Feb 9, 2013 Matt Hardy - Kidblog - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:15 - Rhonda
more iPad users with us today :)

00:20 - Peggy George
here we go!!! tech is always fun!!!! well almost always...

00:39 - Peggy George

00:56 - Kim Caise

01:05 - Peggy George
ipads should work great today. no web tour but we will use app sharing

01:23 - Peggy George

01:31 - Peggy George
archives and recordings

01:39 - Rhonda
Livebinder, full of information to follow up and review

01:51 - Jose Rodriguez
very cool

02:02 - Peggy George
yes tons of great resources in the Livebinder! even video tutorials and presentations by Matt Hardy!

02:09 - Peggy George
Hi Jose! Always great to see you!

02:16 - Rhonda
Beautiful, FL

02:21 - Dotty
San Jose California

02:31 - Jose Rodriguez
Thanks Matt.. same here

02:33 - Peggy George
I'm so impressed that we have people from New England today!!!!

02:37 - Jose Rodriguez
Los Angeles

02:38 - bctracy
berlin, md

02:40 - Aunttammie
Can't get tools on iPad, but imagine a dot in Houston

02:40 - Rhonda
Those Brave Snow mobilers

02:41 - dabambic
Daryl from Montreal where it's freezing!

02:43 - Peggy George
Phoenix AZ

02:53 - @bcdtech Maureen
snowy Massachusetts

02:58 - Peggy George
vote with the tools not on the slide :-)

03:03 - Susie @shighley
then are you going to ask if we keep it current?

03:11 - Eileen K
Winter Wonderland in Pennsylvania - post snowstorm

03:14 - Peggy George
awesome to have so many bloggers!!! woo hoo!!!

03:15 - Jose Rodriguez

03:18 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
How much snow have you gotten if you live in the NE?

03:21 - Rhonda
:) that's encouraging

03:30 - clinds
@Susie - I was going to admit the same thing about whether it's current.

03:32 - Joanna
I can't either...I live in NC

03:32 - Becki Tharp
I have a classroom blog that my students write.

03:36 - Peggy George
no students

03:42 - Betsye
Looks as if over 2feet and still snowing

03:44 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Paula- only 18 inches.. blowing around a lot- high drifts

03:47 - Jose Rodriguez
I'm your student Peggy

03:52 - Rhonda
adult learners, working on it, one at a time

03:58 - Peggy George
fantastic Jose :-)

04:05 - Peggy George
me too Rhonda!

04:05 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning @JanWells. :)

04:06 - Shelly Moses
Just started the kids blogs yesterday on Kidblog!

04:15 - Jose Rodriguez
Hey Paula

04:21 - Jose Rodriguez
not yet

04:24 - Rhonda
Peggy has a big class, that's why she needs a team

04:32 - Peggy George
:-) Rhonda!

04:33 - Becki Tharp
Just starting that this year.

04:45 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone!!! We're so glad you're here!

05:17 - Peggy George
Hi Sheri! Your blog is in our Livebinder today :-) https://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=770153

05:57 - Peggy George
woo hoo! McTeach is with us today! We're missed you!

06:00 - Sheri Edwards 2
Oh my! :) I'll look.

06:00 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning, Jose. Great to "see" you here. :)

06:17 - Peggy George
Welcome Matt!!!! We're so glad you're here to share with us today!

06:33 - Jose Rodriguez
good morning.. "chilly" 50 degrees in Southern California

06:39 - Peggy George
http://kidblog.org (Kidblog website)

06:40 - Lorna Costantini
Think I hit the chat permission feature you should all be able to chat in the main room now

06:57 - @janwells
Hi Paula, Peggy, Jose, and McTeach

07:00 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning, Peggy!

07:03 - Jose Rodriguez
Hey Jan

07:05 - Peggy George
Hi Jan! Great to see you!

07:06 - McTeach (Karen)
Hey Jan!!!

07:17 - Betsye
Hi Tina. Been a long time.

07:18 - Sheri Edwards 2
@Peggy Oh yes we learned so much "thinking" with 5 card stories!

07:19 - Peggy George
https://www.facebook.com/kidblog (Kidblog on Facebook)

07:27 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I love that Matt created such a great platform for us to use with our students sepecially those under 13 years of age.

07:33 - Peggy George
I loved your 5-card stories @Sheri!

07:51 - Kim
5 card story???

07:51 - Sheri Edwards 2
@Peggy Thanks

07:58 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good mornig, Karen.

08:09 - McTeach (Karen)
Hey there, Paula!

08:16 - Peggy George
the 5-card story link is in the Livebinder today

08:32 - Kim
@peggy george-thanks!

08:35 - Peggy George
http://kidblog.org/EaglesWrite/tag/5card/ (Sheri Edwards ‏grammasheri-5-card Flickr Story on Kidblog)

08:50 - Peggy George
always love to hear about kids blogging!!!!

08:56 - Rhonda
How blogging gives a voice, supports interaction, builds confidence

09:03 - Peggy George
http://bit.ly/kidblog-slides (Presentation slides)

09:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hello Maureen, Shambles, and Sheri. Love spending Saturday mornings with you. :0

09:12 - Peggy George
http://bit.ly/kidblog-resources (Google Drive Kidblog resources)

09:18 - Susie @shighley
I was in a presentation recently this week where it was said that a blog is the glue that can hold everything together.

09:23 - Peggy George

09:25 - Rhonda
Reading, writing, and responding as they learn

09:35 - Rhonda

09:43 - Peggy George
https://twitter.com/kidblogdotorg (Kidblog on Twitter)

09:46 - Rhonda
A computer science major in the classroom :)

10:17 - Rhonda

10:25 - Peggy George
It is so inspiring to hear Matt's story about creating Kidblog based on his classroom teaching experience!

10:33 - Peggy George

10:49 - Rhonda
Good point

10:57 - Peggy George
love that point! more than just student contributors to a class page!

11:14 - Rhonda
beyond webpage mentality

11:15 - Peggy George
http://kidblog.org/blog/ (Kidblog Blog)

11:20 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hey Paula- Trying to multi task... unsuccessfuly...

11:20 - Peggy George
Hi Jackie! Great to see you!

11:22 - Rhonda
into interactive mentality

11:29 - Peggy George
Welcome Maureen!

11:57 - Rhonda
Nice summary

11:57 - Peggy George
the authentic audience is what makes awesome writers!

