00:03 to: Peggy George
Lorna is doing our intro today!! Yeah!

00:03 to: Paula Naugle
You still sound great, Lorna.

00:23 to: Lindsey White
How is Abu Dhabi Vance?

00:24 to: Peggy George
We're really excited to learn all about Edmodo today!

00:48 to: Vance in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi nice and warm (but relatively cool)

00:53 to: lorenzo cruz
hello from Newark,New Jersey

00:56 to: Peggy George
Jeff will take us inside Edmodo to understand how it works and how you can use it in the classroom :-)

00:56 to: Paula Naugle
@Colin I teach 4th graders also.

01:13 to: oswego98
Hello from Upstate NY!

01:17 to: davesapp
I went to try it last year but it was blocked in our district -- finally have unblocked, I think :)

01:20 to: Peggy George
We love having Tammy provide the closed captioning for our shows!! Such a great service!

01:32 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Jason.

01:38 to: Jeanette
Hi Lorenzo. It's Jeanette Parham

01:42 to: Peggy George
I can't wait to see all of your red dots on the world map!!!

01:42 to: Jill
It was blocked by my district as well. I tried to use it last year.

01:45 to: Grace
Hello from Lima, Peru

01:49 to: oswego98
Hi Paula!

01:57 to: roxanne clement
alameda, california

02:05 to: lorenzo cruz
Hi Jeannette

02:05 to: Gene FJHS
Philadelphia, PA

02:05 to: Peggy George
love the dot in Hawaii!!! :-)

02:14 to: cwebbtech
Greetings from Minot, ND!

02:15 to: McTeach
I'm so excited about this session!!! Can't wait to hear about Edmodo!!

02:16 to: Kim Caise
welcome everyone!

02:17 to: Linda 1
St. Louis, MO

02:18 to: Peggy George

02:21 to: kyteacher
Louisiville area, Kentucky

02:21 to: Vance in Abu Dhabi
two dots

02:25 to: Rob M
Spring, Texas

02:31 to: virginia alberti

02:32 to: ediejett
West Virginia

02:33 to: roxanne clement
watching mavericks surfing competition too

02:34 to: blairteach
From Atlanta (but stranded in ID due to flight cancellations)

02:36 to: Peggy George
:-) love it!!

02:39 to: lbott
Wilmington, DE

02:45 to: Michele DeMoraes 1

02:57 to: Suzie Martin
Edie from Morgantown? I thought I recognized your name.

02:59 to: Sally Boone
Hello from snowy West Virginia

03:14 to: Peggy George
Jeff will tell you what microblogging is if you're not sure :-)

03:23 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
Coulee Dam WA

03:34 to: Brucie
@Sally Charleston WV here

03:35 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Sheri.

03:47 to: Patti R
oh i thought you meant ANY microbloggin like Twitter

03:54 to: Peggy George
microblogging isn't only edmodo though

04:04 to: Kim Caise
you are correct @patti

04:12 to: Dave S.
Oh if you count twitter ..then yes

04:14 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
I used microblogging (Twitter) but not Edmodo

04:20 to: Peggy George
yes twitter is microblogging

04:22 to: Suzie Martin
I have an AIM chat box on my homepage

04:27 to: JohnPeters
What is the Twitter hastag?

04:29 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
Hello Paula -- I can envision you with all your kiddies creating on your new systems

04:43 to: Peggy George
twitter hashtag for our show? #liveclass20

04:45 to: Kim Caise
for our show the hashtag is #liveclass20

05:38 to: Peggy George
I wish I could have been at the TCEA conference!! sounded very exciting!

05:52 to: Paula Naugle
@Sheri still waiting for goodies to arrive.

06:00 to: JohnPeters
Missed TCEA this week. But I AM going to NECC. YEA!

06:08 to: Peggy George
we don't often get to meet our guests in person before a show! very exciting for Kim!

06:19 to: william Vegazo Muro
hi everyone a greetinf from Lima Perú

06:20 to: tazio705
I met Jeff at FETC. Hi Jeff.

06:24 to: Peggy George
me too JohnPeters--definitely going to ISTE2010 in Denver this year!

06:30 to: Paula Naugle
Jeff is great about answering any question you have about Edmodo.

06:57 to: JohnPeters
@Peggy Well we will have to say hello again. I think you were in San Antonio NECC

07:10 to: BethStill
Good morning Chris Webb. How are you today?

07:11 to: Paula Naugle
Hi William from Peru.

07:11 to: Peggy George
yes I was in San Antonio :-)

07:17 to: McTeach
I agree, Paula! Follow Jeff on twitter and he'll help you out!

07:28 to: bmontana
@BethStill Hello, again. How are you?

07:32 to: Paula Naugle
Good morning. Beth.

07:47 to: JohnPeters
What is Jeff's Twitter username so we can follow him

07:54 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo

08:06 to: Kim Caise
fantastic background of IT and education!

08:07 to: purti singh
Hi! Its 10.40pm in India. hope not very late in the class

08:10 to: BethStill
Good morning @bmontana and @PaulaNaugle. Good to be here. Nearly missed this session.

08:16 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Happy to see a lot of PLN Tweeps here to learn about a great tool!

08:28 to: E.
Good morning!

08:29 to: Kim Caise
jeff just started speaking @purti

08:32 to: Peggy George

08:34 to: Kim Caise
right on time

08:39 to: BethStill
@mbteach Yes! lots of familiar names.

08:44 to: purti singh

09:06 to: bmontana
Hello @mbteach Good to see you.

09:10 to: oswego98
Hi Beth1

09:15 to: Paula Naugle
Get out from under the rock. LOL

09:17 to: JohnPeters
Mmm, cant find Jeff on Twitter

09:27 to: BethStill
Morning Jason.

09:28 to: Peggy George
we have lots of links in our gl.am links today about Edmodo. http://www.edmodo.com/ (Edmodo Home Page)

09:45 to: cwebbtech

09:53 to: bmontana
What is the gl.am URL?

09:55 to: Peggy George
our gl.am links are here for you to explore after the show: http://gl.am/fRBa4

10:07 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
I've never used twitter, sad to say, I didn't know what microblogging was...already learned something new this morning

10:10 to: Michele DeMoraes 1

10:42 to: Peggy George
it will be very helpful to see the site as he explains it!

11:07 to: Peggy George

11:17 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Hi @bmontana! Long time no 'see!'

11:19 to: Paula Naugle
@Michele D You will love Twitter if you give it a chance. Just follow some people you want to learn from and go slowly to start.

11:20 to: kyteacher
Edmodo is one of the few tools I've been able to sell other teachers on. They see its value almost immediately.

11:22 to: Kim Caise
i liked the walled garden to protect the privacy of students

11:29 to: Peggy George
go ahead with the demo :-)

11:36 to: Colin Hanel
Where did the name come from?

11:48 to: purti singh
I still find it difficult to use , not as comfi as wiki

11:51 to: tammie
I adore Edmodo

11:59 to: Peggy George
you can always type your questions in the chat as we go along and Kim will ask Jeff

12:00 to: Paula Naugle
@Jan Wells, good morning.

