Classroom 2.0 LIVE – Bill Ferriter - February 12, 2011 at 11:00 AM
00:18 to: Sebastian Panakal India
Good Morning everyone
00:35 to: Terri.Reh
Will miss Paula.
00:37 to: Kim Caise
i went and played in the snow and i didnt dress warmly so i am sick again
00:48 to: Terri.Reh
I mean Peggy....
00:50 to: Bill Ferriter
Hope for a good session? Me too!
00:56 to: Kim Caise
should be fun today!
01:12 to: McTeach (Karen)
Feels like months since I've been here!
01:32 to: Bill Ferriter
@becky: My inlaws are from Williamsburg! I spend a TON of time there.
01:34 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning Lorna.
01:41 to: Becky P
Good morning from Williamsburg, VA
01:43 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks Lisa.
01:43 to: McTeach (Karen)
Hey there Paula!!
01:45 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Hi Karen- glad to see you here
01:55 to: Bill Ferriter
Please clap, huh?
01:56 to: blairteach
Hello from Atlanta!
02:10 to: Bill Ferriter
Sebastian rules.
02:12 to: McTeach (Karen)
Hey Maureen!!Glad to be here!
02:23 to: Bill Ferriter
@blairteach: Good to see you, Nancy!
02:32 to: Becky P
@Bill. It's a wonderful place to live :-)
02:39 to: Sebastian Panakal India
02:46 to: Barbara O
Hello from Suffolk, VA!
02:53 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Terri. Think I finally have fixed my Skype problem at school. Will connect you about Skyping next week. Yeah!
03:03 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@McTeach I think this was our first full week since December- no snow days or holidays.
03:06 to: Bill Ferriter
Good to see you, @kyteacher!
03:25 to: McTeach (Karen)!! That's crazy!
03:28 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
I'm ready to learn!
03:36 to: Terri.Reh
Yay! Had a great Skype with Dr Leslie Hannah on Cherokee culture, I really recommend him...
03:37 to: Sandy C.
Hi from BC Canada
03:46 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning, Bill. Excited to hear what you have to share.
03:55 to: Mary Ann
Hi from Illinois!
03:57 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Karen.
03:57 to: MCinFrance
Hi from France, from the Loire Valley
04:01 to: McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning Angela!
04:02 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Angela.
04:09 to: Helena
Hi, from Nairobi, Kenya
04:11 to: Jan Wells 1
Good Morning, ALL
04:14 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Nancy.
04:19 to: Sal 1
hi from New Jersey - very windy today
04:22 to: David Leonard
Hello from Cobb, CA!
04:24 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
Good morning Paula and Karen.
04:26 to: blairteach
Looking at the participants list makes me feel like this is a PLN reunion!
04:27 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
I tried skyping with a teacher down the hall. Worked pretty well.
04:31 to: Bill Ferriter
Thanks, Paula. I hate following someone brilliant, though! Your session was great.
04:31 to: Jan Wells 1
@plnaugle Hi friend!
04:32 to: yelena 1
I studied abroad in Kenya!
04:33 to: Eileen K
Happy Saturday from Pennsylvania
04:45 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Hi again Eillen
04:45 to: blairteach
Hello, Paula! Hello, Angela!
04:48 to: Kim Caise
thanks tammy for closed captioning today
04:50 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Here in New Orleans it is supposed to get warmer today. Sun is shining.
04:53 to: ronpeck
Hi, from southern oregon.
04:57 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Looking forward to hearing Bill- love what he shares on his blog.
05:16 to: Sal 1
Yea, France!
05:18 to: Jan Wells 1
a warming Kansas here, woohooo
05:18 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good evening Shambles.
05:26 to: Bill Ferriter
Oh yes...the Iberian Peninsula is in the House!
05:30 to: blairteach
Wow! A really worldwide audience today.
05:33 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hey Jan. Good to see you here.
05:34 to: MCinFrance
Yea, NJ!!!
05:38 to: Terri.Reh
05:38 to: Kim C
Southern California
05:40 to: Justin Stallings
Amarillo tx
05:40 to: Sebastian Panakal India
So is India!!
05:40 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
New Mexico
05:41 to: tracyfitzwater
Port Angeles, WA
05:42 to: Jennifer Duarte
Colorado here
05:45 to: Suzanne
albuquerque, nm
05:48 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Finally not snowing today in western MA
05:49 to: Becky P
Williamsburg, VA
05:50 to: yelena 1
Boulder, Colorado
05:52 to: Andrea Olatunji
I am from uruguay but I am in Virginia now
05:58 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Hi Suzanne from Las Cruces
06:00 to: Kristen B
Good morning from Northern California!
06:05 to: Len H 2
Hi Paula
06:11 to: Sal 1
Yes, for wikis!
06:12 to: Kim Flack
Goodyear, AZ
06:23 to: blairteach
I don't have "students," but my colleagues do use wikis.
06:30 to: Len H 2
Hi Kim, Glendale AZ here
06:31 to: McTeach (Karen)
Hey Kristen! Good morning back at ya from Northern California!! :)
06:38 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hey Len we should be a go for the coming week. Had major Skype setback but got it fixed.
06:44 to: Becky P
My students are teachers
06:46 to: Sal 1
06:46 to: Sheri Edwards
Coulee Dam, WA
06:51 to: cstanley
@Maureen - Our first full week, too. It was exhausting with a 2hr prof development on Monday after school and parent conferences from 5:00 -7:30PM on Wednesday. It was great to have the routine of a w
06:51 to: cstanley
hole week, however.
06:52 to: Len H 2
06:53 to: aunttammie
The micro lenders?
06:54 to: Sal 1
I love Kiva!