12:01 - dabambic
Is Carolyn Stanley in the chat room?

12:09 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hi Peggy- missng MA weather?

12:13 - Rhonda
yes, peggy, agreed

12:17 - Peggy George
not at all @Maureen!!! :-)

12:25 - Dara Kappel
Students are more motivated to write.

12:25 - Kim
my problem is getting the kids to publish meaningful academic work!!

12:41 - Peggy George
http://kidblog.org/why-kidblog/ (Why Kidblog?)

12:47 - Rhonda
Kim, I hear you

12:52 - Peggy George
that's a beautiful blog!

13:09 - Tina Schmidt 1
My 3rd grade students work harder on their writing when they know others around the world will read it on their Kidblog.

13:16 - clinds
Haven't used Kidblog in a little - looks like students can change the look of their individual blog now? This was always a student request!

13:47 - Kim Caise
research shows performance is higher when students know they have an audience larger than their classroom peers

13:48 - Kim
Tina- agreed, we quad blog and have a good audience-kids are inspired

13:49 - Peggy George
if you have questions for Matt we'll save them and ask at the end of his presentation. Type them here in the chat.

13:59 - Rhonda
Many great ways to blog

13:59 - Peggy George
tee hee!!!

14:01 - Dara Kappel
Blogged with another third grade class in another district and this really increased quality and motivation.

14:07 - Peggy George
notebooks are hard on backs!

14:10 - Betsye
Agree with Tina. Amazing changes in their writing and level of reflection.

14:12 - Tina Schmidt 1
@KIm - Yes! We are in PA but Quad buddies are from UK and Tasmania

14:19 - @jackiegerstein
Paperless world! Paper should only be used for art projects

14:23 - Rhonda
quad blogging movement, good to hear

14:24 - Peggy George
binders are even harder on backs!!! Livebinder has been my savior!

14:34 - Kim
but love the notebook for writer's notebook-storing ideas and experiments with diff styles of writing

14:44 - bctracy
do you give students time in class to blog or is it a hw assignment?

14:49 - Peggy George
great image!

14:58 - Oronoque
the dog ate the missing notebook (6)

14:58 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I did a presentation at LaCUE titled - Math Journals Are So 20th Century, Math Blogs Are 21st Century!

15:23 - Peggy George
awesome Paula! share the link for math journals :-)

15:31 - Kim
love that

15:37 - gordon
I'm wondering it you can incorporate third party widgets, specifically GoodReads which students can use to show the books they have read.

15:38 - Rhonda
left it ....

15:41 - Peggy George
they can no longer say the dog ate their homework with blogs :-)

15:50 - dabambic
David Weinberger in 'Too Big to Know' talks about how the digital world releases the word from the prison of the page!

15:52 - Rhonda

15:57 - Tina Schmidt 1
@bctracy We blog in school but some kids add posts from home too on other topics

16:06 - Aunttammie
Lol, now it's cyber excuses! My Internet was down, I forgot my password...

16:12 - bctracy
my problem is the lack of technology in my school

16:12 - Susie @shighley
or that their printer was out of ink

16:19 - bctracy
i would love to have my students blog

16:19 - Kim
mom wouldn't let me on the computer

16:22 - Peggy George
that's one of the great things about blogging @Tina--kids can do it wherever they have internet access

16:25 - Oronoque
what about virtual dogs? my university students often point to internet problems when their work is "missing"

16:29 - Rhonda
lack of available tech, bctracy?

16:31 - Jose Rodriguez
My challenge is integrating the math aspect

16:49 - Peggy George
so easy to add multimedia content to blogs like video, audio, etc.

16:49 - Tina Schmidt 1
@bctracy That can be an issue but it wouldn't be hard to assign it for homework if they can log on at home.

16:53 - bctracy
@rhonda yes...limited technology and over 50% poverty

17:06 - Rhonda
understood, bctracy

17:12 - Dotty
I can see the value of paper journals. If the technology changes I still have my notes. All kids do not have technology access.

17:13 - Kim Caise
i would often have students write how to solve a problem as if they were explaining it to someone else

17:13 - Peggy George
reciprocation means grandmas can write comments on their blogs :-)

17:24 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Math Journal Blogging - https://sites.google.com/site/bloggngwithelementarystudents/05-blog-roll

17:29 - Peggy George
thanks Paula!

17:32 - Rhonda
do they have personal tech, bctracy?

17:33 - Tina Schmidt 1
@bctracy Or you could set up a station with teacher computer and have kids rotate to do a post

17:38 - Dara Kappel
I work in the same type of district as your talking about- bctracy. So we need to do it at school.

17:45 - Rhonda
Peggy, :)

17:47 - bctracy
true...that could work

17:50 - gordon
I was playing with kidblog and, unless I missed something, there was not a field for the commenter to add their URL so the blogger can comment back. Do kidblogers simply add their URL at the end of the comment or can a commenter's URL field be added??

17:53 - Jose Rodriguez
I teach in a high poverty area also .. the truth is that if it is important to the kid.. they will find a way to get online

17:56 - Kim

17:58 - Eileen K

18:10 - clinds
@Jose - You could also have students creating their own real world math problems and other students solve by commenting on their blog post.

18:13 - Peggy George
we've included a lot of Kidblog examples in the Livebinder today--you'll enjoy exploring them.

18:22 - Peggy George

18:29 - Dotty
Public libraries all have free Internet access

18:34 - Rhonda
Jose, agreed, however it is something to note - allows for knowledge needed to support

18:34 - Jose Rodriguez
@clinds thanks for the idea

18:35 - Tina Schmidt 1
@gordon - My students add a link to their blog at the end of their comment

18:42 - @jackiegerstein
I use blog instead LMS discussion boards in my online courses - it is such a huge difference, espcially since blogs have an audience outside of the classroom

18:43 - Rhonda
Dotty, that is the Truth!

18:46 - Kim Caise
there a lot of blogging sites that can be accessed from a cell phone

18:48 - bctracy
not all of my students can get transportation there...they are 11

19:01 - dabambic
Why is he talking so quickly? It is like he is on fast speed...

19:02 - gordon
tina, thanks.