12:10 to: bmontana
@mbteach Indeed. Very busy with school!

12:16 to: McTeach
Wow! Almost 100 people here today! That's awesome!!

12:26 to: Peggy George
you may want to have the default layout to see more of the screen

12:30 to: Patti R

12:31 to: tazio705

12:31 to: Kim Caise
i am compiling the questions to ask toward the end of the session

12:31 to: comicsteacher

12:31 to: monika

12:31 to: Andrew Cerniglia

12:31 to: Jill

12:32 to: McTeach

12:33 to: Kim Caise
sure can jeff

12:34 to: JohnPeters
Yes i can see it

12:34 to: Lindsey White

12:34 to: John Moloney

12:35 to: Brucie

12:35 to: Sal

12:38 to: MrDCarson 1
yes sir

12:39 to: carisa

12:40 to: Colin Hanel

12:40 to: Grace

12:41 to: Lee

12:42 to: Sally Boone

12:42 to: lbott

12:42 to: Angie K

12:43 to: Michele DeMoraes 1

12:43 to: davesapp

12:43 to: virginia alberti

12:44 to: Theresa Olsen

12:46 to: purti singh

12:48 to: Anh

12:48 to: Dave S.

12:50 to: william Vegazo Muro

13:02 to: Andrew Cerniglia
Nice to see you're on a Mac :)

13:25 to: Peggy George
to select the default layout go to the menu, select View>Layouts>default layout

13:31 to: Grace
William, what school are you in in Lima?

13:34 to: Kim Caise
how awesome, there is a mobile version for cell phones and handheld devices

13:44 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
So, this is strictly for teachers and students? A safe environment I can "sell" to my tech facilitators?

13:45 to: Patti R
is this a 13 and over for students?

13:49 to: Peggy George
teachers really like the secure environment in Edmodo

14:08 to: cwebbtech
We are using edmodo with classes as young as 4th & 5th grade. The teachers and students LOVE it!

14:09 to: Peggy George
yes Michele

14:18 to: Kim Caise
never thought about using with sports teams

14:20 to: Susie
I talked one of my teachers into using it for his computer classes; he loves it!

14:51 to: Kim Caise
yes, safe and private @michele

15:00 to: Jenny
i use it with all the committes I am on much better the email!

15:03 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo

15:06 to: Peggy George
I would love it if some of you who have used Edmodo would take the mic when Jeff is finished to tell us about your experiences

15:12 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
Thank you, I am so glad I joined this webinar this morning

15:17 to: virginia alberti
what 's the code

15:27 to: Kim Caise

16:18 to: Peggy George
that could be a challenge to come up with a unique name :-) that no one else has used!

16:32 to: monika

16:35 to: JohnPeters
Yea, I joined the group

16:36 to: Peggy George
guess you can always add a number to your name??

16:37 to: Theresa Olsen
If you created a edmodo account and invited users. Is there a way to create a group and move those users to that group or do you have to invite the people again to join that group?

17:02 to: Colin Hanel
i use my room number

17:16 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
When classes change and you want new members can you easily delete the old class members?

17:21 to: roxanne clement
do students have to have an email account to participate?

17:29 to: Peggy George
great questions everyone! if Jeff doesn't answer, Kim will ask again soon

17:32 to: monika
only america?

17:37 to: Colin Hanel
No email needed.

17:40 to: Jenny
no email for students required!

17:45 to: lorenzo cruz

17:47 to: mrsdurff
LOVE Edmodo

17:51 to: JohnPeters
Jeff, can you go into text messaging feature a little more?

17:51 to: Jeanette
I accidently associated myself with the wrong school. How do I undo that?

17:56 to: MB
You bet. Easy.

18:05 to: Peggy George
http://edmodo.pbworks.com/ (Edmodo wiki tutorials for getting started-Teacher QuickStart Guide)

18:43 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
That is a GREAT feature!

18:49 to: Leslie D.
Where did the code go to get in?

19:00 to: monika

19:11 to: monika
a box just shows up

19:23 to: Leslie D.
Thanks, monika.

19:23 to: monika
when you click join group

19:29 to: cwebbtech
I like the fact that students cannot "reply" to one another privately. That's a HUGE selling point to teachers. Don't change that.

19:46 to: mrsdurff
ours didn't update but kids refreshed continually

19:53 to: mrsdurff
think it was our server

19:54 to: Scott Snyder
Does this service work on the edmodo site, or can it be embedded someplace else (like a wiki or a moodle)?

19:57 to: Patti R
yes the student inter-communication is a problem with wikimail sometimes

20:26 to: bmontana
Why is it bad for students to be able to communicate directly with each other?

20:26 to: Peggy George
Hi Scott-great to see you!! This is a great followup to your show last week!

20:36 to: mrsdurff
groups can communicate with each other

20:36 to: Lorna Costantini
The security settings make it so much easier to get support for classroom use.

20:47 to: tammie
Yes, I love that I see anything they type in. I use Edmodo just for turning in papers. Love it, love it, love it!

20:53 to: Kim Caise
i see ms. hertz is in the group!

20:55 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@bmontana you get bullying and inappropriate conv that takes away from ed value of tool

21:01 to: Scott Snyder
Thanks Peggy. Glad I got home and saw mrsdurff tweet the session. I almost forgot!

21:05 to: JohnPeters
Jeff, This is a great Teacher Tool!

21:18 to: Leslie D.
Will the students (at one point) be able to talk with each other?

21:25 to: Peggy George
what a great feature about public posting--only teachers can make them public

21:25 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@bmontana also if there is a bullying or inappropriate msg you won't know!

21:31 to: Patti R
so if a student has a question or comment, no one sees it but the teacher?

21:36 to: cwebbtech
The public page aspect is cool because we link to that data on our main school "assignments" webpages and the parents can see them.

21:41 to: kyteacher
No private communication makes it so much easier to sell to admin.

21:45 to: JohnPeters
Can we link assignments to Moodle or Wikispaces?

21:53 to: JohnPeters
or other websites?

22:02 to: Scott Snyder
I agree about the private communication and the sell to admin!

22:04 to: kyteacher
@Patti Students can post to teacher or the group...not directly to one another.

22:25 to: Patti R
@kyteacher I thought he said they cannot post to the public page

22:26 to: mrsdurff
we use the @name for posting

22:27 to: lorenzo cruz
IT is excellent to shareclasswork or activities with parents to be always informed

22:28 to: Maureen
Can you cross post, ie post to edublogs and edmodo at once?

22:45 to: Dave S.
what's the code to join Classroom Live 2.0?

22:48 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
So is this an addition to Moodle or a replacement?

22:56 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
What does the public page look like?

22:59 to: Peggy George
that makes it so easy for HS teachers who teach several classes of the same subject

23:06 to: kyteacher
@Patti Cannot communicate privately with one another. We have used it to backchannel during discussion or video.

23:26 to: bmontana
@mbteach Thanks.

23:34 to: Linda 1
Good point for high school teachers-groups for each class period but post to just the subject? Correct?

