom jobs :-)

1:05:34 to:
Lorna Costantini
the chat log will be posted in the archives

1:05:36 to:
Danny Maas
@monika thanks :)

1:05:42 to:
This seems like a great platform to help students learn effective leadership skills. Make lemonade out of the lemons! :-)

1:05:44 to:
@peggy - chat larger? how..

1:05:48 to:
Peggy George
select View> widelayout to see more of the chat

1:05:50 to:
I agree = Larry

1:06:00 to:
Nik is snoring ==> aw!

1:06:03 to:
I would like to try waves maiziea@gmail.com

1:06:07 to:
get that danny?

1:06:19 to:
Danny Maas
@Peggy George - thanks - got it! Thanks @monika

1:06:31 to:
will he be at PETE-C?

1:06:38 to:
kim flack
@larryanderson - exactly! empower em :)

1:06:40 to:
Do we have any examples of "student voice" related to backchannels?

1:06:44 to:
Danny Maas
Still trying to embed open GW into blog posts on edublogs

1:06:47 to:
Peggy George
the wide layout is great when there's lots of chat flowing by--the default layout is great when you're viewing slides or web sites

1:06:48 to:
Tammy Moore
You can make the chat window bigger in Ellunminate by selecting the wide view option

1:06:50 to:
Shamblesguru 2
You mentioned 'backup' plans

1:07:04 to:
How do students feel about it?

1:07:06 to:
Cathy Laguna
I have a question...I embedded a cover it live but it didn't show up on the student laptops. The district said it wasn't blocked. Any suggestions?

1:07:31 to:
Bye all Thanks!

1:07:32 to:
"voice" in writing

1:07:38 to:
Student testimonials, perhaps

1:07:45 to:
Peggy George
that's an interesting question Cathy! not sure why it wouldn't be showing up--are you sure you copied the full embed code?

1:07:56 to:
Shamblesguru 2
Danny ..... hiya

1:08:05 to:
Cathy Laguna
It showed on my laptop (teacher server) but not on theirs.

1:08:10 to:
Kim Caise
java may not have been enabled in that browser @cathy

1:08:19 to:
Kim Caise

1:08:25 to:
@cathy - if things are unblocked but won't work - if you can set the default for that app to open when laptop starts - usually fixes it

1:08:34 to:
Super! Thanks Scott and Kim! This would be a great tool to show emergent schools how to use this tool!

1:08:39 to:
Peggy George
http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=330 (Scott Snyder: K12 Online Conference 2008 presentation)

1:08:42 to:
Kim Caise

1:08:42 to:
Danny Maas
Following many of you now on Twitter - thanks!

1:08:46 to:
how much snow are they getting?

1:08:49 to:
Lorna Costantini

1:09:01 to:
we are looking at 20" storm total

1:09:02 to:
Tammy Moore
In Elluminate - If you teach for a very ling stretch in any particular day (I have 10 hour days) with lots of back channeling, it is a good idea to log out and back in periodically bewteen classes to

1:09:02 to:
Tammy Moore
clear the chat record. The long record can bog down Elliminate. Restart Elluminate clears the log. You can save chat logs to your computer before you log out and back in

1:09:09 to:
Tammy Moore

1:09:09 to:
Gotta go - hope to see everyone in Denver in June for ITSE

1:09:17 to:
Lorna Costantini
full recording chat log and gl.am links

1:09:19 to:
bye kas

1:09:26 to:
Cathy Laguna
Thanks for the suggestions. We lost our instructional technology support teacher and I need to know what to ask for now. No one to help figure it out!

1:09:26 to:
Peggy George
that's a great tip about elluminate, Tammy!

1:09:32 to:

1:09:32 to:
Sheri Edwards
Thanks Tammy

1:09:38 to:
and you can copy this chat right now... everyone know that?

1:09:41 to:
Danny Maas
Thanks everyone! See you online!

1:09:46 to:
Jennifer S
Thanks so much! This was great.

1:09:53 to:
Danny Maas
Thanks again Scott!

1:09:54 to:
Rob Galloway
We've been experimenting with backchannels for a couple of years in a large enrollment university preservice technology course. You can replay our archives here: http://www.uni.edu/coe/ci/240-031/back

1:09:54 to:
Rob Galloway

1:09:57 to:
Shamblesguru 2
Backup Plans???