19:02 - Rhonda
Library is a classroom extension and so well organized

19:03 - @jackiegerstein

19:04 - Oronoque
Public Libraries in New York have very limited hours so cannot be assumed to be open when a young student can go

19:19 - Susie @shighley
We need to organize our schools and time to assist if kids need more net access

19:20 - Dara Kappel
my students also don't have transportation to the library. We make the most of class time.

19:21 - Kim Caise
here in san antonio school buses are becoming wifi enabled

19:25 - @jackiegerstein
Mobile devices can be blog platforms

19:26 - Sheri Edwards 2
@paula pln Thanks for sharing your site math blogging

19:27 - Jose Rodriguez
I encourage.. completing tasks at home.. not require.

19:35 - Jose Rodriguez
slowling kids are getting onboard

19:38 - Rhonda
bctracy, are there community centers?

19:44 - dabambic
Does anyone else hear this chipmunk speed?

19:46 - Rhonda
Kim, WOW

19:49 - Sheri Edwards 2
publishing required in CCSS

19:52 - Jose Rodriguez
sound ok here

19:59 - Rhonda
That will quiet the riders

20:00 - Kim Caise
that means a bandwidth delay. the audio is catching up

20:09 - Rhonda
sometimes, dabambic

20:11 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My students presented to teachers in Illinois via Google Hangout about how we use kidblog.

20:13 - dabambic
It just fixed itself

20:13 - Peggy George
link for the video by Jabiz: http://connectedlearning.tv/jabiz-raisdana-authentic-student-blogging-empowering-student-voice-social-media-age

20:15 - Dara Kappel
publishing is CCSS starting in grade 2

20:18 - bctracy
unfortunately not and in my county students have very long bus rides because they travel great distances to get to school

20:28 - Jose Rodriguez
funny... I like having a quick write only.. then go straight to kidblog

20:29 - Dotty
Community centers, churches, need to make sure they have free Internet for students, especially in low poverty, gang infested areas.

20:31 - Oronoque
NYC public libraries close at 6PM and are closed on Sundays

20:36 - gordon
totally agree with the lack of publishing in the traditional "writers workshop" model!

20:39 - Kim
I am struggling with this publishig issue this week!!

20:54 - Dara Kappel
paula that sounds great. Where in Illinois, from St. Charles

20:59 - Rhonda
Oronoque, there are planning issues, good point

21:00 - kgradel
@jackiegerstein: Do your online students have individual blogs? Just wondering...

21:04 - Jose Rodriguez
and.. I like using their posts as a work in progress

21:22 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Love that you can send a student's post back to them with a private comment to help them involve thier post before it goes live.

21:28 - Peggy George
http://bit.ly/kidblog-resources (Google Drive Kidblog resources)

21:33 - Rhonda
I find that learners begin at low levels of writing skill and improve greatly, quickly

21:37 - Jose Rodriguez
true.. gotta love private comments

21:40 - Peggy George
that link talks about social portfolios

21:45 - Aunttammie
Would like to hear hi discuss cost of kidblog

21:55 - Peggy George
comments can be video and audio too!

21:55 - Jill
kidblog is free

21:59 - Jose Rodriguez
I even print.. blog post with private comment for revising

22:03 - Kim Caise
there is no cost

22:04 - Tina Schmidt 1
We are having fun using 100 Word challenge writing prompts on our Kidblogs this year. http://100wc.net/

22:16 - Rhonda
enabling and acknowledging communication for life

22:16 - Peggy George
thanks Tina!!

22:31 - Peggy George
the 100 word challenge looks awesome!

22:34 - Tina Schmidt 1
Sure - Great way to connect with other students too!

22:37 - Rhonda
Great Tina

22:46 - Rhonda
Absolutely, Tina

22:51 - gordon
How do kidbloggers conect with each other? Is there a communal place where classes share their blogs? I find the audience (and finding the audience) is one of the most important things. . . .

22:52 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Enjoyed hosting the 12.12.12 Blog Project. We had lots of participation.

22:56 - Rhonda
Jose, great tip

23:05 - Betsye
Same for the five sentence challenge fivesc.net

23:06 - Rhonda
Paula, that's wonderful

23:06 - Dara Kappel
I use video writing prompts from teacher hub for kids to blog about.

23:09 - Aunttammie
Wow, no cost at any level? How does he pay for hosting, bandwidth, etc.?

23:09 - Tina Schmidt 1
100 WC - Teachers from the challenge will leave your students comments on their posts too.

23:16 - Sheri Edwards 2
@Tina S 1 Thanks for the link to prompts!

23:21 - Scott B.
My class is enjoying the 100 WC as well.

23:22 - Peggy George
that image really shows the power of blogging!

23:53 - Patti R
quote i recently read from Rushton Hurley: When students publish work for the world they want it to be GOOD; when they publish it for the teacher they want it to be GOOD ENOUGH

24:00 - Rhonda
Academic conversation, just those two words in a sentence, gives me goosebumps

24:29 - Peggy George
we have several great tutorials on the Livebinder to show you exactly how to create a blog on Kidblog and to create a class. Really easy!

24:37 - Rhonda
Patti, thank you for that, very good point

24:38 - shukufa
hello there

24:49 - Peggy George
today's Livebinder: https://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=770153

24:55 - Peggy George
Welcome shukufa!!!

25:03 - Tina Schmidt 1
Quad blogging another good way to connect with other classrooms http://quadblogging.net/

25:07 - shukufa
thanks Peggy

25:07 - Rhonda
Withering so common

25:10 - Susie @shighley
This will serve them well later on if/when they take online classes as well. They need to interact

25:11 - shukufa
how are you

25:15 - Rhonda
Comments keep it going, agreed

25:16 - Peggy George
that is a fantastic Rushton quote!!!

25:23 - Kim
we quadblog and it made a huge difference in quality and quantity

25:37 - Rhonda

25:39 - dabambic
What is quadblogging?

25:42 - Aunttammie
What is a quad log?

25:42 - Peggy George
there is a great recording in the Livebinder about quadblogging :-)

25:44 - Patti R
my kids are so hungry for comments

25:53 - Peggy George
http://edtechtalk.com/node/5156 (Teachers Teaching Teachers conversation about Blogging and Quad Blogging)

25:56 - Betsye
Comments mean so much, but wish they could lead to more of an on-going conversations.

26:08 - Kim
also keep a map to record where all the comments come from-s love that

26:09 - Kim Caise
quadblogging is blogging with 4 classes

26:34 - Peggy George
great point! true for both kids and adults!