23:35 to: Peggy George
@kyteacher-what a great idea to use it as a backchannel during a discussion or video!!

23:36 to: william Vegazo Muro
what is the code please to join me?

23:36 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
How does the student interface differ from teacher?

23:42 to: Jill
I don't think it can do everything Moodle does, like create quizzes, surveys, etc. So I think it could be a discussion, assignment link to Moodle.

23:49 to: Maureen
How do students turn in assignments and where do they go?

23:50 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@william: iuq666

24:01 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
This is very nice, Jeff

24:01 to: Peggy George
sure-lots of questions coming in!! :-) thank you all!

24:03 to: william Vegazo Muro
what is the code please to join me?

24:06 to: lorenzo cruz
how much space is available

24:09 to: monika

24:12 to: McTeach
How do I add my students?

24:29 to: purti singh
My students are comfi with wiki , how could i introduce Edmodo now and for what?.

24:30 to: Scott Snyder
And is there a link to reach the Classroom 2.0 group?

24:33 to: Rosemary Miller
Is each teacher basically a separate entity - no all-school setup?

24:34 to: Peggy George
This will help you get started: http://edmodo.pbworks.com/ (Edmodo wiki tutorials for getting started-Teacher QuickStart Guide)

24:35 to: lorenzo cruz
you do no t need to add students,they add themselves

24:48 to: MB
Way to go! Love the initiative, Jeff!

24:50 to: John Moloney
Is assignement turn in electronic or physical?

24:52 to: Leslie D.
@kyteacher Good point.

24:53 to: Peggy George
http://education.zdnet.com/?p=2417 (ZD Net: If a Teacher Had Designed Twitter it would have looked like Edmodo)

25:05 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
HOw to they add themselves w/out email account?

25:05 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
Do students need to add first and last names?

25:13 to: lorenzo cruz
the assignment is digital

25:28 to: Peggy George
http://mashable.com/2008/09/18/edmodo/ (Mashable: Edmodo is a Twitter for Education)

25:33 to: purti singh
Will students get confused if they are introduced to 2 differnt sites to work on?

25:36 to: roxanne clement
please sheare how we add students

25:56 to: Peggy George
all of the links I'm sharing in the chat will also be in our gl.am links today: http://gl.am/fRBa4

25:59 to: lorenzo cruz
they use the code you provide and add their information

26:03 to: Sandra
How young would you go?

26:09 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
Could you "be" a student and add yourself?

26:21 to: Peggy George
http://blog.edmodo.com/2009/11/27/edmodo-mobile-web-application/ (Edmodo Mobile Web Application designed to work with the iPod touch and iPhone at this time)

26:24 to: MB
Do all of you who are using this have computers in your class, or do you all go to the computer labs? Or do they use them at home?

26:30 to: bmontana
Can Edmodo be used for several teachers' classes, such as in an academy setting?

26:34 to: comicsteacher
Students not having to use e-mail accounts is a HUGELY important feature, for sure.

26:44 to: Peggy George
I love that student emails aren't required!!

26:47 to: roxanne clement
can we embed into webpages?

26:48 to: Sal
How would you view a group of assignments?

26:51 to: Corina
great to know

27:03 to: Leslie D.
Students first sign-up to edmodo and then join the group. Correct?

27:05 to: Colin Hanel
Is it possible, when you are looking at a group and use one of my created tags it will only show what is taged in that group?

27:05 to: kyteacher
@MB We have a couple of mobile labs that we can check out. Limits how often we use.

27:07 to: Peggy George
his wife is brilliant!!

27:12 to: Maureen
Is there an online widget to put edmodo on your webpage/blog?

27:14 to: comicsteacher
@roxanee clement: I've put the class RSS feeds on my homepage.

27:14 to: Jenny
yea me :)

27:20 to: jackiegerstein
If they do have emails - can edmondo meesages get forwarded to email?

27:31 to: cwebbtech
Will there by an edmodo app for iPhone/iPod-T developed?

27:40 to: Gideon Burton
Anyone used Edmodo along with Open Ed Resources or a service like Rice's Connexions?

27:42 to: MB
@kyteacher. Thanks. I have tried the mobiles....almost too much work for such antiquated machines.

28:12 to: Sandra
What a nice clean drop down menu --- very clear!

28:18 to: Peggy George
http://mrafinlayson.wordpress.com/2009/08/12/edmodo-3-in-class/ (Mr. Finlayson's blog: great examples of features on Edmodo used in his class and additional blog posts re Edmodo)

28:25 to: MB
@Gideon Rice Connexions?

28:45 to: jackiegerstein
Edmodo looks like what Google Wave should have been ; )

28:46 to: tammie
OHhh...didn't even think about the feeds option! Wheels are turning.........:)

28:56 to: Colin Hanel
It is a good idea to rename the group before you archive the groups so you can use that name again.

29:06 to: Peggy George
yes jackiegerstein--great point about Wave!

29:11 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Archive is great!

29:12 to: jackiegerstein

29:14 to: Linda 1
Thanks Colin!

29:15 to: Peggy George
this is so user friendly!!

29:17 to: kyteacher
@jackie Yes!

29:20 to: bmontana
@roxanne You can embed using the <iframe> html tag

29:31 to: tammie
Renaming great idea, Colin

29:41 to: cwebbtech
Just thought I'd share my blog post of our initial implementation of edmodo: http://is.gd/8jpWp (middle school language arts)

29:44 to: kyteacher
@Colin Good tip.

29:52 to: tammie
Don't change too much....love it as it is

29:54 to: Scott Snyder
I'm really intrigued by some possibilities and ways to communicate with students

29:57 to: Peggy George
@cwebbtech Thanks a lot for your link!!!

29:59 to: boyd swartz
I just made a group, now how do my students get to it and join?

30:00 to: Gideon Burton
@MB Connexions is place to assemble open curricula at Rice - http://cnx.org/

30:00 to: kyteacher
Love chalk.

30:11 to: Maureen
cool idea

30:15 to: blairteach
@cwebbtech Thanks for sharing.

30:17 to: debbie
etherpad...very cool!

30:19 to: MB

30:19 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Etherpad & Edmodo-->a match made in heaven :)

30:23 to: Peggy George
if any of you are using Edmodo and have links to share, please type them in the chat and we'll add them to our gl.am links and archives later today

30:24 to: comicsteacher
@cwebbtech I use Edmodo on my class iPod Touches.

30:27 to: davesapp
neat sounds great!

30:31 to: Scott Snyder
Wow...chalk will be a great addition

30:33 to: debbie
max users?

30:35 to: MB
Yes, show it.

30:39 to: Peggy George
@mbteach--match made in heaven :-) love it!

30:42 to: comicsteacher
The mobile version of the site was a fantastic update.

30:47 to: Colin Hanel
I use iPod touched too.

30:51 to: debbie
suggest...higher max

30:51 to: Sam
Our school district has blogging as part of our system. What are the advantages of using Edmodo instead? Sometimes I feel like I'm throwing a lot of technology at the students.