1:10:06 to:

1:10:08 to:

1:10:10 to:
Peggy George
@Cathy Laguna--maybe you can send me the link you're trying to embed and I can check it out. pgeorge@mac.com

1:10:11 to:

1:10:32 to:
the ultimate back up =>study hall

1:10:39 to:
Kim Caise
great suggestion, paired discussion

1:10:52 to:
Kim Caise
and switch roles

1:10:56 to:
Didn't know if this was added - Danah Boyd's discussion for NMC a few weeks ago - http://www.nmc.org/connect/2010/january/25 (archived at http://nmc.na3.acrobat.com/p46567911/

1:10:57 to:
Peggy George
paired discussions are also good in back channels--can even do small groups with one person typing if you have limited computers

1:11:29 to:
Peggy George
our links today primarily focus on classroom links for backchannel use and not the conference presentation backchannel uses

1:11:38 to:

1:11:42 to:

1:11:46 to:
the circle thing didn't work for us - not enough physical space in our room

1:11:55 to:
I just thought it was a good discussion

1:12:11 to:
Peggy George
http://www.slideshare.net/coolcatteacher/backchannel-basics (Vicki Davis/CoolCatTeacher: BackChannel Basics including backchannel netiquette)

1:12:11 to:
2 circles

1:12:21 to:
Eileen K
technology triads

1:12:32 to:
good resource Peggy

1:12:35 to:
Peggy George
it was an excellent discussion about Danah Boyd's dilemma with backchanneling during her presentation

1:12:44 to:
is scott doing a PETE-C presentation?

1:12:56 to:
what is a PETE-C presentation

1:13:13 to:
Peggy George
http://www.speedofcreativity.org/2010/01/27/backchannel-with-etherpad-experiences/ (Wesley Fryer post about Backchanneling using Etherpad and Chatzy)

1:13:21 to:
Tammy Moore
Students at the beginning of the year or a conferebce often need to be encouraged to back channeling because many have been taught that you sit back and listen and their knee jerk reaction is that bac

1:13:21 to:
Tammy Moore
k channeling is rude.

1:13:22 to:
Paula Naugle
@Jan Okay.

1:14:05 to:
Peggy George

1:14:14 to:
Cathy Laguna
@jackie Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference

1:14:19 to:

1:14:28 to:
when is it?

1:14:32 to:
Peggy George
modeling is so important in this process!!

1:14:43 to:
Peggy George
Feb. 21-24

1:15:08 to:
Cathy Laguna
Is there a link to Scott's Parent letter?

1:15:21 to:
Shamblesguru 2
Now every classroom needs two data projectors ;-)

1:15:26 to:
Kim Caise
http://gl.am/Wca6X in this list of links

1:15:34 to:
Tammy Moore
Give yourself time to learn how to present and monitor back channeling at the same time. Initially, the multi-tasking is hard, but you get used to is pretty quiuckly.

1:15:50 to:
Kim Caise
great poin @tammy

1:15:59 to:
2 projectors better than one smartboard

1:16:03 to:
Do we know of any instances in which ADMINISTRATORS have been coached in using backchanneling? So they'll buy in to using it in the classroom?

1:16:30 to:
our admin backchanneled when we had david warlick in for keynote

1:16:41 to:
i think experiencing a good backchannel is key

1:16:46 to:
Peggy George
not sure of a direct link to Scott's parent letter--we should ask him

1:17:10 to:
Sheri Edwards
@CathyLaguna: http://integratingtech.wikispaces.com/Classroom+Backchannels#toc15

1:17:40 to:
Tammy Moore

1:17:42 to:
Peggy George
if presenters encourage back channeling during their presentation it helps some people to have the courage to try it--especially when they have provided the tool to use such as CoverItLive

1:17:43 to:
Thanks Sheri

1:17:57 to:
Sheri Edwards

1:17:57 to:
Kim Caise

1:18:07 to:
nice comment... if i wouldn't have gotten it under control.. i wonder what my kids would be missing out on

1:18:07 to:
Cathy Laguna
Thanks Sheri!

1:18:14 to:
Peggy George
thank you Sheri!! we'll add that to our archives and the gl.am links

1:18:30 to:
LOVE backchanneling - I would have been SO much more engaged as a student if it was around then

1:18:40 to:
Grace 2
Sitting in on a session is a great idea. It always helps to see it in action.

1:19:15 to:
seems good for ADHD kids LOL

1:19:35 to:
Also, do you ever use text archives as teaching tools (for later reflectioning)? Allowing students to discuss what was contained in the backchannel discussion? (Know what I mean?)

1:19:38 to:
Peggy George
that would be great for the kids to see their principal pop into their back channel chat!!

1:19:42 to:
news update 36" storm total

1:19:46 to:
oi veh

1:19:49 to:
Kim Caise
wouldn't that be cool to see?

1:19:52 to:
Much better to see it to see the level of thinking going on!