06:58 to: Kristen B
We both had Dance duty last night also!!! Parallel lives!
07:06 to: Bill Ferriter
Kiva rules. Best thing I do with my students.
07:07 to: Suzanne
hey Sam!
07:14 to: Jan Wells 1
Hi KIm and Lorna!
07:33 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, but need to do more.
07:40 to: cstanley
I touch on it, but I don't have a formal lesson. I want to incorporate it.
07:41 to: MCinFrance
Teaching about licensing is part of the Middle School curriculum in France.
07:42 to: jeff
I agree Paula
07:47 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
I do as well, Paula
07:52 to: Bill Ferriter
Good percentage!
07:59 to: Bill Ferriter
That's higher than I expected.
08:00 to: Jan Wells 1
Me, too. Sure there are a lot of us.
08:15 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Welcome Bill!
08:25 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I had a nice email from a photographer yesterday- I make my kids email for permission, if it is not CC.
08:27 to: jes
sorry what was the percentage?
08:30 to: Bill Ferriter
Thanks, Sam...
08:32 to: blairteach
Have to keep in mind, though, the kind of committed people who are attending today. It probably skews the results.
08:35 to: cstanley
@Natalie - I live in CT, but I still think of Maine as home, even after 40 years in CT
08:42 to: Bill Ferriter
I'm @plugusin on Twitter.
09:07 to: McTeach (Karen)
Kristen...I wound up leaving the dance early with a migraine.
09:07 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I follow Bill.
09:08 to: Terri.Reh
Morning Zoe
09:11 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Funny, I just searched and could not find you.. Thanks, Bill, and I already follow you.
09:13 to: Bill Ferriter
I don't stink.
09:28 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi @zmidler.
09:31 to: Natalie
cstanley: I find that is because CT people/environment can be very cold and abrupt compared to upper New England
09:58 to: Kristen B
Karen UGH!! Is it better today?
10:06 to: zmidler
Hey @terri.reh, @plnaugle, @yelena 1
10:34 to: McTeach (Karen)
Kristen...yes, better but not gone. I'll take that!
10:35 to: yelena 1
Hey Z!
10:40 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Plugged in is so important in today's world.
10:44 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
So are some of their teachers....checking their FB.
10:55 to: cstanley
That is why I haven't started a FB account yet; I 'm busy enough with twitter and webinars.
10:58 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Kids I know rarely use email now- it's just texting and im for them
11:04 to: Sal 1
11:07 to: Kristen B
Karen, Hopefully the weekend will help get rid of it!!
11:16 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
Ummm...checking my FB right now...
11:22 to: Sal 1
I am sometimes surprised at what they don't know
11:25 to: Terri.Reh
Info snacking....:)
11:26 to: jeff
Very true, I have a classroom of infosnackers!!
11:27 to: McTeach (Karen)
Kristen....that's the plan!! Thanks! How are you?
11:30 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Tiffany. How is Baton Rouge?
11:31 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM) snacking
11:33 to: Natalie
i totally agree that my kids use technology daily but truly dont know how it works!
11:35 to: Kim Flack
mmm breakfast? :)
11:35 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I agree that the kids don't know how to use the tools they have for work- just for entertainment and socializing
11:41 to: Kim Caise
i love sixth grade!
11:42 to: pam moran
wht a great term -- feel that way myself many days
11:44 to: zmidler
Generations & Their Gadgets PEW Research
11:48 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
11:50 to: nancybroughton
It's that way in college as well
11:52 to: Sheri Edwards
My classes just practiced "focusing" on one topic.
11:55 to: Len H 2
6th graders just like to graze the surface.
11:57 to: Sal 1
what a great thought
11:58 to: cstanley
What is terrible is that is starting to happen to me, too. There is so much I want to look at and learn that I sometimes fall prey to what the kids fall prey to, as well.
11:59 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Sheri.
12:12 to: Leslie
I just finished reading "The Shallows" by Nicholas Carr. An excellent book about what the Internet is doing to our brains. Lots of good info for educators.
12:18 to: Lorna Costantini
@zmidler ty for sharing
12:25 to: Doug Henry
Need to promote cerebral obesity instead of physical...
12:43 to: Kim Flack
@Doug - love the term
12:43 to: Len H 2
I like that, Doug
12:43 to: jes
nice thought doug
12:43 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Well put Doug
12:52 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I found that with my 9th graders- when they are confident they are wonderful, but when challenged, it is so hard for them to stay on track and work thru it
13:08 to: Sheri Edwards
Hi Paula :)
13:11 to: ronpeck
My district administrators need to be listening to this presentation!
13:22 to: Terri.Reh
NPR on "infosnacking"
13:22 to: jes
Nice page/thought
13:27 to: David Leonard
Given their connection to so many things, is this generation better at making connections between texts (ie text to self, text to text, and text to world), and is there any data about reading comprehe
13:27 to: David Leonard
nsion scores for this particular generation as opposed to say generation x and baby boomers?
13:41 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
It not the's how you use them.
13:58 to: Natalie
so true!
14:12 to: zmidler
iPads are not magical but they are experiential and more so in the hands of a teacher
14:18 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Teachers as magicians.
14:21 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I did PD for a grp of teachers this week. Some wanted to know the "best tool" for something- rather than asking what can help me teach/kids learn something
14:22 to: KarenJan
so be the magician in your classroom!
14:24 to: jes
how do you get the outsiders to be magical?
14:34 to: pam moran
well #nwp has some info that kids who blog routinely both write better and more often on and offline than non-bloggers
14:39 to: Terri.Reh
@jes, good question
14:50 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
I got the magic in me :)
14:51 to: stidmama
There is a journal, "Computers & Education" that has quantitative studies about access to and use of various technologies and the effect on learning and teaching.