31:02 to: debbie
suggest at least 25 max users

31:02 to: Peggy George
excellent question Sam!!!!

31:04 to: jackiegerstein
Good disclaimer - it is in beta

31:07 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
mobile version is great for teachers, too. You can check in on your group from home/on the road.

31:12 to: Maureen
So it has the same limitation of 16 as etherpad has/had

31:14 to: Patti R
a 16 user max would not work for most classes

31:23 to: Scott Snyder
@Sam There's a lot of technology out there. It doesn't huty them to be exposed to a lot.

31:36 to: debbie
32 would be great!

31:38 to: Patti R
lol, i have classes of 35 sometimes

31:41 to: Patti R

31:47 to: Peggy George
but all students might not be contributing in your class on a single etherpad

31:48 to: Dave S.
go for 40

31:51 to: tammie
How do I add another teacher to the group?

31:52 to: Paula Naugle
Yeah, I have 32 studnets.

31:54 to: MB
@Sam Yes, one of my students complained about not liking technology.

31:56 to: gann24
32 would be GREAT!

32:03 to: Peggy George
if it's not all at one time, more can contribute

32:11 to: Patti R
yes we could work around that, but nice upgrade feature

32:15 to: Maureen
so the 16 limit is for synchronous use

32:15 to: mrsdurff
what's this chalk? walked away

32:19 to: Jenny
you could have multiple groups in a class

32:24 to: monika
so it's like etherpad embed..

32:30 to: mrsdurff

32:36 to: tammie

32:39 to: Scott Snyder
Chalk = Etherpad

32:49 to: McTeach
Kids will LOVE Chalk!!

32:52 to: davidcosand
I like the color coding for user input.

33:02 to: Patti R
as long as they can type at a decent rate it is ok

33:06 to: Leslie D.
That will be perfect for my Spanish class.

33:06 to: Jill

33:07 to: Peggy George
etherpad open sourced their code/license--fantastic!!

33:09 to: Maureen
My 4th graders were so shocked by etherpad, had never seen pages change like that before their eyes

33:09 to: Linda 1
Great addition

33:16 to: Gideon Burton
I doubt the efficacy of more than just a few people simultaneously editing same doc

33:17 to: jackiegerstein
Primary Pag

33:19 to: jackiegerstein

33:19 to: MB
So those who are typing are in the beta test group?

33:26 to: roxanne clement
how soon can we try this with our students?????

33:35 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
How are people writing on the chalkboard?

34:05 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Nevermind. Saw the link

34:10 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo

34:22 to: Peggy George
do you need to create your account online before you can use the iphone app?

34:57 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
When chalkboard is saved, how is it made availabe to the group?

35:00 to: mrsdurff
as opposed to alien?

35:01 to: Peggy George
http://blog.edmodo.com/2009/11/27/edmodo-mobile-web-application/ (Edmodo Mobile Web Application designed to work with the iPod touch and iPhone at this time)

35:30 to: Colin Hanel
Will it be possible for studetns to turn in assignments from the mobile versioin?

35:39 to: emory maiden
thanks @cwebbtech nice blog post

35:50 to: kzw
with Moodle would be good

35:51 to: Jill
yay! connect with moodle!

35:52 to: tazio705
Can students see my groups? Can they create their own group?

36:07 to: Rob M
Can you download a chat session?

36:07 to: davesapp
What about Blackboard -- or just Moodle

36:09 to: Dave S.
Would like to use this with my school Learning Team.

36:09 to: Peggy George
tags are very helpful in Edmodo

36:14 to: Scott Snyder
I agree...connecting with Moodle would rock

36:23 to: mrsdurff
i had to create groups, they couldn't

36:27 to: Peggy George
http://blog.edmodo.com/2010/01/ (Edmodo Blog: Shared Tags enable you as a teacher to selectively share certain tags with your students)

36:56 to: Theresa Olsen
Can you move users between groups. Example: They are a member of LA 9 and you create a new group Novels. Can you copy the to the group? Or do they just use the group code to get access

37:05 to: MB
Yes, see it now.

37:13 to: Peggy George
these are great questions!! keep them coming :-)

37:20 to: Linda 1
Yes, the shared tags are there.

38:03 to: Lorna Costantini
parents will love this feature

38:12 to: Peggy George
I see your questions there Paula! great question about embedding a video :-)

38:17 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Where should I be looking for the tag?

38:19 to: Maureen
so any comments made to posts are atuomatically public-

38:25 to: Lorna Costantini
fantastic Jeff

38:31 to: Paula Naugle
Can video clips be uploades if so how big a file can be uploaded?

38:32 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Maureen probably comments to public posts

38:33 to: Leslie D.
Adding my parents would be great!

38:38 to: Linda 1
Parent accounts would be great for younger students especially.

38:54 to: Jill
yes parent accounts for elementary

38:56 to: jackiegerstein
Just curious - you don't have to answer - How do you make money from Edmodo?

38:56 to: Jenny
students cannot create groups only teachers

39:03 to: McTeach
That's awesome!!!!

39:06 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
That's like Diigo. First name and last initial

39:14 to: lorenzo cruz
explain about grading the assignments

39:15 to: Lorna Costantini
this has to be a great selling feature to admins

39:25 to: Maureen
How do you moderate comments on public posts?

39:25 to: MB
Like that. Perhaps they should have their own pseudoname.

39:27 to: roxanne clement
yay for our younger students!

39:28 to: Peggy George
they've really thought of many important security features for classrooms!!

39:41 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Teachers could probably start a group as a grade group/dept to share resources

39:46 to: monika
what was your target age for this?..

39:50 to: Patti R
just curious, what would be the purpose of parent accounts, to be part of a conversation? to ask questions? to see what their kids are writing about?

40:10 to: Linda 1
Parents could check on assignments that are due.

40:19 to: Sandra
I thought I set up an account last summer, but haven't gone back to it. No "forgot your password?" link on the sign up page?

40:21 to: McTeach
Would love to connect my students with other classes. Do we just set up a new group?

40:24 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Does chat in chalk get archived?

40:25 to: Lorna Costantini
parents would have a bettter understanding of what is being taught

40:25 to: Rosemary Miller
Will you ever charge for this service?

40:25 to: gann24
I recently setup an after school study session with my 5th graders....cool way to get kids involved in studies after school! I just told the students the time and they logged in if they wanted to part

40:25 to: gann24
icipate. I may make it a weekly event.

40:27 to: Jill
thank you! if you could provide a .edu edmodo, our district might unblock it

40:28 to: Peggy George
lots of great resources about Edmodo here: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/edmodo/

40:44 to: John Moloney

40:46 to: Peggy George
@gann24--what a great idea!

40:55 to: John Moloney
that's fine

41:12 to: blairteach
gann24 Love the idea of using this for after school study groups. Hope it works well for you.

41:15 to: emory maiden
what is the typical grade levels using edmodo? what age is it designed for?

41:19 to: kyteacher
Assignment turn-in is so easy to use.

41:32 to: Dave S.
@gann24 your study session was sreal-time?