1:20:08 to:
text archives as teaching tools only brings more motivation.. realize they are heard

1:20:22 to:
Peggy George
yes monika!!!

1:20:31 to:
gtg everyone

1:20:31 to:
my super popped into ours

1:20:33 to:
good revision too

1:20:36 to:

1:20:43 to:
Tammy Moore
Be ready to help students raising the hand raise bell over and over demanding an answer to their back channel question to learn to raise it once and be patient for a bit before ringing the bell again,

1:20:43 to:
Tammy Moore
and again, and again. lol. I have had a few each new class session that could worry the ears off of a billy goat with the bell. hehe

1:20:44 to:
kim flack
great ideas!! showcasing the fact that the principal is also an instructional leader!

1:20:52 to:
Cathy Laguna
Bye mrsdurff!

1:21:07 to:
Peggy George
when you have an "authentic audience" I think you try harder to communicate your ideas

1:21:27 to:
why use it if you don't let it drive learning

1:21:40 to:
How often do students contribute external resources (links, etc.) to backchannel conversations?

1:21:40 to:
Tell Steve that Elluminate needs to set up classroom packages!

1:21:44 to:
Cathy Laguna
Bye All! Thanks to everyone!

1:21:49 to:
Curious how we demonstrate efficacy of backchannel use?

1:21:51 to:
Peggy George
students could help to create a rubric for back channeling in their classroom :-)

1:22:04 to:
elluminate room is free through learning central... yes?

1:22:12 to:
yes monika

1:22:17 to:
Peggy George
Scott said he would share some research links with us--we have a couple in our gl.am links

1:22:19 to:
for how many students?

1:22:23 to:
I enjoyed the presentation. Thank you. Off to bed.

1:22:28 to:
...or do they (students) just jot notes about what's being discussed?

1:22:29 to:
Peggy George
Jennifer Madrell did a research study on back channeling

1:22:42 to:
Is that study in your links?

1:22:42 to:
Peggy George
bye drpresident! thanks for joining us

1:22:48 to:
mine do

1:22:48 to:
Peggy George

1:22:52 to:
Tammy Moore
I know that in our classes, especially biology, we get lots of external links from students

1:22:53 to:
Paula Naugle
Bye everyone. Thanks for another great session. See you next week. I hope you pull for our SAINTS tomorrow.

1:22:59 to:
sending each other links while we're talking...

1:23:18 to:
Lots of external links from students...it became a sort of competition.

1:23:21 to:
Rob Galloway
You have to encourage students to do this. Our students do when we integrate that expectation into the class topic.

1:23:22 to:
Peggy George
@Paula--I'm pulling for your Saints too!! (now that the Cardinals are out of the picture!!) :-)

1:23:34 to:
Me too Peggy

1:23:44 to:
Paula Naugle
Thanks, Peggy and Jackie.

1:23:48 to:
; )

1:23:50 to:
that's what brings iti richness as well

1:23:50 to:
Peggy George
that's a great point Rob

1:23:51 to:
Shamblesguru 2
Thank you very much ..... enjoyed the session .... always learn something new here ...... now sleep .....

1:23:51 to:
Grace 2
I have been trying to think of a way for 2 classes that are using the same readers to share reactions and responses to the stories. Do you think that would work?

1:23:53 to:
kim flack
thank you so much - -great information and discussion!!

1:24:07 to:
Peggy George
sleep well Shamblesguru!! always love having you join us!!

1:24:22 to:
Tammy Moore
Class size will have an exponential imact in back channel. The bigger the class the more (exponentially) they will utilize backchannel.

1:24:25 to:
kim flack

1:24:33 to:
Peggy George
I would love to see the model lesson at ISTE2010!

1:24:40 to:
Paula Naugle
Great, will look for that at ISTE10.

1:24:46 to:
Very nice.

1:24:48 to:
Thank you SO much Scott, you have inspired me!

1:24:55 to:
Rob Galloway
class size and also location - I rely on backchannels to support distance education where learners are in separate cities

1:25:22 to:
Peggy George
Tammy-can you take the mic and say more about that--bigger the class the more they will utilize backchannel--very interesting

1:25:33 to:
@Peggy...where can i find the info on classrooms using Elluminate?

1:25:36 to:
Tammy Moore
Sure. Just let me know when you are ready

1:26:06 to:
Sheri Edwards
research on backchannels -- in the glam?

1:26:12 to:
Peggy George
@roxeanneC--do you mean using backchanneling or using elluminate?