26:34 - Tina Schmidt 1
@Kim - Like that map of comments idea!

26:41 - sarah @soltauheller
sorry I am late

26:41 - Jill
When using Edmodo and KidBlog, I always tell my students, "Your conversations must be about the work." If they don't follow it, I have a conversation with them and delete the post. It is a teachable moment about participating in social media.

26:52 - Rhonda
Agreed Betsy, it takes time to create a habit

26:53 - @jackiegerstein
I always recommend McTeach's Learning to Blog Using Paper http://www.notesfrommcteach.com/2010/09/learning-to-blog-using-paper.html to help students learn to blog

27:05 - Kim Caise
great idea @jill

27:07 - Jill
Composing a seed post...good idea.

27:09 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your tips here!

27:09 - McTeach (Karen)
Thanks, Jackie! You're the best!

27:16 - Rhonda
Adult learners benefit just as much, very true

27:21 - @jackiegerstein
You are here, Karen - such a great post!

27:22 - Kim Caise
awesome reference @jackie

27:23 - Oronoque
Prince George’ considers copyright policy that takes ownership of students’ork http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2013-02-02/local/36703985_1_school-board-national-education-policy-center-school-property

27:29 - Rhonda
connections and support become so empowering

27:30 - Dara Kappel
Great points on how to get started. Using blogging weekly challenges with a given topic.

27:36 - Peggy George
me too @Jackie!!! such a great way to get started with paper blogging & then move on!

27:41 - @jackiegerstein

27:43 - McTeach (Karen)
@Jackie...it's still my favorite activity all year long!

27:53 - Peggy George
http://kidblog.org/SocialPortfolios/33f48518-372f-4778-ac42-ca31f64e7313/riding-freedom-ch-1-3/ (Riding Freedom Ch. 1-3 blog posts)

28:22 - Rhonda
Yes! Begin with a first step, paper blogging to online blogging, steps

28:49 - Peggy George
this is a great image! makes it really clear! :-)

29:00 - Shelly Moses
These are the blogs I started yesterday with my classes. (Not everyone is up and blogging yet, more to come Monday.) We need viewers!

29:03 - Kim
great idea

29:16 - Jose Rodriguez
wow.. a bit complex but doable.

29:17 - Rhonda
Life long opportunity and possibility

29:22 - Peggy George
roles are a big help!

29:25 - Aunttammie
Would love to know what tool he uses to create those slides!

29:29 - Holly@ hollyedtechdiva 1
Hi shellynwe have to present this great stuff

29:33 - Rhonda
I love guys who blog

29:37 - Kim
Yes please more about book club as a blog!

29:55 - Dara Kappel
Really like the idea. Similar to lit circles but with using blogs.

29:55 - Peggy George
if you missed the session with Linda Yollis she had some excellent information about writing good blog comments!

29:57 - Sheri Edwards 2
Another version of learning comments from paper: http://askwhatelse.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/blogging-begins/

30:01 - Rhonda
I learn so much from perspectives that are meaningful and positive (academic) missing for some

30:07 - Jon H. 4
I would love to hear more about your book clubs!

30:14 - Jose Rodriguez
yep.. commenting is something we are working on

30:19 - Dara Kappel
Agree-don't stress over spelling or else it might discourage kids from writing.

30:35 - McTeach (Karen)
I don't let me kids use text lingo on blog posts. But we do a text lingo poem activity that let's them get it out of their system. :)

30:40 - Peggy George
Linda Yollis presentation and Livebinder: http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2012/03/featured-teacher-linda-yollis.html

30:46 - Jose Rodriguez
I approve posts.. for content try not to edit too much spelling

30:50 - Betsye
Also recommend Mrs. youlis's video on comments.

30:58 - Rhonda
deflates moral if it is too strong, edit for improvement

31:00 - Jose Rodriguez
most students check with spell check

31:13 - Rhonda
It becomes learning for me when others have found spelling issues

31:18 - Peggy George
great way to describe it--suck the life out of it if too much emphasis on spelling!

31:23 - Tina Schmidt 1
Mrs. Yollis' class video about writing quality comments http://vimeo.com/15695021

31:26 - Robert Sevilla
Sometimes students use inappropriate euphemisms - a definite teaching/learning opportunity.

31:36 - Rhonda
Auto-correct generation

31:37 - McTeach (Karen)
I also tell students not to make comments about the grammar or spelling of classmates' posts.

31:44 - Peggy George
yes Tina! that video by Linda's students is the BEST!

31:49 - Robert Sevilla
No spelling police.

31:53 - Peggy George

31:55 - Tina Schmidt 1
I use that video every year with students!

32:02 - Jill
learning IS messy!

32:05 - Rhonda
it gets messy for fast thinkers, multi-learners

32:43 - Becki Tharp
Love that point - Learning is messy - as a spec. ed. teacher it takes a lot of pressure off my kiddoos.:)

32:56 - Peggy George
there are so many great web 2.0 tools you can integrate into your blogs

33:02 - Rhonda
Librarians rule, we just didn't know it until now

33:10 - Tina Schmidt 1
Kidblog is the perfect platform for sharing those tools with parents and others!

33:20 - Peggy George
yes Rhonda!!! Librarians do rule :-)

33:27 - Jill

33:29 - Shelly Moses

33:30 - Becki Tharp
We love to embed!

33:35 - Sheri Edwards 2
embed and tag

33:45 - Peggy George
embedding makes tons of things possible to bring your blog to life!

34:02 - Kim
couldn't find embed on glogster, is it there?

34:11 - Rhonda
all that shhhh was just so they could help us, I wish I had learned that earlier. Now I love Dewey decimals!

34:13 - CStakey
Just taught embed and tag!

34:18 - Kim Caise
yes, you can embed glogs

34:20 - Peggy George
that's exactly what we're doing here today!!! "sharing is learning"!!

34:20 - Shelly Moses

34:27 - @janwells
Thanks Shelly

34:34 - Rhonda

34:35 - Diane
A way for students to process the information they're learning.

34:35 - Peggy George
those are great quotes!

34:40 - Rhonda

34:45 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Hi everyone . I am happy to join again weekly #liveclass20 :)

34:52 - Shelly Moses
We've just begun so there isn't much there yet.