15:06 to: cstanley
But the tools do make it so much easier for us to connect kids around academic topics. I know, it's not about the tool, it's about the learning, but the tools surely do facilitate the process.
15:13 to: jeff
same in NJ
15:19 to: David Leonard
Thanks stidmama, I'll check it out.
15:42 to: Jennifer Duarte
The tools also help with engagement and motivation.
15:53 to: Len H 2
Same here in Glendale, AZ.
15:54 to: KarenJan
the tools remove the obstacles to learning for students on IEPs. it's important to keep that in mind. for example, text to speech tools allow struggling readers to access grade level curriculum
15:54 to: pam moran their report on leading, learning writing in the digital age
16:24 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Cross-curricluar lessons with it!
16:25 to: Terri.Reh
@Bill great idea.
16:30 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks for the link, Pam.
16:33 to: zmidler
Ah, you Google Proof your assignments--get them to take a position
16:38 to: michellemats
I have a blog and I can't get the kids to write anything, they just don't want to write even digitally
16:38 to: Lorna Costantini
@pam thanks for the link
17:04 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@KarenJan- did you read Ira's recent post about using tools for "disabilities" and redefining what that means?
17:06 to: Kim Caise
17:23 to: McTeach (Karen)
That's a cool idea!!
17:28 to: pam moran
yes- and looking at redefining literacy is key for contemporary learning- @irasocol working with us in albemarle on that
17:28 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
@michellemats: What are you asking them to write about on the blog?
17:38 to: KarenJan
@bcdtech- huge fan of ira's. read all his work about reframing the conversations
17:43 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Do you find that kids have a lot of trouble collaborating with one another?
17:50 to: blairteach
DId we lose audio????
17:53 to: zmidler
Kids lightup when you tell them the whole world could see their work--they want to create publication quality work
17:57 to: Kim Flack
empowerment & civic engagement!
17:59 to: michellemats
Our field trips, our favourite books, our holidays, or anything they want to share.
17:59 to: pam moran
i have uio
18:00 to: jes
18:02 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
NO...still have audio
18:03 to: Len H 2
Very Cool idea, Bill
18:04 to: Terri.Reh
@blairteach no
18:21 to: Kim Caise
18:23 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
My 4th graders are using their blogs to reflect on their learning in math. They love getting comments from all over the world.
18:29 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
rock the web tour :)
18:44 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
wika wika wiki
18:48 to: Kim Flack
I would love to be an 11 year old in his class!
18:51 to: Terri.Reh
@paula can we see their blogs?
18:54 to: blairteach
Got the audio back. Whew!
19:36 to: pam moran
and when kids work in SM world they can create their own version of UDL concepts at work- can't occur in trad writing formats - this wiki is fab
19:49 to: cstanley
Did the governor ever read them? If not, he should have.
19:59 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Terri.Reh Yes, check them out
20:26 to:
just giggling to myself thinking how this subject would go over here in Texas! Lots of parents in oil business...
20:26 to:
Lorna Costantini
scroll down on the page to see the comments
20:44 to:
yelena 1
I can't see it
20:50 to:
Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
I like the spelling of SOLLUTION...
21:07 to:
Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
fun with POLLUTION
21:14 to:
@yelena scroll the window on your right
21:39 to:
Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Love the names of the jobs...very fun
21:44 to:
love the roles...
21:46 to:
I need to do that with my 7th graders- they need specific roles.
21:52 to:
@lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Could an individual have done it alone, or were they required to be in a group?
21:52 to:
Angela (kyteacher) 1
Love the group!
21:54 to:
Lorna Costantini
It is terrific to see how Bill organizes his classroom
21:59 to:
Len H 2
Lorna can Bill control the page, we can't see what he is talking about.
22:03 to:
Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
22:09 to:
Lorna Costantini
@ Len scroll
22:10 to:
Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
too funny
22:12 to:
Lorna Costantini
22:17 to:
Just heard another teachers say that her kids cleaned up their blog posts, spelling errors, once they got pinged for them by visitors/commentors
22:27 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Love the names, so 6th grade.
22:27 to:
Sebastian Panakal India
Close the Web Tour page
22:39 to:
Jeff Zoul
Hello, @blairteach!
22:46 to:
How often did you have access to computers Bill?
23:21 to:
Do you assign roles to play to individual strengths or to challenge them or both?
23:40 to:
@Paula, well done math wiki...I have wiki envy now.
23:54 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks Terri.
23:55 to:
pam moran
great quote- in the end still a 5 paragraph essay... a "five paragraph blog, wiki, voicethread..."
24:01 to:
@zmidler, my high school students are always pointing out their classmates spelling and convention errors on Moodle posts, pointing out how difficult it makes to read the postss.
24:04 to:
How does Bill address the students who come to class who don't have home access? In other words, how does he address limited previous exposure and class time allocations?
24:20 to:
I love the idea of assigning roles for group projects!
24:41 to:
Angela (kyteacher) 1
This would even work as I teach my AP US History students about writing DBQs.
24:54 to:
This would be a great project to implement in our district which just went 1-1 in the 6th Grade, every kid has their own MacBook!
25:13 to:
how do you get the outsiders (teachers) to be magical?
25:29 to:
Recently did a 5 paragraphy essay w/5th grade and using Mixbook--Mixbook isn't the cool thing it was the students' publication quality work and the thoughtful way they wrote, conducted research, cited
25:29 to:
sources, found CC licensed images, etc.
25:35 to:
@jes they have to see one of your magical moments...
26:25 to:
thank you for the information!
26:47 to:
Lorna Costantini
that is a gr8 approach - self identify
26:50 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@jes You need to show them ways that tech can be used to flatten your classroom walls.