41:37 to: Maureen
Do you have a grade book integratedin edmodo?

41:39 to: Leslie D.
@gann24 I bet a lot showed up!

41:40 to: Dave S.

41:42 to: Peggy George
that is so helpful for teacher to be notified when assignments have been turned in!

41:48 to: Mr Jay
all ages have been using it. elementary to college level

42:06 to: Sandra
how young in elementary?

42:11 to: gann24
It was real-time, but a lot of it depended on the student's home connection speed. Overall, not a lot of hitches.

42:19 to: emory maiden
@Mr Jay Elementary - including primary k-2

42:20 to: Jan Wells
@Paula I uploaded a video from DE (it was about a 20 min. video

42:22 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
How do you find groups? I cannot find the Classroom Live 2.0 group

42:31 to: MB
What if they sign up for a group and you don't want them in that group? Do they have to request to be added to a group?

42:38 to: JohnPeters
Jeff, can you talk about text messaging feature?

42:45 to: Dave S.
@gann24 thinking of using this with my faculty learning team. Meet in the evening

42:45 to: McTeach
Sheri...you need to "join" group using the group code

42:46 to: Lorna Costantini
@sheri click on join

42:50 to: kyteacher
Created a separate "group" for school news. When students sign-up, it shows important dates on their Edmodo calendar.

42:51 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Sheri you need to click 'join' next to groups and type in iuq666

43:08 to: vanhookc
Please explain the need to check Notifications one more time. They are not defaulted checked. Didn't know if I should check them all in my profile. What's it for?

43:11 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
I don't see groups or join

43:13 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@kyteacher cool idea! didn't even see the edmodo calendar feature yet!

43:13 to: Linda 1
Notifications by tm will be great for high school students.

43:20 to: mrsdurff
I used Edmodo last year - do I need to create a new account this year for a new group of students?

43:23 to: lorenzo cruz
de que escuela grace, soy de lima

43:31 to: Peggy George
there are more security risks with cross-posting to other social networking sites

43:35 to: Paula Naugle
@Jan Wells I tried to set up my first assignment using a DEN video clip and it wouldn't upload. Uummm?

43:56 to: cwebbtech
The text notification feature is awesome. One of our teachers includes his Google Voice number for replies, which keeps his personal cell # private. Works GREAT!

43:58 to: Angie K
Is anyone using this in a math class? I would love to hear some ideas about the types of activities you are doing.

44:02 to: Peggy George
maybe Jeff can talk about uploading videos??

44:02 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
Ok, I see them now

44:05 to: kyteacher
@mbteach Calendar, like Google Cal, is color-coded. Different groups show up in different colors. Great when mulitple teachers are using.

44:12 to: Maureen
Thx Jeff. So if I post to edmodo and make it public, then set up an rss to the public page, it could go straight to an edublog

44:24 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Paula was it a downloaded file or a URL? (DEN video) I use the service, too.

44:28 to: roxanne clement
@Paula...I was thinking the same thing...don 't think they suupport video

44:36 to: Jan Wells
@ Angie K using with 4th grader math

44:38 to: jackiegerstein
Was there any discussion any embedding widgets, videos with HTML code?

44:45 to: Jenny
it show youtube videos in the stream

44:54 to: Angie K
@ Jan Wells Can you be specific about how you use it?

45:07 to: Paula Naugle
I had downloaded the file and then tried to upload it.

45:24 to: Peggy George
that's such an easy signup process for students!

45:26 to: carisa
What can you embed in posts on Edmodo?

45:37 to: hanood10
hanood:how can students post their assighnments/in class or throught edmodo class/

45:42 to: Leslie D.
How do I get my own code for my group?

45:42 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Paula was it 100MB or fewer? It's limited.

45:46 to: Rob M
Can the teacher upload new accounts for students?

46:01 to: roxanne clement
So they don't really have an account, they simply add themsleves to groups we create?

46:10 to: MB
@cwebbtech Love the idea of using the GoogleVoice.

46:20 to: Leslie D.
@roxanne That's right.

46:23 to: Jenny
once they are in one group the can add as many group codes as needed

46:30 to: jackiegerstein
Plans for a gradebook?

46:32 to: Peggy George
it's a very integrated service for education

46:41 to: tazio705
My students used Etherpad for homework help. Is this something that they can do with Edmodo?

46:44 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
If you want to discuss a topic, can you create a discussion just for that topic?

46:46 to: Gene FJHS
collecting assignments is a big advanage

46:46 to: Patti R
well isnt this real time interaction as opposed to asynchronous like blogging?

46:52 to: Paula Naugle
It was a 34MB file.

46:55 to: Gene FJHS

46:56 to: cwebbtech
@MB - It works great, although we don't have any local G-Voice numbers here, so the students have to know it's a long distance number.

46:56 to: kzw
agreed. Edmodo is FOR education! Its setup, etc. makes it most appropriate. I'm a big fan.

47:06 to: Teresa
Can teacher set up groups and add students or do they have to add themselves?

47:09 to: jackiegerstein
Gradebook as part of Edmodo that connects assignments with graders?

47:12 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Paula hmm. Wonder if Jeff has an answer!

47:15 to: kyteacher
This will be the first tool I introduce to my students next year.

47:17 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
I've got it -- my students are ready for this -- students can reply to each other, right?

47:20 to: Joel
what is the code to join the classroom live 2.0 group?

47:22 to: tammie
I am having the students write a paper in conjunction with another teacher. I am ENglish, he is Theology. Can I add him to the group so that he is able to see the papers as I do?

47:23 to: jackiegerstein
She is gone

47:25 to: mrsdurff
peggy jump in

47:27 to: Peggy George
still hearing Jeff but not Kim

47:28 to: McTeach
We hear you, Jeff

47:29 to: MB
Lost a lot of people

47:31 to: Maureen
I like the idea of using edmodo for younger kids- rather than open up the world of google tools. Will have to explore more. Have had push back in the past from teachers- using too many tools- moodle,

47:31 to: Maureen
gdocs, etc.... They want it all on one tooli

47:39 to: mrsdurff
QT: I used Edmodo last year - do I need to create a new account this year for a new group of students?

47:47 to: jackiegerstein
Advantage of Edmodo over Ning?

47:57 to: Paula Naugle
I'll try embedding again after this session.

47:59 to: McTeach
Joel...the code is iuq666

48:00 to: mrsdurff
control jackie

48:03 to: Sandra
like your qn jackie

48:04 to: roxanne clement
I would love to be able to embed edmodo onto my webpages

48:10 to: mrsdurff
ning is more for hs

48:12 to: monika
yeah - control i'm thinking too jackie

48:13 to: Joel

48:17 to: kyteacher
@Sheri Students can reply to the teacher or to the whole group. No private messaging.

48:17 to: mrsdurff
edmodo for younger

48:23 to: monika

48:24 to: Peggy George
so video isn't using embed code?

48:27 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
So the video would have to be downloaded to be viewed.

48:39 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Embed code is cool.

48:42 to: MB
Foreign language use?