34:54 - Tina Schmidt 1
@CStakey - Yes! Love the new tagging feature in Kidblog

34:56 - Rhonda
Window into the classroom can be incredible

34:59 - Peggy George
does that make your stomach hurt??? bubble tests!

35:01 - Patti R
i have been embedding glogs into blogs but find an issue even with using the next-gen template on eduglogster that it won't display properly on mobile such as ipad

35:22 - Annette Whitby
Yes Peggy. Haha

35:23 - @bcdtech Maureen
I have my kids use portfolios to embed their work and to write a reflection on what they learned.

35:32 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Phew, lost the connection and it took forever to get back in.

35:40 - Peggy George
thanks for that tip @Patti I think iPad apps are still needing to catch up--flash is a big problem

35:56 - @janwells
Hi Paula.

35:57 - Peggy George
so sorry Paula!

36:01 - Peggy George
glad you're back!

36:03 - Holly@ hollyedtechdiva 1
I'm using kidblog to train teachers to use kidblog- if that makes sense

36:09 - CStakey
Hands no longer go "up" they go "to the side"

36:13 - Rhonda
I could say that 'tagging' gives life a world of potential for learning

36:16 - Peggy George
super idea @Holly!

36:34 - Peggy George
we all LOVE DOT DAY!!!

36:39 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@JanWells Glad we were able to Skype with each other yesterday.

36:45 - @janwells
oh, yes

36:45 - Rhonda
Looking to build even more this year

36:59 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, we loved DOt Day!

37:00 - Sheri Edwards 2
We have Dot Day everyday Dot Day: Be Kind looking for our ways to be kind...

37:01 - Peggy George
Lisa Parisi does some awesome things with blogging and recently published a book about it!

37:09 - Rhonda
Darn, February already, gotta start talking about that now

37:23 - Becki Tharp
How can students take/have access to the digital portfolio when they leave you?

37:27 - Patti R
loved Dot Day, we created our own dots, embedded them into glogs, then embedded the glogs into the blogs.

37:31 - john z
@kim: embedding a glog into blog

37:34 - Kim Caise
we had a great show with TJ Shay with FableVision who created Dot Day

37:40 - Peggy George
http://bit.ly/kidblog-resources (Google Drive Kidblog resources)

37:40 - LucianeCurator @web20education
I was verry excited to see more than 700 registered attendes worldwide for my Curation session in #co13 conference . Recording and presentation here http://bitly.com/LucianeCuratorCO13Presentation

37:49 - Rhonda
More dots, find a dot, dare to dot

37:52 - Peggy George
yes!! app sharing :-)

37:55 - Eileen K
Shelly-my class will respond :)

38:17 - Kim Caise
page loaded

38:22 - Dara Kappel
its coming up.

38:30 - Sheri Edwards 2
Badge Widgets? like Comments4kids?

38:37 - Peggy George
he can't see the chat right now but I'm so glad he's showing this!

38:57 - Peggy George
cool example!!!

39:08 - Rhonda
Keep in mind this is for all types of classrooms - home schoolers, hybrid, etc

39:08 - Holly@ hollyedtechdiva 1
That is awesome

39:10 - Peggy George
that makes the blog so much more interesting!

39:15 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Don't forgot to use #comments4kids on Twitter to get global comments for your kidblogs.

39:25 - Jill
love the educreations idea!

39:31 - Peggy George

39:31 - Dara Kappel
educreations is a great tool

39:35 - Rhonda
Great add, Paula

39:35 - Peggy George
Educreations app link

40:00 - Sheri Edwards 2
Explain Everything app is the one I love

40:17 - Peggy George
I love Explain Everything too! :-)

40:27 - kgradel
Do students have access to KidBlogs after they leave that teacher's course/class?

40:47 - Rhonda
good ?, kgradel

40:48 - sarah @soltauheller
I can't figure out how to embed explain everything?

40:50 - Peggy George
embed codes make it so easy and we don't have to know how to create them--just copy/paste!

40:51 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My students created Thinglink.com for their nimal research reports and embedded them into their blog posts.

40:56 - Aunttammie
Wonder if explain everything will embed easily?

41:01 - Rhonda
Media Book reports

41:01 - sarah @soltauheller
like croak.it too

41:04 - kgradel
@ Paula: LOving thinglink :)

41:09 - Dara Kappel
love that feature for students

41:14 - Shelly Moses
Thanks Eileen! We will be eagerly awaiting your comments!

41:15 - Becki Tharp
Love animoto!

41:16 - Kim
Paula-what grade for animal reports?

41:16 - Peggy George
Animoto embeds really well!

41:29 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@kim 4th graders.

41:39 - Rhonda
Animoto seems to have easy integration for people

41:46 - Peggy George
http://kidblog.org/blog/ (Kidblog Blog)

41:51 - Kim
@paula-that is a great idea! Not sure my thirders could do it

41:53 - Dara Kappel
Having trouble with the chat feature-typing sporadic

42:16 - Rhonda
that is really something

42:18 - Peggy George
it's amazing how you can search even on images in Evernote :-)

42:20 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@kgrade1 My kids love making Thinglinks.

42:23 - sarah @soltauheller
me too @dara think it the web tour thing

42:42 - Peggy George
@Dara--that problem with the chat happens when people log out! frustrating...

42:56 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hhm Thought it was just me with typing issues

43:19 - Dara Kappel

43:20 - Kim
google presentation- never tried that!!!

43:27 - Rhonda
so cool to give them many ways to build upon what they do and use what they like and learn from

43:31 - Peggy George
all of these examples are on the doc he shared with us today: http://bit.ly/kidblog-resources

43:38 - McTeach (Karen)
Hmmm...I had trouble embedding a Google Presentation in Kidblog the other day. Will have to try again!

43:44 - kgradel
@Kim: GooglePresentation is a solid tool for collaboration.

43:47 - Peggy George
yes back to the slides :-) great job with app sharing!

43:50 - Sandra 1
Thinking of using Edmodo as well. Does Kidblogs work with Edmodo somehow?

43:59 - @shamblesguru [macbook]
Google Drive now allowing Apps inside Drive http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/infolit/googleapps/

44:10 - Shelly Moses
Loving the idea of embeddin

44:12 - Rhonda
GDocs, is the ultimate collaborative

44:17 - Peggy George
feel free to post questions for Matt here in the chat or raise your hand to take the mic!

44:28 - Holly@ hollyedtechdiva 1
@shelly me too!!!