27:15 to:
Since it doesn't look like you posted student names, did you get parent permission? Were any parents concerned that the work was online and open?
27:37 to:
@lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Do they have to work in groups, or can they work alone?
27:45 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Geez...Kim, you sound awful!
27:54 to:
teachers... yes
28:07 to:
I try to help the kids self identify and also have run into the kids who won't go outside their comfort zone. I actually use that term with them, and try to help them extend their boundaries a bit.
28:10 to:
Len H 2
I was thinking the same thing, Karen.
28:17 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I thought Kim was feeling better! We need to send her some shicken soup.
28:26 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Sorry chicken soup.
28:35 to:
Sheri Edwards
Hope you feel better, Kim
28:36 to:
Kim Caise
i know. i was feeling better but i went to play in the snow and didnt dress warmly at all
28:36 to:
Len H 2
Grandma's chicken soup!
28:37 to:
Amen brother!
28:42 to:
@lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
I liked shicken, Paula ;-)
29:08 to:
Len H 2
I'm sippin' Russian Tea right now.
29:14 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@lemoinemb Some typos weem to be better.
29:28 to:
Kim Caise
love livescribe pens
29:40 to:
Enhance, augment, improve the teachers subject matter expertise
29:42 to:
Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Her bag of wax...ha ha
29:46 to:
That's a new one for me- bag of wax :-)
29:46 to:
Just pondering what a Shicken is...
29:47 to:
LOVE my Livescribe!!!
29:58 to:
Christie 1
I love Audio Note app for Mac and iPad
30:16 to:
Angela (kyteacher) 1
I want Livescribe pens for my room.
30:21 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@ronpeck I guess it is a sick chicken.
30:28 to:
30:38 to:
30:48 to:
thanks for the visual, Paula!
30:49 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
What is the cost of a Livescribe pen?
30:51 to:
I got one livescribe to test out- love it, but no much interest from others yet
30:55 to:
please spread the word that you love Livescribe SmartPens. I recommend them all the time and some teachers are so afraid of being recorded. they fight their use
30:56 to:
Sooo simple, yet sooooo smart. So right about this out of the box thinking concept!!
31:07 to:
Kim Caise
31:09 to:
31:15 to:
The real expense with livescribe is the special paper and notebooks
31:17 to:
Dwight UofAZ
usually about $150.00
31:18 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I'll need to check one out.
31:20 to:
Kim Caise
they used to be several hundred dollars
31:21 to:
I do an English review under the document camera....then post the Livescribe recording on the blog
31:26 to:
It is possible to print your own, but that is also expensive.
31:27 to:
@lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
@christie Do you know if there is an Android version of Audio Note?
31:29 to:
Kristen B
I also use the digimemo digital notepad, but it does not record...
31:29 to:
Kim Caise
but the price has significantly coming down
31:30 to:
pam moran
@epaynemls, librarian, lets kids write on the windows of her library... share books or work they;re interested in- uses dry erase- kids who aren't writers seem to connect as starting point...
31:36 to:
Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Blog link/
31:43 to:
Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
31:53 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Want to hear about your projects.
31:55 to:
@karenjan- I've found that teachers are apprehensive when they are being recorded. I use it in meetings all the time, and others are beginning to notice- and not too happy with me
32:17 to:
Teaching and Learning w/LiveScribe Pens -- Bill's blog post:
32:33 to:
Lorna Costantini
thanks Blairteach
32:38 to:
Angela (kyteacher) 1
I also want to paint my tables with IdeaPaint.
32:47 to:
Lorna Costantini
really appreciate you stepping up
33:07 to:
Kim Caise
bill's blog and other resources are listed here
33:07 to:
pam moran
idea paint very cool- or just let kids use dry erase on floors- it comes up...
33:08 to:
Avraam Koen 1
Hello, i just came in and feeling that I lost something I am wondering if I could save the disscusion and the previous notes that were on the board ...
33:08 to:
McTeach (Karen)
33:12 to:
@Pam moran I want to have some of my kids do audios to put as QR codes in the library books... just a little book talk that the kids can scan.
33:33 to:
@lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
@avraam It is archived.
33:38 to:
Nothing wrong except it can be pretty boring.
33:38 to:
Kim Caise
33:52 to:
pam moran
idea paint
33:54 to:
Len H 2
34:01 to:
Hi, Tra!
34:02 to:
Angela (kyteacher) 1
Karen...Whiteboard paint.
34:02 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Love how Bill uses Kiva with his students.
34:09 to:
I have been lending to Kiva for years, but never thought of doing it with others!
34:13 to:
Isn't that what Ofram does>
34:18 to:
Karl Fisch
34:39 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Pam and Len!
34:41 to:
pam moran
what a great idea about using Kiva ...
34:49 to:
Social agents being socially responsible--very nice. Finance, lending, this one
34:50 to:
Sal 1
kiva is a wonderful organization
34:54 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Angela...I remember it now! That would be so cool on their desks!!
35:01 to:
aunttammie - do your students access the recording online? what do they think about that?
35:11 to:
It's super motivating for the teacher as well as the student.
35:36 to:
@tra_hall 1
What an impact....our students sending money to thrid world and seeing the impact
35:43 to:
Kiva is an excellent organization... I've seen their work on twitter. Great way to interate education into 'the good' - fantastic!
36:04 to:
@karenjan: yes, they use it to review, and they like it.
36:07 to:
integrate education - oops!
36:15 to:
Kiva is awesome! Every teacher should plug their kids into this amazing way to connect.
36:23 to:
Lorna Costantini
you can maximize the window to see the presentation
36:45 to:
Len H 2
All the time!
36:46 to:
Sheri Edwards
1 Password
36:47 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
All the time.