1:26:20 to:
Grace 2
These are in different countries - Chile and Peru - same time zone

1:26:34 to:
Peggy George
yes Jennifer Madrell's scribd document on backchannel research in the gl.am links

1:26:56 to:
Peggy George
tammy--take the mic

1:27:01 to:
Peggy George
raise your hand :-)

1:27:09 to:
Difficult with different time zones

1:27:32 to:
@peggy...someone said we get can get E rooms for free?

1:28:14 to:
Have to go. Great discussion.

1:28:35 to:
is there a link?

1:28:46 to:
Kim Caise

1:29:06 to:
Peggy George
yes-on LearnCentral you can get 3 for free e-rooms

1:29:34 to:
Jan Wells
Thanks to all :)

1:29:42 to:
@peggy...I would like to do a reading club with another school and use Elluminate....more than 3

1:29:43 to:
Kim Caise
regardless of the elluminate room you use through learncentral both setups are free

1:30:01 to:
Peggy George
the program isn't posted for ISTE2010 yet--coming mid-February http://center.uoregon.edu/ISTE/2010/program/

1:30:21 to:
Peggy George
that's really interesting about the group size for back channel :-)

1:30:31 to:
kim...peggy...so cool thanks.

1:30:32 to:
Eileen K
Roxanne - I would like to do a reading club with another school dicussing ReadingOlmpic books. Are you familiar with this competition for schools?

1:30:35 to:
Grace 2
Do you have to know a lot in order to do that. I am learning this as I go along.

1:30:50 to:
Peggy George
I love the breakout rooms in elluminate for small group student conversations within a larger group

1:30:56 to:
eileen,...no tell me more

1:30:58 to:
Grace 2
by do that - I mean an elluminate room

1:31:22 to:
Rob Galloway
We have 180 students in one lecture. Usually only about 50-60 are participating in the backchannel, but they generate a lot of discussion. Can be difficult to keep them on track.

1:31:44 to:
@rob what do you teach

1:32:03 to:
Eileen K
This is a reading competition her in PA where students as a team read from a suggested list of 45 books and go into a competition with other schools about the books.

1:32:14 to:
Speaking of learn central - starting now "Straightedge and compass constructions with Geogebra" http://mathfuture.wikispaces.com/Straightedge+and+compass+constructions+with+Geogebra

1:32:24 to:
nope - hit wrong key

1:32:47 to:
just started

1:32:50 to:
Rob Galloway
instructional technology. We have smaller groups for hands on work, but the lecture part of the class meets once per week

1:32:51 to:
Peggy George
you can also start a Diigo group for students to share annotations and comments on websites for book discussions

1:32:55 to:
thanks for the session everyone!!

1:33:14 to:

1:33:17 to:
Eileen K
Thanks Peggy. that is another great idea.

1:33:25 to:
Thank you very much. Great session.

1:33:26 to:
@eileen...sounds fun! I'd love to learn more and perhaps offer one here in Alameda

1:33:34 to:
@rob - what grade -

1:33:41 to:
Sheri Edwards
Thanks all! jackie your link w/danah boyd too; looks like another great one to listen to

1:33:42 to:
Tammy Moore
no, I couldn't catch the question

1:33:51 to:
Rob Galloway
higher ed - undergraduate, mostly sophomores

1:34:07 to:
Peggy George
Kim-remind Scott to send us his follow up links for research so we can add them to our gl.am links :-)

1:34:09 to:
Eileen K
Roxanne- I wouldn't mind having a book discussion with your class with other books.

1:34:15 to:
@rob - gotcha

1:34:18 to:
Kim Caise

1:34:21 to:
Sheri Edwards
Thaks all -- now need to learn edmodo too

1:34:31 to:
Thanks for this great session. Bye.

1:34:38 to:
Thank you Scott this was so enlightening!

1:34:47 to:
Peggy George
thank you everyone for joining us!!! This has been such a great learning experience!! Thank you Scott!!!!

1:34:50 to:
thank you

1:34:50 to:
Tammy Moore
Great session. I love back channel classes. :)

1:34:52 to:
Rob Galloway
Thanks - glad things worked out after initial tech problems! Enjoyed the discussion.

1:34:52 to:
how do i get to you then?

1:34:53 to:
Eileen K
Roxanne- contact me if you are interested my email is ekoch@pennsbury.k12.pa.us

1:34:56 to:
Tammy Moore

1:34:57 to:
Grace 2
Thankyou very much

1:35:05 to:
Great session!

1:35:05 to:
Doug G
Thanks :-)

1:35:10 to:
Kim Caise

1:35:18 to:
Peggy George
bye everyone! I'll post the recording link as soon as it is ready--usually within an hour

1:35:23 to:
Kim Caise//
bye all