44:28 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Although I teach special needs students I teach them how to use new online technologies integrating web 2.0 and social media edtools into the classroom . This year I develop in 2nd year eSafety4eTwinners project

44:36 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
An example of an animal report with an embedded Thinglink http://kidblog.org/NauglePMBlock/b386358b-5845-4bb6-a155-e5041320d653/a-panda-rific-report/

44:36 - Rhonda
pulling in from many communities

44:44 - Peggy George
Kim can't hear you

44:50 - Peggy George
hearing you now Kim

44:52 - Shelly Moses
Sandra 1 I have the same question!

44:57 - Betsye
Matt: Really have appreciated your quick responses I've had. Thanks.

45:17 - Tina Schmidt 1
Is there an easy way to transfer Kidblogs from one teacher to the next teacher each school year?

45:17 - Kim
could you also talk more about book clubs on a blog

45:20 - @shamblesguru [macbook]
KidBlog works fine on iOS devices ... right?

45:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Taught my students to use EasyBib to cite their resources.

45:44 - kgradel
@Paula: Thanks for this cool example of Thinglink.

45:45 - Holly@ hollyedtechdiva 1
It takes a village not just one tool

45:46 - Peggy George
you can raise your hand to ask a question and we'll give you the mic

45:55 - CStakey
Kidblog loads so slowly sometimes for my students. Have addressed it with my tech people, but supposedly not on own end. Any suggestions?

45:58 - Rhonda
Holly, absolutely

46:18 - clinds
Are there now choices for students so they can change the look of their blog?

46:23 - Rhonda
Learning for the future is about exploring and giving feedback. We blog to succeed

46:27 - Kim
can I link kidblog accounts to my class google blog?

46:40 - sarah @soltauheller
@clinds they can choose the background

46:46 - Sandra 1
Thank you

47:14 - sarah @soltauheller
I wonder who is funding kidblog?

47:18 - Peggy George
allow profile editing so kids can change their backgrounds :-) good tip!

47:23 - Susie @shighley
How can you afford to keep kidblogs free?

47:29 - Rhonda

47:32 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I post assignments in Edmodo, kids write their blog posts on kidblog, and they embed Glogster, Thinglink, etc. into their posts. Kids love it!

47:35 - Robert Sevilla
I notice Visitor Stats in Kidblog with blue dots in different locations. Does that mean that other people can view our blogs?

47:35 - Tina Schmidt 1
Also allows them to add avatars which is fun!

47:57 - Rhonda
Creative, tina

48:06 - Susie @shighley
Thanks, Paula, for explaining how you organize. I think sorting through all the platforms makes it hard for teachers to know where to start

48:09 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Robert you can keep kidblog closed or you can open them up.

48:09 - sarah @soltauheller
@robert I wonder that too - visits seem so high on my class

48:12 - Peggy George
Tina would you like to take the mic to share your experiences? :-)

48:17 - Sheri Edwards 2
Explain Everything exports to YouTube and Dropbox for embedding; new version coming

48:26 - Tina Schmidt 1
@ Robert -Blue dots are places where others logged in from to view your blog.

48:42 - Tina Schmidt 1

48:46 - Susie @shighley
I like the way Matt has included the big picture in explaining it all

48:56 - sarah @soltauheller
@sheri any idea when the new version is coming?

48:59 - Rhonda
Good point, Sheri hearing a lot about that

49:30 - sarah @soltauheller
I like the less busy - kids can get distracted with too much choice

49:30 - Peggy George
we're interested in how Kidblog is funded and if it will remain free :-)

49:40 - Kim
book club???

49:42 - Rhonda
Susie, he did a great job expressing the benefits

49:47 - Rhonda
Quad's !

49:48 - Patti R
@paula Do you have the students use your account or do they have their own?

49:58 - Patti R
@paula...for thinglink i mean

49:58 - Sheri Edwards 2
EE submitting to Apple on Monday follow them @explainevrythng

49:59 - gordon
questioN; commenter field or commenters have to be taught to past URL in their comment?

50:01 - CStakey
Would love to hear more about his lit circles and kidblog

50:09 - Rhonda

50:15 - Kim

50:15 - sarah @soltauheller
Thanks Sheri!! I can't wait!

50:27 - Robert Sevilla
I believe I kept it close to my classes only.

50:36 - @jackiegerstein

50:45 - Matt Hardy

50:46 - Tina Schmidt 1
Student Blogging Challenge is good too. http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/about/

50:50 - Peggy George

51:09 - Rhonda
there are so many wanting to classroom connect

51:17 - Kim
my class all have screen names and we have open blog. Parents signed off on pics.

51:20 - Peggy George
Suzie Boss article http://www.edutopia.org/blog/quad-blogging-technology-classroom-suzie-boss

51:24 - Rhonda
I like that parents are beginning to take notice in my community

51:31 - Rhonda
they ask me more ?'s now

51:32 - Tina Schmidt 1
Didn't know that. Nice!

51:37 - Peggy George
http://kidblog.org/home/william-chamberlain-his-6th-grade-class-in-the-classroom-with-kidblog-part-1-of-3/ (William Chamberlain, 6th gr. teacher using Kidblog, 3-part interview)

52:01 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Patti, I created a separate account on Thinglink, then shared the username and password wit hmy students. All of their Thinglinks are on that account. You are limited to 100 Thinglinks in their free account.

52:12 - Tina Schmidt 1
Here are out Vokis on the presidents embeded in Kidblog http://kidblog.org/MrsSchmidtsClass2012-13/tag/president-voki/

52:14 - Peggy George
we have some raised hands :-) woo hoo!!! Kim will call on you!

52:20 - Sandra 1
Please put the links he shared on the previous slide in the chat.

52:40 - Peggy George
Tina raise your hand. You have a mic now.

52:51 - Patti R
@paula Thanks I am going to investigate

52:59 - Sheri Edwards 2
my kids go to comments4kids blog and choose from the twitter feed on the left to comment on new posts on kid blogs http://comments4kids.blogspot.com/

53:11 - Rhonda
I wish I had an archive of what I wrote as a student

53:19 - Peggy George
me too Rhonda!!!

53:49 - Peggy George
hearing great Jon!

54:08 - Peggy George
Hi Carolyn :-)

54:14 - dabambic
Hi Carolyn from Montreal!