36:48 to:
all the time
36:49 to:
how much money did you save before you loaned the money? did you collect money from the students too? How much?
36:51 to:
Justin Stallings
always, have 200 passwords!
36:51 to:
I thnk I will see if I can use Kiva with 6th graders. They are doing a project with a school in El Salvador . It would be a perfect followup for them to make a re
36:51 to:
al difference
36:52 to:
36:55 to:
passwords...grrrr! :)
36:58 to:
Lorna Costantini
I use 1password all the time
37:02 to:
yep, 1 Password
37:05 to:
@lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
I finally encrypted and excel spreadsheet of my passwords!
37:14 to:
I store my passwords on my computer bulletin board.
37:17 to:
msecure app for passwords
37:19 to:
I have a Google Document
37:22 to:
Sheri Edwards
37:48 to:
Lorna Costantini
thanks Sheri
37:53 to:
This is VERY cool.
37:55 to:
How to work this into a curriculum that doesn't address things like this???
37:59 to:
aunttammiee - wish more teachers had your attitude. it would help so many students and is UDL
38:01 to:
Lorna Costantini
can't live with our 1password
38:06 to:
Lorna Costantini
38:10 to:
I teach third, how could I incorporate?
38:24 to:
Kim Caise
you can definitely fit it into a social studies or geography class @terri.reh
38:46 to:
how do parents feel about these loans?
38:48 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I was wondering that too Terri, I teach 4th and wonder if I could incorpate.
38:50 to:
Math class, postivite and negative, debit and credit
38:52 to:
39:00 to:
have them do it with an area you learn about in social studies Terri
39:18 to:
Sheri Edwards
What dod you teach @Terri.Reh ?
39:21 to:
@Stephanie we do things like Vikings, Rome, Canada...??
39:25 to:
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Are there any U.S. borrowers on Kiva?
39:27 to:
Sal 1
do your students donate or raise the money
39:41 to:
I forget the third grade core
39:54 to:
review second grade, India, China
40:03 to:
Sandy C.
This would also fit into our Health and Careers curriculum here in BC. This is social responsibilty!
40:18 to:
Yes, in some locations parents might be reluctant to allow their students online at all, let alone participate in social justice action online. I live in a very conservative area.
40:44 to:
@punaugle: yes, they just started with US borrowers a year or two ago.
40:47 to:
yelena 1
We study ancient China...any ideas? Make it a cultural connection across time?
41:07 to:
Can students get their money back at then end of the year?
41:14 to:
yelena 1
Or middle ages...
41:15 to:
Microloans/microcredit Nobel Prize-Muhammad Yunushttp:
41:16 to: Stephanie
connect china past and present
41:25 to: Natalie
as a first time user with kiva ( who isn't so investment savy) is there any heads-up or tips I will need
41:26 to: Natalie
41:39 to: Kim Caise
if i recall jes, there are different repayment schedules
41:40 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@auntietammie Thank you. Would be interested in starting closer to home with 4th graders.
41:42 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
This is why it kills me to eliminate our Geography class next year.
41:57 to: zmidler
ooops- Prize-Muhammad
42:05 to: McTeach (Karen)'re kidding!!
42:19 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@Angela- eliminating geography? In favor of what?
42:21 to: stidmama
what do you mean "eliminate geography"
42:21 to: aimeevt
How did you get started with money in your "bank" to lend to people? Donations? Fundraising?
42:41 to: jeff
Would you students be able to Skype with other classes giving them a 101 Crash course on Kiva, the do's and don'ts?? Or make a how to video??
42:42 to: Terri.Reh
So bill, do you think this is a reasonable process for third grade? Can I pick and choose parts from Kiva?
42:42 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Angela No geography. That seems very narrow minded.
42:45 to: blairteach
Bill's blog post about teaching w/Kiva:
42:53 to: Kim Caise
majority of the tech positions in texas are being cut next year. the state is saying they aren't going to fund the technology allotment in the future
42:54 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
In favor of more math.
43:09 to: Terri.Reh
@Jeff like that idea
43:13 to: Kim Caise
maybe kiva could loan to state edu organizations
43:13 to: David Leonard
Bill, your social responsibility teaching is inspiring. Thanks for this great set of ideas and online resources. I'm hoping to do this with my 3rd grade students. I just need to tie it to our stand
43:13 to: David Leonard
43:14 to: blairteach
Love the application of skills to meaningful topics.
43:28 to: jeff
Such great stuff!
43:30 to: stidmama
this is an important point: the relevance of the process to something kids care about helps them think more carefully about the writing
43:45 to: Kim Caise
43:49 to: pam moran
motivation - think about the diff for these kids vs the ones learning to write 5 paragraph essays
43:49 to: Kristen B
I was thinking how I could make this an interdisciplinary project between my teaching partner and I and making it a persuasive!!! Great project for this year!! LOVE THIS!!!
43:51 to: Terri.Reh
Thanks Kim
43:52 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
@angela - Perhaps someone could teach a for-profit Geo class after school using all these great tools.
44:00 to: cstanley
I fully intend to share this webinar information with the social studies teachers in my school. I don't know if I'll move them, but I'll give it a try. One of our 8th grade social studies teachers did
44:00 to: cstanley
do a gigantice fun-raiser to supply shelter boxes to Darfur a few years ago, so she'll probably be receptive.
44:08 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, Bill's students need to make videos of tips for others to get started.
44:10 to: Kim Caise
i didn't see any that you haven't addressed
44:15 to: pam moran
any questions from parents about use of Kiva?
44:27 to: Maureen@bcdtech
As a "special" it's often hard to get the subject teachers to buy in. Any suggestions? Everyone is married to their content.