48:44 to: Peggy George
oh that's great!! embed code works :-)

48:44 to: Angie K
@ Jan Wells Thanks for the idea!

48:46 to: jackiegerstein
Cool - embed code!

48:46 to: Rob M
How can I download a chat session?

48:51 to: mrsdurff
we use Godtube

48:56 to: mrsdurff
religious school

49:00 to: GGarner
interesting session. enjoyed it. hope everyone has a great rest of their day!!! Later

49:02 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Rob from this session?

49:07 to: jackiegerstein
VoiceThread? Code?

49:15 to: jackiegerstein

49:18 to: kyteacher
Very cool.

49:20 to: Peggy George
you can download this chat by clicking on the blue floppy disk and selecting chat conversation

49:23 to: Jill

49:24 to: Chuck
not so much - edmodo is for hs as well

49:36 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Good thing I have a long weekend to play around with this!

49:37 to: MB
Yes, Glogster?

49:39 to: Peggy George
that would be exciting to be able to embed glogster!

50:19 to: carisa
Can you export grades out of edmodo yet?

50:25 to: Peggy George
Kim will be back--had to log out because she couldn't hear

50:26 to: mrsdurff
it's not instead - it's in additon

50:30 to: Chuck
ning, other apps, are public apps, no visibility into the communication threads at an administrative level

50:39 to: mrsdurff
different tools for different functions

50:42 to: Peggy George
blogging=1 to many

50:43 to: Linda 1
Looking at edmodo as place to pull all the applications to one place

50:43 to: Chuck
exports are coming within the next few weeks

50:48 to: cwebbtech
One of the biggest advantages of edmodo over standard blogging is the "gated community" feel of it. Keeps your students' work safe.

50:51 to: Peggy George
goot point Linda 1

50:52 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@kyteacher do you use edmodo for discussion around a topic?

50:59 to: Ann Noonen
Please talk about the Polls feature.

51:11 to: mrsdurff
can i clear last year from my account?

51:14 to: bmontana
For several teachers, can a "master group" be set up for common things and individual course groups for classes students are in? Then students join just the groups they need to according to their sche

51:14 to: bmontana
dule. All events would feed to the student's calendar. Can do?

51:35 to: jackiegerstein
Do students then have access to their own grades?

51:36 to: william Vegazo Muro
@Ms.Davison im glad to help you

51:39 to: Peggy George
oh that's cool!! gradebook options and more coming!

51:44 to: kyteacher
@mbteach Yes. Have used as a backchannel several times. Works really well.

51:52 to: william Vegazo Muro
@Ms.McMillan Im glad to help you too

51:53 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@kyteacher How do you keep track of the 'wall' posts so they don't get confusing. How do you follow a conversation?

52:16 to: kyteacher
@bmontana That's basically what I do.

52:23 to: McTeach
william...that would be awesome!

52:31 to: McTeach
Whoa...what's happening?

52:34 to: Maureen
I like the idea of turning it into edmodo and grading... I use a drop.io box for my kids now...

52:51 to: McTeach
Maureen...would love to know how you're doing that

52:58 to: Peggy George
we will be posting the recording of this show and the chat in the archives later today http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

53:01 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Maureen drop.io is great!

53:07 to: bmontana
@kyteacher Thanks. Works well?

53:11 to: cwebbtech
@Maureen - Have you tried embedding your drop.io "dropbox" to your school webpage? Works well.

53:12 to: Grace
estoy de colegio villa maria

53:23 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
How many members do we have?

53:27 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
Thanks, kyteacher

53:38 to: Patti R
does anyone know when etherpad is going away?

53:49 to: lorenzo cruz
villa maria reyna en san isidro

53:51 to: Paula Naugle
Never mind my video problem does not exist. I just opened my class and the video is there twice. LOL Guess I can upload a video.

53:57 to: Chuck
have to run, let's do this again sometime!!!

53:57 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@cwebbtech LOVE the widget!

54:02 to: Sandra
Don't want to duplicate membership. Can I find out if I've already registered (last summer)?

54:05 to: Peggy George
fantastic Paula!! so glad that worked for you!

54:11 to: kyteacher
@mbteach Can have students respond to specific questions. Replies would be more organized that way.

54:16 to: jackiegerstein
You are doing VERY cool stuff!

54:19 to: kzw
Thanks so much!

54:19 to: tammie
Thank you, and thank you for edmodo!

54:21 to: Gene FJHS
thank you Jeff really enjoyed this

54:26 to: monika
grazie sir... thanks for doing so much for ed - to your lovely wife as well

54:28 to: Brucie
Thanks! Really enjoyed it!

54:28 to: Lindsey White

54:29 to: lbott
Thanks, Jeff.

54:29 to: Peggy George
I'll definitely be watching this again to pick up on what I missed!

54:32 to: Sandra
Thanks so much, Jeff!

54:34 to: mrsdurff
Did Jeff ever answer: I used Edmodo last year - do I need to create a new account this year for a new group of students?

54:35 to: ediejett
I created a group but I don't know where the code is???

54:36 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@kyteacher so all responses would be nested under the question.

54:36 to: Karen 1
This has been very interesting - thanks!

54:37 to: Maureen
@Mcteach I set up a link for dropio and give the kids the url. I have set up dropboxes on webpages as well. Sometimes it is easier for the kids to just go to one or the other. works well, but I downlo

54:37 to: Maureen
ad, grade and then either print out and return or have to reupload them- no privacy

54:40 to: Mr Jay
Thanks JEFF!

54:40 to: vanhookc
Thank yo so much! This was outstanding, Jeff.

54:40 to: McTeach
Thanks Jeff!! This has been so helpful!!!!

54:42 to: Linda 1
Thank you Jeff

54:43 to: Jill
Thanks everyone! Great session.

54:45 to: Peggy George
looking forward to discussing Digital Nation next week!!

54:47 to: Leslie D.
@william Could my third graders ask a few questions (of you or your students) on something they are working on in class?

54:53 to: Andrew Cerniglia
Thank you, Jeff. Very impressive.

54:54 to: Corina
very informative

54:55 to: lorenzo cruz
thanks jeff

54:55 to: cwebbtech
Thank you, Jeff, for all the hard work you've done on behalf of our students. It's well worth it!

54:56 to: kyteacher
Any way to make some posts (teacher ?s) remain at the top of the page? Stickies/

55:01 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Maureen you should check out the embeddable widget. No link needed.

55:02 to: Sam
I'm EXTREMELY intrigued.

55:07 to: Chuck
chuck@edmodo.com :-) we'll be more than happy to answer your questions - watch the blog - lots of new launches within the next couple of months

55:08 to: Suzie Martin
Thank you so much! I'll be looking forward to using Edmodo!

55:09 to: gann24
Thanks Jeff!

55:09 to: Angie K
Thanks Jeff! Enjoyed it!

55:11 to: davesapp
Fantastic! I am so excited to try this out!

55:17 to: Grace
no miraflores y Ud?

55:24 to: blairteach
Thanks for all the info; very informative!

55:26 to: Ann Noonen
Thank you, Jeff. Impressive!