54:21 - Rhonda
Lit circles, did you share your link as well Jon? Loved to be supportive

54:22 - Kim Caise
that was the next question on my list too!

54:25 - Matt Hardy

54:46 - Carolyn Stanley
Hi, Darryl; we are really snowed in here!

54:50 - Peggy George
I'll add all of the links from the chat to the Livebinder after the show. Thanks for sharing!

55:02 - dabambic
Poor you! We are freezing here but not too much snow

55:25 - Dara Kappel
good to know, I was taking photos with my phone.

55:28 - Jill
thanks for sharing it, Matt--the lit circles resources look very interesting

55:31 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Very warm in Argentina.

55:31 - Carolyn Stanley
Sorry, I'm so late! I finally did a post for DE CT blog.

55:37 - Peggy George
you can take the mic to ask a question or to share your story about blogging :-)

55:48 - Rhonda
moving into conversation, good point

56:23 - dabambic
Question for Matt: how do you keep track of the commenting?

56:35 - kgradel
So students comment on each others' blogs during this time...not to a common thread somewhere?

56:41 - Peggy George
I love that you can edit your comments before you post them--different than speaking where once they are spoken they are out there. Helps shy kids!

56:51 - Shelly Moses
@CStackey In Edmodo I created a group for a lit circle group where the kids logged in for discussions not only as themselves, but with a separate account as a character from the book. Great fun and it required quite a bit of interential thinking.

57:31 - Peggy George
we'll keep the recording going and it will be posted in our archives after the show. http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

57:37 - Carolyn Stanley
Thank goodness for those archives!

57:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
WooHoo for Tina. :)

57:40 - Rhonda
reminded that these things are so foreign to adult learners. They didn't have these tools

57:50 - CStakey
Thanks Shelly! great idea

57:52 - sarah @soltauheller
I am so sorry I have to go to another eluminate session- this has been wonderful!! Thank you Matt!! I WILL be checking the recording

58:03 - Peggy George
no problem sarah! great to have you here!

58:04 - @jackiegerstein
I pushed back at the recent article Introverted Kids Need to Learn to Speak Up at School http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/02/introverted-kids-need-to-learn-to-speak-up-at-school/272960/ - Kids be asked to have a "voice" through platorms like blogs

58:13 - Rhonda
supporting those teachers becomes so much easier when we as parents and community can help

58:49 - Peggy George
Next week we have Evernote for Student Collaboration-Nicholas Provenza. It will be great!!

58:54 - Kim
thanks tina, nice ideas

59:13 - Tina Schmidt 1

59:38 - john z
@tina: thanks, nicely put

59:40 - Peggy George
that is exciting news about FREE!!!

59:43 - Dara Kappel
Thanks for making Kidblog a free tool for teachers.

59:49 - Kim
tina- what is your twitter, would love to connect with you as another 3rd gr. teacher

59:56 - Peggy George
thank you Tina!

1:00:00 - Tina Schmidt 1

1:00:15 - Matt Hardy

1:00:20 - Kim
thanks-will follow!! :)

1:00:53 - Peggy George
thanks for the link Matt!

1:01:09 - Becki Tharp
Can we link kidblogs to another blogging platform that we already have?

1:01:15 - Rhonda
Excellent point

1:01:22 - @janwells
Matt, and others, thanks. This has been rejuinating.

1:01:26 - Tina Schmidt 1
I have an Edublogs for class blog which has links to student Kidblogs http://mrstinaschmidt.edublogs.org/

1:01:28 - Kim
yes Becki, I have that question too. I use my google account

1:01:28 - Annette Whitby
Love the square dance idea.

1:01:35 - Rhonda
everything becomes an experience of learning

1:01:36 - Peggy George
what do you mean by Link to another blogging platform @Becki?

1:01:47 - Kim
like google

1:01:50 - Kim Caise
link or post to another blogging platform?

1:01:56 - Peggy George
import your current blog into Kidblog?

1:02:13 - Angela
I am doing my second pd workshop on kidblog in my district soon. This has been very helpful!

1:02:29 - Kim
Can I link kidblogs to my blogger account with google

1:02:32 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Our 5th graders take ballroom dancing in PE.

1:02:33 - Peggy George
the Kidblog app is in the Livebinder

1:02:49 - @shamblesguru [macbook]
.... what is on your list for future developments

1:02:50 - Becki Tharp
@tina and @kim I use blogger for a class blog.

1:02:53 - kgradel
Can students export their blogs in some way? So, that can work with Wordpress?

1:03:04 - Peggy George
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kidblog/id565951433?mt=8 (Kidblog App for iPhone/iPad)

1:03:07 - Becki Tharp
@peggy I use Blogger

1:03:08 - dshapp #2
Shelly, what did I miss?

1:03:14 - @jackiegerstein

1:03:44 - Rhonda
server overwhelm

1:03:45 - Kim
@becki- me too but I would like to investigate kidblog for individual blogs

1:03:47 - Dara Kappel
I like how Kidblog allows teachers to moderate vs. blogger where the students had to type those strange words that are hard to decipher.

1:03:48 - Peggy George
thanks Becki--Kim will ask Matt

1:04:04 - Kim

1:04:28 - Tina Schmidt 1
@Dara - I agree. And you don't need an email address to comment. That is a pain for younger kids too.

1:04:34 - CStakey
That is great news about updating the infrastructure! thanks

1:04:42 - Doug Henry
Be cool to have an offline blog editor you could sync with

1:04:58 - Rhonda
Doug, I see your point

1:05:05 - Dara Kappel
@Tina that isnice that you don't need email

1:05:42 - kgradel
Matt: Could I start a class for a higher ed course of future teachers (undergrads)?

1:05:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Want your students' paarents to add more comments - I suggest hosting a Blog Commenting Party to teach parents how to comment. When I did this parent participation definitely increased.

1:06:00 - Dara Kappel
I'm kept very busy responding to students with kidblog and edmodo.

1:06:02 - Matt Hardy
@Doug Henry - iOS app can do offline composition.

1:06:02 - Kim
@paula-great idea!!

1:06:03 - Peggy George
love that idea Paula!

1:06:22 - gordon
why isn't there a field for the commenter to leave their url? too cumbersome for kids??

1:06:32 - Susie @shighley
Any tips for how you track students' completion of work via their blogs-- what type of record keeping in case you have

1:06:34 - Dara Kappel
Paula great idea for getting parents involved.