44:33 to: blairteach
Microlending resources:
44:37 to: pam moran
that's great- it is a remarkable project- love that
44:41 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Do the kids fundraise for the $?
44:42 to: RobinLK
how is your class represented on the Lenders List? Noticed a picture of lenders
44:42 to: Justin Stallings
does the district have any regulations on this kind of project?
44:44 to: Terri.Reh
I have a low of a grade do you think this can be used with
44:47 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
Geography will now be embedded in World (European) History. So many areas of the world that students will never hear about. Hate the decisions we are being forced to make.
44:55 to: Kristen B
How do you raise the money to loan??
45:00 to: zmidler
What do they say? In real estate it's all about location, location, location. In teaching and integrating tech it's all about context, context, context.
45:02 to: Natalie
anything i should be careful of before loaning money....?
45:04 to: Sal 1
my parents supported kiva
45:08 to: stidmama
@Angela: interdisciplinary math could incorporate some geography as well
45:12 to: Terri.Reh
@gKristenB good question
45:13 to: Randall F
What about poorer students that cannot afford to lend? Are there other similar types of projects to let them participate in social justice without money?
45:14 to: pam moran
ahhh policy- my favorite topic - how did you find ways?
45:29 to: jeff
Bill: Would your students be able to do a Skpye sessin or video on a crash course 101 do's and don'ts of Kiva???? Maybe your Kiva Club?
45:33 to: Sal 1
so does the money belong to the school???
45:41 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I bet I could get the kids to donate the $ they earn from one dance to this kind of project.
45:44 to: stidmama
making connections in math to other disciplines can help the learning stick
46:02 to: Kristen B
That is what I love about it!!! Do your past students continue to participate, or do you start fresh every year?
46:15 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Good question, Kristen
46:17 to: michellemats
it would seem the loans would go past the school year, how do the kids engage when they know it won't be over by the time they've moved out of your class
46:45 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
We use Free Rice. Helps feed poor countries while learnig math facts.
46:57 to: Kristen B
As a math teacher, we are starting to study interest, discounts, etc... What a great way to teach it in a real life context and make it stick!!
46:58 to: stidmama
A class project where kids anonymously bring in whatever they can could eliminate the embarassment of kids who come from less-affluent homes
47:09 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
Sorry for the negativity...just found out about the changes. Need to think of ways to adapt. It can be done.
47:24 to: zmidler
Market Kiva participation as a way to demonstrate your schools committment to social responsbility--excellent PR opp.
47:29 to: Sal 1
free rice is great too
47:47 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@Paula- I have free rice as an activity the kids can do when their work is done. They love it
47:56 to: Terri.Reh
@Zmidler Yelena and are are talking about a 5th/3rd collab.
47:59 to: Stephanie
I showed my second graders free rice and they do it at home with their parents
48:14 to: Terri.Reh
What is free rice?
48:22 to: aunttammie
just found out that free rice has grammar and other subjects besides vocabulary
48:28 to: Terri.Reh
Sorry Yelena, 4th
48:32 to: Stephanie
48:34 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Asking for permission is a new concept for kids
48:34 to: Kristen B
free rice also has math!
48:37 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Maureen We are keeping track of how much rice they've earned while mastering their multiplication facts.
48:39 to: Stephanie
you'll love it Reh
48:47 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
Free rice is how I fill the last couple of minutes of class. Great for geography.
48:48 to: Kim Caise
48:48 to: Stephanie
math and vocab
48:56 to: Len H 2
49:00 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Yes, it is the CHANGING that confuses so many teachers, I think.
49:22 to: Lorna Costantini
49:22 to: Len H 2
49:29 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@Paula- nice idea. I'll pass that one along to my 3rd grade teacher. The kids have a hard time with math facts- it'll encourage them
49:33 to: Lorna Costantini
@Len :)
50:14 to: zmidler
Visit my wiki page for Creative Commons info
50:14 to: Kim Caise
50:20 to: jes
love animoto
50:20 to: cstanley
Isn't it Lawrence Lessig that either started or is a great proponent of Creative Commons?
50:31 to: Terri.Reh
LOVE Animoto!
50:38 to: Kim Caise
everyone has to click play on the web tour window
50:55 to: RobinLK
Thanks, Kim!!!
51:06 to: zmidler
Animoto is great but have been using Stupeflix and like it as well
51:07 to: Kim Caise
we are using livebinders now instead of links
51:10 to: Tammy Moore
App share will not have sound
51:18 to: jes
lost the video
51:27 to: Maureen@bcdtech
This would be a great thing to show my 6th graders- how to make a difference. They're making videos about the global issues they are learning about- but having trouble coming up with how they can mak
51:27 to: Maureen@bcdtech
e a difference
51:37 to: @tra_hall 1
i hear it i don't see it
51:43 to: jeff
I was able to hear and see it!
52:00 to: Kim Caise
52:06 to: Len H 2
52:13 to: aunttammie
suddenly he sounds like a girl!
52:20 to: zmidler
Interesting that you don't say your students are doing a SS project on third world nations you say "how our kids are fighting poverty" that's a whole different perspective--that's branding
52:22 to: Terri.Reh
@Zmidler Yelena1 just suggested a FSA (school ) Kiva Club
52:35 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
@aunttammie: it is a bandwidth issue. It will catch up.
52:38 to: Kim Caise
sometimes the audio gets backed up and it speeds up the audio so none of the discussion is lost
52:40 to: Sheri Edwards
52:46 to: terry Friedlander (PicLits)
PicLits uses images from individual Flickr photographers with their permission and the rule that the photos are only used with words on the images.
53:06 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Wow- fast hour!
53:24 to: Terri.Reh
Please address how low of a grade he suggests, use Kiva
53:25 to: Sandy C.