55:27 to: monika
i thought dan pink was up as well - did i miss that

55:33 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Maureen nevermind, saw you use it already!

55:34 to: Brucie
Thanks Peggy!

55:35 to: Anh
thank you very much

55:38 to: Joel
How do we get a certificate from a previous session?

55:38 to: kyteacher
@bmontana Yes...works well.

55:44 to: Peggy George
be sure to let me know if you request a certificate and don't receive it

55:47 to: lorenzo cruz
yo vivo en New Jersey USA pero vivi en Miraflores estare la proxima semana en Lima

55:48 to: william Vegazo Muro
Gracias Jeff

55:54 to: Brucie

55:55 to: Linda 1
Thank you Peggy, Lorna, and Kim

55:58 to: kyteacher
@mbteach Yes...Answers would be nested under original question.

56:00 to: Paula Naugle
Thank you, Jeff. Edmodo will launch Thursday in my classroom.

56:01 to: Teresa

56:09 to: roxanne clement
thanks everyone...hope we can stay a bit

56:11 to: purti singh
Thanks peggy

56:11 to: jackiegerstein
Thanks Kim, Lorna, & Peggy!!

56:13 to: Paula Naugle
plnaugle on Twittter.

56:13 to: Susie
Is Daniel Pink Tuesday the 16th or Weds. the 17th?

56:14 to: Maureen
@mbteach- It's just me... I will forget to remove widget, and the kids will upload to the wrong place...

56:15 to: hanood10
hanod10:Thanks,great session.

56:19 to: Scott Snyder
Thanks Peggy, Lorna and Jeff!

56:19 to: Bodie
WVTIS be sure to get the certificate!

56:25 to: Susie
Thanks so much Jeff!

56:28 to: McTeach
Susie...I believe it was Tuesday for Dan Pink

56:36 to: Peggy George
I love the chat room!! you are all asking such great questions and providing such great ideas!

56:38 to: Jeanette
Thanks. This was a real eyeopener

56:47 to: Leslie D.
@Peggy Are you giving certificates for participation/PD?

56:55 to: Karen 1
I would like the certificate pls for my ProD

56:58 to: purti singh
Peggy i need your e-mail id

57:00 to: Peggy George
remember all of our links today are here: http://gl.am/fRBa4

57:16 to: Joel
@peggy how do we get certificate from a previous session?

57:29 to: monika
guys when you sign out and take poll - you can request a cert

57:31 to: Peggy George
when you close out of Elluminate today you'll get a survey where you can request the PD certificate. I'll email to all of you who request as soon as I get the survey results

57:36 to: JohnPeters
I would like to ask Jeff a question if I may. I will raise my hand

57:37 to: kyteacher
Limits are on live participants in Chalk.

57:50 to: Peggy George
if you need a certificate from a previous session, send me an email pgeorge@mac.com

57:56 to: roxanne clement
How soon will we be able to try chalk?

58:22 to: Joel
Thank you peggy

58:28 to: Grace
Very helpful. Thank you very much

58:41 to: mrsdurff
so you can't post from cell?

58:45 to: Peggy George
http://blog.edmodo.com/ (Edmodo Blog with teachers sharing ways they are using Edmodo in their classrooms)

58:48 to: john fallon
Hi Deb

58:52 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
mrsdurff I think your account is still there because I had registered last march and that account was there when I went to edmodo

58:53 to: Sally Boone
Nice to see so many WV people today!

59:05 to: MB
How can I do accents (i.e. for French) other than the old Alt??? way? Is that doable?

59:11 to: Maureen
So, if parents sign up, when you get that ready, they can get sms notifications of assignments- could they also get sms when assignments are turned in?

59:12 to: Linda 1
and teachers won't see the student cell phone numbers?

59:17 to: mrsdurff
@Sheri & @Jeff: I used Edmodo last year - do I need to create a new account this year for a new group of students?

59:22 to: Karen 1
Is anyone at the Elementary level using this in a computer lab? I only have a couple of computers in my classroom. My district uses Moodle.

59:32 to: Peggy George
you can type in different languages but no accents

59:32 to: Joel
Thanks Jeff

59:37 to: carisa
Thanks Jeff this is great, love the features!

59:40 to: Pam
thalnks, great session!

59:42 to: MB
@Peggy. Thanks.

59:44 to: virginia alberti
thanks very much

59:44 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
I like that they cannot reply for this platform; I can use another platform that process of replying

59:52 to: roxanne clement
How soon before we can try Chalk

1:00:02 to: Peggy George
thanks for taking the mic Rosemary!!

1:00:03 to: purti singh
Thanks and its a good night for me

1:00:03 to: Jenny
I made us a poll in our edmodo group :)

1:00:18 to: Leslie D.
@Karen 1 I will be trying it this week!

1:00:23 to: Peggy George
@Jenny--fantastic! the poll feature is wonderful!

1:00:32 to: bmontana
Thanks for a great session. Ciao

1:00:35 to: Jan Wells
@ Rosemary Miller - where in Kansas

1:00:41 to: mrsdurff
a whiteboard would be a great premium idea

1:00:49 to: MB
60% - 3 votes ;-)

1:00:50 to: Peggy George
free and secure and designed for education!!! doesn't get any better!!

1:01:12 to: Peggy George
oh-good question about the chat

1:01:14 to: kyteacher
Would love the ability to make select posts "sticky"...keep them at the top of the page as students discuss.

1:01:35 to: Jan Wells
@mrsdurff - I don't believe you need to sign up again. Just make a new group, archive the old group if you'd like

1:01:36 to: Rob M
Thank you.

1:01:37 to: Maureen
I am always amazed that the business model of free beta works... The amount of time and energy that goes into these systems we all use is amazing. Thank you Jeff!

1:01:39 to: roxanne clement
I', elementary and for ease of use I would love to be able to embed on our webpage!

1:01:52 to: davidcosand
@kyteacher...I'd like that too! It's easy for a post to get buried beneath a flood of replies.

1:02:17 to: kyteacher
@david Exactly.

1:02:21 to: mrsdurff
new kidws

1:02:25 to: Sandra
When the gradebook becomes available, will it be in the basic free account?

1:02:36 to: Peggy George
a few audio problems today! Kim can't get back in and Lorna's mic keeps cutting...some days are like that!

1:02:44 to: Paula Naugle
If you make it an assignment it will appear there.

1:03:10 to: Peggy George
click on the mic Rob M--lower left corner

1:03:22 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
RT: (Peggy George): free and secure and designed for education!!! doesn't get any better!!

1:03:26 to: mrsdurff
Lunchtime --> thank you zemote!

1:03:35 to: roxanne clement
can't hear you

1:03:37 to: Paula Naugle
Bye durff.

1:03:51 to: Peggy George
thank you so much Jeff--lots of great information today for an excellent tool!

1:04:06 to: kyteacher

1:04:16 to: kyteacher
And thanks David/

1:04:25 to: Maureen
Your workflow chart would make an intersting graphic to share!

1:04:25 to: Peggy George
educators always have great ideas for ways to extend a tool!!