1:06:36 - Rhonda
agree, Paula my dream is to have those become a new quarterly event

1:06:47 - Susie @shighley
to translate into grades

1:07:03 - Doug Henry
@Matt - thx!

1:07:09 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Blog Commenting Party info - https://sites.google.com/site/bloggngwithelementarystudents/03-host-a-blog-commenting-party

1:07:11 - Rhonda
gordon, what would that be used for?

1:07:51 - gordon
so the blogger can comment back

1:08:03 - Tina Schmidt 1
@Gordon - Would be good if commentor name would automatically link back to their Kidblog

1:08:25 - Rhonda
getting kids off the ground in the early years w/o fear

1:08:36 - Scott B.
I like that idea Gordon.

1:09:02 - Dara Kappel
Will you be presenting at ICE this year?

1:09:03 - Tina Schmidt 1
Yes,my questions too

1:09:15 - Peggy George
some nice tutorials compiled on this page: http://sites.fcps.org/trt/kidblog

1:09:17 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Susie - I have clothespins attached to a poster with heading of brainstorming, drafting, revising, published. Kids move their clothespin to the part of the poster they are currently working on, so at a glance I can see where each student is in the process.

1:09:39 - Peggy George
how creative Paula! love that idea! very visual!!

1:09:40 - Eileen K
Did you request parents permission for your students to make a blog and have an online presence?

1:09:42 - Tina Schmidt 1
That would be great!

1:09:49 - Tina Schmidt 1

1:09:58 - gordon
got it. thanks for answering my questions.

1:10:05 - Rhonda
Paula you are a blessing

1:10:19 - Shelly Moses
Will Matt be at CEU?

1:10:21 - Peggy George
parent permission question is great!

1:10:30 - Kim
thanks- great session!

1:10:33 - Peggy George
Eileen K
Did you request parents permission for your students to make a blog and have an online presence?

1:10:40 - @jackiegerstein
This is such a great service for kids and teachers - thanks so much

1:10:45 - Tina Schmidt 1
@Eileen - We have one permission slip for the school that allows students to join teacher approve sites.

1:10:54 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hoping to see Matt and Dan at ISTE :).

1:11:01 - Peggy George
me too Paula!

1:11:12 - Peggy George
maybe they'll bring some Kidblog tshirts :-)

1:11:29 - @shamblesguru [macbook]
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone ... Year of the Snake

1:11:33 - Shelly Moses
Thanks Matt! Great webinar.

1:11:36 - Rhonda
wonder how the slip site is coming

1:11:37 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Thank you. I learned some things today.

1:11:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, Peggy, we need more kidblog swag.

1:11:46 - Peggy George
thank you so much for an awesome presentation Matt!!!

1:11:50 - kgradel
Thanks so much...great session.

1:11:51 - Eileen K
Thank you Matt- Great session!

1:11:55 - Dara Kappel
Thanks Matt. Great presentation!!!

1:11:56 - Rhonda
Shambles, may it bring you great fortune for your efforts

1:11:57 - Matt Hardy
Thanks everyone!

1:12:00 - Tina Schmidt 1
Can someone get me a TShirt since I can go to ISTE:(

1:12:01 - Rhonda

1:12:06 - Tina Schmidt 1
Can't go

1:12:08 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Kim are you hosting a party?

1:12:18 - Becki Tharp
Thank you Matt! Great presentation!:)

1:12:21 - Rhonda
Kim is saving some sleep, to build reserves

1:12:24 - Jon H. 4
Yes ,thank you Matt for a geat presentation, c u on twitter

1:12:27 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
We definitely need a Tweetup.

1:12:30 - Tina Schmidt 1
Yes, great presentation!

1:12:32 - Doug Henry
Great presentation and questions!

1:12:33 - Matt Hardy
Thanks @Jon

1:12:35 - Sheri Edwards 2
Thanks! Can't wait for the widgets for badges

1:12:41 - clinds
Thanks - this was great!!

1:12:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
We will be hosting a BBQat the EduRanch.

1:12:42 - Sheri Edwards 2
Great info

1:12:50 - Rhonda
Matt, Great Job

1:12:52 - Peggy George
recording will be posted soon http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

1:13:09 - Peggy George
excited to have Nicholas Provenzo presenting about Evernote!!!

1:13:13 - Rhonda
Take Valentines Day off and do something to treat yourself well

1:13:15 - Jill
Thanks so much, Matt. Fantastic session today!

1:13:22 - Matt Hardy
Evernote integration with Kidblog is really easy!

1:13:32 - Peggy George
Heidi has a great Scratch presentation for us!

1:13:37 - Susie @shighley
You can tell by Nick's twitter name, @thenerdyteacher that he's funny

1:13:40 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for Math and the gals.

1:13:49 - Sandra 1
Peggy, will the links from the chat be in the same place as the recording?

1:13:51 - Peggy George

1:13:59 - Peggy George
you can nominate yourself!!!

1:14:05 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Nick is a riot.

1:14:09 - Shelly Moses
Holly, I will be nomination you!

1:14:12 - Peggy George

1:14:26 - Rhonda
Please consider incorporating games into curriculum so much potential and lively discussion

1:14:46 - Peggy George

1:14:54 - Betsye
Thanks Matt

1:15:05 - Peggy George
I love being able to view the recordings on iTunesU on my iPad!

1:15:09 - Rhonda
Excellent Matt, well done

1:15:15 - Matt Hardy
Thanks @Rhonda

1:15:27 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Matt!

1:15:37 - Judy
Great to be here learning today. Snowed in in Connecticut. Amazing how we can do professional development anywhere.:)

1:15:41 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Don't mean to make you all jealous, but I will be enjoying my week off for Mardi Gras. :)

1:15:47 - Rhonda
All who desired to keep learning and improving, Thank You!

1:15:48 - Peggy George
Thank you all for sharing links in the chat. I'll add them to the Livebinder.

1:15:52 - Matt Hardy
Thanks for inviting me to present, @Peggy et. al!

1:15:55 - Susie @shighley
Classroom 2.0 Live will be featured on Indiana's Digital Learning Month blog tomorrow http://indianadld.blogspot.com/

1:15:58 - Tina Schmidt 1
Have fun Paula!

1:16:06 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks, Tina.

1:16:07 - Peggy George
thanks Susie!!!!! You're awesome!