Fabulous webcast. So much to think of and try out! Wish it was longer!!! Thank you!!!!
53:28 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Also....after the kids graduate from 8th grade, do they still participate in Kiva????
53:34 to: jeff
Would your Kiva club be willing to SKYPE with schools wanting to implement it in their school, a 101 on Kiva??
53:44 to: Sheri Edwards
The students can write the letter to the business manager asking for rules and howtos
53:56 to: Kristen B
Jeff, great question! I would love to have my class skype with his!
54:02 to: pam moran
Bill - this is one fabulous project- all kids need this kind of contagiously creative project work -
54:14 to: Terri.Reh
@jeff @KristenB me too!
54:29 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@Jeff @Bill Ferriter- It would be great for the kids to do a show about their work... I know I would love to have my kids see/hear them.
54:44 to: jeff
@Maureen that would be great!!
54:45 to: Kristen B
perhaps they could have a skype session and we could all "attend"
54:45 to: Bill Ferriter
54:52 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, Bill your students should be available to Skype with other classes to help us get started.
55:10 to: Sheri Edwards
I think kids could research Bill's classwork and writer their own persuasive letter for permission.
55:22 to: Natalie
I love this idea of kiva...but i am nervous in making a bad investment...any advice for beginners?
55:45 to: Terri.Reh
Bill, how low of a grade can handle this?
55:48 to: Natalie
56:12 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Yes...we have such credit card troubles here in the US!
56:15 to: aunttammie
used to be limited to $25 per person ...I mean you could only loan $25
56:42 to: KarenJan
are your colleagues trying these ideas with their students? how replicable is your approach in your school? or, are you the lone magician?
56:54 to: Natalie
Very helpful
56:56 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Have you published that rubric, Bill, or is it part of Kiva?
57:06 to: Sandy C.
Do you have a grading rubric?
57:20 to: Terri.Reh
I teach third
57:34 to: Kim Caise has lots of resources regarding skype connections
57:36 to: pam moran
its a valuation not an evaluation rubric -
57:38 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Also, how about poverty here in the US? Does Kiva fund these?
57:47 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I set up an Edmodo group for Friends of CR 2.0 Live. Everyone here is invited to join. The code needed to join the group is jp8hww.
58:00 to: Sheri Edwards
58:09 to: Kim Caise
58:40 to: Maureen@bcdtech
How often does the Kiva club meet? We have weekly clubs meetings. What do the kids actually do in the meeting? Do they spend this time researching to make the next loan? How long did it actually take
58:40 to: Maureen@bcdtech
to get this up and running?
58:50 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Edmodo is a microblogging platform.
58:58 to: KarenJan
Bill, are your colleagues trying these ideas with their students? how replicable is your approach in your school? or, are you the lone magician?
59:06 to: jeff
Bill would your KIVA club be able to SKYPE with our students giving them a crash course??
59:20 to: zmidler
People keep asking how I can use Kiva? Hasn't Bill ansewered that?--You need to think about how Kiva participation meets your learning objectives. It's not about forcing Kiva into a unit of study, it'
59:20 to: zmidler
s about can Kiva helps students comprehend a topic or unit of study in authentic way.
59:25 to: Bill Ferriter
@jeff: Sure: Email me.
59:33 to: Bill Ferriter
1:00:15 to: jeff
Go NJ!!
1:00:33 to: jeff
Bill I will be in touch, this will be GREAT for our 4th Marking period PBL!
1:01:32 to: Len H 2
Many of us are getting Skype going in our classrooms, thanks to Paula. :)
1:02:02 to: jeff
My class is always willing to Skype with other classes on any topic. Email me @
1:02:05 to: aunttammie
I loaned to a man in Miami who was cleaning offices, wanted to expand his business
1:02:08 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks Len. Jan Wells and I are willing to help others get Skyping. plnaugle on Skype.
1:02:09 to: RobinLK
Lots of ideas to share w/ districts here in Central Florida... Thanks, Bill! :)
1:02:16 to: stidmama
I have to go, thank you so very much for this session!
1:02:22 to: aunttammie
thank you!
1:02:31 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Wow, this was a great show. Went so quickly!
1:02:31 to: Avraam Koen
Maybe by this way (skype) we could try in the same school between two classrooms
1:02:32 to: pam moran
thanks all for this- a wonderful session
1:02:33 to: Bill Ferriter
I'm willing to stay until 1:30.
1:02:34 to: Lorna Costantini
Thanks everyone for joining us today
1:02:37 to: terry Friedlander (PicLits)
Terrific project to involve kids and allow for the learning experience to take hold and last !!!!!!!
1:02:38 to: blairteach
Great job, Bill. Thanks for sharing.
1:02:38 to: @tra_hall 1
How often is this elluminate going to happen?
1:02:40 to: Terri.Reh
We are willing to Skype also. terri.reh (Skype)
1:02:40 to: Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
thank you Bill! great session!
1:02:40 to: lisamellen
Thnak you Bill
1:02:41 to: jeff
Such a great session, thank you so much for these great ideas!!
1:02:43 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Virtual applause for Bill.
1:02:53 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Yeah Karen!
1:02:58 to: Bill Ferriter
Ain't no one going to clap for me? ; )
1:02:58 to: Lorna Costantini
@tra_hall every Sat
1:02:58 to: blairteach
@Tra_Hall Every Saturday at noon EST.
1:03:00 to: tracyfitzwater
Thanks for a great session!
1:03:01 to: Terri.Reh
Paula, can't find group on Classroom2.0
1:03:02 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
KarenJan is awesome. Looking forward to it.
1:03:05 to: cstanley
This was a very motivating session. I 'm looking forward to learning more from the links.
1:03:07 to: Jennifer Duarte
Thank you, Bill!