1:04:27 to: Leslie D.
Thank you so much! Have a great weekend everyone.

1:04:45 to: Sandra
how do I request the mic?

1:04:47 to: Karen 1
It can be embedded on a webpage?

1:04:48 to: John Moloney
I really appreciate control of Edmodo's chat. Keeps kids on task and wanderign off to inappropriate conversations.

1:04:58 to: monika
thanks guys... ciao

1:05:19 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
Does the program just create you pass codes randomly or do you create one yourself?

1:05:22 to: MB
yes sandra

1:05:23 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
Thanks for showing this marvelous tool. Ditto John Moloney's on task comment

1:05:26 to: kyteacher
We love Edmodo. Hope to use it even more in the future.

1:05:26 to: MB
Yes you are

1:05:31 to: Mr Jay
randomly creates them

1:05:41 to: Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today! we'll get the recording posted ASAP. I'll tweet the link when the recording is posted on #liveclass20

1:05:47 to: McTeach
kyteacher...I'm ready to start using it with my kids starting this week!!! Very excited!

1:05:52 to: Sandra
you're cutting out,

1:05:54 to: roxanne clement

1:05:59 to: MB
Lost Jeff

1:06:00 to: Peggy George
can't hear you Jeff

1:06:00 to: Maureen
lost audio

1:06:01 to: Linda 1
Have a nice weekend. Thank you, Peggy for tweet reminder.

1:06:15 to: MB
Too much snow for audio

1:06:16 to: Maureen

1:06:17 to: Peggy George
hearing now

1:06:24 to: John Moloney
yes watson

1:06:38 to: davesapp
Thanks for a great discussion can't wait to read back through the chat--Off to celebrate Valentines Day early

1:06:49 to: Peggy George
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

1:07:02 to: Jill
Have to go, bye everyone! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

1:07:13 to: Peggy George
that's a great question roxeanne--I forgot my password too :-)

1:07:26 to: Paula Naugle
Happy Valentine's Day to my PLN. Happy Mardi Gras to the Gulf South people. See you next week.

1:07:36 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo

1:07:37 to: MB
You are so nice, Jeff!

1:07:55 to: Peggy George
See you all next week for Digital Nation discussion. Try to view it before the show if you can.

1:07:58 to: Esther
Great session. Thanks a lot

1:08:03 to: McTeach
Jeff is sooooooo wonderfully helpful!!! Be sure to follow him on twitter also. @zemote

1:08:03 to: ediejett
I created a class, but I can't find the code... I must need to click on something.

1:08:16 to: jackiegerstein
This a great service - need to explore more. Thanks - bye!

1:08:25 to: Paula Naugle
@Jeff, thank you so much. My Edmodo is now ready to launch when we return from our Mardi Gras vacation on Thursday. See you on Twitter.

1:08:25 to: McTeach
Peggy...do you have a link for Digital Nation?

1:08:25 to: kyteacher
@edie Click the pencil next to your group name.

1:08:43 to: roxanne clement
I see

1:08:45 to: ediejett
GREAT! Thanks!

1:08:48 to: Peggy George

1:08:55 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
I just tried to get into Edmodo on my school computer and it says I am using an older browser.

1:08:59 to: Peggy George
you can view the full documentary on that link

1:09:22 to: Mr Jay
download the latest version of your web browser

1:09:34 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
Tech won't let us have newer versions because they don't work well with NC Wise

1:09:36 to: Peggy George
@Paula--you're a great multitasker!! :-)

1:09:37 to: roxanne clement
thanks jeff!

1:09:58 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
Can't upgrade on my school computers, tech has to do that and they won't

1:10:02 to: John Moloney
Thank goodness for the foppy icon

1:10:08 to: Maureen
Thank you Jeff

1:10:09 to: Peggy George
so sad Michele!!

1:10:13 to: roxanne clement
thanks again...it was great today!

1:10:14 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
Does this mean we won't be able to use it

1:10:20 to: ediejett
This was super, thanks

1:10:26 to: McTeach
Thanks Peggy!!!

1:10:34 to: Paula Naugle
Thanks. Peggy.

1:10:37 to: ediejett
Does the survey simply show up???

1:10:38 to: Peggy George
thanks a lot Jeff!! This is been so informative!

1:10:44 to: Mr Jay
email jeff jeff@edmodo.com. he will be able to walk you through what you might need to do. He was a former memeber of a tech department himself

1:10:50 to: Peggy George
yes the survey will pop up in your browser when you log out of elluminate

1:10:58 to: Jan Wells
How many edmodo accounts are there currently?

1:11:03 to: MB
Jeff, what is your twitter name again?

1:11:04 to: mbteach (Mary Beth)
Thanks Jeff and Peggy for a great session! Have a great weekend everyone.

1:11:06 to: davidcosand
Thank you so much for a great show!

1:11:16 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo
my twitter is twitter.com/zemote

1:11:23 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo

1:11:32 to: MB
Found it, thanks.

1:11:35 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
So can teachers create a joint group for classrooms across the world?

1:11:40 to: Peggy George
bye everyone--as soon as everyone is logged out we can begin to process the recording :-)

1:11:41 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo
We also have the official edmodo twitter account at http://twitter.com/edmodo

1:11:46 to: kyteacher
@Sheri Don't see why not.

1:11:51 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)

1:11:54 to: Lorna Costantini
no audio

1:11:58 to: Lorna Costantini

1:11:58 to: Paula Naugle
@Sheri If you create a group you can share the code with whomever you want.

1:11:58 to: Michele DeMoraes 1
Thanks, have a great Valentine's day tomorrow

1:12:02 to: Sheri Edwards (grammasheri)
Thanks all Excellent session

1:12:09 to: Peggy George
guess it's time to log out--can't hear Lorna!

1:12:12 to: MB
I hear someone typeing

1:12:20 to: Dave S.
hear someone typing

1:12:21 to: Lorna Costantini
that msut be Jeff

1:12:23 to: Peggy George
thank you all for coming! recording coming soon

1:12:34 to: Dave S.
will share this archive with colleagues

1:12:39 to: Jan Wells
@ Paula - yes you can share it anyone

1:12:39 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo
Sheri, if you want to coordinate a group with another group across the world, your more than welcome too, but at this time there is no built in mechanism to find other groups

1:12:46 to: william Vegazo Muro

1:12:56 to: MB
I thought it was great! Thanks. I loved it.

1:13:02 to: McTeach
Yes, thank you, Jeff!!!

1:13:04 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo
Thanks everyone for coming and listening/learning about Edmodo

1:13:18 to: Jeff O'Hara - Edmodo
Had fun

1:13:21 to: ediejett
It was super!

1:13:22 to: Sandra
thanks! bye

1:13:26 to: davidcosand

1:13:54 to: Lorna Costantini
Happy Valentine's day

1:13:55 to: Vance in Abu Dhabi
thanks for sharing

1:14:11 to: Peggy George
it's so exciting to have a tool so comprehensive that is specifically designed for education!!

1:14:16 to: Peggy George
be sure to quite elluminate so the recording can process :-)