1:03:12 to: Sheri Edwards
Wowser. This is what education should be :)
1:03:18 to: Laurence Cuffe
Thanks Folks, I've been tweeting some of the sugestions and punched the KVA idea onto another educational mailing list. Great sesion!
1:03:19 to: Bill Ferriter
No sweat! Glad that y'all stopped by.
1:03:21 to: Gavin Agnew
Thanks for a great session.
1:03:29 to: zmidler
Thanks Bill--great session, learned a lot and you validated a lot for me
1:03:30 to: Justin Stallings
that was awesome Bill!
1:03:34 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
At Terri. Login to
1:03:35 to: KarenJan
@Bcdtech, @plnaugle, the pressure's on, following Bill Ferriter!
1:03:37 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Thank you Bill- inspirational !
1:03:37 to: Terri.Reh
Bill you are a great speaker...
1:03:42 to: Mary Ann
Very informative show. Great ideas!
1:03:47 to: Bill Ferriter
Thanks, all y'all. Glad that it resonated....
1:03:57 to: Jeff Zoul
Thnaks, Bill!
1:03:58 to: Natalie
Thank you Bill-this was awesome! I can't wait to use Kiva!!!!
1:03:59 to: Avraam Koen
thank you, you were quick enough
1:04:01 to: Sheri Edwards
1:04:05 to: Lorna Costantini
@plugusin is Bill's Twitter Id
1:04:08 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@KarenJan You'll be great. Looking forward to learning more from you.
1:04:16 to: cstanley
@Bill - thanks so much - lots to digest and think about
1:04:19 to: Terri.Reh
@Paula (duh - sorry)
1:04:28 to: Bill Ferriter
@Sandy C: There's a ton of rubrics on my book's product page:
1:04:32 to: KarenJan
Bill, love your applications and extensions of the tools in meaningful ways for students
1:04:43 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@karenJan Are you going to be in Burlington on the 26th?
1:04:52 to: Bill Ferriter
Thanks, Karen....Looking forward to you next week, right?
1:04:57 to: pam moran
what's Karen's topic and time again?
1:04:57 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I want my kids to get started with Kiva.
1:05:10 to: KarenJan
@Bill - yes,
1:05:16 to: Terri.Reh
@Paula do you sleep?
1:05:17 to: MCinFrance
Merci beaucoup! Thanks so much. Great session!
1:05:23 to: Kristen B
I am new to SKYPE as of last week, but I am willing to start with you folks... email me
1:05:25 to: KarenJan
@bcdtech- Tech Forum? yes.
1:05:32 to: Bill Ferriter
Glad you stopped by MC!
1:05:37 to: cstanley
please drop that into chat.
1:05:39 to: Angela (kyteacher) 1
Thank you, Bill. This was great. So many ideas.
1:05:40 to: Terri.Reh
@KristenB what do you teach?
1:05:51 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
@kim @lorna et al. Are they shows from the beginning, i.e. a couple of years ago?
1:05:51 to: Bill Ferriter
No sweat, @kyteacher! You rule.
1:05:52 to: KarenJan
@pammoran 0 Reaching all Learners - AT TIps and tricks that work
1:06:06 to: zmidler
listened to iTunes U session this AM while walking and made it back in time for this live session
1:06:07 to: Sal 1
Wonderful session! Great ideas. Thank you for sharing!
1:06:11 to: pam moran
thanks karen
1:06:20 to: cstanley
Can you drop the itunes link into the chat, please.
1:06:28 to: Lorna Costantini
Thanks so much everyone for joining us
1:06:31 to: Kristen B
Terri, I teach middle school math and science
1:06:40 to: Lorna Costantini
thanks Bill for a terrific presentation
1:06:45 to: Kim Caise
1:06:46 to: Sheila T
Great session. Thanks Bill.
1:06:49 to: zmidler
Biil, do your students recruit Research Triangle business to help w/Kiva?
1:06:53 to: Kristen B
Thank you Bill!!
1:06:59 to: blairteach
Off to shop with my hubby. Thanks, again, Bill.
1:07:27 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Have a great weekend Nancy.
1:07:36 to: Lorna Costantini
I have to leave you all today
1:08:12 to: Terri.Reh
@Paula Just registered with Edmoto now how do I find your group. I don't see a search
1:08:26 to: Lorna Costantini
Look forward to seeing you all again next week with Karen Janowski
1:08:36 to: jeff
1:08:38 to: Terri.Reh
1:08:46 to: Kim Caise
Karen is in the session today too! :)
1:08:51 to: zmidler
1:08:57 to: @shamblesguru
Many thanks ... off to bed now ;-) .... will be mentioning Classroom 2.0 Live in a presentation I'm doing in Hong Kong next week #21CLHK ... one of my favourite cities .... 'nite
1:09:01 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Great jump to my weekend.
1:09:23 to: jeff
Thank you so much for a wonderful session!
1:09:37 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Terri On the left sidebar is the word Join or Create. Click on Join and enter the code jp8hww.
1:09:43 to: @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Hope you feel better, Kim!
1:09:45 to: Lorna Costantini
Thanks everyone
1:09:52 to: KarenJan
looking forward to sharing and collaborating with everyone next week!
1:09:53 to: Lorna Costantini
Thanks Bill for a wonderful show
1:09:54 to: Terri.Reh
Thanks Paula
1:10:05 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Kim Feel better.
1:10:10 to: CristinaLemos
1:10:13 to: Bill Ferriter
Alright, All y'all...Out to the playground with the baby!
1:10:18 to: Bill Ferriter
Thanks for having me....
1:10:30 to: Stephanie
thank you everyone!
1:10:30 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks everyone...
1:10:32 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you so much, Bill and everyone.